The Always Sunny Podcast

The Always Sunny Podcast

By Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney

The Always Sunny Podcast is an unofficial look back on the past fourteen seasons of the hit show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hosted by Glenn, Charlie, and Rob. With the fifteenth season dropping December 2021, the guys are going back to where it all began: 2005. Starting with the very first episode, they’ll rewatch every season and give us a deep dive into their memories of creating the show, reveal how they first met, and discuss how they created a lasting partnership that has endured the better part of two decades. That is, if they can remember any of it.


The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

We're sandwiched in between the failures and the great successes.
27/06/2242m 14s

Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City

I kinda want to put my finger inside your mouth.
20/06/2246m 7s

The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 2

Let's not forget that this is supposed to be fun.
13/06/2255m 52s

The Gang Gets Whacked: Part 1

We had technical difficulties. Whaddya gonna do about it?
06/06/221h 8m

The Best of The Always Sunny Podcast

We are Sunny, in our way, and this will be what we’re known for ‘til our very last day.
30/05/221h 3m

The Oldie Friends Game

Beat it. Drink it. Watch it.
23/05/2256m 3s

Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender

Any listener right now needs to become a creep very quickly.
16/05/2249m 56s

Mac is a Serial Killer

Hey Rob, calm down.
09/05/2257m 24s

Sweet Dee's Dating a [Redacted] Person

F*ck it. I've got my guys.
02/05/2251m 37s

Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire

Cool face, hold it.
25/04/2244m 46s

The Gang Sells Out

There's a lot of money in butts.
18/04/2252m 54s

Who's Got Donkey Brains?

Search that broken brain, John.
11/04/2246m 13s

The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation

What else can we break?
04/04/2240m 29s

The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo

It's a he-on-he chloroforming.
28/03/2243m 15s

The Gang Gets Held Hostage

Damn you, Poseidon!
21/03/2256m 5s

Everybody Browns Out

Let's get hammered about it.
14/03/221h 5m

Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead

The internet thinks you’re short and poor.
07/03/2248m 48s

The Gang Gets Invincible

Let’s get Glenn some compliments over here.
28/02/2253m 12s

The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby

I don’t know if you guys know this, but broken bones hurt.
21/02/2257m 52s

The Guys Take Some Calls

I feel like I’m watching my fun drunk uncles.
14/02/2253m 22s

Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

Chewing is a massive waste of time and energy.
07/02/2249m 10s

Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

Can we just stop it with The Beatles?
31/01/2246m 52s

The Gang Runs for Office

It's the dynamic, baby.
24/01/2243m 23s

The Gang Exploits a Miracle

I don't get my Jesus cracker?
17/01/2243m 41s

Rob Almost Fights Some Guy Outside A Hamburger Store

Everything is 100% fine.
10/01/2248m 51s

The Gang Gives Back

Your kids are screaming and you’re drinking.
03/01/2238m 7s

Hundred Dollar Baby

Polly wants an eyeball.
27/12/2139m 45s

Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom

Glenn comes in hot.
20/12/2138m 19s

Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare

Remember how fun living was?
17/12/2150m 5s

The Gang Goes Jihad

It's been fun, but it hasn't been funny.
13/12/2143m 6s

Charlie Gets Crippled

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not that though.
10/12/2131m 31s

Charlie Got Molested

Fuck Blockbuster.
06/12/2129m 23s

The Gang Finds A Dead Guy

Love the face, hate the voice.
03/12/2130m 20s

Gun Fever

Where's the food?
29/11/2129m 59s

Charlie Has Cancer

Rob doesn't know where his nose and lips are.
22/11/2133m 8s

Underage Drinking: A National Concern

The guys talk about all the bodies they’ve found.
18/11/2129m 21s

Charlie Wants An Abortion

We’re just figuring this out, guys. Still figuring it out.
18/11/2130m 52s

The Gang Gets Racist

The podcast has begun and there is no structure, so the guys just talk about the pilot episode for a while and then it just sort of… ends.
18/11/2129m 58s

The Always Sunny Podcast Trailer

Get ready, The Always Sunny Podcast is almost here, and there is no structure, so the guys just talk about the episodes for a while and then it just sort of… ends.
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