The People We Know

The People We Know

By Accalia Hipwood

"The People We Know with Accalia Hipwood podcast tells the stories of individual migrants – their family’s heritage, how they found themselves living in a new country, the challenges and the triumphs. It highlights the human thread that connects us all, regardless of where we call home, and how life always has the ability to surprise, disappoint, delight and nudge us in different directions, sometimes through choice and other times through circumstance. The People We Know reminds us that everybody has a story worth sharing – and that these stories shape not only the storyteller, but the listener too".         Sally Emery - Luckybird Content Agency


Binh Phung talks with Accalia

Vincent Binh Phung was born in an underground shelter in Vietnam during the American Vietnam war. B52 Bombers raided his city every day killing many. His family knows war all too well. His parents were born in China and escaped to Vietnam during the Japanese invasion of China. When Binh was 12 years old, the Chinese Vietnam War started. Both he and his young brother escaped from Vietnam to China traveling by foot and eventually onward to Hong Kong once again risking their lives on an overcrowded fishing boat . He then experiences life in a refugee camp with many other Chinese Vietnamese people. This is not the end of his journey. Binh has found freedom and considers himself lucky. 
22/06/2242m 45s

Widd Bonney talks with Accalia

Now based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Widd Bonney sees himself as a proud New Zealander. But his background and that of both his paternal and maternal grandparents is far more complex and culturally rich. His family's story is that of war, displacement and survival. Fleeing the Armenian Genocide in Turkey and displacement from Palestine in 1948. Thankfully there was respite and peace and happier times in Baghdad Iraq in the 1950s, but sadly this does not last. This family is to face war again and again. Widd's parents, battered by conflict, instability and danger with the Iraq Iran war and the Gulf war, eventually migrate with their children Widd and Farah, to a safe and welcoming New Zealand. 
16/12/2150m 54s

Kamilla Omarzay talks with Accalia

Kamilla Omarzay was born to Afghan parents at home in Kabul, Afghanistan during the Soviet–Afghan War. Kamilla lives in the United Arab Emirates and is an entrepreneur and Founder of The Snack Society. She shares the story of her family's abrupt relocation from Afghanistan to the UAE, and her experiences and feelings of being a modern Afghan woman.
13/09/2144m 31s

Navina Thompson talks with Accalia

Navina Thompson is an Indian Vicar in the Anglican Church, and is based outside London. She was born in the United Arab Emirates and shares the story of her parents intercultural marriage, a strict patriarchal upbringing, her own marriage to a British Anglican Vicar and how she currently finds herself in an ever-growing role regarding women’s rights and race relations discussions in the UK. 

Lucia Burgio talks with Accalia

Lucia Burgio was born in Asmara Eritrea in 1964 to Italian Sicilian parents whose ancestors had moved to the Italian colonies in Benghazi Libya and Eritrea Africa.  She has lived a multi culturally rich life in the Sudan, Italy, Lebanon, Germany, the USA and the United Arab Emirates. Lucia has now found home in St Andrews Scotland. 
02/06/2149m 6s

Malak Harb talks with Accalia

Malak Harb was born in Saudi Arabia to Palestinian parents who's family were driven out of Palestine in 1948. Malak attended University in Boston in the US and now lives and works in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Malak is a passionate and driven video journalist for Associated Press covering conflict in the Middle East. 
18/05/2153m 48s

Feyaza Khan talks with Accalia

Feyaza Khan is South African born of Indian heritage, whose complex cultural identity has confused many. Feyaza shares her very personal story of overcoming abuse, migration, finding love and being a Muslim in Brexit Britain. She also shares the trials and triumphs of adoption. Follow Feyaza and her family @theadoptionpodcast on Instagram. 
26/04/2144m 2s

Accalia talks with Vikki (Cheung) Humphreys

Vikki was born to Chinese parents in Bristol UK. Her father migrated from Hong Kong when he was in his early 20's and her mother was only 14 years old. They ran a Chinese restaurant in Clevedon and this is her family's story of hard work and determination. 
16/04/2148m 44s

Shana Kad talks with Accalia

Shana is a UK born Indian who later relocated to the Middle East with her own young family for more than a decade and now has returned to the UK. In this interesting and heartwarming story we also learn of her parents migration from India to the UK in 1955,  Shana shares her story of love, tears and laughter. Shana is a professional life coach, you can find her here:
09/04/211h 10m

Katerina Smoldyreva talks with Accalia

Artist Katerina was born and grew up in communist Russia to Russian and Ukrainian parents. Katerina has lived in the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Azerbaijan and now is back in the UAE. This is her story of a life of contrasting cultures and her evolution as an artist. Listen to the podcast and then find her here:
29/03/2148m 51s

Samer AlOgidi talks with Accalia

Samer AlOgidi tells the story of his incredible family history, born in Iraq to Iraqi and Syrian parents, then grew up between the UAE and Syria and now lives in Europe.
25/03/2153m 50s

Parvez Qadir talks with Accalia

Parvez Qadir tells Accalia what life is like as a British Pakistani from Rochdale and about his passion for working with young people using his experience as a performing arts lecturer and professional actor. He creates theatre, film and animation pieces that enable young people from diverse, non performing backgrounds to build confidence. Find him here
25/03/2139m 27s

Nasreen Abdulla talks with Accalia

Nasreen Abdulla tells her fascinating story of her family history and their journey from life in Kerala, India to their settling down in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
25/03/2142m 45s
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