Whenever It Kicks with Jessie Cave

Whenever It Kicks with Jessie Cave

By Jessie Cave

Me (Jessie) talking about Motherhood, pregnancy and more generally life. Although it's hard to say.


#41. Back to School

The kids are back at school and I got a period. It's been a big week.
18/01/2424m 56s

#40. Thor and the Witches

in this one i talk about my 3yo's attachment to Lego figurines, so much so he has to fall asleep clutching one, going to see The Witches, my online jealousy and desire to be a bodybuilder xxx
15/01/2423m 30s

#39. I'm Back!

I'm back. In this episode I talk about trying to stop breastfeeding my tiny 21 month old and dealing with my sleep apnea.
08/01/2423m 46s

#38. Detox and Milk.

In this one I talk about my spontaneous social media detox, my toddler’s displacement addiction of milk from squash.
12/09/2224m 43s

#37. Summertime is Over.

In this one I talk about some loud parenting in the playground (again), the end of the summer holidays and my anxieties about balancing breastfeeding and work 
05/09/2223m 25s

#36. BITE ME.

In this one I talk about some unfortunate epiphany's I've had about my personality; my fears that the kids will inevitably be influenced by other kids/sugar/technology, our family trip to Edinburgh festival and my toddlers new "hobby" of BITING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. 
29/08/2224m 4s

#35. Punishment and Peppa.

In this one I talk about the serious issue of my toddler's addiction to kitchen utensils and Peppa Pig, my 7yo's addiction to Minecraft and my lack of disciplinarian skills as a mother. 
22/08/2220m 0s

#34. Constipation Counselling.

In this episode I talk about a spontaneous Edinburgh trip to see Alfie because the baby (I) missed him too much, how having a baby impacts a relationship, Edinburgh festival nostalgia, and most importantly a EBF CONSTIPATION UPDATE.... thanks to everyone who sent me wonderful advice on Instagram on how to get things going! 
15/08/2224m 38s

#33. Holy Milk Machine!

In this one I talk about how our holidays are going with various summer camps... I continue to battle sleep deprivation and wonder if it's time to stop EBF'ing my giant baby. it's world breastfeeding week so I TALKED A LOT ABOUT BREASTFEEDING!  
08/08/2219m 46s


In this one I talk about finally understanding why sleep deprivation is “a bit of a big deal”.
02/08/2220m 37s

#31. Hotel Baby.

This episode does not have great audio sorry, the baby was quite agitated! i talk about "poo-gate" and me-time, egg freezing and burn out.
21/07/2221m 2s

#30. Heatwave Breastfeeding.

I talk about breastfeeding in a heatwave, 6th birthday's, laundry resentment and school trips.
14/07/2218m 29s

#29. I can see the light.

In this one I am a little more positive for a change! I talk about coming to terms with sleep deprivation and the constant temperatures and lack of “me time”…. I have a little baby on me between constant feeding - EBF! EBF! - so please excuse the little sounds and hiccups. 
08/07/2219m 31s

#28. Baby Got Vax.

In this one I talk a little bit about sadness, how I’m trying to find my way in the mess and chaos and beauty… I also update on the madness of taking the baby to first filming job back since birth, and my toddlers addiction to blackcurrant and apple squash. 
03/07/2225m 10s

#27. Working 5 to 9.

In this one I gave you an update about my ant infestation ( which may gross some people out ) and I reflect on my first week away from the elder kids with work. I discuss the importance of being confident when asking for breaks to breastfeed and think about different parenting styles ( as i often do ) after reading about Gentle Parenting.
27/06/2226m 4s

#26. Attachment Parenting and Ants.

in this one I talk about a forthcoming work trip which i'm a little worried about, given that it's the first job postpartum. I think about why I might be an "attachment parent" and also wail about our ant infestation. 
20/06/2220m 11s

#25. Questions and Answers

in this one I answer your questions as quickly as I can before the baby starts crying... we cover topics such as BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC, THE HARDEST TRANSITIONS, THE NAME GAME, NURSERY GUILT and more. thank you so much for your questions and support, for extra content please become a patron - the video of this podcast can be seen there. patreon.com/cavesisters 
13/06/2231m 39s

#24. Life lessons from The Kardashians and Liverpool FC ... with guest Alfie ( The Dad )

Alfie joins me again to talk about his grand return home after 6 weeks working in Australia. We talk the Kardashian’s (and my take on Gwyneth Paltrow), breastfeeding, why I feel quite special when pregnant and how much I feel the connection with the unborn, our new “family of 6” and what values we want to install in the kids, and about how Alfie feels in general about babies. 
06/06/221h 3m

#23. Identity.

This week I talk about half-term, the baby's first smile, toddlers saying 'Mama' and my fear of losing a sense of myself in the haze of having a newborn. Extra content available on patreon.com/cavesisters ... Thanks so much for listening.
01/06/2230m 46s

#22. Daddy is home.

In this one I talk about my mild OCD that has gone into overdrive since Alfie has returned, having a less than satisfactory experience at the GP for the official 8 week postpartum check up, and how it’s been going back to co-sleeping with my toddler and the baby.
25/05/2224m 46s

#21. 7 Weeks Old.

In this one I spoke about new developments in our co-sleeping arrangement, worrying about the temperature constantly, and mini-breakthroughs that come with settling into a routine now that the baby is 7 weeks old.I also share a motivational list that I wrote in my diary, celebrate my mum and say the word “overwhelmed” TWICE within the first 30 seconds.
12/05/2222m 41s

#20. Sprinkles of Guilt.

this is podcast of two halves - the first half is largely about parent guilt, hormones, feeding the ducks and trying to get my kids to be piano prodigy's.. the second is about a rather scary recent hospital stay, and trying to get my toddler into a routine that doesn't involve a bottle of milk!thank you for listening, diary entries on patreon.com/cavesisters  
08/05/2219m 27s

#19. Nipple Gate.

In this one I discuss the ongoing saga of blocked nipple ducts, mastitis and bleeding postpartum. I received so many helpful messages about what to do with mastitis and clogged ducts and so many people telling me WHAT PADS ARE THE BEST and I wanted to say thank you on the podcast to them too. Oh and I also rant a bit about television I’m watching whilst breastfeeding, my toddler turning 18 months and how much I depend on Mr Tumble. 
25/04/2230m 30s

#18. First Month Brain Fog.

This is a very short podcast during which the baby hiccuped throughout. I talk about the paranoia that comes with having a newborn, how his siblings have welcomed him and how many episodes of Bing we have watched during the Easter holidays. From next week the podcast will be bi-weekly and you can also read my newborn diary entries at patreon.com/cavesisters X
18/04/2225m 57s

#17. BIRTH

In this episode I share the birth story of our new baby. Playlists, placenta, peanut balls and all. The full more detailed written edition is available to read if you become a patron. (Patreon.com/cavesisters) Thank you for listening x
12/04/2238m 19s

#16. Induction Day Special!

We had an hour to spare before going in to hospital so answered some listener's questions. Topics ranged from baby names, co-sleeping, how to cope with the fear of giving birth and Disney characters.
25/03/2243m 31s

#15. Induction and Hope.

In this one I talk about my impending induction and packing an emergency hospital bag, something I've never done before. I talk about signs of early labour and my desperate desire to clean EVERYTHING before the baby (hopefully) comes home. 
17/03/2230m 10s

#14. Post-Viral Fatigue & Superstition.

In this one I talk about my ongoing recovery from Covid-19 and norovirus, how I don’t buy anything before the baby arrives due to superstition and how I can’t do “mummy-chat”.
11/03/2235m 21s

#13. Daddy Special.

I talk to the father of my children and hopefully my boyfriend Alfie Brown about: what it’s like to accidentally have a baby with mewhat it’s like to plan a baby with me how he feels about birth / how I apparently hit him during labour if he has any advice for new fathers / what it’s like having a baby during the pandemic our shared love of crystals and astrology (jokes that’s just me)
06/03/221h 15m

#12. Anxiety and Nausea.

In this episode I talk about collective anxiety and fear due world events and how I broach these conversations with my kids. I also have an update on my baby’s growth and the ongoing saga of pregnancy nausea xxx 
01/03/2228m 20s

#11. Sister Special.

I wanted to talk to my sister about her views on motherhood and what it’s like to be an aunty to 3 from quite a young age. Our age gap of 10 years is quite special. Sometimes I worry when I complain about certain aspects of motherhood I might be putting her off, so this was a really honest and insightful chat for both of us.
26/02/2242m 46s

#10. Cry it out?

In this one I talk about the controversial topic of leaving your baby to cry in order to get into a sleep "routine", my career worries and frustrations and fears, the Continuum Concept, how much I love my mum, and give a mini-review on book i've just finished on motherhood that annoyed me. I've just recovered from norovirus so i'm a bit more hormonal and swear more than usual sorry! 
22/02/2239m 4s

#9. Legoland & Waxing.

In this one I talk about our recent Legoland half term experience, paranoia about accidents with the bump, what it’s like to have a Hollywood wax when heavily pregnant and why we choose to cover the elder kids faces in photos online. 
17/02/2232m 36s

#8. Sex and Covid.

In this one I talk about sex during pregnancy and postpartum. How to accept your changing body, embrace it and enjoy the perks like new boobs. I also discuss covid, the wonder of Mumsnet threads and open my new amazon valentine's day packages.
13/02/2235m 21s

#7. Triage.

In this one I talk about going into triage and how important it is to be checked if you are at all worried. I also share my thoughts/hopes for classy naked pregnancy shoots, upcoming half-term anxiety and general mum guilt.
08/02/2232m 48s

#6. Kit.

Today's episode is about the kit (the stuff you need/want to buy for a newborn). Also there is a detour at the begining to talk about placenta.
03/02/2232m 3s

#5. Feeding.

This episode I talk about feeding, every conceivable type of feeding. Breast, formula and even wet nurses. The joy, the stress and everything in between. If you enjoy the episode please share and or review. Thank you, bye!
29/01/2240m 24s

#4. Co-sleeping.

I wasn't happy with my intro so Donnie had a go and I think he did very well. I think we've sorted the audio trouble we had previously. If we haven't please tell my hot-shot producer Alfie to get his act together. Today I speak about co-sleeping. I hope you enjoy.
25/01/2230m 42s

#3. Creativity and birth 3.

Maintaining your creative or work life during pregnancy, or during motherhod for that matter. And also the story of my 3rd birth. A big end to the trilogy. Please leave a review if you have enjoyed these first three podcasts. Please don't if you haven't!
18/01/2238m 38s

#2. Scans and birth 2.

I'm going to scans and measuring small. Is that ok? I also talk through the key events of my second birth.
18/01/2223m 30s

#1 . Pilot. Bump and birth 1.

This podcast is an audio diary of my pregnancy, for me and possibly also for you. This is the first episode in which I try and remember all the details of my first birth.
18/01/2221m 24s
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