One From the Vaults

One From the Vaults

By Morgan M Page

One From the Vaults, a trans history podcast by Morgan M Page. We bring you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history!


OFTV - Camp Trans (Live! at Camp Trans UK)

A special episode LIVE from Camp Trans UK! Listen to the sounds of the wind in the trees and the smoke of a camp fire getting in my face as OFTV tells the story of the original Camp Trans. Works Cited:
25/07/22·31m 8s

OFTV Presents - Interview with Abram J Lewis

In this double-length episode, OFTV speaks to trans historian Abram J. Lewis about TAO (Transsexual Action Organization), about oral history work, and about how magic, witchcraft, and "unreason" intersect with the emergence of Gay Liberation and early trans organizations. AJ Lewis is a post doctoral fellow at Grinnell College in Iowa, and the co-founder of the NYC Trans Oral History Project, a partnership with the New York Public Library system.
12/07/21·1h 43m

OFTV Presents - Librada and Cubanecuir

This month OFTV presents a special interview with archivist Librada González Fernández of the Cubanecuir archive! Librada is a young trans woman based in NYC and Miami who is pulling together the stories and ephemera of queer and trans Cubans, both on the island and in the diaspora! She joins OFTV to talk Cuban queer history, the ethics of archival work, being a trans person working in history. You can follow the archive @cubanecuir on Instagram and Twitter!
24/03/21·59m 7s

OFTV Presents - Interview with Zackary Drucker

To celebrate five years of One From the Vaults, this year I'll be presenting a series of interviews with artists, filmmakers, writers, and historians working on trans history. First up is the brilliant and beautiful artist Zackary Drucker, co-director of the new HBO docuseries The Lady and the Dale, which tells the wild story of 1970s icon Liz Carmichael!
12/02/21·42m 43s

OFTV 35 - La Prophetesse

This month's episode of OFTV follows the life of a gender non-conforming mystic who lead an early insurgency in the Haitian Revolution! Works cited: The Priest and the Prophetesse (2018) by Terry Rey Des hommes et des dieux (2002) Sex and the Empire That is No More (1994) by J. Lorand Matory Mama Lola: a Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn (1991) by Karen McCarthy Brown
29/07/20·45m 22s

OFTV 34 - Gym Class

In this episode of OFTV, we follow Steve Dain - teacher of the year, and later mentor to Lou Sullivan - in his fight for the right to keep teaching after his sex change! Works Cited:
23/05/20·24m 0s

OFTV 33 - A Bunny in the Front Seat

In our first episode for 2020, OFTV looks at the tumultuous life of early gender clinic patient, sex worker-turned businesswoman Patricia Morgan! Works cited:
12/02/20·26m 44s


In our very first HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, OFTV looks at the all-too-brief story of a Vicar, a ghost, and a veil! Join us this All Hallow's Eve for a chilling tale from trans history! Works Cited:
27/10/19·20m 52s

OFTV bonus 13 Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of the new bonus episode available to our Patrons over at
31/08/19·1m 20s

OFTV 31 - It's About Me Not You

In this episode, we take a look at artist, sculptor, and dollmaker Greer Lankton - muse to Nan Goldin and other downtown luminaries! Works Cited:
06/08/19·23m 53s

OFTV Bonus 12 - Sneak Peak!

A sneak peak of the latest Patrons-only mini episode! Available at
02/06/19·1m 26s

OFTV 30 - The Great 48

In this episode of OFTV, we take a look at the life of burlesque queen Alexandra - The Great 48! Works cited: Behind the Burly Q (2009)
24/03/19·26m 57s

OFTV Bonus 11 - Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of our latest Patrons-only special bonus mini episode! This episode features the life of non-binary painter Gluck!
02/12/18·1m 33s

OFTV 29 - Man By Choice

Indulge in a tale of ill-fated bad boy Harry Allen! Works Cited:
07/10/18·23m 28s

OFTV 28 - La Chica Streissandisima

In this month's episode, we follow the fabulous life of AIDS outreach worker Adela Vázquez - from her childhood in Camagüey, through the Mariel Boatlift, and onto the streets of San Francisco! Works Cited: Sexile by Jaime Cortez
31/07/18·27m 21s

OFTV Bonus 10 - Sneak Peek

A sneak peek our latest bonus mini-episode available exclusively to subscribers of our Patreon! Visit to sign up today!
23/07/18·1m 45s

OFTV 27 - Let Me Tell You About My Operation

In this episode, we look at the fabulously embellished life of known liar Rae Bourbon! Works Cited:
03/06/18·38m 45s

OFTV Bonus 9 - Sneak Peak

The Battle of the Femmes Fatale! Check out this new bonus episode for OFTV's patrons over at
30/04/18·1m 39s

OFTV 26 - The Best Car Never Built

In this short episode of OFTV, we take a look at a gonzo story from the headlines of 1975! Join us for the story of the best car never built! Works Cited:
17/04/18·22m 42s

OFTV 25 - The Count

In this month's episode, OFTV travels to 19th Century Hungary to investigate the life of an early trans man whom psychologists would later use to form their theories about lesbians. Works Cited: Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Psychopathia Sexualis
18/02/18·31m 46s

OFTV Bonus Ep 8 - Sneak Peak

Check out this special previous of the latest bonus mini episode of OFTV, available exclusively to patrons who donate $5 or more per month to our Patreon account over at This episode looks at the life of Mexican revolutionary, socialist, and trans man, Amelio Robles Avila!
14/02/18·2m 0s

OFTV 24 - Passing While Passing

OFTV's special two year anniversary episode covers the story of Ralph Kerwineo, whose life sat at the crux of cultural debates around gender, race, and eugenics in the United States during the 1910s. Works Cited: Emily Skidmore's True Sex: the Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of the 20th Century (NYU Press, 2017).
20/01/18·26m 27s

OFTV 23 - The Ballad of Dawn and John-Paul

In The Ballad of Dawn and John-Paul, we take a look at the turbulent romance of 1960s white trans woman writer Dawn Langley Simmons and her younger Black husband John-Paul Simmons in the Jim Crow South. Works Cited:
08/12/17·28m 57s

OFTV Bonus Ep 7 - Sneak Peak

Enjoy this sneak peak of the latest bonus mini-episode of OFTV, available exclusively for patrons over at
19/11/17·1m 29s

OFTV 22 - Saint Georges

In this episode of OFTV, we get mystical with the life of Georges Marasco - a trans man singer, lion tamer, poet, and stigmatic! Works Cited: Paula Kane, Sister Thorn and Catholic Mysticism in Modern America
22/10/17·27m 26s

OFTV Bonus Ep 6 - Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of this month's bonus episode available exclusively for patrons over at This episode tells the story of the first trans porn star, Jill Monro!
15/10/17·1m 39s

OFTV 21 - A Sister Act

In this episode of OFTV, we'll take a look at the intertwined lives of two trans women as they move through the drag balls of the 1960s, the golden era of porn in the 1970s, and the underground performance art scene of the 1980s! Works Cited:
04/09/17·23m 27s

OFTV Bonus Ep 5 - Sneak Peak

In this month's bonus mini-episode, we try to sift fact from fiction in the strange life of Desiré Dubounet and her EPFX machine that can supposedly cure cancer and AIDS. Available now for patrons over at
27/08/17·2m 4s

OFTV 20 - Any Other Way

In this month's OFTV, we look into the mystery surrounding the elusive 1960s Toronto-based chanteuse, Little Jackie Shane! Works Cited:
23/07/17·33m 41s

OFTV Bonus ep 4 - sneak peak

A sneak peak of our latest bonus mini-episode, available exclusively for our patrons over at!
14/07/17·1m 36s

OFTV 19 - Lou in the City of Night

In this special DOUBLE episode of OFTV we took a look at the life of Lou Sullivan - the first gay FTM and the man largely responsible for creating the FTM community as we currently know it. Works Cited: Brice D. Smith's Lou Sullivan: Daring To Be a Man Among Men Stryker & Whittle's Transgender Studies Reader
20/06/17·1h 7m

OFTV Bonus Ep 3 - Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of the third bonus mini episode available exclusively for patrons over at! In this episode, we tell the story of the very first trans woman to ever receive hormones.
03/06/17·2m 0s

OFTV 18 - Stormé Weather

In this episode of OFTV, we take a look at the Black drag king at the centre of the Stonewall Rebellion. Long thought to have thrown the first punch, this butch spent her life defending the lesbian of the VIllage. Works Cited: Jewel Box Revue programs, 194?-1968, hosted at The research of JD Doyle at Stormé: The Lady of the Jewel Box, dir. Michelle Parkerson (1987, 1991) A Stormé Life Stonewall Veterans Association
28/05/17·34m 20s

OFTV Bonus Ep 2 - Sneak Peak

Check out this sneak peak of the latest bonus mini-episode of OFTV available only for our patrons over at! In this episode, we go back all the way to the 1830s and cover one of the earliest documented trans people in the United States!
30/04/17·2m 7s

OFTV 17 - The Man with Three Names!

In this episode, we take a look at the hard life of the man with three names - a trans man who was forced into making desperate choices in a time before trans identities were readily available! Scandals! Murders! Lies! This story has everything. CW: brief discussion of rape. Works cited:
17/04/17·29m 43s

OFTV Bonus Ep 1 - Sneak Peak

Sneak peak of our first bonus mini-episode, available exclusively for our patrons who donate $5 or more to us at
28/03/17·2m 7s

OFTV 16 - Crossdressing, Racist Laws, and Murder!

Between 1849-1900, 34 cities in 21 states enacted anti-cross dressing laws in the United States. How and why did this happen? Join us as OFTV looks into the racist history of anti-cross dressing laws and tells the scandalous life story of one early trans man who resisted them! Works Cited: Clare Sears, Arresting Dress (2015) Zagria:
18/03/17·31m 57s

OFTV 15 - a COG in the Machine

This week, OFTV covers early trans activist group COG - North America's first trans organization! Based in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, COG fought against police persecution and for access to healthcare in the late 1960s. Works cited: Susan Stryker, Transgender History Susan Stryker, Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria (documentary) Joanne Meyerowitz, How Sex Changed Suzan Cooke, Woman Born Transsexual. Kirkham and Sagarin, Transsexual in a Formal Organizational Setting (1969) Elliot Blackstone, “MTF Transgender Activism in the Tenderloin, 1966-1975”
05/02/17·33m 29s

OFTV 14 - Java vs. Right to Work

This episode focuses on the life of Sir Lady Java! A Black trans civil rights pioneer and performer who fought for the right to work! Works cited:
08/01/17·30m 4s

OFTV 13 - Female Husband!

Did trans men exist before the 20th Century? On this week's episode, we go all the way back to 1746 to explore the life of "female husband" Charles, or George, or Mary, or Molly Hamilton! Works cited: Baker, S. (1959). Henry Fielding's The Female Husband: Fact and Fiction. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, 213-224. Henry Fielding's The Female Husband: The work of Alex Sharpe:
06/11/16·31m 39s

OFTV 12 - Murder on Homewood

OFTV takes a look at a horrific moment in Canada's trans community that became a turning point in the country's trans history. This episode explores the 1996 triple homicide of Brenda Ludgate, Shawn Jr Keegan, and Deanna Wilkinson, and the community response that followed. Works Cited:
02/10/16·32m 55s

OFTV 11 - Tricky Mother Nature

OFTV brings our mini-series on the trio of trans Warhol muses to a close with glamour and tragedy of Candy Darling! Works Cited: Holly Woodlawn: A Low Life in High Heels Craig B Highberger - Superstar in a Housedress Beautiful Darling (documentary)
04/08/16·39m 8s

OFTV 10 - Glamour, Glory, And Gold!

Part two of our three part series on the trio of trans Warhol muses who inspired Lou Reed's classic song, Walk on the Wild Side! This week, we take an elevator look at the life of Jackie Curtis.
05/07/16·37m 43s

OFTV 9 - Holly Came From Miami FLA

OFTV brings you the first in a three part series on the trio of trans Warhol muses! Holly Woodlawn, trans Puerto Rican Superstar! Works Cited: Superstar in a Housedress, film and book, by Craig Highberger A Low-Life in High Heels, by Holly Woodlawn
20/06/16·37m 39s

OFTV 8: Spirit Of Gold

One from the Vaults - trans history podcast looks at the successful life, bizarre death, and continuing afterlife of gospel quartet singer Wilmer Little Axe Broadnax! Works Cited:
15/04/16·32m 26s

OFTV 7: Behold! I Am A Woman!

In this episode of OFTV, we'll try to make sense of the confusing life story, or stories, of Canada's "first" transsexual, Dianna Boileau! Works Cited: Boileau and Cochrane, Behold! I am a Woman! (1972) Let Me Die a Woman: Full CBC interview with Dianna Boileau:
02/04/16·38m 56s

OFTV 6: The Art Of The Possible

OFTV celebrates the life of trans politican and Indigenous sex worker Georgina Beyer - from her life on the streets to the house of parliament! Works Cited: Jewel's Darl - Xtra video:
16/03/16·32m 50s

OFTV 5: The Trans Howard Hughes

On this episode of OFTV, we'll discuss the long life of eccentric FTM multimillionaire Reed Erickson - the architect of modern trans healthcare. Works Cited: Aaron Devor & Nicholas Matte, "Building a Better World." Devor & Matte, "ONE Inc and Reed Erickson." Devor, "Reed Erickson: How One Transsexual Man Supported ONE." Susan Stryker, Transgender History.
01/03/16·38m 30s

OFTV 4: Valentine's Day Special!

Join us for a Very Special Valentine's Day episode here at OFTV! We'll be discussing the groundbreaking life of trans man Michael Dillon and his doomed romance with trans woman Roberta Cowell! Works cited: From a Girl to a Man by Liz Hodgkinson The First Man-Made Man by Pagan Kennedy Sex Change Spitfire Ace documentary by Channel 4
14/02/16·44m 44s

OFTV 3: STAR House, STAR People

Join us as we take a look at the early lives of the patron saints of the trans movement, Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson! We'll examine their beginnings, take a look at what might have gone down at Stonewall, and follow them up to the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade! The first in a three part series on Sylvia and Marsha! Works Cited: The Gay Liberation Youth Movement in New York: “An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail” by Stephan L. Cohen
01/02/16·32m 21s

OFTV 2: The Golden Age Of Hustlers

In this episode of OFTV, we'll take a look at Vancouver's Golden Age of Prostitution from 1975-1985, in which Indigenous trans sex workers ruled the streets of the West End. We'll discuss how sex workers organized for their rights and safety, in opposition to gay white residents groups, the police, and the state. So tune in and get all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history! Works Cited: Ross, B. L. (2012). Outdoor Brothel Culture: The Un/Making of a Transsexual Stroll in Vancouver's West End, 1975–1984. Journal of historical sociology, 25(1), 126-150. Ross, B., & Sullivan, R. (2012). Tracing lines of horizontal hostility: How sex workers and gay activists battled for space, voice, and belonging in Vancouver, 1975–1985. Sexualities, 15(5-6), 604-621. Hookers on Davie (1984)
15/01/16·31m 14s

OFTV 1: Whatever Happened To Rachel

One from the Vaults is a new trans history podcast. Join us for our pilot episode as we take a look at the mystery of Lou Reed's transsexual girlfriend Rachel. Sources:
29/12/15·28m 16s
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