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Episode one of season two: Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph – Are we over the Oscars?

We are delighted to bring you the first episode in our second series of Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph. Awards season reached its climax with the Oscars this week. Despite the Academy Awards being the biggest event in Hollywood, are viewers really that bothered? Chanté speaks to Michael Schulman, the author of Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat, and Tears. If you like what you hear, search “Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph” wherever you get your podcasts.
19/03/23·27m 33s

Weekend Podcast: Paris Hilton, the mystery of the missing Oscars, and do we have depression all wrong?

It-girl-turned-campaigner Paris Hilton speaks up about her stolen childhood, years of trauma, and taking down the ‘troubled teen industry’ (1m41s), Steve Rose investigates the mysterious case of the missing Academy Awards (30m35s), and the great serotonin debate: do depression treatments work by boosting the happy hormone? (43m14s)
18/03/23·58m 29s

Weekend podcast: Zoe Williams on Boris’ honours list, what the film The Whale gets wrong, plus life lessons from hospice volunteering

Zoe Williams reacts to the news that Boris Johnson plans to nominate his father for a knighthood (1m28s), what Oscar-nominated film The Whale says about how society truly views fat people (7m), and how volunteering in a hospice changed Anna Tims’ perspective on life – and death (20m27s)
11/03/23·35m 32s

Weekend podcast: Oscar-winning designer Jenny Beavan, Gen Z’s ‘tech shame’, and Katy Wix’s near-fatal and life-changing crash

Costume designer Jenny Beavan reveals why fashion is usually the last thing on her mind (1m33s), writer Alaina Demopoulos dismantles the misconception that Gen Z are tech-savvy (15m28s), and actor Katy Wix recalls the near-death experience that changed her relationship with her father forever (23m16s)
04/03/23·36m 49s

Weekend podcast: Bafta-winner Jamie Demetriou, unmasking dating app cheats, and peeing: to sit or not to sit?

Writer and actor Jamie Demetriou reveals how an admin mixup paved the way for an unconventional career trajectory (1m33s), the groups of women unmasking online cheats and ghosters (18m37s), and Sam Wollaston extols the virtues of sitting down to pee (27m45s)
25/02/23·41m 9s

Weekend podcast: Cate Blanchett, the rise of energy drinks and the science of personality

Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett reflects on her life-changing role in Tár (1m25s), food writer Bee Wilson investigates the real impact of energy drinks on consumers (21m38s), and David Robson on what a ground-breaking study says about our power to shape our future selves (48m09s)
18/02/23·55m 50s

Weekend podcast: Munroe Bergdorf’s revelatory memoir, Marina Hyde on deluded ex-prime ministers, and the key to happiness

Model, activist and writer, Munroe Bergdorf on how she fell back in love with life (1m25s), Marina Hyde on the country’s worrying relationship with toxic ex-prime ministers (9m47s), and a Harvard professor’s lifelong work reveals the key to our health and happiness (28m27s).
11/02/23·58m 8s

Weekend podcast: male friendships, Prince Andrew’s comeback, and hyper-organised homes

Tim Dowling mulls over the fragility of male friendships (1m28s), Marina Hyde on Prince Andrew’s latest run at the greasy pole of ‘justice’ (10m06s), and Amelia Tait methodically unpacks the world of the hyper-organised (17m49s)
04/02/23·39m 9s

Actor Michelle Williams, Marina Hyde on Nadhim Zahawi’s career, and Sam Wollaston plays pickleball

Marina Hyde ponders Nadhim Zahawi’s career trajectory (1m26s), Sam Wollaston tries his hand at pickleball, one of the world’s fastest-growing sports (10m25s), and Michelle Williams discusses her Oscar-nominated performance as Steven Spielberg’s mother – and what it taught her about parenting (19m51s)
28/01/23·42m 21s

Weekend podcast: extreme swimming, Marina Hyde on a broken police force, and rude place names

Marina Hyde on why women can no longer trust the Met (1m26s); extreme swimmer and ‘environmental diplomat’ Lewis Pugh braves the coldest waters on Earth (9m57s); and Tom Lamont discovers the pleasures and pitfalls of living somewhere with a silly name (25m19s).
21/01/23·44m 3s

Weekend podcast: actor Kathleen Turner, Marina Hyde on Prince Harry’s memoir, and navigating fertility as twins

Marina Hyde considers what Prince Harry’s memoir revelations say about us as a nation (1m26s); Kathleen Turner on navigating chronic illness and falling for Michael Douglas (10m19s); and Chloë Hamilton describes the heartbreak of fertility, shoulder to shoulder with her twin sister (25m20s)
14/01/23·47m 25s

Weekend podcast: why money really can’t buy you happiness, an exclusive interview with Rhod Gilbert and the pros and cons of tech

A psychotherapist to the ultra-rich explains why money can’t buy us happiness (1m28s), comedian Rhod Gilbert gives his first national newspaper interview since being diagnosed with cancer (6m50s), and Elle Hunt discovers that arguments about technology and our dwindling attention spans aren’t as black and white as they may seem (17m17s)
07/01/23·35m 28s

Weekend podcast: best of 2022 – part 2

Weekend is taking a break. So this week, the team is picking out their favourite pieces from the last few months just in case you missed them. Writer Tom Lamont sits down with beloved British writer, actor and comedian, Lenny Henry (1m42s), journalist Jess Cartner-Morley looks at whether we’ve finally reached peak Whatsapp (25m03s), and finally, columnist Zoe Williams asks: Why has Britain fallen in love with Botox? (37m37s)
31/12/22·54m 20s

Weekend podcast: best of 2022 – part 1

The Weekend team is taking a break. So for the next two weeks, we’re looking back at some of our favourite pieces of the year. This week, historian Lucy Worsley unravels the mystery disappearance of Agatha Christie (1m37s), fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley talks to singer and actress Willow Smith about her complicated relationship with the limelight (18m45s), and Bronwyn Adcock gains a little insight from a radical Buddhist nun on the secret to happiness (38m31s)
24/12/22·51m 27s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Meghan and Harry, plus navigating festive feuds, and embracing pantomime dames

Marina Hyde on the people obsessing over Meghan and Harry’s obsessing (1m28s); columnist Annalisa Barbieri offers guidance on how to navigate tricky Christmas conversations (8m53s); and journalist Kate Wyver explores the history (and future) of a beloved British seasonal character: the pantomime dame (20m06s)
17/12/22·32m 13s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Dominic Raab, the demise of Made.com, and Kathy Burke

Marina Hyde discusses the latest revelations on justice secretary Dominic Raab (1m30s), Amelia Tait gets to the bottom of Made.com’s dramatic downfall (10m16s), and Sophie Heawood talks to director, actor and writer Kathy Burke about making it through her darkest period (29m56s)
10/12/22·46m 39s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Balenciaga, an interview with Billie Piper and leaving Scientology

Marina Hyde looks at Balenciaga’s disturbing festive ad, and considers the moral responsibilities of brands (1m37s), Paula Cocozza interviews former scientologist Mike Rinder about abandoning his faith and his family (9m07s), and Rebecca Nicholson interviews Billie Piper about a life in showbiz (23m36s)
03/12/22·46m 18s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on England’s armband U-turn, the house-sitters defying the cost of living crisis, Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman, and the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency exchange, FTX

Marina Hyde on the hollow sound of the England football team’s ‘activism’ (1m37s), Jessica Rawnsley on the house-sitters living for free (9m20s), Lucy Knight meets Heartstopper writer and illustrator Alice Oseman (19m33s), and technology editor Alex Hern charts the rise – and epic fall – of FTX (34m15s)
26/11/22·44m 7s

A message from our Pop Culture With Chanté Joseph podcast

Pop Culture With Chanté Joseph: a brand new 10-part series from the Guardian, out now. Each week, writer and broadcaster Chanté Joseph will look into the current pop and internet culture stories everyone is talking about. This podcast is for anyone who loves pop and internet culture, and wants to get into how it is shaping and impacting our lives. Listen to a new episode every Thursday - just search for Pop Culture With Chante Joseph wherever you get your podcasts.

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Jeff Bezos, plus Letitia Wright, and the student who sued Pepsi for a fighter jet

Marina Hyde on the Amazon boss’s vice-like grip over his own money (1m25s); Stuart Heritage on the incredible new Netflix documentary Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? (9m18s); and Simon Hattenstone meets Letitia Wright as she reprises her starring role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (19m56s)
19/11/22·44m 24s

Episode two of a new podcast: Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph – Has The Crown lost its way?

We’re delighted to bring you the second episode of our new series, Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph. The Crown season five has arrived, and with it a whole load of controversy. Politicians, actors and royal commentators have all thrown criticism at the Netflix series, accusing it of exploiting the royal family and sensationalising real-life events. This week, Chanté Joseph is joined by the writer of the Emmy award-winning TV series The Tudors, Michael Hirst, to find out if The Crown has lost its shine
13/11/22·24m 51s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Boris’ honours list, a Michelle Obama exclusive, and why quiet nights in are the new going out

This week, Marina Hyde on Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list (1m34s); Michelle Obama reads an extract from her new book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times (11m18s); and Tom Lamont on why a night in with a board game is the only way he wants to party (38m39s).
12/11/22·46m 56s

Episode one of a new podcast: Pop Culture With Chanté Joseph – Rihanna is back … what makes her such an icon?

We’re delighted to bring you the first episode of our new series, Pop Culture With Chanté Joseph. Rihanna fans have been waiting for this moment for six years. The singer has released Lift Me Up, a single from the soundtrack to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It’s her first release since she launched her Fenty Beauty empire, became a billionaire and a mother. As she storms back into our lives, we ask: what makes Rihanna such an icon?
06/11/22·25m 33s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Matt Hancock, plus fussy eaters, Peter Tatchell and digital break ups

This week, Marina Hyde on Matt Hancock’s career move into the jungle (1m35s); Joe Stone asks ‘Can a psychologist fix my diet – and transform my life?’ (10m15s); Zoe Williams talks to veteran LGTBQ+ and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell about his recent expulsion from Qatar (25m08s); and Louis Staples’ offers advice on how to have a healthy digital break up (40m48s)
05/11/22·53m 12s

Episode one of a new podcast: Ben Roberts-Smith v the media

In the defamation trial of the century, Australia’s most-decorated living soldier is seeking to defend his reputation against reports in three newspapers that he says falsely accuse him of being a war criminal. His lawyers argue Roberts-Smith has been unfairly targeted by envious comrades and assisted by credulous journalists. The newspapers’ lawyers say their reporting is true, and that Roberts-Smith broke the ‘moral and legal rules of military engagement’, something he denies outright. But who is Ben Roberts-Smith, and how did he earn the military’s highest honour, the Victoria Cross?
30/10/22·46m 9s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on Rishi Sunak, plus Lewis Capaldi, queer horror, and the secret to TikTok

This week, Marina Hyde rattles through the PM’s first week (1m26s), the Guardian’s head rock and pop critic Alexis Petridis talks to singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi about staying grounded in the limelight (10m10s), columnist Guy Lodge dissects the history of queer horror (25m46s), and finally, technology editor Alex Hern explores the seemingly innocuous algorithm that pushed TikTok to the top of its game (36m27s).
29/10/22·46m 23s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, Love Island’s Ekin-Su, and the power of body clocks

This week, Marina Hyde on the political chaos of the last four days and counting (1m28s), columnist Zoe Williams meets Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, the woman who may have just changed the fortunes of Love Island (10m01s), and writer Amelia Tait reveals how our body clocks can improve the effectiveness of everything from our nutrition to Alzheimer’s (34m50s).
22/10/22·50m 49s

Weekend Podcast: Marina Hyde on John Cleese, botox, burnout and Viola Davis

This week, Marina Hyde on the plight of a constantly aggrieved, and very particular, subsection of male “celebrity” (1m28s); Zoe Williams asks, why has Britain fallen in love with Botox? (8m38s); Gaby Hinsliff explores the big British Burnout (24m42s); and Ellen E Jones meets Oscar-winning actor Violas Davis to talk about her new film, The Woman King (40m12s).
15/10/22·55m 32s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde at the Tory conference, Lenny Henry and the wild world of chess

This week, Marina Hyde picks over the rubble of this week’s decision-making by the Tories (1m25s), Sean Ingle delves into the wild world of chess (10m52s), and Tom Lamont sits down with comedian, writer and actor Lenny Henry (25m57s).
08/10/22·49m 33s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, comedian Jayde Adams, and the obsession with pumpkin spice

This week, columnist Marina Hyde examines how Kwasi Kwarteng responds to the chaos he creates (1:22), Aimee Levitt investigates why Americans like adding pumpkin spice to things (8:08), Emine Saner interviews Jayde Adams about her hopes for Strictly Come Dancing (19:00), and Will Coldwell looks back at the business of the smiley symbol (34:38)
01/10/22·53m 16s

Weekend podcast: Welcome to ‘First Blokes’ Club, Jeff Bridges, and the secret to happiness

This week, columnist Zoe Williams on the curious political role of the ‘First Bloke’ (1m31s), writer Tom Lamont meets the Oscar-winning actor and all-round ‘dude’ Jeff Bridges (18m06s), and finally, journalist Bronwyn Adcock gains a little insight from a radical Buddhist nun on the secret to happiness (35m16s).
24/09/22·47m 45s

Can I tell you a secret: episode one of a new podcast

In this new six-episode podcast, Guardian journalist Sirin Kale investigates the story of a cyberstalker who terrified people in his hometown and beyond for over a decade. Episode one begins in his hometown, Northwich, where Sirin meets some of his earliest victims - Andrea Yuile, Amber and Amy Bailey. They tell us how he infiltrated their lives and talk about the horrendous fallout of what he did
23/09/22·34m 24s

Weekend Podcast: Marina Hyde on hecklers, Willow Smith and the Queen in film

This week, columnist Marina Hyde on heckling the royal family and the fallacy of ‘free speech’ (1m35s), fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley talks to Willow Smith about her complicated relationship with the limelight (8m41s), film critic Peter Bradshaw reviews the many fictional iterations of the Queen (29m41s), and, finally, writer Niloufar Haidari on why Kourtney Kardashian’s new sustainable fashion line will do far more harm than good (42m57s).
17/09/22·52m 4s

Weekend podcast: the value of small talk, Jennette McCurdy and Hadley Freeman on psychedelics

This week, Yvonne Roberts on the importance of small talk (1m34s), Emine Saner meets Nickelodeon actor Jennette McCurdy to discuss her explosive new memoir (7m15s), and Hadley Freeman has an out of body experience with shoe designer-turned-psychedelic-guide Patrick Cox (22m56s)
10/09/22·53m 13s

From Today in Focus: the life and death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen has died aged 96 at her Scottish home of Balmoral. In this episode of our Today in Focus podcast, Polly Toynbee joins Nosheen Iqbal to look back on her life
09/09/22·31m 41s

Weekend podcast: Rory Stewart, the price of heartbreak, movie legend Pam Grier

This week, Sirin Kale meets former Tory MP and hit podcaster Rory Stewart (1m36s), columnist Eva Wiseman counts the clinical cost of heartbreak (20m27s), and Ryan Gilbey sits down with the queen of Blaxploitation Pam Grier (37m18s)
03/09/22·52m 51s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde on the sewage scandal, the ‘disappearance’ of Agatha Christie, and animal emotions

This week, columnist Marina Hyde asks why all the blame for the sewage dumping scandal is pointed towards politicians and not the water company bosses (1m50s), writer Sam Parker on the Gen Z entrepreneurs who are turning their backs on office nine to fives and turning their personal passions into full-time jobs (9m20s), historian Lucy Worsley on whether best-selling author, Agatha Christie, really did go into hiding to frame her husband for murder (26m06s), and finally, neuroscientist and psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett asks: can we really tell what animals are feeling, or are we merely projecting? (43min19)
27/08/22·53m 27s

Weekend Podcast: Marina Hyde on Brooklyn Beckham, Nish Kumar’s Fringe, and music post-30

This week, Marina Hyde on Brooklyn Beckham’s ever-evolving career path (1m46s), comedian Nish Kumar is at the Edinburgh fringe (9m49s), Jess Cartner-Morley investigates Whatsapp fatigue (21m39s), and writer Daniel Dylan Wray asks why thirtysomethings are giving up on music (34m12s)
20/08/22·41m 59s

Weekend podcast: Marina on Trump’s raid, Tom Daley, and Hypochondria

This weekend, columnist Marina Hyde on why the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home will lead to him running again in 2024 (01m50s), Simon Hattenstone sits down with diver Tom Daley to discuss how making a documentary about gay rights led to an awakening (09m37s), and Annalisa Barbieri reveals what triggered – and eventually settled – her late-onset hypochondria (31m42s)
13/08/22·44m 33s

Weekend podcast: best of 2022 … so far – part 2

Weekend is taking a break. So this week, the team are picking out their favourite pieces from the last few months just in case you missed them. This week, reporter Kari Paul asks why so many people are going ‘goblin mode’ (1m46s), Hadley Freeman shares some defining moments from the Wagatha Christie trial (9m51s), and Charlotte Higgins asks why Brits are still obsessed with the Regency period (43m40s)
06/08/22·59m 46s

Weekend podcast: best of 2022 … so far – part 1

Weekend is taking a break. So for the next two weeks, the team is picking out their favourite pieces from the last few months just in case you missed them. This week, columnist Eva Wiseman chats to comedian and activist Joe Lycett (01m15s), comedian Hannah Gadsby unpicks the myths and personal struggles surrounding autism spectrum disorder (15m55s), and Michael Segalov reviews Netflix’s recent LGBTQ+ coming of age romcom series, Heartstopper (35m47s).
30/07/22·52m 54s

Weekend podcast: John Cho, anti-ambition, and naked yoga

This weekend, journalist Elle Hunt on why thousands of people are embracing the ‘age of anti-ambition’ (01m10s), Aaron Hicklin meets with John Cho – or as you may know him – Harold of Harold and Kumar, now Sulu in the new Star Trek (15m47s), and Kelsy Burke strips away the pretence after trying out naked yoga (34m12s)
23/07/22·46m 54s

Weekend podcast: John McEnroe, pet custody battles, and men rocking skirts

Rhik Samadder finds out how it feels to walk down his local high street in a skirt (1m45s), Sirin Kale looks at what happens to pets after relationships break down (8m20s), and John McEnroe reflects on how he went from tennis bad boy to the game’s elder statesman (25m56s)
16/07/22·43m 46s

Weekend podcast: Marina on Johnson’s exit, digital amnesia, and celebrity lookalikes

This week, Marina Hyde on the week the prime minister’s house of cards finally fell down (1m53s), Rebecca Seal investigates if our smartphones are ruining our memory (10m32s), Tim Lewis interviews actor Daisy Haggard (26m25s), and Francisco Garcia introduces us to the people who earn a living looking like our favourite famous people (41m18s)
09/07/22·54m 57s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, calling the cops on jokes, and the end of shampoo

This week, Marina Hyde looks at the prime minister’s £150k treehouse plan (1m37s), Charlotte Higgins asks why we’re still obsessed with the Regency era (8m36s), Brian Logan documents the history of gags so offensive that punters called the police (24m33s), and Lisa Niven-Phillips charts the rise of ‘non-shampoo’ shampoos (33m54s)
02/07/22·42m 28s

Weekend podcast: Fatboy Slim, Marina Hyde, and ‘winging it’ to the top

This week, Marina Hyde on Boris Johnson’s ability to blame everything on anyone but himself (1m42s), musician Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, on his mental health DJ classes (8m48s), Emma Beddington investigates whether winging it to the top really works (19m07s), and Imogen West-Knights looks at how the ‘mid-century millennial’ look took over our homes (33m03s)
25/06/22·44m 21s

Weekend podcast: Olena Zelenska, Marina Hyde and scaring yourself happy

This week, Marina Hyde on making policy that ‘annoys all the right people’ (01m29s), Shaun Walker talks to Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska (09m21s), and Daniel Lavelle investigates whether chasing scary experiences might be the secret to losing your fears (33m47s)
18/06/22·46m 14s

Weekend podcast: Pete Doherty, Marina Hyde, and tips on making tough choices

This week, Marina Hyde on what’s next for the Tory party after Hannibal Johnson wins his confidence vote (01m14s), Hadley Freeman talks to singer Pete Doherty in Normandy (09m25s), and Joanna Moorhead advises on ways to make life’s hardest decisions (38m52s).
11/06/22·49m 50s

Weekend podcast: Avril Lavigne, the Heartstopper generation and tips for summer sleeping

This week, Sarah Manavis interviews the punk-pop singer Avril Lavigne (02:00), Michael Segalov reflects on a turning point in generation Z’s queer experience (12:23), Yasmina Floyer looks at the potential death of the underwire bra (28:55), and Emine Saner brings us tips to a better night’s sleep during the hot summer months (38:57)
04/06/22·48m 59s

Weekend podcast: John Crace, Wagatha Christie and open relationships

This week, John Crace dissects Boris Johnson’s short-lived humility over Partygate (1m46s), Hadley Freeman on one of the showbiz trials of the decade (9m56s), and Tom Rasmussen opens up on the benefits, difficulties and complexities of life in an open relationship (44m06s)
28/05/22·59m 59s

Weekend podcast: Kasabian, cost of living and why we love “like”

Marina Hyde on MPs and their cost of living excuses (1m51s), Niall Doherty interviews Kasabian (8m50s), Anna Berrill on how timing your meals can benefit your health (20m08s), and Sam Wolfson on why people love the word “like” so much (26m14s)
21/05/22·42m 11s

Weekend podcast: Jarvis Cocker, Marina Hyde and clash of the Cannes

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on Beergate and Keir Starmer’s gamble (1m55s), Britpop legend Jarvis Cocker discusses his new memoir (8m25s), comedian Sofie Hagen on the hard slog to become an influencer (31m56s), and Xan Brooks dissects the Cannes film festival as it celebrates its 75th birthday (36m57s)
14/05/22·49m 37s

Weekend podcast: Eurovision, Marina Hyde and getting hooked on tattoos at 52

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on the anger surrounding the Roe v Wade leak (1m15s), Alexi Duggins on whether this year’s Eurovision song contest will be the most electric ever (10m00s), Jess Cartner-Morley on whether social media has killed good taste at the Met Gala (21m19s), and a first-hand experience of getting tattoos later in life (28m30s)
07/05/22·41m 26s

Weekend podcast: Arcade Fire, Marina Hyde and lessons from therapy

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on the anger surrounding Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter (1m47s), Laura Barton interviews the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire (8m55s), Hannah Booth explores the important lessons she has learned from going to therapy for 10 years (23m58s), and bestselling author Joanna Cannon explains why hyper-empaths should use their emotions for good (45m29s)
30/04/22·56m 34s

Weekend podcast: Sienna Miller, Marina Hyde and the fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on Boris Johnson’s 1,000th day as PM (2m17s), Michelle Kambasha analyses Lena Dunham’s divisive sitcom Girls 10 years on from its debut (11m37s), actor Sienna Miller discusses her experience with the toxic tabloid press (21m50s), and Adrian Horton analyses how a US fashion giant paid the price for building an empire on discrimination (44m13s)
23/04/22·53m 53s

Weekend podcast: Eddie Marsan, Marina Hyde and popstars on life after fame

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on the expanding number of Commons crims (1m58s), actor Eddie Marsan reflects on sex-symbol status with Alex Moshakis (9m36s), author Nick Duerden uncovers the curious afterlife of pop stars (27m29s), and writer Georgina Scull reflects on how the regrets of the dying can remind us how to truly live (49m13s)
16/04/22·1h 0m

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, Douglas Stuart and the death of the small plate

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde notes how following the rules is something MPs can ignore (1m42s), Simon Hattenstone interviews author Douglas Stuart (10m19s), Imogen West-Knights ponders the end of small portions (30m42s), and Stuart Jeffries questions whether there is hope for the soap (45m47s)
09/04/22·1h 1m

Weekend podcast: John Crace, Hannah Gadsby and Joe Lycett

Ease into the weekend with our brand new podcast, showcasing some of the best Guardian and Observer writing from the week, read by talented narrators. In this week’s episode, John Crace on Partygate delusion (1m47s), Hannah Gadsby on her autism diagnosis (11m02s), comedian Joe Lycett talks to Eva Wiseman about life as a consumer activist (31m20s), and Hannah Bourne-Taylor recounts what it was like to let a bird nest in her hair for 84 days (45m45s) If you like what you hear, subscribe to Weekend on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts
02/04/22·52m 36s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, FKA twigs, and extortionate hand soaps

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on the ingratitude police who feel Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe should be grateful (1m49s), Kadish Morris interviews FKA twigs (10m17s), Ed Cumming looks into why Aesop hand soap got so posh (21m01s), plus Stuart McGurk on the new age world of manifesting (38m53s)
26/03/22·59m 3s

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, Adwoa Aboah and ‘goblin mode’

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on why Metropolitan police officers pulled out all the stops to protect an oligarch’s London mansion (01m17s), Hadley Freeman talks podcasts with Ira Glass (09m57s), Kari Paul investigates why so many of us are entering ‘goblin mode’ (19m32s), and Hannah J Davies’s interview with Adwoa Aboah (27m32s)
19/03/22·45m 33s

Weekend: John Crace, Zoë Kravitz and the art of saying ‘sorry’

In this week’s episode, John Crace on Boris Johnson’s six-point plan for Ukraine turning out to be six vague principles (1m13s), Sirin Kale interviews Zoë Kravitz (8m40s), Annalisa Barbieri on why ‘sorry’ is the hardest word (25m28s), and Emine Saner on female standups from the 1960s (37m2s).
12/03/22·48m 16s

Weekend: Marina Hyde, Nicola Coughlan and vegan bros

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde reminds Matt Hancock that this isn’t the time to be relaunching his career (1m15s), David Hillier explores the rise of the vegan bro (9m), Elle Hunt interviews Derry Girls actress Nicola Coughlan (26m5s), and Jamie Klingler gives her advice on sober dating (42m38s).
05/03/22·48m 54s

Weekend: Marina Hyde, Charlie Brooker and voice note etiquette

In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on oligarchs in London (1m35s), Zoe Williams interviews Charlie Brooker (9m07s), Annie Lord discusses the pros and cons of voice notes (19m11s) and Luke Winkie investigates the Crime Queen of Bitcoin (31m45s).
26/02/22·39m 32s

Weekend: Marina Hyde, Emma Thompson and Johnny Knoxville

In this week’s episode, Chris Godfrey interviews Johnny Knoxville about his life as a world-famous stuntman (2m08s), Marina Hyde laments the fact a computer system was believed over humans (15m53s), actress Emma Thompson explores the intersection of three generations of women in her family (24m39s), Jay Rayner reviews Chef Tee’s Sugarcane London (28m46s), and Nell Frizzell gives 10 tips to revive a longterm relationship (36m24s).
19/02/22·51m 18s

Weekend: Will Arnett, Mastermind and Marina Hyde

Ease into the weekend with our brand new podcast, showcasing some of the best Guardian and Observer writing, read by talented narrators. In this episode, Marina Hyde looks at the new additions to Downing Street (1m37s), Hadley Freeman interviews Hollywood actor Will Arnett (9m33s), Sirin Kale tries her hand at quiz show Mastermind (26m09s), and David Robson examines why we’re so stressed about stress (40m45s).
12/02/22·49m 17s

Weekend: Marina Hyde, George Ezra and Joe Rogan

Ease into the weekend with our brand new podcast, showcasing some of the best Guardian and Observer writing, read by talented narrators. In our first episode, Marina Hyde reflects on another less than stellar week for Boris Johnson (1m34s), Edward Helmore charts the rise of Joe Rogan (9m45s), Laura Snapes goes deep with singer George Ezra (18m26s), and Alex Moshakis asks: ‘Are you a jerk at work?’ (34m38s)
05/02/22·48m 18s

Weekend: a new podcast to help you switch off from a busy week

Get ready for Weekend. Every Saturday, we’ll share some of the best Guardian writing from the week, read by talented narrators. Listen to celebrity interviews, lifestyle features, and opinions from our most popular columnists. Weekend is the perfect way to relax
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