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r/AITA for Ruining My STUPID Daughter's Future?
31/03/23·18m 26s

r/Bestof My Husband Slept With My Little Sister
30/03/23·21m 6s

r/AITA for Getting My Mother-in-Law Arrested?
29/03/23·16m 29s

r/AITA for Suing My Parents?
28/03/23·16m 10s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Stupid Boss Ruined The Company
27/03/23·16m 40s

r/Maliciouscompliance Fire Me? Lose $2,000,000!
26/03/23·15m 1s

r/Choosingbeggars Give Me $5,000/month For Weed!
25/03/23·17m 48s

r/Entitledparents Karen Wants My Baby!
24/03/23·15m 49s

r/Pettyrevenge How I Got My IDIOT Boss Fired
23/03/23·16m 37s

r/Prorevenge Screw Me Over? You'll Pay DOUBLE!
22/03/23·17m 1s

r/AITA For Insulting a Woman Dying of Cancer?
20/03/23·15m 35s

r/Entitledparents My Brother Wants My House... FOR FREE! PART 2!
18/03/23·21m 42s

r/AITA for Flipping Out at My Son's Wedding?
17/03/23·16m 0s

r/Trueoffmychest "RAISE MY AFFAIR BABY!"
16/03/23·16m 49s

r/Bestof My Wife's Sister Kissed Me!

Opening story previous episode:
15/03/23·19m 22s

r/AITA Me and My Dog Became Karens!
14/03/23·15m 29s

r/AITA For Demanding My Siblings' Inheritance?
13/03/23·15m 26s

r/Bestof I'm In Love With My MARRIED Neighbor
12/03/23·19m 34s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Tricked a Corrupt Cop
11/03/23·16m 49s

r/AITA For Stealing $70,000 From My Family?
10/03/23·17m 45s

r/AITA My in-Laws Are Stealing My House!
09/03/23·15m 36s

r/Bestof HELP! My Dad is TOO HOT! 🥵‎️‍🔥
08/03/23·17m 44s

r/AITA For DEMANDING My Wife Call Me a Pilot?
07/03/23·15m 22s

r/Malicouscompliance Dumb Karen Wants a No-Cheese Cheeseburger
06/03/23·15m 27s

r/Prorevenge Fire Me? I'll Ruin Your Career!
05/03/23·19m 20s

r/Pettyrevenge I Stole 3 Months of a Toxic Karen's Paycheck
04/03/23·18m 53s

r/TIFU By Dipping My Nuts in Tabasco Sauce
03/03/23·14m 21s

r/Trueoff I'm Leaving My Boyfriend Over His INSANE Pranks
02/03/23·18m 43s

r/AITA Karen Wants Me To Get a Tattoo of Her
01/03/23·15m 6s

r/Bestof I Messed Up So Badly My Entire Family HATES Me
28/02/23·18m 10s

r/AITA My Teenage Son Poos in His Pants
27/02/23·15m 5s

r/AITA For Stealing My Boyfriend's Vacation?
26/02/23·14m 35s

r/Choosingbeggars Help Wanted: Full-Time FEMALE Slave
25/02/23·14m 59s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Ex Sued Me and Lost Everything!
24/02/23·16m 55s

r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Spent $100,000 on OnlyF@ns
23/02/23·16m 9s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Mocked My Dead Dog
22/02/23·16m 31s

r/Entitledparents I Caught My Boyfriend with My MOM!
21/02/23·14m 18s

r/Pettyrevenge I Stole the HOA President's House!
20/02/23·14m 43s

r/Bestof My Husband Asked to **** My Best Friend
19/02/23·15m 19s

r/Prorevenge Steal My Rent? GO TO JAIL!
18/02/23·16m 26s

r/Trueoffmychest My 10 Year-Old-Daughter Isn't Mine
17/02/23·16m 2s

r/Bestof I Hate My Cheating Mom For Ruining My Life
16/02/23·14m 58s

r/AITA for Abandoning My Kid in the Hospital?
15/02/23·16m 29s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Got Him Convicted of 30 Felonies
14/02/23·13m 16s

r/AITA I Stole My Son's College Money
13/02/23·15m 51s

r/Maliciouscompliance "I Want It EXTRA EXTRA Spicy!"
12/02/23·15m 23s

r/AITA I Caught My Uncle Human Trafficking
12/02/23·17m 15s

r/AITA I Want My Wife's Boyfriend to Pay Me
10/02/23·17m 11s

r/Entitledparents My Brother Wants My House... FOR FREE!
09/02/23·13m 3s

r/Bestof My Kids Spent $600,000 On Parties
08/02/23·17m 16s

r/Trueoffmychest I'm Happy My Wife is Dead
07/02/23·18m 23s

r/Choosingbeggars Karen: "CLEAN MY HOUSE FOR FREE"
06/02/23·16m 31s

r/Prorevenge Run Over My Dog? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
05/02/23·16m 56s

r/AITA For Refusing to Give Away My Dog?
04/02/23·15m 59s

r/Bestof My Coworker Only Eats Rotten Food
03/02/23·16m 44s

r/Trueoffmychest A Murderer Wants To Be My Friend
02/02/23·17m 26s

r/AITA I Ruined a Kid's Birthday With a Mayonnaise Cake
01/02/23·18m 16s

r/Prorevenge Concrete Mailbox VS Brand New Truck
31/01/23·15m 11s

r/Maliciouscompliance Won't Pay Me? I'll Sue You For $84,000!
30/01/23·16m 49s

r/AITA For Ignoring My Parents Who Abandoned Me?
29/01/23·17m 17s

r/Bestof I'm Divorcing My Husband Over Mustard
28/01/23·16m 16s

r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE!" "ok bye"
26/01/23·13m 22s

r/AmITheA**hole Should I Give My Sister a Romantic Vacation?
25/01/23·17m 20s

r/TrueOffMyChest My Wife Is Pregnant From Another Man
24/01/23·16m 57s

r/AmITheA**hole My Sister Wants My $50,000 Inheritance
23/01/23·15m 39s

r/Bestof I Genuinely HATE My Daughter
22/01/23·16m 25s

r/Pettyrevenge I Busted an Illegal AirBNB Ring
21/01/23·15m 25s

r/Prorevenge Abandoned Child Sends Her Parents to Jail!
20/01/23·16m 55s

r/AmITheA**hole My Ex Stole My House, So I'm Suing Her
19/01/23·16m 36s

r/Bestof I Cast a Magic Spell to Make My Baby a Girl
18/01/23·19m 34s

r/AITA My Kid Stole $17,000 From Me!
17/01/23·17m 28s

r/Maliciouscompliance Hate Brown People? Enjoy Your Brown Grandkids!
16/01/23·16m 39s

r/AITA My Husband Ruined Our Kid's Birthday Party
15/01/23·18m 17s

r/Entitledparents Mom Wants to Tattoo Her Name Onto Me
14/01/23·15m 56s

r/Bestof My Husband Is a Serial Cheater
13/01/23·15m 47s

r/Maliciouscompliance Steal My Car? Lose Your Job!
12/01/23·16m 18s

r/AITA for Abandoning My Needy Husband?
11/01/23·18m 16s

r/AITA For Not Giving My Grandkid $40,000?
10/01/23·15m 29s

r/ChoosingBeggars A Free $10,000 Vacation Isn't Good Enough!
09/01/23·15m 31s

r/AITA for Slowly Turning into a Karen?
08/01/23·15m 38s

r/AITA My Step-Dad Starves Me
07/01/23·18m 28s

r/Entitledparents My Mom Stole $160,000 From Me
06/01/23·16m 40s

r/Bestof My Son Stole a $2,000 Star Wars Toy
05/01/23·15m 17s

r/AITA I Made My Dad an "I Hate You" Powerpoint
04/01/23·17m 23s

r/Prorevenge I Blinded a Jerk with a MEGA Flashlight
03/01/23·15m 31s

r/AITA My Niece Destroyed My $20,000 Coat
02/01/23·15m 19s

r/Bestof My Husband is Obsessed with My Hot Boss
01/01/23·17m 37s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Got a Corrupt Doctor FIRED!
31/12/22·15m 4s

r/AITA Your Choice: Pay Me or GO TO JAIL
30/12/22·15m 22s

r/Relationships My Dad Thinks I'm Cheating On Him
29/12/22·15m 18s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Got My Sister Pregnant!
28/12/22·18m 19s

r/Maliicouscompliance I Cost My Boss $2,000,000+
27/12/22·13m 44s

r/Prorevenge Cheat On My Mom? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!
26/12/22·16m 32s

r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Won't Stop Wearing Diapers
25/12/22·17m 12s

r/Maliciouscompliance How I Got My Stupid Boss Fired!
24/12/22·14m 25s

r/Bestof My Boyfriend Literally Thinks He's Batman
23/12/22·19m 23s

r/AmITheA--hole My Crazy Fiancé Got Kicked Off a Plane
22/12/22·17m 17s

21/12/22·18m 32s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling Cops on My Mother-In-Law?
20/12/22·16m 47s

r/AmITheA--Hole I Told My Daughter I Hate Her
19/12/22·17m 8s

r/Bestof My Wife Cheated with Multiple Guys and is Pregnant!
18/12/22·16m 8s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Becoming a Sugar Daddy?
17/12/22·18m 28s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Ordered Me to Strip!
16/12/22·16m 16s

r/Bestof My Husband Put Our Child into a TORTURE DEVICE
15/12/22·16m 57s

r/Trueoffmychest I Let My Husband Cheat On Me
14/12/22·16m 13s

r/Bestof My Mother-in-Law is Secretly My Stalker
13/12/22·17m 53s

12/12/22·12m 0s

r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Boss into Paying Me $100,000
11/12/22·18m 31s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Being a SUPER COOL Edgelord?
10/12/22·16m 10s

r/Maliciouscompliance I WANT BONELESS PIZZA!
09/12/22·17m 17s

r/AmITheA--hole My Roommates Doodoo'd on My Bed
08/12/22·16m 25s

r/AmITheA--hole for Not Buying My Sister a House?
07/12/22·15m 22s

r/Trueoffmychest My White Wife is Pretending to Be a Black Man
06/12/22·15m 18s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Parents Can't Wait for Me to Die
05/12/22·15m 37s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Cost My Boss $40,000 By Obeying Him
04/12/22·16m 3s

03/12/22·15m 26s

r/Entitledparents Karen Attacked My Ambulance!
02/12/22·16m 59s

r/Pettyrevenge I Catfished Karen's Cheating Husband
01/12/22·15m 15s

r/Bestof My Wife HATES Our Child
30/11/22·18m 55s

r/Tifu By Setting The House On Fire Watching *Spicy* Videos
29/11/22·16m 0s

r/Prorevenge I Called a SWAT Team on My Karen Neighbor
28/11/22·17m 35s

r/Maliciouscompliance Boss: Why Don't You Quit?! Me: LOL OK
27/11/22·14m 48s

r/Bestof My Cheating Fiancé Wants an Open Relationship
26/11/22·16m 20s

r/Bestof I Caught My Sister Screwing My Husband
25/11/22·17m 27s

r/Entitledparents My Family Hates My Parents for Ruining My Life
24/11/22·20m 20s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Friend Won't Give Me $12,000!
23/11/22·16m 17s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Giving Away My Friend's Dog?
22/11/22·15m 58s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Ruining My Crush's Life So She'll Love Me?
21/11/22·16m 38s

r/Maliciouscompliance Moron Messes with the Wrong Soldier!
20/11/22·15m 50s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Standing Up to My Bully Father?
19/11/22·15m 20s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Disowning My Mom?
18/11/22·16m 6s

r/Entitledparents "GIRLS CAN'T GET PERIODS!"
17/11/22·16m 43s

r/Prorevenge Steal From Me? I'll Take Your House!
16/11/22·16m 37s

r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Keeps Pooping His Pants in Public
15/11/22·17m 10s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister Wants Me To Kick Out 5-yo Daughter
14/11/22·15m 20s

r/Bestof My Teacher Hired Hired Me as an Escort!
13/11/22·18m 7s

r/AmIA--Hole My Nephew's Prank Almost Murdered My Husband
12/11/22·17m 38s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling the Cops on My Sister?
11/11/22·17m 29s

r/Prorevenge Illegally Tow My Car? Enjoy Prison!
10/11/22·15m 38s

r/Pettyrevenge Steal My Spot? It'll Cost You $100,000!
09/11/22·15m 24s

r/AmITheA--hole She's Trying to Adopt Me Against My Will!
08/11/22·16m 39s

r/Bestof I'm Marrying a Lying Gold Digger
07/11/22·15m 41s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Mom Doesn't Know Where Babies Come From
06/11/22·16m 58s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Bridezilla Mega-Karen?
05/11/22·16m 59s

r/Bestof My Coworker SOLD A CHILD ON FACEBOOK!
04/11/22·16m 44s

r/AmITheA--hole for Letting My Roommate's Family Go Homeless?
03/11/22·18m 12s

r/Bestof My Wife My Tortured My Daughter for Decades
02/11/22·20m 51s

r/AmITheA--hole for Kicking Out My Husband for Selling My Cat?
01/11/22·16m 18s

r/Letsnotmeet A Knife-Wielding Stalker Broke into My House!
31/10/22·18m 9s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Let My Stupid Boss Lose $2,000,000
30/10/22·16m 54s

r/AmITheA--hole I Found My Twin Sister's Onlyfans
29/10/22·16m 17s

r/Entitledparents rSlash Encounters a Real-Life Karen
28/10/22·16m 12s

r/Prorevenge Steal My Gas? I'll DESTROY Your Car!
27/10/22·19m 4s

r/Maliciouscompliance "If You Don't Like It, Quit!" "ok see ya"
26/10/22·17m 27s

r/Bestof My Friend Murdered My Wife
25/10/22·20m 28s

r/Niceguys vs r/Nicegirls I Like to Touch Seeping Girls 🥰
24/10/22·15m 51s

r/AmITheA--hole Daughter, Let Me Rob You Or You're Grounded!
23/10/22·16m 14s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Dug Up My Dad's Corpse to Pay a Water Bill
22/10/22·15m 37s

r/AmITheA--hole My Wife Hates Our Gay Daughter
21/10/22·15m 52s

r/Nuclearrevenge I Got My Toxic Step-Dad 25 Years in Prison
20/10/22·17m 10s

r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Natural Sperm Donor! Age 16-23
18/10/22·15m 55s

r/Bestof My Boss Says I Must Undress in Front of Her
17/10/22·17m 25s

r/Prorevenge I Tattooed a Giant 🍆 onto a Thief
16/10/22·16m 12s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Coworker Hates Me Because I'm Muslim
15/10/22·17m 24s

r/Bestof My Mom Asked Me to Sleep With My Dad
14/10/22·16m 31s

r/Trueoffmychest I Befriended My Wife's Kidnapper
13/10/22·18m 2s

r/Entitledparents My Mom Killed My Twin Sister
12/10/22·15m 0s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Sugar Baby with My Mom? Sorry for publishing this late. I set it to 9pm instead of 9am :(
11/10/22·16m 31s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting My Bro-in-Law Watch Me Pee?

10/10/22·18m 39s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Had to Call the Cops on a UFO
09/10/22·16m 27s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give My Husband My House?
08/10/22·17m 0s

r/Entitledparents KAREN CHOPPED OFF MY HAND!
07/10/22·15m 33s

r/Maliciouscompliance "GET ME A MANAGER!" "I am the Manager!"
06/10/22·15m 48s

r/Prorevenge I Stole $300,000 From My Toxic Father
05/10/22·18m 51s

r/Pettyrevenge Neighbor Cut My Trees & Had to Pay $300,000!
04/10/22·16m 14s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister Intentionally Destroyed My House
03/10/22·16m 22s

r/Bestof Mom Thinks My Brother Wants to Bang Me
02/10/22·16m 3s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting My Husband Steal $14,000 from Me?

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01/10/22·18m 15s

r/AmITheA--hole My Pervy Neighbor is Spying on My Wife Get Honey FREE at
30/09/22·16m 19s

r/Maliciouscompliance Karen vs MMA Fighter

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29/09/22·17m 12s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Husband Arrested? Get Honey FREE at
28/09/22·16m 34s

r/Maliciouscompliance "Call the Cops!" "LOL OK!"

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27/09/22·18m 10s

r/Bestof My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped into an Arranged Marriage! Get Honey FREE at
26/09/22·17m 59s

r/Choosingbeggars Men Have to Pay Me $350 Per Date!
25/09/22·15m 46s

r/Prorevenge Steal My Food? Lose Your Business!
24/09/22·15m 59s

r/Bestof My Fiancé Says He Owns My Womb
23/09/22·16m 33s

r/Maliciouscompliance How I Got Paid $1,500/hour to Unload Boxes
22/09/22·15m 59s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Putting a Child in a Washing Machine?
21/09/22·17m 35s

r/F-YouKaren She Hit an Ambulance & Got Arrested!
20/09/22·16m 43s

r/Prorevenge How I Got My Sexist Boss Fired
19/09/22·15m 1s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Helping People Steal from My Wife?
18/09/22·15m 25s

r/Entitledparents Karen Fakes Her Dumb Kid's IQ Test
17/09/22·17m 43s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Paid for My $15,000 Meal
16/09/22·15m 1s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Cutting Off my Spoiled Daughter?
15/09/22·14m 30s

r/Trueoffmychest I'm a Gold Digger
14/09/22·17m 23s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Making My Parents Homeless?
13/09/22·16m 54s

r/Bestof My Brother STOLE MY HOUSE
12/09/22·16m 14s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Left My Karen Boss Trapped in an Elevator
11/09/22·17m 41s

r/AmITheA--hole for Calling a Widow "Damaged Goods"?
10/09/22·16m 39s

r/Bestof My Parents SOLD My Little Sister!
09/09/22·17m 25s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Suing My Daughter?
08/09/22·15m 48s

r/Entitledparents Stupid Karen Fails to Steal Mario Kart
07/09/22·16m 12s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister F***s on MY Bed
06/09/22·16m 35s

r/Prorevenge I Exposed My Neighbor Karen on NATIONAL News
05/09/22·16m 26s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Son Got KIDNAPPED!
04/09/22·15m 37s

r/Pettyrevenge Cheat on Me? I'll Ruin Your Life!
03/09/22·16m 2s

r/Maliciouscompliance "I WANT IT EXTRA SPICY!" "lol ok"
02/09/22·14m 8s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Brother Hit On My Wife!
01/09/22·16m 8s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Wanted My Uniform, So I Stripped!
31/08/22·15m 44s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting my Mom Take My Dying Child?
30/08/22·15m 36s

r/Choosingbeggars "Seeking FREE Apartment. Also I'm Very Stinky"
29/08/22·12m 48s

r/Bestof My Boss Called the Cops on Me for Quitting!
28/08/22·20m 5s

r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, QUIT!" "ok, see ya"
27/08/22·15m 48s

r/Prorevenge Steal My Debit Card? Catch a Felony!
26/08/22·15m 5s

25/08/22·14m 50s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Telling People My Wife Pegs Me?
24/08/22·17m 25s

r/Entitledparents Karen Tried to Steal My Car!
23/08/22·16m 53s

r/AmITheA-Hole for Mocking a Woman's Miscarriage?
22/08/22·17m 17s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Mocking a Child with Cancer?
21/08/22·17m 0s

r/Prorevenge Call Me Slurs? I'll Get You FIRED!
20/08/22·16m 29s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Wants to Slap a Pregnant Lady!
19/08/22·15m 9s

r/Choosingbeggars A Hunter Trespassed on My Land and SHOT ME!
18/08/22·14m 47s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Harasser Fired?
17/08/22·15m 45s

r/Entitledparents My Neighbors Broke Into My House to Use My Pool
16/08/22·16m 17s

r/Prorevenge Meth-head Boss Stole from Me, So I Got Him Fired!
14/08/22·13m 11s

r/Bestof My Coworker Stole My EXTRA EXTRA SPICY Lunch
13/08/22·17m 1s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Invited His Mistress to Dinner with Me
12/08/22·16m 19s

r/Maliciouscompliance You Want More Eye Contact? OK! 👁️👁️
11/08/22·16m 50s

r/Askreddit What Funny Thing Happened to You Too Crazy to Believe?
10/08/22·18m 44s

r/Maliciouscompliance Criticize My Work? It'll Cost You $1,000,000!
08/08/22·14m 14s

r/AmITheA--Hole For NOT Sleeping with My Cousin's Husband?

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07/08/22·16m 10s

r/Entitledparents My Dog Got a Karen Arrested!

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06/08/22·16m 13s

r/Bestof HELP! My Wife Spends $300,000/Year!

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05/08/22·19m 27s

r/AmITheA--hole for Not Giving My Son $400,000? Get Honey for free at
04/08/22·17m 0s

r/Pettyrevenge Cheat on Me? I'll Tell Your Mommy! Get Honey for free at
03/08/22·16m 46s

r/AmITheA--hole My Wife Thinks that Loving My Son is Gay Get Honey for free at
02/08/22·16m 9s

r/Maliciouscompliance Take My Money? I'll Take Your Job! Get Honey for free at
01/08/22·16m 55s

r/AmITheA--hole For Exposing My Sister as a RACIST at Her Wedding?
31/07/22·17m 13s

r/Entitledparents Karen Paralyzed Her Own Son!
28/07/22·13m 27s

r/Prorevenge I Hunted Down a Thief and Made Him PAY!
27/07/22·13m 24s

r/Bestofupdates A Paternity Test Revealed MY BABY ISN'T MINE!
26/07/22·15m 8s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Giving My Son a Free House?
25/07/22·16m 44s

r/Talesfromtechsupport IDIOT Karen Dropped a Speaker on Her Head
24/07/22·15m 33s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Wife Had a Baby with My Brother
23/07/22·16m 10s

r/Entitledparents My CHEAP Fiancé Won't Give Me $80,000!
22/07/22·17m 45s

r/Maliciouscompliance Touch Female Coworkers? Lose Your Job!
21/07/22·16m 34s

r/Choosingbeggar I'm Poor... BUY ME A MERCEDES!
20/07/22·16m 47s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give My Boyfriend All My Money?
19/07/22·16m 24s

r/Prorevenge My Boss Fired Me, So I Fired Him!
18/07/22·19m 11s

r/Trueoffmychest My Wife Cheated on Me with a Clown!

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17/07/22·16m 16s

r/Pettyrevenge She Tried to Ruin My Wedding, So I Ruined Her!

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16/07/22·16m 41s

r/Maliciouscompliance Stupid Karen Lost $500,000

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14/07/22·17m 24s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Give Karen My Breast Milk?

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13/07/22·16m 20s

r/Maliciouscompliance Bully Me? It'll Cost You $200,000!

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12/07/22·16m 11s

r/Entitledparents A Dad Yelled at Me Because "My Breasts are Too Big"

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11/07/22·15m 33s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Telling Karen I Want to F$%& Her Son?
10/07/22·16m 9s

r/Choosingbeggars A Millionaire Wants to Pay Me in Food
09/07/22·13m 12s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Refusing to Sign Over My House to My Boyfriend?
08/07/22·15m 24s

r/Prorevenge Boss Fired Me, Then BEGGED Me to Save His Company
07/07/22·14m 0s

r/Bestofupdates I Sent My Insane Anti-Vax Wife to Prison
06/07/22·17m 2s

r/Bestof HELP! My Wife Spends $300,000/Year!
05/07/22·18m 26s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Brother Slept with Both My Wives
05/07/22·17m 6s

r/Tifu by Hanging Out with 3 Murderers
04/07/22·17m 38s

r/AmITheA--Hole For Letting my Karen Mother Die Alone?
03/07/22·16m 21s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Showing My Mother-in-Law My Adult Toys?
02/07/22·17m 29s

r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Murdered My Best Friend
01/07/22·16m 21s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Teacher Mocked My Disability
30/06/22·16m 16s

r/Maliciouscomplaince The Boss Fired Everyone and Lost MILLIONS $$$
29/06/22·16m 20s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Karen to Defend a Disabled Child?
28/06/22·15m 31s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Forced Me onto Zoom while Breast Pumping
27/06/22·15m 33s

r/Tifu By Setting my Butt on Fire with Spicy Peppers
26/06/22·15m 54s

r/Entitledparents Karen Got TAZED!
25/06/22·14m 42s

r/Choosingbeggars "Pay for My Vacation to Korea!"
24/06/22·15m 13s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Said I'm Too Fat to Work
23/06/22·15m 22s

r/Prorevenge I Scammed a Scammer for $15,000
22/06/22·15m 27s

r/Askreddit What's the Most Embarrassing Thing You've Witnessed?
21/06/22·16m 32s

r/Maliciouscompliance "GIVE MY CHILD YOUR MONEY!"
20/06/22·15m 31s

r/AmITheA--hole Karen Mocked a Couple's Dead Child
19/06/22·15m 53s

r/AmITheA--hole for Making My Mom Homeless?
18/06/22·15m 28s

r/Maliciouscompliance Fire Me? I'll Destroy Your Business!
17/06/22·15m 17s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Getting My Husband Arrested?
16/06/22·15m 52s

r/Choosingbeggars Why is Child Slave Labor Illegal?!
15/06/22·15m 20s

r/Antiwork I Get Paid $80,000/year to Do Literally Nothing
14/06/22·15m 57s

r/Entitledparents Karen STOLE My iPad at Work!
13/06/22·15m 58s

r/Prorevenge Won't Pay Me? I'll Take $1,300,000 from You!

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12/06/22·18m 58s

r/Bestof My Neighbor Hid HER MOM'S CORPSE in Her House

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11/06/22·16m 41s

r/Entitledparents Karen's Spoiled Brat LIFTED MY SKIRT

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10/06/22·16m 38s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Threw Wedding Cake in my Face

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09/06/22·16m 29s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Boyfriend Tried to Push Me into the Grand Canyon

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08/06/22·17m 54s

r/Maliciouscompliance Karen Told Me to Stop Being Deaf!

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07/06/22·16m 25s

r/Choosingbeggars Buy My Used Underwear!

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06/06/22·18m 15s

r/Entitledparents "Women Are Too Hot to Teach!"
05/06/22·15m 57s

r/Prorevenge Steal My Job? I'll Get You Fired!
04/06/22·18m 7s

r/Askreddit Ladies, What Was it Like Dating a CREEP?
03/06/22·15m 8s

r/AmITheA--hole My Parents STOLE My Inheritance

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02/06/22·15m 43s

r/TIFU by Trying out Polyamory
01/06/22·17m 5s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Got my Cheating Boss Fired
31/05/22·15m 53s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband Wants to Sleep with His Guy Friend
30/05/22·17m 27s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling Cops on my Karen Neighbor?
29/05/22·17m 19s

28/05/22·15m 43s

r/Choosingbeggars "Pay Me $1,000 to Work Here"
27/05/22·16m 41s

r/Prorevenge Steal from Me? Lose Your $9,000,000 Inheritance!

2nd channel:
26/05/22·17m 18s

r/TIFU by Finding Out My Parents are Swingers

2nd channel:
25/05/22·16m 28s

r/Pettyrevenge I Got an Entitled Karen Kicked Out of Disneyworld!

2nd Channel:
24/05/22·16m 27s

r/Maliciouscompliance Destroy My Trees? I'll Sue for $1,000,000!

2nd channel:
23/05/22·14m 23s

r/AmITheA--hole for Seducing the Neighborhood Karen?

2nd channel:
22/05/22·17m 17s

r/AmITheA--hole for Almost MURDERING My Coworker?

2nd channel:
21/05/22·17m 14s

r/Maliciouscompliance Rude Customer DEMANDS a Well-Done Pizza

2nd channel:
20/05/22·13m 4s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Giving Up the House I Inherited?

2nd channel:
19/05/22·18m 32s

r/Prorevenge They Fired Me, so I Cost Them $400,000

2nd channel:
18/05/22·12m 53s

r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Friend - YOU MUST HAVE 130+ IQ!

2nd Channel:
17/05/22·15m 36s

r/Relationships my Wife Confessed my Kids Aren't Mine!

2nd channel:
16/05/22·15m 47s

r/Bestofupdates my Dad Forced my Mom into an Open Marriage

2nd channel:
15/05/22·18m 52s

r/Prorevenge They Killed My Pet, So I Became John Wick

2nd channel:
14/05/22·15m 25s

r/Entitledparents "LET MY SON STALK YOU"

2nd Channel:
13/05/22·14m 41s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Dumb Boss Gave me 6 Months PAID Vacation!

2nd channel:
12/05/22·18m 9s

r/AmITheA--Hole My Husband is Getting Secret $1000 "Massages"

2nd channel:
11/05/22·18m 20s

r/Maliciouscompliance Follow Policy? OK! Thanks for the $21,000!

2nd channel:
10/05/22·16m 42s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Not Letting my Boyfriend Steal my House?

2nd channel:
09/05/22·16m 32s

r/Choosingbeggar Full Time Artist Job! Pay: 9 Cents/Hour

2nd Channel:
08/05/22·13m 38s

r/Entitledparents They Want to TRADE HOUSES with Me!

2nd Channel:
07/05/22·16m 30s

r/Prorevenge Screw Me Over? I'll Make You Pay Me $30,000!

2nd channel:
06/05/22·19m 38s

r/TIFU by Accidentally Building a Bomb

2nd channel:
05/05/22·15m 47s

r/AmITheA--hole for Sending 🍆 Pics to His Mom?

2nd channel:
04/05/22·17m 32s

r/AmITheA--Hole I Want to Name My Child "Ted Bundy"

2nd channel:
03/05/22·17m 4s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Flooded a Karen's House!

2nd channel:
02/05/22·16m 8s

r/Pettyrevenge Rude Karen on a Plane Gets JUSTICE!

2nd channel:
01/05/22·16m 49s

r/AmITheA--Hole for Mocking my Daughter for Being an Escort?

2nd channel:
30/04/22·17m 53s

r/Maliciouscompliance How I made $1,900,000 by Complying

2nd channel:
29/04/22·15m 57s

r/Choosingbeggars "Trade My Cheap House for your Expensive House!"

2nd channel:
28/04/22·14m 6s

r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS my YouTube Channel!

2nd channel:
27/04/22·16m 15s

r/F-youkaren "How can I Make my Boyfriend Abandon his Child?"

2nd channel:
26/04/22·15m 49s

r/Tinder Incel Seeks Super Model FWB

2nd channel:
25/04/22·12m 22s

r/AmITheA**hole for Making Everyone Hate the Neighborhood Karen?

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24/04/22·17m 16s

r/MaliciousComplaince Cheat on Me? I'll Make You Pay Me $120,000!

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23/04/22·16m 57s

r/AmITheA**Hole for Tattooing My Name on Someone without Consent?

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22/04/22·17m 49s

r/MaliciousCompliance You Won't Pay Me? I'll Cost You THOUSANDS!

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21/04/22·17m 16s

r/ChoosingBeggars "Pay Me $2,000/Month to Be My Full-time Maid"

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20/04/22·16m 37s

r/AmITheA**Hole for Deleting My Husband's YouTube Channel?

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19/04/22·19m 28s

r/Prorevenge I Exposed My Preacher as a Serial Cheater

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18/04/22·17m 35s

r/Niceguys vs r/Nicegirls Why Won't Females Let Me Stalk Them?!

2nd Channel:
17/04/22·17m 15s

r/Entitledparents An Entitled Mom Tried to Steal My House!

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16/04/22·13m 8s

r/TIFU by Poking a Tiger in its Balls

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15/04/22·16m 46s

r/Maliciouscompliance "SO SUE ME" "Yeah, ok"

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14/04/22·15m 59s

r/AmITheA**hole for Firing a Karen?

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13/04/22·18m 10s

r/Maliciouscompliance? Cheat on Your Wife? I'll Help Her Get Revenge!

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12/04/22·15m 36s

r/AmITheA**hole for Putting My Roommate into a Coma?

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11/04/22·15m 49s

r/Choosingbeggars Now Hiring Full-Time Slave - NO PAY!

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10/04/22·18m 18s

r/AmITheA**hole My Husband is in Love with Our Surrogate

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09/04/22·17m 0s

r/Prorevenge I Fired My Mean Client and Cost Them THOUSANDS

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08/04/22·15m 55s

r/AmITheA**hole My Mom Installed a Hidden Camera in my Bedroom!

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07/04/22·18m 1s

r/TIFU By Giving my Child a 3,000,000 Scoville Sandwich 🔥🌶️🔥

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06/04/22·16m 49s

r/Pettyrevenge Act Rude? I'll Expose You as a Cheater!

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05/04/22·15m 48s

r/AmITheA**hole for Installing a Secret Tracking App on My GF's Phone?

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04/04/22·17m 59s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Stripped to Teach My Step-Dad a Lesson!

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03/04/22·15m 44s

r/Maliciouscompliance My Boss Groped Me, so My Husband Punched Him

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02/04/22·17m 56s

r/AmITheA**hole for Taking Off My Leg?

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01/04/22·17m 19s

r/Choosingbeggars Renting Out My USED Bathroom for $400/month

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31/03/22·17m 46s

r/Entitledparents Stupid Karen Tries to Use Men's Changing Room

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30/03/22·17m 41s

r/Prorevenge He Hit his Girlfriend, so I Sent Him to Prison!

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29/03/22·16m 29s

r/AmITheA**hole For Getting My Thieving Uncle Arrested?

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28/03/22·17m 28s

r/TIFU By Choking the Hot Girl in Class

r/TIFU In today's episode, OP is a Kung Fu student who also happens to be a bit on the older side. A much younger girl in her early 20s joins the class and the two get paired up for sparring. Their assignment is to practice choke-holds and escapes. OP manages to land a chokehold on his much younger and prettier opponent. As soon as he squeezes her neck... SHE MOANS! The entire class freezes and stares at OP and the hot girl. Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
27/03/22·17m 3s

r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Got My Mom Pregnant!

r/Trueoffmychest Today's story is a wild ride. OP is a married woman who lives next to her parents. One day, she walks in on her husband sleeping with her own mother! She learns that her husband and mom have been having an affair for over a decade, and he even got her pregnant! That means that some of her siblings are actually her step-siblings AND her step-children! OP becomes utterly heartbroken and destroys her mom's life because she deserves it! Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
26/03/22·16m 24s

r/AmITheA**hole for Letting My Friends Call My Wife "Ugly?"

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP's wife is a professional makeup artist who takes great pride in her makeup. His friends, however, hate his wife's makeup and make fun of her behind her back. During a group hangout event, OP's friends mock his wife by saying that she looks like a cancer ward patient, causing his wife to cry and leave the event. OP tries to defend his friends by saying that it was just a joke. What do you think? Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
25/03/22·20m 1s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Gave a Bus Groper a Bloody Nose

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP is a young woman who uses public transportation. A creepy guy sits next to her, pinning her between himself and the window. When it's time for her to get off the bus, the creepy guy refuses to move and tells OP to squeeze past him. OP decides to maliciously comply and squeezes past him -- while slamming her backpack into his face, giving him a bloody nose! Careful what you wish for! Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
24/03/22·17m 31s

r/AmITheA**hole for Suing the Girl who Destroyed My Car?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP has a son who is dating a  young woman of questionable values. The girl is clearly emotionally unstable, passive, and just plain nuts. Inevitably, OP's son breaks up with the girl, which causes her to completely flip out and start harassing OP's son. This culminates in the girl trashing the car of OP's son. The girl's parents try to brush it off as "kids will be kids," but OP wants to press charges over the literal thousands of dollars of damage done to the vehicle. Does that make OP the butthole? Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
23/03/22·17m 34s

r/Maliciouscompliance I Found a Real-Life INFINITE MONEY Glitch

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP discovers a way to turn $1 into $5! It's a bit complicated, but basically he buys a $1 cookie, which earns him $1 in points. Then he does some online magic to convert that $1 in points into $5 in Sears points, which allows him to spend $5 on whatever he wants in the store. He does this a thousand times and magically turns $1,000 into $5,000. FREE MONEY! Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
22/03/22·16m 28s

r/Prorevenge I Destroyed a Building to Get My Revenge

r/Prorevenge In today's episode, OP works as a safety officer on construction sites. It's his job to make sure that all crane operations are performed safely. One of his coworkers steals his job right from under his nose by sucking up to the boss. OP realizes that this guy is incredibly incompetent at crane safety, so he basically just steps back and waits for the guy to screw up. The idiot coworker hooks a crane up incorrectly to a roof and almost destroys an entire building -- AND the people inside! Get $90 off and a free gift at Sunbasket! Go to - Enter the promocode "rslash" at checkout.
21/03/22·23m 43s

r/Maliciouscompliance "IF YOU QUIT, YOU'RE FIRED!"

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP has an incredibly bizarre experience with his boss at work. He decides to quit and he gives them his 2 week's notice. His boss refuses to accept the two week notice and demands that OP continues to work after his final day. OP basically just shrugs and says "nope." Then, the boss has the incredibly dumb idea of saying "If you don't come in to work after you quit, you're fired!" LOL!
20/03/22·16m 6s

r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Fulltime UNPAID Secretary / S*x Slave

r/Choosingbeggars Ladies, do you hate money? Do you love working for a sexist jerk who think that he's the next Tony Stark? Then I've got the perfect job for you! This "employer" is looking for a cute girl to work as his fulltime UNPAID secretary. But don't worry! Once his business becomes profitable, he will finally start paying you a salary. Just think of the potential! You could become his very own Pepper Potts!
19/03/22·15m 24s

r/Entitledparents My Parents Turned Me into a Slave

r/Entitledparents In today's episode, OP tells the horror story of what it's like to live with parents to treat their children like their own personal property. OP is trying to go out and live her own life, but her parents want to keep her at home as a full-time unpaid nanny for their younger kids. OP tried to go out and get a job, but her parents flipped out because they were about to lose their free childcare. What's the point of having a kid if you're not even going to love and support them?
18/03/22·15m 17s

r/AmITheA**hole for Stealing $6,000 from My Wife?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP is the breadwinner in the family and her husband doesn't work. Her husband wants to go golfing with his buddies, but OP insists that they need to save money to fix their broken roof. So instead of accepting her answer, the husband decides to steal $6,000 from his wife's account to buy expensive golf clubs for a weekend getaway with the boys. When OP finds out and confront her husband, he tries to argue that she's being abusive and is controlling her life. WTF?
17/03/22·17m 53s

r/Prorevenge I Tricked My Scummy Boss into Paying Me $450/hour

r/Prorevenge In today's episode, OP has an incredibly stupid boss who thinks that OP is expendable, even though he very much isn't. OP gets fired and takes a healthy severance package. A few weeks later, OP gets a call from his boss BEGGING him to come back to work and save the company from bankruptcy. OP agrees, but only if the boss pays him $450 per hour. Who said revenge doesn't pay?
16/03/22·16m 41s

r/Storiesaboutkevin He Thinks All Chinese People are Black

r/Storiesaboutkevin Are you ready for stories about some of the DUMBEST people to ever walk the earth? These people are so dumb that they couldn't figure out how to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the bottom. For example, one Kevin thinks that all Chinese people are black, and another person thinks that the sun makes noise, which causes the "summer noise." How dumb can you be?
15/03/22·16m 9s

r/AmITheA**hole for Catching a Food Thief at Work?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP is being terrorized by one of the worst kinds of villains: an office food thief! OP investigates and catches the dirty food thief red handed as he was literally sitting down to eat OP's lunch. OP confronts the food thief and embarrasses him in front of the entire office. Some coworkers said that OP went too far by embarrassing the food thief. What do you think? If you ask me, food thieves deserve to be embarrassed.
14/03/22·18m 12s

r/AmITheA**hole for Kidnapping a Child?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP is a new father who discovers that his wife has a terrible habit of leaving their newborn baby unattended in the car while she runs errands. He confronts her about this habit, and she promises to change her behavior. Later, he notices his wife's car at a gas station and stops to say hello. When he realizes that his wife left their child in her UNLOCKED car, he becomes enraged and takes the baby. If she refuses to protect their child, OP will show her the consequences of her carelessness. Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
13/03/22·19m 28s

r/Maliciouscompliance Mess with My Home? Enjoy Your $1,000,000 Fee!

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP buys a home out in the country to enjoy a quiet life. A property development firm buys up all of the surrounding land and turns the quiet neighborhood into a suburb. The developers then start pressuring OP into joining an HOA. OP refuses, which causes them to constantly harass OP over and over about the HOA. OP eventually gets sick of it and hires a lawyer. After some investigating, OP learns that the developers broke several laws in building these houses, resulting in fines exceeding $1,000,000! Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
12/03/22·16m 24s

r/Choosingbeggars "Can I Pay in Hamburgers and Butt Medicine?"

r/Choosingbeggars Who needs to be paid in dollars when you can get paid in HAMBURGERS AND BUTT MEDICINE?! In today's episode, we've got the deal of a lifetime that you'd have to be a fool to pass up. This choosing beggar wants to buy a car in exchange for free hamburgers and suppositories. Let's be honest, that's what you were going to spend the money on anyways, right? So you may as well skip a step and sell your car. What a deal! Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
11/03/22·15m 53s

r/Talesfromtechsupport I Helped My Stupid Boss Fire Himself

r/Talesfromtechsupport In today's episode, the new boss in an IT department decides that he's the most important person there, so he literally steals another worker's email. Unfortunately for Mr. Boss, this new email address gets Very Important emails that must be addressed immediately. The worker tries to warn his boss about these emails, but the boss ignores him. Eventually, the inevitable happens and the company gets into huge trouble because somebody was ignoring those Very Important emails. Since the stupid boss is the one who controls the email account, he's the guy who gets in trouble! Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
10/03/22·17m 41s

r/Entitledparents INSANE Family Gets Kicked Off Plane!

r/Entitledparents In today's episode, an entitled family learns the hard way that "the customer is always right" doesn't really apply to the world of commercial air travel. This entitled family lets their spoiled children constantly run up and down the aisles, which leads to a confrontation between the parents and the plane staff. Things eventually get so heated that the the pilot has to make an emergency landing so they can kick off the entitled family. See ya, Karens! Welcome to the no-fly list! Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
09/03/22·16m 26s

r/Prorevenge Steal From Me? I'll Destroy Your Business

r/Prorevenge In today's episode, OP is a skilled cook who has cracked the code on cooking competitions. She knows exactly what type of recipes online cooking competitions are looking for, so she knows how to submit the winning recipe and secure the prize money. However, on one competition, the person running the contest stiffs OP on her prize money. She decides to scam the scammer by tricking him into hiring her for a critical position in the company, and then revealing at the last second that it was her all along. Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
08/03/22·16m 10s

r/Nuclearrevenge Evict Me? I'll Get Your Entire Family Arrested!

r/Nuclearrevenge In today's episode, OP has to deal with an incredibly toxic landlord and his corrupt wife. OP gets tired of dealing with his landlord's harassment, so he decides to investigate some of his landlord's strange behavior. Why doesn't the landlord just file an eviction notice? Well, it's because the landlord can't legally rent out that property because he and his wife forged illegal government documents. OP uncovers their corrupt scheme, reports them to the cops, and watches as their entire family gets arrested! Go to to get 3 months free with a 1 year subscription.
07/03/22·19m 52s

r/TIFU by Obliterating my Wife's Fish

r/TIFU Today's episode is a wild one... It's a story about how OP obliterated his wife's pet fish. Yes, the story really is as ridiculous as it sounds. The family fish was dying, and OP's wife asked him to put it out of its misery. Does OP give the fish a dignified end? No, of course not! He tries to Thanos snap the fish out of existence by smashing it into a million pieces. Now the beloved fish is reduced to goo and OP's poor wife is sobbing due to emotional trauma. Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
06/03/22·17m 57s

r/AmITheA**hole for Choosing My Horse over My Boyfriend?

r/AmITheA**hole We've all heard the story before: "It's either me or the pet!" Normally, you expect that argument to be about a cat or a dog, but this time it's about a horse. OP is a horse girl who loves spending time at the farm with her horse. Her new boyfriend absolute hates her horse and demands that she sells it. He even refuses to allow her to spend time at the farm, insisting that she should want to spend every waking second with him instead. Who's the butthole here? Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
05/03/22·17m 26s

r/Maliciouscompliance "WHERE'S YOUR HOMEWORK?" "I Was in a Coma..."

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP has an absolutely insane interaction with a teacher. OP wasn't able to finish a homework assignment because he was literally in a coma for a few days. The teacher refuses to believe him, so she demands that OP does the homework anyway. OP complies by handwriting the homework on hospital stationary, and also includes a few photos of himself hooked up to hospital equipment just to seal the deal! Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
04/03/22·15m 28s

r/AmITheA**hole For Getting My Coworker Arrested at Her Wedding?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP inadvertently destroys an wedding! OP's friend was cheated on, and then mysteriously her friend lost her wedding dress and jewelry. Later, OP gets invited to the ex husband's wedding, where she recognizes the stolen wedding dress and jewelry. OP alerts her friend, who calls the cops on them DURING the wedding! People are unsurprisingly furious about the wedding being ruined, so is OP the butthole? Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
03/03/22·17m 51s

r/Maliciouscompliance Airport Security Told Me to Strip, so I Stripped!

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP has an interesting encounter with airport security. He was wearing a jacket without a shirt underneath, and the TSA demanded that he take off his jacket. He tried to warn them that he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath so that's probably a bad idea, but the security guard doubled down. Eventually the manager got involved in this story of airport malicious compliance! Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
02/03/22·17m 31s

r/Choosingbeggars "Seeking Submissive Japanese Girlfriend... NO BLACK GIRLS!"

r/Choosingbeggars Ladies, are you looking for a man? Well to get this prime specimen of masculinity, all you have to do submit a girlfriend application. This guy is looking for a stupid, submissive girl who will cook 3 meals a day and has no guy friends. To make it even creepier, he's also got some strong opinions about race. He wants a submissive Japanese waifu who will worship her husbando by sending him nudes every day. Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
01/03/22·19m 25s

r/Entitledparents A WILD KAREN APPEARED!

r/Entitledparents In today's episode, OP has a pokemon-esque encounter with a wild Karen! OP was playing a Pokemon game on her switch while she was on her break at work. A little kid sees OP playing the game and asks to play it as well. OP warns that her break is over soon, which causes the child's mother to flip out on OP and demand that she leaves behind her switch so the kid can play on it. OP doesn't want to just hand over her Switch for obvious reasons, so the Karen calls over the manager to try to force OP into giving the Switch. Get $10 in free Bitcoin at
28/02/22·17m 1s

r/Prorevenge I Tricked a Scammer into Paying Me $5,000?

r/Prorevenge In today's episode, OP is in a minor car collision with a dude who turns out to be a total scammer. The scammer drags his feet with the insurance info and tries to trick OP into paying him over $2,000 in bogus repair costs. OP realizes that he's getting scammed, so the turns the tables on the scammer and takes him to court, where the judge awards OP $5,000! Be careful who you scam, scammer! Get Honey for FREE at
27/02/22·17m 31s

r/Tinder My Date Wants Me to F*** My Dog!

r/Tinder Feeling lonely? Looking for some love and affection? Well all you have to do is download Tinder and experience the joys and wonders of online dating! If you're wondering what Tinder is like, the users in today's episode will show you what's in store, like one guy who wants his date to passionately hug her dog, and woman will absolutely WILL NOT go on cheap dates. Also, you get a whole bunch of bonus dirty limericks from yours truly. Get Honey for FREE at
26/02/22·20m 37s
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