Classical Dreams

Classical Dreams

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Classical Dreams is a collection of soothing stories brought to you by Classic FM to help lull you into a calm and restful sleep. Narrated by your favourite Classic FM presenters, each episode will take you on a journey across the world from the banks of Venice’s canals and Granada’s Alhambra Palace to travels across the peaks of the Appalachian Trail and to the depths of Fingal’s Cave on Scotland’s rocky west coast.


John Brunning - A Journey through the Mountains of Norway

Bright midday sun settles into afternoon full light, and the day fade gradually to a prolonged Nordic dusk. John Brunning guides you on a gentle stroll through the Norwegian mountains.
17/03/2335m 57s

Charlotte Hawkins - A Ride through the Steppes

The sky through the panoramic window is as soft as cotton wool, cobalt blue, and devoid of any cloud. Take a peaceful train ride through the Eurasian Steppes with Charlotte Hawkins.
17/03/2328m 46s

Alan Titchmarsh - An Interlude in Salzburg

The faint outline of a double layer of mountains, the zig-zagging pale blue Alps, watch over us with a hazy glaze. Alan Titchmarsh takes us on a relaxing journey into Salzburg.
17/03/2337m 25s

Anne-Marie Minhall - A Trip to Fingal’s Cave

The sand was soft, cold and wet, as the sea’s gently sloshing ripples furtively splash each foot. Join Anne-Marie in the Hebrides, as she rows you into the calm of Fingal’s Cave.
17/03/2327m 48s

Aled Jones - The Appalachian Trail

A hawk hangs motionless in the air, carried by a purposeful breeze as the orange sunrise gives way to a halo of dusky yellow across the Appalachian Trail. Join Aled Jones as he guides you through this mesmerising Eastern American journey between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine.
17/03/2232m 22s

Moira Stuart - The Magical Alhambra Palace

Thick slabs of opulent white marble line a grand fountain under a hypnotising honeycomb-vaulted dome and beautiful carved wood screens, before coming to views of the garden. Moira Stuart leads you step by step through the wonders of the Alhambra Palace.
17/03/2233m 10s

Myleene Klass - A Swim in Venice

From the ornate, cream arches of Doge’s Palace to the splendour of the Saint Mark's Basilica, relax and let Klass guide you through the beautiful city of Venice as you slip into a relaxing, contented slumber.
17/03/2234m 58s

Alexander Armstrong - A Day In Vienna

Music and art fill the streets of Vienna from the plump domes of Hofburg Palace to the Danube River ribboning through the city. Alexander Armstrong guides you through this wonderful landscape as you relax deeper and deeper before succumbing to sleep.
17/03/2226m 10s
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