MyBnk Money Podcast

MyBnk Money Podcast

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If you want to start investing, stay safe from scams, hear from top financial experts about handling your money, and more, then The MyBnk Money Podcast is for you! Join JH, Kiran, Jasmine, and John as they prove that money doesn't have to be so difficult.


Investing: What you should do and what you should definitely avoid!

The world of investing is enormous, and with so many new ways to invest in recent years, choosing where to put your money now seems scary... but it doesn't have to be!  John explains the stock market, trading apps, and more, with the help of financial expert Andrew Saks. Host: John Shaw Guest: Andrew Saks, Head of Research and Analysis at ETX Capital
24/03/229m 41s

The 5 Money Rules for Life

JH Marwood and Emmanuel Asuquo, Channel 4 and BBC, take you through the five essential money rules. From debt to investing, saving to budgeting, these rules will set you on the way to financial independence. Host: JH Marwood Guest: Emmanuel Asuquo, Financial Adviser as seen on Channel 4, BBC One and ITV.
23/03/228m 44s

Budgeting for Life

Jasmine Wissart goes on a journey transitioning from Mum's home cooking to setting up your own home and becoming financially independent. Host: Jasmine Wissart 
22/03/228m 37s

Scams and how to avoid them!

Learn how to stay safe from scams with this episode of the MyBnk Money Podcast. Kiran Narula and JH Marwood take you through the average day and how to secure yourself against typical scams in some everyday scenarios.  Guest: Nick Patel-Smith MyBnk money expert. 
21/03/2210m 4s

MkBank Money Podcast - Trailer

The MyBnk Money Podcast is coming soon! 
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