Hot and Bothered

Hot and Bothered

By Sarah Jayne Dunn

There are so many taboos as women that can get us hot AND bothered, and Sarah Jayne Dunn is exploring them all. Everything from reclaiming your sexuality and sex after having a baby, to the pressures of being a working mum and the misinformation around menopause – nothing is off limits. Tell us what’s got you Hot and Bothered @hotandbothered_podcast on Instagram. @sarahjaynedunn


How to become your most confident self with Jacqueline Hurst

The UK’s leading life coach, Jacqueline Hurst, joins Sarah Jayne Dunn to offer her advice on how to build confidence in yourself, your love life and your friendships. Jacqueline shares what she learnt through her years of addiction, how to stop caring what other people think and simple steps to make friends whilst being kind to yourself.  Jacqueline also explains how to stop playing the blame game, how your childhood is still affecting you as an adult, and how to start doing the work to become a more confident you.  @jacqueline_hurst_ @hotandbothered_podcast  @sarahjaynedunn 
28/06/2347m 12s

Keeping marriage exciting and feeling good enough with Anna Whitehouse

TW: This episode mentions miscarriage, if you’d prefer not to listen please skip 10:45 - 11:00. This week Sarah Jayne Dunn is joined by Mother Pukka herself, Anna Whitehouse! Anna and her husband Matt confronted their own relationship through their book ‘Where’s My Happy Ending’ and she shares some incredible tips that you can apply to your own relationship if you’re searching to keep that spark alive. Anna shares the greatest relationship advice she’s received which came from Britain’s oldest fisherman, plus she reveals the reason why men often visit the Red Light District before work. Anna also offers tips on staying connected with your partner, how to navigate sex after having kids, and Sarah reveals shocking listener stories of trying to be intimate when you’ve got little ones running around. @mother_pukka @dirtymotherpukka @hotandbothered_podcast @sarahjaynedunn 
18/04/2348m 22s

Vibrators, hot flushes and d*ck pics with Luinluland

Do you know the difference between the menopause and the perimenopause? Do you have any ideas about how to make yours less traumatic?  Well, you’re in the right place to find out.  LuinLuland is out to give the menopause a facelift; answering Sarah’s questions and giving tips on how to manage everything from hot flushes to swings in confidence.  For too long women have been told to fear ageing but in this frank, hilarious and heartwarming conversation Lu shares with Sarah the twists and turns and unexpected joys of ageing.  No one wants to grow old; but it’s better than the alternative – and Lu has never felt more authentic, happy and empowered.  About to set off on her school bus once more to create a self-love revolution, Lu is a lifestyle influencer with an infectiously positive mindset.  @luinluland @hotandbothered_podcast @sarahjaynedunn 
11/04/2347m 26s

Page 3, content leaks and MILFing about with Tracey Coleman

The ultimate MILF; Tracey Coleman chats page 3, being a playboy bunny and modelling regrets with Sarah as the pair discuss their experience moving into the online world of OnlyFans.  One of the longest standing glamour models, Tracey discusses how modelling has changed since the birth of the internet and how raising a daughter has impacted her approach. A delightful trip down memory lane, the pair natter about the glamour of flying around the world for bikini shoots, making life-long girlfriends and the drama of unwanted paps and leaked content.  @therealtraceycoleman @TraceyColemanP3 @hotandbothered_podcast  @sarahjaynedunn 
04/04/2339m 12s

Confidence, empowerment and female sexuality with Jill Ritchie

If you feel like you can't own your sexuality or like somethings holding you back, Jill Ritchie is on this week's episodes with some deep insights into how you can live your life as the truest version of yourself Jill is the empowerment coach who helped Sarah through some of her toughest battles; at work, whilst her son was ill and helped her find a more empowered and confident version of herself. This intimate chat reveals the root of a great deal of female shame and tools to tap back into your innate desire and sexuality. Link to Jill's exercise: Upgrading The Nervous System Video @justjillcoaching @hotandbothered_podcast  @sarahjaynedunn 
28/03/2347m 9s

Post-natal bodies, female empowerment and vaginal stitches with Ashley James

Broadcaster and DJ Ashley James joins Sarah to discuss sex after childbirth, mum-stereotypes, internalised misogyny and what it’s really like to pop a baby out your vagina!  After six single years, Ashley met her partner and fell pregnant right as lockdown hit. In the last few years her life, career and body have changed dramatically and she is unfiltered and courageous in sharing the ups and downs in this conversation.  Ashley is honest about the resentment she felt towards her partner and the struggles she encountered getting used to her postnatal body and life as well as the unexpected joys of motherhood.  @ashleylouisejames  @hotandbothered_podcast  @sarahjaynedunn 
22/03/2337m 19s

Aesthetic tweaking, botch-shame and influencer honesty with Dr Esho

With tales of botched lip-fillers and the crucial questions to ask your doctor before non-surgical procedures, we hear from Dr Esho: an industry expert in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler, and advanced skin treatments.  Dr Esho is an award-winning medical doctor, renowned for his expertise in aesthetic medicine, and is the doctor Sarah personally trusts with her own tweakments.      Sarah reveals the shame she felt after a procedure went wrong and why it’s taken her so long to talk about the work she’s had done. Dr Esho also shares his thoughts on how honest influencers should be about their own procedures.  This is a juicy chat with the doctor you’ll recognise from E4’s Body Fixers, with some mega name drops, moving stories about the power of aesthetics and some hilarious behind-the-scenes stories. @hotandbothered_podcast @sarahjaynedunn @theeshoclinic @drtijionesho
15/03/2358m 34s

Mum guilt, postpartum jobs and dealing with judgement with Ali Bastian and Carley Stenson

Women are being driven out of the workforce by the cost of childcare and the guilt of being seen as a bad mum; so to tackle the taboo of working mothers, Sarah is joined by two of her best friends, actresses Ali Bastian and Carley Stenson.  Ali reveals shocking stats on the true cost that childcare is having on the entire economy, and Carley shares how her incredible stint on Dancing on Ice first began with her partner having a nerve racking conversation at his job.  The girls also discuss how they juggle unsociable working hours, and consider the judgement working mums receive from friends, family and even other parents.  Plus, there’s listener polls to share the realities of why returning to work can often be a struggle.  @hotandbothered_podcast @sarahjaynedunn @alibastianinsta @carleystenson1
08/03/2355m 25s

Season 2 coming soon...

Dropping on International Women's Day, Sarah Jayne Dunn is back and breaking even more taboos 

Swinging, dogging and x-rated kinks

It's the last episode of season 1! Join Sarah and Rhian in rounding up the season with their foray into swinging, dogging and even more X-rated fetishes because apparently, we hadn't covered enough for you lot in our first fetish episode... Expect kinky clubs, ball-busting and escort chat... Keep up with Sarah and Rhian on socials. It's @sarahjaynedunn, @rhiansuggers and @hotandbothered_podcast - see you soon!
21/06/2248m 42s

Balloon, Tentacle and Gigantic...Porn?!

From balloon porn to tentacle porn - who knew just how niche it could be?!  Well, in this episode, Sarah and Rhian take a look into just how diverse the world of porn is as well as sharing hilarious sex show anecdotes and some sex tape chat thrown in for good measure. As always, there's a saucy secret that's been sent in by one of you and on a side note - please stop with the photoshop....! Make sure to keep up with Sarah and Rhian on socials over @sarahjaynedunn, @rhiansuggers and @hotandbothered_podcast.
14/06/2235m 9s


Ooh, it's hotting up over here as this week Sarah and Rhian are delving into sexting! You've been telling us all about accidentally sending your raunchy sexts to the wrong person and how hot FaceTime sessions have saved your long-distance relationships so we're sharing it all in this episode - anonymously of course! Plus, Sarah asked on her Instagram whether sexting is cheating or not - tune in to get the verdict. Remember to send us your anonymous saucy secrets and confessions on @hotandbothered_pod and it's @sarahjaynedunn and @rhiansuggers on Instagram.
07/06/2227m 4s

V-Cards and the strangest sex spots...

So this week we asked you about how you lost your v-cards and the weirdest places you've had sex and the LAST place we expected to hear was "at a zoo, inside the Wallaby enclosure"... This week join us, Sarah Jayne Dunn and Rhian Sugden, in exploring the wonderful world of sex.  From positions to secret cemetery bonks.... (yep) this episode, along with your saucy secrets, is packed with plenty of shocking tales. Remember it's @sarahjaynedunn, @rhiansuggers and @hotandbothered_podcast on Instagram!
30/05/2239m 5s

Million Dollar Orgasms

Whether they're your naughty little secret or you use them with your partner, sex toys are one of the easiest ways to make things hot in the bedroom! Join Sarah and Rhian on a deep dive (no pun intended) into the world of sex toys! From diamond-encrusted vibrators to life-like dolls and machines that we still can't wrap our heads round, there's nothing off-limits here! Get in touch with your saucy secrets at @hotandbothered_podcast and follow the girls @sarahjaynedunn and @rhiansuggers!
23/05/2233m 32s

Furries, Going Commando and Family Affairs

This week, it's role play and boy, oh boy, have you sent in some crazy role-play fantasies. So... lights, camera, action! Join Sarah and Rhian as they discuss their friskiest OnlyFans requests as well as lingerie, going commando and a saucy secret that we're not sure can ever be topped... Remember to check out Rhian, Sarah and the podcast on Instagram at @sarahjaynedunn, @rhiansuggers and @hotandbothered_podcast.
16/05/2231m 21s

Fetishes, Gunging and Feet Fascination

This week Sarah and Rhian are diving into the wonderful world of fetishes... You've been sending what gets you hot and bothered when it comes to your saucy dreams. From 'wet and messy play' to peeing outdoors, you've not failed to raise some eyebrows! Make sure to follow @sarahjaynedunn and @rhiansuggers on Instagram to send in your saucy secrets and get a behind the scenes look at the podcast!
09/05/2238m 0s

OnlyFans, Saucy Secrets and Burner Accounts

Welcome to Hot and Bothered with Sarah Jayne Dunn and Rhian Sugden! In this first episode, Sarah and Rhian share their stories, set the record straight and give you the behind the scenes chat on why they love being OnlyFans creators. As well as finding out what's been getting the duo hot and bothered, you'll also hear some scandalous, saucy secrets... Make sure to check out Sarah and Rhian on Instagram, it's @sarahjaynedunn and @rhiansuggers.
09/05/2238m 38s

Hot and Bothered Trailer

Meet Sarah Jayne Dunn and Rhian Sugden!
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