It’s… Wagatha Christie

It’s… Wagatha Christie

By BBC Radio 5 Live

Dot, dot, dot. The tweet that brought the nation to a standstill... As Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy face off in court, comedian Abi Clarke delves deep into the WAG war so far.


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23/09/221m 29s

Episode 21: Troll Court is in Session

Abi Clarke talks to former Love Islander Anna Vakilli about her experience of being on such a heavily scrutinised show and being trolled when she left. Then Abi talks to internet and social media law specialist Yair Cohen about the barrier to getting justice for online harassment and how he takes trolls to court.
17/08/2219m 19s

Episode 20: Rebekah Talks

Abi Clarke is joined by Journalist Minnie Stephenson and Emma Jones, a member of the Hacked Off campaign, to analyse Rebekah Vardy's first post-trial interview.
09/08/2214m 33s

Episode 19: The Verdict

Abi Clarke reveals the verdict of the Rooney v Vardy court case. Abi is joined by media law and reputation management lawyer Antonia Foster, entertainment journalist Sinead Garvan and the BBC’s entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson to discuss the impact this could have on the two women at the centre of this case.
29/07/2232m 26s


The verdict of Vardy v Rooney is nearly upon us!

Episode 18: Casting Wagatha Christie

Abi Clarke talks to TV critic Scott Bryan about what makes a good TV adaptation of a real-life legal court case. She then goes head to head against comedian Helen Bauer to see who can come up with the best cast for a TV adaptation of the Wagatha Christie story as they pick the big-name actors that would play the leading roles and the celebrities that would form the supporting cast.
30/06/2228m 7s

Episode 17: HABS, Husbands and Boyfriends

Comedian Abi Clarke is joined by football reporter Adam Crafton to talk about the role that Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy played in the court case and the impact stories like these can have on a footballer's professional life.Abi Clarke talks to football reporter Adam Crafton about the role that Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy played in the court case and the impact stories like these can have on a footballer's professional life. They chat about previous football scandals and discuss whether we put too much pressure on footballers to maintain a perfect public image.
23/06/2223m 10s

Episode 16: Courtroom Catwalk

Abi Clarke talks to celebrity stylist Alex Longmore about the psychology behind getting dressed for a legal battle and how she works with high profile clients to achieve the perfect look. They breakdown Vardy and Rooney’s courtroom outfits and discuss why we’ve become so fascinated by celebrity style.
16/06/2219m 17s

Episode 15: “A source close to her”

Abi Clarke talks to a former tabloid journalist about what it was really like to write about celebrity culture in the noughties. They talk about why we love gossip so much, whether celebrities have the right to privacy and if public figures can ever escape public scrutiny.
09/06/2220m 43s

Episode 14: Queen of Courtroom Sketches and Contour

Abi Clarke speaks to courtroom artist Priscilla Coleman about what really happened during the Rooney v Vardy court case. They talk about the day in the life of a courtroom artist, what it’s like drawing sketches of high profile legal cases and how Priscilla captured the drama that unfolded each day in court on paper.
01/06/2214m 40s

Episode 13: “I’ve got a text!”

Abi Clarke hears behind the scenes stories from the Rooney v Vardy court case. Abi is joined by BBC Entertainment Correspondent Colin Paterson to talk about the shocking moments the public didn’t see, the witnesses we didn’t hear from, and how much money Rebekah and Coleen could lose from this court case.
25/05/2217m 8s

Episode 12: The case… is almost closed.

Abi Clarke deconstructs the final day of the Rooney v Vardy court case. Abi is joined by news correspondent Minnie Stephenson and entertainment journalist Sinead Garvan to discuss the effects of online abuse and explore what this case could mean for both Rebekah and Coleen.
19/05/2218m 15s

Episode 11: 'The lads are fuming'

The husbands are out in force as Wayne takes to the stand in Vardy v Rooney and Jamie Vardy makes an unexpected statement. Abi Clarke is joined by The I’s Poppy Wood and media law expert Antonia Foster to sift through the evidence as a conclusion draws near.
17/05/2218m 57s

Episode 10: Roodunnit

Abi Clarke discusses the latest from Coleen Rooney’s side of her court battle with Rebekah Vardy. Abi is joined by court reporter Izzy Lyons and crisis management expert Lauren Beeching to explore the impact this case could have on Rooney and Vardy’s reputations. This episode was edited to correct the name of a witness in the case.
16/05/2218m 40s

Episode 9: The Sting

It's day four in court for Vardy v Rooney, and Coleen herself is on the stand. Comedian Abi Clarke is joined by entertainment reporter Sinéad Garvan and The Athletic's Adam Crafton to hear the full extent of Coleen's so-called sting operation, and discover which WAG wanted to settle.
15/05/2221m 51s

Episode 8: It’s in… Davy Jones’ Locker

As Rebekah Vardy once again takes questions on the stand in her High Court confrontation with Coleen Rooney, Abi Clarke is joined by BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson and media lawyer Antonia Hunter to dissect. Leaked stories, Watt’s WhatsApps and Vardy’s tears come into focus on Day 3.
12/05/2220m 17s

Episode 7 - ‘It’s our World Cup’

Rebekah Vardy and her WhatsApp conversations are the focus in day 2 of her High Court battle with Coleen Rooney. Crime correspondent Izzy Lyons and entertainment reporter Sinéad Garvan join comedian Abi Clarke to reflect on the latest revelations. Leaks about Premier League footballers and secret celeb cheating all come into focus.
11/05/2216m 47s

Episode 6: ‘Oh my God, my Lady’

As Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy take their public feud to court, comedian Abi Clarke is joined by court reporter Tristan Kirk and media lawyer Antonia Foster to dissect the first day. From Bridgerton to Peter Andre, OMG to FFS, this story’s never ending supply of twists and turns looks set to continue.
11/05/2220m 51s

Episode 5: WAGs in court

Who is Caroline Watt? And what lies in store for Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy as they prepare to go to court? In this episode, Abi Clarke investigates the role that Rebekah Vardy’s agent Caroline has played in the Wagatha Christie story and talks to a series of legal experts about their predictions for the upcoming High Court case.
09/05/2212m 21s

Episode 4: WAGS lawyer up

In this episode, Abi Clarke speaks to a lawyer and court reporter to explore the inside story of Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy’s High Court Case. They discuss the charges the two WAGs have brought against each other, navigate the twists and turns of their defamation battle and hear the shocking evidence that has been brought against them.
06/05/2215m 32s

Episode 3: The Wag-termath

It’s…Rebekah Vardy’s account. In one tweet Coleen Rooney set the internet on fire - and became faced with a high court libel case. In this episode Abi Clarke speaks to journalists about the legal and cultural impact Rooney’s accusation had. Then she speaks to a crisis PR firm and private investigator to hear how they would have handled the scandal.
05/05/2216m 4s

Episode 2: It’s… Rebekah Vardy

Who is Rebekah Vardy? In this episode, Abi Clarke speaks to journalists, a WAG and a private detective to uncover who Rebekah Vardy was before the infamous Wagatha Christie story. They discuss whether she and Coleen were ever actually friends and explore the revealing texts and paparazzi photos that were brought up against her in court.
05/05/2219m 31s

Episode 1: From WAGs to Riches

Welcome to It’s…Wagatha Christie, a podcast about toxic friendships, fame and the power of social media. With the help of legal experts, pop culture fanatics, and a real life WAG, TikTok comedy star Abi Clarke traces the infamous Wagatha Christie story from the peak era of noughties WAG culture to Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney's High Court battle.
05/05/2213m 39s

Coming soon…

“It’s………. Rebekah Vardy’s account”. In four words, Coleen Rooney sparked a story so gripping that it would set the internet on fire and launch a libel case that would escalate all the way to the High Court. As Coleen went from footballer's wife to a bonafide WAGnum PI, social media blew up and the story catapulted WAGs back into the spotlight. In this podcast, comedian Abi Clarke takes listeners on a deep dive into the football matches, tabloid headlines and WhatsApp messages that led to THAT tweet. From the peak era of noughties WAG culture to Coleen and Rebekah’s meteoric rise to fame, this series will share the juiciest stories and most interesting insights into the two characters at the heart of this case.Subscribe to the podcast to hear not only the gripping backstory – but all the updates from the High Court as they happen.
03/05/221m 50s
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