Bring It All Back

Bring It All Back

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“In a sometimes harsh digital world, I’m on a mission to restore some innocence from the age before the Y2K bug. A time when dial up internet reigned supreme and social media was a distant dream…” Join me, Jack Chapman, and a host of famous faces as we delve into the incredible decade that was the 1990s. Nothing is off limits: From Gladiators to Gameboys, Fashion Trends to Friends and Spice Girls to Scream. This feel-good podcast will transport you back to a bygone age and reveal how the end of the 20th century influenced the lives of the celebrities you know today.


S2 Ep 3 - Toby Anstis

Joining me this week is the legendary Toby Anstis talking about CBBC in the 90s, his amazing career as a presenter, music and much more.
24/11/22·29m 27s

S2 Ep 2 - Rezzy Ghadjar

Joining me this week is TV and Radio's Rezzy Ghadjar discussing school life, her 90s fashion style, favourite films and much more.
17/11/22·33m 32s

S2 Ep 1 - Toby Tarrant

Joining me this week is the fantastic Toby Tarrant discussing his Pokémon obsession, sporting memories, cutting his own hair to look like one of his pop idols and much more.
10/11/22·37m 10s

S1 Ep 5 - Jenni Falconer

Joining me this week is the fabulous Jenni Falconer, discussing her education in the 90s, how she got into the industry, must-see TV and much more.
04/08/22·29m 40s

S1 Ep 4 - Aled Jones

Joining me this week is the magnificent Aled Jones, discussing his illustrious career, technology in the 90s, his music tastes and much more.
28/07/22·26m 37s

S1 Ep 3 - Sophie Aldred

Joining me this week is the wonderful Sophie Aldred, discussing Doctor Who, Children’s TV in the 90s, books and much more.
21/07/22·27m 35s

S1 Ep 2 - Paul Clayton

Joining me this week is the brilliant Paul Clayton, discussing representation in the 90s, his memorable trip to the cinema, gaming experiences and much more.
14/07/22·32m 53s

S1 Ep 1 - Pippa Taylor

Joining me this week is the amazing Pippa Taylor, discussing what led her into a music based career, fashion choices, how the 90s shaped her life and much more.
07/07/22·36m 17s
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