Bring It All Back

Bring It All Back

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“In a sometimes harsh digital world, I’m on a mission to restore some innocence from the age before the Y2K bug. A time when dial up internet reigned supreme and social media was a distant dream…” Join me, Jack Chapman, and a host of famous faces as we delve into the incredible decade that was the 1990s. Nothing is off limits: From Gladiators to Gameboys, Fashion Trends to Friends and Spice Girls to Scream. This feel-good podcast will transport you back to a bygone age and reveal how the end of the 20th century influenced the lives of the celebrities you know today.


Ep 6 - Pandora

Joining me for a very special edition is the tour de force Pandora, discussing Christmas in the 90s, trends, iconic music and much more.
11/08/2222m 47s

Ep 5 - Jenni Falconer

Joining me this week is the fabulous Jenni Falconer, discussing her education in the 90s, how she got into the industry, must-see TV and much more.
04/08/2229m 40s

Ep 4 - Aled Jones

Joining me this week is the magnificent Aled Jones, discussing his illustrious career, technology in the 90s, his music tastes and much more.
28/07/2226m 37s

Ep 3 - Sophie Aldred

Joining me this week is the wonderful Sophie Aldred, discussing Doctor Who, Children’s TV in the 90s, books and much more.
21/07/2227m 35s

Ep 2 - Paul Clayton

Joining me this week is the brilliant Paul Clayton, discussing representation in the 90s, his memorable trip to the cinema, gaming experiences and much more.
14/07/2232m 53s

Ep 1 - Pippa Taylor

Joining me this week is the amazing Pippa Taylor, discussing what led her into a music based career, fashion choices, how the 90s shaped her life and much more.
07/07/2236m 17s
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