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NVIDIA is Worth More Than Canada - WAN Show February 23, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Save 10% and get Free Shipping at The Ridge by using offer code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 0:56 Intro 1:22 Topic #1 - Nvidia's market cap hits $2 Trillion USD 3:19 AI chip competition, Intel class naming game ft. Android names 27:19 Nvidia App, SDR to HDR now available, discussing movies 34:18 Topic #2 - Reddit signs AI licensing with Google, is going public 36:55 Luke on Reddit's images host, would he invest in Reddit? 41:33 Reddit's email to Linus, Luke recalls asking dad Luke to invest in Bungie 44:07 LTT backpack discount extended by three weeks 44:43 Backpack carabiner tool kit update, replace the pulls once only 47:01 Honeywell's PTM7950 thermal pads now available on LTTStore 50:27 Merch Messages #1 50:45 How does having birds limit Luke's life? 52:22 How much picture processing is a lot? ft. Luke bleeds, chaos ensues 1:03:24 Topic #3 - World's largest gaming display, a 2070" TV 1:05:28 Dan on playing MSFS on the TV, discussing VR & dissociation 1:10:18 LAN center update video, Luke's inside joke 1:12:52 What if binned CPUs for LTT labs failed? ft. PTM7950, Super Chexx 1:15:58 Topic #4 - Troy Hunt struggles with his Sonos setup 1:18:16 Sonos's app shows Wi-Fi toggle, Linus on internet connection 1:24:22 Linus's solution for Troy Hunt, but he already solved it 1:26:04 Sponsor - AG1 ft. WAN Show dies 1:28:20 Sponsor - Vessi 1:28:18 Sponsor - The Ridge 1:29:22 Topic #5 - Google apologizes for Gemini's biased image generation 1:38:29 USArmyEsports, recalling US Army branded merchandise LTT video 1:41:54 Merch Messages #2 ft. "I'll do fine" - Luke 2k24 1:42:10 Do you think the VR lifeguard app would've helped you & others? 1:45:26 Will small theaters survive tungsten bulb ban & expensive LEDs? 1:54:22 Topic #6 - PlayStation Portal hacked to run games natively 1:56:05 PlayStation VR2 to get PC support, would you switch to it? 1:58:11 Topic #7 - Helldiver 2's servers struggle 2:01:10 Topic #8 - Xbox to add thumbstick calibration tool 2:01:35 Are exclusives dead? ft. LTT games video 2:07:33 Crew dinner, Luke guesses the bill, banning plastic bags 2:14:23 "If plastic bags are illegal in Canada, how do you get milk?" 2:16:47 Topic #9 - Google to retire internet archiving, researchers unhappy 2:18:22 Topic #10 - Will Smith's spaghetti video parody 2:19:33 Luke recalls how AI can't keep time, compares to Smith's video 2:20:27 Topic #11 - Covering LinusTechTips forums leaked data 2:21:08 Topic #12 - M&M branded vending machines collect facial data 2:22:39 Luke's stupid idea demotes him, Dan is now the co-host 2:23:09 mathNEWS article, picture of extremely small camera 2:25:04 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:25:23 Is the PTM7950 safe for a vertical mount? 2:27:00 AI & AR headset as a tool for teaching kids? ft. "Moderation" 2:29:06 What's Linus's limit on display sizes? ft. "Moderation" part 2 2:32:13 What would you do to Terren Tong's office? 2:33:26 Would Linus daily the S24 Ultra? SoD? ft. R2R, CRT projector 2:40:44 Did you want to buy & sell PTM7950 since the video or afterwards? 2:42:16 What product testing do you do for LTTStore? 2:44:03 LTTStore fidget from screwdriver scraps update? 2:44:27 Outro ft. Linus blames Luke & himself Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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80% of Influencers Have Secret Sponsors - WAN Show February 16, 2024

Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Every build needs a reliable PSU. Buy a Seasonic Prime TX 1000W at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:50 Intro 2:22 Topic #1 - EU study shows half of content by influencers were sponsored 5:06 Luke on undisclosed ad content, Linus recalls FCC's enforcement case 12:19 Comments from LTT's all Logitech build & sponsored Intel video 18:18 Luke on watching briefly then commenting, Linus on Logitech prices & NCIX 21:12 Luke gets canceled, AJ threatens to end the stream, Linus apologizes 23:23 Topic #2 - Final Fantasy 7 results in a "Yellow Paint" debate 32:23 What was a time you could've used a hint? 41:33 Topic #3 - OpenAI's Sora, an improved realistic AI video generator 55:55 Linus on buying IPv4 addresses, checks values 1:00:40 LTTStore's new collab with Gerald Undone - 14 Stops & Bananus shirts 1:01:20 Limited WAN Show & SC hoodies in stock 1:01:50 Merch Messages #1 1:05:54 Wired V.S. wireless mouse 1:09:38 Pet friendly LTT bananas for scale? 1:14:33 Topic #4 - Grok, a rocket shaped "LLM" AI toy 1:19:57 Linus's question breaks the toy, Linus's opinion & advice 1:25:04 GOODY-2, satire AI that answers by not answering 1:26:18 Reasonably priced restaurants, subscriptions 1:31:52 Sponsor - Backblaze 1:35:35 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:36:35 Sponsor - Seasonic 1:38:39 Flipper Zero correction, LMG's PCs & a 4 hours FP exclusives 1:40:05 Grok's settings, voice module ft. Dan PNG moment 1:42:00 Topic #5 - Mozzila's research finds out AI girlfriends mine your data 1:46:48 Implications of using Sora with AI GFs, VIP dating subscriptions 1:53:53 Merch Messages #2 1:59:47 Was it hardware, engines or time that limited gaming innovation? 2:06:20 Which item would you not fly without? ft. Replacement zipper to be shipped 2:15:03 Is making videos of gacha games philosophically questionable? 2:23:57 Topic #6 - Mark Zuckerberg compares Apple Vision Pro to Quest 3 2:32:56 Bigscreen Beyond, Luke on how the Vision Pro is misleading 2:37:23 Linus lacks free time nowadays, Luke discusses future Linus 2:39:42 Exercising as an excuse to use VR 2:40:44 Topic #7 - Google will report methane gas leaks as seen from space 2:42:18 Topic #8 - EU states Apple's iMessage is not a gatekeeper 2:43:08 Topic #9 - Air Canada's AI chatbot lies about bereavement discounts 2:44:20 Topic #10 - YouTube Premium & Google One reach 100M subscribers 2:45:29 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, many quality messages 2:53:03 Future of gaming consoles with multi-platform games? 2:53:27 ZLUDA, CUDA emulator for AMD GPUs 2:54:08 Why did the GPU industry move from increased bus size? 2:58:58 Thoughts on the removal of letter grades in public education? ft. Linus's eyebrow 3:08:29 Will the screwdriver extended shaft have knurling? 3:08:42 AR glasses with transparent displays? Would it replace phones? 3:10:03 How much longer until most AI functionality becomes local? 3:11:01 Suggestions of using VR with no interest towards games? 3:13:07 How does Luke go about approaching businesses with work? 3:15:43 Complete software requirements in conventional software 3:17:10 Would you replace tech to fix your review on an OLED product? 3:25:38 Favorite dive spots? LTTStore women cut shirt? 3:26:34 Would Linus consider using mobile gaming controllers? 3:29:00 Has Linus's kids expressed interest in careers that worries him? 3:38:44 Would LMG exist for another 16 years? ft. Linus's mother, real honey 3:46:06 Is there a story behind the Cleveland Browns lava lamp? 3:47:29 How to structure a video to be critical, but not too critical? 3:50:05 What would a musical of your life consist of? Fun tech you'd use? 3:54:50 What changed your mind with buying EVGA? 3:55:17 What is Luke's favorite retro game that isn't Morrowind? 3:55:48 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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We Need To Talk About This - WAN Show February 9, 2024

You’ll be amazed at what you can do with Grammarly. Sign up at and get 20% off Grammarly Premium. Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at UPDF: AI PDF Editor with OCR - Save 61% today: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:17 Intro 1:44 Topic #1 - Reason behind Linus's shave 4:28 Dan's hint, Linus's hydrafacial 7:26 Yvonne's thoughts on the beard, Linus explains why he won't grow one for now 9:11 Topic #2 - Apple Vision Pro 11:26 Fixed cable length, Luke wears the headset for the first time 13:53 Luke tries to turn the device on, Linus's power solution, strap issues 22:55 Apple Vision Pro battery, Linus is over it, Luke on the straps 26:51 Motorized IPD, low latency, dbrand's SC dodge sponsor spot 28:06 Luke's comments, tries out gestures, dinosaurs & passthrough 34:46 LMG is hiring! ft. Good spatial speakers 36:12 LTTStore's new black polo shirt 36:35 New planetary & intergalactic shirts 39:22 Frustrated at MacOS, requires US registered Apple ID, Luke's thoughts 44:37 Merch Messages #1 50:41 Toughest video game choice you ever made? 55:32 Linus gives Luke his Mac, digital crown, screen projection 1:00:14 Linus on the lack of I/O, Apple's hostility towards users 1:07:07 Compares to Quest, "why do you hate Apple?" 1:11:51 Apple TV immersive videos & trying Quest 3, point of exclusivity 1:18:40 Price V.S. cost of development, Luke on irrelevant criticism 1:21:40 Storage & pricing, Dan's reaction, PC Pro build, Apple Care 1:28:35 PS Portal's marketing compared to Apple's, cost of adoption, Apple Card 1:30:48 Merch Messages #2 ft. LTTStore's compatibility with Apple Vision Pro 1:38:26 Worst time you've seen people disregard security so far? 1:43:25 Why does LMG utilize Microsoft's business ecosystem & not Apple's? 2:01:30 Sponsor - Grammarly 2:02:46 Sponsor - AG1 2:04:08 Sponsor - UPDF ft. Luke's opinion on PDFs 2:07:17 Topic #3 - Canada will ban Flipper Zero due to car thefts 2:18:02 Topic #4 - Florida bill could ban kids social media accounts 2:19:46 Topic #5 - emoose's NvTrueHDR mod, SDR to HDR for games 2:22:53 PSU data visualization for SC & LTT Labs site 2:28:23 Topic #6 - Google blocks sideloading in Singapore 2:33:50 Topic #7 - Deepfake CFO video call scams $256M USD from a bank 2:35:44 Linus recovered his old account by Googling himself 2:40:39 Topic #8 - South Korea jails PUBG player due to avoiding military service 2:42:56 Topic #9 - Google launches Gemini, a rebranded Bard 2:48:00 Topic #10 - Funimation to merge with Crunchyroll, deletes library 2:50:12 Linus AI voice, how does Linus feel about this? ft. Suave Dan 2:57:31 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus hits Luke 3:01:06 Why wouldn't Valve create Steam+ gaming service? 3:11:06 Most heartbreaking loss of tech you experienced? 3:14:03 Places that are on your buckets list? 3:14:24 Luke's 100% success chicken recipe video soon? 3:14:51 Have you heard of the 1KM Wi-Fi with bandwidth for video calls? 3:16:02 Advice on long distance parenting? 3:18:20 Alibaba driver ft. LTTStore screwdriver is NOT a Chinese re-badge 3:22:28 Suggestions to verify kids' age on socials without verification? 3:23:05 How far do you think AMD is from catching up with RTX? ft. Logitech 3:36:19 How do you expect the world to combat AI deepfakes? 3:38:50 Why is Linus still running Samsung Note 9? 3:42:33 Does FP give interesting analytics & stats compared to YouTube? 3:45:56 If you had to choose, FFT or FFIV remake, or sequel? 3:47:20 How do you plan the design & labor cost for LTTStore products? 3:49:38 Would you use AI that could extract benchmark data? 3:50:18 Cable management W H E N?! Thoughts on digital identity to combat AI? 3:55:51 Has Luke tried Skyrim Companions mod? 3:57:19 Is Linus interested in the Immersed Visor? 3:58:11 What sealed the deal for Luke using athletic greens? 4:01:40 Thoughts on future GPU upgrades for the 16" Framework? 4:02:17 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Let's Find Out If I Was Wrong - WAN Show February 2, 2024

Get 15% your puzzle order at Thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring today's video. Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code WANSHOW or visit Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Timestamps: 0:00 Chapters 1:20 Intro 1:46 Topic #1 - LTT's RTX 4070S, 4070TiS & 4080S video 2:51 Reason behind omitting the 7900 XTX, Linus mentions LTT Labs 10:02 Goal behind the review, RTX 50X0, halo V.S. realistic PCs 16:10 LTT video's analytics, Linus on embargoes & pricing 20:40 Views isn't why LTT makes videos, upcoming Chromebook video 29:44 Linus & Luke are tired of being mad, LTT's used GPU video 35:58 Luke mentions XBOX & game pass, Linus on exciting GPUs 40:15 Would young Luke be into PCs today? Luke checks eBay 47:56 Linus mentions FB Marketplace, seller fees 49:03 Linus mentions FSI's 55" TV, Amazon's category V.S. search 1:00:02 Linus on buying & unboxing a 56" TV to fit in his Taycan 1:10:50 LTT Going through u/Frashure11's backpack newsletter 1:11:31 Free shipping for orders including 3D down jacket 1:12:27 LTT precision screwdriver newsletter 1:13:16 Merch Messages #1 1:28:53 Linus showcases YT's superchat bug 1:50:27 Sponsor - Odd Pieces 1:51:40 Sponsor - Manscaped 1:52:39 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:53:48 Topic #2 - GM will bring back PHEVs 2:01:42 Topic #3 - Linus tries to cancel Arcade on Apple TV 2:06:13 Topic #4 - Japanese government lets go of floppy disks 2:08:34 Apple Support site requires iTunes, Linus makes a call 2:10:45 iCloud & Apple ID, Linus on devices to unsubscribe 2:13:58 Topic #4: Apple Vision Pro released, good reviews 2:15:27 Meta Quest now supports 3D spatial videos & gamepads 2:18:30 Linus's conclusion, a funny Windows main menu search 2:24:18 LTT ordered a Vision Pro, updating firmware require phones 2:28:13 What is the Vision Pro for? Luke on the laptop side 2:33:48 Linus on whether it's worth it, recalls Google Glass 2:41:20 Topic #5 - Nightshade's data poisoning AI tool 2:46:35 Topic #6 - Universal Music Group removes songs from TikTok 2:47:10 Topic #7 - Spec Ops - The Line delisted from digital stores 2:48:56 Topic #8 - Edge steals tabs from Chrome 2:49:25 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Teams & default browsers 2:50:33 Wisdom of hosting video services ft. Pokimane, IVS, stats 2:59:24 Worst thing that happened during a CPU upgrade? 3:02:38 Wearing the "Steve" shirt for senior software engineer interview 3:03:33 What do you do to continue paused projects? ft. Replacing wipers 3:20:57 Linus's opinion on the MIG Switch 3:24:34 What franchise you felt let you down the most? ft. Games 3:35:09 A good way to market tech skills to non-tech employers? 3:38:03 International projects you're anticipating? ft. Stormgate 3:40:27 What is the next step for LMG? 3:42:31 Ever realized you were doing something you'll remember forever? 3:52:25 Will we be able to buy LTTStore products at the LAN center? 3:53:11 Thoughts on the Apple AirTags notifying thieves they're tracked? 3:55:42 Why is Linus built funny? 3:57:42 Luke's favorite build on Slay the Spire 3:58:46 What's the weirdest hardware thing you've ever seen? 4:00:56 Favorite janky cooling video on the channel? 4:02:37 Any way to combat poor communication as a team lead? 4:07:59 Thoughts on pre-ordering Framework laptops? 4:08:19 Have you tried S24's AI features to find faces? ft. Dan's phone 4:12:56 What are some of the cooler tech put in PC cases? 4:13:41 Most expensive tech employees don't use as intended? 4:15:41 Topic #9 - Knickknacks in the WAN Show set 4:17:38 Luke finds a $5,900 ceramic rhino 4:18:19 Linus on Montauk Sofa, Moooi's $6,498 horse lamp 4:22:07 Linus recommends Luke to visit the store, explains Carriage House 4:24:31 Luke points out better lamps, Dan's looking for 4ft 3D printers 4:26:26 Hardest decision to make in 2023 that should've been simple? 4:26:48 Outro ft. "I regret nothing! Nothing!! NOTHING!!!" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Apphole - WAN Show January 26, 2024

Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Treat your feet with Vessi! Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 0:55 Intro 1:18 Topic #1 - Apple "maliciously" complies with EU's Digital Markets Act 8:04 Linus on Apple's fees, Luke mentions Steam & sideloading, Windows RT 15:56 Dan is not here, Linus on Apple Vision Pro & its weight ft. Dan & NAND 18:54 Apple's cleaning cloth, Linus's point on luxury branding, Luke's fading color idea 21:45 Topic #2 - Framework 16 officially releases 24:57 Luke points out The Verge's review, The Verge's pre-production unit 30:00 Reacting to LTT's Framework 16 review video 31:26 Linus on not recommending GPU upgrade, MXM, failed promises 37:10 Linus on board manufacturers, Nvidia's habits, conversation with Silverstone at Computex 41:54 Continuing the reaction: Framework's GPU solution 45:30 Framework's keyboard, chassis flex, DO NOT use electric tapes! 48:22 Side firing speakers, expansion slots, laptop charger, Framework guides 51:51 LTT's ElectroBOOM Framework build challenge video 52:30 Specs of review laptops, benchmark charts 55:36 dbrand's sticker application, LTT Lab's tests 57:36 Linus recalls warehouse's thermostat internal drama 1:00:23 Continuing the reaction: thermal benchmarks, panel issues, price 1:05:26 Linus on the video quality, recalls tours, Luke shows Framework update 1:08:16 Recalling CSF's circle video, Elijah doing "how to do a backflip" idea 1:10:22 LTTStore screwdriver bits prices increase 1:12:12 Yvonne's tweet video on Linus failing a backflip on a trampoline 1:13:22 LTTStore's "The Steve" Turtleneck 1:14:03 LTTStore's new women's PJ set 1:14:35 LTT precision screwdriver email signup 1:15:01 Merch Messages #1 1:15:08 More janky cooling adventures videos? ft. Triggered Dan, AJ's comment 1:19:02 Precision driver's smaller bits, prototype bits storage ft. Linus spin game 1:22:22 Advice on doing tasks you don't find passion in? TARKOV is a rogue-like 1:27:09 Topic #3 - Teen charged over a bad Snapchat joke 1:31:08 Linus on keeping your mouth shut near sensitive places 1:34:06 Sponsor - AG1 1:35:20 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:36:20 Sponsor - Vessi 1:37:53 Merch Messages #2 1:44:25 Advice to stop my personal life from affecting my work life? 1:50:21 Can you tell us more about your video? 1:51:48 Linus plans to cancel subscriptions on Apple TV next WAN Show 1:53:26 Topic #4 - More layoffs within the gaming industry 1:57:06 Topic #5 - HP wants to make printing "a subscription" 2:01:45 LTTStore's new ShortCircuit T-shirt 2:02:20 LTTStore's 100% Cotton T-shirt 2:03:40 Topic #6 - Why LTT didn't review Nvidia's latest graphics cards 2:11:55 Topic #7 - Disney's HoloTile, a multi directional VR treadmill 2:15:19 Topic #8 - MrBeast's video promoted as "not an ad" on Twitter/X 2:18:34 Topic #9 - Nvidia's RTX HDR videos AI upscaler 2:23:10 Merch Message #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:23:54 Are you worried about LTT Labs pulling an Icarus? 2:25:04 Would Intel's plans make prices user friendly? Why expand into Ohio? 2:27:56 LTT Labs' website Peripheral comparison experience? 2:30:48 Luke's fitness journey & 2024 Fitness goals ft. Linus's game 2:34:38 Thoughts on rumors of Intel killing hyperthreading? 2:38:04 Could you explain how YouTube Premium works with monetization? 2:38:51 Are you still using ThioJoe's comment moderation? 2:42:00 How do you feel about Cloudflare? 2:44:26 When have you found your kids wanting something you already had first? 2:45:58 What's the worst company to threaten price increases as promotions? 2:47:39 Will you do another month challenge with Intel Arc Battlemage? 2:50:23 Inheritance tax stopped LMG from being a real company, got a plan? 2:55:40 Any product that still exists that was based on a once innovative feature? 3:02:20 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Comfortable Not Owning Ubisoft Games - WAN Show January 19, 2024

Try Notion AI for free at Try some unique flavors of coffee at and use code LINUS for 20% off your first order! Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:07 Intro 1:38 Topic #1 - Ubisoft claims users are comfortable with not owning games 1:54 Linus lists down Ubisoft's launcher naming history 4:07 Ubisoft Classic & Premium, pricing, games published, Luke's hot take 6:02 Linus's FP exclusive interview with Terren the CEO, 7:27 Tremblay's quote, Linus mentions CDs, streaming services 13:12 Game servers that were shut down, company trust, Ubisoft's stock & finances 22:26 Linus mentions Nvidia, Intel, gambling, countries' funds, Pentagon's $52,000 trash can 30:49 Swen Vincke on the future of games, games, movies, gaming on keyboard 42:54 Topic #2 - SSD shortage expected to increase SSD prices by up to 50% 44:03 How do you deal with these shortages? ft. Linus's retired LEGO set, games 51:07 LTTStore's "The Steve" turtleneck ft. Linus's new profile picture 53:22 Linus's Steve Jobs in a past NCIX video, history of controversy 58:19 Merch Messages #1 58:50 Where is the tech industry going? Dealing with pessimism? 1:03:00 Which LMG video do you want to serve as a future resource for techies? 1:08:29 Topic #3 - Research shows search engines are getting worse 1:11:12 Luke mentions articles, Linus on site subscriptions, Wikipedia's revenue 1:18:02 Linus mentions Apple's alleged habits, Luke on its worth 1:19:21 Topic #4 - Google blames slow YouTube videos loading on extensions 1:21:04 Adblock's past buffer bug, Luke on people jumping on the hate wagon 1:24:06 Google Incognito, Canary's "more privately" change 1:26:22 Sponsors 1:31:55 Merch messages #2 1:32:01 Screen time & social media's impact on mental health? 1:33:16 Linus's favorite gadgets? ft. GamersGrass site 1:37:22 HDPLEX's 500W GaN ATX PSU, do you see GaN PSUs in the consumer market? 1:40:14 LTT laptop bag & shoulder bag update? ft. Flocking machine, cable magnetic management, backpack relationship 1:43:26 Topic #5 - Fujitsu's software causes huge blunders in UK post offices 1:49:40 Topic #6 - Haier threatens to sue home assistant plugin developer 1:55:32 Topic #7 - OpenAI's new policy change, quietly removes ban on military use 1:56:24 Topic #8 - Alexa Plus, a new model with ChatGPT 2:04:58 Topic #10 - YouTube lays off 100 employees 2:05:31 Topic #11 - AMD's Ryzen 8000G limits PCIe 40 2:07:39 Merch Messages #3 ft. dbrand sponsors WAN Show After Dark 2:09:21 Sarah Butt chose grass, dbrand non-MagSafe soon to release 2:11:30 Do you use a funky Windows login process? 2:13:26 Early days of LMG's forum & community 2:16:12 How do Linus's socks & sandals fair during the Canadian winter? 2:19:38 Future bionic augments for your body, how far will you go? 2:26:36 Tips on effectively researching products before purchase? 2:29:31 Any features you wished Wikipedia had? 2:31:28 Why can't you emulate CUDA on other hardware? 2:33:55 What would it take for a new WAN Show intro & set? 2:37:20 Alternatives for Ubiquiti? 2:38:35 If Nvidia buys ARM, do you think it can topple Intel & AMD? 2:40:47 Your opinion on the community porting Spiderman 2 to PC? 2:43:01 Progress on the water resistant ballcap? 2:43:13 Has Luke heard of TARKOV'S SPT? 2:45:43 Thoughts on algorithm-sorting network switches? 2:47:47 Advice on how to know what I'm doing as a software engineer? 2:49:48 If SE remakes Final Fantasy VI, what approach should they take? 2:51:36 Luke on making a birb-rito 2:52:18 What advice does Linus have for starting a business in 2024? 2:56:52 Any updates Linus would've done to his home network? 3:03:41 What game do you think was underhyped & overperforming this year? Which one killed the studio? 3:05:05 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Just Say No To Lawsuit - WAN Show January 12, 2024

Check out Wicked Cushions at: AMAZON: WC WEBSITE: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:15 Intro 1:56 Topic #1 - OpenAI responds to NYT's lawsuit, states it's "meritless" 5:04 Linus ironically suggests using ChatGPT for defense, Luke does it 5:46 Linus on LMG's CES videos, discusses Intel's Thunderbolt 5, WiFi 7, AI booths 10:21 Luke mentions some of ChatGPT's defenses for OpenAI's case 11:48 Topic #2 - Covering CES 2024 17:32 Plaud Note AI, who needs this? Luke on external devices & sensitive information 23:42 Urtopia's AI powered e-bike, Luke on hallucinations & AI integration 34:55 Nvidia G-SYNC Pulsar, motion clarity, Plouffe's monitor, display size 40:25 MSI MEG 321URX, AI-powered QR-OLED monitor, cheating using the mini-map 46:07 TARKOV's 11K ban wave, cheats & barrier of entry, Linus's basement LAN 50:38 Hisense 110" TV, double the peak brightness & dimming zones 51:35 Merch Messages #1 1:03:35 The thinness, resolution, brightness & bezel war, Luke on Linus's TV 1:13:49 AMD AM4 X3D & G series, Linus recommends used GPUs over entry cards 1:18:37 Nvidia's RTX Super series, upselling behavior 1:23:14 Topic #3 - SAG-AFTRA's agreement for AI digital voice, Steam on AI games 1:25:05 Linus declines covering Nvidia's virtual bar, many companies lay offs 1:32:41 Sponsor - Wicked Cushions 1:37:42 Merch Messages #2 1:40:22 Can you talk a bit more about displays? ABL's necessity? Draw & heat? 1:45:20 Using RFID name tags in the consumer space? ft. Biochip, the Bible 1:50:09 Topic #4 - eBay pays $3M over employees cyberstalking & harassment lawsuit 1:57:22 Quebec cops warn posting porch pirate videos “invades their privacy” 1:58:13 LTTStore's new lounge pants, sizing guides 2:00:05 Last call to get the LTT CES 2024 T-shirt, hoodies stock deal 2:03:12 Topic #5 - Wacom & Wizard of the Coast apologizes over AI promotional images 2:08:49 Other companies lay offs, Linus on low money flow & interest rates ft. LayoffsFYI 2:13:04 Topic #7 - Valve takes down Portal64 & TF2 Source 2 2:14:29 Topic #8 - Video games are no longer the biggest entertainment medium in the UK 2:16:59 Topic #9 - Framework discloses data breach due to getting phished 2:24:24 Topic #10 - LG's smart washing machine uses 36GB of data per day 2:26:07 Merch Messages #3 2:29:19 Linus's racket specs, how do you get high-end rackets in Canada? 2:30:39 Origin PC's envelopes, PPI MicroOLED VR display technology, LMG Southie's comment 2:35:43 If you could make or repeal laws, what would you do? 2:37:19 Advice to juggle being a father, a husband & working? 2:38:51 Favorite piece of tech that was ahead of its time & held that feeling? 2:39:35 What is MAC Address's value with covering Apple? ft. Infants tech advices 2:42:26 Would Linus host classes or content on guidelines learnt from workflow? 2:44:45 Is it difficult to deal with people coming to you at events like CES? 2:49:29 Advice for not enjoying engineering for companies' profits? 2:53:49 Have companies ever responded to Linus chastising them? 2:56:12 Luke's thoughts on EoD being removed & his current stance on TARKOV? 3:00:10 How much has Luke's experience with Pixel 8 reflected on Linus's review? 3:01:04 Thoughts on the current state of the internet where 5 main sites are accessed? 3:02:55 Was Linus aware of Halo's mouse aim assist? Is this good for FPS' future? 3:03:28 Do you think Thunderbolt 5 is the push Intel GPUs needed? 3:04:23 Was Linus's purchase of the TCL TV the only time he got buyer's remorse? 3:05:50 Have you enjoyed tech for what it is instead of how to script a video around it? 3:06:51 Wishes you had for your loved ones? Long term goals? How do you stay organized? 3:10:32 One non-tech skill you're proud of having or wished you had? 3:17:04 Does Luke think there's a benefit in ITIL certification? 3:18:25 Who gave the best tech advice you weren't expecting? 3:20:58 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Elon Musk vs. MrBeast - WAN Show January 5, 2024

Try Notion AI for free at Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Check out the Firebelly Tea Stop-Infusion Travel Mug at and use code LTT10 to get 10% off! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 2:08 Intro 2:36 Topic #1 - MrBeast on uploading content on X/Twitter 3:58 Jimmy's reply, Linus on the economics of monetization per platform 7:06 Linus on Twitter's worse revenue from the creator's POV 10:43 Linus on LTT's Twitter revenue, approximates JD's X revenue 14:26 Topic #2 - New AI key to be implemented by Windows 16:12 Luke on offline search, Linus on keyboard shortcuts, logging out incongruity 21:48 Luke mentions storing 2FA in password managers, Linus mentions backups 24:52 FP Poll: Safe to store 2FA in MA? Luke shows 1Password's blog post on 2FA 29:53 Linus on being keylogged, Luke shows another 1Password blog post 33:25 Luke on YubiKey, Linus on the difficulty of stealing passwords 39:06 LTTStore now sells Ludwig's bidet 42:40 Linus's & Luke's experience with a bidet, recalling trip to Japan 46:57 Merch Messages #1 47:45 Weirdest or a more obscure reason you had to cancel a project? 51:16 LTT as a 90's TV show ft. Old shows, Apple Pippin, Steve Dotto, "fail wrench" 1:05:55 Topic #3 - Newag put DRM in trains, service fails to restart 1:09:55 Luke on software developers, defrauding, passwords 1:18:16 Sponsors 1:22:52 Merch Messages #2 1:22:57 LMG's HDR brightness in videos question 1:24:58 If you invented a gadget, what feature would you put in it? 1:29:12 Any good appliance stories? ft. Banana bread?! At work, dude!?! 1:32:53 "How not to get scammed" LTT videos? ft. Spoofing calls, Telus, orthodontist, vitamins 1:44:06 Luke's FP exclusive video ft. Abstinence, Luke hides 1:46:38 Topic #4 - Drone are used for drugs 1:51:49 Heritage & lies, "drones to help you escape jail video," Dan's old video idea 1:53:54 Luke checks out drones that can carry weights, GRIFF aviation 1:56:30 Topic #5 - Brands purchase AI influencers posts 1:57:50 theClueless's AI, better than humans, recalls VTuber discussion 1:59:44 Topic #6 - Sony bricks TPM PlayStation controllers, gets fined $14M 2:00:10 Elijah followed Aitana Lopez without knowing she was real 2:02:22 You can't copyright AI created work, so anyone can become an AI? 2:03:37 Topic #7 - Twitch updates policy on implied nudity 2:08:26 Topic #8 - Warcraft Chronicles of the Second War, a WC2 Fan remake in WC3 2:11:14 Topic #9 - Logan Paul states he'll purchase CryptoZoo eggs to refund them 2:12:18 Topic #10 - MSI Claw, a new handheld powered by Intel's Meteor Lake 2:12:57 Linus on Steam Deck's & ROG Ally's advantages 2:14:02 Upgraded Luke's PC, Luke asks about the best game from the last decade 2:18:41 Topic #11- Blue Scuti hits the True Killscreen on original NES Tetris 2:21:14 Luke's defining the "beat" point of a game debate, mentions the competitive scene 2:24:05 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Blue Scuti's name 2:25:06 Optimistic message to go into 2024 for the doomer generation? ft. Canada buildings pricing, Linus's kids, housing 2:52:57 Are graduates given some slack to learn on the job? 2:55:16 Have Linus's kids expressed interest in content creation? 2:58:36 Have you heard of or experienced sticky buttons? 3:04:19 What companies are you most excited to see at CES? 3:06:28 Would Apple ever make foldables that might influence the foldables scene? 3:07:35 Tips for a soon-to-be budgie owner? 3:10:38 How do you find store fronts for high quality products? 3:15:27 How long until VR headsets become monitor replacements? 3:17:03 How do you feel about a custom trained AI as a grader? 3:18:58 City of Heroes fan server becomes officially licensed by NCSoft 3:21:40 What are Linus's favorite games to play with his kids? 3:22:45 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Incognito Mode is Fake - WAN Show December 29, 2023

Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Try some unique flavors of coffee at and use code LINUS for 20% off your first order! Start your coding boot camp today with The Tech Academy at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:09 Intro 1:33 Topic #1 - Google settles lawsuit for tracking users in incognito 7:58 Is it time to switch to Firefox? FP poll, Luke on FP users not using Firefox 11:24 Luke on using his browser for work, Linus on switching OS, forums, FP poll 19:30 Topic #2 - China's regulatory changes against game monetization & engagement 20:33 Storing data, limiting wallets, Linus calls Yvonne about tax credits 24:55 Tencent, mentioning game company's standpoint ft. Linus's money making game 29:12 Luke on addiction, Linus on not being exposed, mentions Canada's Michaels being spies 39:35 Luke on new housing not matching the numbers, Linus on math not being political 44:18 Buying from LTTStore in China, $40K BiliBili revenue, Taiwan 48:40 $10 GreenManGaming code for LTTStore desk pad purchases 52:30 Merch Messages #1 ft. "PiNG" & Dan's pronunciation callback 53:18 Projects you're looking forward to in 2024? ft. Linus & Luke have a tantrum fight 1:01:07 End of internal audit for LTT Labs 1:09:04 Would you still recommend optical cables for TV, or prefer display cables? 1:11:56 Topic #3 - LAN center tour video & acoustics 1:14:42 Chase's LAN center plan, consoles, chair count, beauty pageant, arcade corner 1:21:52 LAN cameras - ILX XR1 & Lumix BS1H 1:34:49 Topic #4 - GM's Blazer halted due to "software issues" with the infotainment system 1:39:01 Showcasing LTT Labs website 1:45:39 Linus discloses possible future ad spots, Luke mentions methods for revenue 1:48:04 Sponsors 1:55:12 Merch Messages #2 2:00:18 Is anyone in LMG interested in aviation? ft. PlayStation Portal 2:04:12 Is Luke enjoying FFVI? ft. Luke's PC, bugging Dan, the weird shower 2:14:03 Topic #5 - Indian government investigates Apple due to threat alert 2:17:17 Floatplane's "How well do you know your boss?" exclusive video 2:26:30 LTT's new year's resolutions that were done, Luke's backpack idea, Linus's list 2:32:12 Topic #6 - Warner Bros & Paramount might merge together, despite the huge debt 2:39:45 Topic #7 - Twitter thread on LTT Screwdriver being in a game 2:42:51 Topic #8 - Semiconductor companies form Quintauris, dedicated towards RISC-V 2:51:46 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, WAN views, alternate podcast idea 2:53:05 How do you deal with failure? 2:54:59 Luke's experience with the Pixel & Pixel tips ft. Linus's Fairphone 3:00:00 If you didn't use your LTT home server setup, would you have used it for LAN PCs? 3:05:11 Does Luke listen to content while walking? 3:08:14 Does the LTTStore team settle on specific areas or test more? ft. "PM" & "DM" 3:10:53 LTT's release schedule ft. Luke's throwing story, Dan the troll, files directory 3:29:45 Tech or products you regret not covering? 3:34:58 Advanced skills to learn for an e-commerce career? Total screwdrivers sold 3:37:35 Verified creators to upload reviews on the LTT Labs site? 3:39:52 When building servers why do you use Seagate IronWolf & not Western Digital? 3:41:58 What can I do about customers mistaking AI images for real LEGO products? 3:46:12 How do you feel about content on your sites being used for AI? 3:47:57 Would Linus reward his kids if they bypass the parental controls & showed him? 3:48:50 More collaborations in mind for the future? ft. ElectroBOOM video 3:50:41 Steps to help my parents be more computer literate? Most expensive LTT projects 3:53:53 How was Christmas? ft. Linus's aunt's gift, croquet, UK V.S. British flag 4:02:57 CES booths you're looking for this year? ft. Linus on the US States 4:07:02 Most expensive video LTT or sponsor paid for? ft. Best Christmas Gifts 4:12:53 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - WAN Show December 22, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:48 Intro 1:50 Topic #1 - Activision CEO Bobby Kotich to leave 2:42 Bobby was in Epstein's Black Book, was Dan on the island? 4:22 Luke lists Kotich's alleged crimes, what is left from this company? ft. Discussing islands 7:32 Microsoft's replacement, what as Kotich's legacy? Linus on bad quality, "crack" 11:26 Linus's chat with a hobby shop, challenges, Horizon Hobby & Hobby Lobby 14:20 Luke mentions Hobby Lobby's artifacts scandal, Linus mentions Traxxas 16:46 Linus on the Bobby Kotich, Luke analyzes Activision Blizzard's stock 19:34 Linus on Playstation & Nintendo pricing, count of developers of games 22:42 Raised game pricing, content sphere, episodic games, expectations & IPs 36:22 Linus's Fantasian subscription ft. How much chat spent on virtual items, FFVII, BG3 developers, game hype 43:27 Does Linus have to beat Fantasian's final boss? ft. Luke's XCOM 2, BG3 early access 46:40 Luke on using boosters or watching on YouTube, Linus on different strategies 49:00 Linus cancels Apple Arcade, saves are stored on Cloud, mentions phases 3 51:27 Fantasian playtest on Steam, Linus on the retro RPG renaissance, Luke's drivers hopefully fixed 53:08 LTTStore's new pins series 3 54:24 New Luke pin, potential holo 55:34 Precision screwdriver end cap correction 56:42 Merch Messages #1 57:19 Asides of ASL & cochlear implants, what tech can help deaf people communicate? 1:01:01 How long would pins series 3 be on sale for? 1:03:19 What did Linus do with Yvonne for their honeymoon? ft. LinusFoodTips Luke Lasagna 1:18:59 Topic #2 - Sony patents a difficulty curve 1:20:01 Are the days of beating games gone? Discussing the Spiderman game 1:22:01 Luke mentions difficulty levels, Linus on achievements & adjustable levels 1:24:28 Toggling through menu, Luke on sell boosts & dynamic difficulty 1:26:32 Problem of the difficulty being on the settings instead of menu 1:27:09 Topic #3 - wklix's LEGO build of LTT's build corner set 1:29:15 Sponsors 1:32:45 Merch Messages #2 ft. Recalling the cuffs 1:34:13 Do you have any tips for parties as a young introverted businessman? 1:38:18 What are the best monitor headphones for ears being hot and sweaty? 1:40:23 Old PC equipment signature lottery updates? 1:42:03 Topic #4 - Steam to allow marking games as private 1:43:05 Topic #5 - Google Play App settlement, to certify sideloading 1:46:24 Topic #6 - VR & AR declines, Meta spends billions ft. Linus Jumpscare 1:47:38 Topic #7 - Deloitte looks to AI to help avoid layoffs 1:49:38 Topic #8 - DOJ investigates Apple for antitrust & anticompetitive behavior 1:51:38 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 1:52:34 A follow up video on the Fairphone 5? Thoughts on it so far? 1:59:34 What are you looking forward to gaming wise in 2024? ft. LTT videos, paying for products 2:09:19 Does Luke watch The Yard? 2:11:20 Hardest person to choose a gift for? 2:16:13 What are your non-technical thoughts on quantum computers? 2:18:05 Interesting problems you had with smart home stuff? 2:19:01 Favorite WAN Show topic from this year? 2:20:03 What tech or LTTStore items would you want to put in a deep ocean pressure tank? ft. "Inverted microwaved sheep" 2:22:34 Bidet update? 2:22:39 Dan drives Linus crazy with "EXE," file extension pronunciation, a brutal roast 2:30:51 LTT is the sponsor of McMaster Baja Racing, how did this come about? 2:32:42 Dan says more file extensions 2:34:02 What are Luke's budgies favorite toys? ft. File extension rules 2:35:39 Would Linus ever move to the US? 2:38:24 How to handle being told you're the best for promotion by higher ups but passed up? 2:39:02 Linus elaborates on how using primer paint is lazy 2:41:55 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Artistic Nudity Stream - WAN Show December 15, 2023

Take part in what’s turning out to be the largest online Secret Santa EVER. Enroll now at Try some unique flavors of coffee at and use code LINUS for 20% off your first order! Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:31 Intro ft. RPS, putting on silicon & X's 5:02 Topic #1 - Twitch's artistic nudity policy rolled back 6:10 Twitch's quote, what was the motivation behind the policy change? 9:24 Luke on defined rules, mentions YouTube, Linus on Twitter & OnlyFans 14:01 Discussing Twitch's brand, "minor-friendly," should Twitch not budge? 17:43 Luke on Twitch's difficult discovery & traffic ft. Linus "dancing" 19:45 Luke on Twitch not being gaming centered, compares categories viewership 21:51 Luke mentions whether this should be opt-in, Linus on money & traffic 23:18 Chat tells Luke to sort by views, still finds "artistic nudity" 24:25 Luke recalls HasanAbi's PC build, Linus instantly finds NSFW on home page 27:41 Topic #2 - YouTube removes code that shows whether a channel is monetized 32:25 Linus on YouTube's algorithm, does YouTube benefit if you knew a creator was monetized? 38:44 Controversies sell, platforms are often shown as negative on news 40:56 Luke on the traffic LTT's hack brought, Linus recalls Karate Kid's car scene 45:43 Luke on trying to stay out of his phone in person, both discuss Google news 51:47 LTTStore's multipack stick locks combo 52:08 LTT backpack warranty update 53:38 LTT's precision screwdriver newsletter ft. covering pre orders 1:04:52 Merch Messages #1 1:10:50 Did Linus learn ASL? 1:19:44 Did Linus play Sea of Stars yet? ftFF6 crashes, How to Train your Dragon 3 1:32:31 Sponsors 1:37:18 Topic #3 - Epic Games wins antitrust case against Google 1:43:11 Linus on WAN Show V.S. podcasts? ft. Spotify VOD, Canadian work hours 1:50:09 Topic #4 - Tesla calls 1st amendment rights against California's DMV 1:53:57 Merch Messages #2 1:57:56 What was the most legitimate yet hard hitting viewer criticism? 2:08:14 What would happen to AMD if NVIDIA leaves the graphics market? 2:10:53 ElectroBOOM's tech upgrade LTT video 2:15:12 Game Show - Advergames! 2:16:29 Round #1: Pepsi Invaders, Dan covers its history 2:18:25 Round #2: Darkened Skye, magic through Skittles, Dan mentions fun facts 2:26:40 Round #3: Doritos Crash Course, Linus puts on the cuffs 2:34:14 Topic #5 - Overclocking AMD CPU shows warning that void warranty 2:38:43 Topic #6 - Electronic Entertainment Expo is now dead 2:40:15 Topic #7 - Ubiquiti's bug allows receiving others' security cameras 2:42:15 Topic #8 - Google to stop sharing user location history with the police 2:44:56 Topic #9 - The Day Before removed from stores 2:46:18 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Luke forces end of show 2:48:12 When will LTT toques come back in stock? 2:50:37 Parents monitoring minors's web activity as a solution for explicit sites? 2:53:19 More LTTStore Luxe items? 2:55:25 LTT screwdriver holster update 2:57:12 What LTT product you thought was great but turned out as horrible? 2:58:40 Actions you've avoided assuming your SO's disapproval despite them not mentioning it? 3:06:09 Will teachers not be able to teach concepts due to copyright? 3:10:46 After doing LMG for a long time, what would Linus's answer be to "Who are you?" 3:11:44 TALL SHIRTS WHEN? TALL SHIRTS WHEN?? 3:13:28 If Dan's birthday coincided with the WAN Show, would you let him co-host? 3:15:09 Do you have analytics on which country buys the most LTT merch? 3:15:56 LTT screwdrivers are clean room approved, do you want to tour our fab? 3:17:22 Favorite hockey stories? 3:22:07 Linus looks at Shopify order data, looks at who is the biggest whale 3:28:13 Outro ft. Linus didn't believe he kept the silicon on all show Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Big Scandal This Week - WAN Show December 8, 2023

Take part in what’s turning out to be the largest online Secret Santa EVER. Enroll now at Try Volcanica Coffee out, use code TRYUS23 for 60% off their Brazil Estate Blend, and get free shipping (US only). Check it out at Check out the Firebelly Tea Stop-Infusion Travel Mug at and use code LTT10 to get 10% off! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 2:25 Topic #1 - Intel accuses AMD of misleading branding 6:35 Luke on companies changing naming schemes, Linus on weird naming schemes 15:00 Mentioning Intel's 14th Gen & changing the pricing of old products 18:41 "You need laws to prevent this," but how? ft. Windows, Apple's naming 26:28 Topic #2 - Covering LTT Backpack's "double" layer bottom 30:33 Broken carabiner priority list, covering the backpack dual layers issue 32:32 New warranty plan, replacing backpacks, $25 LTTStore credit or full refund 34:50 Titanium carabiners to be ship soon, Linus thanks the community 37:44 LTT x Noctua screwdriver available to order, Europe inventory, new screwdriver shaft 45:20 Merch Messages #1 50:42 Warthog driver at Linus's team last LAN ft. Whale LAN update, Lab's history 59:32 Accidentally left maximum ads on Twitch from last WAN Show, disabling it 1:01:35 NAS news? ft. Linus calls John for an update 1:07:20 Luke mentions junior IT service technician posting, other LMG & FP positions 1:08:46 Topic #3 - Twitch to leave South Korean by 2024 due to expenses 1:16:24 Topic #4 - OpenAI buying $51M of chips from a startup Sam Altman invested in 1:17:16 How should leaders deal with conflicting investments? ft. Colton's email on Framework being LMG's laptops 1:21:30 Linus jokes about the choice of using their position for profits ft. Crypto, Dan losing 350 BTC 1:26:58 Sponsors 1:30:12 Merch Messages #2 1:32:26 Windows dual boot on Steam Deck, can I use it as a laptop with an external display? 1:35:30 Emma wrote a merch message haiku for their anniversary ft. How the high five happened, calling Emma 1:47:53 Will the backpack manufacturer defer some of the costs of what happened? 1:55:57 Upcoming newsletter unboxing video 1:57:35 Topic #5 - GTA VI's trailer, console exclusive at first 1:59:12 Topic #6 - Google's Gemini replaces Bard, outperforms OpenAI's ChatGPT 2:06:30 Luke's call with a company, Linus on being a people person 2:15:53 Topic #7 - Google helps McDonald's with an AI chatbot named "Ask Pickles" 2:17:37 Topic #8 - Elon Musk's xAI chatbot Grok now available 1:18:07 Topic #9 - Meta tests more than 20 ways to make AI improve UX 2:22:56 Topic #11 - UK users to face scan themselves to access indecent sites 2:25:10 Topic #12 - Beeper Mini provides iMessage to Android, now blocked by Apple 2:30:58 Topic #13 - US warns NVIDIA to stop redesigning chips for China 2:31:27 Topic #14 - 23AndMe prevents users suing if they didn't opt out after 30 days 2:32:00 Topic #15 - Governments spy on you by your push notifications 2:33:03 Topic #16 - Microsoft to offer paid Windows 10 security subscription 2:34:34 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:36:40 How will you be changing your final product approval going forward? 2:39:03 Thoughts on the RAM Ramcharger & EV truck with gasoline range extender? 2:41:33 Has Linus seen Fanboys yet? ft. Linus's 115-inch TV, decontaminating the LTT screwdriver 2:56:28 What has been Linus's experience with raising half-Asian children? 2:59:00 Would Linus do a TED Talk about leadership & ADHD? Advice for becoming a father? 3:05:36 Do you remember the first LTT merch sold & how the run was misprinted? 3:09:26 Thoughts on employers prying eyes on remote employees' activity to gauge performance? 3:12:01 What is the point of HDR when you got light control & color management? 3:13:32 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Go F Yourself dbrand - WAN Show December 1, 2023

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try Notion AI for free at Start your coding boot camp today with The Tech Academy at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119). Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 2:00 Intro 2:45 Topic #1 - Elon Musk's interview on advertisers boycotting Twitter 7:03 Linus on making decisions, advertisers' obligation 12:41 Linus on controlling advertisers, "do you like white teeth?" example 14:20 Degree of separations, Linus's grandma using baking soda, Luke on X's idea 17:46 "X-days until Twitter dies," private company revenue, shorting stocks 21:49 Luke on being recommended followed users' interest, Linus's household story 26:21 Topic #2 - Tynan provides Linus two packages 28:26 Linus tries to show the prototypes, chaos ensues 33:06 Aluminum LTT screwdriver with brass accents 38:32 u/Frashure11's mining backpack, Steven sent another & grabbed the used one 41:16 Carabiners update, comparing backpack colors, Luke holds the backpack 43:20 Luke shows the inside, mining samples, physical inspection, "double layered" 49:35 Linus checks whether this is "double thick," continues to cut it 51:00 Merch Messages #1 1:06:40 Topic #3 - H3's Dan likes the LTT screwdriver 1:11:02 Topic #4 - DevTernity conference cancelled due to fake female speakers 1:12:03 Luke on why this wasn't noticed, is there a female speakers supply issue? 1:16:11 "So tired of Lisa Su simping," Linus on "tech" companies, FP, mentions DankPods 1:22:00 James channel, mechanic of DankPods in Garbage Times, is now on FP 1:24:11 Topic #5 - Casetify V.S. dBrand update 1:30:53 Topic #6 - NVIDIA wakes up and decides to be an AI company 1:39:32 Sponsor - MSI 1:40:45 Sponsor - BackBlaze 1:42:01 Sponsor - Manscaped 1:43:16 dBrand is sponsoring After Dark 1:43:35 Merch Messages #2 1:43:46 WoW Classic season of Discovery, pessimistic programmer's perspective on LLM AI 1:46:41 What's the most expensive thing your kids have broken or lost? 1:49:09 "Hey click this” - Zhvowa's The WHAM Show ft. Lina, Lucy & Daniela 1:52:37 "You should license Zhvowa's designs to print on shirts" ft. Upcoming body pillows 1:55:55 LMG & FP is now hiring! ft. Elijah's AMD tech upgrade, cool laptop text 2:01:14 Topic #7 - Microsoft Paint's Cocreator, an integrated DALL-E 2:03:11 Linus's prompt, Luke on the outputs, weird image, AICreations idea 2:07:15 Anime Luke, Anime girl Linus, weird generations 2:11:54 Clipart duck to color, tech YouTuber RGB background set 2:14:24 Computer hardware prompt, cool ideas, Luke's keyboard prompt, limited tokens 2:19:12 LTT's retro screwdrivers, bit sets back in stock, new strap for backpack 2:21:25 Community feedback - WAN couch patch on crooked LTX23 logos ft. Bread 2:25:05 What would you do differently if you rebuilt your IT infrastructure from scratch? 2:26:40 Topic #8 - 4,000 Auto dealers suggest lowering sales on EV mandate" 2:36:44 Topic #9 - Massachusetts police warn about Apple's NameDrop" 2:38:20 Topic #10 - Calyos's update on the fan-less case backers 2:41:40 Topic #11 - Nvidia's DLSS 3 & AMD's FMR running at the same time 2:44:18 Topic #12 - Sony's legal post on removal of Discovery's content 2:45:07 WAN Show After Dark sponsor - dBrand ft. XBOX's colors article 2:48:59 Merch Messages #3 2:49:06 Upcoming LTTStore laptop bag update? 2:53:30 Aspects of LMG's culture Linus is proud of developing or maintaining 3:08:58 What is your take on tech in construction? 3:10:03 Will Linus get his hands on the mini-LED AYA Neo? mini-LED V.S. OLED 3:13:52 What project Luke regretted the outcome of the most 3:15:50 Quarterly or bimonthly merch updates instead of on-WAN Show? 3:16:46 Given CPUs getting hotter, at what point would AIOs be necessary? 3:18:10 A feature in a game that got removed after an update that bothered you? 3:19:12 LTT backpack's rain cover update? 3:21:35 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/12/23·3h 22m

dbrand x Casetify Lawsuit - WAN Show November 24, 2023

Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Get a mooooove on, check out Moosend free for 30 days at and use code LTT for 10% off any monthly plan for the first 3 months Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:23 Intro ft. Lots of merch messages due to Black Friday 2:15 Topic #1 - dBrand & JRE's Zack sue Casetify over skins 4:25 Casetify's similar series, internal scan shortcut, lower quality, LTT reference 12:33 dBrand cares about the tech space, legal action, x-ray case, iFixit's tweet 16:53 Casetify's HQ, funny FP comment on "identical," Linus on cost of x-ray 20:25 Casetify's collabs, Luke finds a duped image, Linus wanted to sit on this 23:02 Linus discusses Zack's video with Luke 26:34 LTTStore's Black Friday deals 31:30 LTT is now 15 years old! Sarah's hoodie & shirt design, callbacks 34:22 Tom Arnold remade the logo from NCIX era, other callbacks 37:05 Merch Messages #1 1:05:28 Topic #2 - Sony files a patent around "quicksaving" 1:12:36 Topic #3 - Folding@Home's great month 1:16:55 Topic #4 - Ubisoft implements pop-in ads in old games   1:20:56 Sponsors 1:26:44 Merch Messages #2 1:26:50 Should I not buy TVs during Black Friday? 1:29:03 Handling the soulless aspects pushing an add-on purchase ft. NCIX, Best Buy 1:40:59 Do you think season-based games will outperform traditional games? 1:51:03 Topic #5 - Sam Altman returns after 95% of OpenAI threaten the board to resign 1:55:10 Topic #6 - PLEX's Discover Together feature sends summaries of friend's activity 1:59:08 Luke looks at Plex's CEO LinkedIn, Linus's perfect world scenario 2:06:25 Luke mentions opt-in & Linus's deal, Linus on Luke's movies, Hackers, actors 2:25:22 Discussing The Cable Guy, The Boondock Saints, The Starship Troopers 2:27:26 Linus couldn't watch The Room, Disaster Artist was based on a true story 2:30:12 Linus hasn't watched many bad movies ft. Ghost Dan Cam 2:30:55 Dan mentions My Neighbor Totoro, compares to Spirited Away 2:36:26 Topic #7 - Google Chrome's Manifest V3 2:39:36 Topic #8 - Nothing reversed course and removed the Blue Bubble & Sunbird 2:40:42 Topic #9 - EU enforces rules for parts, repairs, removal of software blocks 2:43:12 Dan shows off funny case stickers, unable to respond to merch messages 2:46:52 Linus tells Luke about profits from Black Friday, more sales soon 2:50:05 Merch Messages #3 2:50:35 Has LTTStore tried to work with stocking Vessi? 2:51:16 Where do you draw the legal line on what topic to cover? 2:54:38 Which would Linus spend $2M on: Nevera, LTTStore B&M, OLED Ally or new merch ideas? 2:56:13 Would you get into non-tech experiences? Changes in LMG with new CEO? Old game quirks you miss? 2:57:34 When was the last time you broke something and thought you'd never recover? 3:00:26 Luke's trip to Japan ft. Pokemon, drifting, foods, merch messages 3:05:52 What scams you can catch but others fall for? 3:07:38 If Casetify sponsored you to wrap the Taycan, would you still stick to Warzone? 3:09:36 Hairbrain tech? ft. Editor's den, Linus's case idea, Luke's inverter 3:16:22 Best deal you've ever gotten? Film adaptation of FFVI? 3:24:48 Have you listened to the Black Mages yet? LTT x dBrand series collab? 3:26:55 If you direct Creator Warehouse's budget towards making one product, what would it be? 3:27:54 Scariest software vulnerability you had to deal with? ft. Musical LMG, Steam Deck 3:35:17 Has insider knowledge ever changed the way you use a service? ft. Note's Stylus 3:38:28 What LTTStore items were the catalyst that blew the store up? 3:39:30 A game you played with a big flaw that doesn't let you say it's perfect? 3:41:46 What music does Linus listen to, and did Beat Saber change his taste? 3:49:31 Outro ft. Outro fails trying to load 400 messages Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Not The Only CEO That Lost My Job - WAN Show November 17, 2023

Check out Tailwind at ⁠⁠ and new subscribers can save 50% on annual plans until November 27th. Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at ⁠⁠ Try Notion AI for free at ⁠⁠ Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:12 Intro 1:38 Topic #1 - Sam Altman is no longer the CEO of OpenAI 14:12 Topic #2 - Epic's Fortnite age restricted certain skins 24:33 Topic #3 - Nothing adds blue bubble messaging on Android 26:50 Topic #4 - Apple announces RCS support 34:16 Topic #5 - Linus ordered Humane's AI Pin 42:07 Merch Messages #1 42:16 Which is better to buy - a used Steam Deck LCD, or OLED? 48:22 BuyMyF-ingGarbage redirects to LTTStore ft. Linus's buying joke, Luke getting a Deck? 50:46 Linus explains merch messages 52:00 LTTStore's new fruit underwear 52:34 Strawberry, eggplant & peach colors variants, men & women styles 54:00 New RGBroken T-shirt, $999 deal 56:25 New RGB knit sweater 56:53 New GPU Christmas ornament 57:32 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sign up list 59:23 Would Linus consider writing a book about LTT after retirement? 1:01:16 Topic #6 - Tesla's clause banned reselling Cybertrucks within its first year 1:07:19 Topic #7 - Amazon to start selling Hyundai cars ft. Troll Linus 1:12:02 Topic #8 - Sony's PlayStation Portal released, sold in two days 1:12:10 Luke witnessed others' bad experiences, Linus mentions reviews 1:15:28 Linus's review was positive, mentions Bluetooth ft. FP Poll 1:18:06 Linus on Sony's decisions & margins, recalls NVIDIA Shield 1:21:54 Luke's personal thoughts, WiFi 5/6/6E, Android 13, lacking bluetooth audio 1:25:40 Linus on the battery life, compared to G Cloud 1:26:08 Topic #9 - Microsoft to follow EU's bill, will allow uninstalling Edge 1:30:43 Topic #10 - X(Twitter) lost major sponsors after Elon Musk's "anti-semitic" tweets 1:37:40 Sponsors 1:42:00 Merch Messages #2 1:54:38 Topic #11 - Google sues DMCA scammers & copyright fraudsters 1:55:51 Topic #12 - Rivian's accidental OTA update breaks infotainment systems 1:58:14 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Luke on Japan's GMT 1:59:28 What does your SO despise that you collect? 2:00:13 Would performance differences add up if you compare PC part SKUs? 2:03:52 Luke's experience with Matsuri 2:06:16 What's some of the visions Linus had for LTT in 2024? 2:10:34 Does Luke believe a P2P solution like IPFS would help with FP's costs? 2:11:53 Why does Linus keep his earrings? Thought of removing them? If Luke fought James, who wins? 2:33:20 Will the Black Friday deals ship in time for Christmas? 2:36:20 What did you enjoy playing the most during the good gaming era? 2:37:52 What video ideas took the least time? Compare to normal videos 2:41:40 With the new Deck, have you considered going back from Ally? 2:42:14 Are you familiar with Wasm? ft. Lagging Luke 2:43:19 Thoughts on doing a Top Gear styled video? 2:44:45 A simple prank that you have done that resulted in laughter? 2:45:48 Any other JRPGs you all enjoy? 2:47:18 Applying right to repair to airplane parts? 2:50:36 A valid argument between Ally & Deck? 2:53:23 Why Linus dislikes Star Trek 2:54:48 Would Luke ever branch off from LMG and make a car related channel? 2:56:48 Does FP use any design principles in CS? 2:58:38 Changes implemented to LMG's IT infrastructure by Dan & Luke? 3:03:40 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore? 3:04:27 Does Luke have an advice as a C dev to a C dev? 3:06:32 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore? 3:08:54 Any more pride colored LTTStore merch coming? 3:10:06 ROG reboot CPU fan rubber mounts 3:11:06 Favorite Linus quote? 3:12:14 Topic #13 - Eight Sleep cutting off access to API calls 3:13:05 Any practices or content types on the way out? 3:15:40 Nick mentions the microfiber shirt idea 3:16:45 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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What Happened This Week? - WAN Show November 10, 2023

Integrate communication features into your applications and services with SignalWire at: Check out Volcanica Coffee’s over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:53 Intro 1:17 Topic #1 - Intel's Meteor Lake changes CPU branding once more 3:56 "1st Gen Core Ultra," discussing Intel's naming scheme 6:03 14th Gen benchmarks, cryo cooling technology discontinued 10:27 Linus recalls Swiftech, Luke shows Cooler Master's peltier tech 12:03 Problems with peltier, what Linus liked about it 16:30 Topic #2 - The Escapist's staff are resigning, including Yahtzee 33:17 Past gaming content, passion V.S. financial gain on YouTube 41:47 Luke's BestBuy friends site story, GameXplain, Carpoon, competitive YouTube content 47:05 Merch Messages #1 49:00 Have Linus's kids expressed interest in joining LMG? 53:37 Explain Intel's P & E cores? How does it decide to use which? 55:44 How do you feel about students not being able to tell what's a ZIP and a folder? ft. Luke's resume 1:23:06 Random Extra Things - Mario Kart's balance changes 1:30:10 LTTStore mystery color screwdrivers back in limited stock 1:30:35 LTTStore's Window post-it notes 1:32:50 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals temporary newsletter 1:34:35 3D down jacket promo - 4% chance to win a trip to LMG's HQ 1:37:14 Sponsors 1:40:22 Luke's question on pointing out a sponsor is AI-powered 1:40:59 Topic #3 - OpenAI Dev Day, custom GPTs store, GPT-4 Turbo 1:42:33 Price decrease, commitment to pay for copyright & legal fees 1:43:28 Humane's AI pin, Linus on ex-Apple employees being cynical 1:45:37 Recalling Syng speaker, AI pin's pricing, Google Glasses 1:49:04 Luke on whether Linus is open to being wrong, HP laptop review 1:56:24 PC puck, Dan gets sent to VC investor jail 1:58:48 Luke on a anti R2R line in the video, light bypass, Google Glass 2:02:07 Google Clips, Luke asks about TF, last week's LAN party 2:11:54 Slapshot: Rebound, Luke being defense-minded yet is a God gamer 2:22:30 Elon Musk's xAI reveals Grok the chatbot, community mocks it 2:26:23 Amazon builds an AI model named Olympus 2:26:33 Samsung's Gauss translates audio and text locally on the S24 2:27:26 Merch Messages #2 2:34:23 Topic #4 - Valve's Steam Deck specs uplift, 90Hz OLED 2:40:15 To launch on the 16th, might get backlogged 2:41:07 Topic #5 - Original backers of Streacom's case to receive a voucher 2:48:27 Topic #6 - Bored Ape Party used mercury UV light, hurts attendees 2:50:09 Topic #7 -LTT community's 3D printed projects 2:51:02 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, old roulette 2:52:32 Will the LTTStore sales also include shipping offers? 2:56:03 Any info as to why Google's Workplace doesn't work with GMail? 2:56:45 AU’s Optus was down for 18 hours - thoughts on our dependency on ISPs? 2:59:56 Was Linus making his home smart worth it? 3:00:19 Any memorable midnight game releases you went through? 3:04:33 What was Luke's transition to manager-type position like? 3:11:40 Any tips for maintaining all extra worlds in ANNO 1800? 3:14:40 A better way to play a TV in a different room? 3:15:13 Thoughts on 200CC as an avid Mario Karts player? 3:16:48 How come Lenovo is rarely covered on LTT's videos? 3:18:10 Which name Linus prefers for FFVI - Tina, Terra or does it not matter? 3:18:24 Recently engaged, any advice on the wedding day? 3:24:06 What other FF games has Linus played besides FFVI? 3:25:30 How does Linus decide what media to consume in his free time? 3:25:56 Thoughts on the OC remix versions of FFVI? 3:26:41 What do you want to see from the live action Legend of Zelda? 3:27:26 What tech brands or IPs would you want to collab with LTTStore? 3:29:34 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Ad Blockers Can't Watch This - WAN Show November 3, 2023

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Check out SignalWire at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:11 Intro 1:36 Topic #1 - YouTube's anti-ad block campaign is successful 4:12 "We're disabling ad blocking to make Chrome safer," article on Hells Angels 7:50 Linus requests books for mic stands 8:16 Linus on the forums's ad block thread, recalling "ad block is piracy" 13:58 Looking into Linus's mic issue 15:12 Topic #2 - White House's executive order addressed towards AI 15:18 Austin Evans was there, summarizing the executive order 17:23 Should AI be government regulated? ft. Linus brought a Super Chexx 19:22 Linus's mic, discussing games to play on the Mac & PC, "profiling" 22:23 Merch Messages #1 23:38 Thoughts on using phones with parental controls? ft. Linus's mic falls 26:04 Dan's mic emulates 2010's YTPs so perfectly that chat cries 26:42 Whatever happened to the UV hoodie Linus tested on Hawaii? 27:50 Dan's mic, ever surprised someone was a fan? ft. Headphone dent 35:32 Got half a dozen of LTT stealth hats, sad they're out of stock 36:33 Linus warns about not covering as many merch messages due to LAN 36:44 LTTStore's new Breadsaurus t-shirt 37:50 LTTStore's stealth sweatpants pro, SLS newsletter & magnetic cable 41:17 Topic #3 - Embark Studios' The Finals' announcers were AI powered 42:18 Luke on the gameplay, objective-oriented, good support 45:38 Linus on the trailer V.S. gameplay AI announcer 48:34 Luke on bypassing the name filter, Linus on voice acting & AI 50:52 Luke on the F2P system & cosmetics, will he go back to it? 51:32 Luke's experience with Final Fantasy VI, commends Linus 56:30 Linus plays Titanfall 2's campaign, discussing Call of Duty 1:05:26 Luke wants to Play BG3 with Emma, Luke's funny party & results 1:08:20 Sponsors 1:12:58 Topic #4 - EU bans Meta tracking user behavior for targeted ads 1:17:31 Topic #5 - Microsoft to ban "unauthorized" Xbox accessories 1:18:46 Linus on Xbox's "American Girl & Xbox gaming set" 1:20:28 Nick comes on stream, hints the "floor stuff" 1:21:53 Topic #6 - Underground miner's extreme stress test on the LTT backpack 1:23:54 Steven suggests sending over backpacks to study new changes 1:24:26 Topic #7 - Apple announces M3 & Mac lineup 1:28:38 Topic #8 - Rossmann receives 3 community strikes due to FUTO’s GrayJay 1:34:18 Topic #9 - 23AndMe is to provide GSK consumer DNA data for money 1:35:46 Topic #10 - DwarfHeim to shut down due to the dissolution of the dev team 1:38:30 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus does it 1:38:58 How are Luke's birds doing? ft. LG Wing mini update 1:41:55 Given ADHD, does Linus do his best thinking when driving or exercising? 1:42:40 What can Linus do without Yvonne's approval? 1:44:18 Are the dad hats V2 going to be in stock by Christmas? 1:44:34 Luke's thought on requiring software engineers to be licensed ft. LG Wing scrolling, bread 1:46:44 Any new products that you can spoon that might be out for time for holiday gifts? 1:47:17 Ever considered a new WAN Show intro? 1:47:34 Ever heard of Beyond All Reason, or BAR? 1:50:04 Do either of you know what happened to Jack from NCIX? 1:52:02 Would PCs today be better if OS2 & Windows 31 won V.S. MsDOS? 1:52:18 Are sponsors aware of the lack of progress bars on the videos? 1:53:18 New TV update? 1:53:34 What are you going to be playing during the LAN? 1:53:58 How many people will you get to buy ANNO 1800? 1:54:46 When the LAN center opens, will there be a rent-your-PC program? 1:55:14 How can I market my tech skills when some see it as optional? 1:55:58 Did Luke ever dive at Bonaire? 1:56:04 Electric motorcycles ft. EV cars can emulate the feel of a manual 1:58:16 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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PS5 Disk Drive Drama - WAN Show October 27, 2023

Check out Volcanica Coffee’s over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - PS5 Slim requires an internet connection to pair the disc drive 4:06 30 years of pirating PS, long-term impact, game compatibility 6:40 Movie studio's potential influence, pair games 8:10 Right to Repair, Linus on 24/7 net connectivity, FP poll 12:28 Topic #2 - Carriers block "unauthorized" Mexican phones 14:22 Linus on smuggling legitimate products 15:18 Motorola remotely disabled phones, repair shops, spoofing IMEI 19:14 Samsung disabled phones retroactively, OPPO & Xiaomi might do the same 22:20 Samsung won't block any more, what's the solution? ft. Regional prices 30:42 Merch Messages #1 ft. Hand cam, Dan's MM cards 51:26 Topic #3 - IRS to launch Direct File Pilot Program 1:00:56 Topic #4 - Reddit threatens to block Google, claiming it can survive 1:02:24 Reddit & news articles on LLM data, Luke on restrictions 1:06:12 LTTStore's new premium joggers 1:07:54 LTT backpacks on stock, new carabiner update 1:08:44 Free shipping for the whole order if you get the Plaid flannel 1:10:10 Magnetic cable clip signup 1:10:32 Sponsors 1:16:38 Merch Messages #2 1:17:08 Features removed from modern PCs ft. File Share, Win11, monitors, taskbar, G-Docs, sharepoint 1:46:40 What is missing with water cooling that would make it easier? 1:51:28 Topic #5 - Linus now owns the LG Wing 5G 2:07:50 Topic #6 - Activision's deal with Remington for COD MW2 2:17:09 Topic #7 - Nintendo's new tournament guidelines 2:17:28 Nintendo's article, Luke on the Smash scene, "F-off Nintendo" 2:21:06 LAN Smash tournament, Linus challenges Nintendo, breaking rules 2:23:09 Stupid Q&A with Nintendo, "Who CARES?!," ALL THE SPONSORS! 2:25:11 Linus contacts dBrand, he will admit if he is in the wrong 2:28:42 Funny tournament names suggestions 2:30:49 LTT Official Folding Month VI competition ft. Konrad's message 2:33:10 Topic #8 - 41 US states sue Meta for addictive features 2:36:18 Topic #9 - DigitalRev deleted videos on the YouTube channel 2:40:00 Topic #10 - CS2 players banned due to high-DPI spinning 2:42:35 Topic #11 - Unplugged's UP Phone, has a physical killswitch 2:51:40 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:52:39 Experiences with the Amazon One's palm entry stores? 2:54:40 Why do you think all cotton clothing is rare? 3:02:12 Final Fantasy VI discussion 3:23:47 The most detrimental to gaming - gaming as a service, microtransactions or loot boxes? 3:25:20 Opinions on hardcore mode gaming? 3:30:51 Does Linus keep backup computers in his house? 3:36:30 Luke's thoughts on spoonerism given his dyslexia 3:40:04 Power & running costs of the pool cooling? 3:42:35 Employees who deserve more recognition but aren't in the spotlight? 3:46:27 What does Linus do with his excess money? 3:52:29 Blu-rays consoles are locked, it's not up to Sony 3:54:25 Complicated tech product names that infuriate you? 3:56:43 How hard would it be for developing countries to set up fabs? 3:59:03 How does Linus turn his PC rack on remotely? 3:59:55 What do you think is the greatest game of all time? 4:16:09 Ways AR can be used in business? 4:17:29 Ever considered a collab to show how clusters are used in science? 4:19:07 What happened to Linus's DIY water cooling bed? 4:19:39 Why didn't you use the controlled atmospheric chamber to test the sub-ambient PC? 4:20:12 Baby steps to take to have my son start gaming? 4:21:15 Why do you think computer repair shops are a bad idea? 4:22:42 How does sourcing for LTT labs differ from creator warehouse? 4:23:02 Got the 10M subs case, any possibility to buy the play button PC? 4:23:58 Outro ft. Not-so-tall Linus Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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China Got No Game - WAN Show October 20, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at Check out GOG at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:14 Intro 1:47 Topic #1 - US to stop NVIDIA from shipping RTX 4090 to China 3:33 Limited exports to KSA, UAE & Vietnam, other GPU variants 4:34 NVIDIA's $400M quarterly sales, is this going to do anything? 6:21 Local factories, governments' influence on companies 8:16 Topic #2 - Jon Stewart's "The Problem" will not have a third season 8:52 Topic #3 - NY lawmakers demand background checks on 3D printers 10:40 Linus on Luke's "realistic view," banned products, anarchic book 14:02 Implications, shotguns, policy makers, hand-made guns 21:22 Policy makers, Linus on the size of Canada & its inhabitability 27:18 Topic #4 - Apple to update sealed iPhones remotely 28:15 Linus loves this, Luke is worried about this 31:02 Future Secret Shopper 3 parts, Linus on versions & updating 33:15 Linus's steam updates theory, Luke rejects it ft. Windows updates 39:21 Linus on seamless MacOS updates compared to Windows 42:01 Topic #5 - Linus wants Steam to improve SH's system information 44:44 Luke shows average hardware, Linus on how this is misleading 47:47 LTTStore's new dropout jacket 48:36 Linus mentions audio guy & Luke's response 51:54 LTTStore's new controller ornaments 56:38 Potential bits holder, color coding, Linus on its issues 59:25 Linus breaks the table, discussing lanyards & carabiner 1:07:08 Merch Messages #1 1:20:48 Topic #6 - Twitter's "Not a Bot" program to charge users in NZ & PH 1:21:58 Recalling XtremeSystems & Martin's Liquid Lab 1:25:46 Controversial Tweets, SSSniperwolf's react & doxx situation 1:26:57 Linus breaks the bits holder, Sebastien's response 1:28:29 Luke doesn't care about X & bots, Linus mentions Zuckerberg 1:30:20 Huawei's Kirin 9000S bot comments on HotHardware 1:37:44 Sponsors 1:41:51 Merch Messages #2 1:49:22 Topic #7 - Skull Island: Rise of Kong is terrible 1:53:52 Topic #8 - AMD's Anti-Lag+ update 1:56:56 Topic #9 - Marketplace tech repairs caught snooping on devices 2:02:18 Topic #10 - Mountain Dew LTT screwdriver 2:02:32 Linus has the screwdriver, the user's offer, Linus's thoughts 2:04:48 Linus teases Ariana's AMD system upgrade, "written off" Linus 2:05:52 Adam's system upgrade video, ECC squad 2:06:58 Topic #11 - Valve's presentation on recommendation systems 2:09:05 Recalling internet's enshitification, Amazon shopping 2:11:45 Topic #12 - AMD's Threadripper 7000 series releasing next month 2:13:18 Recalling first gen Threadripper's price 2:14:01 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:14:42 Companies you want to have WAN Show's level of transparency? ft. Handshake, BlizzCon devs 2:18:40 Aspects of Linus that changed over the years? ft. New CEO, spending habits, consumables 2:39:10 Downsides of reposting videos like the SS 3? ft. Oldschool Runescape 2:45:18 Any advice to encourage a girl's interest in tech? 2:46:05 A path not taken with LTT that you're most curious about its outcome? 2:49:28 Things you've done professionally you'd never do again? 2:57:46 Will there be a tipping point where the market want to push back and own products? 2:57:46 Topic 13: Qualcomm announces RISC-V Android chip 2:59:16 If an AI can predict appliance settings, would you use it? 3:00:38 Storing a large movie library - MicroSD, SSD or USB stick? 3:02:00 What is the worst RMA experience you had? 3:03:11 What defunct products have you seen that have a cloud-based config? 3:05:19 A proverbial hill you'd die on that people wouldn't know about? 3:08:12 Why Build Redux was not included in the Secret Shopper 3? 3:09:13 How do the dropout hoodies hold up at the gym? 3:10:50 Any issues with the pool cooling? Video update? 3:11:39 What was your best deal ever? 3:14:38 Dan's & Luke's favorite Starfield mods? 3:15:55 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/10/23·3h 16m

Use AMD Get Banned - WAN Show October 13, 2023

Check out SignalWire at: ⁠⁠ Try some unique flavors of coffee at and use code LINUS for 20% off your first order! Get a mooooove on, check out Moosend free for 30 days at and use code LTT for 10% off any monthly plan for the first 3 months Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:05 Intro 1:36 Topic #1- AMD's Anti-Lag+ might VAC ban players 2:16 CS2's tweet, discussing Valve's response ft. Linus touching grass 8:07 Linus tried out CS2, follow recoil, Luke on game audio 13:44 Linus's FPS skill argument, Linus V.S. Luke in bubble hockey game 20:29 Luke on CS2's launch, removal of CS:GO, hitreg issues 22:39 Video of Dan's Z Fold repair, Linus's issues with PETG cooling 28:05 Topic #2 - Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim 31:30 Specs, drive types, vertical stand, resale value 35:52 Linus's car wrap, color spectrum, Luke's firefighter brother 43:11 LTTStore's new Luxe Backpack ft. Linus "drops" his water bottle 46:10 Made to order, free shipping 47:25 Merch Messages #1 59:32 Topic #3 - HP's account locked printers shouldn't be a thing 1:04:43 Topic #4 - Microsoft closes acquisition of Activision Blizzard 1:07:02 Luke & Linus on Tencent, FTC is to challenge the acquisition 1:09:17 Blizzard's CEO set to leave, is Microsoft's expansion into cloud gaming a threat? 1:10:56 Amazon's Luna, Ubisoft+, recalling TF2 & BattleBit's map votes 1:20:42 Sponsors 1:24:03 Linus recalls similar sponsor being backordered 1:25:05 Merch Messages #2 1:51:48 Topic #5 - Intel's Arc A580 1:52:43 Linus recalls Intel's warehouses of GPUs rumors 1:55:07 Up to 149% improvement with new drivers, Battlemage V.S. Alchemist 1:57:28 Viewing the 23AndMe e-mail, discussing data collection & breaches 2:02:45 Shadow's breach included financial data & credentials 2:05:12 Topic #6 - Google restores features according to Sonos's lawsuit 2:07:42 Why did Linus trust Sonos after the bricking ordeal? 2:09:26 Judge's decision on the patent reforms, SVS speakers 2:13:56 Topic #7 - BestBuy to end physical sales, Netflix's physical store 2:18:41 Topic #8 - Facebook's ads are discriminatory, according to a lawsuit 2:20:50 Topic #9 - Two decades Firefox bug repaired by a 23 year old new coder 2:22:28 Topic #10 - Is Linus spoiling his kids with tech too much? 2:30:40 Topic #11 - Microsoft's GitHub Copilot might not be profitable 2:37:00 Merch Messages #3 ft. "Floatplane" After Dark 2:37:21 Linus's thoughts on Bill Watterson's The Mystery 2:47:40 What's a tech product Luke bought that made him feel guilty? 2:50:25 Do I track my actual time or time or others' average to do my work? 2:52:01 Why did you go for apple leather on the Luxe? 2:52:51 What happened to the AI race? 2:54:20 Any problems with the $1000 JBOD cabinet? 2:57:27 Would Linus consider oil to be sufficiently water proof? 2:57:57 Thoughts on space mining for computers & tech? 2:59:00 Luke's thoughts on the upcoming Vanguard from CCP Games? 3:01:47 MAC Address, Gamelinked or Floatplane LTTStore merch in the works? 3:02:42 Favorite purchase that someone told you was dumb? ft. Linus drops his phone 3:06:36 How does the internet work in Canada? 3:08:23 Thoughts on AR in enterprise? 3:09:03 How is the wear & tear of the Luxe? Bottom of Linus's prototype 3:10:26 Samsung selling Fold with known defects & rejecting repairs 3:10:46 Software that keeps track of different processes for each item? 3:11:56 Thoughts on YouTube changing the "Ad" label to "Sponsored"? 3:12:46 Suggestions on how to latch the 40oz bottle in the car? 3:14:31 Why is Stubby's magnet polarity different than the original? 3:15:07 Thoughts on Steam Link? 3:16:29 If Floatplane sank at the start, would Luke be working at LMG? 3:17:28 Sebastian's response about the magnet ft. Bread plush, returning customer, kids 3:19:31 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/10/23·3h 18m

Windows Subscriptions - WAN Show October 6, 2023

Check out Volcanica Coffee’s over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:40 Intro 2:03 Topic #1 - Windows 12: "Subscription" Edition 30:44 Topic #2 - Linus's phone poll, LG Wing is the most voted 33:50 Linus tries to fixate the poll, Dan on fixing Linus's Z Fold 3 36:26 What phone Luke should get, discussing Google & Pixel, less technophiles 41:56 LTT's premium ChromeOS video idea, "year of the Linux desktop" 46:30 Dad Luke's funny PC story, phone offer, why the Pro? What bundle? 58:04 Topic #3 - Secret Shopper 3 update 59:00 Merch Messages #1 ft. Company phone plan, Dan's response, "liability" comment 1:02:48 LTTStore's new SC long-sleeve shirt ft. Tatjana is off probation 1:05:42 LTTStore's pre-order bread plushie 1:06:32 FailedPlanes bonus bin pins 1:08:48 LTT has been added to YT's affiliate program 1:11:30 Do you do late night videos when you're not planning a WAN Show? 1:17:17 How does Linus deal with being tech cursed? ft. Linus' LAN party 1:24:28 Would you ever do a retro LAN with 90's era machines? 1:27:02 Topic #4 - Epic Games to change UE's licensing for non-game development 1:40:36 Sponsors 1:44:46 Linus explains pool thoughts, Luke's washed AirPods, footages on Z Fold 1:49:16 Rules for those asking Dan, Luke the manager of Dan 1:51:58 Merch Messages #2 2:11:03 Topic #5 - Apple Watch Series 0 is now obsolete 2:17:58 Topic #6 - Integrated SSDs in a GPU concept 2:21:08 Linus tries to find his M.2 carrier board, showcases it 2:25:26 Topic #7 - YouTube changing ads on the mobile app 2:27:01 Linus wants creator's thoughts on this 2:27:44 Topic #8 - 23andMe's user data stolen, for sale 2:28:50 Attack targets Ashkenazi Jews, Linus is angry at his mother 2:30:36 Linus reads out his email he sent to his mother in 2019 2:32:44 Reddit post on 23andMe refusing to delete data 2:34:10 Linus on how this impacts insurance, Luke reads the article on it 2:37:56 Topic #9 - TikTok's deepfake of MrBeast used to scam users 2:40:20 Other deepfaked figures, watermarks, how do we protect users? 2:41:33 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, revenue on the bread 3:03:23 Is Linus a backer of the Nofio, a wireless adapter for Valve Index? 3:05:13 What would happen if YouTube decided to delete the old stuff? 3:06:51 What's the most a company tried to make you pay for something dumb? 3:10:00 Tips and tricks for organizing a LAN? 3:11:29 How are the hardware upgrades for LTT going with Luke? 3:12:24 Would you get Samsung's new "The Wall"? 3:13:39 Who were the first ten hires of LMG, and who is still around? 3:16:48 Fake images on Samsung's 130" TV & Freestyle projector articles 3:26:18 Is it acceptable that Cities: Skylines II rolled back console preorders? 3:28:10 What tech tips do you have on making entertaining educational content? 3:29:07 Is there any reason you don't do more LTTStore long-sleeves? 3:29:36 Do you think Starfield was a success or a failure? ft. Screaming Dan 3:31:38 Why did Linus go to Alabama to discuss Saturn V instead of alternatives? 3:32:37 Did you do the backpack pulling thing? 3:33:18 Problem with Samsung's wearables that Linus found? 3:34:55 Can Luke upload his Starfield VODs on YouTube? 3:35:44 News on LTT backpack carabiners? 3:37:18 Ever thought of having a sous chef for the company? 3:39:59 Does WGoA's agreement change your position on AI replacing creative work? 3:46:31 How to avoid getting scammed when engaging with suppliers on Alibaba? 3:48:08 How would Luke rate the 3D down jacket for winter? 3:49:37 How do I run dual GPUs - do they have to be the same model? 3:50:32 Have you ever used PCI-E to Fiber? 3:50:44 FMK - Intel, AMD, ARM 3:54:08 Raiding UFD Tech 3:54:47 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/10/23·3h 54m

WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023

Check out SignalWire at: Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Save time and automate your social media marketing! Check out Tailwind at and get 50 free bonus Ghostwriter AI credits! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 1:09 Intro. 1:33 Topic #1: CS:GO is no more, long lives CS 2. 2:48 History of CS, Source, Luke's experience. 9:36 Subtick, playing with Joe, volumetric smoke, recoil & shield. 16:00 Twitch & FP on CS recoil, Steam reviews, $40M in 40 minute. 22:06 Steam reviews, discussing CS 2 replacing CS:GO, a negative review. 32:50 BG3, Linus's BG3 review on Discord, BG3's tutorial, games reviews. 48:21 Yvonne's character choice, camera mod, game preference. 56:03 LTTStore's new desk pad. 57:06 Linus recalls a viewer's argument on using YT Superchats. 58:18 Creator's warehouse bread plushies ft. FP poll. 1:01:16 Merch Messages #1. 1:01:22 Would you wipe your controversies if you also wipe what you learnt from them?  1:03:44 Luke disagrees with FP Poll. 1:04:58 Any personal experience dealing with low temperature on tech? 1:07:23 New FP Poll for breads. 1:07:48 How many times has DLL said anything that caused chaos within LMG? 1:11:00 FP Poll result, bread is the meme. 1:12:09 Topic #2: Newegg's GPU trade in program. 1:12:34 Trade in prices, easy process & warranty. 1:20:49 Linus's price take, Luke on working with PayPal, LTT's AMD video, Linus on satire. 1:38:30 Sponsors. 1:42:13 Covering last WAN's supplement sponsorship. 1:45:30 Merch Messages #2. 1:45:36 How bad a monitor would you use for free before spending on one? 1:53:16 Has LTT ever used consultors or contractors? 2:00:56 How do you address technical debt in your projects? 2:06:00 Topic #3: Samsung's Neo G9 monitors cracking. 2:08:10 Luke on the low frequency of curved screens damage, Linus on per-region support. 2:12:08 Linus calls about if the Secret Shopper segment was shot, continues to leak. 2:22:16 Linus recalls Samsung's The Wall, purchases TCL's 115" MiniLED TV. 2:30:22 Linus's theory on why this is Chinese exclusive, LTT shot the Compensator. 2:35:30 Topic #4: Russian zero-day seller offers $20M to hack iOS & Android. 2:39:57 Topic #5: Reddit phases out gold & awards, now pays for karma. 2:42:08 Topic #6: Metaverse's 3D facial scan. 3:02:07 Topic #7: TheFloW teases a PS4/PS5 exploit. 3:03:39 Topic #8: Google will discontinue Podcast next year. 3:04:52 Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:09:28 Topic #10: Getty's library generates images through an ethical database. 3:10:23 Topic #11: Google Search showcases ChatGPT-3's "eggs can be melted" response. 3:11:09 Topic #12: Military AI to sort U.S. intelligence. Cont. Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:13:11 Meta's Ray-Band glasses article. 3:15:04 Luke shows Hotbunlover. 3:15:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 3:16:58 How viable do you believe LTT's cleanest setup is? 3:19:48 Difficult challenge for tech that you've come to terms with? 3:20:41 Has Luke looked into aftermarket options for his car's infotainment system? 3:22:27 Has Linus's workload lowered after stepping down? ft. Tech shop sequel, Sea of Stars, cutscenes. 3:39:41 Did Yvonne's medical history  help her learn finance better? 3:40:16 Any noticeable LTTStore merch preference per region? 3:40:43 Do you see 12GB VRAM being enough for 2K Ultra settings in the future? 3:45:14 Is it true that Linus can leap over the chair from a standing position? 3:49:16 Arm wrestling on WAN Show? 3:50:18 Have you explored what it'd take to start an ISP? 3:50:52 What is Linus's favorite WAN Show snack? 3:51:22 Do you think you'll see AI reach full sentience in your lifetime? 3:52:32 Why does Luke stream his Starfield gameplay on Twitch and not on FP? 3:54:08 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Furious But NVIDIA Is Right - WAN Show September 22, 2023

Check out Volcanica Coffee’s over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Check out GOG at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 0:55 Intro. 1:20 Topic #1: NVIDIA releases DLSS 3.5. 2:02 NVIDIA's claims, "AI is the future of gaming." 3:44 Linus on native res gaming, DLSS implementation, Luke on possible issues. 8:52 Linus on using AI to game dev, data processing. 15:02 Game dev, graphical fidelity, Luke's "story." 20:41 Stream dies, spliced VOD. 20:43 Topic #2: Microsoft's Nintendo acquisition plans leaked. 21:57 How rumors spread, LTT food & LinusCatTips 22:58 Documents leaks planned projects for Xbox. 25:11 ZeniMax's planned games, Luke on Tomb Raider. 28:52 Microsoft's interest to acquire companies, Luke on companies that fell off. 30:51 Nintendo Switch's power, lack of roadmap, "it's Tomb Raider, who cares?!" 36:00 Luke on Microsoft's roadmap presentation, "pyramid scheme." 39:02 Lack of themed Xbox, Linus's & Luke's experience, Luke's TV, Confused Dan. 45:53 Merch Messages #1 ft. Not-so-smart Linus. 1:01:17 Topic #3: Microsoft's Copilot AI companion. 1:04:02 M365 Copilot's release date, OpenAI's DALL-E 3, new Surface devices. 1:08:44 Trying out Copilot, failing miserably. 1:17:13 Viewer logs in using Steam's QR, crew baffled & impressed. 1:18:35 Luke's prompt suggestions, Linus's drawing, Luke on Copilot's preview. 1:35:55 Linus vents about Microsoft's search ft. Sleep Country. 1:38:01 Topic #4: House LAN center update. 1:41:09 Linus on rack ports, custom terminated cables, pool watercooling. 1:45:20 Planned LTT videos, thermal camera, heat exchanger & transfer. 1:59:08 Server-heated fireplace, Linus on existing tubes & hot water pipes. 2:05:10 Sponsors 2:09:07 LTTStore's new onesie ft. Linus & Luke wearing it. 2:10:20 Merch Messages #2. 2:10:24 Logistics team's reaction to the M&P truck ft. G4 cube, Z Fold 3 repair. 2:32:48 How did Luke get the Starfield Constellation Edition Smartwatch? 2:34:39 Would the badminton center include rental rackets? 2:36:29 RAM in Intel & AMD chips? ft. Luke's phone, old hardware, CD movies, RF-blocking paint. 2:51:28 Topic #5: LTX2024 is not happening. 2:54:17 Whale LAN, potential to improve Whale LAN. 2:59:33 Whaler_99, OG LTT forums mod, officially hired as LMG's IT guy. 3:01:55 LMG employees' comments on M&P's owner & video production. 3:04:12 Best parts that didn't make it into the video? ft. Linus is a fainter. 3:11:26 Topic #6: Asus's ROG Ally base model. 3:11:44 Topic #7: New YouTube policy allows channels to change YT name only. 3:13:06 Topic #8: Unity swaps their install fees change with a new plan. 3:14:25 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 3:15:03 What's the itch factor on the LTT merino T-shirt? ft. Onesie photos. 3:16:44 Tech projects wanting to stay independent despite purchase offers? 3:18:42 Precision screwdriver showcase. 3:18:24 5M face shield Canadian Government formal order story. 3:19:09 Tech in its early days that would become the norm for schools? 3:20:29 Would LTT x Noctua screwdriver be available through Noctua in Europe? 3:20:58 Opinions on tech leaks & its impact on purchases? 3:22:18 What was the best product in a game bundle you got? 3:24:34 Cancelled video project you wished to release and why did you cancel it? 3:25:49 What is Linus's opinion on Ben & Jerry's ice cream. 3:26:47 Favorite LTTStore merch you've ever done? 3:28:46 Opinions on Supreme Commander 2? 3:29:05 Anything felt different since the week break? Any noticeable improvements? 3:33:50 Tech tips on cooling without a pool? 3:35:50 Tell a story about a time you felt like a Sims character. 3:36:52 Thoughts on the GR Corolla & the intelligent manual transmission? 3:37:41 Thoughts on selling 3D printed LTT screwdriver case? 3:39:20 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Unity? More Like Divorce - WAN Show September 15, 2023

Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Enable your creative side! Check out Moment at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:05 Intro 1:32 Topic #1 - Unity's runtime fee angers all 3:45 Fraud detection, silently deleted clause & TOS 5:11 Unity's income, CEO selling stocks before changes 6:38 Unity's response, Linus on hiding it 10:24 Luke mentions Mega Crit's tweet, Linus on "premeditated" 14:38 Luke recalls "Pay to Reload," Linus advocates for Unity 17:45 UE4 & SOLIDWORKS licenses, Godot, what should Unity do? 25:14 Linus on changing terms of subscription 30:06 Topic #2 - Plex blocks access to Hetzner 31:47 Explaining Plex, its usage, reason behind the block 34:49 Plex's sharing & premium feature, Jellyfin & Emby 39:36 Liking products V.S. working with sponsor, Luke on eufy babycam 42:08 "Plex is a company with a liability," "WAN VPN" 43:43 What game companies are doing things right? ft. Kitty bread 44:44 Jake's Pirate Party of Canada comment 48:18 Merch Messages #1 49:17 Linus's autonomous lawn mower update 53:03 Entered mall competition, received details of every entry, who to report this to? 56:02 Guess the purpose of this Wish product! ft. Jessica 58:04 Rules of the bit 58:41 Product #1 1:02:22 Product #2 1:05:20 Product #3 1:10:38 Product #4 1:12:36 Product #5 1:25:19 Sponsors 1:36:00 Scrapyard Wars 9 1:39:31 Merch Messages #2 1:39:42 Are you planning to shave your beard? 1:40:51 What if Apple invested 5% in Valve? ft. Games discussion 2:02:11 Will there be a console with an upgradeable graphics card? 2:03:58 LTTStore's new reversible bomber jacket 2:06:50 LTTStore's new Merino T-shirt 2:09:12 LTT retro screwdriver newsletter 2:09:55 Send over favorite garment & your review on it 2:10:34 Topic #3 - California's right to repair bill 2:13:43 Topic #4 - Destiny 2 cheater barred from playing games 2:24:02 How many videos were shot after the break? 2:28:55 Answer, FP poll's result 2:31:56 Topic #5 - Pitstoptech's handheld Framework DIY project 2:34:16 Specs, Linus on ROG Ally's repairability 2:37:02 Topic #6 - Meta to allow cross-apps messaging 2:38:51 Topic #7 - Apple's iPhone 15 has Type-C 2:40:28 Micro-B & Mini-B, discussing Lightning 2:47:30 Linus on being stuck with Type-C 2:51:58 Topic #8 - Intel announces Thunderbolt 5 2:54:13 Topic #9 - Twitter (X) monetization pays LTT 2:55:05 Topic #10 - MS ends Surface Duo's support 2:58:59 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:59:16 How hard was it to set up LTTStore's desk configurator? 3:01:02 Your take on the potential requirement of battery replacement? 3:03:15 Has LTT considered physical copies of their content? 3:04:16 What do you think of kids using devices during school days? 3:12:38 Timeline for serious RISC adoption for gaming? 3:14:57 Opinion on Asus charging $750 to replace an $800 monitor's LCD? 3:16:41 What is the point you decide to move on from tech? 3:18:40 What made you decide to make “Working for Linus” videos? 3:21:00 Given YouTube's algorithm, are you getting back to daily uploads? 3:22:05 Is the swacket coming back? 3:22:33 Which subscriber makes the most revenue for you - YT, YT Premium or FP? 3:24:07 History of hiring Riley, impact on LMG if you didn't? 3:24:42 What content would you do on an experimental channel? 3:26:56 Will Linus be upgrading his Framework 13 to Ryzen? 3:27:37 Thoughts on AYANEO KUN? 3:28:38 Why have you dropped the Amazon store? 3:32:06 US's large lithium deposit, will we see lithium products getting cheaper? 3:34:49 Did the CVO idea come organically or was it borrowed from Simon Cynic's book? 3:36:50 Are you considering bulk ordering Framework 16 for LMG? 3:41:25 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Want Denuvo in Your Game Mods? - WAN Show September 8, 2023

Reach and engage with your audience! Check out Moosend free for 30 days at Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:00 Intro 1:29 Topic #1 - Mod replaces Starfield's FSR2 with DLSS & XeSS 3:10 Login authentication, mod's revenue 5:18 Free mod alternative, backlash, debate over "paid mods" 8:32 Luke on Skyblivion, Linus on net benefits & source of income 15:22 FP Poll: How many mods do you use in a game? 20:44 Work required for projects ft. MM Dashboard, Floatplane 24:52 Starfield's sales & potential mods revenue 28:04 Mod camps, NVIDIA's Morrowind demo & Denuvo 33:02 Discussing possible approaches, "slider system" 36:32 Minecraft Marketplace, recalling horse armor 38:50 Mod revenue, microtransactions 40:38 Topic #2 - Nintendo's private demo of Switch 2 41:15 Luke realizes paid graphical mod is "microtransaction" 42:54 FPS & resolution demo, Linus called this, "current-gen HD" 45:24 "Nintendo-exclusives," RTX 40XX, Linus on Xbox 48:58 What would your dream console be? 54:52 Linus on how Steam Deck impacted Nintendo's decisions 56:56 Luke Nukem LTTStore T-Shirt ft. Dan throws a box 59:17 Series 2 Pins ft. What is Luke Nukem? 1:03:22 Interesting line on Starfield's EULA 1:06:13 FP's comment on complaints at the start of a trend 1:07:02 Merch Messages #1 1:07:34 Traditional forums comeback? 1:09:37 Smaller LTTStore backpack update 1:10:53 EULA of creation kit for Skyrim 1:12:40 You say not to pre-order. Do I pre-order the Luke Nukem shirt or not? 1:13:51 Stupidest tech you bought that you found you had a use for? 1:18:22 Topic #3 - Google's privacy sandbox for cookies & ads 1:28:38 Sponsors 1:32:02 Merch Messages #2 1:32:07 Biggest change to our lives with unlimited power? 1:37:15 Would you live without tech if drivers became a subscription? ft. "Year of the Linux" 1:40:16 How do you decide what tier of cars to review? 1:47:48 What part of the YouTube algorithm surprises you? 1:49:51 Topic #4 - Rockstar selling cracked games on Steam 2:02:44 Topic #5 - Mozilla's report on car's privacy nightmare 2:10:13 Topic #6 - SAG-AFTRA might lead game VAs to strike 2:22:35 Topic #7 - Gizmodo replaces a Spanish writer with a machine 2:25:45 Topic #8 - Frameworks sells "old" mainboards at a discount 2:28:12 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, pizza 2:29:18 Linus puts bread on Dan's chair, gym time, pizza sauces, fruits 2:36:25 Any advice for working with work paralysis? Biggest "A HA!" moment? 2:40:21 Do you like it when people discuss tech with you in the wild? 2:46:30 How many goats are you worth, and why? 2:50:12 Noctua screwdriver update? Bundling the Stubby & OG? 2:53:10 How have the first few weeks of the slower video outputs been? 2:56:50 Linus's socks preference 2:57:22 What happened to the stray cats in Linus's yards? 2:59:02 What would take any of you to shave your beards? 3:01:07 When did you guys realize you had PC building expertise? ft. Train 3:03:01 What LTTStore products are upcoming? 3:06:00 Most frustrating example of losing work due to lack of backwards compatibility? 3:09:07 Dropped the screwdriver from 130ft - any crazy tests on your products? 3:12:08 Unscripted videos, how long until scripted? ft. "Chess problems," glasses 3:25:51 If LMG became a mid-sized corporation, should the WAN Show continue? 3:27:46 Floatplane merch update? 3:29:54 Where to go to look for a badminton racket? ft. Linus's FB market history 3:34:20 Linus's challenges with ADHD 3:36:22 Suggestions if I don't want to man a million plus projects? 3:38:01 What videos do you wish to have a do-over? 3:40:52 Advice to give someone who starts with no experience? Pitfalls to avoid? 3:41:32 Is there a future where Nintendo bows out of the gaming space? 3:44:12 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/09/23·3h 44m

You Okay Intel? - WAN Show September 1, 2023

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:22 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - Experiencing Starfield 2:52 Starfield's early reviews 4:28 Starfield's map, Luke's experience, "feels like America" 7:22 Luke the "Bethesda Simp," Arc performance 10:49 Linus on "recommended spec," QOL sliders, resolution scaling 18:42 Linus on funny bugs, Luke on experiences 20:16 Starfield's movement, Linus on SSDs 23:14 Luke on sluggish movements, Linus on Starfield's performance 25:20 Linus on console generations, Luke on game quality & WFH 31:16 Dan on disrupting warping, Luke on immersion 32:07 "COVID benefited games," Linus's hockey arena & suburbs rant 36:12 Linus on community pressure, Luke on Linus's take 39:32 Linus on stadium deals, chat on passports 42:05 Luke's criticism, good era for gaming 48:39 LTTStore's new stubby screwdriver 48:56 Luke showcases the Stubby, bit storage & ratchet 52:13 Colored screwdrivers 53:48 LTTStore's site facelift 55:32 Mystery screwdriver ft. pin, Dan trolling 56:42 Pet bed feedback, material type ft. FP poll 58:46 Free extended sizing merch for testers, FP poll result 1:01:00 Merch Messages #1 1:07:33 Topic #2 - iFixit requests right to repair Mac's ice cream machines 1:10:02 Reforming DMCAs, Luke on sour cream & taco pizza 1:13:22 Dan's fine dining job, Linus's dropped patty, Luke's debate 1:18:22 FP's experience, Luke's soup tip 1:26:20 Sponsors 1:30:58 Merch Messages #2 1:51:57 Topic #3 - Lenovo's Legion Go handheld 2:06:32 Topic #4 - Elon Musk showcases Tesla's self-driving 2:13:22 Topic #5 - Sea of Stars 2:15:07 Linus's must-play list, community ordering his game idea 2:22:47 Topic #6 - Intel's PIUMA, 66 threads per core 2:30:10 Topic #7 - Pass YouTube's course to remove strikes 2:33:54 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Dan's new keyboard 2:35:40 Features you'd downgrade to a slab-style phone for? 2:43:07 Plushie motherboard & case ideas? 2:44:01 Luke's experience on BG3 2:44:34 Times you were mad at a pet? Dan is not a pet 2:51:36 WAN DLL pickle when? 2:52:48 Fun April Fools idea you had to scrap? Brainstorming process? 2:57:18 Worst bug you encountered in a video game? 3:02:22 Linus's experience with Ecobee's Wi-Fi thermostat 3:03:35 Go-to socks brand 3:07:18 Boeing factory tour for Luke? 3:07:55 Examples of a process change with an impact on productivity? 3:09:52 Badminton court updates 3:11:49 Have you seen Sanctuary: Shattered Sun? 3:13:58 Had trouble with the USB reset bug Ryzen had? 3:15:07 How long would you say a flagship system should last? 3:18:56 Value of staying loyal to an employer V.S. finding jobs externally 3:25:16 Comments on jacket seams coming apart? 3:26:11 Outrageous tech conspiracy you've come across? 3:27:20 How do you feel about MediaShare? 3:28:58 LTT board game? If yes, what would it be? 3:30:28 Has Luke decided on a phone yet? 3:32:40 Favorite part of owning a business? 3:33:22 Different colored stubby? 3:35:20 Thoughts on the EV industry to switch to Tesla's chargers? 3:36:32 Wife wants TV on top of fireplace, what else can I say outside of "it's too high"? 3:37:34 "Stubby me daddy" 3:37:48 It's 2050, you wrote a biography, what is it titled? 3:44:02 Luke's favorite character in BG3 3:50:39 Interest in making more colors for screwdrivers? ft. Tally of stubby orders 3:54:42 What is your dream breakfast? 3:57:24 What components should be the focus of a music production PC that uses virtual instruments? 3:58:17 Why do companies focus on pure electric cars instead of hybrids? 4:01:11 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/09/23·3h 55m

One Of The Shows Of All Time - WAN Show August 25, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at Check out Volcanica Coffee’s over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Save time and automate your social media marketing! Check out Tailwind at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: (00:00:00) Chapters (00:01:18) Intro (00:01:56) Topic #1 - Lack of WAN Show last week (00:02:44) Working & figuring things out (00:03:54) Steven's FP post, content break (00:05:28) dBrand's broken glass, Linus's pool kills his tech (00:11:41) Linus on fixing his Z Fold ft. Bread Cam (00:12:44) Luke on baking tech, Android's photo back up (00:14:48) LTT's Radeon pt. 2 video, supposed to release sooner (00:16:09) Topic #2 - Disney ditches physical disks sales (00:19:12) Past writer strikes up to 153 day (00:19:42) U.S. judge rules A.I. art cannot be copyrighted (00:20:16) Lack of strikers' compensation, "tax write off" (00:22:31) Constantly dropping shows, what will happen to industries? (00:25:39) Discussing global film industries (00:27:35) Linus on Disney withdrawing content (00:29:38) Luke on archiving, Linus on piracy (00:33:02) Linus on Superchats (00:35:06) Merch Messages #1 ft. Bread Cam (00:35:43) Bread in resin FP exclusive? (00:36:57) Would wireless GPUs take off? (00:38:35) LMG's car channel update, style of video? (00:40:03) Topic #3 - Illinois allows child influencers to sue parents (00:48:22) Topic #4 - GTA VI leaked by a teen hacker (00:58:36) Topic #5 - Best Monopoly spots ft. Bread Cam (01:01:41) Luke's history with timestamping WAN Show (01:02:43) Result of FP poll, "inflation" in Monopoly (01:04:26) Luke confronts Bread deity about the number of topics (01:04:49) Sponsors (01:08:46) Monopoly's wiki on railroads ft. "Rush for Bread!" (01:10:05) Linus on Monopoly purchase & auction rules (01:13:04) Linus's screenshare button, Monopoly Tycoon (01:17:02) Discussing "Tycoon," past games, "better Anno" (01:20:02) Luke discuss Sawyer & Steam reviews, Linus recalls Anno (01:21:48) Starfield, Yukon Trail, Linus learns about FP polls (01:23:57) Jadeon's new FP player & features (01:26:47) Twitch's take on React (01:27:58) Merch Messages #2 (01:32:22) Topic #6 - Luke plays Baldur's Gate 3 (01:34:12) Luke mutes Linus the Bear Enthusiast (01:35:31) BG3's multiplayer & campaigns (01:36:20) Chained Echoes, Linus's & Luke's hours (01:37:20) Linus recalls Valve changing TF2's stats (01:38:24) StS’s Ascension, Linus on overwriting saves (01:40:36) Rocket league ranks (01:41:08) Update on Ludwig V.S. Linus game-off (01:42:22) This Was NOT a Video (01:43:24) Dan wasted paper, Linus on iGPU (01:47:38) Topic #7 - Microsoft pulls A.I. article writer (01:49:32) Microsoft's response (01:50:03) Fully machined artwork is ineligible for copyright (01:50:24) Microsoft's A.I.'s sea life suggestion (01:51:50) Topic #8 - Meta blocks Canadian news (01:54:52) Topic #9 - Experian fined $650K for violating spam law (01:55:29) Topic #10 - Rockstar acquires (01:57:02) Linus on goal changes, Luke on modders being hired (01:58:25) Merch Messages #3 ft. Bread Cam (01:59:08) Ever experienced "if I do this, there's no going back?" (02:01:51) Favorite stories from LTX & Whale LAN (02:02:55) Did you think the screwdriver would be as widely used as it is? (02:04:12) Ever played racquetball or squash? How does it compare to badminton? (02:05:41) Favorite split screen Co-Op games? (02:11:24) Stubby screwdriver launch date on LTTStore? (02:12:09) Favorite smart home upgrades (02:13:40) Biggest culture shock during your travels? (02:15:01) Any other sponsors who were weird like dBrand? (02:16:27) Choose between old wireless internet & rechargeable batteries (02:18:23) Release of Atari 2600+ (02:19:21) Thoughts on DLSS being a necessity (02:22:29) Would you do a video about FP tech? (02:23:33) Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Wearing Your Whole PC On My Wrist - WAN Show August 11, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 00:00 Chapters 01:53 Intro 02:27 Topic #1 - xQc's "reaction" called out 04:04 Reactors' impact on viewership, transforming content 06:38 H3H3, Linus's history, xQc & Hasanabi criticism 08:42 Ethan's debate, xQc replies with "the worm" 10:08 xQc leaking his DM with Ethan, LTT's GPU meme 11:06 Drama, Linus's thoughts on xQc's invalid defenses 16:15 Danger of "supportive" people ft. Linus's & Luke's story 24:39 Linus's community ft. Rod, Brian, Ed 27:56 Whose fault is this? What is the fix? 33:16 Topic #2 - CNET removing old articles 33:43 Linus on the difficulty of looking up stuff online 36:03 CNET's representatives answers, Google's tweet 38:52 Linus polls chat, archiving the internet 43:14 Merch Messages #1 44:58 Clear screwdrivers ETA? ft. "40k backpacks," reinventing the wheel 51:27 LTTStore's new keyboard pin 54:54 Linus on the store's product photography 58:14 Linus's home theater ft. EP, tapes, collectibles, Barbie merch 1:14:36 Linus explains reasoning behind C$ on LTTStore 1:16:54 Pins sold, TS' cassettes, 1st gen iPod 1:20:28 Linus sees the pin colors, C$ 0.01 more 1:21:25 Topic #3 - Bots do CAPTCHA better than humans 1:22:34 Possible alternatives, Luke discuss passwords 1:26:32 Topic #4 - ShortCircuit's Pwnage mouse video edited 1:30:25 Sponsors 1:35:53 LTTStore's weekly deal ft. Dan is getting powerful 1:38:07 LTTStore products on Amazon, Linus V.S. Linux 1:41:13 Topic #5 - YouTube limits links on the platform 1:43:38 Hipyo's tweet on YouTube's decision 1:43:48 Amazon screwdriver seller is NOT LTT 1:45:33 "This ends channels," YouTube V.S. TikTok 1:47:29 Linus on Shorts revenue, scams, account breaches 1:50:59 Linus on comment's visibility, hearts, pinning 1:53:46 Jeff corrects Linus about betting ft. Timestamp guy 1:59:29 Merch Messages #2 2:01:12 YouTube Shopping & revenue 2:03:37 Floatplane's development history 2:09:14 Put in charge of Federal internet funding, what would you do? 2:11:52 What would it take for Starfield to be a success for Luke? 2:14:04 Should Linus edit a video? ft. Who would Luke backup? 2:18:08 Topic #6 - $300K of M:TG cards stolen 2:20:36 Experience, revenue from TV, strikers, unions 2:25:48 Topic #7 - Intel "Downfall" vulnerability 2:26:57 Topic #8 - A.I. can read your keystrokes 2:31:09 Merch Messages #3 ft. Accidental outro, WAN Show After Dark, extra bins 2:33:12 Impact of LTT's reviews on your relationships ft. Linus & Luke reminiscing their past 2:57:27 Steam Deck's impact on third party launchers 2:59:25 WAN Show on-time ft. Linus's family, gifted people, Yvonne, work culture 3:24:48 Do you ever get tired of your job? 3:26:34 Thoughts on branded hardware? 3:30:34 Favorite CPU socket & peripheral connector? 3:31:22 Challenges with NVIDIA & recording a live event 3:35:14 Luke's advice on owning budgies 3:37:30 How many LTX-edition screwdrivers have you sold? 3:41:17 LTT LTX staff pins history ft. Nick's e-mail 3:44:23 Auction items that you were saddest to see go? 3:45:06 Pointless A.I. implementations? Pointless A.I.? ft. Hackathon, driving Linus home 3:49:12 Is Luke doing more reviews due to FP or the CEO? 3:50:58 Why has Samsung's phone box gotten bland? 3:52:48 Lux backpack update 3:53:59 Where to put the Steam Deck in a backpack without a case? 3:55:42 Changing Linus's midname to "Tech Tips" after purchases from LTTStore? 3:57:06 Do you see LTT merch as a reflection of yourself? 4:00:59 An experience you wanted to have but had to turn down? 4:02:18 Brandless LTT backpack? Video without excessive LTTStore branding? 4:03:42 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Pretending I Endorse Your Product Is Fraud - WAN Show August 4, 2023

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try Notion AI for free at Visit Newegg at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:48 Intro 1:37 Topic #1 - Baldur's Gate 3 released ft. FP poll 3:18 Second highest concurrent players on Steam 4:38 FP poll results, past RPG experiences ft. Star Wars 18:41 Baldur's Gate 3's success, movie ratings, upcoming games 20:51 Topic #2 - Anker's eufy refuses removing Linus's face 22:28 X/Tweet of Linus's quote, Luke's points 24:50 A Chinese company V.S. an American site 25:51 Merch Messages #1 27:08 Has Linus seen the Fly Me To The Moon AI cover? 28:48 Wisdom on why standardization fails/succeeds in tech? 33:07 University education's importance for getting into the tech industry? 38:16 FP's comment on parents, work ethics 39:12 Topic #3 - Twitch changes gambling restrictions 39:56 Twitch prohibits sponsorships, recalling past WAN Show 40:52 Valve's C&D, gambling is bannable, Valve directly profits 41:48 CS:GO knives, Steam users money spent on gambling 43:51 $15M blue gem knife offer, recalling Jack Dorsey's first tweet 45:10 Discussing gambling, xQc's "react" content 49:53 LMG's react channel, "who owns my react content?" Fair Use 1:07:30 Anker removes Linus after WAN Show call out 1:08:24 Sponsors 1:11:31 Giveaway - Asetek x Blue Horse Studios LTX 2023 1:11:50 Anker did NOT remove Linus from sites 1:13:33 Linus on "recruiting" bug checking through the community 1:34:02 Luke opens a creator's gift for Linus 1:37:38 Linus aggressively gifts the gift to Dan 1:39:20 Luke opens more gifts, thanking Rodd, Linus's unpredictability 1:46:14 Luke trolls everyone ft. Topic #4 - U.S. Government's NDAA 1:47:36 Linus mutes Luke, LTTStore's new RGB shirt 1:49:03 Indoor hoodie back in stock 1:50:35 NSA expresses concerns, selling/buying information 1:53:12 Merch Messages #2 1:53:24 Was Linus nervous during LTX 2023 WAN Show? 1:56:37 How has Luke handled difficult personalities as CTO? 2:00:21 Was LTX 2023 as successful as you hoped? 2:15:04 Dan offers ice cream, Luke recalls fruit roll ups & ice cream 2:17:35 Trying out fruit roll ups ice cream combo 2:19:50 Topic #5 - Labs' Tim response causes controversy 2:35:08 Topic #6 - Xbox's repairable controllers parts 2:38:16 Topic #7 - China's limits on childrens' web access 2:39:26 Topic #8 - DMUG's review on LTT's backpack 2:40:46 X redirects to Twitter now, Apple allows rename 2:42:12 Topic #9 - Linus reacts to Ludwig's reaction to Linus 2:44:22 Linus's game choices to go against Ludwig 2:58:03 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:59:19 Would Luke make a self-made recipe book? 3:01:10 How would Direct Storage change GPU architecture? 3:02:16 Thoughts on Microsoft pushing ARM adaption? 3:03:18 Luke Goes Places new series idea 3:05:57 Linus's review with his current monitor 3:06:50 Does Luke push back on Linus's unrealistic requests? 3:08:57 Insights on how LMG approaches creating products 3:11:18 Does LMG plan to make videos on IT struggles & practices? 3:12:05 The SNES game would Linus play for the rest of his life? 3:13:35 Weird areas of IT you want to learn more about? 3:15:28 Would a female applying to a job with a fake male name be a deal breaker for you? 3:18:05 Has Luke tried the other Star Wars systems? 3:19:12 Game companies that do old legacy games right? 3:21:09 What are some of your favorite small victories? 3:24:03 Is Yvonne getting Anker stuff a Linus V.S. LMG thing? 3:24:54 Why do two people call each other, they mark themselves unavailable? 3:26:20 Would you be more open to free shipping with better margins? 3:27:24 Coolest thing you had to sign on LTX 2023? 3:28:32 Which challenge stands out as your favorite? 3:32:12 Games you're fond of released before you were born that take you back? 3:33:16 Would the new gen billionaires have super gaming systems? 3:34:09 Precision screwdriver ETA? 3:34:29 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Stop Flying Over My House - WAN Show July 29, 2023

Check out the Hacked podcast (The logo is blue) wherever you listen to shows! Like Spotify: Save big on back to school tech at #BestBuyPartner Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: (00:00:00) Chapters (00:01:43) Intro (00:02:45) Topic #1 House insurance dropped as restoring a car is a "hazard" (00:04:12) Photos taken via drones, rejected insurance due to wildfire risk (00:05:29) Linus steals an LTX pass (00:06:22) Sven hasn't made a claim in 15 years ft. Luke's Californians burn (00:07:03) Insurer's idiotic claims, Linus on owning airspace (00:09:10) Topic #2 ESRB wants to age-scan faces (00:10:38) Scans won't disallow children to download restricted games (00:11:18) Epic Games's $275M penalty for violating COPPA (00:12:13) Linus asks LTX about information, photos & "samples" (00:13:12) Discussing solutions, information & rated content (00:16:28) Luke on parental control, Linus's children (00:21:26) Linus's sons' comedic delivery, Linus's thoughts (00:23:43) ESRB's function, Linus's chat with a past female LTX attendant (00:27:44) Merch Messages #1 ft. Go with the flow Dan (00:29:07) Make the audience crack their fingers (00:29:36) Ever had trouble with securing a trademark or web domain? (00:33:13) Did you grow up watching Computer Chronicles on PBS? (00:34:33) Linus's lambo update, derby idea (00:39:26) Most difficult part of LTX to plan? ft. Colton (00:40:48) Linus on the terrible-ness of the news (00:41:20) Topic #3 HounGounGagne's video on CS:GO (00:44:37) Linus on perceiving gambling, Luke's history with a slot machine (00:47:28) Linus understands why people bet, thoughts on mobile games (00:51:18) Robux casinos can be cashed out for real currencies (00:52:46) Winner of the Motherboard's House of Cards (00:53:14) FP's suggestion on gambling for WAN Show (00:54:20) Topic #4 Twitter is rebranding to X (00:54:52) "er" sign, stealing @X handle, Luke thought it was a joke (00:57:10) The "everything" app, Linus on naming schemes (1:01:38) Sponsors (1:08:06) Topic #5 - ChatGPT Creator launches Worldcoin (1:12:02) Topic #6 - ChatGPT worsens due to interactions (1:15:46) Merch Messages #2 (1:15:54) How fun is doing The WAN Show with a live audience? ft. Wave, "take it off," charity (1:23:46) Dan's habit with the mic (1:24:37) Is FP coming over to TV streamers? ft. LMG is hiring, bingo (1:25:56) Got any Labs updates? any big projects in the pipeline? ft. Upgrade, bingo (1:37:56) Speculations about Linus's rating to ASUS in secret shopper (1:43:47) Topic #7 Tesla's battery report falsifies range (1:45:31) Topic #8 Google proposes DRM for websites (1:47:30) Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark (1:47:50) What's the best selling desk pad at LTX? (1:49:35) How long until Apple makes a folding phone? (1:51:48) What is the most frantic last-minute work you had to do for an LTX before? (2:03:05) Basement gaming computers update? (2:04:16) Has Linus or Luke ever shot a gun while visiting the U.S.? (2:06:30) Is there a limit as to how big you want LTX to grow? (2:07:01) Tips for post convention & expo depression? (2:08:00) Know any poor timing for ads or sponsors? (2:09:20) What is your favorite part of working with each other? (2:11:42) Favorite memory from creating a video or working on a project? (2:14:45) How does it feel to have nearly all big tech creators at LTX? (2:15:07) Proudest & jankiest solution that made everyone baffled? (2:16:22) Helpful tips on traveling with your tech? (2:18:16) When can we download videos on FP? (2:19:08) Extended kernel project? Do you think old versions can get community updates? (2:21:17) Is there going to be a tux plush? LTT themed mini figures? (2:22:58) Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Sorry For The DDoS - WAN Show July 21, 2023

Reach and engage with your audience! Check out Moosend free for 30 days at Reserve the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices at Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code “LMG” Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 1:26 Intro. 1:53 Topic #1: LTT's video accidentally DDoSes Medicat USB. 2:43 Who has LTT done this to before? 3:53 Medicat DDoSed again, LTT's history of overloading pages. 8:34 Topic #2: NVIDIA won't make FE RTX 4060 Ti 16GB. 10:19 NVIDIA won't send review samples, "why not do something?" 12:44 Linus mentions the spot price of DRAM. 14:30 HU's quote on TPMs' response to RTX 4060 Ti. 15:37 Why wouldn't TPMs add more memory? Linus's scenario. 18:28 LTT's incoming video, Linus on controlled & soldered chips. 25:24 Discussing scrapped shows by networks. 28:19 Screen Actors Guilds' stupid guidelines. 29:12 Linus on playing games, Linus's "vision." 31:22 LMG's past of studios sponsoring. 32:39 Merch Messages #1. 33:28 Private V.S. public sector work. 39:24 Worst time you've accidentally violated an NDA? 43:11 Topic #3: Proposed Cooper Davis Act forces sites to report users to DEA. 46:46 Possible over-reporting users for "suspicious" activity. 50:12 Discussing prescriptions V.S. concrete proof. 52:22 LifeLock offers a free year after identity theft. 55:32 Linus on second-hand car sales tax, discussing tax. 59:18 Topic #4: Water Cooled PC Build of the Month. 1:04:22 Sponsors. 1:09:34 LTT Screwdriver Stubby ft. Funny camera. 1:11:31 Launch date, Luke showcases the Stubby. 1:17:23 LTX 2023 exclusive merch. 1:19:12 LTT backpack update. 1:19:47 LTT x iFixit screwdriver ft. "Work," funny camera. 1:26:04 Merch Messages #2. 1:26:09 Would Linus be on time for LTX WAN Show? Merch messages via LTX booths? 1:27:20 Would Linus make a deodorant? ft. MrBeast Burgers. 1:33:43 What would Labs want to take an X-ray first? 1:34:26 Inspections, products of choice, food discussion. 1:51:31 Topic #5: "Glorbo" returns to World of Warcraft. 1:52:43 "Bot-operated news website," funny Reddit post & article. 1:55:14 Topic #6: Refurbishing phone screens using LASERs. 1:56:40 Topic #7: Activision restores old COD servers. 1:58:21 BattleBit, graphics V.S. gameplay, nostalgic games. 2:11:52 Luke shows TARKOV's K/D rating leaderboard. 2:13:26 Nintendo's remake of Super Mario RPG. 2:14:52 Topic #8: Meta discontinues Quest Pro. 2:21:08 Topic #9: Corsair purchases Drop. 2:24:24 Topic #10: ASUS now manufacturers NUCs. 2:24:49 Topic #11: Military information leaked due to a mistype. 2:25:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. After Dark WAN Show. 2:26:46 Luke's possible United Launch Alliance Testing Lab tour. 2:31:10 How did last week's free shipping shake out? ft. Calling Savage Nick. 2:40:10 Is a single cable eGPU setup viable in 2023? 2:44:08 How did Linus develop his writing & editing style? 2:47:10 Most stress Dan had producing something live? How did you manage? 2:48:35 How do you think anti-cheat devs will react to Sandboxing? 2:50:48 Framework Laptop 16" AMD Ryzen DIY is live. 2:57:10 Linus's conversation with Terren, Linus & Luke working together. Cont. Merch Messages #3. 3:01:10 Clear purple screwdriver when? 3:07:55 When will LTTStore backpacks start shipping with new zipper pulls? 3:09:01 What's your favorite meal to make yourself? 3:11:40 What is the best and dumbest convention swag you purchased or been given? 3:13:56 Ever thought of getting a dead mall? 3:14:14 Donating my old motherboard & RAM to students? Would Labs sponsor tech students? 3:15:38 Do you expect Apple to avoid EU's removable batteries bill? 3:15:50 Chances of getting LTTStore jeans? 3:16:15 Luke's FP creative day. 3:18:28 Selling LMG items on Microcenter? 3:20:53 Would LTT exist if you never met Luke? 3:29:09 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I Think Apple Lied - WAN Show July 14, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at Reserve the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices at Upgrade your appliances! Check out Dreo at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 00:00 Chapters 1:02 Intro 1:28 The reason behind late WAN 3:00 Topic #1 - Apple's debatable iPhone satisfaction claims 4:00 Satisfaction "rates," 451 Research's odd surveys 9:56 Topic #2 - Intel discontinues NUC mini PCs 13:35 451 Research's quote on their service 14:40 Usages of NUCs, recalling GIGABYTE's BRIX 17:20 Intel will still support existing systems, why did NUCs fail? 20:43 LTTStore's Lime Day deals 22:38 Free shipping coupon for above $150, Linus calls Nick 25:40 Merch Messages #1 34:02 Topic #3 - China hijacks government emails, Skyblivion’s Discord hijacked 36:36 Forged authentications, discussing the danger behind this 39:58 LMG & Floatplane is hiring 40:21 Free global shipping overwhelms DLL 42:17 Sponsors 43:59 Secret Shopper - Sponsors Edition 48:16 Sponsors continued 49:00 Merch Messages #2 1:14:29 Mellow_Labs's "Hit me Dan!" desktop toy 1:19:05 Topic #4 - Amazon is not a "large online platform" 1:21:14 European retailers, discussing AWS & Amazon's response 1:33:08 "Where's your Canadian Tire!?," collectible bills 1:36:43 Linus looks at pinball forums & Super Chexx thread 1:42:08 Topic #5 - EU will require replaceable phone batteries 1:43:11 Video of modified Super Chexx 1:45:17 Would this result in replaceable batteries outside of the EU? 1:50:10 Luke notices the dashboard, "profitable margins" 1:54:34 Topic #6 - PlayStation 5 Access Controller to release soon 1:59:50 Topic #7 - NVIDIA pressures board partners to stop building Battlemage GPUs 2:07:00 Topic #8 - Windows Update Restored updates old OSs 2:08:10 Topic #9 - Battalion 1944 refunds backers 2:12:51 Topic #10 - US Telecom cables' toxic lead hazard 2:16:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. On a break Dan, WAN Show After Dark 2:26:22 Dealing with management when they want to replace working on computers? 2:27:56 How much in-house engineering do you do at LMG? 2:30:54 Would 16:9 stay the standard, or 21:9 be more widely used? 2:33:16 Possible conflict of interest with LTT & iFixit? 2:35:15 Schedules for LTX livestreams? 2:41:08 What are your best tinkering stories? 2:46:53 Advice on protecting your devices from threats? 2:48:52 What to do about GPU water blocks causing wrecked loops? 2:51:03 Good headset reviews despite the lack of content creators? 2:56:35 Any special colors for the stubby screwdriver? 2:58:45 Do you miss the 5 hour WAN Show? 3:01:28 How much did you expect to lose from Lime Day? 3:04:41 What would you say was your highest high & lowest low at LMG? 3:06:14 What would you test the gaming minivan with? 3:09:30 Anything Linus does about his insomnia? 3:12:51 Ever considered hiring an analyst to find a trend with the YouTube algorithm? 3:14:26 How to get credible independent reviews you can trust? 3:16:04 How do the ladies feel when they model merch of a channel with men viewers as a majority? 3:18:22 Ever had an interaction with someone you wished you hadn't? 3:21:01 Possible LTX in Europe? 3:22:50 How would Linus's retirement party's montage look? 3:24:56 Could NVIDIA join the CPU market? 3:25:47 Do you have any bad memories of your past teachers? 3:31:27 Anything to keep in mind with opening a computer repair shop? ft. Dad joke 3:32:07 LTTStore Ryzen 7000 CPU pillows? 3:36:41 Events that nearly caused the cancellation of the WAN Show? 3:38:10 Creators Warehouse in Europe? 3:41:10 Why isn't badminton as big money-wise as tennis? 3:45:52 A service to replace M50X headcups 3:47:49 Best job match for content creators when YouTube wouldn't work out? 3:49:10 What piece of tech that baffles you with how old governments are? 3:51:24 How many PCIE lanes do you need for your devices? 3:52:18 $100,000 in sales, Luke on outro merch messages time 3:58:26 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/07/23·3h 59m

Twitter Vs. Threads Is Not The Big Story - WAN Show July 7, 2023

Check out the Hacked podcast (The logo is blue) wherever you listen to shows! Like Spotify: Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:57 Intro 2:25 Topic #1 - Google accused for ripping off advertisers 4:34 Linus's & Luke's experience with creating ads 7:07 Hidden skip buttons, Googles' viability 10:22 GVS's CEOs' response, list of impacted brands 13:44 Topic #2 - EVGA's motherboard teams' resignation 14:08 EVGA's response, GN's review, shorter warranty 16:06 LTT's PSU video, EVGA's PSUs are out of stock 19:44 Topic #3 - Meta's Instagram Threads published 20:52 Linus doesn't understand IG, "this is genius" 23:10 Linus mentions Meta's mentality & Twitter 25:26 Luke on Threads, MrBeast, lack of account verification 28:07 Possible LTT account, Luke on "tweeting threads" 29:22 Luke explains Threads, Linus on the lack of websites for apps 33:50 Twitter threatens to sue, Meta's comeback 35:13 Linus on Elon firing people, Luke on Twitter's "revenue" 38:57 Content moderation, Linus wishes Threads good luck 42:30 Topic #4 - LinusTechTips's 24/7 LTT TV stream 45:49 LTT TV is participating in a Google trial 47:17 Discussing work on LTT TV, Dennis's sponsor spots 52:57 LTTStore stubby screwdriver notification 53:20 "Lime Day" three days sale from the 12th to 14th 55:57 Luke suggests Lime Day stream, discussing shipping costs 58:09 Merch Messages #1 ft. Blaming Dan 58:40 Would LMG get to where Apple is ft. "Owning" land, Luke the slave 1:02:57 Why do people prefer NVIDIA's DLSS over FSR? ft. "LMG" 1:06:56 Topic #5 - G0at sued by Terasynth's CEO 1:12:06 Topic #6 - Gfycat to shut down by 1st of September 1:16:28 Topic #7 - France's law allows spying people 1:18:57 A plausible security breach, recalling Amazon 1:20:03 Discussing surveillance with LMG & devices 1:22:22 Air gap network switch with a physical disconnect 1:25:23 Luke on backdoors, Linus on laws & normalizing devices 1:29:25 Linus's & Luke's phone pics & usages 1:33:09 Sponsors 1:35:13 Merch Messages #2 1:46:22 Luke's birds 1:47:07 Topic #8 - Jolly Roger's AI wastes salesperson' time 1:49:43 Topic #9 - Man sued over a thumbs-up emoji 2:07:36 Topic #10 - Nintendo's annual report, low CEO compensation 2:12:21 Topic #11 - TikTok now promotes books 2:14:19 Topic #12 - New 12VHPWR standard to support high wattage 2:15:12 Topic #13 - Fairphone is arriving to America 2:15:20 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:17:22 Linus's house pool updates 2:22:41 Starting with badminton with zero friends? 2:25:38 Do you agree with Louis Rossmann's take? 2:28:47 Editors' creative influence & LMG's guidelines? 2:32:55 Ever been tempted to stray from LMG's pro-consumer concept? 2:36:34 Floatplane merch? LTTStore tech pants ETA? 2:40:45 Linus's issues with Z-Waves 2:41:21 Does Luke's love of birds extend to bird watching? 2:42:46 What changed with Linus's stance on PC retail after Labs? 2:45:53 What happened to the AMD GPU challenge? 2:48:38 How did Techlinked's video style come to be? 2:50:30 Advice for getting gig work despite NDA? 2:53:54 Linus's thoughts on switching to iOS? 2:54:18 TBD release date with the NAS product? 2:55:22 Learning to build an infrastructure with a budget? 2:57:26 ETA for the LTT stubby screwdriver? 2:57:57 Is this where you thought you'd be in your 30s? 3:00:56 Thoughts on ASUS's ROG Ally 3:02:21 Ever thought of sharing business tip advice? 3:04:40 Releasing plans for the LTT desk? 3:05:34 Tips with starting a company 3:06:24 A hot take on the printer industry? 3:06:55 Which Labs purchase excites you the most? 3:08:12 Possibility of merch messages getting transcripted? 3:08:48 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Today is My Last Day as CEO

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Save time and automate your social media marketing! Check out Tailwind at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:46 Intro 2:15 Topic #1 - Terren Tong is officially the new LTT CEO 3:11 Linus's busy week, Luke's opinion on Linus & Terren 6:12 How Linus feels, addressing community thoughts 10:06 Can Terren fire Linus? Why Terren specifically? 14:50 Is Linus an okay actor? Is dropping things "acting"? 18:36 Linus on the RTX 4060 video, Luke on Linus dropping stuff 22:31 Linus's guessing segment idea, Linus on the LTX drop 24:56 Linus discussing writing LTT videos, recalls Nick 29:54 LTTStore's new PCMR collab merch 33:22 FP LTT Support Plus subs can access LTX 2023 merch 35:28 LMG & Floatplane are hiring! 36:43 Topic #2 - YouTube restricts adblockers' access 38:20 Twitter requires login to watch videos, Linus on revenue 40:14 Linus recalls The Simpsons, thoughts on this approach 46:10 Luke on YT Premium & Spotify, Linus on family accounts 51:08 Topic #3 - Activision's "hallucinations" anti-cheat 52:38 Steam & Fallout cheater history, ScriptKid's fake CS:GO cheats 54:30 What should LTT do if they caught cheaters in Whale LAN? 56:32 Linus plans 250 seats LANs, variations of cheating 1:01:24 Merch Messages #1 1:02:22 Plans for more woman LTTStore merch? ft. Sarah 1:05:30 Thoughts on a Framework handheld conversion kit? 1:09:20 Nature VS nurture entrepreneurial mindset 1:14:30 Badminton-playing robot in Linus's center? 1:15:52 Stranger than Fiction WAN Show segment 1:16:35 Dan explains the game & punishment 1:17:38 StF #1 - E-bike data stream, "Changeme!" school password, Elon Musk's "burnt hair" perfume 1:18:36 Linus's & Luke's StF #1 choices 1:19:32 StF #2 - Bose's fire hazard recall, Auto drones blackouts, Nintendo's limited hairstyle 1:20:18 Linus's & Luke's StF #2 choices 1:20:30 StF #3 - Flame-throwing robo-dog, AI ASMR YouTuber, robots with insect hands 1:21:12 Linus's & Luke's StF #3 choices 1:21:55 Sponsors 1:24:18 Topic #4 - iOS & Android's screen calls 1:24:26 Linus & Luke discuss screening calls 1:34:00 Topic #5 - Let Me Spy hacked, data breach 1:39:14 Topic #6 - Publisher hires AI writer & editor 1:42:12 Canada passes ONA bill, Linus & Luke on Google news 1:46:33 Topic #7 - Fillian, a VTuber, responds to LTT's shoutout 1:49:18 Topic #8 - LTT TV, continuous backlog livestream 1:54:30 Topic #9 - Community's response to LTT's cooler video 2:02:36 Topic #10 - GameLinked's official debut 2:05:10 Topic #11 - Sovereign Tech Fund's Contribute Back to Open Source challenge 2:05:50 Topic #12 - LTT community outrage at "lack of milk" 2:07:22 Topic #13 - AMD announces limited Ryzen 5 5600X3D 2:09:06 Topic #14 - TikTok's "Creative Challenge" 2:11:20 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:12:04 What series would you revive? ft. Yvonne, Linus's dad's joke 2:15:30 Ever wanted to flex your internet clout for your kids? 2:19:56 Anyone of you used Microsoft Bob? 2:24:48 Subtle changes with Terren as the CEO? 2:28:00 Is the translucent screwdriver going to be a product? 2:28:36 Was Linus nervous about being a boss? 2:33:22 Past problems while working with subreddits? 2:35:20 Realistic end goal for LTT? 2:37:54 Linus is presented as humble, opinions on the employer style? 2:39:48 Microsoft's Assassin Creed impact on Skull and Bones? 2:42:45 What's the backstory of the Linus selfie pic? 2:44:03 Quality assurance work that was put into the screwdriver? 2:44:45 Would the Noctua screwdriver be limited? 2:45:00 Parts of your job that you enjoy that aren't thought of as your job? 2:45:56 Things you knew about housing that everyone should know? 2:45:38 Videos you decided to make private? 2:48:40 How often would you replace hard drives? Is it a dead tech? 2:50:08 What do you do with a creators block? 2:50:48 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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We're In A Video Game - WAN Show June 23, 2023

Check out the new Logitech MX Anywhere 3S Mouse and MX Keys S wireless keyboard at Best Buy through the link below. Save 20% with purchase of a computer, laptop, monitor or tablet. Offer ends June 30th. Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group Signup for Setapp and get a free 7 day trial: Secure your IT assets. Check out GoTo Resolve at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:38 Intro 2:04 Topic #1 - LTT is in PC Building Simulator 2 4:01 Teaser trailer, finding references 8:30 Thoughts, free demo, more references 9:28 Topic #2 - Mark Zuckerberg V.S. Elon Musk cage fight 11:14 Covering heights & weights, diet quotes 12:26 Linus on Elon's demise, Mark's reply 14:40 Dana White's interested, FP's comments 15:28 Linus's & Luke's "height & weight" if fighting 18:29 Mark's advantage, Canadian measurements 26:30 Topic #3 - Amazon driver leads to home devices shutdown 27:49 Locked out without notice, Rossmann's report 29:02 Linus comments on Amazon & Rossmann 35:28 LTTStore's new waffle hoodie 37:04 Mystery water bottle, LTT Screwdriver notif 38:30 LMG is hiring! 38:56 LTX 2023 updates 41:22 Merch Messages #1 41:27 What other names Linus pondered to name LTT? 43:04 Feelings about parasocial perception? 43:54 Tech development that would impact consumers? ft. Taiwan 49:24 Topic #4 - Dell Australia guilty of falsifying sale pricing 50:26 Linus commends Australia, mentions NCIX weekly sale 53:02 Discussing the compensation 54:48 Topic #5 - Intel discontinues Limited Edition Graphics Cards 56:10 Sponsor - JumpCloud 57:24 Sponsor - Kudos 58:20 Sponsor - Zoho One 58:58 Merch Messages #2 59:22 Linus on his "Guess The Price!" stream ft. Dan nearly dies 1:06:18 Trend of consuming LTT content without being in the ecosystem? 1:13:52 Communications tech 10-20 years from now? ft. Wehead 1:16:24 Topic #6 - DPReview acquired by Gear Patrol 1:18:22 Topic #7 - FTC sues Amazon for tricking users into Prime 1:18:34 Luke defines dark pattern, discussing Prime 1:21:48 Summarizing lawsuit & claims, Amazon's response 1:24:36 Luke recalls canceling his late Grandpa's Prime 1:26:12 Linus & Luke on "Zine" 1:27:36 Linus's scenarios on canceling, leaving, "moon cancel" 1:30:32 Topic #8 - AMD's FSR exclusivity in sponsored games 1:31:16 NVIDIA's comment on supporting developers 1:32:56 Topic #9 -Subreddits change policies to lessen ads 1:33:20 Moderators removed & locked out of accounts 1:33:44 r/PoliticalHumor makes all users moderators 1:34:10 Topic #10 - EVE Online now has an Excel add-on 1:36:00 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark 1:36:04 Jack-of-all-trades or a master of one in tech? 1:40:32 Obscure innovations that would have succeeded if open and not proprietary? 1:45:33 What would you do as Reddit's CEO? 1:49:26 Any "Fk it, we'll do it live!" moment that went well? 1:52:00 Biggest life choice you made without knowing what you were doing? 1:53:22 Any WAN Show or video with Tarran? 1:53:36 LMG channels that are in the works? 1:55:23 What changed your mind with the Taycan? 1:57:00 Long-term effects after YouTube's dislike removal? 1:57:30 Luke's favorite programming language? ft. Luke & Dan moment 1:58:35 Did people get more or less tech savvy with tech's advances? 2:00:18 Can Starlinked help with FP's ISP coverage? 2:02:34 What would Linus's South Park episode be, and would it involve LMG employees? 2:03:33 The worst driving you've seen from someone else? 2:07:56 Fixed screwdriver's durability, and being hammered? 2:08:50 What lab would you like to visit? 2:11:03 Is it worth it to get 8GB graphics cards? 2:12:46 What is Linus's favorite discourse started by himself? 2:13:27 Luke Advocating Tips 2:14:37 Thoughts on standardizing RGB products? 2:16:18 LTT merch that would make life more accessible? ft. Wooden & machined screwdriver 2:18:56 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Oh Twitch...... - WAN Show June 16, 2023

Go to for 55% off your subscription. Check out the fine audio equipment has to offer at Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:19 Intro 1:46 Topic #1 - Twitch's new Partner Plus program 2:44 Program's conditions, Luke on costs of streaming 7:42 Kick's infrastructure, who should "win?" 9:44 Recalling Twitch's 70/30 "deal," Luke empathizes with Twitch 11:47 Kick is unstable, xQc moves over to Kick 13:30 Discussing gambling, "can we be less ethical and make money?" 16:15 Topic #2 - Luke timetravels 10 years into the past 20:50 Topic #3 - Jesus returns on Twitch as an AI 22:22 Linus likes this approach, mentions KJB & bracelets 27:52 Merch Messages #1 40:02 LTTStore JRE Knife back in stock, new capacitor water bottle 43:37 Do you feel troubled when shopping for PC hardware? 47:32 What did you realize you missed from trade shows? 51:07 Topic #4 - Google's Google Domains sold to Squarespace 52:30 Luke explains TLD, Linus on recurring revenue, can we trust Google? 59:14 Topic #5 - Intel's new processor branding 1:00:34 Discussing confusing branding, Linus blames Apple 1:09:30 Sponsors 1:13:19 Merch Messages #2 ft. Most popular JRE color 1:15:07 "Skill Issue" - Dan 2k23 1:15:34 Do you see a real-life Westworld with AI? ft. JRE color answer 1:20:12 Will people post reviews on LTT Labs site? 1:22:18 Technology that would replace Bluetooth? 1:25:56 Topic #6 - Trucking company advertises via in-game billboards 1:27:36 Luke's opinion on in-game ads, recalls steakhouse board 1:30:05 Luke's auto-application idea, Linus on truckers wage 1:32:01 Recalling in-game ad placements & sponsored games, ethics of ads 1:39:40 Topic #7 - Comcast upset with FCC's transparent fees law 1:43:02 Recalling FDA's impact on the food market 1:43:38 Luke's issues with TELUS's recurring billing 1:45:38 LMG is now hiring! 1:46:33 Topic #8 - Cyberpunk 2077 raises system requirements 1:52:40 Topic #9 - Linus's Taycan update ft. Luke's Acura 1:57:45 Topic #10 - Reddit's API protests caused instability 1:59:01 Huffman's claims, messages mods to "overthrow," restores data 2:00:04 Luke's take on Reddit's approach, Linus sides with 3P Devs 2:04:52 Topic #11 - Rockstar places 160 GTA V cars behind a paywall 2:06:38 Linus & Luke on hating companies, addictive games, microtransactions 2:13:25 Loot boxes IS gambling ft. Dad jokes, Steam's "top-sellers" 2:16:15 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:18:24 Would GameLinked be competitive? How would you differentiate? 2:24:40 Privacy concerns with AI driver facing dash cams 2:28:50 Would Linus let his kids be more involved in home videos? 2:31:27 On privateering, is Linus worried a company would sue? 2:38:56 Car features you thought were stupid, but now can't live without? 2:44:26 What's the biggest misstep with LMG, and how did you stop it? 2:46:45 Linus's experience with Epson LS12000 projector 2:48:34 How many generations away are AMD from beating RTX x090? 2:49:57 Mark Rober collab, something about LTX that's sweating everyone? 2:51:20 How old were you when you got into tech? Bad security breaches? 2:54:38 Would you consider being a graduate speaker for an institution? 2:58:33 Whatever happened to Linus's gaming mini-van? 3:04:23 What happens to returned LTTStore items? 3:05:06 Would Labs accept sponsored product reviews? 3:15:44 Linus's Eightsleep "preparing itself," Nick Light on LTX tie-dye color 3:19:11 Ever thought about signed or exclusive merch? LTX merch messages? 3:22:46 Does LMG writing have banned words you can't use? 3:24:34 Prerequisites for Linus's son's possible YouTube channel? 3:25:40 Thoughts on favorite father's day gifts? LTT coasters update 3:26:57 What racket, string tension & stringing machine you use? 3:28:38 Would Linus start a company alone, or 50/50? With Luke? 3:34:28 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Ban me, Twitch! - WAN Show June 9, 2023

Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to Check out GOG at: Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 2:01 Intro 2:28 Topic #1 - Twitch's updated TOS 3:21 Branded content policy, Linus recalls YouTube's changes 7:05 Simulcasting policy extended, Twitch's history 10:49 "Consistent with other services," backlash & Twitch's response 11:52 Discussing Kick, platforms throwing away their goodwill 16:45 Twitch's partnership fee for leaving, LTT will simulcast 18:52 LTT's meager revenue earnings on Twitch 21:16 Topic #2 - Apple's Proton-like tool runs Windows games on Mac 22:30 Github's statement, Luke thought this was a joke 37:51 LTTStore's new button-up shirt, last chance to buy Labs #FIRST merch 40:30 Merch Messages #1 40:34 What's happening with Intel's workstation CPUs? 1:04:42 Topic #3 - Jake Simmen's review on LTT stick locks 1:06:25 Topic #4 - Louisiana's age verification law 1:24:13 Topic #5 - Subreddits protest Reddit's API costs 1:25:09 Reddit's exception to accessibility focused apps 1:25:30 Apollo, Sync & RIF to shut down, Reddit laying off 5% 1:25:50 Linus mentions Christian's Reddit post 1:35:24 LMG's past, Linus on inheritance tax 1:37:24 Reddit's stock evaluation dropped by 40% 1:42:50 Reddit's terrible self-hosted images & videos 1:44:52 Sponsor - Zoho One ft. In-The-Zone-Dan 1:46:15 Sponsor - MSI 1:47:06 Sponsor - Corsair 1:48:14 Merch Messages #2 1:55:46 Products in development hell you want to come out? 1:58:16 Did you do anything crazy to test LTT products? 2:06:52 Topic #6 - Logitech retires Blue & Astro ft. LukeCam 2:14:50 Topic #7 - LTT is in Bluesky? 2:17:16 Topic #8 - Apple's Vision Pro 2:18:14 Pricing, specs, audio raytracing 2:19:55 On-board M2 & M1 chips, mixed reviews 2:21:26 Linus & Luke discuss the specs & power 2:28:32 Voice control, Linus doesn't get the sales pitch 2:30:33 Linus discusses web surfing, Luke on Index 2 2:33:00 Linus & Luke on the use cases of the Vision Pro 2:38:09 Apple might not know what the Vision Pro is 2:41:11 Linus's house pool update 2:41:57 Topic #9 - Linus Sebastian, CVO of LMG, "died" 2:42:49 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:44:47 Will you change what you make with the new CEO? 2:59:05 What would get you to upgrade from Z Fold 3? 3:01:30 Is AI far enough to help me raise children? 3:02:31 Good graphics cards with bad drivers in the past? 3:03:22 Is info gatekeeping a problem at LMG's scale? 3:04:52 Advice for struggling with growing up? 3:05:52 What was your first experience hacking? 3:08:17 What are you excited about with LTX? 3:10:10 Does LTT lose money if everyone got the largest size desk pad? 3:12:45 Luke's beard care 3:13:31 YouTube "allegedly" pushes smaller channels to buy ads 3:16:54 Backpack zippers replacement table on LTX? 3:18:25 How do you all keep yourself grounded? 3:20:18 Should job seekers question the morality of working for big tech? 3:24:11 Frore Systems's AirJet on Framework? 3:25:00 Is FP profitable enough to get exclusive content? 3:26:51 What's your advice for building a portfolio & skill sets? 3:28:36 Annual payment option for FP Grandfather tier? 3:29:04 What's the best tech flex you've ever had? 3:32:28 Anyone in the staff that changed your mindset? 3:33:30 How can you get LAN parties to play together? 3:34:28 Was Linus ever invited into Hot Ones? 3:36:46 If someone at LMG had a channel blow up, would they partner with LMG, or leave? 3:39:33 Has Sony responded to LTT's video? any company reacting negatively? 3:41:37 Favorite movie or TV show to watch after a media set up? 3:44:19 Do you plan on doing a SC on ROG Ally for an SSD upgrade? 3:44:58 Is LTT still working on the Deck carrying case? 3:45:15 Gigabyte graphics cards cracking 3:45:36 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/06/23·3h 46m

It's Time To Name And Shame - WAN Show June 2, 2023

Visit Newegg at Check out the fine audio equipment has to offer at Enable your creative side! Check out Moment at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:36 Intro 2:24 Topic #1 -TaiWAN Show 3:52 Linus's discusses how he feels after stepping down 6:20 Linus on the lack of PC gaming LTT videos 8:16 Microblade servers, recalling history of CPUs 10:04 ASUS's concept product on SC, NVIDIA & Intel's progress 15:06 Push of development in servers & its impact on gaming 19:01 Linus on the PCI-E Gens & speed, Luke on the Switch 23:06 Has Linus buried the hatchet with NVIDIA's Jensen? Discussing games 25:42 NVIDIA's market value hits $1T, thoughts on GeForce 34:27 Linus recalls company behaviors in the absence of competition 38:12 Retention of LTT's GPU video, Linus on the history of GPUs 40:42 Linus on GPU V.S. graphics card, NVIDIA's GPUs, AMD Uprising Campaign 45:42 LTTStore's new fleece lined jacket ft. Breakfast 47:34 Possible reversible garment 49:04 Linus on LTTStore's good merch reviews 49:56 Merch Messages #1 50:05 Would Linus & Luke fly to space? If so, where? 55:08 How do you think AI would affect gaming - lazy, polished or used conservatively? 59:53 How were you motivated to make LTT? Did you think of YouTube as a feasible career? 1:08:01 Topic #2 - GIGABYTE's motherboards UEFI backdoor exploit 1:09:52 GIGABYTE pushes out updates, discussing forced updates? 1:11:10 The human element is often neglected 1:13:56 Linus recalls the people behind projects & products 1:18:52 Luke on audiences wanting reviewers to say the same thing 1:21:42 Linus on collaborating with creators, LTX 2023 1:23:08 New NVIDIA rep, recalling NVIDIA's behavior & HU's controversy 1:39:52 Luke & Linus on past LTT's quantity goals 1:41:02 Topic #3 - Why LTT didn't cover Streacom on COMPUTEX 1:50:38 Classic brand response, Linus's response in person 1:53:12 Linus feels bad for Streacom, recalls Cole-Bar 1:56:16 "Bait-&-switch," Kickstarter's terms V.S. morality 1:58:04 Sponsors 2:02:07 Merch Messages #2 ft. AJ, Dan's on Linus's chair 2:03:28 Dedicated AI chips to be in future devices? 2:05:29 How did ShortCircuit get its name? ft. History of meetings 2:12:36 Challenges with Luke returning to LMG? 2:14:12 Topic #4 - Linus's pool contractor update 2:25:32 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update 2:25:56 Volunteers link are live, mentioning booths & events 2:28:22 List of creators coming 2:31:02 Topic #6 - Diablo IV's Q&A with “fan questions” 2:32:40 Topic #7 - Dolphin's Steam release postponed 2:35:38 Topic #8 - Reddit's API pricing 2:46:42 Topic #9 - Update on NEDA's AI help chatbot 2:48:18 Topic #10 - Meta Quest 3 to release this fall 3:00:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show "After Dark" 3:01:52 Why not review the ROG Ally closer to the release date? 3:06:08 Most interesting thing you saw at COMPUTEX that wouldn't make a good video? 3:08:56 When Linus dies, who would you want to sponsor the funeral? 3:15:44 What are some of the ways Yvonne feels celebrated? 3:21:15 What would the tech community desire but everyone regrets wanting? 3:22:34 Has there been a tech trend that surprised you in COMPUTEX? 3:32:51 Poll results, Linus Cars Tips 3:38:48 Biggest challenges to overcome, and how did you do it? 3:39:18 What other store centers & fronts would you consider? 3:40:12 Would you recommend a career at tech at 50? 3:41:38 Do you fellows have any uncle-ing tips? 3:43:45 What are Linus's favorite configs for daily socks? 3:44:25 How important is it to you when you don't want to be recognized in public? 3:45:56 What's the first home project Linus has done? ft. Alarm going off 3:48:28 Noticed improvements from the ROG Ally's update? TotK performance? 3:50:30 Do you carry any skills from your product manager days? 3:53:58 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/06/23·3h 54m

You Deserve Better - WAN Show May 26, 2023

Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code LINUS at Check out MotionGrey’s ergonomic workplace solutions at and use code LINUS for 10% off! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:25 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - Negative comments on LTT's videos 3:37 Linus quotes comments, explains the video's structure 7:04 Comments on LTT's short on Bilibili, from piracy to official 9:48 Linus on the comments about the 4060Ti review 11:32 Linus's funny video ideas, possible return of Scrapyard Wars 15:38 Linus on YouTube category channels, mentions MKBHD 17:53 Channel on every PSU, recalling history with laptop reviews 20:10 Topic #2 - Sony's Project Q handheld 22:13 Linus discusses wireless consoles 24:14 Linus & Luke recalls Wii U's wireless controller pad 26:24 Handheld consoles & cellular network gaming 29:53 Luke calls out the lack of listed pricing 31:32 Linus on how bad Nintendo Switch is 33:49 LTTStore's new premium joggers 34:42 Linus points out the good merch descriptions 36:12 LMG, Labs & FP is now hiring! 37:06 Gary's funni mesag tu posibl hirez 38:47 Merch Messages #1 38:52 How do you think products will develop beyond Morse's Law? ft. Skyrim 47:40 What's the longest you've ever worked in one shift? 52:26 Topic #3 - RTX 4060Ti's low number of sales 53:12 NVIDIA's stock up by 30% 54:03 AMD drops RX 7600's MSRP, Linus discusses the LTT video 59:21 AIBs not changing prices of AMD’s RX 7600 1:00:06 Intel drops A750's pricing to $199 1:00:33 NVIDIA wants $100 for 8 GBs, not caring at all, possible Labs test benches 1:05:19 Linus's meeting with James on future channels strategy 1:08:36 Sponsors 1:11:28 Merch Messages #2 ft. "Tai-WAN Show" 1:11:58 Tips for traveling with LAN gear? 1:13:30 A good work-life balance? ft. Birbs update, bad Twitch take 1:20:43 Topic #4 - Addressing Eight Sleep's subscription 1:25:18 Topic #5 - Addressing Techquickie's Kickstarter sponsor 1:30:02 Topic #6 - Basically Homeless's invisible PC setup 1:32:02 Super Tiny PC video, mentioning DIY Perks 1:32:58 Topic #7 - NEDA replaces helpline with a chatbot 1:35:23 Topic #8 - Google Play Store suspends Downloader due to Israeli DMCA 1:37:22 Topic #9 - Japanese YouTuber arrested for posting & monetizing content 1:39:45 Topic #10 - Activision sends Cease & Desist to CoD modders 1:41:42 Topic #11 - YouTube turns off the Stories feature 1:43:34 Topic #12 - LMG's 45,000 Watts fan 1:45:04 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN After Slightly Darker 1:45:45 Keeping a Z Fold 3 as long as possible? French ABC's of gaming? 1:48:34 Did sponsors ever get angry for using memeing in their videos? 1:49:40 Any new Linus's house content planned? 1:51:19 What steps is LTT taking to keep GPU reviews out of errors? 1:52:41 Any LTT Labs content planned for LTX? 1:53:42 What is Linus's opinion on sites blocking screensharing? 1:55:34 What's with the fancier, sillier, wordlier LTT videos lately? 1:55:48 Do you recommend some tech industry guy to go to COMPUTEX with their SO? 1:56:38 Most interesting place you saw LTTStore merch being used? 1:57:42 Official LTT Labs qualifications for products? 1:58:51 Any upcoming videos for ChannelSuperFun? 2:01:24 Is Linus switching from the Steam Deck to ROG Ally? 2:02:08 Linus's opinion on CrossCode's post-game DLC, & RadicalFishGames's project 2:03:00 First game Linus played with Yvonne? Recommendations? 2:04:03 Would you take a leap to create LTT if other channels existed before? 2:04:32 How does Linus find good contractors or paid workers? 2:06:25 Would Linus use an e-ink watch as a successor for the pebble? 2:07:21 How do you evaluate new hosts to stay in the role? 2:08:28 Outro ft. Existential crisis Dan Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/05/23·2h 8m

I'm sure you have questions..... - WAN Show May 19, 2023

Go to for 55% off your subscription Visit Newegg at Enable your creative side! Check out Moment at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:48 Intro 1:14 Topic #1 - Linus steps down 2:55 Linus's past suggestions for LMG solutions 5:18 Luke on Teams notifs, Linus workshop on storyboarding 10:56 Discussing writing knowledge-based articles 11:48 Linus on disruptive shooting behavior, mentions SC 14:05 "Chief Vision Officer" Discussing LMG teams 16:53 Linus flabbergasted at MarkBench's progress 21:03 Luke asks about oversaturation 23:51 Ideas for LTT Labs, SC update, RF chamber's cost 27:28 Linus explains "moat building," quoting DMs about FP 29:06 Community response, Linus on difficult administrative 32:39 Topic #2 - Free TV!that spies on you 34:01 Charged $500 if opting out of tracking ft. awkward high five 35:02 Linus on privacy concerns 36:37 Ad-supported V.S. business revenue 40:24 Linus asks "What's next?" ft. Ads revenue, domains 48:30 Linus recalls getting charged for overdraft 51:28 LTTStore's presale LABS #FIRST shirt & hoodie 53:26 LTTStore notebooks back in stock 53:32 Merch Messages #1 54:48 Thoughts on slow drop of 4070 laptop GPUs? 56:49 Would sponsors change? ft. Discussing Terren Tong 1:14:52 LTTStore screwdriver Noctua edition 1:16:48 Showcasing the screwdrivers in person 1:23:47 Luke on how the CEO would handle leaks 1:24:03 Topic #3 - Schools struggle with ChatGPT 1:24:48 Chegg claims ChatGPT hurt their revenue 1:25:36 "Plagiarism," Texas professor fails half of students 1:27:25 Should schools be responding to AI? ft. Comment bots 1:30:26 Linus struggles with calling his contacts 1:33:14 Topic #4 - Imgur's NSFW & old content purge 1:36:57 How should we be retaining internet history? 1:40:07 "Convert the moon into a server! NUKE THE MOON!" 1:42:34 Sponsors 1:45:46 Merch Messages #2 1:46:40 Would it matter if I like or finish a video on FP? 1:49:19 Which was first - CVO Linus or CTO Luke? ft. Linus trolling Dan 1:51:19 Decision of overturning the CEO? ft. Water bottle "ideas" 1:54:38 Is it possible to run an OS on a GPU's VRAM? 1:56:29 Topic #5 - Google's controversial domain extensions 1:57:32 Linus on Google Search, Luke shows file link V.S. domain 1:59:56 Reasons for doing this, what is the point? 2:03:50 Topic #6 - Toyota exposes live location ft. Dad jokes 2:05:43 Topic #7 - Roblox doesn't protect kids from ads 2:06:56 CARU's report, FTC complaint & Roblox's response 2:08:42 Kids "budgeting," Luke on cosmetic costs 2:16:30 Topic #8 - Valve sued by Immersion due to the rumble 2:17:42 OCBASE/OCCT 20th "Stableversary" giveaway 2:18:52 Topic #9 - Overwatch 2 cancels PvE mode 2:29:37 Merch Messages #3 2:30:58 How did you get Terren? Compensation? 2:34:40 Any project Linus is excited to work on? ft. Nuke fab 2:37:48 Most costly things you misplaced or lost? 2:42:28 What worried Linus the most when stepping down? 2:43:19 Thoughts on Kyle ending Bitwit? 2:46:50 Most challenging part of being a CVO? 2:48:04 Is cosplay going to be allowed in LTX? 2:49:02 Favorite FP info that Linus leaked, and its downsides? 2:50:42 Defunct company you would revive to thrive? 2:54:48 Does Linus plan to have time for non-LMG stuff? 2:56:10 Skill sets you'd like to improve on your new position? 2:59:55 Has Linus debated how much of his life should be on the show? 3:04:40 Is putting a camera to monitor your computer too far? 3:12:36 Do you see WAN Show outliving you as hosts? 3:22:46 Has LTT Labs always been the end goal of LTT? 3:23:24 Best memory Linus made with his Taycan? 3:25:26 How would past Linus react to what LMG became today? 3:29:28 How did Linus prepare? 3:31:32 What did Terren teach young Linus that stuck? 3:37:00 Minimum age of lifeguarding has been lowered 3:44:11 Any leadership minds that inspired you? 3:46:10 What if the new CEO stopped you from being who you are? 3:46:28 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I Love Corporate Greed - WAN Show May 12, 2023

Find the right cup of coffee just for you at Protect your loved ones! Monitor your kids online activity with Bark at Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Timestamps [Courtesy of Andrew :)] - Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Start 0:17 Topics 1:21 Intro 1:49 ASUS Controversy 1:50 Why people are mad at LTT 5:46 ASUS BIOS explanation 11:47 ASUS can suck at PR 18:24 How LTT handles sponsors 20:48 Has ASUS said anything publicly? 25:25 ASUS can suck at PR pt 2 31:40 Manufacturers' reputations 38:47 LTT Store Update 39:13 Sticklocks 47:29 Merch Messages 1 47:30 LTT products in retail 49:53 Floatplane update 51:57 Dropping sponsors 56:26 Topic 2: Google IO 59:18 Product/Feature support 1:05:12 LTT IO stream mishaps 1:09:53 New phones 1:14:07 Unintuitive phone design 1:18:29 Topic 3: YouTube AD Block 1:20:05 How do we approach this? 1:25:18 The history of YouTube ADs 1:28:29 Too much vs not enough ADs 1:31:46 Sponsors ft Squarespace, Jumpcloud, Seasonic 1:34:18 Merch Messages 2 1:34:59 Dumb tech mistakes 1:36:26 Power plants 1:37:25 Virtual machines 1:40:30 Basketball shorts 1:40:53 LTX lineup 1:41:36 LTX shopping update 1:47:50 LTX volunteers 1:48:07 Sticklocks on Steamdeck 1:49:12 Topic 4: Misfit Watches not updating 1:50:33 What the heck! 1:53:29 Topic 5: Badminton Woes 1:53:30 Industrial products 2:07:20 Topic 6: Chinese CPUs 2:08:03 Why?!? How?!? (feat Yvonne cameo) 2:12:23 Topic 6: Net Neutrality Fake Comments 2:14:57 White Collar crime 2:17:11 BOINC Update 2:18:12 WAN Show: After Dark 2:18:40 How to WOW customers with a small business 2:21:08 How to self-manage 2:22:05 Do you delete videos? 2:23:33 Build review video when? 2:24:19 How to run your PC on your TV 2:25:05 Bonus Topic: UBER CSO sentence 2:26:22 ROG ALLY vs other handhelds 2:27:59 LTT LAB logistics 2:28:48 Sticklocks lifespan 2:29:08 LLMs for home automation 2:30:15 Linus' at home trolling 2:31:37 LTT LABs future 2:34:57 Custom chip race 2:36:26 Underage on YouTube 2:37:57 Valve's bad behaviors 2:40:50 SysAdmin qualifications 2:42:07 Impactful apps and features 2:44:54 Small YouTubers' growth 2:49:25 Taylor Swift concert 2:53:04 How to treat your fans 3:00:00 Enjoyment in work 3:10:22 Streaming PC to Phone 3:11:04 Merch memes 3:19:08 Instant regret, turned out great 3:26:14 Responsibility for products 3:28:54 Tears of the Kingdom 3:30:38 Newly weds 3:31:14 WAN Show: RapidFire 3:42:00 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Changing My Name - WAN Show May 5, 2023

Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Check out GOG at: Check out the fine audio equipment has to offer at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Start 0:05 Topics 1:22 Intro 1:49 Topic 1: Discord Usernames 2:08 Background 5:00 This doesn't make sense 8:37 Counter argument 10:51 How would you run it? 13:24 Discord vs Slack/Teams 15:51 Why is this happening? 19:03 Topic 2: OBS supports AV1 Streaming 19:58 Why this is important 23:15 H264 vs AV1 25:59 Floatplane AV1 and updates 33:00 LTT Store Update 33:29 New t-shirts 34:42 Cyber Stats Mousepad 36:55 Merch Messages 1 37:00 Future of Handheld Gaming 44:03 LTT's Audiences 53:14 Topic 3: EA Woes 55:22 Ultra settings in games 57:15 Dubious claims 58:13 Topic 4: Pixel Fold 1:00:24 Phone stats 1:01:04 Foldable phone woes 1:10:07 $1700 1:17:12 Sponsors 1:21:31 Proposal Pt 1 1:25:10 Merch Messages 2 1:25:13 Biggest crowd mishap 1:28:00 Favorite South Park episode? 1:29:02 Young vs old in tech 1:31:46 Justice for Dan's christmas album 1:33:08 Topic 5: Open Source AI 1:39:12 The problem with rumors 1:44:20 Topic 6: AMD 7040u 1:46:40 Chip specs 1:47:56 Microsoft Hardware 1:54:41 Proposal Pt 2 1:58:25 Topic 7: Biofire's Smart Weapon 1:59:59 Luke's gripes 2:01:25 Linus' smart weapon idea 2:02:12 WAN Show: After Dark 2:03:17 Private chef 2:07:08 8 gigs of VRAM 2:11:21 Computing Competition 2:12:39 Bird Seed 2:13:01 Liability 2:15:28 Licensure in tech 2:17:40 LTT products flops vs tops 2:21:13 Future tech 2:23:44 Parrot video calls 2:25:21 WAN show format 2:27:54 New channel ideas 2:29:53 Big and tall LTT store 2:30:31 Windows File Explorer 2:32:10 Workplace communication 2:35:25 Linus' 10 points for good videos 2:42:06 Sponsor disclosure 2:43:12 Big business 2:45:30 History of tech changes 2:46:15 Speakers practicality 2:47:26 Gaming now vs then 2:50:40 HR software 2:52:02 Custom screwdrivers 2:52:46 Videogame soundtracks 2:55:21 Roast of Linus 2:55:55 Leadership skills 2:57:19 Ultrawide monitors 2:59:09 Windbreaker variations 2:59:47 Folding phone woes 3:00:02 Bigscreen Beyond 3:01:34 WAN Show: Rapid Fire! 3:04:26 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Should We Move To America? - WAN Show April 28, 2023

Go to to claim your $50 credit upon signing up. Protect your loved ones! Monitor your kids online activity with Bark at Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Andrew :)) - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:02 Topics 1:03 Intro 1:29 Topic 1: Canada's Bill C11 2:08 Background 5:15 Unintended consequences 9:26 What is Canadian Content? 12:05 Local content 18:04 Cultural pride 19:40 C11 Cynicism 27:36 What will happen at LTT? 30:44 Topic 2: AMD's Burnt Chips 33:35 Computer parts, then vs now 37:26 Quality control 38:46 Foreign Manufacturing 44:57 Topic 3: ROG ALLY 44:58 Leaked price (600 dollars) 45:43 ROG ALLY vs Steam Deck 49:21 LTT Store Update/Merch Messages Explained 50:34 LTT Store Deals 54:48 LTT Onesie 56:07 Carabiner update and demonstration 1:07:25 Merch Messages 1 1:07:26 Advantages/Disadvantages ADHD 1:09:14 Approach to content creation 1:13:30 Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 1:15:29 Nvidia 50 series 1:15:35 Atlas OS 1:18:11 Nebula corrections 1:23:48 Topic 4: School Chromebooks 1:26:19 Kids break stuff 1:27:45 Device lifespan 1:33:18 Sponsors 1:38:18 Topic 5: Twitter Re-verification 1:41:16 Elon's deepfake argument 1:43:01 Twitter sucks 1:44:15 Topic 6: Linus' Cosmetic Surgery 1:47:52 Topic 7: LTX 2023 Update 1:50:34 LTX Digital Pass 1:54:50 Canadian cash woes 1:57:50 Merch Messages 2 1:57:51 Motherboard Chipset 2:01:16 What other company might Luke want to work on? 2:03:45 Building LLMs 2:06:23 GameLinked 2:08:42 Unlimited money 2:09:17 Ultimate gaming minivan 2:10:53 Favorite April Fools Video to shoot? 2:18:43 RCS 2:19:31 LTT Cowboy hat (no) 2:20:21 Luke's favorite bird memory 2:22:13 WAN show as Audio Podcast 2:23:07 Topic 8: Activision Blizzard Merger Blocked 2:26:14 Luke's (accidental) rude hand gesture 2:27:42 Topic 9: Colorado Farmers Win Right to Repair 2:30:02 WAN Show: After Dark 2:32:32 Youtube ads and sponsors 2:37:22 Favorite memory of new tech 2:39:15 Companies supporting games 2:41:38 Future town square platforms (hi future you!) 2:43:46 Future Framework Modules 2:44:46 Perception of value 2:46:31 Shooting videos at Linus' home 2:48:58 Linus' pool update 2:51:58 Non tech-savvy people 2:53:07 Bonus Topic: Luke's NASA Trip 3:00:14 Microcloud Server 3:02:57 Tech concept products 3:03:50 Apple and gaming 3:05:44 How to time manage for Linus 3:07:35 Merch message ideas 3:09:34 Motivation 3:11:09 Embarrassing screenshare moments 3:13:02 Pet birthday 3:14:51 Solutions for C11 3:15:53 Relocation for LTT 3:17:36 Upcoming Movies 3:20:25 Young kids and video games 3:23:20 European customers 3:23:30 Product updates 3:23:54 Coding bootcamps 3:25:36 Product design 3:26:46 Accessibility in gaming 3:28:42 Wedding ring 3:30:40 Quality over Quantity 3:31:34 Nostalgia and childhood games 3:35:40 Model train project 3:36:36 Wii on the Steam Deck 3:37:31 Closed vs open source code 3:40:43 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Are You Smarter Than Me? - WAN Show April 21, 2023

Go to for 55% off your subscription Find the right cup of coffee just for you at Enable your creative side! Check out Moment at Timestamps - Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:01 Topics 1:00 Intro 1:25 Topic 1: Realistic Gameplay Footage 2:30 People don't believe its fake 3:52 Luke plays devil's advocate 6:02 Disproving the footage 12:02 Area scans are the future of gaming 17:42 The dangers of hyper-realism 21:03 LTT Wag Hoodie Launch 24:44 New LTT store items 26:54 Topic 2: Nintendo Modder Lawsuit 28:59 This is cruel and unusual punishment 32:04 Possible solutions 34:46 Does this reduce piracy? 39:51 This out of line with other White Collar Crimes 43:39 Merch Message 1 45:36 Advice for an Embedded C Programmer 48:07 Is AI depriving today's youth? 48:58 Post pupper pics on the Forum 50:09 Youtube/Twitch response to Merch Messages 51:01 What Kitchen tech do you recommend? 51:31 What's the most frustrating bud Luke has dealt with? 52:34 Topic 3: Game Devs Crack Down On Hardware Cheating 53:15 Cheating using Mouse and Keyboard (MnK) on Controller 55:25 Why this is hard to stop 58:12 How should we define cheating? 1:01:12 Topic 4: Seagate Fine 1:03:05 The double standard of fines 1:06:58 Topic 5: UrAvgConsumer LTT Backpack Review 1:10:58 Did we send him a backpack? 1:13:37 Topic 6: SpaceX Starship Successfully Explodes 1:16:13 This is what tests are for 1:17:22 Armchair scientists 1:19:29 Parked van was hit 1:20:27 THE GREAT LTT CONSPIRACY 1:22:45 Topic 7: Twitter Checkmarks 1:25:06 Free speech vs free reach 1:25:56 LTT's plan 1:26:50 Floatplane Update 1:33:14 MM: Should you disclose AI tools? 1:34:40 Sponsors 1:37:57 Merch Messages 2 1:38:15 How to handle your boss as your landlord 1:40:49 How to change topics respectfully 1:47:37 What are the largest costs for network streaming? 1:51:12 What cheap games are fun? (MageQuit) 1:54:34 Will we test water cooling loops? 1:57:38 Best techdad joke 1:57:54 Will you make a slim backpack? 1:59:33 What games would you remaster? 2:01:33 What creative things do you like to do? 2:03:40 Luke's handyman story 2:05:00 Linus' handyman experience 2:07:09 Linus' childhood home 2:09:34 Topic 8:(censored) charging for API 2:13:07 Topic 9: Amazon increasing Dialogue and Samsung might switch to Bing 2:17:06 Topic 10: Netflix ends DVD mail service 2:18:33 Parroting ;) (Word censored by Youtube) 2:22:38 Resurrecting old shows 2:24:09 Topic 11: Red Cross (this part was censored by youtube) 2:27:07 WAN Show: After Dark 2:29:11 Would you sponsor Athletes? 2:32:34 Would PrimoCache interview Direct Storage? 2:34:11 How does Floatplane handle technical debt? 2:35:53 Should you approach LTT employees? 2:39:11 Is there tech that surprises you? 2:41:39 How does WIFI motion sensing work? 2:42:38 Rocket launch van update 2:43:58 What are tips for making a product? 2:47:11 Self driving semi trucks 2:49:50 USB devices 2:51:10 Tech tip told to everyone 2:51:37 What cars might Luke drive in the future? 2:54:27 Top tech product/games 2:55:40 AMD challenge update 2:56:44 Balancing remote work 2:58:54 Linus' "I'M LINUS AND THIS IS MY COMPANY" moments 3:01:01 Linus Calls His Wife 3:03:00 Other Examples 3:07:21 Rapid Fire Merch Messages 3:07:22 AI taking care of children/elderly 3:08:26 Ludwig Bidet update 3:09:12 Tech TV 3:09:48 Computer Fittings 3:12:49 Plex Media server 3:13:14 Media Literacy 3:14:02 Surprising Tech 3:15:14 Pixel Fold 3:15:40 Luke's take on Amazon 3:16:36 Smart home update 3:17:37 LLT en Español 3:18:10 Tech that you are impressed with 3:18:50 Bird Stickers when? 3:19:47 How to make personable YouTube videos? 3:20:00 Magnets in garments 3:21:58 Brian the Electrician 3:22:20 Feedback for Working for LTT 3:23:25 LTT adult videos? 3:23:56 Life lessons from old tech 3:26:05 Why don't you talk about margins? 3:28:08 Linus overcoming ADHD 3:40:43 Rapid Rapid fire 3:34:38 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I Give Up - WAN Show April 14, 2023

Save money on your phone plan today at Try Notion AI for free at Don't just browse the web – build it. Apply for free today using the link and take your first step toward a career in software development with Covalence. Timestamps - Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:06 Intro 1:32 [Topic 1]: AI Agents 2:05 Auto GPT 4:34 Examples/Potential Dangers of this tech 8:46 AI Agent Gaming 18:24 AI Agent Game caveats 21:10 Discussion Question: What are the likely applications and limitations of this technology? 22:51 Building a better AAA game is impossible 26:45 LocalGPT 27:12 [Topic 2]:Elon Musk's AI Investments 29:24 Is Elon giving up on Twitter? 32:25 AI Startup Bubble 34:53 OpenAI not working on GPT 5 36:19 [Topic 3]:Linkedin Verified 41:08 Have we given up on privacy? 43:43 Roasting Luke's Linkedin Profile 44:15 Linus' Linkedin 46:38 Side topic: Mirrored Channels 49:04 Merch Messages 1. 49:11 If LMG didn't exist, where would you work? 1:01:07 Flipper Zero ethics 1:03:45 [Topic 4]:Mario Movie 1:05:00 Linus liked it! 1:07:50 How was the voice acting? 1:08:37 Mario Movie 2? 1:11:49 Nintendo Cinematic Universe 1:14:37 [Topic 5]:Potential Microsoft Steam Deck 1:16:37 Perils of Saves in games 1:20:13 ROG ALLY 1:24:52 Handhelds from other companies 1:28:09 Sponsors 1:30:42 Seasonic is Cool! 1:32:35 Merch Messages 2 1:32:37 AI Adult Content Ethics 1:36:31 Calibration Tech under right to repair? 1:39:07 Sticker Shock in Niche Markets 1:44:51 Who is your Professional Inspiration? 1:49:41 [Topic 6]:4070 1:56:25 Future of GPU Market 1:59:48 [Topic 7]:Universal Music Group vs AI Scraping 2:00:13 Does this matter/can they stop it? 2:04:24 [Topic 8]:Floatplane Exclusives coming to YouTube (Memberships)! 2:14:57 Side topic: Mech Messages are getting long/ new ideas 2:16:45 Linus's weirdest thing confiscated by TSA 2:21:30 [Topic 9]: Tesla recording Users 2:25:16 [Topic 10]: Intel Teams up with ARM 2:27:23 WAN SHOW: After Dark 2:27:53 Are young people going to be better at AI Tech? 2:29:57 Which one of Linus' cats is his favorite? 2:32:20 Why is Multi Monitor Management not better? 2:38:18 AI Antivirus 2:37:10 What will Linus' last video be (in 2074) 2:38:42 What antiquated tech will you keep? 2:40:10 WAN guests when? 2:41:14 LTT handwarmer 2:43:59 AI Crypto Trading/Betting 2:44:52 Have the goals of Floatplane changed? 2:47:22 New Desk pad lttstore dot com 2:51:09 Are there areas where we should regulate to preserve jobs? 2:58:18 Why hasn't AMD released any new GPUS since 7900 in December? 3:01:43 What surprised you at Micron? 3:07:07 What Tech courses should you take? 3:08:02 Any LTT garments should you not use fabric softener on? 3:10:10 What do you guys think about tech channels releasing time before NDA deadline? 3:15:48 Nebula's Lifetime Membership 3:19:47 Have you ever seen a surface election display monitor 3:20:32 LTT partnership with Ifixit? 3:21:08 LTT relocation services? 3:21:24 Linus offering a screwdriver with all the bit sets 3:22:05 Favorite Small form-factor case? 3:22:58 Recreating Old LTT videos? 3:24:51 Split screen support on the iPad for Floatplane 3:25:05 Luxury Backpack update 3:30:05 Rapid Fire Questions 3:32:14 New AI safety Measures? 3:32:44 New Mainframe tech 3:33:07 LTT as consultants? 3:35:30 Home PC, Rack vs Tower 3:35:44 G-suit Issues 3:36:12 Creator Warehouse concerns 3:37:24 Linus's Parent Tips 3:37:33 Nostalgic Gaming Era 3:39:16 Jobs after AI 3:40:14 AMD Driver Updates 3:40:36 Linus too trusting 3:41:35 Labs testing screen protectors 3:42:28 What chargers do you travel with for Steamdeck? 3:43:30 Should companies block Chat GPT? 3:44:44 How would you sell Apple products? 3:46:42 QLED longevity 3:47:14 Janky tech solutions 3:48:40 Can you saved hacked Drives? 3:50:55 New His and Her's Undergarments 3:52:40 Italy Blocked Chat GPT 3:53:50 Linus Mentoring Smaller Creators 3:55:20 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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A Monster Lawsuit Is Coming For Me - WAN Show April 7, 2023

Go to to claim your $50 credit upon signing up. Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:32 Intro 2:33 Topic #1 - Monster Energy sues for a game having "monster" in title 3:04 Comparing logos, company sued for using the color green 4:32 Linus discusses Monster Energy drinks & the incentive 6:36 Monster Fish Keepers, Luke on abusing trademarks 8:54 Recalling Kylie lawsuit, Brookhaven Bears, the point behind trademarks 10:25 Luke on documented confusion of Linus with Linux 11:47 Linus recalls Tech Sack's past name 12:18 Monster sued Ubisoft, Luke on game names & Unity demos 13:33 Dennis hijacks WAN Show using Uncle Linus's Sack 15:22 Linus reads Uncle Linus's Potato Farm letter, starts the competition 22:02 Linus did not plan this, Dennis says the answers 24:44 Luke calls out someone for flexing with British food 25:46 Linus's preference, Luke on "Cold mall fry," Dennis's drive 27:06 Topic #2 - TechLinked temporarily deleted 28:37 Unrestored comments, Linus mentions past hack 29:32 Luke's Content ID theory, Google's lack of warnings 33:24 Linus on Floatplane transcoding & writing "www" 36:22 Topic #3 - Intel's Arc Battlemage & Celestial 40:41 Luke recalls Arc challenge, "review GPUs before it comes out" idea 42:46 Linus on predictive content, LTT's artificial CPU pre-review 46:02 Topic #4 - Luke fragmented the infected M2 SSD 46:53 Luke missed hitting it with a bat 49:14 Specs of the SSD, discussing malware 50:18 Luke freaked out as CTO, Linus on the motherboard's cost 52:48 Luke on lack of spare systems, Jaiden works on a Steam Deck 55:38 Standardizing workstations, reliability of laptops 1:00:02 Linus & Luke on the feasibility of 10GbE & workstation specs 1:06:26 Showing the server graveyard, planned LTT vlogs 1:08:24 What does "Linus Media Group" do as a company? 1:24:37 Linus's LTX stage idea 1:27:20 Topic #5 - Starforged Systems's parody video 1:41:22 What Linus & Luke watched, SAMMIT invited Linus to drifting 1:46:22 Merch Messages #1 2:04:14 Sponsors 2:10:30 Topic #6 - Artificial Intelligence update 2:11:16 Microsoft's Jarvis, mentions Wolfram|Alpha 2:13:49 HuggingGPT, OpenAI sued for defamation 2:15:52 Topic #7 - VR adoption is slow amongst teens 2:19:02 Linus on Gen Z, Luke's past with consoles & present 2:23:17 Topic #8 - General Motors removes Android Auto & Apple CarPlay 2:26:55 LTTStore's new windbreaker 2:33:14 LTTStore's new neon motherboard T-shirt, dad hats not selling well 2:35:46 Luke reviews the LTTStore laptop bag 2:44:01 Merch Messages #2 2:44:31 Why did Linus start or stop calling Luke Slick? 2:46:51 Best paint for PC cases? 2:55:52 Topic #9 - Reusing thumbnails & faces for LTT videos 3:01:08 Topic #10 - Microsoft emulator loophole patched 3:02:47 Nintendo DMCAs PointCrow's videos, Linus on ASUS's ally 3:06:07 Topic #11 - WD My Cloud locked due to breach 3:06:38 Linus discusses his investment in the NAS company 3:14:13 Topic #12 - Samsung data leak using ChatGPT 3:14:54 Luke's predicts the return of local servers & systems 3:19:37 Topic #13 - Next "smart" devices remotely controlled over the internet 3:22:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show after dark 3:24:11 Luke's opinion on people wanting to stop AI's development 3:28:02 Has LTT or Floatplane had to overcome legal hurdles? ft. AI talk 3:38:51 Features you want on a hand-held high quality holster? 3:41:20 Game mechanics you'd like to see AI applied to? ft. Google Translate 3:56:24 Any experiences Linus carried from NCIX? 3:57:51 Most surprising feature on a new GP? recovering mentally 4:07:38 What is Linus', Lukes' & Dans' SO's biggest taboo? 4:18:08 Luke's thoughts on Adam Conover's AI scam video 4:23:06 Full on gaming LMG channel? ft. pending approval Labs logo 4:58:09 Open sourcing Labs software? ft. Floatplane updates, LTTStore questions 5:15:52 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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You Might Not Wanna Hear This - WAN Show March 31, 2023

Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Buy an Electro-Voice RE320 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone from Sweetwater: Get rid of your old devices while getting paid! Check out Gizmogo at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:34 Intro 2:00 Topic #1 - RESTRICT Act legislation update 2:49 Never mentioned TikTok, list of prohibited countries 3:59 Might ban VPN users, criminal penalties 5:28 Banning TikTok, France bans all recreational apps 6:18 Government worries, is this a threat to civilian liberty? 10:12 Luke on controlling media midwar & audible cyberattack 11:54 Linus on LTT's Flipper Zero video & security, Luke on Deathcon's demo 18:45 Luke's solution to streamers, Linus on "impulsive" crimes 25:05 Topic #2 - Publishers lawsuit against nonprofit Internet Archive 26:04 Luke's lifehack, HBG's & Internet Archive comments 27:51 Linus on libraries' unprofitability, Luke mentions Wayback Machine 30:56 Luke mentions musician interview, Linus on self-publishing & CDs 36:04 Linus's school history, nobody knew he was a YouTuber 40:24 Not everyone browse the net, Luke on not remembering music 45:18 LTTStore mystery waffle & Rackstuds, Luke on the product's wording 47:33 Honeywell's PTM7950 & Backpack carabiner update 53:30 Carabiner replacements, Luke calls "anti-repair" Linus out 1:01:22 Luke's swappable backpack zippers idea, Linus's "bruise on the arm" 1:04:40 Reasons behind the exclusive LTX designs, Linus & Luke on WiFi 1:08:52 Luke discusses using YKK's carabiner 1:10:38 LTTStore looking for suggestions & newsletter feedback 1:11:33 Steam Deck holder feedback 1:12:05 Merch Messages #1 1:13:20 Any restricted tech items you want to disassemble? 1:16:10 What gym bag does Linus use? 1:18:46 Topic #3 - Linus on paid reviews & affiliates 1:21:10 LTT backpack in Framework's video, discussing affiliate revenue. 1:24:12 Debating the disclosed affiliates program idea 1:35:54 The sketchiness of the affiliates market & its challenges 1:39:56 FP poll - Which LTX design to print? 1:42:35 Sponsors 1:45:48 Topic #4 - Australia debates mature rating for loot boxes 1:55:21 Topic #5 - Six-month pause on high level AI development 1:56:10 Linus points out Elon's inconsistency, Luke mentions OpenAI 2:03:28 Thoughts on the pause, existential crisis 2:07:20 Topic #6 - LTX 2023 creators ft. Dan discusses TechTubers 2:10:57 Topic #7 - Changes to Twitter Blue verification 2:16:58 Linus & Luke hardly use Twitter, internet monetization 2:21:48 Topic #8 - E3 2023 has been canceled yet again 2:25:50 Topic #9 - Inovelli's mmWave Occupancy Smart Switch 2:32:46 Nick messages Linus about having affiliates 2:34:48 Luke on the integrity of LTTStore, recalls Anker 2:37:22 Luke & Linus dislike marketing, Luke on making money 2:40:36 Linus's philosophy V.S. marketing, Luke on profits 2:47:06 Merch Messages #3 2:52:13 What would Linus or Luke get arrested for at 2 AM? 2:57:38 Something you want to talk about on stream that no one asked? 3:01:21 What is your favorite thing about Luke & Dan? 3:12:58 Do you think the size of LTT damages small tech channels? 3:23:08 LTTStore's Gone Phishin' is going away soon 3:27:56 Are there any roads you'd love to bike ride? 3:30:22 Does Linus still have his UV shrine aluminum case? ft. "Automated Scoring System" 3:55:29 LTTStore ARGB mouse pad? Same material for bits & shaft? 3:58:33 Have you ever downgraded on purpose? 4:00:47 What quantum computing can do with AI in the future? 4:02:02 Most & least scary part AI? Would Luke consider a parrot? 4:07:03 Did Luke change the chicken's seasoning? substitute for rice? 4:08:18 Is Linus planning to upgrade his Framework? 4:17:05 Luke's story on the red car that got him stuck on the bridge? 4:19:25 Any tech that you keep coming back to tinker with? 4:25:01 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Our Worst Week in Years - WAN Show March 24, 2023

Try Notion AI for free at Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:45 Intro 2:15 Topic #1 - DPReview to shut down by 10th of April 4:03 Archiving DPReview, Chris & Jordan join PetaPixel 5:22 Why does Amazon own DPReview? 7:36 Linus on Amazon-provided products & returning them 10:50 Community's reaction, Chris's history with DPReview 15:22 Linus's history with DPReview & digital cameras 20:57 Amazon's plan for DPReview? Past acquisitions 24:35 Who is going to take on the roles at DPReview? 28:42 DPReview's closure, Jordan on the YouTube channel 32:39 Chris & Jordan's content, mentioning PetaPixel 34:34 Topic #2 - LTT was HACKED! 35:36 MM #1 - What came out of this that you most appreciate? 37:03 Luke was having fun during this, up for 41 hours 39:01 Joe was helping, 5K subs on Floatplane, 40K goal 44:06 Linus thanks forum mods, Luke on working & hearing 45:54 Linus on LTT's video, Filmot & hacked channels 49:30 The breach, account management & why TL & TQ were affected 53:31 Luke on IP logs, Google not checking cookies, VPNs 59:14 Topic #3 - Luke has a bone to pick with Linus 59:51 Linus guesses what Luke is mad about, he gets madder 1:02:15 Luke on Linus's "half of the night" wording 1:03:46 Linus "didn't know" when Luke told him already 1:04:38 Linus apologized to Yvonne for being "short" & attentive 1:05:32 ThioJoe's video, Linus doesn't operate after noon 1:07:19 Luke told Yvonne about the hack, working "around" Linus 1:11:27 Luke realizes it was sick, Luke's GF helping 1:13:02 E-mails bouncing, Linus's outline on the attack 1:15:42 Linus prepared lunch for kids, Luke identified the attack 1:17:41 Linus focused on the hijack video, upcoming Framework video 1:20:16 Jake & James helped with the script, Linus "reviews" work 1:22:02 Shouting out Hoffmann, Luke on the video ideas 1:28:37 What the attacker did, the account manager & YouTube's help 1:33:46 Linus gives credits to James & the social team 1:34:28 Showcasing LinusTech Twitter memes 1:36:01 Topic #4 - Floatplane Beta, new features 1:36:48 Creators sub-channels 1:39:34 Who edited the naked Linus? 1:42:06 LMG Clips to be on Floatplane 1:45:38 Linus on eating cake naked, Luke on Redbull, invites Dan 1:47:08 Merch Message server issues, hitting records 1:50:18 Sponsors 1:54:32 Topic #5 - Google fixed recovering edited parts of files 1:59:13 Topic #6 - Intel's founder Gordon Moore passed away 2:00:00 Topic #7 - OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 now has plugins 2:00:15 ChatGPT is able to do math via Wolfram|Alpha 2:02:02 ChatGPT can read e-mails & edit videos 2:06:40 LTTStore's new Gone Phishin's shirt 2:07:39 References on the Gone Phishin' shirt 2:09:19 64oz water bottles back in stock 2:09:49 New men, & women, underwear, Luke likes the photoshoots 2:12:52 Maria the photographer, him undoing his belt 2:16:29 Dan enters the streak, who would break it first? 2:17:42 3 out of 25 chance to get a CPU for CPU pillows 2:19:30 Water-proof hat roulette ft. Assistant Dan 2:21:40 New hat offering, difference in cost of material 2:26:15 Luke tries to guess a new bag's usage 2:28:19 Linus showcases the bag 2:30:02 Drops the ONEXPLAYER, asks for feedback 2:32:32 Merch Messages server crashes, 1,200 messages gone 2:34:28 Dan leaves to talk to Konrad 2:34:57 Topic #8 - Swiss Department of Defence mentions WAN Show 2:43:23 Topic #9 - Nintendo shuts down eShop 2:45:28 Topic #10 - EA de-lists Battlefield & shuts down servers 2:52:41 Topic #11 - Raja Koduri leaves Intel, starts a new company 2:54:16 Merch Messages #1 ft. a laggy page 3:03:48 Nude with strawberry & crack color underwear 3:32:56 Any residual anxiety reviewing your security footage? 3:56:40 Merch Messages #2 4:22:15 Outro ft. Merch Message queue flying by, Dan's swear Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I Am Hard... [REDACTED] - WAN Show March 17, 2023

Go to to claim your $50 credit upon signing up Remove your personal information from the web at and use code WAN20 for 20% off Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:31 Intro 2:09 Topic #1 - Linus's home server update 9:48 Luke's AC quote, Linus on borrowing GPUs, Aj's reponse 13:30 Linus asks Dan about showing pictures, Teams rant ft. Worried Luke 14:42 Linus explains custom & proprietary pins, sends photos to A Prime 17:22 Photo of Linus's janky solution, kicked PSU story 20:09 Photo of "custom 20-pin", Linus on "borrowing" 22:35 Linus's convo with the logistics team on RAM 26:22 Luke on coming back to LMG & his pairs of cloth 27:33 Linus on color coding his wife's & children's socks 29:35 Luke on someone's "office," lack of good headsets 34:12 Linus on LTT Labs & the size of LMG buildings 37:28 Luke on the productivity of local V.S. remote work 38:57 Topic #2 - Mint Mobile sold to T-Mobile 43:42 Ryan Reynold's insincere statement, Linus does math. 47:32 Ryan's football team, selling a gym, discussing benefits 50:55 Merch Messages #1 52:37 Anything mechanical you prefer for its simplicity? 58:05 What tech should be realized by now? 1:06:48 Luke's birb that passed away, Linus's cheat sheets & birthdays 1:14:35 Sponsors 1:20:12 LTTStore's new shape sorter toy ft. Luke unboxing 1:25:42 Baby's first PC idea, issues with magnets 1:26:51 Buy team red's CPU pillows, get a chance for a real CPU 1:29:15 Topic #3 - OpenAI releases ChatGPT-4 & ChatGPT Plus 1:31:46 Discussing power-seeking large models 1:32:08 Reselling software, #HustleGPT on github 1:35:36 ChatGPT capabilities, Be My Eyes 1:37:27 ChatGPT hired a human to solve a CAPTCHA for it, it can lie 1:40:01 ChatGPT to be able to see, can write malware code 1:42:08 Midjoruney no longer has issues generating hands 1:43:48 Linus on paying for ChatGPT to resell products 1:45:52 Luke on AI hallucinations & people misusing Bing 1:48:36 ChatGPT in Google Docs, Gmail & Microsoft 365, Teams 1:55:28 Linus leaves, Luke on Office 365 Co-Pilot's videos 1:57:28 "Dan" talks, Linus on AI hands, Luke on companies using ChatGPT 2:02:00 Topic #4 - Samsung fakes moon images via live processing 2:09:15 Topic #5 - Cloud offers pool heater if you host its server 2:13:47 Topic #6 - Cerebral leaks info of 31M patients 2:14:52 Betterhelp ordered to pay 77M in damages 2:15:08 GoodRx fined for sharing info, WAN writer's note 2:19:12 Dating sites' accurate data & the ad industry 2:22:32 Topic #7 - Luke's "Mineral oil" PC & NAS update 2:24:01 Colton took over Linus's office, Linus's offices history 2:28:10 LTTStore looking for volunteers to try out 5-6XXL 2:29:52 Topic #8 - Meta lays off 22,000 within 4 months 2:33:01 Meta's history of employees, recalling LMG's history 2:34:23 LMG & Floatplane are currently hiring 2:35:44 Merch Messages #2 2:39:52 How much content waste is in LMG? 2:47:51 Why are companies focused on PCI-E speed & not count? 2:52:33 Did Linus's publicity help Framework grow? 2:56:50 Devil's advocate, VP winner of merch rewards program 3:12:58 Why did Luke stay in LMG instead of relocate? 3:23:21 If you got an offer to go to the moon, would you? 3:36:20 Choose a main focus for Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch 3:38:38 Requirements for LMG & needs, would you consider the right resume? 3:56:54 615 merch messages answered this show 3:59:13 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Bank of Silicon Valley Just Collapsed - WAN Show March 10, 2023

Save money on your phone plan today at Try Notion AI for free at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:10 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - America's Silicon Valley Bank collapses 2:37 Bank runs, insured funds, business standpoint 5:19 Linus uses LMG for a frozen deposits example ft. Sad Dan 11:09 Linus on land banking & forms of investments 16:16 Linus calls NAS company, Creator's Warehouse & LMG funds 16:55 Linus on operations money ft. Dan looking for a job 25:40 Luke on the impact of SVB's fall, Linus on SVB selling shares 28:01 Topic #2 - LTT Pouch off the site due to trademark infringement 29:47 New name ideas, FP Poll - what to name this? 33:28 Dell mails Linus, prepared for LTT's Secret Shopper 33:54 Topic #3 - g0at attacked for not wiping his drive 39:13 Linus on BlackLotus, Luke recommends g0at's videos 42:45 Chinese cheaters, old article of operation chicken drumstick 45:52 Pouch is not a fanny pack, future "WANny pack" 46:18 FP poll - runner ups & two more names, "LTT Bag" 47:24 Topic #4 - Ring provides police invasive footage 50:20 Linus on not working with Ring, Luke's solutions 51:36 FP Poll - three names, Linus on WAN Show's time 53:52 Sponsors 59:12 Last FP Poll 59:48 Merch Messages #1 1:01:35 Is there a place in Tech YouTube to be popular? 1:03:51 FP poll winner, new name is the Tech Sack 1:04:26 Is there a place in Tech YouTube to be popular? 1:09:22 #NotMySack & #StopTheSack, back on LTTStore 1:11:26 Linus shouting out FloatPlane employees, Meet The Teams 1:14:45 Favorite fault tolerant server equipment? ft. Canada & South Park "bridges" 1:24:18 Topic #5 - YouTube relaxes advertiser-friendly guidelines 1:25:03 New examples, Linus on old shows & "hard R word" 1:28:53 Luke corrects Linus on n-word V.S. r-word 1:31:18 Merch Messages #2 1:33:02 Disappointing consumer or enterprise products? 1:42:40 LTTStore's Mod Right Mod-Mat collab 1:48:18 LTTStore's new 3D Down Jacket 1:57:26 Topic #6 - Secret Shopper update, Dell reaches out 2:01:11 Topic #7 - Fairphone 2 receives last security update 2:03:16 Topic #8 - Asetek's Q4 2022 reports & struggles 2:09:26 Linus discusses Final Fantasy Tactics releases 2:10:46 Topic #9 - AMD drivers brick computers 2:11:22 Topic #10 - LTX 2023 sponsors update 2:13:30 LTT DE Deskpads #1 - Sarah's Dino 2:14:36 LTT DE Deskpads #2 - Lloyd's Vancouver Skyline 2:15:48 LTT DE Deskpads #3 - Maria's Tech-based 2:17:01 Merch Messages #2 2:17:06 Grants from the government for LMG or FP? 2:19:55 LTT DE deskpads will be LTX-only 2:22:44 How do you balance delegating & perfectionism? 2:25:10 What would Luke play now instead of TARKOV? 2:28:24 Luke returns to LMG as CTO 2:31:54 Weirdest place you've seen LTTStore purchases from? 2:33:20 What cool bed tech you'd like to see? 2:39:10 Home security recommendation? 2:41:18 What food would you ship on LTTStore? 2:53:55 What tech do you believe has no right to go bad? 2:56:59 Ever considered getting into fragrances? 2:58:52 How do you deal with crazy people? 3:00:15 Can LTTStore sell things that are already waste? 3:34:39 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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We Shattered a Community - WAN Show March 3, 2023

Visit Newegg at Reach and engage with your audience! Check out Moosend free for 30 days at Save 10% on your first order with code LINUS of Sizzle Popcorn at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: (1:23) Intro. (1:53) Topic #1: TARKOV community in shambles. (2:36) Cheater wiggle, g0at's impact in the community. (6:02) Mods deleting posts, WAN Show clip was a loophole. (9:23) Tiers of participation, Sherpa, comparing to Apple. (13:40) Streamers & community reactions, discussing game cheats. (17:18) Implications of cheating, last game standing? (20:52) Refunding gears, Luke on anti-cheat & replay systems. (23:44) Banned streamers "drop kits", Linus on QOL mechanic. (26:56) TARKOV COO responds, community response to posts. (28:59) Linus on Steam trading & virtual value, Luke on WAN clip. (31:09) Banning cheaters "for more money," suggested features. (35:54) g0at viewer count after last WAN Show. (36:28) Topic #2: Millennial pause. (38:39) Linus's interests, defines a millennial pause. (40:05) Linus's "rant" while showcasing a millennial pause. (42:37) Luke on zoomers watching more YT, Linus's Note 9. (44:20) Wikipedia article, Linus on preshow & unsynced WAN. (47:49) Millennial stereotypes, Linus's mom's microwave story. (50:08) Linus's school past, Wikipedia versus dictionary. (52:29) History of videos, retail therapy, boomer benefits. (55:16) Linus on LMG, compensations & real estate. (1:00:14) Luke on grocery prices, Linus's $20 pasta. (1:04:23) Topic #3: IOC declares Esports for Olympics 2024. (1:05:38) Luke on odd game choices, Linus tries Tic Tac Bow. (1:10:42) Luke covers list of games, discussing chess. (1:15:08) Zwift cycling, DDR idea, racing games. (1:21:29) Virtual regatta, taekwondo's indie console. (1:24:53) Sponsors. (1:29:31) LTTStore's new tech pouch ft. Linus's items. (1:35:46) Pouch's size to be updated, new 2023 stickers. (1:38:32) Printed t-shirts back in stock. (1:39:32) Merch Messages #1 ft. Subathon WAN show idea. (1:40:25) Why does LTT tech pouch look similar to Peak Design's? (1:43:52) Follow-up to uncensored WAN Show's monetization. (1:45:00) Linus's biggest regret related to LMG? (1:52:56) Topic #4: Luke's past with LTT & NCIX. (1:56:24) Luke on taxes & his friend's wage, Linus on "moats." (1:59:22) Luke slept when recording Linus for NCIX. (2:01:27) Linus explains his analogy, Dan on the Christmas album. (2:04:12) Merch Messages #2. (2:06:22) Topic #5: AMD challenge update. (2:06:30) Linus & Luke on heat rising. (2:09:22) Luke's mineral oil cases, LMG on mineral oil cooling. (2:11:32) Linus will build one if Luke daily drives it. (2:13:02) Luke's drives, Linus suggests mineral oil NAS. (2:16:05) Luke's past stolen items, PC systems. (2:20:26) Playing Bandminton versus Steven. (2:21:11) Topic #6: Nokia's G22 repairable phone. (2:27:04) Generational improvement of phones. (2:29:46) LTTStore leather screwdriver holster mock-up. (2:33:59) Topic #7: Ford's patent for a self-towing car. (2:36:36) Linus on Tesla's LIDAR software, summary of Ford's patent. (2:39:32) Topic #8: Ludwig's microvan stolen, Redditor helps return it. (2:39:47) Linus's car & luxury tax. (2:42:54) Topic #9: RTX Video Super Resolution webcam upscaling. (2:52:42) Merch Messages #3. (3:38:58) Outro. (3:39:32) Slav messages Linus about a session photo. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I Want To Be A Console Gamer - WAN Show February 24, 2023

Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Get 69% off any of XSplit’s video tools. Use code LINUS at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change (1:43) Intro. (2:14) Short production meeting. (3:07) Topic #1: Sony releases PlayStation VR2. (4:09) Luke tries out the headset, LTT review incoming. (4:52) Specs, Linus on eye tracking & render quality. (7:28) Luke on the headset's features & earphones. (10:06) Linus's home VR setup, Luke on tethered experience. (11:26) Commenting on the controller & overall design. (13:26) ChatGPT is sentient about Luke's comments on WAN Show. (14:23) Unable to use VR2 on PC. (16:18) Topic #2: Meta Verified "less ads" program. (17:19) Facebook viewers, Meta Verified, lack of support. (20:36) Tumblr profits from "Important Blue Internet Checkmarks." (22:54) "Whale Tier", "Extra Medium" size, Floatplane beta. (25:58) Merch Messages discussion, Right to Repair pin idea. (28:42) LTTStore new WAN deskpad, desk configurator. (30:01) Would Luke or Dan get Meta Verified? (30:51) Topic #3: Linus & Luke hate building PCs for people. (43:34) Topic #4: Google & Meta impacted by Canada's Bill C-18. (48:50) Topic #5: Fantasian boss causes Linus to ragequit. (1:07:52) Mentioning Reddit post, Twitch's bugs idea. (1:09:22) Doomed to fail, boss difficulty, discussing BotW. (1:15:56) Luke quit TARKOV due to cheaters, g0at's clips. (1:33:18) Luke on cheating, Linus on game streaming. (1:39:34) Riot Games' Ring 0 freaks out about TARKOV AC. (1:40:42) Merch Messages #1. (1:43:36) Is there a person you want to bring on the WAN Show? (1:46:00) Any tech to have in a studio student apartment? (1:48:28) Sponsors (1:51:21) Topic #6: Amazon buys One Medial for 3.9 Billion. (1:53:16) Buy n Large, poll: Best Buy's primary color. (1:58:13) Topic #7: Apple activation unlock update. (2:01:54) Topic #8: China restricts access to AI tech. (2:12:11) Topic #9: YouTube releases 1080Premium. (2:14:12) Dubbing videos beta, Spanish LTT dub. (2:15:02) Podcasts upload time, WAN Show's runtime. (2:19:34) Topic #10: LTX 2023 tickets update. (2:21:43) Topic #11: Google accused of destroying evidence. (2:22:44) Merch Messages #2. (2:27:55) Thoughts on auto manufacturers not updating infotainment. (2:34:19) Average age of LMG's viewership. (2:44:52) Red flags when hiring people for LMG. (3:01:54) Most notable thing to spring out of LMG? (3:12:45) What company's top-secret project would you want to see? (3:17:36) Linus's katana, update on LTT screwdriver holster? (3:21:29) One-on-one tech in education & its benefits? (3:27:56) Would Linus write an autobiography someday? (3:30:32) Technology that labs decided not to test. (3:35:47) Linus's SV650 bike update. (3:45:35) Reason behind LMG not paying Gary. (4:03:18) Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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My CEO Quit - WAN Show February 17, 2023

Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Check out GOG at: Visit Newegg at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change (0:00) Chapters (1:10) Intro (1:48) Topic #1 - YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to step down (3:03) YouTube’s past, was YouTube under Susan a success? (8:08) What would you like to be changed moving forward? (10:26) Suppressors, transparency & abusing the system (14:46) Malicious people throttle the advancement of tech (16:12) Linus on security, theft, insurance & tax write-off (24:20) Should Linus have a CEO? recommended LTT back catalog (29:03) CEO stuff someone could do better? Luke on PR (32:37) Linus on maintaining business relations (35:12) Linus is a control freak, Linus's uncle on his ROI (37:02) Linus on corporate attitude towards planning (38:47) Discussing Lab, teams moving to it & WAN acoustics (40:58) Linus's abandoned office nightmare, LMG's success (43:04) Recalling backpack pop-up, "projected" price point (45:54) Cost of Gary, Linus on what Dan put in the WAN PC (49:08) Linus on tech testing & "flipper of shiz” (50:34) Topic #2 - Intel launches Sapphire Rapids (51:12) Office tech value video idea, Linus on talking about money (54:09) Impressive workstation chips & specifications (55:35) Xeon W-3400 specs compared to Xeon W-2400 (58:30) AMD lied about Threadripper, is W2400/3400 going to harm AMD? (1:01:12) "Threadripper is useless, get server CPU" comment (1:04:00) LTTStore new pins series 1, track suits comments (1:05:42) Showcasing pins, RGB PC sold out during preshow (1:08:46) Would there be more serieses of pins? Pin loot box (1:12:18) Sarah the perfectionist, Twitch's "legendary" idea (1:14:36) "Digital tokens" & "people are stupid" comments (1:16:57) Ideas to be discussed for the pins (1:19:23) Merch Messages #1 (1:19:53) Is it more difficult to inspire the next gen with new tech? (1:23:32) Insights Linus taken from his practice of following others' careers? (1:26:24) How much of the script writing comes out from Linus? (1:30:54) Sponsors (1:40:32) Luke on Bing's politeness score evaluation. (1:42:46) Bing's wild response gets in a fight with Luke (1:43:48) Bing's aggressiveness in a new conversation (1:47:06) Compares Bing to a real scenario, "depressed" Bing (1:48:57) Odd suggested prompts & removing text behavior (1:52:29) Bing replies with two boxes, clears the chat after threats (1:54:16) Bing's comeback, Luke on Bing's behavior (1:58:32) Verge's article on Bing chat length (2:00:18) Asking Bing for proof, forges fake ones instead (2:00:48) WHEEL OF PAAAIN! ft. new rules & timer (2:13:03) Topic #4 - US States now require identity of users (2:14:18) Luke suggests a WoP rule, Linus on "political freedom" (2:17:14) WoP #3 - Dan the Adjudicator defends IDing porn users (2:20:44) Topic #5 - Samsung partition space explanation (2:23:18) Topic #6 - LTX 2023 update (2:24:52) Tickets, partners & plans (2:27:08) Topic #7: Stealing Hyundai & Kia TikTok trend (2:29:06) Kia & Hyundai cannot be insured, who is to blame? (2:32:54) Topic #8 - Twitter will now charge for SMS 2FA (2:33:49) Merch Messages #2 (3:24:39) Topic #9 - LMG acquisition offer (3:39:04) Topic 10 - Android Auto moves Spotify & issues with usage (3:49:42) Merch Messages #3 (3:55:37) Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/02/23·3h 55m

Our Biggest Sponsor Pulled Out - WAN Show February 10, 2023

Save money on your phone plan today at Check out Secretlab at Buy an Electro-Voice RE320 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone from Sweetwater: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:44 Intro 2:08 Linus's busy week 2:53 Topic #1 - Extreme Tech Upgrade is no more 4:50 Discussing XTU's appeal 9:18 LMG's work history with Intel 11:32 AMD's Ultimate Tech Upgrade, a nice budget 14:26 Linus's old setup video idea, Jank Luke 17:14 Linus's & Luke's full red setups 19:30 Total XTU's views, Linus hasn't met all employees 23:12 LTTStore's track jacket & joggers 26:42 Showcasing amazing photos, limited stock 28:14 Luke on past WAN's shirt fitment & tall shirts 31:11 Blank shirts ratings, T-shirt printer update 33:25 Topic #2 - Bing's conversational chatbot 34:38 Linus tries a spicy Bing search 37:02 Linus calls out Dan's post it 38:26 Luke on the faster wait list requirements 40:16 Linus tries asking about what happened to Luke 43:39 How many LTT backpacks fit in a Tesla? 46:18 Asking about LTT tracksuit, suggests fitting pants 49:10 Chatbot suggests "fitting colors" LTTStore's joggers 52:12 Linus's & Luke's reactions, chatbot watches videos 55:12 Lanyard's durability, chatbot reads reviews 56:04 Negative lanyard reviews, chatbot summarizes 58:20 Water Bottle color that matches the tracksuit? ft. LTT red logo 1:04:26 Luke provides reasons behind bad answers 1:05:12 Rephrasing question, focuses on workshop jacket 1:08:14 LTTStore customer service, recalling Cortana 1:11:12 LTT screwdriver's quality, user feedback 1:15:08 Valheim's "biomass," autocorrects to Bonemass 1:17:22 Microsoft's Prometheus, Google's Bard 1:22:54 BAidu's Ernie, Opera to include ChatGPT 1:23:29 Challenges with implementing ChatGPT? 1:25:15 Concerns when companies construct their own AI? 1:26:04 Sponsors 1:35:28 GoT Season 8, Jim Carrey Liar Liar equivalent 1:40:42 Merch Message #1 1:57:36 Topic #3 - Chinese phones loaded with malware 1:59:24 Topic #4 - Samsung update has 55 GB uninstallable bloatware 2:01:06 Looking at S23 apps, consumed storage, wear leveling 2:08:08 Topic #5 - xQc computer build collab 2:08:22 Linus on having an assistant & CSF video 2:10:00 Learning from xQc, Amazon Basic's wishlist 2:13:20 xQc constantly streams, Linus on security & fans 2:22:40 Topic #6 - Ubisoft partners with police to monitor harassment 2:23:05 Merch Messages #2 2:26:52 Do you keep or sell old technology? Which do you regret selling? 2:50:00 Are Brick-and-Mortar stores still needed? 3:15:16 Would LTT merch get you laid? 3:14:09 Topic #7: Date wore a LinusTechTips underwear Cont Merch Messages #2 3:27:49 Why is the word "so" banned? 3:29:57 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/02/23·3h 27m

You Guys are Mad. I Get it. - WAN Show February 3, 2023

Check out the Vessi StormBurst and their other styles at . Use code WANSHOW for 15% off your entire order and free shipping.   Take the hassle out of accounting and save 90% on your first 4 months of Freshbooks at  JumpCloud offers an Open Directory Platform that makes it possible to unify your technology stack across identity, access, and device management, in a cost-effective manner that doesn’t sacrifice security or functionality. Learn more here: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 2:20 Topic #1 - Last WAN's DarkViperAU controversy 3:21 Linus apologizes, Matthew joins the show 4:56 Community's reaction, Linus watched the video 7:31 Matto on last WAN's framing, "Linus needed a nap" 9:01 Defining vetting & its relation to Fair Use 11:24 Mentioning Neuro-sama, LTT's cringe commercials video 13:34 Linus's habit of looking at audience interpretations 16:08 Matto on content's context, Luke's stance 18:49 Linus on video framing & reading comments 21:38 History of react content, MrBeast's tweet 23:16 Matto & Luke on "reacts" definition compared to Linus's 25:35 "Consent is not ethical," accidentally removed Matt 27:46 Clips & lost content, issues & misunderstood comments 32:39 Linus was recommended DVAU's series, Matt's impact 37:02 Topic #2 - Anker's eufy admits to lack of encryption 39:11 Trust issues, bug bounty program & "statement" 41:06 What Anker needs to do to regain users’ trust? 45:28 Topic #3 - YouTube Shorts revenue sharing pool 47:57 Ads out the feed don't count, Linus reaches out to YT 50:54 Linus baffled at YouTube's response 55:55 Why act on such a bad faith for a pity amount of money? 58:12 Sponsors 1:02:02 Topic #4 -Blizzard bans those regularly playing with cheaters 1:04:44 Linus's experience with bad badminton calls 1:06:54 Luke on Tarkov's cheaters, community policing idea 1:10:41 Sophistication of cheating 1:13:07 Topic #5 - MrBeast's "Curable Blindness" Tweet controversy 1:15:18 Linus on Jimmy's Tweet 1:19:18 House denounces socialism, President Jimmy & content ideas 1:24:11 LTTStore's stealth desk pad 1:27:00 Merch Messages #1 1:41:03 Topic #6 -Microsoft's AI-powered Bing & Teams 1:45:15 Is It Fake?! 1:46:02 IIF #1 - Linus & Luke are anti-right to repair 3:29:02 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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My Reaction Channel Is Getting Called Out - WAN Show January 27, 2023

Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:55 Topic #1 - DarkViperAU on reaction channels 2:06 Linus confesses he only read the video's comments 3:08 Summarizing last WAN & Linus's impactful size 8:43 Linus on community backlash & perception 10:45 Collabs, pressuring, zoned ads & fair play 13:26 Matthew's points, Luke on "react" content 15:58 LTT's GPU tier list video, low-effort content 19:38 Discussing & defining reactions on YouTube 23:07 Matthew on transformative content 24:49 James's small creators showcase idea 25:42 Linus on LTT's reacts, Luke on reacting to mineral PCs 28:12 Is there value in providing good reacts content? 30:04 Ethical reactions, LTT's GTX Titan "benchmark" 33:03 LTT's unpaid intern's "C-clamps" 36:14 Original Sauce - CaseLabs returns from the dead 43:11 Would LMG consider making their own cases? 44:38 Linus apologizes for reading off the script in Arc video 46:52 Luke notices Linus reading on the video and laughs 48:24 Reason behind scripting the video 50:43 Discussing new AMD & Radeon challenge 50:48 Bricked BIOS, summarizing the challenge & adding Jake 52:32 Luke's GPU not fitting, forced into watercooling 55:10 Merch Messages #1 ft. Dan's Noctua hoodie 1:16:20 Topic #2 - Activation lock scraps MacBooks 1:16:56 Explaining encryption feature 1:17:54 Proposed solution 1:20:28 M2 MacBook Pro SSD slower than M1 models 1:24:29 MacBooks lock, Jonathan's reaction to Apple 1:27:46 Sponsor 1:31:52 Topic #3 - Microsoft's Power-Savings option triggers outrage 1:32:53 A terrible take & an adult man's tweet 1:33:49 FOX's "Woke brigade is after video games" 1:35:20 FOX's boomer guide on XBOX, Microsoft on savings 1:41:02 Confusion behind Microsoft's wording 1:44:42 Funny comment on fighting savings, why do people care? 1:45:48 Topic #4 - Linus's experience with Ludwig's bidet 1:47:16 Linus's bidet experience & "the upper hand" 1:49:52 Linus on fancy toilet & pricey stores 1:52:28 Luke thought of getting a bidet 1:54:46 Luke is alone, Merch Message #2 1:58:29 Topic #5 - CNET used AI tools for finance articles, corrects again 1:59:02 "Thoroughly edited," corrects half of it 2:00:44 Medium bans unclear AI-authored work, theft problem 2:03:17 Anti-AI idea for plagiarized scholar articles 2:05:15 Linus mentions "TikTok's enshittification" article 2:08:56 Pros & Cons on competing with BuzzFeed using AI? 2:11:39 Topic #6 - Cryptominers AMD GPUs cracks 2:11:56 Topic #7 - Samsung's 990 Pro SSDs failing 2:12:53 Topic #8 - Google drops support for OnHub 2:16:04 Recalling Google Clips camera 2:15:04 Can we trust Google products? Luke on "smart" bird feeders 2:18:54 Cole-Bar responded, Luke on Linus's face & updating passwords 2:22:28 Topic #9 - AMD "calls out" older AMD GPUs 2:24:28 Topic #10 - LTX 2023 update 2:24:42 Tickets to go live this Monday 2:27:35 Merch Messages #3 2:36:20 How many hours a week do Linus & Luke work? ft. history with Yvonne 2:50:39 LTT to react to The Verge's build video? 3:01:50 The next Nintendo console to be similar to Switch, or a fixed station? 3:11:28 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm A Short King - WAN Show January 20, 2023

Check out Thorum using the link below and get 20% off by using the code WAN at checkout: Try Audible Plus Free for 30 Days: Save 15% with our offer code WANSHOW at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 0:57 WAN show full-time employee, WHEEL OF PAAAIN 2:04 Intro 2:39 Topic #1: Smosh's "Short Kings Rank Short Kings" video 3:05 Watching the video, ranked next to Markiplier & Tom Holland 4:37 Luke's short joke, Linus on half inches & finding the board 6:22 Discussing ranked people, Tom Cruise's tenacity 7:33 Topic #2: Microsoft & Google lay off thousands again 7:56 Reasons provided by Microsoft, focus on AI 9:04 Exactly a year after Microsoft's major plans, Luke on OpenAI 10:24 Quote from Google's CEO, Linus on sustainable hiring 12:57 Linus looks at Google's stock, incompetent management 14:16 Linus hints at an official investment 14:33 Google offers 60 days of pay & 16 weeks of severance 15:36 Linus on GPT replacing Google until it fails to make revenue? 18:04 Linus on jewelry shopping, comparing to Microsoft 21:03 Twitter thread on paying for GPT 4, Luke mentions company costs 23:24 Linus compares GPT 4 to real-estate 23:53 Linus on Merch Messages with GPT 4, Luke on IRC & selling tools 27:31 Update on shadow-banning, discussing NDA & embargoes 32:44 Linus's on algorithm = audience, 7900XT/X embargoes 36:35 Shutting down "AliExpress" screwdriver & backpack argument 39:36 Being unable to defend yourself, Luke on RTX 6000 comments 43:33 Luke's video idea, James's "How to Make Good Linus Videos" 45:41 Laws of Linus #1: Never insult the audience 50:11 Topic #3: Two major lawsuits on AI art generators 50:53 Stable Diffusion's habit of replicating "Getty Images" watermark 52:06 AI replicating images, "remixing" copyrighted artwork 53:05 Luke on using replicated AI images for mobile games 55:04 Does it matter what the law is if the benefits outweigh negatives? 56:18 Reaction channels, fair use & YouTube revenue 1:06:18 Linus's "ethical reaction guidance," Luke on unfair usage 1:09:02 Linus on unfair usage of LTT content & mutual agreement 1:12:27 Floatplane Poll: "Reaction content" on submissions 1:15:50 Linus on LMG's transformative reaction content 1:17:44 LMG Clips's revenue & viewership V.S. timestamps 1:19:43 Alex P still gets clickbaited into WAN clips 1:20:55 Luke on "names of things matter," TARKOV short video 1:21:54 Sponsor - Thorum 1:23:42 Sponsor - Audible 1:25:37 Sponsor - Vessi Footwear 1:26:33 WHEEL OF PAAAIN explained 1:28:30 WoP #1: Twitter apps broke, rules on 3rd party apps 1:30:26 Consulting firm not paid after forcing Elon to buy Twitter 1:30:53 Luke tells Linus to "sit the F down," argument starts 1:37:01 Dan the Adjudicator, Luke to "shadow-ban" Linus 1:41:12 WoP #2: Samsung to use old patent to ban TP screen imports 1:42:44 AFBF signs Right to Repair with JD, argument starts 1:54:26 Dan the Adjudicator's, "defend the indefensible" 1:58:59 Luke recalls Namco Ltd's patent, TESRenewal's Skyblivion 2:06:15 LTTStore's new underwear designs 2:07:32 Merch Messages #1 2:22:36 Topic #4: LTX 2023 update 2:23:59 Topic #5: Linus on his investment in a NAS product 2:27:55 Topic #6: Apple's new HomePod & Mini 2:37:35 Topic #7: Wyoming's bill to phase out EVs by 2035 2:42:54 Topic #8: Stadia's self-service to enable BT 2:43:36 Merch Messages #2 3:35:40 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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YouTube Will Demonetize This Video - WAN Show January 13, 2023

Save money on your phone plan today at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:09 Intro 1:32 Topic #1 - YouTube changes guidelines, YouTubers pissed 2:23 Guideline changes in regards to swearing 3:34 RTGame requested an appeal, YouTube instead flags many videos 4:16 ProZD's experiment demonetized ft sponsors shoutout 4:52 YouTube's statement to The Verge 5:42 What is YouTube's responsibility when announcing changes? 7:33 Impacts on advertisers, Riley's & Luke's live notes 10:34 Creator's responsibility, Luke's thoughts on LTT's "safe content" 13:44 FloatPlane's business model & creator's revenue 19:04 Discussing Nebula subscription model 21:02 FloatPlane's annual revenue towards LTT 23:26 Topic #2 - WotC backpedals on OGL after backlash 23:36 Summarizing last week 27:14 "Three goals in mind," Linus calls it bull 29:26 Linus on copyrighting cosplays, new OGL changes 32:05 Salty comment, Linus on "Trust Me Bro" & policies 36:38 Paizo's OGL to be "open, perpetual and irrevocable" 38:54 Perpetual WAN show document, mentioning TeamViewer 39:56 Linus's failed set up, Luke's comment & Yvonne on DnD 41:53 Discussing LTTStore, printing update 43:33 Merch Messages #1 46:27 Out of Intel, AMD & NVIDIA, which is the bigger liar? 55:48 IPv4 block addresses, using BGP for anything? 56:45 Know when to complain to higher-ups, and to move on? 1:04:20 Sponsors 1:08:06 Topic #3 - Windows 81 officially discontinued 1:09:54 Linus on his recent Vista experience 1:11:36 Where would you rank Win 8/81 on worst versions? 1:15:32 Merch Messages #2 1:22:56 Topic #4: Intel releases the first 6 GHz CPU 1:23:17 Intel I9 13900KS, pricing & specs 1:25:02 Luke on binned CPUs 1:25:44 Linus explains the unhinged WAN show 1:27:44 Intel's past Tejas project, GHz versus efficiency 1:29:03 Expectable trends to push in, TSMC on cache size 1:32:08 Topic #5: Tim Cook takes 40% pay cut 1:33:26 Linus questions rate per minute, "eat that puss" 1:35:44 Mentioning Nintendo CEO's cut due to Wii U & 3DS 1:37:38 Anker removes Linus from endorsement list 1:38:28 Topic #6: Mercedes' level 3 self-driving cars 1:39:30 Audi's 2019 A8, Linus' on auto-driving & "giving BJ" 1:41:09 FloatPlane, Creator Warehouse & LMG hiring 1:43:27 Linus on the lack of burst of sales this week 1:44:19 Topic #7: AMD's 7900XTX cooler issues 1:46:02 Low stock, replacement cost, Der8auer on refunding 1:46:43 Faulty VRMs, faulty drivers, 48 dead 6900XT's 1:48:13 How would you solve this as AMD? 1:49:06 Linus wonders what happens to dead GPUs 1:50:18 Merch Messages #3 1:50:25 Favorite Mario kart game ft Dan's pronunciation 1:52:24 Canceled LTX purchasers, FP casting not working 1:53:47 Anything interesting running in Linus's home server? 1:55:40 Using blockchain technology to resolve revenue? 1:58:58 "Why have a marketplace for maps when you can share for free?" 2:01:36 LTTStore not com for LTX 2:02:16 How many shirts to get Linus to say "Snoochie Boochies"? 2:03:20 Any games to introduce to wife into mobile legends? 2:04:54 Companies as "infrastructure," Government regulations, shutting down? 2:07:07 Who would be the Dante and Randal of LMG? 2:07:52 What caused the private items policy? 2:09:17 Thoughts on the Steam Deck 2 leaks 2:16:06 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Hey Luke Do You Wanna See Something Weird? - WAN Show January 6, 2023

Save money on your phone plan today at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:18 Intro 1:43 Topic #1 - Showcasing weird displays from CES to Luke 2:26 ASUS's Spatial Vision, potential work benefits 5:58 Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus as an E ink reader 7:29 LG's M3 97" TV, "wireless" & usage in home theater 11:10 Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i & its versatility 13:26 Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid, an "enlarging tablet" 16:21 Samsung Display's Flex Duet, Linus on foldables 19:49 Samsung's MicroLED CX 76" TV, the better "Wall" 22:57 Topic #2 - DnD's WotC restricts content royalty 23:58 Linus on LTT merch's profitability V.S. revenue 27:14 Discussing old V.S. new Open Game License 29:52 Overprinted M:TG cards, ease of creating DnD-like games 31:54 "Only" 20 companies will be affected to the 25% 34:10 WotC already expected backlash, chat name suggestions 37:47 How can Hasbro monetize yet be so alienated? 39:18 Baldur's Gate 3, Luke on Larian Studios & playing with Linus 41:37 DnD: Honor Among Thieves & other movies 42:58 Merch Messages #1 1:01:56 Sponsors 1:05:36 LTTStore's Henley shirt 1:06:46 New underwear patterns, Linus's & Luke's workout 1:09:18 Linus on epilators & lack of lasers for men 1:16:46 Weight rooms, workout injuries, LinusSmallTip 1:23:56 Linus going to a gym Floatplane exclusive idea 1:24:43 Topic #3 - AMD's Ryzen 7000 & 7000X3D 1:25:01 Recalling 5800X3D, new 7000X3D's L3 & lower TDPs 1:26:00 Ryzen 7000 Non-X's Pricing compared to 7000X 1:26:52 Intel shadow launches unlocked 13th Gen, screwdriver 1:29:08 Quietly increases 12th Gen prices, how can Intel compete? 1:30:01 Dell to stop using chips from China by 2024 1:33:31 Topic #4 - EA unable to recover CFM corrupted savefile 1:34:29 FIFA Ultimate Team made more money than Elden Ring 1:36:53 Linus buys Apple TV to play Fantasian & NVIDIA Shield 1:38:32 LTX 2023's new graphics 1:39:03 Desk pad design, tickets open on the 27th 1:40:07 Topic #5 - Tesla finally offers a normal steering wheel 1:42:56 Topic #6 - Microsoft to use ChatGPT for Bing search 1:43:41 OpenAI's deal with MS, Luke called it, terrible search engine 1:47:22 Luke skips first two paragraphs of articles 1:48:51 Topic #7 - Placing a PS5 vertically can kill it 1:49:30 TheCod3r repairs a PS5 that refuses to boot 1:52:12 Topic #8 - AMD finally admits to 7900XTX's cooler fault 1:52:46 Merch messages #3 1:52:50 Thoughts on Flipper Zero being available 1:58:16 Linus on the GuliKit outer deadzone 2:01:42 MKBHD's video on post-processing ruining photos 2:03:30 LMG goals for 2023 2:06:05 Tips for a pre-production meeting 2:07:37 Difficulty of building a team with different interests 2:09:09 Linus & Luke on hiring, calling an idiot out 2:14:18 How do LMG keep going when business development shenanigans happen? 2:15:12 Fears of hiring a programmer with no experience for working with a team? 2:17:02 Most helpful constructive criticism from the community? 2:22:52 Keeping your memory, would you go back 10 years? 3:06:39 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/01/23·3h 5m

Coffeezilla EXPOSES My Fellow Creators - WAN Show December 30, 2022

Timestampes: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 2:10 Intro 2:46 Topic #1 - Windows Modern Standby 3:04 Questions asked to Microsoft's VP 3:46 Luke "steals" a laptop from work 4:37 S0 sleep, what is being done about heisenbugs? 6:43 LMG given a direct line for bugs, showcasing Feedback Hub 10:44 Comparing Android support to Windows, blueprint of gen 1 XBOX sound card 13:09 Topic #2 - Coffeezilla calls Logan Paul's CryptoZoo a scam 14:26 LinusCoin/DropCoin/RugPullCoin, "LOL we're scamming you" 15:46 Discussing "gambling" sites & NFTs 17:46 CryptoZoo, mentioning Coffeezilla's videos 21:18 Logan blames employees, failure to pay teams 23:57 Coffeezilla's video on Linus, LTT's "Why mine in 2023?" video 25:55 LMG sponsorships, Linus values community feedback 28:49 Linus's stance on VPN, Luke on Floatplane VPN & lawyer interaction 34:38 Discussing VPN revenue, costs of server hosting 39:02 Linus undresses, LTTStore new products 39:56 More LTTStore plaid flannel colors 41:23 New LTTStore pajama pants 42:38 Sponsor - Seasonic 44:22 Sponsor - MANSCAPED 44:58 Sponsor - Squarespace ft. history of WAN Show sponsors 47:36 Topic #3 - New York's right-to-repair bill 48:28 Criticism on bill modifications 49:36 OEMs to provide assembly instead of parts, to work after July 2023 50:42 Discussing set-backs, different American state laws & bills 54:32 Linus on California's business income tax & China 57:03 Linus clarifies his opinion on CCP 59:09 Topic #4 - Linus on Quebec's policies, imports an EV 1:05:18 Jim Pattison on Vancouver Symphony Orchestra 1:06:46 Registration & bill of sale, unable to establish continuity 1:07:37 Autoplan brokers wasting Linus's time, requires original documents 1:12:54 DMV is a meme, fundamentals of Government 1:16:04 Estonia's site & services, "secure" SIN numbers 1:18:06 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update 1:21:15 "Unsigned" credit card, stupidity of signatures 1:22:43 Merch Messages #1 1:23:46 Linus on LTTStore customer service 1:34:04 LTTStore backpack shipping starts now, no backlogs 1:34:30 Topic #6 - RDNA3 GPUs running at 110°c is within specs 1:36:08 Cooler not covering the whole die, limited overclocking 1:38:09 What is the correct way to address this problem? 1:40:38 Every company has problems, Linus on company screw-ups 1:43:10 Floatplane exclusive on LMG Clips for two days 1:44:06 Topic #7 - NVIDIA leaks 4070Ti GPU for CES 2023 1:45:34 Leaked specifications & MSRPs, lowest point of sales of all time 1:46:41 Micron cuts 10% work force, Intel reports 59% drop in profits 1:47:10 Discussing RTX 4000 MSRP, comparing to BC's housing bubble 1:53:40 Merch Messages #2 1:55:46 Topic #8 - Stupid Slack notifications & the "eyes" reaction 2:03:15 What Linus & Luke wished to have known about for their first CES? 2:06:26 Are wired earbuds extinct or will they make a return? 2:08:28 Topic #9 - Pixel 7 back camera glass spontaneously cracks 2:11:08 Topic #10 - Wondershare Filmora forces life-long users to pay 2:11:46 Prompt to pay, archived the deleted page, Daniel Batal's video 2:13:30 "Updates instead of upgrades," quotes from another deleted page 2:14:16 Linus on "lifetime," and whether it should be protected 2:15:44 When buying a product, what does "lifetime" mean to you? 2:17:46 Floatplane user's funny comment on "lifetime" 2:18:18 Merch Messages #3 2:45:12 Topic #11 - Linus's elaborates on his comments from last WAN show 3:05:30 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/01/23·3h 6m

We Talked To A VP At Microsoft - WAN Show December 23, 2022

Save 90% off your first for months of Freshbooks at Go to to purchase an annual MasterClass membership and get one free Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 2:11 Intro ft. unlisting YouTube stream 2:52 Topic #1 - LMG reached Microsoft for Modern Standby 3:30 Explaining S0 & S3 states of sleeping 6:06 Discussing the removal of S3 from MS laptops 7:35 Linus on "Why not shut it down lol" & comments from LTT's video 9:12 Feedback on LTT's video of Linus's tour to Micron 9:48 Power loss due to weather, preparing UPS 12:26 Topic #2 - John Carmack leaves Oculus 12:50 Meta's policies, John on efficiency & developers 16:14 Keen Technologies' AGI, what VR should have been 18:27 Linus on mutual agreements with co-workers 20:05 Explaining why WAN was interrupted 20:32 Sponsors 23:20 Topic #3 - Anker's eufy admits they lied 23:51 Anker's blog post, how much does this tarnish the brand? 25:35 How to choose discussion points, Riley's sad e-mail 27:35 What would you do if you became the CEO a week before? 31:42 Thoughts on Anker's response 33:37 Topic #4 - NIVDIA axes GameStream, recommends Steam Link 36:36 Why petitions won't work 39:32 Discussing Apple's continuity, wireless GTX 460 video 40:50 NVIDIA's history of abandoning products 41:57 Why "smart home" technology is a struggle 42:14 SHIELD's advertising & commitments, Google's Nest Audio 44:52 Power is back 45:50 Topic #5 - Lawyer mother denied entry after AI face recognition 46:27 MSG entertainment's statement, Linus & Luke on AI recognition 49:44 This might go to supreme court, discussing outdated legislations 51:29 Jake joins the WAN show, Luke's roof caved in 52:22 Linus & Luke reacting video, commends Luke's professionalism 53:33 Linus's sense of humor, mentioning LTT's WD video 55:35 Topic #6 - AI uses podcast data to generate topics 57:23 Luke says which was by ChatGPT, Linus shows WAN notes 59:22 ChatGPT uses data from huberman lab to generate a new article 1:02:21 Stance on data set training, discussing WAN show 1:06:10 "Free content," ethicality behind using ChatGPT 1:10:32 Clearing confusion behind Linus's stance on ad-blocking 1:11:40 Linus thanks customer care employees & FloatPlane 1:14:17 Merch Messages #1 1:22:54 Topic #7 - Apple allows sideloading & third-party app stores 1:23:55 Apple's objections, stock surging 1:26:06 Discussing developer's aspect & certificates 1:31:30 Topic #8 - Epic Games pays millions to COPPA for "dark patterns" 1:33:54 Luke on canceling his late grandfather's Prime subscriptions 1:36:20 "WAN show must go on," Linus & Luke's streak 1:37:23 Topic #9 - LastPass August breach was way worse 1:39:48 Luke suggests leaving LastPass & updating passwords 1:40:38 CelebrityFeetPics site, Linus is on Men Wikifeet 1:42:08 Topic #10 - Sharing Netflix passwords may be illegal 1:43:00 Linus not noticing ads, like-dislike ratio 1:45:36 CPS might seek criminal charges against close people sharing passwords 1:48:31 Merch Messages #2 1:49:54 Linus enjoying making videos, does he need a smaller team? 1:54:54 How is the dual audio LTT project going? 1:57:03 Would there be more GPUs with different RAMs? 2:00:12 Any favorite go-to movies for testing home theaters? 2:27:00 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/12/22·2h 26m

YouTube Will Remove Your Comments And So Will I - WAN Show December 16, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here ➼ All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Go to to purchase an annual MasterClass membership and get one free Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:24 Intro 1:51 Topic #1 - YouTube to deal with bots & comment spam 2:21 Linus reasons why he does not look at YT chat 3:16 YouTube bot moderators issue timeouts & warnings 4:35 Discussing the history of YouTube monetization 5:14 Discussing ads, privateering, & Linus's ADHD experience 24:11 LMG's experience with comment spam, discussing timeout 26:33 ChatGPT & bots, policies affect quality of comment conversations 30:29 Linus is tired of comments with bad takes & misinterpretation 35:06 Exploring solutions for responding to misled comments 37:16 Pixel count V.S. pixels per inch, elaborating on the difference 40:47 Optical & image resolution, discussing cameras & printing 42:26 Topic #2 - TikTok experiments with horizontal videos 44:29 Why upload LMG content on TikTok, discussing the platform's stability 46:25 YouTube's services, mentioning audience interactions, shorts & stories 52:32 TikTok has more average watch time than YouTube 53:34 Discussing LTTStore products & ideas 54:39 Shorty version of the screwdrivers 55:20 LMG hiring electronics engineers, product examples 57:38 RGB doormat, battery tester, tissue box "for the haters" 1:00:17 Creator Warehouse to debut products in CES 1:01:15 Topic #3 - Linus receives Ludwig's bidet, recalls trip to Japan 1:03:26 Merch Messages #1 1:13:48 Sponsors 1:18:10 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #3 1:18:46 ElonJet suspended, banning accounts interacted with ElonJet 1:21:36 Elon tweets about stalker, shows car's license plate 1:22:55 JerryRigEverything blocked by Elon after calling him out 1:23:43 Leaks of Elon encouraging investors after himself dumping stocks 1:24:25 Mastodon's Twitter banned, Linus lowers time spent on Twitter 1:26:29 Claims of users peaking again, discussing Twitter's stability 1:27:55 Twitter Spaces turned off, Linus on the impact of negative attention 1:30:34 Synchronized drinking, Elon Jet information is public 1:33:08 Linus & Luke discuss social platforms 1:35:05 Topic #5 - Europe forces Apple to allow sideloading 1:37:09 Topic #6 - Epic Stores shuts down games, removal of games on stores 1:43:38 Topic #7 - y-cruncher hardwarebot removed LMG's record 1:44:48 Topic #8 - Reacting to Linus dropping things 2022 edition 1:46:57 Linus's stance on using & remixing LMG content 1:48:11 Topic #9 - Linus suggests banning apps with limited copy-paste 1:52:40 Topic #10 - Dell's Project Luna disassembles in 30 seconds 1:53:41 Sustainability, QR codes, laptop has no cables or screws 1:55:18 Linus on his & Luke's humor 1:55:49 How does Linus feel about his investment in Framework? 1:57:28 Linus on NAS software & stupid difficulty 1:59:54 Merch Messages #2 2:18:32 Topic #11 - BYOC ticket pricing for LTX 2023 2:19:11 Orca, Shark & Dolphin package designs 2:12:02 Topic #12 - Floatplane exclusives on LMG Clips for 48 hours 2:20:52 Merch Messages #3 2:24:22 How is the stream distributed? 2:29:22 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/12/22·2h 28m

I Want To Smuggle CPUs - WAN Show December 9, 2022

Save 90% off your first for months of Freshbooks at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:18 Intro 1:43 Topic #1 - "Pregnant" woman caught smuggling CPUs 4:14 Why smuggle tech into China? discussing item distribution 7:32 Brazil's tech import tariffs, American imports & exports 12:06 Smuggling to exploit tech shortage? 13:07 Topic #2 - New Arc driver, Arc challenge update 13:26 Intel's e-mail, criticizing Intel's Arc Control & its notifications 18:19 Only drivers matter for first-gen, Arc PC giveaway...on Arc Control 20:26 Luke won't update his driver until Arc Control informs him of it 20:55 Intel Support Assistant, Luke on the extended Arc booting 23:50 Performance graph of DirectX9 & driver performance uplift 26:42 Discussing Vulkan & Proton running DirectX9 29:40 Explaining the misconstrued chemistry between Linus-Luke 32:41 LTTStore Linus plushies moved to the bonus bins 33:36 Merch Messages #1 53:22 LTT's ZeroTier video idea 54:36 Sponsors 57:58 Topic #4 - Nintendo DMCA's DYKG's video on a 2004 Zelda pitch 59:21 Mentioning the source of the video's content, why did Nintendo do this? 1:01:00 Discussing NDA, hate tweet on DYKG, Activision-Blizzard 1:03:56 Nintendo "acknowledges" S&V bugs, "takes feedback seriously" 1:05:40 Linus considers not purchasing Nintendo products, mentions SMP 1:12:12 Where is the line drawn with these companies? 1:13:12 Merch Messages #2 1:24:23 Topic #5 - Markiplier's OF, proceedings to go to charities 1:26:14 How are nudes "tasteful"? 1:27:47 ChatGPT defines "tasteful nude photographs" 1:30:26 Merch Messages #3 1:37:56 Topic #6 - The Game Awards 2022 1:38:45 Valve was giving away Steam Decks, Elden Ring won GOTY 1:39:12 Kid mentioning Bill Clinton arrested, other previous stunts 1:40:05 Topic #7 - They're Just Movies podcast ended 1:43:15 Criticism online is personal Linus' & Luke's perspectives 1:47:14 Complimenting Luke, losing weight & building muscle 1:48:03 The name of the lab 1:48:32 Luke hosting videos once again, discussing OVH & Arc videos 1:50:48 Topic #8 - LTX2023 & Whale LAN page design & dates revealed 1:53:02 VIP packages, all-night Whale LAN, Luke's epic father & friend 1:55:28 PAX & LTX, possible quarterly LAN parties, special guests 1:59:43 Expo building, showcasing booths & games 2:06:04 Linus's potential investment on a NAS software start-up 2:11:01 Linus on DIY NAS mirrored storage issues, defining obtuse 2:17:18 Topic #9 - Apple scraps CSAM, encrypts iCloud 2:19:05 Topic #10 - Xbox games are now up to $70 2:21:00 Topic #11 - Adobe Stock to sell generated AI stock images 2:24:19 Merch Messages #4 2:32:53 Topic #12 - Stack Overflow banned ChatGPT 2:36:23 Luke's thoughts on ChatGPT version 4 2:38:27 Invalidity of ChatGPT answers, defining why it was banned 2:40:28 Using large language models on game development 2:43:30 Luke's ideal sandwich, ranting about killing Quadro 2:45:26 Any notable tattoos around the company? 2:45:48 How long until Arc is competitive in the professional market? 2:46:37 Would LTT accept Nintendo as a sponsor for LTX? 2:46:58 Favorite pieces of tech to use in the kitchen 2:48:28 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Why Do I Keep Getting Called Out - WAN Show December 2, 2022

Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 2:09 Intro 2:38 Topic #1 - Updates on the eufy situation 3:46 Rob's video, notifications, port-forwarding & 30-day deletion 5:14 Data notification, Linus on heat pumps & Luke corrections 8:24 Users information, GDPR, event logs & EULA 12:24 taping over lights 14:09 How would you provide "free" local storage? 14:56 eufy's quote, Luke's hot take 16:12 Linus on hand-picking data & "local-only" 20:06 Topic #2 - OpenAI's ChatGPT text & code generator 25:02 ChatGPT, security filters, Luke's ballad on butts 31:32 Linus unable to log into beta, discusses prompt 34:36 Linus's prompt on Luke's butt 35:54 Luke uses his character & prompts stories via chatbot 37:04 Discussing Advent of Code, automated prompts 40:42 OpenAI prompted a warning to Linus 42:28 Learning programming via chatbot, API docs reference 44:54 Broken GPU scenario, generating an LTT video script 48:38 Chatbot's advice on feeding kids vegetables 50:56 Chatbot's spicy dbrand Tweet, Luke on jobs future 56:12 Chatbot explaining world problems Kanye West's style 57:22 Sponsors 1:04:06 Linus tries the chatbot for Extra again 1:05:28 Compiler error in generated code, API issues 1:07:24 LTTStore limited amount of black shaft screwdrivers 1:09:22 Topic #3 - LTT Labs beta site demo 1:12:52 Preview of comparing two product reviews 1:14:14 LMG still hiring 1:14:55 Topic #4 - Apple's SOS saves a stranded Snowmobiler 1:16:28 Apple shuts off AirDrop in China after 10 minutes 1:18:08 ChatGPT makes Discord bot for responses, poor Jake 1:18:48 Topic #5 - The Last Seven Days in Twitter #3 1:19:26 Elon on Apple not advertising & "free speech suppression" 1:20:02 Hunter Biden story suppression 1:20:18 Elon on an "alternate phone," Linus calls everyone out 1:20:48 No longer enforcing COVID misinformation policy 1:21:08 Elon resolves misunderstanding with Tim Cook 1:23:22 Why not make a fork? Discussing Logitech G Cloud 1:25:58 Twitter engagement, trending & business aspect 1:31:10 Linus calls out FP user on "children consent" 1:31:56 Topic #6 - DnD will now call races "species" 1:33:18 Merch Messages #1 1:33:29 Encouragement for those entering the developer space 1:49:38 Do over-regulations stifle innovation? 1:51:18 With similar AI threads, would it be unique? 1:54:12 Topic #7 - Scalpers unable to sell RTX 4080 or return it 1:54:40 Hardware Unboxed's video on a "new" RTX 3060 8GB 1:56:14 Comparing relative performance, low-end alternatives 1:59:38 Merch Messages #2 1:59:46 How would Luke spend LMG's money? 2:02:46 Topic #8 - Luke on Intel's Arc 2:07:33 Would people overlook AMD's flaws after Arc's introduction? 2:09:38 Luke discusses AV1 for streamers, AV1 advantages 2:11:28 Would Linus put an RDNA3 GPU in his personal rig? 2:12:24 Luke is not sure what to do with his money 2:13:17 Topic #9 - Hacksmith's "fire-cooled" PC collab 2:13:55 Showcasing Mini-Saber 2:16:17 Reselling PTM7950 idea, conflict of interest & assets 2:20:22 Validating data, transparency, trust & spoofing 2:23:38 Merch Messages #3 2:23:46 Thoughts on the removal of product pages 2:24:56 Using DXVK, Valve's Proton 2:27:01 What's next on a future home tour? 2:27:46 Selling branded merch to fund open source projects? 2:30:03 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Where Will This End? - WAN Show November 25, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Start using AnyDesk today at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change) 0:00 Chapters 1:13 Intro - Dark Mode 1:42 Topic #1 - Mercedes's EV acceleration subscription 1:50 Linus on Alex's stance 3:20 Everything is included, so why lock features? 5:33 Shareholders & revenue, discussing automobile companies 8:14 Trickle-down economics, Linus's perspective on taxes 14:26 New Jersey banned similar vehicle subscriptions 16:16 Homelessness, Elon Musk on $6B "solving world hunger" 18:42 Devil's advocate on Mercedes charge & warranty costs 20:30 Subscription offers up to 24% more horsepower 22:18 Topic #2 - Intel's On-Demand Sapphire Rapids CPUs 25:08 Discussing Ai 1 airbag vest's subscription pricing 27:16 Topic #3 - eufy uploads pictures without user consent 28:31 Facial recognition, snapshot of feed 29:09 eufy replies: "this is for notifications," disproved instantly 30:10 Remotely start a stream of unencrypted feeds via VLC 31:47 Recapping the controversy, LTT is done with Anker 33:51 Does the Smart Scale send "pictures" to the Chinese government? 36:13 Luke's girlfriend's interactable robot vacuum 37:05 LTTStore Black Friday deal 37:44 Sponsors 45:25 Floatplane roast on Luke not buying anything 46:54 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #2 47:05 Elon on "Freedom of speech is NOT freedom of reach" policy 49:20 Elon's poll on reinstating suspended accounts, delaying Blue Verified 51:29 Elon's poll on offering "amnesty" to the banned, Blue to launch on December 2nd 53:07 Luke's hot takes on Twitter & news on social media 56:34 Balenciaga's controversial children campaign 1:02:10 LTTStore wallet & tie ideas 1:04:13 LTTstore tie design, FP poll: do you wear ties? 1:06:38 LTTStore wallet & passport case design 1:09:26 Merch Messages #1 1:09:54 What is on Linus's & Luke's Christmas lists? 1:15:57 Would have Luke hired Linus for LukeTechTips? 1:17:12 Topic #5 - Meta focuses on AI 1:17:41 Linus on machine learning versus AI 1:19:43 Cicero AI, performs greatly in the game Diplomacy 1:22:18 Linus discusses Google Assistant's voice recognition 1:22:57 Galactica AI, generates scientific "answers" 1:26:22 Linus explains his stance on machine learning 1:27:20 Topic #6 - Marvel "used to be good" 1:30:58 SOLIDWORKS to sponsor an LTT video 1:33:32 Merch Messages #2 1:36:00 LTT content are mostly "top-end" complaint 1:39:18 LTT's audio production video explained 1:39:57 Why are companies becoming more abrasive to our wallets? 1:40:43 Thanksgiving holiday traditions 1:42:28 Thoughts on an alternative to car subscriptions 1:43:20 What does Linus wish to accomplish in 10-20 years? 1:45:01 Labs to host a trustworthy UserBenchMark competitor? 1:45:45 Luke stops Linus from showcasing beta Labs site 1:48:46 Creating an environment where people can freely criticize? 1:56:40 GoXLR mixer, Luke's experience 1:57:48 Why Linus hasn't done mystery science theater, thoughts on Disney & Star Wars 2:01:52 Update on the Floatplane as a service idea 2:03:05 Twitch losing streaming credits 2:04:21 Delaying content with other creators if one does not receive a sample? 2:05:24 LTTStore Backpack bundle in the future 2:06:10 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

We've Made Some Big Mistakes - WAN Show November 18, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here ➼ - All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:48 Intro 2:13 Topic #1 - Mistakes on LTT's RTX 4080 video 2:48 4080 sold out, pricing, advocating for change 8:15 Linus counters community arguments 13:32 High last-gen emphasis in the review 14:46 Lack of AMD discussions in the review 15:29 Linus apologizes, reasons his decisions 16:36 AMD cards not priced well, discussing competition 19:07 Topic #2 - Linus & Luke 30 day Arc challenge 19:24 Linus's & Luke's power "mods" 22:46 Linus's disappointment on VR, reaching staff 25:04 Luke's idea to Linus's Arc & Linux systems 26:33 Linus & Luke streamed gaming on Arc 28:32 LTTStore customer support delays ft. Luke's bird 30:16 Labeled shipments show as shipping when not 32:45 LTTStore's Retro Polar Fleece 33:44 Topic #3 - The last seven days in Twitter 34:32 Luke on companies firing/hiring 37:36 Engineer corrects Elon, gets fired 41:52 Luke meets Twitter employee in Serbia 42:42 Linus on at-will, Luke hushes birds 44:02 Badge system removed, "public" Slack channel 45:36 Blind, a better localized anonymous version of LinkedIn 47:16 Elon response, end-to-end DM encryption 49:34 "Be extremely hardcore or leave" 52:12 Employees locked out after blue badge removal 52:28 Sponsors 55:36 Companies should hire employees, discussing Visas 56:18 Discussing Luke's bird & feeding 57:04 Sponsor continued 57:44 Linus to head off to an event 58:22 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring many positions 59:28 Topic #4 - FTX collapses, Riley writing in the doc 1:01:06 Merch Messages #1 1:01:36 Luke on dive computers 1:03:37 Any advantage to 2 PCI-Es on larger GPUs? 1:05:54 Riley takes over, everything goes downhill 1:09:26 Riley on writing the doc, Luke on coverage 1:12:04 Riley on Twitter's viability & usability 1:14:20 Discussing Andor 1:16:24 Discussing Taskmaster 1:18:15 Luke explains FTX, owner playing LOL during conference calls 1:21:06 Binance backed out bailing FTX out 1:23:10 Regulating cryptocurrency defeated its purpose 1:26:42 Luke on losing coins VS losing value 1:28:42 Topic #5 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 1:29:32 Luke's favorite Pokémon 1:32:58 Game graphics & performance issues, Switch & emulation 1:39:49 Topic #6 - DOOM Eternal OST controversy 1:41:04 Summarizing OST release, Marty's reddit post 1:43:25 Mick Gordon's detailed rebuttal, game developing 1:48:44 Luke on gaming scenes & gamers review-bombing 1:52:38 Topic #7 - PeopleMakeGames calls Valve out on gambling 1:54:48 Twitch banning unregulated gambling content 1:56:56 CS:GO gambling sites thrive, discussing loot boxes 1:59:36 Why doesn't Valve do anything against this? 2:01:32 AK-47 Case Hardened #661 sold for $400,000 2:04:02 Whose responsibility is this? ft. Luke hushing birds 2:09:16 Video Game Attorney on platforms manipulating drops 2:11:28 Topic #8 - Apple sued for collecting data in Apple apps 2:14:54 Riley on Apple misleading users & lack of privacy 2:17:16 Did Luke believe Apple's security? 2:20:28 Merch Messages #2 2:20:48 Using external GPUs for Blender 2:30:14 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Verified WAN Show - WAN Show November 11, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Go to for 15% off MasterClass Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:44 Intro 2:17 Topic #1 - Twitter changes & controversies 3:32 Impersonators, Eli Elly And Co stock impacted 9:30 $8 Twitter Blue, major staff changes 14:30 Head of T&S, CISO & CO resigned, discussing impersonators 17:13 Potential Twitter bankruptcy, unprofitable advertisers 19:45 Elon sold $4Bn of Tesla stock 21:12 Topic #2 - Meta fires 13% of workforce 22:26 Investors question Meta's future, Luke on AR/VR trend 27:27 Linus on tech companies laying off staff trend 28:01 Floatplane & Labs hiring 28:25 Discussing sustainability of alternate decentralised web 31:56 Discord came in as a good answer, Twitter Blue V.S. Discord Nitro 35:35 Was Elon's prior success an accident, or his arrogance? 41:14 Topic #3 - NVIDIA relaunches RTX "4080 12GB" as 4070Ti 41:41 Discussing un-launch, specs & MSRP 42:32 4070Ti/4070 to release in January 2023 42:47 4080 16GB MSRP, NVIDIA's "requests" to AIBs, EVGA leaving 45:03 2060 & 2060 SUPER discontinued Should we be mad? 47:59 LTTStore 1,000/100/1 piece CPU puzzle 53:56 Crewneck sweater clearance sale 54:37 Shoelace update 55:31 Sponsors 59:50 Topic #4 - Ash Ketchum finally won PWC after 25 years 1:02:16 Linus on being excited over fictional characters 1:05:06 Luke leaves, FP comment on script & rules, Bell-cam 1:06:03 Topic #5 - Founder of Oculus creates a "lethal headset" 1:08:24 Linus on paintball & risk versus reward 1:10:51 Fun comes with real consequences 1:12:44 Topic #6 - Logitech G Cloud review sample 1:14:13 Logitech reached out to LMG for a sponsorship 1:15:58 Main concerns with the G Cloud 1:17:36 Would you consider G Cloud as a Steam Deck user? 1:18:19 Topic #7 - DeviantArt's DreamUp AI 1:22:03 Merch Messages #1 1:22:11 Follow up to cardboard PC challenge video idea 1:23:29 Weird or random requests from sponsors 1:24:29 Touch-type, young generation less tech-literate 1:25:11 If Luke was a higher up, would Linus be hired for LukeTechTips? 1:25:50 What's up with video aspect ratios? 1:27:20 Hot Ones, can Linus eat spicy food? 1:28:37 Linus finds his favorite Tweet of all time 1:30:55 EV cars as e-waste when replacing batteries? 1:33:38 Mastodon as a decentralised alternative to Twitter 1:34:54 Leaking fun LTTStore possible products 1:36:29 Benchmarking VR games? 1:37:29 Employee monitoring software, countries Linus traveled to 1:44:51 Sites, services and games Linus & Bell miss 1:58:29 Moore Threads Chinese video cards 1:59:27 Linus friendship & relationship advice 2:01:13 Bad habit Linus didn't know he had 2:02:05 If people forgot LTT, can you rebuild a large new channel? 2:04:07 Thoughts on the direction of car infotainment system 2:08:02 Hackers accessing info video idea 2:08:45 Porsche order update 2:09:29 What would a "good Internet" be like? 2:10:43 How to improve LTTStore experience in Europe? 2:14:19 AMD's Genoa Epyc CPUs, Linus in Supermicro videos 2:15:15 Fire & explosion proof Li ion battery video idea 2:16:01 Poll results: hard mode or easy mode for puzzles 2:16:52 Shopify dashboard sidebar issues on Z Fold 4 2:17:23 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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I'm Frankly Disgusted - WAN Show November 4, 2022

See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here: and use code wanbusiness  at the checkout! It’s risk free with 30 day money-back guarantee! Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Get 20% OFF ($400) the NIU BQi-C3 Pro 17th Nov to 4th Dec. Link below to learn more at + Take part in their 1000-Mile Challenge for a chance to win an additional 50% OFF. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:56 Topic #1 - Intel on Demand: Software Defined Silicon 5:01 Luke's response, LTT's video on PANTONE 8:14 Community reactions, Linus on Intel's stock value 14:10 Topic #2 - Tech Quotes's video on tech companies behavior 17:28 Unrealistic review requests by tech companies 22:22 Company is upset due to sponsored video's background light 25:22 Embargo dates, recalling Hardware Unboxed's controversy 28:02 GIGABYTE & NVIDIA upset at an AMD mention 32:03 Discussing solutions against large companies 36:02 Tech Quotes in chat, #Respect_ME_PC_Community 36:44 Topic #3 - Twitter changes after Elon's acquisition 37:16 Twitter Blue to cost $8/m 38:35 Public figures' secondary tag 42:06 Elon Musk impersonators, videos behind paywall 45:45 Elon lays off employees, Elon V.S. California 48:58 Linus tracks stocks, FP poll on Twitter Blue 53:12 Advertisers like stability, two billionaires now control text media 56:22 Sponsors 1:01:14 Topic #4 - Apple downgrades AirPods ANC in 4E71 1:02:16 Discussing troll-lawsuit for patent infringement 1:05:06 LTTStore's new color block hoodie 1:09:02 Topic #5 - Luke in France, Shadow Power Upgrade 1:18:34 LTTStore cat bed mockups 1:19:46 Topic #6 - AMD's RDNA 3 1:20:28 RX 7900 XTX, extrapolated performance graphs 1:23:16 Would this improve competition? 1:24:22 Jongerow on 12VHPWR, native cable burn too 1:26:51 Merch Messages #1 1:27:11 To consider open sourcing FloatPlane 1:27:54 Videos Linus regret making due to lack of knowledge ft Linus's open fly 1:29:44 What EV or Hybrid to buy under $100,000 CAD? 1:34:36 Burn-in issues with OLED ROG Swift PG42UQ 1:35:22 Advantages Vancouver has that made LMG great 1:36:22 Combatting room heat via further computers 1:37:34 Would Linus allow his kids to work on LMG? 1:39:53 Should Intel or AMD invest in ARM? 1:40:28 Board games family nights with Linus 1:41:33 Home lab content idea 1:42:28 How are LMG videos quality controlled? 1:45:12 Are issues with AMD drivers "over"? 1:45:48 Does Linus's & Luke's families watch their content? 1:47:48 Stick with $500 on Roku TV, or invest more? 1:49:36 Rain flaps & waterproofing LTTStore backpack 1:50:37 Thoughts on the Sims series 1:52:18 ARC GPU for Plex hardware encoding 1:53:02 AYANEO 2 & GPD Win 4 1:54:32 Discussing direct storage for GPUs 1:55:12 Black shaft LTTStore screwdriver update 1:55:38 Screwdriver case or bit packs 1:55:59 Zipper pulls for LTTStore backpack 1:56:20 Did LMG consider covering printers? 1:57:02 Most expensive yet useless mistake when building LTT 2:01:44 Intel's E V.S. P cores for gaming & browsing 2:02:04 Organizing trades for the house 2:03:50 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Gamer's GPUs Are Melting - WAN Show October 28, 2022

Start using AnyDesk today at Check out the Corsair Voyager A1600 Laptop at Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:26 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - RTX 4090's 12VHPWR adapters melting 2:50 Paraphrasing Igor's Labs' findings 5:08 Third party connectors, CableMod's instructions 7:34 Linus skips RTX 4000 for his PC, reasoning behind it 10:58 Topic #2 - AMD's Radeon RX 7000 series 11:14 AMD's "Radeon 7xxx" will not feature 12VHPWR 12:36 Linus on the word "left-angle" & adapter orientation 14:38 Luke discusses very old hardware with FP 15:36 LTT's video on increasing performance of AMD GPUs 17:12 Employees replace NVIDIA GPUs with AMD, couldn't tell a difference 18:49 AMD's history with drivers, Linus's experience with AMD 24:02 AMD's Radeon 7000 release, rolling for PCs idea 27:38 Topic #3 - Whether to purchase NCIX domain 28:51 Self-service PC building station 32:28 NCIX domain to expire soon™, LTTStoreNotCom 35:03 Retail V.S.industrial property in Vancouver 38:19 What to do with the domain? NCIX Labs & abbreviations 41:28 FP Poll - Does NCIX sound techie? ft. Turnip, odd suggestions 44:50 YouTube Super Chats still broken, Luke's grammatical mistakes 52:32 Sponsor - Corsair 53:46 Sponsor - Zoho One 54:31 Sponsor - AnyDesk 55:09 Merch Messages #1 55:23 Evolution of technology in classrooms 1:02:58 How are the adopted cats doing? 1:05:42 LTTStore new Blank T-Shirt merch 1:08:31 Explaining the prices of blank & printed t-shirts 1:10:56 LTTStore mystery men sweatpants 1:11:38 Topic #4 - Elon Musk acquires Twitter for $44B 1:13:39 Twitter developers locked out of the code base for auditing 1:15:28 Jack Dorsey's Bluesky, discussing trending on twitter 1:17:06 How much will Twitter change after the acquisition? Dogecoin spiking 1:21:54 Continuing to use Twitter, is the internet ready for ID tokens? 1:24:12 Upsides & downsides of toxicity on Twitter 1:28:10 Topic #5 - Adobe to replace Pantone colors with black 1:29:08 Pantone's subscription, possible workarounds 1:32:36 Creator's Warehouse story, trademarked Canadian Anthem phrase, inflation 1:37:25 Topic #6 - JASCO now works with home assistant via Z-Wave 1:42:34 Topic #7 - Arm to change its business model 1:44:36 Topic #8 - YouTube to separate Shorts & normal videos 1:46:07 Merch Messages #2 1:48:24 Would LMG become a game publisher? Linus on investing 1:55:56 Thoughts on Nebula, Floatplane & Curiosity Stream 2:01:19 How Luke deals with burnout 2:03:42 Would NVIDIA double-down or release a 12VHPWR V2? 2:07:36 Discussing loved or disliked finished games, shows or movies 2:16:32 Advice for studying better against procrastination 2:24:13 What exciting projects is labs working on? 2:26:17 Fun things to do in Vancouver, LTX Expo's distance to the ocean 2:27:52 Favorite sets made for LTT videos 2:29:48 What NCIX stood for in the past 2:31:36 Design & build process for logistics 2:39:47 Piece of media that inspired Luke 2:42:00 Double taking on a birth date in a resume 2:43:43 Any AAA studio would capture Tarkov's magic? 2:44:47 LTTStore CPU design puzzle from videos 2:45:26 What do you feel is getting worse in the tech industry? 2:46:54 To look into YouTube ads further 2:49:23 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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YouTube Backstabbed Me - WAN Show October 21, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at: Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:51 Intro 2:19 Linus has no swear button, Luke on painkillers 3:07 Topic #1 - YouTube raises Family Premium price 4:36 Discussing Premium costs on iOS platforms 6:22 Why is this allowed? 9:16 Manifest - Coincidental timing? FP subscriptions 16:12 Does Premium help content creators? 20:14 Watchable resolution, Vimeo, Premium watch time 22:11 Lack of concern with pushing users to ad-blocking 27:20 Linus on the Family Premium service ft bullying 32:12 Topic #2 - Intel's 13th Gen, Raptor Lake 33:10 Multithreading, FP polling 35:52 Linus on expenses of 3D models, Luke used Milkshape 3D 38:04 LTTStore restocked JerryRigKnife, deal of the week 38:19 LTTStore shoelaces for sale 40:05 Power consumption, +1kWh of draw is possible 41:34 LTT's video on using Ryzen & RTX on a 550 Watt PSU 43:08 Undervolting can save actual electrical costs now 45:57 Solar panels & Canada's hydroelectric power 47:30 Why Linus is now 2D 47:50 Advantages with Intel's 13th Gen 48:21 What is with the errors in LTT videos lately? 52:54 Topic #3 - LinusTechTips: Español edition 50:24 Sponsors 54:24 Cogwheel has audio tracks for languages 56:13 Showcasing LTT's Ryzen video in Spanish 57:20 Reactions from the community 1:02:00 LTT has a translation service in China 1:03:52 LTT Hindi could be possible 1:04:35 Topic #4 - Comcast shuts down G4 TV 1:04:57 Why was G4 TV nostalgic, casts, price budget 1:12:42 Outfits to hire those who worked in G4 TV 1:14:25 G4 TV e-mail, Linus & Luke on gaming content 1:27:45 EA shutting down servers for many games 1:33:11 Luke on sharing source code of dying games 1:36:00 Topic #5 - Ye buys Parler after social media bans 1:38:35 Ye's controversies, Elon plans to drop Twitter staff 1:40:48 Topic #6 - Google focuses on first party hardware 1:42:00 Effects of Google abandoning android partners 1:42:46 Luke on quality of Google hardware 1:44:13 Merch Messages #1 1:44:24 Ubisoft bringing ANNO 1800 to consoles 1:46:05 Plans for Linus's smart home ft Luke's hot take 1:50:17 Gaming memories to recreate with children 1:54:48 Testing IOPS on the $1M server, LTTStore blanks 1:57:50 Daily driving the new AirPods Pro 1:58:26 LTTStore cologne idea 2:04:38 Limited by not having a tech-related degree? 2:09:51 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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This Has Never Happened Before - WAN Show October 14, 2022

Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here ➼ All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:06 Intro 1:36 Topic #1 - NVIDIA unlaunches RTX "4080 12GB" 2:30 NVIDIA's misleading cards naming 7:18 History of shameful corporal behavior 10:06 NVIDIA's "apology" showcases store queues 11:38 LTT's video on ARC for AV1, ideas & GPUs discussion 14:52 Topic #2 - Google AI struggles with FP's Privacy Policy 19:22 YouTube's Creator Summit, issues with AI 23:32 Topic #3 - Netflix launches ad-based subscription 26:16 Rate of ads per hour, interrupting movies 28:56 Discussing ad blocking & downgrading 33:42 LTTStore new merch 34:36 LTTStore beanie colors 35:53 LTTStore backpack updates 37:24 Merch Messages #1 37:30 Noctua's paste guard 38:36 Tech tips for toddlers & babies, discussing Yeezy's 46:00 Linus's thoughts on EV bikes 49:26 Topic #4 - Sony is against Microsoft-Blizzard acquisitions 51:28 Counter-arguments, Microsoft's article 55:42 Luke on another Blizzard lawsuit 59:24 Sponsors 1:02:00 Failing to call Colton Potter 1:03:12 Topic #5 - Meta's Quest Pro VR headset 1:05:48 Discussing price & specs 1:08:33 Moore's law, generational leaps 1:12:06 AI erases NHL players 1:14:46 Discussing Meta 3, Meta 2 Amazon reviews 1:17:19 Colton Potter announces LTX 2023 dates 1:19:55 Topic #6 - Discussing Mark Bench 1:20:32 Weird data on LTT's RTX 4090 video 1:22:46 Topic #7 - Microsoft Surface Pro 8 & X 1:23:01 Discussing pricing & specs, all-Intel 1:23:44 Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Plus 1:24:04 Merch Messages #2 1:24:13 Did Linus try playing pickleball? 1:25:25 Tips for transitioning into adult independence 1:26:02 Whale investors 1:32:08 Experiencing issues after PC building 1:34:08 Would LOUQE go out of business? 1:38:58 Software development & testing 1:41:45 SoundCore Sleep A10 1:42:01 Why not use OpenBenchmarking? 1:43:54 Convincing a boss to invest, LMG content exclusivity 1:50:14 FP Poll: to use exclusives occasionally? 1:53:54 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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4K YouTube Is Getting PAYWALLED - WAN Show October 7, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 -- NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 0:50 Intro 1:19 Topic #1 - YouTube restricts 4K to Premium 3:58 2160p, 10 ads & YouTube's statement 6:56 Chrome's Manifest V3 10:06 4K as premium only? discussing FP, costs, services 24:52 Lack of competition, accessibility, renting from a library 40:49 LTTStore screw-top lid, golden ABC's plush, swim trunks sale 44:10 Topic #2 - Intel Arc GPUs 45:08 Pricing, unstable gaming experience 47:46 Experience with iGPU, discussing past gens 55:44 Intel is THE competitor, 30 day Arc challenge 1:02:06 Luke hasn't seen any 4090 in person 1:02:30 Sponsor - Zoho One 1:03:27 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:04:48 Sponsor - Savage Jerky 1:06:34 Topic #3 - NVIDIA's ridiculously HUGE GPUs 1:08:08 Luke reacts to the Founders Edition 1:09:08 ASUS's ROG Strix series 1:10:52 ZOTAC's GAMING series 1:11:42 Linus returns with a 1080 to compare 1:13:02 MSI's SUPRIM X series 1:13:38 iGame's Vulcan series 1:16:10 Thoughts on the sheer size & weight of the cards 1:19:20 Comments on the AirPods 2 video, cruise control, voice auto-completion 1:43:22 Topic #4 - Super Mario Bros movie trailer 1:44:03 Watching the trailer, live commentary 1:46:17 Thoughts on trailer & Chris Pratt 1:47:55 Topic #5 - Overwatch 2's bad release 1:49:44 Expensive cosmetics, game changes 1:54:06 Topic #6 - Starforge computer review reaction 1:57:54 Linus reaffirms the logo's C&B look 1:59:32 Merch Messages #1 1:59:46 Floatplane app for TVs & NVIDIA Shield 2:00:32 Peer-to-peer to alleviate costs 2:01:36 CDN for Floatplane 2:07:52 Links of information from Labs 2:17:04 Practical gauche to keep an eye out for 2:18:32 AI on procedural generated gaming assets 2:22:28 Recommending games 2:23:10 How long until RISC-V goes x86-level mainstream? 2:24:40 Nostalgic tech that sucked 2:27:02 LMG's stability, impact on Linus's happiness 2:28:34 Tech to be excited for 2:30:00 Pimax 5K review idea 2:30:56 Paternal tech Linus uses 2:31:28 Linus on failed video ideas 2:33:32 Predicting & planning for LMG's future 2:35:23 Weirdest or coolest thing signed for fans 2:36:46 Thoughts on Google Matter 2:37:16 Rootkit development for gaming 2:38:03 Making labs benchmarking tools public 2:43:18 What does LMG do for power management? 2:44:36 Hiring people from the US 2:45:05 Items that are a must-have in cars 2:47:25 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/10/22·2h 45m

USB Branding Changed Again... - WAN Show September 30, 2022

Go to for 15% off MasterClass See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here: and use code wanbusiness  at the checkout! It’s risk free with 30 day money-back guarantee! Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:17 Intro 1:43 Topic #1: USB branding change 2:14 Name change history, SuperSpeed is no more 5:00 Google links rant, USB4 guidelines 9:05 USB-IF CEO quote on USB speed, Linus's take 12:18 LTTStore SC sweatpants, merch update 13:40 Topic #2: Luke finally found shoes 14:12 "Schrödinger shoes", Luke shoes story 15:50 Unboxing the shoes 17:20 Topic #3: Stadia shuts down 18:56 Phil's meeting e-mail, refunding purchases 22:10 G Cloud lacked Stadia, discussing subscriptions 26:22 Linus & Luke on Outlook 28:08 Outlook V.S. Gmail, services Google killed 34:12 Discussing sales & developers 38:15 Developer on Stadia game port, Google's habit 41:18 LTT can get a Stadia developer kit 42:50 Sponsors 44:56 Topic #4: LMG "recalling" backpack carabiners 49:30 Showing future carabiner pull examples 55:55 Topic #5: ShortCircuit Oura Ring video removed 57:44 Reason behind removal 1:01:04 Recalling mispronounced product names 1:04:28 Developers on stage, recalling Blizzard 1:06:00 Topic #6: Lab name rebranding 1:09:14 Topic #7: DBrand's Killswitch reduces fan RPM 1:12:38 Magnetic stand replaced with a mechanical one 1:14:14 Topic #8: Luke's wild night out 1:16:34 How the budgie was found 1:19:26 People staring at Local Nutter Luke 1:21:50 Topic #9: AMD's Ryzen 7000 & Intel's 12th Gen 1:22:24 Pros and cons of next-gen chips 1:24:46 Discussing productivity 1:26:32 What LTT did not review, Intel's 13th Gen 1:28:02 Intel's power efficiency & affordability 1:30:28 Linus on "competition" between brands 1:31:58 Topic #10: CSF's video of Dennis V.S. Linus 1:36:46 Thoughts on the fight & scoring system 1:41:14 Luke's thoughts on the break & Dennis 1:45:22 Linus accepts rematch, what to change 1:54:50 Linus on LMG christmas party 1:58:02 Merch Messages 2:00:04 Linus's Cadpad parka from old WAN shows 2:02:50 Savant for home automation 2:04:32 Luke's favorite character from The Yard 2:05:12 Would USB become a new standard? 2:06:57 Backpack or screwdriver? LUKE IS LINUS'S SON! 2:08:24 Other cable thoughts for LTTStore 2:09:36 Recommendation for Oura ring alternatives 2:11:50 Would LMG acquire a content creator? 2:14:46 Why are iGPUs not benchmarked? 2:16:00 Innovating & projects as a company 2:18:14 High-end product impact on Linus's idea of value 2:23:13 Inflation's impact on LMG 2:25:04 What products & services Linus & Luke miss 2:28:22 Reflectors on backpack idea 2:29:38 Compressors on microphones when quiet 2:32:36 ServeTheHome's Patrick celebrates 100k subs 2:33:12 Mrwhosetheboss's Samsung battery video 2:34:00 YouTube on the retention for faster speed 2:36:38 Why did Luke pursue software engineer? 2:40:16 Linus sees LMG employees on FP 2:41:16 randomfrankp's video on Logitec Brio 500 2:44:22 Highest LTTStore product margin, T-Shirt extended sizes 2:46:12 Video of how LMG earns money 2:49:36 Discussing LMG's interest in developers 2:51:36 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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NVIDIA Thinks You're RICH - WAN Show September 23, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change) 0:00 Chapters 1:52 Intro 2:20 LTT sponsored MKBHD's ARC PC build 4:36 Topic #1 - NVIDIA's RTX 4000 update 5:38 Performance claims, NVIDIA V.S. gamer roleplay 9:02 Board design & cost per wafer's size 18:04 What can we do about the MSRP? 21:02 AMD's RDNA3, compared to M1 Ultra, "Linus is biased" 24:00 Luke is scuba certified, Taiwan diving 24:34 Linus returns with watercooled Vega 64 26:36 Linus showcases Radeon VII 27:16 Linus on R280, Fury & better hardware 31:26 Discussing price increase through the years 35:15 Simulating inflation, NVIDIA's progress, dead pixels recall for OLED 38:32 Was this MSRP to get rid of RTX 3000? 40:54 Topic #2 - Logitec G Cloud handheld 41:06 Funny specifications on the product page 44:52 Reading reviews & user rating 48:12 Linus tries to write a review 50:00 Sponsors 53:00 LTTStore elemental shirt discount 53:34 LTTStore Cargo shorts 55:28 Linus's written review, filtered out 57:36 Linus writes a joke review for Luke 1:00:32 If Deck didn't exist, would it be good? 1:02:11 Reason behind elemental shirt stock 1:04:30 Topic #3 - LTT in Español 1:06:22 Planned AI-generated voice 1:09:08 Linus shows off video 1:10:46 Merch Messages #1 1:11:00 Why are local pricing for GPUs high? 1:12:21 ASUS PG42UQ ghosting & Windows snap 1:13:06 Traffic after MKBHD collab, excitement towards lab ft pizza 1:18:46 Cloud computing, Chromebook V.S. ThinkPad 1:24:02 Linus on MKBHD collab's impact 1:25:40 Giving the video another shot 1:28:48 Topic #4 - Twitch changes revenue splits 1:31:00 Quoting Twitch's changes 1:34:44 Twitch bans some gambling streams, talking YT VODs & revene impact 1:42:26 Topic #5 - Framework Chromebook Edition 1:42:38 Specifications & thoughts 1:45:22 Discussing sustainability & what Twitch should do 1:49:32 YouTube shorts revenue, discussing TikTok evading copyright 1:54:40 Requirements to be eligible for revenue 1:55:07 Licensed music, do they belong in LTT? 1:57:50 Topic #6 - videogamedunkey's BIGMODE 1:58:44 Community response, impact on indie games 2:06:58 BIGMODE website, lack of responses 2:08:20 Merch Messages #2 2:08:26 Favorite gift given or received 2:11:00 Pros to cons using 220V on PSU 2:11:32 With EVGA out, would others fill the space? 2:12:20 Running Windows on VM reliably 2:13:10 Do you miss not needing as many devices? 2:15:08 YouTube Shorts is addictive 2:16:52 Linus's review on Sony A95K TV 2:17:40 Which Zen 4 CPU for future proofing? 2:19:14 Challenges with NA-based manufacturers for LTTStore 2:23:30 Thoughts on new PSU specs 2:24:51 Linus's wire fraud 2:25:10 Avoiding quantum tunneling via 3D stacking 2:25:36 Would LTTStore become a hub to sell YouTubers merch? 2:35:00 What games are you currently enjoying? 2:37:25 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/09/22·2h 37m

The Biggest Tech Divorce - WAN Show September 16, 2022

Use code WAN to get up to 70% off with a 2-year Nordpass Premium plan with a bonus month for free at Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at [0:58] Intro ft. "slow news day" [1:56] Topic #1: EVGA leaves the GPU market. > 4:20 EVGA's sales revenue, > 5:52 No plans to work with AMD or Intel. > 7:11 NVIDIA controlling prices & projects. > 9:12 CEO claims no employees to be laid off. > 10:44 NVIDIA's shady history, Linus's notes. > 18:24 Advantages of NVIDIA having many AIBs. > 21:08 Discussing EVGA's move & products > 22:40 Linus called it 12 years ago. > 24:05 Reading EVGA's quote, NVIDIA the bully. > 28:02 Recalling NVIDIA blocking Hardware Unboxed. > 34:42 More of NVIDIA's shady history. > 42:22 NVIDIA is hard to work with, RIP EVGA. > 46:22 With EVGA GPUs gone, which AIB to buy from? [47:18] Topic #2: Etherium merger was a success. > 49:02 ETH & BTC price drop, ETH's CEO quote. > 49:52 White House's framework on regulating crypto. [51:18] Topic #3: NVIDIA leaks, tightening stock. > 53:21 Leaked specifications of RTX 4xxx. > 54:10 Excitement towards the GPUs, modded Cyperpunk. [55:32] LTTStore myshopify test, 64oz bottles. > 1:02:32 New waffle long-sleeve colors. [1:03:36] Sponsors [1:07:24] Discussing LTX2023 floorplan. [1:08:20] Topic #4: Result of Linus-Dennis fight. > 1:09:22 Dennis spent a month training, Linus's leg injury. [1:13:30] Topic #5: Stray cats update. [1:17:53] Topic #6: Google experiments with ads. > 1:18:52 Up to 10 ads, discussing midrolls. > 1:21:08 Ads impact on Google. [1:25:08] Merch Messages #1. > 1:25:43 UniFiDream Machine V.S. PfSense. > 1:26:30 Steam Deck & streaming as a setup. > 1:27:40 Quadro works on Linux, not Windows. > 1:28:36 SC pants for hoodie idea. > 1:28:55 LTT's apocalypse PC, mesh filter. > 1:34:52 Best water blocks for watercooling. > 1:38:01 Would EVGA move to Intel or AMD? > 1:39:38 Linus's pet goat story. [1:42:25] Topic #7: Amazon sells dangerous cords. > 1:46:02 Difference between defects & dangerous. > 1:47:04 "Water-proof", misleading specs. > 1:50:07 Power cords, discussing Labs size. [1:52:23] Topic #8: Sponsoring a "part" of a video. [1:57:11] Topic #9: Intel "rebrands" low-end laptop CPUs. [1:59:36] Merch Messages #2. > 1:59:58 Linus's plans for the PVC pipes. > 2:00:39 Internet to a detached garage. > 2:01:58 Getting your SO tech-savvy. > 2:03:01 3D printers & other round-ups. > 2:04:32 Second monitor effects on a PC. > 2:05:58 Worst tech purchasing experience? > 2:08:31 Updates on the WAG hoodie. > 2:09:36 Shameless fanboying for companies. > 2:12:42 Proudest gamer dad moment. > 2:14:28 Camera-focus for backpack. > 2:15:42 Measuring performance for benchmarks. > 2:17:35 Linus's favorite pony. > 2:18:18 What to look for in a riser cable. > 2:19:10 Recommendations for rackets below 50. > 2:20:09 Sequential invoice numbers for FP. > 2:20:45 Stealth desk pad, exciting data science. > 2:22:07 Favorite musicians. > 2:23:33 Rackmount PC with Sliger. > 2:24:14 Balancing life & hobbies as a dad. > 2:25:32 Plans for LTT screwdriver colors. > 2:27:15 Raising tech-savvy kid without being tech dependent. > 2:27:50 Using LTT screwdriver underwater. > 2:29:18 RTX 4000 V.S. AMD's 7000 series. > 2:30:17 Wire management product, Luke's favorite LTT product. > 2:30:48 Prediction on the 4000 series stock. > 2:31:15 Why don't PSUs have standard cables? > 2:32:00 Hobbies Linus & Luke want to get into. > 2:33:54 Star Wars, Star Trek or Stargate? > 2:35:18 GPU market, 1080Ti upgrade. > 2:35:48 PSU brand recommendations. > 2:36:10 Best cable for next-room PC. > 2:36:32 Vancouver's real estate prices. > 2:39:12 Why Apple dropped NVIDIA. > 2:40:14 Userb Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Reviewer Got Reviewed - WAN Show September 9, 2022

Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here ➼ All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - LTTStore screwdriver reviews 5:06 Fear of mass cancellation, Project Farm's review 11:56 Todd's chart, Linus's impressions 17:30 Jeff Geerling's review, reasons behind compromises 21:08 Highlighted comment, what Todd & Jeff missed 24:48 Inconsistencies with LTT screwdrivers 26:14 Topic #2 - HALO Infinite cancels split-screen CO-OP 27:55 Glitch to force CO-OP, discussing 343i's roadmap 30:54 Linus asks Luke about implementing reporting feature 35:26 Software engineering in games IS art 40:04 Thoughts on game assets 41:22 DO NOT send Superchats, buy merch and send 43:12 Sponsors 48:01 Topic #3 - Google issues with Chromecast fix 51:06 Third-party sharing data 53:02 TikTok "does not" share data, update is delayed 56:10 Topic #4 - Summarizing Apple's event 56:28 iPhone 14 specs: SOS, notch, chip update 1:00:32 Linus on Apple's calculus 1:02:04 iPhone 14 & Pro camera update, Apple Watch 1:05:33 Clearing out Linus's take on privacy 1:08:30 AirPods Pro 2: Transparency mode 1:11:44 Linus's thoughts on not migrating to Type-C 1:12:22 Merch Messages #1 ft. Bellocam 1:12:40 Oura Ring Gen 2 V.S. Gen 3 1:17:06 Utilizing UseAI for faster writing 1:19:18 Linus's & Luke's previous jobs 1:30:33 Was WAN show breaking Twitch's TOS? 1:39:00 Merch Messages #2 1:39:12 What second-hand PC parts to avoid 1:42:14 Moments of realization when LTT became big 1:50:11 Topic #5 - Linus is not a Forbes top creator 1:51:28 Trying to make sense out of the article 1:55:40 "Entrepreneur points", false earnings & outdated followers 2:00:26 Covering channels, mentioning those not listed 2:04:33 Where would Linus sit on this list? 2:07:02 Forbes’s "factual" statement, LTT compared to streamers 2:10:36 Linus on costs of staff, dog's score 2:13:00 Topic #6 - Jasco is a good guy now 2:14:28 Topic #7 - Logos on products are out of trend 2:17:32 Linus does not know Bottega Veneta, shows off shop 2:21:00 Luke has a heart attack, Linus on 2:24:20 Merch Messages #3 2:24:40 Steam Deck games Linus & Luke play 2:26:05 What Linus wants to try with Luke but haven't yet 2:27:28 Why are OLED displays larger than non-OLED? 2:29:48 Is emulating owned ROMs piracy? 2:30:58 Using LTT backpack on a bike 2:31:52 How Linus & Luke stuck for years ft. stories & "furry" art 2:41:48 What tech to take whenever travelling 2:43:40 Linus's sight on the danger of biking 2:45:12 Why did Linus go for workstation over VMs 2:45:53 Valve opening repairs for Deck with iFixit 2:46:43 Queen's passing, Linus on monarchies 2:50:22 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/09/22·2h 48m

I've never been so angry... - WAN Show September 2, 2022

Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Chapters: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:03 Intro 1:30 Gang is hungry, fast topics & MM's tonight 2:10 Topic #1 - USB 4 Version 20 Type-C standard 3:09 Specifications, discussing the naming 6:22 Confusing USB standards history 9:13 Responses to the Techlinked tweet, name confusion 17:07 Topic #2 - Japan "declares war" on retro tech 18:12 LTT's Windows 98 build, justifying costs 23:14 Minidisc's popularity, Linus on using fax 25:40 Discussing physical medias & animorphs 30:24 FP Poll -  physical V.S. digital books 32:40 Discussing pirating, physical audio & Spotify 38:12 Sponsors 41:08 LTT sponsoring YouTubers, screwdriver colors 43:20 Luke guesses YouTubers, Linus gives hints 49:49 Poll - Guess who is sponsored! 50:29 Topic #2 - AMD's Ryzen 7000 series 52:52 AMD claims Ryzen is faster than Alder Lake 54:32 Discussing sweetspot 55:24 Luke played Star Citizen, talks about bugs 56:24 Motherboard release dates, "Why choose Intel?" 58:31 Intel's 12th & 13th Gen V.S. AMD's AM4 & AM5 59:15 Poll result: Guess who is sponsored! 1:00:22 Luke on a potential collab with Glarses 1:02:02 PCIe Gen 5, SSD speeds 1:04:11 Topic #3 - Intel's ARC "is better" 1:04:58 Intel Graphics channel's video on RTT 1:06:22 Game emulation, Why consider ARC? 1:12:48 FP Poll result: pricing range for ARC 1:14:38 Driver is home, food is arriving later 1:15:56 Topic #4 - dbrand's Project Killswitch 1:17:12 Details, reserves, removed screen protector 1:18:14 Splitting accusations, dbrand's response 1:19:28 dbrand did not state much in the kit list 1:22:33 Linus on the funniest response from dbrand 1:25:26 Merch Messages #1 ft. hungry gang 1:27:28 Longest road trip, Linus struggles to shake 1:29:41 LTT-themed framework accessories 1:35:02 Games on Linus's, Luke's & Bell's phones 1:38:44 LTTStore ideas they liked, Colebar "idea" 1:47:05 Content creator Linus would work with 1:49:56 RAM slots on GPUs 1:52:11 Most memorable food 1:56:33 Country they want to visit but no chance to 1:58:13 A smaller LTTStore water bottle 1:58:52 Closed bio-system, NFC implant 1:59:30 Transitioning from small to medium business 2:01:38 Confidence in merch deployment 2:02:48 Holo lens for VR adoption 2:04:52 Linus on giving LMG employees a raise 2:07:02 GDP Win 3 2:09:23 Thoughts on AI winning an art contest 2:13:28 Favorite part of running a YT/Media company 2:14:16 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/09/22·2h 15m

Lab Naming Controversy - WAN Show August 26, 2022

Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:22 NEW Intro 1:48 Topic #1 - LAB32's backstory & name conflict 3:06 Linus's conversation with Sara from LAB22 6:12 LAB32's drafted branding 8:52 Gary's update for lab tests 9:24 Topic #2 - Luke's experience with TELUS 11:28 Luke's TV, spam marketing calls 15:42 Internet cut-outs stories 18:04 Deals, costs, do not call list 23:52 Reminders to call, old plans 25:03 Topic #3 - VESA's DisplayHDR & ClearMR 29:24 Explaining ClearMR tiers 31:28 Samsung's & LG's statements, Twitter uncertainty 35:24 Testing methodology, Linus's thoughts, scoring 40:03 Discussing games, FF VI's 1/6th scale statue 43:54 LTT screwdriver process, shipped to Project Farm 48:54 Screwdriver pop-up shop stream 49:48 Lab update, tests, systems 55:18 Responses to PSU tester video 1:01:22 LTTStore discount 1:02:40 Topic #4 - Linus in the Steam Deck Booklet 1:05:26 Discussing the point of the booklet & its content 1:11:15 Sponsors 1:13:42 Luke on merch messages as "ads" 1:15:54 Twitch controversy 1:17:09 Most embarrassing childhood phase 1:20:20 Linus's high-school, climbing events, grandparents 1:28:06 Linus fights Dennis on CSF 1:31:30 LMG Clips comments, Linus's funds in videos 1:37:25 Topic #5 - Starlink V2 connects to cellphones 1:42:36 Luke birds update 1:46:48 Discussing canary usage in coal mine 1:48:39 Canary resuscitator 1:49:58 Merch Messages #1 1:50:03 Lab accreditation, gaming SSD, CAT# tests 1:54:08 Most memorable tech experience from Japan 1:57:18 Starlink latency viability in Australia 1:58:52 Why manual LTT screwdriver over electric 2:00:36 Hiding unannounced LTT products, Linus on pop-up shop 2:07:34 Strawpoll: screwdriver pop-up stream date 2:11:46 Strawpoll result 2:15:12 Screwdriver warranty description, pre-orders limits 2:19:11 Lack of warranty on bits, price for packs 2:22:46 Topic #6 - Clearing up last WAN's Apple story 2:26:44 Luke on Apple asking _once_ to track overall apps 2:31:33 LMG hiring employees 2:32:12 Topic #7 - Twitch accused of divided judgment 2:34:16 Topic #8 - Apple extends self-service program 2:37:02 Topic #9 - Gaming hardware prices are WAY up 2:38:28 Playstation increases prices by up to 20% 2:39:43 Sony sued for overpricing games 2:42:58 Merch Messages #2 2:43:11 Handling getting interrupted by a workflow 2:44:06 Tech that we consider life-changing 2:46:03 Was LTT approached by YT for an original series? 2:47:11 What we should know about Linus & Luke 2:50:24 Linus on cloud data 2:51:34 Was Linus a NASCAR fan? 2:52:09 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/08/22·2h 52m

Lenovo Attacked My Investment - WAN Show August 19, 2022

Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Save money on your phone plan today at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters. 1:08 Intro. 1:33 Topic #1: Lenovo sends Frameworks a cease & desist. 2:53 Legion logo compared to Mercedez-Benz. 4:10 Linus & Luke agree with Lenovo. 6:04 Topic #2: Apple restricts third-party tracking. 7:42 Ads sold on applications, hypocritical Apple. 10:50 Luke setting up an iPhone to check tracking. 11:10 LTTStore's RGB hoodie. 13:56 Lambo edition LTT bottle. Cont. Topic #2: Apple restricts third-patry tracking. 15:13 Reading Apple's "transparent" when setting up. 17:28 Topic #3: Discussing Metaverse's look. 19:16 Horizon Worlds, making avatar via Readyplayer. 25:26 Merch Messages #1. 26:32 Important lessons Linus teaches his kids. 29:38 Secret shopper for cell service provider. 30:54 Do writers have partial ownership of channels? 33:24 Favorite daily-driver phone. 37:18 How much damage Denis (& Colton) did to Linus's house. 44:22 Trust Me Bro Limited Lifetime Warranty. Cont. Merch Messages #1. 47:00 Trust me bro shirt was requested on Twitter. 47:51 Sponsors. 48:05 Squarespace site maker. 48:53 XSplit live streaming. 49:42 Secretlab gaming chair. 50:52 Topic #4: DOOM ran on tractor display. 53:12 Is there a more anti-consumer company? 58:46 How John Deere hurts everyone. 1:00:16 LTTLabs is not LTTLab, discussing domain. 1:04:02 Lab32, reason behind the number. 1:06:26 Merch Messages #2. 1:06:34 Camera bag for the backpack, domain Strawpoll. 1:07:58 What games would Linus & Luke install on the tractor. 1:09:44 Steam alternatives. 1:12:30 "All domains I own" segment. 1:15:28 Frameworks' used hardware market. 1:16:30 Project Farm screwdriver testing. 1:17:28 LTTStore Screwdriver pop-up. 1:19:38 Linus calls about backpack's availability in the pop-up. 1:21:54 LTX, Linus recommends against early booking. 1:22:54 Merch Messages #3. 1:23:02 More home server, automation & labs. 1:24:45 What Linus plans to leave behind for the new owners. 1:25:37 NCIX's impact on Linus & LTTStore. 1:29:10 Hiring experienced V.S. learners. 1:33:14 Topic #5: Tesla accused of false autopilot advertisement. 1:38:02 Merch Messages #4. 1:38:12 VPS company suggestion ft. Linus's birthday. 1:39:40 Valve Index features & suggestions. 1:40:28 What do Linus & Luke eat? 1:41:58 Coolest case Linus & Luke built in. 1:44:00 Take on Samsung's Z Fold 4. 1:44:30 Labs on repairability or jailbreaks. 1:45:25 Labs on mics, interface, XLR & TRS. 1:48:12 Linus on long time format. 1:49:47 Any cool projects for computer vision? 1:49:56 What business help Linus got. 1:50:29 Budget server rack. 1:50:54 Benefits of gaming to buy consoles. 1:52:18 Floatplane QOL features & motivation. 1:54:32 Why Colton is always fired. 1:56:08 Do LTT employees get discount on merch? 1:58:28 DOS gaming PCs build in the future. 1:58:42 LTT RGB merch idea. 1:58:58 Linux-like challenge with Apple. 1:59:38 Linus on Beat Saber technique. 2:00:06 Selling YouTube videos for revenues. 2:02:52 Recommendations for rack-mount gaming 2:03:22 Linus's Epson projector. 2:04:22 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/08/22·2h 5m

Trust Me Bro - WAN Show August 12, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters. 1:50 Intro. 2:18 Topic #1: Google tells Apple to adopt RCS. 3:58 Green bubble is bad for dating, discussing social life. 7:38 Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 8:46 Summarizing interpretation from Linus's comments. 10:30 Explaining the "trust me, bro" & investments. 15:10 Luke discusses the wording & responses. 18:12 Linus on what he really meant about the store support. 21:46 Linus on the retiring stream. 24:18 Things that Linus feels he did wrong. 26:50 Internal versus external policy, ghosting people, lawsuits. 29:22 LTT's reputation, GN's video, discussing trust. 33:12 Subreddit's thread, accusations towards LMG censoring. 40:36 Planned warranty for LTTStore, nothing changes with LMG. 44:42 LTTStore's "Trust me bro" T-Shirt. [Cont.] Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 46:55 Clearing the confusion in chats. 48:48 LTTStore discount, sweatband. 49:21 Topic #3: Linus's pool update. 50:55 Concrete & cement ratio, explaining shortage. 55:02 Topic #4: Netflix has mobile iOS games. 58:38 Discussing Netflix users, comparing to Apple Arcade. 1:01:34 Ubisoft, Netflix Premium subscription. 1:04:28 Merch Messages #1. 1:05:00 Riding season, video on biking & gear. 1:05:57 Floatplane background play. 1:06:16 Sponsoring an Esports team. 1:11:34 Less commonly known tech carriers. 1:14:46 Thought on Steam spam games, pop-ups, Luke's "child". 1:20:49 Sponsors. 1:21:01 Wealthfront. 1:22:18 Seasonic. 1:22:48 VULTR ft. Seasonic's 12 years warranty. 1:26:22 Topic #5: Newegg GIGABYTE discount scandal. 1:31:28 Linus tries to read into the refund & shipping issue. 1:39:48 Topic #6: Linus V.S. Naomi Wu Twitter controversy. 1:45:00 Naomi Wu & 4chan changing the story. 1:48:29 Discussing responses on Twitter. 2:01:52 Topic #7: Instagram & Facebook's excuse for in-app browser. 2:05:44 Merch Messages #2. 2:05:52 LMG's tape backup. 2:08:35 Battery technology in houses. 2:10:47 LTT demographics. 2:13:46 Should NVidia branch out into CPUs? 2:14:16 AMD CPU show similar to Intel's ARC? 2:16:30 Half life 2 in VR. 2:18:30 How Linus feels about the 20,000 bags. 2:25:58 Luke's Steam Deck & spending habit. 2:31:45 Steam Deck for game streaming. 2:33:24 Product category Linus would target. 2:34:34 Steam Deck with case for LTTStore backpack. 2:35:10 Networking cables & wifi mesh. 2:40:20 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/08/22·2h 38m

Intel Takes The L - WAN Show August 5, 2022

Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Get three months of Gusto FREE at: Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here: All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:44 Topic #1 - Even MORE trouble for Intel's ARC 2:18 Third parties are leaving ARC behind 4:14 Intel struggles with RMA, NCIX stories 6:21 ONE halts production, board partners not interested 10:18 Wafer production, AV1 encoder 15:02 Merch Messages #1, LTT backpack launched! 16:22 LTTStore products that would work with backpack 22:04 Lab doing USB hub reviews, dashcam rant 26:32 Lab publishing a chart of tested products 28:02 Linus wants to show off a minimally viable product 30:52 Testing throughput, website design, Chroma UPS 41:14 WAN hoodie & backpack promo 41:36 Linus's & Luke's favorite freeware software 45:46 Woman sizes update 46:48 LTTStore version of wrist rests 50:28 Labs' reply to testing USB power banks & hubs 54:12 Impact of China V.S. Taiwan on the tech community 57:16 Hasbro pulse selfie to figures 1:02:24 Boomer "garbage", testing range 1:06:36 Whether labs would do durability testing 1:09:50 Paw patrol, favorite dog plush 1:10:38 LTT Backpack warranty 1:12:30 Ethernet cable routing in brick walls 1:13:06 TV video & charging solutions 1:14:32 Sponsor - Shortform 1:16:01 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:16:56 Sponsor - MSI 1:17:32 Discussing LTTStore support tickets 1:18:24 Topic #2 - Amazon buys iRobot, creator of Roomba 1:21:48 Topic #3 - Europeans upset about LTT shipping 1:22:46 Linus on subsidized shipping costs 1:25:38 Taxes on the free stickers being refunded 1:26:54 Shopify development takes time 1:28:26 Idea to have variable costs dependent on areas 1:30:30 Another warehouse would not lower the costs 1:32:30 Backpack release went greatly, different ideas 1:35:58 Labs testing headphones 1:36:38 Topic #4 - Whale LAN highlights 1:36:48 Whale LAN L4D tournament, Linus & OG crew 1:40:10 Halo CE Blood Gulch 1:42:36 Linus rages is not a quiet gamer 1:48:24 Miner VGA tournament 1:52:04 Space cadet on Steam Deck, CS tournament 1:53:58 Topic #5 - Google now has two Google Meets 1:55:00 Linus rants about the stupidity of the matter 1:56:14 Discussing changes & Duo changes 1:59:02 Meet app is now updated to "Meet (Original)" 1:59:24 Merch Messages #2 1:59:32 LTT HDR update 2:01:20 Thoughts on smartwatches 2:03:12 What IT freelancer Luke did to find work 2:05:10 Exercise routines 2:06:38 PSU SATA cables are not cross-compatible 2:09:14 LTTStore wallets idea 2:10:32 How Linus feels about VTubers & smart speakers 2:16:52 Would Linus get an RFID implant? 2:17:20 Luke on road mapping, developing & planning 2:21:06 Transferring data between phones 2:22:14 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/08/22·2h 22m

Is Intel ARC REALLY Cancelled? - WAN Show July 29, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 2:13 Intro 2:42 Topic #1 - Intel's "allegedly cancelled" Arc 6:12 Moore's Law Is Dead's notes on the leak 8:42 Rumored leaks of internal Intel conversations 10:20 Discussing the road map, product releases 12:10 Linus on Intel's Larrabee, comparing to Arc 13:16 Optane removed, LMG & rumors, expenses of a project 17:42 Luke wanted a competitive GPU ft. Linus's theory 19:50 Linus on Alchemist, Tel Aviv tour & silicon costs 23:46 Intel's fab would take long, chipset funding 24:56 LTTStore's Stealth Hoodie Pro 27:13 Backpack to become purchasable by next mid-week 28:20 Deal of the Week - free LTTStore tote bag 29:01 Sponsor - AMD 30:11 Sponsor - SecretLab 31:22 Sponsor - Ubiquiti' ft. Dennis seeing naked Linus 33:22 Topic #2 - OverKill reaches out to LMG 33:48 Explaining the cease & desist 35:28 "I'm not threatening you" was due to harassed wife 36:08 COVID causing delays, website overhaul & orders 37:48 NDA, recording builds for content 38:29 Are Linus & Luke on OverKill's side now? 40:56 Merch Messages #1 41:08 Right-to-repair for LTTStore, screwdriver design, WAN LAN 49:01 Linus testing radio signals 50:54 Linus is planning to go to Backstreet Boys 52:03 Updates on the 64oz LTTStore bottles 52:39 Using the LTTStore desk pad as a bed rug & wall hangings 53:12 Formula E & racing technologies 54:09 LTTStore screwdriver holster 55:08 LTTStore shorts mesh lining, Linus shows prototype belt 56:54 Travel & packing tips 58:52 Monitor is fine, but the PC setup struggles 1:00:15 Preventing companies from killing & withdrawing products 1:02:05 Intel's Arc issues Are the executives misunderstanding? 1:03:48 Linus on having his children continuing his legacy 1:05:40 What LMG does to take care of employees 1:10:25 Silence-oriented internal GPU enclosure 1:12:23 Is Linus afraid of the recession affecting LMG's growth? 1:14:24 Linus Dbranding a house, which design to go for 1:14:54 Use cases of virtual machines for homes 1:17:07 Optical disk drive class-action lawsuit 1:17:50 Particular ChannelSuperFun activity that stood up 1:19:53 CallMeKris's 6-hour video collab 1:24:29 Are certificates like CompTIA A+ needed anymore? 1:25:55 Linus's home & pool progress update 1:27:08 Most risk in growing LMG 1:27:36 Wireless earpods, Apple's AirPods 1:28:48 Dream YouTube collabs that Linus would enjoy 1:29:44 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/08/22·1h 29m

Overpriced Computers! - WAN Show July 22, 2022

Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get up to 70% off 2-year a NordPass Premium plan with an extra month free at with code WAN Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: timing may be off due to change in sponsors) 1:13 Intro 1:48 Superchats and bits are ignored, use merch messages 2:22 Topic #1 - OverKill computers, now with financing... 3:53 Reviewing computer projects and configurator 6:40 Project "Unknown", custom request form & pricing 8:16 Comparing to Maingear, cooling, colors & configs 12:50 Maingear's pricing to upgrade SSD 15:40 Linus's system specification, comparing to OverKill 17:02 Linus on the costs of watercooling 19:48 TikTokker compares pricing to expensive companies 22:20 OverKill's response, customers on delays & NDA 25:20 OverKill PC giveaways on patreon; is it a lottery? 26:46 OverKill sends a cease & desist to a TikTokker 27:48 Marine vet of OverKill goes on TikTok 30:32 A neutral take on the system integrator & website 32:56 Alex's notes on the topic, mentioning Intel 34:02 Topic #2 - Discord & voice chatting is now on Xbox 36:22 Luke on not supporting APIs for third-party apps 38:46 Cross-playing, browser apps are not native apps 40:02 Merch Messages #1 ft Colton 40:16 Biggest ask from the 40 series cards 42:18 Thoughts on LMG Autobench going open-source 45:30 Labs expectation, success and failure 47:02 Products besides the socks to be excited about 48:50 LTTStore Linus sandals idea 49:40 Labs data & sphere of influence 52:28 LTTStore swim trunks, a great photo shoot 55:20 LTTStore mystery cable ties, backpack reviews 59:04 Verification for the backpack 1:00:34 Merch Messages #2 1:00:44 Pick for a competition game for Whale LAN 1:03:56 LMG dedicated workshop for maker content idea 1:05:14 Unbiased benchmark reviews for vacuums idea 1:07:03 Luke's future if he didn't go to NCIX 1:10:50 Linus owes The Spiffing Brit a tea-powered PC 1:13:30 Linus not able to watch Backstreet Boys live 1:14:30 Intel ARC for Linux as a good value 1:15:56 Sponsor - Corsair 1:17:03 Sponsor - Zoho Desk 1:17:52 Sponsor - PolyArc ft Linus screwing up the spot 1:18:40 Merch Messages #3 1:19:10 What infuriates Linus 1:20:26 WAN topics that stand out, IRL rocket league 1:22:32 Linus's favorite type of cheese 1:23:48 Sponsor - PolyArc Moss: Book II on Meta Quest 2 1:24:56 Topic #3 - Hive "fights" climate change via e-waste 1:27:58 Topic #4 - FUTO on taking back control of PCs 1:30:35 FUTO's projects, GrapheneOS 1:32:36 Topic #5 - Robot dog with an assault rifle 1:35:26 Discussing modern warfare 1:36:28 Topic #6 - Emails with allegations against Linus 1:38:26 Linus's reply & his relationship history 1:44:42 Merch Messages #4 1:44:50 Plans for AddOns on the LTTStore backpack 1:46:20 Testing desk-mats & tempered glass 1:47:12 Plans to collaborate with GN & Labs 1:48:44 Display cable testing incorporated into Labs 1:50:11 Colton reads a curated message to himself 1:50:56 Favorite game franchise 1:51:48 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/07/22·1h 50m

I Stand Corrected - WAN Show July 15, 2022

Mint Mobile: Save money on your phone plan today at Gusto: Get three months of Gusto FREE at: NordSec: Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here: All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:08 Intro 1:27 Topic #1 - Community reaction to Linus's RAM notes ft. special guests 3:39 Buildzoid's video on YouTubers & RAM 5:13 Discussing NForce, Intel & XMP 7:45 Linus tried to push NCIX into boutique PC building 11:24 Enabling XMP can void warranties 12:11 Summarizing Buildzoid's video 14:40 Crucial's blog posts on RAM technology 17:45 FP poll: Intel's ARC Jersey, showcasing A770, discussing games 23:00 FP Poll result, opening & showing off ARC 25:02 Linux support for ARC 27:58 Possibility of a 900 trim, families 29:02 Linus requests a good naming scheme 31:40 Discussing the RGB limited edition 33:38 Intel's view on efficiency, FP's rack & database 37:58 Shadow tech invites Linus to France, Luke wanting to go 40:36 Device sharing services, latency & encoding 43:26 AV1 codec, supporting encoders 46:56 Streaming community, cross-brand support 53:20 Discussing limitations on ARC, other features 56:30 Quadro branding, FP poll on supporting features 59:48 Intel plans to talk with the community 1:07:30 Linus wants a disruption in the GPU market 1:09:03 Guests leave the set, ARC's jersey shirt 1:10:20 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:11:24 Sponsor - Wealthfront 1:12:17 Sponsor - Axiom 1:13:11 Topic #2 - New LTT pop-up shop for backpack 1:13:55 Limited in-person & back orders 1:17:32 Pricing & location for the pop-up shop 1:19:22 The shop will NOT include the screwdriver 1:20:25 In-stock notification will show pop-up shop 1:21:50 Topic #3 - Whale LAN event 1:25:35 Topic #4 - Unity acquiring IronSource 1:25:48 John Riccitiello & IronSource ft. Luke's F-bomb 1:28:53 Topic #5 - Sony's Playstation Star 1:31:50 Complaint on LTT content being mainstream 1:32:32 Merch Messages #1 1:32:51 Companies growing on a positive way 1:35:09 Polium 1 NFT Web3 gaming console 1:37:49 Topic #6 - Dr DisRespect's Project Moon 1:42:37 Topic #7 - BMW's subscription on seat warmers 1:45:40 Topic #8 - Linus showcases Miner VGA 1:54:18 Topic #9 - Cole-Bar Hammer update 2:01:36 Linus dies, last attempt 2:05:15 Luke's YouTube channel on Assassin Creeds 2 2:10:00 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/07/22·2h 11m

The State Of Gaming Is Terrible - WAN Show July 8, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Search and follow Setapp on Spotify to stay productive Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Timestamps: (Courtesy of SlickDeals - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00:00 - Introduction  0:02:15 - Ubisoft Online Multiplayer  0:16:22 - Microtransactions/Pay-To-Win/DLC  0:27:10 - New Merch Shirt  0:30:18 - YouTube Adult for Kids  0:34:00 - NVIDIA RTX 40 Series  0:40:28 - Facebook/Meta Quest 2  0:47:42 - Sponsors   0:50:04 - Rogers Wireless Down in Canada  0:53:22 - Nintendo Wide Care  1:00:00 - Deal of the Week  1:01:13 - Merch Questions  1:01:22 - Pushback from Nintendo  1:03:22 - High School E-Sports Teams 1:04:50 - Paint Recommendations for Porch?  1:06:15 - Worries about Linus' role as CEO if company becomes too big?  1:11:44 - Memorable or Best Parts of Floatplane (@Luke)?  1:14:22 - Overall Channel Health/Analytics?  1:16:06 - Quality Control and Channel Improvement at LMG?  1:20:55 - Why is Linus Wearing Shoes?  1:23:25 - Is Hackintosh Dead?  1:24:20 - Favorite LEGO Sets?  1:26:30 - YouTube Update to Comment Spam  1:30:22 - Blue Light Filtering Glasses? 1:31:17 - Update to spammer Linus called previously?  1:32:18 - What do you want to learn about GPU/CPU Design? 1:32:50 - Der8auer's CPU Contact Frame?  1:33:38 - LAB Updates  1:34:38 - LTT Whale LAN Event Details  1:38:15 - M2 Macbook Pro is Basically An M1  1:39:55 - Elon Musks Backs Out of Twitter  1:42:00 - Outro  1:42:40 - Hammer Update? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/07/22·1h 44m

I've Made a Terrible Mistake - WAN Show July 1, 2022

Protect your eyes and headset with Reloptix at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Save up to $130 during Secretlab’s mid-year sale at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:20 Intro 1:53 Topic #1 - Linus's haircut 3:27 Summarizing the ChannelSuperFun video 9:20 FP's new poll system, "fake" videos 12:54 Luke's story on hairdressers 14:10 Linus struggles with polling, is Luke mean? 15:20 Topic #2 - YouTube battling bot spam 16:22 Blame the platform, not the victims 20:43 YouTube's update, why this is not enough 23:22 Scamming is a large industry 26:07 Bot comment examples on LTT, blocking users 32:16 Problems with removing bot comments 35:18 Linus planning to chat with a Telegram scammer 38:20 "Trend" dashboard, lack of informative metrics 46:18 Linus is done repeating himself to YouTube 50:25 LTTStore new sweatshorts & hoodie, editing comments 55:33 LTT deskpad promo, JRE's razor knife 1:00:04 Topic #3 - YouTuber Technoblade passed away 1:03:55 Sponsor - Reloptix 1:05:30 Sponsor - Squarespace 1:06:32 Sponsor - Secretlab 1:07:25 Merch Messages #1 1:07:45 Old & new milestones for LMG 1:12:31 New smart home tools 1:13:40 Harmony remote issues & alternatives 1:16:49 Home theatre second-row solution 1:17:31 HPE ProLiant RL300 & ARM in the server space 1:19:07 Linus's "free Microsoft Windows" prediction 1:22:06 Cel-Fi repeater update 1:23:03 Pros of Linus's haircut 1:23:40 LTX booth or panel in VidCon 1:27:14 Topic #4 - Intel's Blockscale ASIC 1:27:32 Specifications, performance 1:28:08 Luke does not thinks it's too late 1:29:11 Power efficiency, costs to run 1:32:47 Linus's PSA on the LTTStore screwdriver 1:34:44 FP's Poll, live stream & comparing with other brands 1:38:47 Topic #5 - Nvidia releases GTX 1630 But for who? 1:39:20 Specifications & pricing 1:40:16 Recalling AMD R7 240, stop wasting money 1:43:07 Linus uses Telegram 1:43:48 Topic #6 - Sony now sells headsets & monitors 1:46:26 Topic #7 - SSD oddities on Macbook Pro & Steam Deck 1:48:28 SSD cooling issues on Steam Deck 1:49:20 Telegram issues, attempting to call the scammer 1:51:38 Topic #8 - GSuite is not the same as the free versions 1:54:32 Telegram now works, contacts the scammer 1:58:48 Merch Messages #2 1:59:10 VR gaming as GPU prices dropping 2:01:49 Labs update content-wise 2:02:38 Space science, Mars probe upgraded after 20 years 2:03:46 Best and worst thing about Linus's house 2:05:02 AMD fusing multiple dies on next-gen GPUs 2:05:45 Hopes for Nothing Phone 1 & headphones 2:06:39 Linus on Sony & Pixel phones 2:07:21 LTTStore coffee mugs, an idea overdue 2:07:36 Advices on running software development remotely 2:09:38 Thoughts on used server parts for home server/NAS 2:10:53 Why does LMG place employees under probation? 2:12:12 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/07/22·2h 13m

Intel Messed Up - WAN Show June 24, 2022

Get three months of Gusto FREE at: Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here: All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee! Get 20% off your first Mack Weldon order at and promo code "wanshow"  Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:18 Intro 1:51 Topic #1 - Intel's Arc early review 2:44 Performance compared to competitors 6:43 Thoughts on the naming scheme 9:54 Nvidia's impact on GPU box arts 12:30 The graphic's potential ft. Linus agreements 15:08 Support for AV1, YouTube's HDR & suggestions 22:18 Topic #2 - Leaked TikTok audio, data privacy 24:42 Impact on the internet, cybersecurity risks 29:11 LTTStore HDD hoodie, notebook & discounts 36:26 Topic #3 - Amazon's Alexa voice cloning 37:37 Deepfake Linus, ethicality & security risks 45:44 Sponsors 49:28 Merch Messages #1 ft. side discussions 50:16 Inovelli's "Project Linus" 54:24 Bidding on Artesian Builds, Linus's pitch 58:19 Linus bricks a Linux install before ShortCircuit 1:01:21 Steam summer sale, Linus on game displays 1:12:23 400 Stealth hoodies sold, games discussion 1:14:05 What happened to the Blackmagic cameras 1:15:03 Mattress suggestion 1:15:46 Was LTT ever compromised? LMG's finances 1:22:43 Biohacking, RFID implants 1:25:51 Possible LTT handtools after the screwdriver 1:25:58 Topic #4 - PCIE 70 standard 1:26:18 Specifications Do we really need this? 1:29:11 Topic #5 - Lab acoustics update 1:30:28 Crinacle's & chat's response to LMG's video 1:40:57 Priority for lab testing & hiring 1:42:34 Merch Messages #2  1:42:43 ARM processors, emulating X86 for gaming 1:43:43 Best way to handle a hot PC during the summer 1:44:47 Secure alternative for port-forwarding to NAS 1:46:44 Linus's remote hardware configuration 1:48:41 What happened to the $1 million computer series? 1:49:13 Screen protector creases on Linus's Fold 1:51:11 Unified doorbell 1:52:12 Matter smart home feature 1:52:40 Would Luke consider another mineral PC 1:54:42 eLeap OLED technology 1:55:34 Manufacturers moving to smart bulbs, cybersecurity 1:56:00 Aya Neo 2, AIR, Flip & Slide 1:57:06 Machining a solid block of acrylic 1:59:42 Linus & Luke on Steam Deck, comparing to Aya Neo 2:01:17 Recent books to read, Linus discusses reading 2:02:40 Removing the protector on Fold 3 2:04:55 Long-term hearing loss when sleeping with headphones 2:07:45 Linus's decision on the main TV & monitors 2:09:38 Test driving electric motorcycles, Linus's SV650S 2:13:27 Motivation behind switching from Hangouts to Teams 2:16:22 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/06/22·2h 17m

It's Coming For Us... - WAN Show June 17, 2022

Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Timestamps: (Courtesy of Bip Bop - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 1:18 intro 1:50 Lab 2, yes, he complained, don't dox or harass people, Linus will take care of it his way. 10:15 Amazon turn over 15:50 Burn out 16:20 LMG vs FAANG Co.  17:51 mobile game dev 19:08 LMG financial commitments 20:35 return to mobile game dev 21:58 sponsor segue 26:10 crypto winter 34:14 crypto GPUs aspect 36:30 scrapyard wars remote control, How famous Linus isn't according to Linus 38:36 crypto 40:00 Linus known in oil patches 42:20 crypto discussion  47:22 product launch, Merch Messages 50:38 screwdriver silver and limited black 56:57 find the Linus in your life 1:00:10 Linus badminton & teachers 1:17:38 screwdriver Merch message question 1:18:16 Kaleidescape 1:28:56 absolute control of any tech company, pick one 1:30:08 most life impactful animated movie 1:33:26 favorite laptop 1:35:27 Daily reading 1:35:46 Lab in hindsight 1:36:49 any Steam Deck video plans? 1:39:07 Roku peeps 1:39:18 Framework transparency 1:39:37 Hydravion French for Floatplane Roku 1:40:13 TY all 1:40:22 outro 1:40:27 hydravienne clarification 1:40:55 outro 1:41:08 B4 we go 😆 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/06/22·1h 43m

I Called It 12 Years Ago - WAN Show June 10, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Check out Ivan’s GPUs available for auction below. All proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages, Ukraine All proceeds go to SOS Children’s Villages, more information at  Donate to SOS Children’s Villages today at Star Wars special edition TITAN Xp: Turtle Beach Montego: EVGA GTX 580: ATI X850 XT: Timestamps: (Courtesy of Bip Bop - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Greetings 1:17 Intro 1:39 sponsors 1:45 First topic SSD 12:20 Summer Game Fest 21:18 Dream NAS controversy 21:25 controversal collab list 22:25 Linus starts talking chair adjustments during Dream topic 23:42 return to Dream 35:00 segue from keep giving us feedback, like Dream to LMG is so big 36:17 Riley or Anthony's take on Dream 41:32 Merch message labs impact on sponsors  41:40 screwdriver controversy  46:35 Bill C11 49:20 screwdriver poll update 56:56 FP comment 1:00:14 screwdriver poll 1:05:10 pop up shop 1:07:50 Lab2 News Community LAN party 1:22:15 Sponsor Block 1:24:51 inquiry AC at LAN , AC, weather discussion 1:30:40 Linus echo 1:31:48 good now 1:31:52 Merch messages 1:33:16 Inflation impact on Creator Warehouse 1:38:31 gas prices impact on electric vehicles 1:40:46 Yvonne's LMG impact (don't miss this) 1:49:49 3D Printed Homes 1:50:21 iPad OS floating windows or anything announced 1:51:36 Gaming on Mac 1:53:51 Horst in dock about WWDC2022 1:57:06 Why LMG does YT Shorts 2:02:06 Ivan's Ukraine charity GPU auction 2:04:02 Merch Messages 2:04:08 New (future) LTT products 2:04:22 broken cap water bottle 2:04:42 New products 2:06:03 screwdriver shaft oxide coating? 2:06:27 Pool tech? 2:09:04 Floatplane:  Actman demonitized on YouTube 2:10:06 Pool, heat exchange HVAC 2:11:11 Jasco(sp?) update 2:11:30 2 mini unboxings? another time 2:11:38 m.m. concrete thermal conductivity? More pool cooling Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/06/22·2h 13m

The Lab is a Disaster - WAN Show June 3, 2022

Get 20% off your first Mack Weldon order with promo code "wanshow" at: Check out Ivan’s GPUs available for auction below. All proceeds will go to SOS Children’s Villages, Ukraine Star Wars special edition TITAN Xp: Turtle Beach Montego: EVGA GTX 580: ATI X850 XT: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:21 Intro 1:50 Topic #1 - Lab issues 2:56 The state lab is in, note from probation employee 4:15 Safety rail, dispenser & door knobs "removed" 6:30 Linus discusses consumer protection & legislation 10:08 Video on the lab, Linus's frustration 12:29 Good news about the lab 14:08 Linus's & Luke's offices are smaller 16:42 Reality hits Linus, nobody is moving into labs soon 17:22 Topic #2 - JASCO switch update 17:42 Development, known bugs & issues 22:16 Other switch companies reached out 23:22 Swidget's modular switches & other companies 25:00 Video on JASCO, discussing their support 27:18 Luke the bird-dad's excuse 30:33 Sponsors 34:22 Topic #3 - Linus's open letter to Floatplane 34:32 Linus's anger with JASCO compared to eggshell 37:00 Explaining the FP letter, feedback & Roku 42:46 Roku's TV integration, FP's preference, Hydravion 47:02 Luke is still hiring a developer for FP 47:28 Merch Messages #1 47:34 Varjo's brain control interface & influence on VR 50:18 LTTStore's screwdriver, FP's subscriber milestone 51:03 LTTStore's backpack weather resistance 52:32 LTTStore's WANyard, swacket+beanie discount 54:46 Topic #4 - Tim Hortons' tracking 57:08 Leaking classified info, Linus's take on war 59:34 Arguments & sending a tank's operations manual 1:00:14 Merch Messages #2 1:02:12 What does an LTT script looks like 1:08:37 Surprising profitable & growth of LMG 1:09:34 Luke on Steam Deck & SteamOS 1:10:46 Topic #5 - Google removes location-based reminders 1:13:02 Google & G Suite users, useless errors 1:17:34 Linus shows interests issue 1:22:18 Merch Messages #3 1:23:39 Anthony complains about G Suite & exporting data 1:26:12 Favorite feature Amazon removed, blocking domains 1:27:28 Articles on video topics, forum's front page design 1:30:48 Linus on They're Just Movies, how it started 1:32:40 Incoming Google Pixel watch 1:34:23 Topic #6 - New York passes tech bills 1:36:22 Limiting Bitcoin mining 1:37:10 Elon Musk cuts 10% of Tesla jobs, Linus on investment 1:39:53 Topic #7 - Samsung leaves the LCD market 1:41:27 Topic #8 - Windows's Project Volterra 1:42:46 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/06/22·1h 41m

Story Time! - WAN Show May 27, 2022

Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $100 code for signing up at Use code LTT at MechanicalKeyboards at Save up to $130 during Secretlab’s Spring Sale at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:24 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - Linus struggles with smartify-ing his house 4:10 Light switches, issues & costs 6:30 Presence detection, efficiency, money savings 7:50 Switches didn't work, default behavior, motion sensors 10:02 Luke on "bedroom motion," Linus's options 10:45 Issues with home assistant, firmware & updates 13:15 Navigating through JASCO's site 16:26 Linus contacts JASCO, firmware discussion 19:44 Linus asks for fanart of the executive 21:36 Video on JASCO, home hubs software 25:00 Luke tells developers to quit, Linus's frustration 36:33 Linus discussing potential options with 100 switches 42:54 Linus recommends watching the videos 44:22 LTTStore headphone shirt, new promo 47:02 Merch Messages #1 47:08 Inspirations from trip to Intel fab 50:55 Supreme Commander races 51:13 Password managers, self-hosting, authenticating 1:01:50 Sponsor - VULTR  1:03:08 Sponsor - Mechanical Keyboards 1:04:20 Sponsor - Secret Lab 1:05:43 Topic #2 - Kotaku V.S. Xbox Game Pass tweet 1:07:06 Elden Ring seamless co-op overhaul mod 1:10:28 Game pass is very profitable, game library burnout 1:12:36 Neither Linus nor Luke have game pass 1:14:12 Topic #3 - AMD Ryzen 7000 launching by fall 1:15:58 Topic #4 - iFixit selling Steam Deck parts 1:18:00 Topic #5 - Twitter fined $150M for misusing 2FA data 1:22:00 Merch Messages #2 1:22:38 Advise on tech educating, Linus orders an Uber 1:25:02 White desk pads 1:27:12 Xbox gold controller & diamond button PC 1:28:18 LTTStore Backpack update 1:30:39 Firewalla gold ft. muted Luke 1:31:16 Good multiple bay NAS brand 1:31:41 Situations where the right to repair should NOT include third parties 1:33:15 Product they wished they reviewed when it was relevant 1:35:40 Game pass & cloud future pricing speculations 1:36:40 Major exploit on Chrome & Firefox 1:37:12 Convincing that 24-Inch is worth the investment 1:38:57 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/05/22·1h 40m

My Investment Pays Off - WAN Show May 20, 2022

Get $25 off each pair with offer code LinusTechTips at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 -- Note: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change) 0:00 Chapters 1:15 Intro 1:46 Topic #1 - Framework products updates 1:55 Framework's mainboard for sale, Apple's influence 5:33 Framework's mainboard schematics 7:54 Luke skeptical he will get his Steam Deck 9:06 Linus shows his OneXPlayer Mini GUNDAM, specs 12:28 Protecting IP via policies while allowing repairs 17:56 Discussing EOL, warranty & bankruptcy 23:23 LTTStore embroidered woman merch, MEMELORD promo 25:54 Topic #2 - Finalizing the new labs 26:12 Luke calls out Linus, Linus counter-calls out Luke 28:46 Linus spoils Luke with laptops 30:12 Moving to labs, writers & staff 32:54 Luke is NOT poor, stocks & investment 35:28 House update 41:42 Duvetyne, commando Cloth, Velour, Linus calls article out 43:04 Cole-Bar hammer, comparing to NFTs 44:56 From high school to PhD, first WAN show 46:22 Sponsors 49:40 Topic #3 - Elon Musk's Twitter saga 49:56 Anthony's sassy notes on the topic 51:06 Linus on bots in Twitter, neither are interested 53:34 Elon Musk on "initiate and execute lawsuits" 53:58 Tesla releases service & cables manuals 54:47 Linus's iconic clapping 56:44 Merch Messages #1 56:53 Decent priced keyboard with swappable switches 59:00 Keeping in touch with former LMG employees 1:02:06 Anxiety in front of camera or crowds 1:06:04 Game items compared to movies 1:17:33 Topic #4 - Microsoft patent for verifying media 1:18:18 Explaining the patent 1:20:08 Nintendo attempts to sponsor, Linus's response 1:26:11 Topic #5 - Nvidia's rumored 40xx series 1:26:44 Specifications & prices 1:27:32 AMD states their GPUs are better for performance per $$$ 1:29:34 Linus & Luke on better encoders 1:30:24 Merch Messages #2 1:30:30 Taking care of your beard 1:33:06 Games Linus plays with his kids 1:34:28 Ideas they wanted to do but couldn't justify 1:36:55 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/05/22·1h 35m

We're Finally Free - WAN Show May 13, 2022

Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out Ivan’s (Linus/Luke Signed) GPU collection, up for auction on Ebay at  All proceeds go to SOS Children’s Villages, more information at   Donate to SOS Children’s Villages today at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:02 Intro 1:38 Topic #1 - Nvidia mining limiter unlocked 3:36 NBMiner, last year's Nvidia leak 5:48 Anthony's note on stablecoins, tech stocks crashing 7:48 Notes on working with Shopify, more stocks talk 9:06 Luke on the impact of the stock market 10:42 Linus on company stock worth, Yvonne the negotiator 12:52 Creator Clash, doctor ethics 14:30 LMG's level of risk, connection between buildings 16:33 Job posting & issues, wireless sharing 18:52 Topic #2 - Nvidia's open-source linux drivers 22:20 AMD's advantage on Linux 27:14 Strawpoll results, Kamino system & data center space 35:18 LTTStore Screwdriver shirt, stealth sweatpants 37:58 Sponsors 41:36 Most memorable birthday stories 48:52 Topic #4 - Elon Musk holds Twitter purchase 50:36 Elon on authenticating users, Linus on scam bots 53:58 Linus was anti-hot takes for once! 55:34 Ivan's GPUs auction for Ukraine 57:16 Merch Messages #2 57:20 Collecting as a hobby 1:01:37 Long-form build guides, viewership & costs 1:03:46 Linus dad tips 1:06:14 Biggest tech purchase 1:07:10 Topic #5 - Apple discontinues iPods, nostalgia 1:12:26 Remembering older discontinued iPods 1:14:00 Merch Messages #3, Luke leaves 1:14:38 Labs testing effect on sponsors 1:16:35 Thoughts on GPU's increasing power usage 1:19:11 Favorite Saturday morning cartoon 1:21:14 Steam Deck updates 1:22:00 Mobile processors similar to desktop processors 1:23:02 Performance increase from 9th to 12th gen 1:24:35 More tech coverage ideas 1:25:50 Advice on moving storage and servers 1:27:00 Updates on LTTStore SC hoodie 1:27:43 Nvidia's potential response to GX50 GPUs 1:28:11 LMG's colored wasteland postcards on the wall 1:28:40 How Linus got into biking, Yvonne joins WAN 1:30:09 Keeping a consistent vision with a large team 1:32:03 Favorite TV or streaming shows 1:33:46 Yvonne hosting a SC 1:35:11 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/05/22·1h 35m

Nvidia Is Above The Law - WAN Show May 6, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to  Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Check out Ivan’s (Linus/Luke Signed) GPU collection, up for auction on Ebay at All proceeds go to SOS Children’s Villages, more information at  Donate to SOS Children’s Villages today at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:21 Intro 1:54 Topic #1 - Linus's feud with Pokimane, apologizes 3:12 Linus's take on Twitter, thoughts on streamer's content 7:00 Linus removes original tweet, keeps take on WAN 8:30 Less time on Twitter, Linus apologizes 10:08 Topic #2 - NVIDIA fined over crypto disclosure 11:33 Summarizing revenue report & charged fees 12:13 Sales, crypto mining, Linus slaps Luke 14:53 Linus loves Chris Rock 16:10 LTTStore's promo ft. screenshare fight 17:58 Linus suggest cutting deskpads 19:20 Labs new positions, pop-up shop, reviews 26:40 LMG new positions 28:40 Topic #3 - LMG is expanding, Lab 2 30:32 Specs, lead by Gary 32:04 New hardware & testing rooms 34:24 Luke getting an office, other rooms 36:52 Lab footprint 37:08 Merch Messages #1 37:50 Luke's gift when quitting, Linus's ideas 40:31 Best UPS battery backup for a PC 46:38 LTX V.S. CES & COMPUTEX, Shank Mods on FP 49:33 Topic #4 - Ivan's collection for auction 51:13 Linus & Luke signing auctioned products 54:00 Topic #5 - Future Motion OneWheel controversy 56:14 Linus comparing FM to Artesian, stops Luke 59:16 "Copyrighted" battery & lockout lawsuit 1:01:05 Linus says not to buy OneWheel, iPhone icons sorting 1:05:22 Community posting issues 1:07:45 Topic #6 - India orders VPN information 1:09:45 Merch Messages #2 1:10:11 FP exclusive, Bell's trip, LMG day off 1:11:56 Plans to grow LMG & FP by year's end 1:17:11 Sponsors 1:21:00 Merch Messages #3 1:21:05 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring, expected growth 1:23:00 Any other consoles Linus wants to mod 1:24:45 House painting update 1:25:10 What LMG looks for when hiring 1:27:30 House solar panel update 1:28:00 Project examples, Anthony walks in 1:31:05 Recommendations for anti-virus 1:33:36 Linus's & Luke's parents with games 1:35:46 FP merging or working with Nebula (real) 1:36:10 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/05/22·1h 37m

THE BIG REVEAL - WAN Show April 29, 2022

Get 20% off your first Mack Weldon order at and promo code "wanshow"  Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 0:58 Intro 1:32 LTTStore satin eggshell shirts ft. Sarah 2:47 Topic #1 - Apple removes unused, outdated apps 9:30 Revealing written notes so far 13:18 Topic #2 - Calling Head of Labs ft. OBS shenanigans 17:45 Interviewing Gary 23:30 Lab one to become Linked media 27:02 Expected amount of Labs hiree 33:40 LMG to require more field experts in the future 35:34 LTTStore original constellation shirt returned 37:48 Topic #3 - Teamviewer called Linus once more 41:37 TELUS bothering Anthony, discussing PureFibre & Shaw 50:40 Topic #4 - Apple's self-service repair program 52:12 Repairable parts, guides & price discount 53:49 Most happy thing to be about, right to repair 55:03 Apple's website compared with Steam Deck 59:36 Availability of parts & effect on the environment 1:02:09 Linus tired of Fold's low battery 1:03:49 Merch Messages #1 1:04:25 How much money would Linus accept to sell LMG 1:07:56 Linus not selling LMG 1:11:51 Lawyer moment, Yvonne's contribution & relationship 1:18:45 Umbrella organization, removal of "Linus" branding 1:21:50 Going public for funds, offers on LMG would not matter 1:23:22 Linus the control freak 1:24:36 Sponsors 1:27:35 Floatplane's amazing pitch for Squarespace 1:28:50 Topic #5 - LMG's day off, Game Gear pre-show debate 1:29:44 LMG went bowling, Boston Pizza & watched Uncharted 1:31:20 Modding Game Gear's display 1:36:52 Hot Wheels PC mods 1:37:09 Merch Messages #2 1:37:16 Preferred VR controllers for Beat Saber 1:42:45 Linus reads about AYA Neo Air 1:44:34 Dream product to sell on LTTStore 1:45:41 Topic #6 - SEGA pulls off old Sonic games from stores 1:50:55 Linus's & Luke's products & ideas 1:58:01 Merch Messages #3 1:58:07 Oura Ring & mandatory paid subscription 1:59:48 Linus's creative process in 2022 LTT 2:02:16 Linus recalls a dream idea, Nintendo IPs, BotW 2:04:59 LTTStore backpack & screwdriver notifications 2:09:42 Topic #7 - Twitter accepts Elon Musk's offer 2:10:00 Luke thinks Elon was scammed, compare with Amazon's Twitch purchase 2:11:17 Twitter's & other companies' R&D in 2021, Luke's baffled 2:19:54 Linus on Billionares buying unprofitable companies 2:22:15 Merch Messages #4 2:22:20 Preferred ways to play old games 2:25:35 Labs profitability, changing the direction of the industry 2:28:33 Linus on the future of LMG, forums post & merchandise 2:35:18 Linus's "we're leaving" home video, top 3 memorial notes 2:40:23 Intel's Alder Lake-X, higher end desktop market 2:45:00 What Linus & Luke do when in a funk 2:55:50 Topic #8 - Twitch's take on unintrusive ads 3:02:05 Merch Messages #5 3:02:12 Floatplane compared to Twitch 3:05:44 Linus Marriage Tips, wedding bands 3:09:56 How long was Linus married for & whether to dive into one 3:11:08 LTTStore cargo pants & jorts ideas 3:11:38 Skill or hobby wishing to have more time for 3:13:17 Hardest & easiest part of leaving the home 3:14:51 LTTStore constellations purchases update 3:16:50 Possible return of PC or no PC shirt 3:17:53 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/05/22·3h 18m

I Got COVID... - WAN Show April 22, 2022

Purchase the MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Monitor at:   Join JumpCloud & a community of IT professionals at: Get 20% Off Pulseway's IT Management Software at    Floatplane Developer Application Forms:  Front end: Back end:  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:46 Intro 2:30 Topic #1 - Special guest introduction 3:08 Guest collabing with LMG, Hot Wheels case build 4:02 Hosts in the video, staff issues 7:03 James helping with the build video, size of footage 9:14 NAS upgrade videos idea, discussing speedrun community 17:28 Kickstarter Edition Pebble Time gift 20:16 Health tracking via smartwatches V.S. Oura 26:10 Thanking guest  29:32 Topic #2 - Linus has COVID 32:49 Experience with YT experimental & statistics 36:12 Social Blade & YouTube's censoring issues 44:23 Linus's frustration, Elon Musk "the Founder" conundrum 53:06 Elon's familial record, lack of a PR team in Tesla 56:46 Tesla has a press team, dissolved PR department 58:58 Tesla's arrogance & "transparency" 1:01:36 Suing independent media, Elon & Dogecoin, Starlink in Ukraine 1:06:26 Stock purchase disclosure 1:09:22 Merch Message about stopping watching due to "politics" 1:12:18 LTTStore new bottle colors 1:15:36 Topic #3 - Dell's proprietary DDR5 connectors 1:15:52 Embargo ft. calling Clark, summarizing CAMM 1:19:03 Thoughts on CAMM & upgradable laptops 1:28:21 Sponsors 1:32:02 Topic #4 - Google banning third-party call recording apps 1:34:26 Topic #5 - Front license plates privacy advocate arguments 1:36:24 Privacy & utility discussion 1:38:08 Linus on Google's decisions, recording call option 1:43:43 Topic #6 - Netflix shares, rates going up 1:46:36 Netflix's rug pulling habit 1:52:45 Middle ground for shows, audience V.S. shareholders 1:54:33 CNN+'s streaming service closed, comparing with FP 2:00:05 Linus promises to show labs hire, different FP tiers 2:03:42 Topic #7 - Tesla uses engineering chips in sold cars 2:06:24 Devil's advocate on trying to salvage chips 2:08:12 Topic #8 - Tesla stops shipping mobile connector chargers 2:11:23 Linus's take on the charger, cars prices increasing 2:15:03 Topic #9 - GPU scalpocalypse over, prices falling 2:16:14 Linus's tin-foil level hot-take, Arc coincidental timing 2:17:46 Luke's warm-take, struggles wafer production & pricing 2:19:26 Linus's tin-foil on material pricing & inflation 2:22:45 Merch Messages 2:23:02 Luke's "Slick" origin 2:24:26 Biggest failure while making a video 2:25:34 How to MM, 420 waterbottles sold 2:26:18 Cereals & milk of choice 2:29:08 Places Linus & Luke wants to go 2:30:18 Gaming-focused videos idea for Channel Super Fun 2:31:13 Advices for young tech professionals & education 2:34:36 Thoughts on Star Citizen 2:35:43 Thoughts on autonomous ride-along companies 2:36:30 What podcasts do Linus & Luke listen to 2:39:58 Star Citizen bartender beer animation then softlocked 2:40:57 Autonomous driving discussion, Openpilot 2:42:33 Linus Greenscreen Tips 2:45:16 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/04/22·2h 47m

An Update On My Fraud - WAN Show April 15, 2022

Save your time and sanity with New Relic at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Floatplane Developer Application Forms:  Front end: Back end:  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:04 Intro ft. Stream Deck issues 1:50 Topic #1 - Yvonne & Linus's wire fraud update 3:56 Explaining the fraud 6:08 Fraud update, incompetent authorities 12:16 Linus's take on financial crimes 15:16 Linus voicing his frustration, discussing wages 17:21 Money returned, Linus states his opinion on the system 19:41 Topic #2 - JC's first tweet NFT to lose almost $29m 23:22 NFTs in gaming & assets 25:40 LTTStore eggshell t-shirt, waffle long-sleeve 31:36 Topic #3 - Linus's re-take on Elon Musk 32:35 Clarifying last WAN's & current points 38:03 Elon purchasing Twitter, thoughts on Elon & stocks 46:18 Final thoughts on the stocks purchase & pricing manipulation 49:36 Merch Messages #1, issues with many messages 50:45 Luke's flamethrower "idea" 51:08 Home painting & color suggestions 54:16 LTTStore gift cards, $1000 gift cards 56:48 Hardest choice made on LTT, Luke investment & Linus's LinkedIn 1:05:24 Sponsors 1:09:36 Topic #4 - Honda takes down 3D printable of their models 1:15:50 Topic #5 - Tim Cook hates side-loading 1:18:45 LTTStore "bed ripper" duvets idea, strawpoll 1:20:58 Merch Messages #3 1:21:16 Chinese smartphones & personal user data 1:23:26 More streams with other LMG users idea 1:24:44 Best remote networking, Starlink 1:25:34 Touring ASML factories 1:26:54 Ubiquiti security system & lawsuit discussion idea 1:27:44 Running LMG & the warehouse 1:30:16 Competition & innovation in cheap tech 1:31:32 "Legal" emulation video update 1:32:16 Nick calls, strawpoll update 1:34:15 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/04/22·1h 33m

We Won! - WAN Show April 08, 2022

Floatplane Developer Application Forms:  Front end: Back end:  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors/tech errors) 2:31 Topic #1 - Google joins iFixIt for self-repair 3:52 Who else should join? Discussing potential companies 8:36 Topic #2 - LTT merchandise & finance discussion 19:24 LTTStore was 6th-7th most edited on r/place, limited shirt 24:13 Topic #3 - Ubiquiti sues Brian Krebs 31:06 Linus's experience with Ubiquiti 32:53 Linus hopes there's a good reason behind this 35:12 Topic #4 - Elon Musk's $3B stake in Twitter 38:42 Anthony's opinion towards Elon Musk's actions 46:28 Linus plays devil advocate on editing Tweets 47:46 Musk did not disclose his acquirement of shares 48:21 Is "Daddy" positive or negative? 53:30 LTTStore r/place reference limited shirt 53:14 Merch Messages #1 54:16 Mineral oil PC's fate 1:02:06 Linus' braces update 1:08:09 Most memorable moment of LTT 1:15:40 Sponsors 1:18:40 Topic #5 - "Strike Team Alpha" highest altitude LAN party 1:22:50 Merch Messages 2 1:23:30 3D printer integration into a workflow 1:24:44 Best home series upgrade 1:27:38 Topic #6 - Intel's "Ocean Cove" patent is actually AMD's Zen 1:29:07 Twitter thread in regards to the patent 1:31:09 Topic #7 - AMD GPU drivers OCing CPUs without permission 1:33:22 Merch messages #3 1:33:52 RTX impact on gaming & impact on the industry 1:35:41 Whole-home wireless charging similar to Wii Charge 1:37:02 LG TONE Free VS AirPod Pros 1:37:29 Best keyboard for larger hands 1:39:42 Labs lead update 1:40:23 Traveling to the past to change anything about LMG 1:45:24 Steam Deck daily driving video update 1:46:04 Upcoming games to be excited about 1:48:40 Best & worst part of NCIX & difference with LMG 1:52:48 Most underrated battle station upgrade 1:55:37 Technology trends Linus & Luke cannot get behind 1:57:16 Reason LTT water bottle is not dishwasher friendly 1:59:05 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/04/22·1h 55m

End Of The GPU Shortage! - WAN Show April 01, 2022

Get 20% off your first Mack Weldon order at and promo code "wanshow"  Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $100 code for signing up at Floatplane Developer Application Forms: Front end: Back end: Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:37 Intro 2:00 Topic #1 - GPUs availabe, MSRP dropped! 3:38 Issues with creating content of tech 7:01 Linus's neighbor bought a GPUless PC 8:06 Snow VS EVs in Canada, vehicle shortage & scalping 15:48 GM's Volt might've been before its' time 20:26 Would GPU prices stay down, or would companies exploit it? 23:48 Silicon wafers price to increase to 25% by 2025 26:51 Sold wafers, foundry issues 28:26 "F you Putin" - Linus 2k22 29:09 Topic #2 - April fools jokes 29:28 Corsair's 1% keyboard 31:50 Lab project update, will NOT include TTP 33:20 New hire experience 35:40 Topic #3 - Companies tricked to giving "lawyers" data 39:54 De-Google-ify your life, should we trust companies with our data? 41:46 Linus's experience with wire fraud 49:55 2FA spam requests, WiFi encryption 55:40 LTT's April Fools joke 57:00 Topic #4 - LTTSTORE.C*M on r/place 58:32 Sponsors 1:04:28 Topic #5 - NCIX Linus's previous e-mails 1:09:28 Merch Messages #1 ft. Jake 1:10:06 Predictions on CPU tech 1:11:48 Favorite retro-tech outside of gaming 1:16:16 How to decide who hosts in videos 1:23:16 Topic #6 - Samsung partners with iFixIt 1:24:30 Apple policy, "How to Build a PC" guide 1:24:58 Topic #7 - Mome Boys - Still Beat ft. LTT 1:29:02 Kanye West Linus cover 1:29:45 Topic #8 - LTT's April Fool's video 1:31:02 Sponsors were real 1:33:12 JRE's knife was not in the sponsors 1:34:14 FP-exclusive LTTStore screwdriver preorders 1:37:36 LTTStore backpack stock & interest 1:39:16 Merch Messages #2 1:40:01 NAS & PC unraid 1:40:28 Most played game by Linus & Luke 1:42:58 LTTStore elemental t-shirt 1:45:54 Game engines as a part of benchmarking 1:46:18 Most talented gamers Linus & Luke played with 1:47:14 Would valve entice developers with Proton 1:47:42 Current Android VS iOS tablets market 1:48:11 Ecosystem to smartify your house 1:48:54 Booting images on LAN PC 1:49:12 Cool storage tech 1:49:44 On-board GPUs like onboard sound card 1:50:38 Linus on not censoring swears on FP 1:52:16 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/04/22·1h 49m

SUCK IT BIG TECH - WAN Show March 25, 2022

Break the Code for a chance to win AWESOME prizes at:  Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $100 code for signing up at  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear:  Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast:  Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors)  0:00 Chapters  2:28 Topic #1 - EU's Digital Markets Act  5:32 Rules of the Act & possible issues  9:14 Safe store alternatives, date access  11:57 Effect of the act on YouTube sponsors  14:17 No more self-preferencing, more access to app developers 16:54 Penalty fines  18:22 Which regulation is Linus & Luke waiting for, "government control"  21:15 Farming YouTubers, mixture of technology in farming  22:17 Maryland refuses Louis's right to repair bill  24:19 Linus's favorite regulation, Apple & Twitch costly payment  28:50 Apple's argument with Safari, more anti-consumer acts  31:57 Topic #2 - Microsoft & Okta hacked, Lapsus$ arrests  33:14 Okta resetting credentials, hacked source codes & doxxed teen  36:24 Topic #3 - Fake profiles AI detector   40:31 Possible issues with machine learning  41:53 Sponsors 44:40 LTTStore patterned towels, hair scrunchies 51:46 Merch Messages #1  52:23 Upcoming LTTStore products & LTT projects  54:24 LTTStore backpack stock notif, stock issues, LTT investment  1:06:26 New positions for the labs  1:08:26 Intel's T-series on custom builds  1:09:12 LMG programming languages  1:09:47 Topic #3 - Intel's next gen PSU cable standards  1:11:13 RTX 3090 Ti wattage & MSI card leaked  1:12:43 ATX12VO, energy regulations & water cooling  1:15:50 Triple rad setups for Intel, discussing Intel CPU pricing  1:17:31 Graphic cards getting cheaper, checking the RTX 3070 Ti  1:21:54 Topic #4 - Ukraine gets funds from Museum NFTs  1:24:13 Gifted tokens pulled back, other forms of donations  1:25:16 Topic #5 - Riley stars in Startenders VR Quest 2  1:27:14 Topic #6 - LTT's how to build a PC  1:29:20 Merch Messages #2 1:30:14 Changing the accent of the LTTStore screwdriver  1:32:00 Fixing a mineral oil PC 1:32:44 Remote support choices for parents  1:35:10 LTTStore backpack protection from water spills  1:36:16 Apple's SSD controller on the motherboard  1:37:30 Protection for the staff, unionization & Youtube Creators  1:41:50 Switching outputs for consoles  1:42:56 Most loved & hated pre-2000 tech  1:44:43 Why do core clock decrease as core count increase?  1:45:44 Planned theatre for Floatplane  1:47:01 Another "Reading Mean Comments" video, Linus prank  1:47:19 Turning a home into a "smart home"  1:48:00 LTTStore backpack fitting the Steam Deck  1:48:46 Reason behind LTT's short intro  1:49:45 Linus's thought on Samsung's display technology  1:51:24 Solar power scarce information  1:52:32 Linus's parental controls  1:55:30 Steam Deck versus Aya Neo  1:58:28 Joe Rogan's "podcast" ft. Linus laughing hard  2:01:05 Linus imitating a French accent  2:02:12 Floatplane's service  2:04:14 Luke's take on the VIMEO drama  2:04:56 Security camera & driver suggestions 2:05:43 Lab's current mission  2:06:35 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/03/22·2h 6m

Apple Lied! - WAN Show March 18, 2022

Enter .TECH's Break the Code contest at: Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $100 code for signing up at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 -- NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:02 Intro 1:28 Topic #1 - Apple Mac Studio's lack of upgrades 3:12 Additional SSD slot, Linus's security concerns 6:02 iPhone users VS Mac Studio users on the voice meter 7:50 Apple soldering chips & supply management issues 11:02 Marques's video on the Mac Studio 12:04 Anthony's Mac Studio teardown, Linus confused at Apple 14:54 Ridiculosity of Apple's hard-wiring 18:46 Anthony on MacRumors removing their PSA article 21:24 Verge's editor-in-chief on removable cable 25:02 Apple's monitor, trying to twist the cable off 26:46 LTT's Apple product  is not an engineering unit 28:14 Linus succeeds in removing the cable, observations 31:32 Why would Apple waste human power with this? 33:06 LTTStore's embedded videos, screwdriver design 39:48 LTTStore backpack's capacity & showcase video 41:46 Merch Messages #1 41:58 Linus's propitiatory house systems 42:26 Decently priced sound system 45:48 GPU business suggestions, costs of headcount 48:48 Automating sponsor spots 50:14 Topic #2 - Million dollar unboxing idea, PB server 52:02 Equipment provided by sponsors 55:58 Lack of retail price on parts 58:42 Sponsors 1:01:46 Topic #3 - XBOX Cloud Gaming beta ft chill Linus 1:03:22 Are cloud services worth it? Does the Deck make it compelling? 1:06:50 Topic #4 - AMD confirms 5800X3D is not OCable 1:07:43 AMD promises future chips to OC, pricing 1:08:34 Cache requirements & CPU overclocking 1:09:28 Announced CPUs, idea of modified BIOS 1:11:08 Topic #5 - Warehouse fiber already down 1:13:12 Stealth burying armored cables 1:15:06 Discussing microtrenching, game "sewers" 1:18:06 Topic #6 - Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society game 1:21:08 Founder pass "chance" to apply 1:22:58 Changes in the trend of purchases 1:25:34 Writer meltdown on NFT development 1:26:21 Topic #7 - YouTube Vanced shut down 1:28:07 Summarizing YT Vanced, discussing NFT monetization 1:30:30 What new features can YouTube have? 1:32:10 Topic #8 - Nvidia leak update 1:33:02 Insider information on "stealing" corporate IPs 1:37:06 Topic #9 - Windows 11 "experimental" ad banner 1:37:40 Merch Messages #2 1:37:54 Alder Lake stability versus Raptor Lake 1:39:52 Floatplane IPs video idea ft Luke 1:41:12 Computer building race between LMG staff 1:41:52 Routing multiple home racked PCs to access points 1:43:18 Most and least favorite part of the job 1:44:40 Samsung battery random draining 1:45:31 New smartwatch suggestion 1:47:38 Creator warehouse issues 1:49:30 LTTStore stock notification 1:50:06 Amount of videos Linus stars in per week 1:50:55 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/03/22·1h 51m

Windows On Steam Deck - WAN Show March 11, 2022

Get started with DigitalOcean for FREE at Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to  Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 --- NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:02 Intro 1:47 Topic #1 - Windows driver support on Steam Deck 3:36 Discussing LTT videos regarding Steam Deck software 8:02 Pros and cons of Valve providing Windows drivers 11:24 Installation & hardware issues 13:15 General Windows usage 14:36 Performance, compatibility, translation & dual boot 19:54 Issues with SteamOS, HZD aim assist on the Deck 23:54 Steam Deck's acoustic issues, odd device issues 29:18 "Reviewed" Steam games from another company's perspective 34:28 LTTStore's "Bonus Bin" new feature 37:58 Merch Messages #1 38:04 10 GB UniFi gear 41:07 Entry setups in the next decade 43:06 Origin of the "Twitch sucks" viewpoint 44:11 Unboxed Therapy, VPN types, P2P & data encryption 52:58 Calling Dan on costs to get IPv4 addresses 56:28 Topic #2 - "Metaverse" is the new marketing term 58:10 LinusMetaverseGroup, VTubing 1:00:26 Budgeting change within LMG, leaving com bubble 1:03:02 NIBS , metaverse issues & "restaurant" 1:08:38 "Competing" platforms, xkcd summarizing metaverse 1:13:06 Topic #3 - CrossCode in the Ukraine Support Bundle  1:16:34 Sponsors 1:19:42 Topic #4 - Apple's new Mac Studio desktop 1:20:01 Interesting GPU merging by M1 Ultra 1:25:54 Mac Pro is yet to be replaced, models pricing 1:26:35 New 27" standalone display & options 1:27:39 iPhone SE new features, iPad Air with M1 & entertainment 1:29:04 Topic #5 - Artesian Builds shuts down, fires 50 people 1:33:04 Steve responds to the shutdown, aids employees 1:39:16 Topic #6 - AMD first 3D cache Ryzen chip 1:40:28 AMD disabling overclocking on 5800X3D 1:41:28 Topic #7 - Limewire revived and changed 1:42:14 NFT marketplace & roadmap 1:46:01 Merch Messages #2 1:46:07 LTTStore "lifestyle" future merch ideas 1:46:49 Linus discusses Anthony Linux channel 1:51:16 LTTStore "NFT" badge 1:54:46 Strawpoll: is the forum profile picture an NFT 1:58:38 Reason behind limited display brightness 2:00:21 NASA & CSA collaboration idea, viewership issues 2:06:34 Linus despises making ads 2:07:46 Where to start with making content 2:09:28 Linus's most regretful takes & videos 2:12:34 Biggest regret, Computex tradition & different culture 2:15:06 Codes on LTTStore limited CPU Stealth 2:15:56 Replacing Deck's SSD, LTTStore backpack idea 2:17:38 Possible LMG VTubing 2:17:50 LTTStore new staff & talking stock 2:18:22 Tips for small tech content creator 2:19:28 PCPartPicker & TigerDirect 2:20:54 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Never Hate On Your Community - WAN Show March 4, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear:  Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 0:55 Intro 1:22 Linus does not count Twitch as a community 1:53 Topic #1 - Artesian Builds & Kiapia drama 3:21 Explaining giveaway program 7:13 Linus's story on Christmas giveaway 10:44 Community backlash 13:40 Linus lasts a week without controversy 15:19 JayzTwoCents built Kiapia a PC 15:58 PC tech communities stick together 16:58 Topic #2 - Nintendo removes videos of Yuzu run on Steam Deck 18:53 Modded Switch ROM dumping & legal piracy 21:10 Nintendo & yuzu emulator videos take-down discussion 24:44 Fair use, dumping ROMs on Steam Deck, discussing emulators 29:27 Roblox Corp is worth more than Nintendo 31:45 Linus explains Nintendo's reasoning 33:07 Gabe delivering Decks, Linus's experience with Deck 35:02 Talking games: Horizon ZD, Zelda BotD, Horizon FW 48:36 Sponsors 50:56 LTTStore new colored cable ties 51:58 Linus was late due to Sarah's new streaming setup 54:09 Topic #3 - Tech industry actions against Russia 55:22 LMG is no longer working with Russia or Belarus 56:48 Russian Rubel falling, Russian stock market closed 57:18 Russia blocking websites, Starlink in Ukraine 58:03 Roscosmos threatening SpaceX to shut down ISS 59:22 Russians, the people, are NOT "Russia" 1:00:37 Topic #4 - Nvidia hacked, 1 TB data leak 1:02:02 References to code chips & credentials in leak 1:04:03 DLSS source code leak 1:05:47 Topic #5 - Epic games buys Bandcamp, BC Fridays 1:09:23 Topic #6 - Rivian backlash for pre-order price 1:13:48 Merch Messages 1:14:00 SAM effect on AMD RX GPUs 1:15:01 Steam Deck with external hubs, M2 holder 1:15:45 Linus recommends waiting on buying GPUs 1:16:30 Thoughts on Pokemon 1:19:08 Destiny 2 banning Deck players, Deck & Windows 1:23:20 Pokemon idea 1:25:35 Color calibration drift for cameras 1:26:35 LTTStore backpack plans & most exciting feature 1:28:04 Vault restoration, SteamOS on AYA & ONEX 1:31:02 Floatplane as ticket-based music streaming 1:31:46 Devices being "fast enough" for consumers 1:33:28 Thunderbolt dock worth 1:34:38 Windows requirement to log-in bypassed 1:35:32 Sea of Stars, Steam Deck game experience 1:39:36 Why LTTStore woman merch lacks logos 1:47:20 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Steam Deck: What I Didn't Say In My Review - WAN Show February 25, 2022

Get started with DigitalOcean for FREE at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear:  Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 -- NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:28 Intro 1:54 Strawpoll - Pre-order Steam Deck e-mail 3:05 Linus not planning to get controversial 3:28 Topic #1 - Steam Deck release 4:15 Deck's pros & cons, Luke tests it live 10:03 Linus praises Steam's commitment 14:03 Linus's experience, Midnight voice chat 21:02 Strawpoll freezes, Steam's influence 27:29 Q1 reservation group, Deck video notes 32:40 Game engine shows artifacts 35:28 Discussing future developer support 37:55 Luke's thoughts & plans for the Deck 39:44 Sponsors 43:08 Valve reportedly thinking of Steam Deck 2 44:14 Linus contacting AYANEO 46:51 Topic #2 - Russia-Ukraine war may worsen chip shortage 49:19 Topic #3-  Nvidia compromised by cyber attacks 50:41 Topic #4-  Trump's "Truth Social" plagiarized logo 52:48 Downside of the application 53:38 Topic #5 - Facebook partially blocked in Russia 54:30 Russian defence database on Twitter 56:45 Linus trying to get on the hub 58:34 LTTStore AM4 CPU Pillow 1:01:32 Merch Messages #1 1:01:48 Discussing what to change on techs 1:03:26 Windows 11 & productivity on the Deck 1:04:22 LTTStore Privateer shirt design downloadable 1:07:02 Model M, Luke dislikes brown keys 1:09:46 GPU bodypillow & filling merch idea 1:10:46 Linus's & Luke's songs playlist 1:13:02 Kid books, Linus writes in spreadsheets 1:17:52 Topic #6 - Sony's PSVR 2 1:19:26 Topic #7 - AI art is not copyright protected 1:21:28 Merch Messages #2 1:21:34 What Linus is excited about with the lab 1:22:31 Shop Pay does not show Merch Message option 1:23:18 Bundling shirts idea 1:24:10 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Valve's Making Everyone Else Look Bad - WAN Show February 18, 2022

Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps will be slightly off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 2:39 Intro 3:36 Topic #1 - Steam Deck's ease of repair 9:14 Linus's experience with Index & out-of-warranty repairs 16:04 Valve working with iFixIt, Linus & NCIX tubing 22:04 LTTStore colored privateer t-shirt 30:28 LTTStore cropped sweatshirt, size preview 35:20 Topic #2 - Nintendo shutting down old stores  43:58 Future of LMG, EBITDA, company lifetime, LMG staff 59:30 Sponsors 1:01:56 Luke discusses NYT's abundance of ads 1:08:19 Merch Messages #1 1:25:24 Topic #3 - Windows 11 setup requires an account 1:27:21 Privateer shirts hit 420 sales 1:28:16 Windows features notes, parental lock 1:36:25 Topic #4 - Disney "house" in Rancho Mirage 1:41:16 Topic #5 - Apple SSD issues with M1 1:45:52 Topic #6 - TechTechPotato leaves AnandTech 1:49:44 Strawpoll - rug pull to fund the lab 1:52:13 Merch Messages #2 1:52:36 LTTStore screwdriver adapter & showcase 1:58:46 Cleaning laptop screen & keyboard 2:01:38 UFD Tech Newegg scandal 2:03:22 Nintendo Switch emulation 2:04:48 LTTStore archive idea, UV reactive paint 2:05:45 PC or no PC LED wall screen, LTTStore lunchbag 2:12:30 Framework mini-update, LTTStore kids toy & magnets 2:16:00 LTTStore wag pet hoodie 2:22:52 How labs will work, Linus lately letting loose 2:30:02 LTTStore backpack shaper discussion 2:32:43 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Newegg... More Like Rotten Egg! - WAN Show February 11, 2022

Get started with DigitalOcean for FREE at Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps will be slightly off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:42 Intro 2:11 Topic #1 - Newegg Open-box issue update 4:32 Is this situation illegal? 6:17 Different RMA scenarios, possible deniability 13:38 Where to buy computer hardware now? 14:56 Paul's Hardware calling to discuss RMA process 21:26 How did Newegg miss the RMA sticker? 27:02 Should motherboards cost a few extra dollars? 30:42 Linus & Paul planning to go to COMPUTEX 2022 31:57 LTTStore Couchripper Pillows 33:28 What to do about Newegg? Is this boycott worth it? 35:23 LMG Sponsor Discussion feedback on forums 37:08 Merch Messages #1 37:44 Shady companies that rehabilitated 40:30 Best first custom keyboard build 41:01 Linus goals talk with Yvonne, taking breaks 50:58 Sponsor - ID Agent 52:25 Sponsor - MSI 53:10 Sponsor - MechanicalKeyboards 53:46 Topic #2 - Best Buy Totaltech controversy 55:24 Chat trying to explain 56:50 Benefits of the membership 57:54 Not able to buy different SKUs 59:50 Linus discusses Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch 1:07:09 Topic #3 - Nvidia failing to acquire ARM 1:07:58 If LMG should be public 1:09:30 LTTCoin & cryptocurrency 1:18:02 Topic #4 - Kioxia's contaminated NAND chips 1:19:36 Topic #5 - Apple's Tap to Pay 1:21:58 Merch Messages #2 1:22:28 Thoughts on the app-based trend 1:23:20 LTTStore 3090 "Tie", leather holster idea 1:25:20 LTTStore backpack new revision, color & capacity 1:34:34 Valve rumors of new headset 1:36:06 LTTStore screwdriver bits holster custom colors 1:37:02 Transparency 1:38:12 OLED smartphone VS monitor/TV burn-ins 1:45:22 New PC generation upgrade, Pixel & Note 1:47:00 Steam Deck coloring & screen etching 1:47:40 Video ideas on more accessible devices 1:50:52 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/02/22·1h 51m

They Almost Got Away With It! - WAN Show February 04, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:32 Intro 2:00 Topic #1 - Gamer Nexus Newegg return issues 2:30 Steam Deck live tease 4:50 Linus planning to run Steam Deck for a month 7:10 Discussing the Newegg return claims, RMA issues 14:02 Possibilities for missed open-box damages 19:44 Does Newegg run a scam? Whose burden is this? 23:40 Gamer Nexus fans boycotting, store monopoly 27:33 Linus's conversation with ASUS on motherboards 29:46 Amazon is not a great technology store 33:06 Other technology companies listed by chat 37:48 Linus reaching out for similar experience 39:42 Topic #2 - Sony acquires Destiny's Bungie for 36B 43:16 Speculations behind reason of purchase 44:48 Sponsor - Grid Studio 46:55 Sponsor - Graphus 47:34 Sponsor - Squarespace 48:36 Topic #3 - Facebook value drops by $232B 50:14 Other stock values & past examples of FB values 51:22 Is Facebook dying? & "The Palace" 54:45 Second Life, VR Chat 57:50 Linus scammed via a bad statement 1:00:00 Merch Message Reply 1:02:34 LTTStore Controller & Computer plushies w/ code 1:04:16 Dropped shares & company value discussion 1:10:44 LMG's cost of hire, issue with being rich 1:15:12 Spending & investments for a rich person 1:19:28 Linus's house mortgage, Vancouver housing prices 1:26:31 "Eat the rich," Linus calls Jake "Geoff" 1:27:42 Merch Messages 1:28:26 Open bench maintenance 1:30:38 RX 580's value in 2022, upgradability discussion 1:32:19 Principles behind designing case air flow 1:34:22 Motorcycles content, 3D printed construction 1:37:10 Newer mainstream CPUs, Linus didn't buy phones 1:42:12 Portable audio players, TrueNAS VS Unraid 1:44:05 Sofa with speaker, Sam Zeloof, blind aid products 1:47:01 LTTStore screwdriver bit loaders, Linus's house update 1:50:26 Warehouse newsletter: USB-_Crap_ signal integrity 1:53:26 Screwdriver material, testing Steam Deck on Windows 1:54:20 LTT lab validating LMG tech products 1:55:26 Motherboard suggestions, LTT mice/keyboards 1:58:42 Software side lab benchmarks, non-terrestrial ISPs 2:01:22 Rack mount PC, list of Linus's house tech cost 2:04:42 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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r/PCMasterRace Hates Me... - WAN Show January 28, 2022

Start building apps easily with DigitalOcean's App Platform and enjoy a $100 free credit at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters 1:56 Intro 2:28 Topic #1 - PCMasterRace "exposes" Linus out of context 3:10 Summary of the controversy 5:32 Linus following up in replies 9:08 Responses to Linus on Twitter and his rebuttals 23:14 Tweets getting deleted after Linus replies 27:08 LTTStore plaid flannel shirt 29:38 Topic #2 - Nvidia pulls out ARM merge 31:34 Short-term VS long-term, FTC winning the lawsuit 34:52 Nintendo's position, Switch most sold 37:36 "Ethical piracy" 45:25 Sponsor  47:56 Topic #3 - Intel wins EU anti-trust fine 49:54 "Court of Common Sense" 51:37 Summary of case & appeal 52:08 Alphabet sued, Google VS DuckDuckGo, "ethical piracy" 56:15 Linus's response towards YouTube comments 59:44 Logic behind the way ad segments are 1:05:01 Topic #4 - YouTube considering NFTs 1:07:45 Linus updates his take on NFTs 1:12:02 XBOX gold controller, Linus's pool & solar panels 1:15:54 LTTStore tote bag 1:22:26 Topic #5 - Ubisoft's Hyper Scape shutting down 1:26:40 PAX booths 1:30:52 MMO's combined with VR 1:31:22 Topic #6 - RTX 3050 & RX 6500XT stock discussion 1:32:26 Linus's experience with PowerColor & Sapphire 1:36:01 Merch Messages 1:36:20 Labs testing for mousepads & audio components 1:37:36 Linus's Volt pros and cons, Rimac Nevera 1:47:12 Sleep vs shutting down, Linus has ADHD, flunked school 1:50:21 Linus's home projector, YouTube Vanced, home content 1:58:12 Linus overspending habit, Rimac & Taycan 2:07:56 Samsung & Sony phones, AT&T's 25-5GB 2:10:43 Lab validifying cables, G Suite legacy 2:13:48 UPS & power strip, favorite shows, Luke & chairs 2:18:44 Steam Deck, computer components discussion 2:24:50 Early internet exposure & Linus's social media life 2:31:30 YouTube watch history, office vlog idea 2:32:15 Linus idea of music benchmarks, topics pressure 2:33:02 Scalpers, thoughts on elderly how-to's 2:36:34 VR headsets, Nvidia fab capacity 2:39:00 6600XT vs 6600 for value 2:39:18 Outro ft Linus & Luke infinite no u Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/01/22·2h 40m

Microsoft/Activision Deal: We Can't Agree! - WAN Show January 21, 2022

Use code LTT at MechanicalKeyboards at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon:  On Newegg: Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters 1:03 Intro 1:31 Topic #1 - Microsoft's acquisition of Activision 4:44 Luke's take of the positive side 8:50 Linus's rebuttal of the negative side 10:36 Fears of Microsoft monopoly, effects on multiplayer 18:00 Sony VS Xbox duopoly, Xbox Game Pass advantages 23:17 Sony's "Spartacus" Game Pass, Nintendo's Back Up service 25:35 Sony's memory stick, Xbox series S/X VS PS4/PS5 26:53 LTTStore's non-zipper processor hoodie 29:05 Topic #2: Lenovo vendor locks AMD processors via PSB 30:03 CPUs brick once fuse blows, enabled by default 31:56 Anti-consumerism or badly implemented? Discussing e-waste 35:02 [TRIGGER WARNING] Blizzard's "Cosby Suite" 36:20 Sponsor - MechanicalKeyboards 37:26 Sponsor - Freshbooks 38:11 Sponsor - Seasonic 38:44 Clearing opinions on AMD's PSB, remastered games 43:34 Merch Messages #1 43:52 Stopping GPU sag 44:50 Linus interpreting American Sign Language 48:29 Government reform thoughts for tech industry 49:18 AMD's CPU vs GPU innovative roadmap 50:35 Not all LMG employees are techies, Linus idea of trolling 52:33 Cables signal degradation shielded VS unshielded video idea 53:41 Tel Aviv LTT videos, Bill Gates buying lands 55:14 Game development & SSD expectations 56:56 Topic #3 - AMD's Anti-4GB VRAM post deleted after 6500XT 58:32 Better than nothing, functional & in stock 1:00:16 Specifications, APU usage explains the lack of decoding 1:03:29 Removal of anti-4GB post, graphics card & hardware demand 1:07:26 Topic #4 - NFT overtakes cryptocurrency after crashing 1:10:08 Twitter NFT profile pictures on iOS 1:12:06 NFTs are cosmetics that people value 1:18:40 ThinkGeek bought by Gamestop 1:20:30 Topic #5 - Samsung's Exynos 2200 SoC RDNA2 1:21:32 Topic #6 - Valve verifies games that work on Steam Deck 1:23:21 Merch Messages #2 1:23:28 LTTStore's free items, GPU wasteland postcard for labs 1:24:55 Linus's take on data science content 1:25:55 Linus & Luke regret mining prior to BTC explosion 1:27:17 Right to repair laws on Canada follows America's 1:28:28 LTTStore CPU pillow dirt smell from alpaca fur 1:29:16 Game development for LMG labs, Floatplane notifications 1:32:04 4K TV vs monitor for gamers, LTTStore screwdrivers 1:33:22 Shirt stretching, Twitch staff leaving & unprofitability 1:36:03 LTTStore's RGB diode T-Shirt, labs audio space & roadmap 1:39:40 LTTStore's new desk configurator for mousepads 1:42:38 Crypto crashing & GPU upgradability, DIY channel idea 1:44:16 LTTStore screwdriver price, LTT in Cuba, labs ideas 1:49:22 LTTStore screwdriver design 1:52:46 US shipping & taxes, variable refresh rate on Sony TVs 1:59:56 Front-end early development for Floatplane 2:01:34 LTTStore's upcoming waffle shirt, delayed shipments 2:04:15 Outro 2:04:49 YouTube Superchats still not fixed Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/01/22·2h 6m

Razer Got CAUGHT! - WAN Show January 14, 2022

Get 50% off your Zoho CRM annual subscription with code ZCRM50 at: Start building apps easily with DigitalOcean's App Platform and enjoy a $100 free credit at Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 - Chapters 0:53 - Intro 1:15 - FloatLuke & Linus's computer issues 3:13 - Topic #1 - Razer Zephyr's N95 false ratings 5:10 - Razer representatives allegedly not refunding 6:28 - Linus's experience with Razer's switches 11:08 - Razer removing N95 marketing 14:06 - Topic #2 - Nvidia releases new RTX cards 16:08 - New gen is 50% more expensive than last decade gen 19:30 - Currency & materialism inflation 22:15 - Teen Luke's rule of thumb, consoles & phone pricing 26:13 - Software revenues, Apple dictates the norms, companies follow suit 33:28 - Merch Messages #1 33:58 - LTTStore - "Expensive Edition" CPU pillow 36:38 - Apple agent calls Luke, IAP fee, flagged app e-mail 43:40 - FloatLuke moment 45:39 - Sponsor - Zoho CRM 46:27 - Sponsor - Squarespace 47:28 - Sponsor - Secretlab 48:04 - Topic #3 - White House's tech summit & corporate actions 51:16 - Donating to open-source software 53:29 - Merch Messages custom color 56:27 - Private softwares, community-made add-ons & spam filter 58:23 - Merch Messages #2 59:50 - Linus's retirement update, burning out, merch & lab 1:06:59 - MNT Reform ARM-based laptop, Alternatives to CS workflow 1:10:02 - LTX planning halted due to COVID outbreaks 1:11:40 - iPhone SE3, Linus discusses LMG branding 1:16:52 - CAT8 versus CAT6A for home gaming & encoding 1:21:40 - Topic #4 - Wordle game rip-offs drama 1:22:57 - Topic #5 - Sony ramps up Playstation 4 production 1:25:22 - Topic #6 - Cryptocurrency mining on cars 1:28:15 - Tesla S owner running Ant miner 1:30:14 - Norton bundling crypto miner with the antivirus 1:31:15 - Merch Messages #3 1:54:13 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/01/22·1h 55m

Why so shy Nvidia? - WAN Show January 7, 2022

Save money on your phone plan today at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 - Chapters 2:29 - Intro 3:04 - Merch messages going wild, WAN Sweatpants 4:52 - Topic #1 - Nvidia's CES 2022 5:15 - RTX 3090 Ti specifications, "Tie" discussion 14:12 - Merch message calling out Linus abbreviating 15:09 - RTX 3050 discussion, impact on budget builds 17:12 - New Floatplane features, new creators 20:11 - Topic #2 - Intel's CES 2022 20:28 - Arc Alchemist, 12th Gen KS & non-K specifications 22:16 - AMD's 5800X3D, heated competition 27:46 - Comparing upgrading CPUs today to the past 32:04 - Topic #3 - BMW's color-changing car 33:38 - E-ink display discussion 37:32 - CES 2022 thoughts 38:59 - Sponsor - Squarespace 39:25 - Sponsor - Mint Mobile 40:48 - Topic #4 - Linus mentions NCIX's carrier plan 42:18 - Sponsor - Freshbooks accounting 43:10 - Jake's experience with mobile carriers 43:47 - Topic #5 - Wi-Fi 6 release 2 45:27 - Summarizing USB & HDMI controversy 50:45 - Merch Messages 51:14 - Educating technology & issues with it 57:57 - VR projects to hope for 58:58 - LMG's video resolution, reason behind downgrading 1:00:40 - LTTStore - Backpack pricing, screwdriver, underwear 1:07:31 - LTTStore - Backpack & waterproof jacket showcase, socks 1:15:15 - LTTStore - Winter stealth bottle 1:16:48 - Halo Infinite on AYA NEO 1:23:10 - LTTStore support ticket overflowing, labs discussion 1:27:41 - Discussing future technology projects 1:30:59 - NCIX's management & cash flow, WAN sweatpants & more LTTStore 1:38:57 - LMG staff highlight video idea, meet the team videos 1:39:46 - Google losing patent case, paying royalty 1:44:52 - Luke's Software Discoveries (LSD), Linux vs Windows install 1:47:41 - LTT's Samsung QD-OLED video, Linus didn't know it's sponsored 2:05:21 - Quick firing Merch Messages 2:25:24 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/01/22·2h 26m

Alexa's Been NOT NICE - WAN Show December 31, 2021

Start building apps easily with DigitalOcean's App Platform and enjoy a $100 free credit at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to switch in sponsors) 0:00 - Chapters 1:01 - Intro 1:26 - Anthony returns from flight 2:10 - Topic #1 - Alexa's "penny outlet" challenge 4:10 - Amazon's response, Linus & Luke past stories 12:31 - Topic #2 - Asus starts recalling Z690 Maximus Hero boards 15:48 - LTT's video on best used CPU to buy 18:07 - Merch Messages #1 19:56 - Topic #3 - TikTok is the world's most popular site 21:42 - Luke's & Linus's thoughts on TikTok 23:09 - Linus planning to collaborate with Kallmekris 26:58 - Merch Messages #2 46:33 - Sponsors 48:44 - Topic #4 - Asus's DDR5 to DDR4 memory convertor. 51:57 - Topic #5 - Samsung's PM1743 PCIe 5.0 SSD on 12th gen Intel 53:55 - XPG's USB-C mouse with an integrated 1 TB SSD 56:42 - Topic #6 - Samsung's leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra 1:04:23 - Merch Messages #3 1:30:10 - Outro 1:31:18 - LTTStore magnetic screwdriver Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/01/22·1h 32m

RadioShack Returns - WAN Show December 24, 2021

Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon: On NewEgg:  Thanks to Altium for sponsoring this video! Learn more and get your free trial of Altium Designer Viewer today at  Check out AMP by CubeCoders at  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: 0:00 - Chapters 1:08 - Intro 1:56 - Topic #1 - RadioShack returns in crypto form 5:12 - RADIO token is NOT the original RadioShack 8:36 - Memories of RadioShack 12:00 - Topic #2 - NVMe SSD for audiophiles 14:55 - Linus dissects how this SSD works 17:31 - Difficulties with buying audiophile devices 20:05 - Topic #3 - Tasty TV, a TV with flavor 22:28 - Discussing & comparing with Cilia 26:02 - Topic #4 - Battlefield 2042 performing terribly 28:29 - Merch Messages #1 45:48 - Sponsor - Seasonic's PSUs 46:45 - Sponsor - Altium's PCB design software 47:26 - Sponsor - CubeCoders's AMP management 50:03 - Topic #5 - AMD's rumored Threadripper PRO 56:52 - YouTube dislike add-on, YouTube Vanced & ads 1:00:32 - Topic #6 - Companies dropping out of in-person CES 1:02:16 - Topic #7 - Rumors of Intel selling binned 12900KS's 1:06:38 - LTTStore limited edition desk pad & pin 1:08:20 - Topic #8 - Intel's Arc GPUs passes beta phase 1:12:06 - Topic #9 - HDMI 21a with SBTM 1:13:13 - Merch Messages #2 1:40:48 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/12/21·1h 42m

TikTok Is a Restaurant Now... - WAN Show December 17, 2021

Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Enter EK Waterblocks' holiday AIO giveaway at: Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) [0:00] Chapters. [1:18] Intro. [1:48] Topic #1: TikTok's virtual restaurants.     4:56 LTT LAN Center, discussing LAN gaming.     16:14 TikTok's "trending dishes."     18:42 Linus mom's lettuce story, LinusLunchTips. [24:20] Topic #2: HDMI 2.0 was actually 2.1.     25:14 HDMI pulled a USB with as much confusion.     27:54 HDMI 2.1 features, responses from media.     33:45 Renaming cables & certification, LTT lab.     36:42 Linus ignores awards. [37:53] Sponsors. [40:01] LTTStore new merch. [41:41] Topic #3: Dell's Concept Luna.     42:56 Summarizing the project.     46:16 Dell's purpose, device blueprints.     50:56 Luna is a concept, not a guarantee.     53:08 Extra discussion, ease of upgradability. [55:56] Topic #4: Microsoft teaming up with iFixit.     58:55 Microsoft ghosting Linus. [1:01:22] Topic #5: TikTok Live uses OBS code. [1:04:55] Topic #6: Them necklaces are BAD. [1:09:32] Topic #7: Dislike add-on.     1:12:42 Linus's usage. [1:18:30] Merch Messages. [1:47:22] Topic #8: Floatplane iOS app released, Google Play rant. [1:56:29] Topic #9: Luke abandoned on a mountain during HighLANder. [2:09:41] More Merch Messages. [2:37:49] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/12/21·2h 38m

YouTube Rewind is Back and You CAN'T Dislike It! - WAN Show December 10, 2021

Find the right charger series you need from Anker at  Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Start your build today at  Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:11] Intro. [2:11] Topic #1: Nvidia's RTX 2060 12 GB paper launch.     3:06 Availability, pricing comparisons & performance. [8:05] Topic #2: The Game Awards 2021.     10:32 Awards given with titles mentioned.     13:16 Linus's take on It Takes Two.     25:02 Best multiplayer game.     28:48 Game of the Year. [33:29] Sponsors.     33:42 Freshbooks accounting.     34:32 Build Redux PC builder.     35:06 Anker's "right gift" quiz. [43:26] The Lab renovation. [49:00] Topic #3: Matrix Awakens on Unreal Engine 5. [50:02] Topic #4: Ubisoft's NFT Quartz video unlisted.     51:48 Dislikes discussion & extension. [52:32] Topic #5: Escape2021, YouTube Rewind live alternative.     55:44 Suspicious timing of dislikes removal.     57:18 Dislike extension relying on cached data. [59:41] Merch Messages. [1:30:06] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/12/21·1h 31m

The Government is SUING NVIDIA? - WAN Show December 3, 2021

Join in TEAMGROUP's Holiday giveaway today at: Test drive Comet Backup with a 30-day free trial and get $50 in free credit when you signup with code WAN at Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear: Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE - Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change) [0:00] Chapters. [1:02] Intro. [1:32] Topic #1: FTC sues Nvidia, stops Arm merging.     5:14 Linus's follow-up video idea.     7:09 Linus rants about Windows, discusses video notes.     11:32 RISC-V vs ARM. [13:32] Topic #2: Pixel 6 refuses to charge via cheap cables. [16:22] LTTStore's sweacket. [17:58] Topic #3: Nvidia's rumored 40XX series in 2022.     21:24 Reported specs & wattage of the series.     22:35 Intel's Arc series rumors.     25:26 "New" microphone arms. [26:31] LTTStore's sweacket shipping & MI newsletter. [29:22] Topic #4: Interesting applicants for LMG. [31:44] Sponsors ft more technical difficulties.     32:14 ID Agent's BullPhish ID agent.     33:23 TEAMGROUP's holiday sales & gaming PC giveaway.     34:06 MSI's MPG Z690 Carbon Wifi motherboard. [35:22] Topic #5: Microsoft Edge's "Zip" payment.     39:06 Financing will not justify debt. [40:12] Topic #6: Floatplane development issues on iOS. [45:29] Topic #7: Halo Infinite release.     46:06 Linus's home work progress.     48:46 Progression system & cosmetics. [52:10] Merch messages. [1:28:44] LTTStore cloth like colors & hair scrunchies. [1:39:04] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/12/21·1h 38m

PC Gaming is Officially the BEST! - WAN Show November 26, 2021

Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to  Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in "WAN"! Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear:  Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be slightly off due to sponsor change) [0:00] Chapters. [1:29] Intro. [1:59] Topic #1: PC wins Best Gaming Hardware.     3:32 Comparing PCs with consoles.     7:54 Dark Souls wins Ultimate Game of All Time.     11:55 Other candidates for the award.     17:06 Linus's & Luke's "best" of genres. [29:34] Topic #2: Tesla records YOU.     31:33 Tesla using non-validated self-driving.     34:15 Inaccurate promises by Tesla. [39:24] LTTStore Black Friday deals. [40:42] Sponsors ft technical difficulties.     41:03 Ridge Wallet.     41:42 Secretlab chairs.     43:00 Humio dashboard logging. [48:50] Topic #3: GPU prices increasing again.     51:00 Samsung's potential 3nm chips. [53:24] Topic #4: iBuyPower & Gamers Nexus.     57:26 A terrible deal is NOT a lie.     58:54 Linus's experience with rebadged GPUs. [1:03:05] Topic #5: Qualcomm's exclusivity deal ending in 2022.     1:05:09 Linux topic, Windows is better at gaming than Linux.     1:10:32 SteamOS 3.0 & arch-based distros.     1:14:53 The intended point of the series.     1:19:28 Candy Crush, PUPs in Windows. [1:20:24] LTTStore leak #1: LTT backpack. [1:24:46] Ayaneo 2021 Pro. [1:28:24] Merch Messages. [1:31:25] LTTStore leak #2: LTT stealth circuit deskpad [2:01:28] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/11/21·2h 1m

Apple Can Still Screw This Up - WAN Show November 19, 2021

Save up to 40% site-wide on Ekster wallets with their Black Friday sale at: Check out TEAMGROUP's Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals at: Check out the WAN Show & Podcast Gear:  Check out the They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change): [0:00] Chapters. [1:49] Intro. [2:18] Early Merch Messages. [3:02] Topic #1: Apple's Self Service Repair.     5:38 Summarizing new service.     7:16 Was Apple forced into R2R?     10:44 Expectations & reality.     12:05 Louis Rossmann's response.     13:11 LTTStore gift cards.     15:46 Would repairability increase buyers?     18:30 SteamOS 3.0 & Linux challenge.     21:24 Linus cheats back into Windows. [22:52] Topic #2: Streamlabs & OBS controversy.     25:00 Streamlabs copying Lightstream.     29:56 Is OBS in the right? [30:54] Sponsors.     31:06 Ekster smart wallet.     31:58 Squarespace site builder.     32:40 Secretlab gaming chairs. [33:16] Topic #3: Mystery box reveal.     34:55 Page & pricing.     35:28 Live unboxing.     43:04 Linus's overspending habits. [48:22] Topic #4: TheNFTBay NFT piracy.     50:07 Showcasing website. [51:54] Topic #5: Halo Infinite is back. [1:02:33] Topic #6: The fall of Activision Blizzard. [1:05:45] LTTStore newsletter. [1:07:46] Merch Messages. [1:10:13] Topic #7: Linus's house video discussion. [1:21:00] LTTStore socks & WAN joggers. [1:28:06] More Merch Messages. [1:47:50] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/11/21·1h 49m

YouTube Made a Huge Mistake - WAN Show November 12, 2021

Check out TEAMGROUP's Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals at: Listen to ARM Viewpoints today at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out our other Podcasts: They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps: Courtesy of NoKi1119 (NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) [0:00] Chapters [1:44] Intro [2:13] Topic #1: Dislike count changes.     3:07 Reasons to justify the change.     6:20 Discussing comments moderation.     8:45 What YT could do better.     9:06 Different usages of dislikes.     14:06 Linus's take on dislikes moderating. [33:16] Sponsors. [--] Cont. Topic #1: Dislike count changes.     35:27 Linus will call to discuss the change. [38:12] Topic #2: Linux challenge update.     42:06 Game compatibility.     45:08  "Windows: from the perspective of a Linux user" video idea.     48:10 OpenVPN on Linux VS Windows.     49:58 Issues with Xbox & Windows gaming. [54:50] Topic #3: AMD's data center architectures. [55:58] Topic #4: Microsoft "SE". [56:45] LTTStore party shirt & newsletter. [59:35] Merch Messages. [1:05:28] Linus leaving. [1:06:06] Merch Messages ft Luke. [1:31:26] Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/11/21·1h 33m

We Messed Up - WAN Show November 5, 2021

Get 50% off list price:  Learn more about MSI's SPATIUM M470 SSD at Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code WAN at Check out our other Podcasts: They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (courtesy of unzi) 00:00:00 - Intro 00:02:04 - Topic #1: Intel's Embargo a.k.a. The Big Oops. 00:02:26 - Typical video scheduling, release and promotion. 00:04:15 - Quick summary and new approach. 00:05:00 - Topic #2: Intel's 12th gen processors. 00:05:42 - Controversy on evaluation methods and performance. 00:10:25 - Controversy on DDR5 RAM. 00:19:03 - Further performance and temperature technical info. 00:22:46 - Take on competition (prices, vs AMD, etc.) 00:26:05 - Perspective on PCIe Gen5. 00:34:03 - Sponsors Time. 00:34:12 - Spanning. 00:35:14 - MSI. 00:36:04 - Ridge Wallet. 00:36:51 - LTT merch  00:36:52 - New item: (Sample) backpack. (Princing guidance on 01:57:55) 00:39:39 - Luke's First time... with the LTT screwdriver. 00:42:09 - New dynamic: Buy merch, send a message (Superchats-like style, jump to 01:37:39) 00:42:46 - New item: Bananas for scale. 00:43:02 - Latest newsletter. 00:43:40 - Topic #3: Linus's First Time... on D&D. 00:46:07 - What D&D is? 00:48:30 - Linus "new" opinion on D&D. 00:51:04 - Video on Demand (VOD) info. 00:52:28 - Topic #5: Linux stuff. 00:52:29 - Latest on Linus's experience. 00:53:15 - Latest on Luke's experience (also, past experiences). 00:56:52 - GPUs are the problem? 00:57:50 - Series in the making: Linux challenges. 01:06:15 - Why Bing is the superior search engine. 01:06:58 - Quick take on gaming user experience. 01:08:02 - There are dumb things about Windows too. 01:08:55 - Command-Line Interface and Graphic User Interface (CLI / GUI). 01:13:23 - Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) experience on Linux. 01:17:03 - Take on (non-gaming) user experience. 01:18:40 - (Little off-topic) Previous "controversies"/techtubers with similar video ideas. 01:20:33 - Final thoughts: Distros, hardware, etc. 01:22:30 - Nick off-camera appearance. (P.S. We can hear him) 01:22:53 - Luke's take on "bleeding edge" distros and its updates. 01:25:04 - Unofficial Topic #1: EVGA (literally) lost a truck full of GPUs. 01:26:11 - Unofficial Topic #2: Facebook plans to shut down Facial Recognition System. 01:28:16 - Unofficial Topic #3: Side-loading apps. 01:28:25 - Craig Federighi (Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering) statement. 01:28:52 - User experience and other nuances. 01:32:07 - Topic #4: Switch modder vs Nintendo case. 01:32:11 - Context. 01:33:25 - Opinions. 01:34:14 - Unofficial Topic #4 - SQUID crypto was a scam. 01:34:34 - Unofficial Topic #5 - NFTs and blockchain games. 01:35:40 - Anthony's rant, read by Luke. 01:36:43 - Valve/Steam and Epic Games takes on it. 01:37:39 - Merch messages. 01:38:44 - How to clean the spout lids? 01:41:18 - Floatplane weird thing, Twitch and VOD. 01:42:48 - Newsletter archive or blog? 01:44:24 - Themed-pins or badges. 01:47:01 - Deskpad configurator. (Video on 01:54:53) 01:51:42 - Bad-time, same bad-channel explanation. 02:03:40 - T-shirt long-term goals. 02:17:41 - Farewell. 02:17:46 - Same bad-time, same bad-channel. 02:17:51 - BYE! 02:17:52 - Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/11/21·2h 19m

We're Changing Our Name - WAN Show October 29, 2021

Check out Secret Lab at Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code WAN at Try Pulseway for free and start remotely monitoring and managing your server or PC at Check out our other Podcasts: They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (courtesy of NoKi1119): [0:00] Chapters [1:33] Intro [2:02] Topic #1: Meta is the NEW Facebook     4:31 Meta rebranding, Zuckerberg's statement     7:54 "Project Cambria" VR headset and Meta Quest     13:22 Thoughts on the change [18:08] Topic #2: Intel's "Alder Lake"     18:48 "TDP" renewal     21:15 Competitive charts not accurate     24:52 Are faster CPUs needed for gaming? [26:52] LTTstore purchase banners & message [30:20] Topic #3: Linux challenge update     37:49 Linus's & Luke's experience     43:35 Streaming, Dolphin & Linux issues     52:00 Linus's take on GUIs     56:22 Linux's impact on socializing     59:42 Good & bad package managers [1:04:10] Sponsors     1:04:18 Secretlab chairs     1:05:06 Ridge Wallet     1:05:40 PulseWay Remote Monitoring [1:06:37] Topic #4: Nintendo's N64 subscription [1:12:13] Topic #5: YT demonitizes bad kid content [1:14:26] Team Seas [1:16:11] Topic #6: USCO and right to repair [1:19:58] LTTStore merch messages [1:51:05] Screwdriver, newsletter [1:57:20] Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/11/21·1h 58m

Apple is Tempting me... - WAN Show October 22, 2021

Test drive Comet Backup with a 30-day free trial and get $50 in free credit when you signup with code WAN at Get a 60-day free trial of stress-free shipping by going to  Don't forget to click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in WAN Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:20] Intro. [1:49] Topic #1: Intel's Alder Lake CPUs available?     4:16 Reviewers are important for brands.     6:22 This might not be Intel's fault.     9:49 Linus is frustrated.     14:57 Press should have the correct info. [23:38] Topic #2: Apple's new "MacBook Pro."     26:55 Performance & specifications.     28:24 Pricing & configurations.     30:12 Ports of the new Mac.     35:58 Is HDMI 2.0 enough nowadays?     38:16 The notch     46:36 Editing on M1x.     48:58 LMG changing cameras.     51:51 New AiriPods.     54:03 Apple Music Voice Plan. [54:44] Sponsors.     55:02 Corsair's Xeneon Monitor.     57:01 Ridge Wallet.     57:38 Altium PCB design software. [59:47] Topic #3: Linux challenge updates.     1:00:05 Linus called out for using Windows for VR.     1:03:00 Debating distro-hopping.     1:04:11 Luke's issues with lagging. [1:06:54] Topic #4: Facebook's Oculus Go unlocked. [1:13:45] Topic #5: EA & FIFA's contract expiring. [1:16:52] Topic #6: Governor Parson suing over "F12". [1:22:02] Topic #7: Alder Lake leaks, clashes with DRM. [1:25:57] LTTstore gift cards. [1:26:44] Topic #8: Linus's on-camera persona, acting & jokes. [1:48:24] Superchats. [2:06:32] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/10/21·2h 6m

Best Buy Scalping PS5s?? For SHAME!! - WAN Show October 15, 2021

Check out LG's UltraGear Gaming Speaker GP9 below: [US] [UK] Get Live Patching for your open source databases with TuxCare DatabaseCare at Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Check out our other Podcasts: They're Just Movies Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:14] Intro. [2:01] Topic #1: Best Buy scalping PS5. 4:39 Thoughts about BB's membership. 7:08 Memberships are not illegal. 13:05 Retailers & scalpers. 14:33 National registry proposal. 25:11 Nvidia TPM struggle with chipset pricing. 29:52 PR issues at Intel. 37:05 Enthusiasts conflicted about brand loyalty. [39:21] Sponsors. 39:40 LG's UltraGear Speaker GP9. 40:57 TuxCare QEMU & KVM patching. 41:42 Freshbooks accounting. [42:45] Topic #2: Google's Pixel Pass subscription. 45:18 Leaked Pixel 6 page, specification. 46:25 Pixel uses Tensor, Qualcomm's upset. [50:09] Topic #3: HasanAbi's PC build controversy. 53:55 Trying not to get cancelled. 54:58 Donald Trump's PC build. 56:48 Linus not backing down, will upload on YT. [59:48] LTTStore newsletter, behind-the-scenes. [1:06:30] Topic #4: Vive's "Flow" VR headset. [1:07:53] Superchats. [1:16:11] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/10/21·1h 17m

I Have MORE to Say About Steam Deck - WAN Show October 8, 2021

Honey automatically applies the best coupon codes to save you money at  different online checkouts, try it now at Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon: On NewEgg: Visit and use offer code WAN for 10% off Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [2:02] Intro. [2:46] Topic #1: Valve's Steam Deck teardown.     4:18 Linus called out in the reaction video.     9:12 Thoughts on what Valve can do better.     11:31 Right to repair, battery challenges.     19:23 Valve does not recommend SSD swapping. [20:47] Topic #2: Linux challenge update.     22:27 Linux dictionary is overwhelming.     27:37 Rules of the challenge.     31:50 Gaming, driver & hardware issues.     37:53 Steam's Big Picture experience.     40:02 Linus predicts hate comments for his video.     44:04 The good & the bad, compared to other OSs.     52:56 File extension & oddity with Github & Linux guides.     1:00:12 Gen Z does not know where to find files. [1:04:43] Sponsors.     1:05:04 Honey Promo Codes. [1:05:37] Linus rants about haters, devs & right to repair. [--] Sponsors Cont.     1:12:16 Seasonic's Ultra Titanium PSUs.     1:12:54 Squarespace website builder. [1:13:51] Topic #3: Microsoft agrees to study for right to repair.     1:19:21 Corporates versus right to repair. [1:21:06] LTTStore new merch. [1:22:55] Topic #4: Twitch data leaked.     1:27:46 Twitch's "Vapor" game streaming service. [1:38:56] Topic #5: Facebook, Insta, WhatsApp down for 6 hours. [1:39:49] Topic #6: Nintendo's Switch OLED Model. [1:44:11] Topic #7: Feud with TeamViewer.     1:50:50 TeamViewer Support's response. [1:56:07] Superchats. [2:05:38] Nick calling about LTT-sponsored UFD Tech stream. [2:13:43] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/10/21·2h 15m

Pre-Built PCs Are About to get MUCH Worse - WAN Show October 1, 2021

Change the way you address patching concerns with rebootless QEMU/KVM patching at  Get 30% off list price and 30% off onboarding at  Save 10% off your Savage Jerky order today with code WANSHOW21 at Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:21] Intro. [1:51] Topic #1: Windows 11 VBS harms gaming performance.     3:18 Virtual machine & hardware issues.     7:46 Affected games & change in performance.     9:52 VBS is not mandated on custom builds.     13:03 Switching to Linux challenge.     17:32 Issues with daily driving Linux.     20:15 Polling which distro to use. [25:23] Sponsors.     25:27 TuxCare QEMU & KVM patching.     27:01 Graphus anti-phishing cloud software.     28:22 Savage Jerky. [32:27] Topic #2: Valve's "Deckard" VR headset.     35:11 Going standalone in the VR market.     37:46 Pricing of Valve products.     42:37 Poll: Which Distro should Linus use?     45:22 Tim Cook meeting with EU competition chief. [46:48] Topic #3: Amazon's "Astro" house robot.     48:24 Criticism towards the robot.     48:52 Pricing & specs. [52:06] LTTstore new merch & site redesign. [52:56] Superchats. [57:20] Topic #4: Asus's RTX 3070 with Noctua fans. [58:20] Topic #5: Silicon Lottery closing. [59:14] Topic #6: Steam disables downloading older builds. [1:00:27] Topic #7: Dune Case has not shipped yet. [1:01:04] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/10/21·1h 2m

Valve Did the IMPOSSIBLE... Anti-Cheat on Linux - WAN Show September 24, 2021

Checkout TEAMGROUP's Team Event and enter to win awesome prizes at: Timestamps (courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps will be off by a couple of minutes due to change in sponsors) [0:00] Chapters [0:57] Intro [1:32] Topic #1: Valve's anti-cheat on Linux.     2:30 Supported games.     4:57 Steam Deck's effect on the market.     11:22 Discussing true identification.     15:12 Issues with the validation.     20:41 Supported AC does not guarantee games working.     21:17 Linux installation competition video idea. [24:32] Sponsors. [26:50] Topic #2: EU enforcing USB-C on devices.     28:51 Apple Watch 7 has 60.5 GHz wireless transfer.     32:01 Is wireless charging the end of cables? [35:41] Topic #3: Microsoft's Surface laptop Studio.     37:32 Specifications.     38:58 New Surface Duo 2. [40:45] Topic #4: Super Mario Brothers movie & voice-over cast. [42:58] Topic #5: China bans cryptocurrencies, BTC value drops. [46:00] Superchats. [48:05] Wrapping up. [48:10] Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/09/21·47m 24s

Did Apple Just Prove the iPhone Could be Cheaper? - WAN Show September 17, 2021

Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps are off by a couple of minutes due to sponsor change.) [0:00] C