Talking Derry Girls

Talking Derry Girls

By The Big Light

Fancy a bit of craic?! Jeanie, Marie-Louise and Pauline love the Channel 4 sit-com, Derry Girls, based in their home city. We thought it would be fun to rewatch the series, and chat about each episode in detail. You don’t have to be from Derry or even a girl. Being a Derry Girl is a state of mind. Come on in!


Episode 63 : Isn't it Iconic.

As promised and just in time for the St Patrick's Day Spring Carnival, the eagerly awaited Derry Girls taster exhibition opened this week in the City.  Marie-Louise was there representing the TDG's and getting the bars on what is and what will be included in the future exhibition. She tells Pauline and Jeanie what to expect and the girls gain an insight into how she spends her days off.  It all starts with an intro that is worthy of Uncle Colm and she chats to some new pals and catches up with an old friend of the TDG's, resplendent in Green and generously dishing out cream horns.  Scarily she also embraces her inner Clare, maybe because she was allowed to be an individual on her own.  In celebration of the immersive, interactive, augmented reality experience that is planned for this Summer we thought we would make this episode interactive too. Please prepare yourselves for TDG's bingo. Drinkers will need shots, flaming Sambucas are recommended - teetotallers can play with cream horns, pop tarts or Tayto crisps. You can indulge in your chosen treat every time you hear the words ICONIC - VISIT DERRY or WATERLOO PLACE. Other party games are available and most likely safer - Slainte.  NOTES:  Visit Derry - where the taster Exhibition is being housed Tower Museum - where the Derry Girls Experience is opening in the Summer - EPIC DESIGN - Derry City and Strabane District Council - Derry Girls afternoon tea Everyglades Hotel - Friends of the Factory - Shirt Tales Part 1 Ep 62 Beyond Belief - The Life and Mission of John Hume - available to watch online on 7th April. The first part of the trilogy - The White Handkerchief is available on demand from the website.  Ma Mary aka Tara Lynne O’Neill talking about her jazzy jumper Ep 46  When Jeanie’s work thought she was in River Dance Ep12  The TDGs on the Derry Girls food tour Ep 57 
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Episode 62: Shirt Tales Part 1

Abandoned (for one episode only) by Jeanie and Marie-Louise, Pauline is determined not to be an individual on her own! Meet fellow Derry girls, Yvonne Norris and Naomi Petropoulos. Both DGs have a strong interest in the rich history of the city’s shirt factories. For quite a few decades there were more than 40 factories employing thousands of women. In 1867, Karl Marx mentioned the new trend of home working - referencing one of the world’s first industrialised factories - Tillie and Henderson which at one time was the largest shirt factory in the world. There’s been a long campaign to recognise the Factory Girls who kept the economy of the city going. Yvonne and Naomi give a great introduction to a vital story in Derry’s history. And they did pass the audition if any situations arise in Talking Derry Girls. NOTES  Shirts, Singer and Sewing exhibition snippets of interviews with factory girls carried out by Naomi Petropoulos Shirts, Singers and Sewing exhibition iin Shipquay Street in Derry City centre. Naomi Petropoulos - Family Matters podcast episode where Naomi chats to her Granny and Mother-in-law about working in Derry’s shirt factories Article by Naomi Petropoulos Friends of the Factories Article about the Tillie and Henderson shirt factory in Derry/Londonderry. The world’s first modern factory mentioned by Karl Marx in Das Kapital. BBC Radio Ulster - Stories in Sound, Factory Girls BBC The shirt factory horn (TV clip) Shirt Factory Heritage Walking Tour Friends of the Factories - plaques initiative BBC report on Factory Girls song by Keiron Tourish My Granny was a Factory Girl The Friends of the Factory Workers scheme was the winner of the Women’s History Network Community History Prize in 2021. Derry’s factory girls: A window into the adult world Amelia Earhart in Derry - Ep 30 Talking Derry Girls Podcast  Plaques at St Columb’s Hall to commemorate visits by Emmeline Pankhust, Eleanor Marx and Margaret Cousins - Derry Girls and Rock and Roll Willie Deery Derry’s Dance Halls of Romance - Willie Deery Claire Allan Derry based writer (guest on Ep 28) - The First Time I said Goodbye
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Episode 61 : Pick me Up - International Women's Day.

The TDG's - Pauline, Marie-Louise and Jeanie - have always got each other's backs and this week they manage to help each other out without even realising.  We all get times when we feel a bit flat but this week the girls were all in a bit of a slump. Strange things happen when friends get together and admit they aren't at their best. Hold tight to those friends.  Derry has opened a new tribute to Mo Mowlam and the girls remember the force of nature who, as Northern Ireland Secretary, played no small part in the Good Friday Agreement negotiations. No fusty old statue to remember Mo.!  The girls remember being serenaded by Damian McGinty who is currently dancing up a storm in Ireland's Dancing with the Stars… memories, good pals and chat.  Happy International Women's Day.  NOTES : You might want to revisit TDGs 36 and 37 covering the first two episodes in Series 3.  NI secretary of state - Mo Mowlam: Mo Mowlam talking about the NI peace process: Mo Mowlam visiting the Maze prison: Issue of policing in Good Friday Agreement: Women’s Coalition (1996) - a minor but very important party forcing other parties to take women's issues seriously: Monica McWilliams and an interview about her book Stand up, Speak out where she talks about Mo Mowlam. Mo Mowlam studio opening The campaign for a University in Derry Factory Girls and Rock and Roll Damian McGinty - he was a guest on TDGs Ep21 - Derry Boy (40 episodes ago). He’s now in the semi finals of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars..  Go to Ep21 to hear about how he got into the TV hit Glee. And how Jeanie’s Dad give him a present one Christmas when he was a lad!! Eurovision Song Contest New BBC podcast marking 25th anniversary of Good Friday Agreement Link for GFA podcast from BBC Marie-Louise and Pauline are Jeanie’s wee English fella’s Godmother Others as he’s always called us..  
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Episode 60: Talk about your talkabouts.

The TDG's are in reflective mood or is it delirium? 60 epiodes in has got them thinking - is it maybe time to hang up their recording gear and go open that "flip flop shop in Hawaii"? Is there enough laundry in her world to keep Pauline busy and could Marie-Louise be happy embedded in her world of Culture and the Arts? At least Jeanie could make it to her Slimming World meetings every week.  Prepare yourselves, this episode is the closest you will get to being a fly on the wall when these 3 get together. No notes. No prep. And very little sense. Be grateful no alcohol was consumed… Happy 60th! Notes:  The Windsor Framework (so far..) - Denis Murray former Ireland Correspondent - International Polar Bear Day - There’s a recipe for Mary’s Derry Stew on page 93 of Erin’s Diary!  The difference between swedes and turnips Ep 13 Talking Derry Girls - with Lisa McGee where we talk about listening to the episodes.  Director of Derry Girls: Michael Lennox - Dancing at Lughnasa - Justine Mitchell (the 4th Derry Girl in D at L) The Dry House Paul Mescal - Damian McGinty - Ep 21 of TDGs - Derry Boy He won The Glee Project in USA, lives in Nashville, is currently in RTE’s Dancing with the stars. Beyond Paradise - on Britbox and BBC Stephen King’s - Welcome to Derry For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 59: Fancy seeing you here. The Derry Girls Reunion 2023.

The TDG's have been on a road trip like no other. One where Marie-Louise was in charge - chairing a very special Derry Girls reunion. Staged at the Metropolitan Art Centre (Mac) in Belfast, Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee and several cast members came together for a special fundraising event in support of Friends of the Mac, the charitable organisation which raises money to fund the centre.  The Mac has seen many of the cast tread their boards in the past and staged one of Lisa's early plays. Safe to say it is a cause close to the hearts of the Derry Girls cast who joined in the reunion.  The Mac has recently launched their US Friends of the Mac at the world famous Irish bar The Dead Rabbit in NYC. We have it on good authority that Seamus the cat has an alibi for the night of the bunny's demise and….sure anyway he wouldn't hurt a fly…  The reunion night was a doozy and Jeanie and Pauline tagged along to get the inside track and backstage gossip. Pauline borrowed an iron from Ma Mary, Orla talked dance moves and Granda Joe told how he was won in a raffle. Lisa confessed how she will never tire of winning awards for Derry Girls - Dennis told us all to GET OUT and Aunt Sarah - Well you can imagine…  Toome - The Mac - Funding link - Friends of the MAC | The MAC Belfast ( The Launch of series 3 - Episode 35 (The one where Paul Mallon aka Dennis gave us a room. Go look for it!) The Jazz House, Derry - The Dead Rabbit: The World famous Irish pub in NYC - Geraldine Hughes - The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - Ferry Clever - Charlotte Gillies - Charlotte and Jess - Dancing at Lughnasa - Marie-Louise’s TV programme about Brian Friel who wrote Dancing at Lughnasa - it’s only available on the iplayer for a few more days. The Ballad Of Renegade Nell - Rough Magic - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 58: What happens in Derry…is very unlikely to stay in Derry.

The TDG's are back together in the City and looking for adventure. Just getting there involved one tale of woe which  Pauline would be much wiser to forget. Was there really lapdancing involved in her computer repair? Maybe they use a different system in Glasgow? Talking of exhibits we have news on the rumoured Derry Girls exhibition  that you won't want to miss - Happy St Patrick's Day is all we can say or is it…?  A campaign is launched to make Tom Hanks a Derry Girl. Promises are made to the famous Hollywood actor and  typewriter collector as Jenni Doherty from Little Acorns Bookstore invites him to her new premises to check out her typewriter museum.  All in the week when the TDG's attend a special fundraising Derry Girls reunion. There is limited time to get your questions in for the on stage Q and A session. Details in the notes. Derry Girls Exhibition: Little Acorns Bookstore: Tom Hanks and his typewriters: Derry Girls Reunion (we’ll be there!): If you have a question you’d like to ask cast members do let us know - we’ll pick one or two out!  Or the most popular question.. Send to our FB or twitter page and give us a follow on all the socials for all the latest!  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 57: Three Flaming Sambucas and a 10p mix

"What were you doing up Pump Street?"  February is Love Legenderry Food Month celebrating all of the culinary genius that the City has to offer. Back in November the TDG's embraced their heritage and embarked on the Derry Girls food tour. It is perhaps safe to say that tour guide Feargal Doherty may not have quite known what to expect from these three.  No tour of Derry is ever going to be straight laced or straight forward - throw in a chip shop order, flaming sambucas and a trip up Pump Street and you're asking for trouble.  Which of the TDG's showed a natural talent with a cream horn and who had points deducted for cheek?  Slainte Mothf##kas this is one tour you won't want to miss.  Winking and cream horns are optional - no Feargal Dohertys were harmed during the making of this episode.  NOTES:  Love LegenDerry Food Month has a mouth-watering programme to tempt foodies -   Visit Derry: Great places to eat and drink as well as places to stay  Feargal Doherty’s website - Feargal Doherty’s Derry Girls Food Tour - venues included in food tour  Castle Street Social - Lizzie O’Farrells - Doherty’s Bakery - William Street The Derry Girls Food tour also includes:  Joe Jacksons Ice Cream - ice cream making on Pump Street - Yellowyard - everything 90s, selling old vinyl, DVDS and retro clothes, also location for the buying of the Flat Boy Slim tickets There’s a visit to the site of Dennis’ wee shop and a you get a 10p mix.  Rossville Flats - Bogside Derry - Doherty’s special mince - UV Arts - McLaughlin’s - Battle of the Bogside - Foyle Books - Beech Hill Hotel - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 56: Happy St Brigid's Day

How much do you know about St Brigid? Ireland has named a new public holiday in her honour but the TDG's are embarrassed by their total ignorance of her story.  This week Marie Louise, Pauline and Jeanie welcome Dr Niamh Wycherley who is a medieval historian at Maynooth University. Who was Brigid? religious saint, kick ass pagan goddess or possibly a combination of the two? Dr Niamh helpfully advises the girls that everything we know about Brigid is a mixture of reality and myth. - "Everything and nothing is made up"  Sounds like the ideal scenario for a TDG's discussion.  Dr Niamh Wycherley - Couple of articles by Niamh on St Brigid  RTE: Finding Brigid - Saint Brigid - Good article on Bad Ass Brigid - Imbolc Festival in Derry - Little Acorns Bookstore - Visit Derry - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 55: Parlez in the Parlour

2023 is a New Year full of exciting Derry Girls news and upcoming events. The TDG's are primed for action and start this week with a few 'bars' and a timely reminder to check your smoke alarm!  Back in episode 52 we talked to the Mayor Sandra Duffy about the Derry Girls effect on the city and here we talk more about her role as Mayor and the privileges it brings.  It's certainly not all clinking tea cups with the likes of us. Great craic as that was.  The Mayor can choose a charity to support during their tenure and this year it is very close to Sandra's heart. - First Housing - aims to tackle homelessness in the City.  But why does one wee boy declare the trappings of Mayoralty ‘vulgar’ and is the welcome mat really ready and waiting for Martin Scorsese?  Derry photographer Declan Dillon tells the girls a bit about the inspiration for his Storyteller of the Street portraits and explains why sometimes it's the lending an ear that gives him most joy.  Tower Museum Exhibition - The Peace Heroines of Northern Ireland John Hume Musical - If you are able to get BBC here’s a TV documentary about the The White Handkerchief about the first in the trilogy - John Hume awards in the Guildhall - John Hume Obituary Plans and funding approved for Derry Girls Exhibition - Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council - The Mayor’s chosen charity Nancy Soderberg - Good Friday Agreement - George Best Belfast City Airport - Peace Flame Garden - Declan Dillon - storyteller of the street  instagram - Nancy Soderberg - Good Friday Agreement - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 54: Nun the Wiser - Mary Pat Kelly: The whole story… For now.

Will the real Sister Michael please stand forward? Christmas is a time of magical dreams, imaginings and inexplicable happenings. During a recent pre-festive visit to their hometown the TDG's found themselves thrown off course by a chance collision of events that truly was a gift.  They found themselves immersed in a story that started back in 1968 when a young nun requested a copy of the latest Scorsese.  That nun was Mary Pat Kelly, she has written the book “Martin Scosese :A Journey”… and her Derry connections are off the scale  She is Martin Scorsese’s real life Sister Michael. "Those Nuns"  Happy Christmas.  MARY PAT KELLY’S BOOK - MARTIN SCORSESE A JOURNEY - NEW EDITION - 17TH NOV 2022 THAT INTERVIEW WITH MARTIN SCORSESE AT THE ECONOMIC CLUB OF CHICAGO THE PLAYHOUSE DERRY SHIRAH OF BETHLEHEM JOHN HUME - Damien Gorman - new musical drama based on John Hume MARY PAT KELLY WRITING ABOUT HER FRIENDSHIP WITH JOHN HUME GRACE O’MALLEY - PIRATE QUEEN CHICAGO RIOTS THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST
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Episode 53: It's beginning to look a lot like Bah Humbug.

Back in their separate homesteads the TDG's are battling to unearth any Christmas spirit. Marie-Louise is still fighting her bug, Jeanie's wee English fella is also sick and her boiler has packed up, meanwhile Pauline's knickers are frozen. Mince pie anyone?  Luckily they have memories of a very busy week in Derry, with Christmas cheer, gifts and shopping trips aplenty.  Santa gets in on the act and Pauline suggests Jamie Dornan may just be the thing for every Derry Girls stocking this year - Did you know Santa was from Derry? Cue the sleighbells.  Ep 16 Talking Derry Girls - with Richard Moore (Children in Crossfire) Ep 25 Talking Derry Girls - with Jeanette Warke (The Fountain)  Children in Crossfire: Hope bracelets as seen on Derry Girls Series 3: Santa at the Guildhall in Derry: Storyteller of the Street - Declan Dillon: John Hume’s peace prizes at the Guildhall: Ferry Clever: Pure Derry: Jamie Dornan: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 52: You are now entering Freedom Derry - Lisa McGee

What a week it's been for the TDG's - Together in Derry for a pre festive catch up and a few recordings plans took a bit of an unexpected turn.  A date with the Mayor coincided with the announcement that Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee would receive her Freedom of the City the following week - in a very private and low key ceremony. Or was it?  Flights were changed and press invites wrangled. Lisa has entered "Free Derry" and has a certificate to prove it, truly a great day as the Derry Girl herself became the first ever woman to be given Freedom of the City. Herstory made.  Meanwhile in a ridiculously convoluted tale of serendipity Marie-Louise tracked down the woman who told Martin Scorsese to watch Derry Girls. In our wildest imaginings we could not have made this up. There is a nun involved. You do not want to miss this… Lisa McGee being conferred with the Freedom of the City by Derry City and Strabane District Council: Lisa’s Freedom of the City: Mary Pat Kelly - who told Martin Scorsese to watch Derry Girls: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 51: Extra extras PART 2 - We're ready for our close up Mr Scorsese.

When Hollywood Royalty declared their feelings for "those nuns" the TDGs had a rethink about their role in the programme. Should Marie-Louise have embraced her nun in civvies look and could Pauline and Jeanie's dark theories about the funeral scene maybe have been a premonition of darker times ahead in a Scorcese directed Derry Girls movie?  Back in time to 2021 and the girls pick up their audio diary fresh from the funeral set and still a bit giddy from the excitement and trauma of the day. Exhausted from mourning an unknown deceased when their theories have all but wiped out the entire cast in a catastrophic disaster of Scorsesian magnitude… Action!  Martin Scorsese: Goodfellas: Lisa McGee talking about the film influences in Series 3: The Economic Club of Chicago: Ep36 of TDGs - The Night Before..  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 50: Extra extras! PART 1

Back in November 2021 the TDG's were given the honour of appearing as extras in an episode of the show.  It gave them exclusive behind the scenes insights into the making of the programme itself. The casting, the costumes, the make up and locations. All very exciting and all top secret. Now to celebrate their 50th episode the time has come to share that day and ponder just how right or wrong their storyline theories were.  With no idea where their scene would fit into the finished series the girls were left to speculate what the heck was going on.  Just how difficult was it to look like they belonged in the 90's and could they contain their grief at a funeral? A funeral where they didn't actually know who had died… or did they? The Nerve Centre: The Hidden Cafe: other episodes  Ep 32 - Us sayin nathin - not long after we’d discovered we’d been invited to be extras in Series 3 Ep 41 - Halloween - talking about series 3 Ep 6  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 49: In it to Win it

The TDG's are well and truly out of their comfort zone when discussion turns to football. Derry City Football Club have won the Football Association Ireland Cup in spectacular fashion and Derry is 'buzzin'.  Pauline meets 2 Derry Girls fans on pilgrimage from Indiana and discovers that she may just have a future as a tour guide… could be useful if Jeanie and Marie-Louise continue to be grumpy.  If you've ever fancied your own trip to the city that never shuts up… the girls have news of a Tourism Ireland competition especially for US fans. (Details are in the notes below) Be quick as closing date for this particular competition is 18th November… though further comps are promised!  Come see Derry for yourself the TDG's might even put the kettle on…  TOURISM IRELAND DERRY GIRLS COMPETITION - CLOSING DATE 18TH NOVEMBER 2022 Visit Derry 4-0!!! DERRY CITY FOOTBALL CLUB TV programme - A Different League: about Derry City Football Club. PURE DERRY Rough Girls - Tara Lynne O’Neill’s play check out Ep23 of the podcast Dana - Eurovison song contest winner Everglades Hotel - Bishops Gate Hotel - NY Public Library and reading list for Derry Girls Walled City Brewery - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 48: When it's scone it's scone.

There's nothing " funny" about these award winning scones. A programme that was a year in the making, for reasons which may become apparent.  A straightforward meeting with Northern Ireland's number 1 scone maker Michelle Devine, turned into a Bake Off style stand off with the TDG's own Pauline all too ready with her own hints and tips. A case of big bowls at dawn or something a lot less competitive?  The event raised a few questions and by a very circuitous route that would have challenged even Uncle Colm, the girls may just have discovered why Rock the Boat is such a hit at Irish weddings.  Pauline decides that the girls can learn a thing or two from The West Wing, Marie-Louise is keen to answer your Derry Girls questions while Jeanie says she will not be setting her alarm for a 2am question and answer session, not even for the tape…  The Cottage Craft gallery and coffee shop The West Wing Richard Schiff aka Toby Ballyliffin Golf Club - Donegal For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 47: Derry Hallowe'en Parade 2022

It's very scary in Derry : This year saw the return of the carnival parade to the city streets and Jeanie, Pauline and Marie-Louise just couldn't resist being there in person. Maybe it was something to do with episode 6 of Season 3, when Derry Girls celebrated Hallowe'en with Fat Boy Slim and the TDG's became mourners at a funeral… Maybe it was reading the history of Halloween Town a new book by local Derry woman Debs Boyle or maybe they just had a serious fear of missing out on the Craic. Whatever the reason, Hallowe'en discussions take a typical diversion past clothes horses, hotel rooms and the terrifying spectre of boyfriends past. Pauline disguises herself as an exhausted podcaster, Marie-Louise as 5 teenagers and a stressed out guardian and someone puts Jeanie in a corner… Join us as the girls try to find each other in the midst of ghosties, ghoulies and things you most definitely don't want to bump into at night. Cue the spooky music… Spark! - who opened the parade Hallowe’en Welcome to Halloween book - buy it here Halloween Town Norhwest Carnival Initiative who are responsible for the Parade Little Acorns Bookstore - Jenni Doherty Memories of Derry Hallowe’en collected in new book WELCOME TO HALLOWE’EN TOWN by Deborah Boyle (there’s also a film which can be found on the links below) available on amazon and good bookstores including Little Acorns Bookstore Planning your trip You can hear our special Hallowe’en episodes from last year - Ep 26 and Ep 27 Madeline McCully - Derry based Storyteller who told the story of the haunted convent on Pump Street! For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 46: For the Tape - Ma Mary

We said nothing until we'd seen our solicitor… Tara Lynne O Neill, in true Derry Ma style, pulled out all the stops and made things better for everyone around her.. Aka us. Yes she agreed to give us a second chance, for the tape this time. The TDG's talk to Ma about life imitating art and how some days can truly resemble an episode of Derry Girls. There were so many questions some of which were asked and a few that got some answers… it's hard to keep track when thoughts turn to hot plumbers, cheese and onion crisps, specially commissioned knitwear and wee dogs! Tara Lynne O’Neill has also been our guest on Eps 18 and 23… Tommy Teirnon’s podcast with his pals: The Split: The Hot Plumber - Damien Molony aka Gabriel: TDGs also covered Ep 2 Series 3 The Affair in Ep 37 of the podcast: Alison Hammond: The most fertile man in Ireland (it’s a film!): For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 45: There really is NO tape.

Sometimes, it is said, that the truth is told when no-one is listening. In this case lots of truths and a fair few lies were told when no-one was recording.  All set up to talk to Tara Lynn O'Neil, aka Ma Mary, about her penchant for hot plumbers and forbidden love (Season 3 episode 2 The Affair) the TDG's fell victim to witchcraft. They were the subject of a technical hex. (Season 2 episode 4 The Curse. - remember what happened to Aunt Bridie when she crossed Ma Mary?!)  No coffin this time but the TDGs found themselves with no guest, a blank tape and the spectre of Derry Hallowe'en 2022 to haunt them. Scary stuff…  Talking Derry Girls Podcast - Hallowe’en Ep 26 and Ep 27  Derry Hallowe’en: Derry City and Stabane District council: Visit Derry: We mention the Clipper Festival a few times. It was held in Derry/Londonderry back in July 2022 Little Acorns Bookstore Welcome to Halloween Town Nine Waves Derry Girls Finale should be shown in schools across UK Ebrington Hotel the view… For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 44: Season 3 | Ep1 Revisited

Us the US and all points around the globe. At last, season 3 has landed worldwide and Pauline, Marie-Louise and Jeanie can be a little bit more vocal about what joys lie there-in. The world is watching and the Talking Derry Girls are curious about how the global audience is receiving the new joy. To drip feed or binge on the box set… is there a right way to get your fix? Subtitles on or off? How much time between watching and then rewatching an episode? Was Seamus the cat framed and could you pick Richard Gere's arse out of a line up? There is NO tape! And no spoilers beyond S3 Ep1! Vote for Derry Girls - best comedy up until noon on Thursday 13th October at noon UK time. So adjust for time differences IMRO Radio Awards - Documentary Gold - The Heiress and the General produced by Conor McKay, presented by our own Marie-Louise Muir Other recent award winners who have been on with TDGs - Jenni Doherty - Little Acorns Bookstore Geri Martin - The Chocolate Manor American Gigolo 1980 Ep 17 - the time we pretended to be Canadians. Walking the Talk Kevin McAleer aka Uncle Colm Hallowe’en 2022 For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 43: You Couldn't Make it Up

The 2022 Irish Podcast Awards was a memorable evening. The Talking Derry Girls won the Gold, Arts and Culture award. For once lost for words Jeanie and Pauline took to the stage and the rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur. Luckily Pauline and her trusty recorder were on hand to capture the triumphant return of the award to Derry where we met up with Marie-Louise. With thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged and listened to our chatter…especially Lisa McGee who's just class. Visit Derry: Tourism NI: The Walls: Ebrington: UV arts who created the Derry Girls Mural: Ep 18 Tara Lynne O’Neill aka Ma Mary: Click here Ep 16 Richard Moore: Click here Richard’s podcast: Ep 27 Derry Hallowe’en: Click here Ep 29 Paul Mallon aka Dennis: Click here Ep 35 The launch of series 3 event (no spoilers): Click here For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
03/10/22·41m 24s

Episode 42: Season 3 | Finale: The Agreement

The late great Douglas Adams decreed the number 42 to be the answer to the ultimate question of life, the Universe and everything… we can't claim that TDG's episode 42 will give you the meaning of life but we will have a crack at answering a question or two - depending of course on who is holding the breadstick.  The Agreement - the finale to the final season, the end of the road… but was it a road paved in yellow? Could the mighty Oz have the answers that help our gang towards a more peaceful, joyful future?  Can anyone ever compete with our devotion to labour saving kitchen gadgets - how many ballot papers would you need to eat to consume a whole politician… and who said it best when he said nothing at all?  Pass the breadstick, the TDG's are going in…  The Agreement: George Mitchell: (from 2020)  John Hume obituary report: David Trimble: David Ervine: David Cameron’s (former PM) apology for Bloody Sunday: Pat Bradley: The Protocol: Punch Magazine: Marian Keyes: Bronagh Gallagher (The Commitment): Also great story about Bronagh in Ep 1 of Talking Derry Girls.  Siobhan McSweeney on Today programme Radio 4 after the finale of Derry Girls: Caroline Magennis - author and academic article on Derry Girls: Richard Moore - Children in Crossfire:,Children%20in%20Crossfire%20deliver%20together. What about you podcast: and all places you get your podcasts.  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
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Episode 41: Season 3 | Episode 6: Halloween

Halloween in Derry - Now there's a subject the TDG's know a trick or treat about - (have a listen to eps 26 and 27 for the full on Derry at Halloween experience). After recording these episodes in Derry last November the TDG's stayed on in town by special invitation to fulfil their ultimate dream - being extras during the filming! What was their scene? Would they need extra hair, make up and costume overhauls and just how much extra security would Granda Joe need to protect him from Marie-Louise's fangirling? Nothing could prepare them for the scene that lay ahead and the Non Disclosure Agreements signed meant that not a word could pass their lips until now… Fat Boy Slim: Seamus Heaney and nobel prize for literature: BBC Radio Foyle - Sean Coyle: BBC Radio Foyle - Gerry Anderson: (Mr Madstab) Emmett J Scanlan: Claire’s Dad - David Ireland (Cyrus Avenue): Vanessa Ifediora (Laurie - the kiss): Finton (Fi Fi - Fin Fin): St Augustine’s Church of Ireland: St Columbs Hall: City Walking Tours (Charlene Ep 17 TDGs - Walking the Talk): Yellow Yard: Blinkers: The Hidden City Cafe: (owned by Justin who was an EXTRA priest with us in this Episode)  Our very own Halloween specials in Derry - TDGs Ep 26 and 27!  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
20/05/22·52m 34s

Episode 40: Series 3 | Episode 5: The Reunion

What's 20 years between friends? The TDG's are made painfully aware this week that they are indeed closer in age to the Derry Ma's than to their rebellious offspring. Back to the 70's, to times our girls remember well, all teen angst, teen discos and Teenage Kicks. John Hume is walking the walls, Da Gerry is climbing the walls with hunger and the IRA in their little face hats are stopping anyone from getting anywhere near The Walls with their roadblock on the bridge. Just another day in 70's Derry and - for the tape - the TDG's are loving every single second of it… The John Hume report from TV: Foy Vance: The Undertones: Stiff Little Fingers: Journalist - Peter Taylor: Peace People 1976:
13/05/22·46m 47s

Episode 39: Series 3 | Episode 4: The Haunting

The TDG's are still coming to terms with all the shocks contained in this week's episode. The language takes an unexpected turn and memories of Donegal bedsharing are revisited.  Can the TDG's ever escape from their own reality, which in the words of Sister Michael is a "very serious condition… they're from Derry". Just how hot are the "ripped" "turf cutting" Donegal farmers and did Erin's Diary give us all the necessary pointers towards this week's BIG highlight…? THE HAUNTING - SCOOBIE DOO - GORKAHORK,DONEGAL - HOLDING, TV SERIES OLWEN FOURÉRÉ - TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE - CONLETH HILL - CONLETH HILL IN CAR SHARE - DeLOREAN CAR - ERIN’S DIARY - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
09/05/22·51m 9s

Episode 38: Series 3 | Episode 3: Strangers on a Train

The gang from Derry Girls are off on a day trip and the TDG's are out of their comfort zone. What is it about the seaside destination of Portrush with to quote James, "it's Protestant, Unionist majority" that makes Marie-Louise and Jeanie feel so alienated? Memories of daytrips past and souvenirs never to be forgotten are swallowed up faster than a bag of Tayto Cheese and Onion… sorry Orla but Salt and vinegar are for savages. Look… here comes the snack trolley… Happy Days! Former Python - Michael Palin described the train journey between Coleraine and Derry/Londonderry as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Mr Benn AMY HUBERMAN - the woman in the ticket office at the station PACKY LEE - The man with the wrong bag! from Peaky Blinders MICHAEL FRY - COMEDIAN and self appointed guardian of the display KITKATS  He’s very very funny - go check out his you tubes films…. SINÉAD KEENAN - We didn’t talk about Sinéad much in this episode but we will.. she’s been in many many great programmes… inlcuding Dr Who. We have a feeling she may be back - it’s just a hunch! The issue of Decommissioning as part of the Good Friday Agreement Profile - Lisa McGee BBC Radio 4 Barrys - Portrush The Chocolate Manor - Castlerock For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
28/04/22·41m 51s

Episode 37: Series 3 | Episode 2: The Affair...

Girl Power: For the first time since starting this podcast the 3 Talking Derry Girls are together in the same room to watch the first screening of a Derry Girls episode.  The excitement is off the scale, Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise have seen this episode at the cinema premiere, but this is different. This is TV - they're together - there's chips, a dog, Tayto Cheese 'n' Onion crisps and Craic… loads of Craic. Throw in a hot plumber some Wannabes and a Da Enabler and the scene is set. We'll tell you what we want, what we really really want and it's not a broken boiler.  Derry Girls on Channel 4 is sponsored by Tourism Ireland: Derry Girls on Channel 4: Women's Coalition (1996) - a minor but very important party forcing other parties to take women's issues seriously: Levi’s 501 Advert - Nick Keman: Richmond Shopping Centre: Folyeside Shopping Centre: Austins: The Spice Girls: Erin’s Diary: Stars in their Eyes: BBC Children in Need: Damien Molony: Being Human: The Walled City Brewery: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
21/04/22·46m 59s

Episode 36: Series 3 | Episode 1: The Night Before…

CONTAINS SPOILERS  It's been a long 4 days since the TDG's attended the Premiere of Season 3 of Derry Girls. That is a long time to keep a secret, especially in Derry. Just who was THE special guest. Through various chats with folk around the City Jeanie, Pauline and Marie-Louise were told to expect everyone from Beyonce to Princess Diana… Derry never let's the truth get in the way of a good story. And the truth far outshone anything that Hans Christian Anderson could've made up. So buckle up… for the TDG's it is now the morning after The Night Before received it's first screening on Channel 4 and they have a few things to say about it…  Derry Girls on Channel 4 is sponsored by Tourism Ireland: Derry Girls on Channel 4: Liam Neeson: Adrian Dunbar: NI secretary of state - Mo Mowlam Mo Mowlam talking about the NI peace process: Mo Mowlam visiting the Maze prison: Issue of policing in Good Friday Agreement: Women's Coalition (1996) - a minor but very important party forcing other parties to take women's issues seriously: The Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue: Senator George Mitchell - architect of the Good Friday Agreement: Review of Ep 1 - The Night Before: Goodfellas: Children in Crossfire: [for your HOPE braclets worn by the cast of Derry Girls. Richard Moore who founded this charity was a guest on our podcast Ep 16 of TDGs]. For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
14/04/22·47m 57s

Episode 35: The Launch Day (NO SPOILERS!)

The first episode of Derry Girls series 3 is revealed tonight on Channel 4. The excitement has been cranking up since Thursday’s Derry premiere. The TDGs - Jeanie, Marie-Louise and Pauline are in town to join the celebrations. This is your pre-Derry Girls episode 1 warm up. So crack open the bubbles, and join us for your very own backstage insight to a Derry Girls Red carpet event.   Lisa McGee talks nerves and excitement about how the world will react to the final series. Fr Peter’s hair comes under close scrutiny and Granda Joe talks Irish wakes and weddings.   Erin and Michelle declare their love for the podcast and promise to come on. We are pure dead lured! And just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better our night ended with a generous gesture from a Derry Girls cast member….   Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
11/04/22·49m 5s

Episode 34: EXTRAs Talking Derry Girls - The T-shirts are here!

It’s the Big Day of the official launch of Series 3 of Derry Girls. The TDGs are all geared up… we’ve got special ‘red carpet’ T - Shirts. There’s more tales from back in November during the week of filming in Derry and build up to the TDGs being EXTRAs. Jeanie and Pauline do Uncle Colm proud in recounting to Marie-Louise the story of meeting Lisa (no spoilers) McGee in front of the Guildhall. We just couldn’t resist it. There’s a walk on the walls post PCR test… all leading up to us being in the Nerve centre (holding pen) before our big moment in Series 3. We are beside ourselves with excitement! We’re off to get our crackin blow drys… Apple: Spotify: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to::
06/04/22·31m 57s

Episode 33: EXTRAs TALKING DERRY GIRLS - Nathin to see here!

So, yesterday in Ep 32 we told you nathin! Today, Jeanie and Pauline give a running commentary on not seeing very much at the Guildhall. But it’s the 8th November 2021 and the first day of filming so the place was packed. High viz jackets mingled with uniformed real Derry school girls. Pauline fancies a whole new career in wildlife watching - basically standing around waiting for something to happen. But there was some great intel about the EXTRAs holding pen! And while we were watching someone was watching us…. yep! Lisa (no spoilers) McGee. But Marie-Louise was ragin’ she missed it.  Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK: For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
05/04/22·28m 30s

Episode 32: EXTRAs TALKING DERRY GIRLS - Us Sayin’ Nothin! with coffee and scones.

It’s exactly a week until the first episode of Derry Girls - series 3 airs on Channel 4. The TDGs are getting ready for the pilgrimage home for the special occasion - and of course the launch, with a sneak preview on the big screen. In the run up to the 12th April, Jeanie, Pauline and Marie-Louise catch up after a bit of a break from your ears. They take you back to Nov ’21 just before the week of filming starts in Derry and they reveal they are EXTRAS - no spoilers!! But that doesn’t stop them speculating that Lisa McGee will have them as giant oaks on stage in a pantomime - revenge! (ep 14) Join us over the next few days as we all get Derry Girl ready…  For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:
04/04/22·19m 44s

Episode 31: Derry Ghost Stories

It’s that week between Christmas and New Year and the TDGs have a bit of a treat for you. During the @DerryHalloween event they chatted to two great Derry writers and storytellers - Ken McCormack and Madeline McCully. Between them they have written many books about Derry, ghost stories and local folklore as well as history. Only a few of their tales were included in the Hallowe’en episodes, but they were so good and scary that we wrapped them up for you as a Christmas present! See you all later in January - if we’re spared!  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
29/12/21·1h 1m

Episode 30: Amelia Earhart in Derry

Amelia Earhart - One of the world’s most famous aviators, American heroine and icon - is actually a Derry Girl! When she broke the world record as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932 she landed unexpectedly in Gallagher’s field in Ballyarnett, on the outskirts of the city. She was surprised. The rest of the world was surprised, as the plan was to land in Paris.  The TDGs talk to Derry tour guide Eilish Quigley from AELA (the Amelia Earhart Legacy Association) about this amazing story and the connections that have been made in Kansas and Newfoundland. There are plans for big celebrations in ’22 to mark the 90th anniversary.  Also it’s Christmas - and Jeanie’s parents are stuck at George Best Belfast City Airport (the irony didn’t escape us) and Pauline plans to upgrade or at least get a photo of the Amelia Earhart Lounge at City of Derry Airport!  Amelia Earhart Legacy Association website (undergoing a bit of construction at the moment). Facebook page for Amelia Derry Earhart: Plans for the 90th anniversary of Amelia’s landing in Derry: Ninety Nines - formed in 1928 to support women in aviation. Amelia Earhart was the first President Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum FB page Visit Derry Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum FB page Amelia’s little red bus which she flew from Newfoundland to Gallagher’s field on the outskirts of Derry in 1932 Tours n Trails Amelia Earhart’s cottage closes 2009 Amelia - film 2009 staring Hilary Swank Ballyarnett Heritage Trail George P Putnam For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
22/12/21·53m 50s

Episode 29: Get Out! Dennis and his wee shop in actor Paul Mallon's own words…not all of them sweary.)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and one Derry Girls favourite is busy stocking up on presents for Protestants. The iconic Derry Man talks all things Dennis, putting the fizz into Holy Communion and just how difficult it is to live in the shadow of his super talented and successful "cousin”…  Will the TDG's be a match for the force of nature and his 10p mixes or will they be sent out into the wilds of Derry without so much as a cola cube between them. Sure Dennis is a pussycat really… isn't he???  Quality Street v Roses Paul Mallon - aka Dennis Sitcom "Open All Hours" starring Ronnie Barker and David Jason   Strabane -,bridge%20over%20the%20River%20Mourne Strabane By Pass  Episode 5 "London Irish"   Celebrity Siblings The Cusacks - an Irish acting dynasty   The IMDB profile where it says Paul and Lisa McGee are "cousins".     The Wiki page Jeanie found where it says Paul has a "towering frame”. This is the opposite to the Wee Man from Strabane Hugo Duncan Where Marie-Louise asks Paul about him being a writer now - Paul has co-written a play with his partner Eléonore Maudet Paul and Eleanor talking to Marie-Louise in her proper job on The Culture Cafe BBC Radio Ulster   Dalgleish - Channel 5   Stacey Gregg - writer of "Ballywalter"  Patrick Kielty  Madonna is the first pop star to use a wireless mic on her "Vogue" tour           Jonathan Harden is part of the fateful Hallowe'en story where Paul borrows Lisa McGee's Madonna hat               (side bar - Jonathan is married to Bronagh Taggart who was the waitress in Series 1 Ep 5 Derry Girls who Gerry makes cry  Madonna's cowboy hat    Derry Hallowe'en The film "Brokeback Mountain" that Paul went as for Hallowe'en Des Kennedy The art of self taping - the new way to do auditions For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
01/12/21·1h 3m

Episode 28: Ask No Questions - An Interview with Claire Allan

The TDG's are now back in their separate homelands after an extended Hallowe'en visit to Derry. Any rumours that their stay had anything at all to do with Derry Girls filming in the City last week are merely speculation.  Ask No Questions…is both a request and the title of Derry Writer Claire Allan's latest novel. Claire has a true Derry Girl pedigree - all of her books are set in the City and this latest crime novel takes place at Hallowe'en. We all know how much Derry Loves Hallowe'en. Add to this the fact that Claire was two years ahead of Lisa Mc Gee at school and was editor of school magazine The Habit and you can guess that the TDG's had a lot of questions to ask….  Claire’s website: An outline of the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday Congratulation to Jenni - Little Acorns Bookstore regional winner of An Post bookshop of the year Short list announced for An Post Irish book awards 2021 The Habit - BBC NI - Blue Lights A bump along the way Louise Gallagher Bronagh Gallagher The Chocolate Manor - Hallowe’en in Derry - Feed my Curiosity Podcast with Tara Lynne O'Neill - Jamie Lee O’Donnell guest on The Proper Class Podcast Whistle through the Shamrocks - Nicola Coughlan’s new podcast Paul Mallon - soon to be a guest with TDGs For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
17/11/21·51m 49s

Episode 27: Hallowe’en PART 2

Be Afraid : A Very Scary Talking Derry Girls Extra Special!  Spared to roam the streets of Derry for another day the girls are back - haunting the bookshelves and walls of Little Acorns Bookstore. Hallowe'en is here and they are there, spooky tales unfold, costumes are completed faces are painted and surprises are lurking in every dark hole.  One Derry Girls inspired costume comes all the way from the USA - via Austria and even brings it's own choreographed step aerobics routine. Even Lisa McGee's "Ma" was impressed.  With thanks to everyone who indulged us and dropped by over the weekend and especially to Derry for being so class.  DERRY HALLOWEEN LITTLE ACORNS BOOKSTORE OUR EVENT IN LITTLE ACORNS CLAIRE ALLAN - ASK NO QUESTIONS. EP WITH CLAIRE ON TDGs PODCAST COMING SOON. THE CHOCOLATE MANOR FASHION AND TEXTILE DESIGN CENTRE ANDREW MCGARRIGLE - Knock Knock KEN MCCORMACK MADELINE MCCULLY LEONA - Who transformed our faces… For more information about the podcast, go to:
01/11/21·1h 26m


The Talking Derry Girls are back home for Hallowe’en. They have taken over the Jenni Doherty’s Little Acorns Bookstore and broken into the very fabric and hollows of The Walls to bring you a flavour of how the Hallowe’en Festival takes over the place. In part 1 of this weekend extravaganza (it’s long, you may need a break in the middle) folks they know and don’t know drop by for a chat and chocolate. There are ghost stories as well as a dander round the streets to find out what’s happening.. we’ll also be back tomorrow night - if we’re spared!  DERRY HALLOWEEN LITTLE ACORNS BOOKSTORE DAVE DUGGAN - KEN MCCORMACK NORTH WEST CARNIVAL INITIATIVE (They normally deliver the Hallowe’en parade) WALTER DE BURGH,_1st_Earl_of_Ulster IN YOUR SPACE CIRCUS THE CHOCOLATE MANOR MADELINE MCCULLY FASHION AND TEXTILE DESIGN CENTRE For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
31/10/21·1h 46m

Episode 25: The Fountain with Jeanette Warke

Derry City Centre isn’t that big but there are parts of it Jeanie has never been to. The TDGs visit The Fountain which is right up next to THE WALLS and is historic for many reasons including being the last remaining Protestant housing estate in the City. Jeanie and Pauline meet up with Derry/Londonderry stalwart Jeanette Warke - who has been a youth and community worker there for almost 50 years. The TDGs also speculate why Derry Girls is filming in the seaside town of Portrush and at the institution that was Barry’s amusement park, bringing back happy memories for one of the TDGs - who used to try and make 50p last a whole day there. All this and we expand your vocabulary as well! There’s a also a bit of chat about chocolate and the TDG Hallowe’en ‘event’ at Little Acorns Bookstore. The Fountain - The Bogside and the Fountain - Interviews from The Fountain - Jeanette’s surprise on national TV - A bit of the story of the plays about the Fountain written by Jonathan Burgess - Portrush - Barry’s - The Cathedral Youth Club - St Columb’s Cathedral - TDGs Event is at Jenni’s Little Acorns - Chocolate heaven in Castlerock - We can’t put the lovely boy in the photo in the notes but the picture is on our social media pages…  For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
26/10/21·1h 0m

Episode 24: The Main Event

Series 3 of Derry Girls is in production and TDG's are building up our potential. We have already performed an audition piece for Lisa McGee - who could forget our stage presence as part of the set in Tara Lynne O’Neill's Rough Girls ( Episode 23 - if you missed it…). Now we are an event! The Very Scary Talking Derry Girls are to be part of Derry's Spooktacular Hallowe’en celebrations. Hallowe’en is a huge deal in Derry but the City has a lot more to offer than oul hags and witches - even if we do love the place.  So, what can a tourist expect when they Visit Derry? This Summer the TDG's were loose once again on the streets of their beloved hometown. The City was looking glorious, the river was shimmering and the hum of varying accents was everywhere. Derry was the place to be and one man was super keen to tell us all about what Derry has to offer.  Odhran Dunne - Chief Executive of Visit Derry - tells the girls that Derry is shining and has big plans for a sparkling future. Derry Girls has brought an unexpected dynamic to tourism in the City and with Series 3 now being filmed, Derry is well and truly ready for it's close-ups.  Visit Derry - Derry Hallowe’en - Talking Derry Girls is an ‘event’ - It’s official - Little Acorns Bookstore - The Chocolate Manor - Guildhall Press - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, go to:
12/10/21·47m 8s

Episode 23: Rough Girls. Ma Mary Gets Tough.

As promised in episode 18 the TDG's made it to the opening night of Tara Lynne O’Neill's Rough Girls at Belfast's Lyric Theatre.  We met up the morning after the big night before and we are all buzzing… It’s the first time the 3 of us have done an interview together… in the same room at the same time with a real live guest… we are just a teeny bit giddy.  The play revolves around the untold story of Belfast's first all female football team and even though set a hundred years ago it has parallels which continue to resonate today. The team was playing to crowds of 20,000 in 1920's Belfast and yet their story receives no mention in the official story of the Irish Football Associations (IFA) history. And they were subsequently banned by the Football Association (FA) which stopped all women from playing football from 1921. Tara Lynne decided the story needed telling and she does it with energy, hilarity, sheer joy and raw emotion - an all female cast bringing sheer class to a story that needed to be and should be told. Back of the net! For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:
14/09/21·47m 52s

Episode 22: Did Ye hear Mammy died? - with Séamas O’Reilly

An Irish Times number 1 best seller in it's first week of publication Séamas O’Reilly's memoir is a true Derry story. Did ye hear Mammy died? may not be the cheeriest title ever given to a book…but it is set in 90's Derry. Lisa McGee’s Derry. Derry Girls Derry. The dark humour is to the forefront in a story that is both heartbreaking and choke on your tea hilarious in the turn of a page.  The 9th of eleven children this is Séamas' story of growing up without a mother in the care of their father Joe. A Derry Da extraordinaire. This is the Derry Girls world of bomb scares wakes and priests with wonderful hair. We laughed and sobbed our way through it. Obviously TDG's needed to talk to this writer - to analyse him - interrogate him - laugh with him - comfort him and maybe even adopt him… The three of us read it on our very recent trip back to the mothership, where some of us were getting a bit too used to the home comforts! You’ll also hear about uses for nail varnish remover you would never have dreamt about! And there’s a couple of behind the scenes secrets of how we manage to get recording..  Séamas on twitter: Some of Séamas’ articles: Guardian articles: His book is available everywhere including our favourite bookshop That twitter feed from Séamas O’Reilly about his worst day at work which involved ‘the then’ President of Ireland which went viral: (remember in the words of Claire - ‘drugs are for mugs’ Amanda Burton - Nigella Lawson - (Some priests are named in the book) Bishop Edward Daly - The film Marie-Louise went to with her mother!! Breaking the Waves - Halloween in Derry - Séamas went to the same ‘big’ school as a few other writers:  Seamus Heaney - Brian Friel - Seamus Deane - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:
03/08/21·1h 8m

Episode 21: Derry Boy - Damian McGinty!

Whether you call it the Derry Air, The Londonderry Air or most likely Danny Boy the TDG's theme song is very dear to our hearts - so when Derry singer/songwriter actor and all round credit to his Ma Damian McGinty agreed to sing it for us we were beyond lurred. Maybe if Damian is new to your - all things Derry - radar you might want to click on the first link below and do a crash course - his recent song and video. This Old Town is a love song to Derry and will help you make sense of our chat with him.  One of the original members of music phenomenon Celtic Thunder his career started at the tender age of 14 and has taken him far beyond our "spectacular" city walls. We know all about Derry Girls but what is it like being a Derry Boy? Even if that boy beat 40,000 other entrants to gain a role in US TV phenomenon Glee. Does he reckon that Derry Girls is based on truth? and just what bombshell did he drop on our girls, to make Jeanie choke on her tea - clue it involves one of the Derry Girls cast…  Damian McGinty - This Old Town released St Patrick’s Day 2021 - New song will be released on 30th April 2021 - Damian McGinty - Facebook: Phil Coulter - Celtic Thunder - Glee - The Glee Project - The Kids from Fame - Puppy Love Damian aged 14 - Fergal Sharkey - The Late Late Show RTE - Derry City Football Club - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:
28/04/21·49m 33s

Episode 20: The Forces Are With Us

The sun is shining on Derry's "spectacular" Walls and the TDG's are on the loose with their microphone soaking up the atmosphere and making new pals. Derry folk are always up for a chat and a bit of craic. A couple of brothers prove that everybody really does know everybody in Derry and remind the girls that Derry has a very rich history when it comes to overseas forces. Army, Navy and Air Forces from all over the world were based in and around Derry before, during and after WW2. Not even an all-nighter and 23 cans of stimulating liquid could make our girls experts in this field but luckily they know a man who is - Derry man Richard Doherty, a British and Irish military historian and author of around 30 books, is going to fit right in - Tell us Richard did Hitler really fancy a pied-a-terre in Derry… ? American Base - Reunion in Derry - Moville - The Craft Village - Dance halls - Up a tree in Rosemount - In Derry, basically means whereabouts unknown. Richard Doherty - Bombing at Messines Park - Derry - History of the Port - 2nd World War in Derry - Derry and the Battle of the Atlantic - Maeve Kelly; Marie-Louise’s aunt - WW2 peoples war Derry/Londonderry - Article by Richard Doherty on shirt factories - For more information about Talking Derry Girls, visit:
21/04/21·55m 33s

Episode 19: The Little Shop of Wonders - with Jenni Doherty

The TDGs are now well and truly waterlogged as their visit to Derry continues. Where better to shelter from the downpour than their favourite Derry Bookshop? What wonders await them? In these brand new premises. Amongst the straining shelves they encounter Jenni Doherty - owner, curator and as Derry a girl as her Donegal roots will allow - I wonder if she's read any good books lately… Jenni’s shop for information and orders Facebook: Clive Limpkin - Battle of the Bogside (also available at Little Acorns Bookstore) Paddy Coyle - The Deceived - Lisa McGee Derry Girls Mugs Tom Hanks and his typewriter collection - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
14/04/21·51m 24s

Episode 18: Ask yer Ma - with Tara Lynne O'Neill (aka Ma Mary Quinn)

The TDGs all love their Ma's - as well they should. But they all have a favourite surrogate Ma, the ultimate Derry Ma - none other than Ma Mary Quinn - actor Tara Lynne O'Neill. She's the first Derry Girls cast member to join Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise for a chat. There was much excitement, secrets shared and long lost memories unearthed - be warned - big bowls and half loads will be discussed - as will series 3 and the much talked about film. Would Ma Mary really abandon Gerry for George Clooney? Tara Lynne O’Neill - BBC’s Eastenders - Rough Girls by Tara Lynne O’Neill - Shirley Valentine at Lyric Theatre just before first Lockdown - BBC’s Line of Duty - Ted Hastings in Line of Duty - Ted Heath - Fields of Athenry - Shirley Valentine at Lyric Theatre just before first Lockdown - The Greatest Showman; Keala Settle - BBC Sounds: Americast Talking Derry Girls make an appearance at the beginning - Emily Maitlis has been granted Derry Girl status - Jon Sopel has been allowed to put Derry Girl on his business card - Jamie Dornan - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook...  See for privacy and opt-out information.
06/04/21·56m 42s

Episode 17: Walking the Talk

Continuing their visit to Derry, Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise embrace the true spirit of the tourist and book themselves onto a Derry Girls walking tour of the city. They were let loose on the streets of their hometown under the ever patient eye of their tour guide Charlene McCrossan who did her very best to keep order. It was raining, a lot, and they had loads of equipment and cables to keep dry - all whilst socially distancing and trying to reign in their excitement at being back home and, more importantly, back together. What could possibly go wrong? Martin McCrossan City Tours - and the very patient Charlene Twitter: Phil Coulter - The Town I loved so well The Skellington in the coat of arms - The Fountain Estate - The Ulster Project - St Columb’s Cathedral - The Siege of Derry - The Walls - they have their own twitter account - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: See for privacy and opt-out information.
30/03/21·49m 20s

Episode 16 - Richard Moore

The latest addition to Derry's wall art is a mural of the Dalai Lama pictured with the man he calls the Derry Lama - local man Richard Moore. Richard's story is so incredible that as they say in Derry - you couldn't make it up. Blinded by a soldier's bullet on his way home from school aged 10, Richard has gone on to befriend and ultimately forgive the man who shot him. Almost 50 years and a whole lot of living later he declares himself a Derry Girl and joins Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise to talk about the ways in which that fateful day has changed him and how the Derry sense of humour has pervaded his life. Richard Moore’s podcast What About You - Children in Crossfire - Richard Moore meets the soldier who shot him - UV Arts - The Derry Lama mural - Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home - Episode 2 is in Scotland and Derry. May well be on Brit Box and other streaming services as well as ITV Hub The Carlsberg Larger Adverts are really well known (just in case you are in a part of the world what they don’t exist)…. Omagh bombing - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
24/03/21·1h 11m

Episode 15 - STAYCATION 2020

In August 2020 the TDG's packed up their suncream, umbrellas, bikinis and windcheaters and headed home to Derry. It was during those heady days when it looked like the world was getting back to normal. Derry was buzzing and Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise took to the streets - armed with masks and microphones on some very long socially distanced poles they accosted locals and visitors alike. Some chats were planned - others not so much… First stop on the itinerary was the iconic Derry Girls mural to meet the artist responsible: Karl Porter from UV arts. At least that was the plan - Derry however had other ideas. The Bishop’s Gate Hotel - The Walls (yes, they have twitter account) - Badger’s Bar - Famine trail Derry - Visit Derry - Creators of the The Derry Girls Mural UV Arts - Martin McCrossan walking tours of Derry - Vinnie Cunningham - Seamus Heaney - John Hume - Sr Clare from the Brandywell - Opening of the new visitor centre in Derry/Londonderry - Richard Moore - Children in Crossfire and his mural - Antony Gormley (his Granda was from Derry) - The Undertones - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
17/03/21·50m 9s

Episode 14 - It’s Lisa McGee (oh yes it is!)

The one about Erin’s Diary! Guess what everyone we know is getting for Christmas this year? Once upon a time a young writer from Derry was in a foreign land, it was a strange time for a sickness had befallen the earth, but she found refuge in a church, there were no statues, stations of the cross but a table and chair and a pen and paper (or a laptop maybe with wifi and an endless supply of tea!). And she did write and behold - ERIN’S DIARY the inner thoughts, scribbles, lists and drawings were born. It’s great craic! Lisa joins the TDGs for this Christmas special where you’ll also get a few hints about what will be in series 3 (was a peek, mind). Find out who inspired Granda Joe, there’s a near fallout over the buns, and a childhood question that has plagued Lisa but only Marie-Louise can answer… The End!  Erin’s Diary - Little Acorn Books: Jenni Doherty’s shop @LittleAcornsBks - Writers Guild of Ireland ZEBBIE Awards Nov 2020 Lisa wins TV DRAMA award for Ep 6 Series 1 - The Mark Patterson Show; BBC Radio Foyle TDGs are on again on 22nd December, if we’re spared! — Gerry Anderson - John Hume - Pat Ramsay - the finder of lost things…. The story of Pantomime (because someone in USA asked us..) - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
16/12/20·55m 8s

Episode 13: Talking Derry Girls with LISA McGEE

Derry Girls writer and creator Lisa McGee joins the Girls and tells them why she is "obsessed" with the podcast. She describes it as "hilarious", "THE best thing" and explains why she "was annoyed that she (sic) hadn't heard it before writing Series 3". Lisa also has some suggestions about what Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise can cover in the podcast while we wait impatiently for Series 3. 2020 ZeBBie Awards - ‘Our Lisa’s been nominated’ (I feel we can say that now! ) Caroline Leddy - Producer Derry Girls Caroline Leddy’s husband’s uncle - Brian Friel Liz Lewin - Exec Producer Derry Girls Freaks and Geeks - Queer as Folk - Russell T Davies - Larry David - OK, this Derry Girl was actually in the audience at the Stephen Colbert show on 9th January 2020 when Larry David was the guest - The Undertones - Erin’s Diary - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK: See for privacy and opt-out information.
13/10/20·1h 21m

Episode 12: We're All Derry Girls Now, Hi!

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep6 / 'The President' We are at the end of the beginning and President Bill Clinton is on his way to Derry. One of our three Derry Girls had an invitation to meet the man himself. One had passed the security checks to get close to him and the other was in a car park at the back of Derry's Guildhall. It's history in the making and stirs up some emotional memories and asks some probing questions. Which one of the Talking Derry Girls was in Riverdance? Which one has CIA clearance? and which one is related to Bill Clinton? (Maybe) Oh and why go to Burt when you could have gone to Muff?  Great read about the USA involvement in the peace process by Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies - Derry Journal article on President Clinton’s visit at the end of Derry Girls - Derry Journal article on President Clinton’s visit at the end of Derry Girls - Clinton’s visit to the Beech hill hotel - Secret naval base in Derry - Bill Clinton in Belfast, including the handshake with Gerry Adams - Niall O’Dowd’s article on the Clinton visit - Tip O’Neill - Oliver Cromwell in Ireland - it’s in there somewhere - great podcast (it’s episode 49) - Cliff Richard - Actors:  Paul Mallon (Dennis) - Bronagh Waugh (Cathy Maguire) - JFK’s visit to Ireland in 1963 (lots of youtube videos as well, far too many to list here) - See for privacy and opt-out information.
06/10/20·1h 12m

Episode 11: Ballgowns and Letdowns

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep5 / 'The Prom' Our own 3 Derry Girls delve into the murky, messy, fragile world of teenage friendship. Derry's Doctor Who connections are explored - could the Doctor be a Derry Girl? Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise reminisce about their own Prom dates and how nuns armed with rulers measured out a decent distance during the slow dances. As ever - many questions are asked. Are Derry people too pasty for Baywatch? Could nude sunbathing ever have taken off in Donegal and just how tight is too tight?  Jame’s Dr Who: Pauline’s Dr Who: Willie Doherty’s project with Christopher Eccleston: Willie Doherty and the Turner Prize: Jeanie’s Dr Who - David Tennant and his Derry/Londonderry connections: Pope John Paul’s visit to Ireland 1979: Dr Ian Paisley: London’s Burning: Coronation Street: Home and Away: The Bill: Peter Cunnah: Carrie: The Ceasefire 1994 chronology of events: We didn’t get the chance to give a shout out to these wonderful actors also in this...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
29/09/20·1h 6m

Episode 10: One Wedding and a Derry Funeral

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep4 / 'The Curse' A bit like life itself, there are more questions than answers in this week's episode. How hilarious are your scones? Pauline has a recipe and you may need a big bowl. Has anyone ever actually done Rock the Boat at an Irish wedding? (Before the Derry Girls made it a thing?) Would you know a hallion from a scallion?  Are the English really weird and how many red suits does Donna Traynor have? Marie Louise, Jeanie and Pauline ask themselves why they feel more comfortable at a wake than a wedding and just how Snow White is Marie Louise?  Father Ted - if you haven’t seen this it’s a must, get it wherever you can!  Ardal O’Hanlon - Cousin Eamon Eleanor Methven - Aunt Bridie Knee-capping in NI - Tarring and feathering - The Irish Wake - Marie-Louise’s BBC Radio 4 documentary on keening - Songs for the Dead - Nadine Coyle - Nicola Coughlan - and her audition for Derry Girls The Little Book of Derry - Dave Allen - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK: See for privacy and opt-out information.
22/09/20·1h 2m

Episode 9: This 'n' That

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep3 / 'The Concert' Whatever we said whatever we did we probably meant it. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise come clean about their own teenage misdemeanours - some of which happened when they were old enough to know better. How far did they go to meet their heroes and would they have booed Led Zeppelin off the stage for playing their new song? The facts about the escaped polar bear are unearthed with the truth proving even more farcical than the fiction. Marie-Louise refuses to believe that BBC news presenter Donna Traynor could spread Fake News and is a line of white tape adequate protection from a potential explosion? Is it possible to get paid extra for turning up late for work and is it ever wise to ask a virtual stranger on a date? Take That. You probably deserved it.  Eddi Izzard: Daniel O’Donnell: Saturday Night Fever - starring John Travolta: The Blue Nile: Brian Kennedy: The Europa Hotel: Peter the polar bear: Wild Ireland: Rita - actor Kerri Quinn: Take That concert Belfast 1993:,tour%20was%20titled%20Pops%20Tour. Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol): Donna Traynor: For more information about the podcast, visit: See for privacy and opt-out information.
15/09/20·1h 1m

Episode 8: Don’t Lose the Head

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Ep2 / 'Ms De Bruin and the Child of Prague' Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise wonder if one of them could be the "Craic Killer." They discuss the history and devotion given to the "enchanting piece of religious art" that is the Child of Prague and what happens if you "Seize The Day" and nothing happens? What if the best version of yourself isn't that great and when is an accident not an accident? There are memories of teachers who truly do inspire and guide you towards that better version of yourself…Will the real Ms De Bruin please step forward. Tips for a successful date night and how not to impress the love of your life, all whilst remembering that the Christmas cupboard is sacred and that espresso comes in a "wile wee cup".  Dead Poets Society - The Usual Suspects - Seamus Heaney - Things you need to know about the Child of Prague - We mention the Glenshane Pass a lot and it occurred to me that some folks ‘Across the Water’ may not know this place…. Sex abuse scandals in Ireland in the ‘90s - Glenroe and Gabriel Byrne - The Fall - Field Day Theatre Company - A Particle of Dread - Judith Roddy (Ms De Bruin) - Brian Friel - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:
08/09/20·56m 35s

Episode 7: THE Big Bowl and THE Blackboard

We're discussing: Derry Girls / Series 2 / Episode 1 / 'Across the Barricade' The gang are off on a cross community peace trip...but when it comes down to it are we really all that different? Maybe not. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise discuss the art of borrowing and how Derry band, The Undertones, owe a big debt to the late Nobel Prize Winner John Hume. They reminisce about the books by Joan Lingard whose Protestant girl/Catholic boy love stories gripped a generation of teens, 'Across the Barricades' being perhaps the best known. Is it ever OK to keep your toaster in a cupboard? Could ABBA have helped the peace process and do arms dealers have a patron Saint? THE big bowl - The messy social live of goods: inter-personal borrowing and the ambiguity of possession and ownership: Credit Union in Derry and John Hume: Michael Parkinson - broadcaster: Terry Wogan: Joan Lingard - writer: The Linenhall Library: The broadcasting ban in Northern Ireland: Paul Mallon aka Dennis from the Wee Shop: Big confession: we called Janet Taylor - Janet Turner in the episode! Aka Caoimhe Farren (actor): The blackboard in the Ulster Museum: Protestants hate Abba (they don’t): For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: See for privacy and opt-out information.
01/09/20·1h 0m

Episode 6: Life's Laundry

Winner of the Radio Times Award for TV Moment of the Year - the final episode of series 1 brings a fairground ride of emotions. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise examine those things that just aren't talked about and discuss the secrets that we all keep in our search for acceptance. What was it like to be gay in 90's Derry? From dirty laundry to job interview tips and workplace training the girls build up to their own very personal reactions to that final award winning scene. Shoes of the world has actually been written in The Habit - it actually exists How to sort out your weekly wash…. just ask Pauline on our Facebook page… Gerry Anderson BBC Radio Ulster/ Radio Foyle legend - Jimmy McShane Armistad Maupin - Tales of the City Derry Gay Pride Jimmy McShane Chronicle of events in Ireland during the years of the troubles CAIN - 1998 Lost Lives book (very hard to get hold off but good to know it’s out there Children of the Troubles by Joe Duffy and Freya McClements Radio Times TV moment of the year 2018 A tribute album by various artists released after the Omagh bombing For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On...   See for privacy and opt-out information.
28/07/20·1h 14m

Episode 5: Holidays and Stowaways

It's the 12th of July and the Derry Girls are leaving town. Pauline Jeanie and Marie Louise talk about the history of the 12th, being waved at by the big man off the telly and why a fortune teller had all the answers - maybe. They advise on taking the right purse and why packing a fruit cake in your hand luggage isn't recommended. They're having a whale of a time on the River Foyle, hitchhiking across the border and discussing the correct etiquette when invited to tea with paramilitaries.  The Sash: Battle of the Boyne 1690: The Orange Order: The Apprentice Boys of Derry: BBC Sounds a short history of Ireland podcast - from around omnibus 20 builds up to the history of the Orange Order; Siege of Derry and the Apprentice Boys of Derry Derry - Londonderry City of Culture 2013: Drumcree standoff 1995-2000: Different Drums - Roy Arbuckle: Rev Ian Paisley: Moby Dick - The Novel: Dick - the whale in the Foyle! Tommy Teirnan - Gerry Quinn: The Punt - currency in Ireland before the Euro.. Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) Club Biscuits: Bronagh Taggart - Nicola in Peggy’s diner: Terence Keeley - the wee ‘ra man in the boot: See for privacy and opt-out information.
21/07/20·56m 17s

Episode 4: It's All A Load Of Walls

Even if some of the hosts have eight bedrooms and a chocolate fountain, one wean from Chernobyl is not impressed and Granda Joe's new ‘friend’ has started a Cold War. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise talk condoms, blow-dries and the downsides to a bomb damaged bargain. Pauline discovers why it really matters whether Granda Joe bought a cream horn or a cream finger and whether the Stations of the Cross is a suitable place for a date. The Walls of Derry: Why people starved within the walls - The Siege of Derry: The Undertones: Snow - Informer (1992) - Great Irish name - Darrin Kenneth O’Brien. Well worth a read! Chernobyl Children in NI: Pump Street and cream horns… ACTOR Diona Doherty (Katya): Eurovision Song Contest - Cork 1993 - Ireland kept winning the contest which meant they had to host the next one! Ireland won 1993 so we were then treated to River Dance during the interval in 1994: Aran jumpers - they look good no matter what size you are - ignore Jeanie! East Belfast - where Wee Clive was from, a really interesting history to this place: ACTOR: Anthony Boyle (David Donnelly): Only a Woman’s heart - Eleanor McEvoy and Mary Black: This is such a great story from Frank Crummey and his boot filled with condoms: See for privacy and opt-out information.
14/07/20·56m 41s

Episode 3: Weeping Statues and Wee Dead Dogs

Exam time leads to some new found religious devotions. Even the statues are moved. Or is it all a tall tale? Pauline, Jeanie and Marie Louise examine the phenomena of the "sexy priest", crushes on the older man and why burying a dog doesn't necessarily mean it's dead. There's bingo, bellies, dogsh*t, army manoeuvres and ironing. Plus the realisation that everyone's a liar. No offence! Ian McElhinney: Ian's interview with The Derry Journal: Jonathan Swift: Ballinspittle Co Cork - moving statue RTE TV report: John Hume: Father Ted: The Thorn Birds: Fleabag: Derry Journal: For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4: On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
08/07/20·56m 3s

Episode 2: What's Yours?

What’s yours? Or maybe that should be ‘Do you want chips with that?’ Everyone gets enthusiastic about a school trip to Paris - sure their newly discovered trust funds will cover the cost - won’t they? We learn how a ban from the chip shop in ‘90s Derry was a worse fate than being tied up by masked men and how either would still be preferable to an evening with boring Uncle Colm. Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise talk school assemblies, the realisation that we are not all equal and how Derry men embraced being stay at home dads, long before it was fashionable. Would you like salt and vinegar with that?  Daniel O’Donnell: Woolworths - first store in UK: Wellworths: Derry’s shirt factories: Night Hawks - RTE: Samuel Beckett: Morecambe and Wise: The Big Issue (North): Jamie Lee O’Donnell doesn’t talk about the corona stone in this interview but it’s still a crackin' read - For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
30/06/20·53m 45s

Episode 1: Dear Diary...

Pauline, Jeanie and Marie-Louise go back to where it all began in Episode 1: Erin wakes to find her cousin Orla reading her diary. Clare wants to be an individual. Michelle has made the connection between Derry and Pulp Fiction, Slainte Mofos. The wee English Fella is learning some harsh realities. We meet the the players from our ensemble cast and learn that picking a favourite isn’t going to be easy.  Our girls talk teenage diaries, how bombs play havoc with your suntan and the quickest route from Dennis’ wee shop to the school bus.  Discover how John Travolta could have married a Derry Girl, why matchboxes are to be feared and how one Londonderry girl nearly donned a sash at a very early age. This was most definitely not a sash her father would have worn.  Episode 1 of Lisa McGee’s Derry Girls: where it all began and new comedy gold was born.  For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK: Bronagh Gallagher: That disco dancing fella that was in Look who’s Talking: BBC Radio Foyle Breakfast Show:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
23/06/20·53m 8s

Episode 0: It's a State of Mind

Meet Pauline, Marie-Louise and Jeanie! They are devoted fans of the 90s-based hit comedy, Derry Girls, set in their home city. Sharp, warm and a wee bit sweary, Derry Girls has a language and a humour that is unique…a bit like Derry itself. Each week, the three will be talking about an episode and the city they love. Whether you’re a first timer to the award winning series or a seasoned viewer, anxiously waiting for series 3 to be filmed, you are all very welcome. And remember, you don’t have to be from Derry/Londonderry or even a girl - being a Derry Girl is a state of mind! Join us next Wednesday (24 June) when we'll be chatting about Derry Girls episode 1, series 1.  For more information about the podcast, visit: Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @TBLderrygirls  Check out our Facebook page: WATCH Derry Girls on Channel 4:  On RTE (in Ireland): Series 1 & 2 available on Netflix outside UK:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
17/06/20·28m 42s

COMING SOON: Talking Derry Girls

Fancy a bit of craic? Jeanie, Marie-Louise and Pauline love the Channel 4 sit-com Derry Girls. A brand new podcast - COMING SOON. Brought to you by The Big Light network.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
10/06/20·2m 35s
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