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Every week, Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph digs deep into the stories we can’t stop talking about. If you love pop and internet culture, and want to get into how it's shaping and impacting our lives, then subscribe to this show. We talk about things like: funny memes, showbiz stories, internet culture, celebrity news, gossip, Tiktok, Twitter, X, true crime stories, beauty, relationships, dating, hit TV shows, films, movies, Netflix, entertainment, American culture, AI, social media, Black British culture, influencers, content creators, fashion, UK and US music, reality TV, Harry and Meghan, royals, Love Island, politics (with a small p), Hollywood, society, ethics, Disney, new ideas and themes, trends and trending stories, hot takes, and trends in music, fashion, TV and film. Pop Culture with Chante Joseph is funny, chatty and opinionated. Expect to hear: good conversations, clever takes on popular stories, the ‘why’ behind big pop culture stories, why is everyone talking about…, what pop culture gets right and wrong, in conversation with…, reviews of the year, moments of the week, controversy… New episodes drop every Thursday.


Matthew Perry death, and Britney’s memoir – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Following the shocking news of Matthew Perry’s death, Chanté speaks to the Guardian’s Zoe Williams about how he captured the spirit of a generation. Plus, music journalist Alim Kheraj on Britney Spears’s memoir.
02/11/2331m 22s

Black History Month with DJ Target and Henrie Kwushue – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

DJ Target joins Chanté to talk about his career in grime and the new series of The Rap Game UK on BBC3. Plus Kiss FM’s Henrie Kwushue’s iconic black British pop culture moments
26/10/2326m 19s

When celebs get political – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Over the past week celebrities have been showing support for those suffering on both sides of the conflict. But do we want stars to speak out on complex political issues, and if so how can they do it authentically?
19/10/2325m 7s

Big Brother, the OG reality show – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Oh brother! The seminal reality programme is back on our screens for a 20th series. What made it so popular and how has it influenced British TV and pop culture since its debut in 2000? Chanté speaks to former task producer Daniel Nettleton
12/10/2322m 55s

Beyoncé on the big screen and Mahalia – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Beyoncé has announced the film of her Renaissance tour will hit cinemas soon, following hot on the heels of Taylor Swift’s Eras movie. Is this all about making money? Plus, Chanté speaks to multi-award-winning R&B singer Mahalia ahead of her UK tour
05/10/2330m 9s

Franchesca Ramsey on the WGA and Hollywood strikes – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Actress and writer Franchesca Ramsey joins Chanté this week to talk about the deal the Writer’s Guild of America has struck with Hollywood studios and what life has really been like on the picket line
28/09/2325m 49s

Russell Brand and the noughties culture – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Russell Brand faces allegations of sexual assault, rape and emotional abuse by four women, which he denies. This week Chanté looks back at the noughties and asks why the culture around comedy and women was so different back then
21/09/2324m 40s

Naomi Campbell, PLT and fast fashion – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph podcast

It’s Fashion Week season. After animal rights protests on the Coach runway and Naomi Campbell’s controversial collaboration with fast fashion giant PrettyLittleThing, does sustainability have a future in fashion?
14/09/2319m 45s

Come see me live at the London Podcast Festival – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Chanté will be joined by the matchmaking expert, author, entrepreneur and television host, Paul C Brunson (Married at First Sight UK and Celebs Go Dating). Together they will go behind the scenes to discuss the dynamics of TV dating, the key to a successful relationship and how pop culture plays a significant role in our love lives – whether we want it to or not

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph is back!

If it’s got you talking, Chanté’s got it covered. We’ll be going beyond the gossip with smart takes on the latest pop and internet culture. Catch Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph every Thursday from 14 September

Shon Faye on Elliot Page & trans in pop culture – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

The writer and presenter talks to Chanté about her Q&A with Elliot Page and how trans people have been represented in pop culture
29/06/2332m 11s

Windrush at 75: How Caribbean culture dominated British music – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Today, Britain celebrates Windrush Day. Chanté speaks to music journalist Lloyd Bradley, ‘Queen of Lover’s Rock’ Sandra Cross and grime MC D Double E about the influence of Caribbean culture on British music
22/06/2327m 18s

Black Mirror is back. Why is it so creepily good? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

As the sixth series starts, we ask what makes science fiction so popular and are we still looking to the far future for our dystopia?
15/06/2329m 40s

Match-making on reality TV: does it work? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

This week Chanté talks to Paul C Brunson from Married at First Sight UK about what goes into pairing couples and he spills the tea on the forthcoming series
08/06/2324m 48s

Will party holidays live forever? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

This week Chanté reflects on the history of party holidays. As she gears up to go to Days Like This in Malta, she talks to Ant and MK who created DLT. And she chats to DJ S, founder of legendary garage night Pure Silk, about taking over Ayia Napa in the mid-1990s
01/06/2326m 55s

Martha Stewart on Sports Illustrated: a win for women? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Eighty-one-year-old Martha Stewart has made history by becoming the oldest woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Chanté talks to model Nicola Griffin, who appeared in Sports Illustrated in her 50s, and speaks with journalist Poorna Bell about the different expectations for older women of colour.
25/05/2324m 45s

Why are influencers taking feuds to the boxing ring? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Social media influencers and YouTubers including KSI and Jake and Logan Paul are making millions by taking their internet feuds into the boxing ring. How did the world of boxing become the arena for social media beef?
18/05/2327m 5s

Why are so many publications in trouble? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Gal-dem, Buzzfeed News and Vice have all hit financial trouble and are either shutting down or close to it. Chanté talks to the Guardian’s media editor Jim Waterson and Gal-dem’s former politics editor Moya Lothian-McLean about where it is all going wrong.
11/05/2327m 5s

Is the US better at TV chat than Britain? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

As the US pays tribute to Jerry Springer and the internet continues to delight in Drew Barrymore’s confessionals, Chanté talks to Trisha Goddard about the art of a good conversation. And she talks to journalist Michael Hogan about why the British struggle with late-night chatshows
04/05/2327m 50s

Are queer characters finally getting the spotlight? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Dr Who has announced drag queen Jinkx Monsoon as the next villain on the show. Is it problematic that they are cast as a villain or is this an iconic moment for the queer community?
27/04/2327m 0s

Why are big gigs so expensive now? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Music fans are battling long queues, technical issues and huge prices in order to see their favourite artists perform. Why has it become such a struggle? Chanté speaks to the Guardian’s deputy music editor Laura Snapes and Emma Reid from Outlier Artists
20/04/2325m 12s

Will AI ruin music as we know it? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

From David Guetta using an AI Eminem in a set, to an entire AI-generated Kanye West verse going viral. Is artificial intelligence making music better or is the industry under threat?
13/04/2329m 44s

Why has gaming taken over? – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

You don’t need to look far to see that gaming is everywhere with film versions of Tetris, Super Mario Bros and Dungeons & Dragons in cinemas this week. Chanté talks to Rhianna Pratchett, video game writer on Tomb Raider, Timi and Joey from The Nerd Council podcast and the Guardian’s video games editor Keza MacDonald about why it is dominating
06/04/2328m 10s

Succession: why do we love watching the super-rich? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

The fourth and final season of Succession has arrived. Buckle up for more luxury yachts, holiday homes, helicopters and Machiavellian storylines. But why does Succession make us want to watch the lives of the super-rich? Chanté talks to writer Michael Hogan, and Mickey Down the co-creator of the TV series Industry
30/03/2326m 51s

Can pop culture do ADHD? (Spoiler: no) – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

This week Chanté looks at whether pop culture can get the portrayal of neurodiversity right – from Bart in The Simpsons to Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. And why people self-diagnosing on TikTok can be problematic
23/03/2328m 45s

Are we over the Oscars? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Awards season reached its climax with the Oscars this week. Despite being the biggest event in Hollywood, are viewers really that bothered any more? Chanté speaks to Michael Schulman, author of Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat and Tears
16/03/2327m 6s

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph is back!

Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph is back for series 2 with more deep dives into the week’s biggest stories in popular culture. Join her every Thursday from 16 March

There’s something about … astrology – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

As we enter 2023, astrological predictions for the year have already started to appear on social media. But it’s not only TikTokers who love astrology. Chanté talks to Clara Amfo, host of Written in the Stars, a reality TV dating show that matches people based on their natal charts
05/01/2325m 33s

Review of the year 2022 – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Chanté is joined by TV critic Scott Bryan and producer Yasmin Philgence to talk through the biggest pop culture moments of 2022
29/12/2240m 1s

Candice Brathwaite on dating in 2022 – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

You’ve heard of Spotify Wrapped, now get ready for dating wrapped on Tiktok. Chanté talks dating disasters, situationships and (not) finding love in 2022 with her personal agony aunt Candice Brathwaite
22/12/2230m 36s

Harry and Meghan – do we really need more of them? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries has racked up more than 81m viewing hours, and that is only for volume one. As the second volume drops today, we ask: do we really need more of their story?
15/12/2227m 25s

Is going on reality TV worth it? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

The writer and host talks to former Love Island contestant Tyler Cruickshank about the challenges of returning to normality after being on reality TV, and what impact appearing on a show can have on a person’s career prospects
08/12/2226m 1s

Why has British comedy got a problem with race? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Last week, Bo’ Selecta creator Leigh Francis risked reigniting his feud with Craig David saying the singer should stop talking about being mocked on the programme because it was 20 years ago. Chanté talks to comedian Dane Baptiste about why British comedy has a problem with depictions of race.
01/12/2226m 30s

Heroin chic? Jameela Jamil says no! – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Chanté talks to Jameela Jamil, creator of the I Weigh platform, about why the term ‘heroin chic’ is so dangerous and asks why women’s bodies are always under scrutiny
24/11/2228m 20s

Matt Hancock on I’m a Celebrity … what was he thinking?! Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

Matt Hancock has been on our TV screens night after night eating sheep’s vagina, fish eyes and getting covered in gunk. This week Chanté speaks to someone who has known him for 15 years and asks what was his plan when he decided to go on the show?
17/11/2227m 1s

Has The Crown lost its way? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

The Crown season five has arrived, and with it a whole load of controversy. Politicians, actors and royal commentators have all thrown criticism at the Netflix series, accusing it of exploiting the royal family and sensationalising real-life events. This week Chanté Joseph is joined by the writer of the Emmy-award winning TV series The Tudors, Michael Hirst, to find out if The Crown has lost its shine
10/11/2224m 27s

Rihanna’s back … what makes her such an icon? – Pop culture with Chanté Joseph

Rihanna fans have been waiting for this moment for six years. The singer has released Lift Me Up, a single on the soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It’s her first release since she launched her Fenty Beauty empire, became a billionaire and a mother. As she storms back into our lives, we ask – what makes Rihanna such an icon?
03/11/2225m 4s

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