Welcome to Provincetown

Welcome to Provincetown

By Rococo Punch & Room Tone & Stitcher

Venture into Provincetown, Massachusetts, a two-street beach town at the end of a sand spit, and meet the fascinating people who live there. Welcome to Provincetown encapsulates stories of artistry, sensuality, solitude, and serendipity. Listen to the sounds of hopes and dreams being carried through the summer breeze, the feeling of letting go, and the feeling of going all in. This is a place where you can find yourself or lose yourself.


Bonus: Summer of Sass Update

Mitra’s update continues, revealing Kristen’s last ditch effort to save the Summer of Sass work program, and we hear from Ethan who has made some big changes since his summer in Provincetown. Then, Mitra gets a surprising phone call.
07/09/22·19m 46s

Bonus: Sonny and Qya Update

Mitra writes a letter home with a surprise recording from her first trip to Provincetown after the summer. She catches up with Sonny and Qya. Well after all of the tourists have left, with some distance from the 2021 season, both reflect on what they want now.
31/08/22·24m 55s

10. Bye Bitches

Ethan and Kristen reflect on the summer, and check off one last item on their Provincetown bucket list. The town comes together for a fashion show, and Mitra walks the runway. Qya sends us off with a song. BYEEEEEE!
10/08/22·30m 18s

9. Burn Out

It’s nearing the end of the season and everyone is burnt out. We meet Natessa, a restaurant owner just trying to get through the day and ignore the agitation in town. Qya and Sonny are strung out but show no signs of slowing down, and Sonny wrestles with not having a plan for the fall.
03/08/22·29m 31s

8. Under The Rainbow

It’s Carnival! In a town that has an endless appetite for dress up, this is the event of the season. Ethan deals with life as an independent person.
27/07/22·24m 4s

7. Your Happy Place

We meet Brian, who moved to Provincetown to heal from a divorce; a timeless tale for this town at the end of the world.  We look back at how Provincetown cared for its own at the height of AIDS. The season is threatened by a COVID outbreak.
20/07/22·31m 49s

6. It's Not Always Sonny

Sonny is partying his heart out, but he’s running on empty at the height of the season and with little rest, he’s facing his demons. Meanwhile, Ethan’s newfound freedom leads him to make a life-changing decision. Transcript
13/07/22·25m 33s

5. Stacy Star Loves You

Star came in hot, crash landing in Provincetown with a lot of bravado. But as money troubles and personality clashes mount, things come to a head and Star settles her scores around town. Learn more about Summer of Sass at www.summerofsass.org. Transcript
06/07/22·34m 28s

4. Dumb Slut Summer

Sonny is living out his dumb slut dreams, but is it actually what he wants? With men having sex all around her, Mitra seeks a sapphic summer but wants to know: where are the women? Transcript
29/06/22·26m 34s

3. Keep Ptown Weird

Mitra searches Provincetown for that Cookie Mueller experience. We meet Jay, a longtime resident and conceptual artist with a septic tank performance space. Qya’s relentless summer schedule begins to take a toll, but time is of the essence.Transcript
22/06/22·33m 52s

2. Sassy

Local comedian Kristen introduces queer youth to Provincetown through the Summer of Sass program. In this year’s class, Ethan is looking for new experiences and personal growth, but Star only cares about the music. Learn more about Summer of Sass at www.summerofsass.org. Transcript
15/06/22·26m 45s

1. The Hustle

Welcome to Provincetown! Mitra arrives in town on assignment to unlock the secrets to growing old and gay. She meets performer and “It Girl” Qya Cristal who, after nine years of hustling in Provincetown, is finally getting her break. She also trails along with Sonny, the “new meat” just looking to have a dumb slut summer. Transcript
15/06/22·31m 12s

Introducing Welcome To Provincetown

Host Mitra Kaboli, the award-winning documentarian and producer of The Heart and ESPN's 30 for 30, takes listeners inside this seaside town that grows from 3,000 to 60,000 over the course of the summer.  Created by Room Tone and Rococo Punch, in association with Stitcher, listen to the series starting June 15th. 
20/05/22·2m 30s
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