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We've all wondered what it must be like to be famous, right?
But how can any of us mere mortals understand what it's really like?
Becoming a celebrity changes so much more than your bank balance - psychological studies have even shown that becoming famous will change the chemistry of a person's brain - so can you really, truly stay grounded when stardom calls?
In this podcast series, I'll try to answer these questions and even more, through in-depth conversations with the only people who really know what it's like.
In this series you'll hear from the likes of Amy Schumer, Jameela Jamil and Tracey-Ann Oberman who share with us some fascinating insights from a position held by very few.
Plus, we'll be hearing from you about the times you've unintentionally let your ape-brain take hold in the midst of being star struck ... come-on we've all got a story of embarrassing ourselves in front of someone off the telly, I've got loads and will also be sharing some of my #famefails.
Welcome to FAME, with me, Jo Elvin.



This week the stars finally aligned, and Jo was able to speak to rising star of stage and screen, Cush Jumbo about the perils and pitfalls of becoming famous, and if Sydenham really is a glamourous enclave of southeast London. Cush talks about her humble background and how it only made her strive more for the career she dreamed of, and that you're far more likely to be creative and interesting if you grow up in a working-class area. She also gives an insight into what it was like to be recognised in the street for the first time, and her vulnerabilities around that. And as always, Jo shares some epic #FameFails from listeners and one from her own life where an A-lister literally saved her life!
26/01/24·47m 18s


Prepare to get star struck, as Jo finds herself chatting to a sleep deprived, jet lagged, bona fide legend, star of stage, screen and Succession, Brian Cox! Brian was kind enough to join the zoom, despite having only jetted in from New York to London the night before and let his inner Logan Roy shine through as he shares with Jo the difficulties of having global fame in later life, despite having a hugely successful career for decades. The actor tells us about his humble origins, even sharing with us a much-cherished letter written by his mother over almost 70 years ago, and how losing both parents at an early age has shaped who he is and his ultimate success. Brian admits that he says 'yes' to too many things (including this interview) and HATES it when members of the public want him to tell them to f*ck off ... and ask him to wear headphones. This chat sees Brain open up about many aspects of his life and fans of Logan Roy certainly won't be disappointed ... Now f*ck off and listen to the episode.
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On a sweltering day in London, Jo Elvin took to the stage to present the very first live episode of FAME, at the London Podcast Festival. Joining her in the air-conditioned oasis was a very familiar face on TV, especially to viewers of Loose Women, Andrea McLean! Andrea came with a big pot of tea to spill and told us some incredible behind the scene stories of goings on at some of our biggest TV shows, including the time a household name insulted her just moments before broadcasting live to the nation and she also gets to confront Jo about the time she turned her down for a job in journalism ...do you want milk with that?
29/12/23·1h 12m


This week's guest is no stranger to being recognised in the street, as she grew-up with a mum who was kid's TV Royalty, when Blue Peter was in its heyday. As the daughter of Janet Ellis, Sophie Ellis-Bextor noticed from an early age how differently people would react once they knew she had a famous mum, but this unfortunately didn't always mean plain sailing amongst her peer group at school.Sophie also talks to Jo about the pitfalls of believing your own hype, which can often come with celebrity status in indie circles, and how she coped with overnight fame after achieving the biggest music hit of the year. Jo also delves into the cringe worthy and often hilarious world of #FameFails... HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
22/12/23·52m 3s


What's the cleverest thing your dog can do? Play dead? Give you its paw on demand? Perhaps even say 'sausages' ? Well, none of those things are going to earn you millions, or get you in the front row of a Millan fashion show, but today's guest has a dog who has captured the imagination of the online world, and is now a star of every fashion event.Tika the Iggy is an Italian greyhound with a wardrobe even Carrie Bradshaw would be green with envy at the sight of and a diary to rival Anna Wintour's.Tika's army of instagram fans have made this dog a huge celebrity, and she doesn't even know it! Someone who is well aware of the adoration aimed at their doggy is Tika's human, Thomas Shapiro, who was kind enough to take some time from his full time job as his pup's PA, to speak to Jo about this incredible and unbelievable situation he finds himself in, and how Iggy's starlet behaviours make it into their everyday lives....Check out Tika the Iggy's fabulousness for yourselves ...tika the iggy (@tikatheiggy) • Instagram photos and videosBest of Tika the Iggy Part 1 (January 2021) - YouTubeBY TIKA'S BOOK HERE!Tika the Iggy: Lessons in Life, Love, and... by Shapiro, Thomas (amazon.co.uk)
15/12/23·34m 10s


In today’s episode of FAME, we hear from one of the world’s best known male models, David Gandy. David talks about what it’s like to work in the only industry where the women call the shots and earn the big bucks, plus he spills the beans about all the diva behaviour on fashion shoots. We also hear how his natural shyness adds another layer of awkwardness to being recognised, being hounded by the paps and the celebrities he gets tongue tied around. David also shares some of his own epic #FameFails, one of which occurred within spitting distance of musical royalty.
08/12/23·54m 40s


The wait is FINALLY over, as series two of FAME with Jo Elvin is ready for your ears. And what a treat this episode is as Jo persuaded the legendary Dannii Minogue to sit in her wardrobe and tell us all about the highs and lows of her celebrity life.If you happen to be listening to this from Australia, you’ll know that Dannii was the first famous Minogue sibling, and it was only UK audiences who saw Kylie as the superstar from that family. So, what was it like for Dannii to have been constantly compared to her sister and almost start her career again? Danni also reflects on how her treatment by the British press and TV and how it affected her mental health, why she has an affinity with Lindsay Lohan, and what she remembers about being interviewed by Mark Lamar, and Ed the Duck… spoiler alert, one of them is a happier memory than the other. Jo has been busy recording with some amazing names for this series, coming up we have, Brian Cox, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, David Gandy, Dawn O’Porter , and Tikka the Iggy, to name only a few … so make sure you subscribe!
01/12/23·44m 43s


Yes, it's happening, Jo Elvin is back with series two of the podcast that delves deep into the showbiz brain, and she has a stunning array of guests who open-up about what it feels like to walk around with their celebrity status. Have a listen to get a heads up on just a few of the names Jo has been speaking with since S1, and we'll see you very soon, for a brand new series of FAME, with Jo Elvin.
03/11/23·1m 58s


Hello one and all! We have some VERY exciting news about the new series of FAME to share with you all, so take a listen to this for all the info, AND you'll also find out what's happening at this year's London Podcast Festival, as we take to the stage for the very first time... ticket link below and see you there! FAME with Jo Elvin • Comedy • Kings Place


The first series of FAME is going out in style, as Jo speaks to a lady who can easily count herself as one of the most recognisable faces in comedy, because Katherine Ryan is (rightly) hardly off our TV screens.It's hard to imagine what Kathrine would have done if she hadn't had a career in comedy, but it's clear that even if she was your local librarian, she would have still been famous. Katherin and Jo talk through the highs and lows of being a mother of a teenager whilst in the public eye and the responsibilities that are levelled at her to seemingly be expected to use her public role to represent all of womankind. Katherine also opens-up about an occasion which tested her to the limit, after being recognised whilst enduring one of her darkest times.As always, Jo shares some amazing #FameFails with us to round-off the series, but don't fear, she's already booking-in some amazing guests for series two, and the team will be back soon.Thanks so much for all your support and please do keep in touch - until the next time, goodbye for now!PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
01/03/23·52m 8s


In today's episode, Jo speaks to former Made in Chelsea star, Ashley James about some of the more serious aspects of what can happen when you become well known. Ashley has had her fair share of online trolls. but this was taken to the extreme when false accusations were made to social services about the welfare of Ashley's young son, Alfie. We find out how you would even begin to cope, knowing that people who have never met you, are intent on ruining your life. Ashley also tells Jo why she felt disenchanted once she became a MIC cast member and there's also a revelation about the career path she was on before the world of celebrity came knocking at her door. And as always Jo hears your #FameFails, and shares a toe curling encounter of her own with one of the most famous pop stars on the planet... ooops, she did it again. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode covers themes of self harm, suicide and child neglect.PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
22/02/23·46m 50s


In this week's episode of FAME, Jo speaks to someone who became rather notorious thanks to their escapades in the reality TV show, Geordie Shore.Vicky Pattison grabbed the opportunity to become a cast member despite - or maybe because of - her young age, seeing this as a chance to change the narrative of the life set out for her, but at what initial cost to her reputation and wellbeing?It's apparent that Vicky has worked hard at changing people's perspectives of her in the last few years and realises now that in some cases, she was playing up to what she thought producers of the show wanted from her.We also hear how her mum kept her grounded after Vicky was crowned queen of the jungle in 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' and she also shares her very own #FameFail featuring Jack Whitehall.PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
15/02/23·45m 32s


This week's episode is a double scoop, as Jo speaks to not one, but TWO people who experience fame in completely different ways.First-up is PR to the stars, Max Dundas, but just what does a celebrity PR do, and why do famous people need them? Max tells us everything we need to know about what it's like to look after his showbiz clients and keep them out of trouble, or at least make things better when they inevitably do get into trouble! Max also shares with us some profound moments in his career, including what it was like to work with Peaches Geldof and how she taught him an invaluable lesson in not judging people before you meet them.And then, we hear from the formidable Jackie Weaver, who talks to Jo about what it's like to become accidentally, and suddenly famous. What effect has it had on the people closest to her? How easy is it to carry on with her day job as well as leading a showbiz double life? What does she fear most about her celebrity bubble bursting? And what life has been like in the days after that notorious Handforth Parish Council meeting in the lockdown on 2021.Plus, Jo shares some more #FameFails stories with us, which are always a delight - ENJOY!PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
08/02/23·57m 54s


In this week's episode of FAME, we hear from Sarah Jayne Dunn about life during and after Hollyoaks.Sarah was cast in the soap at the tender age of 14 and was soon propelled into the world of soap stardom and then the world of lad mags.Sarah talks to Jo honestly about what it was like to be in that world at such an early age and how she would say 'no' to certain things now.We also hear why her choice to set-up an OnlyFans account meant she couldn't cointine in the role of Mandy and why it's perhaps a little hypocritical that some people may judge her for her new career direction.Plus, as always Jo shares some of her #FameFails with us - ENJOY!PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
01/02/23·48m 23s


This week's guest became wildly successful overnight, a prospect she previously thought would be terrifying. When Amy Schumer started out on the comedy circuit, she obviously dreamed of success, but never coveted the thought of being instantly recognisable.Amy talks about how it felt when the realisation hit that life would never be the same again, the infinitely higher expectations women in the public eye are held to as opposed to their male counterparts, and how she and famous BFF Jenifer Lawrence acknowledge and laugh about their lives as celebrities.Amy also kicks-off this week's #FameFails for us, as she recounts a flash decision that could have had a disastrous turn-out!PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
25/01/23·37m 28s


In today's episode of FAME, Jo speaks to someone who has admitted that after being on the cusp of household name status - which never materialised - has a tricky relationship with fame and what could have been, not least because they are also the father of an actual Hollywood A-Lister. Dom Holland is a successful comedian and author in his own right, but since his son, Tom became Spiderman, he has found his ambitions and achievements well and truly eclipsed - which also happens to be the name of his book on the subject.But what's it like to have movie star Tom Holland as your son and what does that mean for the family dynamic?Dom opens-up about the mixture of pride and bemusement he has for the very unique situation he finds himself in and also shares some of the perks which get passed down from his world famous son.And, Jo also hears some of your #FameFails, one of which would have been even more welcome if it had involved an alternative member of the Trump clan. Find out more about Dom's book 'Eclipsed' here: Eclipsed - Dominic HollandPRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
18/01/23·43m 57s


In today's episode of FAME, Jo speaks to someone who at the tender age of 14 was already fair game for the tabloids and that's even before she became a household name when she presented cult 90s TV show 'The Word'.To a certain generation, Amanda De Cadenet was at the forefront of 'yoof' culture, but although it looked like the world was at her feet, Amanda has blocked-out most of that time. The press intrusion was relentless, eventually forcing her to flee the UK for a new start in the United States.Jo and Amanda reflect on what it was like to have to deal with fame at such an early age and the long-term effects it has on the psyche - not least having one's physical appearance under constant scrutiny - and how she shields her own daughters from that kind of attention. They also discuss how social media is the new currency and why it's important to have at least one friend who owns a private jet. And in this week's #FameFails, we hear from a listener who opened the door late one night to a z-list celebrity in distress, press play to find out who....PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
11/01/23·44m 22s


This episode of FAME features an interview with actor Tracy-Ann Oberman about what it was like to become an overnight soap star and how her Eastenders co-star's tabloid scandal meant even more scrutiny for her.Tracy discusses being a household name, being a victim of phone hacking, and how she manages the vitriol she receives online due to her political activism. We also hear some more of you #FameFails which feature hilarious stories involving someone from a boy-band, Sinitta and how one listener gave Donald Sutherland the flight from hell.PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
04/01/23·38m 49s


In the first episode of FAME former magazine editor Jo Elvin explores how it really feels to be famous, with the actress and activist Jameela Jamil, who, with her trademark wit and candour, talks about the highs, the lows and thebizarre red carpet dreams that could only happen in the head of a celebrity. Jameela also recounts the worst timed photo request from a fan we could possibly imagine and how she manages to keep herself grounded and not believe the hype.Plus, we hear YOUR stories of encounters with celebrities which haven't gone according to plan, as Jo celebrates our #FameFails.PRESENTED BY - Jo Elvin PRODUCED BY - Jo Elvin & Amanda Redman - @amandakredmanTWITTER / INSTA - Jo_ElvinMUSIC - Thomas George @TLATWuk
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Coming soon.... first episode with Jameela Jamil drops on 28th December 2022.
09/12/22·2m 2s
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