Fierce Minds Kind Hearts

Fierce Minds Kind Hearts

By Ashley Cain

Since losing my beautiful daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain to cancer in 2021, I have been on a mission to channel her spirit as a beacon of strength and inspiration for others going through their own battles with mental health, hardship, adversity, grief, and loss. Surviving trauma can be a gruelling journey, but through the darkness I have learnt to live a more purposeful life by using the idea of a “fierce mind" and a "kind heart” in everything I do. In this podcast I want to share the stories of others who have been shaped by unpredictable experiences - and found a way, not just to survive, but to come back stronger. Let’s go champs! A Pixiu Production.


Sébastien Foucan: "If You Overcome, You Become"

Sébastien Foucan is one of the founders of parkour and freerunning - the art of expressing yourself in one's environment, without the limitations of movement. He grew up in France and began freerunning as a hobby with childhood friends, never anticipating where his dream would take him... Since then, he's started a global sporting craze, toured the world with Madonna and starred in James Bond 'Casino Royale'. I loved his energy - Sébastien embodies a warrior mindset, proving that literally anything is possible when you are obsessed with an idea. In this podcast, we talk about the value of being committed, how you can find your purpose and why it's important to always keep dreaming. Let's go champs! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Jake Quickenden: "Everything Passes"

This week X-Factor Finalist, Prince of the Jungle and Dancing on Ice Champion Jake Quickenden steps into the studio. We all know Jake from our TV screens, he’s that handsome cheeky chappy who’s always lifting spirits and spreading laughter - I love this most about Jake. He really does have an infectious energy which can lift anyones mood. On the other hand, one other huge aspect of Jakes personality I admire, is his ability to be vulnerable and speak openly about his mental health. Jake tragically lost both his father and younger brother to cancer when he was in his early 20’s, which drove him to a dark place for many years. Today, Jake still holds the same love and pain for his father and brother, but now he better understands his emotions and how grief can be used to celebrate the love you still have for someone who is no longer here. In this episode we talk deeply about grief, the power of a fortified mind and the importance of attacking the day even when you feel like you can’t. Lets go champs.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Kaz Crossley: "Keep Going Forward"

I’m joined by Love Island star and Muay Thai enthusiast Kaz Crossley! Kaz has been in the public eye for a number of years now, always with unmatched energy and a smile on her face. She described to me how Love Island ‘saved her life’ pushing her to leave toxic relationships and learn more about herself. I wanted Kaz on the podcast because I’m inspired by her kind heart - In 2022 she helped build a house, gym and school for children in Thailand after raising over £100,000. Not only that, she is now empowering women all over the UK with her female fighting classes; ‘Combat Collective’. In this episode, Kaz opens up to me about previous bad relationships, finding self love, and the power of shared goals.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Fearne Cotton: "Go Easy On Yourself"

Former BBC Radio 1 presenter, mental health advocate, 'Happy Place' author and podcaster Fearne Cotton joins me on the podcast! I can't lie, I was nervous about this one! Fearne's kind heart has been instrumental in helping me, as well as thousands of other people, better understand our emotions and mental health. I'm so excited for you to hear this conversation, because that's what it is, a conversation - two friends speaking openly about the current issues we're facing and have faced in the past. I hope you take something away from this, we cover a wide range of topics from what hope can do to your mindset, staying true to yourself and the benefits of therapy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Tom Zanetti: "Onwards And Upwards"

Tom Zanetti, British DJ, rapper and club owner, best known for his song 'You Want Me', joins me on the podcast this week! Tom and I have been friends for a long time but even now I'm still learning about the adversity hes faced throughout his life. Tom is one of the most positive people I know - he lights up every room he steps into - but what most people don't realise is how much pain this man has had to endure. Tom had a tough childhood, hanging around with the wrong people and doing the wrong things after being kicked out of school at 14. To make something of his life, he had to adopt a fierce mindset to change up his circumstances. This man has done incredible things, even after a loss at an early age and raising a beautiful son by himself at age 17. In this episode we speak about grief, the power of purpose and how to adopt a fighters mindset. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Dwain Chambers: “Eliminate The Noise”

Dwain Chambers was once the fastest man on the planet - dominating 100m sprint and track events - he became the countries main hope for an Olympic gold medal in 2004 and other championship titles across his career. However, in 2004, Dwain tested positive for using performance enhancing drugs. This event changed his life forever. This news forced a ban from track events for two years, and permanently from the Olympics. I’ve been heavily involved in athletics myself growing up and have always looked up to Dwain as a role model. I knew I needed to hear more about his story and better understand how he thinks. He definitely has a winners mindset, so much in fact that it led to his biggest downfall. In this episode, Dwain opens up to me about his career, where his mindset came from and how he beat depression and finally made peace with his mistakes.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/01/2350m 24s

Shanaze Reade: “One Day At A Time"

Three-time BMX World Champion, Olympic Athlete and Track Cyclist, Shanaze Reade, joins me on the podcast this week. Shanaze has dominated both female and male-led cycling competitions across the globe – winning gold titles whilst competing with broken bones and serious sport injuries. With only 6 weeks of training in-between competitions, Shanaze also became a Champion Track Cyclist after winning gold in her first rookie year of competing. She is a true inspiration in sport but also in everyday life. In 2017, after a tough retirement decision, Shanaze became addicted to alcohol and her life hit rock bottom. She now speaks openly about alcoholism – how she received support and took control of her life again. After beginning a life of sobriety, Shanaze came out of retirement and began racing again, dominating the sport as usual after a two year hiatus. Wow. Honestly you’re going to love this woman and this conversation, she’s a true winner who takes on any challenge to the best of her ability. I learned a lot, I’m sure you will too.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Mark 'Billy' Billingham: "Always A Little Further"

Former decorated SAS solider and TV personality, Mark 'Billy' Billingham, joins me on the podcast! Mark and I connected as soon as we met - he's focused, resilient and loving. I wanted to better understand his story, winning mindset, and attitude toward kindness. For someone so dangerous, he has the biggest heart... learn how here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/12/221h 1m

Adebayo Akinfenwa: "You Define You"

It was a no-brainer for me to get ’The Beast' Akinfenwa on the podcast! Adebayo is one of the most well-known and liked English football players of our generation. For someone known for his size and strength, he is one of the most charismatic and loving men I know. This podcast is all about positivity and celebrating yourself, and understanding how you can better your development. Listen to a conversation between two beasts in beast mode! Let's go champ!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/12/2246m 15s

Calum Best: "I Can, I Will"

Calum Best, son of the infamous Manchester United forward, George Best, joins me on this first episode. As a young man, Calum lost his father to alcoholism, which threw him into depression. With the eyes of the global press heavily on him, he also became dependant on drink as a coping mechanism. Calum and I go way back, but whats brought us closer is our ability to open up and share our experiences with each other. We are both no strangers to loss and trauma. Now a recovered alcoholic, Calum shares his advice for overcoming adversity, highlights the power of positive thinking and talks about the opportunity given to him at Dorking Wanderers FC Ladies.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Introducing Fierce Minds Kind Hearts with Ashley Cain

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