Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

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Two "ex-housewives" Watching, Recapping, Armchair Quarterbacking, Breaking Down all the Breaking News. Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge team up to Tell All. Listen each week as they watch and rehash as only they can. Who knows housewives better than housewives?! Right?! Teddi and Tamra are Two Ts in a Pod. (Telling All).


The Twot Seat: JEFF LEWIS

The tables have turned… Jeff Lewis joins Teddi and Tamra in a rare interview!  What happened with Sai’s hot mic meltdown? What does Jeff know about PK and Dorit’s relationship? Does Jeff own up to bashing Teddi’s company? It’s all in a new juicy episode of The Twot Seat! See for privacy information.
24/05/241h 4m

The Eds: unEDited with Shane Simpson

You know him as Emily Simpson’s other half, Shane, but there’s so much more to this sarcastic house-husband.  Shane doesn’t shy away from his true feelings about being part of RHOC.Also, in a shocking turn of events, Shane reveals RHOC was not his TV debut!See for privacy information.
24/05/2454m 8s

Popping Off: VPR Reunion Pt. 2 & The Valley Ep 10

Teddi and Emily are recapping Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion and the 10th episode of The Valley!See for privacy information.
23/05/241h 1m

Pick a Side (RHONJ Recap)

RHOA is coming back with a new cast. Find out what Teddi and Tamra think of who’s in and who’s out!  Then, the Twots question Jenn Fessler’s loyalty. And, what team would Teddi & Tamra choose between Melissa and Teresa?!See for privacy information.
21/05/2457m 40s

The Twot Seat: WEST WILSON

Summer House’s West Wilson is next up in the Twot seat and the ladies are asking ALL the questions.  What’s his current relationship status with Ciara? What does he think of Carl and Lindsay’s relationship? How was his first reunion? It’s all happening on The Twots Seat!See for privacy information.
17/05/2446m 58s

Ay Por Favor: Who’s Side Are You On?

Alexia and Marysol are raising a cockie to “El Jefe” (Andy Cohen) after Bravo cleared his name from an ongoing investigation.Rumors of Bennifer 2.0 heading for divorce are in the air after Ben’s bestie (Matt Damon) admitted he can’t stand JLo.  Plus, sources say they haven’t been together in weeks. What is going on?And, do you have a type? The ladies weigh in on a reality tv couple who poke fun at an ex that looks exactly like his wife.See for privacy information.
17/05/2452m 13s

Popping Off: VPR Reunion Pt. 1 & The Valley Ep 9

Teddi and Emily are recapping Part 1 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion and the 9th episode of The Valley! See for privacy information.
16/05/2458m 7s

Real Mob Wives of Orange County (RHONJ Recap)

RHOC had some major headlines this week…Tamra shares what she really thinks about the scandal. Plus, is it the Real Husbands of New Jersey? When are the Housewives going to step in?See for privacy information.
14/05/2447m 5s

The Eds: Moms Know Best

The Eds are celebrating all the moms in their lives. But, who almost forgot a Mother’s Day gift?   Remember the robot baby from Season 9 of RHOC? Eddie shares why it tested his parenting skills.See for privacy information.
10/05/2446m 23s

Two Jersey Js: Check Yourself with Teddi and Tamra

The Two Ts join the Two Jersey Js. From skin cancer to an intestinal blockage, the ladies get real about their health journeys.  Plus, how housewives has affected their mental health and advice for getting through the tough times. See for privacy information.
10/05/2435m 45s


When the California girls collide with the Jersey girls, we have the ultimate Housewives crossover! Jackie and Jennifer join the Two Ts right after the season premiere of RHONJ! What happened at BravoCon that made one of them question their fellow castmate??  Plus, Jackie talks about the backlash from taking Teresa’s side.See for privacy information.
10/05/2429m 29s

Popping Off: VPR Finale + The Valley Ep 8

Teddi and Emily are recapping the season finale of Vanderpump Rules and the 8th episode of The Valley! See for privacy information.
09/05/241h 14m

Double Sided Purple WHAT?! (RHONJ Recap)

RHONJ is back and juicier than ever before! Relationships in Jersey are slowly crumbling in the season premiere and it’s not just Teresa and Melissa! Plus, Teddi questions Tamra about her RHOC group chats! See for privacy information.
08/05/2443m 31s

We’re (not) Pleading the Fifth

Teddi and Tamra are opening the hotline to answer your burning questions!  What are their thoughts on bringing Housewives back from the past? What advice would they give themselves from their first seasons? Plus, Tamra opens up about her relationship with Vicki and Shannon. See for privacy information.
07/05/2452m 57s

Two Jersey Js: Let’s Get Sweaty

Jackie and Jen are back from vacation and share some shocking news. Who did something for the first time in 30 years?Plus, we are talking menopause. Jackie is scared of it and Jen has gone through it. We talk to an expert on what you can do to prep and not be fearful.See for privacy information.
05/05/2456m 4s

The Twot Seat: KYLE COOKE

Kyle Cooke is the first victim of The Twot Seat! What really happened between Lindsay and Carl and who is to blame for the end of the relationship? Will Paige move to Charleston before Kyle moves to the suburbs?  And, when will he cut the mullet?!!See for privacy information.
02/05/241h 5m

Popping Off: VPR Ep 14 + The Valley Ep 7

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 14th episode of Vanderpump Rules and the 7th episode of The Valley! See for privacy information.
02/05/241h 11m


Teddi sets the record straight on her Twitter blow-up with John Fuda, Rachel explains why she cropped Teresa out of her photo and the gang dives into what fans can expect from the next season of RHONJ! It’s a Two Ts episode you wont want to miss!See for privacy information.
01/05/2427m 47s

Demoted and Divorced

The Dos Amigas had some things to say recently and Tamra is clapping back. Is Dorit being demoted to just a friend of? Plus, are Sheree and Simon becoming Alexis and John 2.0?See for privacy information.
30/04/2448m 29s

Ay Por Favor: Alexia Speaks Out

Alexia opens up on how she’s coping after Todd decided to end their marriage and how she’s overcoming the heartache and moving forward. See for privacy information.
29/04/2452m 44s

Two Ts Presents: The Eds: What is Sexy

What is sexy to men?  Do they care about plastic surgery? Do they care about make up? Edwin and Eddie share what they really think about their wives’ lifestyles, habits, and beauty routines. Plus, who wanted to be a fashion designer? And, who does the same beauty procedure as their wife? The Eds discuss it all!See for privacy information.
26/04/2438m 45s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: VPR Ep 13 + The Valley Ep 6

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 13th episode of Vanderpump Rules and the 6th episode of The Valley!See for privacy information.
25/04/241h 8m

Holy Headlines

The Twots are invested in Rebecca Minkoff being a Scientologist. Tamra knows a thing or two about showing your religion on camera... Plus, they address the recent headline about Kyle Richards coming back to RHOBH and LVP's comment about the rumor.See for privacy information.
24/04/2439m 37s

Tamra’s OC Wedding

Bravo dropped the gift of all gifts on Peacock last week… Tamra’s wedding special!! It’s been 11 years since the three-part special premiered and the Two Ts are watching it back for the first time! Who would be a bridesmaid now? What does Tamra regret? The ladies are in for a ride!See for privacy information.
23/04/2440m 10s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Going Golden

The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swartz and Susan Noles reveal all about dating, intimacy, and living your best life in your golden years. Find out who got a naughty gift and who would rather make out than make love.  Plus, how both ladies knew Gerry wasn’t “the one.”See for privacy information.
22/04/2434m 44s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: Interview with Katie Maloney

Teddi and Emily are joined by Katie Maloney!See for privacy information.
19/04/2444m 0s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "The D Word" (The Valley Ep 5)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 5th episode of The Valley!See for privacy information.
18/04/2441m 40s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "How'd You Like Them Apples?" (VPR Ep 12)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 12th episode of Vanderpump Rules!See for privacy information.
17/04/2453m 30s

Thank you, Mia (RHOP Recap)

We’re recapping the end of the RHOP reunion. Mia and Gordon put the “real” in Real Housewives with their honest and raw conversations.   Plus, is Ashley lying about her divorce just to stay on the show?See for privacy information.
17/04/2415m 7s

TWOTS Reporting for Duty

The Bravosphere did NOT sleep this week!! Pregnancies, engagements, break ups, firings, accusations, and even Taylor Swift?! Teddi and Tamra are here to cover ALL the shocking housewife headlines and give their honest opinions.See for privacy information.
17/04/2440m 27s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: We’ve Got This Bro

Marysol shows support and reacts to Alexia’s divorce news. See for privacy information.
16/04/2414m 50s

Two Ts Presents: The Eds: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Take a walk down memory lane as Eddie and Edwin share their perspectives on their weddings. Find out which husband had their alarm go off at the absolute wrong moment during the ceremony.And, the sweet tradition Eddie keeps every year for his anniversary.Plus, who thought they were having a heart attack right before their nuptials?See for privacy information.
13/04/2441m 19s

Planes, Boats and a Q&A

Teddi and Tamra are done “fighting” and finally back together. Did the cast of RHOC actually delay their fight to London? What did the ladies think of Jill Zarin’s appearance on Below Deck? Plus, the Two Ts are answering all your juicy questions! See for privacy information.
11/04/2446m 51s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: The Valley + Vanderpump Villa

Teddi and Emily are recapping The Valley Ep 3 & 4 and Vanderpump Villa Ep 2 &3!See for privacy information.
10/04/2451m 49s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "May The Best Woman Win" (VPR Ep 11)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 11th episode of Vanderpump Rules! See for privacy information.
10/04/2454m 8s

Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth! (RHOP Recap)

Carlos King got a text about Teddi… Who said to keep her name out of their mouth!? Then, the RHOP reunion is finally here and it might be Gizelle’s best reunion yet… even in the second seat! Plus, did Candiace quit or did she get fired?? See for privacy information.
09/04/2454m 37s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Identity Crisis? with Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison reveals what it was really like to start his life over and how going through a divorce helped him cope with his exit from The Bachelor.Plus, how much do Jackie and Jen identify with being a Real Housewife?See for privacy information.
08/04/241h 6m

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: VPR Ep 10 + Vanderpump Villa Ep 1

Emily and Gina Kirschenheiter are recapping the 10th episode of Vanderpump Rules and the season premiere of Vanderpump Villa! See for privacy information.
03/04/2456m 22s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Privacy Por Favor

In this episode, Alexia & Marysol dish on reality tv show woes and knowing when it’s time to step away as they discuss their former Ultimate Girls Trip co-star, Candiace “taking a break” from RHOP.  They also talk “privacy” as they take a closer look at the media mess surrounding Kate Middleton and her health.  Plus, how NO MAN should limit you from living your best life as they discuss a seemingly sour yet celebratory Shakira getting back to making music, post divorce.  It’s juicy. It’s emotional. It’s worthy of a cockie in your hand… See for privacy information.
01/04/2455m 46s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "Tit For Tat" (The Valley Ep 2)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 2nd episode of The Valley! See for privacy information.
28/03/2427m 39s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "Kiss Kiss, Revenge Bang" (VPR Ep 9)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 9th episode of Vanderpump Rules!See for privacy information.
28/03/2458m 7s


Nneka joins the Two Ts and is spilling all the tea! She gives her side of the story with Wendy, what her family thought of her joining the cast of RHOP and how she feels about the shrine drama unfold on TV. Plus, Nneka opens up about her IUI and IVF journey.See for privacy information.
27/03/2434m 32s

The Ultimate Fight (RHOP Recap)

Teddi breaks down the biggest headline from the weekend… it involves an OC Housewife. Then, the Two Ts talk about two RHOP cast members who announced they’re leaving. Is it true?! Plus, the ultimate fight went down on Potomac and there is so much to unpack! See for privacy information.
25/03/2441m 20s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Til Death Do Us Part?

What are the main issues that tear a marriage apart? Who cheats more, men or women? The answer may surprise you. Plus, Jen shares how infidelity changed her marriage. See for privacy information.
25/03/2452m 13s

No Rest for Bravolebrities! (Headlines)

From arrests to break ups to firings, Teddi and Tamra are breaking down all the latest Bravo news! See for privacy information.
22/03/2421m 23s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: VPR Ep 8 + The Valley Ep 1

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 8th episode of Vanderpump Rules + the season premiere of The Valley! See for privacy information.
20/03/241h 11m

Nightmare on Sesame Street (RHOP Recap)

Teddi and Tamra give their take on the Paris Hilton / Mauricio drama… Is it a bad idea to go into business with family?  Then, it’s a brawl like we’ve never seen before…. Why did it take so long for RHOP to get juicy?! Plus, the Two Ts reveal who they think should be booted off RHOP!See for privacy information.
19/03/2451m 49s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Long Live Chisme

Your favorite Miami Housewives are back, this time they’re sharing their thoughts on dating outside your age range as they dish on Kristen Cavalleri’s new romance, attending certain  gatherings without your partner/spouse, and discuss a FASCINATING new study on how gossip might actually be good for you - oooh la la!See for privacy information.
18/03/2449m 35s

Two Ts Presents: The Eds: Husbands Spill the Tea

It’s Edwin and Eddie’s first Q&A and they aren’t holding back!! Find out the BTS story of one of the most iconic scenes in Housewives history. Hint: it involves a bath tub! The Eds share their regrets, boundaries, marriage tips and more!See for privacy information.
15/03/241h 10m


Lesa Milan gives us the scoop on the upcoming season of Dubai.  Who’s causing the most drama? What are Lesa’s thoughts on the newest housewife? Plus, find out why Lesa has a bone to pick with Teddi.See for privacy information.
14/03/2439m 48s

The Queen of 90210 (RHOBH Recap)

RHOBH Reunion has come to an end and there is a lot of drama to break down. Why was Kathy at the reunion?Why is Sutton pulling all these stunts?!What’s really going on between Kyle and Mo?  Plus, find out what we wish Kyle revealed at the reunion.See for privacy information.
14/03/2446m 38s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: “Written in the Stars” (VPR Ep 7)

Teddi and Carlos King are recapping the 7th episode of Vanderpump Rules!See for privacy information.
13/03/2448m 49s

Champagne Campaign (RHOP Recap)

Teddi and Guerdy breakdown the latest headlines including Teddi’s awkward exchange with Ashley Darby at BravoCon! And, how does no one on RHOP actually live in Potomac?!See for privacy information.
12/03/2431m 12s


Guerdy is bringing all the energy and serving the tea piping hot! We’re getting into all the RHOM drama… her feud with Larsa, friendship with Nicole and who she thinks should be holding a mojito next season. Plus, Teddi and Guerdy bond over their journeys with cancer. See for privacy information.
12/03/2444m 36s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Bucket or F**ck It List

The Jersey Js discuss their childhood bucket list dreams.Jackie shares a secret about becoming a mom that you’ll only hear here.And, Jen tells a story about One Direction that will make you jealous!  Plus, what makes Jen and Jackie nervous about the upcoming season of RHONJ?See for privacy information.
11/03/2458m 18s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Royal Pains

Your favorite besties waste no time getting right into it as they share their thoughts on the most recent defamatory allegations being made towards their “jefe”, Andy Cohen.Things take a steamy turn as they dish on Prince Harry’s nudes being on the verge of leaking, and reminisce over their parents having “The Talk” with them.See for privacy information.
11/03/2446m 53s

Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (Season Finale)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 11 with guest cohost Janelle Pierzina, along with a special interview with their friend, and Traitors winner, Trishelle Cannatella! See for privacy information.
08/03/2447m 4s

Keep Sitting on Your Throne, Queen (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

The Two Ts weigh in on the latest drama between Andy and Leah. Then, does Dorit need to start taking ownership of her actions? The RHOBH reunion continues… Plus, Marcus is acting too much like a housewife! See for privacy information.
08/03/2436m 26s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: “Saw It on the Graham” (VPR Ep 6)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 6th episode of Vanderpump Rules!See for privacy information.
06/03/2457m 13s


Ay por favor! Alexia and Marysol are spilling the tea on Larsa’s relationship with Marcus! Find out who they think should be promoted from “friend of” to Housewife. And, is someone pressuring Alexia to step down as a housewife?See for privacy information.
06/03/2450m 44s

Twots and T*ts (RHOP Recap)

From House of Villains casting to the Dorit and PK drama, the Two Ts break down this week’s headlines.  Then, are Ashley and Michael still seeing each other? Find out who Teddi and Tamra would keep (and get rid of) if they were in charge of RHOP casting!See for privacy information.
05/03/2438m 6s

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (Ep 10)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 10 with guest cohost Janelle Pierzina! See for privacy information.
04/03/2438m 41s

Larsa Is My Kyle (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

There are a lot of Bravo headlines about Andy… Teddi and Tamra are speaking their truth.  Part one of the the RHOBH had the Two Ts questioning everyone’s friendship… Is it all just for show?  Then, on the Miami reunion, Marcus is getting himself involved in the drama. Find out who Tamra would die on this hill for!See for privacy information.
01/03/241h 2m

Two Ts Presents: The Eds: Husbands Know Best

They are the “better halves” of Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge… but do we REALLY know Edwin Arroyave and Eddie Judge?  Who met their in-laws in a McDonalds parking lot?  Who fell in love at first sight? Eddie and Edwin are telling all!See for privacy information.
29/02/241h 5m

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "Lake It or Break It" (VPR Ep. 5)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 5th episode of Vanderpump Rules!See for privacy information.
28/02/241h 4m

Kiki Barth (RHOM)

We are manifesting that mojito! We need Kiki as a regular housewife!  Teddi and Tamra guess who her boyfriend is… Did they figure it out!? Plus, Kiki teases the reunion and one name that was brought up maybe one too many times…See for privacy information.
28/02/2429m 51s

No Friend of Mine (RHOP Recap)

The Two Ts have some thoughts on Dorit leaking Kyle’s personal text messages… Did she cross a line?  Then, are we finally seeing what RHOP could potentially be if they all just… liked each other?See for privacy information.
27/02/2439m 36s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: The Perfect Lie

Jen reveals a big lie about her life and finally comes clean.  Plus, the Jersey Js discuss how social media affects their daily lives. Do they plan to quit it cold turkey?See for privacy information.
26/02/241h 1m

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (Ep 9)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 9 with special guest and Traitors co-star, Dan Gheesling!See for privacy information.
23/02/2455m 36s

All Alleged (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

We’ve made it to the RHOBH season 13 finale! Everyone is still questioning who leaked the Kyle and Mauricio news to People Magazine… the Two Ts give their thoughts. Plus, should Bravo shake up the RHOM cast next season? Carlos King joins Teddi and Tamra for more insight on this week’s recaps! See for privacy information.
22/02/2431m 40s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: “Dog Days of Summer” (VPR Ep 4)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 4th episode of Vanderpump Rules.See for privacy information.
21/02/2448m 51s

Is She Playing Us? (Larsa Pippen + RHOP Recap)

The Two Ts go directly to the source on the latest Miami scandal… Larsa Pippen joins to set the rumors straight!  Plus, Teddi and Tamra recap RHOP and share their thoughts on Ashley’s divorce and Mia’s boyfriend.See for privacy information.
21/02/241h 11m

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Scam Likely

It’s been a minute since your favorite housewives have spoken!  Tune in to catch Alexia and Marysol gab over their favorite Super Bowl moments, their RHOM reunion lewks, Larsa Pippen & Michael B Jordan’s “relationship *cue eyeroll*, and talk all things Jennifer Lopez (her new movie that she personally funded, her relationship with Ben, & her appearance on SNL with shady actress & comedienne, Ayo Edebiri).  Pour yourselves a cockie, and strap yourselves in, por que el chisme esta buenisimo!See for privacy information.
19/02/241h 1m

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Jackie’s Turn

Jackie responds to Kelly Osbourne’s recent comments on Ozempic. Is what she said dangerous?  Jackie shares her concerns and more. See for privacy information.
18/02/2412m 16s

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (Ep 8)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 8 with guest cohost Janelle Pierzina, along with a special interview with their Traitors co-star Bergie!See for privacy information.
16/02/2434m 4s

Marcus Did What?! (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Teddi is super bitter about a storyline on RHOBH… find out why she has beef with a certain Housewife! Is Lisa making a mistake having Lenny build her a house? Plus, who unfollowed Tamra?! Uh oh…See for privacy information.
15/02/2438m 47s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off: "You’re Not the Queen of the Group" (VPR Ep 3)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 3rd episode of Vanderpump Rules.See for privacy information.
14/02/2450m 52s


Monica Garcia is finally telling her side of the story. The good, the bad and the ugly. You don’t want to miss this.See for privacy information.
13/02/2458m 19s

The Super Breakup

Did Larsa announce her breakup with Marcus… during the Super Bowl?!! Teddi Walters and Tamra Winfrey dig in! Plus, the Twots address the recent drama surrounding Brandi and Vicki.See for privacy information.
12/02/2423m 5s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Aging Gracefully

How do we handle aging?  Fight it every step of the way, ignore it, embrace it? And what about the dreaded mid-life crisis?  From the moment Jen found a white hair down there, she knew she had to take matters in to her own hands. And, Jackie says it's time to admit her biggest fears, and she reveals them to you.  This is an honest conversation about getting older...See for privacy information.
12/02/2450m 58s

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (Ep 7)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 7 with guest cohost Janelle Pierzina, along with a special interview with their Traitors co-star Ekin-Su!See for privacy information.
09/02/2434m 11s

This is Teddy & Tamara (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Julia can’t spell her friends’ names, but can Teddi and Tamra remember their castmates kids’ names?! Find out why the Two Ts want Kiki to be a RHOM Housewife next season! Then, it’s all about relationships on RHOBH! Teddi reveals why Kyle’s honesty can help a lot of people.See for privacy information.
08/02/2437m 55s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off ("It's All About Ann" - VPR Ep 2)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the 2nd episode of Vanderpump Rules.See for privacy information.
07/02/2458m 11s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Chisme Con Mi Gringo

Todd Nepola sits in for Marysol in this juicy episode of “Ay For Favor”, where he and Alexia answer burning questions from listeners on how they met, the earlier years of their relationship and a few other saucy details…Todd may not be a fan of “chisme”, but that didn’t stop him and Alexia from weighing in on Drew Barrymore getting catfished while on a dating app, Sofia Vergara in “Griselda” and the parallels to the real Miami in the 80’s, some Super Bowl predictions, y mucho mas! See for privacy information.
06/02/2450m 28s

Tres Amigas Drama

Tamra is setting the record straight with what REALLY happened to the Tres Amigas? Who’s telling the truth?  Plus, Teddi and Tamra breakdown RHOP. Was Mia and Gordon’s divorce talk cringey? Who’s the real problem in feud between Nneka and Wendy?See for privacy information.
05/02/2447m 7s


Kenya Moore is dishing it all!  What does she think of Phaedra on The Traitors? Which RHOA star does she want to film with again? Plus, details on her upcoming Lifetime film, “Abducted Off The Street”. See for privacy information.
05/02/2426m 54s

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (EP 6)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 6 with guest cohosts, Janelle Pierzina and Cirie Fields!See for privacy information.
02/02/2451m 13s

Absolutely Obliterated

We’re breaking down this week’s headlines with the help of Cynthia Bailey! We’re talking Denise Richards… Kyle Richards…. Kim Zolciak. Let’s go!See for privacy information.
01/02/2411m 43s

Merce in the Purse (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

The Two Ts have thoughts about Merce… in the purse! Sutton is coming around this season, but are we missing Lisa Rinna this season?? Then, the drama between Larsa and Lisa is at an all time high! Is this the reason why Larsa is in the first seat at the reunion?? See for privacy information.
01/02/2431m 51s

Two Ts Presents: Popping Off with Teddi Mellencamp & Emily Simpson (VPR Premiere)

Teddi and Emily are recapping the premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules and are telling it like it is.  If they aren’t stirring it up, they’re shutting it down! See for privacy information.

Surry to Disappoint (RHOP Recap)

The Twots are breaking down this week’s juiciest headlines including the Brandi and Caroline lawsuit and Heather’s black eye! Then, the ladies of RHOP are heading to Surry County. Is Karen taking production into her own hands with who she chooses to invite? See for privacy information.
30/01/2426m 34s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Mean Girls

Is meanness rewarded on the housewives?At what point does the drama get too toxic and out of hand?Jackie and Jen open up about their personal struggles with mean girls, before and during Housewives. See for privacy information.
30/01/241h 5m

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge (EP 5)

Tamra recaps The Traitors episode 5 with guest cohost, Janelle Pierzina.See for privacy information.
28/01/2438m 55s


Angie K is here and isn’t holding back after an iconic season of RHOSLC! Teddi and Tamra try to change Angie’s mind on Monica… what are her thoughts now?! Plus, Angie does impressions of her casemates! See for privacy information.
27/01/2424m 23s


Emily Simpson is dishing it ALL! No topic is off limits including… Alexis Bellino. Find out how Tamra and Emily REALLY feel about Alexis dating Shannon’s ex! Plus, Teddi and Emily have a special announcement you don’t want to miss.See for privacy information.
26/01/2418m 21s

Our Better Halves

Edwin Arroyave and Eddie Judge met their perfect match with wives Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge. They are in the hot seat and not afraid to answer anything! Plus, they reveal some exciting news!!!!See for privacy information.
26/01/2414m 24s

Called Out

Emily Simpson. Cynthia Bailey. Angie Katsanevas. Carlos King. The Two Ts are prepping for their big live show in San Francisco and stirring the pot… per usual!See for privacy information.
26/01/2428m 22s

Vanished or Banished (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Tamra and Teddi are in mourning following the news about Monica. Will RHOSLC ever recover from this loss?! RHOBH is headed to Barcelona and Teddi has a bone to pick with Crystal. Plus, find out why Kiki and Tamra are one in the same. Hint: it involves vibrators.See for privacy information.
25/01/2444m 32s

The Ultimate Mean Girl (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

RHOSLC Season 4 is officially over... do we forgive Heather for lying about the black eye?! Is Monica the ultimate mean girl with her burn book? Plus, is RHOP tempting Teddi and Tamra to get matching tattoos?!See for privacy information.
24/01/241h 8m

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Ask Us Anything: Live from NYC! (Sort of…)

For the first time in “Ay Por Favor” herstory, your favorite Miami Housewives bring you their FIRST ever episode together in person!  In this tell all episode, Alexia and Marysol answer a bunch of questions from fans about what they were like when they were little girls, celebs who have left them starstruck, a few questions about RHOM (obvio), y mucho mucho mas!  Stiff cockies HIGHLY suggested… Salud! See for privacy information.
23/01/2447m 5s

Two Ts Presents: Talking Traitors with Tamra Judge

Tamra recaps The Traitors episodes 1-4 with guest cohost, Janelle Pierzina.See for privacy information.

Leave Her Esophagus Alone (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Annemarie’s career is being questioned and so is her ability to be a Housewife! Does she have what it takes to be on RHOBH? Then in Miami, Nicole’s name is cleared and Adrianna is now the one in the hot seat. What will happen next?!See for privacy information.
18/01/2436m 23s

Riding Dirty (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

Tamra’s season of Traitors is finally here and Teddi is squashing the beef with someone on the cast. Then, the RHOSLC reunion continues! Did Monica’s mom really pray to be a Housewife!? Plus, are the ladies of Potomac working for their paycheck or dragging out this season?See for privacy information.
17/01/2450m 13s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: More Money, More Problems?

Is the luxurious lifestyle of Housewives real?How much do they really make?Jackie and Jen keep it real when it comes to their relationship with money.Plus, we speak to The Wolf of Wall Street’s ex wife Nadine Macaluso. You’ve got to hear her incredible story of giving up 10 million dollars, walking away with nothing, and starting over!See for privacy information.
16/01/2454m 36s

The Gnat Is Back (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

A familiar face showed up on this week’s RHOBH episode… our very own Teddi! Find out her thoughts on how Garcelle reacted to her. Plus, the ladies get some breaking news from Twitter during the pod!See for privacy information.
11/01/2439m 52s

Bench-Warming B*tch (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

It’s Karen’s triple twenty in RHOP and the women got their easels out, but Robyn had other plans for Karen’s portrait… Then, the RHOSLC drama is just getting started with reunion part one! Plus, Kyle Richards jumps in to give her take on the Salt Lake drama.See for privacy information.
10/01/2420m 56s

Never Too Old To Defend Yourself (RHUGT Recap)

A lot happened over the weekend and Tamra is setting the record straight. Then on RHUGT… is it just us or was there A LOT of sex talk this episode? Luann calling the pirate might be the highlight of the episode! Plus, find out Tamra’s new obsession.See for privacy information.
10/01/2439m 24s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: And The Award Goes To…

Happy New Year! In this episode, your favorite Miami Housewives play catch up as they gab about their holiday trips abroad, dish on some hot Golden Globes chisme along with their favorite red carpet looks, wardrobe malfunctions y mucho mas! Don’t miss Alexia and Marysol at The Miami Improv on Wednesday, January 10th! Tickets available on ( for privacy information.
09/01/2440m 15s

Pass the Paper Plate (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Denise is back in Beverly Hills (again) and it’s probably going to cost more than $7 to pay for her with all these appearances! While Sutton is over here like the Bachelorette trying to find a man to give a final rose to... Then on RHOM, does Adriana need to take accountability for bringing Ana to the dinner? Plus, Teddi is back and giving us an update on her health since her surgery.See for privacy information.
06/01/2457m 19s

Time to Check In (RHOM Recap)

Mamacita Madness Part One truly is madness with how many alarms are going off to check in on Jody!  Then, is Adriana telling Julia NOT to repeat the rumor on camera code to spread the rumor?!  Plus, OG Miami housewife, Ana makes an appearance.See for privacy information.
05/01/2420m 4s

Will the Real Sonja Please Stand Up (RHUGT Recap)

Is RHUGT Legacy living up to its hype? Tamra and Emily weigh in on the latest two episodes… While Kelly wants to show off her glamorous life, and Sonja is showing us way too much. Plus, does Sonja have problems telling the truth?See for privacy information.
04/01/2420m 28s

Reality Von WHO?! (RHOSLC Recap)

The ultimate bombshell dropped on RHOSLC last night…. Teddi, Tamra and Emily Simpson break down Monica’s big reveal that no one saw coming. See for privacy information.
04/01/2457m 29s

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Going Under the Knife

Jen reacts to a certain housewife who told her to get on a “f**cking treadmill”  Is there such a thing as “earning your plastic surgery?”  Plus, Jackie and Jen share what they’ve had done and why.  And, we chat with world renowned surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman about all things plastic surgery. See for privacy information.
02/01/2459m 50s

Happy 2024 from your friends at iHeartPodcasts

See for privacy information.
30/12/2322m 55s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Adios 2023!

From Vanderpump to baby bumps, Jada to Sofia… The memoirs, the drama, the scandals… It’s been one hell of a year! In this year-end episode, Alexia and Marysol recap the moments that made them say “AY POR FAVOR!”See for privacy information.
26/12/2348m 43s

Happy Holidays from the TWOTS!

See for privacy information.
25/12/233m 4s

A Holiday Binge: TWOTS Flashback RHOC 107 & 108

Slade and Jo break up, Vicki's son took advantage of her credit card, and no reunion?! No Andy?! The first season of the Housewives franchise is not what Teddi and Tamra expected, but Teddi admits there is one person that made the show truly entertaining...See for privacy information.
22/12/2329m 32s

A Holiday Binge: TWOTS Flashback RHOC 105 & 106

Bebe shirts, Playboy mansion parties, dark red furniture... RHOC season 1 is a blast from the past! Jo and Slade continue to argue, Vicki goes to her high school reunion and Kimberly opens up about her melanoma diagnosis.  Plus, Slade wants Jo to dress in a maid's costume… uh oh!See for privacy information.
22/12/2335m 39s

A Holiday Binge: TWOTS Flashback RHOC 103 and 104

It's pretty obvious how much RHOC has changed over the past 17 seasons... The women barely know each other, there are no confessionals and what about safety regulations?! Teddi and Tamra break down what they love and what they don't love about RHOC Season 1. Plus, which OC Housewife’s ex-husband did Tamra recently call?!See for privacy information.
22/12/2337m 50s

A Holiday Binge: TWOTS Flashback: JO DE LA ROSA

Jo De La Rosa is going back to the beginning… season one of RHOC!! How did she meet Slade? How did she find out her engagement ring was… *fake*? She gets all kinds of honest about Gretchen Rossi ending up with her ex, Slade! Plus, find out what caused her to be the first in Housewives history to ever leave the franchise.See for privacy information.
22/12/2341m 16s

A Holiday Binge: TWOTS Flashback: RHOC 101 & 102

Teddi and Tamra take a trip down memory lane to watch the first episodes of The Real Housewives *EVER*! That’s right, we are going back behind the gates of Coto de Caza to take you to where it all began – in Orange County. In between the cheesy taglines and questionable fashions, join the Twots as they dive in headfirst to discuss these early episode.  Find out how these Housewives became Legends! Is Vicki Gunvalson the same person today as she was back then? In Tamra's "OPINION", this is the rewatch of all rewatches!See for privacy information.
22/12/2340m 26s

Grab Your Twotcktail… Its A Very Two Ts Holiday!

Teddi and Tamra are throwing a holiday party and everyone is invited! The Two Ts sit down with a couple fans to answer all your burning questions. Happy holidays!See for privacy information.
21/12/2358m 47s

Someone Call Patti Stanger (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

See for privacy information.
21/12/2334m 8s

We’re Not Sh*t Stirrers, We’re Educators (RHOSLC & RHOP Recap)

We can’t start the pod without talking all about the pictures of John Janssen and Alexis Bellino! A man who said he’s so private loves paparazzi photos….  Then, there are only three word to describe this week’s RHOP: Chicken Sh*t Bingo. Plus, we’re only one episode away from the RHOSLC finale and the drama is still hot, hot, HOT!See for privacy information.
20/12/2341m 32s

“Get A New Job, Ladies!” (RHONY Legacy Recap)

RHONY Legacy is finally here and the Two Ts are breaking down the first three episodes! The OG ladies are back together and it seems like the drama from back in the day is still going! Plus, Teddi gives an update on her melanoma.See for privacy information.
19/12/231h 1m

Two Ts Presents: Two Jersey Js: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

The ladies go THERE. Jackie and Jen discuss all things sex.From monogamy, infidelity, sex drive, hall passes to swinging, the ladies keep it honest.Plus, do their fellow housewives really have sex THAT much?And, who found a certain magazine in their Dad’s dresser and whose kid heard her parents having sex in the house!?!See for privacy information.
19/12/2344m 11s

TWOTS Take on San Francisco

Teddi and Tamra and Two Ts in a Pod are hitting the road and going live.  Find out the special guests that will be on stage with them and why it’s a girls night out you dont want to miss. Get your tickets now at January 25th at Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco!See for privacy information.
14/12/235m 0s

A+ for Participation (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

There has been a lot of talk about Sutton’s drinking over the years, and people are now talking about it this season Then, Crystal may be on the season  but she needs to start speaking up! No participation trophy for her. Plus, do the ladies agree with Kiki about how much Lisa talks about Lenny?See for privacy information.
14/12/2341m 10s

A Hard Episode to Swallow (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

The RHOSLC reunion looks are here and it's giving... rainbow! Teddi and Tamra breakdown this week's RHOSLC and RHOP episodes.  Plus, Tamra has a bone to pick with someone from the Vanderpump Rules cast...See for privacy information.
13/12/2355m 29s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Brofessor’s of the Year

Your favorite besties are back as they revisit their FIRST EVER live show in Boca Raton, Fl last weekend and all the fun they had.  Alexia and Marysol can barely contain their excitement as they weigh in on Taylor Swift being named Time’s Person of the Year and their predictions with her relationship to Travis Kelce.  They also dish on Taylor’s bestie, Selena Gomez’ new relationship with Benny Blanco and how they feel she needs to prioritize her happiness.  And of course, la sin verguenza de Jada Pinkett Smith is in the news AGAIN after revealing that she would never leave Will Smith (despite all the ’sLaNdEr’) and how the famous “slap” allegedly saved their marriage… Ay por favor! See for privacy information.
12/12/2341m 51s


The Four Ts are together and leaving no crumbs behind! Teddi and Tamra don't hold back as they hit Tom and Tom with the hard-hitting questions everybody wants to know. For Part 2 of this interview, listen to Everybody Loves Tom!See for privacy information.
07/12/2358m 50s

Phantom of the Opera… Featuring Julia (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Denise is back on RHOBH and the Two Ts question if she's trying to get her diamond back. Plus, is Sutton trying to fill Lisa Rinna's shoes?! Then, Julia is singing opera while Alexia was making excuses to avoid being roommates.See for privacy information.
07/12/2329m 0s

Xanax, Bathtubs & Pies (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

Is Teddi being replaced?! The ladies are setting the rumors straight! Then, is Meredith running the show from behind the scenes on RHOSLC? And is Robyn protecting Juan and his cheating on RHOP?! Plus… we all have had bad license pictures, but Teddi and Tamra might take the cake on this one!See for privacy information.
06/12/2349m 54s

Introducing: Two Jersey Js with Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler

Two Housewives, two BIG personalities, Two Jersey J's! Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler join the Two T's family to spill some east coast tea! From menopause to making the most of your 40's and 50's.Follow these fabulous women as they navigate family, friendships, and even frenemies! Chasing that spark in your life, motherhood, men, good sex, and finding satisfaction in everything.If being a Real Housewife feels overwhelming at times,  be a friend to one...join New Jersey's best friends Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler each week.  Jackie and Jenn prove that opposites not only attract but are better for it. From Executive Producers Teddi Mellencamp, Tamra Judge, and Chris Harrison. See for privacy information.

Two Ts Presents: Ozempic Opposites Attract

The housewives universe is exploding with the use of Ozempic so Jackie and Jen dive right into what makes them compete opposites on their views of the drug.Jen gets real about how she landed in the hospital from taking semiglutides. And Jackie shares her fears and worries about Jenn using it.The ladies don’t hold back and discuss it ALL on our first episode of Two Jersey J’s!See for privacy information.
04/12/2348m 57s

Two Ts on the Town

Teddi and Tamra have had an eventful week filled with red carpets, housewives and tons of tea to spill!See for privacy information.
30/11/2326m 27s

Blast from the Beverly Hills Past (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Two former Beverly Hills housewives make an appearance in this week’s episode..  Then, if Kyle isn’t allowed to have a judgment, then why is Sutton allowed to have judgment about Kyle’s new lifestyle? Plus, Teddi and Tamra question Larsa’s comments towards Guerdy. See for privacy information.
30/11/2339m 12s

You’re dressed like a pickle (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

It’s been a couple weeks since BravoCon, but has Teddi and Tamra’s relationship changed since??  Then, the drama on RHOP feels childish… who is keeping track of followers on Facebook?! Plus, the Two Ts weigh in on Lisa and Whitney’s argument on RHOSLC. See for privacy information.
29/11/2342m 16s

Two Ts Presents: Ay Por Favor: Love Hath No Fury…

Tune in as your favorite besties catch up on their Thanksgiving activities, dish on Linda Evangelista  and finding love when you’re of a “certain age”, and share their hot take on the latest allegations against Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/Love/Puffy etc. BTW - If you’re in South Florida, be sure to catch Alexia and Marysol at the Studio at Mizner Park, LIVE on Saturday 12/9. Tickets on sale at!See for privacy information.
28/11/2339m 9s

Name 'Em, My Love (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Looks like we have a new housewives catchphrase thanks to Sutton... NAME 'EM! The ladies are loving Erika’s authenticity on this season of RHOBH, but is Sutton suddenly insufferable? Then on RHOM, is Adrianna jealous of Alexia’s new lifestyle? And why are we fighting over farts?!See for privacy information.
23/11/2333m 49s

The Quiet Woman isn’t so Quiet (RHOP & RHOSLC Recap)

The Two Ts break down the latest headlines, including a former RHOC cast member seen with John Janssen, Lenny’s fiancé’s encounter with Teddi at BravoCon, plus, our very own Tamra is on Variety’s 40 Top Most Powerful Women list!  Then, they dive into this week’s RHOP and RHOSLC. It’s all on a new episode of Two Ts! See for privacy information.
22/11/2349m 53s

Only 6 Hours… (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

After watching this week’s RHOBH, we can’t tell if we like this new Erika or miss the old Erika. Then, Teddi has a confession to make and it is about Garcelle… Plus, we have to discuss Larsa’s reaction to Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis.See for privacy information.
16/11/2333m 56s

What’s in the Vida Tequila? (RHOSLC & RHOP Recap)

Teddi may be under the weather but she is coming in hot with her opinion on Monica’s mom, Linda. Also, should Lisa Barlow pursue a career in rapping?  Plus, which housewife of Potomac is Tamra most alike?See for privacy information.
15/11/2346m 36s

Ay Por Favor: Lo Que Pasa en Vegas…

Your favorite Miami Housewives are back and still buzzing from BravoCon as they discuss the highs, the lows and LOTS of behind the scenes chisme you won’t get anywhere else *fire emoji*. They also get personal as they answer some burning questions from their AMAZING fans about RHOM, life on and off the show, and of course, their friendship. So pour those cockies and make sure they’re filled to the rim, because this one is a doozy!   See for privacy information.
14/11/2351m 40s


Alex Baskin, the executive producer of RHOBH, RHOC, Vanderpump Rules, Botched and more, joins the Two Ts to discuss all the behind the scenes of the housewives franchise! (The guy in charge!) Then, Teddi and Alex dig into why Teddi was fired! Plus, Alex shares a unique perspective on Scandoval!See for privacy information.
10/11/2348m 39s

Take Your Pants Off (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

The ladies of Beverly Hills go to Magic Mike… looks like wearing pants is not the move. Then on RHOM, is Lisa moving too fast with her boyfriend after her split from Lenny?See for privacy information.
09/11/2335m 21s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with HIBISCUS

The Masked Singer revealed a housewife… Tune in to find out who it is! See for privacy information.
09/11/237m 35s

That’s A Low Blow (RHOSLC & RHOP Recap)

This week’s RHOSLC tugged at our heartstrings! Teddi and Tamra feel for Monica and her situation with her mom. Also, was it a low blow to comment on Lisa’s age?! Plus, is Teddi a little biased while watching RHOP after talking to Robyn at BravoCon?? The ladies break down the season premiere.See for privacy information.
08/11/2342m 5s

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

The Two Ts are back home to recap BravoCon.  Who had to sneak out of the Two Ts party to avoid their cast mates? Plus, Which househusband was the life of the party?See for privacy information.
07/11/2337m 44s

Shep Rose: Live from BravoCon (Southern Charm)

Teddi is joined by her childhood friend, Shep Rose! Have Teddi and Shep ever kissed??? Shep explains why he won’t ask Brynn Whitfield on a date and what kind of partner he is looking for. Plus, Shep explains why men cheat…See for privacy information.
06/11/2332m 1s

Kelly Bensimon: Live from BravoCon (RHONY)

Kelly tells Teddi what her biggest regret is from her time on the show. Plus, she teases RHONY Legacy and we are already counting down the days!!See for privacy information.
05/11/2323m 46s

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan: Live from BravoCon (RHOM)

Larsa and Marcus talk about their love, Traitors and the new season of RHOM.  Plus, is Larsa still mad at Teddi? Tune in to find out…See for privacy information.
05/11/2315m 35s

Nicole Martin: Live from BravoCon (RHOM)

Teddi starts off the podcast by helping Nicole pick out a name for Baby No. 2!  Plus, Nicole is not holding back and answers all of Teddi’s questions about Season 6 of Miami.See for privacy information.
05/11/2327m 34s

Robyn Dixon: Live from BravoCon (RHOP)

Teddi tells Robyn which one of her castmates snubbed her at BravoCon. Plus, Robyn opens up about her marriage to Juan.See for privacy information.
05/11/2323m 43s

Dorinda Medley: Live from BravoCon (RHONY)

Dorinda and Teddi find out that they are disliked by the same person…. Will they make it nice with this housewife at BravoCon? Plus, Dorinda gets us excited for RHONY Legacy!See for privacy information.
05/11/2311m 34s

Frank Catania and Brittany Mattessich: Live from BravoCon (RHONJ)

The newly engaged couple is here! Frank and Brittany tell the Two Ts all the wedding details they have so far. Plus, do Frank and Brittany or Larsa and Marcus have more sex?? See for privacy information.
04/11/235m 48s

Erin Lichy: Live from BravoCon (RHONY)

Teddi is stirring the pot and tells Erin who called her a fake snake.  Plus, Erin says who she is most nervous to run into at BravoCon. See for privacy information.
04/11/2315m 16s

Kyle Richards: Live from BravoCon (RHOBH)

Teddi and Kyle breakdown BravoCon so far including who Kyle is least looking forward to seeing. Plus, Kyle opens up how she really feels towards Mauricio and Emma Slater’s relationship.See for privacy information.
04/11/2331m 4s

Caroline Brooks: Live from BravoCon (RHODubai)

The Two Ts are stirring the pot yet again at BravoCon…  Caroline Brooks heard what one of her castmates had to say about her and is here to set the record straight.See for privacy information.
04/11/235m 24s

Chanel Ayan: Live from BravoCon (RHODubai)

Chanel Ayan is heated after watching the RHONY reunion and has her cousin, Ubah’s back! Then, she shares who she thinks are the fake snakes on RHONY. Plus, Jeff Lewis crashes the podcast. Find out what he is heated about…See for privacy information.
04/11/2312m 17s

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo: Live from BravoCon (RHODubai)

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are here to tell us what to expect on Season 2 of Dubai. Plus, Caroline gives her opinion on the newest addition to the franchise.See for privacy information.
04/11/2312m 23s

Jackie Goldschneider & Jennifer Fessler: Live from BravoCon (RHONJ)

The Jersey J’s join Teddi for a BIG announcement!! Plus, they weigh in on the BravoCon panels changing last minute. Everything you're missing at BravoCon, is on our pod! See for privacy information.
04/11/2316m 37s

Dave Quinn: Live from BravoCon

Dave Quinn has the inside scoop on Ramona Singer his take on the reality reckoning. Everything you're missing on in Vegas, is on our pod! See for privacy information.
03/11/238m 31s

Whitney Rose & Angie Katsanevas: Live From BravoCon (RHOSLC)

Whitney tells the truth about her marriage to Justin and how they are doing today, Angie K sets the record straight on her husband, and they give their honest opinion on Monica and Meredith. Everything you're missing at BravoCon, is on our pod! See for privacy information.
03/11/2319m 38s

Monica Garcia: Live from BravoCon (RHOSLC)

The newest RHOSLC housewife sits down with the Two Ts live from BravoCon and opens up about her relationship with her mother, who she trusts the most on the show and more! Everything you're missing at BravoCon, is on our pod! See for privacy information.
03/11/239m 9s


The Countess is back with the TWOTS! Luann weighs in on the latest Ramona news and shares advice she has for Shannon Beador. Plus, which Bravolebrity is Luann trying to get set up with at BravoCon this weekend?! See for privacy information.
02/11/2313m 23s

Tam-Rat (RHOBH & RHOM Recap)

Snitches don’t get stitches… they get tattoos in Beverly Hills! Is Kyle right about jinxing your marriage by getting your husband’s name tattoo’d? Plus, Tamra reveals a tattoo she got for her ex. Ay por favor! What’s going on with Alexia and Marysol this season on RHOM?! Is their friendship on the rocks?See for privacy information.
02/11/2349m 18s

Old Cackling Hag (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

Teddi is getting to the bottom of the meaning behind “old cackling hag” and calling PK Kemsley for his expertise.  Then, is Andy getting backlash for casting influencers on the new RHONY? Plus, Eddie Judge crashes the pod. Are him and Tamra still in the honeymoon phase? Find out what he has to say about watching back RHOC!See for privacy information.
01/11/2345m 34s

Two Ts and an E

RHOC’s Emily Simpson dropped in to help the Two Ts recap the latest headlines… and it’s juicy! Who JUST started drama with Tamra on Instagram??And what is the latest with Tamra and Jenn?!See for privacy information.
31/10/2324m 28s

Ay Por Favor: The Internet is a Scary Place

This episode is off to a spOoOky start as the Brofessor’s talk about Halloween and the ghost in Marysol’s home - QUE MIEDO! They also discuss Britney Spears’ latest memoir and the bombshells dropped about her previous relationship with Justin Timberlake...Plus Sofia Vergara and Bad Bunny low-key flirting on Instagram, and a daughter giving her father the silent treatment for not coughing up cash for her lavish wedding - QUE MALCRIADA! Lastly, Alexia and Marysol are BUZZING with excitement this week with the premiere of RHOM Season 6 this Wednesday AND BravoCon this weekend - QUE COMIENCE LA FIESTA!See for privacy information.
31/10/2346m 10s

Teddi’s in the Hot Seat (RHOBH Recap)

Teddi is back in the Clubhouse and Tamra is giving her sh*t for her shadiness. Then, the Two Ts are back to recap the Season 13 premiere of RHOBH.  Are you ready to see all the drama unfold this season?!?See for privacy information.

Don’t Call Me Sweetie (RHONY Recap)

From Bethenny’s celebrity dinner to Lisa and Erika at the club… we got all the headlines in today’s show! Also, is it just us or did Ubah come in too hot at the reunion?!  Plus, find out what the ladies think of RHONY this season. Who do they think was the star of the season?See for privacy information.
24/10/2358m 55s

Am I the Drama? (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

The Two Ts are finally back together and better than ever, but apparently the podcast causes problems… Are we the drama?! Then, are the women of RHONY hiding their lives? What’s the point of being a housewife if you’re not going to be open? Plus, is Monica making a scene just for the cameras on RHOSLC? Or is she always this outrageous?See for privacy information.
18/10/231h 20m

Ay Por Favor: Tremendo Bombshell

If this episode were a person, Will Smith would more than likely slap them, because Alexia & Marysol go IN on Jada's memoir. But that's not all...tune in as Alexia and Marysol share their thoughts on the latest RHOM Season 6 trailer, Tamra telling Andy Cohen to STFU during the RHOC reunion and so much more...See for privacy information.
17/10/2337m 6s

The Judge Returns (RHOC Reunion Part 2)

Was Shannon really the “most authentic” this season? Did filming with John ultimately lead to the end of her relationship? Plus, was Tamra out of line for snapping at Andy? The RHOC reunion conversation continues…See for privacy information.
13/10/2331m 17s

The Judge Returns (RHOC Reunion Part 1)

Tamra’s back and here we go! The reunion came in hot and Tamra’s fired up to talk about it.   What REALLY went down between Tamra and Heather? And what did Tamra think of her behavior this season?    Then, Tamra explains the backstory of her friendship with Jenn and how it all went sideways. See for privacy information.
13/10/2352m 9s

First Class Sandwich (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

Are the ladies of RHONY too invested in Jessel and Pavit's love life? Are the husbands getting too involved? Teddi and Emily are invested in Pavit's trip to Vietnam to earn points. Then on RHOSLC, Angie and Shawn's relationship is shown in a better light. And, Is Linda crossing the line telling Monica how to raise her daughters? See for privacy information.
11/10/2332m 51s

Pour Some Lemonade On Me

We are analyzing the RHOBH and RHOM trailers and revealing secrets. Shannon is getting treatment after her DUI arrest, but what does it mean for the future Tres Amigas shows? Should she continue? Plus, what in the world is going on with that Jenn Pedranti post?!See for privacy information.
11/10/2352m 23s

Stop the Shaman (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

Are Teddi and Emily spoiling their children. How much is too much?  Can the shamans and sound baths please come to an end? We’ve seen (and heard) enough! Plus, is Meredith trying to stay out of drama in SLC by not naming names? Or is it making matters worse! See for privacy information.
04/10/2341m 22s

Ay Por Favor - Cuffing Season

Fall is in the air, y el cuerpo lo sabe… Alexia and Marysol dish on a few of the latest saucy celeb sightings that have everyone buzzing, Leo DiCaprio’s dating dilemma, and Mick Jagger’s plans for his fortune once his ‘stone’ stops "rolling".See for privacy information.
03/10/2342m 57s

We're All Sh*t Stirrers

Teddi and Emily are breaking down the biggest Bravo headlines . Bethenny Frankel and NeNe Leakes controversial interview, Tom Sandoval shirtless in his podcast ad, and the extremely confusing RHONY reunion looks.  Plus, who texted Emily trying to ruin her marriage?!See for privacy information.
02/10/2358m 55s


Sanya Richards-Ross is clearing up those RHOA rumors! Is the network rebooting the franchise with a new cast? What do the current ladies think? Then, Sanya opens up about her miscarriage, why she decided to share her experience on the show and how she felt finding out she’s pregnant again.See for privacy information.
29/09/2346m 19s

Just Try the Salad (RHOC Recap)

It's the RHOC season finale! And, Teddi is to blame for Tamra’s fight with Heather. Are Heather and Tamra two alphas going at it for top dog?? Plus, where’s Teddi's orange?! She's been on this season more than Vicki! See for privacy information.
28/09/2352m 16s

Don't Talk Sexy to Me (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

There's drama in Jersey, and Teddi and Emily Simpson are dishing! Jessel's making her checklist and sharing it twice! But, this cell phone debacle is getting out of hand. Plus, is Monica forcing relationships with the other Housewives in RHOSLC?See for privacy information.
27/09/2358m 35s

Pastor Bailey (RHOC Recap)

Tamra and Jenn are back to square one with their arguments about Ryan... is this getting old?! Is Heather simply mean? Or is she just unaware? Plus, Vicki came in HOT! Was she out of line with her comments about Ryan?!See for privacy information.
21/09/2345m 22s

From Erin to Karen (RHONY & RHOSLC Recap)

Emily Simpson has entered the chat and she's not holding back! Teddi and Emily dig into this week’s RHONY and made a shocking correlation -- Shane walked so Pavit can run! Also, did Erin go from Queen Bee to… a Karen? It’s starting to get icy on RHOSLC but we’re all wondering how Angie got herself a snowflake? Plus, Emily gets real and settles rumors about her fitness journey and fitting into the OC Housewife standards.See for privacy information.
20/09/231h 16m

Ay Por Favor: Squirrel Talk

Your favorite housewives let loose as they dish on Ben getting caught in a very affectionate embrace with the wrong Jen, Taylor and another ‘swift’ transition to another man, and Sopranos star Drea De Matteo joining Only Fans… Ay Dios Mio!See for privacy information.
19/09/2337m 46s

Breaking News from the OC

Teddi, Tamra and Cynthia are discussing the shocking breaking news regarding Shannon Beador.See for privacy information.
18/09/2315m 13s

Snuffleupagus (RHOC Recap)

Teddi gets very emotional detailing her recent biopsy and melanoma.  The ladies of RHOC are in Mexico and the drama is coming in HOT! It’s always a good time when Vicki's around!  But, who’s the ultimate pot stirrer this episode? Hint: it starts with a T and ends with Amra! See for privacy information.
14/09/2358m 8s

Ice Ice Angie (RHOSLC Recap)

Why are Heather and Meredith trying to ice Angie out this season?! Teddi thinks Whitney has changed…is she catering to the fans rather than being her true self? And,  the fashion in Salt Lake City needs to be discussed.  Teddi and Tamra reveal their best and worst dressed lists!See for privacy information.
13/09/2338m 26s

Long Lost Cousins (RHONY & RHOA Recap)

Tamra is back from filming the RHOC reunion!  In a shocking discovery, she has a cousin she didn't know about... and it's a housewife! We have one word to describe this week's RHOA …AWKWARD! Plus, are the girls just really jealous of Kandi? What were Ralph’s motives? And, Teddi and Tamra critique the moment Drew serenaded Ralph... eek!See for privacy information.
12/09/231h 1m


Jessel Taank is setting the record straight on a ton of rumors!! Did she move to NY just to be on the show?? Is her marriage on the rocks? What REALLY happened at the Rainbow Room red carpet? Plus, Jessel and Teddi have an honest discussion about their struggles with IVF.See for privacy information.
11/09/2341m 12s

Blame It on the Alcohol

Before jumping into this week's RHOC recap, Teddi and Cynthia discuss Atlanta! Did Kandi go too far with Drew? Does someone hype up Marlo before her confessionals? Then, RHOC is back in Mexico which means… Tequila! Drunken words are sober thoughts – we’re looking at you, Emily!!See for privacy information.
07/09/2353m 17s

Salty as Ever

RHOSLC is back! Teddi and Tamra reveal why they love the new housewife... Jen Shah's fired assistant, Monica!  Mary is back but why is she listed as "Meredith's Friend"?!See for privacy information.
06/09/2321m 27s


Teddi addresses a rumor going ‘round…And, we deep dive into a Housewives husband getting boo'd at a softball game... Teddi and Tamra are breaking down all the headlines! Was it just us or was there a lot of cleavage at the RHOA reunion?!  Plus, Erin is the ultimate pot stirrer on RHONY!See for privacy information.
06/09/231h 2m

Ay Por Favor: Living La Dolce Vita?

The besties are back for more, this time it’s all eyes on Italy, as Alexia and Marysol discuss Kanye getting caught with his pants down on a river taxi in Venice, and a clip that has gone viral of an Italian wedding where the groom exposes his “bride to be” for infidelity - in front of all their guests. Mamma Mia - QUE ESCANDALO! See for privacy information.
04/09/2332m 4s

We Were On A Break

Teddi and Cynthia need a lesson from Heather Dubrow on manifesting...And what does it mean to be on a “break”?! Was Ryan in the wrong?Then, Teddi made an appearance on last night's RHOC and she’s stirring the pot, to say the least!See for privacy information.
01/09/2343m 47s

The Dirtiest Reunion That Hasn't Happened Yet

Everyone saw Taylor Armstrong's paparazzi moment... Now she's calling in to tell her side of the story! RHOA has come to the end, but what are Teddi and Tamra's thoughts on Drew and Ralph's relationship? Plus, Teddi gets emotional while discussing Jessel and Sanya opening up about miscarriages and IVF.See for privacy information.
30/08/231h 3m

Bet It All on Blonde with ERIKA JAYNE

Teddi and Tamra are live from Las Vegas with Erika Jayne!   What REALLY happened with the Fox Force Five group text? Does she miss Lisa Rinna on the new season of RHOBH? Is Erika seeing a new man? And, she gives us an update on Tom!  Plus, Erika addresses the comments about her menopause weight loss.  It’s the tell all of tell alls. What happens in Vegas, stays on the Pod!See for privacy information.
29/08/231h 15m

No Tacos for You

RHOC is serving up the juicy drama! Teddi and Cynthia’s opinions have changed about Ryan!! Do you agree? They also have a bone to pick with Shannon… Plus, Cynthia reveals who she almost hired as her assistant! See for privacy information.
24/08/2339m 56s

Show Me Your Best O

Crappie Lake has come to an end, RHOA is almost at the finish line, and RHONY is just getting started! Find out which RHONY star Tamra relates to and why. And, in a turn of events... Let's hear Teddi & Tamra give their best O’s.See for privacy information.
23/08/2334m 49s

Wasted, But Not Naked

Teddi and Tamra share their OPINIONS on Bethenny Frankel's interview with Rachel Leviss.  As a result, Tamra reveals what "naked wasted" really means. Then, what does Tamra think of Lala Kent's shade towards this season of RHOC? And, could it be Kenya's last season on RHOA?See for privacy information.
23/08/2339m 31s

Ay Por Favor: Great Minds (Sometimes) Think Alike

Grab those cockies and make sure they’re stiff - your favorite housewives are back for more chisme in spanglish. This episode is off to a HEATED start as Alexia & Marysol chime in on Britney Spears’ divorce from Sam Asghari, Doja Cat dissing her (declining) fan base, how Rachel Leviss (aka Raquel) needs to Vander-PUMP the breaks on wanting to cash in on Scandoval, y mucho mas!See for privacy information.
21/08/2332m 52s

Hand Jobs are so 2003

RHONY keeps on delivering! But, this week had us questioning… are hand jobs in or out?Find out why Whitney cried watching this week’s RHONY.Then, we visit Atlanta and Crappie Lake.Why didn’t Martell pay for Sheree’s Birthday Dinner?See for privacy information.
16/08/2349m 45s

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Whitney Rose is jumping in the TWOTS hot seat and she is spilling all the SLC tea. Find out which SLC Housewife blocked her and who she goes up against in the upcoming season. And, is there truth to the rumor that Whitney and Justin’s marriage is in trouble!? Plus, whose sex scenes were worse — Whitney or Tamra’s?See for privacy information.
16/08/2323m 55s


Gina vs ShannonGina vs Heather Gina’s getting in to it and giving her side of the story!What’s true and what’s fake news?See for privacy information.
15/08/2330m 35s

Nipple Licker

Teddi has a bone to pick with Cynthia... She threw some shade on another podcast!Teddi and Cynthia break down Vicki's non-negotiables in the latest RHOC episode. Whose nipple would Cynthia lick?! Plus, a lot went down between Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis on WWHL last night and we have the inside intel! See for privacy information.
10/08/2351m 4s

Trimming the Bushes

RHONY is a breath of fresh air! Is it healthy to stay friends with your ex? The drama between Marlo and Drew on RHOA continues… whose side are you on? The Twots agree we need Cynthia back as a regular!! Plus, a certain headline has the Twots revealing whether trimmed bushes are in or out. See for privacy information.
09/08/2351m 7s

Ay Por Favor: From Lenny to Lizzo

Your favorite bro’s are finally back together, to serve up some hot goss! Marysol and Alexia catch up over their recent romantic getaways with their beaus right before sharing their thoughts on Lenny Hochstein’s engagement, Gerard Pique moving his mistress into his home, Ariana being a Grande homewrecker, and finish off with Lizzo and the banana show fiasco. Prepare yourselves, porque EL CHISME ESTA BUENISIMO!See for privacy information.
08/08/2343m 29s

Tricky Vicki

Teddi weighs in on Vicki's WWHL appearance and it’s a questionable review.  Cynthia spills hot tea revealing what she knows about Drew and LaToya.  Eddie Judge is doing all the dirty work on this week's RHOC! He needs to hold an orange! Plus, Ryan’s leopard collar… we have some thoughts.See for privacy information.
04/08/2350m 56s

Big Orange Popsicle

Let’s talk RHONY! Was it ok for Jenna to leave Erin’s house in the middle of the night? Teddi relates to this all too well and has some thoughts… Are we still loving Crappie Lake? The Twots are divided. Plus, Tamra tells a story about a Popsicle no one saw coming…See for privacy information.
02/08/2319m 28s

Congrats to Your Mistress

Lenny Hochstein is engaged… yet, still married?! And, Tamra unfollows another Housewife. Woah. Plus, the RHOA reunion seating chart is here!Why is Kandi in the 3rd seat again? The Twots have their theories.See for privacy information.
02/08/2338m 5s

Lyons, Testicles & Bravo Oh My!

Jenna Lyons fan club alert!! Teddi and Tamra are loving Jenna on RHONY! Find out which RHONY newbie is a combination of Teddi and… Heather Dubrow! ATL is getting spicy. The Twots deep dive in to what actually happened between Drew and LaToya. Did they really make out? Plus, we don't want Crappie Lake to end! Should Bravo make shows with less drama and more fun!?See for privacy information.
28/07/2348m 28s

When Tamra Gives you Lemons…

Tamra is back from WWHL and she’s got A LOT to say. What did Jenn and Ryan do that made her cringe? Should Vicki get her orange back?? We also have to address Teresa and Tamra wearing the same outfit… Plus, details on a hate text Teddi sent… or did she?See for privacy information.
27/07/2334m 8s

Watch Me NeNe

Cynthia is responding to NeNe Leakes! Are they still friends? And how does she feel about what NeNe said?! The drama between Jenn, Tamra and Heather continues this week on RHOC. Cynthia questions if there are any other hotties in the OC besides Ryan. Plus, Teddi is shocked by all the waxing.  And, a slip and slide means one thing... Tamra's top is for sure coming off!See for privacy information.
27/07/2343m 47s

Ay Por Favor: Peter Covers for Marysol

Alexia’s son, Peter sits in for Marysol while she’s away renewing her vows - AY QUE CUTE!In this special episode, Peter and Alexia discuss deep family issues. From his feelings about growing up on tv, to their reactions when they first watched Cocaine Cowboys, and all the hard lessons learned along the way. But wait, just because Marysol isn’t around doesn’t mean there won’t be any CHISME! This momma - son duo dish on everything from Hailey Bieber thirst traps, to Jonah Hill’s ex posting personal text messages, to Joe Manganiello’s cold Birthday wish for Sofia Vergara foreshadowing their recent split, y mucho mas con madre y hijo!See for privacy information.
24/07/2344m 16s

Don’t Throw a Napkin at Me!!

The episode is finally here — the Napkin Throw! Find out why Cynthia wasn’t too happy with Tamra. Is it better to be best friends with the Housewives Villain or to stay far, far away? Teddi and Cynthia discuss. Plus, Teddi ran into one of Cynthia's RHOA castmates and it didn’t go over too well… See for privacy information.
20/07/2350m 13s

New York State of Mind

After 2 years, RHONY is BACK!! New girls, new drama… it’s New York!!   Is Erin the new Bethenny Frankel? Was cheese gate the dumbest thing ever? Can YOU eat 5-6 bananas a day? The Twots pick their favorite and least favorite newbie.   And, of course, we visit Crappie Lake and it does not disappoint.  See for privacy information.
18/07/2344m 54s

Threesomes, Tiffs and Talking Sh**

Tamra found herself in a very sh*tty situation this morning and she’s coming in hot! RHOA is getting goooood! Finally, Drew is back in the mix and Teddi and Tamra dissect her emotional fight with Sheree. Plus, the Twots worry that Kenya’s new fling, Roi, might be in it for the wrong reasons…See for privacy information.
18/07/2335m 54s

Don’t Mess with Mama Bear

Teddi is completely outraged!! Find out why you don’t want to mess with her today. RHOC is getting better each week! Teddi and Cynthia are loving Tamra and Shannon back together, but what’s up with Heather’s pity party? And of course, we need to discuss what Garcelle said on WWHL…See for privacy information.
14/07/231h 2m


After a two year hiatus, RHONY is back and on fire with a brand new cast! Erin Lichy joins the Twots to spill the tea on the season premiere. Which OG RHONY Housewife took Erin out to lunch?! Plus, Erin compares the new cast to the OG cast and you’ll never guess which two Housewives are related!See for privacy information.
13/07/2329m 34s

In Twots We Trust

The least trustworthy Housewives... experts compiled a list, find out if Teddi and Tamra agree. The truth will be revealed. There’s a rumor that Margaret Josephs is she scared of Louie and is refusing to film with him… we go directly to her to get you your answer. Plus, we break down the first two episodes of Crappie Lake. Find out what made Teddi and Tamra pee their pants laughing.See for privacy information.
12/07/2354m 8s

Ay Por Favor: Ask Us Anything (Otra Vez)

Pour yourself a cockie - It’s time for another episode of ‘Ask Us Anything’, where Alexia and Marysol take turns answering some saucy questions from beautiful listeners like you. This time, they answer questions and offer advice on friendships, relationships, mental health, y mucho, mucho mas.See for privacy information.
11/07/2328m 20s

Not the D*ck Pic, Please

In a shocking turn of events, Teddi is asking for an olive branch from Heather. Teddi and Cynthia unpack the Jennifer d*ck pic drama… do you believe her? Plus, Cynthia shares what she got from a random man at a gas station. Eww!See for privacy information.
08/07/2337m 13s

The BIG Elephant in the Room

The Twots are back from some much-needed time off, but that didn't stop the Bravo news cycle!  Yes, we are addressing the BIG elephant in the room… Kyle and Mauricio.  Speaking of the D word… Kim and Kroy called off their divorce? Plus, we’re getting some OC tea from Tamra.See for privacy information.
08/07/2357m 56s

Ay Por Favor: Pásame el Menthol!

Hold the cockies and grab the vivaporu, because the ladies are back for more (this time with a cold - pardon the stuffiness). In this episode, they talk about a “new” dialect of English & Spanish (aka spanglish), more Shakira/Pique drama, out of pocket concert goers y mucho mas. Para que vean, not even a cold can keep your favorite housewives away from a little chisme.See for privacy information.
30/06/2337m 26s

Block or Mute?

Cynthia Winfrey (aka Cynthia Bailey) is reporting for duty and spilling the tea on which Housewives she muted on Instagram. Eek!! RHOC is getting juicy!! Was Tamra stirring the pot and was Heather condescending by saying Taylor's play is "cute"?  Plus, what does everyone do in Cynthia's house that drives her absolutely nuts?!See for privacy information.
30/06/2358m 3s

Teddi Turned Down

In a never-ending feud, Tamra tells Teddi someone does NOT want her at the Tres Amigas show.  Tamra teases why this season is the BEST of RHOC ever. Then, we head to Atlanta… Did the Twots uncover signs of Drew and Ralph’s split in this episode? Did they *Already Know*?See for privacy information.
27/06/2345m 30s

Two Ts and a FRANK

Frankly, RHONJ Reunion left us with many MANY questions. So, our favorite (ex) husband, Frank Catania, is clearing the air. Let’s be Frank, we uncover the truth behind Bo Dietl, Teresa, the Gorga’s, and Margaret. What’s really going on with Frank and Louie? Find out what happened when they met up recently.  On a lighter note, is Frank still living with David? AND, who will get married first — Frank or Dolores? …The Twots just got a MAJOR exclusive from Frank you can only hear here!See for privacy information.
23/06/2327m 41s

The Final CUT

We hate to see CUT go, but why isn’t Shannon apologizing to Tamra too? And, in a shocking change of opinion, we are totally loving Emily this season! Cynthia Bailey gives us all the BTS of being an actress and how “hoohaas” come in handy. Would she be a better teacher than Heather? Plus, we find out from Cynthia which RHOA housewives will NEVER be friends again!!See for privacy information.
22/06/2328m 52s

Introducing: Separation Anxiety with Larsa and Marcus

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have Separation Anxiety. They finally found each other and now they're ready to be brutally honest with you about life, love, sex, and 16 year age gaps! Larsa and Marcus share their private thoughts about being in the public eye. What is life really like at home with the Pippen/Jordan's? They won't hold back about all the juicy things happening, even when it’s about them- their friends- and even their haters. The hottest couple in Miami giving their hot takes. He says she's bubbly, fun, smart and sexy...She calls him motivating, inspiring, he's everything on her list.  Are they a match made in Housewives Heaven? Don't settle. They'll help you find what you're looking for. We should all feel good about being alone but if Larsa and Marcus have Separation Anxiety, then let's join them each week.See for privacy information.
22/06/231m 0s

Overrated Housewives

Tamra is setting the record straight about her beef with Teresa.  And, this is the last time she’s ever going to talk about it!  Teddi and Tamra dissect this week’s RHOA and it wasn’t all that Gucci. If not for Kandi this season, there would be nothing!  Plus, the Twots chime in on Kenya wanting to have another baby. See for privacy information.
21/06/2350m 28s

PI’s and Pop Tarts

Tamra shares the REAL story behind her sit down with Shannon. With zero resolution amongst the cast, the final episode of the RHONJ Reunion left the Twots sad.  Should Melissa and Teresa be put on pause? Can Teresa be on the show WITHOUT Louie?!See for privacy information.
16/06/2356m 21s

F*ck a Duck

Tamra’s emotions are running high in this week’s RHOC episode.  And the moment we all have been waiting for… Shannon and Tamra confront each other at lunch. We dissect it all!! Plus, RHOA continues to be divided and Cynthia has answers as to why and how it can be fixed.See for privacy information.
15/06/2352m 25s

Ay Por Favor: Settle Down

Alexia and Marysol share stories of their mother’s journeys to the US from Cuba. The chisme gets hot as they dish on Hollywood's favorite ‘viejos verdes’ (Al Pacino & Robert De Niro) and their expecting girlfriends, whether or not it's too soon for Kanye to be introducing his kids to his latest love, and Lionel Messi making his move to Miami’s MLS team.See for privacy information.
13/06/2347m 38s

The Gnat Rat

What’s really happening in the OC with David and Lesley Beador? Eek, it’s not good. Why was WWHL more interesting than this week’s RHOA?Find out why the Twots are not pleased. We want to see Kandi activated!!See for privacy information.
13/06/2349m 46s

Watch What Happens to Tamra

With her first episode back on RHOC, Tamra is filled with a bunch of emotions! Tamra gives us all the BTS of WWHL from last night including all the Teresa drama. Dorinda had something to say about Tamra’s tagline and confronts her about it. Plus, the Twots give their take on the Vanderpump Rules finale. Their take will surprise you.See for privacy information.
08/06/2332m 13s

RHOC Season 17 Premieres

Tamra has returned and does not disappoint!! The new RHOC season is ON and Tamra is back in FULL FORCE!  Teddi’s got Cynthia Bailey subbing in to breakdown the first episode. Sandy living in the casita, the most awkward hug ever between Tamra and Shannon, and the new girl, Jennifer. And in a BH sidebar, how does Teddi feel about Cynthia’s friendship with Camille and Denise? Uh oh…See for privacy information.
08/06/2356m 33s

Master Manipulator

RHONJ Reunion Part 2 was even messier than the first!    Nobody is taking ownership, especially Teresa, who is playing the blame game on everyone else.  We are OVER it.   And, what is with those prank calls? Was it a set up with Margaret’s son? They happen more often than you think in the Housewife universe, and the Twots explain why.See for privacy information.
07/06/2338m 35s

A Photo worth a Thousand Words

RHOC’s new season is premiering this week, and drama is ALREADY brewing. We’re getting to the bottom of that photo of Shannon and David Beador. And, why does premiere week have Tamra feeling totally stressed? Plus, something is missing from RHOA this season. Do they need a cast shake up... maybe Kim Zolciak?See for privacy information.
05/06/2346m 42s

The Queen of Denial

Find out why the first episode of the RHONJ Reunion has the Twots worried about the show's future.  The anger and aggression between Melissa and Teresa is getting so INTENSE.  Is Teresa the Queen of Denial?  Plus, Rachel and Danielle’s fight has taken center stage, but do we even care?! The Twots give their *opinions* on if they should even return.See for privacy information.
31/05/2339m 21s

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Tamra’s OC intro is revealed!  It’s hot and it’s feisty! The TWOTS debate which housewife is the voice of reason for ATL and the OC? Their answer will shock you. Plus, we get the tea on who Erika Jayne’s mystery guy really is.See for privacy information.
30/05/2347m 17s

Ay Por Favor: Ask Us Anything

Get to know Alexia & Marysol like never before. They’ll answer questions about their friendship, their relationships with their hubbies, cultural traditions, beauty secrets, y mucho, mucho mas!  Per usual, cockies strictly enforced. See for privacy information.
29/05/231h 1m

This is Hairy

Jersey, Jersey, Jersey… WOW! Teddi and Tamra are unhinged after watching the RHONJ Reunion trailer. The Twots are dissecting every crumb!! And what about Teresa’s wedding?! The hair… the drama… and all the lies!See for privacy information.
25/05/2354m 0s

The Matchmaker

Former EP of both RHONJ & RHOA, Carlos King, is here and he has a bone to pick with the Twots. As we recap RHOA, find out what role Carlos played in Kim Zolciak meeting Kroy. PLUS, what REALLY happened between Kenya and Martell in those DMs. And, thoughts on the future of RHONJ and if it includes Teresa, Melissa or… neither.See for privacy information.
24/05/231h 14m

Two Ts Getting the Tea with ANDY COHEN (PART TWO)

The King is here dishing everything!! Everything!!  Tamra and Teddi confront Andy for firing them. Lisa Rinna, Teresa Guidice, Kyle Richards, LVP, Mary Cosby, Denise Richards, Caroline Manzo, Garcelle Beauvais, Kim Zolciak, Phaedra Parks, John Mayer… we’re talking about it ALL. Plus, we play a game of Plead the Fifth that will have your jaw on the floor!See for privacy information.
19/05/2350m 14s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with ANDY COHEN (PART ONE)

The King is here dishing everything!! Everything!!  Tamra and Teddi confront Andy for firing them. Lisa Rinna, Teresa Guidice, Kyle Richards, LVP, Mary Cosby, Denise Richards, Caroline Manzo, Garcelle Beauvais, Kim Zolciak, Phaedra Parks, John Mayer… we’re talking about it ALL. Plus, we play a game of Plead the Fifth that will have your jaw on the floor!See for privacy information.
19/05/2341m 15s

The Rumor Mill

The Twots are mentioned in Andy’s new book and they are responding. What really happened between Vicki and Tamra that night of WWHL? What did Andy actually tell Tamra the day she was fired?   Then, rumors galore in Atlanta & NJ. Teddi and Tamra give their take on who is right and who is wrong between Kenya and Martell. Plus, a nasty one about Melissa is finally revealed but why on earth does Teresa involve her kids in it?See for privacy information.
17/05/2359m 27s

Ay Por Favor: Mo’ Money, Mo’ (Relationship) Problems

Proud Mama, Alexia talks being extra protective of her boys and the women they date and Marysol opens up about past relationships and breaking the toxic cycle that so many people get stuck in. Pero, that’s not all…This episode's gets saucy as they dish on Bennifer 2.0 and the car door slam heard around the world, Taylor’s swift shift to another lover, Kim Zolciak-Biermann being “tardy” to pay her taxes, y mucho mas.See for privacy information.
16/05/2348m 47s

I am your Mother, you listen to Me

Sandy and Vicky (aka the Twots’ Moms!!) are here!! Ever wonder who raised Teddi and Tamra? What the Twots were like as kids? How Tamra and Sandy are so open with each other about their sex lives? How Vicky dealt with Teddi’s alter ego? And, would Sandy and Vicky ever entertain joining The Real Housewives Mom Edition? And if so, what their taglines would be? See for privacy information.
14/05/2347m 56s

Three Ts and a Shannon Beador

The *new* Tres Amigas are here!! Taylor Armstrong and Shannon Beador join the Twots. We’re talking threesomes, BBLs, and even exes. What really happened between Shannon and John Janssen before and after the breakup? Are they back together? Plus, Taylor reveals a very weird Bravo Con interaction that involved Jen Shah.See for privacy information.
12/05/2349m 13s

The Big D’s: Divorce, DMs and Drama

Kim Zolciak files for divorce from Kroy… what’s the real reason?   The RHOA premiere was SPICY! Ralph filming without Drew, Courtney vs Kandi and Martell sliding into Kenya’s DMs… so much to dissect! Then, we head over to Jersey. In a stunning turn of events, the Twots actually feel some sympathy for Teresa and it’ll shock you as to why.See for privacy information.
11/05/231h 1m

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CARY DEUBER

RHOD’s Cary Deuber is in the hot seat today and the Twots are grilling her!! Will RHOD ever return? Who was the worst castmate to work with? What’s the beef between Brandi and Stephanie? Which *famous* celeb has she slept with? This, and so much more!See for privacy information.
05/05/2341m 54s

Teddi Gets Naked

Teddi bares all and why you need to too… The RHONJ reunion outfits are out! Who gets best dressed and who looks like they belong in a Disney movie? Plus, find out why the Twots are worried about Frank Cantina.See for privacy information.
03/05/2349m 33s

Ay Por Favor: Damage Control

Alexia and Maryol get candid talking about some of their biggest regrets from being on screen and what they would've done differently! The chisme continues when they discuss Kylie Jenner and beauty standards, latin pop's unexpected yet expected hot new couple, and whether or not there's trouble in paradise for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. See for privacy information.
02/05/2340m 8s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with RAMONA SINGER

The Ramona Coaster is here!! Ramona is glowing and word on the street is she’s dating! Find out who, why, when and where. Plus, we’re dishing on Legacy, UGT, and Kenya Moore. Get ready because it’s Turtle Time!See for privacy information.
28/04/2332m 17s

The Napkin Slap

Finally!! The OC trailer is here!! Tamra tells us everything including details behind that napkin slap. Find out why Erika Jayne paid a visit to Teddi. Plus, Teddi and Tamra analyze the shift in Teresa in this week’s RHONJ episode. Why so nice to Melissa? Was it all just fake?See for privacy information.
28/04/2333m 20s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with MARLO HAMPTON

Tamra competed on Family Feud this weekend — RHOC vs RHOA! But WHY ON EARTH was John Janssen (Shannon’s ex) there?! Tamra fills us in…  Then, we get all the RHOA tea from one of our favorite peaches, Marlo Hampton! She didn’t hold back on the new season and which housewife she “activated” the most.  Plus, who is the most selfish on her cast? She tells us.See for privacy information.
24/04/2336m 1s

The B*tch is Back!!

Tamra spilled the beans outing Teddi’s past Hollywood hookup with a VERY famous celebrity. Plus, Teresa is coming for Tamra and Teddi once again and Tamra is not happy. Find out why. Speaking of Teresa, NJ is getting so messy. Was she in the wrong bringing up Antonia?! We breakdown this week’s episodes of RHONJ and UGT.See for privacy information.
21/04/2359m 12s

Ay Por Favor: Bienvenidos Al Show

Ay For Favor! No first episode is complete without a proper backstory! Get up close and personal as these besties of over 20 years revisit the wild Miami nights and heartwarming moments that made their friendship what it is today.  Alexia & Marysol get into the "chisme" (gossip). From Kendall Jenner + Bad Bunny's relationship, to Shakira vs. the media and SNL making history.  So grab a glass and make yourself a stiff one (unless you're driving or listening at work), because your favorite housewives have lots to spill!See for privacy information.
20/04/2327m 0s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with ALEXIA NEPOLA and MARYSOL PATTON

It’s time to grab your cockies!! Alexia and Marysol give all the BTS of RHOM and UGT and they are serving up some serious tea.  Which OG Miami Housewife do they wish came back? Are Marysol and Alexia speaking to Adriana? What happened to the infamous Clase Azul bottle in Thailand? Plus, get ready because these spicy Miami housewives are coming out with a podcast of their own!! Ay Por Favor!See for privacy information.
18/04/2338m 46s


What’s Hangxiety and why does Teddi have it? Plus, the most embarrassing Coachella stories ever. We’re answering all your questions about Tamra’s sex chair plus Vicki Gunvalson and the Twots’ original casting stories. Get ready to laugh your a** off!See for privacy information.
18/04/2334m 20s

The Luck of the Irish

RHONJ headed to Ireland but this trip was not lucky. Was Melissa invited to Teresa’s wedding only out of obligation? The Twots takes sides about Jennifer admitting to leaking info to the coffee reader. Then, we jump over to Thailand for UGT only to see Pepsi cry! How sad. Also, you don’t want to miss Teddi and Tamra’s limericks they created for each other!!See for privacy information.
14/04/231h 3m

Two Ts Getting the Tea with MAURICIO UMANSKY

Your favorite BH husband is here!! We’ve all seen the headlines… trouble in paradise?? Why was Kyle spotted not wearing her engagement ring? Mauricio explains.  Find out which ex he misses and which he would prefer never comes back to RHOBH ever again. Plus, some real estate advice you didn’t know you needed until now.See for privacy information.
10/04/2329m 21s

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

The Twots are dissecting this week’s headlines — one of which includes Tamra! Why was this week’s UGT episode all about Tequila?! And is Gizelle a producer? One thing is for sure, Pepsi is a STAR!See for privacy information.
10/04/2334m 43s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CAROLINE MANZO

The (ex) Housewife, The Myth, The Legend… Caroline Manzo is here!!   Caroline responds to UGT drama, Brandi’s tweets, and her own future with RHONJ.   You don’t want to miss this.See for privacy information.
07/04/2330m 59s

Coffee Beans and Pizza Gate

Between Pizza Gate and Louie crying, RHONJ is bringing out all the Gym, Tan and DRAMA!Find out why Teddi and Tamra have a bone to pick with that coffee bean reader. What’s the realdrama with Dina and Dolores? And, could this be the last we see of Frank? The Twots weigh in!See for privacy information.
06/04/2352m 55s

Sh*t Stirring Twots

The Twots are answering your burning questions and let’s just say, they are definitely stirring the pot!! Teddi and Tamra are giving their unfiltered take on RHONJ’s Pizza Gate, why Teresa is mad at them and if Teddi and Camille will ever be in the same room together again. You’ll need a glass of champagne for this one — it’s that juicy!See for privacy information.
04/04/2357m 43s

Mellencamp: From BH to OC

Is Teddi moving to the OC?!  What does this mean for the Twots? What’s going on with Leah on UGT? We are so confused. And, are we about to see BFFs Alexia and Marysol fight?! Uh oh! Plus, we’re recapping Jersey and we simply can’t get over Luis holding Melissa’s hand!!See for privacy information.
31/03/2359m 14s

The Porsha Show

Three UGT Eps.  Two Crocs. Only one Pepsi. The Twots reveal their first impressions of the new season of RHUGT in Thailand. One thing is for sure — Porsha is stealing the show! Plus, we tackle some Housewife Headlines — and yes, we are discussing Shannon’s new guy!See for privacy information.
29/03/231h 11m

Keep calm and go to Vegas (with your husband)

The husbands are in the hot seat!! Edwin Arroyave, Eddie Judge and Shane Simpson reveal all. How did the show affect their marriage? What is the key to getting through the tough times and those *dry spells*? Oh, and should Teddi, Tamra and Emily do Only Fans?See for privacy information.
27/03/2336m 27s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with EMILY SIMPSON

The OC & BH are bringing the party to VEGAS! Emily Simpson and Tamra address the beef they had when they first met and how they got to where they are today. Plus, we get all the juicy scoop on Noella, Taylor Armstrong and a taste of what the new season will be like.See for privacy information.
25/03/2335m 48s

Waxes, Whoppers and WWHL

New Jersey is as explosive as ever!! Should Teresa have invited Melissa’s mom to the wedding??What’s the deal with Danielle and her brother?Is Jennifer Aydin responsible for Teresa’s wedding hair?How painful was it to watch John Fuda’s chest be waxed? Then, we get into the final episode of the RHOM reunion. Who was the weakest link?!See for privacy information.
23/03/231h 1m

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CANDIACE DILLARD BASSETT

Not today Titties!! It is a love fest when the Twots meet Candiace! Imagine you go to Thailand with your mortal enemy and it gets filmed for TV. Spoiler Alert: Gizelle + Candiace on RHUGT is going to be juicy! Plus, we get the dirty scoop on RHOP and her current relationship status with Gizelle and why she thinks Robyn is the ultimate undercover chess player.See for privacy information.
21/03/2349m 31s

Why such small couches?

We have never seen Andy so fired up at a reunion before! Do we believe Larsa truly had sex 4 times a night for 23 years?!  Also, was it just us, or was the entire cast of RHOM shoved onto two tiny couches for the reunion?See for privacy information.
17/03/2327m 23s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with RACHEL FUDA

Rachel Fuda may be a NJ newbie but she’s serving the tea piping hot!  Does she hold a grudge against Jennifer Aydin for calling out her nose job? Who is the most toxic on the cast?  Is she getting along with Danielle?  Oh and, we’re calling Rachel out on her Finsta! #BravoLover1234See for privacy information.
16/03/2343m 46s

The Way We Bugle

The Elton John Oscar Party was filled with Housewives including Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Jill Zarin and Dorit Kemsley. But, one of their outfits had us doing a double take!! We’re tackling headlines, answering your need to knows and recapping RHONJ. One thing we can all agree on… the new girls are bringing the heat to NJ!!See for privacy information.
15/03/231h 2m

A Housewives Guide to Narcissism

The tea is piping hot recapping RHONJ & RHOM. Did Gia accidentally insinuate that Luis is the problem? And, do the Twots agree? Between Marysol’s bedazzled blow horn, Larsa’s lip licking and all the yelling, we are exhausted after watching the RHOM reunion!See for privacy information.
10/03/2353m 6s

Tea Time! Part II with MELISSA GORGA

Melissa is confronting the TwoTs about something they did. How will they respond? We’re talking RHONJ and how this is one of the most stressful seasons ever for Melissa. Is reconciliation with Teresa even possible?? For Part 1 of this interview, listen to On Display with Melissa Gorga! Link: for privacy information.
09/03/2323m 47s

4 Times a Night?!

The Twots are loading up on champagne to dissect the RHOP reunion! Find out what Teddi and Tamra would like to say to Chris Bassett now AFTER watching.  Juicy headlines! How does Larsa have sex 4 times a day?!  Finally, do you like your own IG and Tik Tok posts?! Oh, Tamra…See for privacy information.
08/03/2334m 43s

The Scandoval of the Century

We interrupt this program to dive into the biggest hot topic of the year. Vanderpump Rules. Raquel (Rachel??). Sandoval. Schwartz. Ariana. There is so much to talk about and Twots are giving you their hot take!See for privacy information.
07/03/2329m 37s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CHRIS BASSETT

The RHOP reunion was beyond dramatic so Chris Bassett (Candiace’s husband) is here to clear the air. What really happened with Gizelle?What are his thoughts on Juan and Robyn?When are Candiace and Chris having kids? And, this is only the start of where the TWOTS are taking this!See for privacy information.
06/03/2338m 57s

Tamra Grudge

A certain NJ Housewife has some harsh words for Tamra…  We are devastated. Ralph and Drew announce their divorce. And, of course we recap Miami and Jersey.See for privacy information.
03/03/231h 4m

Melissa enters the Group Chat

After our Jacqueline Laurita episode, a current Housewife has come forward with some facts… and receipts! Was the RHOP reunion a boring snooze fest or did you love it? And of course, the Twots discuss new Housewife rumors and the upcoming RHUGT season in Thailand.See for privacy information.
28/02/2345m 42s

Adriana, what the… ???

Adriana… what are you doing?! Talk about an analogy gone wrong!! Find out why the Twots believe Jennifer Aydin is moments away from exploding. Also, should Pamela Anderson be a Housewife?See for privacy information.
24/02/2346m 13s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with JACQUELINE LAURITA

It’s the juiciest Twots episode ever! Jacqueline Laurita does not hold back! We’re talking Teresa, Melissa, Dina, Caroline, Danielle, Luis, both Joe’s and SO much more… Get ready because we are diving in deep to RHONJ.See for privacy information.
23/02/2334m 20s

We like our Housewives Messy

It’s a HOT MESS in Housewives world!! Jen Shah in prison. Eminem goes after Robyn and Gizelle. Joe Gorga’s Bahamas run in with Joe Giudice. And, the RHOP Reunion is finally here. Should a married man be in a hotel room with a single woman?See for privacy information.
21/02/2358m 59s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with STEPHANIE HOLLMAN

What is up with these RHOD reboot rumors? We get all the answers. Where do things stand with Stephanie and LeeAnne Locken?   Plus, Stephanie reveals her dream Ultimate Girl’s Trip cast.See for privacy information.
20/02/2318m 9s

Sex Chairs & Scandals

Teddi reveals if Denise texted her back. Will it shock you?  Between Braunwyn’s Vegas “wedding” and Brandi Glanville’s scandal, we have a lot to talk about. Then, we’re recapping NJ & Miami. Teddi slides into a certain Miami housewives DMs and we have all the details. Plus, we get an update on Tamra’s sex chair.See for privacy information.
17/02/2357m 40s

Getting the Tea with MARGARET JOSEPHS

Grab your iced coffee in a wine glass and sit down with Margaret Josephs!!  We are getting all the juicy BTS on the new season of RHONJ.  Does she regret going to Teresa’s wedding? Does she have hope for Teresa and Melissa?  This doesn’t even begin to cover how deep we’re going.See for privacy information.
13/02/2348m 40s

Will She Text Back?

Breaking News: Teddi texts Denise. Is a mended friendship in their future?? RHONJ is back and it’s coming in hot.  Are Melissa and Teresa doomed forever? Plus, our thoughts on the New NJ Housewives! Who are we loving? And who, not so much. And of course, we recap the heat coming in from Miami!See for privacy information.
10/02/231h 1m

Watch What Happens Robyn

Robyn on WWHL was a major YIKES! What does this mean for her future on Potomac? RHOP Finale was a bust. Why is Ashley Darby buying a house with her ex’s LLC?? Are you as confused as we are? Plus, Tamra dishes on a whirlwind weekend with Margaret Josephs and Dorinda Medley!See for privacy information.
07/02/231h 3m

Birds of a Feather flock Together

It’s a doozy this SLC Reunion! Is Heather playing the victim? Is Whitney the only one keeping it real?? Once again,  Miami is doing the most!We don’t understand why Alexia is so upset with Nicole.And then Todd and Anthony go at it… something is up! But more importantly, who is in the wheelchair?See for privacy information.
02/02/2330m 39s

Double Dipping

Why is everyone double dipping? Over it! Jill Zarin has Tamra fired up… again.  And would Tracy Tutor make a good housewife?See for privacy information.
02/02/2345m 47s

The Most Hated Housewife

The Most Hated Housewife award goes to… (listen to find out!) But, who is the most hated husband?? That’s for you to decide! Plus, recapping Potomac. Should Ashley Darby get back together with Michael?See for privacy information.
30/01/2344m 26s

OnlyFans and Naked Billboards

Teddi is going to be naked on a billboard?! RHONJ taglines are out and we are rating them and adding our hot take. Plus, our first glimpse at the Potomac reunion outfits. Find out who topped our most fashionable list and who missed. And, should Eddie Judge join OnlyFans?See for privacy information.

Blue Eyes

Meghan King talks threesomes… woah! Does Karen have it out for Robyn? Is Juan cheating on Robyn?And who is blue eyes? Plus, recapping RHOP and it’s juicy!See for privacy information.
25/01/2322m 55s

CABO WABO (with Kyle Richards)

Teddi is in Cabo with Kyle Richards’ for her birthday trip!  Kyle is in the hot seat answering ALL of our burning questions including why she distanced herself from the RHOBH ladies this year and how she feels about a Legacy show for Beverly Hills. Plus, Tamra contemplates joining OnlyFans to spy on another housewife.See for privacy information.
24/01/2349m 39s

And we’re blocked again…

Who blocked Teddi this time?? RHOP reunion seating chart is out and Gizelle is in the first seat but should she be? And, the engagement party of the year… we are dying over Nicole’s party!See for privacy information.
20/01/2355m 53s

Who’s the Queen of Potomac??

Is Charisse the Queen of Potomac?  The Twots dissect this week’s RHOP episode and one thing we can all agree on… Mia is messy! Plus, we’re diving deep into this week’s headlines. Shannon’s ex is dating… who?!And Teddi settles a nasty rumor about Kyle.See for privacy information.
18/01/2358m 54s

Teddi has an Anxiety Attack

Teddi’s anxiety is running high and she’s experiencing it in real time.  The Twots dig deep into Shannon Beador’s break up… Is his “one-week-after-filming-ended” breakup suspicious? SLC finale left us bored… yawn.  Miami is heating up, wow Lenny!See for privacy information.
14/01/231h 13m

Belly Flop

Tamra is back and she gives us an update on her new belly button!  RHUGT cast reveal!  Has Teddi spoken to Lisa Rinna? And, how SLC will be different next year. Plus, is Miami taking over Potomac’s highly coveted honor of being Teddi’s top franchise?!See for privacy information.
11/01/2358m 4s

6.5 Years

Covering all the breaking news! Jen Shah is sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. What does it mean for the future of RHOSLC? Lisa Rinna announces she’s leaving the franchise! Who is going to step it up in her absence — Denise? LVP? Brandi? And then, Miami and SLC going strong. Don’t miss the recap of this week’s episodes. Real Housewives is the gift that keeps on giving.See for privacy information.
07/01/231h 2m

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin eater

Brandi Glanville jumps in to recap Miami and Potomac.Brandi knows a lot about cheating scandals on reality TV… so what’s her take on Lenny and Lisa? It will shock you. Plus, more theories on who gave Heather Gay that black eye… we just can’t get over it!!See for privacy information.
04/01/231h 2m

Two T’s Getting the Tea with EVA MARCILLE

Eva made a massive mistake…and divulges all right here right now! Hint: it involves Andy AND Porsha. Plus, Eva and Tamra reminisce over the Berkshires and reveal unbelievable RHUGT BTS. See for privacy information.
28/12/2222m 23s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with EBONI K. WILLIAMS

Order in the court!  Court is in session with Eboni and Two T’s!! Curious why RHONY didn't had a reunion last season? Are Leah and Eboni on speaking terms? Where do things stand today with Eboni and Ramona? The Twots discover who is innocent and who is guilty as charged.See for privacy information.
26/12/2228m 47s

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder

Ok, is Heather’s black eye real? We just don’t get it… Find out why RHOM may be our favorite franchise… Ever. And in breaking News — SLC Reunion looks are out AND a RHONJ trailer has been released… Merry Christmas to us!See for privacy information.
23/12/2251m 38s

Drunk Dial w/ Erika Jayne and Cynthia Bailey

After a few glasses of champagne, the Twots are revved up about this week’s Housewife Headlines.  They were compelled to call the Housewives themselves live on air!! That’s right, Erika Jayne and Cynthia Bailey chime in LIVE on their very own headlines.  Can we also make it through a recap of RHOP, RHOM and SLC?? You’ll have to tune in to find out.See for privacy information.
21/12/2247m 44s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with LUANN DE LESSEPS (part 2)

The Countess is here and she’s not holding back! Luann and Bethenny are feuding and the TWOTS get all the tea!Who blocked who, who unfollowed who, and why?!  This drama is real. Plus, Luann serves up some major tea on RHONY Legacy.See for privacy information.
16/12/2221m 23s

Why You Gotta Be So Mean?!

RHOM has finally returned and this season is hot hot hot!! There’s trouble in paradise aka Miami Paradise… with Lenny and Lisa! Was Lenny’s hot mic moment even a hot mic? The Twots have theories… And why is having a mortgage a bad thing?! Plus, "I’m not mean"!! Is Nicole mean???!!!!See for privacy information.
13/12/2229m 4s

My Ride or Die

What happens in Vegas…. Doesn’t stay in Vegas. Tamra was there with Melissa Gorga AND Brandi Glanville… find out what went down. Plus, the Twots are tackling the hottest housewife headlines. Between Lenny Hochstein and Jen Shah, some people are better off not being on Twitter and Instagram. And, of course we’re recapping SLC & RHOP!See for privacy information.
13/12/2256m 52s

Two Ts getting the Tea with ANGIE KATSANEVAS (RHOSLC)

This ‘friend of’ is READY for her snowflake!!Angie K reveals the BTS of the moment Jen Shah poured champagne all over her head… and let’s just say there is A LOT to discuss.Plus… the good, the bad and the ugly of the SLC Housewives. Angie isn’t holding back and neither are the Twots! Buckle up!!See for privacy information.
08/12/2240m 8s

Schadenfreude in the SLC and RHOP

Messy messy … these  Housewives are getting messy!! SLC, we’re pouring Champagne on people’s heads and  Zen Jen isn’t so Zen after all. Who will be holding snowflakes next year?Also, STILL no black eye?!! Topic of the day — are threesomes marriage killers?See for privacy information.
07/12/2238m 14s

We’re Unfollowed and Sweet James shows up!

Awkward encounter???? Tamra runs into Sweet James (RHOC’s Noella’s ex husband) at Jingle Ball and she’s dishing it ALL!! In other news, one housewife has decided to unfollow the Twots. UH OH!See for privacy information.
06/12/2247m 14s

Two Ts and a Badass B

THE TEA!!!! With Brandi Glanville in the hot seat, this is one of the juiciest Twots ever. Who was the rudest person at Bravo Con?Find out. Will she return to RHOBH??Find out. Status of Brandi’s relationship with Kim Richards???Find out. But most importantly, Teddi & Tamra get an update on Brandi’s dating life as she reveals the greatest celebrity sex she’s ever had and if she will ever get married.See for privacy information.
02/12/2248m 29s

Party in the R-H-O-P

Was it really a party in Potomac? Or was it a complete disaster? Drinks were flying. Candaice is crying. And Karen is getting a birthday she’ll never forget.  Who’s to blame?! The Twots weigh in!!See for privacy information.
01/12/2224m 42s

Champagne Problems

Two T’s in a Pod = Double Trouble… especially when champagne is involved!! Teddi is reliving WWHL with her dad. And we are answering your questions LIVE. Does the Fox Force Five still exist? Are the Twots Team Mia or Wendy? And SO MUCH MORE.See for privacy information.
29/11/2232m 16s

The Twots Tackling Tough Terrifying Questions

The TWOTS answer YOUR questions… no matter how hard and difficult they are. Fox Force 5… OC legacy… Even Jen Shah… No holds barred.See for privacy information.
23/11/2233m 12s

MIA: Missing In Action

Lets dive right in to RHOP and it’s soooo messy!! Peter Thomas. Uh Oh…. The Twots have some very strong thoughts. Hey, SLC — can we get rid of the choir already?!  Do we even like the SLC Husbands??!!!See for privacy information.
22/11/2254m 17s

Real Housewife Lifesaver

Whitney Rose from SLC is an honorary Twot!! After a whirlwind weekend at BravoCon,  our three BFFs are catching up and getting REAL. Teddi continues to share her cancer journey.  She’s prioritizing health hoping everyone will do the same!  Thanks to 23andMe, Teddi, Tamra and Whitney dive headfirst in to their Housewife DNA.See for privacy information.
17/11/2226m 47s

Who's not my friend here? Raise your hand.

SLC is heating up and we are here for it!! Does Lisa have any friends? Is Angie H trying to earn her snowflake? One Twots has a very shocking discovery about a SLC Housewife… and it involves LVP. RHOP… one is fooling around with a Summer House regular and we have all the tea!See for privacy information.
15/11/2254m 53s

The REAL Ugly Truth

Tears.Arguments.Heartbreak. Things we wish we could Do Over after I Do.And then , the D word… DIVORCE. Teddi and Tamra get real admitting what happened off screen in their marriages when the Housewives cameras weren’t rolling. Oh, A Cougar we love!Teddi is in NYC for WWHL with… JOHN MELLENCAMP! It hurts so good!See for privacy information.
15/11/221h 11m

Finstas and Elves on a Shelf

SLC husbands are sooooo dicey!! Why are they so thirsty??  Is Angie H. really behind it all?  Plus, a health update from Teddi and she reveals all about the upcoming WWHL with the legend himself, her dad, John Mellencamp!See for privacy information.
04/11/2240m 42s

Twitter Takedown

RHOSLC and RHOP serving piping hot tea!!  Heather and Whitney feud, Angie Harrington DRAMA, and Ashley Darby in general…  Oh, and Rinna deactivated her Twitter account… what does it mean?!See for privacy information.
01/11/2239m 40s

Trick or Treat with Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey joins the Two T's to celebrate Halloween TWOTS style. Teddi and Cynthia address the big rumor that they are both joining the next season of RHOBH. Cynthia gets emotionally sharing the details of very recent divorce.  Plus, a TREAT...BTS from BravoCon and RHUGT you can only hear here!See for privacy information.
31/10/2232m 41s

For Richards or Poorer??

Lifestyles of the Richards and Famous.See for privacy information.
28/10/2250m 32s

Liquid Courage

Of course!!!!! According to WWHL this week, Tamra is the life of the party!! The Lisa Rinna drama continues and we’ve got it all!Breaking news, who’s following who on Instagram and behind the scenes Bravo Con drama only the TWOTS will divulge!  And, is Gizelle the new bone collector?See for privacy information.
25/10/2236m 41s

The D Word: DENISE

Let's talk about Denise.  The TWOTS have SO MANY thoughts. The TWOTS reveal who may be leaving BH and who will return. Teddi gets spotted by TMZ after lunch with another housewife... The Fox Force Five Shakeup Breakup...Tamra reveals why this is a good thing! Teddi gives a health update.See for privacy information.
21/10/2256m 49s

Party in Potomac

Teddi gives an update about her skin cancer and has strong opinions about sharing these types of stories. Let’s discuss the controversial DM!  And break down the divorce drama, Teddi and Tamra know what’s up. See for privacy information.
20/10/2222m 52s

Recapping the Con

The TWO Ts are back from BravonCon and telling all! They’re giving us the after hours stories, squashing rumors, and all the BTS tea you can sip. See for privacy information.
19/10/2243m 27s

Reasonably Potomac with Gizelle, Robyn, Candiace and Dr. Wendy

Potomac is finally back!! Teddi’s favorite in the HOUSEWIVES franchise!!Things get heated between Teddi , Gizelle, and Robyn.Will this become a feud or a friendship???We get an update on Gizelle’s dating life and what the girl’s really think of Mia’s online behavior?? EEK!See for privacy information.
19/10/2228m 58s

B*tch I am the Peach! with Marlo Hampton

Marlo tells us what she’s learned and how she’s feeling after being REAL for one full season.She’s giving us all the spicy energy we know and love her for!!Plus, who does she want back on Atlanta??See for privacy information.
18/10/227m 38s

Are you for REAL in The O.C.?! with Tamra, Shannon, Emily and Gina

Let’s dig in to the divorce drama with Shannon… OMG! Can Shannon and Tamra help mend Teddi and Vicki’s tumultuous relationship? Plus, Gina and Emily give us all the tea of new season of the OC!!See for privacy information.
16/10/2222m 5s

Jersey Girls are Unforgettable with Dolores, Jackie, Jennifer and Teresa

The truth serum was flowing strong today!! Jennifer spills all the drama from this season and Teresa reveals details from her wedding day! (Including the goods on the Gorga’s) Dolores tells us about her new boyfriend and he’s filming so we will see it all on screen! This episode will have you fist pumping all the way down to the shore!See for privacy information.
16/10/2243m 13s

CHANELling our inner Diva with Chanel Ayan

Chanel is not shying away from throwing shade at her fellow cast-mates. PERIOD. DOT. Find out who is too preachy and who needs to stay off Twitter.See for privacy information.
15/10/228m 31s

The OG of NJ with Caroline Manzo

She’s the MANZO! The OG of NJ is here and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.Yes, we talk about Teresa! She’s unfiltered, raw, and wild!See for privacy information.
15/10/223m 40s

Miami is always a good idea with Lisa Hochstein, Adriana de Moura and Julia Lemigova

BravoCon got Hot Hot Hot when the Miami ladies showed up!! We need tea about Lisa’s single life.  Plus, lots of BTS intel on the new season! All that’s missing is a mojito!!See for privacy information.
15/10/229m 20s

The Real Housewives Kids with Gia Giudice, Frankie Catania and Riley Burruss

The Real Kids of NJ and Atlanta are spilling the tea!Do Frankie and Gia belong together? Has Gia spoken to The Gorgas?? Plus, Riley is the longest running housewife “kid” and she’s telling us everything! See for privacy information.
15/10/2213m 23s

90210 has entered the Group Chat!!!!

In the midst of the craziest reunion ever, Kyle, Erika and Sutton are live with us from BravoCon! As Dorit would say, they are looking CHIC! As we would say, WE ARE SPILLING MASSIVE TEA!Dig in to Diana’s drama and Rinna and Erika were boo’d at BravoCon! What the…!!!See for privacy information.
15/10/2217m 54s

Gym, Tan, Jersey Husbands

Your favorite Husbands are here… Frank, Evan, Joe Gorga and Joe Benigno and they are NOT holding back!!Joe dishes on all the family drama and we are shook!! Plus, find out which of these husbands has a special ringtone for their other half!See for privacy information.
15/10/2220m 2s

From SLC to NYC with Lisa Barlow

Adventures at BravoCon continue!  This one could use a little SALT! We’ve got inside details from the infamous hot mic moment…a Relationship status update with Meredith…and, a lot of thoughts on Jen Shah.  Lisa is putting the rumors to rest! Grab your Diet Coke because we’re getting SALTY.See for privacy information.
14/10/2235m 32s


There is only one way to start BravoCon and that’s with the man, the myth, the legend… ANDY COHEN!!The guy who FIRED Teddi…The man that started it all… LIVE from BravoCon!! See for privacy information.
14/10/227m 24s

Housewives and the City

The Con is on!!!! BravoCon Time!  They’ve just landed and the Twots already have JUICY stories aplenty! It begins with Teddi sitting next to this Housewife on the plane to NYC and takes off from there!!! (Hint: she wore fancy pants.) And honorary Twot, Justin Anderson helps break down the BH reunion!! The drinks are flowing…the tea is spilling…this one is coming in HOT so you better buckle up!! See for privacy information.
14/10/2244m 36s

Prenups, Painful Partings and Potomac

Potomac… here we go! RHOP is finally back and the tea is overflowing!! RHOA Drew Sidora jumps in to dissect it all!Is it the d word for Ashley Darby??To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question! Ashley Darby… what is happening?!Plus, Teddi has one thing in common with Ashley Darby… and it involves Vikki Gunvalson. Uh oh….See for privacy information.
10/10/2251m 2s

Cold as Ice

It’s our 100th episode!! What better way to celebrate than with the RHOBH reunion trailer — Kyle is crying, Dianna doesn’t say a word, and Kathy and Rinna go at it. Plus, SLC is in AZ and the tears are a plenty!Will Lisa and Meredith ever make up?See for privacy information.
08/10/2238m 20s

What in the Rinna?!

As the Twots prep for Bravo Con… they have noticed something significant… RINNA!! What happened? Speaking of Rinna, this week’s BH finale was just… wow. Garcelle’s green lipstick, Sutton’s Bumble Match, and the fight over Birkins!! Also… Teddi may have broken her va jay jay.See for privacy information.
07/10/221h 7m

Two T’s Getting the Tea with TERESA GIUDICE

Namaste Bitches!!Teresa Giudice is all TWOT and bothered and she’s bringing her BFF Melissa with her. Will Teresa and Tamra resolve the beef they have with each other? Find out how Ramona really screwed up Teresa’s wedding, which RHONJ OGs she’d want to come back, and if she really had sex 5 times a day on her Honeymoon… This is one you just can’t miss.See for privacy information.
03/10/221h 4m

SALT in a wound

It’s ON…RHOSLC returns!! Do we forgive Lisa’s hot mic moment? Was her apology even an apology?? Teddi has a shocking connection to one of the new housewives that you must hear for yourself! See for privacy information.
30/09/2232m 48s

Sending Blessings and Prayers

WOAH! You can cut the BH tension with a knife!!!! Lisa Rinna…in the right or oh so wrong!?How bad was Kathy’s melt down? Is this really all because of 818 tequila?!90210 is a hot mess but we’ll always have Popeye’s.See for privacy information.
30/09/2255m 56s

What happens in Vegas… Immediately goes on Air

Teddi is back from Vegas and oh boy is she dishing some juicy stories from the weekend!! RHOA has come to an end and we have mixed emotions. Teddi has one revelation about Ralph (Drew’s Husband) that you don’t want to miss. Buckle up, RHOSLC starts this week and the Twots are ready!!See for privacy information.
27/09/2254m 21s

The Real Husbands

It’s Vegas baby!!  So we flew in Drew Sidora and she is coming in hot from Atlanta. She brought along a special guest, her husband Ralph, so Teddi grabbed Edwin and it’s on… fire!!!!!! We’ve got recaps, mishaps, all the haps and PLENTY of booze.See for privacy information.
24/09/221h 22m

Two T’s getting the Tea with WHITNEY ROSE

Will you accept this rose? Or does ever ROSE have it’s thorns? Let’s talk RHOSLC!! There’s some drama between Whitney Rose and Heather… Whitney is somehow now friends with Lisa…. And she’s gong on Ultimate Girl’s Trip! There is so much to unpack… Plus, we got all the scoop on Jen Shah and Mary Cosby.See for privacy information.
21/09/2251m 44s

I Have the Receipts!

In a (not) shocking turn of events… David Beador is… getting a divorce?! RHOA is back with night 2 of the reunion.. Are you team Kenya or team Marlo? One thing is for sure… Marlo brought receipts!!See for privacy information.
20/09/2227m 47s

Watch What Aspens

WOW… RHOBH! Aspen will never be the same. Kathy’s sweat pants. Kendall Jenner’s Tequila. Erika’s earrings. Kyle’s hats. But more importantly, WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!! There is so much to discuss… you’ll just have to listen now.See for privacy information.
16/09/2252m 58s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with SHEREE WHITFIELD

We have a housewife WITH fashions joining the Twots and she is serving up some serious tea!! Sheree Whitfield is telling us all —the infamous She by Sheree website crash, the truth about Tyrone and which special guy she’s flirting with now!! Who gon' check me, boo?See for privacy information.
15/09/2245m 17s

A Little Bird Told me…

Seriously… what was up with all those birds?! We are jumping right into the RHOA reunion! The seating chart was puzzling… why was Kandi on the end?? The Twots give their expert theories.And, good news — it only took 14 years. There is a website WITH fashions!!See for privacy information.
13/09/2253m 24s

Lions, Tigers and Reunions, OH MY!

RHOBH is filming their reunion as we speak!! Who will sit next to Andy? Which housewife doesn’t show up? We dissect allllllll the rumors.Speaking of Beverly Hills… Things are getting HOT and STRESSY in Aspen.Teddi had a turning point with RHOA… find out which housewife she is REALLY starting to love. Finally, will we ever get our She by Sheree fashions?!Dubai has come to an end. Do we want more? One thing is for sure… we want to see the Fruitcakes!!See for privacy information.
09/09/221h 8m

Two T’s Getting the Tea w/ SERGIO CARRALLO

The drama is SERGing!! Fresh off Part 1 of the Dubai reunion, the housewife… we mean, husband… everyone is talking about is HERE!!!! Teddi quizzes him on sex education, soccer and Tiki Tiki. We STANbury this Husband!See for privacy information.
05/09/2236m 19s

The Vacation Nobody Wanted w/ Drew Sidora

Reunited and it feels so (not) good. It’s the Dubai reunion and it is dicey!   The ladies are bringing the heat so we brought back Drew Sidora to break it all down! Speaking of break downs… OOOF!! The BH trip to Aspen is already off to a rocky start.  Can they recover?? We’re not sure…See for privacy information.
02/09/221h 1m

It’s Icy in Salt Lake w/ Drew Sidora

We DREW upon her expertise as we dig into these juicy housewife headlines… RHOA’s Drew Sidora can completely relate to what Erika Jayne is going through. OH BOY! The RHOSLC trailer is out and WOW!!!! What’s up with Heather’s black eye? Is Jen Shah really guilty? Let’s unpack. It. All…See for privacy information.
01/09/2228m 52s


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...Teddi and Tamra are reviewing the timeline of all the recent news. Our hearts go out to Garcelle and her son, Jax. Then...Vikki said what about Tamra??!!! Oh boy...Tamra responds. We are feeling kinda MEH on the Dubai finale but at least we will get to see the CROWN at the reunion! Of course, the Twots are recapping ATL… tune in for the fashion without fashions!!See for privacy information.
30/08/2256m 44s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with LESA MILAN

Lesa is more! We're going one on one with Real Housewives of Dubai star Lesa Milan Hall. From Nip Slips, the Reunion, to where do things stand between Lesa and Caroline Stanbury now. Plus, we go over all the reunion looks and Lesa tells us how she really feels about that crown… We're getting to it all TWOTS style.See for privacy information.
23/08/2229m 4s

The "Meaning" of Life

Teddi wants to talk. She's going one on one with you to talk LVP. Teddi and Tamra discuss Lisa Rinna's video statement and what it all “means". Did Tamra know about Vicky's new pod with Kelly?  Let's gets the tea. Plus, we're recapping Atlanta...See for privacy information.
23/08/2242m 19s

Sipping on some Bailey’s!

Cynthia Bailey is here spilling everywhere! We get the inside scoop on Teresa’s wedding and what that hairdo looked like in person!! Plus, Cynthia tells us what went down between her and Kenya at the wedding. Cynthia opens up about her mom being diagnosed with breast cancer and how important it is to get mammograms regularly and prioritize our health. And of course, we recap Dubai… Chanel Ayan’s story touched us all.See for privacy information.
19/08/221h 7m

MAYER of the Year

Dubai reunion serving looks! Who was best dressed?? And worst? The Twots debate Caroline Brooks’ crown. We all agree on one thing this week… Dorit’s daughter Phoenix stole the show!! Fun fact:  John Mayer is on Raya and his picture features one of our very own Twots… Plus… Tamra has a Ouija board story thats giving us chills! Eeeek!!See for privacy information.
19/08/2254m 49s

It’s a Family Affair

The Twots are sipping champagne breaking down the juiciest Housewives stories.Dorit and Mauricio?!! That’s a headline we didn’t see coming… Teddi weighs in on her two BFFs.Should Melissa leave RHONJ in the midst of all her family drama??Plus, Tamra’s ex, Simon, is single and CUT Fitness is closing... oh my!And, a RHOA debate the Twots can’t agree on — how do you feel about Sanya’s husband!?See for privacy information.
16/08/2259m 41s

Say Yes to the Dress

Breaking news: Tamra and Teresa had the same wedding dress designer!! Who wore it best - Tamra or Teresa?! You be the judge!!  Are Melissa and Joe stronger than ever? Or are they putting on a brave face? This week’s RHOBH was filled with lots of drama, tears and Melissa Etheridge!! Plus, Teddi and Tamra decide which BH husband they’d rather be married to…See for privacy information.
12/08/2253m 26s

Big Hair, Don’t Care

This wedding will go down in Hairstory!!The wedding we have all been waiting for… Teresa and Luis tie the knot and it did not disappoint!The Hair.The Bridesmaids.Dorinda. Alexia. Phaedra. Cynthia. Kenya. Chanel. Jackie. Dolores. Jennifer. Jill. Margaret. Phaedra.Gone Missing:  Dina, Melissa and Joe.So… Is it really all rainbows and butterflies inside the Love Bubble?! We think not.Then we go to Jamaica with the ATL Housewives… are couples trips ever a good idea?!See for privacy information.
08/08/2244m 18s

Is this Reality??

Teddi had a very weird dream last night… and our dear Vicki was in it.We are recapping it ALL — Atlanta, Dubai, Beverly Hills… our cup runneth over!Plus, which Dubai Housewife reminds Teddi of herself.But one thing we simply cannot handle… the sound of Sutton making chicken salad… HELP!!!!See for privacy information.
06/08/2256m 54s

Twots, Texting feuds, European tours

Teddi and Jim Edmonds are going at it!  We don’t know whether to cringe, cry or get out the popcorn!Tamra dishes on her European vacation!Taylor Armstrong is back but this time she’s holding an orange. How does Tamra feel about her new cast-mate??Plus, find out which Housewife is declining to be on the pod. Hint: she’s thirsty.See for privacy information.
05/08/2243m 49s

Long Live the KING

Meghan King is a TWOT.Teddi shares a massive bombshell of a DM that she received and it shocks Meghan to her core…As if that’s not enough, Meghan is recapping BH and Dubai with us…There is so much to dissect… Caroline Stanbury’s Wedding to Sergio, PK and Dorit’s argument and uh…. Sutton’s date. Can we please talk about that cat sweater??!But there is one thing Teddi and Meghan can agree on… Vicki!!See for privacy information.

Life’s A Peach

Hot hot Housewives Headlines Why is Kathy Hilton tweeting out her number?!Is Phaedra returning to RHOA? Also, Tamra has a gut feeling that ?????? will return to BH… can you guess who it is?? And, of course we are recapping RHOA. Marlo is sureeee bringing the drama!! Is she earning her peach or is it starting to get too ridiculous??See for privacy information.
25/07/2249m 1s

Mean Dirty Housewives

Tamra is giving us all the scoop from New York!WWHL BTS…so juicy!Seeing Sutton!!  Tamra’s spilling so much tea!We are sad to see Ultimate Girls Trip S2 come to an end.  So many tears, shirt dresses and canoes. Our takeaway:  Brandi is QueenBH was the messiest of them all… oh man… this episode was rough!See for privacy information.
23/07/221h 17m

All Rise... The Judge is Back in Session!

Things are getting REAL...AGAIN!!! And...she's back in the OC!! Tamra is heading back to the Real Housewives of OC and she's telling us EVERYTHING!! (including  all that drama with Jill...) How does Eddie, Tamra's husband, feel about filming again??!! And, let's talk about a threesome that won't happen... Vicki, Teddi and Tamra...eek.See for privacy information.
21/07/2231m 47s

Brandi, You're a Fine Girl... What A Good Wife You Would Be…

Brandi Glanville joins the TWOTS to recap Girls Trip!  Oh What a Trip it is!We're going for it...talking Bravo Con Flirtations and Brandi and Taylor's relationship TODAY.Teddi and Tamra ask Brandi about their "eyebrows".  Plus, who Brandi prefers Teddi or Tamra.And, Brandi has a new song dissing a lot of housewives...See for privacy information.
18/07/2240m 59s

Tiny Hats and Shady Words

Are you Team Sutton or Team Diana???BH is so MESSY!Erika apologizes…Everyone has a crush on Garcelle’s … son! Eek Diana keeps licking her lips and wearing tiny hats…Kyle kisses Maurico’s Dad…And, we are still snoozing through Dubai. See for privacy information.
15/07/2237m 54s


Did you think we were avoiding you????!!! Nah!   The TWOTS are fired up and dishing all the dirt. Jen Shah...OH MY...what do we think?   Teddi discusses she biased because it's her best friend?  You be the judge. Dubai...are you bored...the TWOTS are a tad bored. Atlanta - YES YES!  Gimme More!See for privacy information.
13/07/221h 31m

Happy 4th of July!

See for privacy information.
04/07/221m 12s

Tamra gets Naked… again

Girls Trip…Tamra gets naked, Dorinda gets mad, Garcelle throws shade at Teddi & Tamra. And, we thought we were friends again!! You aren’t a good Housewife if you don’t have receipts… and Tamra shows them all. Plus… is Diana the villain we all wanted?! The Twots chime in!See for privacy information.
01/07/221h 13m

Eyebrows, OH MY!

Tamra is back on TV and she’s here telling all! It wouldn’t be a housewives trip without Vicki going to the hospital, Brandi having one too many glasses of wine and Dorinda making it NICE at Blue Stone Manor!If you’re feeling like a little tea…you’ve come to the right place!And then… the eyebrows…  Super-fan / Celeb Hairstylist, Justin Anderson is joining in.See for privacy information.
29/06/221h 24m

Vicki Gunvalsonning for Teddi

Vicki said, "I don't know Teddi Mellencamp but I don't like Teddi Mellencamp" hmmmmmm Teddi responds.Plus, Justin Sylvester is filling in for Tamra… he used to be Kyle Richards’ assistant and boy does he have all the tea from when RHOBH first started…. Between Teddi, Justin and all the truth serum, this pod is out of control!!See for privacy information.
24/06/221h 6m

Two T’s getting the Tea with DREW SIDORA

DREW is spilling all the peachy tea! Drew’s relationship with her husband is the center of the drama on RHOA… what’s going on when the cameras are off!!?? Plus, is therapy every Monday the key to success! Lastly… Where are the receipts?!!! And is Marlo going to lose her peach??See for privacy information.
23/06/2244m 40s

I’ll have a “Glam-Light”

Teddi unfollowed Vicki… the TWOTS tell you why.   Tamra is in NYC with all the RHUGT ladies!! What’s up with those kissing videos of Tamra?? We are recapping all things Atlanta and debating  donating clothes and dating people in prison. Plus, Dorinda surprises the TWOTS to address rumors during Housewife Headlines.See for privacy information.
21/06/2249m 48s

9 Year Itch

Tamra’s been married 9 years!  Let's relive that iconic OC wedding special and reveal BTS you never knew. Is she still friends with all her bridesmaids? And what about Teddi?! Is it completely outrageous to travel with your glam squad?! (Ha!) The Twots discuss.  RHOBH is about to get real goooood and real messy … Hi Erika! And Dubai… it’s still making us snooze. But, would you keep the goat?See for privacy information.
17/06/2250m 41s

WTH in the ATL

Who gave Teddi covid?! A listener asked the TWOT's how much plastic surgery they have had?  Appropriate question?? Probably not...but they answered! A little OC drama when Kelly Dodd called in while Tamra was a guest on Jeff Lewis'....EEK! Atlanta Recap:  We need help from all the social sleuths out there...are Sheree and Tyrone still together?See for privacy information.
15/06/2246m 40s

Two T's getting the Tea with LARSA PIPPEN

This interview is PIPPEN hot with the tea!! Tamra is nervous because Larsa has a bone to pick with Teddi!!!! Find out why this Miami Housewife is mad at Teddi. Will they resolve their issues??  Plus, where do Larsa and Scottie stand today? And will she ever get married again?See for privacy information.
13/06/2230m 41s

Lovely Lois and Fiesta de Housewives

Let's all take a moment to honor Lois.  Then, let's join the ladies on the trip to Mexico on Diana's jet but even a private plane can't stop the drama between Sutton and Crystal.How do we all feel about Real Housewives of Dubai?  Is it boring?  The TWOTS weigh in and it may not be pretty.See for privacy information.
09/06/2232m 32s


First up the MTV Awards...Hear all about why Sutton was not friendly to the TWOTS and how Teresa and Tamra made up. Some housewives seating drama.  (one housewife sat down which made another leave) Then, after the show...the TWOTS went to Tom Tom and Teddi's telling all about her talk with LVP. As if this wasn't enough, the TWOTS went to WANGO TANGO and one 'reality star' was quite rude...who could it be????See for privacy information.
08/06/2252m 12s

OC Goodbyes and Hello Dubai

Will the Twots survive the MTV Movie Awards…. It could get dicey!In the meantime…The premiere of DUBAI is finally here!! Money, big yachts and loads of champagne - just how the Twots like it!!In a shocking turn of events… Teddi is impressed by Garcelle on RHOBH this week!! Find out why the Twots think she earned her paycheck…Plus… did Shannon spill the beans about the RHOC cast next season??!See for privacy information.
03/06/2252m 34s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with MONIQUE SAMUELS

This Ex-Potomac Housewife isn’t holding back and we are LOVING it!!She tells us all about her dramatic exit from housewives, why she refused to do RHUGT and addresses her “alleged” beef with Andy.But most importantly… does she talk to Candiace after that infamous brawl?? Her hilarious response may shock you…See for privacy information.
30/05/2235m 30s

Drama in the Desert

What better way to make sense of the madness on RHOBH then to go straight to the source.  Teddi texted Crystal to understand what was happening in La Quinta and bringing that info to you. Longtime friendships are struggling b/c of BTS drama.Then, we head to Atlanta for even more drama. The Twots are officially invested!!The Twots make a discovery about the marriage counselor… did you know??See for privacy information.
27/05/2242m 28s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with LEAH MCSWEENEY

Princess LeahTeddi has some beef with Leah McSweeney and they are going to hash it out!  (Are they????). This Twitter war has a hilarious ending…Why didn’t RHONY have a reunion last season???  Why???? Leah is here to tell us what happened during filming AND most importantly, what happened after. Leah shocks us with the Housewife she isn’t speaking to…Leah joins the TWOTs to talk running around naked with tiki torches to our own mental health and everything in between!Plus, Leah’s feelings about the RHONY reboot… here we go!See for privacy information.
23/05/2233m 15s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with FRANK CATANIA

Let’s Be Frank.This is quite frankly the best episode ever!! Our first Husband, Frank Catania is joining the Twots straight from David’s House and… IT’S NICE!!!!Did Frank ask Dolores for permission before moving in with her ex?? Is David really dating Luis’ ex?! This is crazy!!!! But we love it.For the TWOTS when it rains it pours!! It’s the RHONJ reunion!! How are Dolores and Frank after that infamous “Buzz” comment?? And what happened to Traci?! Frank is giving us all the tea! Solid gold tea!And don’t worry we got all the info on Frank’s GF!!See for privacy information.
20/05/2238m 41s

It wasn't good enough for Erika...

Life's a Beach The Twot's are at the Beach!  They are live from Teddi's Beach House (The one that Erika wouldn't stay at...but it's good enough for Tamra!)  Jersey finale is over and Andy is MAD. No one has ever seen him this mad!!  Atlanta is serving us some realllly shady Tea...Peachy Tea!  BH is getting better and better!  Tamra has a surprise for Teddi!  They're having lunch with...TAYLOR ARMSTRONG!  Stay tuned for the recap of that!  P.S. Happy Birthday Harry Hamlin!See for privacy information.
19/05/2248m 18s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with CARLOS KING

Is he really the King??!?!? Who knows Housewives better than the guy who knows how the secret sauce is made?Behind every good Housewife is a… Producer!The TWOTS are not letting Carlos King off the hook without getting some major BTS.  (he produced RHONJ and RHOA)Teddi confronts Carlos because he recently threw some shade right at her!  OHHHHH....AWKWARD Carlos is dishing about Teddi's firing, a craft services shocker, his favorite housewife, and his views on The Ladies of the View!See for privacy information.
13/05/2244m 10s

Neck and Neck

Talk about breathing down someone's neck… Teddi's talking about her neck deep situation.Tamra gets very emotional about her relationship with another Real Housewife.  (And we're feeling for her....)  If this isn't enough, we're recapping BH and it's getting HOT.  Teddi's talking about all her former castmates and puting a rumor to rest about Dorit's home invasion. Plus, come on Frank...get your own house!  What's goin' on?! Wow...our tea cup runneth over!See for privacy information.
13/05/2245m 23s

Two T’s Getting the Tea with JACKIE GOLDSCHNEIDER

She has a heart of Gold-schneider!RHONJ fan favorite, Jackie Goldschneider has realized it’s time to sit down with the TWOTs.She’s prepping us for the rest of the finale by telling us if she thinks Melissa should have been a bridesmaid, how last season almost destroyed her family and insight on the tension between Teresa and the rest of the cast.Plus the Twots asked her… did she get the Vicki?!!See for privacy information.
09/05/2229m 10s

Tamra's Back Travelin' with the Housewives on Girls Trip

Tamra's going on Girls Trip and the trailer is HERE.  Tamra reveals what Eddie is NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT, Vicki heads to the hospital and we find out who was overserved. Plus, Atlanta premieres...New Jersey Reunion is on...and the drama is delicious.See for privacy information.
06/05/2238m 25s

Two Ts Getting the Tea with CRYSTAL KUNG MINKOFF

Crystal clear!  Tam and Crystal went full twinsies in the same dress and it bonded them for life.Teddi and Crystal have been friends for years, but that makes things real awkward when Teddi confronts her about being “different” on TV than IRL.We learn who is bringing the drama this season.And of course, Kiss Marry Kill BH edition.See for privacy information.
02/05/2238m 59s

Thirsty TWOTs in NAPA

The Twots are tipsy again. Tamra has lost her mind after being mistaken for… another housewife!!!  Even while away the recaps will stay.Jersey and OC… here we go.  The OC Reunion has ended and the TOWTs make their guesses on who will be invited back next season. Do you agree?!See for privacy information.
28/04/2240m 23s
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