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That Chapter Podcast is your home for the craziest true crime cases, weirdest plots, and strangest horrors from around the world. That Chapter Podcast has it all, telling you the scariest stories with a little laugh or two along the way.


Ep.16 - The Evil That Followed Mickey Home

As Mickey Shunick was biking home one night in Lafayette, little did she know a car was gliding slowly after her, like a shark waiting for the right moment to seize and attack its prey. Sierra Joughin, she too was biking home through corn fields, when a man saw her go past, he lunged into action.   YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email:
24/03/23·41m 21s

Ep.15 - The Mutiny on the Batavia Part 2

The Batavia has now been shipwrecked off the coast of Australia, and as the survivors tried to find food and water, also devious plans are devised to start lessening the number of mouths to feed, leading to an all out war between the mutineers and soldiers. Until a ship is seen on the horizon... YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email:
20/03/23·40m 21s

Ep.14 - Gary Hilton, National Park Serial Killer

National Park serial killers is always a spooky one. In National Parks across the USA, there's a lot more to be afraid of than wildlife. In this episode, we'll look at two stories of serial killers, Gary Hilton and Mike Bullinger, who used National Parks as their very own hunting ground.   YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email:
17/03/23·48m 41s

Ep.13 - The Mutiny on the Batavia Part 1

The ship Batavia was sailing to Indonesia, filled with the worst kind of sailors, horrid conditions, but loaded with treasure. However, one member on board had dreams of stealing the treasure and creating his own pirate kingdom. He began a mutiny, which led to a shipwreck. What followed was the bloodiest stranded on a desert island story in history.  YouTube:   Instagram:   Twitter: Business email:
13/03/23·47m 36s

Ep.12 - Dwight Lamon Jones and his Kill List

In the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, serial killers were prowling. At one point, two separate serial killers roaming the streets at the very same time. Then, a decade later, it appeared history was repeating itself... However this would ultimately be determined to be a man seeking revenge, and the race against time began to stop him before he struck again.   YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email:
10/03/23·42m 3s

Ep.11 - John Edward Robinson, Internet Slavemaster

John Edward Robinson led a long life of crime. From small beginnings with lying on job applications, to full on scams and eventually graduating two multiple murders, the story of John Edward Robinson is long, and a tale of cruelty throughout.  YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email: Researched by Benj Button
06/03/23·1h 5m

Ep.10 - Jailbreaks, Blood & Control

Sarah Jo Pender seemed like she could have been whatever she wanted to be in life, instead she became a killer, a jail escapist, and the "Female Charles Manson" according to some. But does she really deserve any of those labels? Well, one person who at least deserves some is Donna Scrivo... YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email:
03/03/23·55m 10s

Ep.9 - The Hammersmith Ghost Murder

In Hammersmith, London, 1804, a ghost was on the prowl. Haunting many who passed, and with some of the encounters leading to insanity or even death, one man decided to get a gun and end the ghost. However, it wouldn't be the ghost he met one night.  YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email:  Researched by Benj Button
27/02/23·47m 47s

Ep.8 - Stiletto, Murder Weapon of Choice

Ana Trujillo was woman about town, mad for the boys and the attention. However, she also had an extremely dark side to her, a side that came out after e night of heavy drinking and she had a stiletto in her hand. In the second story we go to Carlsbad to look at some bad people, and perhaps one of the silliest murder plots I've ever covered.  YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email:
24/02/23·47m 11s

Ep.7 - Tommy Lynn Sells, Coast to Coast Killer

Tommy Lynn Sells is one of the big ones, one of those monsters with an incredibly high body count. For over 20 years Tommy went across the USA, murdering and robbing any who were in his path. With a possible victim number up to 70, let's take a look at this particular monster.  YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email: Researched by Benj Button
20/02/23·36m 38s

Ep.6 - The Murderous Matusiewicz Solution

The Matusiewicz Family were not too keen with an in-law after a custody battle didn't go their way, and so began a years long plot which ultimately led to tragedy. A little comedy too, to be honest. In the second story, I'll tell you the tale of the Neurauter Family, and of how one daughter was given an impossible choice.   YouTube:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Business email:
17/02/23·51m 39s

Ep.5 - Kurt Sonnenfeld, His Wife's Suspicious Death & 9/11

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a FEMA worker at 9/11. Four months later his wife died in strange circumstances. When Kurt was accused of it, he resisted coming back to the USA, claiming he had witnessed a conspiracy and coverup at Ground Zero. To this day, the Argentinian government refuses to send him back, believing him.  YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email:
13/02/23·34m 59s

Ep.4 - A Ludicrous Murder Plot in Carrollton, Texas

In Carrollton, Texas, Nancy Howard would end up shot outside her home. It would be revealed that someone had been extorting a "John" who wanted her dead, and had been for many years. In New Jersey, April Kaufman would end up murdered in her bed. From there would spawn links to narcotics rings, stolen valor, a dirty doctor, and the Pagan Motorcycle Gang.   YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email:
10/02/23·48m 16s

Ep.3 - Marissa DeVault Grabbed a Hammer

Marissa DeVault had it all, but she wanted just a little bit more. So, to do that she needed some money, and *cha-ching* it was life insurance time. When that didn't go quite to plan, she instead decided to cash in her own insurance, with equally ridiculous results. YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email: Researched by Benj Button
06/02/23·38m 47s

Ep.2 - The Savage Harpe Brothers & the Mason of the Woods

In the late 1700s, the back woods of Kentucky and Tennessee were ravaged by three serial killers. The Harpe Brothers and the Mason of the Woods. These serial killers carved their way across the frontier before meeting their own gruesome end.  YouTube:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Business email: Researched by Benj Button & Mike Oh
03/02/23·56m 13s

Ep.1 - Murderous Revenge, Served with Ice

Welcome to the very first episode of the That Chapter podcast! Here are two tales of people who wanted revenge at those who wronged them, and would do whatever it took to get it, no matter who was in their way.  YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Business email:
30/01/23·47m 50s
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