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The Sky Sports F1 Podcast is your one stop shop to stay across all the biggest stories in Formula One. Joining Matt Baker each week will be Sky F1’s pundits and reporters as well as guests from inside the paddock, hoping to demystify the sometimes complex world of F1. So if you want to know the difference between downforce and diffusers or torque and telemetry – hit the subscribe button!


Flow-vis paint, sandbagging, new innovations | What to look out for in pre-season testing in Bahrain

Bernie Collins joins Matt Baker to look ahead to the three days of F1's pre-season testing in Bahrain.From travelling through airports with car parts, to how flow-vis paint works to sandbagging - Bernie answers your most pressing questions!
19/02/24·34m 7s

F1's crazy off-season analysed | Hamilton, Andretti, sprint weekends and more!

Matt Baker is joined by Martin Brundle, Simon Lazenby and Rachel Brookes to review some of the huge F1 stories from the off-season, including Lewis Hamilton's announcement that he'll be moving to Ferrari, Andretti having their bid to join the grid rejected and changes to Sprint weekends.
16/02/24·31m 23s

Hamilton to Ferrari! | Button, Brundle, Hill, Chandhok and Pinkham give their reaction

Simon Lazenby assembles the Sky Sports F1 team for an emergency show, reacting to the shock news that Lewis Hamilton is to join Ferrari in 2025. Hear from Jenson Button, Martin Brundle, Damon Hill, Karun Chandhock, Natalie Pinkham, Craig Slater and Rachel Brookes on a massive day for F1.
01/02/24·54m 24s

Secrets of Success: Toto Wolff

Welcome to another bonus episode on the Sky Sports F1 Podcast feed. This is an episode of the Secrets of Success podcast in which former England cricket captain, Nasser Hussain chats with some of the most successful people in sport to find out how the motivate and inspire their teams to succeed at the highest level.His guest today is Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff.Wolff talks about how he ended up in Formula One after some difficult moments in his childhood - moments which he says helped shape him as a leader and manager.He also discusses working with Lewis Hamilton, his rivalry with Red Bull boss Christian Horner and why he avoids social media as much as he can.Secrets of Success is released every Wednesday so don't forget to follow or subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
31/01/24·44m 19s

Madrid comes to F1! | Natalie Pinkham and Damon Hill review Spain's newest track

With the news that Madrid will be joining the Formula 1 calendar from 2026, Natalie Pinkham and Damon Hill join for the latest podcast to discuss what the track might bring to the series and what this could mean for the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
23/01/24·19m 0s

‘He’s a big loss to the sport’ | Why have Haas parted ways with Guenther Steiner?

Craig Slater, David Croft and Damon Hill join Matt Baker for an ‘emergency podcast’, after the news that Guenther Steiner will be leaving Haas with immediate effect ahead of the 2024 F1 season.
10/01/24·21m 0s

Secrets of Success: Christian Horner

Welcome to a bonus episode on the Sky Sports F1 Podcast feed. This is the fifth episode of Secrets of Success - a series in which former England cricket captain, Nasser Hussain speaks to some of the most successful people in sport about how they manage, motivate and inspire their teams to perform at the highest level.Today, Nasser is joined by Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner.Horner tells us about how he was able to persuade his team members to believe they could challenge and compete with the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, discusses what he expects from his drivers and describes his relationship with his rival, Toto Wolff.Secrets of Success is released every Wednesday, so if you enjoy this episode, search for Secrets of Success, then follow or subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
03/01/24·49m 47s

Ted and Crofty's top 10 team principals picks of 2023 - Part Two

Ted Kravitz and David Croft join for our latest pod to rank the top ten best team principals of the 2023 season, finishing with 5-1 in this part two.
29/12/23·45m 13s

Ted and Crofty's top 10 team principals picks of 2023 - Part One

Ted Kravitz and David Croft join for our latest pod to rank the top ten best team principals of the 2023 season, starting from 10-6 in this part one.
27/12/23·52m 41s

Who were the top 10 drivers of 2023? Karun and Tommo have their say!

Karun Chandhok and Tommo join for our latest pod to rank the ten best drivers of the 2023 season.
21/12/23·1h 4m

Sky Sports F1 previews Sky Original 'Ferrari'

Sky Sports F1's Naomi Schiff, Martin Brundle and Simon Lazenby join Matthew Baker to preview the Sky Original film: 'Ferrari', which tells the story of the team's founder, Enzo, featuring actors Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey, directed by Michael Mann.'Ferrari,' a Sky Original film, in cinemas from Boxing Day in the UK&I, and available in cinemas around the world throughout December.
19/12/23·11m 31s

Q&A with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner

This week, Matt Baker is joined by Red Bull team principal Christian Horner for a special Q&A.He discusses Red Bull Christmas party plans, beach run-ins with Daniel Ricciardo and reveals Max Verstappen's biggest secret... of being a Tom Jones fan!Horner also explains how he and rival Toto Wolff created one of the most viral photos in the paddock.Finally, in end-of-season fashion, he makes his New Year resolutions for the team, including hopes for Sergio Perez to improve next season in qualifying.
07/12/23·27m 54s

Season REVIEW - Our best moments of 2023!

Matt Baker is joined for the final podcast of the season by Ted Kravitz, Karun Chandhok and Bernie Collins.They discuss Max Verstappen's dominance, which saw the Red Bull driver win his third straight world title.They debate which drivers have impressed them this year and ask how much longer Fernando Alonso will be in Formula One.They also talk about their favourite race of 2023 and the feel-good moment of the season.
28/11/23·40m 55s

Ted's Podbook | Hamilton on Red Bull rumours

Ted Kravitz looks ahead to the final race of the 2023 season from the paddock in Abu Dhabi. He discusses what’s left to fight for in both the drivers and constructors championships, as well as Hamilton's response to Christian Horner's comments about him joining Red Bull.
23/11/23·17m 24s

‘Contender for race of the year!’ Did the Las Vegas GP live up to the hype?

Matt Baker is joined by Sky Sports’ Craig Slater and Simon Lazenby who give their first-hand experiences and opinions on the dramatic and spectacular Las Vegas Grand Prix. How did it compare to other races on the F1 calendar and did the actual racing deliver? Were Max Verstappen’s pessimistic pre-race comments justified? How did the fans who attended react to the race weekend? Do the schedule and timings need to change in future years?
21/11/23·37m 6s

Ted's Podbook | Las Vegas razzmatazz!

Ted Kravitz is joined by Craig Slater to review the biggest stories from the paddock ahead of the Las Vegas GP including Max Verstappen's comments criticising the opening ceremony. They question if high speeds, low temperatures and narrow tracks could offer a tricky race and debate who could come out on top this weekend.
17/11/23·21m 53s

Las Vegas GP preview | What can the drivers and spectators expect?

Matt Baker is joined by former F1 driver and Sky Sports pundit Karun Chandhok to look ahead to a spectacular race weekend of entertainment under the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Karun shares what he is excited about the most and gives a unique insight into how the drivers will prepare for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. He also reveals what challenges the track designers faced when mapping out the track and what he thinks will make the Las Vegas GP a success.
14/11/23·20m 11s

‘Inexcusable performance’ | How bad is Mercedes' W14?

Matt Baker is joined this week by Sky Sports F1's Naomi Schiff and Damon Hill.They discuss why Mercedes is still struggling with the W14 after Toto Wolff believed Brazil was his 'worst weekend in 13 years'.They also debate if Fernando Alonso's thrilling finish in Brazil was his best career drive ever after a masterclass of a defence against Sergio Perez.Finally, they turn their attention to Las Vegas and question could the cold weather throw a spanner in the works?
07/11/23·46m 1s

Ted's Podbook | Perez win will silence doubters

Ted Kravitz reviews the biggest stories from the paddock ahead from Sao Paulo GP including the futures of Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso. Also the departure of Mercedes' chief technical officer Mike Elliott.
03/11/23·19m 27s

Pressure mounting on Perez | Will Alonso retire at the end of the season?

Matt Baker is joined this week by Craig Slater and F1 content creator Tommo.They reflect on the Mexico City Grand Prix and discuss the mounting pressure on Red Bull's Sergio Perez following his recent performances.They debate if Lewis Hamilton will pip the Mexican to second in the driver standings and address rumours Fernando Alonso could retire at the end of the year.They also question whether the Sprint format has worked this season and ask whether McLaren's Lando Norris could replace Perez at Red Bull.
31/10/23·53m 30s

Why Lewis was disqualified in Austin | Alpine's superstar consortium | Could Mercedes have won US GP?

Matt Baker is joined by Rachel Brooks, Alpine reserve driver Jack Doohan and former Formula 1 performance engineer Blake Hinsey, to break down the United States Grand Prix. Blake explains what the plank actually is on a formula one car and why Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified in Austin. Jack describes how having a superstar consortium (including Anthony Joshua, Rory McIlroy, Patrick Mahomes, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Travis Kelce) can give a big boost to the Alpine drivers. Other topics include McLaren's recent improvements, the success of the sprint race weekends and could Mercedes have actually won the race (ignoring being disqualified for failed plank inspections)?
24/10/23·48m 45s

Ted's Podbook | Howdy from Austin!

Ted Kravitz is joined by Rachel Brookes to look ahead to the weekend's United States Grand Prix.There are upgrades for Aston Martin and Mercedes, but what effect will they have? Max Verstappen says Red Bull will not be breaking up a winning team, and there are some interesting comments from Lewis Hamilton about the conditions at the Qatar GP.
20/10/23·15m 22s

The F1 Academy Preview Pod with García, Pulling and the Al Qubaisi sisters

Matt Baker is joined by Marta García, Abbi Pulling and sisters Hamda and Amna Al Qubaisi to talk all things F1 Academy.Ahead of their final race in Austin, Marta García and Abbi Pulling discuss how the F1 Academy is moving in the right direction and if the series could produce the next F1 driver.Hamda and Amna Al Qubaisi reveal what it's like racing as sisters as part of the same team and also reflect on being a racing driver growing up in the UAE.
18/10/23·26m 30s

Has Perez let F1 fans down? | How to manage Russell-Hamilton rivalry | Will Piastri raise Norris' game at McLaren?

Former F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg joins Matt Baker to answer your questions ahead of the United States Grand Prix from Austin.They discuss whether Sergio Perez has let F1 fans down by not pressuring Max Verstappen for the drivers championshipNico gives his inside knowledge on how Mercedes can manage the Russell-Hamilton rivalryAnd they look at whether Oscar Piasri's rise in form will raise Lando Norris' game in the McLaren.
17/10/23·31m 11s

The inside story of Red Bull's dominance with Calum Nicholas

Matt Baker is joined by Senior Power Unit Assembly Technician Calum Nicholas, to talk all things Red Bull and Max Verstappen's dominance. Having worked with other Red Bull drivers, he discusses what puts Max on another level and how 'perfection' has led him to chase record after record.Calum also tells us the moment he realised the RB19 was a world title winning car and reveals how they plan to take back their fastest pit stop record after McLaren timed in a 1.8 stop during the Qatar GP.
12/10/23·47m 31s

Gruelling Qatar heat | Fastest F1 pit stop | Was Mercedes collision only a matter of time?

Ted Kravitz, Karun Chandhok, and F1 trainer Sam Village join Matt Baker to look back at a 'relentless' weekend in Qatar. They discuss how gruelling the heat in Qatar was and what could be done differently to avoid the dangers of the conditions.They review how McLaren is on the charge and celebrate the Papayas achieving the fastest pit stop in F1 history!They finish by looking at what Sergio Perez's struggles mean for his Red Bull seat next year and question if the collision between teammates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell was only a matter of time?
10/10/23·54m 0s

Ted’s Podbook | Verstappen on the brink of third world title

Ted Kravitz is joined by Karun Chandhok and Simon Lazenby to look ahead to the Qatar GP as Max Verstappen aims to clinch his third world title. They discuss where a third title would put him amongst the all-time greats, how long he'll continue racing, and how Mercedes and Ferrari will fare this weekend.
05/10/23·11m 33s

Jessica Hawkins: F1 history maker | 'The car is like a spaceship!'

Matt Baker is joined by British racing driver Jessica Hawkins after she became the first woman in five years to test an F1 car. The Aston Martin ambassador reflects on her experience behind the wheel and explains how it compares to the simulator. She also discusses the barriers facing female drivers and explains how the W Series and F1 Academy can help them in their pursuit of an F1 seat. Jessica also tells us how she became a stunt driver and explores the risks and rewards of the job. Plus she reveals the bizarre world record she holds... involving a lawnmower and a lot of speed!
03/10/23·34m 31s

How are Mercedes setting themselves up for success next season? | Will Logan Sargeant take Williams' final seat?

It's an all Sky F1 affair this week as Bernie Collins and Anthony Davidson join Matt to look back at the Japanese Grand Prix, where Red Bull claimed the 2023 Constructors' Championship.Bernie and Ant analyse how Mercedes are setting themselves up for success next season, and what improvements could impact the relationship of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.Finally we take a look at Logan Sargeant's future at Williams and whether they'll opt for him to take them forward next season.
26/09/23·42m 51s

Ted’s Podbook | What can we expect from the Japanese GP?

Ted Kravitz has been looking ahead to the Japanese GP and what storylines we can expect from the 16th race of the season. He discusses whether Red Bull will win the constructors' championship this weekend, if Max Verstappen will return to winning ways as well as the ongoing struggle for supremacy at Mercedes between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.
21/09/23·16m 55s

Was Singapore a one-off or a sign of things to come? | What went wrong for Red Bull?

Sky F1's Simon Lazenby and Anthony Davidson join Matt Baker to look back at a dramatic Singapore Grand Prix as Carlos Sainz claimed Ferrari's first win of the season to end Red Bull’s winning streak. They debate which of the Ferrari drivers is quickest and ask which driver pairing is stronger – Ferrari or Red Bull?They also analyse what went wrong for the Red Bulls in Singapore. Will they be back on top in Japan or has a weakness been exposed in the RB19?Finally, they discuss Liam Lawson's future and his chances of securing a seat in the 2024 season.
19/09/23·51m 29s

Ted's Podbook | Will Verstappen break his Singapore curse?

Ted Kravitz brings us the latest news ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix as Max Verstappen bids for the first victory of his career at the Marina Bay Circuit.
15/09/23·22m 18s

UK radio DJ Greg James reveals which F1 driver would make the BEST Radio DJ!

UK radio DJ, Greg James, is the latest person to join Matt Baker on the Sky Sports F1 Podcast. He chats about his own F1 podcast 'The Fast And The Curious' (01:49) and his love for Formula 1 and motorsport (06:18). Greg also shares his experiences of being on the grid before lights out (18:54). He also gives an insight into what Oscar Piastri is like to meet (42:19) and he reveals which F1 driver would make the best radio DJ (50:05).
12/09/23·54m 10s

Does Ferrari’s epic battle in Monza cause Vasseur problems? | Rosberg: He needs to manage them

Matt Baker, Nico Rosberg and F1 content creator Aldas join for our latest pod.They review a thrilling Italian Grand Prix with Max Verstappen winning a record 10th consecutive race and the Ferrari drivers producing an epic battle for the final podium place.They discuss what Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur needs to do going forward after some tense and nervy moments between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz during the race.Liam Lawson’s encouraging start is also discussed with his eye-catching performances giving Red Bull a really important decision to make on Daniel Ricciardo next season.They finish by looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix with Nico Rosberg revealing the physical challenges drivers face when Formula 1 heads to the Marina Bay Street Circuit.
05/09/23·42m 44s

Ted’s Podbook | Plenty to discuss from Monza

Ted Kravitz is in Monza ahead of this weekend’s Italian GP. Ted goes over the news that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have signed contract extensions at Mercedes, as well as discussing Max Verstappen’s chances at a record tenth consecutive race win. On home soil, what can we expect from Ferrari?
31/08/23·18m 7s

Is Max Verstappen’s success underestimated? | ‘He has something special’

For our latest pod, Matt Baker is joined by Dutch racing driver Giedo van der Garde and F1 content creator Tom Bellingham.Giedo van der Garde reveals what Max Verstappen was like as a child, how much Jos Verstappen has impacted his son's career, and how the Red Bull driver’s maturity has changed his racing style throughout the years.They also discuss if Max is happy winning unchallenged nearly every race weekend and debate whether his sim racing is helping him become a better driver.They finish by giving their thoughts on what Max's future in F1 is and whether he would explore other series in motorsports.
29/08/23·46m 14s

Will Verstappen win every remaining race? | Second half of the season predictions!

Matt Baker, Natalie Pinkham, Damon Hill and Max Verstappen's former performance engineer Blake Hinsey join for our latest pod.They preview the second half of the season and discuss at which race Red Bull's Verstappen could win his third world title.Who will come second in the driver and constructor standings behind Verstappen and Red Bull is debated.They finish by giving their thoughts as to who'll be the most improved driver on the grid and provide their bold prediction for the rest of the year.
22/08/23·50m 49s

Q&A with the voice of Sky Sports F1 - David Croft

Matt Baker is joined this week by Sky Sports’ very own David Croft for a special Q&A.He discusses why he chose the life of a sports commentator (01:50), how he prepares himself for race weekends (12:34), and the most memorable races he's covered in his career so far (28:32).Crofty also explains what changes to the rules in F1 he would make to ensure more competitive racing (45:25), as well as revealing what he loves most about his job (54:23)
15/08/23·56m 43s

Q&A with racing icon Danica Patrick

Matt Baker is joined this week by racing icon Danica Patrick as she answers questions from social media.The former NASCAR and IndyCar driver discusses her broadcasting career with Sky Sports F1 (00:25) and how she got her first break in broadcasting (03:50).She shares her earliest motorsport memory (07:35), how she got into IndyCar (11:05) and reflects on her successful Indy 500 debut back in 2005 (14:00). Danica also reveals her biggest career highlight (19:30) and what it is like to race on oval tracks (22:15).She gives her opinion on how to get more women into F1 (26:00) and she identifies which rising women drivers have the speed to be competitive in F1 (29:35).Finally, Danica is quizzed on which current F1 driver would be the fastest if everyone raced in RB 19s (31:15), her favourite circuit (33:45) and her life after racing (36:40).
08/08/23·38m 16s

The only concern for Red Bull is they have broken two trophies - Sky Sports F1 Podcast's Mid-season review!

Matt Baker is joined this week by Sky Sports’ very own David Croft and Karun Chandhok plus motorsport presenter and content creator Toni Cowan-Brown for a mid-season review as we hit F1’s summer break. The panel debate whether (11.48) Red Bull have broken their second driver and if Sergio Perez should accept the role as second driver behind Max Verstappen (35.37) Is the cost cap costing F1 attracting the top personnel (55.49) Karun believes McLaren have had the best mid-season comeback since Jordan in 1998. And finally (11.08) the biggest concern for Red Bull is they have broken two trophies in two races.
01/08/23·1h 16m

Ted's Podbook | Belgian GP - the wettest Podbook so far!

Ted Kravitz is braving the rain to look ahead to this weekend's Belgian GP.How will the wet weather affect Qualifying, the Sprint and the Grand Prix in Spa?Will Mercedes be able to get close to Red Bull and can McLaren keep up their great form?Ted provides all the latest!
27/07/23·21m 51s

When will anyone catch up with Red Bull? | Nico Rosberg: Max Verstappen is extraordinary!

Matt Baker is joined this week by 2016 F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and Broadcaster Liam MacDevitt to speak about (03:39) Red Bull’s ‘legendary’ record-breaking season so far, (10:28) and how Sergio Perez can deal with an 'unbeatable teammate'. The panel also debate if (23:20) McLaren could finish second in the Constructor’s Championship, (24:40) Mercedes’ confidence boost after Lewis Hamilton qualified for pole at the Hungarian GP, and (34:14) review Daniel Riccardo’s return to the grid after his first race back with AlphaTauri. Finally, (43:38) Nico Rosberg addresses his ‘curse’ and explains why he won't be posting any more photos from the pit lane in future races!
25/07/23·45m 2s

Ted's Podbook | On to Budapest!

Ted Kravitz is in Budapest to look ahead to this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.Ted discusses the big news of the week - Daniel Ricciardo's return to F1 - and how everyone in the paddock has reacted to the Australian's comeback.Mercedes and Ferrari are determined to improve on their performances from Silverstone, Alex Albon has had a busy week leading into the Grand Prix and there's a hairstyle update from Nico Hulkenberg.
20/07/23·14m 30s

'The Red Bull junior team is not successful anymore' | Alguersuari on why de Vries was sacked by AlphaTauri?

Matt Baker is joined by former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari for our latest pod.They discuss the Red Bull junior programme and how it is not as successful as it used to be at promoting drivers to the senior team. They review Nyck de Vries’ sacking from AlphaTauri and why his results against teammate Yuki Tsunoda left him in a vulnerable position.Jaime also speaks about Max Verstappen’s special talent and how his education from karting days has led to his domination at Red Bull.
18/07/23·49m 19s

Daniel Ricciardo is back! | McLaren's pace and Ferrari's woes analysed!

Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz and Bernie Collins join for our latest pod.They discuss the massive news that Daniel Ricciardo will be replacing Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri with immediate effect ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. They review the British Grand Prix and analyse the reasons behind McLaren's pace in the last two races as well as looking at Ferrari's struggles after another poor showing.They finish by talking about Brad Pitt's new Formula One movie as filming took place on the Silverstone track over the weekend.
11/07/23·1h 14m

Ted’s Podbook | Silverstone excitement builds

Craig Slater joins Ted on this week’s Podbook ahead of the British GP at Silverstone. The pair take a walk around the new Aston Martin factory and describe how it compares to the factory of other teams. Discussions over track limits also continue, as well as looking at Lewis Hamilton’s latest comments on his F1 future.
06/07/23·18m 13s

EXPLAINED! How to fix Track Limits! | Sky Sports F1 Podcast

Matt Baker, Karun Chandhok and F1 content creator Tom McCluskey join for our latest pod.They review the Austrian Grand Prix (3.28) and debate the fiasco surrounding track limits around Red Bull Ring (4.47).Max Verstappen's dominant season with Red Bull is discussed (23.21) as is the improvements made at McLaren with their upgrades in Austria (27.57).They finish by talking about the upcoming upgrades some of the teams will be making as the year progresses (41.05).
04/07/23·48m 58s

Ted's Podbook | Austria awaits

Naomi Schiff joins Ted for her debut on the Podbook as they preview the Austria GP. We discuss whether Checo Perez can compete with Max Verstappen despite being unwell, Lewis Hamilton's impromptu trip to Glastonbury, Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney's investment in Alpine and Lance Stroll's mysterious secrets.
29/06/23·21m 31s

‘We prepare our athletes to perform’ | What's it like to train and work with F1 drivers… and what do they eat?

Matt Baker is joined this week by AlphaTauri performance coaches Michael Italiano and Pyry Salmela, as the trio take a close look into the training and diet of a Formula One driver. Have you ever wondered how Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton continue to perform at the highest level? All is revealed!
27/06/23·53m 39s

Is Sergio Perez deserving of the number two seat? | Was Lando Norris’ behaviour ‘unsportsmanlike’?

Matt Baker is joined this week by Ted Kravitz and Claire Cottingham to discuss a weekend of records for Red Bull as they reach 100 wins in F1, (15’30) Sergio Perez’s performance thus far and his support as Red Bull’s number two driver to reigning World Champion Max Verstappen and (34’40) a trip down memory lane to Kravitz meeting Christian Horner before claiming his Red Bull team principal title.(43’00) The panel also discuss Lando Norris’ behaviour after he was handed a five-second penalty in Montreal for ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’ and (50’00) the news of W Series entering administration after failing funding to continue.

Ted’s Podbook | Canada’s calling!

Ted Kravitz is in Montreal ahead of this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix. Ted looks at Red Bull’s prospects of claiming a 100th Grand Prix win as a constructor, why it is a must that Ferrari produces a podium finish and how George Russell ended up on Manchester City’s team bus after the Champions League final in Istanbul.
16/06/23·17m 57s

'Williams were in survival mode' | James Vowles breaks down his move from Mercedes

Matt Baker is joined this week by Williams Team Principle James Vowles.(01:31) He discusses his move from Mercedes to Williams as team principle, (07:00) the big differences between the two teams (09:14) and his motivations for joining Williams. (18:06) He also gives insight into how Michael Schumacher developed Mercedes when he worked with the 7-time World Champion (21:07) and finally his beliefs on how women's motorsport can grow from strength to strength.
13/06/23·29m 23s

McLaren special with Norris and Piastri | Can Mercedes challenge Red Bull?

Matt Baker is joined this week by McLaren's Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.Your Twitter questions are asked to Norris (1.15) and Piastri is asked about his love of cricket ahead of the upcoming Ashes (11.00).The Australian discusses his performance in Spain (11.00) and answers fan questions too (14.35).Damon Hill and Rachel Brookes then drop in to review the Spanish Grand Prix (25.31) before debating whether Mercedes can challenge Red Bull this season (30.10).
06/06/23·43m 16s

How close are Aston Martin to challenging Red Bull? | Montoya: Stroll is very underrated

On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker is joined by the voice of F1, David Croft, and a seven-time F1 race winner, Juan Pablo Montoya. Reflection on Monaco GP (00:47) Can Aston Martin compete against Red Bull? (08:59) What is the recipe to success in F1? (14:19) Has Fernandes Alonso changed? (16:33) Is Lance Stroll underrated? (22:50) Dads in F1 (25:12) We are seeing the best ever Fernando Alonso? (30:04) Can Fernando Alonso win the Spanish GP again? (37:47) Indy 500 review (42:38).
30/05/23·51m 19s

Ted's Podbook | All set for Monaco!

Ted Kravitz is in Monte Carlo to look ahead to the weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. Ted wonders if Charles Leclerc can finally win his home race, discusses the rumours about Lewis Hamilton's future, and considers whether Mercedes' upgrades will make much difference on the streets of the principality.
25/05/23·20m 52s

Imola cancellation fallout and will Hamilton join Ferrari?

Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz, Simon Lazenby and Naomi Schiff join for our latest pod.They review the fallout from the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (1.28) and discuss whether Lewis Hamilton could be set to join Ferrari (15.20).The team debate what drivers could be moving in the 'silly season' (32.01) before previewing this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix (40.29).
23/05/23·47m 37s

Explained: Why was the Emilia Romagna GP cancelled?

Sky Sports F1's Rachel Brookes gives her account of the devastating flooding around Imola, as Craig Slater goes into detail explaining why the decision to cancel the GP was made.
18/05/23·7m 49s

Historic Imola, Leclerc's contract doubts and Ricciardo rumours | Taxi for Damon!

On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker hitches a ride with Damon Hill to discuss the highs and lows of the historic Emilia Romagna track (06:53) and whether Ferrari could see any improvements when they return home (16:37). Could Charles Leclerc have his head turned this season by another team? (19:36) And we address the rumours of whether Daniel Ricciardo could replace Nyck De Vries at AlphaTauri? (27:27)
16/05/23·35m 54s

Miami had style, but was there any substance? | What was going on with Sir Jackie Stewart and Roger Federer?

On this week's Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Matt Baker is joined by Martin Brundle, Natalie Pinkham and Karun Chandhok to discuss all the thrills from the Miami Grand Prix. The team discuss if all 3 tyre compounds should be used during different races (05:06), what did Sir Jackie Stewart say to Roger Federer? (30:47) and debate the success of LL Cool J's pre-race introduction (39:04).
09/05/23·1h 4m

Ted's Podbook | Miami musings

Ted Kravitz is joined by David Croft and Simon Lazenby to look ahead to the weekend's Miami Grand Prix. They discuss the fallout from George Russell and Max Verstappen's battle in Baku, the rivalry between the world champion and his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, and ponder what Ferrari can do to become competitive for race wins again.
05/05/23·16m 14s

Was the new Sprint format a success and has Sergio Perez's win rattled Max Verstappen?

Sky F1's Ant Davidson and Rachel Brookes are joined by Max Verstappen's former performance engineer Blake Hinsey to reflect on the new Sprint format in Baku (06:30). They also discuss the title battle between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (26:45) and explain why Aston Martin's 'bromance' is the dream partnership (49:31).
02/05/23·1h 4m

Ted's Podbook | First Sprint of the season at Azerbaijan GP

Ted Kravitz has been looking ahead to the Azerbaijan GP and what storylines we can expect from the fourth race of the season. He discusses what the new format of the Sprint weekend will look like, Max Verstappen's negative reaction to it, how Ferrari's Laurent Mekies will replace Franz Tost as AlphaTauri team principal, James Alisson's return to Mercedes and the big question surrounding the weekend: whether Fernando Alonso is dating Taylor Swift!
27/04/23·15m 53s

Guenther Steiner reveals the truth behind Mick's Schumacher's Haas exit!

Matt Baker is joined by Haas team principal Guenther Steiner to discuss his new book (1.39) and what his relationship is like with Mick Schumacher (6.43).He gives his thoughts on the team's current driver line-up (12.57) and details his friendship with Niki Lauda (23.51).Steiner finishes by answering some fan questions (26.42).
25/04/23·46m 17s

What does a strategist REALLY do? | Q&A with Bernie Collins!

Matt Baker is joined by former Head of Race Strategy at Aston Martin F1 Team and newly appointed Sky Sports pundit Bernie Collins to discuss what a strategist REALLY does (01:14), what it's like working with Sebastian Vettel (10:50), how less practice sessions can create more drama (25:36) and her bold predictions for the future of Formula 1 (43:09).
18/04/23·49m 35s

Should Sprint be scrapped and will Max quit over it?

Matt Baker, Damon Hill, Simon Lazenby and Jess McFadyen join for our latest pod.They give their thoughts on the Sprint format (2.48) and discuss Max Verstappen's opposition to it (16.08).The team debate the merits of a reverse grid (35.36) before ending with some fan questions (38.39).
11/04/23·48m 14s

Australian Grand Prix CHAOS: Are F1 putting show business before sport?

Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz and Tommo join us for our latest pod. They debate whether there is enough transparency around red flags (17:53), if Carlos Sainz's penalty was too extreme (24:44) and whether Red Bull's 'weakness' has been exposed (35:49).
04/04/23·1h 4m

Ted’s Podbook | What can we expect from the Australian GP?

Ted Kravitz has been looking ahead to the Australian GP and what storylines we can expect from the third GP of the season. Find out why Max Verstappen is so desperate to claim victory in Melbourne, why you may spot Michael Masi this weekend and insight into Lewis Hamilton’s split with performance coach Angela Cullen.
30/03/23·19m 23s

What's gone WRONG at Ferrari? Will Leclerc ever win a title with them?

Matt Baker, Rob Smedley and Matt Gallagher join for our latest pod.Should Ferrari adopt a no-blame culture? (07:47) What are Charles Lercerc's chances of winning the World Championship with Ferrari? (12:15) When to expect meaningful changes from Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur? (21:47) Should practice sessions be scrapped? (33:49)
28/03/23·42m 39s

Alonso's podium fiasco and will Red Bull win every race?

Matt Baker, David Croft and Natalie Pinkham join for our latest pod.They review the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (2.10) and discuss the controversy around Fernando Alonso's podium (7.43).The team debate whether Red Bull will win every race this season (30.47) and assess Ferrari's poor start to the season (34.36).
21/03/23·41m 3s

Villeneuve Pironi: Racing's Untold Tragedy

David Croft, Karun Chandhok and Damon Hill preview Saturday’s release of ‘Villeneuve Pironi: Racing's Untold Tragedy’. The documentary looks into the story of how Gilles Villeneuve and Didier Pironi were torn apart by an historic and controversial moment in Formula One history.
16/03/23·7m 45s

Will Hamilton win eighth world title? Does Norris regret staying at McLaren?

Matt Baker, Martin Brundle and Jess McFadyen join for our latest pod.They discuss the problems facing Mercedes (2.17) and whether Lewis Hamilton will ever win his eighth world title (15.09).The team dissect McLaren's difficult start to the season and whether Lando Norris will be regretting staying with the team (29.03).They finish by previewing this weekend's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (41.29).
14/03/23·47m 53s

Can Aston Martin really challenge Mercedes and Ferrari?

Matt Baker, Simon Lazenby, Naomi Schiff and Karun Chandhok are this week's Sky Sports F1 podcast panel!The group discuss everything F1 related, including Max Verstappen and Red Bull's opening race victory in Bahrain, Aston Martin challenging Mercedes & Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton's mission for his 8th world title.
07/03/23·44m 12s

Ted's Podbook | Looking ahead to the season-opening Bahrain GP

Ted Kravitz has been in the paddock to look ahead to the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.With the drivers performing their media duties on Thursday, there was a different feel to the first day back at the circuit with a couple of familiar faces no longer around.Ted fills us in about Lance Stroll's injuries, discusses whether Red Bull's drivers are starting to play down their apparent advantage and explains why Alpine might be a team to look out for despite not starring at testing.Plus, listen out for some niche knowledge you can use to impress your friends about the Bahrain International Circuit's asphalt!
02/03/23·11m 56s

Can anyone actually STOP Red Bull this season? | The big season preview!

Matt Baker, Ted Kravitz, Natalie Pinkham and Karun Chandhok join for our debut pod.They review testing (1.17) and debate whether Red Bull's Max Verstappen will continue to dominate this season (11.57).The team dissect if Ferrari can get their act together (23.18) and if Mercedes will be closer to challenging this year (39.46).The other teams are discussed in detail (46.50) and Lando Norris' future at McLaren is questioned (54.07).They finish by giving their final thoughts on how the upcoming season will play out (58.04).
28/02/23·1h 1m

What is the Sky Sports F1 Podcast?

What is the Sky Sports F1 Podcast? Matt Baker is here to tell you more...
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