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Tough decisions rattle us all to the core.  But for our guests on One Decision— the choices they are up against can also shape history.  No pressure!  They take us through all of their doubts, emotions and—sometimes unexpected--consequences. A fresh take on foreign policy. Hear the former head of Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove alongside international journalists as they analyse, interview, and discuss.


NATO Ministers & Former US Defense Secretary on the Summit

The NATO alliance solidified support for Ukraine's defense against Russia's aggression, pledging an “irreversible path” to membership once the war ends. Guest host Christina Ruffini and One Decision co-host and former United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke with Sweden's Minister of Defense, Pål Jonson, and Albanian Foreign Minister Igli Hasani on the sidelines of the summit in Washington. They discussed the significance of Sweden and Finland joining the alliance and smaller member countries increasing their contributions to NATO's defense spending.
12/07/2437m 29s

Live at the Spy Museum: World & Congressional leaders on the NATO Summit

The NATO alliance is meeting in Washington amidst the most dangerous security environment since the Cold War. One Decision teamed up with the International Spy Museum for a live panel discussion in front of hundreds of delegates, press, and political leaders. Our new co-host, former US Defense Secretary and CIA director Leon Panetta sat down with Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs, Estonian Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur, former Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, along with the US House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat, Jim Himes. The panel was moderated by Christina Ruffini and the museum’s historian Dr. Andrew Hammond. They looked at what this summit and the future holds for the alliance. They also delve into what Ukraine needs for the next stage of the conflict and how the next American administration will impact global security.
09/07/2456m 30s

French Elections: The Far Right, Russia and NATO

As France prepares to vote in the second round of its parliamentary elections, it appears that Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally may not end up with the majority French President Emmanuel Macron fears—but his troubles are far from over. The Economist's Paris Bureau Chief Sophie Pedder joins One Decision to discuss how the National Rally's recent stunning European election results sent shockwaves across France all the way to the Elysee, prompting Macron to call a snap election that likely has backfired for him and his allies. Plus, Reuters' Defense and Foreign Policy correspondent Idrees Ali gives us the picture from Washington as preparations are underway for the upcoming 75th anniversary of NATO at a time of growing skepticism across Europe.
04/07/2440m 57s

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on Populism, Trump

Columbia University Professor and Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz is one of the world's best-known economists—and one of the most outspoken. He's locked horns with a fellow Nobel laureate, the neoliberal economist Milton Friedman, and openly criticizes globalization. He sits down with One Decision's resident spymaster, Sir Richard Dearlove, and guest host, BBC anchor Kasia Madera, to discuss his recently published book, The Road to Freedom: Economics and the Good Society. Stiglitz argues that authoritarian populism is on the rise today due to governments doing too little rather than too much. They also discuss the impact of Donald Trump's isolationism and why Liz Truss' plan to revive "trickle-down economics" failed.
27/06/2433m 8s

Will the US Defend Taiwan? We Ask the Man Biden Just Sent to Taipei

Richard Armitage, a former Deputy Secretary of State for the George W. Bush administration and a Reagan-era Republican has been deeply involved in America's security and defense policy in the Indo-Pacific region, continuing to represent the United States in trips abroad, joining high-level delegations including a visit to Taipei in May to attend the inauguration of Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te. Secretary Armitage sat down with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove to talk about the trip and how US policy and attitudes towards the threats from the East have evolved. They also discuss the rising alliance between Moscow and Beijing and Putin's increasing dependence on China as he continues to wage war in Ukraine. Plus, Julia and Sir Richard catch up on the week's news, including his take on the ongoing election campaign in the UK and his prediction on whether the Tories will do as badly as the polls say and Russian President Vladimir Putin's trip to Pyongyang to meet with North Korean President Kim Jong Un.
20/06/2443m 46s

A Leading Liberal Podcast Host & Not So Liberal Spy Chief on Labour’s Foreign Policy

The Conservative Party is on track to see fourteen years in power end, when the United Kingdom votes next month. A popular left-wing figure and co-host of The Trawl podcast Marina Purkiss discusses with One Decision's resident spymaster and Conservative figure Sir Richard Dearlove what a Labour government takeover led by Sir Keir Starmer would mean for the future of British foreign policy. Richard and Marina debate whether the UK is more secure under Labour or Conservative party rule, the controversial Rwanda policy, relations with the United States if Donald Trump is reelected president, and how far-right election victories across Europe will impact security and holding the line for Ukraine against Russia's aggression. Plus, Sir Richard on what Keir Starmer should have on his agenda for his first day at No. 10 Downing Street.
13/06/2442m 53s

Belarus’ Opposition Leader's Message to Putin & Why Ukraine Must Win

Belarus has spent the past 30 years under the authoritarian rule of President Alexander Lukashenko. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya challenged his rule after her husband was imprisoned by the regime, only two days after he declared his intention to run for office. She is now living as the exiled Belarusian opposition leader and sits down with One Decision’s guest host Kasia Madera and the former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, for a discussion on Belarus' struggle for freedom under Lukashenko's iron-fisted rule, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the need for European countries to step up in the fight against autocracy.
06/06/2443m 39s

US Ambassador to NATO on Ukraine Getting In

Julianne Smith serves as the United States Permanent Representative to NATO—a role she assumed at the end of 2021, shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Ambassador Smith sits down with One Decision's foreign correspondent Christina Ruffini and resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, for a discussion on what to expect at the NATO summit being held in Washington in July, which marks the 75th anniversary of the transatlantic military alliance. They discuss Ukraine's complicated path to membership, progress on Germany's stepped-up security commitments, and whether a second presidential term for Donald Trump will bolster member countries' defense spending. Plus, more on NATO's strategy to tackle global security challenges and counter Russia's influence with China.
30/05/2445m 55s

Iran, Surprise UK Elections, AI

Former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove gives his verdict on this week's biggest news stories—the surprise summer general election in the United Kingdom announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the shock death of Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi and the implications for the regime's succession plan. Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard also sit down with the European Union's Dragos Tudorache MEP, Chair of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence and one of the leading architects of the EU's new landmark legislation.
23/05/2445m 43s

Top US Intel Official on Russia, Chinese Military Threat

Dr. Trent Maul is the Associate Deputy Director for National Intelligence (ADDNI) for Mission Integration, Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He previously served as the Director of Analysis at the United States Defense Intelligence Agency which produces and analyzes national and foreign military intelligence that supports national security strategy, defense policymakers, and warfighters. Dr. Maul joins guest host and correspondent Frankie McCamley and One Decision's resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, for a candid and wide-ranging conversation about the challenges posed by multiple global security threats, the state of play of Russia's war in Ukraine, the conflict in the Middle East and how its affecting terror organizations in the region, and how AI in collecting intelligence on the battlefield. Frankie also asks what decisions keep Dr. Maul and Sir Richard up at night.
16/05/2446m 10s

The Top Negotiator on How Brexit Looks Now

Lord David Frost, Boris Johnson's pugnacious Brexit chief negotiator, was one of the driving forces behind the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and a powerful force behind the scenes. But for a man who has had so much influence on British people's lives, he's not often heard from in detail. With time to reflect, Lord Frost sits down with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove in the latest in a series looking at the state of UK politics ahead of the general elections, which could end 14 years of the British Conservative Party's rule. Frost also shares what he thinks of Britain's foreign policy, supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia and criticism of Israel and how it's conducting its war in Gaza.
09/05/2443m 30s

Ex-UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng on Regrets, a Really Tough Time for Tories

As the British Conservatives head to what may be the end of 14 years in power, One Decision speaks to some of the most influential voices from Britain's ruling party on what's gone wrong, what's gone right, and what lies ahead for the UK and its allies in the West. In the first of these conversations, Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove speak to the longtime rising star of the right and former Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, who oversaw a brief period of huge instability with a controversial package of tax cuts and spending that sent the markets into turmoil. Kwarteng reflects on the disastrous 'mini-budget' that caused him to get sacked and ended Liz Truss's Premiership, if the Tories will lose the upcoming elections, and how his party has handled recent issues of racism and division in an increasingly fractious time.
02/05/2446m 35s

What it Took to Get Ukraine Aid, Israel's Path Forward, What's Next for Taiwan

This week, the United States Congress finally passed a $95 billion military aid package for its allies after months of delays. Democratic Defense leader, Congressman Adam Smith of Washington, joins correspondent Christina Ruffini for a wide-ranging interview to discuss the package that provides crucial aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and shares his thoughts on recent pro-Palestinian protests spreading across the United States. Plus, One Decision's resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, discusses Europe's reaction to Washington's support for Ukraine, and if America's delay in passing aid has forced Europe to step up its support for Kyiv and its own security.
25/04/2445m 32s

Ex-MI6 Chief & Senior CIA Official on Iran's Next Moves

Norman Roule served for 34 years in the Central Intelligence Agency, managing significant programs related to the Middle East, including his role as National Intelligence manager for Iran at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence from November 2008 to 2017. Roule joins guest host and journalist Christina Ruffini and One Decision's resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, to discuss the new security threats in the Middle East after Iran's unprecedented drone and missile attack against Israel. Roule says Tehran will test the limits of the "new red lines" to keep Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, and others under pressure in a quagmire in the region. They also discuss how the crisis will change U.S. Middle East policy, the status of Iran's nuclear program, and predictions on the Islamic Republic's next steps.
18/04/2436m 13s

Macron's Hawkish Shift on Ukraine, Olympics Security Threats

Ambassador Laurent Bili has served as his nation's diplomatic eyes and ears on the ground in Washington, D.C. —and across the country—since he began his posting in the spring of 2023. Guest host and journalist Liz Landers and One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove speak with him about the prospects for Congress to pass a support package for Ukraine and President Macron's comments that Western boots on the ground cannot be ruled out. They also discuss the NATO alliance and the European Union's military commitment to Ukraine, the war in Gaza, and the potential security concerns around the upcoming Paris Olympics. Plus, Sir Richard talks with Bili about his previous posting in Beijing, where he arrived as the ambassador in September 2019, and navigated several years of diplomacy during the COVID-19 global pandemic.
11/04/2435m 47s

The Diplomat Helping Ukraine Beat Russia, WCK Tragedy in Gaza

Greece's Special Envoy to Ukraine, Ambassador Spiros Lambridis, knows firsthand what Ukrainians have been experiencing since Russia's full-scale invasion of their country. He tells One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove and guest host, BBC anchor Kasia Madera, how a Russian ballistic missile struck just a few hundred meters from where he and Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis were meeting Ukriane's President Volodymyr Zelensky. In a wide-ranging interview, Ambassador Lambridis shares strong words about Russia. He also speaks of his heartache over the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, a region he knows well, having served as Greece's Ambassador to Israel. Ambassador Lambridis also discusses his government's enthusiasm for building closer relations with China at a time when Western nations are issuing sanctions in attempts to stop widespread Chinese state-sponsored cyber attacks. Plus, Sir Richard discusses coordination and intelligence methods on the ground in Gaza after seven international aid workers from Chef José Andrés World Central Kitchen charity were killed in an Israeli air strike.
04/04/2447m 36s

Congressional Leader on Biden's Foreign Policy, Russia Terrorist Attack

Republican Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas serves as the chairman of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, which oversees the State Department and shapes the United States foreign policy. Guest host and correspondent Christina Ruffini sat down with McCaul for a wide-ranging interview about the stalled $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, Middle East security, and whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the war in Gaza could damage Israel's standing on the global stage. McCaul discusses his work leading the oversight investigation into the Biden administration's chaotic withdrawal from Kabul and says that U.S. foreign policy has been "abysmal," starting with the fall of Afghanistan in 2021. Plus, One Decision's resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, discusses the current state of intelligence-sharing with Russia after the deadly mass shooting in Moscow and whether the Kremlin failed to heed the West's warning of a terrorist attack.
28/03/2443m 39s

Bonus: Leaders of the US & UK on Powering the Future

The United Kingdom and the United States are two leading governments working on transitioning to net zero emissions by 2050. Both the Sunak and Biden administrations have set ambitious goals for the next several decades, and in some ways, they are going about it similarly with sweeping legislation—like the Inflation Reduction Act—that is setting new standards. Guest host and journalist Liz Landers spoke with two top officials overseeing this work for their respective countries: UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Claire Coutinho, and United States Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk. Coutinho's a rising star in the conservative government who was first elected in 2019—and has the ear of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a close advisor. We asked her about nuclear power, using oil and gas drilling licenses to stabilize energy sources during the transition, and how the war between Ukraine and Russia has impacted energy policy. Across the pond in the United States, Turk has decades of experience in government, including working in President Biden's senate office, and more recently was the Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. We spoke with Turk about the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, a massive piece of legislation signed in 2022 that invests in clean and domestic energy projects—and why there aren't more electric vehicle charging stations around the country.
26/03/2434m 20s

What to Expect as Putin Cements His Grip as Russia’s New Czar

This week, Vladimir Putin hailed a landslide win for a fifth term in an election with no real opposition, whose result was never in question. In a victory speech extending his iron grip on power, Putin warned that World War III between Russia and the West is not out of the question. Guest host and foreign affairs journalist Indira Lakshmanan and One Decision’s resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove speak with Sir Laurie Bristow, who served two tours in Putin’s Russia as Britain’s ambassador to Moscow and as deputy chief of mission, about what to expect in the next six years from the longest-serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin. Bristow says that relations between Russia and NATO are at their most fragile point since the Cold War. Indira also spoke with Putin expert Dr. Angela Stent for her readout of the election results. Stent, a former U.S. national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia says the reelection of Donald Trump could be a victory for Putin, and warned of Russia’s attempts to meddle in the U.S. election.
21/03/2442m 12s

Liberal Congressional Leader on Biden's "Strategic Mistake" in Israel

California Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna represents parts of Silicon Valley— the wealthiest congressional district in America and the world's largest technology hub, home to tech giants Apple, Meta, and Google. Khanna sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with One Decision guest host and correspondent Liz Landers to discuss tech, AI regulation, and the ongoing conflict in Gaza, saying the United States’ “bear hugging" of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been a "strategic mistake.” As one of the leading voices on technology regulation in the House of Representatives, Khanna says Europe shouldn't be "preaching" when it comes to regulation, and we're past the days of "colonialism where Europe thought they could tell the world what to do." They also discuss his role as a Biden campaign surrogate and President Biden's reelection prospects. Plus, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove joins Liz to discuss the proposed ban on TikTok in the United States and the backlash over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's new citizenship law.
14/03/2438m 56s

Congressional Intel Leader on Russia, Ukraine and Trump

Democratic Congressman Jim Himes is the ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, with oversight of U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the NSA. He’s also one of the most outspoken members of Congress advocating for supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. Guest host and foreign affairs journalist Indira Lakshmanan spoke with Himes about his recent meetings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as Republican leaders block a vote on a $60 billion aid package to Kyiv, and with Yulia Navalnaya, wife of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, just as she learned of her husband’s suspicious death in a Russian gulag. Himes discusses the global competition between democracy and autocracy and says there's one decision for the United States—"Do we shrink from that fight?" He calls Donald Trump a "cult leader" whose hold over the Republican Party is dangerous to democracy and global stability. Indira and One Decision’s resident spymaster, former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, discuss the Congressman's comments on the threat of Russia deploying a nuclear weapon in space, the massive growth in open-source intelligence, and threats to security from internet-connected technologies.
07/03/2448m 49s

She Predicted the Collapse of China's Real Estate Market. We Ask Her What's Next...

Charlene Chu, the world-renowned economic analyst whose warnings in 2014 prompted the Chinese government to hastily change their economic policies, is back on One Decision to discuss the fallout from the liquidation of the Hong Kong assets of Evergrande, China’s massive, troubled property developer that she described as “the canary in the coal mine”. As scores of developers default on their debts, countless Chinese homeowners see the value of their savings and assets plummet, and the CCP considers putting foreign investors on the hook for massive losses to protect the domestic market—what are the global ramifications of the property market crisis? Chu’s analysis on the latest stage of the crisis comes with a dire warning of a different looming challenge, one that could be an even bigger catastrophe for China—and the world—and is coming down the track soon. Plus analysis from One Decision’s Sir Richard Dearlove, the former chief of MI6.
29/02/2449m 41s

Bonus: Could This White House Decision Impact Global Energy Goals?

The team behind the top global affairs podcast, One Decision, brings you "Power Decisions," a new energy series that explores the world's energy sources and the politics and power behind the clean transition. At the beginning of a critical election year in the United States, the Biden administration made waves when it announced a pause on proposed liquid natural gas export projects in the US. In 2023, the US became the number one exporter of LNG—surpassing previous global leaders in the industry. American LNG exports have helped Europe keep the lights on as the war between Ukraine and Russia severed other energy sources. But President Biden, in keeping with his climate commitments to younger voters and green groups, announced the pause while his administration conducts public interest reviews on future projects. Guest host and journalist Liz Landers convenes a roundtable of energy reporters: Timothy Gardner of Reuters, POLITICO's Ben Lefebvre, and The Hill's Zachary Budryk. They discuss the reasons behind the Biden administration's decision, the reaction from the European Union and other nations relying on US LNG exports, impacts on US national security, and how the decision could affect the clean energy transition.
28/02/2425m 3s

Famous Russian Dissident Garry Kasparov on Fighting Putin, Navalny Death

With the news that longtime Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny had died mysteriously while serving in a Siberian penal colony, it seemed that the hopes of the opposition to Putin inside Russia had died with him. While there are still remaining critics in Russia, jailed and facing an uncertain future, Navalny was undoubtedly the most high profile. However, another well-known activist against the Kremlin continues to speak out—from the United States. One Decision sits down with the famed former chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, who has campaigned against Putin for years, to discuss the West’s eroding support for Ukraine and the continued fight against Putin, now increasingly being fought outside Russian borders, by voices like Kasparov’s. Sir Richard and Julia discuss Navalny’s legacy and his choice to return to his homeland, which ended up costing him his life.
22/02/2440m 2s

Ex-Australian Prime Minister on China, COVID Origins, Trump & Biden

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison overlapped with two American presidents, navigated his nation's response through a global pandemic, and brokered one of the most consequential security agreements that Australia has signed in years. Morrison sits down with One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove and guest host and journalist Liz Landers to discuss the AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom more broadly and how the trilateral pact will counter Indo-Pacific threats. Morrison, who had a good working relationship with Donald Trump and Joe Biden, weighs in on the upcoming domestic elections in America and shares his observations about the United States' China policy as it has transitioned from former President Trump's presidency to the Biden administration. Sir Richard also presses him on COVID origins, an issue that earned Morrison the wrath of Beijing in 2020.
15/02/2440m 30s

The World's Third Biggest Democracy Goes to the Polls

Indonesia is a rising powerhouse. Its economy is growing— now the 7th largest in terms of GDP. It has huge oil and gas stockpiles, the biggest nickel reserves in the world, and critical materials for semiconductors, laptops, and smartphones. And—arguably its most valuable resource— a diverse, youthful, and digitally native population. Next week, 205 million registered voters head to the polls to vote in the nation's legislative and presidential elections—the world's biggest single-day election. The current presidential frontrunner, Prabowo Subianto, an aging former general accused of war crimes and former son-in-law to Indonesia's last dictator, is on the cusp of winning power thanks to a TikTok campaign that's rebranded him as a 'cuddly Grandpa' figure. One Decision—your Global Election Headquarters for 2024—sits down with Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, a retired four-star Army general and now Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment who has known Prabowo Subianto for decades. Host Julia Macfarlane talks with Chatham House's Asia Pacific Director, Ben Bland, for his analysis of what's at stake in the election.
08/02/2437m 34s

China, Ukraine: Senator Marco Rubio on Where the US is Headed

Republican Marco Rubio is one of the United States Senate's most outspoken China hawks—criticizing Beijing's human rights practices and warning about its dominance in the semiconductor industry. He's endorsed a candidate in the 2024 presidential elections, throwing his support behind former President Donald Trump, who started a trade war and recently threatened new tariffs on Chinese imports. Guest host and BBC Correspondent Katty Kay and One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove sit down with Senator Rubio to discuss the U.S. relationship with China under the Biden administration and how it could change if Donald Trump returns to the White House, and concerns that the ex-president could strike a deal to end the Ukraine war on Moscow's terms that would embolden Russian President Vladimir Putin's imperial ambitions in Europe. They also discuss what U.S. support for the war in Ukraine will look like this year, the collapse of property giant Evergrande, and the implications for the Chinese economy. Katty and Richard discuss the drone attack that killed three American soldiers in Jordan and what the U.S. response may be.
01/02/2447m 51s

Special Energy Series: He Led COP. We Ask if Dubai’s a Big Deal

How's the global transition to clean energy going? The team behind the top global affairs podcast, One Decision, brings you "Power Decisions," a new energy series that explores the world's energy sources and the politics and power behind the clean transition. On this episode, guest host and journalist Liz Landers speaks with former Peruvian Environment Minister and COP 20 President Manuel Pulgar Vidal to assess the international progress towards the Paris Climate Agreement. Vidal explains what countries agreed on at this year's COP summit in Dubai. He also discusses China's monopoly of critical minerals needed for clean energy power sources and weighs in on a recent pause from the Biden administration on liquid natural gas exports.
31/01/2424m 59s

They're Ready for Russia. Are the Rest of Us?

Lithuania was the first country to declare independence from the Soviet Union before its dissolution. And when their first female leader, Dalia Grybauskaitė, was among the first to raise the alarm about the new Russian President Vladimir Putin, few listened—at first. One of the most outspoken small countries in the world, Lithuania has not only been among the first to send arms to Ukraine in 2022, right before the invasion but has also publicly supported Taiwan and Tibet to the fury of Beijing. This is a country worth listening to. One Decision sits down with former Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė, who warns that the threat of war is coming, whether the West is prepared for it or not.
25/01/2452m 22s

Ex-CIA & MI6 Leaders on Top 2024 Threats

International terrorism is coming back—that’s the stark warning from former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell. Following the January 6th insurrection in Washington, the United States government agencies said that far-right groups posed the greatest threat to national security—an assessment Morell says ought to be revisited in the light of the radicalizing nature of the war in Gaza. Morell sits down with One Decision’s resident spymaster, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove and discusses the famed Abbottabad raid where Osama Bin Laden had been hiding, and the rapidly evolving espionage threat from China.
18/01/2443m 57s

Taiwan Decides…For the Last Time?

This weekend, Taiwan will hold the only free and fair elections in the Chinese-speaking world. Whoever wins will lead in a pivotal time—and their term will cover the period during which President Xi Jinping has promised China will annex what it considers a breakaway territory, even by force, if necessary. Could this be Taiwan’s last election? The incumbent Democratic Progressive Party led by Vice President Lai Ching Te is pro-independence, and is being challenged by the China-friendly opposition Kuomintang Party led by Ho Yu-Ih. There’s also a wildcard in the form of Ko Wen-Je, who says both parties are too pro or too anti-Beijing. One Decision—your Global Election Headquarters for 2024—sits down with correspondents in Taipei and Washington, DC to explore potential scenarios coming out of the Taiwanese polls and whether the United States can handle a third potential war, as it already struggles to support allies embroiled in major conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. Pentagon correspondents also discuss the fallout over the secret hospitalization of America's Defense Chief Lloyd Austin and why top Defense Department officials and even the White House were kept in the dark about his condition.
11/01/2451m 51s

How Will Scotland’s Political Saga Play at the Polls?

In this week's episode, we talk to one of the BBC's longest-serving political presenters, James Naughtie, who has covered every United States and United Kingdom election since the 1990s. We hear his observations on the recent implosion of the Scottish National Party, the stunning downfall of Nicola Sturgeon, one of the longest-running political leaders in the UK, and the 2024 American presidential election and why he thinks Donald Trump appeals to the electorate. Naughtie is one of many journalists who have written espionage thrillers, so our resident spymaster, Sir Richard Dearlove, gives his verdict on what these novels get right and wrong. Sir Richard reacts to Israel's landmark Supreme Court ruling striking down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial judicial overhaul plan.
04/01/2447m 46s

A Year of War - 2024 May Be Worse…

What decision had the most international impact in 2023? The war in Ukraine continued to loom large among Western nations’ foreign policy priorities. The sudden, shocking resurgence of war in the Middle East quickly dominated the global agenda, raised questions about how long the Israeli-Hamas conflict could drag on and whether peace there can even be achieved. One Decision's annual roundtable of top world affairs reporters takes stock of 2023 and what big decisions are coming up next year. One major moment the whole world will be watching is the outcome of the United States presidential elections, which could potentially see the return of Donald Trump to the White House. Host Julia Macfarlane is joined by The Independent's Bel Trew, Semafor's Prashant Rao, and Foreign Policy's Robbie Gramer.
28/12/2346m 11s

Special Energy Series: World's Top Energy Expert on COP Deal

The team behind the top global affairs podcast, One Decision, brings you "Power Decisions," a new energy series that explores the world's energy sources and the politics and power behind the clean transition. On this episode, guest host and journalist Rhana Natour speaks with Daniel Yergin, one of the world's leading experts on energy, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and Vice Chairman at S&P Global. They discuss his takeaways from the COP28 climate summit—the historic deal marking the first time countries have agreed to transition away from fossil fuels, skepticism over the leadership of United Arab Emirates oil executive Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, and the concerns he's hearing about financing climate goals. Yergin also discusses the impact of the Israel-Hamas war on oil prices, and the challenges posed by China's dominance over critical mineral supply chains.
25/12/2337m 52s

What Would Victory Look Like for Putin?

As the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine approaches, and United States support to arm Ukraine fades, One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove and guest host Jane Ferguson talk to renowned Russia expert Dr. Fiona Hill about what's inside Russian President Vladimir Putin's playbook and how the conflict might ultimately end. Dr. Hill served as a top national security advisor to three American administrations - including famously as the leading White House official on Russia for President Donald Trump. She discusses what victory would look like for Putin, the implications of a Trump return as commander-in-chief.
21/12/2347m 48s

Ukraine's Weapons Chief on How To Win the War

Alexander Kamyshin is in charge of arming Ukraine's defense industries, and gathering military hardware from allies to sustain the country's defense against a Russian invasion. This week he is in the American capital meeting with lawmakers and business leaders alongside his Defense Minister Rustem Umerov and President Volodymyr Zelensky. He was the guy who led Ukrainian railways and went viral for his success at keeping the country's train network running punctually during the early days of the war. He managed to not only deliver millions of Ukrainians safely, but also transport the leaders of the free world in and out of Kyiv. One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove met Kamyshin in Ukraine earlier this year and joins with his thoughts on the logistical leader’s efforts and the state of his supply chain.
14/12/2338m 32s

Ex-MI6 Chief on Israel Intel Failure & Climate Predictions

What happens in a world where mankind has failed to implement the urgent changes needed to tackle climate change, and temperatures rise above the pre-industrial average? What will our world look like? One Decision asks Gaia Vince, author of the book "Nomad Century," in which she envisions worst-case scenarios of a world with dangerous rising temperatures. Sir Richard Dearlove discusses Henry Kissinger's foreign policy legacy and the New York Times report claiming the Israeli military obtained a document called "Jericho Wall," which detailed the blueprints of the October 7th attack and was initially dismissed as aspirational by Israeli officials.
07/12/2345m 11s

Should the US Condition Aid to Israel?

Senator Chris Murphy, who sits on the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has called for a conversation on American aid to Israel—and what kind of conditions should be a part of it. He, along with other Democratic colleagues, has spoken out against the high death toll in Gaza, which Murphy now calls “unsustainable.” A mammoth aid package is working its way through Congress for both Israel and Ukraine—but Republicans have demanded that border security restrictions and funding be tacked on to the final bill. The race is now on for Congress to work out the details to move forward on a vote before the holidays. Senator Murphy discusses this and the latest on the war in Ukraine with One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove.
30/11/2335m 25s

Special Energy Series: The Future According to Obama's Energy Czar

The team behind the top global affairs podcast, One Decision, brings you "Power Decisions," a new energy series that explores the world's energy sources and the politics and power behind the clean transition. As the COP28 climate conference kicks off this week in the United Arab Emirates, we examine the growth and development of emerging clean energy technologies with guest host Marie Harf, who served as State Department Spokesperson in the Obama Administration, and her former colleague United States Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. They discuss the latest trends and emerging clean technologies, the emerging nuclear energy innovations, and how prepared we are for a transition from fossil fuels.
29/11/2329m 47s

Bonus: What He Learned Negotiating With Hamas

Twenty-four hostages were released by Hamas following their capture during the October 7th invasion of Israel. But how do the two warring sides find common ground and arrive at an agreement in the midst of a war? Gershon Baskin, a writer and activist from Israel, has carried back-channel messages to and from Hamas for seventeen years and was deeply involved with the prisoner exchange for former Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit ten years ago. In this special episode of One Decision, Baskin tells us what it takes to secure such a complicated, multi-layered agreement, as well as how the latest hostage deal and temporary ceasefire has been received by the public in Israel.
25/11/2322m 41s

Moldova: In Putin's Crosshairs?

Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu of Moldova sits down with One Decision in New York to talk about the various efforts that Russia is allegedly committing to destabilizing the tiny and young European nation, preventing it from joining the European Union. Russian soldiers and separatists already occupy a large part of the country, and it's an area that is very close to the strategic Ukrainian port city of Odesa, which Moscow has long coveted for its key position on the Black Sea. Fears that the occupied parts of Moldova could be used as a launchpad to attack Odesa may have waned but not disappeared entirely. Plus, One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dearlove gives his verdict on a leaked FSB document that purportedly revealed a plot to destabilize the country.
23/11/2336m 38s

Xi Comes to America, Cameron Makes a Comeback

President Xi and President Biden meet face-to-face for the first time since tensions frayed over a visit to Taiwan by the United States Speaker of the House of Representatives and the shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon enraged Washington. America’s allies in the South China Sea are watching closely—will Biden and Xi patch things up, and what does that mean for Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints? Also, One Decision’s Sir Richard Dearlove reacts to the news that former Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been promoting projects for China’s Belt and Road Initiative has made a sudden comeback as the new Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom.
16/11/2344m 9s

Ex-Palestinian and Israeli Leaders Weigh in on War

This week, we sit down with Dr. Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States and former member of the Knesset, and Salam Fayyad, the former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority. We hear from both perspectives on the main roadblocks to peace and what needs to happen going forward. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in a U.S. television interview, saying that Israel must be responsible for security in Gaza. One Decision's resident spymaster, Sir Richard Dearlove shares his thoughts on how the international community needs to get involved in the future of Gaza's security.
09/11/2354m 50s

Obama's Trade Czar on One of the Biggest Blunders in US History

The new President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ambassador Michael Froman, joins One Decision to talk about the China challenge as President Joe Biden prepares to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping later this month in California. Froman was a key player in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations while serving as U.S. Trade Representative under President Obama—a massive trade deal which Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of in 2017— something that Froman says will go down as one of the most "significant strategic blunders in American history." One Decision's resident spymaster Sir Richard Dealove shares his thoughts on the latest news on the Israel-Hamas war.
02/11/2347m 59s

Special Energy Series: Will It Be a COP Out?

The team behind the top global affairs podcast, One Decision, introduces "Power Decisions," a new energy series that explores the world's energy sources and the politics and power behind the clean transition. This debut episode hosted by CNBC's Mandy Drury examines the globe's next energy conference—COP28 which has been plagued by controversy surrounding the appointment of UAE oil executive Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber to lead the summit and the conference leadership's attempts to sweep undesirable narratives under the carpet including accusations of greenwashing Al Jaber's image and record through Wikipedia and hundreds of fake social media accounts. Drury is joined by journalists Damian Carrington, Environmental Editor for The Guardian, Zack Colman, Climate reporter for POLITICO and Amy Harder, Executive Editor for Cipher News, a publication supported by Breakthrough Energy to discuss what to expect, whether the summit can succeed as a forum to effectively address climate change and if an oil-rich nation should lead the climate change fight.
30/10/2347m 9s

What is Hezbollah's Next Move?

Robin Wright from The New Yorker has, on more than one occasion, been granted an audience with the reclusive but fiery leader of the Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah, designated a terrorist group in the United States and most of the Western world. Having spent years observing and reporting on the Israel-Palestinian conflict and its spinoffs in Lebanon and the wider Arab world, how does she view the events of this month, following Hamas’s unprecedented attacks on October 7th, and the shockwaves that have emanated from it? Sir Richard Dearlove argues that while Iran stands to benefit from chaos in the region and a stalling of Saudi-Israel normalization talks, Tehran may be less invested in the Palestinian cause than many might have thought.
26/10/2342m 54s

Biden Flies Into War

After the divisive and controversial storm surrounding an explosion at a hospital in Gaza, President Joe Biden flew on Wednesday to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his Cabinet, and families touched by the October 7th massacre last week. As protests and riots spread like wildfire around not just Arab and Muslim capitals and cities worldwide, but in London, Paris, New York, and Berlin—the diplomatic stakes could not be higher. A four-way summit Biden planned to attend with Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and King Abdullah II of Jordan was abruptly called off. However, all was not lost—before returning to the United States, Biden announced that Israel had agreed to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and Egypt acceded to let the convoys across the Rafah crossing. Gaza has been without electricity, food, water, and medicine for nearly a week. One Decision speaks to former State Department official and CIA Middle East Analyst Marie Harf, who was in office during the intense Israel-Hamas war of 2014.
19/10/2342m 34s

What Went Wrong? Ex-Head of MI6 on the Attacks and Israeli Intelligence

The world is still reeling from the shocking invasion of Israel over the weekend, where Hamas militants staged the most audacious and horrific attacks in Israel resulting in the biggest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust. But questions are now being asked, to how the country's high tech military and sophisticated intelligence services missed what Hamas was planning? Did Mossad drop the ball? What responsibility belongs to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove, the former Chief of MI6, examines the issues that may have impacted Israeli intelligence agencies' ability to anticipate the worst attack in the state's history.
12/10/2336m 46s

EU Parliament President on Putin, Populism and the Biggest Problems it Faces

Europe today is being tested like never before in its recent memory—war and instability are on the edges of Europe, threatening to spill over into its borders; Russian influence and propaganda are sowing divisions across the continent, and rising inflation and unemployment are giving oxygen to divisive populist politics. One Decision sits down for a sweeping and wide-ranging conversation with Roberta Metsola, the President of the European Union Parliament to discuss the bloc’s biggest security priorities and what needs to happen now to address them, what the EU is doing about Putin weaponizing its energy needs, the migrant crisis and how populists have been exploiting divisions across the continent.
05/10/2336m 47s

Bonus: He Met Putin and Xi Over 30 Times. What Did He Learn?

No country quite understands what it’s like to live next to a major power to the extent Mongolia does because it lives between two. For decades, the government had to balance its relations and goals against the actions and ambitions of its neighbors— except one, Russia is now a pariah, and Mongolia is almost entirely dependent on the other—China for trade. In this week's bonus episode, guest host, journalist and Senior Editor at Semafor, Prashant Rao, sits down with Mongolia's former President and Prime Minister, Elbegdorj Tsakhia, who led his country’s transition to democracy after the fall of the Soviet Union. They discuss the relationship that Mongolia has built with China and Russia, what he learned from his interactions with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, how he navigated pressure from Beijing during the Dalai Lama's visits to Mongolia, and what the United States should understand about China.
02/10/2322m 12s

Trump National Security Advisor's Warning About His Return to Office

Washington foreign policy hawk Ambassador John Bolton has served in every Republican administration since President Reagan, with his most recent post serving as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor. Bolton sits down with guest host and award-winning anchor and foreign correspondent Robyn Curnow and Ex-MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove to discuss his time during the Trump administration, why he is working to prevent a second Trump term, and his thoughts on the end game in Ukraine.
28/09/2340m 51s

Bonus: Canada’s UN Ambassador on Assassination Allegations Against India

Canada’s Justin Trudeau threw a petrol bomb into the opening of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York last week—announcing that there were “credible allegations” that Delhi was behind the shooting of a Canadian Sikh activist in Vancouver in June. Prime Minister Modi is riding high after a successful G20 summit, having entertained a slew of world leaders from the West, all hoping to curry favour with the biggest population in the world. Is Canada mad to start a fight with Delhi at a time when allies are needed to square up to China and Russia? Or does human rights trump geopolitics? One Decision sits down with Canadian Ambassador to the UN Robert Rae to discuss.
25/09/2321m 20s

More Cooperation with China: A Good Move for the UK?

China's President Xi Jinping is absent from this year’s United Nations General Assembly, but he’s certainly being talked about. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who also skipped the meeting, is moving the United Kingdom away from its previously hostile stance toward China, arguing that boycotting Beijing is not an option amidst the many global challenges requiring cooperation. He has angered many in his right-wing governing party, particularly longstanding China hawks like former leader Iain Duncan Smith. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane sits down with the UK’s UN Ambassador Barbara Woodward, who served as their first female Ambassador to Beijing to discuss UK relations with China and Sir Richard Dearlove joins Julia to discuss his takeaways and Russia's role in the UN Security Council.
21/09/2333m 52s

Bonus: What's a Spy Chief Watching for at UNGA?

The world’s leaders descend on New York City this week for the annual gathering of the United Nations—think of it as our global town hall. Amid the backdrop of the Ukraine war, spiralling inflation, natural disasters and heightening superpower tensions, there is a lot to be discussed. It comes also on the heels of the G20, where Indian PM Narendra Modi played a pivotal role in shaping global agreements on Ukraine and pushing for the African Union to join the bloc—an equivalent, he argues, to the EU. As the Global South continues to refuse to pick a side in the war in Europe, we are asking this week: is the West’s global dominance over?
18/09/2315m 17s

Christiane Amanpour on Ukraine, Democracy and 40 Years at CNN

Christiane Amanpour, the legendary foreign correspondent, marked 40 years with CNN this week. She's covered some of the biggest stories of our times: the Gulf wars, the conflict and breakup of the former Yugoslavia, the War on Terror, the Arab Spring, interviewing and challenging world leaders from Washington to London to Paris to Tehran. Having recently returned from Ukraine, she shares with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove what she heard in Kyiv on their counteroffensive against Russia. She also offers an assessment of the strength of American support for Ukraine, the influence of tech barons like Elon Musk on the safeguarding of democracy, and also her thoughts on the newly announced CEO at her network, former BBC Director General Mark Thompson.
14/09/2332m 7s

Bonus: Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief on Covering Biden’s Foreign Policy

As the Washington Post's White House Bureau Chief, Toluse Olorunnipa has an outsized role in how the world—especially the power players in America’s capital city—interpret President Joe Biden’s diplomacy. In this week's bonus episode, Olorunnipa sits down with guest host Brett Bruen to look at what it’s like to travel the globe on Air Force One and write the first draft of history books on major moments from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the controversial decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. They also discuss foreign anxiety over a second Donald Trump term and what role international affairs will play in the presidential election in the United States.
11/09/2319m 3s

Did Putin Have a Soft Spot for This President?

Croatia’s former President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović on several occasions faced down Vladimir Putin at the negotiating table. But her experience of the Russian leader might not be what you may expect. Her country Croatia, also knows a thing or two about facing a much larger invading force - which is perhaps why she has been invited to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, so regularly. She sits down with One Decision to discuss what Putin is like close up and what historical parallels Ukraine might draw from the Croatian war of independence against the former Yugoslavia.
07/09/2348m 52s

Bonus: The World Comes to Modi. What Does He Want?

The New York Times' South Asia Bureau Chief Mujib Mashal talks to One Decision ahead of the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi, India. The global gathering offers a unique opportunity for the world's largest democracy to exert more international influence. Major players are vying to get the country on their side when it comes to geopolitics, the war in Ukraine, its hefty trade prospects, and its massive regional influence. But what does Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi want? Besides another term in office - he is preparing to fight another general election in 2024, and is using all his resources in office to secure what's pretty likely to be another term as the leader of the free world - in population terms, at least.
04/09/2323m 47s

What Cards Can Congress Play on China?

Congressman Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, chairs one of the most closely watched and surprisingly bipartisan committees in the United States House of Representatives - The Select Committee on the Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. Gallagher wants Congress to lead the way on a comprehensive American policy towards Beijing and sees areas like critical pharmaceutical ingredient production and artificial intelligence as ripe for decoupling between the two nations. This week's guest host, journalist Liz Landers and Sir Richard Dearlove speak to Gallagher about his policy vision for the two superpowers, divisions in the Republican party over aid for Ukraine, and how Washington should respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin visits China. The Congressman also weighs in on some of the controversial foreign policy comments made by his party's presidential candidates and Sir Richard shares his thoughts on what might come from Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo's meetings with Chinese leaders.
31/08/2340m 57s

Bonus: Ex US and UK Spy Chiefs on Putin's Prigozhin Revenge

In this week's bonus episode, Julia Macfarlane leads a discussion on the apparent assassination of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin with ex-intelligence chiefs Sir Richard Dearlove, who led MI6, and Leon Panetta, the former head of the CIA. They discuss what this dramatic development tells us about Putin's position of authority in Moscow— only recently challenged by Prigozhin, who led a mutiny against the Kremlin—the impact on the war effort in Ukraine and the Wagner Mercenary Group's future in Africa.
25/08/2333m 29s

AI Pioneer: It Will Kill Us All

Leading Artificial Intelligence thinker and researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky has shaped much of the development of AI technology that is radically changing our lives - but now he is sounding the alarm along with other experts and scientists who feel AI will eventually lead to humankind's demise. But while many of his colleagues and peers disagree, this debate is mainly being fought in small circles, with a lot of jargon - while the rest of us are left scratching our heads. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane spoke to Yudkowsky for clarity on the issue and to find out some of the worst-case scenarios of what could be coming our way in the future. Plus, Julia and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove discuss how seriously we should take Yudkowsky's call for action - and why our resident spymaster is so skeptical about this apocalyptic warning.
24/08/2343m 43s

Bonus: Ex-Head of MI6: How Russian Spies Likely Got Caught in UK

After a major national security investigation into Moscow’s espionage efforts, Great Britain unmasked an alleged Russian spy ring. Three Bulgarian nationals suspected of working for Russian security services were charged with possessing numerous forged identification documents. On this week’s bonus episode, Julia Macfarlane asks her co-host and former MI6 Chief, Sir Richard Dearlove about how the alleged spies likely got caught and speculation the trio may have been sleeper agents.
21/08/2313m 8s

What Worries the Co-Head of Congress' China Committee

The newly formed Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party of China in the United States House of Representatives is tasked with analyzing the multifaceted strategic threats coming from Beijing and increasing the American government's efforts to safeguard the homeland from balloons, hacks, and other aggressive acts. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Illinois), who co-leads the Congressional committee sits down with One Decision to reveal the ways in which legislators in Washington have found President Xi Jinping is destabilizing the economic, political, and geo-strategic interests of the United States and its allies, and what the West is and should be doing about it.
17/08/2343m 11s

Bonus: She Broke the Story on China’s Huge Japan Hack

In the waning days of the Trump administration, United States national security officials discovered that Chinese military hackers had breached the classified defense network of one of its most important security allies—Japan. In this week's bonus episode, Brett Bruen, the former Director of Global Engagement in President Obama’s White House speaks with The Washington Post's national security reporter Ellen Nakashima about her exclusive scoop documenting the hack, why it took Tokyo years to plug the network gaps, and what the Biden administration did behind-the-scenes to help Japan secure its cyber defenses.
14/08/2314m 0s

Do We Owe Afghanistan Aid?

Afghanistan is on the verge of a collapse with the majority of the 40 million Afghans there living in poverty ruled over by the Taliban—hardline militants imposing the strictest interpretations of Sharia law. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove sit down with British Conservative Party politician Tobias Ellwood who serves as the Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee to discuss his recent trip to Kabul. Ellwood details the dismal conditions he saw on the ground and that Afghanistan, despite the Taliban, needs our help and is advocating for global reengagement and the reopening of the British Embassy.
10/08/2340m 16s

Bonus: What’s Behind the Coup in Niger?

Last week’s coup in Niger is the latest in a string of recent military takeovers in Africa—seemingly the final domino to fall in a region plagued by instability and the battle between Russia and the West for influence in the Sahel. Coup leaders are now facing an ultimatum from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reinstate democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum or face the consequences including possible military intervention. On this week’s bonus episode, Julia Macfarlane asks her co-host Sir Richard Dearlove what he’s hearing from the French intelligence community about what’s behind the rebellion and if there’s any truth to reports about the Kremlin’s involvement.
06/08/2317m 28s

Should an Oil Executive Lead the Climate Change Summit?

As Ukraine’s counteroffensive meets stiff Russian resistance, Europe and the United States are being ravaged by climate change this summer ahead of the COP28 climate summit being hosted by the United Arab Emirates, one of the biggest energy producers in the world. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, and longtime climate champion in Congress has joined other United States and European Union lawmakers in calling for oil executive Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber to step down from leading the summit after backlash from activists over the conflict of interest. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane sat down with Senator Whitehouse to discuss the war in Ukraine and the growing climate crisis. Both require that the West, led by the United States, find global solidarity and agreement at a time of great power rivalries and difficult domestic challenges. Plus, Sir Richard Dearlove, the former Chief of Britain's secret intelligence service joins Julia for an analysis of the conversation.
03/08/2349m 16s

How the War in Ukraine Made the Trafficking of Women Worse

Filmmaker Mimi Chakarova sits down with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane to discuss what has changed in the fight against human trafficking and slavery since her groundbreaking film that shined a light on vulnerable women from Eastern Europe who were manipulated and tricked into selling their bodies, trapped in a life of slavery. From Turkey to the Middle East to Western Europe, she chronicled the lives of women who managed to escape, but also revealed the men and women who worked to uphold the criminal structures that exploited them - even police officers. As waves of refugees flood Europe from Ukraine, Mimi warns that there are similar conditions today where people fleeing war are at risk of the same dangers as the women who left the Iron Curtain to seek better lives. And Sir Richard Dearlove gives the context of Eastern Europe's political progress since the fall of the Soviet Union, and why some states are more vulnerable to corruption and organized crime.
27/07/2350m 53s

Bonus: How Bad is the Democratic Damage in Israel?

Protests have picked up in Israel this week as the Knesset takes up the controversial legislation proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that critics say would compromise the integrity and independence of Israel’s judicial system. If passed, the measure would eliminate the so-called "reasonableness clause" and would permit the judiciary to put curbs on government decisions granting Netanyahu and his coalition unfettered powers. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane speaks to journalist Noga Tarnopolsky from Jerusalem for an update on what's happening on the ground and the state of US-Israeli relations after President Joe Biden criticized the judicial overhaul plan.
22/07/2317m 30s

Could She Be the First Female Head of NATO?

After multiple extensions, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is set to retire at the end of his term in October, but speculation continues over who will head the world's most powerful alliance. Among the contenders is Estonia’s Kersti Kaljulaid who served from 2016-2021 as the first female president of the Baltic high-tech nation that shares a border with Russia. A leader from NATO's eastern flank could send a strong message to Putin about the direction of travel for European security priorities. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane sat down with President Kaljulaid to talk about her recent trip to Kyiv and meetings with senior government officials about how Europe can continue to support the war effort. They also discussed plans for the Baltic states to decouple from the Russian power grid and reports she's being considered to become NATO’s first female chief.
20/07/2347m 31s

Bonus: How Long Will NATO Make Ukraine Wait?

After a tense start, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walked away from the NATO summit with some tangible wins—unprecedented long-term security commitments–and a clear path to join the alliance. In this week's bonus episode, Brett Bruen, the former Director of Global Engagement in President Obama’s White House speaks with the Wall Street Journal's Vivian Salama from Vilnius, Lithuania. They discuss the big takeaways from the meeting, Ukraine's future and how Russian President Vladimir Putin may view the developments out of Vilnius. Salama also shares an update on her colleague, reporter Evan Gershkovich who has been detained for over 100 days in a Russian prison.
17/07/2318m 50s

Bonus: White House on What Ukraine Needs Next

One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove caught up with John Kirby, the head of Strategic Communications at the National Security Council just before the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. Kirby discusses the United States and NATO's long-term security commitments to Kyiv, plans to deal with Ukraine's artillery shortage to support the counter-offensive, and concerns over Vladimir Putin moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.
13/07/2319m 0s

Ex-CIA Director on How to Engage Russia After the War

Brett Bruen, who was President Barack Obama’s Director of Global Engagement, co-hosts this week's episode on the NATO Summit with Former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove. They speak with Leon Panetta, who led the CIA and was United States Defense Secretary, along with having served as White House Chief of Staff and a senior member of the US House of Representatives. They discuss what has to be accomplished at this week's meeting with NATO leaders in Vilinus, Lithuania and how they will deal with the most pressing security issues, support for Ukraine, along with its potential entry into the alliance. Panetta details NATO’s role in a post-war Ukraine—from rebuilding the country to the challenges of how the world handles Moscow after the conflict.
10/07/2333m 22s

Boris Johnson's First Ever Podcast Interview

Former British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson sits down with One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove for his first ever podcast interview. Johnson discusses the state of the Ukraine war— his thoughts on Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin's failed mutiny and details from his recent conversation with former President Donald Trump about supporting Ukraine in defeating Russia. He also talks about his post-Brexit frustrations, if he would change how he handled the pandemic, and what's the one decision he regrets during his time in office.
06/07/2341m 21s

Bonus: What the Wagner Mutiny Means for Putin’s Grip on Power and the Ukraine War

Former Director of Global Engagement in the Obama White House, Brett Bruen hosts our weekly special One More Decision with Sir Richard Dearlove for analysis on Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin's short-lived coup against Russia and exile to Belarus. Sir Richard shares his views on the aftermath, and what this means for Russian President Vladimir Putin's grip on power and the war in Ukraine.
30/06/2318m 9s

Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Europe’s Most Dangerous Threats

Former President Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary Mark Esper has come out against his old boss who fired him by tweet in November 2020, just days after the election. Esper has revealed in his memoir that he stayed in the administration in order to ‘hold the line’ against suggestions that the United States might bomb Mexico, Venezuela, or send a quarter million troops to the southern border. One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove and Julia Macfarlane sit down with Dr. Mark Esper to discuss the current threats to Western interests originating overseas, his assessment of the Ukraine counter-offensive, and if Europe is sleepwalking into a security crisis, arming Ukraine but not refreshing their stocks fast enough. They also discuss the threat China poses to Taiwan and what he would change about AUKUS, the pact between the United Kingdom and the United States, to assist Australia in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines.
29/06/2343m 11s

Bonus: What Closer US-India Ties Mean for China

President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a series of strategic deals aimed at strengthening military, economic and technological ties between the two countries. The strategic partnership is crucial as the United States moves to reign in Russia’s influence and counter China’s growing military presence. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove discuss the details of the joint pact including increased defense capabilities, building semiconductor facilities and jet engines in India, more collaboration on advanced technology and what this new partnership means for China.
25/06/2319m 31s

US Senate Intelligence Chairman on Latest Threats from China and AI

One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove sit down with Senator Mark Warner, Chairman of the powerful United States Senate Intelligence Committee. In his role, the Virginia Democrat oversees the vast intelligence community and investigations related to national security. The discussion features the committee's work on investigations into the mishandling of classified documents, the challenge from China, and the emerging threat of artificial intelligence and advanced technology.
22/06/2344m 28s

Bonus: Is the European Union Saving us from the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence?

Two major decisions by European entities this week will likely transform how the world interacts with technology. First, the European Parliament passed legislation that could introduce some of the first major regulations around the use of artificial intelligence, including how the police deploy facial recognition systems. POLITICO's Chief Brussels Correspondent Suzanne Lynch just returned from Strasbourg, where the bill was being debated. She provides an inside look at how the proposed law is shaping up and the ways other governments are likely to use it as a model for their own rules. Additionally, the European Commission took steps to crack down on Google's dominance of online ads. This move may end up leading to the breakup of the company, which has dominated the tech sector for decades.
17/06/2316m 21s

How Dangerous is a Second Trump Term? We Ask a Fellow Candidate

One Decision sits down with Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas to talk about America’s foreign policy priorities and what should be done about China. Hutchinson is an outsider in the race, but insists he is there to widen the parameters of the debate, as Trump and DeSantis continue to offer a populist, nativist vision of America to voters. And, Sir Richard Dearlove reacts to the unsealing of the criminal indictment against former President Trump, as the world learns what exactly was sitting in the rooms at Mar-a-Lago before the FBI carried out raids to retrieve the highly classified intelligence Trump was hoarding nearly a year ago.
15/06/2345m 30s

Bonus: Can China & the US Turn Down the Temperature?

Since President Biden and President Xi exchanged handshakes and smiles at last year’s G20, relations between the two powers have been on shaky ground. Most recently, the United States Defense Secretary was snubbed by his Chinese counterpart in Singapore during a regional defense summit. The Chinese military has lashed out at the United States holding a joint exercise with Canada in the waters around Taiwan, and the United States is still angry at Beijing over the recent saga of ‘spy balloons’ found floating in the air above American towns. As Taiwan warns that Beijing is getting ready to invade in a matter of years, American leaders still seem to be settling on a strategy for how to defend the island. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Brett Bruen look at what the latest diplomatic developments and military maneuvers mean for the possibility of avoiding conflict across the Taiwan Strait.
11/06/2318m 16s

Ukraine’s Big Dam Problem

Ukraine finally began its long-awaited counteroffensive on June 4th, two days before D-Day, the anniversary of the liberation of Europe from the Nazis. Much is at stake - but barely after Ukraine began calculated assaults along Russian lines, someone blew up the Kakhovka Dam. A torrent of floodwater has been unleashed on tens of thousands of homes in both Russian and Ukrainian controlled areas, and both sides are laying blame on each other. If sticky Ukrainian mud was once an issue and a challenge for heavily armored tanks, rising floods, and burst riverbanks are now out of the question. One Decision sits down with CNN’s Nic Robertson, Ukrainian-based editor and founder of The Counteroffensive: A war correspondent's open notebook, Tim Mak, reporting live from Ukraine, and Breaking Defense’s Lee Ferran to discuss Ukraine’s offensive, how the floods might impact Kyiv’s strategy, and what to look out for in the coming weeks ahead of a critical NATO summit in Lithuania.
08/06/2331m 33s

BONUS: Why China is Now Saying COVID Could’ve Leaked From Lab

Professor George Gao, the former head of China's Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recently told the BBC that no theory for the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic should be ruled out including whether or not it came from a lab, after years of extremely insistent public denials from the Chinese leadership. Gao added that China investigated whether the virus may have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and admitted that he hadn't actually seen the results of the investigation, but heard that the Institute had been cleared. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane speaks with co-host and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove about why China is speaking about the origins of the virus now, why he thinks it has zoonotic origins, and why he concluded there's a strong probability it was leaked from the Wuhan lab.
03/06/2315m 43s

Blood Batteries: How Our Phones, Computers, & Cars are Driving Congo's Conflicts

As the world rushes to meet its targets for a green-powered revolution, the demand for materials like cobalt are set to double by the year 2050 due to its critical role in the manufacturing of lithium ion batteries, and the rising demand for electric vehicles. Author and activist Siddharth Kara sits down with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane to discuss his new book, "Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives'' which details his undercover investigation of what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo—home to the world’s largest sources of cobalt. Although cobalt is blue, Kara argues that the exploitation and violence against the people and children who extract it from the ground for us, and the damage done to their homeland, means that its price is paid for in blood. Plus, analysis from former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove on the scale of the suffering and if the Congo had a stronger identity, how it would be able to determine more of its own fate. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
01/06/2350m 54s

Bonus: Does Russia's Pyrrhic Victory in Bakhmut Matter?

Russian forces captured the city of Bakhmut largely led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner mercenary group and its fighters—who suffered heavy losses on the battlefield. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove discuss Russia's next move as it prepares for Ukraine's counter-offensive, and what's behind the border skirmishes in the Russian town of Belgorod. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
26/05/2328m 8s

Has the US Lost Africa to China and Russia?

In recent months the Biden administration has put a concerted effort into wooing the African continent. It’s not a moment too soon, because China is busy forging ties and building infrastructure across African countries - with a growing number of African economies, such as Ghana’s, becoming increasingly dependent on the Chinese to bail out their debt. Russia has also been busy, deploying Wagner mercenaries across countries in Africa, where they are making a fortune out of the bountiful resources and minerals that African nations like the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic have to offer. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane leads a roundtable of three veteran White House specialists on Africa, Jendayi E. Frazier, former United States Ambassador to South Africa, John Simon, former Ambassador to the African Union, and Bobby J. Pittman, former Senior Director for African Affairs in the White House. They discuss the emerging challenge from Moscow and Beijing's engagement with the aim of displacing Western interests, the damage to relations after former President Donald Trump reportedly used the word "shithole" to describe African countries, and the Biden administration's race to reinvigorate America’s standing with the African continent and boost investment. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
25/05/2342m 7s

Bonus: Why this G7 may be a “pivotal point for Taiwan”

In this week's One More Decision, former Director of Global Engagement in the Obama White House, Brett Bruen is joined by Nikkei's Diplomatic Correspondent Ken Moriyasu from the G7 summit venue in Hiroshima to discuss Japan's agenda as it plays host to world leaders in the city that suffered the first nuclear attack in the world. They discuss what will come from the high-stakes gathering, China's aggressive posturing towards Taiwan, the buildup of Japan's own military defenses, and how world leaders are reacting to United States President Joe Biden cutting a dinner and his Asia trip short to focus on negotiations to avoid a potential catastrophic debt default in the United States. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
19/05/2316m 29s

Venezuela: Did Biden Give In Too Early to Maduro?

Venezuela is known to have the world’s biggest reserves of crude oil - but more than 90% of its citizens live in poverty. Millions of people have fled the country since 2015, in what the United Nations has described as the second biggest displacement disaster in the world. The policies of the Hugo Chavez government live on in the Bolivarian regime and leadership of Nicholas Maduro - but can the communists be ousted? One Decision speaks with former United States Ambassador to Caracas Patrick Duddy and exiled opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez to consider what is at stake and whether the opposition can chart a route forward before elections in 2024. And former President Juan Guaidó sits down exclusively with One Decision's Brett Bruen for his first interview in Washington as an exile to talk about the details of his family's flight from Venezuela and why he felt it was no longer safe to stay. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
18/05/2349m 58s

Bonus: Juan Guaidó: De Presidente de Venezuela a Exiliado

En un episodio especial de One Decision en español Brett Bruen, exasesor del presidente Obama, entrevista a Juan Guaidó en su primera visita como exiliado a Washington D.C. El expresidente venezolano reflexiona sobre las lecciones aprendidas, las sanciones y hasta hace una autocrítica de la gestión del gobierno interino. Revela la influencia rusa en el país asentado sobre las mayores reservas de petróleo del planeta, la presencia china y cómo la nación latinoamericana se ha convertido en un santuario de grupos irregulares como el ELN, la FARC y el narcotráfico. In a special episode of One Decision in Spanish, Brett Bruen, former adviser to President Obama, interviewed Juan Guiadó on his first visit as an exile to Washington D.C. The former Venezuelan President reflects on the lessons learned, the sanctions and even makes a self-criticism of the interim government. It reveals the Russian influence in the country seated in the largest oil reserves on the planet, the Chinese presence and how the Latin-American nation has become a sanctuary of irregular groups such as the ELN, FARC and arms and drug trafficking. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove are back for our regular episode dropping on Thursday.
16/05/2312m 53s

Bonus: Why Did Pakistan's Military Arrest Khan?

Judges in Pakistan have ordered the release of former Prime Minister Imran Khan from custody after his dramatic arrest in Islamabad on what his supporters claim are trumped up charges of corruption. The Supreme Court has ordered Khan be freed on protected bail, meaning he cannot be re-arrested on the same charges for another two weeks. The country has seen waves of violence after his supporters who have protested his arrest clashed with the police and the military. Several people have died and thousands have been arrested. Authorities shut down internet and cellphone networks to try and quell the unrest. One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove, who ran MI6, reflects on his past dealings with the country's powerful military and intelligence services, and why many are speculating that Khan's ouster last year from office and his current troubles are to do with him running afoul of Pakistan's powerful army and intelligence chiefs. International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
12/05/2321m 4s

Turkish Elections: The End of Erdogan?

Turkey’s longtime leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing what many describe as his toughest election yet. On Sunday, May 14th polls will open for presidential and parliamentary elections, and amid a dire economic crisis in the country, his prospects are in doubt. His leading rival, Kemal Kilicdaroglu is a mild-mannered and bookish elderly lawmaker who is presenting himself as a man of the people, and the polar opposite to the incumbent. Unlike Erdogan - the poster boy for populist politics - who has shunned closer ties with the European Union and the West and courted Vladimir Putin, Kilicdaroglu could lead Turkey in a different direction. As one of the mightiest armies in NATO, straddling Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey is a strategically important nation, and how the country votes could have implications for us all. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove, along with the former United States Ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield and Turkish academic and author Gonul Tol discuss what’s at stake.  International Intrigue is a <5min daily newsletter written by former diplomats. They scan over 600 sources a day so you don't have to. Sign up to join 50,000 global thinkers.
11/05/2346m 32s

Bonus: Did Russia Stage the Drone Attack?

The United States and Ukraine have strongly denied any involvement in an alleged drone assassination attempt against Vladimir Putin this week. According to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, two drones were reportedly downed by Russian air defences above the Kremlin, the fortress which is the heart of the government. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove analyze the incident, the possibility it could be a false flag operation by Russia to escalate the war, and how Moscow could retaliate against Kyiv.
05/05/2319m 13s

Exclusive: Former Head of MI6 Visited Ukraine. Here's What He Learned

One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove was a guest of the Kyiv government during the last week of April - coinciding with the day that Russia launched its biggest air strikes on Ukraine in two months. Sir Richard reveals the details of his unfortunate night spent in a bomb shelter in Kyiv, what he learned from conversations on the ground with high-level government officials, Ukraine's focus on NATO's upcoming summit in Vilnius, preparations for the long awaited 'spring offensive' and why the Discord intelligence leaks worked to Ukraine's advantage.
04/05/2352m 13s

Bonus: What Obama Did to Keep Biden on Script

Former Director of Global Engagement in the Obama White House, Brett Bruen joins to host our weekly special One More Decision to provide analysis on President Joe Biden's announcement—that at 80 years old he will seek another term as president setting up a potential Trump vs. Biden rematch in 2024. Brett speaks with Johanna Maska, the former Director of Press Advance at the White House during the Obama administration. Maska shares an insider view on the personal side of Joe Biden, what makes him tick, insights on his campaign style and how staffers made sure he stayed on script. And how will the world view a potential Biden vs Trump rematch, and if a divisive presidential election poses the greatest threat to the US.
28/04/2313m 14s

Does Trump Deserve Credit for NATO’s Strength?

If Donald Trump were to return to office in 2025 he would find that NATO, the target of so many of his scathing comments, is now more closely resembling the kind of alliance the former President said he wanted. It is more muscular, fed by bigger budgets paid for by its constituent European parts. And as NATO changes, Japan and Germany have shifted away from their postwar military restraint in the face of a raging war in Europe and the growing threat from China. One Decision sits down with Trump’s NATO Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison for her view on its dramatic transformation, if she thinks the US or Europe deserves the credit and how a divisive 2024 presidential election could affect Europe’s security.
27/04/2343m 43s

Bonus: Can Sanctions Work in Sudan?

Former Director of Global Engagement in the Obama White House Brett Bruen joins to host our weekly special One More Decision to provide analysis on the violent clashes between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary group, Rapid Support Force (RSF). Brett speaks with Ambassador Cameron Hume who ran the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum for his inside take on foreign influence in the conflict, whether sanctions would make a difference, and the logistics behind evacuating thousands of people amid intense fighting between Sudan's warring factions.
21/04/239m 57s

Online Porn and the Global Trafficking Crisis

The biggest porn upload site Pornhub is facing a slew of lawsuits by women who accuse the site of enabling and profiting from sexual exploitation. The advent of the internet means that the abuse of victims of human rights violations including rape and violence now, arguably, is compounded - every time someone views the material. To get a sense of the scale of the issue of trafficking and where these long chains of abuse can begin, we speak with Laila Mickelwait who leads the campaign to shut down Pornhub, and Nick Grono, CEO of Freedom Fund on where vulnerable people are targeted around the world.
20/04/2336m 36s

Bonus: How can the US plug its classified leaks?

Former Director of Global Engagement in the Obama White House Brett Bruen joins to host a special One More Decision to provide analysis on the discovery of a young Air Force reservist's role in stealing over a hundred secret documents and publishing them online. Bruen takes us inside the American security clearance system and looks at whether after so many intelligence issues, allies are now going to be less likely to share their sensitive insights with Washington.
14/04/2311m 0s

What'll it take to free an American reporter from a Russian prison?

Russia says it will “not tolerate pressure” from the U.S. over detained WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich, a Russian senior official has warned. Washington has recently escalated his case, officially designating him as “wrongfully detained” - meaning he is now seen as a hostage. As Bloomberg reports that Putin himself personally approved his detention, there are growing questions on what price the U.S. is willing to pay to free yet another American taken by Russia. And with each exchange, does the risk of incentivizing Russia to claim more hostages grow? We speak with New York Times Moscow correspondent Valerie Hopkins, a good friend of Evan Gershkovich who left Moscow shortly after his arrest, and Jason Rezaian who was wrongly held in Iran on espionage charges while serving as Tehran bureau chief for the Washington Post.
13/04/2348m 50s

Bonus: Putin’s Prigozhin Problem

Bonus episode from the One Decision team: Yevgeny Prigozhin, the infamous boss of the Wagner mercenary group, claimed a big victory this week - that his fighters had taken substantial control of the contested city of Bakhmut in Ukraine, and that it had been “legally captured”. However, this is not necessarily good news for the Kremlin. Putin’s once close ally has been badmouthing the Russian military - complaining about bad tactics, logistics and poor planning by the Russian defence chiefs leaving soldiers hungry, ill-equipped and unprepared for battle. After a mysterious assassination of a blogger in a cafe Prigozhin owns, One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove discuss if the noose is tightening on Putin’s old friend, and at what point is he too much of a liability for the Russian leader?
08/04/2310m 56s

Bibi’s big decision

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s place in history is now secure. He may not always be the longest-serving PM, but he will always be the first sitting PM to be indicted on criminal charges. It’s those corruption charges that many of his critics are saying are the motivation for his new judicial reforms - which aim to limit the power and independence of the Supreme Court, and make it harder for a Prime Minister to be ruled unfit for office. While Netanyahu may be motivated by self-preservation, it is also a bit more complicated than that - he also has to keep together a fragile coalition of the most right-wing, religious, and nationalist governments in Israel’s history, with partners who have their own reasons for disempowering the judiciary. Netanyahu may have postponed pushing through the controversial legislation - but the debate will return later this month. One Decision speaks to Shalom Lipner, who spent 26 years as an adviser in the PM’s office. He’s served under seven Prime Ministers including Netanyahu.
06/04/2337m 51s

Bonus: The Difficult Decisions Facing Israeli & French Leaders

The man who once led British intelligence, Sir Richard Dearlove weighs in on the mass protests we have witnessed in response to major reforms proposed by both President Emanuel Macron and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in their countries. Will these leaders and their proposals survive? We offer a special short analysis on the situations & scenarios for the deep public discontent on display at the moment in Israel, as well as France.
01/04/238m 44s

CNN's Clarissa Ward on a Ukrainian Counteroffensive, Putin's Next Move

Ukraine welcomed the first arrival this week of sophisticated tanks, as well as armed personnel carriers from the United Kingdom and the United States. They arrive on the battlefield just in time for a long-anticipated counteroffensive by Kyiv. As heavier military support begins to trickle in from western allies, Russian President Vladimir Putin weighs another political calculation of his own - if and when is the time to deploy tactical nuclear weapons. He set off alarms abroad when he announced in recent days that some nuclear weapons would be moved to Belarus. CNN's Clarissa Ward recently returned from Ukraine and sits down with One Decision to discuss these latest developments, her conversations with Ukrainian officials, and what Putin might be thinking of doing next.
30/03/2346m 35s

Will Republicans support Ukraine? Bush’s National Security Adviser weighs in

Republicans in the United States are divided on how much support to provide Ukraine in the fight against Russia's invasion of its territory. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has courted controversy by pursuing Trump’s base, arguing that supporting Kyiv is not in America’s national security interests. He’s been deeply criticized by senior figures within his own party for doing so. What is driving this divide in the party? What are the politics of transitions when it comes to important foreign policy commitments? We speak to Stephen Hadley, former National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush, about the division developing in the Republican party, what remains of bipartisan American values, and how he feels about the war in Iraq, 20 years since its beginning.  Interested in hearing more about the decisions behind the Iraq War? Tune in to hear our interview with former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar:
23/03/2344m 54s

Why we should fear China spying on our home appliances

A veteran diplomat and one of the leading experts on China, Charlie Parton, joins his old friend Sir Richard Dearlove to discuss the increasing and personally invasive threat posed by the tiny chips present in everything from your smart fridge to your Fitbit. It’s a remarkable conversation that will change the way we look at the modern technology that now fills our homes. They also delve into how China’s monopoly in the production of these chips has put the world in a very vulnerable position and what we can do to extract ourselves from this dangerous dependency.
16/03/2346m 15s

Hostage diplomacy with the Kremlin

When WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner was jailed and sent to a penal colony in Moscow last year, the US government got to work on securing her release. But, a few days after she was detained by Russian authorities, Putin invaded Ukraine. Suddenly, it became complicated for the Americans to talk to the Russians in an official capacity. But luckily for Griner, they weren’t the only ones on the case. One Decision sits down with former American Ambassador Cameron Hume, who worked on the small team that traveled to Moscow to directly deal with the Kremlin themselves, on behalf of Griner’s and other detained Americans’ families.
09/03/2347m 27s

Richard Haass on how NATO got its groove back

When Richard Haass became the head of the influential policy think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, twenty years ago, the world was very different from where we are now. Dominated by a post-9/11 reality, the American-led international order was in little doubt. In 2003, China had only just joined the World Trade Organization and had yet to become the rising power and economic behemoth it is today. The new Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the European Union was Russia’s "natural, most important partner". War fatigue was far on the distant horizon, even if opposition to what was to become the ‘forever wars’ was there from the start. Richard Haass sits down with One Decision to reflect on the past 20 years of observing global events and why the next decade may be even more dangerous.
02/03/2343m 20s

Biden gets to Ukraine, Sweden’s Foreign Minister on getting into NATO

The day before Putin's State of the Union address, President Joe Biden emerged in dramatic fashion beneath Ukraine's glimmering golden domes. A secret operation got him on the ground to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital. Air raid sirens blared out as Biden strolled the streets of Kyiv with Zelensky - the first time in modern US history a serving president visited a warzone without the aegis of an American military presence. The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove talks about the significance of such a visit and what it portends for enduring American support. Plus, the NATO Secretary General is publicly floating the idea of Finland being fast-tracked to membership in the alliance without their neighbor Sweden, with whom they presented a joint bid. Sweden’s Foreign Minister joins us to discuss how worried his country is about Turkey’s intransigence on the issue.
23/02/2354m 17s

Mike Pompeo gets candid on Putin, Xi & other world leaders

Mike Pompeo is the only American to have served as both CIA Director and Secretary of State. A bullish defender of the legacy of the Trump era, in a new autobiography on his time during office, he argues that ‘peace through strength’ is the only way to ensure that America’s foes like Putin and Xi will not actualize the threat they currently pose to Western interests. As speculation mounts over whether he will become the latest Republican to announce a bid for the Presidency in 2024, Pompeo makes it clear that - even if he doesn’t decide to run - he has some pretty strong opinions on what the United State’s foreign policy objectives must be and will continue to play a prominent role in shaping his party's foreign policy. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove join him for a robust chat about his time in office and his thoughts on the current global security outlook.
16/02/2352m 0s

Will a second year of war in Ukraine go any better for Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is particularly observant when it comes to anniversaries. This month he marked the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the Nazis in the battle of Stalingrad. Given he is an enthusiastic student of history - albeit, his own versions of history - watchers of the war in Ukraine have raised the question: what will Putin do when his invasion reaches the ‘one-year’ mark? Max Seddon is the Bureau Chief in Moscow for the Financial Times. He will share the view from Moscow, and as the war enters a new phase. It's one that is likely to increasingly hinge on political will from Washington, where we are joined by Fox News’ White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich. She discusses what support remains among Republicans for arming Ukraine, one year from the invasion.
09/02/2345m 30s

Does he regret leading Spain to war in Iraq?

Twenty years after the invasion of Iraq, the decision to remove Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power continues to shape the Middle East and the world. In this episode, guest host Helena Humphrey speaks to former Spanish Prime Minister, José María Aznar, about his decision to support the war despite widespread opposition in his own country. He joined American President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to launch the war from the Azores islands in 2003. We explore his central role in one of the most important events of the 21st century and what lessons can be learned as Europe once again grapples with how far it should dive into a conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
02/02/2347m 57s

Ex-CIA & MI6 Chiefs on China Threat

Seldom do you get this level of access. The former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency General Michael Hayden sits down with One Decision. In one of his rare recent interviews, he shares an unvarnished view of the risks posed by Xi Jinping's ambitions and the lessons we should have learned from the War on Terror. In a remarkable exchange, he speaks with co-host and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove about how intelligence gathering has changed and how it should work to better address emerging threats. They cover decisions made and ongoing in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Russia. Hayden, who also led the National Security Agency, lets us in on his conversations with the current Director of the CIA William J. Burns, and where he thinks the world is headed.
26/01/2357m 59s


Christo Grozev once humorously described himself as an ‘internet nerd’ who hunted Russian trolls in his spare time. Well, his hobby has now made him an internationally celebrated journalist - and earned him a place on Russia’s most wanted list. As Lead Russia Investigator for the open-source investigative website Bellingcat, Grozev is one of the best people to talk to if you want to learn more about the war of information being fought by Moscow, and how data trails from some of the GRU’s more clumsy spies are giving canny investigators and journalists the chance to expose some of Russia’s activities it would rather you not know about. Sir Richard Dearlove and Julia Macfarlane sit down with him to find out more.
19/01/2338m 25s

Will Vladimir Putin be president by the end of the year? Ex-MI6 head makes his predictions for 2023.

2022 was a crazy year. And our Sir Richard Dearlove says 2023 won't be any less eventful. The former head of MI6 sits down with host Julia Macfarlane to discuss what the future might hold for the war in Ukraine, the burgeoning protest movement in China, and the United States presidential race.
12/01/2332m 34s

Has Britain lost its seat at the table of global powers? We ask Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart caused a buzz when he challenged Boris Johnson for leadership of the Conservative Party. He did not win the leadership, but he won widespread support for his ‘Rory Walks’ campaign across the United Kingdom, from Brits of all political stripes. He is also known for his walks across Afghanistan, where he was hunted by the Taliban in the mountains between Herat and Kabul at the height of the United States occupation in 2001. Stewart has been a diplomat, a politician, a soldier and - some say - a spy. But you’ll find him today championing one of his biggest passions - international aid, as the head of GiveDirectly, one of the biggest international charities in the world. One Decision’s Julia Macfarlane and Sir Richard Dearlove talk with Stewart and discuss whether the United Kingdom’s handling of its aid and soft power has seen better days, and what it means for Britain’s place in the world.
05/01/2342m 25s

BONUS: Part III: How the Ukraine-Russia conflict has changed Europe

As part of our end-of-year review looking into the biggest decisions of 2022, we look at how Putin's invasion of Ukraine plunged Europe into its biggest security crisis since the Second World War. Just a few days after Putin ordered troops to cross the border into Ukraine, German Chancellor Scholz declared a historic reversal of decades-old policy and a 100 billion euro fund to bolster Germany's armed forces. After leading the UK out of the EU, Boris Johnson suddenly became one of the continent's biggest advocates for defense, spearheading much of the response to Ukraine. And old attitudes to Russia and the West were suddenly reevaluated around the world. The Economist's Anne McElvoy, Prashant Rao of Semafor, and BloombergTV's Maria Tadeo joined One Decision for a look at how the Ukraine war has changed the political map for Europe.
26/12/2212m 54s

BONUS: Part II: The decisions that flew under the radar

For our end-of-year review, we analyzed the big events and decisions made in 2022 - the headline blockbusters that dominated the headlines: Putin’s war in Ukraine, Xi’s third term, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the surprising United States midterm elections. But what about the choices made that flew under the radar? Or the choices that needed to be made in 2022, but were ignored? One Decision is joined by a panel of leading journalists to discuss a momentous year and the stories that you may have missed. One Decision has been selected as a finalist for the 1st Annual Signal Listener’s Choice Award for Best Conversation Starter. Please follow this link to vote now:
22/12/2214m 1s

A year in review: How Russia changed the world

2022 started with the White House warning that Putin planned to invade Ukraine. Many were skeptical. But in this year's most significant decision survey of more than 100 journalists, the consensus is in: Putin's decision to invade Ukraine was the biggest decision of 2022. Some of the other decisions will surprise you and might end up having more impact in 2023. In this roundup of the biggest stories of the year, we examine them all as we end one year and move on to the next. One Decision is joined in London by The Economist's Anne McElvoy, Semafor's Prashant Rao, and Bloomberg's Maria Tadeo.
15/12/2247m 40s

Will Putin continue to lose ground?

Jeremy Bowen, International Editor at the BBC sits down with One Decision shortly after returning from the Ukrainian frontline, having been embedded with troops as government forces retook control of the occupied city of Kherson last month. A huge victory for Kyiv and a humiliating setback for Putin, who has this week admitted on television that his 'special operation' is likely to take a long time to complete, and tried to downplay rumors swirling of a second mobilization for more soldiers to join his invasion. Meanwhile, United States intelligence says that the Russians and Ukrainians are likely to pause the fighting over the bitter winter period - though aerial bombardment on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is causing devastation for civilians facing freezing temperatures with no heating, water, or electricity. The United Kingdom's Defence Ministry says that the Russians may be preparing to attack more cities close to the areas they control in the east of Ukraine. As always, we will have an analysis by One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove, the former chief of MI6.
08/12/2249m 14s

BONUS: What can the world expect from America’s divided government?

The United States' last legislative elections surprised many political onlookers in the country. Unlike long-standing precedent, where the president's party usually suffers severe losses during these midterm elections, the Democrats actually held control of the Senate and narrowly lost the House of Representatives. We bring together President Donald Trump's former Communications Director Alyssa Farrah Griffin together with Johanna Maska, a veteran of President Obama's Director of Press Advance. They offer a special post-mortem on the gains, losses, and the challenging roads that lie ahead for both parties over the next two years. These prominent pundits for their parties provide unvarnished and at times unexpected analysis of who may stand for the presidency in 2024, along with the international implications of these historic elections.
05/12/2237m 50s

How vulnerable is our supply chain?

The global supply chain has taken a battering since COVID. But it’s not just about how long you have to wait for your Playstation - the disruption to global trade has illuminated how dependent we all are on other countries for necessary goods. It’s a reality that could also have national security implications, as many countries in Europe who rely on imported gas from certain hostile counties in their neighbourhood, are swiftly finding out. Brian Wenck, the CEO of Flat World Global Solutions, a global supply chain and logistics firm, walks us through the butterfly effects of supply chain disruption - why China shipping PPE to Africa and America meant that Europeans couldn’t get their electronics for months. And co-host Sir Richard Dearlove joins us to explain why all of the above should give us concerns for our national security too.
01/12/2240m 3s

BONUS: Supreme Leader’s niece condemns Iran’s “murderous” regime

Hundreds of people in Iran have been killed after the death of a 22-year-old woman sparked the biggest uprising in the country for years. More than 15,000 have been arrested in women-led protests demanding human rights, freedoms - and an end to Iran’s oppressive laws concerning women. The regime has accused the protests of being “foreign-backed riots”, meanwhile, the niece of the Supreme Leader has spoken out against what she described as the “murderous, child-killing regime” in Tehran. One Decision speaks to Iranian journalist Negar Mortazavi to hear more about the situation in the country.
28/11/2224m 27s

Are the US & China headed towards conflict?

For our third installment on China at a crossroads, we look at where President Xi Jinping is positioning China in the world order and what his politics means for Chinese expansionism, influence, and aggression in the wider region. Is he likely to make a move on Taiwan? Will the contested areas in the seas around China be a new arena for hostilities? Will the US and China eventually be forced to go head-to-head, or is there too much financial incentive to cooperate? Brig. Gen. David Stilwell was the American Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and an Air Force veteran of 35 years. A fluent Chinese and Korean speaker, he also served as Defense Attache at the US Embassy in Beijing and has been a close watcher of Chinese politics ever since. He sits down with One Decision for a look at China's place in the world at the beginning of Xi's third term, with our Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, providing exclusive analysis on what he thinks the world should do in response.
23/11/2245m 34s

BONUS: Was the latest COP summit just a cop-out?

This year's COP27 in Egypt gave hope to some, finally a summit on climate change on the African continent, home to dozens of countries that face the dangers of rising sea levels, as well as desertification and droughts due to the destabilizing effects of global warming. But delegates had little to cheer about after the global meeting concluded - the creation of a fund for loss and damage for poorer nations was one small win, but nothing was agreed on for the phasing out of fossil fuels or emissions that made any meaningful difference since the last pledges made at COP26 in Glasgow. The EU's Green Chief summed up the conference saying "The world will not thank us when they hear only excuses tomorrow." In this special episode of One Decision, as the world fails to act, we go to two nations ravaged by the effects of climate change - the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati and Pakistan.
22/11/2218m 18s

Is China’s economy in trouble?

China’s imports and exports jolted to a halt earlier this month - marking the first contraction since the pandemic struck in 2020. At a time of worldwide surging inflation and central banks everywhere raising interest rates to painful levels, the “miracle of growth” that powered much of the world’s prosperity these last two decades is causing growing concern. For the second installment of our three-part series looking in depth at China at a crossroads, One Decision considers the economic crises that could be facing the country - and the world. George Magnus, former Chief Economist at UBS, now author and research associate at the China Centre, Oxford University, and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, explores whether China can bounce back in the coming months.
17/11/2249m 54s

BONUS: Missiles landed on NATO territory. What happens next?

As the G20 was underway this week, global attention sharply focused on a tiny Polish village near the Ukrainian border. News came that a missile had killed two local residents. Russia insists it played no part in the incident, but as investigations progress, U.S. President Joe Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and Polish President Duda all said preliminary findings indicate the explosion came from a Ukrainian air defense missile. What does this mean for Ukrainians, their supporters in the West, and Vladimir Putin? One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6 considers how this conflict is increasingly at risk of spilling beyond Russia's and Ukraine's borders.
17/11/2222m 46s

Is China's Xi the new Mao?

China's leader has solidified his grip on the ruling Chinese Communist Party, embarking on an unprecedented third term in power. With now nearly limitless power, the world's biggest country totalling a fifth of humanity is now largely under the control of a single man. Who is Xi Jinping? What is his backstory - and how is he likely to respond to the growing domestic pressures in China stemming from his unpopular lockdown policies and the ticking timebomb of financial pressures? Former British diplomat and world-renowned China expert, Dr. Kerry Brown joins us for a deep dive into the country and its leader. Our discussion, which as always features analysis from former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, explores Xi's tumultuous path to joining the Party after nine failed attempts. We follow his political journey through to a questionable response to the most recent health, as well as economic pressures facing the country. The first in a three-part series on China, we learn more about an increasingly influential and yet not widely understood Chinese President.
10/11/2248m 3s

BONUS: Is Ireland seeing a Brexit boom?

When the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union just one English-speaking member was left. Irish Minister of European Affairs Thomas Byrne says his small nation is increasingly playing a larger, more strategic role in international affairs. It currently sits on the United Nations Security Council and enjoys a closer relationship with Washington than many of their neighbors. Yet, it’s traditional neutrality has limited the support it provides to Ukraine and questions remain on how it’s border with Northern Ireland will get settled. The Minister provided an update on those backroom negotiations and whether his country is starting to see an economic boom from Brexit.
07/11/2235m 8s

US midterm elections: Is violence inevitable?

As the United States prepares to hold national elections for the first time since the January 6th Capitol riots, tensions are running extremely high. The Department of Homeland Security has warned that misinformation and conspiracy theories continue to fan the flames of domestic extremism. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was recently beaten with a hammer by an intruder, who told police he was on a “suicide mission” and had plans to attack other politicians.  One Decision sits down with the BBC's US Special Correspondent Katty Kay, recently returned from a tour of battleground states - where some people told her that if elections didn’t go their way, they would pick up their arms. America’s democracy and stability could hang in the balance next week.
03/11/2243m 2s

A Year of Decisions: Our First Anniversary Episode

The former head of MI6 does not often take questions from the public. To mark One Decision’s first year, Sir Richard Dearlove agreed to take a few submitted by our listeners via social media and the web site. He provides analysis, intrigue and his behind-the-scenes insights on the issues that are on the top of your minds. We look back at pivotal points in recent history like the Iraq War and the role that intelligence played in the West’s decision to go to war. We look ahead to what China is likely to do on Taiwan. We look around at how the world is responding to the threats of climate change, changing demographics, and our polarizing political environment. This is a truly unique episode created by our audience across the globe.
27/10/2243m 54s

BONUS: The rogue ambassador who still refuses to cede his post Myanmar’s military junta

The democratically-elected government he served was ousted in a military coup. Yet, he still refuses to give up or go home. Instead, Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun remains in New York, pleading his people's plight on the world's most powerful stage at the United Nations. We first interviewed him just over a year ago, shortly after he gave an impassioned speech before his fellow diplomats, denouncing the overthrow of his country's legitimate leaders. How has he managed to keep going? What more needs to be done by the international community to help restore democracy and free political prisoners? He also shares how global powers like Russia and China continue to provide critical support to the junta. As new reports of gross human rights violations emerge, we explore how much worse the situation can get and what lessons can be learned on addressing authoritarian abuses from this dark period in Myanmar's history.
25/10/2233m 7s

A Prime Minister’s dramatic downfall

What does Liz Truss’ stunningly short term mean for the United Kingdom’s standing in the world? It comes at a time of tectonic transformations at home & unprecedented threats abroad. Queen Elizabeth’s passing and the rapid succession of three occupants at 10 Downing Street in as many months has shaken the country’s sense of stability. The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove discusses the international implications of these chaotic days in British politics. He delves into what went wrong for the Tory leader and the bad options that remain for the Party in the coming months. An economy teetering on the brink of recession, confidence in national leaders at historic lows, the veteran spy reflects on how road ahead will undoubtedly be a risky and rocky one for the next Prime Minister.
20/10/2243m 53s

Lessons learned negotiating with a genocidal regime as Foreign Minister

As the world faces so much turmoil, we reflect on a moment just more than 30 years ago when Australia took a leading role brokering peace in Cambodia, helping to bring about the end of the infamous Khmer Rouge regime, behind the genocide now known as the Killing Fields. The man at the centre of that historic agreement is Australian former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. What lessons for today can we draw from the past, and a conflict that saw China, Russia and the US on different and competing sides? We explore those issues and how these chess moves continue to play out today.
13/10/2241m 26s

BONUS: Is the United Nations General Assembly Useless?

The United Nations General Assembly puts the most powerful leaders on the planet in one room. But, what do they really end up accomplishing during their time together? Critics say it is little more than a lot of grandstanding wrapped around a thin layer of grandiose ambitions that seldom produce much impact. We took the question to ambassadors and other senior officials. Is this expensive event effective for the people they represent and if so how? You will not want to miss their take on what is (and mostly what is not) working. We then look at what reform might involve for the body and its biggest global gathering with our resident analyst Sir Richard Dearlove, who formerly led the British intelligence agency MI6.
11/10/2229m 1s

Kosovo's President on why Serbia should still worry Europe

We sit down with Kosovo's President Vjosa Osmani, elected as a reformer for a young and vulnerable country in a tough neighborhood. She talks on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly meeting about her concerns not just for Kosovo, but for Europe more broadly. As more weapons flow into Serbia from China, she sounds the alarm on the ominous threat it represents to regional security. Former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove and host Julia Macfarlane also delve into Serbia's increasingly important role as Russia's outpost in Southern Europe, along with Kosovo's struggles at reconciling after years of war with its neighbor.
06/10/2247m 1s

BONUS: The Great British Economic Meltdown

The British pound sterling plummeted this week after Prime Minister Liz Truss unveiled her budget containing a divisive 45-billion tax cut, spooking markets and leading to warnings from the IMF to the White House. The Bank of England took emergency measures to keep the economy afloat, promising to buy bonds at "whatever scale is necessary." Can the UK economy avoid catastrophe as it faces threats from inflation and fuel shortages? Leading British economist Alpesh Paleja explains what exactly happened to bond markets, giving us a sobering assessment of the country's financial health and whether we have seen the worst of the storm.
01/10/2239m 57s

Is there any avoiding a nuclear Iran?

As the world's attention turns to Iran, grave human rights abuses, and those protesting against this regime, One Decision looks at the negotiations regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - or the hotly contested Iran deal. Morgan Ortagus who spent years in the Trump administration after serving as an intelligence analyst explains the administration's reasoning behind President Trump's abrupt cancellation of a deal that placed restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions’ relief. Vali Nasr, leading Iranian-American academic at Johns Hopkins University, goes back to what the deal was and wasn't - and what could happen next. As always Sir Richard Dearlove joins, and makes a key prediction about the coming end to the current Iran regime.
29/09/2259m 11s

BONUS: Is Finland ready for fleeing Russians?

Thousands of desperate young men are trying to escape Russia after Vladamir Putin announced a plan to mobilize 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine. His forces have recently suffered a string of embarrassing military defeats. Some Russians are already seeking to escape by crossing the long border into neighboring Finland. On the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, we sat down with Finnish Ambassador Elina Kalkku to discuss the recent influx of Russians frantically trying to avoid Putin's plans for them to fight in Ukraine. She takes us into her country's complex relationship with Moscow and how they are coping with the constant threat of an imminent Russian attack, especially following President Putin's recent threat to launch nuclear weapons.
26/09/2223m 14s

Putin threatens to nuke the West. Should we be worried?

Russia's President Putin is losing his war against Ukraine, he was roundly humiliated at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit last week and this week called up 300,000 reservists and threatened the west with nuclear retaliation. As the world convenes at the United Nations in New York, military expert Shashank Joshi joins hosts Julia Macfarlane and former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove to walk us through the decisions Putin has made and how they will play out, Russia's nuclear threat and the UK's defense capabilities.
22/09/2243m 16s

Special Episode: A farewell to the Queen

As the world gathers to mourn Queen Elizabeth II, co-hosts Julia Macfarlane and Former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, a longtime Crown servant, reflect on the life and times of Britain's longest-reigning Monarch.
19/09/2214m 40s

Is Biden eyeing Venezuela to ease the global energy crisis?

Will the Biden Administration dial back sanctions against Venezuela, a country with the largest oil reserves in the world, in an effort to address the global energy crisis? That's the question we ask two leading experts on the country's energy industry. They discuss how crumbling infrastructure to export crude may slow or stymie any immediate impact. Nicolas Maduro and the Chavistas have ignored the results of past elections and have one of the worst human rights records in the hemisphere, which will make any concessions challenging for the American president at home and abroad, especially after a widely criticized trip to Saudi Arabia. Plus, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, analyzes the impact a warming of relations between Washington and Caracas could have on Venezuela's ties to Beijing, Tehran, and Moscow.
15/09/2244m 9s

What makes the Wagner Group so dangerous?

The Wagner Group is used extensively by the Russian government in conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and across the African continent. The private military company serves as a shadow military consisting of thousands of highly-trained and well-equipped mercenaries. From war crimes to trafficking in illicit goods, they have earned a reputation as one of the most significant sources of instability in countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The United Nations Human Rights Council's Jelena Aparac and former CIA paramilitary case officer Philip Wasielewski look at how and where the group does Vladimir Putin's dirty work. They examine the role Wagner forces are currently playing on the battlefield in Ukraine and whether the international community should designate them as an international terrorist organization. The panel is joined by the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, who adds insights into Russia's asymmetric warfare tactics and what else may be in store as the Kremlin looks for more ways to destabilize its neighbors and other vulnerable nations.
08/09/2242m 30s

BONUS: Is globalization dead?

Russia and China are undertaking an unprecedented assault on the international order. Meanwhile, serious questions linger about America's willingness to exert leadership across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Spain's former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Manuel Muñiz discusses why the war in Ukraine is likely to drag out for years and how it will accelerate a process of deglobalization. In his view, the world will divide across two main blocs, democracies and authoritarian states. The consequences of this tectonic transition will be considerable for countries, companies, and consumers. Yet, he believes in this scary scenario, there are still some reasons for optimism and new opportunities, if we are ready to seize them.
03/09/2220m 40s

Could the metaverse deepen global divisions?

Will the metaverse jeopardize security and stability around the world? Venture capitalist and author of “The Metaverse and how it will revolutionise everything,” Matthew Ball sits down with One Decision to delve into the implications of the new virtual world on the real world. One Decision hosts Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief of MI6, and journalist Julia Macfarlane explore opportunities and concerns about the new risks that will be found in the metaverse.
01/09/2242m 58s

BONUS: Who killed the daughter of Putin’s ally?

Darya Dugina, daughter of close Putin ally and Russian ultra-nationalist Alexander Dugin, was driving her father's car, when it exploded. Russia's FSB security services quickly claimed to have identified the assassin. But western governments have pushed back against this narrative, with some officials like Tom Tugendhat, a British member of Parliament, suggesting that Putin may have targeted Dugin over recent criticisms made against the Kremlin. One Decision hosts Julia Macfarlane and former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove sit with Edward Lucas, one of the most well-informed journalists on Kremlinology and the shadow politics of Putin's inner circle, to discuss who may be behind the assassination and what it means for war in Ukraine.
27/08/2218m 47s

What Does a Weakened Macron Mean for the World?

French President Emanuelle Macron is in a pretty tough spot. Recent legislative elections seriously undermined his standing at a dangerous point, as he starts his second term in office. In a country where strikes and protests are common, the next one might have far reaching political consequences. Meanwhile, Europe finds itself grappling with a war on its eastern border and an increasingly aggressive Russia.  Former French Ambassador Gerard Araud shares an inside perspective on the latest threats facing one of Europe's critical countries. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, also dives into China’s efforts to undermine France’s influence in Africa, exploring what it might mean for security and stability around the globe.
25/08/2237m 58s

Afghanistan: Does the decision to leave look any better a year on?

The United States' longest foreign war came to an end as the last American troops departed Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base on August 15, 2021. On the same day, Taliban forces breached the walls of Kabul, taking full control of the country as President Ashraf Ghani fled. One Decision sits down with the former Vice President of the National Assembly, Fawzia Koofi, and former U.S. Marine and investor in the country, Jake Cusack, who also helped to rescue hundreds fleeing the extremist group's return to power. They delve into President Biden’s much-criticized decision to proceed with pulling out American troops and consequences it has had on the country, as well as America's standing around the world. Resident analyst Sir Richard Dearlove, who led the British intelligence agency MI6, also weighs in on what may lie for Afghans under Taliban rule.
18/08/2244m 35s

The businessman who took on Putin

Bill Browder was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he was denied entry to the country for exposing corruption in Russian state-owned companies. Browder's colleague Sergei Magnitsky uncovered a massive tax scam totalling hundreds of billions of dollars, and the officials he accused of stealing the funds threw him into jail, where he was beaten, tortured, and then died in custody in 2009. Browder decided to act, pushing for accountability of those involved in Magnitsky’s death. Browder’s activism has led to the passing of the Global Magnitsky Act, which authorizes the US government to sanction international government officials believed to be behind human rights violations. Julia Macfarlane sits down with Browder to discuss his work targeting corrupt Russian officials while Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of Britain's Mi6, shares his insight on the complex trails of Russian money, who's hiding it, and who has access to it.
11/08/2242m 36s

BONUS: What’s Beijing’s Next Move on Taiwan?

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent trip to Taiwan has leaders worldwide concerned that it will provoke China and lead to a potential military conflict with the United States. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and former Head of British Intelligence Sir Richard Dearlove sit down to analyze the motives and possible dangers of the visit. Sir Richard reveals why he thinks the trip is more than just a symbolic message and under what circumstances the rhetoric between the US and China could lead to a potential military conflict.
05/08/2227m 11s

Democracy on the Decline? Orbán’s Dangerous Dance Between Europe and Russia

Amid a wave of European support for Ukraine, Hungary has emerged an outlier; refusing to send weapons to Kyiv or cut off Russian oil supply. Newly re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban has openly spoken of his admiration for Russia’s President Putin, and described himself as the leader of “an illiberal democracy.” So does that leave Budapest more closely aligned with Brussels or Moscow? Guest co-host Helena Humphrey sits down with Klara Dobrev, a Hungarian left-wing politician and MEP, to talk about her recent decision to put her hat in the ring, and challenge Orban himself. Meanwhile One Decision's Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of Britain's Mi6, shares his insight on Orban's true motives, who his real friends are among the looming potential energy crisis, and predicts the future of Britain's leadership.
04/08/2245m 1s

BONUS: The One Decision NATO's Military Commander Regrets

NATO's former Director General of Military Staff, General Hans-Werner Wiermann sits down on this bonus episode for a look back on the tumultuous times he and the Alliance have endured over the last several years. From the American withdrawal from Afghanistan to China's increasingly aggressive posture, the General shares some of the lessons he learned and the threats the West will likely face over the next decade. He also delves into Russia's strategy in Ukraine and what it will take to push Putin's forces back to their side of the border.
02/08/2228m 25s

Russian Oligarchs on the Run

While foreign correspondent Laura Haim is on assignment in Paris reporting on the effects of the war in Europe, she's also been following the story of a small coastal village in the South of France that's drawn Russians for years - and not just wealthy Russians, but some of the world's most notorious Russian oligarchs. However, with the war in Ukraine, the town is in a state of flux. With sanctions in place, many Russians' have had their assets frozen - making it hard to maintain their estates. For these oligarchs, where they are headed now has been the subject of growing speculation and reporting. Laura sits down with Louise Shelley, director of the transnational crime and corruption center at George Mason University, who is an expert witness on how Russian money is laundered through real estate, and Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of Britain's Mi6, to discuss where Russian oligarchs are fleeing to and why, what countries are letting them in, and the potential of corruption in Ukraine during rebuilding.
28/07/2230m 31s

Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia - Did he give too much?

US President Joe Biden promised to make a “pariah” out of Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is widely held responsible overseas for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the brutal war in Yemen, a rise in mass executions and other human rights abuses in the Kingdom. But at a time when inflation is soaring, global oil prices are surging and China is courting the Gulf - can Biden and the US afford to isolate Saudi Arabia and ignore the Middle East? One Decision's Julia Macfarlane and former head of Britain's MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, sit down with former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, Axios’ political reporter Hans Nichols, and Washington DC’s Director of Human Rights Watch, Sarah Yager, to unpack what really happened on Biden’s trip and its global implications.
21/07/2240m 28s

China's Most Wanted: Hong Kong Fugitive Samuel Chu talks China's National Security Law

This month, China has been marking the 25th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong, from British rule back to China. For many Hong Kongers, this was not a day of celebration - including for Samuel Chu, a Hong-Kong born American activist, founder and President of the non-profit group Campaign for Hong Kong. His father, a retired pastor, was one of the leading figures behind the Occupy Central movement, the pro-democracy mass movement that sparked the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong back in 2014. As the first foreigner wanted by China under China's National Security Law, Samuel joins Julia Macfarlane to discuss how China’s actions in Hong Kong may inform Taiwan’s future, while Sir Richard Dearlove reveals new details about the negotiations and his scepticism of China during this time.
14/07/2248m 43s

China’s Economy: Evergrande a canary in the coal mine?

Ten years ago, Charlene Chu, dubbed the 'rockstar of Chinese debt analysis' sent shockwaves across the world by sounding a warning over China's escalating debt problem and the risk it presented to the global financial system. Today, two years after the outbreak of the covid pandemic, in the midst of a war in Europe, and a worldwide supply-chain and energy crisis, President Xi is grappling with his zero-covid policy and easing China back into business. But one of the biggest worries that senior analysts like Chu have, is the precarious property bubble that threatens to burst - potentially taking much of the Chinese, and even global, economy with it. Chu sits down with One Decision to give her forecast and warnings for 2022 and beyond.
07/07/2254m 12s

BONUS: The views from the Eastern Flank

Better late than never? As Nato members scramble to organize support and aid for Ukraine, Nato command has pledged to beef up the Eastern Flank - the Alliance's frontier against Russia. With the potential addition of Sweden and Finland - which may yet be stymied by Turkey - Nato's border with Russia looks set to double. For the countries on the edge, of what's known as the 'Eastern Flank', Nato needs to do more than just send more troops and hardware. Our team at the Nato summit in Madrid spoke to a number of leaders, ministers and representatives from across these nations. These are their views.
04/07/2223m 25s

BONUS: Latvia's President: I don't care about Putin saving face, I care about the people he's bombing

Latvia, along with its fellow Baltic nations Estonia and Lithuania, has long raised the alarm on Russia’s expansionism. This week in Madrid, NATO heard its call. One Decision gets an exclusive interview with the President of Latvia Egils Levits, who tells us that Russia tends to respond to weakness - not strength.
02/07/2235m 1s

Madrid Summit: Did NATO meet the moment?

This week, Julia Macfarlane is in Madrid for the historic NATO summit as it’s considered to be the most important gathering of the alliance in a generation. One Decision secured exclusive interviews with world leaders, foreign ministers, ambassadors to discuss NATO’s new strategic concept, the reclassification of Russia as the greatest threat to the Euro-Atlantic area, and also the need for member states to invest in Defense as war returns to Europe once again. Together with her co-host Sir Richard Dearlove, former chief of Mi6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, they break down the biggest decisions coming out of Madrid.
01/07/2252m 10s

BONUS: Putin Drives Finland into NATO’s Arms

Vladimir Putin's efforts to prevent NATO’s expansion suffered a dramatic setback this week as Finland and Sweden were formally invited to join the seventy-three-year-old alliance. Finland's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pekka Haavisto, joins host Julia MacFarlane on this special edition of One Decision recorded at this week's historic NATO Summit to discuss why the Nordic country decided to abandon its decades old policy of neutrality.
01/07/2221m 21s

LIVE FROM NATO: One Decision at the Summit

At the start of what’s being billed as the most important Nato gathering in a generation, One Decision hosts a panel with former Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Director of Chatham House Robin Niblett, and The Times Defense Editor Larisa Brown.
29/06/221h 2m

BONUS: Is America the biggest threat to itself?

In this bonus episode before the NATO Summit Julia Macfarlane & Sir Richard Dearlove consider Bob Gates’s opinion that America is the biggest national security threat to itself.
28/06/2216m 10s

The Former US Defense Secretary on Putin's War and How China Takes Taiwan

Former Defense Secretary and Director of the CIA, Dr. Robert Gates, sits down exclusively with One Decision and shares his prediction on how Beijing is likely to apply the lessons Russia learned in Ukraine. Gates began his years as an expert on the Soviet Union, and led the Agency after the fall of the USSR. With host Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief of MI6 and host Julia Macfarlane, Gates weighs in on the current conflict, with a warning for the west. While Macfarlane pushes both Gates and Dearlove on whether Iraq can be considered a success, and the consequences of our failure to secure the peace in Afghanistan.
23/06/2254m 57s

India, Russia and China: Tense Relationships at a Crossroad

India is finding itself pulled in different directions - by Russia, one of its major trading partners. By the west, working to isolate Russia. All while navigating a tricky relationship with China, which has competing interests in the region.  Ambassador Shyam Saran, former Foreign Secretary of India, discusses India’s options with One Decision's Julia Macfarlane who later gets the unfiltered analysis from host and former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove.
16/06/2242m 55s

Will Putin's War Starve Millions Around The Globe?

The blockading of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa is having disastrous consequences, not just on Ukraine. Millions of people around the world live in countries that are overwhelmingly reliant on Ukrainian exports. The country, known as the breadbasket of Europe, ships cereals, grain and fertilizer around the world - as does Russia. The disruption of these goods flowing out of the region is impacting places in the African continent which are already struggling due to drought and failed crop harvests. One man can possibly put a stop to this - Vladimir Putin. We speak to two journalists covering Europe and global population and demographics - Maria Tadeo of Bloomberg and Stephanie Hegarty of the BBC. And of course with the smart takes of former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove.
09/06/2240m 44s

The Online Battlefield: Russia's Hybrid War on Ukraine

Ukraine's under an unprecedented assault, on the ground, but also online. We spoke to the man in charge of protecting Ukraine's digital infrastructure, Victor Zhora, about how the country continues to fight Russian troops on the battlefield, and Russian hackers in cyberspace. Guest host Helena Humphrey speaks with Sir Richard Dearlove, who himself revealed on One Decision that he has been the subject of a personal targeted cyber-attack by the Russians, and his analysis on where Russian cyber warriors may next take aim.
02/06/2240m 43s

The Former Supreme Commander of NATO on Putin's Next Move

Admiral James Stavridis faced formidable threats from Russia while commanding NATO's forces in Europe. The former Supreme Allied Commander shares his insight into the critical decision facing the alliance's leaders as they prepare to meet in Madrid. He looks at how Putin is likely to respond to their latest moves and co-host Sir Richard Dearlove, who led the British intelligence service MI6 makes a major revelation about how Moscow has recently personally targeted him and other former national security leaders.
26/05/2241m 22s

The Great Escape - Businesses Leaving Russia

Sanctions have made it increasingly hard for Western firms to do business in Putin's Russia. But the Kremlin has warned companies from so-called “unfriendly states” may see their assets expropriated and nationalized, if they chose to cease operations. McDonalds, Shell, Mercedes, Koch Industries are among those grappling with their Russian operations. The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove weighs in on why this may leave the former KGB officer in an even tougher spot economically and uncharacteristically shares how long he thinks the Russian leader can hang on to power.
19/05/2242m 18s

Grit & Guts: CNN's Clarissa Ward Reporting From the Frontlines in Ukraine

CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward speaks to One Decision after getting back from deployment in Ukraine, witnessing first hand how civilians have taken up arms and risen to the threat of Russian invasion with remarkable unity and grit. Putin's invasion so far is not going to plan - so where does she think he will be headed next? With analysis from co-host Sir Richard Dearlove
12/05/2238m 43s

Spy Roundtable: How Declassified Intelligence Disrupted Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

The UK and US governments have declassified unprecedented intelligence on Moscow’s bloody campaign in Ukraine. Lifting the veil on Putin’s strategy and how it is playing out is having an impact on events on the ground - and has taken the Kremlin by surprise. Two perspectives from two veterans of Western intelligence. John Sipher served three decades in the CIA’s Clandestine Service, and during his career he was posted on the ground in Moscow, before eventually running the Agency’s Russia operations. He also served as Chief of several stations abroad. And our regular co-host Sir Richard Dearlove was the former Chief of MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service.
05/05/2239m 17s

Lithuania and the two Goliaths

Lithuanian MP Matas Maldeikis speaks to One Decision about how the small Baltic country has triggered fury in Beijing with the decision to open a de facto embassy to Taiwan. Plus he gives us the view from Vilnius as the war next door between Ukraine and Russia rages on.
28/04/2249m 45s

Does Oil Still Rule The World?

World-renowned author and expert Daniel Yergin joins Sir Richard Dearlove and Julia Macfarlane to discuss who holds the most cards when it comes to energy security and hard power. In the 70s, the west controlled the biggest stocks of fuel - now the majority comes from developing nations. As the Russia-Ukraine crisis exacerbates an already painful fuel crisis in Europe, One Decision examines how the big players use their resources as weapons of influence.
21/04/2246m 29s

Serbia's Big Choice - Russian Ally or EU Partner?

As Serbia receives a fresh delivery of Chinese weapons, One Decision explores Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic's recent reelection, his cozy relationship with Russia, and the tight-rope he's been walking on the path to EU accession. His decisions on which way Serbia turns could affect the stability of the region. Guest host Milena Veselinovic sits down with former US Ambassador to Serbia Cameron Munter and our resident analyst Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6 weighs in on the geopolitical importance of the former Yugoslav Republic at this critical time.
14/04/2243m 59s

How France’s Elections Could Upend Europe’s Fragile Alliance

Sir Richard Dearlove who predicted Brexit and Trump has a feeling in his stomach far right candidate Marine Le Pen will beat current President Emmanuel Macron. Together with guest co-host Suzanne Lynch, co-author of Politico Brussels Playbook, they speak with Journalist and former spokesperson to Macron Laura Haim about what that might do for the future of France - and for Europe.
13/04/2241m 15s

She led Ireland. He led MI6. They lead our look at the climate crisis.

The Elders' Mary Robinson was the first female President of Ireland. She has spent decades fighting climate change. One Decision's Julia Macfarlane gets her take on China, Biden, & whether a world weary from COVID can rally the strength to make the sacrifices necessary to reduce carbon emissions. Plus the former head of the British spy agency Sir Richard Dearlove on the serious security and stability implications we are likely to see emerge from environmental issues in the coming years.
07/04/2243m 29s

Roundtable 2022: The most important upcoming decisions

It’s been two years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the virus has quickly been replaced by two increasingly concerning crises that are redrawing the political and diplomatic map. The Washington Post’s Shane Harris and New Lines’ Hassan Hassan join Sir Richard Dearlove to consider how Putin’s gamble in Ukraine, coinciding with a global energy crisis that is battering households worldwide, is putting pressure on governments.
01/04/2254m 57s

Blood and Oil: Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East

The Russian war on Ukraine has western leaders looking once again to the Middle East to ramp up oil supplies to bring relief at the gas pump as they try to squeeze Russia’s economy. But energy giant Saudi Arabia and its crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have so far been cool to western efforts to get him to pump more oil to get gas prices down. And the Arab Gulf states as well as Israel have been cautious to date about declaring allegiance in the struggle between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the West. Wall Street Journal investigative reporter Justin Scheck, co-author of a book on the Saudi crown prince: Blood & Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power, joins former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, and guest host Laura Rozen, to discuss how MBS and the Middle East are trying to navigate a world reshaped by the war in Ukraine.
31/03/2246m 27s

China in Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Censorship

Hollywood used to rule. But now, American blockbusters often cannot break even without breaking into the Chinese box office. Not only that, sharp Chinese film executives who have studied decades of American success on the silver screen, are beating them at their own game. Erich Schwartzel has taken a deep dive on the growing links between Hollywood and China, the impact on freedom of expression, and how Beijing is weaponizing the arts to support its global strategic priorities.
24/03/2257m 44s

Russia: The View From The Baltics

Former Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas speaks exclusively to One Decision on what it’s like being a small FSU state on the border with an increasingly aggressive Russia. As PM, he lobbied for Nato to step up its presence in the Alliance’s east - and secured Nato troop deployments in the Baltics for the first time in 2016 after the annexation of Crimea.
17/03/221h 5m

Iran: The Main Mistake of the Last Decade

When Donald Trump quit the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showered him with praise. But now, a series of former Israeli security chiefs says the decision was a catastrophe. “The worst mistake of the last decade,” former Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon said. Former Israeli military intelligence Iran analyst Danny Citrinowicz says Israel didn’t really have any plan B for what to do after the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and Iran responded by growing its nuclear program with few constraints. He talks about how Israel and the United States cheered each other on to make a terrible mistake.
07/03/2247m 35s

Former MI6 Chief on Putin's Gamble in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin made the decision to invade Ukraine - sending shockwaves around the world. As Russian forces have shelled schools, administrative buildings and residential blocks, civilians on both sides have expressed horror at the sudden turn of events. As detention centers in Moscow and St Petersburg fill up with detained anti-war protesters, the casualties in Ukraine - and among the Russian Armed Forces - is beginning to grow. The EU, which until recently was accused of being divided and unable to respond cohesively to the threat, has sprung into action, imposing sanctions on oligarchs and cutting off Russia and its banking institutions from global finance. Even neutral Switzerland is freezing Russian assets, and Germany suddenly transformed its defence policy overnight - with Chancellor Olaf Scholz announcing a more than $100 billion fund to modernize Germany's defense forces. For now, Ukraine is holding off advancing forces - but things may change. Former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove considers Putin's options, and how the West ought to respond.
02/03/2253m 35s

Why I Resigned: America's Former Special Envoy to Haiti

Last July, the President of Haiti was gunned down in his bedroom. The assassination plunged the already fragile country further into turmoil. Ambassador Daniel Foote, America's Special Envoy to Haiti quit his post just a few months later in protest at how the Biden Administration was handling the crisis. In an explosive interview, the former career diplomat opens up about the many mistakes and missed opportunities he witnessed while in office.
24/02/2251m 44s

How Montenegro Escaped Russia

Montenegro is a young country where the stakes are especially high as the United States along with its NATO allies look to prevent a further Russian invasion of Ukraine. Former Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic shares the challenges and critical lessons learned from their independence to integration into NATO with our guest host from the Wall Street Journal, Vivian Salama. They take a close look at the current crisis in Ukraine and how the experience of freeing itself from Russia's nexus may provide valuable recommendations and even a roadmap for other nations.
16/02/2256m 24s

The Wallaby and the Dragon

China’s growing power is a big concern for the West, but perhaps nowhere more so than Australia - US strategic partner and Five Eyes member. Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister between 2013-2018 talks to One Decision about Australia’s priorities in a western alliance post-Trump, and how the West needs to approach and counter, Beijing.
10/02/2248m 11s

Enes Freedom v Xi Jin Ping

As we approach the 2022 Winter Olympics, it’s clear that the Chinese President wants the world to focus on China and sports - and not its record on human rights. In 2020 the US State Department accused Beijing of cultural genocide against its Uygher population. Former MI6 Chief Richard Dearlove explores how China is fighting to control the narrative, and the tactics Beijing uses to influence the West.
03/02/2229m 40s

The Freedom Fighter and Beijing's Olympics

NBA player Enes Kanter learned a lot about US values when he became a US citizen and changed his name to Enes Freedom. One of those is freedom of speech. But he says speaking out against the Beijing government, whom the US government accuses of cultural genocide, is considered out of bounds. Lifting the lid on the murky relationship between sports and sponsorship, Freedom tells all - including who has been pressuring him to stay silent.
03/02/2244m 49s

Season 5 - Coming Soon

This season we hear directly from some of the key decision makers - former world leaders, foreign policy experts, and leading voices calling for change - to talk about the decisions they’ve taken that have made global shockwaves.  And we are also looking at what lies ahead…what are the BIGGEST decisions yet to be made that will have MASSIVE global impact
27/01/221m 34s

The Biggest, Gnarliest Decisions… of 2021!

Was it a very bad year?  Or just a looong continuation of 2020?!  You don’t want to miss this sharp, freewheeling roundtable on the most impactful decisions on our planet—and the not-so-obvious angles.  With FT’s Gillian Tett. Politico’s Suzanne Lynch.  And Sir Richard lets loose with some insights…
09/12/2132m 32s

Young, Green, Gay—and German Parliamentarian

Max Lucks faced death threats from the Far Right, on his long road to the Bundestag. At 24, he is now one of the fresh faces—and consciences—of Germany’s youngest-ever parliament. He speaks candidly on what’s coming—and what he wants.
09/12/2142m 40s

Just Say No… to China

Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos delivers an extraordinary, insider wake-up-call to his South American neighbors: beware the Chinese bearing gifts. And to the US-- “It’s halftime and you’re losing 30 to nothing.”
09/12/2145m 38s

Will Somebody Please Go To Libya

US Amb. Stephanie Turco Williams led fractured Libya through its dark days after war. Now, it’s on the cusp of a first-ever presidential election. But she is sounding a very loud alarm to the US and others—that democracy still desperately needs something.
09/12/2135m 13s

How Saudi Bought English Football

The Saudis have entered the English football chat. And it’s not a very pretty one, we’re afraid. Two kick-ass British sports journos sound off on what we know, what all we don’t, how the Newcastle deal went down-- and what ought to happen.
09/12/2132m 6s

When the Alarm Bells Are Ringing - Inside the United States

Liberia, Myanmar, Haiti, etc.—the trouble spots of the world are what Richard Gowan’s organization focuses on.  And alerts the world to looming crises of violence, instability. But this time—the focus was right here at home.  A controversial decision that pointed straight to Jan. 6th.  Before it happened.
04/11/2139m 37s

A Coup Is a Bad Thing. Right? Right??

Patricia Moller, legendary American ambassador, describes a big decision she made that helped spark democracy in a West African country.   Which, just fell to a military coup. Not good. Or—is it? Her words may surprise you!
04/11/2136m 38s

No One Will Do It But the Smallest Country In Africa

Simon Adams needed one thing, to fight for justice for hundreds of thousands of victims and refugees in Myanmar.  It was simple.  But no one—no country in the entire world—would dare do it.  Except, one day…
04/11/2139m 13s

“Chance of Spying: 100%”

China has been getting everywhere.  Investing in virtually every corner of the globe.  And now, the Middle East.  With 5G, and beyond.  Expert and longtime diplomat Charles Dunne-- along with Britain’s former head of Mi6—get real, about what this means for the West.
04/11/2142m 54s

9/11, the Big Gamble and Putin

The day after the September 11th attacks, then-NATO chief Lord George Robertson faced an existential question for the alliance: was this an attack on all?  And if so, what to do?  Lord Robertson, for the first time, shares details of his dealings with all the players of the time:  Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell—even Vladimir Putin.  Who wanted something…
04/11/2147m 3s

Season 3 - Coming Soon

Coming up in the next season of One Decision podcast we’ll be sharing all new gripping stories of decisions good – and bad.  Our guests take us on a journey through their doubts, emotions and sometimes unexpected consequences.   Tune in next week for a new season!  You can download One Decision on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts.
28/10/211m 22s

UK’s Former Spymaster: Covid Likely Leaked From Lab

Sir Richard Dearlove tells why. But what’s the latest thinking on this mystery?
07/10/2121m 45s

Send 5 Billion Masks, Please

The pandemic spreading like fire, the WHO’s Paul Molinaro is faced with an all-consuming task: trying to stop the virus in its tracks. And get people to pay for it.
07/10/2138m 44s

When the Military Can’t Handle the Truth

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s testimony rocked the Trump administration. He was called a hero. Then, betrayed. By the very people he thought he could rely on most.
07/10/2137m 15s

Bonus Episode! Voices of UNGA

So what’s the best (and worst) decision you’ve ever made, in your career?
07/10/2110m 20s

Nothing is Safe. Have a Nice Day.

Governments around the world can now slip into your DM’s—and everything else—unnoticed. A team of journalists vows to expose it all. Listen to Laurent Richard and Danna Ingleton on the NSO Group.
07/10/2135m 44s

I Will Save Them Myself

Shawn VanDiver’s friend was on a mountain, surrounded by Taliban. He said goodbye. The rest is (amazing) history.
07/10/2140m 41s

Me vs. North Korea’s Nukes - Part Two

Ever wonder what—exactly—it is like, trying to get North Korea to agree to anything? You need to listen to Robert Gallucci tell it. And how his own people nearly wrecked everything.
09/09/2126m 42s

Trapped In the Middle

It was the most delicate of situations. A minefield of moving past a bitter war, and trying to prevent another one. Baroness Catherine Ashton knew the expected way of doing things would never cut it.
09/09/2140m 50s

Hunted By Assassins, Ambassador Goes Rogue

Kyaw Moe Tun’s country’s troubled democracy has just crumbled in a violent coup. Forcing an ambassador to choose a path, risk his life—and go rogue.
09/09/2140m 43s

Who Gets To Get the Olympics?

It’s gotten increasingly tricky to decide where each Olympic Games should go. There’s always gonna be a reason why not. And he has to face the music, every time. Now, here comes China, with Richard Pound.
09/09/2137m 14s

Trump's Strike - Part One

Alyssa Farah was witness to a momentous decision—and pushback, and doubt—inside the Trump administration. Then, faced an ethical decision of her own.
09/09/2131m 44s

Trump's Strike - Part Two

Alyssa Farah was witness to a momentous decision—and pushback, and doubt—inside the Trump administration. Then, faced an ethical decision of her own.
09/09/2128m 13s

Me vs. North Korea’s Nukes - Part One

Ever wonder what—exactly—it is like, trying to get North Korea to agree to anything? You need to listen to Robert Gallucci tell it. And how his own people nearly wrecked everything.
09/09/2122m 57s


Seemingly small moves can sometimes be significant. Hosted by former CNN correspondent Michelle Kosinski and Sir Richard Dearlove, who led the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6. One Decision is a podcast that speaks with those whose choices had an international impact.
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