Takes on Life

Takes on Life

By Dominic Holland

Dominic Holland's life has not panned out quite how he expected.

An award winning stand up comedian with countless TV/Radio appearances and the author of 9 books and counting. His weekly blog has run over 20 years. He is married and has four sons, the eldest of whom is an actor called 'Tom' and explains why his best selling book on his life and career is called 'Eclipsed'.

An unusual life then and yet this is a podcast for us all - a podcast on his unusual life and yours.

Each episode is framed with a reading of a comic essay from his series of books - Takes on Life, followed by an interesting conversation with a guest from comedy, business, sport and academia. Some famous - some not - just interesting people with their own takes on the vagaries of life.

A podcast for everyone...

...because whatever we do and whatever our achievements, everything is relative and basically all people are the same.

George Orwell explained this neatly when he said, 'every life when viewed from within is a series of failures.'

And there is humour in failure and with his acute eye, Holland has a minefield to plunder. His own dubious treasure trove which he invites listeners the world over to enjoy.


Sanjeev Kohli 3

Sanjjev Kohli is Scottish comedic actor. A man with a fierce intelligence and Take on Life. One of the stars of the peerless sitcom, Still Game, getting Sanjeev's Take on Life is a fitting way to close out Season 2. Thank you for listening and supporting. Listen out for the compilation episode and until then, enjoy the wisdom of Mr Kohli - who is emminently followable btw on @govindajeggy
08/11/231h 7m

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is a weight management expert with over 25 years experience of advising patients on how to combat obesity. Frustrated by the opaque language often involved and some dubious methods and false dawns offered by an array of 'experts', Alan has written a book called Weight Wisdom and he shares his insights here.
01/11/231h 12m

Bob Mills

Bob Mills is a stand up comic with a large hand in helping me get onto the comedy circuit. A larger than life character, he has done stand up forever, written and produced movies, a TV sit-com, as well as his own ground breaking TV Show - "In Bed With Me Dinner" and I was delighted that he sat down with me to share his wisdom with the world.
25/10/2354m 44s


This week I am delighted to be joined by Graeme Le Saux, ex-professional football (soccer) player who played for his country (England) and won the premier league with Blackburn, amongst other top line clubs. Graeme is unlike many sports stars I have encounered. Modest and unassuming, yet quietly assured when discussing his illustrious career. He has the same fierce spirit that all professional sportspeople have at their disposal but also he has a keen intelligence and wisdom, making him a perfect guest on my fledgling podcast. Graeme can be found on X and IG @graemelesaux14
18/10/231h 6m

Margaret Mizen

It was a pleasure to be joined by an ordinary mum called Margaret Mizen whose life changed forever when her beloved son Jimmy was murdered, a day after his 16th birthday. Margaret and her husband Barry, were not the first or the last couple to lose a child to violent crime but how they reacted to their loss was unique and makes a compelling story of humanity and love. The book on Jimmy and his family is a beautiful read simply titled, Jimmy - A legacy for Peace.
11/10/231h 8m

Sam Holland FINAL

I would never claim to be a podcast officionado - but I cut my pod teeth chatting with my son, Sam - and it was lovely to catch up with him on something far more official and dare-I-say-it but more proessional sounding.
04/10/2353m 46s

Mel Giedroyc

It is easy to be envious of Mel Giedroyc's career. A comedian, actress and a TV presenter who is never off the telly and with good reason, because audiences love her and rightly so. With her long term partner in comedy, Sue Perkins, they presented the original Great British Bake Off to crown their everlasting careers but perhaps the most irrefutable proof of Mel's success is that she is not on Twitter. Mel G has been there, done it all and is a perfect guest to get her Take on life.
27/09/2357m 47s

Omid Episode

I am delighted to kick off Season 2 of Takes on Life with my old mate and mucker, Omid Djalili - stand up comedian and hugely successful actor.Only Omid can throw into a podcast, "...i was doing a scene with Heath Ledger..." without it sounding name droppy. He's a guy who has just had a phenomenol career and I pleased to say that fame and success has not changed him at all. You can find him @omid9
20/09/231h 13m

Season 1 Round Up

In this round up, as well as a new reading of a Take (one of my favourites from Vol. 2), I look back on the guests from season 1, I flag up what to expect from Season 2 and also there is a FREE gift to my listeners for bearing with me on what has been a very steep learning curve. More cliff than curve tbh but I am pleased I stuck with it. More to come.See you for Season 2 I hope.
28/06/2325m 10s

Graeme Souness Final

A brilliant way to close out season 1 of the Takes on Life podcast when I chat to the football icon, Graeme Souness just before he sets out to swim from Dover to France to raise funds and awareness about the God-awful disease, known as EB. A little known condition which Graeme is determined to draw attention to and why this episode is particularly important, so we are grateful to anyone who can help by sharing it. Graeme and I catch up on how he became invested in this cause and what drives him on. We touch on many life matters including a sense of perpsective and handle on what good fortune really is. Graeme Souness is a man who seeminly has it all. An illustrious career with the welath and fame that accpmonanies it. Plus his family (six kids), friends and good health and yet he wrestles with his place in the world and is determined to right some wrongs by helping individuals in unfathomable pain. That's a commendable Take on Life and I am grateful to Greame and his team of fellow swimmers for taking on such a challenge and making life a little brighter for people who need all of our attention and good will.
21/06/2343m 51s

David Baddiel

David Baddiel, celebrated comedian, writer and academic thinker joins Dominic to chat about his new book, The God Desire - his hope and wish for a God against his conclusions that there is no such thing. David Baddiel broke ground in the 90's being the first comedy show to play an arena and he remains as relevant now. One of the country's best cultural academics, his work and observations on race and racism is equally thoughtful and important.Oh, and he remains funny also.
14/06/2359m 58s

Seann Walsh

Seann Walsh is one of the new comedy superstars with West End shows sold out a year in advance. No surprise to me, having worked with Seann and seen first hand how hard he works at something he loves. But his success is even more heartening given the confected tabloid scandal that blew up in his face and almost ruined his career.Seann battled on against the puritan blob and with customary honesty and emotions on show he is now having the last and loudest laugh and richly deserved, too.We catch up on this trial and more and his very refreshing approach and Takes on life.You can visit him @seannwalsh on twiiter and instagram and www.seannwalsh.com@globalplayerTakes on Life Vols 1 and 2 - www.dominichollandbooks.com Copies can be signed and dedicated.To watch Takes on Life and read my latest weekly blogs, www.patreon.com/dominicholland
07/06/2356m 34s

Kevin Day

Kevin Day was headining the comedy circuit in the early 1990's - when comedy was becoming the new Rock n' Roll. Still a much admired comedian, Kevin makes millions of people laugh nowadays by writing jokes for the nations favourite TV panel shows.Kevin and I get in to the minutiae of being a stand up and making people laugh for a living - and much else besides, including family and the importance of being kind.
31/05/2355m 56s

Sadia Azmats

Sadia Azmats is a fearless comedian and the author of her memoir, Sex Bomb. Sadia is a British Muslim from East London and in Sex Bomb she recounts the tribulations she has overcome, from her father's polygamy and her mother's multiple suicide attempts. Experiences and hurt which she now channels in to her comedy, making appearances regularly on TV and radio.
24/05/2344m 48s

Lee Mack

This week I am joined by the one and only Lee Mac - one of the UK's finest comedians who I have known and worked with for nearly three decades, so we have much to catch up on.
17/05/231h 13m

Alex Mans

This week I am joined by Alex Mans, a Dutch national living in America. Alex left school at 14, didn't go to university and now as the CEO of Flyr he employs 500 people and has offices all over the world. Alex and I chat about his unusual start in life, artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it will have on us all and how we met through his very welcome philanthropric bent. Alex is a fascinating young man who we could all learn somehting from. I hope you enjoy hearing his Take on life as much as I did.

Zoe Lyons

Zoe and I catch up on comedy, life and everything inbetween. Lockdown was not great for self-employed comedians. Zoe's alopecia returned and prompted a long overdue breakdown. How she recovered and is now enjoying a career high makes compelling listening and is testament to her strength of character and why we all can learn something from listening to her.The Take is called Fading Stars and is from Takes on Life Vol.1@zoelyons@zoelyonscomedy@domholland@dommohollandwww.jim-howard.com
03/05/2348m 54s

Simon Evans

My inaugural episode of the podcast, Takes on Life, which is just a fancy way of saying my first episode and might have been a better description because this is not a fancy podcast. Dare-I-say-it but its an easy listen which I hope is not its death knell.I am joined by @Thesimonevans - although he is known to me without the 'the'. Simon is a stand up comedian, journalist, writer, broadcaster and all round good egg. Simon and I catch up and discuss all matters of life and comedy; two things which are intertwined and codependent when two people happen to depend on creating laughter for their supper. The reading which frames this episode is from Takes on Life, vol.2, Take 22 - University Blues - a tale of a particular circuit gig which remains very vivid to me.
26/04/2350m 10s

Takes on Life Trailer

Takes on Life is a new podcast hosted by comedian Dominic Holland and this is a taster of what can be expected from this weekly show.
06/04/235m 6s
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