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Lee Anderson Refuses to Apologise for Islamophobic Rant About Sadiq Khan

Lee Anderson has refused to apologise for his Islamophobic rant about London mayor Sadiq Khan – and Tory ministers are struggling to call him out for it sufficiently. Plus: US state department spokesperson Matthew Miller makes an eyebrow-raising comment; and Labour have a new policy for tackling misogyny in school classrooms. With Aaron Bastani and […]
27/02/24·47m 57s

Sunak Denies Islamophobia Problem in Tory Party After Lee Anderson’s Rant

Rishi Sunak has denied the Tories have a problem with Islamophobia after the suspension of Conservative MP Lee Anderson over comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Plus: A U.S Airman in Washington DC has protested Israel’s war in Gaza by self-immolating outside the Israeli embassy; and the media are outraged at Charlotte Church because she […]
26/02/24·57m 36s

Braverman Leads Calls for Clampdown on Palestine Protests

Former home secretary Suella Braverman has joined the moral panic on Palestinian protests by warning that Islamists are bullying Britain into submission. Plus: Liz Truss appears alongside Steve Bannon at CPAC; and Michael goes on GB News to call out their co-owner. With Michael Walker and Rivkah Brown.
23/02/24·59m 32s

Lindsay Hoyle Apologises to SNP, 67 MPs Calling for Him to Go

Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle Commons has issued an apology for his decision to put forward a Labour amendment over an SNP motion. Plus: the latest updates from Gaza; and Labour’s defense over Hoylegate. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
22/02/24·1h 2m

Labour Accused of Blackmailing Speaker Ahead of Gaza Ceasefire Vote

Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle is facing questions on his position after being accused of blackmail over an opposition day motion. Plus: a trident missile test firing goes wrong; and Norman Finklestein makes another interesting appearance on Piers Morgan’s show. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG .
21/02/24·58m 38s

Biden Urges Israel to Stop Invasion of Rafah With UN Resolution

The U.S has proposed a resolution to the United Nations Security Council opposing Israel’s planned ground invasion into Rafah. Plus: Labour are scrambling to avoid a huge rebellion over a vote on a Gaza ceasefire; Julian Assange is facing his last chance to avoid extradition to the United States. With Dalia Gebrial and Michael Walker.
20/02/24·52m 22s

Israel Called Out at the Hague Over Occupation of Palestine

Israel is back in the dock at the ICJ as the world court decides if their occupation of Palestine is illegal. We speak to Human Right’s Watch senior legal advisor Clive Baldwin. Plus: Labour’s position on Gaza is facing scrutiny ahead of a ceasefire vote; and citizen’s assemblies are back under discussion after Labour have […]
19/02/24·1h 1m

Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Dies in Russian Prison

Leading Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny has died in a penal colony in Siberia. Plus: Egypt is preparing a refugee camp close to the Gaza border in advance of Israel’s ground offensive in Rafah; and Sunak’s Tories suffer a double byelection defeat. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
16/02/24·57m 30s

Catastrophe As Israel Storm Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis

Israeli special forces have stormed one of the last functioning hospitals in Southern Gaza. Plus: The UK has officially entered a recession; and the Metropolitan Police’s controversial gang matrix program has been scrapped. With Moya Lothian-McLean and  @NoJusticeMTG .
15/02/24·49m 23s

US Gives Green Light to Israel’s Atrocities in Rafah

The Biden administration is reportedly not planning to punish Israel if it launches a military campaign in Rafah without ensuring civilian safety. Plus: Food couriers are go on strike across Britain; and we speak to an international criminal lawyer about the selling of arms to Israel With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
14/02/24·59m 3s

Labour in Turmoil Over Antisemitism Again

Labour have withdrawn support from two candidates following accusations of antisemitism. Starmer’s handling of the row has been described as “shambolic”. Plus: Rishi Sunak impresses no-one at a GB News audience Q&A and Donald Trump issues a chilling message to America’s European allies. With Ash Sarkar and James Meadway.
14/02/24·51m 7s

Israelis Hit Rafah With Most Intense Bombing Yet

Israel has conducted it’s most severe night of bombing yet in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG .
12/02/24·49m 38s

Netanyahu Orders Evacuation of Rafah Ahead of Ground Invasion

Rafah is the last area of the Gaza strip to have been subjected to a ground invasion – but Benjamin Netanyahu has now ordered its evacuation. Plus: Piers Morgan is leaving TalkTV; and Labour is using the language of austerity following the scrapping of their £8bn pledge. With Michael Walker, Aaron Bastani and Ben Jamal.
09/02/24·1h 1m

Keir Starmer Officially Dumps Big Green Policy Commitment

Labour have officially dropped their 28 billion pound green investment pledge, prompting criticism from both wings of the party. Plus: Sunak is still refusing to apologise for his transphobic joke in the presence of Brianna Ghey’s mother; and Palestinians fleeing Khan Younis have reportedly been subjected to abuse at Israeli checkpoints. With Moya Lothian-McLean and […]
08/02/24·46m 38s

Hamas Proposes Ceasefire Plan As Israeli Offensive in Rafah Looms

Hamas has responded to Israel’s proposals for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, and the group setting out their own red lines. Plus: Rishi Sunak makes a vile joke about Trans people while the mother of Brianna Ghey is present; a new NHS dental surgery has seen people queuing for days. With Michael Walker and Femi […]
07/02/24·58m 1s

Tories Launch yet Another Right-Wing Splinter Group

Prominent right-wing Tory MP’s have met in London to launch a new group – Popular Conservatism. Plus: experts have warned that the Pension age needs to be increased to 71; and McDonalds have admitted a hit to their sales after a boycott linked to the war in Gaza. With Aaron Bastani and Mike Bankole.
06/02/24·51m 39s

Former UNWRA Spokesperson Says UK & US Complicit in Gaza Genocide

We speak to former UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness who believes the UK and US should be subject to an independent investigation over their withdrawing of funds to the aid agency. Plus: elections in El Salvador see radical president Nayib Bukele re-elected with a large majority; and Labour continue to lose support from British Muslims over […]

Reform UK on Highest Ever Red Wall Support, Brianna Ghey Murderers Named

Support for right-wing party Reform UK has hit a new high in the Red Wall with 14% of the vote, posing a further threat to the Conservative party’s chances at the next general election. Plus: the killers of Brianna Ghey have been named during sentencing; and republican senator Tom Cotton goes after the CEO of […]
02/02/24·1h 1m

Daniel Levy Interview, Gaza Ceasefire Deal Reportedly Given Initial Approval

Ceasefire negotiations are currently taking place in Cairo that could see a new deal agreed between Hamas and Israel. We speak to Daniel Levy – a former Israeli peace negotiator who is now president of the U.S-Middle East Project. With Moya Lothian-McLean and  @NoJusticeMTG .
01/02/24·52m 36s

Hamas Deliberate Ceasefire Deal, but Netanyahu Publicly Rules It Out

Hamas are reportedly considering a new ceasefire proposal. but Israeli prime minister has vowed only ‘total victory’ will end the war in Gaza. Plus: Migration is back in the headlines after new projections from the ONS; and an update on the story of rail bosses bragging about free government cash. With Michael Walker and Dalia […]
31/01/24·1h 1m

Cameron Considers Recognising Palestine, Israeli Hospital Assassination

Foreign secretary David Cameron has said the UK is considering recognising a Palestinian state. Plus: Israel’s assassination of three Palestinian men inside a hospital in the city of Jenin; and North Ireland is set to have a government from Stormont again after two years without one. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG .
30/01/24·58m 56s

The West Attacks UNRWA in Sick Response to ICJ, Israeli Convention on Resettling Gaza

Western nations have pulled funding from the UN Refugee agency in Gaza after Israeli accusations that 12 of the 13,000 workforce have links to Hamas. Plus: Labour have suspended another left-wing MP; and the Israeli far-right have held a ‘return to Gaza’ convention. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
29/01/24·55m 28s

Israel Suffers Damning Ruling From International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice has delivered its interim ruling on the genocide case brought against Israel by South Africa. We speak to Human Rights Watch’s Israel Palestine director Omar Shakir. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
26/01/24·1h 8m

Sunak Greenlights the End of British Steel

Britain’s biggest steel employer has announced plans to cut nearly three thousand jobs at its main steelworks in Port Talbot, Wales. Plus: Labour leader Keir Starmer refuses to say a war crime is a war crime; and the Covid inquiry goes to Scotland. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Polly Smythe.
25/01/24·50m 55s

Trump Wins New Hampshire, Set to Clinch to Republican Nomination

Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire – his second electoral victory of the race to become the party’s presidential nominee. Plus: shocking and tragic footage exposes the IDF’s brutality in Gaza; and a Tory MP has called for Sunak to resign. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
24/01/24·1h 4m

Britain Bombs Yemen Again

Britain and the U.S have jointly bombed multiple sites in Yemen’s Capital. We examine Rishi Sunak’s bizarre justification for the attack. Plus: Israel has suffered its highest number of military casualties since the war in Gaza began; and UK interest rates are finally down. With Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar.
23/01/24·1h 2m

Gaza Death Toll Hits 25,000, Israeli Parents Storm Knesset

25,000 Palestinians have now been killed during Israel’s war on Gaza. Plus: families of Israeli hostages have stormed Israeli parliament; and the shadow foreign secretary David Lammy is confronted about Labour’s position on Palestine. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
22/01/24·57m 42s

Netanyahu Says Israel Must Rule “From the River to the Sea”

After Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Israel should rule “from the river to the sea”, will western leaders finally wake-up to his intentions? Plus: barrister Hashi Mohamed calls out the tories on their approach to small boats crossings. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.

Sunak Attacks House of Lords Over Rwanda Bill, Israeli President Stokes Regional War

Rishi Sunak has urged the House of Commons to pass his Rwanda Bill, warning them not to “frustrate the will of the people”. Plus: Israeli President Isaac Herzog has said an “empire of evil” is emanating from Tehran as tensions mount in the Middle East; and we ask whether Israel is purposefully killing its own […]
18/01/24·54m 41s

UN Warns of Famine in Gaza

As Israel’s brutal bombardment of Gaza continues, we speak to British-Palestinian journalist Yousaf Alhelou. Plus: Tories are continuing to tear their party into pieces over their Rwanda legislation; and Labour confirm that they’ve dropped a key policy to recognise Palestinian statehood. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG .
17/01/24·1h 3m

Donald Trump Wins Big in Iowa Caucuses, Tories Fighting Over Rwanda Bill

The first electoral contest of the US Republican primary has taken place in Iowa with Donald Trump coming out on top. Plus: Tory MPs fight over the government’s Rwanda Bill. With Aaron Bastani and Joris Lechene.
16/01/24·57m 16s

Why the West Defends Ships Not Palestinians, Grant Shapps’ Delusions

With tensions escalating in the Red Sea, defence secretary Grant Shapps has defended Britain’s role in fighting the Houthis. Plus: a look at elections that have just taken place in Taiwan and what they mean for relations with China. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
15/01/24·59m 48s

British and US Forces Bomb Yemen, Israel’s Genocide Defence at the ICJ

British and US forces have bombed Yemen in response to Houthi attacks on commercial shipping. Plus: Israel have given their defence against accusations of genocide at the international court of justice. With Ash Sarkar and Aaron Bastani.
12/01/24·1h 6m

South Africa’s Case Against Israel’s Genocide Begins

The International Court of Justice has heard the first day of South Africa’s legal case against Israel. Plus: we speak to consultant surgeon Nick Maynard who has just returned from Gaza; and more on the postmasters scandal as the post office inquiry begins. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Kieran Andrieu.
11/01/24·59m 23s

MPs Vote to Protect Israel; We Speak to BDS Founder

As MPs vote through the anti-BDS bill, we speak to the founder of BDS Omar Barghouti. Plus: a deep dive into what has led South Africa to take Israel to the international court of justice; and why the people who covered up the postmasters scandal really should be going to jail. With Michael Walker and […]
10/01/24·1h 12m

Blinken Meets With Netanyahu, Cameron Questioned by MPs

While Israel’s war on Gaza continues, US secretary of state Anthony Blinken has traveled to the region to meet prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Plus: the absurd situation with student loans and the interest that so many graduates are paying on them; and it’s official – 2023 was the hottest year on record. With Aaron Bastani […]
09/01/24·1h 4m

Horrors in Gaza Revealed As World Prepares for Israel Court Hearing

As Israel faces the International Court of Justice later this week, more evidence is emerging of genocide being committed in Gaza. Plus: the scandal that has been described as the largest miscarriage of justice in British history; and Rishi Sunak has a tough time in his first big interview of 2024. With Michael Walker and  […]
08/01/24·1h 3m

Israel Could Control Gaza Security After Hamas, Says Defence Minister

Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant has outlined a plan to control security matters in Gaza after a defeat of Hamas. Plus: the chairman of NatWest says it’s not to difficult to get on the housing ladder; and we look at the Jeffrey Epstein court documents that dropped this week. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
05/01/24·1h 9m

Sunak Says No Election for Six Months, Starmer’s 2024 Speech

Rishi Sunak has confirmed the next general election will take place in the second half of the year. Plus: Keir Starmer gives his first speech of 2024; and the latest on how Israel’s war on Gaza is risking wider conflict in the region. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Dalia Gebrial.
04/01/24·54m 42s

Iran Explosion and Israel’s Beirut Bombing Risks Regional War

Israel have assassinated a Hamas leader in Beirut, risking the spread of the conflict in Gaza spreading to the wider region. Plus: South Africa have brought a case to the international court of justice accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza; and junior doctors in England have begun six days of strike action. With Michael Walker […]
03/01/24·53m 4s

Interview With Israeli Refusing to Serve in IDF

With Israeli’s war in Gaza continuing, we speak to 18-year-old Tal Mitnick who is refusing to serve in the IDF. Plus: The two teenagers responsible for the murder of Brianna Ghey have been convicted. With Ash Sarkar and  @NoJusticeMTG .
21/12/23·57m 19s

Israel & Hamas Negotiating New Truce, but Netanyahu Says “Surrender or Die”

A new humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza is being negotiated with Israel offering a one-week pause in their attack on Gaza in exchange for the release of more hostages. Plus: Donald Trump has been banned by the Colorado supreme court from appearing on the state’s presidential ballot. With Aaron Bastani and Dalia Gebrial.
20/12/23·1h 9m

Houthi Attacks on Shipping Risk Spread of Gaza War

The U.S. have launched a taskforce to defend shipping from Houthi militias protesting the Gaza War. Plus: the UK government have released new guidance that affects how transgender children will be treated in British schools. With Michael Walker and Moya Lothian-McLean.
19/12/23·56m 48s

Tory Ben Wallace Says Israel’s “Killing Rage” Has Gone Too Far

Former defence secretary has criticised Israel’s actions in the war on Gaza, saying that Netanyahu’s strategy is being driven by a “killing rage”. Plus: the PPE scandal around Michelle Mone continues with her pointing fingers at the Tory government, and the fingers being pointed back at her. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
18/12/23·55m 40s

Piers Morgan Denies Knowing About Phone Hacking, Judge Says He Knew

Piers Morgan has denied that he knew of phone hacking at the Daily Mirror whilst he was editor after a judge ruled that he did. Plus: the Palestinian ambassador responds after the Israeli ambassadors said “absolutely no” to a two-state solution. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
15/12/23·56m 1s

David Cameron Bans “Extremist” Israeli Settlers From UK

Foreign secretary David Cameron has announced “extremist settlers” from Israel will be banned from entering Britain. Plus: the Tory government has yet again spat in the face of disabled people by scrapping the disability ministerial brief. With Dalia Gebrial and Ash Sarkar.
14/12/23·1h 2m

Biden Tells Netanyahu: “You’re Losing Support”

Joe Biden has warned Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he is losing global support and he should change his government. Plus: Outrage after Israeli solider upload disgusting videos to social media; and tens of thousands of children will not have a permanent home this Christmas. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
13/12/23·1h 1m

Tories Fight Over Rwanda Bill, Asylum Seeker Dies on Bibby Stockholm

Conservative MPs are divided over the government’s Rwanda bill, with right-wing factions likely to cause a headache for Rishi Sunak over the issue. Plus: At least two dozen have been killed by Israeli airstrikes on Rafah; and with a general election year incoming, who will you vote for? With Moya Lothian-McLean and  @NoJusticeMTG .
12/12/23·57m 59s

Zarah Sultana Launches Israeli Arms Ban Bill

Labour MP Zarah Sultana has launched a private members bill to ban weapons exports to countries breaking international law such as Israel. Plus: European geopolitics plays out at the inauguration of the new Argentinian president; and the latest propaganda stunt from the Israeli military. With Michael Walker and David Adler.
11/12/23·1h 10m

Interview With Omar Baddar; Israel Murders Palestinian Poet

Footage of the IDF detaining Palestinian men has gone viral online. We speak to Omar Baddar about the latest developments in Gaza. Plus: Israel have killed a renowned Palestinian poet and academic; and George Monbiot has given a fiery rebuttal of the Rwanda Bill on BBC Question Time. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
08/12/23·57m 6s

Sunak’s Premiership in Question Amid Tory War Over Migration

Rishi Sunak’s premiership is in question amid infighting in his party of his new Rwanda migration bill. Plus: Boris Johnson faces a second day of grilling at the Covid inquiry. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Kieran Andrieu.
07/12/23·53m 53s

Boris Johnson Appears Before the Covid Inquiry

Former prime minister Boris Johnson has appeared before the Covid inquiry to give evidence on his government’s handling of the pandemic. Plus: the latest on Israel’s war on Gaza; and a look at the reporting on claims of sexual violence committed by Hamas on October 7th. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG
06/12/23·1h 6m

Qatari Emir Accuses Israel of Genocide

Israel has expanded its bombing campaign against Gaza by moving further south into the territory. Plus: the Conservative government announces new migration policies; and a record amount of fossil fuel lobbyists have been permitted access to COP. With Michael Walker and Vincent Bevins.
05/12/23·58m 38s

Deadly Weekend in Gaza, Norman Finkelstein Interview

We speak to political scientist and activist Norman Finkelstein about the bombardment of Gaza, US complicity in Israel’s war and the nature of Hamas. Plus, the Israeli ambassador to the UK has been caught lying on Sky News With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
04/12/23·1h 5m

Bombardments Restart in Gaza, Interview With UN Rapporteur

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza has resumed after a seven day ceasefire. We speak to UN special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories Francesca Albanese about the latest developments. Plus: MSNBC cancels Mehdi Hasan’s show; and Esther McVey faces an angry audience on BBC Question Time. With Michael Walker and David Adler.
01/12/23·1h 25m

Henry Kissinger Dead at 100 Years Old

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has died at the age of 100. We discuss his legacy, and the reactions of those attempting to whitewash it. Plus: Casualties after a Hamas attack in Jerusalem; and Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has been freed from an Israeli prison. With Barnaby Raine and Moya Lothian-McLean.
30/11/23·1h 6m

Israel Launches Major Incursion Into West Bank

Clashes have broken out in Jenin as Israeli forces launch a significant incursion into the West Bank city. Plus: Leaked documents reveal UAE plans to push for new oil and gas deals at COP28; and Owen Jones has sent the right-wing press into a frenzy over his reporting of an IDF film screening. With Michael […]
29/11/23·52m 52s

Pause Extended in Gaza, Elon Musk Visits Israel

The pause in Gaza is extended by two days, more Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees are released. Plus: Elon Musk visits Israel and takes on the country of Sweden’s labour laws. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
28/11/23·1h 3m

Gaza Ceasefire Extended for Two Days, More Hostages & Detainees Released

The Gaza ceasefire has been extended for two days amid growing international pressure, while hundreds of Palestinian detainees and Israeli hostages have been released. Plus: A CNN correspondent’s surprisingly frank condemnation of Israel’s information war. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
27/11/23·1h 5m

Far-Right Violence on the Streets of Dublin, Hamas & Israel Start Releasing Hostages

Violent far-right protests have erupted in Dublin following a stabbing in the city centre. Plus: the hostage exchange between Hamas and Israel begins; and Norman Finkelstein runs rings around Piers Morgan. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
24/11/23·1h 16m

Al-Shifa Hospital Director Arrested, How Israel Uses Human Shields

The director of the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza has been arrested by an Israeli security agency. Plus: the Dutch far right have claimed a surprising election victory; and Gary Lineker is once again at the centre of a media storm. With Ash Sarkar and  @NoJusticeMTG
23/11/23·1h 3m

Ceasefire in Gaza, Hunt’s Autumn Statement

Israel has agreed to pause the bombing of Gaza for four days to allow a hostage exchange to take place. Plus, We speak to Grace Blakely about Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement. With Moya Lothian-McLean And Rivkah Brown.
22/11/23·1h 9m

Hamas Say Truce Deal With Israel Is “Close”

The leader of Hamas says the militant group is ‘close’ to securing a limited ceasefire deal with Israel. Plus: a former Israeli Prime Minister makes a stunning admission on CNN; and a toy octopus on BBC University Challenge sparks a moral panic. With Michael Walker and Hamza Ali Shah.
21/11/23·1h 5m

UN Chief Blasts Israel For Thousands of Child Casualties

More than 5500 children have now been killed in Gaza, Israel’s latest targets include a refugee camp and a United Nations run school. Plus Argentina’s new ‘anarcho-capitalist’ president. With Michael Walker and David Adler.
20/11/23·1h 9m

More Deadly Attacks on Refugee Camps by Israel

Israel is continuing to bomb refugee camps in Gaza and the West bank. We speak to Trita Parsi about the international community’s response. Plus, Owen Jones goes head to head with Piers Morgan, and why some TikTok users are backing Osama Bin Laden. With Michael Walker and Kieran Andrieu.
17/11/23·1h 21m

Israel Release Footage From Gaza Hospital After Raid

After raiding the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city, Israel have released footage alleging they have found a Hamas command centre. Plus: we speak to international criminal lawyer Ahmed Abofoul about Israel’s actions in Gaza. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
16/11/23·58m 11s

Labour Showdown Over Gaza Ceasefire Vote, Rwanda Plan Ruled Unlawful

A commons vote showdown has seen a slew of resignations from the Labour’s frontbench over Keir Starmer’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Plus: the government’s Rwanda deportation policy has been ruled unlawful by the supreme court. With Michael Walker and Rivkah Brown.
15/11/23·1h 26m

Suella Braverman Slams Rishi Sunak in Resignation Letter

After being sacked as home secretary, Suella Braverman has hit back at Rishi Sunak in her resignation letter. With Ash Sarkar and Dalia Gebrial.
14/11/23·58m 31s

Suella Braverman Sacked and David Cameron Appointed Foreign Secretary

A cabinet reshuffle by Rishi Sunak has seen Suella Braverman fired after a weekend of pro-Palestine protests she railed against. Plus: former prime minister David Cameron has returned to Westminster politics after being appointed foreign secretary. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
13/11/23·1h 5m

Gaza’s Largest Hospital Bombarded, WHO Says

The WHO have said that Gaza’s largest hospital has been hit by bombardment. Plus: Israel’s information war continues; and unsurprising yet still shocking statements have emerged from Republican politicians in American in regards to Palestinians. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
10/11/23·1h 34m

Sunak Under Pressure To Sack Braverman After Anti-Met Police Op-Ed

Sunak is under pressure to sack Suella Braverman after criticised the Metropolitan police for allowing this weekend’s pro-palestine march. Plus: we speak to march organiser and Stop The War Coalition’s Chris Nineham. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Kieran Andrieu.
09/11/23·59m 39s

UK Govt Floundering With Empty King’s Speech And Panic About Palestine March

Kings Charles has given his first King’s Speech outlining the legislative agenda for Sunak’s government. 00:00 – Intro 00:54 – King’s First Speech To Parliament 12:50 – Government Freaking Out About Palestine Protest 31:04 – Barnaby vs Rees-Mogg 42:06 – Left Wing Jew Destroys Dorries 1:07:26 – Hamas Hostage’s Daughter Speaks Out Plus: the pro-palestine […]
07/11/23·1h 20m

Gazan Death Toll Passes 10,000 While Israel Acts With Impunity

The death toll from Israel’s war on Gaza has exceed 10,000 in less than four weeks, according the Gaza health ministry. Plus: Suella Braverman launches a war on rough sleepers using tents; and George Osborne again lets slip the reality of British politics. With Michael Walker and  @NoJusticeMTG .
06/11/23·1h 13m

Israeli Airstrike Kills Dozens at Gaza Hospital, Sunak Wants to Ban Palestine Protests

Dozens have been killed by an Israeli airstrike targeting a convoy of ambulances. Plus: Sunak has come out against proposed pro-Palestine demonstrations planned for remembrance Sunday weekend. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
03/11/23·1h 22m

Israel Keeps Bombing Refugee Camps, West Bank Palestinians Facing Armed Settlers

Israeli forces have repeatedly bombed refugee camps in Gaza, resulting in hundreds of casualties. Plus: Palestinians in the West Bank are facing increasingly armed settlers. We speak to Palestinian political analyst and former spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority, Nour Odeh. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Michael Walker.
02/11/23·1h 1m

Israel Bombing Hospitals and Refugee Camps Is Fine With UK Politicians

As Israel again hits the Jabalia refugee camp with an airstrike, we speak to the UK director of Human Rights Watch. Plus: leftwing jews who protested against israeli bombing have been smeared as antisemites; and a centrist pundit accidentally makes the case for Hamas on the BBC. With Michael Walker and Barnaby Raine.
01/11/23·1h 3m

Israel Airstrike Hits Jabalia Refugee Camp, Dominic Cummings at Covid Inquiry

An Israeli airstrike has hit the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, killing dozens. Plus: Keir Starmer has give a speech outlining why he is still refusing to back a ceasefire in Gaza; and Dominic Cummings has appeared to give testimony at the Covid inquiry. With Dalia Gebrial and Ash Sarkar.
31/10/23·1h 19m

Israeli Ground Forces Advance on Gaza City

Israel has entered what it describes as the second stage of its assault on Gaza. Plus: Labour have suspended Andy McDonald after speech calling for peace in Palestine. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
30/10/23·1h 28m

“Israel Killed 20 Members of My Family” – Palestinian Man Speaks Out

We speak to Ahmed Alnaouq – director of We Are Not Numbers who has lost twenty family members in this latest round of Israel’s war. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
27/10/23·1h 17m

Netanyahu Gears up for Ground Invasion, How Israel Suppresses the Media

Israel has carried out a ground raid as “preparation for the next stages of combat”. But how likely is an imminent full-scale ground invasion? Plus: how the media in Gaza are under threat; and trade unionists demonstrate at an Israeli weapons facility in Kent. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Michael Walker
26/10/23·1h 11m

Israel Demands UN Chief Resign and Vows to “Teach Them a Lesson”

Israel are demanding the UN Secretary General resign over comments he has made over the Gaza War. Plus: we speak to Ben Jamal – director of the Palestine solidarity campaign. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
25/10/23·1h 12m

Hamas Release Two Israeli Hostages, Starmer’s South Wales Mosque Visit

Hamas has released two Israeli women who were being held as hostages. Plus: Keir Starmer’s visit to a South Wales Mosque has come under scrutiny; and we feature the perspective of an Israeli man whose cousin is believed to be a hostage currently in Gaza. With Aaron Bastani and  @NoJusticeMTG .
24/10/23·1h 3m

The Right-Wing Backlash to Massive Pro-Palestine Protests

After tens of thousands came out to show solidarity with Palestinians in London, right-wingers have begun a moral panic. Plus: Updates on the latest situation in Gaza and the West Bank; and the Israeli president comes out with some dodgy-looking evidence. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
23/10/23·1h 3m

Pressure Mounts on Israel To Stop Starving Gaza

The UN Secretary General has visited the Rafah Crossing to pressure Israel to allow life-saving supplies in Gaza. Plus: Labour has stormed to victory in two byelections, but for many the win will be marred by his support for Israeli war crimes. With Michael Walker and NoJusticeMTG.
20/10/23·1h 14m

Protests Clamped Down in West Bank

With all eyes on Gaza, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank say settler violence is increasing. Also on the show, Sunak visits Israel and UK government counter-terrorism advisor blames ‘multiculturalism’ for anti-Israel sentiment. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
19/10/23·1h 11m

Hundreds Killed in Gaza Hospital Blast

Gaza’s health ministry has said that 471 Palestinians have been killed in an explosion at a hospital after a rocket strike. With Michael Walker and Barnaby Raine.
18/10/23·1h 9m

Biden Sends 2,000 Marines to Israel, Labour Row Over Palestinian Solidarity

The U.S. makes a show of force in the Middle East by sending a rapid response force of 2,000 marines and sailors to Israel.  Plus, a historic result from the Polish parliamentary elections and the BBC issue an apology for their coverage of pro-Palestine demonstrations. With Aaron Bastani and James Butler.
17/10/23·53m 9s

Death Toll Reaches 2,808 Palestinians in Gaza Strip, Tory Threatens to Prosecute UK Government

The death toll in Gaza has now reached over 2,800 Palestinians, according to the Gaza health ministry. We speak to Rohan Talbot from Medical Aid for Palestine. Plus: Tory MP Crispin Blunt is threatening to prosecute the UK government over their position on Israeli war crimes. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
16/10/23·1h 2m

North Gazans Told to Evacuate Ahead of Possible Ground Invasion

Israel has ordered one point one million Palestinians to leave northern Gaza. Plus:  The latest on the UK government’s position on events in Israel-Palestine; and a former Labour staffer has made an interesting admission about the 2017 general election. With Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar.
13/10/23·1h 15m

Palestinians Speak Out From Inside the Gaza Siege

As the Gaza siege continues, reports are emerging of medics being targeted by Israeli forces. Plus, we speak to Uri Weltmann of Standing Together about what a negotiated resolution to the conflict could look like. With Moya Lothian-McClean and Helena (NoJusticeMTG)
12/10/23·59m 4s

Bombed and Under Siege: Gaza in Crisis

Israel’s siege of the Gaza strip has now entered its third day – and bombs continue to fall on the blockaded territory. Plus: misinformation is swirling around the Israel-Palestine conflict; and former human rights lawyer Keir Starmer has backed the blockade of Gaza. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
11/10/23·1h 15m

Keir Starmer Hit With Glitter Protest at Conference Speech

Keir Starmer’s speech to Labour party conference has been interrupted by a glitter protest. Plus: the EU rollback on halting payments to Palestine; and Kay Burley is the centre of a bizarre story of fake news and misrepresentation. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
10/10/23·1h 8m

Israel Declares War on Gaza After Hamas Incursion

Israel has announced a siege of Gaza, cutting off food, water, gas and electricity to the region following Hamas’s deadliest attack ever carried out on Israeli territory. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
09/10/23·57m 39s

Labour’s Stomping Byelection Win

Labour have stormed to victory in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West byelection. Plus: Labour are censoring Palestinian solidarity at their party conference; and more nonsense from Sunak on his northern transport plans. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
06/10/23·49m 1s

UN Gives Stark Message on Fossil Fuels, Hottest September on Record

Last month was the world’s hottest September on record, while the UN have released a report calling for a half on all fossil fuel exploration after 2030. Plus: the home office have said politicians may be fuelLing the rise in trans hate crime; and a former staffer who is suing the EHRC has said the […]
05/10/23·1h 5m

CPC23: Rishi Sunak Betrays the North by Axing HS2 to Manchester

Rishi Sunak’s Tory conference speech has seen him officially announce the scrapping the HS2 leg to Manchester. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
04/10/23·57m 36s

CPC23: Braverman Gives Sinister Migration Speech in Bid to Be Next Tory Leader

Suella Braverman has used her Tory conference speech to ramp up fears about immigration. Plus: Nigel Farage’s changing relationship with the Tory party; and all the wild things that the Tories are saying to look in control. With Aaron Bastani and NoJusticeMTG
03/10/23·1h 6m

Jeremy Hunt Toughens Benefit Sanctions, Tories Scrap HS2 to Manchester

Rishi Sunak is reportedly due to scrap the Manchester leg of HS2 – and Jeremy Hunt has used his conference speech to toughen benefit sanctions. Plus: Tories are falling over themselves to give GB News lavish praise; and Ed Balls has revealed an anecdote that exposes the cosy relationship between government and media. With Michael […]
02/10/23·57m 6s

Rishi Sunak’s Bizarre Car Culture War, GB News in Civil War

Rishi Sunak’s first conference speech as Tory Party leader will reportedly be a big pitch to motorists. Plus: GB News descends into civil war; and Suella Braverman has been caught out telling racist lies. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
29/09/23·56m 44s

Dan Wootton Sacked by MailOnline, Moya Lothian-McLean Exposes Media Misogyny

Following the misogynistic rant by Laurence Fox on his GB News show, Dan Wootton has been sacked as a MailOnline columnist. Plus: Labour make yet another U-turn; and police forces have been found to be misusing their bodycams. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Emma Dabiri.
28/09/23·52m 40s

Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox Suspended by GB News After Misogynistic Rant

Dan Wootton has been suspended by GB News following a segment that featured a misogynistic rant by Laurence Fox. Plus: Tens of thousand of Armenian refugees have been displaced following a military operation by Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. With Michael Walker and Rivkah Brown.
27/09/23·55m 26s

Suella Braverman Wants to Rip-Up International Rules on Refugees

Suella Braverman has called illegal migration an “existential threat” in a speech to a right-wing U.S. think tank. Plus, Labour set out plans to blitz independent schools and Avanti West Coast lands a lucrative government rail contract despite catastrophic failures. With Aaron Bastani and Rivkah Brown.
26/09/23·53m 32s

Armed Police Hand in Weapons, Braverman Backs the Cops

Nearly 300 firearms officers have handed in their gun permits following the murder charge brought against the met police officer who killed Chris Kaba. Plus: whole swathes of HS2 look set to be cut by Rishi Sunak’s government; and the Canadian parliament are looking stupid after applauding a Nazi veteran. With Michael Walker and Ash […]
25/09/23·58m 20s

Starmer and Tories Battle Over Europe, Why Did the West Lose in Afghanistan?

Tories have reacted in horror over Keir Starmer pledging to rewrite the UK’s Brexit deal. Plus: Why did the west lose the war in Afghanistan? We speak to Nagieb Khaja and Martin Tamm Andersen – directors of a new documentary on the subject. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
22/09/23·1h 1m

Rupert Murdoch Quits Fox & News Corp, Sunak Tries Defending Climate Pledge Bonfire

Billionaire Media-baron Rupert Murdoch has resigned from Fox and NewsCorp. How will this affect the British media? Plus: the Bank of England decide to hold interest rates; and good news coming out of Greater Manchester on public transport. With Moya Lothian-McLean and James Meadway.
21/09/23·53m 40s

Rishi Sunak Speech Sees Him Drop Climate Pledges, Officer Charged for Chris Kaba Killing

Rishi Sunak has used a speech from Downing Street to announce he is dropping a number of climate change commitments. Plus: an update on the killing of Chris Kaba; and Diane Abbott accuses the Labour party of running a fraudulent inquiry against her. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
20/09/23·58m 0s

Russell Brand Suspended From YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube have suspended Russell Brand from receiving advertising revenue on the platform following serious allegations of sexual abuse and rape. Plus: A damning report has landed about shocking events at a UK immigration centre; and the Met police announce that 1,000 officers have been suspended or put on restricted duty. With Barnaby Raine and Annie […]
19/09/23·55m 7s

The Shocking Russell Brand Allegations, GB News Host’s On-Air Row

Russell Brand has been accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse by four women between 2006 and 2013. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
18/09/23·1h 3m

Sunak Bans American Bully XL Dogs After Man Dies

Rishi Sunak has announced a ban on the American Bully XL dog breed following a spate of attacks and the death of a 52-year-old man. Plus: Michael Gove’s renters reform bill looks to be shelved; and disgraced former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has received a restraining order after kissing footballer Jenni Hermoso. With Michael […]
15/09/23·46m 6s

Starmer’s Plan for Small Boat Crossings, Viral Video of Altercation Sparks Protests

Labour leader Keir Starmer has unveiled his plans to tackle the small boats crisis. Plus: Protests have occurred in Peckham, London, following a viral video showing an altercation between a shop owner and a customer; and the Met have made a payout and apologised to two women arrested during the Sarah Everard vigil. With Moya […]
14/09/23·49m 19s

Centrists Meltdown at Rory Stewart Talking About Corbyn on Novara

Centrists have denounced Rory Stewart’s comments about Jeremy Corbyn following his interview with Ash Sarkar. Plus: The mirror have begun a name & shame campaign for what they describe as an ‘epidemic of shoplifting’ and Alastair Campbell decides to hit out at Novara Media. With Michael Walker and Rivkah Brown.
13/09/23·59m 45s

Rayner Pledges Workers Rights Overhaul in First 100 Days, Graham Smith Suing the Met

Shadow Labour leader Angela Rayner has used her speech at the TUC conference in Liverpool to make bold commitments on employment rights. Plus: wages are now rising faster than an inflation; and the ballooning cost of the triple lock on state pensions after an inflation-tied rise. With Aaron Bastani and Grace Blakeley.
12/09/23·53m 41s

Rory Stewart Says Starmer’s Treatment of Corbyn Is “Disgusting”, Anniversary of the 1974 Chilean Coup

Former Tory MP Rory Stewart has told Novara Media that Keir Starmer’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn has been “disgusting”. Plus: the Chilean coup 50 years on; and the American bully XL dog breed looks set to be banned after a spate of attacks. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
11/09/23·54m 27s

Police Confirm Daniel Khalife Sighting, Government Come up Short With Off-Shore Wind

Police have confirmed a sighting of Daniel Khalife – the terror suspect who escaped from Wandsworth prison on Wednesday. Plus: The government have received no bids in the latest auction for off-shore wind; and Suella Braverman has her latest mask-off moment With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
08/09/23·57m 24s

Another Byelection Incoming Means More Pain for Sunak

Rishi Sunak is facing more byelection pain in Tamworth, Staffordshire, after Chris Pincher resigned from parliament this morning. Plus: Rachel Reeves gets challenged during an LBC phone in; and the shocking story of how an undercover cop deceived a woman into a relationship for two decades. With Sam Bright and Moya Lothian-McLean.
07/09/23·53m 22s

Starmer Attacks “Cowboy” Sunak Over Pathetic Excuses

In the first PMQs since the summer break, Starmer and Sunak traded blows over the crumbling schools crisis. Plus: The Tories are trying to make mentally ill people to work from home; and Kwasi Kwarteng has an excruciating interview on TalkTV. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
06/09/23·55m 14s

Rishi Sunak’s Energy U-turn, Birmingham Council Goes Bankrupt

Rishi Sunak has u-turned on his Tory leadership pledge on windfarms and relaxed the rules on onshore projects. Plus: Birmingham city council have declared they are effectively bankrupt; and Royal Mail are considering scrapping Saturday service. With Aaron Bastani and Dan Evans.
05/09/23·52m 24s

Starmer Reshuffles Labour’s Frontbench, Crumbling School Crisis Continues

Keir Starmer has reshuffled his shadow cabinet and many key promotions have been given to Blairite MPs. Plus: Labour make a pledge not to raise the basic rate of income tax; and a bad-faith attempt to shift the Labour antisemitism crisis to the Green party. With Rivkah Brown and Ash Sarkar.

Starmer’s Labour Lose £500k in Court Fees, Schools Closed After Crumbling Concrete

Labour has lost more than half a million pounds as part of its lawsuit against five former staffers. Plus: schools across England are facing closure after warnings over crumbling concrete. With Aaron Bastani and Mike Bankole
01/09/23·54m 46s

Shapps Is New Defence Secretary, Right-Wing Papers Flip Out at French Second Homes Tax

Following the resignation of Ben Wallace, Grant Shapps has been appointed as defence secretary. Plus: the telegraph and daily mail flip out at Macron’s surcharge on Brits with second homes in France; and an ex-Tory MP threatens an academic with legal action for stating her ancestral links to slavery. With Ash Sarkar and Sam Bright.
31/08/23·52m 50s

Novara Live: Senior Tory Backs ULEZ Camera Saboteurs, French MLK Video Flop

Anti-ULEZ saboteurs have received backing from a senior Tory MP after the policy was expanded to all of greater London. Plus: a bizarre video from the French government about Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech; and Jordan Peterson continues to hit ever more strange levels of online discourse. With Ash Sarkar and Dalia […]
30/08/23·56m 53s

Novara Live: ULEZ Expanded To All Of London, Tories Rip-Up Water Pollution Rules

The ULEZ has been expanded to the whole of great London. Aaron Bastani and Rivkah Brown discuss. Plus: Rachel Reeves rules out a wealth tax for an incoming Labour government; and Nadine Dorries finally officially resigns for good.
29/08/23·58m 45s

Trump Uses Mugshot to Rally Support, Republican Primary Debate Car Crash

Donald Trump’s mugshot has been released following his surrender to authorities in Georgia over interference in the 2020 presidential election. Plus: Keir Starmer has taken more freebies than all other Labour leader since 1997 combined. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
25/08/23·51m 11s

Putin’s Revenge Sees Prigozhin In Plane Crash Death

After his botched coup attempt earlier this year, longtime Putin ally Evgeny Prigozhin is believed to be dead after a plane crash. Plus: New home office figures show the backlog of asylum applications has hit a record high; and Labour party membership has fallen again. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
24/08/23·56m 25s

Poll Shows Labour Drawing Level With SNP, the BRICS Summit

A new poll suggests that Labour are drawing level with the SNP in terms of Westminster seats. Plus: Eric Olander from the China In Africa podcast speaks on the significance of the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
23/08/23·49m 38s

Can Starmer Win Back Students, Sunak Won’t ‘Stop the Boats’ Before Election

Keir Starmer has claimed that if he was leaving school today, he would not be able to afford to go to University. But what are his party offering as a solution? Plus: Sunak has refused to promise he will fulfil his own pledge to ‘stop the boats’ by the next election; and bosses are raking […]
22/08/23·55m 9s

Could Lucy Letby Have Been Stopped Sooner, Israeli Embassy Tried Influencing UK Courts

The UK’s most prolific child serial killer Lucy Letby has been sentenced to a whole life order, but could her crimes have been stopped sooner? Plus: how the Israeli Embassy attempted to influence a UK court case; and a controversial moment from the women’s world cup final. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar
21/08/23·51m 58s

Keir Starmer in Workers’ Rights Row After yet Another U-Turn

Keir Starmer has made yet another U-turn leaving the Labour party in a new row over workers rights. Plus: An update on the situation with the conflict in Ukraine; and the right-wing freakout over drag queens continues. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
18/08/23·50m 6s

A Level Results See Record Fall in Top Grades, Israeli Forces Targeting Paramedics

A-level results have seen a record fall in grades following the government’s pledge to return the system to normal after the pandemic. Plus: the international chess federation have banned trans-women from women-only competitions; and how hard-right Tories are pushing for a net zero referendum. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Rivkah Brown.
17/08/23·52m 52s

Tories Try to Take Credit for Lower Inflation

Annual Inflation has fallen, and the Tory government are trying to take credit. Plus: the Home Office have come up with a new way to mistreat migrants; and a new development in the captain Tom Moore family farce. With Dalia Gebrial and Ash Sarkar.
16/08/23·53m 13s

Tory Funding For Crumbling NHS Branded A “Sticking Plaster”

Rishi Sunak’s government have announced an extra 250 million pounds for the NHS. Labour say this isn’t nearly enough. Plus, police forces across the UK have leaked data, Vice News is accused of blocking stories that offend the Saudi Arabian government and Humza Yousaf has spoken out about the need for men in positions of […]
15/08/23·47m 28s

Braverman’s “Thoughts and Prayers” After Migrants Drown, Labour U-Turn on Clean Air

After six afghani men drowned in the channel after their boat sank, home secretary Suella Braverman has given them her “thoughts and prayers.” Plus: Tony Blair is still taking money from Saudi Arabia; and some shocking contributions from the public on small boat crossings. With Aaron Bastani and Mike Bankole.
14/08/23·57m 58s

Deadly Bacteria Found on Tory Barge for Asylum Seekers

An outbreak of legionella bacteria has forced all migrants to leave the government’s Bibby Stockholm barge. Plus: Hugh Grant speaks out about everything wrong with the British media; and a controversial video of an arrest made by West Yorkshire Police has gone viral. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
11/08/23·59m 22s

Sunak’s Tories Preside Over Record High for NHS Waiting Lists

The number of people waiting for routine treatment on the NHS in England has just hit 7.6 million people – smashing all previous records. Plus: home secretary Suella Braverman says that a group of teenagers should be hunted down; and a certain Tory MP tells Michael Walker to solve his renting problems by simply buying […]
10/08/23·50m 44s

Jenrick and Anderson’s Shameful Cruelty Competition

A split has opened up in the Conservative party after Tory chair Lee Anderson has said Sunak’s government have “failed” on immigration. Plus: tragedy in the Mediterranean as 41 migrants die after a shipwreck; and a certain Tory peer has announced he may end up voting Labour. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
09/08/23·1h 2m

Braverman Goes After Lawyers Defending Asylum Seekers, Electoral Commission Hacked

Home secretary Suella Braverman has announced a new taskforce to catch immigration lawyers who she has branded as “immoral”. Plus: the electoral commission announce they were hacked; and a look at the influences and finances behind the Tony Blair institute. With Aaron Bastani and Sam Bright.
08/08/23·54m 29s

Braverman’s Barge Begins Housing Migrants, Coup in Niger

The first group of asylum seekers to be housed on the Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset have today been taken onboard. Plus: Pro-car activists attack ULEZ cameras whilst anti-SUV activists deflate Land Rover tyres. With Michael Walker and James Meadway.
07/08/23·52m 49s

Mayors Line up to Back Khan Over ULEZ, Ocean Temperatures Hit New Record

As new climate records are broken, mayors from around the world have urged Sadiq Khan not to back down on ULEZ. Plus: GB News storm the offices of Greenpeace; and Dan Wootton is dropped by the Mail. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
04/08/23·55m 17s

Sunak’s Mansion Taken Over by Greenpeace, Another Interest Rate Rise

Rishi Sunak’s residence in north Yorkshire has been protested by climate activists from Greenpeace. Plus: A tory cabinet minister thinks over 50s should start riding for Deliveroo; and the Bank of England raise interest rates yet again. With Ash Sarkar and James Meadway.
03/08/23·50m 26s

Donald Trump Indicted Over Attempt to Overturn 2020 Election

Donald Trump has been charged with attempting to overturn the 2020 U.S presidential election. Plus: Rishi Sunak blames the NHS backlog on industrial action and calls out Nadine Dorries for squatting as an MP after saying she would resign. With Michael Walker and Emma Dabiri.
02/08/23·49m 36s

Miliband Slams BP’s £2bn in Profits Amid Climate Crisis, Tory Says Jail Shoplifters

Fossil Fuel giant BP have recorded profits of over £2bn amid ongoing climate change. Plus: Boris Johnson has a new nemesis; and a Tory minister has declared that the government are prepared to build more prisons to jail shoplifters. With Dalia Gebrial and Mike Bankole.
01/08/23·40m 36s

Hundreds of Oil & Gas Licenses Announced, Tensions Between Starmer & Labour Mayors

Rishi Sunak has announced the government will grant hundreds of new oil and gas licenses. Plus: should Labour get a free pass just to get the Tories out of power? and rifts begin to emerge between the Labour leadership and the parties mayors in devolved English regions. With Ash Sarkar and Maurice Mcleod.
31/07/23·47m 52s

Sadiq Khan Sees Down The ULEZ-Haters With High Court Ruling

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has won a high court battle brought against his expanded ULEZ scheme. Plus: the home office are preparing yet another awful way to treat migrants; and wild claims are coming out of a congressional hearing in the United States. With Ash Sarkar and Mike Bankole.
28/07/23·51m 17s

UN Chief Says “Global Boiling” Has Arrived As Energy Companies Record Profits

The parent company of Britain’s biggest energy supplier British Gas have recorded record profits. Plus: the allegation surrounding GB News presenter Dan Wootton reach shocking new levels; and the high court rule that the Home Office’s use of hotels for housing unaccompanied child asylum seekers is unlawful. With Dalia Gebrial and Kojo Koram.
27/07/23·50m 46s

NatWest CEO Resigns Over Farage Debanking, UK Rental Hell

The CEO of the NatWest Group has resigned over the Nigel Farage debanking scandal. Plus: Jamie Driscoll hits back at Rachel Reeves; and new data lays bare the terrible state of the UK rental market.   With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
26/07/23·44m 23s

Sunak Makes Toxic Tweet About Labour While He Wobbles on Climate Pledge

Rishi Sunak has said that the Labour party are on the “same-side” as criminal gangs in relation to channel crossings. Plus: the latest on the allegations facing GB News host Dan Wootton; and the BBC apologise to Nigel Farage over their coverage of his ‘de-banking’. With Aaron Bastani and Maurice Mcleod.
25/07/23·59m 16s

Sunak & Starmer Wobble On Climate

As the world exceeds multiple heat records, our politicians are going backward on climate. Was this weekend final proof that our politics is broken? Plus: Spanish elections have ended in deadlock with neither major block receiving a governing majority. We speak to the Progressive International’s David Adler in Madrid.
24/07/23·59m 48s

Tories Clobbered in Triple Byelection, Labour Fail to Take Uxbridge

Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani break down the results from three byelections across England.
21/07/23·55m 7s

Byelection Preview: Triple-Threat Thursday for Sunak

Rishi Sunak is facing a potentially historic bruising today as voters go to the polls in three English constituencies. Plus: JSO are counterprotested and even violently attacked; and former Labour leaders Blair and Corbyn both weigh in on the two-child benefit cap. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Rivkah Brown.
20/07/23·54m 39s

Labour Attacked on Child Benefit Plan by SNP, European Heatwave Causes Havoc

The SNP have attacked Labour’s continued stance over child benefits after Starmer refused to abolish the two-child cap. Plus: the Tories have selected an awful candidate to challenge Sadiq Khan for London Mayor; and the heatwave hitting southern Europe is wreaking havoc. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
19/07/23·59m 46s

Starmer Digs His Heels in As Labour Backlash Continues

As the backlash continues around his stance on the two-child benefit cap, Keir Starmer sits down for an interview with Tony Blair. Plus: Tobias Ellwood comes out for redeveloping relations with Afghanistan; and GB News host Dan Wootton faces damning allegations. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.

Jamie Driscoll Resigns From Labour, Raises £50k+ to Run As Independent

We speak to North of Tyne mayor Jamie Driscoll on why he has resigned from Labour and his campaign to become independent north-east mayor. Plus: a row has broken out in Labour over another U-turn from Starmer; and the met have paid out millions to the family of Daniel Morgan. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Ash […]
17/07/23·55m 51s

The Hole in Rishi Sunak’s Plan, the Heatwave Hitting Europe

Rishi Sunak takes heat for his below inflation pay offer to public sector workers, and for his failure to rule out more cuts. Plus: Hollywood actors walk out of their own premiere as a strike begins; and should MP’s really have second jobs? With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
14/07/23·57m 12s

Sunak Gives Public Sector Pay Offer, Longest Doctors Strike in NHS History

Rishi Sunak has accepted recommendations on public sector pay from independent pay review bodies. Plus: Junior doctors walk out for the longest strike in NHS history; and Nadine Dorries is releasing her vengeance in the form of a new book. With Michael Walker and Emma Dabiri
13/07/23·43m 28s

Huw Edwards Named by Wife As Suspended BBC Star

Huw Edwards has been named by his wife as the BBC star accused of paying £35,000 for explicit photographs of a teenager. Plus: Theresa May attacks the government’s illegal migration bill; and students at Edinburgh University give heartening solidarity with their lecturers. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
12/07/23·50m 52s

BBC Unnamed Host Scandal Continues, The Sun Faces Questions

A second young person has come forward accusing the unnamed BBC star of threatening messages. Plus: mortgage rates have hit a 15-year high; and the NATO summit sees a division among member states over Ukraine membership. With Aaron Bastani and James Meadway.
11/07/23·53m 20s

BBC in Unnamed Host Sex Pics Scandal, Labour Say Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

A new lawyer’s statement throws doubt on the Sun’s three day campaign against an unnamed BBC star. Plus: Labour give even more reasons to lower expectations of how transformative an incoming Starmer government would be; and the latest ‘civility in politics’ debate is the most ridiculous one yet. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
10/07/23·58m 38s

Jenrick Is a Tory Villain, Teachers Strike Again in England

Teachers across England have walked out for their seventh nationwide strike action since February. Plus: Johnny Mercer has a terrible time trying to defend the Tories on the NHS; and the BBC apologies for a combative interview with former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
07/07/23·58m 55s

Keir Starmer Heckled: “Stop Doing U-Turns!”, Govt Lose Court Case on Covid Inquiry

Labour leader Keir Starmer’s speech on education has been interrupted by climate activists demanding he stop making U-turns. We speak to one of the activists involved – Sophia Coningham from Green New Deal Rising. Plus: a landmark supreme court ruling might see police officers more held to account; and Sunak’s government have a bad day […]
06/07/23·54m 0s

NHS Facing Collapse for 75th Birthday, Govt Drop Key Climate Pledge

On the 75th anniversary of its founding, the NHS is on its knees. Plus: Sunak’s government have dropped a key climate pledge; Nick Ferrari gets triggered by a pro-Palestine caller. With Michael Walker and Moya Lothian-Mclean.
05/07/23·57m 13s

Sunak Squirm In Front Of MPs, Labour Abstain On Anti-BDS Bill

Rishi Sunak has been grilled by MP in a session of the commons liaison committee. Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker break down the moments that matter. Plus: Labour abstain on the government’s anti-bids bill, and Sajid Javid says MPs pay should be doubled.
04/07/23·53m 14s

Israel Raids West Bank, New Tory Group Have Awful Migration Plan

While Israel launches its biggest incursion into the west bank in twenty years, the UK government are bring an anti-BDS bill to parliament. We speak to Ben Jamal from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
03/07/23·38m 3s

Tory Minister Resigns Blaming Sunak’s Climate Failure, Riots in France

Tory peer Zac Goldsmith has resigned from Rishi Sunak’s government, citing failures to tackle to tackle the climate crisis. However, Sunak has said he was dismissed for other reasons. Plus: France sees the third consecutive night of rioting after a teenager was shot by police; and Piers Morgan’s royalism gets torn apart on his own […]
30/06/23·59m 9s

Braverman Humiliated Over Rwanda Scheme, Shocking Spycops Revelations

Suella Braverman’s Rwanda deportation policy has been ruled unlawful by the court of appeal. We speak to Sile Reynolds from Freedom From Torture who brought the case. Plus: the Spycops inquiry has released a new report highlighting shocking undercover tactics by Met police officers; and a new podcast is launching with fronted by centrist politicians […]
29/06/23·58m 22s

Thames Water On Brink Of Collapse, Labour U-Turn On Rent Controls

Britain’s privatised water industry has reached new levels of failure with Thames Water on the brink of collapse. Plus: Labour make another U-turn – this time on rent controls; and Just Stop Oil invade the cricket at Lords. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
28/06/23·51m 53s

Matt Hancock Appears At Covid Inquiry, IMF Blame Corporate Greed

Former health secretary Matt Hancock has appeared before the Covid inquiry to give evidence. Plus: the IMF come out agreeing with the left on the cause of inflation; and Labour rule out universal free school meals. With Aaron Bastani and Moya Lothian-Mclean
27/06/23·59m 15s

Labour Backslide Yet Again, Met Issue Another Apology Over Stephen Lawrence

The Met police have issued another apology over the murder of Stephen Lawrence after a BBC report has identified a new suspect. Plus: Labour have backslides on yet another policy; and Rishi Sunak’s interview with Laura Kuenssberg sees him as slippery as ever. With Ash Sarkar and Aaron Bastani.

Jeremy Hunt’s AWFUL Advice To Mortgage Holders, Sunak Rules Out Tax Cuts

As interest rates continue to skyrocket, Rishi Sunak has now ruled out tax cuts and public sector pay increases. Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt is offering lacklustre advice to struggling mortgage. Plus, the Titan submersible implosion and Keir Starmer’s secret past as an ice cream outlaw. With Ash Sarkar and Mike Bankole.
23/06/23·57m 55s

Sunak: “It’s Going To Be Ok, I’m On It!”

The Bank of England have increased their interest rate for the thirteenth time in a row. But it’s okay because Sunak says everything is fine. We speak to Fran Boait from Positive Money. Plus: Starmer’s Labour refuse to break ties with Mandelson despite damning new revelations; and the Telegraph are having a moral panic about […]
22/06/23·54m 53s

Cost Of Living Just Got Worse, Barbican Apologise For Silencing Palestinians

Core Inflation has hit it’s highest level for 31 years and massive firms aren’t paying their workers the minimum wage. We discuss the cost of living crisis in Britain with James Meadway. Plus: the Barbican has been forced to apologise after cancelling an event discussing Palestinian liberation; and one year into the RMT’s dispute, Mick […]
21/06/23·56m 27s

Britain’s Housing Nightmare, Braverman Wants More Stop & Search

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has refused to help mortgage holders with increased interest rates, saying that to do so would be “inflationary”. Plus: Online Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate has been charged with sex trafficking; and The Sun attempt to thwart net zero climate efforts. With Michael Walker and Femi Nylander.
20/06/23·51m 5s

Sunak Misses Vote Sanctioning Johnson, Starmer Fleshes Out Green Plans

MPs are debating the privileges committee report into Boris Johnson and partygate, but Rishi Sunak is nowhere to be seen. Plus: Keir Starmer gives a speech setting out Labour’s plans for a greener future; and David Cameron appears to give evidence to the Covid inquiry. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
19/06/23·59m 52s

Boris Johnson’s New Job

Less than a week after resigning as an MP, Boris Johnson has a new cushty job as a Daily Mail columnist. Plus: Hundreds are missing and dozens dead after a boat capsized in the Mediterranean sea near Greece. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
16/06/23·55m 58s

Liar Johnson Hit By Damning Report

Boris Johnson has been officially denounced as a liar in a privileges committee report into partygate. Plus: Abortion Laws in the UK are under scrutiny after a mother of three has been jailed; and former Labour MP and award winning actress Glenda Jackson has passed away. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Shon Faye.
15/06/23·54m 32s

Jeremy Hunt Says More Pain Ahead, NHS Doctors Walk-Out

Junior Doctors in the NHS have begun a 72-hour strike after they previously rejecting a 5% pay offer from the government. Plus: Jeremy Hunt says there’s more pain ahead for the UK economy and that interest rates will rise; and Labour disappoint many with a new announcement backtracking on childcare policy. With Michael Walker and […]
14/06/23·50m 4s

Inquiry Into Shambolic Covid Response Begins, Hunt’s Austerity Delusion

The official inquiry into the government response to the Covid-19 pandemic has begun. Plus: Ofcom announce they will be assessing the situation with politicians presenting television news shows; and Nadine Dorries explains why she thinks she was blocked from becoming a peer. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
13/06/23·59m 12s

Bye Bye Boris Johnson, the Arrest of Nicola Sturgeon

Boris Johnson has formally resigned as an MP following the findings of the privileges committee. Plus: Former Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon is arrested and released without charge; and Labour’s scandal around Jamie Driscoll drags on. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
12/06/23·55m 30s

Labour Waters Down Green New Deal Pledge

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has dropped a pledge of £28bn a year in green investment from day 1 of a Labour government. Plus: Noam Chomsky appears on Piers Morgan’s show to discuss China’s relations with the west over Taiwan; and Nadine Dorries sets the house on fire after not getting a peerage. With Michael Walker […]
09/06/23·55m 37s

Should Novara BUY The Telegraph? Caroline Lucas To Step Down

Owners of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph the Barclay Brothers are selling up due to financial woes. Should they have bought less avocados? Plus: Green MP Caroline Lucas has announced she will be stepping down; and New York City is hit by a toxic smog. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
08/06/23·51m 13s

Covid Inquiry: Sunak’s Desperate Bid To Hide Johnson’s Messages

Rishi Sunak is still trying to keep whatsapp messages from the Covid Inquiry. What is he hiding? Plus: Starmerite MPs struggled to defend the farce around Jamie Driscoll’s treatment; and a whistleblower has claimed covert US programmes have UFO aircraft. With Michael Walker and James Meadway.
07/06/23·54m 9s

Ukraine Hit By Floods After Dam Explosion, Sunak On Artificial Intelligence

Large parts of southern Ukraine are currently facing catastrophic flooding following the destruction of a hydroelectric dam. Plus: Rishi Sunak travels to Washington to discuss artificial intelligence with Joe Biden; and BBC Newsnight air a bizarre segment over Labour blocking Jamie Driscoll. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
06/06/23·59m 58s

The Labour Mayor Blocked By Keir Starmer

After Labour blocked him from re-standing as North of Tyne Mayor, we speak to Jamie Driscoll about how he will respond. Plus: Will Stronge from Autonomy explains the first UBI trial in England; and Rishi Sunak is trying to claim a victory over his migration policies. With Michael Walker and Mike Bankole.
05/06/23·52m 38s

Schofield BBC Interview, Will Labour Help Students & Graduates?

Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani discuss the Philip Schofield scandal, Labour’s offer to graduates, and Andy Burnham’s call for PR.
02/06/23·55m 27s

Labour MP Suspended, Tory Group Want to Scrap Inheritance Tax

Labour MP Geraint Davies has been suspended after sexual harassment allegations have come to light. Plus: a group of Tory MPs want to scrap inheritance tax entirely; and a homeless shelter in east London has been raided by riot police. With Aaron Bastani and Barnaby Raine.
01/06/23·46m 10s

Rail Strikes Hit England, Sunak Weighs In On AI Warning, Disability Benefit Shocker

Rail strikes have again hit services across England, with ASLEF and RMT unions taking industrial action over pay, job security and passenger safety. Plus: a shocking story about the DWP rejected disability benefit claims; and artificial intelligence experts have delivered their strongest warning yet about the developing technology. With Richard Hames and Ash Sarkar.
31/05/23·57m 58s

Media Cover-Ups: Nick Cohen’s Sexual Misconduct & The Philip Schofield Scandal

Accusations of cover ups at ITV and the Guardian – is British media finally undergoing its #MeToo moment? Plus: surprise! The government hasn’t handed over Boris Johnson’s unredacted WhatsApps. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Shon Faye.
30/05/23·42m 13s

Are Food Price Caps Coming For Britain?

Rishi Sunak is reportedly drawing up plans to introduce price caps for basic foods. We speak to James Meadway about what this means. Plus: the Met police have announced they will stop answering mental health calls; and Labour announce a great policy on fossil fuels. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Dalia Gebrial.
29/05/23·57m 58s

Drakeford Slams UK Government, Clueless Hunt Says More Economic Pain ‘Acceptable’

Jeremy Hunt has said he would find a recession “acceptable” in order to fight inflation. Plus: Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford has slammed the UK government in the wake of riots in Cardiff; and a London borough council has become the first local authority to role out a particular transformative policy for young people for […]
26/05/23·53m 55s

Robert Jenrick Exposes Tory Agenda on Migration

Net migration to the UK has hit another record level, but are record migration figures really a cause for concern? Plus: will the new Ofgem energy cap lower your bills? And does Ron DeSantis stand a chance at being the Republican nominee for US president? With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Mike Bankole.
25/05/23·45m 51s

Boris Johnson Under Fire Again, Police Give Statement After Cardiff Riots

Boris Johnson is back in the spotlight after new claims he broke lockdown rules whilst he was prime minister. Plus: the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission is under investigation for transphobia; and South Wales Police give a statement outlining the events that led to the death of two teenage boys in Cardiff, […]
24/05/23·55m 16s

Braverman In Yet ANOTHER Scandal, Riots In Cardiff See Cars Ablaze

Home secretary Suella Braverman is finding herself in yet another scandal – this time over undeclared links she has to Rwanda. Plus: Chaotic scenes as Fossil Fuel giant Shell see their AGM disrupted by climate protestors; and the government are trying to make British rail travel even more worse. With Aaron Bastani and Barnaby Raine.
23/05/23·39m 38s

Suella Braverman In Another Scandal, Lula’s Comments On Ukraine War

Home secretary Suella Braverman is facing questions over whether she broke the ministerial code in her handling of a speeding offence. Plus: Just Stop Oil receive a surprising new backer; and Lula’s appearance at the G7 sparks debate over the Ukraine war. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
22/05/23·54m 59s

Starmer Leaves Black Labour MPs Scared of Losing Whip

Black MPs have told Channel 4 News they’re too scared to speak out about racism for fear of losing the Labour whip. What the hell is going on in Keir Starmer’s party? Plus: a viral video shows Just Stop Oil protestors assaulted; and Matt Hancock insists he is a human being. With Michael Walker and […]
19/05/23·56m 3s

We’re All Being Screwed By Water Companies, Corbyn Gets Good News

Water companies have issued an apology over sewage dumping and announced higher consumer bills will pay for infrastructure improvements. Plus: BT have announced tens of thousands of job cuts and are set to replace a fifth of them with artificial intelligence; the cost of living crisis continues, but Tory MP Brendan Clarke Smith has the […]
18/05/23·45m 47s

Rent Reform Finally on the Horizon, 1.5C Warming Now Inevitable

Michael Gove has finally announced reforms he says will protect renters from dodgy landlords. Is it good enough? Plus: 1.5C of warming to global temperatures is now inevitable according to climate scientists and record temperatures are almost guaranteed over the next five years. We speak to Climate scientist Ella Gilbert. With Michael Walker and Dalia […]
17/05/23·50m 30s

Gove & Fascism at Shambolic National Conservatism Conference

The second day of the National Conservatism conference has seen eyebrow raising speeches from Douglas Murray and warm words about the event from Michael Gove. Plus: A record number of people are out of work due to long-term illness; and how should online misogyny be tackled? With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Ash Sarkar.

Suella Braverman’s Immigration Agenda, Turkey’s Presidential Election

Suella Braverman has used the brand new National Conservatism conference to bash her own immigration policies. Will the move wash? Plus: Keir Starmer says he doesn’t care if he sounds Conservative; and we speak to Cihan Tugal about the initial results of the Turkish presidential election. With Michael Walker and Kim McIntosh.
15/05/23·58m 49s

Starmer Says UK Migration System Is “Broken”

Keir Starmer has said the UK migration system is “broken” after new figures have predicted net migration could have been nearly a million in 2022.  Plus: Alastair Campbell goes nuclear on Newsnight; and Ash Sarkar drops truth bombs on BBC Question Time. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
12/05/23·59m 38s

Novara Live: Tory Brexit Headbangers Turn On Badenoch & Sunak

Kemi Badenoch has taken heat from Brexit headbangers after confirming the government won’t be repealing all EU laws by the end of the year. Plus: The Bank of England raise interest rates yet again; and CNN conduct a town hall debate with Donald Trump. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
11/05/23·56m 3s

Novara Live: Another Met Police Shocker

The Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked the government for their awful migration policies, but home secretary Suella Braverman is pushing ahead. Plus: James O’Brien gets it wrong again; and Piers Morgan is in hot water after the high court hears he knew about phone hacking at the mirror group. With Michael Walker and Barnaby Raine.
10/05/23·58m 10s

Novara Live: The Met’s Disgraceful Apology

After arresting peaceful protestors at the King’s coronation, the Met police have now issued an apology. Plus: the Tory government are due to house 500 migrants in a floating barge; and GB News get another OfCom complaint upheld. With Dalia Gebrial and Amardeep Singh Dhillon.
09/05/23·51m 6s

Novara Live: Met Police In Yet Another Disgrace – Republicans Arrested At Coronation

The metropolitan police are again finding themselves amid scandal after arresting dozens of republican protestors at the King’s coronation. Plus: so-called ‘free speech defender’ Lee Anderson comes out against free speech, and will the Lib Dems prop-up a Labour minority government? With Ash Sarkar and Mike Bankole.
08/05/23·57m 10s

Novara Live: Sunak’s Tories Take A Beating

The 2023 local elections have seen the Conservatives losing hundreds of seats across England. Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani analyse the results and what it means for Sunak’s government, Starmer’s Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens. Plus: the WHO say that Covid-19 is no longer an international health emergency, and Peter Hitchens takes on […]
05/05/23·56m 49s

Novara Live: Slippery Starmer Ditches Another Pledge

Keir Starmer has broken yet another of his 10 pledges made when he was running for Labour leader. Plus: Briton’s are being told to swear an oath to the king; and BP see yet more record profits. With Aaron Bastani and Barnaby Raine.
02/05/23·55m 48s

Novara Live: Tory Stooge Richard Sharp RESIGNS As BBC Chair

Richard Sharp has resigned as BBC chair after failing to declare that he had helped facilitate a loan for Boris Johnson, the then Prime Minister who appointed him. Plus: we speak to David Broder about Giorgia Meloni – the far-right leader of Italy who has visited Rishi Sunak. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
28/04/23·58m 26s

Novara Live: Starmer’s Labour Still Defending Gambling Donations, RCN Strike Cut in Half

The long-awaited white paper covering regulation of the gambling industry has been published. Should Labour be accepting money from gambling giants? Plus: just how bad is the newly passed Public Order Bill? And the RCN lose a court case to the government, halving the length of their upcoming industrial action. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Shon […]
27/04/23·50m 44s

Novara Live: Tories Ramp up the Hate on Refugees, the Evacuation of Sudan

With the government’s illegal migration bill back in parliament, Tory ministers have been back on the airwaves stoking anti-migrant sentiment. Plus: we speak to Khalid Mustafa Medani about the conflict in Sudan. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
26/04/23·59m 47s

Novara Live: Tory Sewage Scandal Continues, Gullis Blames Covid For No Dentists

Britain is in the grip of a dentistry crisis, with millions of people unable to receive dental care. Plus: the Tory sewage scandal continues; and Joe Biden announces his candidacy for reelection. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
25/04/23·47m 36s

Novara Live: Diane Abbott’s Suspension, Extinction Rebellion’s Ultimatum

Diane Abbott has had the Labour whip suspension following a letter sent to the Observer that has been branded antisemitic. Plus: Tucker Carlson is out from Fox News; and we speak to Extinction Rebellion about their set of demands they have put to the government. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
24/04/23·54m 23s

Novara Live: Raab Resigns, Extinction Rebellion’s “Big One”

Dominic Raab has lashed out at civil servants after resigning for bullying them. Plus: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket explodes four minutes into flight, and we speak to Extinction Rebellion about their four days of action dubbed “the big one”. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
21/04/23·54m 55s

Novara Live: Raab On The Ropes, Women’s Institute Message To Transphobes

Dominic Raab’s future is on the line as Rishi Sunak is delivered a report into bullying allegations. Plus: how much are we paying for the coronation of King Charles? And Labour MPs Lisa Nandy and John McDonnell clash on TV over Labour’s attack ads. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar.
20/04/23·56m 25s

Novara Live: UK Has Worst Inflation in G7, the Latest Housing Scandal

Inflation is still high, food prices have rocketed, and Britain looks like the sick man of Europe. We speak to economist James Meadway. Plus: In the US, the blockbuster trial between Fox News and Dominion is settled, and the Daily Mail go after a student doctor for ridiculous reasons. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
19/04/23·56m 0s

Novara Live: SNP Treasurer Arrested, JSO’s Big Break Into The Media Cycle

The SNP’s treasurer Colin Beattie has been arrested amidst an investigation into the party’s finances. Plus, Just Stop Oil activists disrupt the World Snooker Championship and Ofgem still won’t ban prepayment meters. With Aaron Bastani and Barnaby Raine.
18/04/23·50m 18s

Novara Live: Rishi Sunak Under Investigation, Nurses Strike With Dave Carr

Has Rishi Sunak’s flagship maths policy been a massive miscalculation? Plus an ethics investigation into the prime minister, maternity mortality rates and more nurses strikes loom. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Dave Carr.
17/04/23·58m 4s

Novara Live: Fresh Nurses Strikes After Pay Offer Rejected, Pentagon Leaks Suspect Arrested

Members of the Royal College of Nursing have voted to reject the government’s latest pay offer, defying the advice of union leaders. Plus, the FBI have arrested a 21-year-old national air guardsman on suspicion of leaking classified Pentagon documents and Keir Starmer faces an expenses scandal. With Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar.
14/04/23·53m 58s

Novara Live: Sunak Won’t Rule Out Return of Johnson, French Protestors Storm Luxury Store

Rishi Sunak has refused to rule out the return of Boris Johnson to cabinet. Plus: French protesters destroy a luxury store owned by the world’s richest man. With Moya Lothian-Mclean and Shon Faye.
13/04/23·42m 35s

Novara Live: Joe Biden Speaks In Northern Ireland, Liz Truss’s Bizarre Speech

As Joe Biden visits Northern Ireland to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement, we speak to Sarah Creighton about its legacy, and the current strains on peace. Plus: former prime minister Liz Truss gives a bizarre speech in Washington; and we speak to Dr Parth Patel on the junior doctors strike. With Michael Walker and Dalia […]
12/04/23·49m 39s

Novara Live: Steve Barclay Refuses to Stop Junior Doctors’ Strike

Junior doctors are on strike, but Health Secretary Steve Barclay says he isn’t prepared to negotiate. Plus, CBI boss Tony Danker has been sacked amid allegations of misconduct. With Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar.
11/04/23·59m 41s

Novara Live: Keir Starmer Doubles Down, Elon Musk Vs BBC Again

Keir Starmer has doubled down on his misleading Tory attack ad and “tough on crime” rhetoric. Will it pay off for Labour? Plus: Elon Musk winds up the BBC; and a new research project has found ethnic and religious minorities in the UK are experiencing “strikingly high” levels of abuse. With Michael Walker and Mike […]
10/04/23·50m 16s

Novara Live: Labour Meet The Tories In The Gutter, BBC Bias On Palestine

In the leadup to the local elections, Labour have joined the Tories in the gutter. Plus, Mohammed El-Kurd exposes pro-Israel bias on the BBC and a Nike ad campaign sends transphobes into a tailspin. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
07/04/23·58m 4s

Novara Live: 500 Asylum Seekers To Be “Imprisoned” On Barge, More Allegations Against CBI Boss

Aaron and Barnaby Raine discuss why refugees are becoming prisoners, the CBI scandal, a Tory MP media sting, and transphobes attacking Harry Potter’s girlfriend.
07/04/23·59m 22s

Novara Live: Sturgeon’s Husband Arrested, Exclusive Interview With The Palestinian Ambassador

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell has been arrested following an investigation into the SNP’s finances. Plus, Michael Walker speaks to Palestinian Ambassador Husam Zomlot about the storming of the Al-Asqa Mosque by Israeli police.
05/04/23·58m 23s

Novara Live: Social Care Budget Slashed

The government has now halved the amount it says it will invest in care workers and Donald Trump is appearing in court. Plus, Moya and Ash discuss whether the government’s new plan for tackling water pollution – and wet wipes – be enough to clean up Britain’s rivers.
04/04/23·58m 51s

Novara Live: Teachers Reject Government’s Pay Offer, Braverman in Car Crash Interview

Teachers have voted against accepting an “insulting” pay offer and the government is blaming police failures on woke culture. Plus, Braverman is humiliated in an interview with Laura Kuenssberg. With Michael Walker and Kim Mcintosh.
03/04/23·58m 13s

Novara Live: Trump Indicted, Awful April

Donald Trump has been indicted. Michael and Aaron discuss whether this could backfire for the Democrats. Plus, upcoming council tax and utility bill hikes have been dubbed “Awful April” and Elon Musk is now the most followed person on Twitter.
31/03/23·58m 8s

Novara Live: Government’s Climate Strategy

The UK’s disappointing new climate strategy contains no new commitments to government spending. Plus, the Chris Kaba case has been referred to the CPS, a right-wing think tank is spreading anti-trans propaganda and a new poll reveals 25% of private tenants are afraid to ask their landlord for repairs. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Shon Faye.
30/03/23·57m 57s

Novara Live: Home Offices Announces “Prison Ships” Plan, NHS Satisfaction Hits Record Low

The Tories’ latest plan for asylum seekers is to house them on barges. Can this government get any lower? Plus, public satisfaction with the NHS hits an all time low and we discuss whether Jeremy Corbyn should run as an independent candidate.

Novara Live: Ed Miliband Throws Jeremy Corbyn Under The Bus

Labour has officially banned Jeremy Corbyn from standing as party candidate with Ed Miliband backing the suspension. Plus, food inflation hits an all-time high, Royal Mail bosses threaten insolvency and a damning report reveals structural racism in Britain’s newsrooms. With Aaron Bastani and Maurice Mcleod.
28/03/23·49m 45s

Novara Live: Rishi Sunak Gets Tough On Petty Crime, Humza Yousaf Elected SNP Leader

Rishi Sunak is getting tough on petty crime. In the middle of a historic cost of living crisis, why are politicians obsessing over laughing gas? Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar discuss. Plus, Humza Yousaf is elected SNP leader and Matt Hancock asks a fake company to pay him £10,000 a day.
27/03/23·59m 35s

Novara Live: Starmer Quotes Thatcher, Tories’ Dodgy Israel Deal

Starmer embraces his cop energy in his latest speech and the Bank of England hike interest rates yet again. Plus, Johnson’s media sycophants and Sunak’s dodgy deal with Israel’s right-wing. With Michael Walker and Barnaby Raine.

Novara Live: Boris Johnson Faces Evidence Committee, Sunak’s Windsor Framework Survives First Test

Did Boris Johnson’s three-hour grilling finally end his career? Michael Walker and Maurice Mcleod discuss. Plus, Louise Casey weighs in on responses to her Metropolitan Police report and Sunak releases his tax returns.
22/03/23·55m 43s

Novara Live: Another Damning Met Police Report, IPCC Sounds the Climate Alarm

An investigation led by Baroness Louise Casey has declared the Met to be institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic. Plus, we speak to activist Mikaela Loach about the latest IPCC report and Partygate makes a comeback. With Dalia Gebrial, Michael Walker and Ife Thompson.
21/03/23·54m 52s

Novara Live: Emmanuel Macron Faces No Confidence Vote

Protests have erupted across France as Macron faces a no-confidence vote. Meanwhile in the UK, the RMT have accepted a pay deal from Network Rail. Plus, Suella Braverman visits Rwanda and the SNP’s finances are under scrutiny. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar
20/03/23·59m 41s

Novara Live: Arrest Warrant Issued For Vladimir Putin, How Do Strikes End?

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani the significance of this move. Plus, UN inspector says Bush and Blair should be tried at the Hague and new Labour Files revelations.
17/03/23·57m 44s

Novara Live: Unite Reject the Tories’ NHS Pay Deal, Hunt’s Budget for the 1% Slammed

Unite’s general secretary Sharon Graham has announced the union will not be recommending their members accept the government’s new 5% pay offer to NHS workers. Plus: more reaction to Jeremy Hunt’s budget for the 1%; and Mick Lynch once again runs rings around the British media. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Shon Faye.
16/03/23·46m 10s

Novara Live: Jeremy Hunt’s Budget Explained, Massive Day of Strikes

Jeremy Hunt’s budget promised changes to childcare, tax allowances and disability benefit. We’ll ask Miatta Fahnbulleh to explain it all, and assess Labour’s response. Plus, half a million workers go on strike and leaked communications reveal Downing Street’s influence on the BBC. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial.
15/03/23·54m 58s

Novara Live: Braverman Bill Gets Overwhelming Tory Backing

Suella Braverman’s Illegal Migration Bill passed its second reading in the house of commons without a single Tory voting against it. Plus, new data reveals the shocking scale of allegations of police violence towards women and the UK government pours money into Australian submarines. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
14/03/23·56m 59s

Novara Live: The BBC’s Humiliating Own Goal, Junior Doctors on Strike

The BBC has been humiliated in its stand off with Gary Lineker. Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar discuss what his victory means. Plus, junior doctors go on strike and Fiona Bruce leaves charity after Question Time blunder.
13/03/23·59m 25s

Novara Live: BBC In Meltdown Over Gary Lineker

In a dramatic U-Turn the BBC are taking Gary Lineker off air over a tweet – and now even David Attenborough shows are under threat. Is no-one safe from the tyranny of cancel culture at the BBC? Plus: new theories about the Nordstream pipeline explosion emerge; and Sunak meets with Macron over channel crossings. With […]
10/03/23·57m 12s

Novara Live: Braverman’s Bill Receives Support From European Far-Right

Suella Braverman’s illegal migration bill has received support from European far-right leaders. Plus: the Tories promoting a new moral panic around sex education in schools; and how much money has GB News lost in a year? With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
09/03/23·52m 53s

Novara Live: Braverman Is Lying About Her Migration Bill

Suella Braverman has been out on the airwaves promoting her new immigration bill, and she couldn’t stop lying. We speak to asylum and immigration expert Lou Calvey. Plus: the first televised SNP leadership debate sees harsh attacks between the candidates; and the newsagents podcast reveals the truth about BBC bias. With Michael Walker and Dalia […]
08/03/23·55m 6s

Novara Live: Suella Braverman’s Migration Bill Branded “New Low” For Tories

Suella Braverman has outlined the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill in Parliament, while Rishi Sunak has given a speech about boat crossings. But can the government’s plans work, and are they even legal? Plus: Matt Hancock contemplated pulling a learning disability hub to discipline a dissenting backbencher, Mike Gapes rejoins the Labour party and Elon Musk […]
07/03/23·55m 27s

Novara Live: Rishi Sunak’s Gross Immigration Bill

Rishi Sunak has announced plans to ban asylum seekers crossing the channel from ever getting the right to stay in Britain. It’s against international law, but can he get away with it? Plus: A crisis lawyer supposedly hired by Matt Hancock has a car-crash moment; and Boris Johnson has decided to knight his father. With […]
06/03/23·52m 22s

Novara Live: Partygate Probe Corners Johnson

Boris Johnson is in the dock again with the privileges committee publishing their interim findings on partygate. Plus: Lee Anderson comes out with another terrible take on refugees; and the inquiry into the manchester arena bombing releases its report. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.
03/03/23·59m 33s

Novara Live: Tories Slag Off Teachers

Does Gavin Williamson hate teachers? And is the menopause ‘leftwing’? According to Kemi Badenoch… perhaps. With Moya Lothian-McLean and Shon Faye. If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this episode contact Samaritans: 116132 |
02/03/23·43m 22s

Novara Live: Hancock Faces Covid Allegations After His Whatsapp Leaked

Was Matt Hancock giving a journalist all of his WhatsApp messages the stupidest move in modern political history? And what do the leaks show about the government’s Covid response? Plus: Brexiteers want your pity now that they have got what they want; and a new row has broken out about shoddy BBC journalism. With Michael […]
01/03/23·59m 15s

Novara Live: A&E Waits Causing Thousands Of Deaths

Now that Rishi Sunak has announced his Northern Ireland deal with the EU, he has to sell it to MPs – most of all the DUP and his own backbenchers. Plus: A&E waiting times are being linked to thousands of deaths; and a Novara Media exclusive explores how bailiffs are cosplaying as police officers.
28/02/23·58m 36s

Novara Live: Sunak Announces Northern Ireland Deal

Rishi Sunak has brokered a deal with the EU over the Northern Ireland protocol. What will it mean for the people of Northern Ireland? Plus: dozens have died after a boat carrying migrants sunk in the Mediterranean; and Ofgem announce the new energy price cap.
28/02/23·55m 17s

Novara Live: The Ukraine War 1 Year On

Michael Walker looks back at the Russian invasion of Ukraine, featuring interviews with Taras Fiderko and Anatol Lieven. Plus: Bernie Sanders is in the UK – but shadow health secretary Wes Streeting isn’t impressed. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
24/02/23·55m 24s

Novara Live: How Undercover Cops Ruined Lives

Keir Starmer has dropped the ten pledges he made in his Labour leadership election and replaced them with five totally different missions. But why should we trust him to stick to them this time around? With Michael Walker and Sam Bright. Read more from Tom Fowler on spycops here:
23/02/23·55m 38s

Novara Live: Shamima Begum Loses Appeal

A judge has ruled that the revocation of Shamima Begum’s British citizenship was lawful. Will the UK get away with absolving ourselves of a problem Britain created? Plus: Britain’s banks are making record-breaking profits; and new voter ID laws are impacting Britain’s democracy. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as […]
22/02/23·53m 46s

Novara Live: How the Media Harassed Nicola Bulley’s Family

Social media has been criticised for its frenzied reaction to the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, but was legacy media much better? Plus: Kate Forbes car crash campaign continues; a 4 day week trial seems promising; & Matt Hancock is now selling… NFTs. With Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.
21/02/23·49m 1s

Novara Live: SNP Election Shapes Up

The race to replace Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader and Scotland’s first minister is narrowing. Do the candidates remaining mean the party will shift to the right? We speak to Hamish Morrison from The National. Plus: Emily Thornberry’s guardian interview paints a labour party that aren’t excited about gaining power; and Penny Mordaunt delivers more […]
20/02/23·51m 7s

Novara Live: Starmer’s Dodgy MP Candidates

Keir Starmer blocked top left wing talent, and let through right wing liabilities. Plus: the labour right go on a incestuous media tour; why the spy balloon wars are ridiculous. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
17/02/23·57m 55s

Novara Live: Who Will Replace Nicola Sturgeon?

With Nicola Sturgeon resigning as First Minister, who will replace her as the next SNP leader? We go through the candidates in the running. Plus: Keir Starmer is a hypocrite according to former Labour Executive Director of Policy Andrew Fisher; Centrica announces record breaking profits amid a spike in energy prices. With Dalia Gebrial and […]
16/02/23·48m 37s

Novara Live: Nicola Sturgeon Resigns

Nicola Sturgeon’s surprise resignation is a bombshell dropped on British politics. We speak to Laura Webster from The National, and Ross Greer from the Scottish Greens. Plus: Keir Starmer has banned Jeremy Corbyn from standing in the next general election; and Riley Quinn explains why the US might mint a trillion dollar coin. With Michael […]
15/02/23·56m 25s

Novara Live: The Rise Of Sexlessness In The UK

Press censorship in India has reached the BBC. We speak to SOAS academic Subir Sinha about the fallout of raids on the British broadcaster and rising media repression by India’s ruling party. Plus: is declining sexual intimacy a political concern? And Lee Anderson outlines the 2024 Tory election strategy (spoiler: transphobia). With Moya Lothian-Mclean & […]
14/02/23·56m 38s

Novara Live: Trans Teenager Killed

The shocking killing of Brianna Ghey has put a spotlight on transphobia in Britain. We speak to journalist Ugla Stefania about the significance of the tragedy, and the hostile environment transgender people face. Plus: a racist riot takes place outside a hotel housing asylum seekers in Knowsley; and we speak to Academic Cihan Tugal about […]
13/02/23·49m 17s

Novara Live: RMT Rejects Latest Offer

The RMT have rejected their latest offer from Network Rail and train operators. We speak to a train driver and union rep. Plus: Seymour Hersh publishes claims that Biden ordered sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines and Nadine Dorries won’t stand again as MP. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as […]
10/02/23·57m 10s

Novara Live: Sturgeon’s SNP Lose Scotland ‘billions’ In Seabed Selloff

Have Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish government cost the country billions of pounds in a historically bad public asset sell off? With Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar.
09/02/23·35m 0s

Novara Live: Zelensky Visits Britain

On Zelensky’s surprise visit to parliament he asked MPs to send Ukraine fighter jets. Should Britain send them? We speak to Luke Cooper. Plus: GB News faces more criticism for conspiracy theories; and a review of the government’s counter-terrorism programme prevent comes up with exactly the answers they wanted. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. […]
08/02/23·51m 56s

Novara Live: Rishi Sunak’s Reshuffle

As poor polls continue to plague the government, Rishi Sunak has attempted to gain control through a cabinet re-shuffle. That includes the promotion of controversial MP, Lee Anderson, to the position of Conservative party deputy chair. Plus: BBC Chairman Richard Sharp gets grilled by the culture committee over his financial relationship to Boris Johnson; BP […]
07/02/23·43m 27s

Novara Live: Biggest NHS Strike Ever

Today is the biggest strike day in NHS history with nurses and ambulance workers both going on strike. Plus: Liz Truss attempts to rewrite history over he disastrous premiership; and a former Israeli Prime Minister has suggested the West blocked a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. We speak to Jacobin’s Branko Marcetic about what […]
06/02/23·55m 55s

TyskySour: Britain’s Energy Nightmare

From Shell’s record profits to British Gas breaking into poor peoples’ homes, energy companies are taking us all for a ride. Plus: Rishi Sunak is epicly unpopular 100 days into his premiership; and economists aren’t heeding Hunt’s calls for positivity about the British economy. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for […]
03/02/23·48m 21s

TyskySour: Half A Million On Strike

500,000 public sector workers have taken part in the biggest strike action in a decade. Michael Walker speaks to Daniel Kebede from the NEU on why teachers are on strike, and to Dalia Gebrial about the significance of the day. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
01/02/23·52m 46s

TyskySour: Sunak’s NHS Pay Lies

Rishi Sunak has promised more beds and ambulances for the NHS, but until he pays NHS workers properly he’ll have no-one to staff them. Plus: Sunak desperately tries to claim decisive strength after finally sacking Nadhim Zahawi; and we speak to Dr Yara Hawari on further violence in Palestine. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar. […]
30/01/23·52m 34s

TyskySour: Hunt’s Economy Speech

Jeremy Hunt has today begged businesses and journalists to cheer up about the British economy. Can a positive attitude really save us all from 13 years of Tory-induced decline? Plus: Nadhim Zahawi gets slammed by everyone over his tax affairs; and Michael takes on a landlord. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara […]
27/01/23·55m 51s

TyskySour: Asylum Seeker Children Kidnapped

The Home Office has allowed hundreds of children seeking asylum to go missing. We speak to refugee and aslyum specialist Lou Calvey to find out what’s going on. Plus: the Richard Sharp scandal at the BBC gets worse; and Sunak faces yet more criticism over Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. […]
25/01/23·59m 6s

TyskySour: Zahawi On The Ropes

Nadhim Zahawi’s political career is on the ropes, and Rishi Sunak is not enjoying a renewed focus on super-rich people who try and avoid tax. Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar discuss the latest Tory scandals. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
23/01/23·57m 37s

TyskySour: Starmer At Davos

Keir Starmer has spent the week schmoozing big banks in Davos. Michael Walker & Aaron Bastani discuss his love affair with the world’s elites. Plus: Gary Stevenson calls out the Tories economic record; and Aaron Bastani talks at TED. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
20/01/23·57m 19s

TyskySour: Nurses On Strike

Rishi Sunak’s deflections from the NHS crisis aren’t fooling anyone. On the day of another nurses strike, Michael Walker and Rivkah Brown discuss Britain’s Tory-created mess. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
18/01/23·52m 22s

TyskySour: Anti-Strike Law Showdown

As MPs debate new strike laws – and trade unionists protest them – we ask a legal expert whether the government’s arguments for minimum service rules stack up. Plus: Sunak blocks the new Scottish gender reform; and another Met Police officer has admitted to countless horrific crimes. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support […]
16/01/23·56m 51s

TyskySour: Doctors Tear Into The Tories For NHS Collapse

With the NHS at breaking point, Junior doctors attack the government on BBC Question Time, while the Tory minister present denies the health service is in crisis. Plus: Shocking recordings of Andrew Tate’s misogyny are revealed as the internet celebrity faces sex trafficking charges in Romania. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Support Novara […]
13/01/23·52m 8s

TyskySour: Ambulance Workers On Strike

After a decade of Tory under-investment, ambulance workers are the latest group to strike to defend the NHS. We speak to one of them on the show. Plus: Two Tory MPs go on mad rants; and Mick Lynch tells a Tory MP the reality of Britain’s railways. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gerbil. __________________________________________ Support […]
11/01/23·53m 43s

TyskySour: Union Talks Break Down

Meetings between government ministers and union leaders have ended in deadlock. Have the Tories quashed any hope of avoiding months of public sector strikes? Plus: Supporters of the far-right former president Jair Bolsonaro storm Brazil’s Congress. We speak to David Adler in Sao Paulo. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little […]
09/01/23·54m 13s

TyskySour: Right To Strike Under Threat

Rishi Sunak’s proposed new anti-strike laws have provoked outrage from the labour movement. Tonight we speak to Riccardo La Torre from the FBU. Plus: Prince Harry’s has drawn criticism after saying he killed 25 people in Afghanistan; and Keir Starmer makes a bizarre election pledge. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for […]
06/01/23·55m 51s

TyskySour: Sunak’s Lame Duck Speech

Rishi Sunak’s promise of more maths education is a pitiful response to Britain’s new status as an international basket case. Plus: Mick Lynch calls out more Tory lies regurgitated by transport secretary Mark Harper; and shocking reports arrive of record breaking temperatures across Europe. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for […]
04/01/23·56m 5s

TyskySour: The Year of Strikes

2022 saw three prime ministers, two monarchs and a shed load of industrial action. Michael Walker and Owen Jones discuss the year that was. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
23/12/22·58m 24s

TyskySour: Massive Strike Wave

With more strikes announced, December is now the biggest month for walkouts since 1989. Plus: the Scottish parliament debates historic gender recognition reforms and Piers Morgan platforms Andrew Tate. With Aaron Bastani and Nihal El Aasar. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
21/12/22·48m 8s

TyskySour: High Court Rules Rwanda Plan Legal

Britain’s High Court has ruled that it is legal for the government to send migrants to Rwanda. Will it now actually happen? Plus: Twitter users want Elon Musk gone and Jeremy Clarkson makes a vile attack on Meghan Markle. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Explainer: What Does Qatar Really Want? __________________________________________ Support […]
19/12/22·44m 20s

TyskySour: Four Die In Channel Tragedy

Four tragic migrant deaths in the Channel, a Qatar corruption scandal and the London Fire Brigade in ‘special measures’. Plus: an exclusive interview with Mick Lynch. With Moya Lothian-McLean, Aaron Bastani & Polly Smythe. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
14/12/22·1h 4m

TyskySour: Army Called In To Break Strikes

Instead of negotiating with striking workers, the Tories are calling in the army. A report backed by Michael Gove takes aim at Novara Media. Plus: Jonathan Portes debunks Tory economic lies. With Michael Walker & Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
12/12/22·55m 56s

TyskySour: More Strikes

As Rishi Sunak threatens to crack down on striking workers, he’s giving a bung to millionaires in the city. Plus: renters getting screwed and the right wing backlash to Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary. With Michael Walker & Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
09/12/22·56m 57s

TyskySour: Christmas Strikes Announced

Another day, another wave of strikes. UK Border Force, the Fire Brigades Union and ambulance workers are just some of the many strikes set to clash with Christmas. Plus: Rishi Sunak U-turns on his pledge not to build onshore wind farms. With Michael Walker & Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as […]
07/12/22·51m 50s

TyskySour: Labour’s Plan to Abolish House of Lords

Keir Starmer has today committed Labour to abolishing the House of Lords. How radical will Labour be when it comes to the UK constitution? Plus, Nadhim Zahawi hits a new low and we ask Aghileh Djafari-Marbini if Iran will follow through with disbanding the morality police. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara […]
05/12/22·50m 1s

TyskySour: Tories Stare Into Defeat

After a by-election trouncing for the Tories, Sajid Javid is the latest MP to announce he’ll be standing down. Are MPs already fleeing from Sunak’s sinking ship? Plus: Kanye West goes full-blown Nazi and a GB News host’s defence of royal racism falls flat on Question Time. With Michael Walker & Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Support […]
02/12/22·48m 48s

TyskySour: Strike Wave Britain

Royal Mail workers, lecturers and sixth-form teachers are all taking industrial action today. We speak to Polly Smythe about Britain’s latest strike wave. Plus: Rishi Sunak defends private schools, racism at Buckingham Palace and the far right freak out over census data. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little […]
30/11/22·57m 20s

TyskySour: Protests In China

Opposition to zero-COVID policies has sparked the biggest wave of protests in China in decades. We speak to Yuan Yang about their significance. Plus: Rishi Sunak faces Tory rebels, Matt Hancock leaves the jungle and Just Stop Oil’s latest protests. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 […]
28/11/22·59m 6s

TyskySour: Nurses To Go On Strike

After a decade of falling pay, nurses have announced dates for their first national strikes in 106 years. Can they take on the Tories and win? Also on the show, the glamorous Tory peer secretly profiting from a PPE company and the latest in Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ […]
25/11/22·54m 33s

TyskySour: Supreme Court Rules Against Indyref

The Supreme Court have today confirmed that Scotland can’t legally hold an independence referendum without Westminster’s permission. Will this simply increase the case for independence? Plus: Suella Braverman crumbles under pressure. Meanwhile, Mick Lynch keeps his cool. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebriel. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:

TyskySour: World Cup Controversy

From bizarre FIFA speeches to LGBT wristband bans, Qatar 2022 continues to be marred by controversy. Plus: Labour’s “corrupt” reselection process and Joe Lycett’s challenge to David Beckham. With Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
21/11/22·59m 2s

TyskySour: Hunt Won’t Save Britain’s Economy

Jeremy Hunt has blamed tax rises & spending cuts on the war in Ukraine and Covid-19. In reality, it’s the result of 12 years of economic failure. Plus: Twitter in chaos & World Cup controversy. With Michael Walker & Aaron Bastani. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
18/11/22·1h 3m

TyskySour: Inflation Highest In 41 Years

Rishi Sunak is using record inflation to justify austerity 2.0. We ask James Meadway if that makes economic sense. Plus: Trump launches his 2024 presidential election bid; and the shameful neglect by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing that led to the death of a 2-year-old. With Michael Walker and Dalia Gebrial. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as […]
16/11/22·45m 38s

TyskySour: UK-France Deal

Suella Braverman’s headline-grabbing migrant deal is a re-heated version of policies that have already failed. Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar discuss the farcical nature of migration politics in Britain. Plus: Keir Starmer plots to block Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
14/11/22·39m 21s

TyskySour: Musk Creates Twitter Chaos

Is Elon Musk trying to kill Twitter? Moya Lothian-McLean and Ash Sarkar discuss the company’s public meltdown – and what this means for politics. Plus: Kwasi Kwarteng attempts to re-write history and Dominic Raab makes the Westminster pest list. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as little as £1 a month:
11/11/22·48m 49s

TyskySour: Surprising US Midterm Results

Pro-Trump candidates fall short and abortion wins big in the US midterm elections. We discuss the results with Sarah Jaffe. Plus: Gavin Williamson resigns from Rishi Sunak’s government after his abusive texts are leaked; and nurses are set to go on strike in Britain for the first time ever. With Dalia Gebrial and Michael Walker. […]
09/11/22·43m 22s

TyskySour: Hunt Plans Extreme Austerity

Sunak’s flip-flop on attending COP-27 has already embarrassed Britain, but what’s really at stake during at the climate talks? We speak to Simon Lewis at the conference in Egypt. Plus: Keir Starmer says the NHS employs too many foreign workers; and is Jeremy Hunt is set to unleash austerity 2.0? With Michael Walker and Ash […]
07/11/22·52m 13s

TyskySour: Tories Defend Immigration Abuses

Tory minister Chris Philp has said it is “a bit of a cheek” or asylum seekers to complain about conditions at processing centres. Plus: Elon Musk’s twitter takeover hits stumbling blocks; and the World Cup sees FIFA try to silence critics of Qatar. With Ash Sarkar and Michael Walker. __________________________________________ Support Novara Media for as […]
04/11/22·55m 51s

TyskySour: Tories Defend Manston Conditions

As Sunak continues to defend Braverman’s decisions over Marston, the Home Office is dumping asylum seekers in London without anywhere to stay. How low can this government go? Plus: Netanyahu is back in power after general elections in Israel; and Matt Hancock’s decision to go on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. With […]
02/11/22·43m 11s
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