Outspoken with Eden Harvz

Outspoken with Eden Harvz

By Eden Harvz

Join Tik Tok star Eden Harvz every Friday at 7pm with the occasional special guest, talking all things... well, you never know with Eden! Nothing is off limits here!


17: 17: Outspoken with Eden Harvz - MAFSA SECRETS with EVELYN and DUNCAN! 💚🎥🇦🇺

Join Eden, Evelyn and Duncan talking all things MAFSA! Work with us - ellisjohnbainbridge@hotmail.co.uk
10/11/2344m 5s

16: let's talk...

03/11/2351m 5s

15: 15: Outspoken with Eden Harvz - THE REAL PRICEY! 👑 with Katie Price

Welcome to series 2! In this episode, Eden talks to Katie Price about all PRICEY! Work with us - ellisjohnbainbridge@hotmail.co.uk "WORK WITH OUTSPOKEN"
27/10/2336m 59s

14: 14: "THE ADVICE" Agony Aunt episode

Join Eden for a cosy chat all about relationships, body confidence, babies and lots more! This episode is sponsored by Wine52 and AG1. Go to www.wine52.com/eden to claim your free case of wine today. Go to www.athleticgreens.com/outspoken and check out AG1 by Athletic Greens.
21/07/2347m 9s

13: 13: "THE MARRIAGE" with Lloyd Hulme

Join Eden and Lloyd post wedding talking all things marriage, wedding blues and more!
16/07/2345m 32s

12: 12: "THE REUNION" with Josh and Jason

Join Eden, Josh and Jason talking all things Tik Tok, Creator Fund and moving out to America!
30/06/2344m 54s

11: 11: "THE NIECE" with Cali

Join Eden and her niece Cali talking all things Tik Tok, family and random chit chat from a 6 year old! This episode is a short but sweet one to watch with your little ones! 💚
23/06/2315m 9s

10: 10: "THE REVELATION" with Yaz

Join Eden Harvz and sister Yaz (with an appearance from Freya) for part two of their  unfiltered chat about all things Tik Tok, trolling and more!
17/06/2347m 21s

9: 9: "THE MOOD" with Lloyd Hulme

Join Eden and fiancé Lloyd for a part two talking all things relationships, sex, drama and playing Mr and Mrs... from bed!
09/06/2345m 54s

8: 8: "THE DARK HUMOUR" with Freya and Steph

TW: SUICIDE, MISCARRIAGE AND GRIEF! Join Eden, Freya and their friend Steph talking all things UNFILTERED. Brace yourselves for this one...
02/06/2330m 32s

7: 7: "THE BV" with Summer Fox

Join Eden and special guest Summer Fox talking all things BV, Tik Tok and getting cancelled!
26/05/2348m 3s

6: 6: "THE DRAMA" with Elphaba Doherty

Join Eden and Tik Tok star Elphaba talk about her love for Wicked, childhood, Tik Tok drama and loads more! In this episode, you get to see a different side to Elphaba like you've never seen before. This episode is sponsored by Wine52 and Wild. Go to www.wine52.com/eden to claim your free case of wine today. Go Wild today and use code EDEN for 40% off www.wearewild.com
19/05/2328m 45s

5: 5: "THE RELATIONSHIP" with Lloyd Hulme

Join Eden and her fiancé Lloyd whilst they have a candid chat about all things relationships, living together, trolling, sex and loads more!
12/05/2342m 4s

4: 4: "THE SISTERHOOD" with Yaz and Freya

In this episode, Eden is joined with both sisters, Yaz and Freya talking all things growing up, trolls and lots more, including a special appearance from Wolf!
05/05/2326m 16s

3: 3: "THE LEGEND" with Scotty T

In this episode, Eden and co-host Yaz are joined with Geordie Shore legend Scotty T dishing the dirt on all things reality TV and loads more!
28/04/2338m 47s

2: 2: "THE TEA" with Chloe Brockett

In today's episode, Eden is joined with TOWIE'S Chloe Brockett talking all things TOWIE, relationships, drama and more! This is a must watch episode! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
21/04/2343m 57s

1: 1: "THE TRUTH" with Yaz

Eden is joined with sister Yaz revealing THE FULL TRUTH! Putting the rumours at bay, and revealing the question everybody wants to know... this is an episode not to miss! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
14/04/2332m 4s
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