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Making The Album

Making The Album

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We all have albums we can’t live without, but have you ever wondered how they were created? Making The Album is a PopBuzz podcast and video series in which we take you, the fans, inside the recording process of your favourite records. Each episode will focus on a different album and you’ll get to hear the artist open up about what inspired the project and break down every single track. This is what the album means to the artist in their own words. Subscribe to Making The Album on Global Player to hear every episode as soon as it drops. You can also watch our Making The Album interviews on the PopBuzz YouTube channel.


Ashnikko - Weedkiller

In this episode of Making The Album, Ashnikko opens up about her debut album Weedkiller and the story behind each song. From what led them to work with Ethel Cain on 'Dying Star' to the queer heartbreak that led them to write 'Miss Nectarine', Ashnikko does not hold back. She even reveals how her mum really feels about her more explicit lyrics. This is how Ashnikko made Weedkiller.
14/09/23·50m 34s

Niall Horan - The Show

In this debut episode of Making The Album, Niall Horan breaks down his new album The Show track by track and explains exactly what each song means to him. From the real life couple who inspired 'Never Grow Up' to the true story behind 'You Could Start a Cult', Niall reveals all. We also speak to two special guests who helped Niall bring his vision to life. This is how Niall Horan made The Show. 
08/06/23·58m 1s


Making The Album is coming soon. The new podcast will give you all the information you ever needed to know about your favourite albums directly from the people who made them. From new projects to beloved classics, think of Making The Album as the definitive liner notes to the records that soundtrack our lives. The first episode will cover Niall Horan's brilliant new album The Show. Listen to this trailer for a sneak peak and subscribe on Global Player to hear the first episode on June 9th as soon as it drops.
05/06/23·2m 21s
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