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This Week On The Internet

By WillNE

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I’m Very Sorry

In this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss the return of influencer boxing with Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s beef escalating, the Liver King’s shocking eating habits and talk about a fan that got asked to referee at a recent football match
28/08/239m 24s

The Curious Case Of Lil Tay

In this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss the confusion around Lil Tay "passing away", Dude Perfect's investment in Burnley FC, and we look at some of the developments in the ongoing debate about reacts content after xQc's appearance on the H3H3 podcast
14/08/2314m 3s

You Won't Believe What Conor McGregor Just Called Jake Paul

This Week On The Internet, Conor McGregor fires off on Jake Paul, Kai Cenat incites a riot, MrBeast is being sued & Lizzo finds herself under fire for fat shaming.
08/08/2321m 26s

Has Elon Musk Lost His Mind?

On this week’s episode, we talk about Elon Musk’s Twitter rebrand, Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s engagement, and the release of Barbie and Oppenheimer.
31/07/2313m 23s

this episode is terrible

On this week's episode, we talk about Logan Paul's engagement, iDubbbz's confession about Creator Clash 2 and a man who found a snake in broccoli he bought at Aldi.
10/07/239m 37s

40 Year Old Drops Ukulele Apology Video

On this week's episode, we discuss YouTube's worst apology, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk's plans to fight, and KSI And Logan Paul's recent marketing stunt.
03/07/2314m 8s

Billionaire Submarine Goes Missing

In this New York City edition of This Week On The Internet we discuss the sub that went missing, a bunch of MrBeast updates and iShowSpeed finally meeting Ronaldo.
26/06/237m 42s

We’re Breaking Up

Will and Mia address the rumours
19/06/2314m 22s

Slow News Week (You Can Skip This One)

On this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss the new Apple Vision Pro, the latest Mizzy news and the Twitch updates that had everyone talking.
11/06/2310m 7s

Mizzy Gets Arrested (again)

In this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss the recent clash between Conor McGregor and True Geordie, Royal Blood's tantrum at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Mizzy getting arrested again and a passenger who opened a plane's door mid-flight.
04/06/2316m 27s

KSI Reacts To Controversial Elbow

On this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss KSI beating Fournier in the latest Misfits boxing event, which saw KSI win with a controversial knock-out, he has since stated that he will understand a no contest decision. As well as this, we talk about MrBeast being in trouble once again and the mystery behind hundreds of pounds of pasta washing up on New Jersey shore.
01/06/2314m 32s

Britain’s Coronation Meltdown

On this weeks episode of This Week On The Internet, we VISIT the King’s coronation, hear about fans’ concerns for Post Malone’s health and suffer through Kai Cenat and Speed’s new song “Dogs”.
01/06/2313m 22s

It's Been A Rough Week.

In this week’s episode of This Week On The Internet we discuss the big Minecraft drama between Dream and Quackity, Ladbaby’s new podcast and the dating rumours between Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso.
01/06/2310m 30s

McBroom Blames 'Injury' For Gib Loss

In this episode of This Week On The Internet, we discuss Anesongib's second victory over Austin McBroom, Misfits 006 & Coco the alchoholic dog! fun fun fun!
01/06/2311m 3s

British TikTok Will Never Be The Same

On this episode of This Week On The Internet we discuss General G & HS taking over, TommyInnit's shocking revelation of a "serious" incident that almost made him quit YouTube. We also explore the Dalai Lama's bizarre antics, JiDion's recent legal troubles and KSI's brutal new injury.
01/06/2317m 26s

Andy T Has Been Set Free

his week, infamous social media influencer brothers are released from prison and placed under house arrest. In other social media news, Faze Clan has responded to backlashes from their OG members and Hasbulla has a bizarre meeting with Mike Tyson and then gets accused of harming his cat.Also over the past week, one man discovers he’s been married to his sister for six years while another loses his father’s ashes in a Tesco bag on a drunken night out.
01/06/2312m 52s

YouTube Is About To Change

Over the last week, KSI has gotten into an argument with and then apologises to Wade, Miley Cyrus’s voice change has gone viral, and Kim Kardashian attends an Arsenal match while visiting London. All this and more is covered in this week’s episode of TWOTI, presented by WillNE.
01/06/2312m 20s

Callux Breaks Sidemen Date Girl's Heart

This week on TWOTI, WillNE discuses HStikkytokky “going broke”, the Sneako and MoistCr1TiKaL beef and Callux breaking the heart of the girl he met during the Sidemen 20v1 video.
01/06/2313m 34s

MrBeast’s “Controversial” New Video Sparks Backlash

On this week’s TWOTI episode, MrBeast is facing criticism for his charitable donations, YouTube’s next big boxing event is announced, and WillNE has some exciting news for coke and pepsi drinkers.
01/06/2313m 40s

China's BIZARRE New Kissing Simulator

WillNE presents this week’s episode of TWOTI covering Kai Cenat breaking the Twitch sub world record, Chunkz serenading Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather fighting Aaron Chalmers in an underwhelming event. Also this week, China's bizarre new kissing simulator goes viral, as does a family that shares toilet role.
01/06/2315m 23s

Tommy Fury Defeats Jake Paul

In this Cape Town edition of This Week On The Internet, WillNE breaks down Tommy Fury’s win over Jake Paul, Sam Smith's viral moment from the week and Microsoft's new AI chat starts scaring users
01/06/2317m 11s

Man Puts Bounty On KSI's Head

This week, WillNE discusses the BRIT Awards, Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl, and Love Island’s latest break-up.
01/06/2314m 50s

Addressing The MrBeast Allegations

This Week On The Internet, a series that originated on the WillNE YouTube channel is back with a new look. In the first episode of the weekly show, Will addresses the MrBeast merch backlash, Tom Brady announces that he’s retiring for good and Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir ‘Spare’ is released.
01/06/2312m 18s

Phillip Schofield's Big Secret Is Out

On this episode of This Week On The Internet we discuss Phillip Schofield leaving This Morning, iDubbbz apologising for previous actions and the $8K sofa that took the internet by storm.
29/05/2310m 50s
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