Farage Against The Machine

Farage Against The Machine

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Having spent over 20 years questioning the establishment, Nigel Farage now takes on some of the world’s most controversial figures and shares his thoughts on the biggest political issues of the day. In this podcast, you will get a front row seat into an ever-changing political landscape and unprecedented access on Nigel Farage’s journey.


The day Donald Trump came to the UK

With protests and counter protests taking place in London and the rest of the UK in response to Donald Trump's working visit, close ally, Nigel Farage gets invited to speak at a pro Trump event in where he extends a welcome to the President
13/07/189m 30s

Piers Morgan on No Platforming, Fake News and his mate Trump

Fresh of the Good Morning Britain sofa, Piers Morgan took some time out to speak to Nigel Farage. Piers explains why we need to respect the office of the President of the United States, why the survival of the BBC could be in danger considering people want more and more opinion and why Trump is wrong to label all of CNN as Fake News
27/06/1812m 11s

Fox News Presenter Tucker Carlson talks Trump to Nigel Farage

Political Commentator and Presenter Tucker Carlson commands around three million viewers each night for his Fox News show 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'. Here the host discusses President Trump's triumphs and the moments that have made him feel distressed.
19/06/1814m 6s

Is Italexit coming?

As Italian President Sergio Mattarella appoints ex-IMF economist Carlo Cottarellio to form a government, will it solve the political turmoil the country has been facing? It comes after the efforts of Italy's two populist parties to form a coalition government collapsed. But what direction will the coalition take the country in and what is their attitude to the European Union? In this episode Nigel speaks to Marco Zanni who was a former member of the 5 Star Movement and is currently a Member of the European Parliament for the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group
29/05/1813m 45s

The day I questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes questions from EU Group Leaders in Brussels. One of those group leaders is MEP Nigel Farage. So what does the Facebook billionaire have to say in reponse to accusations of political bias or the transparency of online data. Find out if he answered my question.
22/05/1810m 11s

Trump living up to expectations & the new anti-Brexit super group

Has President Trump made the right decision in moving the American Embassy to Jereuslam? Nigel shares his thoughts on the violence that has escalated since the opening yesterday. Plus Nick Clegg, David Miliband and Nicky Morgan have launched a brexit super group in what it appears as an attempt to delay or thwart the brexit proces. They say they want to prevent a hard brexit but Nigel has a sneaky suspiscion they have another agenda.
15/05/187m 33s

Why Donald Trump should get a Nobel Peace Prize

You must know by now that I’m a big supporter of Donald Trump, well, now I’m a big supporter of him being put forward for the Nobel Peace Prize. Why you ask? Well first of all I was the first one to suggest he should be in the running for it and the rest.......well if you download this episode of FARAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE you will find out my reasons why President Trump should receive one of the top honours.
08/05/186m 1s

Farage versus Clegg - The Rematch

One of the aim's of this podcast is to interview people of a different politcal view and who better than former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and former leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Nick Clegg. So does Mr Clegg agree with President Trump visiting the UK in July? What was it like working with the current Prime Minister Theresa May and if he thought it would stop Brexit, would he return to front line politics to lead a political party? All this plus when did he last hear from his coaltion partner David Cameron. Don't forget to leave a comment!
30/04/1824m 20s

Why I disagree with Donald Trump

Find out what made Nigel wrestle with the decision to disagree with Donald Trump. Also join Nigel as he heads to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg where he is introduced to President Emmanuel Macon of France in a rather unusual fashion. Plus Nigel catches up with one of Trump's closest friends, the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant about how the President will fair in the Mid Terms.
20/04/189m 58s

Debating the Former President of Mexico

Nigel is invited to Colorado and Washington DC to debate with the Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox on a number of issues including immigration. Nigel also speaks to Candace Owens who is part of the Turning Point student movement in America about the politics taught in universities. Plus find out why Professors are protesting against Nigel.
07/04/1832m 45s

Trump’s new Security Advisor John Bolton

On Farage Against The Machine this week, we speak to the man who has just been appointed by Donald Trump as his new Security Advisor, John Bolton. What does he think of the Trump Administration so far? And what does he think the next move should be to deal with Iran and North Korea? Plus Nigel Farage gives his opinion on the controversial move to bring in Mr Bolton for General McMaster.
23/03/184m 39s

Nigel speaks to controversial Canadian activist Lauren Southern.

Catch-up with Nigel as he takes you through his week which saw a Fox News appearance, a major EU debate in Strasbourg plus a chat with controversial Canadian activist Lauren Southern.
19/03/1822m 36s

Nigel backstage at the CPAC Conference

Nigel is joined by Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and head of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which was again this year attended by the President himself Donald J Trump.
09/03/1813m 44s

Preview: Farage Against the Machine

Having spent over 20 years questioning the establishment, Nigel Farage now takes on some of the world’s most controversial figures and shares his thoughts on the biggest political issues of the day.
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