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Tom Craine's Story Show

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Tom Craine and two fellow comedians take one subject, tell three stories, and then wrap it up in under (when we can) twenty minutes. Remarkable.


Episode 42 - An open book and an end to series 1.

Welcome to the final episode in series 1 of the Tom Craine Story Show. As it's like the last day of term Tom left the theme open to his guests Chris Stokes, Tom Neenan and Naz Osmanoglu.
31/01/1623m 37s

Episode 41 - Childhood

Calling at the stop named "childhood" again on this episode Tom shares tales from Iain Stirling, Adam Vincent and debutante Marek Larwood.
23/01/1621m 21s

Episode 40 - Shame

Tom is a man who knows a lot about shame and seemingly so do this episodes three guests, Alex Brooker of The Last Leg and returning stars Iain Stirling and Adam Vincent.
16/01/1621m 45s

Episode 39 - Christmas Part 2

A double helping of Christmas tales with Tom. This episode running through festivities are Angela Barnes, Samantha Baines and Iain Stirling.
13/12/1521m 27s

Episode 38 - Christmas

Tom takes a back seat on this special Christmas themed episode of the story show.
07/12/1523m 2s

Episode 37 - Childhood

After a week away Tom's story show is back and we're talking childhood with Tiff Stevenson and Chris Stokes.
28/11/1521m 23s

Episode 36 - Success

Thanks for successfully downloading episode 36 of The Tom Craine Story Show. Telling tales this episode are Ash Frith, Angela Barnes and Nat Luurtsema.
08/11/1524m 15s

Episode 35 - Parties

Welcome, let us take your coat, grab yourself a drink, and we'll put episode 35 of the Tom Craine Story Show on the stereo where you can enjoy tales from Tom, Joel Dommett and Johnny Lennard.
31/10/1521m 11s

Episode 34 - Anxiety

Please say you like this episode, please say you do. With Tom to talk stories of anxiety are Chris Stokes and newbie Katia Kvinge.
24/10/1518m 57s

Episode 33 - Work

Tom takes a back seat on this episode and hand the story telling reins to Matthew Crosby, Angela Barnes and Nish Kumar.
19/10/1525m 0s

Episode 32 - Performing

Very much an old friends show as on this episode Tom is accompanied by his former flatmates Tiernan Douieb and Nat Luurtsema.
11/10/1517m 49s

Episode 31 - An open book

A story telling free for all on this episode. Tom is joined by Phil Wang and Aisling Bea.
04/10/1523m 35s

Episode 30 - Jealousy

Tom puts his feet up this week and listens to Tom Allen, Chris Stokes and a debut from Yasmine Akram.
12/09/1520m 25s

Episode 29 - Emotional journeys

Getting in touch with their emotions this with Tom this episode of the story show are Joel Dommett and David Morgan.
05/09/1520m 24s

Episode 28 - Offence

With Tom on Episode 28 to relive times of offence are The Last Leg star Alex Brooker and very fine standup Johnny Leonard.
31/08/1517m 58s

Episode 27 - Lies

We're not lying when we say this is a really good episode with Josh Widdicombe, Ash Frith and James Gill.
22/08/1521m 1s

Episode 26 - Failure

This week's topic comes easily to Tom and fellow guests Adam Vincent and Henry Paker.
16/08/1521m 45s

Episode 25 - First impressions

If at 25 episodes this is your first impression of the Tom Craine podcast then welcome. Delivering their take and recounting stories of first impressions alongside Tom and comedians Toby Williams and Simon Feilder.
09/08/1520m 34s

Episode 24 - Anger

Presenting stories of 'anger' to Tom are fellow comedians Tom Allen, Ed Gamble and Alex Edelman.
01/08/1520m 59s

Episode 23 - Games

We're not playing about. On this episode we've got Adam Vincent and our first musical story from David Elmes.
25/07/1519m 33s

Episode 22 - Work

Past tales of work from Josh Widdicombe, Ivo Graham and Fin Taylor with Tom on this week's episode.
18/07/1520m 50s

Episode 21 - Weddings

A triple bill of guests to talk weddings with Tom on this episode. We'll hear from Suzi Ruffell, Angela Barnes and Ash Frith.
11/07/1521m 32s

Episode 20 - First Times

First time downloading this podcast? Congratulations you fit into this week's theme. Talking their "first times..." with Tom are Ivor Baddiel and Joel Dommett.
04/07/1517m 36s

Episode 19 - Embarrassment

A warm welcome to another episode of the Tom Craine Story Show. Dealing with stories of embarrassment are Tom, the wonderful Katherine Ryan and the superb Tiff Stevenson.
27/06/1519m 35s

Episode 18 - Health

Delving into health related tales on this episode. With Tom are Felicity Ward and Ed Gamble.
20/06/1524m 5s

Episode 17 - Jobs

Talking jobs on this edition of the Tom Craine Story Show with debutants Maff Brown, Wendy Wason and twice around the appearance block Chris Stokes.
13/06/1515m 50s

Episode 16 - Pride

With stories on the topic of 'pride' Tom is joined by fellow comics Tom Allen and James Acaster.
06/06/1515m 55s

Episode 15 - Worry

We're fully of worry on this Tom Craine Story Show with Joe Bor and Samantha Baines.
30/05/1518m 25s

Episode 14 - Travel

Let Tom Craine, Tom Neenan and fellow XFMer Josh Widdicombe take you on a podcast journey as this episode is about stories of 'travel'.
23/05/1521m 23s

Episode 13 - Relaxation

Hello, find your special place and enjoy the latest episode of the Tom Craine story show with tales from Angela Barnes, Chris Stokes and Ivo Graham.
16/05/1521m 38s

Episode 12 - Competitiveness

In what is without argument the finest podcast out there this week we talk competitiveness with two Johns, John Hastings and Jonny Lennard.
09/05/1517m 43s

Episode 11 - Childhood

Childhood was full of happy memories...or so we thought. Tom is joined this week by return guests Iain Stirling and Tiff Stevenson.
02/05/1518m 18s

Episode 10 - Sport

A trio of guests on this edition of the podcast, as we focus on the topic of sport.
26/04/1522m 19s

Episode 9 - Mates

On this edition of the podcast Tom has the company of his good friends Alex Brooker and Tiernan Douieb so it seemed appropriate to discuss stories of mates.
19/04/1519m 58s

Episode 8 - Community

Tom tackles the meaning of Community on this edition of his story show. He tackles it with Iain Stirling and Dan Antopolski.
12/04/1517m 11s

Episode 7 - Manners

Manners cost nothing, or do they? In this episode Tom is accompanied by Isy Suttie and Ash Frith.
05/04/1519m 22s

Episode 6 - Travelling

Best foot forward as on the Tom Craine story show this week it's the theme of travelling. Alongside Tom are Matthew Crosby and Adam Vincent.
29/03/1522m 24s

Episode 5 - Dignity

This episode of 'The Tom Crain Story Show' sees Tom exploring the topic of Dignity with fellow comedians Tom Allen and Felicity Ward.
22/03/1518m 43s

Episode 4 - Generosity

The theme on this episode of Tom Craine's Story Show is that of generosity and we hear tales upon that from Tom, Henry Paker and Sam Baines.
15/03/1516m 12s

Episode 3 - Romance

Hello! On this episode Tom is joined by the fantastic Sian Harries and Tiff Stevenson to tell tales of romance.
08/03/1517m 51s

Episode 2 - Celebrations

In episode two of Tom Craine's story show he's joined by the brilliant Ivo Graham and The Last Leg's Adam Hills.
28/02/1518m 31s

Episode 1 - Health

Welcome to the first episode of Tom Craine's story show a brand new podcast from XFM. In this episode Tom along with fellow comedians Angela Barnes and Matthew Crosby from Pappy's share three stories relating this week to the topic of health.
27/02/1518m 8s
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