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The Business Hour from LBC

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Advice for start ups and entrepreneurs in the LBC Business Hour, with Clive Bull, Emma Jones and a host of leading business experts. This weekly podcast offers great solutions to small business issues, including branding, pitching, PR and getting investment.


How to climb online

Mark Wright, Winner of the Apprentice & Director of Climb Online - a digital marketing agency, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to answer your questions. Plus, Alex Moses, Security Expert from BT & Brian Watt, Owner of Sloane's Hot Chocolate.
03/04/18·43m 54s

Daniel Priestley: Creating a digital, scalable business

Daniel Priestley, entrepreneur and best-selling author, joins Clive Bull to answer questions on how your startup can thrive.
29/03/18·43m 39s

From startup to scaling up

Clive Bull is joined by Emma Sinclair, Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Enterprise Alumni, Chris Gomez, Founder of Dry Patch, & Sydney Chasin, Founder & Director of The Healthy Crop.
20/03/18·42m 57s

Turning your business into a franchise

Krishma Vaghela, Founder of Franchise Futures, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to share tips on how to franchise your business. Plus, Laura Griffin, Co-founder of Solar Buddies, on how they secured a patent.
05/03/18·36m 0s

How to create a digital presence

Rachael Dines, SEO expert from Shake it Up Creative, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to give advice on how to market your business and build your digital presence. Plus Richard Davies, TSB’s Commercial Banking Director, on their £100m commitment to small businesses.
01/03/18·43m 38s

Apprentice winner Mark Wright on going self employed

Joining Clive Bull & Emma Jones this week is Mark Wright, Ed Hollands, the 23-year-old who won investment on Dragons' Den & Jake Trask from OFX
20/02/18·44m 0s

How technology is driving startups

Mike Soutar, Founder of Shortlist & interviewer on The Apprentice, joins Clive Bull to offer startup advice.
13/02/18·41m 27s

Xero Co-founder, Gary Turner, on how to build a business

The Co-founder & Managing Director at Xero – the online accounting platform – joins Clive Bull and Emma Jones to help budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a business.
07/02/18·40m 52s

Closing the deal

Jessica Lorimer, Sales Coach & Business Strategist, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to talk about boosting your sales and developing your business strategy. Plus, Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight and Futures at BT, shares the benefits of a happy workforce.
30/01/18·43m 3s

The recipe for a successful food business

Business Mentor & Author, Karen Green, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to discuss food related startups.
23/01/18·41m 18s

How to market your business without spending a penny

Business Coach, Simon Alexander Ong, joins Clive Bull & Emma Jones to share his top tips on how to market your business effectively for free.
16/01/18·42m 42s

How to find investors

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Andy Yates, joins Clive Bull and Emma Jones to discuss his golden rules to ensure your business thrives and how to gain capital for your startup.
08/01/18·43m 29s

Boosting your sales

Independent sales consultant and owner of PDT Sales Consultancy, Paul Durrant, joins Clive Bull and Emma Jones to provide expertise on how to increase your sales.
18/12/17·46m 23s

SEO and getting your business noticed online

SEO expert from Rocketship WP, Jamie Hewitt, joins Clive Bull and Emma Jones to share his top tips for getting your business noticed online.
11/12/17·42m 25s

Copyright, trademarks and IP

Clive Bull and Emma Jones are joined by Michelle Bishton, IP expert at Vault IP Limited, to tell you all you need to know about protecting your idea.
06/12/17·44m 8s

Mike Soutar from The Apprentice talks business plans

Mike Soutar, Co-Founder of Shorlist Media and one of Lord Sugar's advisers on The Apprentice joins Clive to offer advice to startups. Plus George Bevis, Founder of Tide, talks about modern banking for SMEs and Minister for Small Businesses, Margot James, discusses Small Business Saturday.
28/11/17·42m 30s

Lessons in innovation with Springwise's James Bidwell

CEO of Springwise, James Bidwell, joins Cilve & Emma to discuss his new book Disrupt! 100 lessons in Business Innovation. Plus fashion industry expert Alison Lewy joins Clive and Emma to offer startup tips.
21/11/17·43m 19s

Eric Ries on the Startup Way

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Eric Ries joins Clive and Emma to share his startup techniques that sparked a global movement.
14/11/17·42m 22s

How to grow your business

Known for grilling the Apprentice contestants, Mike Soutar joins Clive and Emma, along with Jennifer Corcoran on secrets to social media success
10/11/17·44m 5s

Funding for your startup

Plus Adam Sopher from Joe & Seph's popcorn reveals the story behind their success
07/11/17·43m 17s

Turning an idea into a business

Small business expert Emma Jones joins Clive Bull for a weekly podcast on how to grow your business
03/11/17·43m 53s

Protecting your idea with Trunki founder Rob Law

Dragons' Den reject, inventor Rob Law, joins Clive and Emma to discuss intellectual property and the success of his business
31/10/17·43m 42s

Understanding your market

Market intelligence expert Jeremy King joins Clive and Emma, along with the winner of Female Startup of the Year, Joy Foster
24/10/17·42m 28s

How to get your business noticed

Top PR tips to get your business in the press: Clive and Emma are joined by Amanda Ruiz and Shadow Digital Minister, Liam Byrne.
17/10/17·43m 15s

Making your brand stand out

Branding guru Rita Clifton joins Clive and Emma, along with Tom Tobia on how you can win the Inventor Prize worth £50k
10/10/17·44m 6s

How to get your business noticed

Apprentice winner Alana Spencer joins Clive and Emma, along with the Grocery Accelerator, Rob Ward
04/10/17·44m 1s

How to grow your business

Alexander de Carvalho, Co-Founder of Public, joins Clive and Emma
29/09/17·43m 26s

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Theo Paphitis joins Clive and Emma, along with Vincent McKevitt, founder of Tossed
26/09/17·42m 53s
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