The Josh Widdicombe Podcast

The Josh Widdicombe Podcast

By Radio X

Listen back to the very best moments of the Josh Widdicombe show including the live shows from the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and 2015.


Live from the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Night 4

The curtain falls on the Josh Widdicombe XFM show.
25/08/151h 30m

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Night 3

The show's penultimate night in Edinburgh saw a trip into two very conflicting autobiographies. A chat with James Acaster's parents, a sing along and much more.
24/08/151h 27m

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Night 2

Hello. Night 2 of Josh live from the Ed Fringe 2015 saw us talking about celebrities in unlikely places and minor roles the audience had in school plays. There was also perhaps the greatest Wiki-Races of all time.
23/08/151h 41m

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 - Night 1

The Josh Widdicombe show is back at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a special set of 4 farewell shows. Expect the same chaos as the 2014 shows and all the Josh Widdicombe show legends,
22/08/151h 24m

Episode 116 - Turn the lights out.

A pantheon of legends, a look back at favourite features, and a heartfelt goodbye.
26/07/1559m 11s

Episode 115 - The one where it was announced it was the penultimate one.

With a heavy heart Josh revealed that this was his penultimate show on XFM but Tom Craine and Ivo Graham were around to help him through this difficult time.
19/07/1543m 20s

Episode 114 - Saxophone impressions, mistaken identity, a new game and more crammed in.

We may be 114 shows in but some of our regular guests still continue to be full of surprises and Matthew Crosby of Pappy's does not disappoint on that front. Josh was also joined by the friendly brilliant face of fellow comic Tom Allen.
05/07/1554m 56s

Episode 113 - Childhood schemes, celebrity fashion icons and laying down the rules on Wiki-Races.

In the company of the delightful Rhys James and Ivo Graham Josh went through questionable fashion choices inspired by celebrities and the amazing schemes you came up with to make money as kids. Wiki-Races keeps going from strength to strength although has has a request and some rules that must now be followed. Listen live Sunday's from 10am-1pm and spread the gospel of the Josh Widdicombe show / podcast.
28/06/1546m 46s

Episode 112 - Slaggings off, DIY and Mr Nish Kumar.

Talking times you should have watched what came out of your mouth and DIY mishaps on this week's show with a long overdue appearance from Nish Kumar. Ivo Graham also took his regular seat and tried to chalk up a first victory in the game that is sweeping the nation, 'Wiki-Races'. Get in touch with the show during the week via, and listen live each and every Sunday morning from 10am.
21/06/1542m 22s

Episode 111 - A clash of Josh Widdicombe show legends!

You might have felt a rumble on Sunday morning as show legends James Acaster and Ivo Graham both joined Josh. After Josh fulfilled his childhood dream of going to TFI Friday, and in turn stealing a sign from the set we were after your lame memorabilia or things you refuse to part with. Get in touch with the show via and spread the word of the podcast to earn yourself cool points.
14/06/1547m 2s

Episode 110 - A packed podcast of fun featuring Birthday Girls, Ivo Graham and more Coolio than you might expect.

On this edition of the podcast we didn't have enough mics for everyone but we made do to chat unusual wedding table names, regrettable place visits based on others recommendations, and a whole new game to enjoy. Get in touch with the show via and spread the gosple of the Josh Widdicombe show - live Sunday's 10am-1pm!
07/06/1544m 24s

Episode 109 - Tim Key has an app idea and we talk babysitting nightmares.

Hello! Enjoyment in this episode of the podcast comes in the shape of Tim Key and Tom Craine. Any 'Unfinished Business' for Josh? Email that and any other thoughts you have to Don't forget to hit subscribe and tell everyone you know about the show / podcast!
31/05/1540m 35s

Episode 108 - An awkward journey in for Lloyd Griffith and a long journey in for Ivo Graham plus we talk odd parties and singing disasters.

The morning after Eurovision Josh wanted the odd parties you had attended and in-light of our first guest Lloyd Griffith failing in his quest to sing at Wembley we discussed singing disasters.
25/05/1555m 42s

Episode 107 - A returning hero in the shape of Joe Lycett.

Merry day to you podcast listener. The ingredients of the week's show were Unfinished Business, Joe Lycett, Ivo Graham, tellings off, forgotten names, Earl Grey Martinis and Wikipedia.
17/05/151h 1m

BONUS EPISODE 7 – Josh Widdicombe Takeover

Hello! Josh was off this week, so Xfm’s Saturday morning stalwarts Elis James & John Robins sat in. They talked gatecrashing, Super Furry Animals, and introduced their phone-in feature Textual Healing to the show. If you want to hear more, check the boys out live on Saturdays 10am – 1pm, or download their podcast.
09/05/1544m 24s

Episode 106 - Are you being served?

Bums on seats this week in the studio from Nick Helm and Ivo Graham as well as Nathaniel Metcalfe to deliver the final 'Radio Get With The Times'. One topic of conversation ruled them all which was, "Have you served a celebrity, and what did they buy?". Also Producer Neil failed to deliver a new game for the second week running.
04/05/1544m 48s

Episode 105 - Excuse me? Excuse you!

The essentials you need to know about this week's podcast are our guests were the ever so funny Ed Gamble and Ivo Graham. Producer Neil took a child to task in the street and our brand new game from last week didn't get a second outing. Anything for the show across your week then email Thanks for downloading, back live Sundays 10am.
28/04/1554m 3s

Episode 104 - Celebrity spotting on foreign soil, no mention of politics and a new game.

Back from a week off and what a happy show we had. We asked when you'd seen well known faces abroad and debuted a new game that we should have thought about more than just the title. The icing on the cake were our guests, the brilliant Matthew Crosby and Suzi Ruffell.
20/04/1550m 45s

Episode 103 - A poem about an Octopus and more besides.

After a week resting up the show returned with a debut from comedian Joe Bor who blew our minds with a poem about his Octopus. Ivo Graham took on Call My Josh and we went through stories of bad parties and terrible entertainment. Switch on XFM Sunday's from 10am to hear the full live experience and email us with whatever is on your mind to
07/04/1543m 2s

Episode 102 - Texts from your parents, terrible office parties and the company of the most excellent Iain Stirling and Stuart Goldsmith.

This week everyone was punctual and on time so there's a full podcast to enjoy! After Producer Fearny was sent some advice via text from his Mum we want your texts from parents and we were also after office party disasters. We went through all that with Iain Stirling and Stuart Goldsmith of the brilliant 'Comedians Comedian Podcast'.
23/03/1542m 1s

Episode 101 - Lateness.

If you notice the podcast is slightly short this week it's because Josh was late for the show meaning we had only two and a bit hours, rather than the full compliment of three. When we got going though we chatted about overheard conversations and Ivo Graham delivered a blockbuster story.
16/03/1531m 4s

Episode 100 - A century of show podcasts...we did nothing to celebrate.

Tip of the hat to you podcast listener. Within episode 100 you shall hear the voices of Josh, Nathaniel Metcalfe previewing The Big Breakfast, Henry Paker chatting safaris and Ivo Graham nattering about A&E. If you have any Unfinished Business about this week's podcast then email and set your alarms for next Sunday, 10am to listen live.
09/03/1543m 46s

Episode 99 - Trips, tumbles and falls. The consequences or benefits of sharing your name with a celebrity and the company of Tom Craine and Ivo Graham.

Ever had a fall or accident? We wanted to hear from you this week. We also wanted your correspondence if you share your name with a celebrity or had come across someone else who had. We welcomed our first ever guest (from our first ever show) Tom Craine and Ivo Graham was back in his regular seat. If you have anything for 'Unfinished Business' email and if you wish to hear the music between the chatter tune in live from 10am each Sunday on XFM.
02/03/1547m 9s

Episode 98 - A show exclusive from David Trent and Ivo Graham nestled into our bosom.

Hello fair podcast listener. On Episode 98 when welcomed David Trent who christened his show debut by bringing something exclusive with him. Both he and Ivo Graham helped us through the two topics of the week 1) When have you been stood up? 2) What have you buried / found buried? The two were not related! Thanks for downloading, Josh is back live on XFM next Sunday from 10am. Spread the word!
22/02/1554m 14s

Episode 97 - Small talk, complaints, Andy Parsons, Matthew Crosby and a whole lot more.

Excellent work internet user, you have found episode 97 of the Josh Widdicombe podcast. This week we opened the studio door wide to 1/3 of Pappy's Matthew Crosby and Mock The Week captain Andy Parsons. With them we went through tweets on interesting small talk with strangers and complaints you've felt the need to make. Excitingly we also had our second ever caller with an amazing car park based tale. The show returns live next Sunday from 10am so do joins us then and keep spreading the good word of the Josh Widdicombe XFM show / podcast.
15/02/1549m 33s

Episode 96 - An umbrella topic of 'politeness' and a look at the time you've written to celebrities with Josie Long and Suzi Ruffell.

Good day podcast listener. Of Ep96 of the Josh Widdicombe podcast we had the company of Suzi Ruffell and Josie Long. We asked the big question of times you've written to celebrities and unable to narrow the subject of 'politeness' down we used it as an umbrella topic to ask lots of questions related to it. A nod of the head to you for downloading and don't forget to spread the word and tune in live each and every Sunday from 10am on XFM.
08/02/1556m 36s

Episode 95 - Odd (yet clean) Google searches, time wasting and the company of Nick Helm and Rhys James.

All in the name of radio this week we were after the most unique ways you've wasted time and in relation the odd search in your internet history (kept it clean). Guests took the shape of Nick Helm and Rhys James plus in 'Radio Get With The Times' Josh showed far too much knowledge of 90s show 'Pugwall'.
01/02/1542m 34s

Episode 94 - Mistaken identity, brushes with fame and philosophy from James Acaster.

Hi podcast listener, on this week's show we spoke about brushes with fame your family, friends or work colleagues may have had and also times when you've gotten completely the wrong person. James Acaster tackled this week's "Hypothetically speaking..." which lead to perhaps the most profound thing ever said on the show. Keep spread the good work of the Josh Widdicombe XFM show and podcast! Many thanks.
27/01/1559m 41s

Episode 93 - Talking Ex's, School elections, and more with Matt Forde and Tom Craine.

Thanks for downloading the podcast. This week we were after tales of bumping into your ex and school elections. Our guests were semi-regular Tom Craine and we very happily welcomed back Matt Forde. Listen live each and every Sunday from 10am on XFM, plus receive karma by spreading the word of the podcast! Ta.
20/01/1559m 27s

Episode 92 - A podcast!

Josh, Ivo Graham and show debutant Carl Donnelly went through times you've pretended to like or dislike things because of friends and also mixtapes, your tales and methodology behind them. Alongside that enjoy a round of 'Call My Josh', your quibles in 'Any Other Business' and a skip down TV memory lane with Nathaniel Metcalfe. Join us Sundays 10-1pm and if you want to get in touch during the week email
14/01/1555m 44s

Episode 91 - The Ting Tings, Nish Kumar, Fin Taylor, drunken parents and falling objects.

Hi dear podcast listener, we hope you are well. In episode 91 you can hear the voices of the brilliant Nish Kumar, Fin Taylor and of course Nathaniel Metcalfe. The topics we opened 2015 with were falling objects after Josh had a mishap in New York, and drunk parents as it seemed the time of year for it. Thanks for downloading, spread the word and don't forget to tune in live each and every Sunday from 10am.
05/01/1552m 44s


Hiya! This is a quick podcast of some of the shows favourite bits from the past 12 months.
28/12/1432m 2s

Episode 90 - Xmas special part 2 where we talk about animal tails

It's the penultimate podcast of the year, thanks for downloading and joining in. This week we had James Acaster on from the start and later we were joined by Romesh Ranganathan. Much like the end of term it descended into slight chaos.
21/12/1436m 4s

Episode 89 - A 2014 Xmas special PT1!

Merry Christmas to you. First of two festive specials (well just the topics really) as we really love Christmas. Joined by James Acaster and one of the highlights of Edinburgh this year, Rhys James.
14/12/1452m 0s

Episode 88 - Kevin Bridges, Jon Richardson, being drunk and in charge of a computer plus the stupid reason Producer Neil wears glasses.

Awright podcast listener, a thousand thanks for downloading. BIG guest action this week in the shape of not only Jon Richardson but also Kevin Bridges. Josh quizzed them on many things including this week's topic of buying things online whilst drunk. Don't forget to tune in live on XFM Sunday mornings 10am - 1pm where you can hear all the great podcast bits plus more than the little snippets of music Producer Neil / Intern Charles are too lazy to remove.
30/11/1450m 4s

Episode 87 - What are you looking at?

What are you looking at? Other such visual questions will be asked on this wholly audible podcast this week. We also tackle such harrowing stories as what got banned at your school? From yo-yos to pogs, the list was endless. Then to top it all off we are joined by not one not two but three guests! The Birthday Girls are with us for the entire show, plus all the other high quality you have come to expect from the show.
23/11/1454m 15s

Episode 86 - Possibly the classiest show to date, more acting tips and two topics that finally tackle the big issues.

Firstly, thanks for clicking the download link and having us in your ears. This week's show sees Josh joined by Ivo Graham and Miles Jupp, two very classy chaps. We welcome your input on stories of lame competitiveness and terrible slogans on mugs plus our resident comedian / TV historian Nathaniel Metcalfe takes us on another trip down memory lane.
09/11/1441m 8s

Episode 85 - A task for Producer Neil, a jingle request plus the company of Beattie Edmondson and James Acaster.

Welcome podcast listener. On this week's effort we spoke about the things you found on public transport and your roles on TV which set Josh up nicely with a new task for Producer Neil. James Acaster also came face to face for the first time ever on the show with a villain from a previous scrape in the form of Beattie Edmondson. Thanks for downloading and tune in live if you can each Sunday morning from 10am!
02/11/1444m 7s

Episode 84 - Three words - Cabedging The Resolution

James Acaster finally took his revenge on a 9 year old boy and the cabedging saga drew to a conclusion. We also had the pleasure of being visited by Nish Kumar and Nathaniel Metcalfe our resident TV historian took part in another TFI Friday special of 'Radio Get With The Times'.
27/10/1459m 51s

Episode 83 - Tellings off, wedding guests, James Acaster, Katherine Ryan and more.

Hiya. This week we enjoyed having James Acaster, Katherine Ryan and Nathaniel Metcalfe in the studio as we went through getting told of as adults and also terrible wedding guests you've been stuck with.
19/10/1447m 11s

Episode 82 - Suzi Ruffell, John Kearns, public nudity, haircuts and a tea stained egg.

Alright there. Much joy around a tea stained egg is contained with the podcast you're about to hear alongside the voices of Suzi Ruffell, John Kearns and Nathaniel Metcalfe took part in a TFI Friday special of 'Radio Get With The Times'.
12/10/1447m 21s

Episode 81 - Chris Martin, Matthew Crosby, tears and courses.

On the show this Sunday Chris Martin, the comedian not the Coldplay frontman, made his debut and one third of Pappy's, Matthew Crosby also kindly popped in. There was a revelation about The Chuckle Brothers and some brilliant texts and tweets on 'lame things you've cried at' and 'pointless courses'. We end on our regular message to listen in live Sunday's 10am-1pm.
05/10/1440m 58s

Episode 80 - Artwork, car boots, Angela Barnes, James Acaster and more!

Ciao podcast listener. Over the next 45 minutes you will hear from Angela Barnes, James Acaster and Nathaniel Metcalfe as well as listener tales of childhood artwork and weird stuff for sale in charity shops and car boot sales. Don't forget we're live every Sunday from 10am on XFM.
28/09/1445m 10s

Episode 79 - Detentions, letters and possibly the hottest meal ever in a radio studio.

This Sunday on the show we said hello to James Acaster and Tiffany Stevenson and hello to some many tweets we've had to record a bonus run-through at the end of the podcast. Nathaniel Metcalfe took us down memory lane again and Josh dished out another round of 'Call My Josh'.
21/09/1444m 59s

Episode 78 - A roll over topic, a fresh topic, Lucy Beaumont, James Acaster and more!

As we never got round to it last week we went through your 'reasons your neighbours are odd' and also looked at 'things you've heard through walls'. Foster Awards nominee Lucy Beaumont made her debut and James Acaster returned and was still haunted by cabbageing. Nathaniel Metcalfe reviewed another week from TV history and we encountered once more an odd celebrity friendship.
14/09/1440m 27s

Episode 77 - Ivo Graham, Dave Gorman and a plunger

In this week's podcast we talk Bush, Producer Neil’s interesting choice of clothes and odd behaviour from your neighbours (or just something you heard through a wall). Also Ivo Graham returns to talk about family life and their love of Lewis, and show debutant Dave Gorman becomes moderately concerned.
07/09/1442m 7s

Episode 76 - Sara Pascoe, Cardinal Burns, Nathaniel Metcalfe and a crisp sandwich.

Apart from the all the stuff in the podcast title we talked about "cool" teachers and childhood graffiti plus there are some new features to enjoy * * or not, it's your choice.
31/08/1450m 46s

Episode 75 - A thrifty special.

Welcome and thank you for downloading. On this week's podcast (listen live Sunday's 10am-1pm) expect to hear tales of thriftiness / tightness, comedian Adam Vincent, Producer Neil's new game, an email from Josh's Dad, Nathaniel Metcalfe and more plugging while '"cooking".
26/08/1435m 16s

Episode 74 - A new home and a new flock

The show was reborn on a Sunday as we moved to the new live slot of 10am-1pm (do listen live if you can). We had a new feature with the brilliant Nathaniel Metcalfe and our guest was Simon Evans who passed on some brand new toileting techniques and there was a lot of chat about creased jeans, why? Download and you'll find out.
17/08/1449m 8s

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe - Night 4 *EXPLICIT*

This was the final night of the live Josh Widdicombe show and as we bid farewell we covered fainting stories, embarrassing your parents and the story of teen frustration and a tin of beans. Matthew Crosby, Nish Kumar, James Acaster, John Robins and Henry Paker all did their thing accompanied by the guest of the evening, Ivo Graham.
12/08/141h 36m

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe - Night 3 *EXPLICIT*

Another night of live XFM'ing in front of a brilliant crowd at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Tonight Matthew Crosby tackled Rich Madeley, Nish Kumar took on JFK, James Acaster confronted lots of things and Tim Key took aim as he attempted to shoot the flame off a candle. To top it all off Tom Craine sifted through some brilliant audience tales.
11/08/141h 39m

Episode 73 - The final voyage on a Saturday morning.

The final Saturday version of the XFM podcast saw Josh joined by Mike Wozniack and Tom Rosenthal AKA comedians who aren't performing at the Edinburgh Festival this year. Don't forget to tune in live at the new time of 10am-1pm on Sundays!
10/08/1440m 36s

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe - Night 2 *EXPLICIT*

Welcome to the second special podcast of the Josh Widdicombe show live from the Edinburgh Festival 2014. Once again we have the brilliant regulars of Matthew Crosby, Nish Kumar, James Acaster, John Robins, Henry Paker and this evening's one off guest was Suzi Ruffell. To save their careers and the reputation of XFM you'll hear some edits in this podcast which sadly Producer Neil had to do.
10/08/141h 18m

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe - Night 1 *EXPLICIT*

Hello, this is the very first of four very special podcasts recorded live in front of an audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The language and content is stronger than on Saturday mornings so be aware. We had all the regulars, James Acaster, Nish Kumar and Matthew Crosby plus tonight's special guest was Romesh Ranganathan. And if the stage wasn't busy enough we made room for John Robins and Henry Paker.
09/08/141h 28m

Episode 72 - Post and punishments plus the company of Adam Hills and Alex Brooker.

Josh just couldn't get enough of his colleagues on The Last Leg Adam Hills and Alex Brooker so we invited them in for the show and we had a phone update on the latest cabedged incident from James Acaster.
04/08/1450m 58s

Episode 71 - Seann Walsh, Ivo Graham and honey wars!

Konnichiwa podcast listener! On Episode 71 we had in the studio Ivo Graham and Seann Walsh who helped us through celebrity skills and exam based stories. After teasing it many week's ago Josh and Producer Neil finally got round to 'honey wars'.
28/07/1446m 43s

Episode 70 - Our youngest ever guest and most depressing topic choice to date.

On this week's podcast of the show you can hear the delightful voices of Nish Kumar, Angela Barnes, Tom Craine, James Acaster and very special guest, the creator of 'cabaging' Mick Trent.
20/07/1438m 47s

Episode 69 - More Nish Kumar than normal, Suzi Ruffell and unexpected James Acaster.

In the spirt of our new footballing overlords Guten Tag podcast listener. This week we lost and found Nish Kumar, Josh's tour buddy Suzi Ruffell came in and James Acaster turned up with an update on 'cabbageing'
13/07/1452m 5s

Episode 68 - Zoe Lyons, James Acaster, Nish Kumar, power cuts, shops, other stuff!

James Acaster returned to the show this week but not before we open the studio door to Zoe Lyons. The success of one topic made Josh smile and Neil of Fortune proved marginally fun.
06/07/1453m 41s

Episode 67 - Iain Stirling, Ed Gamble, a very boring topic and one good one(ish).

Blooding more new guests onto the show this week in the form of the terrific Iain Stirling and Ed Gamble. Josh revealed what is quite literally a minor irritation and Nish Kumar went biblical during 'Nishipedia'.
30/06/1452m 51s

Episode 66 - Getting annoyed, last days and more show debuts.

Our two guests on the show this were Henry Paker and Shappi Khorsandi. They aided us as we navigated our way through the tough questions we always pose which this week were 1) Getting annoyed at your profession being done incorrectly on TV/Film and 2) Tales from your final day in a job. Nish Kumar also dropped by for a fresh Nishipedia.
23/06/141h 3m

Episode 65 - Old clothes, dream chatter, Harriet Kemsley and Romesh Ranganathan.

Good morning, noon, night (whenever you might have downloaded). This week we had return guests Harriet Kemsley and Romesh Ranganathan and they helped us through this week's topics.
15/06/141h 2m

Episode 64 - Tim Key, a return for James Acaster and more.

Dear Podcast listener, thanks for downloading. Inside episode 64 you'll find the voices of Josh, Producer Neil, Tim Key and James Acaster going through times you've ruined your parents possessions and tales of booking errors. Plus we dug up Anyone Can Play Guitar for a World Cup special.
08/06/1457m 59s

Episode 63 - A look inside your drawers, nearly killing yourselves and other bits that fill out a radio show..

Producer Neil nearly killed himself but Josh took the positive route and based this week's show around it. We were joined by all three of Pappy's to chat Badults and we ticked the box marked 'first non-comic guest' as author and former undercover police officer James Bannon took a seat in the studio.
04/06/1456m 32s

Episode 62 - Celebrating local characters and chatting niche museums.

On this week's show we said hello to Nathaniel Metcalfe and Sara Pasco. They went through the week's topics plus we had a Neil Aid advert and Nish Kumar went deep on jar lids with Nishipedia.
26/05/141h 3m


Josh covered XFM London's breakfast show last week, here's a podcast of highlights. Enjoy.
18/05/1453m 43s

Episode 61 - Chatting sporting failures with Ivo Graham and Charlie Baker this week. Plus it's the return of Nish Kumar with Nishipedia.

A couple of nostalgic topics this week on the podcast as Josh chatted sporting failures and ways you made money as a kid. Our third most regaulr guest Ivo Graham stopped by plus we had the company of Charlie Baker.
12/05/1455m 8s

Episode 60 - Lame nicknames and odd collections plus throwing the studio doors open to Marcus Brigstock and John Kearns.

A great thanks for downloading the podcast. Expect to hear Marcu Brigstock, John Kearns and much nattering.
05/05/1453m 13s

Episode 59 - Mr David Baddiel, Ms Rosin Conaty and a game that saw no end.

We very excitedly opened the studio doors to David Baddiel and also Roisin Conaty. Nish Kumar told us the Moon doesn't exist...or did he...and more on Neil Aid.
28/04/1457m 21s

Episode 58 - Neil Aid continues, interests in Martyn Lewis and Nishpedia gets deep...or does it?

On this edition of the Josh Widdicombe podcast expect to hear the voice of fresh young comic Fin Taylor, Nish Kumar with Nishipedia and more pleading for stickers during Neil Aid.
21/04/1451m 58s

Episode 57 - Alan Carr, Matt Forde, a bake off and the launch of an appeal.

"Friend of the show" Alan Carr was back with us this week, and he judged some pulsating radio in our bake off. We also had the company of the brilliant Matt Forde too. And not wanting Producer Neil to miss out a very special summer event Josh launched 'Neil Aid'.
13/04/1455m 29s

Episode 56 - Katherine Ryan, Matthew Crosby, a twist on Neil of Fortune and other stuff.

Hello to you. Hope you enjoy this week's podcast with Pappy's Matthew Crosby, the flippin' great Katherine Ryan and Mr Conspiracy Nish Kumar.
07/04/1449m 48s

Episode 55 - Mysterious post, hateful animals, the great Aisling Bea and James Acaster take it too far.

This week we had the company of rising star Aisling Bea, our trusty steed James Acaster and Nish Kumar dropped his truth bombs. Also taking angry animals, mysterious gifts and we try to enjoy the last 'Neil of Fortune'.
24/03/1455m 33s

Episode 54 - Minus a guest but bonus James Acaster time.

We were not joined by Adam Hills due to a booking mixup but that meant we got bonus James Acaster time. We put a conspiracy theory to Nish Kumar and muddled our way through another Neil of Fortune.
17/03/141h 1m

Episode 53 - Jon Richardson joins us to talk skills you think you're too old to learn and just hang out really.

8 Out Of 10 Cats captain Jon Richardson came in this week. James Acaster brought us something 'exciting' from 'Weetabix' and Nish Kumar delivered a bomb about The Beatles.

Episode 52 - Unpopular opinions, a game about tractors, Kerry Godliman and more than was necessary on Angel Delight.

Thanks for downloading. We had the pleasure of Kerry Godliman this week and James Acaster returned. Inspired by 'Neil of Fortune' Josh's Dad created a game for us to play and Nish Kumar dropped a huge 'Nishipedia' for us to digest.

Episode 51 - Slow news days, unlikely crushes and the usual gubbins.

Two topics based upon our first guest on the show Tom Craine this week and stepping into the studio for the first time, comedian Brett Goldstein.
24/02/1448m 53s

Episode 50 - John Robins, Ivo Graham and confusion over apples.

We welcomed the newest member of the XFM family John Robins onto the show and extended a firm welcome back hand shake to Ivo Graham. Nish Kumar delivered his most thought provoking yet and Producer Neil provided his most underwhelming Neil of Fortune yet.
17/02/141h 5m

Episode 49 - Settle in for the most text topics we've ever had.

A packed podcast for you podcast listener. Miles Jupp, Nish Kumar and James Acaster all join Josh to talk lying, fainting and embarrassing your parents.
10/02/141h 6m

Episode 48 - Gossiping, addictions and week two of new features.

Rob Beckett and Mike Wozniak were Josh's guests in the studio this week as he talked about gossip getting back to the person it was about and pointless things you were addicted to.
03/02/141h 5m

Episode 47 - New features galore, guests making their debut and the usual nonsense.

Hello old podcast friends, welcome new podcast friends. In this week's show Josh introduced three new features as if to prove he spent his time off productively. Tiffany Stevenson was our first guest and James Acaster our second. Cheers for download as always and don't forget to get in touch about AOB.
26/01/1450m 7s

BONUS PODCAST 4 - Josh is still having a rest so here are some more highlights.

The second of Josh's highlights podcast is here while he continues to rest and recuperate from his first 12 months on XFM.
12/01/1425m 54s

BONUS PODCAST 3 - A collection of highlights

Happy new year to you. This is a quick collection of highlights from the first 12 months of Josh's show.
05/01/1433m 16s

Episode 46 - A very merry Christmas to you, it's the last podcast of the year.

On our Christmas special (kind of) we were joined by Elis James to chat nativity memories and lame new years. Matthew Crosby gave us an other insight into a celebrity autobiography and James Acaster delivered a festive classic scrape.
22/12/1351m 41s

Episode 45 - Two shows debutants and two topics rolled into one.

Embracing the warmth of the studio and Josh for the first time were Angela Barnes and Tom Allen. We also talked dumb injuries and ruining Christmas.
16/12/131h 3m

Episode 44 - What might be the best text we've had in, a return visit from Nish Kumar and a debut appearance from Harriet Kemsley.

As it's December we dipped our toe into the Christmas waters asking for your unique family traditions and ill advised online purchases. Josh came up with an Xmas game and so much more in this week's podcast.
08/12/1358m 39s

Episode 43 - King of the one liner Stewart Francis and plenty of 'chit chat'

On a roll with the big names and this week Josh had the company of Stewart Francis. Tom Craine delivered some relationship advice and Matthew Crosby went deep into another celebrity autobiography. XFM, Josh Widdicombe, Stewart Francis, Tom Craine, Matthew Crosby, Pappy's, radio, comedy, The Last Leg.
02/12/1355m 46s


We're getting podcast happy! In this second bonus podcast Josh chats to one of the finest comedians from the USA, Bill Burr ahead of his UK tour.
28/11/137m 35s

Episode 42 - Stephen Merchant, a failed game and lots of 'AOB'.

Stephen Merchant returned to XFM and kept Josh company. James Acaster treated us to another classic scrape and Matthew Crosby of Pappy's dipped into the autobiography of Heather Mills.
25/11/131h 10m

BONUS PODCAST - Reginald D. Hunter

Welcome to the first in a run of bonus podcasts of Josh talking a bit more in-depth to his fellow comics. Kicking things off with the excellent Reginald D. Hunter who's new DVD 'In The Midst Of Crackers' is out now.
25/11/1313m 45s

Episode 41 - Jack Dee, DVD plugging, hitting 'reply all' and more.

Jack Dee was our main guest this week which was very exciting. We also wanted stories of mistaking replying all, there was some chat about Mel B, pirate radio and a classic scrape of heigh from James Acaster.
18/11/131h 3m

Episode 40 - Celebrity compliments, the return of Joe Lycett and a hello t o Nick Helm.

Brace yourselves we debuted some new features this week...didn't demo them so they were a bit rough. Happy to report there's also more on Nick Knowles.
11/11/1351m 9s

Episode 39 - Driving tests, roving hands and more guests than the norm.

We had the lovely company of Adam Hills this week as we navigated the topic of driving test horror stories plus Mark Watson joined us as the first celebrity guest guess on Anyone Can Play Guitar. James Acaster very kindly delivered us a halloween based classic scrape.
04/11/1358m 51s

Episode 38 - First days of woe, gifts that were a good idea at the time and another step into literary corner.

Much merriment and laughter this week going through tweets and hearing from Charlie Baker, Suzi Ruffell and Matthew Crosby plus Producer Neil returned glowing in the light of fatherhood.
28/10/1349m 25s

Episode 37 - Haircuts, locked doors, classic scrapes and a drum box.

Much mirth this week about bad haircuts plus stories of getting suck places. Matthew Crosby once again spoke to us from literary corner, we welcomed comic Romesh Ranganathan onto the show for his debut and topped things off as always with a James Acaster classic scrape.
22/10/1358m 39s

Episode 36 - Disappointing birthdays, getting locked in/locked out, David Beckham's autobiography and James Acaster.

Josh was joined by James Acaster and Ivo Graham. Topics circled around disappointing birthdays, your locked-in/locked-out mishaps, and an array of other wonderful things.
14/10/1354m 32s

Episode 35 - School prom mishaps, local TV irregularities and lots of off topic chat.

Guests were Tom Craine and James Acaster. Topics were school promo mishaps, local TV irregularities and lots of off topic chat.
07/10/1351m 49s

Episode 34 - Andy Parsons of Mock The Week, a look into Jordan's first autobiography and a hashtag.

Josh welcomed fellow Mock the Week panelist Andy Parsons onto the show to discuss pen friends, bandwagons and sheds.
30/09/131h 3m

Episode 33 - Injury advice, assemblies, Andy Cole, Seann Walsh, James Acaster plus more all in under one hour.

A jam packed show this week with Seann Walsh as our first guests and James Acaster, as is routine, our second. Lots of talk about school assemblies, some about injury advice and a little about a crow bar. Plus Matthew Crosby sprinkles some more showbiz dust on the show.
23/09/1352m 0s

Episode 32 - Tannoys PT2, kids TV discrepancies and the 'classic scrap' returns.

Another rollover topic this week alongside something on kids TV that wound Josh up. Joined in the studio by Tom Craine and James Acaster plus Matthew Crosby of Pappy's on the phone for a new feature.
10/09/1348m 34s

Episode 31 - Studio jealousy, tannoys, Rob Beckett and Lloyd Griffith.

Back in the studio after the show's mini tour of the UK Josh had an attack of studio envy. Also crossed of the topic list were 'things overheard on tannoys' and 'times you've made yourself at home in public' plus new features and some badger chat. Also happily joined by Rob Beckett and Lloyd Griffith.
02/09/1346m 23s

Episode 30 - Live from Reading with more chat of teachers, some about tight parents and worst house guests.

The show had a min-adventure and went to Reading this week where Josh was performing but due to boring broadcasting rights rather than come from the festival we had to do the show from Producer Neil's In-laws dining room. We invited round Suzi Ruffell too.
26/08/1343m 55s

Episode 29 - The second Edinburgh Fringe show.

This week from Edinburgh we were talking 'the smallest crowd you've been a part of' and 'strange places you've encountered your teacher'. Happily we were also joined by Sara Pascoe, John Robins, Matt Forde, Joe Lycett and James Acaster plus Producer Neil also had his own classic scrape.
19/08/1343m 56s

Episode 28 - The first of two Edinburgh Fringe specials

We took the show to Edinburgh this week for the first of two specials. Joining us were the marvellous Ivo Graham, Charlie Baker and James Acaster with an Edinburgh themed classic scrape. Joe Lycett even gave us an Edinburgh news special.
12/08/1336m 25s

Episode 27 - Shop names, forgetting names and other things.

In the studio this week were Welsh comic Elis James and Josh's co-host on The Last Leg, Alex Brooker.
05/08/1336m 33s

Episode 26 - Terrible advice from your parents, a bad week for James Acaster and the marvellous Holly Walsh was on too.

Josh was joined by Holly Walsh and as regular James Acaster to go through times you have pretended to be someone else or someone else pretended to be you and stories of some of the worst advice your parents gave you. There is also a trivial let down.
29/07/1348m 1s

Episode 25 - A quarter century of podcasts. We did nothing to celebrate.

Happy to be joined by Pappy's, Joe Lycett and James Acaster to talk through childhood gangs, sports day humiliations and the Moon landings.
22/07/1351m 28s

Episode 24 - Weathers nice isn't it? On this week's podcast Seann Walsh, Tom Craine, Joe Lycett, minor roles in school plays and reasons for appearing in the local paper.

No reasons for the two topics this week we just wanted stories and we were overwhelmed. There was a first ever head to head during 'In Pursuit of the Trivial', milk faces and reminiscing about Big Brother.
15/07/1355m 12s

Episode 23 - Maybe the greatest Glastonbury anecdote ever, our Mozart riddle possibly resolved and a battle of the scrapes.

After a week off Josh returned with Producer Neil, Tom Craine and James Acaster in tow. Two Glastonbury miss haps inspired the show themes of packing disasters and things you've slept through. You will also hear other things.
08/07/1353m 58s

Episode 22 - Terrible wedding guest, wasted holidays and other conversational things.

Hi podcast listener, thanks for downloading and listening. In episode 22 expect chat about weddings, wasted holidays, some more news from Joe Lycett, a show debut from Joel Dommett and of course utter joy from James Acaster.
24/06/1349m 40s

Episode 21 - Finally getting around to talking flatmates, stolen towels and more on the Mexican cat.

After paying it little heed last week Josh finally discussed minor reasons to hate flatmates, Joe Lycett gave us part 2 on the Mexican mayoral cat, comic musician and actor Nick Helm was our guest and we rounded off as ever with another James Acaster classic scrape.
17/06/1341m 14s

Episode 20 - A question about schools, something about flat mates, the great Nish Kumar, Joe Lyectt and James Acaster.

Talking, "Was it only my school that did...", a Josh Widdicombe show debut for Nish Kumar, Joe Lycett backs a Mexican cat and a classic scrape of the finest order from James Acaster.
10/06/1355m 15s

Episode 19 - James Acaster and his classic scrapes return and Josh covers off listeners lowest ambitions and most disappointing trips.

The return of classic scrapes, terribly disappointing trips and listeners lowest ambitions all discussed with Josh, Elis James and James Acaster plus possibly the most informative news nugget from Joe Lycett yet.
03/06/1336m 41s

Episode 17 - Answer phone messages that weren't for you and dreams you should't have told people about.

Welcome. Topics tackled this week were unknown answer phone messages and dreams that you really should have kept to yourself. Comic Tom Craine joined Josh plus Joe Lycett went through the news.
28/05/1337m 41s

Episode 18 - Two shows in one weekend? Never accuse us of being work shy.

With Gordon Smart away and all other cover avenues exhausted Josh stepped in for an extra Xfm show. Breaking ground with a new concept we copied all the same features from the normal Saturday show. Our guest this week was the brilliant up and coming comic Ivo Graham.
28/05/1332m 37s

Episode 16 - Taking credit or shifting the blame, when you became everything you hate, Isy Suttie (Dobby from Peepshow) and Joe Lycett.

The marvellous Isy Suttie from Peep Show joined Josh to go through this week's themes of 'taking credit or shifting the blame' and 'when you became everything you hate' plus Joe Lycett as ever delivered the most important news story of the week.
20/05/1346m 35s

Episode 15 - Jobs, putting your foot in your mouth, Matthew Crosby and headphone mutiny.

The first show in the post Fergie era and if we're honest it didn't get off to the best start but it did get better. We covered themes on topic and off topic. Joe Lycett wrestled with the news and we were very happy to have Matthew Crosby of Pappy's on the show.
13/05/1350m 45s

Episode 14 - Minor reasons to hate your partners ex, misunderstood facts as a child, German football and Tom Rosenthal

Hey podcast listener. This week Josh delved into relationships and also wanted to know facts or information you really didn't get to grips with as a kid. Joe Lycett provided his take on The Champions League and Tom Rosenthal was the very special guest in the studio.
06/05/1335m 8s

Episode 13 - Tom Craine, summer fashion, bad song memories, and JLS splitting up.

We 'mourn' the loss of pop botherers JLS, Josh shows us his rather embarrassing new pair of summer shorts, and today's guest is Tom Craine!
29/04/1341m 53s

Episode 12 - Home town facts, half heard conversations, Suzi Ruffell and someone falling over.

The show took a mini road trip and came from Birmingham this week; exciting. As this is Producer Neil's home Josh wanted to know about listeners home town facts and also stores of half heard conversations. Joe Lycett was on the phone with the news as normal plus the brilliant Suzi Ruffell joined Josh for the final part of the show.
22/04/1346m 21s

Episode 11 - Things you were never allowed as a child, tackling THE news story of the week and a trip to Alcatraz.

In this podcast Josh and the Xfm listenership talk about things there were never allowed as a child. There is obviously only one story newshound Joe Lycett can take on this week and the last "classic scrape" from James Acaster for a few weeks as he's off on tour. (Oh and there's a diversion to talk about ex-England footballer Michael Owen).
15/04/1340m 56s

Episode 10 - Bedroom bands, Pappy's and North Korea.

Comedy sketch trio Pappy's chat to Josh and sift through stories of bands that never made it out of the Xfm listener's bedrooms. Joe Lycett gives us an insight on how he would deal with the situation in North Korea and we finish as ever with James Acaster who brings us a classic scrape involving disco beats.
08/04/1342m 59s

Episode 9 - Unknown texts, Rob Beckett, Trivia, and Assassinations.

Hello Podcast listener. Episode 9 sees comic Rob Beckett accompany Josh through some tales of sent and received anonymous texts. Joe Lycett takes us through an assination attempt and James Acaster delivers a "classic scrape" that might be his best yet.
01/04/1338m 27s

Episode 8 - Alan Carr, going to the wrong things, rubbish freebies and a classic scrape.

Josh was kept company for a short while this week by Alan Carr as they went down memory lane about touring together. The show also tackled stories of when "you've been to see the wrong thing", more musical trivia was passed to Producer Neil and James Acaster relived once more another classic scrape.
25/03/1358m 22s

Episode 7 - Lies, lies, lies, more trivia and a tale about porcelain china.

Welcome, this is podcast 7 and this week it was all about times you've found yourself out of your depth and silly lies you've told or heard. Joe Lycett delivers his verdict on the Chris Huhne case and James Acaster relives another classic scrape. Do enjoy it.
18/03/1344m 20s

Episode 6 - Your worst work colleagues ever, music trivia 101 and how just one hour in a band can go so so wrong.

Adam Hills and Alex Brooker, Josh's co-hosts on 'The Last Leg' guest on the show & inspire the theme of "worst work colleagues" this week. Newshound Joe Lycett talks about Stalin and James Acaster continues to give more accounts of his unbelievable life to date.
11/03/1343m 12s

Episode 5 - Pointless awards, the only take on the Italian elections you'll need and another look into the life of comic James Acaster.

Alright. How are you? Thinking back to his childhood days Josh reminisced about his receiving of the "Good Egg" award at school and wanted to know what other pointless awards the Xfm audience had been given. Joe Lycett gave his unique take on the Italian elections and there's a bit about how Classic FM made Josh miss part of the show.
04/03/1338m 17s

Episode 4 - Sticking it to the man in the mildest possible manner, Ben Fogle on LSD and fellow standup Tom Craine joins Josh.

After hearing a weak rebellious story about an Xfm colleague Josh wanted listener tales of how they have given two fingers to their employers. Joe Lycett embraces his role as the shows news reporter by giving us the info on Ben Fogle's LSD experience and Tom Craine stops by.
25/02/1334m 49s

Episode 3 - Moments of embarrassment, a tale about Mr Echo from 'Lost' and Joe Lycett chats about the Pope

Josh's fellow comic and friend Joy Lycett gives his take on the Pope stepping aside and after worrying that he would show himself up in front of one of his comedy heroes Josh asks for listener tales of embarrassing themselves in front of celebrities.
18/02/1337m 5s

Episode 2 - Depressing Valentines, Joe Lycett on Richard III and a joke about Suede.

Tapping into the sad world of the average Xfm listener once again, Josh goes through some depressing Valentines tales but thankfully is pulled out of this downward spiral with a call to the always wonderful Joe Lycett.
13/02/1331m 0s

Episode 1 - Stephen Merchant, Joe Lycett, James Acaster

Josh's first podcast contains the best bits of his first three weeks on-air. He's joined by fellow comics Stephen Merchant (offering his review of Josh's first show), James Acaster and Joe Lycett. Plus he goes through some embarrassingly sad tales of dumping.
06/02/1332m 7s
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