MAFS UK: It's Official!

MAFS UK: It's Official!

By Married at First Sight UK

Fascinators at the ready: it's the official Married at First Sight UK podcast! Every Thursday, host Yasmin Evans delves into the week's action with a rotating cast of your favourite brides, grooms, experts and celebrity MAFS super fans. Black tie optional.


Ep 11: We’re back b**ches! (For a one-off MAFS reunion special)

SURPRISE! We’re back people of the congregation, and we’re ready to get some SERIOUS goss on life after MAFS UK with some of our gorgeous brides and grooms. Yasmin has managed to get herself into the ACTUAL venue where our MAFS UK 2023 Alumni are gathering for the first time since the show ended. Is that the sound of tension you can hear being cut with a knife?! Oh no, it’s just a slice of pork pie at the dinner party, don’t worry! And given that it’s a special occasion, Yasmin is joined by not one, not two, but SIX MAFS legends on the sofa! Paul and Tasha come through to catch us up, and tell us about dropping the L-word, two of our favourite gals Jay and Adrienne give us the tea on what went down after the cameras stopped rolling, and, in a not-so-spoiler-spoiler-alert, brand new couple Shona and Matt tell us ALL! When, how, where and everything that happened after! (Well, obvs not everything… it’s not that kind of show)So, that’s actually it. MAFS UK is wrapped up for another year. And what a series it was! Thanks for coming along for the ride with us, it’s been a blast! Anyway, gotta dash to the travel agent, we’ve got it on good authority that Australia is the place to be for strangers getting hitched now … ;)
27/02/2426m 54s

Ep 10: An awards ceremony, STI check and big old catch up… with Bobby Norris, Jay & Paul C Brunson

How have you guys been coping now that MAFS has been off air for a week? We’ve been STRUGGLING… so we’re back with a li’l wrap up episode to tie up all the loose ends from this series. You’re. Welcome. Everyone. Yasmin is joined by reality legend Bobby Norris - to debrief that final meeting between our couples and the experts, and, let’s be honest, his thoughts on the whole series. Somebody get the butter knives, because even with a fractured knee, Bobby is ready to ski himself down the aisle (provided Matt is at the end of it!). Oh, and there's some v naughty language in this one, so definitely not one for the school run. And two of our MAFS heroes are in the building - our gorgeous bride Jay and the incredibly iconic Paul C Brunson are here! (did you know the ‘C’ stands for Charming? Only joking, we know it’s Carrick. Have some respect!) Jay lets us know how she’s feeling since the show has ended, and Paul spills the beans on just how thorough the matching process is… it’s intimate, you guys. We have some awards to present in the ‘MAFTAs’ - GET IT?! And we consult our *totally legitimate* sources to find out what our brides and grooms have been getting up to since the experiment… ;) And… hate to say it… but that’s it! If you’ve missed any episodes you can stream the whole series of MAFS UK on Channel 4 - and you can watch all of the episodes of the podcast on the 4Reality YouTube channel. Maybe we’ll meet you at the end of an aisle at some point soon?
23/11/2342m 8s

Ep 9: A returned ring, a whispered L-bomb, and a kiss that may or may not have happened… with David Potts, Peggy & Georges

Guys, we’ve finally made it… MAFS UK: It’s Official is only on the telly! We aren’t sure if someone at E4 put the wrong tape in, but we’re going with it. Don’t worry if you missed it though, we forgive you, because we’re still here in podcast land as always! Yasmin is joined by everyone’s favourite holiday rep and short-shorts aficionado David Potts, as well as our other small pants superfan Georges and beautiful bride Peggy! David and Yasmin talk us through this week’s action with all of our couples (and exes 🙁) and get Wagatha-level forensic on the Jordan did he/didn’t he/who did he kiss argument. Turns out, we might know the mystery lady after all… hold tight for a BIG confession (definitely not fake news). So while some of our couples have said an emotional goodbye at vow renewals, what we really wanna know is what do Peggy’s parents really make of Georges now that they’ve committed to one another? Will she have to bin off her entire family to be with him? Yasmin’s coming in with the hard hitting questions that’ll have Krishnan Guru-Murthy fearing for his job. We can’t believe we’re nearly at the end… what are we all going to do with ourselves? Don’t worry though, we’ll be back next week with a series wrap up and some of your faves!Right, we’ve gotta get going to the car boot sale with Peggy’s dad, we heard there were some great bargains to be had on second hand wedding rings and dinner party vests. Bisous!
15/11/2323m 9s

Ep 8: A horse-drawn carriage, a steak challenge and an unused box of sex toys. With Ryan-Mark Parsons, Rozz and Thomas

It’s every girl’s dream come true… a carriage ride around Peckham! Oh Peggy, you really are the luckiest princess in all the land! This week Ryan-Mark Parsons has joined Yasmin to help with our debrief… and we’re getting DANGEROUSLY close to the end of the experiment. WE’RE NOT READY FOR A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!And former lovebirds Rozz and Thomas pop in to tell us what really happened on homestays and why, in the end, leaving the experiment was the right decision for them. Grab your tissues though, it’s about to get emotional (and, at points… extremely kinky) As our couples head on their final dates, the real world is looming. Will the pressure be too much and will distance get in the way of them finding futures together? Inspired by an *ever-so-slightly* savage question that was dug out from the depths of the honesty box: Rozz, Thomas and Mark-Ryan play a game of 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years… Personally? We’d spend 5 years with ALL our Brides and Grooms because we love them equally… O:-) The experiment is not quite over yet - so MAKE THE MOST OF THIS LAST WEEK - OR ELSE. Catch MAFS UK every Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4. And as an extra special treat - you’ll be able to catch MAFS UK: It’s Official on the actual telly on Wednesday 15th November straight after MAFS finishes. We’re ready for our close up! Now to patiently wait to see if Tasha And Paul: The Love Story will be nominated for an Oscar. I heard it’s the movie of the year!
09/11/2342m 10s

Ep 7: Love eggs, homestays and a game of tennis in 6-inch heels. With Tinea Taylor, Mel Schilling and Ella

Oh look - someone wrote us an anonymous letter… Dear MAFS UK: It’s Official! - you are the best podcast ever, we love listening to you every Thursday. Please could you invite Mel, Ella and Tinea Taylor on this week? Thanks! … Well, well, well, your wish is our command… Did somebody say girls’ girls?! This week Yasmin is joined by her real-life bestie - presenter Tinea Taylor as well as our stunning, hilarious Bride Ella, and actual MAFS legend - our expert Mel! Ella’s back and she’s properly loved up with her new husband - sorry - boyfriend. She gives us the full debrief on life back in the experiment with her new bae - and what it was like to take him home to meet her amazing Nan. And Mel lets us know how crucial the homestays are for our couples, as well as arranging a casual holiday with Tinea and Ella to Miami. In the spirit of partner swap week - we play our own game of swapsies… and no, don’t worry - we’re not swapping lives with Georges (we don’t have the endurance to do that many squats). But we do work out who from this year’s Brides and Grooms that Mel would most like to be stuck in a lift with…So grab your remote (no, not the love egg remote, Thomas…) because MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4 and - of course - we’ll be back with you next Thursday night straight after the show!Righto, we’re off to go give an MBE to the member of the crew who found a bar called ‘Arthur’s’ in Chelsea for Laura and Arthur to grab a drink in. We see you and we appreciate your attention to detail.
02/11/2343m 41s

Ep 6: Love/hate week and a VERY dramatic dinner party (with no pudding). With Chanita and Tasha

Your new favourite girlband are here on today’s podcast, and they are ready to give early noughties Destiny’s Child a run for their money. Oh, and it’s another spicy episode, so not one for sensitive ears, or kids, or your nan. Yasmin is joined by MAFS alumni bride Chanita and current bride Tasha - and they’re not the same person apparently…! We get Tasha’s perspective on the fall out with Erica, as well as some dinner party insight about how the lack of desserts led Chanita to playing the spoons at the table. Yep, spoons. Again. MAFS and spoons, the love-hate marriage nobody saw coming. We’re playing our own version of love/hate week; how does Tasha feel about gravy and reclining a seat on the plane? And what does Chanita have to say about tickling and crocs? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by listening to this excellent podcast. MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4, you know the drill by now, and we’ll be back with you next Thursday night straight after the show for the big debrief! Right, we’ve got £88 to spend, so we’re off to the upstairs bit of Ann Summers ;)
26/10/2340m 40s

Ep 5: A dramatic dinner party debrief, and bonking under the stars! With Sonny Jay and Mark

The weather’s really taken a turn this week hasn’t it?! And these cold, clear nights can only mean one thing… a chance to witness some Northern DeLights. Yasmin is joined on the couch by the very talented and stylish Sonny Jay, and the Kim K of Canning Town himself, it’s gorgeous new groom Mark! And strap yourself in, because there’s some naughty language in this week’s episode - definitely not one for the kids! We find out just how late Mark was to his wedding… and why that shirt was SO special. Sonny and Mark have a special connection over an affinity for orange and navy outfits, and Yasmin wants to know how many more terms our brides and grooms are going to have for, erm, having a lovely adult time together? And despite the epic fail on Adrienne and Matt’s honeymoon while playing ‘Would You Rather’, we give it a go in the studio while we ponder life’s biggest decisions, like if you were forced to get married in the wrong shirt, or to someone who was wearing, *sharp intake of breath* a black suit. MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4, you know the drill by now, and we’ll be back with you next Thursday night straight after the show for the big debrief! Now settle down… the Burnley v Essex match is starting!
19/10/2339m 22s

Ep 4: Shock exits, a spicy spa day, serious eye gazing and garage shout outs! With Chanté Joseph, Charlene Douglas and Terence

MAKE SOME NOISE FOR DJ TERENCE! THIS ONE’S FOR THE BRIDES AND GROOMS IN THE HOUSE!!!! CAN I HEAR YOU SCREAAAAAAAAM?! It’s Groom Terence’s lucky day as he’s on the couch with writer and presenter Chanté Joseph and our wonderful expert Charlene Douglas. Yasmin and Chanté *opine* about the departures of our first couples, the boys gossiping, and some friction between two of our brides. Terence gives us the tea on his time in the experiment (no milk or sugar though, so we don’t need a spoon), and Charlene tells us what’s in her box of tricks (cue a *lively* discussion about penis rings - consider this your warning!) Plus there’s some intense eye gazing (it’s definitely not a competition, though) between Terence and Yasmin, and Queen Charlene ups the jeopardy with a final decision that could see the podcast binned off forever - eek! MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4 so make sure you don’t miss an episode, and we’ll be back with you next Thursday night straight after the show, so we’ll see you then! Anyone for a game of spin the bottle?!
12/10/2336m 55s

Ep 3: Intruders, Confessions Week, SPOON-GATE and Honesty….Socks? With Adrian and Porscha

We’re pleased to announce that we have removed all the serving spoons from the apartments. Yes, our couples may have to spend Sunday lunch picking up steaming hot roast potatoes with their bare hands, but we think it’s for the best. Married At First Sight alumni Groom Adrian is this week’s guest, and he’s joined on the couch by one of our lovely Brides Porscha. QUICK!!! Call the police because we have intruders!! No, actually, wait! … It’s just some new singles casually meeting for the first time at the altar, no biggie! And this week, our previously married couples have been confessing to one another, plus there’s another Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony for us to debrief on! Meanwhile, Yasmin’s feeling a little bit left out as she’s fighting for her place in a thruple with Adrian and Porscha, Adrian is NOT holding back, and Porscha tells us her side of the spoon-gate drama. Plus there’s warm feet for all, in our high budget, glitzy game of ‘Honesty Socks’. MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4, so make sure you’re back here next week for the ultimate lowdown on all the action. Meanwhile, Yasmin and Adrian will be making membership badges for the Paul fan club. Who wants in?!P.S. … Did you know JJ’s ex was a model? Not sure if he mentioned it.
05/10/2335m 25s

Ep 2: Commitment, consummations and… a serving spoon xoxo With Snoochie Shy and Luke.

Two baguettes for the person who can go a whole episode of MAFS UK without saying the word ‘consummate’. Just kidding, there will be NO squatting on this podcast.Presenter and Married At First Sight fan Snoochie Shy and one of our lovely Grooms Luke is on the MAFS UK: It’s Official! couch with Yasmin. There’s been so much happening in our second week - MORE weddings, MORE honeymoons, moving in, the first dinner party AND a commitment ceremony. There’s a real serving of romance in places, and a spoonful of drama in others ;) Yasmin keeps trying to make ‘Peorges’ or ‘Jeggy’ happen (it’s not going to happen!), Snoochie channels her inner Porscha, and ‘mystic’ Luke tells us about sharing matchmaking notes with Jay on their honeymoon to predict who would end up married to who! Spoiler alert, he knew that would happen… And while he’s at it, Luke also gives us the lowdown on where his wedding ring is, plus some verrrrry interesting insights to life in the MAFS experiment, including lots about his honeymoon….ahem.…activities. Cocktail, anyone? Don’t forget, MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4, and we’ll be back next week with the ultimate debrief! BRB, off to book DJ Terence for the end of series Podcast party. S to the P to the O to the oh…. Oh no. Oh dear. Sorry about that.
28/09/2328m 0s

Ep 1: Weddings, honeymoons and… dem tiddies? With Luke Franks and Laura

How to write a podcast description....oh WAIT A SECOND… this isn’t Google….that's embarrassing. Must stop asking Arthur for advice on how to write important things. Luke Franks and one of our beautiful brides Laura join Yasmin for the very first proper episode of MAFS UK: It’s Official! The first week of MAFS UK was a busy one - skiing, cave diving, a tractor ride… and 12 strangers pledged their romantic lives to each other in front of all their friends and family after having met mere minutes previously. Quite a big deal actually. Our experts have matched our couples based on compatibility and -er- DEM TIDDIES. But we’re about to see those matches put to the test. Yasmin comes through with spelling and MAFS lessons (geddit?!), Luke is astounded by how many synonyms Georges has for breasts, and Laura gives us the lowdown on what’s cool in Chelsea in our brilliantly titled game: Edge or No Edge. Sparkling water, anyone?Remember, MAFS UK is on every Monday to Thursday night at 9pm on E4, and we’ll be back next week with the ultimate debrief! As they would say in Chelsea… splendid.
21/09/2331m 21s

Yasmin Evans vibe checks the brand-new brides and grooms!

You're invited to the official Married at First Sight UK podcast! Join our host Yasmin Evans as she prepares for the return of the brand new series of MAFS UK and get the lowdown on all the new brides and grooms.
16/09/2317m 28s

Introducing MAFS UK: It's Official! The Podcast

Hold onto your bouquet! E4 is delighted to announce that the wildest dating show on telly, Married at First Sight UK, is getting a companion podcast!Every Thursday evening, host Yasmin Evans will be joined by a selection of your favourite brides and grooms as well as our trusty relationship experts and celebrity MAFS UK Superfans. They’ll be dissecting all the best romances, drama, tears and tantrums – and the fall-out from the honesty box confessions.MAFS UK: It’s Official will say ‘I Do’ from Thursday 21st September at 10pm. Find it wherever you get your podcasts or 4Reality YouTube.
15/09/231m 21s
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