The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson

The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson

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Welcome to The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson. In each episode Gemma takes on a different topic ranging from the shocking to the hilarious to the tear jerking. Gemma and her guests share open and honest experiences and you’ll hear some of the most jaw dropping stories. In each episode Gemma’s joined by an expert who helps us make sense of some of the curve balls life can throw. This is not for young ears! Expect explicit content in Gemma’s debut podcast series; The Overshare. Come and join us.


What's a bit unconventional about YOU?

What is it about you that makes you and your life a little bit different to others? We asked and you delivered… from home tutoring, to a couple of mums ditching their other halves for each other, to the shock the guests to one Wedding got… it all features, as we speak to those who go against the norm.In this episode we use a different voice for Melanie's story.
23/11/2333m 35s

When your FIRST date was your LAST date!

These aren’t just bad first dates these are horrific moments in anyone’s life! Forget bad manners and poor punctuality we’re talking impromptu nakedness and bringing out the baby oil! There's high shock factor in this Overshare.
16/11/2337m 9s

Life Interruptions

Everything’s as it should be, you think you’ve got a handle on life and it’s all on course… then, out of the blue you’re hit with a huge curve ball. That’s what this episode is all about.  Gemma’s joined by people who all had their life suddenly interrupted, from rare illnesses to dramatic exits to re locations and the discovery your marriage wasn’t as it seemed.In some episodes of The Overshare we change names to protect those connected to our Over sharers.
09/11/2339m 23s

My Other Half was THAT useless during My Labour!

Prepare to be astonished at just how rubbish some birth partners can be! However bad you may have had it, ask yourself how you’d feel if your other half went for a round of golf whilst you were in labour! There’s also an appearance from Gorka Marquez, who between tip runs chats about his performance during Gemma’s labours.
02/11/2324m 2s

When Parenting Goes Wrong...!

Calling all Parents and those who have ever been responsible for a child…! This one’s for you; to let you know we’re all in the same boat… we’re all winging it from waking up to bedtime and everyone in this episode will prove that, there are mishaps and mess ups a plenty.
26/10/2323m 4s

Coping with Grief

Gemma lost her Dad at a very young age and has often wondered if we all cope with Grief in the same way. In this episode of The Overshare we hear from people who have all suffered very different kinds of grief and are at a point where they can now share the toughest times of their life. Thank you so much to our guests in this Overshare for opening up to help others.
19/10/2345m 47s

Social Media Mess Ups!

We’ve all been victim to a social media mishap, but have you ever ran home sick after sending your boss something inappropriate, or slipped on Instagram Live at the worst possible time?  Prepare to cringe like never before at these hilarious tales.  Gemma’s also joined by author Tanith Carey as they tackle one of the no.1 parenting questions; when is the right time to let your kids loose on social media?In this episode we use a different voice as the voice of the final story - to protect their embarrassment, you'll see why.
12/10/2330m 49s

30, Single & Fine

This is the Overshare for those fighting the pressure to settle down and start a family just because they’re 30 Something.  Here’s a collection of head strong focused singletons who are smashing their career and life and bucking the trend. In some episodes of The Overshare we change the names of the over-sharers to protect them or those connected to them.
05/10/2334m 1s


In this Overshare Gemma delves into some of the biggest secrets that people have un covered… from secret families to the tale of one husband and the text he never expected his wife to see. One of our juiciest Overshares of the series… 
28/09/2332m 34s

Bodies - why we love them, why we loathe them!

Welcome to the world of The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson.  In Episode One; Will we ever be happy with our bodies? We hear about some life changing body alterations people have made… for the better and for the worse.  From gastric bands to bad tattoos to a tale of inspirational weight loss, welcome to our safe haven of Oversharing. If any of the issues in our Bodies episode leave you wanting help or advice, here’s where you can get the support you may need Obesity - NHS (
21/09/2337m 32s

The One Before Episode One...

Ahead of Episode One of The Overshare, Gemma Atkinson chats to her Producer Matt Foister about the arrival of Baby Thiago and how life’s changed since becoming a Mum of two, plus they tease us with what’s to come in Series One of The Overshare. Here’s where the journey begins...
21/09/2313m 28s

The Overshare with Gemma Atkinson

Here it is… your teaser for Gemma Atkinson’s debut podcast series The Overshare! Expect adult conversation and jaw dropping stories…
24/08/231m 7s
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