The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

By The Amp Hour (Chris Gammell and David L Jones)

A weekly podcast about the electronics industry. Occasional guests. Lots of laughs.


#673 – Lifelong Learning with Bitluni

Bitluni joins Chris on The Amp Hour to discuss FPGAs, ESP32 projects, custom silicon, building around memes, and continually challenging yourself to learn something new.

#672 – Silicon Revolution with Matt Venn

Matt Venn returns to The Amp Hour to talk about the successes (and learnings) from many additional runs of TinyTapeout, a shared project service sitting on top of a multi product wafer service. Matt also talks about a forthcoming analog ASIC design class on Zero to Asic, his online course.

#671 – NDA Sideshow

Dave and Chris talk about the letdown of signing an NDA and seeing "behind the curtain". Also inverters, programming tools, pricing changes at Altium, and old school web stuff.

#670 – Engineering Careers with Circuit Break & James Lewis

Chris joins the Circuit Break podcast (Parker Dillman, Stephen Kraig) along with James Lewis to talk about engineering careers. This show will also be posted as episode 435 of the Circuit Break Podcast

#669 – Freelance PCB Design with Petr Dvorak

Petr Dvorak is a freelance PCB designer and a prolific sharer of knowledge on LInkedIn. He joins Chris to discuss electronic microscopes, traveling to Shenzhen, revision control, KiCad (of course), and much more!

#668 – 50.0000 Ohms

Chris and Dave discuss controlled impedance board traces, classic hacker movies, Location APIs, CHIPS act beneficiaries, power problems in houses, and more!

#667 – Long Distance with CNLohr-a

CNLohr returns to The Amp Hour to talk about LoRa and implementing a solution using harmonics coming out of a standard microcontroller's GPIO
23/05/241h 31m

#666 – Good Energy Citizen

This week Chris and Dave discuss EV charging, chip fabs, manufacturing, large airliners, power storage, and more!
08/05/241h 6m

#665 – Really long needle nose pliers

Dave and Chris talk trade shows, demos, light up hardware, bluetooth, obsolete processors, sustaining engineering, and more
25/04/241h 9m

#664 – Simulating doors falling off

This week Dave and Chris talk about upcoming demos, bluetooth, car troubles, new silicon, parts in the lab, and more!
04/04/241h 3m

#663 – Motors on PCBs with Carl Bugeja

Carl Bugeja joins Chris to talk about building PCB motors and actuators, starting a new business, documenting build processes on YouTube, manufacturing flexible circuits, and much more!
26/03/2456m 42s

#662 – The non-Stinky Car

Dave and Chris discuss EVs, adapting power tool batteries for projects on the bench, robots, software updates, and more!
20/03/241h 6m

#661 – Blogging Electronics with Pallav Aggarwal

Pallav Aggarwal of CAPUF Embedded joins Chris to talk about blogging about learning electronics and helping others learn along the way! Pallav does teardowns, chip walkthroughs (like on the CH32V003), Linux projects, custom hardware, and more!
11/03/241h 3m

#660 – My Toothbrush Is Broadcasting

Chris and Dave discuss SPICE in CAD programs, new software releases, startup paperwork, crazy smarthome stuff, and toothbrushes that give away your data.
05/03/241h 6m

#659 – Altium…Acquired!

Dave and Chris talk through Renesas acquiring Altium and all its implications. Also Dave gives a history of Altium and they discuss how the industry might change (or not).
20/02/241h 13m

#658 – Uncle Al’s Eating Garbage Again

This week Chris and Dave discuss relativistic time differences, building with RISC V components, RF modules, silly consumer hardware, underwater electronics, and more!
13/02/241h 7m

#657 – Automating the Home with Keith Burzinski

Keith Burzinski of Nabu Casa works on ESPhome and making it easier to attach custom hardware to the open source home assistant project. He joins Chris to talk about the realities of offline smart home setups and how you can get started building custom things.
05/02/241h 23m

#656 – Pneumatic Tubes, Straight To The Home

Dave returns after a few weeks on holiday to chat with Chris about robots, maker companies merging, hyped up tech at CES (and beyond), trains, power grids...and more!
22/01/241h 14m

#655 – The Twelfth Day of Keyzermas

Jeff Keyzer of joins Chris for a later-than-usual holiday episode, recording on what will be known as The Twelfth Day of Keyzermas
09/01/241h 20m

#654 – Pseudo Code…Pseudo Good

Dave and Chris discuss moon landings, oscilloscopes, design decisions for limited peripherals on microcontrollers, coding, smart home programs, and more!
19/12/231h 6m

#653 – Benjamin Cabé Nose Zephyr

Benjamin Cabé, developer advocate for the Zephyr Project, joins Chris to talk about the popular Ecosystem and Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Listen if you'd like to get started with an exciting firmware product that can really enhance your next project.
11/12/231h 6m

#652 – For a couple weeks there…

Chris and Dave return after a few guests shows and missed weeks when Chris was out with a new baby in the household. This week we talked about China, chip supply, RISC V, PCB tradeshows, LED factories, and more!
28/11/231h 7m

#651 – Learning Computing with Jeff Geerling

Jeff Geerling of the Jeff Geerling YouTube channel joins Chris to talk about how to explore the wide variety of computing devices, from an ESP32 monitor on your garage, all the way up to a multi-rack server.
21/11/231h 3m

#650 – Accessible ASICs with Andreas Olofsson

Andreas Olofsson is the CEO of ZeroASIC, a company that will build you a custom ASIC using chiplets. He returns to The Amp Hour to talk about what has changed in the chip(let) industry in the last 8 years and how they will lower the cost for quasi custom designs for the masses.
13/11/231h 3m

#649 – History of the Cathode Ray Tube with Kathy Joseph

Kathy Joseph from Kathy Loves Physics joins Dave on The Amp Hour to discuss history and physics and we end up discussing the intricate history of the development of the Cathode Ray Tube.
05/11/231h 18m

#648 – The RP1 and beyond with the Raspberry Pi Hardware team

James Adams and Liam Fraser of the Raspberry Pi hardware team once again join Chris to talk about the RP1 custom silicon on the Raspberry Pi 5
23/10/231h 9m

#647 – Dave hanging with Fran Blanche

Dave hangs out with Fran Blanche for her 4th appearance on the show. Space, Youtubing, tube testing, storage nightmares, and oopsies.
10/10/231h 6m

#646 – Fan Fanboys

Chris and Dave discuss selling low volume hardware, old stock of chips, Intel's weird investments, creating oddball PCBs, scopes without fans, and more!
11/09/231h 3m

#645 – Moving Down The Stack with Scott Williams

Scott Williams returns to The Amp Hour after 6 months to discuss the technical aspects of consulting, including some of the tools he reaches for when building a new product
05/09/231h 22m

#644 – Garbage Ninjas

Dave and Chris discuss fitness trackers and smartwatches, boomboxes, buying off of eBay, design decisions, and contract manufacturing.
28/08/231h 2m

#643 – Calibration & Repair with Ian Johnston

Dave and Ian Scott Johnston discuss the PDVS2mini DC Voltage Calibrator Source, production, China, CERN, ebay reselling, test gear, pick and place machines, assembly, automated test systems, and Youtube repair videos.
22/08/231h 9m

#642 – Sad Violins for Superconductors

Chris and Dave recount modems, handsets, trains, 2n2222 transistors, RISC V, and a complete lack of knowledge of how superconductors work.
13/08/231h 7m

#641 – Power Transmission with Toby Robb

Fellow Aussie Toby Robb joins Dave to discuss everything related to mains power generation and transmission and his role as a linesman.
31/07/231h 12m

#640 – Software Defined Power Supplies with Werner Johansson

Werner Johansson of Qoitech has been working on controlling power supplies with software for a long time. He joins Chris to talk about building systems that can quickly respond to the world, including a heavy focus on battery characterization.
25/07/231h 11m

#639 – Daaaamn We’re Duuuummmb

Chris and Dave discuss efficiencies of different types of power generation, building with new chips, new test equipment, building with chiplets and feeling very dumb. All that and more!
17/07/231h 4m

#638 – Building AR Headsets with Aedan Cullen

Aedan Cullen has built some amazingly compact electronics in order to create Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. He joins Chris to talk about hardware challenges and building the next (small) big thing.
09/07/231h 8m

#637 – CH32V003…fun! with CNLohr

CNLohr joins Chris to talk about doing more with small parts like the CH32V003. CN has been working on the publicly available CH32V003fun library, and recently implemented SW only USB!
25/06/231h 15m

#636 – Discovering Cursed Connectors

Dave and Chris discuss a teardown of a prosumer recording product, choices around cable connectors, 3G cellular networks, and the end of the EAGLE era
19/06/231h 4m

#635 – Low Power Connected Devices with Andrea Longobardi

Andrea Longobardi from AL2tech joins Chris to talk about consulting, projects in the gas monitoring space, finding early clients, moving outside chip companies, and low power connected device design.
05/06/231h 16m

#634 – The CAN bus can! with Dr Ken Tindell

Dr Ken Tindell joins Chris to explain the CAN bus, including the history and how CAN is used in modern day cars. Also car hacking, self-driving car questions, standards in the trucking industry, and what automotive computing will look like in the future.
30/05/231h 8m

#633 – Engineering Optimization

This week Chris and Dave talk about the regular tasks engineers have in front of them when building a new hardware project: battery, data, features, etc. That plus low cost hardware, hacking devices, figuring out new projects, and more
22/05/231h 4m

#632 – Steve Sanghi – Microchip CEO for 31 Years!

Dave talks with Steve Sanghi who was Microchip CEO for 31 years, now Executive Chair.
15/05/231h 6m

#631 – A Noisy Rude Bus

Chris and Dave discuss how CAN bus is in fact, a "noisy rude bus". Also working with piezo speakers, strain gauges, manufacturing considerations, and getting your proto off the bench quickly.
08/05/231h 5m

#630 – Renewable Energy Policy with Ari Gerstman

Ari Gerstman from the Department of Energy SCEP Office joins Chris to talk through US Renewable Energy Policy. They discuss the impacts of growing electrication in the US and how spending is driving new industries.
02/05/231h 20m

#629 – At least my house isn’t haunted

Chris regales Dave with the story of his spooky electrical problems at his house (subject of the puzzler in 628). Also choosing new micros, recently announced micros, and blown up space toys.
24/04/231h 3m

#628 – Two Dads Puzzlin Things Out

Dave Young joins Chris in-person to record about learning firmware, weird power issues, and encouraging engineering education.
17/04/231h 1m

#627 – Works on my machine

Chris and Dave discuss compiling code in an automated way, as well as recent Aussie tech events, EE retirement, open source equipment, and more!
10/04/231h 10m

#626 – Intelligent Routing with Sergiy Nesterenko

Sergiy Nesterenko of joins Chris to talk about automating board layout using learning algoritms and parallel cloud compute. Check out how the boards come back with unconventional looks, but well tested electrical characteristics.
03/04/231h 7m

#625 – Gremlins in the machine

This week Chris and Dave get sucked into talking about AI...but question what happens when it's broadly used. Who will understand the underlying systems? Who will be able to troubleshoot? Chris also brings up his learning plan for new tech.
27/03/231h 1m

#624 – Design & Manufacturing Consulting with Scott Williams from Xentronics

Scott Williams from Xentronics in Melbourne joins Dave to discuss setting up and running a design and manufacturing consulting business.
19/03/231h 6m
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