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AD #3460 - Elon Drops Details On 1,000 MW Charging; Nobody in China Wants This EV; November Sales Weaker Than Expected

- U.S. November Sales Weaker Than Expected- EU OEMs Might Get IRA EV Subsidies- Elon Drops Details On 1,000 MW Charging- BEV Sales Higher Than Expected in ASEAN- VW Updates the ID.3- BMW Starts Low-Volume FCEV Production- BMW Patents Suspension for EV Regen- Nobody in China Wants This EV- The Advantages of Off-Roading with An EV- Opel Shows Off Wild Design Contest Vehicle
02/12/22·9m 48s

AD #3459 - Honda, Toyota Lose Most Customers to Tesla; BYD Outsells VW in China; BYD Moves Into Mexico

- Tesla Semi Rolls Out on the Red Carpet- GM Plays Long Game with AVs- Honda, Toyota Lose Most Customers to Tesla- BYD Moves Into Mexico- BYD Outsells VW in China- Canada Becoming EV Raw Material Powerhouse- BMW Invests in U.S. Copper- Honda Puts ADAS on Steroids- OEMs Need to Commonize EV Components- BYD Launches the 07 Corvette
01/12/22·8m 59s

AD #3458 - Honda To Make Fuel Cell CR-V in U.S. In 2024; VW Delays Major EV Project; UAW Rank and File Ignore Election

- Honda To Make Fuel Cell CR-V in U.S. In 2024- UAW Rank and File Ignore Election- NEVs Hit 31% Market Share in China- Scout Talking to Foxconn and Magna for Assembly- Opel’s First BEV- VW Delays Major EV Project- Hyundai and CATL Become Battery Partners- Hyundai Names Top Designer as President- U.S. November Sales Could Be Good- Corvette to Become Standalone Brand
30/11/22·9m 28s

AD #3457 - Only BEVs Can Hit Carbon Neutrality; NIO Planning U.S. Expansion; Audi Pumps ICE Power Into RS 6 and 7

- EU Worried About U.S. EV Subsidies- U.S. Car Sales Could End Year Strong- Improve Traffic Flow, Cut Emissions- Three Quirky EV Vans Debut in China- Mercedes Sees Near 50% C02 Cut for EV Batteries- Audi Pumps ICE Power Into RS 6 and RS 7- NIO Targets U.S. Market w/ Next-Gen EVs- Legacy Supplier Lands Big EV Contracts- Only BEVs Can Hit Carbon Neutrality
29/11/22·9m 24s

AD #3456 - Tesla to Redesign the Model 3; E-Fuels Will Not Save The ICE; Renault Toys with Return to U.S.

- Tesla to Redesign the Model 3- EU Demands IRA Fix- Hyundai Group Adds More U.S. Battery Plants- Stellantis Stiff Arms Its EU Dealers- New Nissan Serena Minivan in Japan- Renault Toys with Return to U.S. - Chevrolet Unveils Handsome EV Sedan in China- Foreign Automakers Lose Ground in China- E-Fuels Will Not Save The ICE- Tesla FSD Beta Now Available to All North American Owners- Tesla Can Now Detect Autopilot Defeat Devices
28/11/22·10m 30s

AD #3455 - EV Costs to Fall Below ICE; ZF Pioneers Braided EV Motor Wiring; Mercedes G-Wagon Going All-Electric

- I’ve Been (Not) Working on The Railroad- Baidu AV Is Only $37,000- EV Costs to Fall Below ICE In 2025- Jeep Compass Gets New ICE Powertrain- Mercedes G-Wagon Going All Electric- Ford Launches E-Tourneo- Audi Q8 e-tron Uses Recycled Plastics- ZF Pioneers Braided EV Wiring- What’s with Automakers and Giant Art Displays?
23/11/22·10m 33s

AD #3454 - Tesla Slowing Down in China; Faraday May Have No Future; BEV Plants Going Next to ICE Plants

- Tesla Slowing Down in China- COVID Could Choke China's Economy- Faraday May Have No Future- Speed Costs Money, How Fast Do You Want to Go?- GM Ramps Up EVs in China- Wuling Tries New Assembly Technique- China Allows No Driver in AVs- Mazda Flies Solo with EVs- BEV Plants Going Next to ICE Plants
22/11/22·9m 30s

AD #3453 - A Problem with PHEVs; GM Dealers Fix Teslas; Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?

- BNEF: EV Sales Going Higher Than Expected- Macron: Don’t Make EVs In the U.S.- GM Dealers Fix Teslas- BYD Launches Two New EV Brands- Renault Reveals Hydrogen-Powered Minibus- Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?- Domino’s Orders 800 Bolt EVs- CATL Ramps Up Battery Swapping- A Problem with PHEVs
21/11/22·9m 10s

AD #3452 - GM Secures Supplies to Build 1 Million EVs; RS Model Returns to Impreza Lineup; EVs Dominate NACTOY Finalists

- GM Secures Supplies to Build 1 Million EVs in 2025- GM Locks Up Nickel Supplies with Vale- U.S. Agrees to Only Sell Zero-Emission Big Trucks By 2040- RS Model Returns to Subaru Impreza Lineup- Hyundai IONIQ 6 Gets EPA Estimated 340 Miles of Range- VinFast Adds Two Electric SUVs To U.S. Lineup- Kia Refreshes the Seltos- EVs Dominate Finalists for Car, Truck and Utility of The Year- MINI Creates EV Charger to Look Like RC Controller
18/11/22·10m 20s

AD #3451 - VW Could Push Back New EV Plant; Fiat 500e Making U.S. Return; Waymo and ZEEKR Debut Autonomous Taxi

- VW Could Push Back New EV Plant- Stellantis Buys an AV Company- JLR CEO Abruptly Resigns- Genesis Gets 1,000 KM from Solar Roof- New Prius Prime Gets Solar Roof- Fiat 500e Making U.S. Return- Toyota Reveals All-Electric bZ Concept- Final NSX Rolls Off the Assembly Line- Fisker Ocean Starts Production- Waymo and ZEEKR Debut AV Taxi- Audi Trying New Mobility Model
17/11/22·10m 17s

AD #3450 - Toyota Reveals More Stylish Prius; Genesis Concept Hints at Future EV Design; Aston Martin in Financial Trouble

- EV Price War Breaks Out in China- Aston Martin in Financial Trouble- Auto-Brake Significantly Reduces Car Crashes- Subaru Won’t Use Lidar For Autonomous Driving- Toyota Reveals All-New, More Stylish Prius- Genesis Concept Hints at Future EV Design- GM Signs Hydrogen Production Deal- Daimler Truck Fuel Cell Semi Completes High-Altitude Tests- Ukrainian War Vehicle Identified
16/11/22·10m 4s

AD #3449 - GM to Reveal EV Profitability Plan; Toyota HD Fuel Cell Production Starts in 2023; Renault's Industrial Metaverse

- GM to Lay Out EV Profitability Plan- Hyundai Will Open VTOL Hub in Indonesia- Ford Using Connected Data to Improve Insurance- Would You Let Others Drive Your Car for $215/Month?- Toyota HD Fuel Cell Production Starts Next Year- Cummins Signs Deal w/ Tata for Hydrogen ICEs- Renault Creates Metaverse for Manufacturing- New Buick LaCrosse to Wear Wildcat Face- EV Startups Scramble to Say Alive- What is This Ukrainian War Vehicle?- U.S. V2X Test Improved Road Safety
15/11/22·10m 16s

AD #3448 - Should U.S. Mandate Tesla Charging Tech?; EVs To Reach Cost Parity In 2025; Mercedes Peels Off the FTX Logos

- Elon Musk Faces $56 Billion Lawsuit- EVs To Reach Cost Parity In 2025- Mercedes Peels Off the FTX Logos - France Mandates PV Panels at Parking Lots- More Specs on Hyundai’s New Flagship - Should U.S. Mandate Tesla Charging Tech?- Audi Opens Charging Salon in China- VW To Use Developing Nations for ICE Production- Wuling KFC and Cadillac Ragnarok
14/11/22·9m 43s

AD #3447 - Audi Wants Your Cell Phone Batteries; Huawei EV Peels Open Like a Can of Sardines; Mercedes Smashes Nurburgring Record

- China Car Exports Booming- Geely Is Building an ICE Empire- Euro 7 Tightens Up Emissions Regulations- GM Super Cruise Doubles Its Mileage - Mercedes Supercar Smashes Nurburgring Track Record- Volvo Targets 70% Sales Growth - Audi Wants Your Cell Phone Batteries- Huawei EV Peels Open Like a Can of Sardines- VTOLs To Fly At 2024 Paris Olympics
11/11/22·9m 46s

AD #3446 - End of ICE Age Sales Frenzy; Geely's $25,000 EV Pickup; VW's New Type of Fuel Cell

- End of ICE Age Sales Frenzy- Alfa Tops JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index- Rivian's Losses Growing- Volvo Adds Big EV SUV to Lineup- Honda Launches All-New Accord- Green Metals a Priority at Ford and Volvo- VW's New Type of Fuel Cell- Geely's $25,000 Pickup- Tesla Goes Zoom-Zoom-Zoom
10/11/22·10m 7s

AD #3445 - Lucid Losing Customers; Tesla Drops on Twitter News; Las Vegas F1 Race Is Most Expensive Ever

- OEM Earnings Disappointing- Lucid Losing Customers- Tesla Drops on Twitter News- Audi Renames The e-tron- Yet Another EV Startup- Porsche Readies 911 For Off-Roading- Las Vegas F1 Race Is Most Expensive Ever- Euro NCAP To Do Virtual Testing- Tesla Opening More Repair Centers
09/11/22·10m 36s

AD #3444 - BYD Could Overtake Tesla; Renault Splits Into 5 Companies; Kia Raises EV6 Price, Hyundai and Genesis Next?

- Renault Splits Into 5 Companies- EV Startups Surge and Falter- BYD Could Overtake Tesla- Honda Launches China EV Blitz- Honda Unveils All-New Pilot- Tesla Handles Power Steering Recall w/ OTA- V2G Could Save California Grid- Citroen Starts Selling Used Parts- Kia Raises EV6 Price, Hyundai and Genesis Next?
08/11/22·11m 21s

AD #3443 - Firestorm Over EV Credits; Lamppost Chargers Have Lowest Carbon Footprint; Durant Guild Unveils Its Lineup

- U.S. EV Credits Create a Firestorm- Canada Kicks Out Chinese Lithium Miners- Automakers Suspend Twitter Advertising- BMW 7-Series Offers Hands Free L2- Durant Guild Unveils Its Lineup- NIO Battery Swapping Stations Surging- EV Lamppost Chargers Have Lowest Carbon Footprint - Wuling, Baojun Corner Cheap EV Segment- MINI Opens Stick Driving School
07/11/22·9m 27s

AD #3442 - Go Camping with Mercedes EV; China-Only Buick Century Is Super-Luxe; Daylight Savings Prevents Accidents

- London Buses Going Electric- Legacy Suppliers Sniffing Out Mergers- Nikola Beats Estimates, But Struggles with Production- Go Camping with Electric Mercedes- China-Only Buick Century Is Super-Luxe - Daylight Savings Prevents Accidents- Don’t Drive These Dodges and Chryslers- BMW Edging Towards Direct Sales- Chevrolet Triax Pioneered Skateboard Chassis
04/11/22·9m 50s

AD #3441 - EVs Poised to Outsell Diesels in EU; Ram Readying Range Extender?; GM Adds to American EV Supply Chain

- OEMs Shrug Off Bad Economic News- EVs Poised to Outsell Diesels in the EU- Ram Readying Range Extender for EV Truck?- Optima Designs Off-Grid Chargers for Off-Roading- Ford Transit Gets Off-Road Edition- Transporting Honda Scooter Concept a Snap- GM Adds to North American EV Supply Chain- Toyota and Mercedes Have Highest Brand Value
03/11/22·9m 58s

AD #3440 - Tesla Sends 200 Chinese Engineers to Fremont; U.S. Car Sales Up Sharply; Farley Chops Management at Ford

- U.S. Car Sales Up Sharply- Bentley Doubles Profit on Bespoke Models- Farley Chops Management Layers at Ford- Tesla Sends 200 Chinese Engineers to Fremont- Honda Working on Pod Cars- Toyota Trailhunter Takes a Bow at SEMA- More EVs at SEMA- Chinese OEMs Eye Overseas Markets- Mercedes Reveals U.S. Price of EQE- GAMIC Is Shark Tank for Auto Innovators
02/11/22·11m 17s

AD #3439 - Ram Delays Electric Pickup Debut; UAW Attempting to Organize GM and LG Battery Plant; Dodge Details EV Performance Upgrades

- Ram Delays Electric Pickup Debut- UAW Attempting to Organize GM and LG Battery Plant- Nikola Gets Partner for Hydrogen Supply- Dodge Offers All-New Hurricane Engine as Crate Engine- Dodge Details EV Performance Upgrades- GMC Says Hummer EV "Sold Out"- Rivian Delays Big Battery Truck- XPeng Tests Next-Gen Flying Car
01/11/22·9m 48s

AD #3438 - OEMs Prepare for Possible Recession; Foreign Automakers Uneasy in China; Jeep and Toyota SEMA Concepts

- OEMs Prepare for Possible Recession- China Auto Industry Back to Boom Times- Foreign Automakers Uneasy in China- China Faces Possible EV Price War- Jeep and Ram Unleash SEMA Concepts- Toyota Pumps SEMA Performance into Supra, 86 and GR Corolla- Jeep Crowd-Sources New Name for New Jeep- Ford and GM Struggle to Meet IRA EV Incentives- Car Prices Start to Ease--Somewhat- Porsche Subscriptions Only Gets 2,000 Subscribers
31/10/22·10m 34s

AD #3437 - Tesla Model Y #1 In Europe and China; VW Says Parts Shortages the New Norm; Nissan Reveals SEMA Concepts

- Tesla Model Y #1 In Europe and China- VW Says Parts Shortages the New Norm- Tesla and BYD Prove Automakers Can Make Money on EVs- VW Plans Two Entry Level EVs- Honda Civic Type R Starts At $44,000- Dodge Helps Customers Find Chargers and Challengers- EU Reaches Deal to Ban ICE Vehicles By 2035- GM Pushes Back EV Production Plans- Nissan Reveals SEMA Concepts
28/10/22·9m 40s

AD #3436 - Ford and VW Drop AV Partner; Ford Axing the Fiesta; Lordstown Starts Public Charging Tests

- Ford and VW Drop AV Partner- Ford Still Expects to Meet Full Year Profit Goals- Ford Backs Off Russia- New F-Series Super Duty Nabs Top Marks- Ford Axing the Fiesta- GM Hits Renewables Goal 25 Years Early- Toyota Withholding Smart Keys to Speed Up Deliveries- Tesla Model Y Tops All Registrations in EU- Lordstown Starts Public Charging Tests
27/10/22·9m 57s

AD #3435 - Lotus Reveals 1st Electric Model; Nissan Ariya Driving Impressions; Mercedes Quits Russian Market

- Mercedes Posts Strong Q3 Results- Mercedes Quits Russian Market- Hyundai Breaks Ground on U.S. EV Plant- U.S. and EU Form Task Force to Discuss EV Incentives- Opel Unveils Performance Version of Grandland SUV- Lotus Reveals 1st All-Electric Model- Honda Teases New Accord- Audi Partners with Sauber To Race in Formula 1- Nissan Ariya EV Driving Impressions
26/10/22·11m 0s

AD #3434 - Corvette EV Coming in 2026; Toyota Reveals New EV; Honda Opens Battery Swapping Station for Motorcycles

- GM Q3 Earnings Better Than Last Year- Corvette EV Coming in 2026- Tesla Won't Get Approval For Unmanned Driving in 2022- Toyota Reveals New bZ3 for China- Toyota Crown Starts at $40,000- Honda Opens Battery Swapping Station for Motorcycles- Mercedes-AMG Comes Out with One Expensive C-Class- Ford Refreshed the Escape- Kia Stinger Production Ending Next Year
25/10/22·10m 24s

AD #3433 - Toyota Backtracks on Hybrid Strategy; China Faces EV Price War; Tesla Changes Build Strategy

- China Faces EV Price War- Nissan Pushes Renault For Equality- Toyota Backtracks on Hybrid Strategy- AVs Burn Through Tons of Capital- Renault Uses OTA for After Sales Upgrades- Arrival Shifts Production from UK To U.S.- Tesla Changes Build Strategy- Continental’s Display Business Explodes
24/10/22·9m 42s

AD #3432 - GMC Sierra EV Unveiled; Tesla Aims to Build 50,000 Semis; OEMs to Spend More Than $1 Trillion On EVs

- CATL Re-Thinks North American Battery Plants- Automakers to Spend More Than $1 Trillion On EVs- Federal Agencies Boost EV Purchases- 1st Edition GMC Sierra EV Carries Hefty Price Tag- Tesla Aims to Build 50,000 Semi Trucks Annually- Lane Markings Need Improvement for Autonomous Driving- Construction Equipment Promising Application for Electrification
21/10/22·10m 14s

AD #3430 - Hyundai Reveals New Grandeur Sedan; Tesla #1 In BEV Sales in Germany; Car Inventory Piling Up in China

- Tesla Tops VW In BEV Sales in Germany- South Korea Lobbies Hard Against Inflation Reduction Act - Lincoln Dealers Must Pay Steep Price to Sell EVs- Hyundai Reveals New Grandeur Sedan- Car Dealer Inventory Piling Up in China- Renault CEO Says EV Cost Parity with ICE Vehicles Way Off- China Made Vehicles Rocket Up Australian Sales Charts- Fisker Shows Off Rotating Infotainment Screen
19/10/22·10m 0s

AD #3431 - Tesla Developing Cheaper, Next-Gen EV Platform; GM Considers Baby Hummer; New EV Charger Much Faster

- Tesla Earnings Would Have Legacy OEMs Drooling- Tesla Developing Cheaper, Next-Gen EV Architecture- GM Considering Baby Hummer EV- Bankrupt ELMS Bought By Another EV Startup- Mitsubishi Concept Previews New Production Small Crossover- New EV Charger Slashes Charging Time- BMW Invests $1.7 Billion to Make EVs in the U.S.- BMW Slashes Paint Shop Emissions- Waymo Expands Into LA
19/10/22·10m 35s

AD #3429 - BYD Almost Worth More Than GM and Ford Combined; Celestiq Utilizes Megacastings; Rolls Reveals Its 1st EV

- BYD Almost Worth More Than GM and Ford Combined- Chip Shortage Lasting Longer Than Thought- Canoo Gets Another Lifeline- Cadillac Celesitq Utilizes Megacastings- Rolls-Royce Reveals Its First Electric Car- Foxconn Shows Off EV Pickup Concept- Corolla Hybrid Gets AWD for 1st Time
18/10/22·11m 4s

AD #3428 - Jeep Unveils New Avenger BEV; MINI EV Production Moves to China; Mercedes Reveals Electric EQE SUV

- German Automakers Reluctant to Aid Supplier Energy Costs- EU Expected to Reach Deal on U.S. EV Incentives- Renault Creates New Recycling Brand- Audi Develops Particulate Filter For EVs- Lucid Rolls Out New OTA Update- VW Group BEV Sales Keep Growing- ZF Launches New Electric Axle for Pickup Trucks- Nio To Use ZF Steer-By-Wire System
17/10/22·9m 41s

AD #3427 - Lucid Rolls Out OTA Update; VW Group BEV Sales Keep Growing; ZF's New Electric Axle for Pickup Trucks

- German Automakers Reluctant to Aid Supplier Energy Costs- EU Expected to Reach Deal on U.S. EV Incentives- Renault Creates New Recycling Brand- Audi Develops Particulate Filter For EVs- Lucid Rolls Out New OTA Update- VW Group BEV Sales Keep Growing- ZF Launches New Electric Axle for Pickup Trucks- Nio To Use ZF Steer-By-Wire System
14/10/22·8m 41s

AD #3426 - Honda and Sony EV Coming in 2026; Polestar Reveals 1st All-Electric SUV; Tesla Adopts New Emergency Flashers

- Honda and Sony EV Coming in 2026- VW Partners On AVs for China- Polestar Reveals Its 1st All-Electric SUV- New Chevy Trax Looks More Like Blazer- Alpine Concept Looks Ready to Race- Mopar Teases SEMA Concepts- Audi Developing Tech to Help Protect Cyclists- Tesla Adopts New Emergency Flashers
13/10/22·10m 23s

AD #3425 - New Mustang Will Be More Difficult To Tune; All Hyundai's to Get OTA Updates; BMW M2 Gets Power Boost

- Hyundai Group to Add OTA Capabilities to All Its Vehicles- Honda Makes Big U.S. EV and Battery Investment- Foxconn To Build EVs For IndiEV In Ohio- Mercedes Partners with Microsoft To Improve Production- New Mustang Will Be “Much More Difficult” To Tune- Lexus Updates UX 300e EV- Canoo Receives Another EV Order- BMW M2 Gets Power Boost- Jeep Wagoneer Long Wheelbase Impressions
12/10/22·10m 51s

AD #3424 - Energy Crisis Could Cripple EU Production; GM Creates New Division for Charging; VW Wants Less Humans in Plants

- Tesla Facing Stiff Competition from BYD- Top 5 NEV Sellers in China- Energy Crisis Could Cripple EU Production- Geely and Renault in Talks to Combine Engine Ops- New Record for Fastest Accelerating EV- Michigan Suspends Carvana's Dealer License- GM Developing Energy Storage for Charging- VW Wants More Car Building Robots- Digital License Plates Get the Ok in California- Renault's Mobilize Reveals New Twizy-Like Vehicle
11/10/22·11m 3s

AD #3423 - Legacy ICE Specs Hurt EV Design; The Grid Can Handle All Those EVs; Tesla Uses Tribal Land as Legal Loophole

- Tesla Uses Tribal Land as Neat Legal Loophole- Renault Wants Nissan To Invest in Ampere- The Grid Can Handle All Those EVs- Renault To Build Its Own Charging Network- BMW EV Sales Up 114%- All-New Kia Niro Driving Impressions- Legacy ICE Specs Hurt EV Design- Scout Execs Had to Resign from VW
10/10/22·10m 58s

AD #3422 - U.S. Opens Cobalt Mine; Tesla to Ship 1st Semis to Pepsi; Hyundai Hotel Powered by IONIQ 5s

- U.S. Opens Cobalt Mine- DoD Chooses GM for EV Battery Tests- Tesla to Ship First Semis to Pepsi- New Car Prices Still Going Up- Honda Sneak Peeks the Prologue EV- Daimler and Torc Bullish on L4 Semis- Johan De Nysschen Retires from VWoA- GMC Adds Denali to HD Lineup- Hyundai Hotel Powered by IONIQ 5s
07/10/22·9m 12s

AD #3421 - Stellantis CPO Has 10-Year-Old Cars w/ 120,000 Miles; Using Acoustics to Improve Aero; Porsche Praises Mercedes

- Will VW AG Transition to a Holding Company?- Foreign OEMs Boost NEV Sales in China- Stellantis CPO Has 10-Year-Old Cars w/ 120,000 Miles- Ford Raises Price on F-150 Lightning Pro- Ford Offers Performance Kit for Explorer ST- New Mustang to Race in Bathurst 1000- Porsche Praises Mercedes-Benz- Toyota Unveils All-New IC Engine- Hella's Phygital Shield
06/10/22·11m 34s

AD #3420 - Scout Brand Name Outscores Rivian; Does Tesla Really Have a Delivery Problem?; VW Considers More IPOs

- VW Considers More IPOs- South Korea Wants U.S. EV Subsidies- Does Tesla Really Have a Delivery Problem?- Hyundai IONIQ 6 Rated at 614 KM- U.S. Getting Toyota Crown PHEV- Citroen's Used Service Parts Slash Cost- Mercedes A- and B-Class Refreshed- Scout Brand Name Outscores Rivian
05/10/22·9m 26s

AD #3419 - EVs to Reach Cost Parity in 2025; GM Adds Ex-Tesla Exec to Board; U.S. Ramps Up Manganese Mining

- EVs to Reach Cost Parity in 2025- GM Adds Ex-Tesla Exec to Board- AVs Good for Hauling Beer- EV Chargers Out Number Gas Stations in NY and SF- Multimatic Preps Mustang GT3 Race Car- Cadillac Shows More of LMDh Race Car- Audi Unveils More Powerful R8 V10- U.S. Sales Hurt by Hurricane- U.S. Ramps Up Manganese Mining- Hyundai Has Fix for Car Thefts
04/10/22·9m 51s

AD #3418 - Maserati EV Gets 1,200 HP; Optimus No Match for Boston Dynamics; Danger Signs Flashing in U.S. Car Market

- Tesla Sets Sales Record, Stock Falls- Tesla Surpasses Subaru, Mazda- Optimus No Match for Boston Dynamics- New Car Sales in China Up Strong- Maserati’s First EV Gets 1,200 HP- Genesis GV70 EV Pricing- Mercedes Bullish on India As Export Hub- Hyundai Wants AR In Factories- Danger Signs Flashing in U.S. Car Market
03/10/22·9m 25s

AD #3417 - Toyota Casts Doubt on Quick EV Adoption; Hertz Says EV Demand Is “Very Solid”; Geely Buys Aston Martin Stake

- Geely Acquires Stake in Aston Martin- Hertz Says EV Demand Is “Very Solid”- Arrival Builds 1st Van in Microfactory- Lordstown Motors Produces 1st Endurance Pickup- Wuling Introduces New Small Crossover in China- Toyota Says EV Adoption Will Take Longer Than Expected- New York Announces 2035 ICE Vehicle Ban- EPA Doubles Funding for Electric School Buses
30/09/22·9m 11s

AD #3416 - Porsche IPO Off to Strong Start; GM Using New Battery Tech; Citroen Oli is Wild Lightweight EV Concept

- Porsche IPO Off to a Strong Start- U.S. Car Sales Expected to Rise- GM Collaborates on New Silicon Battery Tech- Cool EV Comes from Chinese Tuner- BMW Expects EV Sales to Increase Significantly- Bentley Expands Bentayga Hybrid Lineup- NIO's 1st EU Battery Swapper Opens- Ram Gives 2500 HD The Rebel Treatment- Citroen Oli is a Lightweight EV Concept- Tesla Hikes Supercharger Prices in California
29/09/22·9m 22s

AD #3415 - BMW Reveals First-Ever XM; U.S. Can Start Building Charging Network; Ford Unveils New F-Series Super Duty

- U.S. Can Start Building EV Charging Network- BMW M Reveals 1st High-Performance Electrified Vehicle- BMW, Volvo and DHL To Test Hydrogen Trucks- Volvo Using Radar to Detect Occupants in Vehicles- Ford Unveils New F-Series Super Duty- Kia Launches All-New Niro- Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer Get Longer Wheelbase
28/09/22·12m 6s

AD #3414 - Hertz Taps Oil Giant for EV Chargers; Chevy Boosts Silverado HD's Diesel Power; Citroen Debuts New Logo

- Hertz Taps Oil Giant for U.S. Charging Network- China Extends Incentives for NEVs- Tesla Not Running Shanghai Factory at Full Capacity- Renault Makes Good Use of Engine Compartment on Electric Megane- Peugeot e-208 Gets More Power, Range- Citroen Debuts New Logo- Chevy Boosts Silverado HD's Diesel Power- Toyota Wants to Expand Fuel Cells Into China- Amazon Alexa Assists ID.4 Test Drives
27/09/22·9m 15s

AD #3413 - EU Could Ban PHEVs; Tesla Model Y Has Best BEV Resale Value in China; Toyota Ends Production in Russia

- EU Could Ban PHEVs- Gas Shortage May Force VW To Move Production Out of Germany  - Toyota Ends Production in Russia- Mazda In Talks to Sell Russian Joint Venture Stake- Audi Wants to Use More Recycled Plastic in Vehicles- Ford Focus ST Gets New Performance Pack in Europe- Citroen Creates Berlingo Van Inspired By 2CV Classic- VW Forms Battery Partnership with Umicore- Tesla Model Y Has Best BEV Resale Value in China- Wuling Launches Mini EV Convertible
26/09/22·9m 51s

AD #3412 - Ford Raids Silicon Valley for Talent; VW Concept Anticipates AV Travel; Mahle’s IC Components for H2 Engines

- Ford Raids Silicon Valley for Talent- Qualcomm’s Automotive Chip Business Is Booming- Canada Becoming Major Source of EV Raw Materials- Mercedes G-Class Going Electric- VW Concept Anticipates Autonomous Travel- BMW’s Hybrid V8 Race Engine- DHS Buys a Mustang Mach-E- Mahle’s IC Components for H2 Engines- Toyota TABC Turns 50
23/09/22·10m 12s

AD #3411 - GM Steps Up Battery Recycling; Tesla Sells $250 CCS Adapter; Toyota Says Fuel Cells Ready to Replace Diesels

- GM Steps Up EV Battery Recycling- Tesla Sells $250 CCS Adapter- BNEF Predicts Big Surge in Electrification- Baojun's Cute EVs- Mercedes Unveils Monster AMG C-Class- Toyota Says Fuel Cells Ready to Replace Diesels- EPA Wants Tougher Big Truck Regs- Renault's Electric R5 Pocket Rocket- Volvo EX90 Flagship is All Electric- Bugatti Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program
22/09/22·11m 34s

AD #3410 - Chinese Battery Company to Invest in U.S.; Hertz To Buy 175,000 GM EVs; NTSB Wants Drunk Driver Monitor

- GM and EDF Join Forces- Chinese Battery Company to Invest in U.S.- Amazon Going With E-Fuels- BMW Can Spot a Fake- Durant Guild Lays Out Its Lineup- Rivian Aero Claim Verified- Hertz Hands GM Big EV Buy- NTSB Wants Drunk Driver Monitor- Nvidia Unveils All-In-One Computer for Autonomous Vehicles
21/09/22·10m 28s

AD #3409 - Dodge EV Muscle Cars Delayed; Tesla Cranks Shanghai Up to 1 Million+/Year; Will Ram EV Use Range Extender?

- Will Ram EV Use Range Extender?- Ford Can't Get Enough Parts- Tesla Cranks Shanghai Up to 1 Million+/Year- Tesla Adds 60,000 Customers to FSD Beta- Tesla EU Superchargers Cost 0.60/kWh- GM BrightDrop Targets Grocery Industry- Alpina Unveils BMW X7 SUV- Dodge EV Muscle Cars Delayed Until 2025- NIO Ships Battery Swapper to Germany- U.S. Traffic Deaths Fall- "Painting" Cars with Film
20/09/22·11m 8s

AD #3408 - Automakers Surprised by EV Demand; CATL Develops Battery Swapping for Semis; ONE Battery Hits 1000 Wh/L

- Automakers Surprised by EV Demand- Energy Prices Hurt EV Battery Manufacturing in Germany- CATL Develops Battery Swapping for Semis- Renault Trafic Goes Electric - Ford Transit Gets PHEV, Diesels- ONE Battery Hits 1000 Wh/L- Ford SYNC Spots Pedestrians, Bicyclists- Hyundai and Iveco Make FCEV Van- Bridgestone Develops Lunar Tires
19/09/22·9m 34s

AD #3407 - Lithium Prices Set New Record; Lincoln Loses Dealers as It Goes Electric; Ram Ready for Mid-Size Pickup

- Lithium Prices Set New Record- EU Welcomes Rising Car Sales- Lincoln Loses Dealers as It Goes Electric- Ford Teaches the Mustang New Tricks- Yes, BEVs Are Really Cleaner Than ICE- Lightyear Claims Aerodynamic Record- Vitesco Lands Major 800V Inverter Order- IRA Pushes Hyundai Mobis To Make More EV Components in U.S.- Ram Ready for Mid-Size Pickup
16/09/22·9m 59s

AD #3406 - Ford Reveals All-New Mustang; Tesla Scraps German Battery Plans; GMC Adds More Hummer EV Reservations

- Ford Gives Dealers Options on EV Sales- Tesla Considers Shaking Up China Retail Strategy- Tesla Scraps Plans to Build Batteries in Germany- Ford Reveals All-New Mustang- GMC Racks Up More Hummer EV Reservations- Hyundai To Test Fuel Cell Semi-Trucks in California- The Best Designs at The Detroit Auto Show- NACTOY Semi-Finalists Announced
15/09/22·10m 21s

AD #3405 - Ferrari Unveils First SUV; GM’s Cruise Develops Own Chips for AVs; Ram Axes Diesel Powered 1500

- Chevy Won’t Offer Buyouts to Dealers That Don’t Want to Sell EVs- GM’s Cruise Develops Own Chips for AVs- Ferrari Unveils First SUV- Chevy Gives the Tahoe a Bit More Power- Toyota Reveals GR Corolla Pricing- Hyundai Not Giving Up on IC Engines- Chrysler To End 300 Production In 2023- Ram to Stop Selling Diesel Powered 1500s in 2023- Opel Revives GSE Brand
14/09/22·9m 28s

AD #3404 - New Toyota EV Coming in 2024; Honda Taking Electrification to 2 Wheels; Peugeot 1st with BEV Wagon

- German OEMs Sued For Not Fighting Climate Change- GM Cruise Expands to Phoenix and Texas- Toyota bZ5x Coming in 2024- Honda Expanding Electrification to Two Wheels- Peugeot 1st EU OEM with BEV Station Wagon- China Has More EV Chargers Than Anyone Else- Magna Invests in Micro Mobility and Battery Swapping- BMW Making Trim Parts from Ocean Waste
13/09/22·8m 41s

AD #3403 - EVs Catching On Faster Than Expected; Russia Threatens EU Industrial Base; Ford Tells Dealers To Slash Costs

- Russia Threatens EU Industrial Base- Ford Tells Dealers to Cut $2,000 In Delivery Costs- Honda To Reveal Smart ADAS- Lincoln Corsair Gets Mid-Cycle Refresh- Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Brings Wicked Performance- VW ID.5 Concept Made by Apprentices- Geometry M2 EV Debuts in China- EVs Catching on Faster Than Expected
12/09/22·8m 38s

AD #3402 - Mercedes and Rivian Join Forces; Tesla To Refine Lithium In U.S.; BMW Launches Battery Building Spree

- Mercedes and Rivian Join Forces- Mullen Buys Most of Bollinger- Tesla to Refine Lithium in U.S.- BMW Launches Battery Building Spree- Chevrolet Equinox EV Surprisingly Affordable- VW ID. XTREME Ready for Off-Roading- Ford Upgrades BlueCruise- Porsche Drops F1 Bid- Wind Turbines Generate Gobs of Electricity
09/09/22·9m 56s

AD #3401 - Jeep Goes EV Crazy; Renault Dismantling Old Trucks to Sell Parts; Tire Changing Robot Faster Than Humans

- Jeep Goes EV Crazy- Ford E-Transit Custom Gets F-150 Lightning Batteries- Renault Dismantling Old Trucks to Sell Parts- BMW is Going Vegan- Magna Building AV Delivery Pods- Nissan Leaf Get Bi-Directional Charger- Tire Changing Robot Faster Than Humans- GM Names New Premium Import Brand for China
08/09/22·10m 6s

AD #3400 - EV Startups’ Stock May Never Recover; Toyota Supra Gets 6-Speed Manual; EVs Do Well in Euro NCAP

- U.S. Inventory Shortage Easing- EV Startups’ Stock May Never Recover- Foxconn Lands Luxgen n7- Valmet Lands EV Assembly Contracts- Toyota Supra Gets 6-Speed Manual- Lithium Mine to Open in Canada- EVs Do Well in Euro NCAP- Renault Takes EVs To Latin America - NIO Offering AR Glasses
07/09/22·10m 24s

AD #3399 - Tesla Struggling with New Battery; Cummins Finds Hydrogen-Diesel Customers; Solar Powered Sion Debuts in '23

- Tesla Struggling with New Battery- Top 5 EV Startups in China- Russian Car Sales Still Plunging- Solar Powered Car Debuts in Late '23- Cummins Finds Hydrogen-Diesel Customers- Mercedes Updates the GLC- Wuling MINI EV Cabrio is Sizzling Hot- Buick Dealers Offered EV Buyout- Klaus Busse Dishes on Folgore EV
06/09/22·10m 33s

AD #3398 - CA Warns EV Owners: Don’t Plug In; Chinese OEMs Dominate EV Sales; Old UK Train Tunnel Now Aero Testing Site

- California Warns EV Owners: Don’t Plug In!- Chinese OEMs Dominate Domestic EV Market- Tesla Back to Normal in China- U.S. August Sales a Nightmare for Some- No EV Credits for Mercedes EQS- New Vehicle Prices Soar 22%- Tesla Hiring Semi Techs- EV Chargers Could Get Infrastructure Law Waiver- South Korea Wants IRA Waiver- Alfa Romeo Does Its Own “Drive to Survive”- 1898 UK Train Tunnel Now Aero Testing Marvel
02/09/22·11m 5s

AD #3397 - GM Fires Up Ohio Battery Plant; Honda Civic Type R Gets 315 HP; VW's Blume Goes Full Speed on BEVs

- VW's Blume Goes Full Speed on BEVs- Car Sales Strong in China- GM Fires Up Ohio Battery Plant- Tesla to Make Batteries in Fremont- Use VW's App, Get Cheaper Charging- Honda Civic Type R Gets 315 HP- Ariel Reveals 1,180 HP Electric Car- BMW Takes Fuel Cells In-House- Toyota Tech Predicts Heart Attacks
01/09/22·10m 21s

AD #3396 - Listen to The Raucous V8 Of the New Mustang; Renault Spinning Off ICE Ops To Geely; ChargePoint in The Red

- Renault Spinning Off ICE Ops to Geely- Buffet BYD Sale Sends China Auto Stocks Down- Toyota Investing More in EV Batteries- Listen to The Raucous V8 Of the New Mustang- Ford Pro Tracks Your Tools- MINI Uses Roofs as A Styling Statement- Peek at Skoda’s New Design Language- Tesla Cuts Delivery Times, Again- The In-House Fight to Revive Cadillac- ChargePoint Is in The Red
31/08/22·10m 30s

AD #3395 - Can Tesla Sell 20 Million EVs?; Charging Stations Need This Design Change; Volocopter Eyes 2024 Paris Olympics

- IIHS Wants AEB to Work at Night- Skoda Finds Wiring Sources Outside of Ukraine- Can Tesla Really Sell 20 Million EVs?- Tesla Sues Louisiana Over Retail Rules- Volocopter Eyes 2024 Paris Olympics- Honda Launches Wild New Ad Campaign- Bridgestone Scales Up Guayule Production- EV Charging Stations Need This Simple Design Change- Toyota Smashes, Bashes and Crashes Vehicles
30/08/22·10m 46s

Musk Promises Full Autonomy This Year; Toyota Bullish On E-Fuels; Bentley Gets Into Apartment Business

- Musk Promises Full Autonomy This Year- Porsche Market Cap to Be Bigger Than GM - U.S. and China Work Out Audit Agreement- Toyota Intros bZ3 EV In China- Toyota Bullish On E-Fuels- Bentley Gets into Apartment Business- Cadillac, Opel Celebrate Their Birthdays- Honda and LG To Build U.S. Battery Plant- BYD Surges into Europe- Aussies Love Big American Pickups
29/08/22·10m 7s

AD #3393 - Hottest EVs Are School Buses?!; More States Joining California's ICE Ban; The Best Cars for Dogs

- Honda Wants EV Credit Changes- More States Joining California's ICE Ban- Ford Raises Mach-E Price- Kia Teases EV9 SUV- Audi Joining F1 in 2026- Mercedes EQS SUV Starts U.S. Production- Toyota Tunes AEB for Towing, Lift Kits- USPS Honors Pony Cars- Hottest Commercial EVs Are School Buses?!- The Best Cars for Dogs
26/08/22·10m 5s

AD #3392 - Used EV Prices Soaring; Got a Tesla Share? Now You Have 3; California Bans ICEs in 2035

- Got a Tesla Share? Now You Have 3- California Bans ICEs in 2035- And Hainan Bans ICEs in 2030- South Korea and EU Oppose U.S. EV Incentives- Hyundai Invests in Chip Maker- The Opel Van That Opel Never Knew Existed- Mercedes EQE Rolling Down the Line in China- Brabus Aero Kit Gives EQS More Range- Used EV Prices Soaring- Wey PHEV Goes Full Retro- Toyota's Hitchless Towing
25/08/22·11m 4s

AD #3391 - Transit Connect Axed in U.S.; Mercedes Turns Old Tires into Door Handles; Hino Kicked Out of CV Partnership

- Hino Expelled from Japanese CV Partnership- Toyota Now Backs California Emission Standards- Toyota Teams with NREL To Test Fuel Cell Generators- Mercedes Recycles Old Tires into Door Handles- Ford Transit Connect Axed in U.S. Due to Poor Sales- Renault Creates Kangoo-Based EV Camper Van- Honda Wants to Reduce Reliance on Chinese Parts- VW and Mercedes Sign EV Raw Material Deals with Canada- Walmart Already Testing Canoo EVs
24/08/22·7m 32s

AD #3390 - China EV Startups Struggle to Make a Profit; Scout Production Starts in 2026; Big Tires Hurt EV Range

- Scout Production Starts in 2026- VW to Get EV Raw Materials from Canadian Mines- More EV Startups in China- China EV Startups Struggle to Make a Profit- Genesis Teases Interior of BEV Concept- Ford F-150 Lightning Gets Free Charging- Polestar to Supply Boat Batteries- Toyota's New Sienta- Limited Mercedes Race Car Has Big Price Tag- Climate Change Hurting Auto Production- Ford to Lay Off 3,000 Employees- Big Tires Hurt EV Range
23/08/22·10m 11s

AD #3389 - Tesla FSD Spikes Up To $15,000; Hyundai To Fast-Forward U.S. EV Plant; Adient Thin-Seat Perfect for EVs

- Tesla FSD Spikes Up To $15,000- Porsche Macan EV Will Match ICE in Sales- Hyundai To Fast-Forward U.S. EV Plant- Audi Shows Another EV Concept- Kia EV6 GT Gets 576 HP- Buick Envista Unveiled in China- Bentley W12 Hints at EV Future- Evetta Open Air Evokes Original Isetta- Street Tires = More EV Range- Adient Thin-Seat Perfect for EVs
22/08/22·8m 57s

AD #3388 - Tesla Demands A Legal Hearing; Lincoln Model L100 Aimed at Celestiq; Acura Shows Off Electric Concept

- Tesla Demands A Legal Hearing- NHTSA Wants Tesla Data- GM to Build 4th Battery Plant in U.S.- Lincoln Model L100 Aimed at Cadillac Celestiq- Acura Shows Off Electric Concept- Acura Concept Likely Called ZDX- Buick Wildcat Concept Featured in TV Ads- Geneva Auto Show Canceled Again
19/08/22·9m 22s

AD #3387 - Dodge Charger EV Ends ICE Muscle Car Era; Tesla Cuts Delivery Time; Porsche 911 GT3 Gets DRS

- Tesla Cuts Delivery Time- Geely Sees 50 Percent EV Sales In 2023- Chery To Make Cars in Russia- Dodge Charger Daytona Signals End of ICE Muscle Cars- GM Builds Up Defense Business- U.S. Traffic Fatalities Up Despite New Safety Equipment- Porsche 911 GT3 Gets DRS- Acura Unveils Hybrid GTP Race Car
18/08/22·10m 33s

AD #3386 - 52 EVs No Longer Qualify for EV Credits; New Car Payments Set All-Time Record; Tesla Dodges A Legal Bullet

- Japan Mad at U.S. EV Credits- 52 EVs No Longer Qualify for EV Credits- Tesla Dodges A Legal Bullet- AVs: Vaporware or Revolutionary?- Chevrolet Blazer EV Lets Police Go Electric- Dodge Hornet A Lifesaver for The Brand- BMW Going with Cylindrical Chinese Batteries- New Car Payments Set All-Time Record- Global Car Sales Recovering
17/08/22·9m 47s

AD #3385 - Some Europeans Still Want Their Diesels; Last Call for Dodge Piston Power; Ram to Build EV Vans In Europe

- Some Europeans Still Want Their Diesels- VW and Mahindra EV Partnership- GM Appoints Another Woman to The Board- Ram Wants to Build EV Vans In Europe- Mercedes’ Stunning EQE SUV Interior- Silverado ZR2 Bison for Hard-Core Off-Road- Last Call for Dodge Piston Power- Drop Top Challenger - Polestar 6 Confirmed for Production
16/08/22·9m 40s

AD #3384 - Munro Says 4680 Cheaper Than Expected; Experts: ICE Still Dominates In 2030; New Way To Make Lithium Batteries Last Longer

- Audi, Porsche, Kia Mad at U.S. EV Tax Credits- Fisker Looking for More U.S. Assembly Capacity- Experts: ICE Still Dominates In 2030- New Way to Make Lithium Batteries Last Longer- Auto Industry Loses DSRC- Bridgestone Developing Sustainable Tires- Amazon Does 430,000 Deliveries w/ Rivian Vans- Automated Speed Enforcement in Construction Zones- Munro Says 4680 Cheaper Than Expected
15/08/22·8m 19s

AD #3383 - Tesla Buys BYD Blade Batteries; EU and Korea Oppose U.S. Credits; Miners Struggle To Meet EV Deadline

- Rivian Loses $1.7B, Burns $3B In Cash- EU and South Korea Oppose U.S. EV Credits- U.S. Miners Struggle to Meet EV Deadline- Tesla Buys Blade Batteries from BYD- City of Beijing Unveils 5-Year EV Charging Plan- China Car Parc Surges To 312M Vehicles- Mazda Backing Away from Chinese Suppliers- All-New GMC Canyon - Kia Ray EV Now 12 Years Old - NYC Floats Congestion Charge…Again
12/08/22·9m 45s

AD #3382 - Ralph Nader Attacks Tesla FSD; Tesla Goes to 2-Shifts in Berlin; Used Car Prices Still Soaring

- Ralph Nader Attacks Tesla FSD- Tesla Goes to 2-Shifts in Berlin- Used Car Prices Still Soaring- Mahle and Siemens Developing Inductive Charging for EVs- Geely's EV Pickup, the RADAR RD6- Haval Cool Dog Sure Looks Like Bronco Sport- Detroit Auto Show to Feature VTOLs- Chevy Builds EV Garage for Bolt Owner- Volvo and UVeye Automate Dealer Inspections- New Cardboard Box Can Save OEMs Millions- Look Into Genesis' Crystal Ball!
11/08/22·9m 55s

AD #3381 - People Hate Car Dealers Who Overcharge; Tesla Semi Ships This Year; Car Sales to Stop Growing In 2036

- Car Sales to Stop Growing In 2036- Honda Profit Plummets 73%- Russia Exit Strategy for Mercedes, VW - Tesla Semi Ships This Year- Sandy Munro on AAH- Autonomy Orders $1.2 Billion Of EVs- EV Future Product Debuts- Ford Raises Lightning Prices Up To $8,000 - Ford to Make Cars with Sunshine- Ferrari Hit With 17-Year Recall- Mercedes Street-Legal F1 Car- People Hate Car Dealers Who Overcharge
10/08/22·10m 27s

AD #3380 - Foreign Car Co's Losing EV Race in China; Least and Most Expensive Brands to Maintain; USPS Gets $3 Billion for EVs

- Foreign Brands Losing EV Race in China- Baidu Takes Robotaxi Lead- USPS Gets $3 Billion to Go Electric- ZEEKR 009 Gets Tech-Bling Styling- GM's China JV Sells 1 Millionth EV- Cheapest and Costliest Brands to Maintain- GM Adds $1,500 "Option" to All Vehicles- Mercedes EQS SUV is Pricey
09/08/22·9m 33s

AD #3379 - Baidu Says Its Ahead of Tesla’s AV Tech; GM Expands Super Cruise in China; Senate Axes Incentives For E-Bikes

- Baidu Says Its Ahead of Tesla’s AV Tech- Bi-Partisan Support in U.S. For AVs- China Drafts AV Regs- California Sues Tesla Over Autopilot and FSD- GM Expands Super Cruise in China- Aptera Teases Its Interior- U.S. Senate Axes Incentives For E-Bikes- UAW Officers Get a Pay Raise- NIO To Build Battery Swappers in Hungary- Lucid’s CEO Working on Factory Floor- Tour Lake Michigan In Your EV
08/08/22·9m 44s

AD #3378 - Musk Says More Gigafactories On the Way; How Cops Can Pull Over AVs; 7 Chinese OEMs On Fortune 500 List

- Musk Says 12 More Gigafactories On the Way- Tesla Uses Sunshine to Offset All Energy Use- BorgWarner Doubles EV Revenue- 7 Chinese OEMs On Fortune 500 List- BP and CATL Build EV Charging Stations in China- NIO and Shell Build EV Battery Swapping Stations in China- Arrival Is Next Startup to Delay Production- Nikola Beats Wall Street Estimates- VW Comes Out with Cheaper ID.4- Scan Tool Lets Independent Repair Shops Work on EVs- BMW Gets Lithium from Australia- How the Cops Can Pull Over Autonomous Vehicles
05/08/22·10m 59s

AD #3377 - Most EVs Won't Qualify for Federal Credit; Counterfeit Parts on the Rise; Lucid Cuts Production Forecast in Half

- Ford Sales Worth the Wait- Toyota's Profits Fall- Most EVs Won't Qualify for Federal Credit- BMW Could Help Other OEMs Modernize Plants- Counterfeit Parts on the Rise- Porsche Aims to Speed Up Vehicle Development- CATL Not Likely to Open Plant in the U.S.- Mid-Size Cars Struggle on Updated Impact Test- Lucid Cuts Production Forecast in Half
04/08/22·10m 22s

AD #3376 - Lamborghini In No Rush to Introduce EVs; U.S. Car Sales Still Weak; GM Expands Super Cruise in North America

- U.S. Car Sales Still Weak but Show Signs of Improvement- BMW Blames Supply Issues on First Half Sales Drop- Ferrari Posts Strong First Half Results- Lamborghini In No Rush to Introduce EVs- Mazda CX-50 Gets More Rugged Look- F-150 Lightning Now in All 50 States- GMC Teases New Canyon- Chevy Bolt Owners Must Promise Not to Sue to Receive Rebate- GM Expands Super Cruise in North America
03/08/22·9m 18s

AD #3375 - Stellantis Invests in New IC Engine; Ford Explorer Refresh Done in China; Nikola Buys Battery Supplier

- Hino Cheating Goes Back Further Than Thought- Stellantis to Pay $300 Million for Diesel Cheating- BYD Expanding EV Lineup to Germany and Sweden- Stellantis Invests in New IC Engine- BMW Expands i4 Lineup with New Lower Cost Model- Ford Explorer Refresh Done in China- Hertz Customers Prefer EVs- Nikola Buys Battery Supplier
02/08/22·9m 12s

AD #3374 - Ford Maverick Gets Tremor Off-Road Package; Renault To Split Off EV Ops; BMW i4 Recalled Over Battery Fires

- Renault To Split Off EV Ops- Stellantis and GAC In Messy Divorce- NIO To Launch Low-Cost EV Brand- Ford Maverick Gets Tremor Off-Road Package- Mercedes EV Margins on Par with ICE Vehicles- NHTSA Issues BMW i4 Recall Over Battery Fires- Shyft Creates Portable EV Charging Unit- Australia Enacts EV Incentives- Toyota and Panasonic Lock Up U.S. Lithium Supply
01/08/22·10m 12s

AD #3373 - PHEV Sales to Dry Up in Germany; GM Racks Up EV Reservations; Autoliv Develops Air-Bag Bike Helmet

- PHEV Sales to Dry Up in Germany- Bentley Having a Banner Year- Renault Profits Drop Drastically- Nissan Posts Poor Earnings- Rolls-Royce Readies Its First EV- Alfa Romeo Turns to Chrysler Group for Next Model- Chevrolet Launches New ICE SUV In China- GM Racks Up EV Reservations- Autoliv Develops Air-Bag Bike Helmet- Mercedes Starts Renting RVs
29/07/22·10m 19s

AD #3372 - North America Carries Stellantis; New Colorado Drops V6 and Diesel; Simple Solution for Home Charging

- Cap on EV Tax Credit Could be Lifted- Rivian Cutting 6% of Workforce- U.S. Passes Bill to Help Chip Production- Apple Poaches Another Auto Exec- North America Carries Stellantis- Rivian Drags Down Ford- VW Shows VTOL for China- New Colorado Drops V6 and Diesel- Hyundai/Kia Thefts on the Rise- Simple Solution for Home Charging
28/07/22·11m 34s

AD #3371 - MINI Previews EV Styling; Honda Teases Prologue BEV; Car Dealers Reporting Record Profits

- Russia Cuts EU Gas, Threatens Car Production- Car Dealers Reporting Record Profits- Honda Teases Prologue BEV- MINI Previews EV Styling- Toyota’s Battery Swaps for Trucks- Hyundai Group to Develop Lunar Rovers- BYD To Enter Japanese Market- NHTSA Opens Investigations into GM, Ford and Stellantis- How BMW Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions
27/07/22·10m 10s

AD #3370 - Germany Slashes EV Subsidies; Tesla Charging Fee to Use Nav; GM Q2 Earnings Down Sharply

- Germany Slashes EV Subsidies- Faraday Future Needs More Money- GM Q2 Earnings Down Sharply- Detroit 3 Support Chip Act- Tesla Charging Fee to Use Nav- Tesla Really Ramps Up Production in China- Tesla Posts GigaPress Video- Sono's BEV Uses Solar Power- GM Locks Up EV Raw Materials- VW Starts Making ID.4 in the U.S.
26/07/22·10m 22s

AD #3369 - VW EV Strategy Now at Risk; Renault Isolates Battery Pack with Foam; GM Ready to Answer Your EV Questions

- VW Fires CEO Diess, EV Strategy Now at Risk- Cadillac Celestiq Design Details- Renault Isolates Battery Pack with Foam- Jaguar Develops Predictive Regen- Toyota Forgoes Supplier Price Cuts- Xpeng VTOL One Step Closer- GM Ready to Answer Your EV Questions
25/07/22·9m 20s

AD #3368 - Baidu Unveils New L4 AV; Amazon Now Delivering with Rivian Vans; OnStar Expands Beyond Passenger Cars

- Amazon Now Delivering Packages with Rivian Vans- Daimler Truck Kicks Off eEconic Production- OnStar Expands Beyond Passenger Vehicles- GM and Ford Seek Autonomous Vehicle Approval- Celestiq To Use Solid-State Lidar- Baidu Introduces New L4 Autonomous Car- Porsche Now Performing Automated Test Drives- Chevy Teases New Ultium-Based EV- Mini Offers Cooper SE For People with Disabilities- Opel Reveals Tricked Out Astra- Michael Schumacher’s 1998 F1 Ferrari Up for Auction
22/07/22·9m 55s

AD #3367 - Former UAW Leaders Serve Minimal Sentences; Tesla Posts Strong Q2 Earnings; Brembo's Big Brake-Through

- Tesla Posts Strong Q2 Earnings- Ford Lines Up Batteries and Raw Materials- Ford to Cut 8,000 Jobs- Former UAW Leaders Handed "Get Out of Jail" Cards- U.S. Post Office to Buy a Lot More EVs- VW And That 153 Days Supply of ID.4s- Honda Reveals "Most Powerful" Civic Type R- Brembo's Big Brake-Through
21/07/22·12m 17s

AD #3366 - BEVs Hit 10% Market Share in Europe; U.S Car Prices Hit Record High; Ford Tests Robot EV Charging Station

- VW Names Keogh Head of New Scout Brand- BEVs Hit 10% Market Share in Europe- U.S Car Prices Hit Record High- Renault Converting Old ICE Vans into EVs- Ford Tests Robot EV Charging Station- Cadillac Offers Discount to Track Lyriq Customers- Nissan Launches New X-Trail- Amazon’s Zoox Ready to Jump into Robotaxi Business
20/07/22·9m 34s

AD #3365 - Chevy Launching Blazer EV Next Summer; Kia Planning EV Pickup for U.S.; Porsche Wants to Go More Upscale

- Aftermarket Business Exploding- Kia Planning EV Pickup For the U.S.- CATL Eyes North American Expansion- Hyundai Partners with Rolls-Royce on Fuel Cell VTOL- Porsche Wants to Go More Upscale- Fully Assembled BMW's to Park Themselves- Chevy Blazer EV Launches Next Summer- Toyota Continues Its Push Into Fuel Cells- Honda Civic Turns 50
19/07/22·9m 4s

AD #3364 - VW ID.4 Has 153 Days of Inventory; Copper Shortfall to Send Prices Soaring; Stellantis Dumps Chinese Partners

- Stellantis Dumps Chinese Partners- Aston Martin Fishing for Partners- Copper Shortfall to Send Prices Soaring- Hyundai Designs VTOL Interior- Ford Stuffs Horses into The Raptor R- Porsche Targets Higher Margins- Rocket Tech for Fuel Cell Hypercar- VW ID.4 Has 153 Days of Inventory
18/07/22·9m 24s

AD #3363 - Cheap EVs Taking China by Storm; BMW USA Says It Won't Charge for Heated Seats; Hau Thai Tang Leaving Ford

- BMW USA Says It Won't Charge for Heated Seats- EU Car Sales Lowest in 26 Years- Saudis Invest in Aston Martin- Hau Thai Tang Leaving Ford- GM Building Nationwide Charging Network- Fiat 500e Best Selling EV in EU- Toyota Drops Avalon, Replaced by Crown- Cheap EVs Take China by Storm- Hyundai N Goes Electric
15/07/22·10m 33s

AD #3362 - NIO Accused of Fraud; Hyundai IONIQ 6 is SUV-Sized; Trumpchi Goes Grille Crazy

- NIO Accused of Fraud- Americans Warming Up to EVs- Walmart Could Buy 20% of Canoo- Tesla Loses Top AI Executive- Lordstown Promotes Hightower to CEO- Trumpchi Goes Grille Crazy- Hennessey EV Boasts 400 HP at Each Wheel- Cadillac Celestiq Design Details- Meet the Honda ZR-V- Hyundai IONIQ 6 Bigger Than You Think
14/07/22·10m 49s

AD #3361 - Panasonic Develops Better EV Battery; VW Faces Delays Due to Software; IONIQ 6 Reveals New Styling Strategy

- Panasonic Develops Better EV Battery- VW Faces Major Delays Due to Software- VW Joins Battery Recycler Redwood Materials- Geely Launches EV Pickup- Vitesco Lands Big Business with Renault- IONIQ 6 Reveals Hyundai's EV Styling Strategy- Honda CR-V Gets Major Redo- ZF Gets a New CEO- Mahle Develops EV Motor to Run Indefinitely
13/07/22·10m 54s

AD #3360 - Walmart Probably Just Saved Canoo; Porsche Confirms 911 Hybrid; Hella to Mass Produce Brake-By-Wire

- Rivian Plans for Job Cuts- Walmart Buys EV Delivery Vans from Canoo- BMW Charging for Convenience Features- Ford Files Trademark for EV Ranger and Maverick- Rimac Nevera Rated by the EPA- Porsche Confirms 911 Hybrid- Citroen Ami Sales Pretty Weak- Hella to Mass Produce Brake-By-Wire- Mercedes Partners with Tencent for AVs in China
12/07/22·9m 22s

AD #3359 - Tesla Sales Spells Trouble for China EV Makers; Bentley Adopts Airline Seat Specs; Opel Converts EV Van to Flatbed

- U.S. OEMs Slowly Build Back Inventory- Commercial Vehicles Sales Slow in China- Tesla Sales Record Spells Trouble for China EV Makers - VW Had New Phaeton Ready- Bentley Adopts Airline Seat Specs- Opel Converts EV Van to Flatbed- Biden Wants States to Track Vehicle Emissions- BMW Doubles EV Sales- Volvo Drops Out of ACEA- Pete Brock on AAH
11/07/22·10m 9s

AD #3358 - Tesla Market Share About to Plummet; Lead In 12V Batteries 50-60 Years Old; Stellantis Converts Plant to EV Motors

- Tesla Market Share About to Plummet- Tesla Stock Follows Auto Sector- BMW Kills Off i3- GM Cruise Has Bugs to Work Out- Chevy Extends Price Cut to Older Bolt Owners- General Motors Provides EV 1st Responder Training- Stellantis Converts Diesel Plant to EV Motors- Lead In 12V Batteries 50-60 Years Old
01/07/22·10m 19s

AD #3357 - China Getting GM 'Halo' Vehicles; New Green NCAP Test Harder for ICEs; Used Car Market Shrinking

- EU Makes 2035 ICE Ban Official- China Getting GM 'Halo' Vehicles- Apple CarPlay Adds Fuel Purchases- New Green NCAP Test Harder for ICEs- BMW Kicks Off Share Buyback- Mercedes Starts EV Plant Transformation- Lithium Tax Could Reduces Prices- Soaring Prices Drive Consumers from Used Cars- Material Inflation Having Big Impact on Automakers
30/06/22·9m 8s

AD #3356 - EV Jobs Growing, ICE Jobs Falling; Tesla Has Best Brand Loyalty; Used Car Shortage Looming Next Year

- EV Jobs Growing, ICE Jobs Falling- Tesla Has Best Brand Loyalty- 2022 Sales to Drop Below 2020- Buick Tops JD Power Quality Index- Hyundai IONIQ 6 Is One Swoopy Car- Citroen C4 Goes Electric- Got A Dodge? Head to HWY 93- Clarios Low-Voltage Battery Perfect for EVs- Tesla Axes 200 Autopilot Workers- Used Car Shortage Looming Next Year- Cadillac Lyriq Pioneers Manufacturing Technique
29/06/22·11m 4s

AD #3355 - Germany and Japan Resist ICE Bans; Cadillac Lyriq Road Test; Ford Taking Bronco Brand To Europe

- Germany, Japan Resist ICE Bans- VW Sells Part of Electrify America- Chip Shortage Starts to Ease- Ford Taking Bronco Brand to Europe- China Still Stuck in Copy Cat Mode- Hyundai Group Investigated for Defeat Devices- Cadillac Lyriq Road Test - Fuel Cells for EV Charging
28/06/22·10m 18s

AD #3354 - Tesla Shanghai on Track for 1M EVs/Year; June Sales Forecast; VW's MQB Spawned Over 32 Million Vehicles

- June Sales: Fantastic for Ford, Disaster for Honda- Tesla Shanghai Readies to Make 1M EVs- Toyota Lobbies Japan to Push Hybrids- Japan Pushes G7 to Welcome Hybrids- VW ID. AERO is Latest EV Effort- 32 Million VW's Built on MQB- 1,000 HP 'Sucker' Car Breaks Goodwood Record- EVgo Added to Russell Indexes- Cadillac Celestiq Will Cost $350,000+- Clarios Develops Low-Voltage Lithium Battery
27/06/22·8m 49s

AD #3353 - UAW Targets Transplants, EV Startups; Tesla and Biden Quietly Working Together; Polestar 5 Gets Whopping 884 HP

- UAW Going After Non-Union OEMs Again- Tesla and Biden Quietly Collaborating- Tesla Brings Back Enhanced Autopilot- GM Makes Charging Its EVs Easier- Nissan to Supplier McLaren for Formula E- Uber and Lyft Drivers Put Ads on Their Vehicles- Aptera Confirms Hub Motor Supplier- Mercedes EQXX Ekes Out More Range- Polestar 5 Gets Whopping 884 HP- Apricale is the 1st PCEV Hypercar
24/06/22·10m 11s

AD #3352 - EV Raw Material Costs = 2X ICE; $4,500 Union EV Incentive Officially Dead; Ford’s 2,000 HP Transit Van

- Tesla Loses Billions on New Plants, Of Course- Musk Says Tesla May Start Advertising- Raw Material Costs for EV = 2X ICE- $4,500 Union EV Incentive Officially Dead- IndyCar Eats Up 25,000 Firestones A Year- Ford’s 2,000 HP Transit Van- Cadillac Celestiq Interior Teaser- Infiniti Starts Free Maintenance Program- Honda CR-V Interior Teasers- CATL Qilin Battery Boasts Fast Charge Time
23/06/22·11m 9s

AD #3351 - Peugeot Aims New 408 Fastback at SUV Buyers; VW Teases New EV Sedan; BMW Reveals 1st Ever M3 Wagon

- GM Accelerates EV Production Plans- Ford’s Spain Plant to Produce Next-Gen EVs- Toyota Slashes Production…Again- Toyota and Redwood Partner on EV Battery Recycling- Volkswagen Teases New ID. AERO Electric Sedan- Peugeot Aims New 408 Fastback at SUV Buyers - IIHS: Pandemic Lockdowns Made Risky Driving New Normal- BMW Introduces 1st Ever M3 Wagon- Porsche Struggled to Incorporate Brand DNA In the Cayenne
22/06/22·9m 49s

AD #3350 - Plasma Ignition Better Than Spark Plugs; Ford Tries Direct Sales in China; EV Production Updates

- Chinese Leadership Doesn’t Trust Tesla- Expensive EVs Threaten EV Revolution- Entry Level EVs Need to Sell Well- Car Color Affects Depreciation- Volvo Truck Pushes Forward with Fuel Cells - Volvo’s FCEV Rock Hauler- Opel Jumps into Fuel Cell Segment- Bridgestone and Dow Develop Run Flat Tire- Lamborghini Helps Ukrainian Supplier- BMW Invests In E-Drive Manufacturing…- …And Autonomous Forklifts
21/06/22·9m 55s

AD #3349 - Chinese Leadership Doesn’t Trust Tesla; Car Color Affects Depreciation; Lamborghini Helps Ukrainian Supplier

- Chinese Leadership Doesn’t Trust Tesla- Expensive EVs Threaten EV Revolution- Entry Level EVs Need to Sell Well- Car Color Affects Depreciation- Volvo Truck Pushes Forward with Fuel Cells - Volvo’s FCEV Rock Hauler- Opel Jumps into Fuel Cell Segment- Bridgestone and Dow Develop Run Flat Tire- Lamborghini Helps Ukrainian Supplier- BMW Invests In E-Drive Manufacturing…- …And Autonomous Forklifts
20/06/22·10m 38s

AD #3348 - Ferrari Says No to Autonomous Vehicles; GM Preps for EV Launch In EU; Porsche Nailed for Cheating on Emissions

- Gasoline Is $6.76 In Canada- GM Preps for EV Launch In EU- Car Thieves Steal Right Off the Assembly Line- Ferrari Says No AVs, Not Never- Renault Re-Thinks Sound Inside EVs…- …And Hardens Them from Cyber Attacks- Porsche Nailed for Cheating on Emissions- New Electric Commercial Van Startup- Study Finds Quarter of EV Chargers Don’t Work
17/06/22·9m 22s

AD #3347 - EV Profits Being Wiped Out by Material Costs; GM to Sell 400,000 EVs in 2023; Don't Compare ADAS Accidents

- Tesla Raises Prices... Again- NHTSA Warns: Don't Compare ADAS Accidents- Honda and Sony Officially Start New Company- Ford Launches C-V2X in China- Cadillac Celestiq Limited to 400 Units/Year- NIO Launches ES7 Electric SUV- Audi Files Lawsuit Against NIO- Honda Civic Type R Rips Up the Nurburgring- GM to Sell 400,000 EVs in 2023- Mach-E Profits Wiped Out by Raw Material Prices
16/06/22·11m 42s

AD #3346 - Tesla Autopilot More Dangerous Than Others; Gas Headed To $6/Gallon; Another Massive Recall At Ford

- Gas Headed To $6/Gallon- Lithium Prices to Drop. Or Not. - Another Massive Recall at Ford- Mustang Mach-E Recalled- Citroen Ami Ready for The Beach- Audi Designs Electric Rickshaw for India- Lynk and Co Drops Clay Models- Ford Puma Seats Get Blessing of Spinal Experts- Robo Chargers for EVs- Tesla Autopilot More Dangerous Than Others
15/06/22·9m 29s

AD #3345 - Environmentalists Turning Against Toyota; BMW Tests Innovative Battery; Could Silverado Outsell F-150?

- OEMs Want Congress to Lift Cap for EV Incentives- China Considers Extending EV Incentives- Environmentalists Turning Against Toyota- Could Silverado Outsell F-150?- Michigan Approves Digital License Plates- Chevrolet Teases Blazer EV- Geely to Launch Luxury EV Pickup- BMW Tests Innovative Battery- Stellantis Leaving the ACEA- Porsche Cayenne Could Have Been a Mercedes
14/06/22·10m 15s

AD #3344 - ELMS: First EV SPAC Startup to Fail; NIO Confirms Plans for U.S. Market; BMW M2 Features Lots of Piston Power

- ELMS Is 1st EV SPAC Startup to Fail- NIO Confirms Plans for U.S. Market- NIO Posts Big Operating and Net Losses in Q1- Tesla Wants 3:1 Stock Split- GM Defense Expands Outside U.S.- Consumers Warm Up to AV Shuttles- Honda 3-Wheel EV Scooter- BMW M2 Features Lots of Piston Power- AvtoVAZ Is Back in Production- Schaeffler Unveils Compact E-Axle- Lockheed and GM Headed to The Moon
13/06/22·9m 50s

AD #3343 - Lightyear EV Priced at Stunning €250,000; Good-Bye Lead Acid Batteries; Cadillac’s LMDh Race Car

- Sky High Gas Prices Still Below Record- Stunning Lightyear EV Priced at Stunning €250,000- EV Battery Production in China Soaring- China Installs Nearly 1M Charging Stations - Good-Bye Lead Acid Batteries, Hello Lithium-Zinc- Tesla Cancels China Hiring- NHTSA Could Recall Tesla Autopilot- JIDU Unveils Purpose-Built Robocar- Mack Assembly Plant Gets Giant Mural- Cadillac’s LMDh Race Car- Cadillac Escalade V-Series' Exhaustive Engineering
10/06/22·12m 19s

AD #3342 - VW To Recycle Batteries Multiple Times; AAA: Don’t Waste Money on Premium; Celestiq Is Handbuilt Flagship

- Biden Wants EV Chargers Every 50 Miles- Siemens Invests in Wireless EV Charging- AAA Says Don’t Waste Money on Premium Gas- Chinese OEMs Capturing More EV Sales- Cadillac Celestiq Is Handbuilt Flagship- Genesis to Make One-Off Luxury Cars- VW Expands AWD Option on ID.4- VW To Recycle EV Batteries Multiple Times- Volvo Pushes Dealers Aside with Phone App- Nexteer Uses AI To Detect Changing Road Surfaces- Emergency Flashers Enter the Modern Age
09/06/22·10m 26s

AD #3341 - VW Scraps All Previous EV Work; 1.5 Million Car Crashes A Year with Deer; Toyota To Triple Sequoia Sales

- UAW Boosts Strike Pay- Automakers Who Back California Emissions- Fisker Teases More of the PEAR- Honda Redesigns the HR-V- Cupra Going Electric/Electrified- VW To Scrap All Previous EV Work- Toyota To Triple Sequoia Sales- 1.5 Million Car Crashes A Year with Deer
08/06/22·11m 19s

AD #3340 - Radical New Way To De-Ice Windshields; Russian Car Sales Collapse; New Car Inventory Getting Worse

- New Car Inventory Getting Worse- Russian Car Sales Collapse- Solid-State Battery Another Step Closer- SEMA Members Book All-Time Record Sales- Magna’s Bolt-In EV Pickup Conversion- Polestar’s New Electric SUV- Apple Revamps CarPlay- Radical New Way to De-Ice Windshields
07/06/22·9m 59s

AD #3339 - Ranking Traditional OEMs By EV Sales; New Ford Bronco Could Face Recall; Toyota’s Future CEO?

- New Ford Bronco Could Face Recall- Mercedes Recalls 1 Million Vehicles- Car Sales in India Healthy and Strong- Elon Musk Tweets Create Backlash- Rivian May Need to Raise Prices Again- BMW Unveils Its LMDh Race Car- Ranking Traditional OEMs By EV Sales- Toyota’s Future CEO?
06/06/22·9m 54s

AD #3338 - BEVs Hit Record 5% U.S. Market Share; Musk Threatens to Fire 10,000 Employees; USPS Tests E-Bikes

- U.S. SAAR Drops to Only 12.6 Million- Jaguar Only Sells 791 Cars in May- U.S. BEV Segment Tops 5% Market Share- Musk Wants to Fire 10,000 Employees- USPS Tests E-Bikes- Stellantis To Get Lithium from California- Wuling Launches BEV for Global Markets- GM Cruise Can Now Charge for Driverless AV Rides- Mercedes-Benz Prices New EQB Electric- Porsche Offers New Performance Kit For 911 GT3- Toyota Toyopet Was Complete Flop in U.S.
03/06/22·9m 56s

AD #3337 - Meet the Future Face of Buick; ICE Vehicles in Permanent Decline; Ford's Farley Predicts EV Price Wars

- ICE Vehicles in Permanent Decline- Jeep Going Mostly Electric in Europe- Meet the Future Face of Buick, Electra-X- Chevy Cuts Price of Bolt EV and EUV- Toyota Testing Swappable Hydrogen Tanks- Toyota Selling Stationary Battery Storage Systems- Geely Launches Satellites to Improve AVs- Ford's Farley Predicts EV Price Wars- Ford Makes Big U.S. Investment
02/06/22·11m 34s

AD #3336 - Mercedes-AMG Reveals New Supercar; Toyota and Lexus Share New Product Details; BMW Unveils New X1 and iX1

- Car Sales Down Sharply in China- California Proposes ICE to ZEV Conversion Rebate- Lamborghini Wants E-Fuel Hybrids in Its Line-Up Beyond 2030- Toyota and Lexus Share New Product Details- Supercar Maker Rimac Wants to Become Tier 1 Supplier- Mercedes-AMG Reveals Supercar with F1 Technology- BMW Unveils New X1 and iX1
01/06/22·10m 36s

AD #3335 - Nissan Stops U.S. Ariya Orders; Rivian to Split Commercial and Retail Businesses; New DeLorean Unveiled

- Nissan Stops Taking Ariya Orders in the U.S.- Rivian Splitting Commercial and Retail Businesses- Stellantis to Supply Toyota with Large Vans- Extended Defender 130 Debuts- New DeLorean Shares Little with the Original- Silverado EV Work Truck Seeing a Lot of Interest- Volvo Invests More in Fossil-Free Steel- Toyota Launching Fuel Cell Delivery Van
31/05/22·8m 1s

AD #3334 - Silverado Passes F-150 As Most Shopped Truck; How Lucid Maximized the Air's Interior Space; Toyota Cuts Production

- Tesla Owners Less Likely to Crash Than in Their Other Cars- Toyota Slashes Production Forecast Again- Car Rental Prices Likely to Soar This Summer- NIO Recruiting Manufacturing Specialists for U.S. Plant- VW Looking for U.S. Location to Build Scout EV Plant- Chevy Silverado Passes F-150 As Most Shopped Pickup in Q1- How Lucid Maximized the Air Sedan’s Interior Space- Bentley Continental Celebrates 70th Birthday
27/05/22·9m 47s

AD #3333 - GM Customer Accounts Hacked; Laid Off Coal Workers to Make Batteries; OEMs Going Vegan

- GM Customer Accounts Hacked- Laid Off Coal Workers to Make Batteries- OEMs Going Vegan- Maserati MC20 Cielo Revealed- Land Rover Shows Defender 130- Durango Gets HEMI Orange Package- Stellantis Fined for Diesel Cheating- Ford and Tesla Lead the Recall Parade- Ford Pairs Co-Bot with Disabled Worker
26/05/22·10m 26s

AD #3332 - High Gas Prices Give Sedans a Boost; Buick Revives Electra Name; Bronco Raptor Power Numbers Revealed

- High Gas Prices Give Sedans a Boost- Ford Reveals Bronco Raptor’s Power Numbers- Ford Settles Fuel Economy and Payload Capacity Lawsuit- Honda Teases New CR-V- Buick Revives Electra Name for First Ultium EV- GM Patents Dual Charging Port for EVs- Marelli Shows Off Wireless Battery Management System- Forvia Develops Intelligent Seat- Hyundai Issues Recall Over Exploding Seat Belt Part- BMW Partners to Recycle Used EV Batteries In China
25/05/22·10m 41s

AD #3331 - Ford Tech Automatically Reduces Speed; PHEVs Starting to Catch On; China Likely to Ban ICEs

- Toyota Slashes Production Again- COVID Lockdowns Cripple China's Sales- China Likely to Ban ICEs- Stellantis and Samsung Pick Indiana for Battery Plant- Ford Using Geofencing to Automatically Reduce Speed- BMW Implementing 3D Printed Parts Into Production- Magna Lighting Tech Shines Through Plastic- PHEVs Starting to Catch On in the U.S.
24/05/22·8m 21s

AD #3330 - Battery Swapping Hits Tipping Point in China; Lucid Says Rivian Needs to Raise Prices; Two Neat Features on Niro EV

- Lucid Says Rivian Needs to Raise Prices- BMW Seeks Alternatives to Russian Gas- Auto Suppliers Rate Stellantis Poorly- American Axle Denies It’s Up for Sale- Battery Swapping Hits Tipping Point in China- BYD To Launch Super Lux Brand- Hummer SUV Turns Tighter Than Honda Civic- Einride Semi Trailer for EV Power- Average U.S. Car Now 12.2 Years Old- Two Neat Features on Kia Niro EV
23/05/22·11m 22s

AD #3329 - U.S. Buyers Want EVs From Legacy OEMs, Not Startups; VW Converts “Stranded Asset”; Nissan’s Electric Kei Car

- Americans Want EVs From Traditional OEMs, Not Startups- VW Converts Another “Stranded Asset”- 2-Year Wait for Tesla Model X- BMW Locks Up Green Lithium- Mercedes High Performance BEV- Lightweight BMW M4 CSL- Barn Find Identified- Nissan Intros Electric Kei Car- The Most Valuable Car in The World
20/05/22·11m 13s

AD #3328 - China and Russia May Collab on New Car; Buick Teases Super Luxury Van; Ford's Farley Becoming a Podcaster

- NHTSA Investigates Tesla Crash Again- Tesla Updates FSD- China and Russia May Collaborate on New Car- First Sketch of the Honda Prologue- Genesis GV60 U.S. Prices and Specs- Buick's Super-Luxury Chinese Van- Renault Reveals Fuel Cell Crossover Concept- Mercedes Unveils New Luxury Strategy- Ford's Farley Becoming a Podcaster- Barn Find
19/05/22·11m 14s

AD #3327 - Seat Dispute Puts Amazon Vans in Jeopardy; Daimler Allows Shops to 3D Print Spare Parts; VW EV Prices Jump

- Rivian's Amazon Vans in Jeopardy- Argo AI Starts Driverless AV Tests- Hydrovolt Opens Europe's Largest Battery Recycling Center- Bluetooth Car Connection is Pathway for Hackers- Daimler Truck Allows Shops to 3D Print Spare Parts- Mercedes Taps Sila for More Energy Dense Battery- VW EV Prices Shoot Up in 7 Months- SUVs Perform Better in New Side Impact Test- Traffic Deaths Make Biggest Jump Ever- Bentley Developing Wicked Fast EV- Kia Building PBV Plant in South Korea
18/05/22·11m 56s

AD #3326 - Lyriq Deliveries and Pricing Revealed; Stellantis Caves to Supplier Pressure; Russia to Revive Old Brand

- Russia To Revive Moskvich Brand- Tesla Stops Cybertruck Orders Outside North America- Wuling Moving MINI EV More Upscale- Latest Info on Cadillac's Lyriq EV- Chevy Preview Equinox EV Interior- Bolt EUV Adds Redline Edition- Lamborghini Teases 1st LMDh Prototype Race Car- Stellantis Surrenders to Supplier Revolt- Android Auto Gets a Facelift
17/05/22·10m 1s

AD #3325 - Our Take: New Nissan Z; Tesla Opens Order Books for Semi; Magna’s Booming Business in Battery Enclosures

- Tesla Opens Order Books for Semi- Hyundai, Nissan To Build New EV Plants in U.S.- Ford Sells Off More Rivian Stock- BMW XM Is a High-Performance PHEV- Porsche Tests Cayman GT4 EV- Detroit Three Reinstate Mask Mandates- Magna’s Booming Business in Battery Enclosures- Automakers Turn Away from Russian Palladium- Driving Nissan’s New Z
16/05/22·11m 6s

AD #3324 - Cute as A Button $13,000 EV; Mercedes Issues “Stop Driving!” Warning; Renault To Spin Off EV Ops

- Renault To Spin Off EV Ops- Nissan Undecided on EV Split- India Dreams and Drags Its Feet- VW Commits €3.4 Billion To Dividends- GM Mexican Workers Get Big Raise- Cute as A Button $13,000 EV- Lexus UX Updates- Toyota Venza Upgrades- Audi Offers New Package for S6 and S7- Mercedes Issues “Stop Driving!” Warning- CFD Models Turbulence Around Wheels- Magna Integrates Camera into Mirror
13/05/22·11m 28s

AD #3323 - VW EVs Almost As Profitable as ICEs; Lordstown Finalizes Deal with Foxconn; Hyundai Launching Robotaxis

- VW EVs Almost As Profitable as ICEs- Lordstown Finalizes Deal with Foxconn- Fisker Confirms Foxconn Will Make the Pear- BMW Slashes Paint Emissions- Cadillac Sweet Talks Chinese Lyriq Customers- AMG Brand Turns 55- Hyundai Launching Robotaxis Next Year- Subaru to Build EV Plant- Global Auto Sales Plummet
12/05/22·9m 34s

AD #3322 - Ford Faces Big Decision on Rivian Stock; Harley Intros Another Electric Bike; Canoo Warns It May Not Survive

- Canoo Warns It May Not Survive- Lordstown Motors Has Until Saturday- Vinfast Could Delay Its IPO- Ford Faces Big Decision on Rivian Stock- Cadillac Escalade V-Series Is a Monster- Toyota Highlander Gets 4-Cylinder Turbo- Range Rover Sport Added to The Line-Up- BMW iX1 Range Numbers- VW To Revive Scout Brand of International Harvester Fame- Tesla to Put CCS Connectors on U.S. Chargers- Russian Auto Industry Sinks to Depression Levels- Harley Intros Another Electric Bike
11/05/22·11m 42s

AD #3321 - Rivian Loses Billions In Market Cap; Chinese Car Market Takes A Bath; Tesla Takes Big Steps Forward in Recycling

- Chinese Car Market Takes A (Covid) Bath- Rivian Loses $100 Billion In Market Cap- Foreign EVs Crack South Korea’s Protected Market - Tesla Takes Big Steps Forward in Recycling- Geely Buys Part of Renault-Korea- Bollinger and Roush Team Up for Production- Hyundai Deploys 30 Hydrogen Semis in California- Bentley Bentayga Believes Bigger Is Better- First Look: Sierra Denali Ultimate and AT4X
10/05/22·11m 7s

AD #3320 - Rolling Blackouts Could Hurt EV Sales; EVs Caught in Culture Wars; Hybrid Battery Offers Spectacular Range

- Rolling Blackouts Could Hurt EV Sales- EVs Caught in Culture Wars- Tesla Employee Allegedly Steals Dojo Secrets- Ford Threatens Dealers with $25,000 Fine- Ford Intros Another E-Transit Model- Cadillac Starts Lyriq Production in China- World's Biggest Hydrogen Mining Truck- AeroMobil to Make Passenger Flying Car- Parts Shortage Hits Trucking Industry- Schaeffler Bearing Increases EV Range- Hybrid Battery Offers Spectacular Range
09/05/22·11m 17s

AD #3319 - Chinese Battery Companies Coming to U.S.; Mercedes Makes One-Off for; Nikola Passes Major Milestone

- Chinese Battery Companies Coming to the U.S.- Why Chinese Companies Are Investing in the U.S.- Geely Gets Into Smartphones- Ferrari Builds One-Off Exotic for Customer- Mercedes Builds One-Off for You Tell Us About Your EV Charging Experience- Nikola Passes Major Milestone- Jeep Co-Brands with Igloo- Hyundai Builds R and D Lab in Montana
06/05/22·9m 50s

AD #3318 - BEVs Hit 10% Market Share in the EU; Using Hydrogen in Diesel Engines; U.S. Inventory Still Falling

- BEVs Hit 10% Market Share in the EU- BMW Reports Strong Earnings- STLA Sales Down, Revenue Up- U.S. Inventory Still Falling- Toyota Says 800v Only for Big Vehicles- Fisker Teases Ronin EV- Electrify America Sees Huge Growth- Bosch Develops Tech for Green Hydrogen- Using Hydrogen in Diesel Engines
05/05/22·9m 30s

AD #3317 - U.S. EV Market Share Up 104%; VW Developing Ranger-Based EV; U.S. Sales Suffer Double Digit Drop

- U.S. Sales Suffer Double Digit Drop- U.S. EV Market Share Up 104%- Aston Martin Gets New CEO - Again- Kia Soul Gets Update, Loses X-Line Trim- GMC Adds Upscale to the Upscale- Cadillac Leaks More Lyriq Specs- Battery Startups Love Washington State- Bridgestone Develops Tires for EV Buses- Ford and VW Developing Electric Ranger Pickup
04/05/22·10m 40s

AD #3316 - Renault Could Sell Russian Ops for $0.01; U.S. Giving Dealers Tax Relief; GM and Ford Get Credit Upgrades

- GM Hints at European Return- $500 Million Worth of Luxury Cars Stuck in Belgium- Renault Could Sell Russian Ops for 1 Cent- U.S. Giving Dealers Tax Relief- GM and Ford Get Credit Upgrades- Top 10 Automakers in China- Mach-E Gets Towing, Charging Upgrades in Europe- Stellantis to Invest Nearly $3 Billion in Canada- Stellantis Doubles Down on Mobility Services- Raw Materials Aplenty for 14 Million EVs- Biden Admin Provides $3 Billion for EV Batteries
03/05/22·10m 1s

AD #3315 - GM Denies Spark EV Battery Rumors; Hyundai Showers Munoz with Promotions; Dealers Need Cyber Training

- GM Denies Spark EV Battery Rumors- Hyundai Showers Jose Munoz with Promotions- Car Dealers Need Cyber Training- Thieves Go After Scooter Batteries- Automotive CEOs Paid Handsomely- China EV Startups Stumble in April- NIO Readies ET5 for Production- Weak Yen a Bonanza for Japanese OEMs- F-150 Lightning Gets Power and Range Updates- BMW 4 Series Heavier Than Tesla Model 3- Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Review
02/05/22·11m 59s

AD #3314 - GM Ties Executive Pay to EVs; Truck Drivers Mad At Speed Limiters; Russian Gas Threatens German Autos

- Russian Gas Threatens German Autos- U.S. Post Office Sued Over New Truck- GM Ties Executive Pay to EVs- Mercedes Unleashes 10 EVs- Tata’s Stunning AVINYA Concept- Truck Drivers Mad at Speed Limiters- Viewers Weigh in On Mach-E Experience
29/04/22·10m 44s

AD #3313 - VW Wants More U.S. EV Manufacturing; Ford Earnings Suggest More Cuts; Buyers Prefer Online Experience

- Ford Earnings Suggest More Cuts Coming- Rivian CEO Drops From List of Billionaires- NHTSA Takes Too Long to Set Rules- Polestar 2 Updates Add Range- Mach-E Owner Has Poor Dealer Experience- Stellantis Holds Hackathon to Find New Talent- Buyers Prefer Online Experience Over Dealer- VW Wants to Expand U.S. EV Manufacturing- Mahle Develops Tool to Check EV Battery Health- Toyota Supra Finally Gets a Manual
28/04/22·11m 59s

AD #3312 - GM Tantalizes EV Details; Will Ford and VW Make Mid-Size Pickup EVs?; Twitter Deal Tanks Tesla’s Stock

- Twitter Deal Tanks Tesla’s Stock- GM’s Tantalizing EV Details- U.S. Vehicles Spew Out More Particulates- VW Amarok Built Off Ford Ranger- Will Ford and VW Make Mid-Size Pickup EVs?- Dodge to Revive Hornet Name- Chrysler to Make EV Minivans- Firestone to Use Guayule Tires at Indy- Honda’s Bargain EV Prices in China- Lucid Gets Big Order from Saudi Arabia
27/04/22·10m 17s

AD #3311 - Ford Makes Long Commitment to ICEs; Honda Launching New EV Family; GM Mexico Workers Demand Raise

- Ford F-150 Lightning Launches Today- Ford to Build IC Engine for 20 Years- GM Mexican Workers Demand 19% Raise- GM's Ultium Heat Pump- Corvette EV Uses Ultium, Could Be an SUV- GM Tells Suppliers to Sign Climate Contract- Volta Reveals New Heavy-Duty EV Trucks- Honda Launches New EVs in China- NIO Hits 200,000 Milestone- BMW Uses Digital Twins for Manufacturing
26/04/22·11m 19s

AD #3310 - It’s Official: The Electric Corvette!; Lithium Shortage Threat To EV Market; Russia Lies About VW

- It’s Official: The Electric Corvette!- Lithium Shortage Threat to EV Market- April Sales Sag- U.S. Trucking Slows Dramatically- Audi Figuring Out How to Recycle Glass- Nissan Makes AV Progress- Russia Lies About VW Production - Nio Battery Costs- Control Your House from Your BMW- Fiat Topolino Could Make Comeback as EV
25/04/22·10m 41s

AD #3309 - Audi Wants to End PHEV Incentives; Renault May Merge ICE Ops w/ Geely; GM and Honda Plan New EV Platform

- France Issues Arrest Warrant for Ghosn- Renault Could Merge ICE Ops with Geely- Audi Calls for End to PHEV Incentives- Car Sales Plummeting in China- Tesla Is CATL’s #1 Customer- Tesla Profitable Without ZEV Credits- Ford’s Small Commercial EV Van- Brightdrop Van Sets Range Record- GM and Honda To Develop New EV Platform- GAC Opens Battery Swapping Stations…- …And So Does CATL- Stellantis Pushes into Fuel Cells- GM Will Not Split Off EV Ops
22/04/22·11m 17s

AD #3308 - Musk Downplays 800v EVs; Lincoln's Glorious EV Concept; Honda to Use GM's Cruise Origin in Japan

- Tesla Posts Record Sales, Revenue and Profit- Highlights from Tesla's Earnings Call- Lincoln's Glorious EV Concept- Honda to Use GM's Cruise Origin in Japan- Euro NCAP Goes Green- Changan Builds China's First Fuel Cell Car
21/04/22·11m 7s

AD #3307 - EV Battery Cell Costs Jump +52%; BMW’s Stunning New 7 Series; China to Ax Free Plates for PHEVs

- EV Battery Cell Costs Jump +52%- China to Ax Free Plates for PHEVs- Auto Engineers Devour ICE Tech Papers- BMW’s Stunning New 7 Series - Lexus Rolls Out Its First BEV- Magna and LG To Make EV Parts for GM- Schaeffler Secures Rare Earths from Europe- GKN Says All EVs Going 800v- Ford Lightning Screen Plays Video Games
20/04/22·10m 29s

AD #3306 - GM Ultium Batteries Can Be Upgraded; Stellantis Pulls the Plug on Russia; Penske Places Big E-Transit Order

- Stellantis Pulls the Plug on Russia- U.S. Secures Domestic Graphite Production- GM Ultium Batteries Can Be Upgraded- Mercedes-Benz Reveals EQS SUV- Daimler Truck Turns Used Batteries Into Storage Units- Penske Places Big Order of Ford E-Transits- urbanshpere Concept Hints at Audi's Future- BP Installing More Charging Stations- Ford Stops Taking Orders for Mach-E in the U.S.- Who Makes the Most Efficient EVs?
19/04/22·10m 0s

AD #3305 - How GM Blew Launch of Bolt EV; Russian Auto Industry Collapsing Over Sanctions; Judge Hands Musk a Setback

- Federal Judge Hands Musk a Setback- France In Uproar Over Tavares Pay Package- Russian Auto Industry Collapsing Over Sanctions- Volvo Invests in Fast Charging Startup- Lexus RZ 450e Debuts on Wednesday- Tesla, Kia No Longer Offer Charging Cables- Who Uses the Most Gasoline?- Shanghai OEMs Able to Open Again- How GM Blew Launch of Bolt EV
18/04/22·10m 34s

AD #3304 - BMW Won’t Commit to Full EV Lineup; Honda Axes Insight Hybrid; bZ4X Is Exactly What You’d Expect from Toyota

- BMW Won’t Commit to Fully Electric Lineup- Honda Axing Insight to Replace with Civic Hybrid- VW Makes Big Profit on Nickel Price Surge- Stellantis Partners with Qualcomm On Connected-Car Technology- Baidu To Provide VOYAH With AV and Connected Car Tech- Ford to Start F-150 Lightning Deliveries Soon- Mustang Is Top Selling Sports Coupe Globally- bZ4X EV Is Exactly What You’d Expect from A Toyota
15/04/22·9m 28s

AD #3303 - Honda and Sony's EVs Won't Be Hondas; Mercedes Concept Doubles EV Efficiency; VinFast Reveals U.S. Pricing

- Elon Musk Makes Offer to Buy Twitter- Honda Completely Changing Its Structure- Honda and Sony's EVs Won't Be Called Hondas- Chrysler Airflow Concept Gets a New Look- Genesis Concept Reveals Future EV Styling- Mercedes Concept Doubles EV Efficiency- Hyundai and Kia Update Their Large SUVs- New Process for Making New Tires from Old Tires- New Bill Would Require Government EV Recycling- VinFast Reveals U.S. Pricing
14/04/22·11m 16s

AD #3302 - Why There’s Ethanol In Gasoline; More Info On GM’s Ultium Platform; Car Prices Are Causing Inflation

- Car Prices Are Causing Inflation- Bosch Buys AV Start Up- Why There’s Ethanol in Gasoline- Big BMW X7 Gets Big Changes- Mercedes Prices the EQE- Jeep Stretches the Wagoneer Another Foot- Which Car Company Has the Most Employees?- More Info on GM’s Ultium Platform
13/04/22·11m 56s

AD #3301 - Honda Plans EV Onslaught; High Gas Prices Drive Consumers to EVs; GM and Ford Secure Battery Materials

- High Gas Prices Drive Consumers to EVs- U.S. Gas Prices Starting to Ease- U.S. Could Extend E15 Fuel- Lawsuit Against EPA Backfires- Honda Plans EV Onslaught- GM Signs Deal for Cobalt- Ford Signs Lithium Deal- Toyota Readies bZ4X Launch- Nissan Gives Leaf a Slight Refresh
12/04/22·9m 31s

AD #3300 - Ukrainian Auto Supplier Defies Russia; Nissan To Make Solid State Batteries In-House; Taycan Service Interval = 2 Years

- Ukrainian Auto Supplier Defies Russian Missiles- China Car Market Drops Sharply- Tesla Sales Soar in China- Borgward Files for Bankruptcy- BMW, VW Say Chip Shortage Drags On- Nissan To Make Solid State Batteries In-House- Porsche Taycan Service Interval Is 2 Years- Opel Astra Gets Special Air Purifier- Mercedes Makes CO2 Commitment- Nissan Beefs Up Pathfinder- Lincoln Teases Its First BEV
11/04/22·9m 50s

AD #3299 - Musk Promises “Massive Wave Of New Products”; Renault To Split BEV and ICE Business; Jeep's Latest Moab Concepts

- Musk Promises Massive Wave of New Products- Renault To Split BEV and ICE Business- Alarm Bells Go Off At R-N-M Alliance - Mahle Develops Inexpensive EV Charging System- Continental Stops Wrong-Way Drivers- BMW Goes With “Green” Wheels- Ford E-Transit in Production in Turkey- Smart Is Back with an EV- Citroen C4 Goes Electric- Jeep’s Latest Moab Concepts
08/04/22·10m 11s

AD #3298 - Test Drive Opinions: Hummer EV; The Chevy Bolt Is Back! (Finally); Porsche Invests In eFuels

- The Bolt Is Back! (Finally)- Toyota Runs Out of EV Credits- Manheim Tests EV Batteries- Biden Admin Meets with Auto Execs- Porsche Invests in eFuels- Civic Type R Sets Suzuka Lap Record- Bronco Raptor Gets New Digital Cluster- Test Drive Opinions: Hummer EV
07/04/22·12m 18s

AD #3297 - Chinese Refineries Shun Russian Oil; VW to Drop Models, Move Upscale; Mercedes Intros Electric Turbo

- Chinese Refineries Shun Russian Oil- Russian Assembly Plants Grind to a Halt- VW to Drop Models, Move Upscale- Mercedes Brings Out Electric Turbo- CATL Opens Battery Plant in Germany- NHTSA Investigates LG Batteries- AIWAYS Unveils EV Concept for Europe- Canoo Gets NASA Contract- Comau's New Robot Line
06/04/22·9m 21s

AD #3296 - GM and Honda Focus on Affordable EVs; All-New Honda HR-V Gets Bigger; Ranking EV Sales in March

- GM and Honda Expand EV Partnership- Nissan Delays the Ariya Again- GM Finally Restarts Bolt Production- China Worried About Surging Lithium Prices- Electric Charger and Challenger Production Revealed- All-New Honda HR-V Bigger Than Ever- Stellantis Tests 5G to Improve Safety- How V2X Can Improve AVs- BMW Invests in Natural Fiber Composites- Stacking Up the Chinese EV Startups- Ranking Non-Telsa U.S. EV Sales
05/04/22·9m 14s

AD #3295 - U.S. Car Market Plummets, Tesla Soars; Car Thieves Turn To Loan Scams; BYD Drops ICE-Only Cars

- U.S. New Car Market Plummets, Tesla Soars- Hertz to Buy 65,000 Polestars- Car Thieves Turn to Loan Scams- Electrified Cars = 40% Of French Sales- BYD Drops ICE-Only Cars- Tesla Shanghai Still Shut- Beijing Auto Show Postponed Again- Mercedes’ Massive Price Hike in China - BMW i3 Name Reborn in China- EV Vans Cheaper Than Diesels- Ford Tops List of AWD Sales
04/04/22·9m 34s

AD #3294 - Ford Sold Most +$50,000 Vehicles; Charge An EV Battery In Only 9 Seconds; EV Sales Explode In China

- EV Sales Explode in China- UPS Tests E-Bikes for Delivery- Ram Readies A Ford Maverick Competitor- Ford Sold Most +$50,000 Vehicles- Toyota Corolla GR Is A Monster- Toyota Strategy with Solid State Batteries- Tesla’s Charging Network Gets Even Bigger- Charge an EV Battery In Only 9 Seconds
01/04/22·10m 12s

AD #3293 - VW Going To Use Gigacastings; UAW Pres. Responds To Elon Musk; Seatbelt Chimes to Become More Annoying

- VW Is Going to Use Gigacastings- Porsche and Audi May Be Headed to F1- Seatbelt Chimes to Become More Annoying- U.S. To Boost Domestic Raw Material Mining for Batteries- Tesla Signs Secret Nickel Contract- Japanese Motorcycle Makers Agree to Battery Swapping- UAW President Responds to Elon Musk- Lincoln Sells More Cars in China Than U.S.- Waymo To Offer AV Rides In San Francisco- Mark Reuss Coming to Autoline After Hours
31/03/22·9m 13s

AD #3292 - China Hits Peak ICE; European OEMs Hurt By Ukraine War; Hummer EV Orders Higher Than Expected

- China Hits Peak ICE- European OEMs Hurt by Ukraine War- Suppliers Shut Down in Shanghai- VinFast Building Plant In North Carolina- U.S. Inventory Levels Up A Bit- Hyundai Investigates E-Fuel- Hummer EV Orders Higher Than Expected- Lotus Eletre Unveiled- Chinese EV Startups Flood of New Models
30/03/22·9m 32s

AD #3291 - NIO ET7 Has Impressive Specs; Shanghai GM Workers Sleeping at Plant; Car Design Starts with Central Computer

- Shanghai GM Workers Sleeping at Plant- Nickel Demand Soaring for EV Batteries - IIHS Wants AEB That Works at Night- Ford Rattler Coming to Off-Road Market- NIO ET7 Has Impressive Specs- Honda Tests Hybrid IndyCar Engine- People Are Fixing Up Their Old Cars- Car Design Starts with Central Computer
29/03/22·8m 49s

AD #3290 - Hyundai N Cars a Blast to Drive; Tesla Wants to Split Its Stock; NHTSA Boosts Fuel Economy Fines

- Russia Threatening to Confiscate Car Plants- CATL Claims New Battery Has More Capacity Than 4680 Battery- Tesla Wants to Split Its Stock- Tesla Suspends Production in Shanghai- Electric Trucks Always Going to Cost More Than ICE Trucks- Porsche Opens New Paint Shop- Hyundai N Cars a Blast to Drive- NHTSA Boosts Fuel Economy Fines- Mercedes Makes Most Profit Per Vehicle
28/03/22·11m 41s

AD #3289 - Cybertruck Delayed Again; Stellantis Unveils All New IC Engine; Could China Mandate Battery Swapping?

- Cybertruck Delayed Again- U.S. Post Office Warms Up to EVs- Could China Mandate Battery Swapping?- Stellantis Unveils All-New IC Engine- Peugeot 3D Prints Accessories- Jeep’s Military-Like Moab Concept- Chinese NEV Co’s Forced to Raise Prices- VW Delays ID.5 Over Ukrainian Wire Harnesses- Covid Postpones Beijing Auto Show- Honda Builds Wind Tunnel in Ohio
25/03/22·10m 34s

AD #3288 - John Deere's 1,000 kWh EV Tractor; U.S. Car Sales Falling Fast; Ranking OEMs by Capex.

- U.S. New Car Sales Plummeting- Nikola Finally Starts Making Trucks- BYD and Shell Team Up for EV Charging- Ford Lightning Shows Off Towing Capability- Honda e:Ny1 is a New Electric SUV- Ferrari Sneak Peek of Purosangue SUV- Polestar 2 Single Motor is $4K Cheaper- John Deere's Massive 1,000 kWh EV Tractor- Ranking OEMs by Capex.
24/03/22·9m 44s

AD #3287 - Maserati Unveils New Grecale SUV; Waymo Ready to Launch Robotaxi Service; Chevy Teases New Equinox EV

- Waymo Ready to Launch Robotaxi Service In San Francisco- Dan Ammann Joins Exxon Mobil- Volkswagen Plans Battery Plant in Spain- Stellantis Makes Battery Deals with LG, Mercedes and TotalEnergies- Maserati Unveils All-New Grecale SUV- Mercedes-AMG Shows Off Most Powerful Customer Car Ever- Younger Buyers Prefer Used Vehicles Over New- Opel Reveals Small Cargo Car Based on The Citroen Ami- Chevy Teases New Equinox EV
23/03/22·8m 23s

AD #3286 - VW's Massive EV Investment in U.S.; Porsche EV Cost Will Match ICE in 2-3 Years; Volvo C40 Recharge Impressions

- VW Makes Massive EV Investment in the U.S.- Tesla's Made in Berlin Reach Customer Hands- Bridgestone Continues Expansion Into Mobility Services- Porsche Says EV Cost Will Match ICE in 2-3 Years- Cadillac Kicks Off BEV Production- Ford F-150 Lightning Range Released- Audi Develops Filter to Clean Water- Volvo C40 Recharge 1st Drive Review- Lotus Comes Out with 'World's Most Powerful 4-Cylinder'
22/03/22·10m 24s

AD #3284 - Ranking OEMs By R and D Spending; Tesla Still Faces Issues In Berlin; GM Doubles Down On Autonomous Cars

- Mercedes Prepares for Natural Gas Shortage- GM Doubles Down on Autonomous Cars- Stellantis Lands Battery Plant in Canada- Tesla Still Faces Water Issues in Berlin- Mercedes To Focus More on Digital and Sustainable Solutions- Mercedes Shows Automated Valet Parking- Volvo XC60 Recharge T8 Extended Range Impressions- Ranking Global OEMs by R and D Spending
21/03/22·10m 32s

AD #3284 - Agency Says No More Sunday Drives; Maserati Lays Out Its EV Plan; Top OEMs Ranked by Profit

- IEA's 10 Pronged Plan to Reduce Oil and Gas Use- Maserati Lays Out Its EV Plan- Porsche Ramps Up Its EV Efforts- Hino Admits to Diesel Cheating- BMW Sticking With Ridiculous EV Claim- Kia Offers Free Mobile Charging- Manual Trans Dominates Integra Pre-Orders- Jeep Teases Blended Wrangler and Gladiator- NASCAR Going to Le Mans with a Camaro- RC Car Demonstrates Nissan's e-4ORCE Technology- Top OEMs Ranked by Profit
18/03/22·9m 44s

AD #3283 - Tesla Outranks Renault In Revenue; A-Pillars Are Killing Pedestrians; Ford Uses Robot To Run 3D Printing Machines

- A-Pillars Are Killing Pedestrians- JLR Makes Energy Storage Systems with Used I-Pace Batteries- Top OEMs Ranked by Revenue- Ford Uses Robot to Run 3D Printing Machines- Honda Bets on Hybrids- Geely Develops Battery Swapping for Big Trucks- Lamborghini Sets All-Time Sales and Profit Record- Li Auto L9 Has 745 Miles of Range
17/03/22·9m 39s

AD #3282 - Cadillac Business Update; All OEMs Will Raise Car Prices Soon; China Policy Causing Production Stoppage

- China Zero-COVID Causing Production Stoppage- Shipping Costs Are Skyrocketing- Prediction: All Automakers Will Raise Car Prices Soon- Cadillac Business Update - Global SAAR Down 20 Million Vehicles- Honda, GM, Nissan Make EPA List of Most Efficient Plants- XPeng Takes VTOL To Europe- Lynk and Co. Opens Metaverse Showroom- You Said It!
16/03/22·10m 3s

AD #3281 - China’s Zero-COVID Policy Hurts Automakers; Russian Invasion Sends VW Scrambling; NADA Is “All In” On EVs

- China’s Zero-COVID Policy Hurts Industry- Russian Invasion Sends VW Scrambling- Tesla Raises Prices, Again - NADA Says It’s All in On EVs- Bentley Going Electric- Honda Testing Fuel Cell Generators- Cadillac Readies V-Series Escalade- Brembo Redesigns F1 Brakes
15/03/22·8m 33s

AD #3280 - Mercedes Warns of Cyber Attacks; Ford and VW Double EV Partnership; Europe Faces Wire Harness Shortage

- Mercedes Warns of Russian Cyber Attacks- Europe Faces Ukrainian Wire Harness Shortage- VW Sees Big Jump in Profits- Ford Europe and VW Double Down on EVs- New Tesla Model Y AWD Sets Off Speculation- SEC Launches Investigation Into ELMS- BMW Lines Up Partners for L2, L3- Audi Brings VR Into Its Cars
14/03/22·10m 12s

AD #3279 - All-New Acura Integra Tech Specs; Car Thieves Go Crazy With Catalytic Converters; BYD Now #2 In China

- Car Thieves Go Crazy with Catalytic Converters- Rivian Stock Takes a Big Hit- BYD Now #2 In China- The Top 10 Car Companies in The World- All-New Acura Integra Tech Specs- BMW Buys Alpina- Oliver Schmidt Compares U.S. and German Prisons- Mercedes To Recycle EV Batteries- NHTSA Removes AV Mandate for Steering Wheels- Peter Rawlinson and The ABC’s Of EV Batteries
11/03/22·11m 49s

AD #3278 - GM Won't Split ICE and EV Operations; Tesla Finally Gets Official OK for Giga Berlin; BMW to Make Fuel Cell Cars

- GM Will Not Split ICE and EV Operations- Tesla Finally Gets Official OK for Giga Berlin- California Can Set Emission Standards, Again- VW Officially Reveals ID. BUZZ- Chevrolet Teases Electric Blazer SS- BMW to Make Fuel Cell Cars- BMW Faces Big Recall Over Fires...- ... And Posts Giant Jump in Profits- J.D. Power Says Dealership Service Slips- Dodge Launches Performance Dealer Network
10/03/22·10m 30s

AD #3277 - NIO ET7 Getting Rave Reviews; Russian Invasion Sends Metals Prices Sky High; Rental Agencies Want Chinese EVs

- Russian Invasion Sending Metals Prices Sky High- Rental Agencies Want Chinese EVs- NIO ET7 Getting Rave Reviews- Ford Pro Offers 6 EV Charging Solutions- GM Testing Car-To-Home Power- Hino Readies E-Axle- Uber and Lyft Drivers Slammed by Gas Prices- Renault Austral SUV Debuts- Continental Cuts Tire Weight 40%- Australia Lifts Potato Law
09/03/22·10m 15s

AD #3276 - GM Launching New Halo Brand in China; Does Tesla Hold Down Sales in China?; U.S. Developing VTOL Regs

- GM to Launch All-New Car Brand in China- GM Business in China Falling Fast- GM Locking Up Raw Materials for Batteries- China's Top OEMs Outbuild Many Western OEMs- Does Tesla Deliberately Hold Down Sales in China?- True Car Offers Online Buying for Any Dealership- EPA Wants to Slash Heavy Truck Emissions- Hyundai and IVECO Explore Partnership- U.S. Working on VTOL Regs- Thanks to Nissan Ariya There's Soup for You!
08/03/22·11m 15s

AD #3275 - U.S. Gasoline Prices Soar; Elon Musk Demands More Oil and Gas Production; Detroit 3 Profits Threatened

- Russian Invasion Sends Gasoline Prices Soaring- Palladium Prices Shoot Up 79%- Detroit Three Profits Threatened- Elon Musk Calls for More Oil and Gas Production- Cradle-To-Grave: BEV Far Cleaner Than ICE- Cars and Trucks with Best Resale Value- Stellantis To Make Ethanol Hybrid- Peek Inside VW’s ID. Buzz- ELMS Runs into Real Problems- Battery Swapping in China Attracts Bosch- Continental Makes Video Screens Disappear
07/03/22·9m 51s

AD #3274 - Honda and Sony Start New EV Company; Panasonic to Open 4860 Giga-Factory in USA; Acura Surrenders In China

- Honda Starts New Company with Sony To Make EVs- VW Slashes Time to Develop EVs- Rivian Backpedals on Price Hike- Kia Robot Plugs in Your EV- Panasonic 4860 Giga-Factory Headed to USA- Audi Q4 e-tron Gets More Range- Acura Surrenders in China- Why U.S. Car Sales Are Slowing- Ford F-150 Lightning Plays in The Snow- Alpine Teases New Sports Car
04/03/22·10m 40s

AD #3273 - Elon Musk Invites UAW To Hold Vote; Volvo Tests Wireless EV Charging; Ram Teases New BEV Pickup

- Elon Musk Invites UAW To Hold Vote at Tesla's California Plant- Tesla Receives Green Light to Start Building Cars in Berlin- Kia Shares BEV Plans- Traffic Deaths Jump Despite Fewer Drivers- Geely Wants More Battery Swapping Stations in China- Volvo Tests Wireless EV Charging in The Real World- Ram Teases New BEV Pickup- February New Car Sales Weak- U.S. BEV Sales Show Solid Growth
03/03/22·10m 8s

AD #3272 - Ford Splits in Two: ICE vs. BEV; Stellantis to Unleash 75 BEVs; Polestar Shows Off Convertible Concept

- Ford Splits in Two: ICE vs. BEV- Stellantis to Unleash 75 BEVs- Hyundai Shovels Billions Into BEVs, AVs and Software- Rivian Raises Prices Sharply- More OEMs Bail on Russia- Cargo Ship Full of Luxury Cars Sinks- Polestar O2 Concept Convertible- Sneak Peak of Lincoln Digital Dashboard- Quick Glimpse of First All-Electric Jeep
02/03/22·9m 49s

AD #3271 - Automakers Shutting Down Russian Plants; Turning the Entire Car into A Radar Antenna; Tavares Hits Jackpot

- Automakers Shutting Down Their Russian Plants- Stellantis CEO Tavares Hits Payday Jackpot- Lordstown Will Finally Start Making EV Trucks- Local Motors Auctions Off Assets- How VW Updated T-Roc- Turning the Entire Car into A Radar Antenna- First Drive: Kia EV6- Kyle Vogt Named Cruise CEO- Changan To Mass Produce L4 Cars- Lucid to Make 150,000 Cars/Year in Saudi Arabia…- …But Has to Cut Production for Now
01/03/22·11m 15s

AD #3269 - Holy Moly! $70,000 For a VW ID. Buzz?; Russian Invasion Will Hurt Auto Industry; Big Oil Is Going Electric

- Russian Invasion Will Hurt Auto Industry- Which Automakers Get Hurt the Most by Russian Invasion- VW Confirms Porsche Spin-Off- Faraday Future Finally Ready to Sell Cars- How VW Squeezed Out More EV Range - Big Oil Is Going Electric- BYD and Baidu Shake Hands on AV Deal- VW ID. Buzz Is a Pricey Bugger- Rivian Sets 10% EV Market Share Goal- Nikola Finally Ready to Make Trucks- Back to The Future with Electric DeLorean
25/02/22·9m 50s

AD #3270 - Toyota, Bridgestone Crippled by Cyber Attacks; Toyota Claims Stronger EV Battery; Jeep Teases Moab Concepts

- Toyota, Bridgestone Crippled by Cyber Attacks- Russian Invasion Sends Aluminum Prices Soaring- Why Lucid Will Build Assembly Plant in Saudi Arabia- Panasonic to Start Making 4680 Batteries- Toyota Claims to Have Stronger Battery- Uber Gives Drivers Pay Transparency- EV Owners Buy, Not Lease- NIO to List on Hong Kong, Singapore Exchanges- Jeep Teases Moab Concepts
25/02/22·8m 9s

AD #3268 - Tesla Adding Plant in China; USPS Commits to Ugliest Truck Ever; Wrangler 4xe Best Selling PHEV in U.S.

- Tesla Adds Plant to Build 2 Million EVs in China- USPS Commits to Ugliest Truck Ever- 3G Shutdown Affects Millions of Motorists- Audi to Pioneer 5G in Vehicles- Mercedes Wants L3 S-Class in U.S.- Polestar Maps Out Zero-Carbon Plan- Honda Dealers Slash Energy Use- Rivian Adds Surveillance System to Trucks- Stellantis Outperforms GM and Ford in North America- GM Promotes Shilpan Amin to International Operations
24/02/22·9m 42s

AD #3267 - German Greens Sue To Block Tesla’s Giga Berlin; UAW Workers Earn $1.5 Billion; Cummins Buys Meritor

- German Greens Sue To Block Giga Berlin- Stellantis Posts Eye-Popping Profits- UAW Workers Earn $1.5 Billion In Profit Sharing- Lucid Hit with Non-OTA Recall- SEAT Cupra’s Cool Concept Cars- Wuling’s Latest ICE Offerings- Recycling Seat Belts and Seat Covers- BYD To Make HD EV Trucks in U.S.- Apollo Adds Tenneco To List of Auto Acquisitions- Cummins Buys Meritor To Fight Climate Change
23/02/22·10m 18s

AD #3266 - Look for Massive EV Exports from China; Could VW Spin Off Porsche?; Tech Details on Ford's Ranger Raptor

- Rumor Mill Says VW Will Spin Off Porsche- Is Porsche a Safer Bet Than VW?- GM Stumbles on Way to the App Store- U.S. Readies Raw Materials Strategy- Mercedes' Strategy to Transition to EVs- More Details on Ford's Ranger Raptor- Opel Launches RandD Effort Into Lighting- Look for Massive EV Exports from China- Hyundai's Sales Collapse in China- Faraday Future Finally Getting Ready to Make EVs
22/02/22·10m 40s

AD #3265 - Ford Denies EV Spin-Off; Baidu Shares AV Operating Costs; VW Proves BEV Better Than ICE In Snow Storms

- Ford Denies Rumors of EV Spin-Off- Thousands of Cars Catch Fire on Cargo Ship- GM Launches Use Based Insurance Through OnStar- EV Battery Production Doubles In 2021- BYD Launches Yuan Plus with Innovative Blade Battery- Volkswagen Reveals More ID.Buzz Details- GM and Cruise File Petition to Put Origin Shuttle in Operation- Baidu Shares AV Operating Costs- VW Proves BEV Better Than ICE in Snow Storms
21/02/22·10m 16s

AD #3264 - Mustang Mach-E Dethrones Tesla Model 3; China Cuts Subsidies and EV Sales Plummet; Driving Ford’s E-Transit

- Ford Mustang Mach-E Dethrones Tesla Model 3- More Chips Won’t Bring Down Car Prices- China Cuts Subsidies and EV Sales Plummet- Honda Jumps on The Mobility Bandwagon- Renault Posts First Profit In 3 Years- Nissan To Make EVs In Canton- Bridgestone To Make New Tires from Recycled Ones- Schaeffler Develops Bearings for EVs- Mercedes Shows Historical Testing Method- Driving Ford’s E-Transit
18/02/22·10m 58s

AD #3263 - Average Porsche Taycan Buyer in China Only 30; EU Car Sales Plummet to Lowest Ever; GM Wants to Make Tanks

- EU Car Sales Plummet to Lowest Level Ever- Dongfeng 1st State-Owned Chinese OEM in EU- VW to Buy Huawei AV Unit- Average Porsche Taycan Buyer in China Only 30 Years Old- Porsche Unveils Macan T- NHTSA Opens Another Investigation Into Tesla's Autopilot System- Why We Haven't Covered Tesla's Discrimination Lawsuit- Ford Europe Experiments with New Sounds for Safety Warnings- Bentley Off and Running with 3D Printing- Volvo Not Going All BEV Just Yet- Mahle Gets U.S. Government Contract to Cut Methane Emissions- GM Wants to Make Tanks- Buick Teases 1st BEV- BMW Paint Job Goes Color Crazy
17/02/22·11m 3s

AD #3262 - Car Dealers Rip Off U.S. Consumers; Headlamps Are Exhibit #1 For Red Tape; EVs May Cause Overcapacity

- Car Dealers Are Ripping Off American Consumers- Headlamps Are Exhibit #1 For Government Bureaucracy and Red Tape- EVs Could Cause Overcapacity Problem- Tech Details On M-B’s First Electric AMG- Tesla Lines Up Lithium Supplies- First Look at Maserati’s New SUV - Euro NCAP Evaluates Delivery Vans- NVIDIA Teams Up with JLR- Intel to Boost Automotive Business- Join Jim Farley For a Fireside Chat
16/02/22·10m 41s

AD #3261 - Kiss Lexus' Spindle Grille Goodbye; Polestar Decides to Glue Cars Together; Jeep Meridian Aimed at India

- China's Infrastructure Will Charge 20 Million EVs- U.S. Invests in Hydrogen Manufacturing- Audi to Build More EVs in China- Jeep Meridian Designed for the Indian Market- Polestar Pioneers a Fully Bonded Structure- Mobileye Expands Beyond Cameras Into Robotaxis- Fisker Taking Reservations for PEAR EV- Acura Taking Orders for All-New Integra- Kiss the Spindle Grille Goodbye as Lexus Goes Electric- DS Adds a Bit More PHEV Range
15/02/22·9m 29s

AD #3260 - Lambo Wants to Keep ICEs; OEMs Put the Squeeze on Suppliers; USPS Decision to Stick with ICE Fleet Flawed

- Ambassador Bridge Blockade Causes $850 Million In Damages- BMW Gets Big Economic Benefit from Increasing China JV Stake- USPS Decision to Stick with ICE Fleet Flawed- Jeep Teams with Razor to Launch Electric Scooter- Toyota Boosts Commitment to Hybrids- Lamborghini Wants to Keep IC Engines Beyond 2030- Automakers Put the Squeeze on Suppliers- George Soros Buys Millions of Rivian Shares- Tesla Denies Plans to Open Second China Factory in Shenyang
14/02/22·8m 48s

AD #3259 - Mach-E Doubles Mustang Sales; High Prices Opens Door For Chinese Cars; Bridgestone Expands Beyond Tires

- Mach-E Doubles Global Mustang Sales- Ford Nabs Top Tesla Engineer- BMW Boosts Chinese Ownership- Tesla Opens Design Center in Beijing- Mercedes To Make eSprinter in Germany and U.S.- Ram EV Will Get Range Extender- Lincoln Prepares EV Tidal Wave- High U.S. Car Prices Opens the Door to Cheap Chinese Cars- Valeo Pivots from ICE to EV- First 200-kW Motor Without Rare Earths- Bridgestone Expands Beyond Making Tires- Car Companies and Their Super Bowl Ads- You Said It!
11/02/22·10m 38s

AD #3258 - "Freedom Convoy" Closes Car Plants; Where OEMs Will Get the Billions to Invest in EVs; Alfa Romeo Styling Lessons

- So-Called "Freedom Convoy" Closes Car Plants- Volvo Investigating Structural Batteries- Where OEMs Will Get the Billions to Invest in EVs- Elon Musk Pads His Resume- U.S. to Prioritize Highway Charging Stations- Nissan Takes Attention Grabbing Frontiers to Chicago- Alfa Romeo Tonale Styling Lessons- Cadillac Returning to LeMans with Beautiful Race Car- Ford Bronco Everglades Gets Factory Snorkel- Ford Teases Next-Gen Ranger Raptor
10/02/22·9m 38s

AD #3257 - Tesla Pioneers New Assembly Technique, GM Dramatically Ramps Up EV Production, Biden Finally Says “Tesla”

- President Biden Finally Says “Tesla”- Tesla Pioneers New Assembly Technique- Park Your Hyundai and Kia Outside- EU Needs Millions More EV Chargers- Ram Teases EV Pickup- GM Dramatically Ramps Up EV Production- Details of Kia Sportage PHEV- MIT Develops Breakthrough Material- Hummer EV Frunk Is Perfect for Stowing Roof Panels- Porsche Allows You to Race on Your Favorite Streets
09/02/22·9m 33s

AD #3256 - Volvo Copies Tesla's Castings; Alfa Romeo Tonale One Cute Ute; GM Delays Next-Gen Colorado and Canyon

- Volvo Copies Tesla's Mega Castings- Tesla Goes On Hiring Spree in China- GM Delays Next-Gen Mid-Size Pickups- Nissan to Drop ICE, But When?- Sneak Peak at Lexus BEV Concept- DS Concept Uses Formula E Powertrain- Magna Mirror Incorporates Driver Monitoring- Powertrain Details of Alfa Romeo Tonale- Ford e-Transit on Sale Now
08/02/22·9m 36s

AD #3255 - Want A Ford? Get Ready to Wait; Why Automakers Want Legacy Chips; Dongfeng Copies Hummer Design

- Want A Ford? Get Ready to Wait- Ford Lost Most Production Last Year- Chip Legislation Making Its Way Through Congress- Why Automakers Want Legacy Chips- Jaguar Will Not Outsource Its BEV Platform- Rolls-Royce Redesigns Spirit of Ecstasy- Dongfeng Copies Hummer Design- Faurecia And Hella Join Forces- UAW Workers Get Profit-Sharing Bonanza- Cool 1960 Skoda Race Car
07/02/22·8m 45s

AD #3254 - U.S. Post Office Pressured to Buy EVs; Problems with PHEV Emissions; Tesla to Build Cathode Factory

- Ford Posts All-Time Record Profits, Sorta- Problems with PHEV Emissions- U.S. Post Office Pressured to Buy EVs- AEB w/ Pedestrian Detection Fails at Night- SEMA Helps Parts Makers Meet Emissions Regulations- Adios to Cheap Wages in Mexico- Tesla to Build Cathode Factory- Rivian's Smorgasboard of Drive Modes- Kia EV6 Saves Robot Dog in Super Bowl Ad
04/02/22·9m 48s

AD #3253 - Why GM Sees a Profitable 2022; UAW Cleared for Direct Elections; Gladiator Hits #3 in Mid-Size Sales

- Highlights of GM's Letter to Shareholders- UAW Cleared for Direct Elections- Jeep Gladiator Reaches #3 in Mid-Size Pickup Sales- Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power an Owner's Home- JLR Expands Alexa Across Its Lineup- Renault Helps Financially Strapped Customers Get Cars- Polestar Creates One-Off Winter Performer- Toyota Pushes Its AVs to the Limit
02/02/22·9m 53s

AD #3252 - Aston Reveals New Powerful DBX; More EV Startup Scandals; January U.S. Car Sales Not Too Good

- Top Execs at EMLS Resign- Faraday Future Execs Forced to Take Pay Cut- Ford Launches $20 Billion Reorganization to Look More Like Tesla- January U.S. Car Sales Not Too Good- GM Posts Whopping Profit Increase- Former Tesla Co-Founder Bets on Battery Recycling- Aston Reveals New Powerful DBX- Tesla FSD Recall Feedback- Car Nicknames
02/02/22·9m 47s

AD #3251 - Tesla FSD Recall; Rivian Fights Battery Supplier Samsung; Luxurious Toyota Tundra Capstone Review

- Gen Z Nicknames Cars More Than Baby Boomers Do- Tesla FSD Recall- Rivian Fights Battery Supplier Samsung- Porsche Improving Online Car Sales- Luxurious Toyota Tundra Review- AAA Tests Driver Monitoring Systems for Semi-Autonomous Driving- Magna Supplies eDrive System for VW Group's MEB Platform- Best to Worst EV Charging Networks- India Wants Battery Swapping Too!
01/02/22·10m 21s

AD #3250 - The End of The Road for The BMW i3; Toyota Fixated on Going to The Moon; Ford Joining IMSA’s GT3 Series

- Toyota Fixated on Going to The Moon- The End of The Road for The BMW i3- Stellantis and GAC In Talks to Revive Joint Venture- Ford Joining IMSA’s GT3 Series- Toyota Researching How Headlights Can Improve Safety- Union Pacific Adding Electric Locomotives to Its Fleet- Austria Tests Charging Electric Taxis with Inductive Charging- Hyundai Shows How Mobility Concepts Can Be Put to Use
31/01/22·9m 21s

AD #3249 - GAC Did Not Agree to Stellantis Deal; New Hydrogen Transportation System; Gordon Murray Reveals New T.33

- GAC Shocked by Stellantis Announcement- Stellantis Pays Italian Loan Early- Great Wall Makes Big Brazil Investment- Rivian Production Picks Back Up- IHS Markit Sees Continued Chip Shortage- Schaeffler Develops New Hydrogen Transportation System- Cadillac Blackwing Engines Discovered on Parts Site- ZF Helps Improve Safety of Big Trucks- Gordon Murray Reveals Sleek New Supercar- You Said It!
28/01/22·9m 51s

AD #3248 - Tesla's Spectacular Earnings; 4xe Adds $12K to Grand Cherokee Price; Stellantis Takes Majority Stake in China

- Tesla Reports Spectacular Earnings- RNM Alliance's EV Plans- Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Pricing- Range Rover Reveals PHEV Details- GM To Go On Hiring Offensive- Ford Form New China JV- Stellantis Takes Majority Stake in China JV- Ford Develops Video Game for Mach-E
27/01/22·9m 41s

AD #3247 - Shorts Made a Killing on SPACs; GM Makes Big EV Investment in Michigan; Toyota Reveals All-New Sequoia

- Chips Shortage Not Improving- Shorts Made a Killing on SPACs- GM Makes Big EV Investment in Michigan- Kia Reveals U.S. Pricing for EV6- All-New Toyota Sequoia Debuts- BMW 8-Series Refresh- Ford Puts All Commercial Services on One Interface- Firestone to Start EV Service- Jeep Wrangler 4Xe Sales Clarification
26/01/22·9m 43s

AD #3246 - VW and Bosch Team on Software; MINI to Convert Classics to Electric; Tesla Has Most Productive U.S. Plant

- Tesla to Report Record Earnings- Ford Cutting Off Maverick Orders- VW and Bosch Team on Software Development- Corvette Turning 70- Ford Uses Custom Bronco to Help Homeless- Bronco Raptor More Expensive Than F-150 Raptor- Russian SUV Entering Production Soon- MINI to Convert Classics to Electric- Tesla Has Most Productive U.S. Plant
25/01/22·9m 40s

AD #3245 - China Cuts EV Subsidies; GM Converting Old Plant to Make BEV Parts; Ford Reveals Bronco Raptor

- China Cuts EV Subsidies- Chinese OEMs Raise EV Prices- GM Making Big EV Investment- GM Converting Old Plant to Make BEV Parts- Ford Reveals Bronco Raptor- Cadillac Debuts V-Series Escalade- RNM Alliance to Announce EV Investment- NTSB Questions Human Error in Accidents- Jeep Wrangler 4Xe Sales Confusion
24/01/22·8m 31s

AD #3244 - Dodge Looks to Hire “Chief Donut Maker”; Renault Sued Over Copycat Logo; Sony Looks for More EV Partners

- Renault and Geely Plan to Build Hybrids in South Korea- Bosch and Mahle Already Carbon Neutral- Chinese Startup Sues Renault Over Copycat Logo- Mercedes Partners with Luminar- Sony Looking for More Partners for EV Project- Dodge Looks to Hire “Chief Donut Maker”- Glickenhaus Reveals Cryogenic Hydrogen Powered Race Truck- ZF Merges All Vehicle Motion Components into One Unit- Ford Makes Ranger Bed More Versatile- Acura Creates Anime Series That Features New Type S
21/01/22·8m 59s

AD #3243 - GM Sends Warning to Dealers; IIHS Creates ADAS Rating System; Ford Reveals All-New Mondeo

- GM Warns Dealers About Overcharging- IIHS Coming Out with ADAS Rating System- Stellantis Partners to Fix Used Cars- GM Shows More Uses for Fuel Cells- Airstream and THOR Develop e-Camper- Winnebago Debuts e-RV Concept- Ford of China Reveals All-New Mondeo- Help Save the Bonneville Salt Flats- Bugatti Chiron Owner Tests Its Limits
20/01/22·10m 21s

AD #3242 - 1st Felony Charges Involving Automated System; Honda's New Battery Deal; GM Takes Parts Catalog Online

- 1st Felony Charges for Driver Using Automated System- Ford's Rivian Investment Worth Billions- Audi Could Partner with McLaren in Formula 1- ELMS Expanding Delivery EV Lineup- Renault Starts Using VR in Design- Ford and ADT Form Vehicle Safety Joint Venture- VW and Bosch Team to Boost Battery Cell Production- BYD and FAW Create New Battery Joint Venture- Nikola Will Use Proterra Battery Systems- Honda Announces New Battery Partnership- GM Takes Its Parts Catalog Online
19/01/22·9m 55s

AD #3241 - BMW Phasing Out V-12 Engines; Subaru Electric Race Car Concept; Lamborghini Now Offering NFTs

- BMW Phasing Out V-12 Engines- Lime Brings E-Bikes to U.S.- Ford Partners to Make E-Commerce Easier- ZF Develops New Tech to Improve Semi-Truck Efficiency- Subaru Shows Off Electric Race Car Concept- Honda Testing 2nd-Gen Autonomous Work Vehicle- Lamborghini Jumps into NFTs- Clunky but Cute Auto NFTs- De Tomaso Scraps Plans to Open U.S. Plant- Rivian To Kick Off Production in Georgia in 2024
18/01/22·9m 3s

AD #3240 - Kia Shares More Niro Details; Local Motors Goes Out of Business; Tesla Signs Graphite Deal

- GM Mexico Workers to Vote on New Union- Tesla Signs Graphite Deal- BP Says EV Charger Profitability Close to Gas Stations- Kia Shares More Niro Details- Local Motors Goes Out of Business- Electric Cooper SE Best Selling Vehicle in Mini’s Lineup- CATL Jumps into Battery Swapping Business- Chinese Startup Develops Autonomous Trucks with Swappable Batteries- Buick GL8 Avenir Now Available with Hands-Free Driving- NIO Offers 1st OTA Update Outside of China
17/01/22·8m 12s

AD #3239 - German Teen Hacks Teslas; Nikola Approved for Huge Purchase Incentive; Honda Teases All-New U.S. HR-V

- German Teen Hacks Teslas- Tesla's Heat Pump Failing in Extreme Cold- Cybertruck Delayed Due to Changes- Nikola Approved for Huge Purchase Incentive- Honda and LG Forming U.S. Battery JV- BMW Wants to Buy Batteries Not Make Them- Plasma Tech Can Reduce Battery Production Emissions- Hybrid Solid State Batteries Coming Sooner- Bugatti Receives Record Orders- Honda Teases All-New U.S. HR-V- Lexus Reveals Off-Road Concepts- Toyota Showcases Performance in Tokyo
14/01/22·8m 51s

AD #3238 - CATL Files Patent for Sodium-Ion Battery; Lucid Wants to Open a New Plant; China Has Most Cars in the World

- CATL Files Patent for Sodium-Ion Battery- EU Could Struggle to Reduce CO2 Emissions- BMW Invests in Chargers That Don't Need Internet- Nuro Debuts 3rd-Gen Delivery Pod- Lucid Wants to Open a New Plant- ZF Names Hackathon Winners- China Has 100+ Million More Cars Than U.S.- Audi Considers Entering F1- Simulytic Studies Impact and Safety of AVs for Insurance- Toyota Reveals New Minivans for Japan
13/01/22·9m 18s

AD #3237 - GM Launching Used Vehicle Platform; China Sees 1st Sale Increase Since 2017; NACTOY Winners Revealed

- ATP Hits Record in December- GM Launching Used Vehicle Shopping Platform- China Sees 1st Sales Increase Since 2017- VW EV Sales Up- NACTOY Winners Revealed- Lexus Shows Off-Road Tuned LX- Citroen Refreshes the C5 Aircross- ZF Supplying ADAS Tech to Vinfast- Bosch Adding Connectivity to eBikes
12/01/22·7m 40s

AD #3236 - Tesla Secures U.S. Nickel Deal; Mitsubishi Reveals Electric Kei Car; Using Sound to Clean Sensors

- Tesla Secures U.S. Nickel Deal- Tesla Has Record Month in China- VW Misses Chinese EV Sales Target- Tundra Gets New Top Model- Ford Teams to Make Motorhomes- Mitsubishi Reveals Tokyo Concepts- Using Sounds to Clean Sensors- 3D Printed Antenna Improves ADAS- Solid State Lidar Prices Coming Down- Hand Held Battery Tester
11/01/22·8m 8s

AD #3235 - Tesla Facing Battery Shortage? EV Startups See Big Drops; Ford Warns Dealers About Upcharging for Lightning

- Tesla Delays Due to Battery Shortage?- EV Startups See Big Drops- Ford Hires Audi's Top Sales Exec.- GM Recognizes Cali's Standard-Setting Authority- Tesla Raises FSD Price- Luxury Brands Have Good Sales Year- Ford Warns Dealers About Upcharging- Stellantis Vans Going All-Electric in Europe- Audi Enters Range-Extender Into Dakar Rally
10/01/22·7m 55s

AD #3234 - Mexico Ramps Up Fight with U.S.; EV Sales Outperform Total Market; Volkswagen ID BUZZ Reveal Coming Soon

- Mexico Ramps Up Fight With the U.S.- EV Sales Outperform Total Market- ID BUZZ Reveal Coming in March- Volvo Readies Highway Assist System- BMW Aims to Improve In-Vehicle Entertainment- Hyundai Teams to Develop Virtual Manufacturing Plant- Magna Helps Electrify Pickups and LCVs- You Said It!
07/01/22·8m 38s

AD #3233 - Cadillac Reveals Future AV; Stellantis and Amazon Partner; Toyota to Hit EV Credit Threshold

- BrightDrops Adds Another Customer- Chevy Reveals Equinox EV- Cadillac Shows Future AV- GM Co-Developed UltraCruise w/ Qualcomm- BMW Concept Feature Color Changing Wrap- Stellantis and Amazon Partner- Toyota to Run Out of EV Credits- LG Eyes Autonomous Shuttle Tech
06/01/22·7m 46s

AD #3232 - Chevy Reveals Electric Silverado; Chrysler Brand Going All Electric; Volvo Hires a New CEO

- Chevy Reveals Electric Silverado- Chrysler Brand Going All Electric- BMW iX Gets More Power- Mercedes Ready for Electric Camping- Sony Shows New Electric Prototype- Volvo Hires New CEO- GM Loses Its U.S. Sales Crown
05/01/22·9m 37s

AD #3231 - Ford to Double Lightning Production; GM Could Lose 90-Year Sales Crown; Mercedes Reveals VisionEQXX

- Ford to Double F-150 Lightning Production- GM Could Lose 90-Year Sales Crown- Low Inventory Keeps Pushing Prices Up- Mercedes Aims for New Levels of Efficiency with EQXX- Volvo Completes Test of New EV Truck- Volta Partners with HERE to Improve Navigation- TuSimple Taps NVIDIA for AV Computer
04/01/22·8m 42s

AD #3230 - Tesla Sets Sales Record; Waymo Partners with Geely; Canadian Parts Industry Creates EV Concept

- Tesla Sets Sales Record- Tesla Recalls Vehicles in U.S. and China- NYPD Adds Mustang Mach-E and Model 3 To Fleet- Canadian Parts Industry Creates Electric Concept Vehicle- Rivian Delays Models with Larger Battery Pack- Automakers Interested in Ford Plant in India- TuSimple Completes 1st Autonomous Test with No Human Driver- Waymo Partners with Geely
03/01/22·7m 30s

AD #3229 - Rivian Delivers 1st R1S SUVs; BMW Teases New LMDh Race Car; NHTSA Opens Investigation into Tesla

- NHTSA Opens Investigation into Tesla Over In-Car Video Games- New Mines for EV Materials Face Opposition in U.S.- EU Developing Own Sources for Microchips- New Technology Could Help AV Systems Operate More of The Time- BMW Teases New LMDh Race Car- VW Invests $20 Million In U.S. Dealers for EV Transition- Bridgestone To Provide Maintenance to Fisker Owners in Europe- Chevy Bolt Software Update Available to All Owners Now- Rivian Delivers 1st R1S SUVs
22/12/21·8m 42s

AD #3228 - EPA Raises Fuel Economy Target; Geely Hybrids Coming to the U.S.? Ford Offers Vehicle-2-Vehicle Charging

- EPA Raises Fuel Economy Standards- Rest of Economy Needs Help to Cut Emissions- Renault Wants to Cut Development Time- Renault Partners with Geely on Hybrids- Ford Offers Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging- Grand Cherokee L Gets Passenger Front Screen- Next-Gen Mustang Coming in 2023- Honda Makes Electric Hospital Vehicle for Kids- MoonBike is an Electric Motorcycle for Snow- Mitsubishi Teases Electric Kei Car Concept- Nissan Tricks Out Caravans for Tokyo Auto Show
21/12/21·9m 10s

AD #3227 - NIO Introduces New ET5 Sedan; EV Subsidies Dead in The Water; Nikola Delivers First Battery Electric Trucks

- EV Subsidies Dead in The Water- Why Dan Ammann Was Fired from Cruise- Toyota Opens Up Proving Ground to Any Automaker- Nikola Delivers First Battery Electric Trucks- Audi Opens First Charging Hub in Germany- Ford Offers CA EV Owners Zero-Carbon Charging- NIO Introduces New ET5 Electric Sedan- ZF Shows Off Steer-By-Wire System- Low Rolling Resistance Tires Have Longer Braking Distances
20/12/21·8m 50s

AD #3226 – Kia Unveils All-New Carens; Dan Ammann Abruptly Leaves Cruise; Arrival Reveals First Prototype for Uber

- Dan Ammann Abruptly Let Go as CEO Of Cruise- Hyundai’s Head Of R and D Retires- China Pressures Continental to Stop Using Parts Made in Lithuania- Unvaccinated GM Canada Workers Could Be Fired- Car Sales Expected to Rise Next Year- Audi Testing AI to Do Quality Control Checks of Spot Welds- Kia Unveils All-New Carens- Rivian To Build Second Plant in Georgia- Arrival Reveals First Prototype for Uber
17/12/21·8m 26s

AD #3225 - Hyundai Could Axe Two Top Executives; Diesels Dying in Europe; Citroen Considers Off-Road Ami

- Hyundai Could Axe Two Top Executives- Hyundai Shows Small Mobility Platform- France Could Lose 1/3 of Workforce in EV Transition- Diesels Dying in Europe- F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Knighted- EPA Rates New EVs- GM Offers Update for Older Bolt Owners- Ford to Offer Charging Solutions to Fleets- Bronco Misses Top Safety Award- Citroen Considers Off-Road Ami- Mercedes Concept Aims for Mega Efficiency- GMC Teases Sierra Electric
16/12/21·9m 59s

AD #3224 - BYD Develops 1200-Volt System for EVs; Graphite Shortage Looms; Chinese Automakers Own 20% Of Daimler

- Graphite Shortage About to Hit Auto Industry- Mexico Threatens Legal Action Over U.S. EV Proposal- Germany Plans Stricter EV Incentive Requirements- Two Chinese Automakers Now Own Nearly 20% Of Daimler- Hongqi Introduces New Luxury Minivan in China- Honda Helps Out Highway Departments- Volta Trucks Now Developing Smaller EV Commercial Trucks- Continental and ZF Invest in AV Startup- BYD Develops 1200-Volt System for EVs
15/12/21·9m 5s

AD #3223 - U.S. Announces EV Charging Network; Toyota Ramps Up Its EV Plans; Harley Taking EV Division Public

- Canada Wants to Settle EV Tax Incentive Dispute- U.S. Announces EV Charging Network- Toyota Ramps Up Its EV Plans- How GM Plans to Double Revenue- Genesis Reveals More G90 Details- Wild EV Motorcycle Looks to Break Speed Record- Harley Taking EV Division Public- Preferred Tire Tread for Snow
14/12/21·10m 42s

AD #3222 - Volvo Got Hacked; BMW to Reuse i3 Name; Lancia Wants to Be More Like Mercedes

- Volvo Got Hacked- VW Partners with Bosch on Software- VW Opens New Battery Company for Europe- BMW to Reuse i3 Name- MINI EV Continues to Tear Up China- Cadillac Starts Logo Changeover- NIO Opens 700th Swapping Station in China- Hyundai IONIQ 5 Pricing- Lancia Wants to Be More Like Mercedes
13/12/21·9m 10s

AD #3221 - Ford Caps F-150 Lightning Orders; Barra Shares More GM EV Details; Tesla Plans Two Cheaper Model 3's in China

- Mary Barra Shares More GM EV Details- GM Partners with Two Rare Earth Companies- New Ford Service Helps Fleet Operators Maximize Productivity- Ford No Longer Taking F-150 Lightning Reservations- GM Plans to Start Building the Electric Silverado in 2023- Cruise Aims to Launch Robotaxi Service Next Year- Daimler Trucks Makes Frankfurt Stock Exchange Debut- Tesla to Launch Two Cheaper Model 3 Versions in China- Peugeot and Whirlpool Partner to Create Upscale Food Truck
10/12/21·8m 23s

AD #3220 - How Polestar Generates Cash w/o Selling a Car; Diess Gets to Keep His Job; Mercedes Gets L3 Approval in Germany

- Herbert Diess Gets to Keep His Job- GM Plans to Build Battery Packs at Orion Plant- Biden Signs Order to End Government ICE Vehicle Purchases- Mercedes Gets L3 Approval in Germany- NHTSA Discusses Tesla's In-Vehicle Video Games- Schaeffler Partners to Make Electric Motors More Efficiently- Bentley Approved to Independently Certify Vehicles- How Polestar Generates Cash w/o Selling a Car- Jeep Using Connected Tech to Enhance Off-Roading
09/12/21·10m 18s

AD #3219 - There's Hope for the Chrysler Brand; Automakers Go to the Source for Chips; GM Opens 1st BrightDrop Dealer

- Chrysler Airflow Concept Showcases New Technology- Stellantis Will Improve Vehicle Character w/ OTAs- Chrysler Dips Into Its Past for Concept Name- Automakers Going Right to the Source for Chips- GM Opens 1st BrightDrop Dealership- Hyundai Announces EV Investment for India- Hyundai and Kia EV Ranges Revealed- Renault ZOE Earns 0-Star Crash Rating- Ford Makes Parts from Recycled Ocean Plastic- Ford Invests in Thailand- NEV Sales Soar in China
08/12/21·9m 19s

AD #3217 - Hyundai Mobis Driver Assistance Tech; The Story Behind Tundra’s Composite Bed; Lucid Subpoenaed by SEC

- VW Board Still Discussing CEO’s Fate- Former Tesla Workers Say Elon Musk Misled Public About Autopilot- Lucid Subpoenaed by SEC Over SPAC Deal- VinFast Plans U.S. IPO For Next Year- Hyundai Mobis Shows Off Latest Driver Assistance Tech- Tesla Camp Mode- The Story Behind the Toyota Tundra’s Composite Bed
06/12/21·9m 5s

AD #3218 - Stellantis' Software Strategy; Toyota Announces New Battery Plant; Ferrari Making Room for 1st SUV?

- Stellantis Reveals Its Software Strategy- Foxconn and Stellantis Partner on New Semiconductor Chips- Stellantis Expands Its Partnership with Waymo- VW CEO Likely to Keep His Job- GM Seeing Some Relief from Chip Shortage - Toyota Announces New Battery Plant- Intel to Spin Off Mobileye- Sketches Show New Kia CUV for India- BMW Sold Its 1-Millionth Electrified Vehicle- Ferrari's Future Product Plans
06/12/21·8m 2s

AD #3216 - UAW Changes Election Process; Renault Holds Hackathon to Reduce Carbon Footprint; Toyota Taps BYD's Blade Battery

- Inventory Levels Up Slightly in November- UAW Changes How it Elects Leaders- Renault Holds Hackathon to Help Reduce Carbon Footprint- Toyota Developing BEV w/ BYD's Blade Battery- Top Chinese EV Startups- BEVs As a Percent of Total Sales- Magna to Supply Mercedes with Hybrid DCT- Bosch Starting Silicon Carbide Chip Production- VW Taigo Goes on Sale in Europe
03/12/21·8m 27s

AD #3215 - Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept; Jeep Grand Wagoneer Impressions; Car Sales Down in November

- U.S. Car Sales Down Sharply in November- Top Gainers and Biggest Losers Last Month- EV Sales Soar in November- GM Boosts Profit Forecast- Nissan Helping Japan Develop Lunar Rover- Nissan Unveils Ariya Single Seater Concept- Maybach Reveals Retro Inspired Concept- Toyota and May Mobility Offering Self-Driving Rides in Indiana- Nuro and 7-Eleven Team Up for Autonomous Deliveries- Ford Conducts AV Research at London Part- Cruise Runs into Permit Problems In San Francisco- Jeep Grand Wagoneer Impressions
02/12/21·9m 51s

AD #3214 - BMW Makes Curious EV Claim; Aston Martin Revives Iconic V12 Vantage; USMCA Dispute Could End Up in Court

- Canada and Mexico Upset at U.S. Over Vehicle Origin Rules- Renault Expects Recycling Plant to Generate Big Revenue- Stellantis and VW Concerned Over EV Transition Costs- BMW Makes Curious EV Claim- Electric Aviator to Be Built Alongside Mach-E in Mexico- GM Joins Sustainability and Human Rights Initiative- Nissan To Install Big Solar Farm at UK Plant- BMW Invests in Actnano- Aston Martin Revives Iconic V12 Vantage
01/12/21·7m 58s

AD #3213 - Solid-State Battery Developer Gets Major Partners; BMW Reveals Bold Concept; Genesis Shows New G90 Styling

- Cells Make Up Big Chunk of Battery Pack Price- Stellantis and Mercedes Partner with Factorial Energy- November Sales Forecast Weak- All-New Kia Niro Debuts- Bold BMW Concept Hints at Future Design- Genesis Shows Off New G90 Styling- Honda Working to Improve Safety Through Technology- WayRay Turns Windshield Into Holographic AR Display
30/11/21·9m 33s

AD #3212 - VW Poaches Apple's Head of Batteries; Nissan's Electrification Plans; Chinese-Made EVs Could Impact Europe

- VW Poaches Apple's Head of Battery Development- Nissan Reveals Its Electrification Plans- Euro NCAP Tests Highway Assist Systems- Porsche Offers Any Color Under the Sun- BMW Expands eDrive Zones- Stellantis Secures Lithium Supply for Batteries- Buick Velite 6 EV Gets Same Updates as Menlo EV- Chinese-Made EVs Could Have Political Impact in Europe- Chip Shortage Not Letting Up
29/11/21·9m 59s

AD #3211 - Ford Reveals All-New Global Ranger; Tesla Racks Up Cybertruck Reservations; FCA Accuses GM of Corporate Espionage

- VW CEO’s Job Status Still Up in The Air- Tesla German Workers Plan to Form Works Council- Chrysler Accuses GM of Corporate Espionage- Ford Reveals All-New Global Ranger- Stellantis Updates EVs To Eke Out More Miles- BMW M Brand Nearly 50 Years Old- Yanfeng Unveils New Integrated Infotainment Screen- Tesla Racks Up Over 1.2 Million Cybertruck Reservations- Mercedes Reveals EQB Pricing in Europe
24/11/21·10m 28s

AD #3210 - GM Eyes Electric Boating; Volvo Wants Windshield to Act as HUD; Precept Concept Inspires Production car

- GM Dip Its Toes Into Electric Watercraft- Renault Will Develop Axial-Flux Motors- Volvo Wants Windshield to Act as a HUD- Polestar Precept Concept Inspires Production Car- Faraday Future Production Finally in Sight- Ford to Make Electric Corsair in Canada- Next-Gen LEAF Coming in 2025- Next-Gen Mach-E Production Details- Dealer Acquisitions on Record Pace- Human Horizons Shows Production HiPhi Z- Chevy Updates the Menlo EV
23/11/21·8m 38s

AD #3209 - Ferrari Launches Daytona SP3; Why Union EV Tax Credit Is Unlikely to Pass; Ford and Rivian Cancel Partnership

- VW CEO Herbert Diess On the Hot Seat- Ford and Rivian Cancel Partnership- GM Says Mexico Needs More Renewable Energy- Ferrari Launches New Daytona SP3- Mercedes Introduces New C-Class Wagon- Genesis Reveals G70 Shooting Brake EU Pricing- New Cars Achieve Record High Fuel Economy- Kia Teases All-New Niro- GM Comes Out with Bolt EV Software Fix- Why Union EV Tax Credit Is Unlikely to Happen
22/11/21·9m 32s

AD #3208 - Buick Unveils Sleek Van Concept; Ford Doubles EV Production Target; Apple Headhunts Auto Engineers

- Apple Headhunting Automotive Engineers- Ford and GM Tackle Chip Shortage- Skoda Reveals New Slavia- Mercedes Moves EV Parts Production In-House- Ford Doubles EV Production Target- BrightDrop Receives New EV Van Order- What the Frunk?- Buick Reveals Two Concepts for China- NACTOY Winner Predictions
19/11/21·10m 32s

AD #3207 - GM Opens Factory Zero; Hyundai and Kia Reveal New BEV Concepts; Toyota Wants More EV Credit

- GM Opens New Factory Zero Plant- Toyota Doesn't Think It Gets Enough EV Credit- Subaru Reveals AWD Range of Solterra BEV- Fisker Unveils Production Ocean- Kia EV9 Debuts- Hyundai Reveals SEVEN Concept- Hyundai Pulls Wraps Off Sportage Hybrid- Waymo and UPS Expand AV Tests- Audi Still Wants in on Formula 1- NACTOY Finalists Announced
18/11/21·10m 16s

AD #3206 - Nissan Titan Could Get the Axe; Porsche Expands Taycan Lineup; Toyota bZ4X Debuts at LA Auto Show

- Hyundai Jumps into Home Energy Market- Volvo Unveils Concept Recharge- Porsche Adds GTS and Sport Turismo Models to Taycan Lineup- Volta Trucks Builds First Prototype- Nissan Ariya and BMW iX U.S. Pricing Announced- Nissan Titan May Not See Another Generation- Toyota bZ4X Debuts at LA Auto Show- Honda and SoftBank Test 5G And Cellular V2X
17/11/21·10m 8s

AD #3205 - VW Faces More Diesel Lawsuits; Mazda CX-50 Ready for Outdoor Lifestyles; ZF Bolsters Its Cloud Services

- VW Faces More Diesel Lawsuits and Fines- Honda Asks Suppliers to Reduce Emissions- Honda Testing AV Work Vehicle- Mazda Introduces New CX-50- ZF Bolsters Its Cloud Services- Cadillac Blackwings Full of Easter Eggs- F-150 Lightning Frunk Started as Cardboard Box- Renault Expanding Hydrogen Commercial Lineup
16/11/21·8m 48s

AD #3204 - Mercedes Shares EQB EV Details; McLaren Denies Being Bought by Audi; Acura Reveals the All-New Integra

- McLaren Denies Being Bought by Audi- Toyota Testing Hydrogen ICE in Racing- Japanese OEMs Form Carbon-Neutral Fuel Partnership- Mercedes Shares EQB EV Details- Acura Reveals the All-New Integra- NIO Opens First Battery Swapping Station Outside China- Ford Updates Mustang Line-Up
15/11/21·7m 52s

AD #3203 - Lucid Air Is in A League of Its Own; Kia Teases Concept EV9; Inmotive 2-Speed EV Transmission Update

- The Great Automotive Schism- GM Announces 10 EVs For South Korea- Monitor Says UAW Falling Short in Reform Efforts- Inmotive Shares 2-Speed EV Transmission Update- Kia Teases Concept EV9- Hyundai Resto-Mods 1986 Grandeur Sedan- Toyota Celebrates 25 Years of RAV4 In the U.S.- Porsche Plans 3rd Taycan Variant- Lucid Air Dream Edition Is in A League of Its Own
12/11/21·10m 55s

AD #3202 - Rivian Gets Nice Welcome to Stock Market; Meet Subaru's 1st BEV; Lucid's Drive Unit Packs a Punch

- Rivian Gets Roaring Welcome to Stock Market- Another UAW Leader Charged- Elon Musk Takes Shot at the UAW- Ford Offers GT500 Engine as a Crate Motor- Buick Teases Smart Pod Concept- Daimler and TotalEnergies Team on Hydrogen Infrastructure- Subaru Reveals Its First BEV- CATL Dominates China's Battery Market- Lucid's Compact Drive Unit Packs a Punch- Toyota Says Some Markets Not Ready for BEV
11/11/21·9m 6s

AD #3201 - Automakers Boost EV Investment; Buick Teases New GL8; Ford Moves Back to Vertical Integration with EVs

- Bosch Leads Consortium on Silicon Carbide Chips- Automakers Split on UN Climate Pledge- Auto Industry Boosts EV Investment- NHTSA Pays Millions to Hyundai Whistleblower- Buick Teases New GL8 Flagship Concept Van- Ford Explains Move Back to Vertical Integration with EVs- Ford and Purdue Developing More Efficient Charging Cable
10/11/21·9m 15s

AD #3200 - Chip Shortage Worse Than Thought; Silverado EV Coming in 2023; Geely Group Reveals Electric Semi

- Chip Shortage Worse Than Thought- Silverado EV Coming in 2023- U.S. Could Mandate Drunk Driver Monitor- Pepsi Claiming Tesla Semi Deliveries in Q4- Geely Group Reveals an Electric Semi- Bridgestone Seeing More Interest in Retreaded Tires- Dodge Shares Details of New Business Plan- Porsche Gives Entry Panameras More Flair
09/11/21·9m 56s

AD #3199 - Cadillac Slashes U.S. Dealers; Advantages of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries; Honda Slams Union EV Tax Credit

- Honda Wants Employees to Oppose Union EV Tax Credit- Cadillac Slashes Amount of Dealers- Elon Musk Polls Twitter Followers About Selling Tesla Stock- Tesla Sells More Than 54,000 China-Made Models Last Month- Renault Repurposes Plant to Remanufacture Used Cars and Batteries- UK Looks to Revive Rare Earth Magnet Production- VW Launches New ICE Models in India and South America- Advantages of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
08/11/21·10m 7s

AD #3198 - Nikola to Pay for Misleading Statements; Byton Probably Won't Survive; AWS Could Be More Popular on EVs

- Nikola Working to Settle with SEC- Byton Nearing Bankruptcy- Canada Would Respond if U.S. Passes EV Proposal- New Acura MDX Type S Launching Soon- Ford Tests E-Transits with Customers- AWS Could Be More Popular on EVs- Volkswagen Performance Cars Impressions
05/11/21·9m 48s

AD #3197 - Ford Wants to Be More Like Tesla; VW Reveals All-New ID.5; EVs Take Longer to Repair

- Ford Would Like to Be More Like Tesla- Executives Aware of Tesla Threat- Ford Mandates Vaccine for Salaried Workers- VW Reveals All-New ID.5- Hyundai Teases SEVEN Concept- Lexus Expanding Performance F Brand- Audi A8 Refresh- All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee Price- EVs Take Longer to Repair
04/11/21·10m 37s

AD #3196 - Passenger Cars Hit Historic Low; Jeep Creates a Graphics Studio; Bosch Fights In-Car Smoking

- U.S. Sales Down, SAAR Up- Some OEMs Post a Sales Increase- Passenger Cars Hit Historic Low- Tesla's Sales Down, As Expected- Non-Tesla EVs Pick Up Market Share- Honda Civic Si Price- Jeep Creates a Graphics Studio- Ford Converts Classic Truck to BEV- Bosch Fights In-Car Smoking- Auto ISAC Fights Cyber Attacks
03/11/21·10m 2s

AD #3195 - Car Prices Won't Come Down; Telsa Opens Superhargers to Others; Ford to Sell Extreme Off-Road Broncos

- Chip Shortage Hurting Global Economy- Car Prices Won't Come Down- Tesla Opens Supercharger Network to Others- Tesla FSD Recall- Elon Musk Puts Pressure on Hertz- Opel Sets Pricing for Mini Rocks-e- Multimatic Makes Hardcore Bronco for Ford- GM Expects Upside Sales Surprise- You Said It!
02/11/21·11m 7s

AD #3194 - Global Pushback on U.S. EV Proposal; Cost of Car Payments Soaring; GM Hints at Low-Cost BEV

- Global Pushback on U.S. EV Incentive Proposal- U.S. UAW EV Incentive Likely to Be Dropped- More Details on Proposed EV Subsidies- Consumer Reports Says Car Loan Costs Soaring- Toyota Makes Big Investment in Kentucky- Ford Slams Maverick for SEMA- Batteries Have a Big Carbon Footprint- GM Hints at Low-Priced BEV
01/11/21·9m 36s

AD #3193 - Mercedes-AMG Unveils New SL Roadster; Tesla Triples VW’s Profit Per Vehicle; Toyota Reveals More bZ4X Details

- Volvo Launches IPO- Peugeot Introduces Electric 208 In Brazil- SK Innovation Invests in Solid State Battery Startup- Hyundai Partners with Solid State Battery Startup- Tesla Triples Volkswagen’s Profit Per Vehicle- Mercedes-AMG Unveils New SL Roadster- Honda Expands Battery Swapping Business- Toyota Reveals More bZ4X EV Details- You Said It!
29/10/21·12m 6s

AD #3192 - Ford Reports Q3 Earnings; New Side Crash Test Coming; Cool New Headlight Technology

- Ford Reports Q3 Earnings- IIHS Introducing New Side Crash Test- Rivian Van Details- Honda Racing Into SEMA- Cool Tech from Hyundai Mobis- Kia Reveals U.S. Sportage- VW Offers Pumpkin Carving Template
28/10/21·10m 29s

AD #3191 - Chevy Unveils New Corvette Z06; General Motors Struggles in Q3; New Range Rover Revealed

- Hertz Forms Partnership with Uber To Rent Teslas- GM Struggles in Q3- Car Sales Expected to Improve in October- Chevy Unveils New Corvette Z06- New Z06 Engine Much More Powerful Than Previous Engine- Stellantis To Get Great Scale from New EV Platforms- New Range Rover Revealed
27/10/21·9m 50s

AD #3190 - Tesla Now Worth $1 Trillion; Mercedes Delays U.S. EQC Again; Can New Polestar 2 Boost Sales Performance?

- Tesla Now Worth $1 Trillion- Tesla Model 3 Tops European Sales Chart- Canoo Taps Panasonic for Battery Supplies- Panasonic Reveals Prototype 4680 Cell- Volta Trucks Looking for Sales and Service Locations- Audi Launching RS 3 Sedan and Sportback- Mercedes Delays U.S. EQC Again- Can Single Motor Polestar 2 Boost Sales Performance?- Wild Porsche Raises Awareness for Good Cause
26/10/21·10m 50s

AD #3189 - Tesla Lands Massive Order from Hertz; XPeng Shows Off Flying Car; Canada Slams Union EV Tax Credit

- Canada Slams Union EV Tax Credit- Tesla Lands Massive Order from Hertz- GM Won’t Return to High Inventory Days- Lucid Skeptical About Robotaxis- XPeng Shows Off Flying Car- BMW Kicks Off i4 Production- Daimler Trucks Receives License to Test Fuel Cell Trucks- Indy Autonomous Challenge Highlights
25/10/21·10m 14s

AD #3188 - GMC Introduces New Sierra; Electrified Vehicle Sales Soar in Europe; Toyota’s BEV Logic Flawed

- Apple Talks with CATL and BYD Stall- Lamborghini Sets Sales Record- Renault Posts Big Drops in Q3- Electrified Vehicle Sales Soar in Europe- Toyota’s BEV Logic Flawed- Lexus Reveals First Plug-In Hybrid- Ford Shows Off Bronco SEMA Concepts- GMC Introduces New Sierra- SEAT Tests Delivery Drones in The Factory- How Cadillac Kept Production Lyriq Design Close to Concept
22/10/21·11m 33s

AD #3187 - Tesla Looking Very Impressive; BMW and Volvo Invest in Green Steel; Maverick Hybrid Beats EPA Estimate

- Tesla Posts Impressive Q3- Tesla Holding Back New Models Until Full Capacity- Other Details from Tesla's Earnings Call- BMW and Volvo Invest in Green Steel- Kia Teaser is All-New Sportage- Chevy Corvette Z06 Teaser- Chevy Reveals Biggest/Most Powerful Crate Engine Ever- Improving ADAS with AI- More Cuts Due to the Chip Shortage- Ford Maverick Hybrid Beats Fuel Economy Estimate
21/10/21·11m 5s

AD #3186 - Honda Unveils All-New Civic Si; Zeekr Builds 1st Production EV; VW Reportedly Forming JV With Huawei

- VW Reportedly Forming JV With Huawei- Foxconn Wants to Be Major Player in The Auto Industry- Biden Nominates New NHTSA Administrator- Honda Unveils All-New Civic Si- BMW Upgrades 1 Series Hot Hatch- Porsche Creates New Bike Rack to Make Taycan More Efficient- Zeekr Builds 1st Production EV- Ford Patents Retractable Exhaust Tip- ZF To Compete with Automakers in Autonomous Mobility
20/10/21·9m 25s

AD #3185 - Stellantis May Use Foxconn's EV Platforms; Google Maps Displays Efficient Routes; XPeng Raises Money for VTOLs

- Stellantis Could Use Foxconn's EV Platforms- Stellantis Forms Battery JV with Samsung- Stellantis Starting Partnership for European Charging Network- Volvo App Helps Get More EV Range- Google Maps Will Display Efficient Routes- BMW Shows Electric Police Scooter- Toyota Cuts Production Again- XPeng Raises Money to Develop VTOLs- Prize Money Will Up Competition at AV Race
19/10/21·8m 16s

AD #3184 - New EV Startup Is a Bit of a Mystery; Ford F-150 Tremor Impressions; Foxconn Reveals Three New EVs

- Stellantis and LG Partner to Build Battery Plant in U.S.- Toyota Plans Battery Plant in U.S.- VW CEO Invites Elon Musk to Address Management- New EV Startup Is a Bit of a Mystery- Foxconn Reveals Three New EVs- Ford Now Building Mustang Mach-E in China- GM Starts Building Ultium Batteries in China- Ford F-150 Tremor Impressions
18/10/21·10m 23s

AD #3183 - Ford Updates the Focus; Taycan Now #3 In Porsche’s Lineup; Cruise to Offer AV System to GM EV Customers

- Taycan Now #3 In Porsche’s Lineup- VW Group EV Sales Up Big In 2021- Stellantis Dealers Will No Longer Sell New Cars in Europe- VinFast To Start Selling EVs In U.S. Next Year- Porsche Offering 3D Printed Bucket Seats- Ford Updates the Focus for Europe- Acura Teases Manual Transmission in New Integra- Hyundai Making Clothes from Leftover Manufacturing Materials- Nissan To Produce e-Power Hybrid System in China- Renault Unveils Fuel Cell Van Prototype- Cruise to Offer AV System to GM EV Customerss
15/10/21·9m 39s

AD #3182 - New Car Prices Soaring; BMW Ready for ICE Bans; Lexus Reveals All-New Boldly Styled LX

- New Car Prices Soaring- BMW Ready for ICE Bans- Renault Moving Out of Its Headquarters- Skoda Developing MQB-Based Entry-Level Vehicles- Lexus Reveals the All-New LX- Honda Electrifying China- Honda Improves Its Driver Assistance System- Good Headlights Reduce Night Time Accidents- Safety Systems Should Be Tested in Real-World Scenarios- Ford No Longer on Rivian's Board
14/10/21·10m 11s

AD #3181 - ZF's Solution for Commercial Truck PTOs; VW Productivity Behind Tesla; GM Sees Dealers as Advantage in EV Race

- VW Productivity Lags Behind Tesla- Battery Production in China Soars- GM Sees Dealers as Advantage in EV Race- Concern Over Raw Material Supply for EV Batteries in Europe- Tesla Signs Nickel Supply Deal- Bringing AI to the Shop Floor- Honda Shows Off New Jet Concept- ZF Creates All-In-One Solution for Commercial Vehicle PTOs
13/10/21·9m 25s

AD #3180 - China Has Most Vehicles in the World; Ford Reveals All-New Tourneo Connect; GM Settles with LG Chem

- China Has Most Vehicles in the World- China's Electrified Sales Soar- Toyota to Use Solar Panels in Cars- Get to Know the Latest Automotive Vocabulary- Ford Reveals All-New Tourneo Connect Van- Honda Takes New Civic Si to the Track- Mopar Teases SEMA Concepts- GM Settles with LG Over Bolt Batteries- More UltraCruise Details
12/10/21·9m 23s

AD #3179 - Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance Review; Mercedes Reveals EQS EPA Range; Kia Refreshes the Forte

- House Prices in Austin Soar- Nikola Partners with TC Energy on Hydrogen- GM Says It Can Make Billions Selling Subscription Services- Mercedes Launches Armored Car Based on the S-Class- Mercedes Reveals EQS EPA Range- Musk Says It Will Be Decades Before All Cars Are BEVs- BMW BEV Sales More Than Double- Kia Refreshes the Forte- Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance Impressions
11/10/21·10m 8s

AD #3178 - Ford Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept; Tesla Moving HQ to Texas; GM Shares Plan to Double Revenue

- GM Announces Plan to Double Revenue- GM Unveils Ultra Cruise Hands-Free Driver Assist System- Electric Silverado To Debut at CES- Mark Fields Named Hertz CEO- Tesla Moving Headquarters to Texas- Tesla Now Building Model Y with Front and Rear Single Castings- ID.3 Electric Bringing in New Customers for Volkswagen- Mazda Expands SUV Line-Up with New Names- Hyundai Files Patent for Futuristic Steering Wheel- Ford Reveals Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept- New Lexus LX to Debut Next Week
08/10/21·8m 58s

AD #3177 - C-Clamp Design Makes Pickups Look Tough; Value of Content Comparison; Dealer Inventory Expensive

- Value of Content Comparison- Dealer Inventory Expensive- Nissan Adopts GT-R Production Technique for Altima- New Material Reveals What’s Behind It- Which Carmakers Will Do Best Between Now and 2023?- C-Clamp Design Cue Makes Pickups Look Tough
07/10/21·7m 3s

AD #3176 - Nissan To Make Old Parts Without Dies; Honda Invents New Airbag; EVs Could Cost People Their Jobs

- IIHS Finds Big Improvement in Car-To-SUV Crashes- Nissan To Make Old Parts Without Dies- EVs Could Cost People Their Jobs- OEMs Unlikely to Make EV Motors In-House- Honda Invents New Airbag- Audi Develops Digital OLEDs
06/10/21·7m 41s

AD #3175 - GM Thinks Cruise Will Make $50 Billion/Year; Tesla Gains Share Despite New EVs; Maverick Better Than Expected

- Tesla Ramps Up Legal Battle with Rivian- Tesla Opens 1st Superchargers in Africa- GM Thinks Cruise Will Generate $50 Billion a Year- Tesla Gains Market Share Despite New EVs- U.S. Battery Shortage Could Last Until 2025- Mahle Develops Fast Charging Lithium-Carbon Battery- NASA Needs Help with New Astronaut Transportation Shuttle- New Ford Maverick Better Than Expected- India Could Ban Honking Horns for Musical Horns
05/10/21·10m 34s

AD #3174 - VW ID. LIFE Design and Packaging Details; Car Sales Near Great Recession Levels; Ford and GM Settle Lawsuit

- Car Sales Near Great Recession Levels- Tesla Posts Impressive Sales- Toyota Outselling GM In 2021- More And More Consumers Ordering New Cars- VW ID. LIFE Design and Packaging Details- Rivian Lost $1 Billion Ramping Up Production - Mercedes Set to Kick Off eActros Production- Great Wall Motors May Take Over Nissan Plant in Spain- Ford and GM Settle Lawsuit Over BlueCruise Name- GM Secures Silicon Carbide Supply
04/10/21·9m 11s

AD #3173 - Hyundai/Kia Sales Tanking in China; BMW's New Overspray Free Paint Process; Ford Maverick Efficient Towing

- Foxconn Buying Lordstown's Plant in Ohio- Cruise and Waymo Get New AV Permits in California- Hyundai/Kia Sales Tanking in China- BMW's New Overspray-Free Paint Process- New Type of In-Car Wireless Charger- Ford Maverick is Efficient At Towing- Cadillac Designers Given Carte Blanche- Toyota Launching 3-Wheeled Scooter in Japan- GAC Rebadging Trumpchi SUV as Dodge Journey for Mexico
01/10/21·10m 41s

AD #3172 - Genesis Reveals More GV60 Details; Lordstown Could Sell Plant to Foxconn; Toyota Might Return to IndyCar

- Lordstown Could Sell Plant to Foxconn- Toyota Might Return to IndyCar- Honda Jumps into VTOL Business- GM Launches New Software Platform- Rolls-Royce Going All-Electric By 2030- Genesis Reveals More GV60 Details- Ford Going After DIY and Maker Crowd with New Maverick- Public EV Charging Business Model Is Flawed
30/09/21·10m 52s

AD #3171 - Lucid Kicks Off Production; GM Making 1st BrightDrop Vans; Citroen Has Wild Vision of Future Mobility

- Ford Asks Salaried Workers for Vaccination Status- Hyundai Launching EV Innovation Challenge- Lucid Kicks Off Production- GM Making 1st BrightDrop Vans- Jeep Reveals All-New Grand Cherokee- Citroen Has Wild Vision of Future Mobility- Mystery Car is An Old Toyota
29/09/21·8m 59s

AD #3170 - Ford Announces Massive EV Investment; VW Still Paying Diesel Fines; 1st Photo of New Chevy Corvette Z06

- Ford Announces Massive EV Investment- EV Pickup Production Plans- VW Still Paying Diesel Fines- Citroen Adds Long Length to Electric SpaceTourer Lineup- 1st Official Photo of New Corvette Z06- Chevy Updates Tahoe and Suburban- BMW AV Transporters Outside of Plant- Can You Name This Mystery Car?
28/09/21·8m 58s

AD #3169 - Mustang Mach-E Passes Police Tests; Tesla Updates Autopilot; Nissan Reveals New Van for Europe

- Polestar Plans to Go Public Through SPAC- Geely Jumps into Battery Swapping- Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Sets Monthly Sales Record- Nissan Reveals New Van for Europe- Chip Shortage Not Disrupting Tesla’s China Production- Tesla Breaks Ground on New “Megafactory”- Tesla Updates Autopilot- Continental Sees Opportunity with Centralized Computing- Police Give Mustang Mach-E the Thumbs Up- Toyota Reveals New NASCAR Tundra Pro
27/09/21·9m 32s

AD #3168 - Honda Passport TrailSport; Precept Wins EyesOn Design Awards; Chip Shortage to Cost OEMs Billions

- Chip Shortage to Cost Automakers $210 Billion- NIO Launches New Hybrid Battery Pack- Polestar Precept Wins Three EyesOn Design Awards- Mercedes Joins Battery Partnership with Stellantis- Japanese Auto Industry Collaborates on Development- Wuling To Introduce New Compact EV- Honda Unveils Passport TrailSport
24/09/21·9m 0s

AD #3167 - Volvo Dropping Leather from Interiors; Time Anxiety the New Range Anxiety; ELMS Gets Big Order for EV Vans

- GM Hires Former NHTSA Administrator- GM Invests in Chinese AV Startup- Volvo Dropping Leather from EV Interiors- Skoda Creates New Sustainable Material- Mahle Develops Portable Emission Tester- Time Anxiety the New Range Anxiety- ELMS Gets Big Order for EV Vans- Ford Helps Identify Unsafe Roads- Ford Teams Up for Battery Recycling and Materials
23/09/21·8m 59s

AD #3166 - Acura Updates the RDX; Lyten’s Potential Battery Breakthrough; Mercedes Reveals U.S. EQS Pricing

- Lyten’s Potential Battery Breakthrough- GM Shares EV Motor Details for Ultium Vehicles- Mercedes Prices EQS Similar To S-Class in U.S.- Acura Updates the RDX- Honda Introduces New BR-V- Mike Manley Leaves Stellantis To Become AutoNation CEO- May Mobility Expands to Ann Arbor- Ford Teases Raptor Version of The Bronco
22/09/21·10m 27s

AD #3165 - Ford Reveals New Expedition; BMW and Daimler Sued Over Emissions; Honda Drastically Cuts Production in Japan

- LG Chem Resumes Chevy Bolt Battery Production- BMW and Daimler Sued Over Emissions- Honda Drastically Cuts Production in Japan- New Honda Civic Hatchback Now on Sale in U.S.- REE Automotive Develops Modular EV Platform- Twinner Offers Vehicle Scans to Find Issues- EV Tires to Make Up Most of Bridgestone’s Sales By 2030- Ford Reveals New Expedition
21/09/21·9m 53s

AD #3164 - Biden Admin Tightening Emission Standards; Toyota Reveals Tundra Details; Tesla's China Exports Booming

- CR Criticizes Tesla's Yoke Steering Wheel- Biden Admin Tightening Emission Standards- NHTSA Opens New Investigation into Takata Airbags- All-New Toyota Tundra Details Emerging- Toyota Tests Hydrogen Transport- Honda Reveals Prologue Production Targets- Honda Says It Won't Hit Production Targets w/o Fair EV Incentives- Tesla's China Exports Booming- China Worried About Foreign-Sourced Microprocessors
20/09/21·11m 17s

AD #3163 - Ford Now Pre-Producing F-150 Lightning; BEVs Closing Gap with Diesels in Europe; Wuling Reveals New Asta CUV

- IHS Markit Slashes Production Forecast- Ford Kicks Off F-150 Lightning Pre-Production- Kia To Test Boston Dynamics Robot in South Korea Plant- BEVs Closing Gap with Diesels in Europe- Battery Costs Could Rise Due to Rise in Material Prices- Stellantis To Test Two Connected Vehicle Technologies- Wuling Introduces New Asta Crossover- Volvo XC60 Polestar PHEV Impressions
17/09/21·10m 2s

AD #3162 - Genesis Could Make Car Keys Obsolete; XPeng P5 Turns Into a Movie Theater; Citroen Expands Into India

- GM Offers New Safety Recommendations to Bolt Owners- GM Will Make HD Suburbans for the Government- Chip Shortage Hurts European Car Sales- Former Tesla Co-Founder Expands Battery Business- Genesis Tech Could Make Car Keys Obsolete- XPeng P5 Turns Into a Movie Theater- Citroen Expands Into India with the New C3- Ford Refreshes the Fiesta
16/09/21·10m 5s

AD #3161 - Cadillac Lyriq Design Highlights; Rivian Builds 1st Customer Pickup; Lucid Air Rated at Over 500 Miles

- Rivian Builds First Pickup for A Customer- Chery Introduces Small EV To Take on Wuling- Baidu Expands Autonomous Ride Hailing Service- AEB Could Drastically Reduce Car Crashes- Ford, Argo AI and Walmart Launch Autonomous Delivery Service- EPA Rates Lucid Air at Over 500 Miles of Range- Cadillac Lyriq Exterior Design Highlights- GM Won’t Use Ultium Name in China
15/09/21·11m 41s

AD #3160 - Porsche Breaks Ground on eFuel Plant; Electric Navigator and Expedition Coming; Jaguar F-Pace SVR is a Beast

- Porsche Breaks Ground on eFuel Plant- Ford Hires Lowe's Online Guru- Tesla's Unique Way Around New Mexico's Direct Sales Ban- Tesla Patents Laser Beam Windshield Wipers- Electric Navigator and Expedition Coming- Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Details- Nissan Launching Limited-Edition GT-Rs in Japan- Jaguar F-Pace SVT is a Beast
14/09/21·10m 22s

AD #3159 - Subaru Reveals New WRX; China Wants to Consolidate EV Companies; Ford Axes EcoSport From U.S. Lineup

- China Wants to Consolidate EV Companies- VW Takes Majority Ownership in JAC- Mercedes and BMW Will Keep Prices High- Democrats Unveil New EV Incentive Package- GM Slashes Deliveries Due to Chip Shortage- Z51’s Popularity Dents Corvette’s EPA Numbers- Subaru Reveals New WRX- Volkswagen Rolls Out OTA Update for ID Vehicles- VW Opens Battery Cell Lab- Ford Axes EcoSport From U.S. Lineup- Wolverine Introduces Ram Truck Inspired Boots
13/09/21·11m 23s

AD #3158 - Chevy Silverado Updated; Why OEMs Should Merge ICE Powertrain Operations; smart Reveals Upscale Concept

- Chip Shortage Could Last Another Year- Toyota Slashes Production Forecast- Hyundai To Stop Making the Sonata in The U.S.- Hyundai Designer Now in Charge of Genesis Communications- Toyota Avalon Nice but Not Spectacular- smart Reveals Upscale Concept- Chevy Adds ZR2 To Silverado Lineup- Why OEMs Should Merge ICE Powertrain Operations
10/09/21·12m 14s

AD #3157 - Toyota Says 3 HEVs Equal 1 BEV; Tesla Getting Into the Utility Business; Toyota Corolla Cross Impressions

- Tesla Getting Into the Utility Business- Ford Throwing In Towel on India- Renault Could End Chinese Van Joint Venture- Toyota Says 3 HEVs Equal 1 BEV- Genesis Gives the G80 RWS- Ford Teases Next-Gen Ranger- BMW to Enter IMSA's LMDh Category- Mercedes-AMG Project One Going Racing?- Toyota Corolla Cross Impressions
09/09/21·10m 44s

AD #3156 - Porsche Reveals Electric Race Car; Honda Launches New Off-Road Brand; Continental Develops Sustainable Tire

- Ford Hires New Advanced Tech Officer- Chrysler Hires New CEO- Honda Launches New Off-Road Brand- Ford Ready to Ship Some Bronco Hardtop Replacements- Polestar Dabbles in Last Mile Delivery- Microletta Electric Scooter from Micro- Porsche Reveals Electric Race Car Concept- Continental Develops Sustainable Tire- Mahle Helps EVs Charge Faster- Volkswagen Reveals Autonomous ID. Buzz- Honda To Use Cruise Vehicles for Autonomous Tests
08/09/21·9m 20s

AD #3155 - Natural Gas Trucks Worse Than Diesel; Microlino is a Modern Day Isetta; Mercedes Reveals a Slew of EQ Electrics

- Toyota Spending Billions on Batteries- Natural Gas Trucks Worse Than Diesel- EPA Reveals Range for Rivian Truck and SUV- Microlino is a Modern Day Isetta- Mercedes Ready to Go Electric Off-Roading- Mercedes EQB is a 7-Seat Electric- Mercedes EQE Has EQS DNA- Mercedes-Maybach EQS Crossover- VW Shows First FWD MEB-Based EV- BMW Has Its Eye on Sustainability- Hyundai Reveals Its Hydrogen Vision- Baojun Unveils KiWi Electric Vehicle
07/09/21·11m 9s

AD #3154 - Audi grandsphere concept; Automakers Cut More Production; German OEMs Face Lawsuit Over Emissions

- Chip Shortage Forces More Production Cuts- German Automakers Face Lawsuit Over Emissions- BMW Commits to CO2 Reduction- CATL Puts Tesla in Its Crosshairs- Genesis Reveals Electrification Plans- Mercedes Tests New Method to Charge Electric Buses- Audi Unveils Sleek grandsphere concept- How Nissan Improved the Ride of The New Frontier
03/09/21·9m 52s

AD #3153 - Kia Reveals European Sportage; Chip Shortage Cripples U.S. Sales; CUPRA Unveils Electric Rocket

- Chip Shortage Cripples U.S. Sales- Toyota Tops the Sales Charts- EV Sales Stall in August- Update: Tesla Could Catch BMW- Leaded Gasoline Production Ends- Stellantis Gets In-House Finance Co.- Industrial Debt Different from Finance Debt- Kia Sportage Developed Exclusively for Europe- SEAT CUPRA Is Electric Rocket- BMW Motorrad Concept for Future Motorcycle/Scooter
02/09/21·9m 11s

AD #3152 - Tesla Could Surpass BMW; Volkswagen Updates the Tiguan; AMG’s First Plug-In Hybrid

- BYD To Make Its Own Chips- U.S. Falls Far Short in EV Charging Stations- Tesla Could Surpass BMW- AMG’s First Plug-In Hybrid- Bentley Upgrades Rear Seat Entertainment- GM Design Creates Futuristic Steering Wheel- VW Updates the Tiguan
01/09/21·10m 32s

AD #3151 - Hyundai, Aptiv and Lyft Ready for Robotaxis; GM Not Confident in LG Chem; Will Human Drivers Be Banned?

- Lotus Moves to Wuhan, China - GM Not Confident in LG Chem- Tesla Aiming for India- Hyundai, Aptiv and Lyft Ready for Robotaxis- Will Human Drivers Be Banned?- TRW Makes Quiet Brake Pads for EVs- Ford Makes EV Charging Simple- Motorcycles with ABS Are Far Safer
31/08/21·10m 50s

AD #3150 - Mercedes S-Class Impressions; Brand Loyalty Hits 6-Year Low; Dacia Sandero #1 in Europe

- Brand Loyalty Hits 6-Year Low- Toyota Halts e-Palette Fleet at Paralympic Games- Another Tesla Autopilot Accident- Vinfast Closes Australian Operations- VW ID.3 Debuts in China- Porsche Expands in Asia- Dacia Sandero #1 in Europe- Ford Expands Camper Van Lineup in Europe- S-Class Is Engineering Marvel but Very Complicated
30/08/21·10m 47s

AD #3149 - GMC Reveals Canyon Off-Road Concept; Ford Electric Crate Motor Specs; Hyundai Santa Cruz Impressions

- GM to Require Salaried Employees Report Vaccine Status- Geneva Organizers and Qatar Partner for Spin-Off Auto Show- U.S. August Car Sales Expected to Drop- Ford Shares Specs for New Electric Crate Motor- GMC Reveals Canyon AT4 OVERLANDX Concept- Jeep Introduces Pink Paint Color for All Wranglers- Kia Develops Sportage Variant Specifically for Europe- Hyundai Santa Cruz Impressions- GM Warns LG Chem It Could Turn to Other Battery Suppliers- New Tech Protects Occupants and 1st Responders in EV Accidents
27/08/21·12m 6s

AD #3148 - Audi Announces the End of ICEs; Bollinger Expanding Its Commercial Lineup; Toyota to Make Fuel Cell Kits

- Audi Announces the End of ICEs- Mercedes to Cut Its Engine Lineup in Half- Ford Delays Return to Office- How Issues Arose with Roofs for Ford's Bronco- Toyota Corolla Reaches Sales Milestone- Lucid Ready to Launch Its Air Sedan- Bollinger Expanding Its Commercial Lineup- Mercedes Reveals New Citan Van- Toyota to Make Fuel Cells for Big Trucks- Schaeffler Teams with Universities to Develop Technology
26/08/21·11m 11s

AD 3147 - Europe Gets New, Sportier Focus ST; Porsche Updates the Taycan; Acura Hints at Electric NSX

- Waymo Expands Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service- How Toyota Weathered the Chip Shortage- Ram Refreshes the ProMaster Van- Europe Gets New, Sportier Focus ST- Acura Hints at Electric NSX- Cadillac To Race in IMSA and WEC in 2023- Mazda Ready to Introduce MX-30 To U.S.- Porsche Updates the Taycan- Opel Introduces New EV Based on The Citroen Ami
25/08/21·9m 0s

AD 3146 - Ford Doubling F-150 Lightning Production; Unique Roudabout Reduces Crashes; Refreshed Subaru Forester

- Ford Doubling F-150 Lightning Production Target- Unique Roundabout Greatly Reduces Accidents- Indonesia Targets Polluting Motorcycles- Schaeffler Debuts Advanced Technology- Volkswagen Jetta Updated- Subaru Launching Refreshed Forester- Mazda Shakes Up Its JV in China- Stellantis and Foxconn Finalize Smart Cockpit JV
24/08/21·8m 32s

AD #3145 - China Sets Regs. to Protect Personal Info; Chevy Recalling All Bolts; Porsche Getting Rimac Tech

- China Sets Regulations to Protect Personal Info- Chevy Recalling All Bolts- New Bolt Recall to Cost GM $1 Billion- Corvette Z06 Teaser Hints at New Engine- Porsche Getting Rimac Technology- Mazda Still Serious About Rotary Engines- Updated QX80 Adds Big Center Screen- China's Charging Outlets Top 2 Million- Ford Helps Charging Company Locate Faulty Charger
23/08/21·9m 50s

AD #3144 – Hyundai Reveals New Elantra N; Tesla Shows Off Humanoid Robot; Ford Performance Plans Electric Crate Motor

- GM Mexico Workers Reject Union- Hagerty Is Going Public- Tesla Shows Off Humanoid Robot- Hyundai Reveals New Elantra N- Dodge Won’t Ditch Engines Right Away- Ford Performance Coming Out with Electric Crate Motor- Mustang and Mach-E Get All-White Appearance Package- BMW Offering More Paint Colors to Customers- GM Bringing 5G To Its Lineup- Australian Mystery Car Revealed
20/08/21·11m 15s

AD #3143 - Cost of Ownership Going Up; Genesis Reveals Its First EV; BYD Now Worth More Than Daimler and GM

- Automakers Continue to Deal with Chip Shortage- NHTSA Considers Raising Fuel Economy Fines- Cost of Ownership Going Up- Kia Bringing Sorento PHEV to the U.S.- Mercedes All-Terrain Adds Height to C-Class Wagon- GV60 is Genesis' First EV- Magna Develops Illuminated Grille for EVs- BYD Now Worth More Than Daimler and GM- Another Mystery Car Challenge
19/08/21·10m 20s

AD #3142 - Auto Workers Want Higher Pay in Developing Countries; Waymo Losing Its Lead in AVs; Baidu Reveals Funky Robocar

- GM Mexico Workers Could Vote for New Union- India Asks Nissan to Pay Workers More- FCA Fined for Role in UAW Scandal- U.S. Senators Urge FTC to Probe Autopilot- Waymo Struggling to Bring Out AV Tech- Baidu Unveils Funky Robocar- Lincoln Refreshes the Navigator- Performance S Versions of Audi e-tron Coming to the U.S.- Nissan Reveals New U.S.-Spec Z car
18/08/21·11m 49s

AD #3141 - Foreign OEMs Oppose New EV Credit Rules; Magna Develops Radar-Based Vision System; New Toyota 86 Review

- Foreign Automakers Oppose New EV Tax Credit Rules- Hainan Islands Turning to Hydrogen- China Wants to Dominate Fuel Cell Market- Magna Launching Radar-Based Vision System- Ford's Spin Integrated Into Google Maps- Bronco Riptide Concept Shows Off Aftermarket Accessories- Nedcar to Contract Manufacture the Canoo Lifestyle- Alpha Motors WOLF Prototype Going on Display at the Petersen- Cyberlandr Turns the Cybertruck Into a Camper- New Toyota 86 Better in Every Way
17/08/21·10m 59s

AD #3140 - Lincoln Anniversary Concept; NHTSA Investigating Autopilot; Ford and GM Battle Over Trademarks

- Ford Battles GM Over Trademark Infringement- NHTSA Opens Formal Investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot System- Tesla Expands Supercharger Network in China- Design Students Create Futuristic Lincoln- Rimac Nevera Unofficially Fastest Production Car- Mystery Car Revealed- Bidding War Over Veoneer- Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Still Red Hot in China- Mose Nowland Passes Away
16/08/21·11m 40s

AD #3139 - Acura Reveals NSX Type S; More Ford Bronco Issues; Musk Hopes German Production Starts in October

- Ford to Replace All Hardtop Roofs on Broncos- Mustang Mach-E Shipments Delayed- Musk Calls Out Chip Suppliers Over Delays- Tesla Hopes to Start German Production in October- Big Truck Sales Up in U.S.- Volkswagen Digitizes North American Plants- Acura Reveals NSX Type S- Aston Martin Unveils Valkyrie Spider- MINI Teams Up to Create Custom-Made Cooper- Clever Solution to Reduce Confusion at Accident Scenes- EV Charging Breakthrough?- Argo AI Develops Unique Way to Test Dirty Sensors- Can You Guess What Kind of Car This Is?
13/08/21·11m 11s

AD #3138 - Foxconn Wants Several U.S. Plants; NIO Plans New Mass-Market Brand; New Frontier Moves to Head of Class

- Texas the Front Runner for 2nd Rivian Plant- Elon Musk Tries to Speed Up German Plant Assembly- Foxconn Wants Several U.S. EV Manufacturing Plants- NIO Plans New Mass-Market Brand- Toyota Helps Take Stress Out of Accidents- Pininfarina Shows Off Production Battista- Ford GT Heritage Edition Pays Homage to Original Prototype- New Frontier Moves to Head of the Class- Electric Silverado Getting 4-Wheel Steering
12/08/21·11m 3s

AD #3137 - Audi Unveils skysphere concept; EV Battery Costs Plunge; There’s More Inventory Than What’s Been Reported

- U.S. Senate Passes Big Infrastructure Bill- EV Battery Costs Plunge in Last Decade- There’s More Car Inventory Than What’s Been Reported- Bridgestone Expands Potenza Tire Lineup- Ford Using Robots to Test in Extreme Conditions- OnStar Expands Partnership with RapidDeploy- Audi Takes Wraps Off skysphere concept
11/08/21·9m 54s

AD #3135 - RAV-4 TRD Off Road Impressions; Tesla Worries Tool and Die Industry; Renault Partners with Geely

- Renault Partners with Geely On Hybrids- Opel Heads to China as Upscale EV Brand- Tesla Delays Cybertruck Production- Tesla’s Casting Machines Worry Tool and Die Industry- Kia Launches On-Demand at Home Shopping- GM Shows Off Hummer Design Sketches- Chip Shortage Dents Production and Sales- Toyota RAV4 TRD Off Road Impressions
09/08/21·9m 57s

AD #3136 - Kansas City Testing Lamppost Charging; Alfa 1st Stellantis Brand Going All Electric; Mercedes EQS Orders Open Up

- Tesla Exports Most China-Made Models in July- Kansas City Testing Lamppost Charging- Cadillac to Start Taking Reservations for Lyriq- Alfa Romeo is 1st Stellantis Brand Going All Electric- Mercedes Opens Up Orders for EQS- VW Updates Its U.S. Lineup- Chevy Helps Create Unique Baseball Snack
09/08/21·9m 20s

AD #3134 - VW Previews New ID.5 GTX; EPA Proposes 52 MPG Target; Porsche Unveils Special Edition 911 Race Car

- EPA Proposes 52 MPG Target By 2026- Chipmakers Say Shortage Will Last into Next Year- UK Sales Down Big in July- Volkswagen Previews New ID.5 GTX- Mercedes Reveals Armored Version of the S-Class- Porsche Unveils Special Edition 911 Race Car- Acura Updates NSX GT3 Race Car- Daimler Truck and Cummins Share Engine Partnership Details- Fisker To Use Bridgestone Tires Exclusively for New Ocean SUV- GM Develops New Turbo Engine for Chinese Market- Lexus Debuts GX Black Line Special Edition
06/08/21·10m 28s

AD #3133 - Ford Shows Strength Despite Weak Sales; Jeep Gets 1st BEV in 2023; GM Planning EV Replacement for Express Van

- U.S. to Reveal New EV Sales and Emission Targets- New York Auto Show Cancelled Again- Ford Shows Strength Despite Weak Sales- BMW Using Connected Machines to Improve Manufacturing- Stellantis Lays Out Its Electrification Road Map- Ford Teams on New Smart Parking Lab- GM Expanding Its Electric Commercial Portfolio- Mystery Car Comes from Down Under
05/08/21·9m 35s

AD #3132 - Toyota Drops Avalon From U.S. Lineup; July Car Sales Drop; Can You Guess What Car This Is?

- Toyota, Honda and GM Post Strong Earnings- Used Vehicles Help VW Finance Hit Profit Goal Ahead of Schedule- EVs Need More Maintenance During 1st Year of Ownership- U.S. July Car Sales Drop- Nissan Cuts LEAF Pricing in U.S.- Toyota Drops Avalon From U.S. Lineup- Nikola Cuts Annual Outlook- COPO Camaro Not Heading to China- Can You Guess What Car This Is?
04/08/21·9m 46s

AD #3131 - BMW Warns of Volatile 2nd Half; Bridgestone Getting Into Mobility Services; Geely Concept Hints at Future

- Stellantis Earnings Look Pretty Good- BMW Posts Strong Earnings But Warns of Volatility- Hyundai Gives Santa Fe a More Rugged Look- Lincoln Teams with Shinola for Aviator Concept- Bridgestone Buys Fleet Management Company- Geely Concept Hints at Future Direction- Acura Celebrates Final Year of the NSX- Aussie Company Converting TRXs to RHD
03/08/21·10m 10s

AD #3130 - COPO Camaro Features New Big Block V8; Ferrari Posts Strong Q2 Earnings; Daimler Changes Name

- Renault Secures Lithium Supply- Ferrari Posts Strong Q2 Earnings- Daimler Changes Name to Mercedes-Benz Group AG- Rivian In Talks to Open Plant in the UK- Toyota To Make Spare Parts for Classic Land Cruiser- COPO Camaro Features New Big Block V8- Toyota Racing Corolla Sport with Hydrogen Engine- Bosch Sees Opportunity to Use Hydrogen as Fuel in ICEs- 1909 Curtiss Three Cylinder Replica
02/08/21·9m 4s

AD #3129 - Bentley Reveals Special Edition Flying Spur; Sales of Counterfeit Parts Soar; Ferrari Working on A BEV

- Milton Freed on $100 Million Bail- Biden Wants Automakers to Commit to EV Sales Target- Ferrari Working on A BEV- Nissan Shakes Up Sales Strategy- Nissan Pledges to Promote More Women to Management- Bentley Introduces Special Edition Flying Spur- Bentley Sets Sales Record- OEMs Could Turn Back to Suppliers for Electric Motors- Sales of Counterfeit Parts Soar- Hyundai To Begin Fuel Cell Semi Tests in U.S.- Vertical or Horizontal Grilles?
30/07/21·10m 24s

AD #3128 - Trevor Milton Charged; CATL Reveals New Sodium-Ion Battery; VW Introduces New Taigo for Europe

- Trevor Milton Charged by Prosecutors- Ford and VW Earnings Beat Expectations- CATL Reveals New Sodium-Ion Battery- Quantumscape Testing New Solid State Battery- GM Frees Up Chips for Big Trucks- New Outlander PHEV Has More Power and Range- VW Introduces New Taigo for Europe- VW Needs to Change Its EV Strategy in China- Genesis Has BMW in Its Sights
29/07/21·11m 5s

AD #3127 - New BMW 2 Series Coupe; Porsche Reveals Unlikely Concept; New DBX Helps Aston's Sales Soar

- Biden Plans to Restore Obama’s Fuel Economy Rules- New DBX Helps Aston Martin’s Sales Soar- Rivian To Invest $5 Billion In New Plant- Nissan Frontier Updates- New BMW 2 Series Coupe to Debut in Munich- Porsche Reveals Unlikely Concept Vehicle- Ford Opens New Global Battery Center- Lancia Stratos Zero Concept
28/07/21·10m 53s

AD #3126 - Tesla Reports Record Profits; Hyundai Teams w/ Corning on AR HUDs; Chip Shortage Shows Signs of Easing

- Tesla Reports Record Profits- Several Tesla Projects Delayed- Hyundai Group Teams with Corning on AR HUDs- Baidu Launches Robobus Service in China- Toyota Teases All-New Tundra Details- Mercedes Testing Electric Garbage Truck- Chip Shortage Shows Signs of Easing
27/07/21·8m 36s

AD #3125 - Mercedes EQS Most Aerodynamic Production Car; Top Foreign Brands in China; GM Sues Ford

- GM Recalling Chevy Bolts Over Battery Fires- U.S. July Car Sales Expected to Drop- Top Foreign Brands in China- General Motors Sues Ford Over “BlueCruise” Name- Mercedes Claims EQS Is Most Aerodynamic Production Car- BMW Reveals Bike and Scooter Concept- Rivian Raises Another $2.5 Billion- Rivian To Open Charging Stations in Tennessee State Parks- Concours At St. John’s
26/07/21·8m 50s

AD #3124 - VW Puts the Sport in Sport Utility; Rivian Scouting for Another Plant; GM’s Super Cruise Gets Even Better

- GM’s Super Cruise Gets Even Better - Rivian Scouting for Another Plant- Chip Shortage About to Ease Up- Magna Buys Veoneer- VW Puts the Sport in Sport Utility- Mercedes Taps F1 Team to Improve EVs- Test Driving Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid- Recycling EV Batteries for Raw Materials
23/07/21·10m 51s

AD #3123 - Stellantis Close on Solid State Batteries; Volvo Taking Full Control in China; Mercedes' Big Electric Plans

- Stellantis to Have Solid State Batteries in 2026- Tesla Going to Accept Bitcoin Again- Volvo Taking Full Control of China Operations- Chip Shortage Hits GM's Full-Size Pickups- Toyota Offering Digital Owner's Manual- Used Batteries Piling Up in China- Mercedes Has Big Plans to Go Electric- Ford Improving Its Cabin Air Filters
22/07/21·10m 9s

AD #3122 - Mercedes S-Class PHEV and Hybrid Details; CR Slams Tesla FSD Beta; Buick Introduces GL8 Avenir Minivan

- Stellantis Hires Amazon Exec as New CTO- New Study Shows EVs Cleaner Than ICEs Over Lifecycle- Baidu Reveals Robotaxi Rider Cost- Another Company Launches Robotaxi Service in China- Ford, Argo AI and Lyft Plan Autonomous Ride Hailing Service- Mobileye Testing AVs In New York City- Mercedes Shares S-Class PHEV and Hybrid Details- Buick Introduces Avenir Version of GL8 Minivan- Tesla to Open Supercharger Network to Other Automakers- Consumer Reports Slams Tesla Full-Self Driving Beta
21/07/21·9m 19s

AD #3121 - GM Confirms Electric GMC Pickup; U.S. Passat Dropped for New EVs; How Connected Data Can Improve Safety

- GM Confirms Electric GMC Pickup- Chevy Teases All-New Corvette Z06- Baidu Expands Its Robotaxi Service- Stellantis Shaking Up Jeep Manufacturing- U.S. Lithium Mining Could Run Into Issues- U.S. Passat Dropped to Make Way for New EVs- VW CEO Confirms 3-Row Electric Crossover- VW Group Doubles BEV Sales- Porsche Reveals Refreshed Macan- Audi Tech Lets Cars Talk to Traffic Lights- Ford Using Connected Car Data to Improve Safety
20/07/21·11m 23s

AD #3120 - Toyota Unveils All-New Aqua; Tesla Launches FSD Subscription Service; BMW Reveals Wild Electric Scooter

- Toyota Won’t Run Olympic Ads in Japan- Rivian Delays Start of Production- Tight Inventory Helps Dealers Post Big Profits- Automakers Moving Away from Rare Earth Metals Used in EVs- Largest Rare Earth Mine Located in U.S.- Xpeng Slashes P5 Pricing in China- Tesla Launches Full-Self Driving Subscription Service- Toyota Unveils All-New Aqua Hybrid- BMW Reveals Wild New Electric Scooter
19/07/21·10m 30s

AD #3119 - Aston Reveals Valhalla Supercar; VW Beetle Replacements That Never Were; Lambo Sets Sales Record

- Renault Develops Solutions to Help Put Out EV Fires Quickly- GM Launches Charging Service for Fleet Operators- Lordstown Now Being Investigated by The Feds- Lamborghini Sets Sales Record- Tesla’s Sales Soar in California- GM and Honda Making Progress on Slashing Fuel Cell Costs- Honda Open to EV Alliances- VW Beetle Replacements That Never Were- Aston Martin Introduces Valhalla Supercar
16/07/21·10m 58s

AD #3117 - Mercedes-AMG Reveals New SL Interior; Santa Cruz Pricier Than Maverick; Can Tesla Survive Without Musk?

- EU ICE Ban Looming- Volkswagen Boosts Operating Profit Target- Volvo and Geely Create JV For Powertrains- Nissan Studies Race Car Driver Brain Functions- Audi Shows Off Future Design Direction- Mercedes-AMG Reveals New SL Interior- Mitsubishi Adopts Mercedes Electric Truck App- Porsche Sees Potential but Many Hurdles for VTOLs- GM Invests in New Advanced Design Center- Hyundai Santa Cruz Pricier Than Ford Maverick- Can Tesla Survive Without Elon Musk?
14/07/21·9m 26s

AD #3118 - Used Prices Returning to Normal; Airless Tires Continue to Make Progress; New Civic All Grown Up

- Daimler Has Strong Q2 Outlook Despite Chip Shortage- Used Car Prices Returning to Normal- EV Startup Has Long Way to Reach Goals- BAIC's NEV Sales Stink- Chevy Still Having Bolt Fire Issues- Goodyear Continues to Develop Airless Tires- VW Golf GTI and R Prices Set- Lucid Reveals Warranty and Service Plans- New Honda Civic Review- Pininfarina Designs Wild Concept Virtually
14/07/21·11m 9s

AD #3116 - VW Lays Out Transformation Plan; Renault Puts Fuel Cells in Van Roofs; All-New Opel/Vauxhall Astra Revealed

- VW Lays Out EV and Mobility Transformation Plan- France Pushes Back on EU ICE Ban- Renault Installing Fuel Cells in Van Roofs- Opel/Vauxhall Reveal All-New Astra- Peugeot 308 PHEV Details- Ford Dropping Diesel F-150- GM Taps Unlikely Supplier for Small Batch of Brightdrop Vans
13/07/21·9m 36s

AD #3115 - BMW i4 and iX to Arrive in U.S. Next March; Stellantis Reveals EV Strategy; Kia Unveils New Sportage

- New Energy Vehicle Sales in China Red Hot- Stellantis Reveals EV Strategy- NIO To Open Swapping Stations Outside of China- Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess Gets Contract Extension- VW Wants to Sell Stake in Electrify America- Rimac Takes Majority Control of Bugatti- Hyundai and Kia Form Partnership with Canadian Hydrogen Company- BMW i4 and iX to Arrive in U.S. Next March- BMW’s Bold Grille Here to Stay- Kia Unveils New Sportage
12/07/21·9m 0s

AD #3114 - Ford F-Series Drops to #3; Toyota Expands Use of Company Cars; How Jeep Improved Off-Road Capability

- U.S. New Car Sales for June- Toyota Expands Use of Company Cars- Porsche Recalling Taycan for Power Loss Issue- Tesla Model S Plaid Bursts Into Flames- Tesla Set to Report Record Deliveries- Better Shocks Really Improve Off-Road Capability- How Jeep Improved Grand Cherokee L's Departure Angle- Ford Files Trademark for 'Rattler' Name
02/07/21·11m 15s

AD #3113 - Analysts Can't Agree on Tesla's Valuation; Who's Best Handling the Chip Shortage?; Volvo to Offer Lidar Standard

- Analysts Can't Agree on Tesla's Valuation- Who's Handling the Chip Shortage Best?- Porsche Tells Suppliers to Use Green Energy- Brake Coating Improves New Pad Performance- ZF Using AI to Speed Up ADAS Testing- Nissan Suing Supplier Over Starter Battery Issue- Chevy Adding ZR2 Trim to Silverado Lineup- Volvo Making Lidar Standard
01/07/21·9m 18s

AD #3112 - Battery Fire Prevention System Developed; MINI Going for New Look?; Renault Aims for Affordable EVs

- Canada Announces ICE Ban- Great Wall Develops Battery Fire Prevention System- Hyundai Celebrates Boston Dynamics Acquisition- Is MINI Going for a New Look?- Renault Aims for Affordable EVs- Transportable EV Charging Station- Mercedes Introduces eActros- Volta Trucks Develops Prototype Chassis
30/06/21·9m 20s

AD #3111 - BMW M440i Reawakens Love of Open-Air Driving; Fisker Pear to Be Built in Wisconsin; F-150 Is Fastest Cop Car

- EVs Are Cleaner Than ICEs- Fisker Pear to Be Built in Wisconsin- EV Startups Become Meme Stocks- UAW Selects New President- F-150 Is Fastest Cop Car- Black Cab Maker Unveils A Campervan- ADAS Tech Lowers Insurance Rates- BMW M440i Reawakens Love of Open-Air Driving
29/06/21·10m 28s

AD #3110 - VW To Dump ICEs in EU by 2035; Honda Names Electric SUV; Tesla Builds Own Supercomputer with NVIDIA

- Honda Names Electric SUV Prologue- VW To Dump All ICEs in EU by 2035- Renault To Get Big Battery Plant with Envision AESC- Nissan To Open Battery Plant in UK- Wards Predicts June Sales Will Fall- China Sees Sales Drop Because Of Chip Shortage- Tesla Builds Own Supercomputer with NVIDIA- Making Cars with Biomaterials- Don’t Dump Your Car Junk
28/06/21·9m 59s

AD #3109 - Panasonic Pockets Billions on Tesla Share Sale; Ferrari's New PHEV; Next-Gen XC90 Coming Standard w/ AV Tech

- Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Reaches Tentative Deal- Panasonic Pockets Billions on Tesla Share Sale- AWS Steals Ford's CTO- New Package Improves Wrangler's 4X4 Capability- Mahindra Fights for Thar in Australia- STMicroelectronics Signs Deals with Renault and Arrival- Ferrari's First V6 Road Car Is a PHEV- CT4-V Blackwing Has Highest Downforce in V-Series History- Lots of Cobalt on the Bottom of the Ocean- Next-Gen XC90 Coming Standard with AV Tech
25/06/21·11m 26s

AD #3108 - Used Car Prices About to Go Down; All-New Infiniti QX60 Debuts; Ford Offers Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

- Used Car Prices About to Go Down- Used Car Prices Up $5,000 in 1 Year- U.S. to Impose Tire Tariffs- All-New Infiniti QX60- Honda Civic Hatchback Debuts- Ford Offers Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance- Performance Mach-E's Beat Range Estimates- U.S. Years Away from Rare Earths Self Sufficiency
24/06/21·10m 36s

AD #3107 - Oshkosh To Build Postal Vehicle In 2023; Analysts at Odds Over BEV Sales; Honda Changes Its Mind on BEVs

- Analysts at Odds Over BEV Sales- Oshkosh To Build Next-Gen Postal Vehicle In 2023- Some Used Trucks Selling for More Than Original MSRP- Toyota and May Mobility Offer Autonomous Rides in Indianapolis- VW Says AV Tech Will Transform Vehicles More Than EVs- Mobility Provider Rejects VW Offer- Honda Changes Its Mind on BEVs- New Geely SUV To Use Intelligent Cockpit System- Ocean Floor Rocks Contain Metals Needed for EV Batteries
23/06/21·10m 7s

AD #3106 - Amazon Interested in AV Trucking; Audi's New Torque Splitter; Hyundai Venue Fits Cheap Car Mold

- VW ID.4 China Sales Below Expectations- Amazon Interested in Autonomous Trucking- Toyota Teaches Robots to Recognize Clear Objects- Mercedes Improves Sprinter Buses- Ford Torture Tests New Electric Transit- Audi Develops New Rear Axle Torque Splitter- New Porsche Division Will Sell Race Cars in China- Nexteer Develops Steer-By-Wire System- Peugeot Introduces New 308 Wagon- Hyundai Venue Fits Cheap Car Mold
22/06/21·9m 38s

AD #3105 - Faraday Could Start Production Soon; Porsche To Develop Battery Cells for Motorsports; Toyota Teases New Tundra

- Porsche To Develop Battery Cells for Motorsports- Volvo and Northvolt Form Battery Joint Venture- Faraday Future Could Start FF91 Production Soon- Hyundai Completes Boston Dynamics Acquisition- VW To Integrate 3D Printing in Production Process- Toyota Teases the New Tundra- eVTOL Racing Series Launched- GM Fuel Cell to Make Water for Airplanes in Flight- Why Stellantis Is Experimenting with The Citroen Ami In the U.S.
21/06/21·9m 5s

AD #3104 - Baidu Introduces Level 4 Robotaxi; Senators Propose Tax Credit for Chip Makers; Mazda Lays Out EV Plans

- GM Partners to Make Fuel Cells for Aircraft- Bosch To Supply Fuel Cell Components to Daimler and Volvo JV- China Rolls Out 5-Year Semiconductor Plan- U.S. Senators Propose Tax Credit for Chip Makers- Volvo To Test Fossil-Free Steel- Schaeffler Tests Drive-By-Wire System in DTM Racing- Baidu Introduces New Level 4 Robotaxi- Ford Acquires Electriphi- Daimler Speeds Up New EV Introductions- Audi Won’t Launch Any New ICE Models by Mid-Decade- Mazda Lays Out EV Plans- VW ID.4 Correction
18/06/21·9m 16s

AD #3103 - VW Drafting New U.S. EV Plan; Battery Costs Could Hurt EV Growth; Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review

- VW Drafting New U.S. EV Strategy- European Car Sales Continue to Recover- Bridgestone Invests in AV Truck Company- Battery Costs Could Hurt EV Growth- Diesels Still Popular with Some Europeans- Lincoln's EV Strategy is Obvious- Honda Dropping the Clarity- Jeep Grand Cherokee L Impressions
17/06/21·9m 43s

AD #3102 - Porsche Launches Less Flashy 911 GT3; GM Boosts EV Investment By 30%; Franchised Dealer Network Advantages

- Most OEMs Can Meet CO2 and ZEV Mandates By 2025- GM to Help Develop Battery and Hydrogen Powered Trains- BMW Begins Hydrogen-Powered X5 Tests- Lincoln Accelerates EV Plans- Polestar 3 Will Be Manufactured at Volvo’s U.S. Plant- GM Boosts EV Investment By 30%- Study Calls Out Most EU Automakers Over EVs- Porsche Introduces Less Flashy 911 GT3- Advantages of The Franchised Dealer Network
16/06/21·8m 55s

AD #3101 - Ford Kicks Off Bronco Production; JLR Develops Fuel Cell Defender; VW and Audi Hit by Hackers

- Ford Bronco Officially Starts Production- Tesla Model S Plaid Officially World's Fastest Production Car- GM to Add More Battery Plants- Volkswagen and Audi Hit by Hackers- Ford GT to End Production Next Year- Baojun Relaunches Old Wagon with New Name- Maserati Tests GranTurismo EV- What Will Alfa Romeo Do?- Mahle Builds 3D Printing Center- JLR Develops Fuel Cell Defender- Geely To Develop Methanol Vehicles
15/06/21·9m 16s

AD #3100 - Lexus Unveils All-New NX; Lordstown Motors' CEO and CFO Resign; Corolla Hatchback Won’t Please Enthusiasts

- Lordstown Motors' CEO and CFO Resign- Hong Guang MINI EV #1 In China Again- Average Vehicle Age Increases- Lexus Unveils All-New NX- Toyota Introduces New Multimedia System- China’s NIO Expands into Europe- Toyota Corolla Hatchback Won’t Please Enthusiasts- Honda To Develop Technology to Sustain Human Life in Space
14/06/21·9m 16s

AD #3099 - Tesla Reveals Model S Plaid; VW ID.4 Test Drive Impressions; Jeep Grand Cherokee L Rolls Down the Line

- Beyond Ludicrous and Onto Plaid- Ford Updates the Raptor- Ford Makes Electric Motor In-House- Jeep Grand Cherokee L Rolls Down the Line- Gentherm Cuts EV Cabin Heating 70%- VW ID.4 Test Drive Impressions- Lamborghini Makes Life Size Lego Car
11/06/21·11m 13s

AD #3098 - Model S Plaid Debuts Tonight; Bosch Says ICE Improvement Still Needed; All-New Toyota Land Cruiser Revealed

- Chip Shortage Starting to Ease- Tesla Model S Plaid Debuts Tonight- New Ferrari CEO Will Help EV Transition- Bosch Says ICE Improvement Still Needed- All-New Toyota Land Cruiser Revealed- Chevy Making Limited 'Vette Inspired by C8.R- Alibaba Planning to Make AV Trucks- Honda and Komatsu Developing EV Excavators- China EV Sales Correction
10/06/21·9m 56s

AD #3097 - Nissan Pathfinder Impressions; Lordstown Motors Struggling to Survive; BMW Introduces New X3 and X4

- Lordstown Motors Struggling to Survive- GM Cuts Stop/Start from Some Models- U.S. Senate Passes Big Bill to Boost Chip Production- VW Gets Huge Settlement from Former Top Executives- BMW Introduces New X3 and X4- Opel Reveals New Grandland CUV- Ferrari Hires New CEO- Nissan Makes Big Improvements to The Pathfinder
09/06/21·10m 45s

AD #3096 - Ford Maverick is a 40MPG Hybrid?!; More Apple EV Rumors; Kia Reveals All-New Sportage

- Ford Maverick Revealed- Biden Admin Wraps Up U.S. Supply Chain Review- Apple Rumors Have It Teaming with CATL and BYD- Kia Reveals All-New Sportage- Renault Testing Electric Megane CUV- New Report Says Tesla's Sales Were Up in China- Plug-In Sales Surge in China- GM Opens OnStar to Anyone
08/06/21·9m 38s

AD #3095 - Bosch Fights Sun Glare; How Color Influences Comfort; Hyundai’s New Engine Technology

- Active Aero To Become More Common- How Color Influences Comfort- How UPS Saves Millions in Gasoline Costs- Why Automakers Attach Screens to Dashboards- Nissan’s Universal Powertrain Mounting System- Hyundai’s New Engine Technology- Bosch Fights Sun Glare- JLR Creates “Morphable” Seat- Skoda’s Clever Snow Scraper
04/06/21·10m 4s

AD #3094 - Electric Mustang Gets Priority; Ford Used "Cheap" Seat to Skirt Chicken Tax; U.S. Plans Battery Recycling Push

- GM Putting Chip Shortage In Its Rearview- Nissan's All-New EV Delayed by Chip Shortage- Electric Mustang Gets Priority Over Gas Mustang- Renault Forms New Hydrogen JV- Ford Used "Cheap" Seat to Skirt Chicken Tax- Drivers More Reckless During Lockdowns- U.S. Plans Battery Recycling Push- U.S. EV Sales Down in May- Less Chinese Order Teslas in May
04/06/21·8m 11s

AD #3093 - Buick Updates the Enclave; Ford Maverick is Official; U.S. Sales Strong in May

- Ford Makes the Maverick Official- U.S. Sales Strong in May- Japan to Greatly Expand Charging Infrastructure- SEAT Improves, Speeds Up Part Inspections- Jaguar F-TYPE Going V8-Only- CATL Plans Big Expansion- Buick Reveals Updated Enclave- Formula E Team Develops Polar Exploration EV
03/06/21·10m 0s

AD #3092 - Toyota bZ4X Heads to U.S.; BMW Shares New Details About i4 and iX; Mach-E #1 In EV Sales in Norway in May

- Ford’s Market Cap Up $10 Billion Since F-150 Lighting Reveal- Traditional Suppliers See Jump in Stock- Renesas Nearly Recovered from Plant Fire- Tesla to Spend $1 Billion On Raw Materials from Australia- VW Introduces Taos Basecamp Accessory Package- Toyota Makes Data Collection More Transparent- Toyota bZ4X Coming to America- BMW Shares New Details About i4 and iX Electrics- Mustang Mach-E #1 In EV Sales in Norway in May
02/06/21·10m 6s

AD #3091 – Ex-VW CEO to Pay for Dieselgate Role; Russian Luxury Car Enters Production; Stellantis and Italy Talk Batteries

- Ex-VW CEO to Pay for Dieselgate Role- Daimler and Nokia License Mobile Tech- Helio Castroneves Wins the Indy 500 Again- Future F-150 and Transit Production Updates- Russian Luxury Car Enters Production- BMW Rolls Out Big OTA Update- New Bentayga Hybrid Launches in Europe- Stellantis and Italy Talk Battery Plants- Hella Uses Ultra-Wideband Tech for Safety- Rimac Reveals Nevera EV Hypercar
01/06/21·8m 53s

AD #3090 - Rolls Returns to Coachbuilding Roots; VW Golf GTI Impressive; Analysts Differ on May Sales Forecasts

- Nissan Plans New Battery Plants in UK and Japan- Analysts Differ on May Sales Forecasts- GM Restarting Production at Several Plants- Hyundai Plans to Slash ICE Lineup in Half- Tesla Comes Out with Driver Monitoring System- Russian Startup Reveals 1st Autonomous Shuttle- Rolls-Royce Returns to Coachbuilding Roots- VW Golf GTI Very Impressive
28/05/21·10m 16s

AD #3089 - New Bill Would Boost EV Incentives; Wall Street Loves Ford's Growth Plan; Lucid Shares UX Details

- New Bill Would Boost EV Incentives- Wall Street Loves Ford's Growth Plan- GM and Lockheed Martin Team on Lunar Rovers- Lucid Shares UX Details- China Sets Battery Swapping Standards- BMW Kicks Off e-Drive Production
27/05/21·9m 54s

AD #3088 - VW Taos Impressions; Tesla Removes Radar From Some Models; BMW Unveils New M4 Convertible

- BMW and VW Face Fines Over Collusion- VW Offered $9 Billion For Lamborghini- Tesla Removes Radar from Model 3s And Ys Produced in The U.S.- BMW Introduces New M4 Competition Convertible- Hyundai Improves Fuel Cell System in XCIENT Truck- Why the IONIQ 5 Won’t Have a Hyundai Logo on Its Steering Wheel- All-New Taos Feels and Drives Like a Volkswagen
26/05/21·9m 43s

AD #3087 - Denso and Honeywell Partner on Aircraft; Is This the Audi Landjet?; SUVs 8-Times More Profitable Than Sedans?

- Denso and Honeywell Partner on Urban Air Mobility- Hyundai Reveals North American IONIQ 5- Mercedes Invests in Green Steel- Audi BEV Concept Hints Production Car- Tesla Tests Luminar Lidar- Cupra Debuts Its First EV- Jaguar Refreshes Tell Story of Today's Industry- SUVs Can Make 8-Times More Profit Than Sedans
25/05/21·11m 19s

AD #3086 - Audi Tests C-V2X In School Zones; Commercial F-150 Lightning Details; Toyota Ranked #1 in Supplier Survey

- Suppliers Say Toyota Is the Best to Work With- Ford Shares Commercial F-150 Lightning Details- Mazda CX-3 and Mazda6 Discontinued For 2022 Model Year- Audi Tests C-V2X In School Zones- Tesla Faces Big Fine in Norway- Daimler Trucks Warns About EV Transition Job Loss- Dixon Takes Pole Position at Indy 500
24/05/21·9m 14s

AD #3085 - High-Performance Cayenne; Fisker To Make Electric Popemobile; Ford Gets 20,000 F-150 Lightning Reservations

- Ford Receives 20,000 F-150 Lightning Reservations- Texas Built Model Y to Be Equipped With 4680 Battery Cells- Elon Musk Teases Model S Plaid Delivery Event- Audi Launches Pilot to Test EV Charging Hubs- Porsche Testing New High-Performance Cayenne- Daimler Trucks Lays Out Electrification Strategy- Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Impressions- Fisker To Make 1st Electric Popemobile
21/05/21·10m 56s

AD #3084 - Ford Reveals F-150 Lightning; Stellantis and IVECO Test In-Road Charging; Toyota Tapping Suppliers for ADAS

- Ford Reveals All-Electric F-150 Lightning- Ford Inks U.S. Battery Deal with SK Innovation- Faraday Future Gears Up for Reverse Merger- Stellantis and IVECO Testing In-Road Charging- Canoo Sets Price for Its Lifestyle Vehicle- ZF and Mobileye Developing ADAS for Toyota- BMW First to Use Sustainable Rubber- Acura Reveals Pricing for TLX Type S
20/05/21·9m 41s

AD #3083 - Kia Shares More EV6 Details; Biden Visits Ford EV Plant; Multimatic To Build Porsche's LMDh Chassis

- President Biden Visits Ford EV Plant- EV Stocks Jump After Biden Touts Investment Proposal- Kia Shares More EV6 Details- Kia Makes Slight Name Change in North America- New Hummer EV Is Quite Beefy- Porsche Taps Multimatic To Build LMDh Sports Car Chassis- Labor Unions Concerned Autonomous Trucks Will Cost Jobs- Daimler Begins Fuel-Cell Truck Tests- New Mercedes SL Structure Lighter but Stronger
19/05/21·10m 6s

AD #3082 - Stellantis and Foxconn Form Technology JV; Canoo Reveals SEC Investigation; Unique Hydrogen Engine

- Stellantis and Foxconn Form Technology JV- Canoo Reveals SEC Investigation- Ford Takes Mach-E Coast-to-Coast- Lamborghini Lays Out Electrification Roadmap- Honda Confirms Manual for New Civic- Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Goes on Sale- Israeli Startup Creates Unique Hydrogen Engine- How Ford Appealed to Truck Buyers with a Hybrid
18/05/21·10m 17s

AD #3081 - Opel Launches Hydrogen-Powered Van; Stellantis and Foxconn Form Partnership; BMW 2 Series Coupe Details

- Stellantis and Foxconn Form Partnership- Fisker Partners with Sharp on Electronics- Hong Guang Mini EV #1 EV In China- Are EVs Greener Than Gas Powered Cars?- BMW Shares Details About New 2 Series Coupe- Group Calls for Stricter Commercial Van CO2 Standards In EU- Opel Launches Hydrogen-Powered Van- Toyota 4Runner Impressions
17/05/21·10m 13s

AD #3080 - Hummer EV Off-Road Tests; Fisker and Foxconn Finalize Partnership; Stellantis Gives Brands 10 Years to Survive

- Stellantis Gives Brands 10 Years to Survive- Chip Shortage Worse Than Thought- Fisker and Foxconn Finalize Partnership- Wisconsin May Have Something to Say About New Foxconn Plant- Hyundai Group Invests Billions to Build EVs In the U.S.- GM Shows Off Hummer EV Pickup’s Off-Road Capability- Cruise Origin to Go into Production In 2023- Porsche Offers More Personalization Options- Easy Rider Harley Up for Auction- Mystery Car Revealed
14/05/21·10m 59s

AD #3079 - Blame Used Car Prices for Inflation; Mitsubishi Reviving Ralliart Brand; Ford Details Its OTA Capabilities

- EV Stocks Take It On the Chin- Volvo Considers IPO- Used Car Prices to Blame for Inflation- Elon Musk Backtracks on Bitcoin Payments- Waymo and Cruise Want to Charge for AV Rides- VW Testing Level 4 AV Vans- Mitsubishi Reveals Its Future Plans- Ford Details Its OTA Capabilities- Barn Find From the Hills of Utah
13/05/21·9m 33s

AD #3078 - VW Tiguan Updated; Genesis Unveils Wagon Version of The G70; Daimler Bus Tests Mobile 3D Printing Stations

- Tesla’s China Sales Disputed- Former UAW President Sentenced to Prison- Marelli Develops Integrated EV Powertrain- China Pushes Battery Swapping Stations- Volkswagen Updates the Tiguan- Genesis Unveils Wagon Version of The G70- Daimler Bus Tests Mobile 3D Printing Stations- Ford Ranger Tremor Impressions
12/05/21·10m 30s

AD #3077 - GM Picks Battery Recycler; Subaru Teases All-New EV SUV; America's Top Selling Hybrid Will Surprise You

- Tesla's China Sales Slump in April- GM Partners with Li-Cycle to Recycle Batteries- Gordon Murray Expanding Into New Areas- Subaru Teases All-New EV SUV- Ford Picks Name for Electric F-150- Tesla Cybertruck Production Starts Next March- Harley Spins LiveWire Off Into Its Own Brand- Porsche Testing AI to Improve Navigation- Mercedes Developing Auto Fuel Pay in Big Trucks- America's Top Selling Hybrid Will Surprise You
11/05/21·9m 19s

AD #3076 - Mercedes Electric Van Concept; Electric Macan Development Details; New Mitsubishi Outlander Impressive

- Labor and Industry Groups Concerned About EV Transition- GM Creates EV School to Train Workers- Nikola Shares Video of Tre Tests- Toyota Partners with ENEOS On Hydrogen Development- Porsche Reveals Electric Macan Development Details- Mercedes Unveils Electric Van Concept- VW Teases New Polo GTI- Pony.Ai Picks Luminar Lidar For Autonomous Cars- All-New Mitsubishi Outlander Impressive
10/05/21·9m 53s

AD #3075 - Ferrari Unveils 812 Competizione; BMW Sets Q1 Delivery Record; Volvo XC90 Recharge Impressions

- Chip Shortage Forces Automakers to Sacrifice Content- Automakers “Building Shy” To Cope with Chip Shortage- BMW Sets Q1 Delivery Record- Ferrari Unveils 812 Competizione- Bosch Introduces New Diagnostic Software- Why Self-Driving Cars Need Lidar- Volvo XC90 Recharge Impressions
07/05/21·11m 34s

AD #3074 - More Strong Q1 Financial Results; GM Financial Growing Fast; Citroen Turns Tiny Car Into Cargo Hauler

- Volkswagen Q1 Financial Results- Aston Martin DBX Helps Boost Sales- Ferrari Posts Strong Q1- GM Financial Growing Fast- Ford Developing New Ways to Produce e-Motors- New NASCAR Cars Look Like Real Cars- Porsche Develops Storage Box Like a Car- Citroen Turns Tiny Car Into Cargo Hauler- A Computer's Interpretation of Art
06/05/21·10m 39s

AD #3073 - Ford Explorer Now More Off-Road Capable; GM Posts Solid Q1 Earnings; Stellantis #1 in EU Market Share

- GM Posts Solid Q1 Earnings- Stellantis Now Number One in EU Market Share- Tesla Loses Stellantis’ EU EV Credit Revenue- Mahle Develops Magnet Free Electric Motor- Ford Reveals North American E-Transit Details- Ford Explorer Now More Off-Road Capable- Skoda Unveils New Fabia- Mercedes Expands EQA Lineup with AWD Versions- Nissan Sells Entire Stake in Daimler To Fund EV Efforts- Porsche and Penske Partner to Race LMDh Prototypes- Argo AI Develops Lidar Breakthrough
05/05/21·11m 52s

AD #3072 - April Sales Stronger Than Expected; BMW Making Fuel Cell X5s; Chip Shortage Drives Up Used Car Prices

- April Sales Stronger Than Expected- Biggest Sales Winners and Losers- BMW Making Fuel Cell X5s- ZF's Middleware Solution Helps Integrate Hardware and Software- Chip Shortage Drives Up Used Car Prices- Genesis Brand Just Now Entering European Market- SAE Updates Its Levels of Autonomy- How Arrival's Micro Factories are Different- Arrival Signs Deal with Uber
04/05/21·11m 9s

AD #3071 - Free2move Adds Ami To DC Fleet; Ford and BMW Invest in Solid State Batteries; VW Plans to Make Own AV Chips

- Ford and BMW Invest in Solid State Batteries- TSMC Catching Up with Chip Demand- UAW Says EV Subsidies Should Only Be for U.S. Made Vehicles- Subaru Creates Pet Accessories for Its Vehicles- Bosch, Shell and VW Develop Low-Carbon Gasoline- VW Plans to Make Own AV Chips- Free2move Adds Citroen Ami To DC Fleet
03/05/21·8m 0s

AD #3070 - Dacia Reveals Low-Cost EV; Ford Considers 2nd MEB Car; Williams and ItalDesign Create Modular EV Platform

- GM Invests $1 Billion To Build EVs In Mexico- SEC Probes VW’s “Voltswagen” Stunt- Dacia Introduces Low-Cost EV In France- Ford Considers 2nd EV Off of VW’s MEB Platform- Jeep Offers Lift Kit for Wrangler 4xe- Williams and ItalDesign Create Modular EV Platform- Saudi Arabia Wants to Create Local EV Brand- BMW Launches Startup Sustainability Challenge- Free2move Expands U.S. Subscription Service
30/04/21·9m 41s

AD #3069 - Ford's Q1 Impressive; Honda Reveals All-New Civic; GTX Adds AWD to the VW ID.4

- Ford Posts Impressive Q1- Toyota Expanding Its Indiana Plant- Daimler and Volvo Name Fuel Cell JV cellcentric- Honda Reveals All-New Civic- GTX Adds AWD to the VW ID.4- Huawei in Talks to Buy Chinese EV Company- Strategy Suppliers Should Take in EV Transition- GM Trying to Make Charging Easier
29/04/21·11m 6s

AD #3068 - Ford Adds New Tech To F-150; Suppliers Push Back on ICE Ban; Lotus Aims to Be All-Electric by 2028

- Auto Suppliers Push Back on ICE Ban- Ford Plans New Battery Lab- Ford Adds New Tech To F-150- Mercedes Allows Customers to Choose What Data It Collects- Lucid Makes Progress on Air Sedan Production- Toyota Gives the Sienna a Bit More Ruggedness- Hino and REE To Develop Modular Electric Vehicles- Lotus Aims to Be All-Electric by End of The Decade
28/04/21·9m 10s

AD #3067 - Tesla Reports Spectacular Q1; Virtual Tools Shorten GM's Development; Next-Gen F-150 BEV Coming in 2025

- Tesla Reports Spectacular Q1 Earnings- Why Tesla's Stock Didn't Climb More- Toyota Buying Lyft's AV Division- GM Using Virtual Tools To Speed Up Development- More Hyundai Kona N Details- Honda Reveals Future Interior Concept- Next-Gen Ford F-150 BEV Coming in 2025- Ford Investing in Romania Plant for New LCV- Buick Envision Nice But Pricey
27/04/21·9m 53s

AD #3066 - Ford Launches Mustang Mach-E GT; April Car Sales Expected to Be Strong; Volvo S90 Plug-In Impressions

- GM Pledges to Boost Black-Owned Media Advertising- Senators Propose to Exempt More Self-Driving Cars- Electric School Bus Conversion Proposed- U.S. April Car Sales Expected to Be Strong- Ford Launches Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance- First Edition Mach-E Customers Get Free Gift- Porsche Plans to Open EV Battery Plant- Volvo S90 Plug-In Hybrid Impressions
26/04/21·8m 50s

AD #3065 - Bridgestone Develops Tire for EV Startup; Honda Changes Tune on EVs; Why Auto Plastics End Up in Landfills

- Geely and Baidu JV To Launch 1st EV in 3 Years- Tesla Autopilot Needs Driver Monitoring- Daimler Posts Strong Q1 Earnings- Bridgestone Develops EV Tire for EV Startup- Honda Changes Tune on Electric Vehicles- Renault Hires Siri’s Co-Creator- Volvo To Increase Use of Remanufactured Parts- Why Most Auto Plastics End Up in Landfills
23/04/21·10m 1s

AD #3064 - Repair Costs Were Down Last Year; Toyota Developing Hydrogen-Powered ICE; Volkswagen Shows New Polo

- Biden Announces Global Climate Summit- EV Automaker's Stock Jumps- Repair Costs Were Down Last Year- Toyota Teams with Chevron on Hydrogen Economy- Toyota Takes Hydrogen-Powered ICE Racing- New EV Racing Series Under Development- Ferrari Shows Special Edition 812 Superfast- Volkswagen Reveals New Polo- Ford Makes Driving at Night Easier
22/04/21·10m 3s

AD #3063 - Cadillac Reveals More Lyriq Details; Biden Urged to Ban New ICE Cars By 2035; Infiniti QX55 Pros and Cons

- Biden Urged to Ban ICE Cars By 2035- GM Adopts New Work Policy- Peugeot Goes Old School to Deal with Chip Shortage- Lordstown Fails to Complete Off-Road Race- Auto Industry Group Wants Crash Test Ratings Updated- Infiniti QX55 Pros and Cons- Cadillac Reveals More Lyriq Details- Citroen Ami 6 Celebrates 60th Anniversary
21/04/21·10m 55s

AD #3062 - Does China Feel Threatened by Tesla?; BMW Aiming for Better/Cheaper EVs; 1st Ford Mostly Developed in China

- Chinese Government Complains About Tesla Safety- BMW Aiming for Better/Cheaper EVs- Israeli Startup Sees More Interest for EV Skateboard- Porsche Using Video Game Software to Train ADAS- ZF Introduces New AV Supercomputer- Schaeffler Bringing EV and Fuel Cell Tech to China- Maserati Shows Off Levante Hybrid- Mercedes Debuts 2nd-Gen Battery for Citaro Bus- EVOS is 1st Ford Developed Mostly in China
20/04/21·10m 35s

AD #3061 - Lincoln Unveils Zephyr Concept; Audi A6 e-tron Revealed; Toyota Shows Off bZ4X Concept

- Lincoln Unveils Zephyr Concept- Audi A6 e-tron Revealed- New VW ID.6 Looks Like Bigger ID.4- Toyota Shows Off bZ4X Concept- Honda e:prototpye Debuts- Mercedes Expands EQ Lineup with New EQB- Volvo Partners with DiDi To Test Self-Driving Cars- Genesis Electrifies the G80- Buick Updates the Envision and Verano- Xpeng Reveals New P5 Sedan
19/04/21·11m 6s
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