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Your 8-minute update on the latest developments in the global automotive industry. New cars, new technology, and the breaking business developments.


AD #2947 - Acura TLX and Lexus IS Battle Heats Up; CR Rates Super Cruise #1; FCA and Daimler Post Q3 Profits

- FCA Posts Q3 Profit- Daimler Posts Impressive Q3 Earnings- Daimler Boosts Stake in Aston Martin- Waymo and Daimler Trucks Form Autonomous Partnership- Hyundai JV To Launch Robotaxi Service in U.S.- CR Says Autopilot Is Distant Second Behind Super Cruise- Jaguar Introduces New E-Pace- Harley Creates New eBike Brand- Kia Developing Military Vehicles for South Korea- GM Defense Delivers First ISVs To U.S. Army- Magna Reveals Digital Rear-View Mirror- Acura TLX and Lexus IS Battle Heats Up
28/10/2011m 37s

AD #2946 - China EV Market to Take Off; GM to Make Nikola Badger in 2026; Kia Moving to EVs Faster Than Hyundai

- China EV Market Expected to Take Off- Market Manipulation Case Against Former VW CEO Dropped- GM to Make Nikola Badger in 2026- Fuel Cell Passenger Cars Won't Become Mainstream- SEAT Testing Parts Made from Corn Husks- Daimler Cleaning Up Air in Its Buses- Magna Expanding Its Manufacturing Footprint- Kia Moving to EVs Faster Than Hyundai- Hummer EV Won't Be Sold in All GMC's Dealerships
27/10/209m 11s

AD #2945 - VW to Make Bentley a Subsidiary of Audi; Musk Unlocks Huge Payment; U.S. Market Close to Recovering

- Suppliers Dropping Out of Turbocharger Business- Continental Invests in Lidar Startup- U.S. Car Market Close to Recovering- Global EV Sales Up- ZF Introduces Hybrid Conversion Kit for Big Trucks- Tesla Plans to Drop Skateboard Design- Tesla Dips Slightly Over Capex Spending News- Elon Musk Unlocks Huge Payment- Volvo Buses Now Offering Pantographs- VW Plans to Make Bentley a Subsidiary of Audi- Daimler Celebrates Unimog Acquisition
26/10/208m 6s

AD #2944 - Should Executives Race Cars?; Tesla’s Operational Advantage; Fiat Introduces 3+1 Electric 500

- Hamburg Offers Free Autonomous Shuttle Rides- Tesla’s Operational Advantage- Should Executives Race Cars?- FCA Updates Online Buying Experience- Hummer EV Off-Road Specs- Electric Fiat 500 Gets Big Discount in Italy- Fiat Introduces 3+1 Electric 500- Genesis GV80 Engine Details- You Said It!- Mercedes Recalling Vehicles with Illuminated Grille Star
23/10/2010m 38s

AD #2943 - Tesla Reports Strong Q3 Earnings; GM Still Backs Nikola Deal; ZF Improves Its Rear Wheel Steering System

- Tesla Reports Strong Q3 Earnings- More Tesla FSD Details- GM's Cruise Wants Vehicles Without Pedals or Steering Wheel- U.S. Vehicle Registrations Correction- Why Off-Roading is Becoming More Popular- More GMC Hummer EV Details- GM Still Backs Deal with Nikola- ZF Improves Its Rear Wheel Steering System- JLR Using Aerospace Sensors to Test Parts- Ford Mondeo Going Hybrid Only
22/10/2010m 23s

AD #2942 - GMC Hummer EV Unveiled; Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Beta Update; Ford Shows Off 4th-Gen AV

- China Could Hit 2019 Production and Sales Numbers- AutoNation Posts Record Profits- LG Chem Boosts Cylindrical Cell Production- Ford Shows Off 4th-Gen Self-Driving Vehicle- Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Beta Update- GMC Hummer EV Unveiled- Manley Calls for EU Automaker Support- VW May Dump Brands to Raise Cash- Nissan Reveals Magnite Crossover
21/10/209m 55s

AD #2941 - Tesla Registrations Drop In CA; Honda Phasing Out Diesels in Europe; Holography Displays Improve Safety and Nav

- Tesla Registrations Drop in California- GM Making Big EV Announcements- Magna Gets a New CEO- Mercedes Prices Maybach GLS for the U.S.- Honda Phasing Out Diesels in Europe- Holography Displays Improve Safety and Navigation- How Nissan Gave Sentra an Upscale Interior- More Signs of AV Life
20/10/208m 13s

AD #2940 - All-New Cadillac Escalade Is a Masterpiece; JLR Considering Lineup Cuts; Tesla Ends Return Policy

- Tesla Updates Model 3- Tesla Ends Return Policy- Tesla Shipping Model 3s From China to Europe- Quality Issues Costing Hyundai and Kia- SEAT Introduces Leon Plug-In Hybrid- Riders Give Autonomous Shuttle Thumbs Up- VW Raises Bid for Navistar- JLR Considering Cuts to Lineup- All-New Cadillac Escalade Is a Masterpiece
19/10/208m 29s

AD #2939 - Defender Is Impressive Off-Road; Global Sales Showing Signs of Life; Fisker Taps Magna to Build Ocean

- Global Sales Showing Signs of Life- Mahle Not Giving Up on Combustion Engines- Embraer Jumps into VTOL Segment- Fisker Taps Magna to Build Ocean SUV- Cadillac Updates MagneRide Technology- Cruise Receives OK to Test AVs With No One On Board- Renault Shows Off Megane eVision Concept- Japanese OEMs Embrace Bolder Styling- Land Rover Defender Is Impressive Off-Road
16/10/2011m 1s

AD #2938 - Lucid Reveals Base Air Price; CARB Urges Automakers to Admit Cheating; Startup Claims to Slash Lidar Costs

- Lucid Reveal Base Price of the Air Sedan- BMW Awards Points for All Electric Driving- Daimler to Cut F1 Spending in Half- New EU Regulation Bans Illuminated Hood Ornaments- CARB Urges Automakers to Admit Cheating- Japan Plans Hydrogen Fuel Network- Startup Claims to Slash Lidar Costs- New Manufacturing Techniques Improves Acura's Styling
15/10/2010m 4s

AD #2937 - VW Jumps into Compact CUV Segment; Ferrari Could Make Fortune with EVs; GM Won’t Give Up on FCA Lawsuit

- GM Won’t Give Up on FCA Lawsuit- EV Battery Fires in The News- U.S. Heavy Duty Truck Sales Slowly Recovering- Ford Taking Orders for Mustang Mach 1- 2021 U.S. Ford Transit Updates- VW Jumps into Compact CUV Segment- Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Unveiled- Ferrari Could Make Fortune with EVs- Baidu Offering Autonomous Rides in Beijing- BMW Establishes AI Code of Ethics
14/10/209m 41s

AD #2936 - European EV Sales Taking Off; Jeep Running Out of Steam?; Mercedes Testing Electric Off Roader

- EVs Gain Significant Market Share in Europe- New Car Sales Recovering in China- Is Jeep Running Out of Steam?- Audi Forming New EV Venture in China- Mercedes Testing Electric Off Roader- Bosch and Mercedes Test Self-Parking Cars- Genesis' Smart Posture Feature
13/10/208m 10s

AD #2935 - MX-30 Rotary Range Extender Confirmed; New MDX Interior Revealed; Amazon and Rivian Show Off Delivery Truck

- France Considers Huge Tax on Gas Guzzlers- Another Startup Accused of Misleading Investors- Amazon and Rivian Show Off Delivery Truck- Mazda Confirms Rotary Range Extender for MX-30- GM Using 3D Printed Parts in Motor Racing- Waymo Resumes Service in Arizona- Ford Buys Velodyne Stock- Acura Shows Off New MDX Interior- You Said It!
09/10/2010m 26s

AD #2934 - Suppliers Struggle to Fill Jobs; New Ridgeline Finally Looks Like a Truck; Exclusive Mustang Mach-E Updates

- Suppliers Struggling to Fill Jobs- Official XC40 Recharge Range Also Disappoints- Scania Slaps Solar Panels on Truck Trailer- New Ridgeline Finally Looks Like a Truck- Chevrolet Silverado HD Updates- Audi Taking Unique Approach with e-tron GT- Auto Industry Needs to Consolidate- Exclusive Mustang Mach-E Updates- BEVs Hit U.S. Market Share Milestone
08/10/2010m 8s

AD #2933 - VW Golf Fun to Drive; Sharp Won’t Force Mercedes Sales Ban; Europe Faces Slow Sales Recovery

- Europe Faces Slow Sales Recovery- Sharp Won’t Force Mercedes Sales Ban- Polestar 2 EPA Range Disappointing- GM Will Reveal Hummer EV During World Series- Kia and Lexus Take Different Approaches to Rebelle Rally- Allison Transmission Launches New eAxle- Most Popular Car Related Tattoos- Fun to Drive VW Golf Is Comfortable and Familiar
07/10/208m 54s

AD #2932 - BorgWarner Finalizes Deal for Delphi; Mercedes Ramps Up EV Efforts; Why Honda Dropped F1 Not IndyCar

- BorgWarner Finalizes Deal for Delphi- Another Reverse Merger- Mercedes to Slash Costs- Why Honda Dropped F1 Not IndyCar- Toyota Making Fuel Cell Semi for North America- Toyota Working on Fuel Cell Train- Ford Shows Its Hybrid F-150 is Tough- Ford to Open Design Center in China
06/10/209m 26s

AD #2931 - Piech Auto Shows Off EV Sports Car; Another Takata Airbag Death; Tesla Adds More Capability to Autopilot

- Honda Confirms Another Takata Airbag Death- Ford Announces Active Version of The EcoSport- Automakers Still Struggling with Inventory- Tesla Adds More Capability to Autopilot- Tesla Acquires German Battery Company- EV West to Offer Tesla Motor Conversion Kit- Porsche Taycan Sales Strong In U.S.- Magna Makes Getting into Third Row Easier- Piech Automotive Shows Off New EV Sports Car- Land Rover Defender U.S. Specs
05/10/208m 50s

AD #2930 - U.S. Sales Surprisingly Strong; Top NASCAR Teams Valued Over $1 Billion; Musk Says Tesla Headed to India

- U.S. Sales Surprisingly Strong- September Sales Winners and Losers- Autoline's Sales Takeaways- Top NASCAR Teams Valued Over $1 Billion- Honda Announces Exit From F1- Genesis Applies Machine Learning to ACC- Traffic Deaths Fall Again- JLR Interior To Be Made From Garbage- Musk Says Tesla Headed To India- Mercedes Jumps On The Scooter Bandwagon
02/10/2010m 22s

AD #2929 - Shelby GT350 Discontinued; Farley Wastes No Time Shaking Up Ford; Could Hyundai Race at Le Mans?

- Farley Wastes No Time Shaking Up Ford- Could VW Spin-Off Lamborghini?- GM Moves Closer to Renewable Energy Goal- Ford Beefs Up European Transit- Shelby GT350 Discontinued- Could Hyundai Race at Le Mans?- Old Drivers Not as Dangerous as We Think- IIHS Creates Fun Lego Stop Motion Video
01/10/209m 37s

AD #2928 - Tesla Ready to Sell LiFePO Model 3's; Buick Revives Old Name for New EV Concept; Alfa Says Quality Going Up

- Tesla Ready to Sell LiFePO Model 3's in China- VW Buys Hella Unit for ADAS- Audi Details New A3 PHEV- BMW Reveals New 4 Series Convertible- BMW Gets Great Feedback from Publishing AI Algorithms- Buick Revives Old Name for New EV Concept- Alfa Says Quality is Going Up
30/09/208m 8s

AD #2927 - Ford Deal w/ Unifor Was Predictable; Hyundai Forms New Mobility Division; Genesis Teases New GV70

- FCA Slapped With Another Diesel Fine- GM Forced to Repay Tax Incentives to Ohio- Ford Deal with Unifor Was Predictable- New F-150 Even More Capable- Lucid Shows Air Blasting Through 1/4-Mile- Hyundai Creates New Mobility Division- Details of U.S. Version of the New Genesis G80- Genesis Teases New GV70 Crossover- How Cadillac Will Style Its EV's Front Ends
29/09/208m 45s

AD #2926 - Nissan Sentra Punches Above Its Weight; Beijing Auto Show Reveals; How to Spot the New Yukon

- Honda Unveils Electric SUV Concept- Hyundai Previews Next-Gen N Performance Vehicles- Xpeng Shows Off Passenger Drone- Polestar Plans to Build Precept Concept- How to Spot the New Yukon- Nissan Sentra Punches Above Its Weight
28/09/207m 11s

AD #2925 - Infiniti Previews Next-Gen QX60; Harley-Davidson Exits India; SEC Fines BMW For Manipulating Sales

- India Plans Battery Incentives to Spur EV Growth - Harley-Davidson Exits India- Infiniti Previews Next-Gen QX60- Hyundai Reveals Plush EV Interior Concept- Canoo Creates Fun Looking Kart- SEC Fines BMW For Misleading Investors Over Sales- Porsche Develops Natural-Fiber Body Parts
25/09/207m 31s

AD #2924 - California to Ban New ICE Cars; EV Zones Force Rolls-Royce Into EVs; Lynk and Co Reveals 1st Electric Car

- California to Ban New Gas-Powered Passenger Cars- EV Zones Force Rolls-Royce to Make an EV- Current Environment Causes Continental and Osram Split- VW Finally Unveils Production ID.4- Ex-VW CEO Faces Criminal Proceedings for Dieselgate Role- Lynk and Co Reveals First All-Electric Vehicle- Geely and Mobileye Partner on ADAS Tech- GM Designers Sketch Future Trucks
24/09/208m 2s

AD #2923 - Chevy Trailblazer Impressions; Tesla Battery Day Disappoints Investors; Kia Unveils New Sorento

- Tesla Battery Day Disappoints Investors- Ford Reaches Deal with Canadian Union- Kia Unveils New Sorento- Special Edition RDX Built on Same Line as NSX- Mercedes Introduces Limited Edition Semi Truck- BMW Shows Off New M3 and M4- Trailblazer Disappoints at First but Totally Redeems Itself
23/09/2010m 11s

AD #2922 - Detroit Auto Show Moved Again; Mercedes-Benz EQA is Being Delayed; Chinese XT4 Gets Unique Feature

- Detroit Auto Show Moved Again- Hyundai Accelerates Passenger Drone Development- Free Charging for VW ID.4 in the U.S.- Mercedes-Benz EQA is Being Delayed- Great Response to Hands on the Steering Wheel- GM's Multi-Function Tailgate Added to the Silverado- Chinese Cadillac XT4 Gets Unique Feature
22/09/207m 12s

AD #2921 - Yukon Denali a Pleasure to Drive; Trevor Milton Leaves Nikola; Steering Wheel Hand Placement Debate

- Trevor Milton Steps Down as Head of Nikola- Kia Launches Dealer Rental Service- Bosch, VW and MAN Create Virtual Companion for Automated Driving- BMW Using Augmented Reality to Speed Up Development- GMC Yukon Denali a Pleasure to Drive- Single Occupant Self-Driving Taxi Concept- Steering Wheel Hand Placement Debate
21/09/209m 18s

AD #2920 - Features That Make the C8 Stand Out; Kandi Reveals EPA Range; Top 10 Chinese OEMs by Market Cap

- Bosch and Weichai Improve Diesel Engine Efficiency- Kandi Reveals EPA Range- Top 10 Chinese Automakers by Market Cap- Volvo Adds Air Quality Tech to Vehicles- Baidu Demonstrates Autonomous Technology- Toyota Develops Fuel Cell Power Supply Truck- Hyundai Exporting Fuel Cell Systems to Europe- Features That Make the C8 Corvette Stand Out
18/09/2011m 27s

AD #2919 - Volkswagen Dumps Bugatti; LG Chem Spins Off Battery Business; Ferrari Debuts Portofino M

- GM India Plant Sale to Great Wall Delayed- Volkswagen Sells Bugatti to Rimac- LG Chem Spins Off Battery Business- ChargePoint Close to Going Public Through Reverse Merger- Ford Retools Plant for Electric F-150- ZF Shares Wrangler PHEV Performance Numbers- Electrify America Switches to Charging by kWh- Ferrari Debuts Portofino M- Cadillac Dealers Have to Spend 200K to Sell EVs
17/09/2010m 30s

AD #2918 - Nissan Unveils New Z Prototype; Kia Shares EV Plans; GM Wants to Use Its Batteries in Drones

- GM Sues Former UAW and FCA Execs- Department of Justice Joins SEC Investigation into Nikola- Daimler Trucks Shows Off Fuel Cell Concept- Nissan Unveils New Z Prototype- Skoda Adopts New Engine Manufacturing Process- Kia Shares EV Plans- GM Reveals More Info About Its EV Drive System- GM Wants to Use Its Batteries in Drones
16/09/208m 52s

AD #2917 - SEC Opens Investigation Into Nikola; Daimler Slapped With More Diesel Fines; All-New Hyundai Tucson

- SEC Opens Investigation Into Nikola- CNH Announces Prototype Semi for Nikola- Daimler Slapped With More Diesel Fines- All-New Hyundai Tucson Revealed- Jaguar F-PACE Significantly Refreshed- Audi A3 Gets CNG Option- Mercedes Tests Solid-State Batteries in Bus- Automakers Still Failing IIHS Headlight Test- GMC Teases Hummer's Crab Mode
15/09/209m 26s

AD #2916 - Hyundai Venue Stands Out in A Crowd; Ford Ranger Tremor; China Wants to Boost Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales

- China Reveals Plan to Boost Fuel Cell Vehicle Sales- Japan and Korea Already Subsidizing Fuel Cells- Delphi Wins Another Bid for EV Inverter- Dodge Reveals New Police Vehicles- Ford Unveils New Ranger Tremor- Mustang Mach-E Set to Make Chinese Debut- Aston Martin Introduces Racing Simulator- Hyundai Shows Off Soapbox Car- Hyundai Venue Stands Out in A Crowd
14/09/209m 4s

AD #2915 - Cadillac CT4 and CT5 Updates; Mercedes Faces Sales Ban in Germany; Maserati Shares EV Plans

- Mercedes Faces Sales Ban in Germany- Continental Develops Weight Sensor for Big Trucks- Traton Ups Bid for Navistar- Maserati Shares EV Plans- Mercedes Cracks Code on EV and ICE Production- Cadillac CT4 and CT5 Updates- GM Explains Under the Hood Design of Full-Size SUVs
11/09/208m 22s

AD #2914 - MC20 Won't Help Maserati's Turn Around; Production Lucid Air Finally Debuts; Toyota Highlander Goes Soft

- Europe Considers Stricter Emission Standards- Hyundai Launches Hydrogen Ad Campaign- California Getting More Hydrogen Refueling Stations- Maserati Reveals MC20 Hyper Car- Mercedes Using Augmented Reality to Help Techs- Audi Introduces S Versions of the e-tron- Lucid Air Finally Debuts- Toyota Highlander Review
10/09/2011m 20s

AD #2913 - Land Rover Defender Updated; Genesis Unveils New G70; GM Develops Nearly Wireless Free Battery System

- GM Develops Nearly Wireless Free Battery System- More Drivers Are Speeding- Land Rover Updates the Defender- Volkswagen Teases New Compact SUV- Skoda Expands Mobility Offerings- Genesis Unveils New G70- BASF Introduces More Environmentally Friendly Paint- Skoda Creates Biodegradable Wrapping
09/09/207m 11s

AD #2912 - GM Will Make Nikola's Pickup; Mercedes to Earn Billions from Data; Kia Closes U.S. Sales Gap with Hyundai

- GM Will Make Nikola's Badger Pickup- Stock Market Likes GM and Nikola Deal- Mercedes Expects to Earn Billions from Data- Kia Closes U.S. Sales Gap with Hyundai- Parents Spend 4-Days/Year Getting Kids in Cars- Hyundai Developing Battery Ecosystem- Tesla and Volkswagen Collaborating?- Volvo Moving Sales Process Online- Wuling's MINI EV Now Best-Seller in China
08/09/208m 27s

AD #2911 - Electric Cobra Jet Performance Numbers; Musk Hints at Model Y Redesign; VW ID.4 Interior Revealed

- Musk Hints at Model Y Redesign- Nissan Teases New Z Car- Vehicle Inventory Levels Very Low- Daimler and Torc Expand Autonomous Truck Testing- Are Big Grilles on The Way Out?- Bosch Creates New Spark Plug for Turbo GDI Engines- Volkswagen ID.4 Interior Revealed- Ford Shares Electric Cobra Jet Performance Numbers- Chinese Tariffs Force Volvo To Change Production Plans- Should the U.S. Increase Tariffs on Chinese Made Cars?
04/09/209m 35s

AD #2910 - GM and Honda Partner in N.A.; All-New Jeep Wagoneer Revealed; Nissan Making Carbon Fiber Parts Faster

- GM and Honda Team Up in North America- IIHS Calls for Safety Tech in Semis- Another Startup Enter EV Truck Segment- Daimler Shies Away From Making Battery Cells- All-New Jeep Wagoneer Revealed- Wrangler PHEV Gets 25 EV Miles- Customer Designed Jeep Easter Egg a "Surprise"- All-New Hyundai Tucson Teased- Lucid Air Does 1/4-Mile in 9.9 Seconds- QuantumScape Going Public Through Reverse Merger- Nissan Making Carbon Fiber Parts Faster
03/09/2010m 47s

AD #2909 - Skoda Reveals ENYAQ iV EV; All-New Mercedes S-Class Debuts; How Ford Expanded Customer List for Trucks

- U.S. Sales Continue to Show Signs of Life- Skoda Reveals ENYAQ iV EV- Peugeot Makes Major Updates to 3008 SUV- All-New Mercedes S-Class Debuts- Ford F-250 Tremor Review- Honda Odyssey Driving Impressions
02/09/2010m 10s

AD #2908 - Honda Odyssey Impressions; Audi Updates the Q2; Could China Become a Big Pickup Market?

- U.S. Traffic Fatalities Up- Ford Cuts 1,000 White Collar Jobs- Could China Become a Big Pickup Market?- Mercedes To Build New GLS In At Least 4 Countries- Lucid Explains Why It’s Launching with A Sedan- Audi Updates the Q2 Crossover- 2021 Honda Odyssey Impressions
01/09/209m 42s

AD #2907 - Toyota Launches Yaris Cross; NHTSA Delays Quiet Car Mandate; Global Car Sales Down 25%

- Global Car Sales Down by A Quarter- Analysts Predict Longer Product Cycles- Toyota Launches Yaris Cross- Honda and Toyota Partner on Mobile Power System- NHTSA Delays Quiet Car Mandate- Jeep Teases New Wagoneer- VW Offers Online Shopping for ID.4- Continental Faces Its Dark Past
31/08/207m 43s

AD #2906 - GM Moves Corvette Engineers to EV Programs; Tesla Targeted in Cyber Attack; Bollinger Reveals Commercial Van

- Tesla Targeted in Cyber Attack- Tesla Stock Reaches New High- Another UAW President Charged with Embezzlement- NHTSA Rolls Out New Recall App- Clarios Makes Lead Acid Batteries More Efficient- GM Moves Top Corvette Engineers to EV Programs- Ibeo To Supply Great Wall with Solid State Lidar- Bollinger Reveals New Commercial Electric Van- Mustang Mach-E Sounds Remixed into Music- Viewer Responses to Autonomous Parking
28/08/2010m 0s

AD #2905 - Ford Helps Make Self-Parking Cars; Lucid Air Impressively Efficient; BMW's Diamond-Coated Motorcycle Chain

- Ford Helps Develop Self-Parking Vehicles- AV Shuttles Getting UV Lights- Porsche Panamera Updated- Lucid Air Impressively Efficient- BMW's Diamond-Coated Motorcycle Chain- Ford Creates the Ultimate Virtual Race Car- Kia Stinger Updated- Kia Adds PHEV to Sorento Lineup in Europe- Peugeot Electrifies Its Boxer Van
27/08/209m 55s

AD #2904 - Chevy Teases New Bolt EUV; U.S. Car Sales Slowly Rebounding; Hyundai Creates Soapbox Car

- U.S. Car Sales Slowly Rebounding- GM Wants Back in Russia- GM Angers Holden Dealers in Australia- Mahindra Partners with REE Automotive on Commercial EVs- Chevy Teases New Bolt EUV- Hyundai Creates Soapbox Car- Vitesco Signs Deal with Dongfeng- Blackberry OS Powers Xpeng’s Level 3 AV System
26/08/208m 12s

AD #2903 - Musk Tweets About Higher Energy Density; Active Wheel Alignment System; Toyota Maximizing CUV Sales

- Elon Musk Tweets About Higher Energy Density- Tesla Teases Interesting Image- Tesla Model 3 Holds Its Value- Hyundai Mobis Wants to Sell to More OEMs- How Mazda Will Manage Sales Downturn- Porsche Expands Subscription Services- Australian Company Develops Active Wheel Alignment- Rolls-Royce Ghost Gets Illuminated Fascia- Toyota RAV4 PRIME vs. Venza Impressions
25/08/2011m 13s

AD #2902 - Porsche Investigated Over Gas Engine Emissions; Peugeot Celebrates 210 Years; Rivian Focuses on Interior Luxury

- Porsche Investigated Over Gasoline Engine Emissions- Sato Wins Indy 500- C8 Corvette Takes Top Spot in IMSA Race- Hamlin and Harvick Win at Dover Over Weekend- Corning Looks To Double Auto Business- Rivian Focuses on Interior Luxury- Continental Develops Blind-Spot Warning for Trucks- Jaguar Land Rover Testing New Aluminum Recycling Method- Ford Introduces Pop-Up Roof for Transit Custom- Peugeot Celebrates 210th Anniversary
24/08/207m 45s

AD #2901 - BMW Shares New M4 Details; Kandi Wants Plant in North America; Subaru Shows Off New Levorg

- Experts Predict Tenfold Increase in EV Sales- Kandi Wants Plant in North America- Tesla Developing New Rear Seat Reminder Sensor- Lexus ES Now Available with AWD- BMW Shares New M4 Details- Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet- Mercedes Offering Connectivity Retrofit- Subaru Shows Off New Levorg
21/08/208m 21s

AD #2900 - Trump Calls for Goodyear Tire Boycott; Lucid Claims Fastest Charging EV; London Black Cab Co. Expanding

- Trump Calls for Goodyear Tire Boycott- Ford Taping Connected Cars to Improve Safety- Lucid Claims Fastest Charging EV- EV Startup Converts Land Rovers to Tesla Drivetrains- Nio Launches Battery Leasing Service- London Electric Vehicle Company Expanding- AV Shuttles Help Detroiters Get to Appointments- Mahle Develops Fuel Filter for Fuel Cells
20/08/208m 22s

AD #2899 - Honda CR-V Hybrid Impressions; Why Jeep Is Struggling in China; Ford Introduces Rally Inspired Vans

- GM Launches China Product Offensive- Nokia Wins Lawsuit Against Daimler- Mystery OEM Will Build Nikola’s Badger Pickup- The Most and Least Expensive Cars to Insure- Honda CR-V Hybrid Impressions- Why Jeep Is Struggling in China- Ford Introduces Rally Inspired Vans- Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Update
19/08/2010m 22s

AD #2898 - CARB Finalizes Fuel Economy Agreement; How GM Can Get More EV Credits; Bronco First Ride Impressions

- CARB and Automakers Finalize Fuel Economy Agreement- Canoo Jumps on Reverse Merger Bandwagon- How Polestar Will Launch Its Lineup- How GM Can Get More EV Credits- Future Model Intel- Baojun Launches New Sedan and Wagon- Ford Bronco First Ride Impressions- Ram Reveals Its Raptor Killer
18/08/2011m 33s

AD #2897 - Is the Polestar 2 A Tesla Killer?; UK Denies Bailout for JLR; Judge Throws Out GM Racketeering Case

- Judge Throws Out GM Racketeering Case- UK Government Denies Bailout for Jaguar Land Rover- CATL Developing Batteries w/o Nickel and Cobalt- Rolls-Royce Develops New Suspension System for The Ghost- Super Cruise Subscription Fee Revealed- Michigan Creates Autonomous Vehicle Corridor- Viewer Barn Find- Is the Polestar 2 A Tesla Killer?
17/08/2010m 56s

AD #2896 - Kia Seltos Impressions; Ford Bronco R Development Details; Daimler Fined $3 Billion Over Diesel Emissions

- Daimler Fined $3 Billion Over Diesel Emissions- VW To Build EV Battery Cells and Packs in The U.S.- Toyota and Mazda Boost U.S. Plant Investment- Cadillac Hints at Lyriq Pricing- Ford Bronco R Development Details- Hyundai Shows Off Elantra N Line- Genesis Shares Thoughts on Subscription Services- Kia Seltos Impressions
14/08/209m 37s

AD #2895 - Hyundai Rejects Nikola; U.S. Production Recovery at Risk; Ford Bronco Customer Lifestyle Concepts

- Hyundai Rejects Nikola's Bid to Collaborate- New Trading Platform for Low Carbon Aluminum Proposed- U.S. Production Recovery at Risk- Coronavirus Impacts GM in Brazil- GM to Hand Off Ventilator Production- Challenger Gets Another Performance Variant- Ford Reveals Bronco Customer Lifestyle Concepts- Farout Concept is a Gladiator Geared for Overlanding- Ram Going After Raptor with 1500 TRX
13/08/209m 12s

AD #2894 - Bentley Reveals the Ultimate Bentayga; CATL Battery Breakthrough; Is This GM’s 1st OTA Update?

- Tesla Announces Dividend for Shareholders- CATL Battery Breakthrough- U.S. Federal Reserve Buys OEM Finance Arm Bonds- Is This GM’s First OTA Update?- Polestar Details Sales Process in North America- Skoda Shares ENYAQ iV Sketches- VW ID.3 Uses Vitesco Drive Control Unit- Jeep Names Top Canine Finalists- Hyundai and Aptiv Name JV “Motional”- Bentley Introduces the Ultimate Bentayga- Bentley Developing E-Axle
12/08/2010m 20s

AD #2893 - Civic Type R Impressions; Lucid Claims Top Spot in EV Range; Nikola Scores Garbage Truck Contract

- China Car Market on The Mend- Nikola Scores Garbage Truck Contract- Lucid Claims Top Spot in EV Range - Startups Raise Money Easier Than OEMs- Traditional OEMs Will Make Their Own Batteries- JLR Teaches AVs To Avoid Car Sickness- All New Civic Coming Next Year- Honda Civic Type R Is an Impressive Performance Machine
11/08/2010m 22s

AD #2892 - Hyundai Launches Ioniq EV Brand; Mahindra North America In Trouble; Fisker Signs Deal with Magna

- Hyundai Launches Ioniq EV Brand- Our Ioniq Insight- Mahindra North America In Trouble- Geely To Use Volvo Platforms Across Brands- Opel Uses Blue Light to Indicate Green Driving- Mobility Service Revenue Takes Huge Hit- Fisker Signs Tentative Manufacturing Deal with Magna
10/08/207m 55s

AD #2891 - Why Is GM Showing Off the Lyriq Now?; Kia Sonet Revealed; Electrified Vehicle Sales Up in July

- Cadillac Lyriq Unveiled- Why Is GM Showing Off the Lyriq Now?- Electrified Vehicle Sales Up in July- Why Reverse Mergers Are Becoming Popular- Kia Sonet Revealed- Vibracoustic Engine Mount Reduces Noise- Nissan Introduces New Stock Based Compensation Plan- Raised White Letter Tire Feedback
07/08/2013m 0s

AD #2890 - U.S. Sales May Never Recover; Mercedes Picks CATL's Cell-to-Pack Batteries; Cheap Cars Disappearing

- U.S. Sales May Never Recover- Chinese EV Startups Turn to U.S. to Raise Money- Toyota Manages to Turn a Profit- Mercedes to Use CATL's Cell-to-Pack Battery Design- Electric Semi Trailer Coming Out- SEMA Cancels In-Person Show- Cheap Cars Disappearing- Audi Reveals More Powerful Vehicle Dynamics Computer- Audi Board Member Indicted for Diesel Cheating Roles- FCA to Recall a Million Vehicles for Exceeding Emissions- New 4-Cylinder Greatly Improves the G80's Fuel Economy- Do Vehicles Look Better w/ Raised White Letter Tires?
06/08/2011m 38s

AD #2889 - Gordon Murray Unveils T.50 Supercar; Subaru Struggling with Inventory; Kia Reveals Stonic Hybrid

- BMW Q2 Earnings Drop Like a Rock- Honda Quarterly Earnings Dismal- Subaru Struggling with Inventory- Nissan Frontier Racks Up One Million Miles- Kia Reveals Stonic Hybrid- Mustang Mach-E Uses Drive Unit from BorgWarner- Lincoln Developing New Coupe?- Infiniti Teases New QX55- Gordon Murray Unveils T.50 Supercar- Pininfarina Introduces Battista Anniversary Edition
05/08/2011m 15s

AD #2888 - Ford Names New CEO; GM Digs Up More Dirt on the UAW; Would You Pay for Parking with Electricity?

- Ford Names New President and CEO- GM Digs Up New Dirt on FCA and UAW Corruption Scandal- U.S. Sales Slowly Recovering- Lordstown Going Public Through Reverse Merger- Would You Pay for Parking with Electricity?- Tesla Will Make "Conventional" Truck if Cybertruck Flops- FCA Doesn't See EV Trucks Catching On Anytime Soon- Ferrari Sales Cut in Half- Next-Gen Wrangler and Gladiator Not Scheduled Until 2027
04/08/2010m 5s

AD # 2887 - GM and EVgo Partner to Add More Fast Chargers; Chinese Car Demand Still Weak; Ford Bronco Door Design

- Consumer Demand in China Still Weak- Chinese Auto Industry Headed for Major Shakeout- Russia Considers Breathalyzers for Cars- Opel Adds Off-Road Capability to Its Vans- GM and EVgo Partner to Add More EV Fast Chargers- PSA Group Introduces New EV Platform- Wuling Unveils New Victory Van- Ford Bronco Door Design
03/08/2010m 32s

AD # 2886 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio Review; Ford and FCA Earnings Better Than Expected; Cadillac Lyriq Debuts Next Week

- Ford and FCA Q2 Earnings Better Than Expected- Greg Kelly To Stand Trial in September- Honda Asks Office Workers to Help Build Cars- Cadillac Lyriq Debuts Next Week- Mahle Develops New A/C Condenser for EVs- Acura Taking New TLX To Pikes Peak- GM Producing New Versions of Old Engines- Jeep Offering Lift Kit for Diesel Wrangler and Gladiator- VW Considers Small Pickup- Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Impressions
31/07/2012m 1s

AD # 2885 - Could GM Change Its Name?; Panasonic Improving 2170 Battery Cells; Our Best Look at GMC's Hummer EVs

- Could GM Change Its Name?- Could GM Spin Off Its EV Operations- What Would You Do?- GM Grows Its EV Lineup in China- EV vs. ICE Price Parity Still 10 Years Away- Panasonic Wants to Improve 2170 Battery Cell- BMW Working on Pilot Plant for Battery Production- Northvolt Secures $1.6 Billion for Battery Plant Expansion- Renault Posts Stunning Losses- VW Group Also Posts Big Losses- Our Best Look Yet at GMC's Hummer EVs- Sony Tests Vision-S Prototype in Tokyo- Barn Find Revealed
30/07/208m 51s

AD #2884 - Lucid Motors Shares ADAS Details; GM Earnings Beat Analyst Expectations; Charge Your EV For Free

- Most Automaker Expect Grim Q2 Results- Korean Households Hit Two Vehicle Average- JLR Hires Former Renault CEO as Its New Leader- Average Vehicle Age in the U.S. Hits New High- Cadillac Files Trademark for More "IQ" Names- U.S. Dealers Claim Mercedes is Slashing Its Lineup- Mercedes Teases New Small Van- Battery Recycling Becoming More Important- GM Back Tracks on Shift Cut- What Do You Think of This Bumper "Repair"?
29/07/209m 25s

AD #2883 - Average Vehicle Age Hits New High; Cadillac Trademarking More "IQ" Names; Battery Recycling More Important

- Most Automaker Expect Grim Q2 Results- Korean Households Hit Two Vehicle Average- JLR Hires Former Renault CEO as Its New Leader- Average Vehicle Age in the U.S. Hits New High- Cadillac Files Trademark for More "IQ" Names- U.S. Dealers Claim Mercedes is Slashing Its Lineup- Mercedes Teases New Small Van- Battery Recycling Becoming More Important- GM Back Tracks on Shift Cut- What Do You Think of This Bumper "Repair"?
28/07/208m 20s

AD #2882 - Jeep Gladiator Impressions; Q2 Production Capacity Plunges; Ford Tests Dog-Like Robots to Scan Plants

- Alcohol Detection Systems Can Save Thousands of Lives- Audi Developing Bidirectional Charging Technology- Production Capacity Plunges in Q2- Ford Tests Dog-Like Robots to Scan Plants- Rivian To Start Delivering Vehicles Next Year- Hyundai Develops New Air Conditioning Technology- Jeep Gladiator Mojave Impressions
27/07/209m 37s

AD #2881 - Tesla Suing Rivian; Bentley Makes 3D Wood Door Inserts; TuSimple Taking Autonomous Trucking Nationwide

- U.S. New Car Sales Looking Stronger- Is Tesla Going to Make a Van?- Tesla Suing Rivian Over Trade Secrets- Bentley Makes 3D Wood Door Inserts- More Manuals Disappear- Enthusiasts Seem to Love Paddle Shifters- How GM Defense Won Its New Army Contract- Local Motors Expanding Use of Autonomous Shuttles- Daimler Struggles But Sees Signs of Recovery- TuSimple Wants to Take Autonomous Trucking Nationwide
24/07/2010m 55s

AD #2880 - Tesla Posts Another Profit; Charging Stations Could Earn Carbon Credits; Camcon Develops Cam-less Engine

- Tesla Posts Another Profitable Quarter- Charging Stations Could Soon Earn Carbon Credits- Kia Shows Design Sketch of Production Sonet- Mitsubishi Updating North American Lineup- Camcon Develops Cam-less Engine- JLR Working On Contact-less Touchscreen- BMW Makes Plastic Rider to Test Racing Motorcycle- Subaru Facing Low Inventory
23/07/209m 35s

AD #2879 - Tesla Updating the Model S and X; FCA and Waymo Expand Partnership; Does Anyone Actually Use Paddle Shifters?

- Tesla Updating the Model S and X- Insight into The Tesla and Daimler Partnership- FCA and Waymo Expand Partnership- Jeep Renegade and Compass Get Plug-In Hybrids- Your Dog Could Become the Face of Jeep- Ford Doubles Production of Bronco First Edition Models- Toyota Venza Pricing Released- Lexus Creates World’s First Tattooed Vehicle- Does Anyone Actually Use Paddle Shifters?
22/07/2010m 10s

AD #2878 - Ford Creates an EV Monster; Ssangyong Teases 1st Production EV; Civic Hatch Pushes Coupe Out the 2-Door

- Ford Creates an EV Monster- Mercedes Claims 700-km Range for EQS- Ssangyong Motor Teases 1st Production EV- Bosch Combines Software and Electronics Business- Mercedes-AMG GLA Highlights- Lexus LC 500 Convertible Price Revealed- Honda Fit Leaving the American Market- Honda Discontinuing 2-Door Civic- Honda Drops Manual from the Accord
21/07/208m 38s

AD #2877 - Ford Tourneo and Transit Connect Active; Americans Will Drive Less in The Future; Big Demand for New Bronco

- Big Demand for New Bronco- Miles’ Mustang Fetches Record Price- Virtual World Used to Train Young Drivers- EV Conversion Kit for Ford F-550- Ford Expands Partnership with Mobileye- Ford Tourneo and Transit Connect Active- Mary Barra Expects Recovery Early Next Year- Munro’s BMW i3 Teardown Analysis Now Dirt Cheap- Americans Will Drive Less in The Future- Pratt and Miller Creates Robot to Disinfect Airports- Corvette Racing Wins Last Two IMSA Events
20/07/207m 18s

AD #2876 - VW Tiguan Impressions; Fisker Wants to Use VW MEB Platform; GM on Track with EV Development

- GM on Track with EV Development- Schmidt To Finish Prison Sentence in Germany- Fisker Wants to Use VW MEB Platform- Why Ford Is Reviving the Bronco- Goodyear To Remove Wrangler Name from Bronco Tires- VW Developing New Operating System For Its Vehicles- Lyft Provides Drivers with Partitions- Volkswagen Tiguan Impressions- Barn Find Revealed
17/07/2010m 31s

AD #2875 - PSA and FCA Announce New Name; Nissan Cutting Global Output 30%; Lordstown Endurance Interior Revealed

- Germany Offering Free Renaults with New Subsidies- European Sales Show Improvement- U.S. Manufacturing Up, But Not Back to Normal- Nissan Cutting Global Output 30%- PSA and FCA Announce New Name- VW Sells 50% of Seat Maker Sitech- Lordstown Reveals Endurance Interior- Porsche Details New 911 Turbo- First Popemobile with Glass Bubble- More Wisconsin Barn Finds
16/07/209m 9s

AD #2874 - Nissan Introduces Ariya EV; U.S. Car Market Headed for Deep Trouble; Small Pickup Sales Remain Steady

- U.S. Car Market Headed for Deep Trouble- Consumers Open to Online Car Buying- Toyota Corolla Apex Edition- Toyota Tweaks the Camry- Nissan Introduces Ariya EV- Volkswagen Opens Next-Gen Charging Station- Small Pickup Sales Remain Steady- Maserati Likely Using Mahle Jet Ignition Technology- Range Rover Gets 48V Mild Hybrid Diesel Engine- States Adopt New Mandates for Big Trucks- Kia Telluride Nightfall Edition- Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series
15/07/2013m 5s

AD #2873 - All-New Bronco Highlights; Cadillac Changing Naming Structure Again; Hyundai Group Sets Lofty EV Goals

- All-New Ford Bronco Highlights- Jeep Reveals V8 Wrangler Concept- Cadillac Changing Model Names Again- Hyundai Group Sets Lofty EV Goals- BMW Pulls Wraps Off Electric iX3- Daimler Goes After Counterfeit Parts Makers- Ford Learns New Business Model from Microsoft- Survey Says Consumers Want Anti-Microbial Coatings- Interior Disinfectant Spray Approved by EPA- Rolls-Royce Improves Its Air Filtration System
14/07/2012m 5s

AD #2872 - Hyundai Veloster N Impressions; Porsche 3D Prints Pistons; GM Cuts Shift at Wentzville Plant

- Ford May Close U.S. Plants Due to Engine Shortages- Employees Want Ford to Stop Making Police Vehicles- Harley-Davidson Struggling- Racing Series for Electric Scooters Kicks Off In 2021- Electric Parking Brake Repair Now Less Expensive- Subaru Refreshes the Crosstrek- Opel Updates Its Logo- Ford Slashes Vehicle Development Time- Barn Find Revealed
13/07/208m 1s

AD #2871 - Subaru Refreshes the Crosstrek; Ford Slashes Vehicle Development Time; Harley-Davidson Struggling

- Ford May Close U.S. Plants Due to Engine Shortages- Employees Want Ford to Stop Making Police Vehicles- Harley-Davidson Struggling- Racing Series for Electric Scooters Kicks Off In 2021- Electric Parking Brake Repair Now Less Expensive- Subaru Refreshes the Crosstrek- Opel Updates Its Logo- Ford Slashes Vehicle Development Time- Barn Find Revealed
10/07/209m 36s

AD #2870 - GM Racketeering Case Dismissed; AVL Develops Impressive E-Axle; Toyota Reveals Corolla Crossover

- Judge Dismisses GM Racketeering Case- Elon Musk in Line for Massive Payday- Tesla Close to Level 5 Autonomy- Safety Advocates Want Emergency Stop Button in AVs- Lucid Announces Retail Network- AVL Develops Impressive E-Axle- All-New S-Class User Experience Highlights- Toyota Adds Crossover to Corolla Lineup- CUPRA Making Performance ID.3 EV- Another Wisconsin Barn Find
09/07/2010m 17s

AD #2869 - Chevy Sonic Discontinued; Car Sales Fall in China; Audi Reveals Q4 Sportback e-tron Concept

- Car Sales Fall in China- Tesla’s Sales Soar in China- South Korea Catches Tesla Fever- BMW’s Motorcycle Sales Strong In June- Automakers Face Massive EU Emission Fines- Daimler Looks to Slash More Costs- Morgan Bids Farewell to Steel Chassis- Audi Reveals Q4 Sportback e-tron Concept- Chevy Sonic Discontinued
08/07/208m 41s

AD #2868 - New Car Deals Drying Up; U.S. Market Share Winners and Losers; 2020 Lexus RX 450h Is All About Luxury

- Low Inventory Means Fewer New Car Deals- Ohio Demands GM Return Tax Credit- GM's Holden Dealers Want More Money- Nikola Will Reuse Water from Fuel Cells- U.S. Market Share Winners and Losers- Kia Launching Virtual Dealer Experience Globally- New S-Class Features Highlighted in Digital Video Series- UAW Talks Reform- 2020 Lexus RX 450h Impressions
07/07/2010m 45s

AD #2867 - Ford Goes for Jeep’s Throat; NEVS Launches Autonomous Vehicle; Hyundai Introduces Fuel Cell Truck

- Ford Goes for Jeep’s Throat- Renault ZOE EV Sales Surge in Europe- NEVS Launches Autonomous Vehicle- BMW Ramps Up E-Drive Production- Toyota Eliminates Pedal Misapplication- Toyota Reproducing 2000GT Parts- Hyundai Introduces Fuel Cell Truck- Hyundai Head-Hunts German Executives
06/07/209m 16s

AD #2866 - Steel Import Tariffs Here to Stay; All-New Opel Mokka Debuts; Tesla Wants to Produce Its Own Batteries

- Dodge and Kia Tops JD Power's IQS- Be Careful with JD Power IQS- Steel Tariffs Here to Stay- Lordstown Endurance Debuts Today- Updated Ford F-150 Drops Tonight- All-New Opel Mokka Modernized- Convertibles As Safe As Non-Convertibles- Jaguar Remakes Classic Engine Block- Tesla Wants to Produce Its Own Batteries- BMW Opens New 3D Printing Center
25/06/208m 59s

AD #2865 - Big Honda Production News; Updated Sedona Minivan Gets SUV Styling; Mercedes and NVIDIA Join Forces

- Noose in NASCAR Garage Had Been There for Months- GM and FCA CEOs Ordered to Meet Over Racketeering Lawsuit- Big Honda Production Updates- Segway Phasing Out 2-Wheeled Transporter- VW Arteon Receives New R and Plug-In Variants- Updated Kia Sedona Minivan Gets SUV Styling- Nissan Kicks Updates- Mercedes and NVIDIA Team on New Software Architecture- Skoda Highlights Its Only Time at Le Mans- Unique Donation to Autoline
24/06/2010m 18s

AD #2864 - Rivian Moving Operations to California; Apple Updates CarPlay App; Lexus NX Already Showing Its Age

- Rivian Moving Its Operations to California- NASCAR Shows Support for Bubba Wallace- VW Says Mexican Workers Test Positive for Virus- Toyota Production Slowly Returning to Normal- Apple CarPlay Updates- Porsche Improves 911 Cabriolet's Climate Control System- Hyundai Considers Battery JV with LG Chem- What Will Your Car be Worth in Three Years?- Lexus NX Review
23/06/2010m 3s

AD #2863 - China Easing Rules for Green Vehicles; Ford Launches New Focus Hybrid; Pickup Owners Split on Electric Trucks

- Hybrids Re-Classified in China- China Could Ease Off Green Car Points System- Toyota RAV4 Prime Beats Initial Estimates- Ford Launches New Focus Hybrid- Nissan Eyes Chinese Partner for E-REV Batteries- When Will Car Sales Recover?- Plante Moran's Annual Supplier Survey- Ford Teases New F-150 Ahead of Debut- Ford Moves Bronco Reveal- Ford Survey Shows Dedication of Truck Owners
22/06/2010m 0s

AD #2862 - Tesla Wants New Plant ASAP; JLR Adapts Sign Recognition for Racing; Review of Hyundai's Top-Line Kona

- Help Jeep Create a New Easter Egg- Tesla Wants Its New Plant ASAP- U.S. Sales Increase Real or Just a Blip?- JLR Adapts Sign Recognition for Formula E Racing- Mustang Mach-E Helps Reduce Range Anxiety- VW Lets Visitors Assemble Cars- Automated Parts Robots Surprisingly Sophisticated- All-New Citroen C4 More Crossover-Like- EPA Rates Polestar 1 at 52 Electric Miles- 2021 Acura TLX 1st to Get Newly Developed Airbag- New Online Platform for Classic Car Dealers- Nash Doesn't Travel Far to Final Resting Place- Hyundai Kona Ultimate Review
19/06/2012m 27s

AD #2861 - Hertz Forced to Stop Selling Worthless Stock; 4-Cyl Supra $8K Cheaper; Ford's New Hands-Free Cruise Control

- Tesla Secures Cobalt Supply- SEC Forces Hertz to Stop Selling Stock- Toyota Partners to Develop Marine Fuel Cell- VW Now Shipping Cars on LNG-Powered Boat- Euro NCAP Puts Emergency Guides Into App- 2021 Toyota Supra Updates- Production Lucid Air Has September Debut- Kia Shows All-New Sedona Design Sketch- Ford to Offer Hands-Free Cruise Control- Buick Gets Version of Bolt EV for China- Mercedes Electrifies Its Articulated Bus- 48-Volt Tech Helping BMW Meet Future Diesel Regulations- Help Us Identify This Wisconsin Barn Find
18/06/2011m 26s

AD #2860 - Tesla Model Y Quality Issues; Subaru Legacy Sport Impressions; BMW Updates the M5 Sedan

- GM Asks for Moment of Silence for George Floyd- Tesla Model Y Quality Issues- How Audi Improved the e-tron's Aerodynamics- VW Paying Extra to Get Full Control of Audi- 2020 Subaru Legacy Sport Impressions- Lamborghini Urus Gets 1st Custom Options- BMW Updates the M5 Sedan- How Silicon Carbide Chips Can Improve EV Range- Mercedes-AMG Develops New Electrified Turbocharger
17/06/2011m 15s

AD #2859 - Tesla First to 400!; GM Sees EV Growth Opportunity; The Mustang Mach 1 is Back!

- Tesla Model S First with EPA-Rated 400 Mile Range- Highlights of Mary Barra Press Conference- COVID-19 Could Permanently Change Mobility- New Bronco Reveal Falls On Oj's Birthday- Ford Mustang Mach 1 Back After 17 Year Absence- Nissan Reveals All-New Rogue- Lexus IS Refresh More Edgy
16/06/209m 52s

AD #2858 - EV Charging Stations Blooming; Mahindra Loses Copyright Lawsuit; Ford Moves Just Bargaining Chips?

- U.K. to Unveil EV Buying Incentive- Worldwide EV Charging Stations Expanding- Lotus Going Upscale with EV Push- Nikola Hits Stock Exchange Thanks to Reverse Merger- Mahindra Loses Copyright Lawsuit with FCA- Mahindra Wants to Give Up SsangYong- Vehicle Teases from Ford and Nissan- Ford Production Moves Just Bargaining Chips?- Designing Vehicles for Virus Protection
15/06/209m 16s

AD #2857 - Nikola Finalizing Deal With An OEM; Are U.S. Roads Too Soft?; 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Review

- Nikola Finalizing Deal w/ OEM for Badger Pickup- U.S. Sales Forecast Does Not Look Good- New Bosch Semiconductor Improves Navigation- Electrify America Subsidizes EV Buses for Shuttle Service- Porsche Reveals Cayenne GTS and GTS Coupe- Hans Mezger - Porsche 917 Builder - Dies- Early GT40 Design Sketches Unearthed- Are U.S. Roads Too Soft?- 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Review
12/06/2012m 5s

AD #2856 - More Ford and VW Partnership Details; China Approves Tesla's Cobalt-Free Battery; Nikola Taking EV Truck Pre-Orders

- NASCAR Finally Bans the Confederate Flag- Ford Aims New Bronco at the Jeep Wrangler- Highlights of Ford and VW Partnership- Ford Expands Scooter Business to Germany- China Approves Tesla's Cobalt-Free Battery- Nikola Taking Pre-Orders for Its Electric Pickup- New BMW X5 PHEV Arrives in the U.S.- MINI Updates Its U.S. Lineup- VW Starting Sales of the ID.3 in Germany- FCA and PSA Merger Faces Antitrust Probe- Big Trucks See Big Drop in Sales
11/06/209m 0s

AD #2855 - Tesla's Shares Near $1,000; Nikola Has More Value Than Ford; Updated Crosstrek Adds New Sport Trim

- Infighting Lead to VW CEO's Replacement- Tesla's Stock Nears $1,000 a Share- Nikola Has Bigger Market Valuation Than Ford- NASCAR Needs to Get Rid of Confederate Flags- Skoda Octavia Gets a Little Off-Road Flare- Updated Subaru Crosstrek Adds New Sport Trim- Ford Develops New Orange Paint for Mustang Mach-E- Lordstown Will Reveal Endurance Pickup This Month- Rolls-Royce Creates Clean Room for Assembly- BMW Invests in Prometheus Fuels
10/06/209m 8s

AD #2854 - Tesla Roadster Production Starts in 2023; Cyber Attacks Disrupt Honda; Volkswagen Replaces Its CEO

- Tesla Roadster Production Starts in 2023- Cyber Attacks Disrupt Some Honda Production- Continental Creates Code of Ethics for AI- Volkswagen Replaces Its CEO- Hyundai-Kia Improve Heat Pump for EVs- Online Classrooms Keep Fiat Ducato EV on Track- Limited-Edition Fiat 500 Costs €35,000- Mobileye Tests Lidar-Less Autonomous System- Parking Gone Wrong
09/06/209m 15s

AD #2853 - Tesla Records Strong China Sales; EPA-Estimates for Ford's Escape Plug-In; Mazda Mazda6 Impressions

- Germany Raises Gas Guzzler Tax- Germany Mandates EV Chargers at Gas Stations- Tesla Records Strong China Sales- ADAS Makes Pimpin' Your Ride Harder- Karma Offers Sport and Appearance Package for Revero GT- EPA-Estimates for Ford's Escape Plug-In- Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Goes on Sale in Japan- Toyota Refreshes Large Fortuner SUV- Hyundai in Better Inventory Shape Than Kia- Mazda's Weak Sales Not a Product Problem
08/06/2010m 33s

AD #2852 - JLR Gets Chinese Loan; White-Collar Workers Staying at Home; Bosch Helps Motorcyclists After Accidents

- Sales Will Take Years to Fully Recover- JLR Borrows Money from the Chinese- GM Scrambling to Make Pickups- Correcting Yesterday's Math Mistake- New Bronco Will Debut in July- White-Collar Workers Staying at Home- IIHS Says AVs Shouldn't Favor Rider Preference- Bosch System Reduces Motorcycle Emergency Response Time- Toyota Refreshes the Hilux Pickup- Toyota Forming Fuel Cell JV in China- The SEMA Show is Still a Go- IndyCar Gets Back to Real Racing- Photoshoppers Love the New BMW 4 Series Coupe
05/06/2011m 27s

AD #2851 - GM Partners w/ CATL in China; U.S. Sales by Propulsion System; Refreshed Hyundai Santa Fe Gets a Bold Grille

- Aston Laying Off One in Five Employees- Peugeot Debuts Next-Gen e-Traveller Van- GM Developing Electric Commercial Van- Ford Adds 10-Speed to Transit Diesel- GM Partners w/ CATL for Batteries in China- European CO2 Levels Up with Weak Diesel Sales- U.S. Sales by Propulsion System- Nissan Testing Electric All-Wheel Drive- Nikola Developing Hydrogen Refueling Network- FCA System Automatically Switches from PHEV to EV- Hyundai Santa Fe Gets Significant Refresh- BMW Kidney Grille Design Evolution
04/06/2010m 8s

AD #2850 - GM Permanently Lowers Costs; All-New BMW 4 Series Coupe Revealed; Rivian Working on Charging Network

- Auto Industry Speaks Out Against Racial Injustice- GM Permanently Lowers Costs During Pandemic- May Sales Better Than Expected- All-New BMW 4 Series Coupe Revealed- VW Teases New Arteon Sedan and Wagon- Bentley Ends 6.75L V8 Production After 61 Years- Get Luxury Features for Non-Luxury Prices- Rivian Working on National Charging Network- Light That Bends Could Transform Safety and Design- BMW Confirms Manual Transmission for New M3 and M4
03/06/2011m 43s

AD #2849 - Lebanon Given 10 Billion Reasons to Extradite Ghosn; Automakers Charge Too Much for Safety; Infiniti Will Become Less-Exclusive '

- Japan Could Withhold Lebanese Bailout for Ghosn- Sweden's Decision to Stay Open Backfires- Connected Services for EVs Going to Explode- Tesla Model 3 Crashes Into Flipped Truck- CR Says Automakers Charge Too Much for Safety Tech- Ford Offers Better Air Filters in Europe- Toyota Reveals Limited-Edition Corolla Hatchback- Porsche Takes Inspiration from Past for New Limited Targa Model- Polestar Expands Number of Showrooms in China- Infiniti Will Become Less-Exclusive 'Nissan-Plus'- Gordon Murray Fixes What Was Wrong with the McLaren F1
02/06/209m 27s

AD #2848 - BYD Supplying Ford Batteries; Buick Reveals 2021 Envision; Nuro Making AV Prescription Deliveries

- How Honda is Making Masks and Face Shields- Honda Sets April Production Record in China- BYD to Supply Ford with Batteries- Update on Wuling's Lineup- New Ford Bronco Goes Muddin'- Buick Reveals 2021 Envision- Opel Will Make PSA Cars in Germany- Nuro Making AV Prescription Deliveries for CVS- The History of McLaren Engines
01/06/2010m 18s

AD #2847 - Massive Layoffs Looming; Elon Musk Earns Historic Payout; Toyota Supra Requires Extended Test Drive

- Renault and ZF To Layoff Thousands- Elon Musk Earns Historic Payout- Drones Take Over the Mercedes-Benz Museum- Could Physical Auctions Go Away?- Kia Soul the New PT Cruiser?- All-New Acura TLX Revealed- Ford Revives Mach 1 for Mustang- Nissan Teases Its Future Lineup- Artificial Intelligence and The Automotive Industry- Toyota Supra Impressions
29/05/2011m 20s

AD #2846 - 23 States Sue for Fuel Rollback; Automakers Fail Trying to Become Number 1; Lamborghini Sian Lego Car

- 23 States Sue Trump Admin. for Fuel Economy Rollback- Ford and GM Using Fast-Payment Programs for Suppliers- How the RNM Alliance Will Divide Duties- Automakers Fail Trying to Become Number 1- GM's Plan for White-Collar Workers Returning- UAW Execs. Sued for Sexual Harassment- Ford Update Allows for Virus-Killing Heat- Lamborghini Sian Turned Into Lego Technic Kit- Learning to Fix the Mach-E with VR- Sony to Feature Hyundai's in Upcoming Movies- Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans Race
28/05/209m 59s

AD #2845 - Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Not Merging; BMW 5 Series Refreshed; Kia Looking Into Small Urban EV

- France Spending €8 Billion to Help Auto Industry- Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Not Merging- Tesla Discounts Its Vehicles in North America- Amazon in Talks to Buy AV Startup Zoox- Mercedes E-Class Coupe, Convertible and AMG Models Debut- BMW Reveals Refreshed 5 Series- Kia Wants Citroen Ami-Like Urban EV- Wireless Charging Could Boost EV Adoption- More E-Racing Drama- Mother Wrench Feeding Her Hatchlings
27/05/209m 52s

AD #2844 - Aston Martin Hires New CEO, U.S. Sales Forecast Shows Improvement; Rio Gets Kia's 1st 48-Volt Hybrid Setup

- France Readies Aid Package for Auto Industry- Hertz Files for Chapter-11- Aston Martin Hires New CEO- U.S. Sales Forecast Shows Improvement- Ford Offers Less-Sporty Edge ST-Line- Cannonball Run Record Repeatedly Broken with Less Traffic- what3words Improves Package Delivery- VW Will Pay German Owners with Cheating Diesels- How U.S. Government Could Support the Auto Industry- The Rio Gets Kia's First 48-Volt Hybrid Setup- Car Camo Can Take Up to 120 Hours to Design
26/05/2010m 9s

AD #2843 - Nissan Could Cut 20,000 Jobs; Geely Wants Deeper Daimler Ties; Toyota Highlander Hybrid Impressions

- President Removes Mask for the Cameras- Nissan Could Cut 20,000 Jobs- Renault Could Disappear Without Government Loan- Geely Wants Deeper Ties with Daimler- Automakers Should Slash Build Combinations- Mini Expands Its Oxford Edition- Auto Industry's Role in the Economy- Bentley Picks Rainbow-Themed Design Winner- Bentley's Flying Bees Are Back- Mazda Reveals Video Game Concept Car- Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum Impressions
22/05/2010m 40s

AD #2842 - Ghosn Smugglers Arrested; Ford Workers Test Positive for Virus; Rolls-Royce Crafts Amazing Scale Replicas

- Carlos Ghosn Smugglers Arrested in the U.S.- Advance Auto Parts Sales Up- Ford Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus- 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Pricing- Toyota Still Dominates the Hybrid Segment- Production Nissan GT-R 50 Revealed- Hummer EV Will Have Removable Roof Panels- Rolls-Royce Crafts Amazing Scale Model Replicas- Skoda Makes SUV Commercials from Home- You Said It!
21/05/209m 34s

AD #2841 - Ford Defers to President on Mask Wearing; GM Working on 'Ultra Cruise' for City Streets; Frontier Base Price Up About $8K

- Ford Defers to President on Mask Wearing- GM Says 'Almost There' on Million Mile Battery- Volvo Will Start Limiting Top Speed- Hyundai's EVs Are Popular with Police- GM Working on 'Ultra Cruise' for City Streets- Next-Gen Tacoma Starts Production in 2023- Frontier Goes V6-Only, Sees Big Base Price Increase- Acura Teases All-New TLX- EV Chargers That Replace Gas Pumps- SEAT Holds Virtual Tours at Apprentice School- VW Will Sell EVs Direct to Customers in Germany- At-Home Tests Tricky for Dealers
20/05/2011m 11s

AD #2840 - Incentives Still Drive EV Growth; Toyota Reveals New Sienna and Venza; More Suppliers Will Go Bankrupt

- Incentives Still Drive EV Growth- Mid-Size Truck Sales Forecast to Pick Up- Skoda Offers Foldable Scooter- Toyota Reveals All-New Sienna Minivan- Toyota Brings the Venza Back- Subaru Posts Profit for the Fiscal Year- Subaru Has An Aerospace Division?- Why More Suppliers Will Go Bankrupt- Alfa Romeo Web Series Celebrates Its History
19/05/2010m 32s

AD #2839 - U.S. Auto Industry Gets Back to Work; Porsche Reveals 911 Targa; Dyson Blew £500 Million on Failed EV

- U.S. Auto Industry Gets Back to Work- Ford Hires more Temps for Expected Absenteeism- Parts Shortage Forces Mercedes U.S. Plant Shutdown- President Will Visit Ford Ventilator Plant, Not GM- Porsche Reveals 911 Targa- Drifting a 500HP Mustang in a Driveway- Tesla Picks Austin for Next Gigafactory- Panasonic and Tesla Talk Gigafactory Expansion- California Rejects SpaceX Subsidies- Dyson Blew £500 Million on Failed EV- Lucid Mixes EV Technology with ICE Luxury
18/05/209m 52s

AD #2838 - New CATL Battery Reduces Cost; Tesla Working on Million Mile Battery; Renault Axing Sedans and Minivans

- New CATL Battery Greatly Reduces Cost- Tesla and CATL Working on Million Mile Battery Life- Renault Axing Sedans and Minivans- Head of Nissan North America Steps Down- Infiniti Appoints New Chairman- GM Plant Going 100% Solar- Price of Escalade Super Cruise Feature Revealed- New Escalade w/ V8 Engine Less Efficient- GM's Cruise Makes Job Cuts- NVIDIA Shifts Focus from AV to ADAS- Still Get Your Classic Car Fix- IIHS' Recommendations to Improve ADAS- IIHS to Livestream Crash Procedures
15/05/2010m 10s

AD #2837 - Paying Dividends Puts Automakers at Risk; Kia Developing 800-Volt EVs; VW Atlas Cross Sport Impressions

- German OEMs Pay Billions in Shareholder Dividends- PSA and FCA Scrap Dividend- Paying Dividends Puts Automakers at Risk- Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Plunge in April- Safety Systems Have Confusing Names- Lambo Offers 1st Collectable Digital Stamp- Finn Scooter is a Motorcycle Golf Cart- Porsche Going Digital for 911 Reveals- Scissor Door Kit for New Corvette- Hyundai's Ideas for Interior Sanitation- Kia Developing 800-Volt EVs- Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Impressions
14/05/2011m 26s

AD #2836 - Failing Rental Co.s Will Hurt Sales; New Police Chevy Tahoe; Lordstown Partners w/ Elaphe on Hub Motors

- U.S. Pollution Levels See Big Drop- Failing Rental Companies Will Hurt Sales- Traffic Levels Start Picking Back Up- Elon Musk Talks to Texas Governor About Moving- Toyota Cuts Travel and Meeting Time- Designers Straying From Their Signature Style- Chevy Reveals New Police Tahoe- Lotus Highlight Aerodynamics of Evija EV Hypercar- Lordstown Partners with Elaphe on Hub Motors- A Car Show for Diecast Cars
13/05/2011m 22s

AD #2835 - Elon Musk Defies Health Authorities; Toyota Prius Turning 20; Next-Gen Kicks and Frontier Headed to Production

- Elon Musk Defies Local Health Authorities- Toyota N.A. Production Cut Nearly 30%- Toyota and Honda Report Profit Drops- FCA U.S. Adopts Safety Practices from China and Italy- Ford Highlights New OTA Capabilities- Toyota Prius Gets Limited Edition Model- Next-Gen Kicks and Frontier Headed to Production- Audi's Infotainment Updates- BHTC Develops a 3D Display- Mystery Car Revealed
12/05/2010m 7s

AD #2834 - Musk Threatens to Move Tesla HQ; New Car Sales Starting to Recover; Do You Know This Old Car?

- CA County Says Tesla Can't Reopen Assembly Plant- Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Move HQ Out of CA- Tesla's China Sales Down- U.S. New Car Sales Pick Back Up- Dealers Need to Worry About Cybertheft- Mario Andretti Wants Ferrari to Join IndyCar- Skoda Dune Buggy That Never Made Production- Design Work Better During Lockdown- FCA Announces Winner of Student Design Contest- Can You Identify This Old Car?
11/05/208m 20s

AD #2833 - Japan Tightens Rules on Foreign Ownership; Tesla Roadster Delayed; NHTSA Backs Off Takata Recalls

- Japan Tightens Rules on Foreign Ownership- European Car Sales Worse Than Expected- Pressure Mounting for Carlos Ghosn?- New Tesla Roadster Delayed- Wrangler 4-Door Rolls Over in Crash Tests- Plasma Ignition Making Progress- Uber's Food Delivery Service Takes Off- U.S. Traffic Deaths Continue to Drop- NHTSA Backs Off Takata Recalls- Nissan Makes High-Roof Electric NV200- The Most Aerodynamic VW Ever
08/05/2010m 32s

AD #2832 - China's Sales Turning Around; NHL Helps GM Double Mask Production; Ford Tests Fake Bird Poop

- China's Sales Turning Around- GM Won't Cut Back on AV Investments- Honda Will Offer OnStar in EVs Shared with GM- Most of GM's Dealer Implement Online Shopping- NHL Helps GM Double Mask Production- FCA Files for "Dakota" Trademark- Hyperloop Might Not Arrive Until 2040- Mercedes Highlights Over 120 Years of Steering Wheel History- Volvo Will Offer Production Lidar in 2022- Skoda Shows ENYAQ iV Electric SUV in Camo- Ford Tests Fake Bird Poop on Paint
07/05/2011m 20s

AD #2831 - UAW Supports Production Restart; BYD Announces European EV Lineup; Camry TRD Impressions

- UAW Shows Support for Restart of Production- GM Reports Q1 Earnings- BMW Reports Q1 Earnings- BMW Warns It Will Be a Tough Year- U.K. EV Sales Weathering the Storm- BYD Announces EV Lineup for Europe- 5G Project Will Help Pave Way to Production- BMW Ends Delivery Program for N.A. Customers- Audi to Livestream Design Insights- Lamborghini Using AR for Virtual Vehicle Launches- Sonata Hybrid MPG Readout Difference Explained- Toyota Camry TRD Impressions
06/05/2011m 43s

AD #2830 - Hertz Going Bankrupt; Transplants Change Plans to Open U.S. Plants; New Car Prices Up During Lock Down

- U.K. Sales Down 97% in April- Hertz Could File for Bankruptcy- FCA Q1 Earnings Dismal- Ferrari Posts Amazing Q1 Earnings- Transplants Change Plans to Open U.S. Plants- Will Dealers Order New Cars?- New Car Prices Up During Lock Down- Refreshed Toyota Supra Delayed- Daimler Helps Protect Bus Drivers- VW Still Paying for Diesel Scandal- Tesla Has More Paint Quality Issues- It's Just a Video Game!
05/05/209m 45s

AD #2829 - Nissan's Major Restructuring Plan; AIWAYS Develops "Sandwich" Battery for Safety; Cobalt Production Coming to America

- Nissan's Major Restructuring Plan- U.S. April Sales Drop Off- AIWAYS Develops "Sandwich" Battery for Safety- Electric Garbage Truck Saves $10K in Fuel- Cobalt Production Kicking Off in America- The Benefits of Locally Sourced Materials- U.K. Registrations Hit All-Time High- Top Supercars on Instagram
04/05/207m 53s

AD #2828 - Tesla Design Improvements; Build Quality Issues Likely to Spike; Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Impressions

- U.S. VP Visits GM Ventilator Plant- Correction to Our Tesla Reporting- Tesla Improves Model Y Rear Structure- Build Quality Issues Likely to Spike- Mercedes Hosts Concours de Zoom- Bentley Offers New Carbon Fiber Package- Engines of Not Unusual Sizes- NASCAR Getting Back to Real Racing- Gale Halderman, Mustang Designer, Dies- Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Impressions
01/05/2012m 8s

AD #2827 - Tesla Profit Should Worry Competitors; Bollinger Shows Commercial EV; Hyundai Design Head Steps Down

- Tesla Profit Should Have Competitors Shaking- Tesla Model Y Profitable in Q1- Musk Goes Off on Stay at Home Order- Musk Could be Worried Quarantine Hurting Tesla- Bollinger Wants to Tap Commercial Market- Porsche AR Technical Service Triples in Use- Porsche Extends Warranties Worldwide- Luc Donckerwolke Steps Down as Hyundai's Design Head- GMC Hummer EV Reveal Delayed- Fill Up While Gas Is Cheap- Benefits of a Composite Battery Case- BMW Driver Honing Skills on Simulator
30/04/2010m 26s

AD #2826 - New Mercedes GLA Highlights; Lincoln Axes Rivian-Based Electric SUV; Should Ford Consider a Merger?

- BMW Finishing Up Tests on New 4 Series Coupe- Highlights of Mercedes' New GLA- Autonomous Shuttles Turned in Pizza Delivery Vehicles- Glickenhaus to Offer Porsche-Inspired Buggy Kit Car- Infiniti Invents 'Carigami' to Pass the Time- Dealers Reluctant to Stock Used Inventory- Lincoln Axes Rivian-Based Electric SUV- Ford Delays Autonomous Vehicle Service- Automakers Still Burning Through $1 Billion a Week- Analyst Says Ford Should Consider a Merger- Should Automakers Merge or Merge Operations?- Elon Musk Ready to See Quarantine End- Why Tesla's Gigafactory is the Biggest
29/04/2011m 10s

AD #2825 - GM Eliminates Dividend and Share Buyback; Audi Drops DTM for Formula E; Sporty Elantra N-Line Teased

- FCA Following GM and Ford Plant Timeline- Tesla Forced to Postpone Reopening- GM Eliminates Dividend and Share Buyback- Mary Barra Makes Much Less Than Elon Musk- Audi Drops DTM to Focus on Formula E- Hyundai Teases Sporty Elantra N-Line- Rolls-Royce Making Exclusive Honey- Skoda's All-Yellow Pickup from 1995- New Porsche 911 Carrera Features- Vehicles Under Development Most Likely to be Cut
28/04/209m 57s

AD #2824 - UAW Could Feel Pressure to Open Plants; Traffic Maps Show Huge Drops; New Audi A6 Wagon Plug-In

- European Production Slowly Picking Up- Michelin Criticized for Continued Tire Production- Daimler Sales Turning Around in China- Ford Skeleton Crews Prep for Restart- Automakers Ready to Restart Production in the U.S.- FAW Will Make Sports Cars with U.S. Company- Traffic Maps Show Huge Drops- Porsche Helping Kids to Pass Time- Daimler Converts Bus Into Giant Ambulance- New Audi A6 Wagon Plug-In Hybrid- The Future of EV Batteries
27/04/209m 24s

AD #2823 - Non-Union U.S. Plants Could Open First; Europe Passes China in Q1 EV Sales; Genesis G70 Impressions

- VW Group Ramping Up Production- Non-Union U.S. Plants Could Open First- People Staying Away From Mobility Services- China Continues to Slash EV Subsidies- Europe Passes China in Q1 EV Sales- Bentley Owners Not Happy with Continuation Models- Hyundai Gives Prophecy the Green Light- A Few Escalade ESV Details- MINI Changes Name of 'Corona Spoke' Wheels- Genesis G70 Impressions
24/04/2010m 20s

AD #2822 - Global Pollution Drops; Cylinder Deactivation for Diesels; Toyota Debuts All-New Yaris Crossover

- Bad News Out of Europe- Hyundai and Nissan Report Quarterly Losses- Global Pollution Drops- U.S. Sales Not As Bad As Expected- Hyundai's Commercial Fuel Cell Plan- Kia's Going All Electric- Porsche Offers New Radios for Classic Cars- New Nav System Highlights the Road- Cummins Tests Cylinder Deactivation on Diesels- Toyota Debuts Yaris Crossover- Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Goes Electric- Manual Transmission Prevents Car Jacking
23/04/2011m 10s

AD #2821 - SEAT Tests Workers to Restart Production; Byton Takes Drastic Action to Survive; GM Shutting Down Maven

- IHS Markit Slashes Global Sales Forecast- Hyundai Miscalculated Impact of Virus- SEAT Will Test Workers to Restart Production- Byton Cuts U.S. Workforce in Half- PSA Execs. Reduce Compensation in Shares- GM Shutting Down Maven- Lordstown Delays Its Electric Pickup- VW Makes Tutorial for DIY VR Headset- Hyundai Recalls Sonatas with Smart Park- How to Attract Young Talent to the Repair Industry- Opel Testing All-New Mokka Electric- Evoque and Discovery Sport Get Plug-In Variants
22/04/209m 15s

AD #2820 - Car Buyers Skipping Payments; EV Sales Face Uphill Climb; Daimler and Volvo to Form Fuel Cell Joint Venture

- Nissan Locks Things Down in Japan- Car Buyers Start Skipping Payments- In-House Credit Arms Will Lose Billions- EV Sales Face Uphill Climb- Daimler and Volvo to Form Fuel Cell JV- Audi Reveals New A3 Sedan- SKODA's Lesser Known Off-Road Agromobil- IMS Continues to Open Its Digital Archives- Safety and Connectivity Features of Hyundai's i20- Byton Says Its Huge Screen Won't Be Distracting- GM Goes All In On Renewable Energy- Ford Shows EVs Are Quieter Than ICE Vehicles
21/04/2010m 36s

AD #2819 - Ford and GM Line Up More Cash; New Cybertruck Details; Cadillac Studying Another Performance Wagon

- Production Continues to Slowly Pick Up- Ford and GM Line Up More Cash- Car Sales Added to Essential Businesses List- Commercial Fleet Sales Doing the Best- Elon Musk Drops New Cybertruck Details- CARL is AIWAYS' Autonomous EV Charger- Cadillac Studies Another Performance Wagon- Porsche Offers Two-Tone Interior for 911s- Skoda Pits Fans Against Real Racers in Virtual Series- Custom Citroen DS Hardtop Coupe- Honda's Plan for Used Batteries in Europe- India's TVS Buys Britain's Norton Motorcycles- Thanks You for All the Kind Comments
20/04/2011m 24s

AD #2818 - Struggles of Re-Starting Production; Honda CR-V Impressions; Diesel Escalade a No-Charge Option

- The Struggles Automakers Face to Restart Production- Jim Farley Putting His Stamp on Ford- Delivers Goods with AVs Instead of People- New VW Tiguan Teased in Design Sketch- Benefits of More Diversity in the Auto Industry- Ford Won't Make New Focus RS- Honda CR-V Impressions- Throw Back Thursday - Biagini Passo- Cadillac Won't Charge Extra for Diesel Escalade- Happy 56th Birthday Ford Mustang
17/04/2011m 0s

AD #2817 - Ford Tests Social Distancing Wristbands; OEMs Using Private Vehicles to Make HD Maps; Production Picking Up

- Honda Temporarily Lays Off Salaried U.S. Workers- UK Approves Ventilator That Automakers Helped Develop- Ford Rolls Out Mobile Virus Testing- Ford Tests Social Distancing Wristbands at Plant- OEMs Mine Data from Private Vehicles to Make HD Maps- VW Lays Out Plan to Restart Production- Global Production Picking Back Up- Automakers Slash R and D Budgets- Musk to Face Lawsuit for "Taking Tesla Private" Tweet- Byton Teams Up for At-Home Charging- How Dealer Service Centers Are Keeping Cars Safe
16/04/2010m 37s

AD #2816 - Lots of Good News for Tesla; Porsche Improves the 911's Active Aero; IMS Opens Up Its Archives to Fans

- Tesla's Stock Shoots Up- Tesla Posts Strong Sales in China- Missouri City Wants Tesla's Cybertruck- Zoox Settles Lawsuit with Tesla- GM Starts Making Ventilators- GM to Make Masks in Mexico- Porsche Improves the 911's Active Aero- IMS Opens Up Its Archives to Fans- Cadillac Keeps Blackwing Name Alive- GM's Infantry Squad Vehicle- Porsche Designer Shows How to Draw the 911
15/04/2010m 34s

AD #2815 - Renault Ends Dongfeng JV; New Convertible 'Vette Likely Delayed; European Car Production Picking Back Up

- Renault Ends Partnership with Dongfeng- Used Car Inventory Pilling Up- Ford Running Out of Cash- Details About New Model Launches- GM's Australia Dealers Mad About Compensation- New Corvette Convertible Likely Delayed- Ford Continues to Expand Medical Equipment Manufacturing- Hyundai Confirms DCT for Veloster N- Bentayga Hybrid Gets Worse Highway MPG Than V8- JLR CEO Asked to Delay Retirement- European Production Picking Back Up- What Tesla Will Use In-Car Camera For- Skoda's Lesser Known SAGITTA Prototype
14/04/209m 42s

AD #2814 - Germany Has an Inventory Problem; Toyota Reveals New Harrier SUV; Acura RDX A-Spec Impressions

- Germany Has an Inventory Problem- Spain Has an EV Infrastructure Problem- Automakers Postpone Plant Reopening- Toyota Reveals New Harrier SUV for Japan- Mid-Engine Mustang Prototype Identified- VW Puts Dealer Loaner Fleet to Good Use- FCA Modifies Popular Super Bowl Ad- R.I.P. Sir Stirling Moss- How Roadside Assistance Requests Have Changed- Acura RDX A-Spec Impressions
13/04/2010m 11s

AD #2813 - Nissan Could Make 1 Million Less Vehicles; New Chevy Traverse Delayed; IIHS Wants Rubber Curbs at Intersections

- Nissan Could Cut Manufacturing Capacity by 1 Million Vehicles- Renault Wants to Borrow Billions- Michigan Loosens Restrictions for Online Sales- Insurance Companies Are Giving Customers a Break- New Chevy Traverse Delayed Until 2022- New VW Logo Only Now Making It To The States- Rolls-Royce Kicks Off Design Competition for Kids- IIHS Wants Rubber Curbs at Intersections- Sim Racing Win Helps Sage Karam Realize Dream- More Big Names Join E-Racing- Mazda Hints at New Rotary Engine Again- U.S. Army Wants Auto Industry to Help with Defense
10/04/209m 20s

AD #2812 - Automakers Running Out of Cash; VW Starting to Recover in China; Amazon Won't Compete w/ FedEx and UPS

- Automakers Running Out of Cash- GM Using Blockchain for HD Maps- Tesla Has Best Sales Month in China- VW Starting to Recover in China- Rivian Delays EV Truck- Amazon Won't Compete with FedEx and UPS- Kia Teams with Electrify America for Fast Charging- You Said It!- Customer Support Issues Facing Dealers- Refreshed Volkswagen Atlas Goes On Sale- A Gearhead Makes Custom Face Mask
09/04/2011m 23s

AD #2811 - More Pay Cuts; More Dismal Sales Forecasts; Audi Manufactures a Classical Music Concert

- Automakers Continue to Step Up to Make Medical Equipment- More Pay Cuts- Car Sales Will Be Bad- But They Could Be Even Worse- Porsche Launches New Podcast- Audi to Live Stream Classical Music Concert on Factory Floor- Japan Mandates Auto Headlights at Night- GM EV1 Shell Fetches Surprising Sum- VW Forms JV in China to Make EV Charging Stations- What's Holding V2V Communication Back?- Please Help Support Autoline- Cancelled Ski Trip Turns Into Stop-Motion Video
08/04/2010m 11s

AD #2810 - Long-Term Car Loans Shoot Up; Destination Charges on the Rise; Could Cash for Clunkers Come Back?

- Long-Term Car Loans Shoot Up- Destination Charges on the Rise- Could Cash for Clunkers Come Back?- Ford's Old V8s Just Wouldn't Die- Bentley's Sales Actually Went Up- Comau Laser Welding Motors and Batteries- SAE Looking People to Sign Up for Design Contest- Do You Know This Mid-Engine Mustang Prototype?- Tesla's Stopping at Traffic Lights Feature- GM Will Make EVs in Mexico- BMW's Will Always Have a Grille- Microgrids Can Help Manage Demand EVs Put on Grid- Fisker Teases Off-Road Ocean Electric SUV
07/04/2011m 20s

AD #2809 - Dealer Lots Start Piling Up; New Electric Flying Car Racing Series; Toyota 4Runner TRD Impressions

- Tesla Shows Prototype Ventilator- Magna Develops Ventilator from Car Parts- GM Encourages More Suppliers to Get Involved- How GM is Keeping Its Ventilator Plant Clean- Global Sales Are Going to Tank- Dealer Lots Start Piling Up- Electric Flying Car Racing Series Readies- Skoda's Forgotten Bus from 1908- eRacing Coverage Getting Better- How RSM is Advising Suppliers During Coronavirus- Toyota 4Runner TRD Impressions
06/04/2011m 22s

AD #2808 - JLR and VW 3D Printing Face Shields; GM Will Make EVs for Honda; Ford Thinks Sales Are Going Online

- JLR 3D Prints Face Visors- Volkswagen 3D Prints Face Shields- Making Masks and Ventilators Could Pave Way for Car Production- Auto Production Will Be Hit Harder Than Sales- GM Will Build EVs for Honda- Rivian Launch Likely Delayed- Audi's EV Platform Strategy- ZF Explains Lane Change Assist- Kia Wants to Give Students $5,000- Kia Makes "How To" Videos for Simple Treats- Ford Thinks Sales Are Going Online- Tesla Props Up EV Segment- Worst Sales Performers in the U.S.- Best Sales Performers
03/04/2011m 40s

AD #2807 - U.S. Sales Take a Beating; FCA Opens Online Purchases; PSA Group Hints at First U.S.-Bound Vehicle

- March U.S. Sales Take a Beating- U.S. Full-Size Pickup Sales- China Sales Report- GM and FCA Try New Sales Strategies- Kia Extends Warranties Worldwide- Audi e-tron Sportback Details- PSA Group Hints at 1st U.S.-Bound Vehicle- Dongfeng Could Change Mind on PSA Stake Sale- Hyundai Shows What Other N Models Could Look Like- Sandy Munro's 1st Look at Tesla's Model Y- German Automakers Show Social Distancing Logos- Custom Mask Suggestions
02/04/2011m 2s

AD #2806 - Skoda Highlights Lesser Known Models; Gov. Finalizes Fuel Economy Plans; China May Ease EV Quotas

- BorgWarner May Drop Out of Delphi Buyout- FCA Says Peugeot Merger Still on Track- Ford Offsets Car Production by Making Virus Equipment- GM Needed Custom Machinery to Make Masks- What Would Your Custom Mask Be?- Hyundai to Open New Innovation Lab in Singapore- Skoda Highlights Lesser Known Models- CUPRA Tests Limited Ateca SUV in the Alps- VW Adding Plug-ins to the Arteon and Tiguan- Lucid Delays Production Air Debut- Government Finalizes Fuel Economy Plans- Volvo Joins Other Automakers Backing California- China May Ease EV and Emission Quotas- Mahle Explains Its Jet Ignition Technology
01/04/2011m 11s

AD #2805 - FCA Cuts Employee Pay; GM Tells Suppliers to Delay Refreshes; Hyundai Accent Impressions

- FCA Cuts Employee Pay- Paris Auto Show Mostly Cancelled- Toyota Provides Shuttles in Thailand- JLR Deploys Vehicles for Emergency Response- Ford Keeps Mach-E Program Moving- Ford Not Sure When it Will Re-Open N.A. Plants- Ford Charges Ahead with Ventilator Production- GM Tells Suppliers to Delay Refreshes- Magna Explains Its Advanced Lighting Technology- BYD Developing New Battery- Hyundai Accent Impressions
31/03/209m 33s

AD #2804 - BMW Partners with Toyota on Fuel Cells; Hyundai Accent Impressions; Detroit Auto Show Cancelled

- Mercedes 3D Prints Medical Equipment- Mercedes F1 Makes Masks- Trumps Lashes Out at GM, Then Backs Off- New Genesis G80 Sedan Details- Honda Shows Concept CB Series Motorcycle- BMW Partners with Toyota on Fuel Cells- BorgWarner Highlights Benefits of Integrated Tech Center- Hyundai Accent Impressions- Detroit Auto Show Cancelled
30/03/209m 13s

AD #2803 - Automakers Start Announcing Pay Cuts; Magna Shows How to Make Masks; BMW 3 Series PHEV

- Most Automakers Downgraded- Automakers Try to Secure Credit- Automakers Start Announcing Pay Cuts- Will Downturn Last a Long Time?- Magna Posts Instructions for Making Masks- E-Racing Showing Potential- Denny Hamlin Has $125,000 Race Simulator- BMW 3 Series PHEV- Will Collision Shops Have Less Work Due to ADAS?- Kia Hires New VP of Interior Design- Racing Announcer Provides Commentary for Backyard Dog Race
27/03/2010m 44s

AD #2802 - Ford's Credit Rating Downgraded; Toyota's Product Plans Leak Out; VW Electrifies Old Bus

- Ford's Credit Rating Downgraded- GM's Could Get Downgraded Too- Large Dealer Group Backs Out of Deal- Honda's Australia Dealers Mad- Automakers Want to Re-Open ASAP- C8 Corvette Origin Story- Toyota's Product Plans Leak Out- Toyota Using AI to Understand Humans- Volkswagen Electrifies Old Bus- Possible Easy Way to Make Face Masks- Mercedes Tests First Electric Minivan in the Snow- How Hyundai Increased Elantra's MPG with a Hybrid- How to Spot a Meth Lab?
26/03/2011m 9s

AD #2801 - Germany Will Protect Auto Companies; SEAT Introduces New Leon; U.S. Traffic Volume Falls 30%

- Two FCA Employees Die from Virus- Javits Center Converting into Hospital- Germany Will Protect Auto Companies- Ford Ramping Up Production of Medical Equipment- SEAT Introduces New Leon- U.S. Traffic Volume Falls 30%- New Design Cut for Spoiler Guards- Mercedes Celebrates Its First Bus- You Said It!- What Will Happen to New Vehicle Launches?- Skoda's Simply Cleaver Bag Hook
25/03/2010m 40s

AD #2800 - Organizations Band Together to Fight Virus; Aston Makes High-Power Hybrid Engine; NHTSA Clearing AV Path

- Details on GM's Ventilator Production- Ford Teams to Make Virus Equipment- FCA Will Make Face Masks- Tesla Ships Ventilators to California- How Bad Could Car Sales Get?- Organizations Band Together to Ask for Help- How Do We Fight This?- Aston Makes New 3.0L Turbo V6 In-House- NHTSA Clearing Path for AVs- H-D LiveWire Sets 24-Hour Distance Record- Predicting Malfunctions and Notifying Workers
24/03/2010m 20s

AD #2799 - OEMs Will Help Make Virus Equipment; Toyota and Hino Making Fuel Cell Trucks; Ways to Pass the Time

- BMW Will Close U.S. Plant in a Week- GM Partners to Make Virus Equipment- How GM and FCA Are Keeping Operations Going- Detroit 3 to Keep Parts Centers Open- Toyota and Hino Developing HD Fuel Cell Truck- Bentley Bacalar to Inspire Future Models- Petersen Museum Opens Its Virtual Doors- Pass the Time with Ian Callum Design- What Are Your Thoughts on eRacing?- Keep the Powerslides Alive!
23/03/206m 25s

AD #2798 - Lucid to Sell Direct; NTSB Releases Final Reports on Fatal Tesla Crashes; Genesis G90 Impressions

- Tesla Finally Shuts Down- U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Update- Why OEMs Don't Want to Stop Assembly- Tap Skilled Trades to Make Virus Equipment- Lucid to Sell Direct- Bentley's Mulliner Builds Bacalar in 9-Months- BMW to Hold E-Racing Events- NTSB Releases Final Reports on Fatal Tesla Crashes- How to Get an Enthusiast to Switch from Gas to Electric- 4-Rotor Mercedes C 111 Celebrates 50 Years- Genesis G90 Rivals Mercedes' S-Class
20/03/2011m 32s

AD #2797 - GM and Ford Could Make Ventilators; NASCAR Drivers Switch to eSports; Touchscreens Cause Too Much Distraction

- Automakers Now Shut Down U.S. Plants- Tesla Reduces Workforce, But Keeps Running- GM and Ford Could Make Ventilators- Volkswagen Will Not Buy Navistar- Chevy Stops Taking New 'Vette Orders- NASCAR Drivers Switch to eSports- Touchscreens Cause too Much Distraction- BMW Reports Mixed Financial Results- You Said It!- Continental Supports Extreme E with Tires- Driver Aids Not Getting Recalibrated Enough
19/03/2013m 38s

AD #2796 - Plants Still Running to Avoid Disaster; Porsche 3D Prints Seat Foam; Hyundai Reveals New Elantra Hybrid

- OEMs Keep Plants Running to Avoid Disaster- BYD Starts Making Masks and Disinfectant- Could China Export More Cars?- Porsche 3D Prints Seat Foam- Toyota Taps Into Car Sensors to Make HD Maps- More New Kia Sorento Details- Ford-Based Volkswagen Amarok Design Sketch- Hyundai's New Elantra and Elantra Hybrid- ZF Puts Parking Brakes on Front Brakes
18/03/209m 22s

AD #2795 - Honda CR-V Hybrid Impressions; VW To Pay More Diesel Fines; Continental’s 3D Display

- Happy St. Paddy’s Day- GM, Ford, FCA, Tesla Keep U.S. Plants Running- Automakers Offer Sales Incentives- Tesla Likely to Weather Storm Better Than Others- VW To Pay More Diesel Fines- Continental’s 3D Display- Hella Designs One Headlamp for The World- Ford Unveils Hybrid Kuga- Honda Goes Hog Wild with Hybrids- Honda Puts Designers on The Shop Floor
17/03/2010m 30s

AD #2794 - Ford Mustang Mach-E Winter Tests; Detroit Three Keep Plants Open; BMW To Cut Drivetrain Variants in Half

- Detroit Three Keep Plants Open- BMW Automatic Emission-Free City Driving- GM Merges Powertrain Ops into Product Development- VW Reveals ID.3 Pricing- Toyota Testing Blockchain Technology- Work Boots for Women- BMW To Cut Drivetrain Variants in Half- Ford Mustang Mach-E Winter Testing
16/03/207m 48s

AD #2793 - Volkswagen Atlas Impressions; Bollinger Motors Unveils E-Chassis; FCA Keeps Plants Open

- China Slowly Recovering- FCA Keeps Plants Open- Ford Cuts Dividend- IndyCar and NASCAR Will Race Without Fans- Bollinger Motors Unveils E-Chassis- VW Testing AR Goggles at U.S. Factory- Rolls-Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Collection- Pollution from Tire Wear Worse Than Exhaust Emissions- Volkswagen Atlas Impressions
13/03/208m 16s

AD #2792 - UAW Workers Worried About Lockdown; GM Hopes EVs Bring in New Buyers; Toyota Develops Airless Painting

- LMC Automotive Predicts Global Sales Fall- UAW Workers Especially Worried About Lockdown- Parts Shortages Could Make Customers Angry- Chinese Market May Have Bottomed Out- GM Hopes EVs Bring Buyers Back to the Brand- Toyota Develops Airless Painting System- What Makes Honda's CR-V Hybrid Unique- IIHS Says Drivers Need to be Kept Engaged- Ford Helps Keep Cars on the Road
12/03/209m 0s

AD #2791 - New York Auto Show Postponed; Tesla Will Make Cybertruck in Central USA; New Elantra Styling Breakdown

- New York Auto Show Postponed- Musk Tweets Cybertruck Will be Made in Central USA- Hyundai Teases New Elantra Ahead of Debut- Mercedes Updates the Vito Van- How GM Will Cut EV Manufacturing Costs- BMW Drops i8 From Its Lineup- SEAT a Big Part of Spain's Economy- The Convoluted Story of Marelli's Ownership
11/03/208m 50s

AD #2790 - Parts Retailers' Stock Surges; EV Charging Signs Needed; Tesla Builds 1 Millionth Car

- Parts Retailers' Stock Surges- First VW Diesel Jury Trial Ends- China Sales Won't Bounce Back Soon- EV Charging Signs Are Needed- Tesla Builds 1 Millionth Car- Cadillac Lyriq EV Details- Honda Drops Clarity EV- Honda Odyssey Refresh
10/03/208m 7s

AD #2789 - Oil Prices Collapse; New Cars Cost More Weeks of Income; Chevrolet Enhances Bolt EV

- Oil Prices Plummet- GM Breathes New Life Into The Chevy Bolt- New Cars Require More Weeks Of Income- Cadillac's Merlettes and Couronne- Chevy's Old Van Selling Strong- Maserati Loses Money Selling Cars- ADAS Repairs Are Safety-Critical- Autoline After Hours
09/03/208m 19s

AD #2788 - Sci-Fi Sounds of the BMW i4; Daylight Savings Causes More Car Crashes; Evolution of Cadillac’s Logo

- UAW’s Gary Jones Charged w/ Embezzlement- Ford Faces Huge Bill Over Defective Transmissions- Uber Open to Using Competitors AV Tech- Long Range Model 3 Approved in China- Automakers with Low Inventory at Risk- Daylight Savings Causes More Car Crashes- Skoda’s Door Protection Technology- You Said It!- Evolution of Cadillac’s Logo- The Sound of The BMW i4 - Special ATW Live Webcast Tomorrow
06/03/2010m 9s

AD #2787 - GM Lays Out Its EV Strategy; All-New Fiat 500 Goes All-Electric; Genesis Reveals Sleek New G80 Sedan

- Coronavirus Will Cost Japanese Automakers Billions- FCA and Reid Bigland Settle Lawsuits, Part Ways- All-New Fiat 500 Goes All-Electric- GM Lays Out Its EV Plans- World's Most Power Dense Permanent Magnet Motor- Genesis Reveals All-New G80 Sedan- Owners Turning Off Safety Functions- Goodyear Concept Regenerates Its Own Tread
05/03/209m 18s

AD #2786 - Renault’s Wild Morphoz Concept; U.S. Car Sales Up in February; GM to Take Hummer Orders in May

- U.S February Sales Better Than Expected- Daimler To Cut Engines and Platforms- Geely To Use Satellites to Operate AVs- Aston Martin V12 Speedster- Ford Expands Electric Transit to North America- Renault’s Wild Morphoz Concept- Dacia Introduces 1st EV- AIWAYS Unveils U6ion Concept- GM to Take Hummer Orders in May- GM Adds More EV Charging Stations
04/03/208m 18s

AD #2785 - Would Be Geneva Reveals Revealed; BMW Top U.S. Exporter by Value; 2021 Ford F-150 Spy Shots?

- Hyundai Shows Sleek EV Concept- New Mercedes E-Class Highlights- VW Shares Details on ID.4 Electric Crossover- Audi Takes Wraps Off A3 Sportback- BMW i4 Concept Hints at Production Model- New Porsche 911 Turbo S- BMW Top U.S. Auto Exporter by Value- Toyota and FAW to Build NEV Plant in China- Alfa Romeo Makes High-Performance Giulia GTA- CUPRA Produces First Model From the Ground Up- Faurecia Develops Camera Lens Cleaning Solution- 2021 Ford F-150 Spy Shots?
03/03/2011m 24s

AD #2784 - Dodge Grand Caravan Axed; Coronavirus Dents Car Sales; Geneva Cars to Be Revealed Online

- Coronavirus Dents Car Sales- Low Inventory Levels Will Hurt Sales- Auto Industry Sets Up Task Forces- Geneva Cars to Be Revealed Online- Tesla’s Stock Plummets- Automakers and Suppliers Need to Change Way They Do Business- Dodge Grand Caravan Axed- Grand Caravan and Journey No Longer Available in ZEV States- Indy Autonomous Challenge- Camera Cleaning Solutions from Faurecia
02/03/208m 34s

AD #2783 - Lincoln Navigator Impressions; Geneva Auto Show Cancelled; Corvette Design Critique

- Geneva Auto Show Cancelled- Hyundai Halts Production at Korean Plant- Cruise Approved to Carry Passengers in CA- Indianapolis Cancels BYD Bus Order- Audi Developing Performance E-Tron Models- Citroen Unveils Tiny Ami EV- New Tech from Ford Protects 2-Wheel Riders- Corvette Design Critique- Lincoln Navigator Impressions
28/02/2010m 16s

AD #2782 - Pedestrian Deaths Rise; Tesla Refuses to Release Autopilot Data; Details on New Volkswagen Golf GT Models

- Pedestrian Deaths Rise in the U.S.- Tesla Refuses to Release Autopilot Data- U.S. SAAR to Top 16.5 Million- More Passenger Cars Come with AWD- Details on the GT Versions of the VW Golf- DS Shows Wild Aero Concept- Ford Expands e-Scooter Startup- Last Chevy Impala Rolls Down the Assembly Line
27/02/209m 0s

AD #2781 - New Hyundai i30 Unveiled; NTSB Rips Tesla and NHTSA Over Autopilot; NIO May Receive Bailout

- Global Sales Projected to Drop Due to Coronavirus- NIO May Receive Bailout- Rivian Struggling to Open Stores- NTSB Rips Tesla and NHTSA Over Autopilot- Slow I-Pace Sales Force American Axle to Adjust- Study Says Ride Hailing Increasing CO2 Emissions- PSA Reveals New DS 9 Luxury Sedan- Mahle Is Adapting to EV Growth- Lordstown Motors Receives First Order- New Hyundai i30 Unveiled
26/02/209m 55s

AD #2780 - Automakers Hit Hardest by Coronavirus; Polestar Reveals Precept Concept; Wireless Charging Breakthrough

- Automakers Hit Hardest by Coronavirus- Polestar Reveals Electric Precept Concept- Renault Twingo Gets First EV Powertrain- Mercedes Winter Testing Electric EQA Crossover- BMW Teases Electric i4 - WiTricity Makes Wireless Charging Breakthrough- Volkswagen Touareg Gets Plug-In Powertrain- Audi A3 Using Material Made from Recycled Bottles- Nissan Updates Roox Minivehicle
25/02/208m 23s

AD #2779 - Chevy Launches Menlo EV In China; Japan Forms Coronavirus Task Force; Lucid Partners with LG Chem

- Japan Forms Coronavirus Task Force- Lucid Partners with LG Chem- Chevy Launches Menlo EV In China- Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes Cut EV Production- Lyft To Use Digital Ads- Put Your Fingerprint on Your Porsche - Lordstown Motors to Use Hub Motors- New Escalade Borrows Escala Design Elements
24/02/208m 14s

AD #2778 - 2020 Volkswagen Passat Review; China Car Sales Evaporate; Steer-By-Wire Just Around the Corner

- China Car Sales Evaporate- Geely Starts Selling Online- China Likely to Extend EV Subsidies- BMW On Track with CO2- Honda Civic Type R Makes Us Smile- Volvo Refreshes S90 and V90- FCA Looking for High School Designers- Consumer Reports Picks Safest Cars- Steer-By-Wire Just Around the Corner- 2020 Volkswagen Passat Review
21/02/2010m 5s

AD #2777 - Peugeot Jumps Into Pickup Segment; Hyundai Develops Intelligent Shifting; AMG Unveils New GLE 63 S Coupe

- Daimler Does A Management Shuffle- France Sic’s Top Prosecutors on Ghosn- Peugeot Jumps Into 1-Ton Pickup Segment- Nissan Explores Subscriptions- Mercedes Adds AMG To Subscriptions- AMG Unveils New GLE 63 S Coupe- Ford Experimenting with Dealer Kiosks- Hyundai Develops Intelligent Shifting - Adasky Offers Low Cost Thermal Camera
20/02/208m 31s

AD #2776 - JLR Unveils Autonomous Pod; Kia Shares Sorento Powertrain Details; Hyundai’s Chairman Gives Up Board Seat

- Hyundai’s Chairman Gives Up Board Seat- Automakers Making Slow Progress Improving Headlights- Kia Shares New Sorento Powertrain Details- No Redesign for Bentley Flying Spur and Continental GT Until 2027- Polestar Shows Off Future Infotainment System- Lucid on Track to Begin Production This Year- Mercedes Actros Aero Improvements- AIWAYS Releases U6ion Teaser Shots- JLR Unveils Autonomous Pod- Cool Looking Bugatti Future Concept
19/02/208m 38s

AD #2775 - Tesla Could Use Cobalt Free Batteries; Swedish Road Design Reduces Accidents; New Ford Bronco Details

- Tesla in Talks with CATL for Cobalt Free Batteries in China- Tesla Unlocking More Range for Model S and X- Nissan CEO Hopes to Calm Shareholders- Swedish Road Design Reduces Accidents- Ride Hailing Reduces Serious Accidents- New Details on Baby and Big Ford Bronco- Daimler Expands Autonomous Semi Tests in U.S.- Audi Tests 5G in Vehicle Production- Citroen Updates Popular C3
18/02/207m 54s

AD #2774 - GM Drops Holden; Kia Unveils New Sorento; Why Detroit Automakers Lack Entry Level Vehicles

- GM Shuts Down More International Operations- Australia Is a Tiny Car Market- Tesla’s Sales Up in Germany- Ford Using VR To Train Mustang Mach-E Techs- Kia Unveils New Sorento- U.S. Sales Expected to Remain Strong Through 2023- VW Offers €830 Million To Compensate Diesel Owners- Volkswagen Cuts CO2 Emissions 60% At Wolfsburg Plant- Why Detroit Automakers Lack Entry Level Vehicles - How GM’s OTA Updates Work
17/02/209m 32s

AD #2773 - Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid Impressions; Bridgestone’s Airless Tire; Hyundai Teases Prophecy Concept

- Coronavirus Cuts into Car Sales in China- Hyundai Teases Prophecy Concept- Fisker Leaks Electric Pickup Image- Bridgestone’s Airless Tire- China Revives Battery Swapping- Nissan Creates Songs to Help Kids Sleep in EVs- IAV’s Semi-Autonomous Delivery Vehicle- Volvo XC90 Plug-In Hybrid Impressions
14/02/209m 21s

AD #2772 - Aston Martin’s Vantage Rag Top; Detroit Automakers Ignore Total Costs; Nissan Steps Off A Cliff

- Nissan Steps Off A Cliff- Mercedes-Benz Has Carbon Dioxide Problems- Mazda Is Still Pushing Diesels- Lexus Takes Rear View Cameras to Europe- Hyundai Teases New i30/Elantra Gt- Aston Martin’s Vantage Rag Top- IIHS Announced Top Safety Pick Plus Winners- Detroit Automakers Ignore Total Costs
13/02/208m 7s

AD #2771 - Chery Jumps into North American Market; Daimler’s Earnings Are Alarming; Hyundai Partners with Canoo

- Hyundai Partners with Canoo- Volvo Trucks Shows Off All-Electric Semi Trucks- Daimler’s Earnings Are Alarming- Tesla Sales Up in France and Canada- ZF’s Cost Effective Level 2 System - Gordon Murray Design Creates Autonomous Pod- China’s Chery Jumps into North American Market- Used Car Sales Soar- Denso Using AI to Improve Production- Nissan Sues Carlos Ghosn
12/02/2010m 3s

AD #2770 - Nikola Shows Badger EV Pickup; EVs Beat Out Manuals for 1st Time; Carlos Ghosn Hires Hollywood Agent

- Jeep Needs Ad Success to Translate Into Sales- Nikola Shows Badger EV Pickup- EV Sales Beat Out Manuals for 1st Time- Carlos Ghosn Hires Hollywood Agent- Camo Audi A3 Hints at New Design- Audi Offers Free Virtual Factory Tour- Hyundai Provides DoE with NEXO FC Vehicles- Using Wright's Law to Predict Tesla's Performance- BMW X5 and X6 Get New Diesel Engine- Hispano Suisa to Show Production Carmen EV
11/02/209m 30s

AD #2769 - DoJ Ends Antitrust Probe; Geely and Volvo Combine Businesses; Will Cybertruck Inspire More Radical Design?

- Geely and Volvo Combine Businesses- Department of Justice Ends Antitrust Probe- Tesla’s Short Term Issues- Will Cybertruck Inspire More Radical Design?- Daimler Boosts Number of Job Cuts- Ford Creates Emoji Jacket- New Chrysler Pacifica Design Feedback- Automakers Begin to Resume Production in China- Chinese Consumers Reject 3-Cylinder Engines
10/02/209m 20s

AD #2768 - Toyota Corolla Hybrid Impressions; Hinrichs Forced Out of Ford; Chrysler Pacifica Refreshed

- Hinrichs Forced Out of Ford- EV Startup NIO Fighting to Survive- Detroit 3 Workers Earn Good Profit Sharing Checks- Automotive Hall of Fame Reveals New Inductees- NHTSA Approves Nuro’s AV Delivery Pods- Chrysler Pacifica Updates- Mercedes Reveals Pop-Up Camper Van- Kia Cadenza Refreshed- Volkswagen Unveils New Atlas- Will Fuel Cell Vehicles Ever Catch On?- Toyota Corolla Hybrid Impressions
07/02/2011m 40s

AD #2767 - FCA's Sales and Profits Slide; Passenger Car Sales Continue to Fall; Design Sketches Reveal New Hyundai i20

- FCA's Sales and Profits Slide- Global Vehicle Sales Down- Mercedes Most Valuable Car Brand According to Study- Autonomy Could Be Worth Trillions- Passenger Car Sales Continue to Fall- EV Sales Down in January- Hyundai Reveals New i20 in Design Sketches- New Explorer Brings in Younger Buyers- Audi Offers Free Solar Power Subscription
06/02/208m 27s

AD #2766 - Ford 2019 Earnings Abysmal; Cadillac Reveals All-New Escalade; Kia Unveils New SUV

- Ford 2019 Earnings Abysmal- Cadillac Reveals All-New Escalade - Kia Unveils New SUV- Britain Bans ICE Vehicles By 2035- Musk’s Tesla Stock Worth $30 Billion- Musk Hints at Texas Gigafactory- BMW Creates Aerodynamic Wheels for EVs- GM 2019 Earnings Surprisingly Good- Ford Blames Poor Earnings on Operational Execution- Hackett Could Be on His Way Out
05/02/209m 52s

AD #2765 - Tesla's Stock Sent Soaring; U.S. January Sales Better Than Expected; GM Starting Origin AV Production in 2022

- 1st Gigafactory Profit Sends Tesla's Stock Soaring- Tesla's Market Cap Hits $140 Billion- U.S. January Sales Better Than Expected- U.S. Incentives Down, ATPs Up- Hyundai to Halt Most Production in South Korea- Toyota Develops Marine Fuel Cell System- Kia Teases All-New Sorento- GM to Start Origin AV Production in 2022- Renault Reveals Refreshed Megane- Mid-Engine 'Vette Starts Down Production Line
04/02/208m 15s

AD #2764 - Jeep Super Bowl Ad a Hit; Mercedes Ends X-Class Production; CATL To Supply Batteries to Tesla

- China Sales Could Rebound After Coronavirus- Hyundai Suspends Palisade Production- Hyundai Offers Complimentary Maintenance- Jeep Super Bowl Ad Rated #1 Among Car Brands- Automakers Spend Little on EV Ads- Mercedes Ends X-Class Production- Next-Gen MINI Delayed- Toyota Forms Battery JV With Panasonic- CATL To Supply Batteries to Tesla- Toyota Fights Unintended Acceleration- Will Consumers Accept New Technology?
03/02/209m 2s

AD #2763 - Mazda CX-30 Impressions; Volkswagen Offers to Buy Navistar; GM Confirms Hummer Revival

- Coronavirus Causing Production Cuts- Volkswagen Offers to Buy Navistar- Autoliv Develops Airbag for eScooters- GM Confirms Hummer Revival- Stroll Buys Stake in Aston Martin- Aston May Cancel EV Plans- Lincoln Dumps the MKZ- Why U.S. Tool and Die Industry Is Struggling- VW Donates Atlas SUVs To Help with Technician Training- Mazda CX-30 Impressions
31/01/2010m 5s

AD #2762 - Tesla Posts 2019 Results; Lincoln Confirms Rivian-Based EV; Frankfurt to Stop Hosting IAA

- Tesla Reports 2019 Results, Stock Jumps- Tesla's Sales and Financial Numbers- Model Y Range Greater Than Expected- Lincoln Confirms Rivian-Based EV- UPS Buys 10,000 Arrival Delivery Vans- Mercedes May Drop F1 Constructor Role- Lordstown Truck Sparks GM Impact Prototype Memory- Global Production Down Again- Frankfurt to Stop Hosting German Auto Show- Head of JLR Retires- President Signs USMCA
30/01/208m 25s

AD #2761 - Lordstown To Debut Electric Truck in Detroit; Cadillac Updates Super Cruise; Global Car Parc Explodes

- Tesla to Report 2019 Earnings Tonight- Coronavirus Disrupts Auto Industry- Cadillac Updates Super Cruise- Hyundai Ioniq EV Range Boost- Karma Plans Electric Pickup- Lordstown To Debut Electric Truck at Detroit Auto Show- GM Working to Cut EV Charging Time- Nissan Offers Severance Packages to Workers- Jeep Idles Cherokee Production- Global Car Parc Explodes- Big Shift in U.S. Vehicle Preference Since 2000
29/01/208m 26s

AD #2760 - BorgWarner Buys Delphi Technologies; EV Battery Cost Reduction Will Stall; Ford 3D Prints Wheel Locks

- BorgWarner Buys Delphi Technologies- EV Battery Cost Reduction Will Stall Out- Renault Ready to Hire New CEO- Hella Lights BMW X6 Grille- Audi to Test V2I in Germany- Ford Agrees to Settle DCT Lawsuit- Ford 3D Prints Wheel Locks- Kia Teases 3rd Vehicle for India- Opel's First PHEV On Sale Now
28/01/209m 9s

AD #2759 - Rivian Production Details, FCA Shows Off New Uconnect System, Have Sedans Bottomed Out?

- GM’s EV and AV Production Plans- Origin, Canoo Or Futurliner?- Israeli Startups Improve AV Testing- Rivian Production Details- Kia Boosts Telluride Production- Corvette C8 Fuel Economy- Thrilling 24 Hours of Daytona- FCA Shows Off New Uconnect System- Mike O’Brien Leaves Hyundai- Have Sedans Bottomed Out?
27/01/209m 13s

AD #2758 - Ram 1500 Impressions, Mercedes Reveals New E-Class, Tesla Now 2nd Most Valuable Automaker

- Daimler Denies EV Production Cut- EU Deadline for Advanced Safety Coming Up- GM Building New Performance Center in Charlotte- Supplier Industry Outlook- Waymo Expands Autonomous Testing- Tesla Now 2nd Most Valuable Automaker- WWII Bombs Found at Tesla’s German Site- All-New Cadillac Escalade Teased- Chevy Teams with Realtree For Limited Silverado- Mercedes Reveals the New E-Class- Diesel Sales Up in The U.S.- Ram 1500 Impressions
24/01/2010m 49s

AD #2757 - Mercedes EQC Hurt by Battery Shortage; Cybertruck's Paper Instrument Panel; GM Improves Trailer Braking

- Mercedes Slashes EQC Production Due to Battery Shortage- Canada Slaps Volkswagen with Diesel Fine- Jeep and Suzuki Cheated on Diesel Emissions- Tesla Cybertruck's Paper Instrument Panel- Disengagements Not a Good Way to Measure EVs- China's AIWAYS Puts Pressure on European Automakers- Consumers Not Willing to Pay Much for Technology- Bridgestone Develops Airless Tire for Commercial Trucks- GM Concept Improves Trailer Braking
23/01/208m 32s

AD #2756 - GM’s Cruise Reveals Autonomous Pod; Tesla Can Sell in Michigan; Mitsubishi Accused Of Diesel Cheating

- Tesla Reaches Deal to Sell Vehicles in Michigan- Study Shows EV Ownership Eases Concerns Over Issues- Carlos Ghosn Documentary to Air on CNBC- Top Hyundai Executive Lays Out Keys for Hydrogen Adoption- GM’s Cruise Reveals Autonomous Pod- Jeep Sales Slump Feedback- Viewer Comments on Roxor Update- Germany Accuses Mitsubishi Of Diesel Emission Cheating- Daimler’s 2019 Profit Cut in Half- JLR Lays Off Workers in England
22/01/209m 0s

AD #2755 - Mahindra Roxor Drops Jeep-Like Grille; Cruise Calls for Better AV Metrics; Jeep's Sales Worrying

- Mahindra Roxor Drops Jeep-Like Grille- Cruise Calls for Better AV Metrics- Magna Stops Developing Full Autonomous Tech- Tesla Fires Back at Unintended Acceleration Claims- Nissan Scandal Affecting U.S. Sales?- Jeep's Sales Worrying- Detroit Three Struggle in China- How Much Cybertruck Design Would Cut Costs
21/01/209m 31s

AD #2754 - Lexus Creates Wild Lunar Vehicle Concepts, Commercial Van Sales Up In 2019, FCA Confirms Foxconn Talks

- FCA Confirms Foxconn Talks- Canadian Billionaire Seeks Aston Stake- Palladium Soars to Record Highs- Commercial Van Sales Up In 2019- Lune Wave Develops Improved Radar- Toyota Realigns Production- Lexus Creates Lunar Mobility Concepts- Subaru To Go All Electric by Mid-2030’s- Production Lucid Air to Debut In New York
20/01/207m 22s

AD #2753 - Hyundai Elantra Impressions; FCA Forms Electric JV With Foxconn; JLR Creates “Morphable” Seat

- FCA Forms Electric JV With Foxconn- Car Sales Up in Europe in 2019- Senate Approves USMCA- JLR Creates “Morphable” Seat- Corvette V8 Makes Wards 10 Best List- Buick Getting Rebadged Chevy Bolt for China- Audi Adds Q5 and A8 Plug-In Hybrids to U.S. Lineup- New Set Piece Details- Hyundai Elantra Impressions
17/01/209m 55s

AD #2752 - Labor Costs Going Up; Hyundai and Kia Invest in Commercial EVs; Tesla to Make Chinese-Style Vehicles

- Trump Admin. to Roll Back, Not Freeze Fuel Economy Standards- Boxster and Cayman GTS Drop 4 for a 6- Toyota Supra Gets a 4-Cylinder- Labor Costs Going Up- Toyota Invests in Electric VTOL- Porsche Taycan Turbo S Range Revealed- Hyundai and Kia to Develop Electric Commercial Vehicles- Tesla Registrations Plummet in California- Tesla Wants to Make Chinese-Style Vehicles- EVs Getting More Incentives- Candid Conversation with Faraday Future's CEO
16/01/209m 8s

AD #2751 - Genesis Introduces 1st SUV; GMC Unveils New Yukon; Biggest Sales Losers In 2019

- Big Truck Sales Up In 2019- Biggest Sales Losers In 2019- Faraday Could Earn Billions from Data Monetization- GMC Unveils New Yukon- GMC Terrain Gets AT4 Trim- Genesis Unveils 1st SUV- You Said It!- Automakers Adopt UVeye Scanners- Supplier Schaeffler Joins Hydrogen Council- Honda and Isuzu Partner to Test Fuel Cells
15/01/2010m 42s

AD #2750 - New Chevy Trailblazer Details; Urus Drives Huge Growth for Lambo; Velabit is Affordable Lidar

- Strike Hurt GM and UAW- New Chevy Trailblazer Details- Kia Plans for Its Electric Future- Urus Drives Huge Growth for Lamborghini- Rolls Royce Has Its Best Sales Year Ever- Velodyne Develops Affordable Lidar- Car Sales Will Remain Strong for 5 to 10 Years- Audi Bringing SQ7 and SQ8 to the U.S.- Porsche Files Patents for VTOL
14/01/207m 44s

AD #2749 - GMC Introduces First-Ever Canyon AT4; NACTOY Winners Revealed; Car Sales Plunge in India

- NACTOY Winners Revealed- Geely Wants Stake in Aston Martin- Car Sales Plunge in India- Ford’s Local Hazard Warning- Nissan Has Contingency Plan for Split with Renault- Switch to EVs To Cause Job Cuts- GM to Revive Hummer- GMC Introduces First-Ever Canyon AT4
13/01/206m 6s

AD #2748 - Volvo V90 Impressions; BMW Top Luxury Brand In 2019; NACTOY Winner Predictions

- BMW Top Luxury Brand In 2019- FCA Effectively Funding Tesla’s German Factory- Tesla Has Higher Market Value Than GM and Ford Combined- NACTOY Winner Predictions- GM China Develops Capacitor-Assisted Battery- Toyota Introduces GR Yaris- Nissan Teases Skyline 400R Sprint Concept- Skoda Reveals Vision IN Sketches- Volvo V90 Impressions
10/01/207m 46s

AD #2747 - Carlos Ghosn Rips Japan and Nissan; VW May Never Hit Level 5 Autonomy; New AV Guidelines Released

- Carlos Ghosn Rips Japan and Nissan - China's Sales Slide Slowing- Even More Takata Airbags Recalled- Auto Lobbying Groups Join Forces- VW Says Level 5 Autonomy May Never Happen- U.S. Government Releases New AV Guidelines- Magna Improves Driver Monitoring Systems
09/01/207m 12s

AD #2746 - Sony Reveals Concept Car at CES; FCA Hires Aston’s Simon Sproule; Waymo Logs 20 Million Miles

- FCA Hires Aston’s Simon Sproule- Mercedes and Geely Launch Smart Joint Venture- Waymo Logs 20 Million Miles- Nissan’s E-4orce All-Wheel-Drive System- Sony Reveals Concept Car at CES- Lamborghini Integrates Amazon Alexa Into Huracan EVO Range- A Look At Some Items From The New Daily Set
08/01/206m 55s

AD #2745 - Nissan Creates Sound Reducing Meta-Material; Hyundai Teams w/ Uber on Passenger Drones; Mercedes AVTR Concept

- Tesla Officially Opens China Factory- Nissan Creates Sound Reducing Meta-Material- Toyota to Build City of the Future- Hyundai Partners with Uber on Passenger Drones- Ford Expands Trial of Delivery Robots- Mercedes Reveals Concept Inspired by AVATAR Movie- Continental's Speakerless Audio System Gets 3D Treatment
07/01/207m 4s

AD #2744 - Ram Outsells Silverado For First Time; Bosch Fights Sun Glare; Daimler and Volvo Consider Engine Partnership

- U.S. Car Sales Down In 2019- Ram Outsells Silverado For First Time Ever- Syd Mead Passes Away- New Emission Rules for Heavy Duty Trucks Coming- Daimler and Volvo Consider Engine Partnership- Lambo Introduces Rear-Wheel-Drive Huracan EVO- Aston and Airbus Unveil Helicopter- Segway Expands into Electric Bikes- Bosch Fights Sun Glare
06/01/207m 35s

AD #2743 - FCA Previews CES Vehicles; Rivian Demonstrates “Tank Turn” Feature; Update on Ghosn’s Flee from Japan

- Update on Ghosn’s Flee from Japan- Ford Shares Mustang Mach-E Reservation Details- Opioid Deaths Higher in Towns with Closed Auto Plants- Hyundai Partners with Cummins On Fuel Cells- Rivian Demonstrates “Tank Turn” Feature- Rivian Raises More Cash- FCA Previews CES Vehicles- Bosch Introduces Production Ready LIDAR
03/01/208m 40s

AD #2742 - ROXOR Assembly Process; EV Batteries Could Create Tons of Waste; Hyundai’s New Engine Technology

- EV Batteries Could Create Tons of Waste- Lincoln Aviator’s Heated Wiper Blades- Hyundai’s New Engine Technology- Toyota Makes Patents Available to Anyone- Tesla Model 3 Power Upgrade- BMW i3 Urban Suite- Are eScooters Helping to Reduce Congestion?- Honda Introduces New Electric Scooter- Honda Hits Motorcycle Milestone- Sneak Peek into The ROXOR Assembly Process
20/12/1912m 42s

AD #2741 - Shelby GT350 Heritage Edition; Tesla’s Stock Soaring; Should Screens Be Mounted Portrait or Landscape?

- Tesla’s Stock Soaring- USMCA Will Cost Automakers $3 Billion In Tariffs- BMW and Daimler End Car Sharing in North America- Daimler Hit With $20 Million Fine Over Recalls- Nissan’s Universal Powertrain Mounting System- Virginia Orders Electric School Buses- Mercedes Introduces New Electric Sprinter- CA Approves Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles- Honda Reveals Wild New Autonomous Concept- Limited Edition Shelby GT350 Heritage Package- Should Screens Be Mounted Portrait or Landscape?
19/12/199m 55s

AD #2740 - Volvo Forms Truck Alliance w/ Isuzu; Bosch Tech Monitors Occupants; Hyundai/Kia Use VR to Aid Design

- New Toyota Highlander Headed to Dealerships- Audi Refreshes the Q7- Truck Makers Cutting Jobs Too- Volvo and Isuzu Form Truck Alliance- PSA and FCA Make Merger Official- Bosch Develops Tech to Monitor Occupants- Hyundai/Kia Use VR to Aid Vehicle Design
18/12/196m 47s

AD #2739 - Mercedes Delays EQC Launch in U.S.; Congress Doesn’t Extend EV Tax Credit; Mahindra’s Legal Battle with FCA

- Congress Doesn’t Extend EV Tax Credit- Private Citizens Only Buy a Fraction of NEVs In China- Car Sales in Europe Up For 3rd Straight Month- PSA-FCA Merger Takes Another Step- Mercedes Delays EQC Launch in U.S.- Carbon and Lambo Expand Partnership- Cadillac Teases Giant OLED Screen- More Kia K5 Details- Mahindra’s Legal Battle with FCA
17/12/1910m 37s

AD #2738 - JLR Uses 3D Printed Dog Paw in Tests; Passenger Car Sales Down; BAIC Wants to Be Daimler’s #1 Shareholder

- BAIC Wants to Be Daimler’s Largest Shareholder- Jeep to Add New Subcompact in Europe- Passenger Car Sales Continue to Sink- Cadillac Launches Digital Showroom- JLR Uses 3D Printed Dog Paw in Durability Tests- Big Chevy SUVs Use New Electronic Architecture- Inside the Development of The C8 Corvette
16/12/197m 12s

AD #2737 - Hyundai Sonata N-Line Details; Plug-In Hybrid Sales Plunge; Ford Offers Free GT500 Instruction

- Daimler’s Credit Rating Cut- Mercedes Equips Side View Cameras on Actros Truck- Passenger Drone Market Set to Explode- Hyundai Sonata N-Line Details- Ford Offers Free GT500 Instruction- MINI Cooper SE Range Revealed- Most Cadillacs Will Be Electrified By 2030- Kia To Rename the Optima the K5- Skoda’s Clever Snow Scraper- Plug-In Hybrid Sales Plunge- ADAS Making Big Improvement in Safety
13/12/198m 51s

AD #2736 - UAW Workers Approve FCA Contract; Taycan EPA Range Surprisingly Low; Importance of GM's Big SUVs

- UAW Workers Approve New Contract with FCA- IIHS Makes it Harder to Earn Top Safety Award- Dan Ammann Bites the Hand That Feeds Him- Toyota's North American CEO to Retire- Audi Unlocks More Range for e-tron- Porsche Taycan EPA Range Surprisingly Low- Ferrari Backtracks Stance on EVs- Baojun Shows Nameless NEV- Why GM's Big SUVs Are So Important- Active Aero to Become More Common
12/12/198m 35s

AD #2735 - Chevy Introduces New Tahoe and Suburban, Nissan Sentra Updates, Honda Plans Quality Reforms

- Tesla to Build 500K Vehicles Per Year in Germany- Porsche Receives 30,000 European Taycan Orders- How Color Influences Comfort- Chevy Introduces New Tahoe and Suburban- Is GMC a Truck or Luxury Brand?- GM SUV Production Running All Out- Nissan Sentra Updates- Nissan To Offer Extended Test Drives- Honda Plans Quality Reforms
11/12/1910m 2s

AD #2734 - GM EV Sales Target, Why Automakers Attach Screens to Dashboards, USMCA Close to Approval

- USMCA Close to Approval- GM EV Sales Target- GM Loans Workhorse $40 Million- Why Automakers Attach Screens to Dashboards- Ford Ends GoRide Health Service- Mercedes and Bosch Launch Autonomous Service- Aston and Airbus Tease Helicopter- Car Sales Down in China- GM Sells JV Stake to Avtovaz- How UPS Saves Millions in Gasoline Costs
10/12/197m 8s

AD #2733 - Low-Cost All-Terrain Vehicle, Bosch Prevents Motorcycles from Wiping Out, New Technique to Build Roads

- Suspension Travel, To the Extreme- Bosch Stops Motorcycles from Wiping Out- Low-Cost All-Terrain Vehicle- Shell’s Hyper Fuel-Efficient Semi-Truck- Semi Truck Lowrider- New Technique to Build Roads
09/12/196m 16s

AD #2732 - Hyundai Sonata Design Highlights, China Approves Tesla Subsidies, Chevy Suburban Awarded Hollywood Star

- China Approves Tesla Subsidies- Dongfeng To Sell Part of PSA Stake- Rory Gamble Named UAW President- Nissan To Close U.S. Operations for Two Days- Toyota Can’t Keep Hybrids in Stock- Chevy Suburban Awarded Hollywood Star- Waymo Up To 100,000 Rides- IIHS Calls for Rear Seat Belt Warnings- New Hyundai Sonata Design Highlights
06/12/198m 13s

AD #2731 - Takata Recall Far From Over, GM and LG Chem to Make Batteries in Ohio, Hyundai Improves Sonata's Safety

- Takata Recall Far From Over- GM and LG Chem to Make Batteries in Ohio- Joe Ashton Pleads Guilty for Role in UAW Scandal- Big Job Cuts Coming- Buick Will Drop Entire Regal Lineup- Nissan GT-R50 to Start Hitting Customer Hands in 2020- More Consumers Considering a Used Car- Adoption of Safety Features Takes Too Long- Hyundai Improves Sonata's Safety
05/12/197m 17s

AD #2730 - Focus Active X Gets Vignale Treatment, Hyundai Plans Huge Mobility Investment, Car Sales Down in November

- U.S. Car Sales Down in November- Hyundai Plans Huge Mobility Investment- McLaren Turns to Asia To Boost Sales- Ford Focus Active X Gets Vignale Treatment- Daimler Bus Expands Use of 3D Printed Spare Parts- Rinspeed MetroSnap Revealed- Ford and McDonald’s Partner on Sustainable Materials- Barn Find Revealed
04/12/196m 54s

AD #2729 - China Pushes EV Target Higher, Jaguar F-TYPE Gets Refreshed, New Fuel Injector Cleans Up Diesels

- UAW Making More Reforms- Semiconductor Market Set to Explode- Nissan Wants to Re-evaluate Alliance- Iveco and Nikola to Offer EV and FC Semi- China Pushes EV Target Higher- Daimler and Geely Launch Luxury Ride-Hailing Service- Jaguar F-TYPE Refreshed- Daimler Teams w/ Rolls-Royce on Fuel Cell Systems- New Fuel Injector Cleans Up Diesels- SAE Finds People More Accepting of AVs After Test Rides
03/12/198m 1s

AD #2728 - Japanese OEMs Dominate Chinese Hybrid Market, Mahindra Under Fire Over Roxor, FCA and UAW Reach Deal

- Mahindra Under Fire Over Jeep Lookalike- Daimler To Cut Thousands of Jobs - FCA Reaches UAW Contract Agreement - Justice Department Continues UAW Investigation - Japanese Brands Dominate Chinese Hybrid Market- BMW To Build Mini EV In China - VW Stops Ice Development for Racing- BMW Shows Its “Big Boxer” Engine - Fisker Ocean Details Released- Hyundai’s Digital Key App- Can You Name This Car?
02/12/197m 11s

AD #2727 - McLaren's Profits Down, Lincoln To Use Rivian Skateboard, Cadillac Blackwing V8 May Disappear

- Millennials Expected to Buy More New Cars- Global Car Sales Fall Again- Automakers Cut Jobs to Invest in EVs and AVs- McLaren Revenue Up but Profits Down- Cadillac CT5 Sedan Pricing Announced- Cadillac Blackwing V8 May Disappear- Lincoln To Use Rivian Skateboard in Electric SUV- EV Startup Shows Pickup in China - Magna Develops 5-Cell Bumper Beam- ZF Creates Electric Motor for Yachts
27/11/198m 47s

AD #2726 - Ford Wants Cybertruck Rematch, PSA-FCA Merger Looks Like a Go, Audi to Cut Thousands of Jobs

- Ford Wants Tug-of-War Rematch with Cybertruck- GM Will Have Hard Time Proving Lawsuit Against FCA- Despite Lawsuit, PSA-FCA Merger Looks Like a Go- California DMV Rakes in Millions Selling Driver Info- Audi Will Cut Thousands of Jobs- BAIC Wants a Bigger Stake in Daimler- Honda Reveals All-New City- GM Bringing Book by Cadillac Back- You Said It!
26/11/198m 29s

AD #2725 - Ford to Build Mustang Mach-E in Mexico, Tesla Receives 200K Cybertruck Orders, Another UAW Official Resigns

- U.S. November Sales Expected to Rebound- Another UAW Official Resigns- Porsche’s Android Auto Decision May Hurt It- Elvis Album Cover Car Revealed - Elon Musk Claims 200K Cybertruck Orders- Ford to Build Mustang Mach-E in Mexico- VW Introduces Viloran Van- Toyota Launches Granace Luxury Van- Mercedes To Premiere GLA Online- Hella Develops Air Particulate Sensor- Ford’s Response to Mustang Mach-E Name Complaints
25/11/198m 43s

AD #2724 - Tesla Unveils Wild Cybertruck, Lexus Shows Off First EV, GM Plans Electric Truck for Fall 2021

- Tesla Unveils Wild Cybertruck- Cybertruck Specs- Cybertruck Maintains Common Tesla Interior- Cybertruck Built to Pair with Tesla ATV- Cybertruck Styling Likely Reduces Tooling Costs- GM Plans EV Truck for Fall 2021- GM and Isuzu Invest in Diesel Engine Plant- Lexus Shows Off First EV- IIHS To Update Side Crash Test- Are Labor Costs Hurting Detroit Automakers?- NACTOY Finalist Viewer Feedback- What Car Is Elvis Sitting In?
22/11/1911m 56s

AD #2723 - GM Sues FCA, Continental to Slash ICE Jobs, Hyundai Ioniq EV Gets Significant Increases

- GM Sues FCA- FCA Will Fight Lawsuit- Why GM Is Not Going After the UAW- UAW President Resigns- BMW, VW and Daimler Fined for Steel Cartel- Mustang Mach-E Gains Publicity- Tesla to Reveal Cybertruck Tonight- Continental to Slash ICE Jobs- NACTOY Finalists Announced- Hyundai Ioniq Updated- Vision T is Hyundai's PHEV Concept- Hyundai Tests Mid-Engine Sports Car- Lincoln Dealers to Get New Look- Maybach Puts Its Touch on GLS SUV- Details of the Kia Seltos
21/11/1910m 23s

AD #2722 - Aston Martin Unveils 1st SUV, Toyota Introduces Plug-In Hybrid RAV4, VW Unveils 7th ID Concept

- VW Unveils 7th ID Concept- Toyota Introduces Plug-In Hybrid RAV4- Lexus Shows Off LC 500 Convertible - Lincoln Reveals Plug-In Corsair- Nissan Debuts 2020 Sentra - Karma Reveals Two New Vehicles- Aston Martin Unveils DBX SUV- Audi Shows Off Fastback E-Tron- LIQUI MOLY Introduces Low Viscosity Oil- Hella Develops High-Res Lighting Technology
20/11/199m 15s

AD #2721 - California Amps Up Fight w/ Administration, Europe Wants to Grow Hydrogen Segment, Breakdowns Cost the Economy Billions

- California Won't Buy GM, Toyota or FCA Vehicles- European Car Sales Up in October- Sales in India Continue to Slide- More Ford Mustang Mach-E Details- Europe Trying to Grow Hydrogen Segment- Mitsubishi Reveals New Mirage and Attrage- New Airbag Keeps Passengers from Colliding- Breakdowns Cost the Economy Billions
19/11/198m 0s

AD #2720 - The Story Behind the Mustang Mach-E, VW Cuts Cost of EV Production, Acura MDX Limited Hand-Built Models

- Volkswagen Cuts Sales Growth For 2020- VW Cuts Cost of EV Production- BMW Reveals i4 Details- Audi Names New CEO- UAW Ratifies New Ford Contract- Virtual Vehicle Tear Down- Acura MDX Gets Limited Hand-Built Models- How Ford Developed the Mustang Mach-E- Mustang Mach-E Performance Details
18/11/199m 17s

AD #2719 - VW Plans Huge EV Investment, Canadian Exports to Europe Rise, GM to Build Electric Hummer, Sierra and Escalade

- Mustang Mach-E Details Leak- GM to Build Electric Hummer, Sierra and Escalade- UAW Expected to Ratify Ford Deal- VW Invests Billions into EV Development- Canadian Exports to Europe Rise- Renault Creates New Renewable Material- Santa Cruz Won’t Be a True Small Pickup- Qiantu K50 EV Spotted in Washington, D.C.
15/11/197m 29s

AD #2718 - Ford Calls New EV Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Confirms Santa Cruz Pickup, Toyota Adds AWD Camry and Avalon

- Ford Calls New EV Mustang Mach-E- Automakers Backpedal on Autonomous Taxis- UAW Hopes Ethics Reform Helps Avoid Takeover- Audi Reveals New S8 Performance Sedan- Hyundai Confirms Santa Cruz Pickup- VW Expands U.S. Factory for EVs- Non-U.S. Automakers Brag About U.S. Investments- Designer Sees 26-Inch Wheels in Our Future- Toyota Adds AWD to Camry and Avalon- Ram Smart to Keep Old Truck Around- Ferrari Debuts Stylish New Coupe
14/11/198m 33s

AD #2717 - Luxury Brands Are Losing Customers to Tesla, Hyundai Teases Plug-In SUV, Maserati To Revamp Entire Lineup

- UAW Likely to Ratify New Ford Contract- Tesla Clobbers BMW- Tesla Plans German Factory- Maserati To Revamp Entire Lineup By 2023- Motor Trend C8 Corvette Dyno Results Botched- Hyundai Develops New Noise Control System- Hyundai Teases Plug-In SUV- Medium and Heavy-Duty Truck Sales Drop in U.S.
13/11/196m 28s

AD #2716 - Move By Nissan Really Hurts Renault, No Future Alfa Romeos Planned, Chevrolet Shows First China EV

- Will Trump Impose Import Tariff?- Move by Nissan Will Really Hurt Renault- No Future Alfa Romeos Planned- Skoda Shows 4th-Gen Octavia Sedan- Kia Reveals All-New K5/Optima- History Lesson from Bill Warner- Jeep Shares Details of EcoDiesel Wrangler- The Menlo is Chevy's 1st China EV- SEAT Makes Electric Version of Mii Compact Car
12/11/197m 39s

AD #2715 - California Slashes EV Incentives, Mercedes Consolidates Proving Grounds, Mitsubishi Teases Updated Mirage

- China Considers Cutting EV Subsidies Again- California Slashes EV Incentives- Mercedes Consolidates Proving Grounds- 1955 Hill Valley McDonald’s- Lyft Expands Autonomous Testing- Ford Tests 3D Knitting Seat Covers- Magna Improves Door Latches- Mitsubishi Teases Updated Mirage- PSA and FCA To Keep All Brands- Carbon’s Unique 3D Printing Approach
11/11/198m 6s

AD #2714 - BMW OTA Updates Unlock Vehicle Functions, VW Teases New EV Concept, Could DoJ Take Over the UAW?

- Ford Sweetens UAW Labor Deal- Could U.S. Justice Department Take Over the UAW?- GM Strike to Hurt November Sales- Car Sales Down in Mexico and Canada- European Automakers May Avoid U.S. Import Tariffs- DoJ Subpoenas Automakers Over CA Emission Standards- BMW Offers OTA Updates to Unlock Vehicle Functions - VW Teases EV Crossover Concept- Continental Shows New Camera Tech- Viewer Feedback on Camaro’s Future
08/11/199m 59s

AD #2713 - DoJ Subpoenas Ford Over DCT Trans, C8 Corvette Production Delayed, Tesla to Reveal 'Cybertruck'

- Toyota Up in a Down Market- Another UAW Official Charged- DoJ Subpoenas Ford for Transmission Info- C8 Corvette Production Delayed- C8 Corvette Officially the Fastest Ever- Jaguar Makes Reproduction Toolkit for E-Types- Tesla to Reveal 'Cybertruck'- Fiat to Get Out of the Minicar Segment- Stolen, Wrecked SEMA Car Still Gets Spotlight- Sports Car Segment Down, Performance Vehicles Up- SEAT Tests Parts Delivering Drones
07/11/197m 29s

AD #2712 - No Camaro Replacement Scheduled, Aston Martin Builds First Motorcycle, U.S. EV October Sales Drop

- Lambo and MIT Develop New Supercapacitor Tech- Volvo To Track Sources of Cobalt- CATL To Supply Batteries to Tesla - U.S. EV October Sales Drop- Former Zipcar CEO To Run Ford’s AV Operations- Aston Martin Teases New SUV Interior- No Camaro Replacement Scheduled- Ford Shows Off EV Mustang at SEMA- Ranger RTR Off-Road Package- BMW Reveals New Motorcycles- Honda Shows Off New Bikes- SEAT Jumps into Motorcycle Market- Aston Martin Builds First Motorcycle
06/11/198m 59s

AD #2711 - Penske Buys IndyCar and Indy, Infiniti Will Offer Extended Range EVs, Ford Turns New Bronco Into Baja Racer

- Roger Penske Buys IndyCar and Indy MS- Germany to Boost EV Incentives- Infiniti Will Offer Extended Range EVs in U.S.- NYC Approves Tesla Model 3 Taxis- Ford Turns New Bronco Into Baja Racer- Magna Helps Semis Improve Aero- Wild Kia Concept Hints at Future- Toyota Reveals the Raize for Japan
05/11/198m 56s

AD #2710 - BMW Reveals Plug-In Hybrid X3, October U.S. Car Sales Drop, Could Alfa Romeo and Maserati Be Spun Off?

- UAW President Takes Paid Leave of Absence - UAW Scandal Insight- October U.S. Car Sales Drop- Could Alfa Romeo And Maserati Be Spun Off?- Skoda Launches New China-Only SUV- Continental Offers Radar to Farmers- Mopar Stages SEMA Reveal- BMW Reveals Plug-In Hybrid X3- AIWAYS To Sell Methanol Fuel-Cell EV
04/11/198m 1s

AD #2709 - Details of Ford's New Labor Contract, Fisker Reveals More About SUV, Women at Higher Risk in Crashes

- More UAW Corruption Revealed- Details of Ford's New Labor Contract- How GM Will Offset Higher Labor Costs- Collision Tech for Motorcycles- Fisker Reveals More About Electric SUV- Rockstar Customizes Hyundai Kona for SEMA- NASCAR Camaro Gets New Design- Women at Higher Risk in Crashes- What Powertrain is Best for AVs?- You Said It!
01/11/1911m 59s

AD #2708 - Ford and UAW Reach Tentative Deal, Daimler Offers Pay As You Go Leasing, Baojun Launches Stylish Crossover

- Ford and UAW Reach Tentative Deal- FCA Earnings Show Why It Wants a Merger- Peugeot Once Bought Chrysler Europe- Commercial Trucks Sales Declining- Daimler Trucks Offers Pay-As-You-Go Leasing- Aptiv Earnings Grow in Slumping China- GM Gives Mark Reuss More Responsibility- Baojun Launches Stylish Crossover- New Porsche 911 Finally Gets a Manual
31/10/198m 9s

AD #2707 - PSA and FCA In Merger Talks, Mopar Modifies 1968 Dodge for SEMA, Ford Upgrades SYNC and Adds OTA Updates

- PSA and FCA In Merger Talks- Automakers Choose Sides on CA MPG Fight- GM Posts Decent Q3 Earnings- Tesla’s U.S. Revenue Tumbles- Kiekert Creates Locking System for EV Chargers- Ford Upgrades SYNC and Adds OTA Updates- Skoda Developing Kinetic Energy EV Charger- Car Dealers Face Technician Shortage- Uganda Backs Startup to Build EVs- Mopar Modifies 1968 Dodge Camper for SEMA
30/10/1912m 12s

AD #2706 - ZEV States Should Buy More Electrics, Continental Helps Motorcycle Riders, BorgWarner Creates Dual Clutch Unit for EVs

- Trump's Fight with California Gets New Backers- ZEV States Should Buy More Electrics- VW Retools for Big Boost in EV Production- MINI Sets U.S. Sales Date and Price for 1st EV- Continental Helps Motorcycle Riders- BorgWarner Creates Dual Clutch Unit for EVs- Hyundai Wants Into U.S. Commercial Vehicle Market- R8TR Takes the Worry Out of Online Car Shopping- Waymo to Offer Rider-Only Service- 3D Illusion Helps Clear Up Handicap Parking
29/10/198m 6s

AD #2705 - Hyundai Autonomous Service, Wozniak No Longer Bullish About AVs, BorgWarner Creates Electric Ariel Nomad

- UAW Strike Ends with Lost Profits- Chinese Model 3s Waiting for Ok to Sell- Daimler To Sell Carbon Neutral Trucks By 2039- Steve Wozniak No Longer Bullish About Autonomy- Hyundai Launches Autonomous Ride-Sharing Service- Denso Shows Off AV Tech in Tokyo- Toyota Launches Car Sharing Service- BorgWarner Creates High-Voltage Electric Ariel Nomad
28/10/196m 14s

AD #2704 - Next-Gen VW Golf Debuts, Nissan Tests EV AWD System, GM Suppliers Hit Hard by Strike

- UAW Strike May Be Ending Soon- GM Suppliers Hit Hard by Strike- Bob Kruse Abruptly Resigns from Karma- Roger Penske Awarded Medal of Freedom- Ford Teases Electric Mustang-Inspired SUV- Next-Gen VW Golf Debuts- Jaguar Creates New EV For Gran Turismo- Lamborghini Tests Carbon Fiber for Outer Space- Elon Musk Predicts “Crazy Growth” For Tesla Energy - Nissan Tests EV AWD System on Leaf- New Meaning to Rat Race
25/10/198m 25s

AD #2703 - Ford and Tesla Q3 Earnings, GM Cruise Could Get Green Light in 2020, Key Bollinger Details Revealed

- Tesla Profit Surprises- Ford Earnings Look Grim- UAW Strike Crawling to a Close- GM Cruise Could Get Green Light in 2020- Toyota to Give Level 4 AV Rides- Animal Accidents Ratchet Up in November- Brembo Worried Its Brakes Are Too Loud- Nissan to Axe Datsun- Key Details of Bollinger's Trucks
24/10/198m 9s

AD #2702 - Tokyo Auto Show Reveals, How to Convert WLTP to EPA, Analysts Expect Tesla to Lose Money in Q3

- Final UAW Contract Results Due Friday- UAW VP Pleads Guilty- Analysts Expect Tesla to Lose Money in Q3- Traffic Deaths Down in U.S.- FCA Invests Millions to Assemble Battery Packs- How to Convert WLTP to EPA- Honda Debuts New Fit/Jazz- Mazda Unveils MX-30 EV- Nissan Shows Off Ariya Concept- Subaru Unveils Levorg Wagon “Prototype”- Mitsubishi Reveals Two Concepts- Lexus Unveils LF-30 Concept
23/10/1910m 4s

AD #2701 - Uncertainty Around New UAW Contract, C8 Corvette Engine Underrated? New Cadillac Escalade Coming Soon

- Uncertainty Around New UAW Contract- Chinese Demand for EVs is Weak- New C8 Corvette Engine Underrated?- Hyundai Develops Fuel Cell Semi- Renault Debuts Fuel Cell Commercial Vans- Color Plays a Role in Used Car Prices- New Cadillac Escalade Coming Soon- Volocopter Completes Test Over Singapore- Dodge Horsepower Sales Gimmick Works- You Said It!
22/10/198m 51s

AD #2700 - GM May Revive Hummer as All-Electric Brand, Ford Botches Explorer Launch, Audi Adds A6 Plug-In Hybrid

- Ford Botches Explorer Launch- UAW Deal Helps GM Save Billions- Chevy Bolt Gets Increased Range- Karma Revero Impressions- Hyundai Creates Custom Cruise Control Using AI- PSA Electrifies Compact Vans- GM May Revive Hummer as All-Electric Brand- Audi Adds A6 Plug-In Hybrid- Conductive Ink Used for Heated Seats
21/10/198m 31s

AD #2699 - Ford Shows Off SEMA Models, GM Faces Market Share Loss After Strike, Renault Cuts Profit Outlook

- UAW Members to Vote on GM Deal- GM Faces Market Share Loss After Strike- Tesla Model 3 Gets Small Range Boost- Renault Cuts Profit Outlook- Ford Shows Off SEMA Models - Subaru Japan Plant Idled Due to Typhoon- CATL Begins Battery Factory in Germany
18/10/195m 33s

AD #2698 - GM and UAW Reach Tentative Deal, NHTSA to Revamp 5-Star Rating, Tesla Gets China Approval

- GM and UAW Reach Tentative Deal- NHTSA to Revamp 5-Star Rating System- FCA Fined for Missing Fuel Economy Target- New Toyota Yaris Will Not be Sold in U.S.- Toyota Reveals Tiny BEV- Continental and 3M Team to Help AVs- China EV Policy Backfires- Volvo Shows Electric XC40- Tesla Gets Approval to Make Cars in China- Ford Lays Out Charging Options for EV Owners
17/10/197m 14s

AD #2697 - C8 Corvette Driving Impressions, Big Improvement in Car-To-SUV Crashes, Toyota Reveals New Yaris

- Strike Costing GM and Workers Lots of Money- Volvo’s Gimmick to Boost Plug-In Sales- Apple Drops Blue Vehicle Emoji for Jeep- New Toyota Yaris To Offer Hybrid and AWD- VW Creates Atlas Fast-Back- IIHS Finds Big Improvement in Car-To-SUV Crashes- C8 Corvette Driving Impressions
16/10/198m 12s

AD #2696 - New Sign UAW Strike in Final Stages, Buick's China EV Gets More Range, Taycan with Smaller Battery Released

- New Sign UAW Strike in Final Stages- GM Wants Lower Health Care Costs- Investors OK with Strike- Toyota Reveals New Mini Sports Car- Buick's China EV Gets More Range- China Sales Continue to Fall- Sales in India Plummet- Porsche Releases Taycan with Smaller Battery- Faraday Future CEO Gives Up Stake in Company- Harley Halts LiveWire Production- Front Fascia Gives Barn Find Away
15/10/196m 49s

AD #2695 - Toyota Mirai Gets Sleeker Styling, Dyson Drops Plans to Make EV, Used Car Prices Fall in U.S.

- Dyson Drops Plans to Make EV- Used Car Prices Fall in U.S.- Renault Fires CEO - Hyundai and Kia Reach Engine Settlement- Ford and Holoride Partner on In-Car VR Experience - Porsche and Boeing To Develop VTOL- Corvette C8.R Powertrain Details- Toyota’s LQ Concept Personalizes Autonomy- Mirai Gets Sleeker Styling- RAV4 Plug-In Debuting at LA Auto Show
11/10/196m 59s

AD #2694 - Cullinan Drives Rolls-Royce Growth, BMW Boosts Gas Cars to Pay for EVs, How Drones Can Improve Safety

- Ghosn Whistleblower Demoted- Renault Looking for New Leader- Consumer Reports Critiques Tesla Feature- Cullinan Drives Rolls-Royce Growth- Lexus Teases New BEV Concept- BMW Boosts Gas Powered Cars to Pay for EVs- SEAT Shows How Drones Can Help Improve Safety- What Year is This Chevy Corvair?
10/10/196m 20s

AD #2693 - BMW M8 Gran Coupe Debuts, Chevy Updates 2021 Colorado, Bosch Semiconductor Boosts EV Range

- UAW Strike Costs GM Millions of Dollars- PSA and Hyundai To Use Continental E-Drive Axle- New Autonomous Vehicle Consortium Formed - New Bosch Semiconductor Boosts EV Range - Commute Times in U.S. Increase- Volvo Reveals More Details About Electric XC40- BMW M8 Gran Coupe Debuts- Chevy Updates 2021 Colorado
09/10/196m 53s

AD #2692 - UAW Strike Will Impact C8 Corvette, Nissan Names New CEO, VW Could Share Audi/Porsche EV Platform

- Strike Effect Continues to Trickle Down- Nissan Names New CEO and COO- Toyota Reveals New Van for Japan- New Ram EcoDiesel Fuel Economy Figures- VW Could Share Audi/Porsche EV Platform- Last Buick Cascada Rolls Off the Line- Ford Starts New Puma Production- Harley LiveWire Not Having Desired Effect
08/10/196m 7s

AD #2691 - Ford Updates European Models, NASA Tests First Electric Plane, Toyota Teaching Robots with VR

- UAW Strike Enters Third Week- Former UAW PR Directors Blast Leadership - Nissan Wants to Oust Ghosn Whistleblower- Volvo and Geely Merge Engine Operations- Ford Updates European Models- NASA Tests First Electric Plane- Dow Offers Parts for Battery Market- Toyota Teaching Robots with VR
07/10/196m 22s

AD #2690 - Lincoln To Make More Coach Door Continentals, EV Sales Slow, Driver’s Don’t Trust Lane Keep Systems

- EV Sales Slow in September- Mitsubishi Teases Tokyo Concepts- Driver’s Don’t Trust Lane Keeping Systems- Lucid Motors Inches Closer to Production- Tesla to Start Production in China This Month- Home Charging Station Gets Level 2 Upgrade- Larger Wheels Are Becoming More Common- Lincoln To Make More Coach Door Continentals
04/10/196m 18s

AD #2689 - Corvette Shows Off Convertible C8, UAW Officials Turn on Their President, Silverado Closes Gap with Ram

- UAW Officials Turn on Their President- GM Posts Strong Q3 Sales. Ford and FCA Not- Silverado Closes Gap with Ram- NHTSA Concerned with Tesla Summon Feature - AAA Finds Problems with Safety Systems- Ford Gives Us Peek at Its Mobility Business- Corvette Shows Off Convertible C8- Racing Version of Corvette C8
03/10/197m 27s

AD #2688 - Nissan Develops Manufacturing Breakthrough, Volvo Teases Electric XC40, U.S. Vehicle Sales Drop

- U.S. Vehicle Sales Drop- UAW Rejects Latest GM Proposal- Volvo Teases Electric XC40- Toyota C-HR Updated For 2020- Nissan Develops Manufacturing Breakthrough- Suzuki Shows Off Tokyo Concepts- Amazing BMW Isetta Cold War Story
02/10/196m 24s

AD #2687 - Ford and Mahindra Form New JV, Nissan IMk Hints at Future Design, All-New Lincoln Corsair Impressions

- Ford and Mahindra Form New JV- Vehicle Discounts Up in Q3- Large Electric Bus Completes Durability Test- Citroen's Glamping Van Concept- Nissan Reveals Funky Small EV Concept- EV Running Costs Are Half of Gasoline- All-New Lincoln Corsair Impressions
01/10/196m 25s

AD #2686 - Toyota Takes Bigger Stake in Subaru, Hyundai to Make Passenger Drones, Nissan Refreshes the Titan

- Toyota Takes Bigger Stake in Subaru- Shanghai to Ban Diesel Trucks- Hyundai Plans to Make Passenger Drones- Nissan Refreshes the Titan Pickup- UAW Strike Continues- You Said It!
30/09/198m 1s

AD #2685 - Tesla to Hit Sales Milestone, EVs Could Cost People Their Jobs, Williams Develops Innovative EV Battery

- Tesla on Track to Top 100,000 Sales This Quarter- Problems with Tesla's Autopilot Name?- EVs Could Cost People Their Jobs- Williams Develops Innovative EV Battery- Traditional OEMs Focus on EV Reliability, Not Range- 2020 Charger Lineup Pricing Release- UAW Strike Hitting Suppliers Hard
27/09/198m 29s

AD #2684 - No More Frankfurt Auto Show? Ford Using Robots to Sand Car Bodies, GM Puts Alexa in Its Vehicles

- Tesla "Killer" Getting Killed- No More Frankfurt Auto Show?- Ford Using Robots to Sand Car Bodies- GM Puts Alexa in Its Vehicles- September Sales Forecast to be Down- UAW Strike Affected by Corruption Scandal
26/09/196m 22s

AD #2683 - More Diesel Emission Woes, Scania Develops Cabless AV Truck, Skilled Trades Ripe for Reform

- Diesel Emission Scandals Not Going Away- Renault Wants Another Shot at FCA Merger- NIO Investor Hit Hard by Decline- Scania Develops Cabless AV Truck- Peugeot Modifies Van for the Outdoors- Volvo Highlights Battery Safety in XC40 EV- Skilled Trades Ripe for Reform
25/09/196m 57s

AD #2682 - Germany Indicts Top VW Execs., Nissan Reveals All-New Patrol, Absenteeism at GM Needs to be Improved

- Germany Indicts Top VW Executives- EV Startup NIO Fighting for Its Life- Honda to Stop Selling Diesels in Europe- Ford Upgrades Large European Vans- Nissan Reveals All-New Patrol Large SUV- Absenteeism at GM Needs to be Improved
24/09/196m 30s

AD #2681 - Porsche and Holoride Test VR Technology, Global Sales Beginning to Slow, FCA Hiring Gamers for Design

- Hyundai And Aptiv Form AV Joint Venture- UAW Strike Continues into Second Week- Global Sales Beginning to Slow- Tata Motors Plans New EV- Arcimoto Gearing Up for EV Launch- Faraday Future Plans New Attack- Porsche and Holoride Test VR Technology- FCA Hiring Gamers for Design
23/09/197m 4s

AD #2680 - Rivian Gets Big Order from Amazon, 1990 VW Cabriolet Converted to an EV, BMW May Cut Thousands of Jobs

- UAW Strike Forces Supplier Layoffs- Rivian Gets Big Order from Amazon- BMW May Cut Thousands of Jobs- FCA And Nissan Test Smart Charging- Lexus Introduces First Ever Yacht- 1990 VW Cabriolet Converted to an EV- Ford Falcon “Barn Find”
20/09/196m 32s

AD #2679 - Honda Unveils CR-V Hybrid, Model 3 Earns Top Safety Pick, Ford Escape Hybrid Impressions

- UAW Strike Hits Canada- SEAT Using Municipal Waste for Biofuel- Germany to Charge for Carbon Emissions- Honda Unveils CR-V Hybrid- Tesla Model 3 Earns Top Safety Pick- Ford Offers Off-Road Kit for Its Trucks- Ford Escape Hybrid Impressions
19/09/197m 0s

AD #2678 - Renault ZOE Gets Range Increase, EPA Takes Aim at California, GM Offers Workers Minor Wage Increase

- GM Electric Truck Planned for Detroit Plant - UAW Medical Benefits Cut During Strike- GM Offers Workers Minor Wage Increase- Toyota Installs Fuel Cell Generator at Plant- Renault ZOE Gets Range Increase- European Car Sales Drop- EPA Takes Aim at California
18/09/196m 25s

AD #2677 - Could Strike Affect C8 Launch? Bikes and Scooters Could Greatly Reduce Traffic, New Ford Escape Impressions

- Teamsters Won't Deliver GM Vehicles to Dealers- Could Strike Affect C8 Corvette Launch?- Bikes and Scooters Could Greatly Reduce Congestion- Night Vision for AVs- Subaru of America Hits 10 Million Sales- Volocopter Performs 1st European Urban Flight- New Ford Escape Details and Impressions- Others Made Bigger Sacrifices During GM Bankruptcy
17/09/197m 26s

AD #2676 - Mercedes Creates Wild Retro Concept, UAW Strikes Against GM, Audi Names New CEO

- UAW Strikes Against GM - Mercedes Creates Wild Retro Concept - Canada May Adopt CA Fuel Economy Standards- New Sun Visor Features HUD System- Infiniti Names New Head of Design- GM China Design Studio Gets New Design Director - Markus Duesmann Named CEO Of Audi
16/09/196m 37s

AD #2675 - Cadillac Reveals New CT4, UAW Exec Arrested Over Embezzlement, Consumers Buy Cars with Bland Colors

- UAW Executive Arrested Over Embezzlement- EV Sales Drop After Government Subsidies Cut- Ford and GM Race to Build EV Truck Before Tesla- Merrill Lynch Upgrades and Downgrades Suppliers- Car Sales Down in Mexico- Ford Working to Improve Customer Service- Cadillac CT4 Brings RWD And Standard Turbo- Consumers Continue to Buy Cars with Bland Colors
13/09/197m 7s

AD #2674 - GM Lost Market Share w/o CMO, Nissan Shows U.S. Dealers New EV, Car Ownership Getting More Expensive

- Strike at GM Looks More Likely- GM Lost Market Share w/o CMO- Range Revealed for Ford's Mustang-Inspired EV- Nissan Shows U.S. Dealers IMx-Inspired EV- AutoNation Dropping More Nissan Stores- Volvo Adds XC40 PHEV to Lineup- Car Ownership Getting More Expensive
12/09/196m 31s

AD #2673 - Cox Auto Makes Huge Investment in Rivian, Toyota Develops New Small Car Platform, UAW Could Go After GM Arlington Plant

- Cox Automotive Makes Huge Investment in Rivian- Honda Joins with Germany's Ubitricity- Former LED Maker Improves Battery Efficiency- Toyota Develops New Platform for Small Cars- Ford's Credit Rating Slashed- Ward's Rates 10 Best User Experiences- UAW Could Go After GM's Arlington Plant
11/09/197m 42s

AD #2672 - Honda's Little EV Has Big Price, Land Rover Defender is Back, New Nissan CEO Let Go for Familiar Reasons

- Dark Mood Over Frankfurt- VW ID.3 Range and Price- BMW Hydrogen Prototype Hints at Future Vehicle- BMW's Kidney About to Burst- Mercedes Concept Features Digital Grille- Honda's Little EV Has Big Price- Hyundai Concept Hints at Future EV Design- Audi Reveals Wild Autonomous Off-Roader- Land Rover Defender is Back- New Nissan CEO Let Go for Familiar Reasons
10/09/198m 5s

AD #2671 - Daimler Testing Autonomous Trucks, Protestors Vandalize Cars in Frankfurt, Toyota Avalon And Camry Get TRD Trims

- Protestors Vandalize Cars in Frankfurt- Bugatti Proposes 4-Seater Chiron- Third-Gen Mercedes GLC Plug-In Hybrid- Ferrari 812 And F8 Models Go Topless- Weekend Racing Results- Toyota Avalon And Camry Get TRD Trims- Daimler Testing Autonomous Trucks in Virginia- Volocopter To Bring VTOLs To China
09/09/196m 10s

AD #2670 - Jeep Renegade Plug-In Hybrid, Trump Fights California Over Emissions, VW Provides EV Kit for Classic Beetles

- President Trump Talks with GM’s Mary Barra- President Trump Fights California Over Emissions- Self Cleaning Sensors on Ford’s Autonomous Vehicles- New VW E-Up! Gets Larger Battery, Increased Range- VW Provides EV Kit for Classic Beetles- Jeep Renegade Plug-In Hybrid Set For 2020- GM to Integrate Google Into Next-Gen Infotainment- Karim Habib Appointed Head of Kia Design- Cadillac’s Deborah Wahl Promoted to GM CMO
06/09/196m 37s

AD #2669 - Tesla Sales Hit a Brick Wall, Porsche Taycan Not a "Tesla Killer," Japan is Going AV Crazy

- Mary Barra to Meet with President Trump- U.S. Sales Stronger Than Expected- Tesla's Sales Hit a Brick Wall- Wearable Robotics Industry Growing- More Details On the Honda e- Global Display Market to Double- Porsche Taycan Not a "Tesla Killer"- Japan is Going AV Crazy
05/09/198m 13s

AD #2668 – Lambo Unveils Most Powerful Model Ever, UAW Targets GM for Contract Talks, Nissan Juke Revived and Redesigned

- Ford Explorer Hybrid Popular with Police- Lexus RX Refresh Offers Android Auto- Daimler’s Martin Daum Launches Truck Podcast- Banksy’s Box Truck Heads to Auction- Lambo Unveils Most Powerful Model Ever- Nissan Juke Revived and Redesigned- Mercedes Hints at Future Interior Design- UAW Targets GM for Contract Talks
04/09/196m 54s

AD #2667 - VW Cheated on Gas Engines Too, Bugatti Tops 300 MPH in Special Chiron, BMW to End i8 Production

- CNH Industrial to Split Operations- Continental Considers Powertrain Spinoff- Weekend Race Results- Bugatti Tops 300 MPH in Special Chiron- BMW Will Stop Producing the i8- VW Cheated on Gas Engines Too
03/09/196m 50s

AD #2666 - GM Developing New Vehicle for U.S. Army, Audi Creates Digital OLEDs, Training Centers at Core of UAW Scandal

- Paris Suburb Tests “Noise Radars”- GM Developing New Vehicle for The U.S. Army- Ford Reveals Big Nugget Concept- Genesis SUVs Arrive In 2020 and 2021- Subaru Updates the Impreza- Audi Develops Digital OLEDs- Import Tariffs Causing Uncertainty in Auto Industry- Training Centers at Core of UAW Scandal
30/08/197m 49s

AD #2665 - August Sales Could be Soft, FBI Raids Home of UAW President, Tesla Rolls Out Its Own Insurance

- August Sales Could be Soft- FBI Raids Home of UAW President- Tesla Rolls Out Its Own Insurance- New Peugeot PHEV Sips Fuel- New Limited Edition Mopar '19 Revealed- Hyundai Upcycles Leftover Material- What Vehicle Did This Old Wheel Go On?- Contract Negotiations Could Get Messy
29/08/197m 9s

AD #2664 - The “World’s Blackest Black” Paint, Levandowski Accused of Stealing Secrets, Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe

- Japanese Automakers Avoid U.S. Tariffs- Levandowski Accused of Stealing Waymo Secrets- New BMW X6 Features “World’s Blackest Black” Paint- Roxor Shares Update on North American Operations- Nissan Creates Perfect Golf Ball for Cheaters- Mercedes Shows Off New AMG GLE Coupe- Lamborghini Launches Luggage Transport Service
28/08/197m 47s

AD #2663 - Millennials Pay More for Car Repair, Piech Passes Away, Next-Gen Toyota Tacoma On the Way

- Piech Passes Away- Millennials Pay More for Car Repair- China Trots Out Auto Incentives- Aftermarket Module for Tesla Model S- Next-Gen Toyota Tacoma On the Way- Hyundai’s Fold Up EV Scooter
27/08/195m 45s

AD #2662 - Honda Invents New Airbag, China Hits American Imports, Tesla Looking for German Gigafactory

- China Hits American Imports- VW Digs Deeper into China- German Economy Sinking- Tesla Looking for German Gigafactory- Honda Invents New Airbag- Continental Makes Smart Belt - Mopar To Unleash A New Beast- Sato Wins in IndyCar
26/08/195m 53s

AD #2661 - GM Gives the Bolt a Jolt, Porsche Shows Off Taycan Interior, Plug-In Lincoln Aviator Impressions

- GM Gives the Bolt a Jolt- Tesla in Talks to Buy Batteries from LG Chem- Lithium Prices Down This Year- Plug-In Lincoln Aviator Impressions- Most Common Car Questions on Google- Porsche Shows Off Taycan Interior- Don’t Be a Lead Foot in These States- Flat Tire in Alaska- AIWAYS Road Trip Update
23/08/198m 6s

AD #2660 - VW Wants Stake in Tesla, JLR Developing 3D Entertainment Display, Trump Criticizes Ford for Cali Deal

- VW Wants to Buy Stake in Tesla- Trump Criticizes Ford for California MPG Deal- JLR Developing 3D HUD and Entertainment Display- Dealers Complain About Care by Volvo- Urus Boosts Lamborghini- Autoworker Compensation Breakdown- BYD Triples Profit, Stock Tumbles- What Makes People Car Sick?
22/08/197m 36s

AD #2659 - Hyundai Reveals i30 N Project C, Mercedes X-Class Pickup Struggling, Geely’s Profits Plummet

- Geely’s Profits Plummet- Correlation Between Airbags and Heatstroke Deaths- Tesla Capex Spending Down as A Percent of Revenue- Hyundai Reveals i30 N Project C- Japanese Full-Size Trucks Are a Flop in The U.S.- Mercedes Struggling to Sell X-Class Pickup- Jim Dunne Was One of a Kind
21/08/199m 3s

AD #2658 - Shareholder Value Not Main Concern of Corps, Tesla Spends Less on R and D, Lincoln Aviator Impressions

- Shareholder Value No Longer Main Concern of Corps.- Audi Offers Free Rentals to New Car Owners- Tesla Spends Less on R and D- More Robots Filling Jobs- Mercedes' First Electric Passenger Van- MAN's First Electric Commercial Van- Lincoln to Get Electric CUV- All-New Lincoln Aviator Impressions
20/08/197m 29s

AD #2657 - Ferrari To Expand Lineup of GT Cars, ASEAN Car Market Slowing, Continental Jumps into Smart Farming

- Former UAW VP Accused in Bribery Scheme- Ferrari To Expand Lineup of GT Cars- Weekend Racing Results- ASEAN Car Market Slowing- AI-Driven Scooter- Ford Ranger Raptor Breadcrumb Feature- Continental Expands into Smart Farming
19/08/195m 22s

AD #2656 - Official C8 Corvette Pricing, Feds Nail More UAW Officials, Tesla Hits Quality Problems in Europe

- Tesla Hits Quality Problems in Europe- Rich Norwegians Buying EVs- EV Battery Swapping in India- Feds Nail More UAW Officials- Official C8 Corvette Pricing- Flying Cars for You and Me
16/08/197m 0s

AD #2655 - Jaguar Going After Tesla Owners, OEMs Won't Make EV Motors In-House, SEAT Installs Cobots At Factory

- OEMs Unlikely to Make EV Motors In-House- Cost of Battery Packs Expected to Fall- Ford Extends Warranty for Fiesta and Focus- Students Interested in Working in Auto Industry- Jaguar Trying to Poach Tesla Owners- Tesla Executive Turnover Rate Worrisome- SEAT Installs Cobots At Factory
15/08/196m 51s

AD #2654 - Cyber Attacks Soaring, Finalists for Massive Postal Contract, GM and Ford Preparing for a Downturn

- Automotive Cyber Attacks Soaring- Old Ram Eating Into New Ram Sales?- Finalists for Massive Postal Contract- Acura Concept Hints at Future Design- GM and Ford Preparing for a Downturn- BMW 3 Series PHEV Goes on Sale- GM and VW Giving Up on Hybrids
14/08/196m 51s

AD #2653 - Porsche Unveils Cayenne Plug-In, New Challenger to Arrive In 2023, Chinese Startup NIO In Big Trouble

- Global Plug-In Hybrid Sales Stall- Chinese Startup NIO In Big Trouble- PSA and Dongfeng Slash Workforce- Porsche Unveils Cayenne Plug-In- Platinum Suppliers Want to Develop New EV Battery- CSP Supplies Ford with Composite Dashboard- Roadkill Nights Attracts Huge Crowd- New Challenger to Arrive In 2023
13/08/196m 26s

AD #2652 - Fix for Wrangler Death Wobble, McLaren Returning to IndyCar, Are Used Cars Hurting New Car Sales in China?

- Are Used Cars Hurting New Car Sales in China?- EV Stations Need More Smart Chargers- Jeep Creates Fix for Wrangler “Death Wobble”- McLaren Returning to IndyCar in 2020- Weekend Racing Results- Mystery Cars Revealed- AIWAYS Road Trip Update- Baseball Signed by Henry Ford Sells For $24,000
12/08/196m 40s

AD #2651 - Toyota Supra Impressions, IIHS Crash Tests First Fuel Cell Vehicle, EVs Need Cleaner Electric Grid

- EVs Need Cleaner Electric Grid- IIHS Crash Tests First Fuel Cell Vehicle- China Car Sales Down in July- Toyota Supra Impressions- Can You Identify This Car?- Audi Drops A3 Cabriolet- VW Golf R Goes on Hiatus- How Ford Is Speeding Up Product Development
09/08/1911m 19s

AD #2650 - Mahindra Could Buy Old GM Plant, Knee Airbags Provide Little Benefit, BMW EV Partnership Hits Snag

- Mahindra Could Buy Old GM Plant- GM to Cut Equinox Production- IIHS Says Knee Airbags Provide Little Benefit- Ford to Pay Owners of MyFord Touch- BMW and Great Wall EV Partnership Hits Snag- Daimler Making 2nd-Life Battery Storage System- Nikola Awarded Grant for Fuel Cell Technology- Daimler Teaching Big Trucks to Make Payments
08/08/196m 0s

AD #2649 - Nissan Drops Titan Trims from Lineup, USMCA Contains EV Supply Chain Provisions, Ford Tests Dealer Storefronts

- Mercedes Offers Subsidies to Retrofit Diesels- USMCA Contains EV Supply Chain Provisions- New Battery Tech Will Help Grow Number of EVs- Ford Tests Satellite Dealer Storefronts- Senators Urge Carmakers to Join California Pact- Hyundai Teases Electric Racecar- Nissan Drops Two Titan Trims from Lineup
07/08/196m 40s

AD #2648 - Survey Shows EV Growth Continuing, Nickel Supply Could Keep Battery Prices High, Audi e-tron Scooters

- EVs Will Continue to Chip Away at ICEs- Daimler Develops Huge Bus Charging Stations- Henry Ford Signed Baseball Up for Auction- Nickel Supply Could Keep Battery Prices High- Former UAW Exec Going to Prison- Audi Reveals e-tron Scooter
06/08/196m 16s

AD #2647 - Mustang GT500 Powertrain Details, 2020 Nissan Versa Impressions, Motorcycles Enjoy High Profit Margins

- Renault In Talks to Reduce Nissan Stake- Mustang GT500 Powertrain Details- Motorcycles Enjoy High Profit Margins- Weekend Racing Results- IndyCar To Start Using Hybrids In 2022- 2020 Nissan Versa Impressions
05/08/198m 50s

AD #2646 - Volkswagen Golf R Impressions, U.S. Sales Slip in July, Ford Beefs Up Power Stroke Diesel

- U.S. Sales Slip in July- Super Lux Segment Hits Headwinds- Tesla Cuts R and D, Capex- GM Wants EV Partners- MINI Could Exit Britain- OEMs Struggle to Make Profit on New Tech- Ford Beefs Up Power Stroke Diesel- VW Golf R Impressions
02/08/198m 54s

AD #2645 - BP Partners w/ Didi on EV Chargers, Details on Ford's New Engine and Trans, What Cars Thieves Like Most

- Indonesia to Offer EV Incentives- BP Partners w/ Didi on EV Chargers- GM's Q2 Earnings- Details on Ford's New Engine and Transmission- Dodge's New Sales Gimmick- What Cars Thieves Like Most- Bentley's Flying Bees
01/08/198m 10s

AD #2644 - ADAS Leading to More Distracted Driving, Former Audi CEO Charged, FCA Reports Q2 Results

- Former Audi CEO Charged with Fraud- Qualcomm Says U.S. Needs to Adopt C-V2X- FCA Reports Mixed Q2 Earnings- ADAS Tech Leading to More Distracted Driving- Europe Cracks Down on Exhaust Noise- Ford Makes Acquisitions to Help with AVs And Mobility- Hispano-Suiza Shows Off New EV
31/07/197m 7s

AD #2643 - Porsche Gets 30,000 Taycan Orders, BMW Takes an Axe to Its Lineup, Mazda’s Eye-Popping Red Paint

- Tesla Takes on Extra Fees for China Plant- Netflix and YouTube Coming to Tesla Screens- Porsche Gets 30,000 Taycan Orders- VW Helps Save Pedestrians- VW Chops U.S. Warranty- The Story Behind Mazda’s Eye-Popping Red Paint- Major Automakers Pull Out of Tokyo Show- BMW Takes an Axe to Its Lineup
30/07/196m 41s

AD #2642 - Tesla Adding Service Centers to Retail Stores, Honda Shows Off New Dual Touchscreen, Cadillac XT6 Details

- Tesla Adding Service Centers to Retail Stores- Honda Shows Off New Dual Touchscreen- Cadillac XT6 Details- Cadillac Tail Fin Design Evolution- Mercedes Flops at German Grand Prix- Audi Unveils A1 citycarver- Mystery Car Identity Revealed
29/07/196m 56s

AD #2641 - Too Much Production Capacity, California and 4 Automakers Strike MPG Deal, Cadillac Refreshes the XT5

- Too Much Production Capacity- China Sales Expected to Drop In 2019- California and 4 Automakers Strike MPG Deal- Insurance COs Not Giving Discounts for ADAS Tech- Cadillac Refreshes the XT5- UPS Creates Drone Subsidiary- Can You Identify This Car?- When Will We See Fully Autonomous Vehicles?
26/07/196m 52s

AD #2640 - Good and Bad News for Tesla, Cruise Delays Ride-Hailing Service, Fuel Economy for Chevy's Baby Duramax

- Tesla Reports Second Quarter Earnings- Ford Reports Second Quarter Earnings- Nissan to Slash Workforce and Lineup- BMW Doubles Battery Production Capacity- Cruise Delays AV Ride-Hailing Service- Toyota Contracts More Solar and Wind Power- Silverado w/ 3.0L Diesel Fuel Economy- Continental Improves Auto Window Tinting
25/07/196m 36s

AD #2639 - BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Details, Tesla Manufacturing Improvements, Nissan’s Q1 Profit Plunges 90%

- Daimler’s Profit Tumbles- Nissan’s Q1 Profit Plunges 90%- PSA Posts Strong Earnings- Tesla Manufacturing Improvements- Top Excuses to Get Out of a Ticket- Honda Offers Amazon Delivery Service- BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Details
24/07/196m 10s

AD #2638 - Tesla's Amazing New Wiring Architecture, BAIC Buys Stake in Daimler, Volvo Could Add More SUVs

- Tesla Develops New Wiring Architecture- China's BAIC Buys Stake in Daimler- Daimler and Bosch Get Level 4 AV Approval- Hyundai Reveals New Sonata Hybrid- Volvo Could Add More SUVs- EV Startup Seres Hires Former GM Exec- Electric F-150 Prototype Tows 1 Million Pounds
23/07/196m 9s

AD #2637 - BMW iNEXT's Polygonal Steering Wheel, Ghosn Sues Nissan, Cummins Wants to Buy MAN Energy

- Ghosn Sues Nissan And Mitsubishi- Cummins Makes Offer to Buy MAN Energy- Mahle’s Integrated Thermal System- BMW iNEXT Features Polygonal Steering Wheel- Lyft Adds NYC Subway and Bus Info to App- Weekend Racing Results- A Peek into The Ford DCT Story
22/07/195m 53s

AD #2636 - Chevy Unveils C8 Corvette Stingray, Best Performing Auto Stocks, Toyota Partners with BYD On BEVs

- Chevy Unveils C8 Corvette Stingray- Best Performing Automotive Stocks- Hyundai’s Active Shift Control Technology- Minivan Sales Slump- BMW Names New CEO- Price of Rhodium Skyrockets- Toyota Partners with BYD On BEVs
19/07/198m 5s

AD #2635 - Ferrari's Stock Off to the Races, Long Distance Road Trip in EV SUV, Honda Reveals All-New Kei Car

- Ford Fires Back on DCT Story- Ferrari's Stock Up, Could Go Higher- C8 Corvette Livestream Reveal Today- IIHS Wants More Research on Young Truckers- AIWAYS Drives from China to Germany in EV SUV- Family Photo Reveals Old Concept Car- Honda's All-New Kei Car- Lexus Goes Off Roading
18/07/196m 31s

AD #2634 - Lotus Introduces Electric Hypercar, Car Sales Down in Europe, EV Battery Sales Soar in China

- Car Sales Down in Europe- Fake Ferrari’s And Lambo’s Seized in Brazil- EV Battery Sales Soar in China- Toyota And CATL Partner on Batteries- ZF Develops 2-Speed Transmission for EVs- Lotus Introduces Electric Hypercar- Ford Lobbies for Truck Emoji
17/07/196m 25s

AD #2633 - Tesla Simplifies Its Lineup, Ford to Make Bronco Pickup, Artificial Intelligence Taking Over BMW Plants

- Tesla Simplifies Its Lineup- Toyota to Help Develop Lunar Rover- Small Van Sales Outpace Market- Ford to Make Bronco Pickup- AI Taking Over BMW Plants- Nissan Reveals Updated Skyline
16/07/195m 57s

AD #2632 - Euro NCAP Awards Model 3 with 5-Star Rating, VW and Ford Will Save Big on EV Costs, Lincoln Updates the Navigator

- UAW Negotiations Begin Today- VW and Ford Will Save Big on EV Costs- EV Startups in Trouble- VW ID.3 Interior Video Leaked- Petition Launched to Create EV Charging Emoji- Weekend Racing Results- Lincoln Updates the Navigator- Euro NCAP Awards Tesla Model 3 with 5-Star Rating
15/07/196m 0s

AD #2631 - Ford and VW Partner on EVs and AVs, Daimler Once Again Cuts Profit Forecast, Industry Upheaval Underway

- Ford to Use VW’s MEB Platform- VW Invests Billions in Argo AI- Industry Upheaval Underway- China Proposes to Reclassify Hybrid Vehicles- Harley LiveWire Owners Get Free Charging- Daimler Once Again Cuts Profit Forecast- Toyota Needs Workers to Build the Highlander
12/07/196m 50s

AD #2630 - Toyota Shifts Production Plans, Diesel Sales Continue to Climb, Bentley Unveils Sleek Future Concept

- Toyota Won't Make Corolla's in Alabama- VW Beetle Production Ends- Diesel Sales Continue to Climb- Bentley EXP 100 GT- Acura to Give MDX and TLX the NSX Treatment- Barn Find Revealed- Thieves Hit Daimler's Car2Go in Chicago- Make Money Getting People to Fix Takata Airbags
11/07/198m 34s

AD 2629 - Tesla to Pump Up the Volume, Passenger Car Sales Continue to Tumble, Wall Street Bullish on Electra Meccanica

- Tesla to Pump Up the Volume- Passenger Car Sales Continue to Tumble- Detroit OEMs Want More Temporary Workers- Panasonic Connecter Eliminates Need for Wire Harnesses- Test Your Automotive Knowledge- Historic Runs at Goodwood Festival of Speed- Wall Street Bullish on Electra Meccanica
10/07/195m 56s

AD 2628 - EV Sales Up, New Charger and Challenger Delayed for Negotiations? All-Electric Off-Road Racing Series

- June EV Sales Up- U.S. Governors Want 50-State Fuel Regs.- Chevy to Livestream Corvette Reveal- New Charger and Challenger Delayed for Union Negotiations?- Charger and Challenger Going Electric- MINI Electric Details- Bosch Helps Prevent T-Bone Accidents- New Electric Off-Road Racing Series
09/07/197m 35s

AD #2627 - Europe Battles China Over Batteries, Harald Krueger Quits BMW, U.S. Car Sales Up in June

- Europe Battles China Over Batteries- Audi Accused of Using Four Defeat Devices- Harald Krueger Quits BMW- U.S. Car Sales Up in June- Hyundai’s Stock Expected to Soar- Weekend Racing Results- RIP Lee Iacocca
08/07/195m 40s

AD #2626 - Battery Costs Hurting BEVs Competitiveness, New Ford Explorer Impressions, Fiat Committed to U.S.

- FCA Execs Play Musical Chairs- Fiat Committed to U.S. Despite Huge Sales Drop- Inteva Develops New Material Made from Scrap- Battery Costs Hurting BEVs Competitiveness - Detroit Automakers Seek Cost Savings from UAW- New Ford Explorer Impressions- Why EV Startups Are Moving to Detroit
28/06/198m 34s

AD #2625 - Ford Announces Big Cuts in Europe, New Off-Road Package for Super Duty, Does Tesla Have a Secret Battery Lab?

- Auto Industry Entering Profit Desert- Ford Announces Big Cuts in Europe- VW Could Make Billions on Truck IPO- Automakers Face Huge Emission Fines in Europe- Audi Refreshes the Q7- Boeing Teams with Kitty Hawk on VTOLs- Tremor is Ford's New Off-Road Super Duty- Widebody Package Now Available on Dodge Charger- Tesla Needs to Go All Out for Production Record- Does Tesla Have a Secret Battery Lab?
27/06/197m 15s

AD #2624 - BMW Packs EV Tech into A 5 Series, Carmakers in Europe Face Big Fines, Mitsubishi Moves North American HQ

- Mitsubishi Moves North American HQ to TN- Carmakers in Europe Face Big Fines- Hyundai To Offer Lyft Rides to Customers- Ford Puma Now a Crossover- BMW Packs EV Tech into A 5 Series- BMW Drags Feet on Battery Cell Production- Japanese Dominate ‘American-Made Index’
26/06/196m 20s

AD #2623 - BMW's M Division Looks Into the Future, Ford's New Technology is a Tattletale, Chevy Silverado HD Impressions

- Old LEAF Batteries Could Power Soccer Stadiums- Paris Considers Flying Taxis for 2024 Olympics- BMW Vision M NEXT Unveiled- Barn Find Revealed- Ford's Belt Monitor System- Chevy Silverado HD: Quick Impressions
25/06/197m 11s

AD #2622 - Ford Focus ST Updates, Plenty of Electric Cars in Inventory, Can You Identify This Car?

- Daimler Cuts Profit Forecast- Tesla Customers Volunteer to Help Sell Cars- Plenty of Electric Cars in Inventory- Renault Introduces the Triber In India- Ford Focus ST Updates- Weekend Racing Results- Bosch’s Integrated Power Brake- Can You Identify This Car?
24/06/196m 44s

AD #2621 - People Leery of Used EVs, Plasma Ignition the Future of ICEs? Ford's Next-Gen Automated Parking System

- Renault and Nissan Kiss and Make Up- Japanese Government Torpedoed FCA-Renault Merger- Carlos Ghosn Thrown Out at Mitsubishi- People Leery of Used EVs- 48-Volt EVs Could Boost EV Adoption- Plasma Ignition Could Breathe New Life Into ICEs- Ford's Next-Gen Automated Parking System
21/06/198m 27s

AD #2620 - Harley Davidson Seeks Salvation in China, JLR and BMW Team Up On EVs, New Kia Seltos Details

- Harley Teams with Chinese Motorcycle Company- UAW Faces More Corruption Charges- Walmart Teams with AV Startup Gatik- BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe- New Kia Seltos Details- JLR and BMW Team Up On EVs- Hyundai Bulks Up Its SUV Lineup
20/06/197m 16s

AD #2619 - Comparison of Content Value, Dealer Inventory is Expensive, C-Clamp Lights Make Pickups Look Tough

- Value of Content Comparison- Dealer Inventory Expensive- Altima Adopts GT-R Production Technique- New Material Reveals What's Behind It- Best Automakers Over the Next 5 Years- Pickups Adopt C-Clamp Lights
19/06/197m 3s

AD #2618 - Rate of EU Diesel Decline Slowing, Kiekert Offers Pop Open Door Tech., All-New Ford Explorer Details

- European Car Sales Up Slightly- Rate of Diesel Decline Slowing- Kiekert Offer Pop Open Door Tech- Dominos to Deliver Pizza in AV Pods- Volvo Trucks Teams with NVIDIA- All-New Ford Explorer Details
18/06/197m 56s

AD #2617 - GM Considers Building an Electric Hummer, VW Workers Reject UAW, OEM/Supplier Relationship Study

- VW Workers Reject Unionization- GM Considers Building an Electric Hummer- Which OEMs Do Suppliers Like to Work With?- VinFast Launches 1st Vehicle- VW Offers 8-Year Battery Warranty- Toyota Wins 24 Hours of LeMans- Why FCA/Renault Deal Makes Sense
17/06/197m 24s

AD #2616 - Quick Payoff for GM Heavy Duty Investment, Tesla Denied Tariff Exemption, Alpine's Sportier A110S

- Quick Payoff for GM Heavy Duty Investment- Tariffs Could Create A Lot of American Jobs- Barn Find- Tesla Denied Tariff Exemption- AutoDrive Challenge Winner- New Safety Technology Could be Mandated- Alpine A110S- Magna Develops New Seat Foam
14/06/198m 19s

AD #2615 - Volvo and Uber Reveal Production AV, Tesla Delays Semi-Truck, FCA Sued Over Wrangler “Death Wobble”

- China Sales Continue to Tumble- David Woodhouse Joins Nissan- Tesla Delays Semi-Truck- Volvo and Uber Show Off Production Ready AV- Hyundai Partners with Aurora- Ford Testing AVs In Detroit- FCA Sued Over Jeep Wrangler “Death Wobble”
13/06/196m 3s

AD #2614 - Eclipse Cross Impressions, EVs Bring Environmental Baggage Too, Mercedes Claims 4-Cylinder Crown

- Gates Visits Buffett With Electra Meccanica EV- EVs Bring Environmental Baggage Too- Mercedes Claims 4-Cylinder Engine Crown- Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Impressions- Denso and Honeywell Partner on Passenger Drones
12/06/197m 56s

AD #2613 - PHEV Sales Plummet, Mercedes Intros Yet Another CUV, David Woodhouse Resigns from Lincoln

- China Sales Slipping- PHEV Sales Plummet- U.S. Inventory Levels Easing - FCA’s New Truck Diesel- Continental 3D Display - Mercedes Intros Yet Another CUV- David Woodhouse Resigns from Lincoln- Lincoln Corsair Redo For 2024
11/06/196m 55s

AD #2612 - New Technology for Towing, FCA Finds Another AV Partner, Trump Drops Mexican Tariffs

- Trump Drops Mexican Tariffs- Renault And Nissan Fall Further Apart- FCA Finds Another AV Partner- Do You Know What This Car Is?- Motor Racing Results- New Technology for Towing- Students Who Love Autos
10/06/196m 18s

AD #2611 - Automakers Ask Trump to Back Off, Kia K900 Impressions, EV Growth Over the Last 5 Years

- Automakers Ask Trump to Back Off Emissions Proposal- Affordability Could Have Big Impact on Sales- ZF Shows Video of External Side Airbag in Action- Cadillac Expands Super Cruise- Kia K900 Impressions- Electric Vehicle Trend Chart- Toyota and Subaru Developing BEV Platform- Why Book by Cadillac Didn't Work
07/06/199m 1s

AD #2610 - FCA/Renault Merger Falling Apart, FCA Executive Sues FCA, Land Rover Discovery Impressions

- FCA/Renault Merger Falling Apart- Reid Bigland Sues FCA- EV Sales Continue to Surge- Audi e-tron Off to Fast Start- Land Rover Discovery Impressions- Your Input on GM's AVs
06/06/198m 15s

AD #2609 - GM and Michelin Test Airless Wheels, BMW Unveils New M8 Coupe and Convertible, Buick Denied Tariff Exemption

- China Cracking Down on American Companies- GM Denied Tariff Exemption- Merrill Lynch Says Rare Earth Ban Overblown- Nissan Concerned Over FCA/Renault Merger- GM and Michelin Test Airless Wheels- Gordon Murray Creates New Supercar- BMW Unveils New M8 Coupe and Convertible- SEAT Launches 1st Electric Car
05/06/197m 25s

AD #2608 - May Sales Better Than Expected, Model Y Likely Made in Fremont, Oil Subsidies Not Keeping People in ICEs

- May Sales Better Than Expected- Best and Worst Sellers in May- Passenger Cars Continue to Tumble- Tesla Likely to Make Model Y in Fremont- Details on GM's All-New Diesel- VW Smashes Nurburgring EV Record- Oil Subsidies Not Keeping People in ICEs- Head of Jaguar Design Retiring- Ford Puts Old Water Bottles to Good Use
04/06/196m 30s

AD #2607 - Tariffs Could Cost OEMs Billions, FCA/Renault Merger Issues, Musk Touts Electric Pickup

- FCA/Renault Merger Facing Issues- Mexico Tariffs Could Cost OEMs Billions- Musk Touts Electric Pickup- Mitsu Wants UK To Offer PHEV Incentives- Volvo Crash Tests Bike Helmets- Weekend Race Results- Can AV Interiors Last a Million Miles?
03/06/198m 27s

AD #2606 - Cadillac Reveals CT4-V and CT5-V, Merrill Lynch Slashes EV Forecast, Tesla Announces Model 3 Pricing in China

- Merrill Lynch Slashes EV Forecast- CR Says EV Tax Credit Shouldn’t Go to Luxury Buyers- Tesla Announces Model 3 Pricing in China- MINI EV Pulls Boeing Airplane- Volvo Tests Mixed Reality in Product Development- Cadillac Reveals CT4-V and CT5-V- Waymo To Test Self-Driving Semis- Penske Bullish on Future of Auto Industry
31/05/198m 14s

AD #2605 - Tesla to Update Model S, Ferrari Reveals Its First PHEV, U.S. Could Carry Brunt of FCA and Renault Merger

- China Could Restrict Rare Earths- Tesla Model S Update Coming- Ferrari's First PHEV- Chevy Confirms New Trailblazer for U.S.- Buick Confirms Encore GX for U.S.- Refreshed Lexus RX- U.S. Could Carry Brunt of FCA and Renault Merger
30/05/197m 14s

AD #2604 - AV Taxi Market Could Be Worth Trillions, China to Subsidize EV Charging, Opel Van Inspired by the A-Team

- China Plans to Subsidize EV Charging Costs- New JLR Steering Wheel Helps Keep Eyes on The Road - Infiniti Moves HQ From China to Japan- Opel Creates Van Inspired by the A-Team- Honda E to Use Digital Side Mirrors- Autonomous Taxi Market Could Be Worth $2 Trillion By 2030- GM Autonomous Vehicle Feedback
29/05/196m 18s

AD #2603 - FCA Proposes Merger with Renault, All-New BMW 1 Series, Hyundai Aims to Optimize Commercial EV Range

- FCA Proposes Merger with Renault...- But It Would Be Lopsided...- And With Little Synergies- BMW Reveals All-New, FWD 1 Series- BMW iNEXT to Have Curved Display- Hyundai Aims to Optimize Range of Commercial EVs- Weekend Race Results- Why Ford Picked Flat Plane Crank for GT350
28/05/197m 9s

AD #2602 - Subsidies Fuel EV Sales, Why Consolidation Hasn’t Occurred in China, Back Seat Reminder Mandate Proposed

- Back Seat Reminder Mandate Proposed- EV Sales Fueled by Government Subsidies- Why Consolidation Hasn’t Occurred in China- GM Autonomous Vehicle Feedback- 2nd Leg of Buick Regal GS Road Trip
24/05/1910m 24s

AD #2601 - More Job Cuts Could Be Coming, CR Blasts Tesla's Autopilot Update, Tariffs Drive Up Price of Auto Parts

- More Job Cuts Could Be Coming- Audi to Replace the TT with an EV- CR Blasts Tesla's Autopilot Update- GM's Self-Driving Fleet Faces Pushback- Tariffs Drive Up Price of Auto Parts- Turn Your Car Door Into a Billboard- Kia Teases New Small CUV Interior
23/05/195m 42s

AD #2600 - New Discovery Sport Unveiled, Zetsche Steps Down as CEO of Daimler, Ford Creates Package Delivery Robot

- Zetsche Steps Down as CEO of Daimler- CR Finds Many Uber and Lyft Cars Have Open Recalls- Toyota Launches Granvia Van- EVgo Installs EV Chargers at Chevron Stations- Chevy Introduces ‘Buckle to Drive’ Feature- Land Rover Unveils New Discovery Sport- Ford Creates Package Delivery Robot
22/05/195m 44s

AD #2599 - USPS Tests Autonomous Truck, GM Introduces All-New Electrical Architecture, R.I.P. Niki Lauda

- Tesla's Stock Takes a Hit- U.S. Postal Service Tests Autonomous Truck- FMCSA Considers Teens for Trucking Industry- Slow Truck Roll Out Clouds GM's Competitiveness- GM Introduces All-New Electrical Architecture- Citroen Helps Cure Motion Sickness- R.I.P. Niki Lauda
21/05/196m 43s

AD #2598 - Mercedes Packs New Tech into Prototype, Ford Employees Preparing for Layoffs, Value of Content Comparison

- USMCA One Step Closer to Passing- Ford Employees Preparing for Layoffs- Alonso Fails to Qualify for Indy 500- Technical Details of Ford Police Interceptor Hybrid- Value of Content Comparison- Mercedes Packs New Tech into Single Prototype- Steel Will Play a Role with Cars in The Future
20/05/198m 26s

AD #2597 - Ford Making Progress on Hybrids, Top 5 Automotive Suppliers, Peugeot Interested in JLR

- Peugeot Interested in JLR- Autopilot Involved in Another Fatal Crash- Hyundai Named Best Non-Luxury CPO Program- Top 5 Auto Suppliers- Ford Making Progress on Hybrids- Best Selling Hybrid Car in The U.S.- 1st Leg of Buick Regal GS Road Trip
17/05/197m 3s

AD #2596 - Tariff Relief Could Be Short Lived, Nissan ProPilot Goes Hands Free, Delphi Ramps Up GDI Pressure

- Tariff Relief Could Be Short Lived- Honda and VW Used Battery Solutions- Nissan ProPilot Goes Hands-Free- Hyundai/Kia Air Purification System- Delphi Ramps Up GDI Pressure- Continental Develops See Through Materials
16/05/195m 41s

AD #2595 - 2019 Lexus NX 300h Impressions, Mustang GT350 Sparks Sound Debate, EV Supply Issues

- Automakers Running into EV Supply Issues- FCC To Review 5.9 GHz Spectrum- Subaru More Popular in U.S. Than in Japan- Volvo Launches Car Accident Advisor App- VW Gives Lesson on Design Terms- Mustang GT350 Sparks Sound Debate- 2019 Lexus NX 300h Impressions
15/05/198m 23s

AD #2594 - 2019 Mustang GT350 Details and Impressions, GM Preparing For a Downturn, Kia Teases All-New Small SUV

- Nissan Blames Former CEO for Poor Performance- GM Preparing for a Downturn- Maserati to Get BMW AV Technology- Citroen Creates Autonomous, Long Distance EV- Kia Teases All-New Small SUV- 1939 Porsche Type 64 Headed to Auction- Skoda Superb to Feature LED Matrix Headlamps- 2019 Mustang GT350 Details and Impressions
14/05/196m 19s

AD #2593 – 2020 Toyota Supra Details, BAIC Wants to Buy Stake in Daimler, Dealer Inventory Expensive

- BAIC Wants to Buy Stake in Daimler- What’s in A Name?- Dealer Inventory Expensive- Weekend Race Results- Ferrari May Join Drive to Survive Series- 2020 Toyota Supra Details- What Will Win - LIDAR or Machine Vision?
13/05/196m 44s

AD #2592 - Ford Creates Self-Driving Robot, Sales Slump Continues in China, Tesla Durability Remarkably Good

- Which Carmakers Will Do Best Between Now and 2023?- Sales Slump Continues in China- Ford Creates Self-Driving Robot for The Factory Floor- Ferrari Reveals Hybrid and Engine Plans- Mazda Developing Inline 6-Cylinder Engines- Road Trip in A Buick Regal- Tesla Durability Remarkably Good
10/05/197m 31s

AD #2591 - Workhorse Could Buy GM Ohio Plant, VW Takes Deposits on 1st ID EV, Kia Delays U.S. Soul EV Introduction

- Auto Industry Entering Tough Phase- North American Market Slows- GM Might Sells Lordstown Plant to Workhorse- VW Readies 1st ID Electric Vehicle- 6-Wheeled Race Car Inspires Wild Go Kart- Honda Names Its Little Urban EV- Kia Delaying U.S. Introduction of Soul EV- Busch Beer Creates "Millennial" NASCAR
09/05/196m 6s

AD #2590 - Mack Trucks Unveils Electric Garbage Truck, FCA Management Changes, Porsche Fined Over Diesel Cheating

- FCA Management Changes- Cruise Now Valued At $19 Billion- Porsche Fined Over Diesel Cheating- FCA Settles Diesel Lawsuit with Owners- New Driving Mode for Google Assistant- Ford Expands Medical Transport Business- Mack Trucks Unveils Electric Garbage Truck- C-Clamp Design Cue Makes Pickups Look Tough
08/05/196m 4s

AD #2589 - Enterprise Tests Subscription Service, Ferrari Posts Strong Earnings, CR Rates Infotainment Systems

- Enterprise Tests Subscription Service- Ferrari Posts Strong Earnings- CR Rates Infotainment Systems- Ford Helps Improve New Design Process- Porsche Puts 911 Speedster Into Production- Daimler Applies 3D Printing to Manufacturing Line
07/05/196m 34s

AD #2588 - Mopar Sells Out of Hellephant Engines, Tesla to Raise $2 Billion In Cash, Diesel Market Getting Stronger in U.S.

- Trump Threatens to Increase Tariffs on China - Tesla to Raise $2 Billion In Cash- Weekend Race Results- Diesel Market Getting Stronger in U.S.- Mopar Sells Out of Hellephant Engines- Ford and VW Truck Partnership in Trouble?- LA Proposes Bold New EV Goals- May Mobility Launches Service in Providence
06/05/196m 9s

AD #2587 - Chevy Updates the Camaro, Green Cars Hit 4.8 Percent Market Share, FCA Reports Weaker Earnings

- U.S. To Take on China EV Supply Chain- EV Sales Skyrocket- Hybrid Sales Strong- Plug-In Hybrid Sales Plummet- Green Cars Hit 4.8 Percent Market Share- FCA Reports Weaker Earnings- Camaro Gets Updates- Ford Lures Customers to Dealerships- European Luxury Car Sales Drop- How Lincoln Corsair Design Element Came to Life
03/05/197m 32s

AD #2586 - Mitsubishi Tries to Claw Back, April Sales Weaker Than Expected, Automakers Stumble in China

- April Sales Weaker Than Expected- Cars Falling, Trucks Flat- Tesla Posts Decent Numbers- Mitsubishi Tries to Claw Back- Kia Reveals Niro EV Price- VW Designs AVs For People with Disabilities- Automakers Stumble in China- 2019 Wards Best Interiors Winners
02/05/196m 37s

AD #2585 - Full-Size Van Sales Soar, Tesla Likely Needs A Capital Raise, Ford and Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Trunk

- Full-Size Commercial Van Sales Soar- Global Sales Slowing- New Car Prices Continue Climbing- Tesla Likely Needs A Capital Raise- SEAT Uses VR To Make Workers More Efficient- Ford and Amazon Deliver Packages to Your Trunk- Distracted Driving Becomes Massive Epidemic- Porsche Re-Prints Classic Manuals
01/05/196m 11s

AD #2584 - Tesla’s Retail Blunder, GM Earnings Upside Surprise, Daimler Finally Drops Smart in North America

- GM Earnings Upside Surprise- Daimler Finally Drops Smart in North America- Cadillac Says Bye-Bye to Its Best-Selling Car- April Sales Are Anyone’s Guess- Toyota Surrenders on DSRC- Earn Cryptocurrency Driving Your Jag- FCA Flies into The Cloud- Tesla’s Retail Blunder
30/04/196m 57s

AD #2583 - Ford Under Investigation for Emissions Cheating, Daimler Stumbles in Q1, DC Chargers for Commercial Trucks

- Daimler Stumbles in Q1- Japanese Not That Interested in EVs- Another Mercedes One-Two- Chevy Sweeps Talladega- DC Chargers for Commercial Trucks- Ford Under Investigation for Emissions Cheating- The Ultimate Knock-Knock Joke- Why Bollinger Will Remain Low-Volume
29/04/196m 32s

AD #2582 - GM Likely to Make C7 Corvette Alongside C8, Ford Q1 Earnings Decent, Hellephant Crate Engine Costs $30,000

- Ford Q1 Earnings Decent- Tesla to Launch Own Insurance- GM Likely to Make C7 Corvette Alongside C8- Renault To Propose Joint Holding Company with Nissan- Nissan Adopts GT-R Production Technique for Altima- Mitsubishi Discontinues Pajero In Japan- Nikola Motor Creates Electric Jet Ski- Hellephant Crate Engine Costs $30,000- Will OEMs Bring EV Component Production In-House?
26/04/197m 34s

AD #2581 - Whole EV Segment Drops, Could Satellite Images Make 3D Maps? Challenger Sales Pull Away From Camaro

- Tesla Q1 Worse Than Expected- Tesla Has a Logistics Problem- Whole EV Segment Dropping- U.S. Headed For An EV Disaster- Ghosn Granted Bail... Again- Toyota Tests Satellite Images for 3D Maps- Challenger Sales Pull Away From Camaro- VW EV Racer Sets Sights on Nurburgring- One Blinged Out Ford Escort- Just a Cool Historic Picture
25/04/197m 46s

AD #2580 - Ford Invests in Rivian, Waymo Picks Facility in Detroit, LED Headlamps Increasing CO2

- Ford Invests in Rivian- NHTSA Investigates Even More Airbags- Lucid Motors Names New CEO- Hyundai Names Loasby Head of Styling Group- CSP To Supply Jiangling With Composite Truck Beds- Waymo Picks Facility in Detroit- FAA Approves 1st Air Carrier Certification- Tesla Upgrades Model S And X- LED Headlamps Increasing CO2
24/04/196m 16s

AD #2579 - Tesla Autopilot Capabilities Grow, PSA Continues to Turn Opel Around, Ford Trademarks the Name "Scout"

- Women Taking A Majority of GM's Board- Tesla Expands Autopilot Capabilities- Tesla Launching AV Ride-Hailing Service- Tesla Announcing Q1 Results Tomorrow- Porsche Offers Carbon Offset Program- More VW Diesel Drama- PSA Continues to Turn Opel Around- Umicore Hurt by Slow EV Demand- Ford Trademarks the Name "Scout"
23/04/196m 7s

AD #2578 - Honda Cuts Accord Production, Jose Munoz Joins Hyundai, BYD Creates Electric Supercar

- Ghosn Charged Once Again- Jose Munoz Joins Hyundai- Tesla to Unveil New Version of Autopilot- Tesla Investor Day- Lincoln Corsair Details- Hyundai EV Performance Control Technology - BYD Creates Electric Supercar- Automakers Cut Production in North America- Honda Cuts Accord Production
22/04/196m 45s

AD #2577 - Ford to Profit From Plant Transformation, All-New Venue is Hyundai's Smallest CUV, LA Auto Show Could Move to March

- Ford and Mahindra Jointly Developing SUV- Ford to Profit from Plant Transformation- New Subaru Outback- Kia HabaNiro Concept- Kia Stinger Limited Edition Model- Mazda Diesel Finally Coming to U.S.- All-New Hyundai Venue- New Mercedes GLS Even Bigger- LA Auto Show Could Move to March
18/04/198m 0s

AD #2576 - Lincoln Corsair Walkaround, Toyota Refreshes the Highlander, China EV Bubble About to Burst?

- AAA Calls for Adaptive Driving Beam Headlights- China EV Bubble About to Burst?- Nissan Upgrades GT-R NISMO- Nissan Celebrates 50 Years of GT-R and Z Car- Toyota Refreshes the Highlander- New Genesis Concept Is Minty Fresh- Jaguar Updates the XE- Lincoln Corsair Walkaround
17/04/199m 0s

AD #2575 - Chevy Revives Old Names in China, More Info on Cadillac CT5, VW Gauging Reaction to Small Pickup

- Toyota Electrifies the C-HR- Honda XN-V is a Battery Powered HR-V- Chevy Revives Old Names in China- Buick Shows 1st EV, All-New Encore and High-End Van- Mercedes GLB Looks Like a Rugged Off Roader- Kia Updates China's Version of the Forte- Aston Martin Shows Production EV- More Info on CT5, the CTS' Replacement- VW Testing Small Pickup Waters in NY
16/04/197m 14s

AD #2574 - VW Reveals I.D. ROOMZZ, Winterkorn Charged in Diesel Scandal, Mustang’s New Performance Package

- Winterkorn Charged in VW Diesel Scandal- Germany Investigating Daimler Over Emissions- Weekend Race Results- VW Reveals I.D. ROOMZZ- Mustang’s New High Performance Package- Nissan Refreshes the Versa- Audi Unveils AI:ME Concept- Volvo Adds New Safety Tech in Europe
15/04/195m 31s

AD #2573 - Corvette C8 To Debut in July, Trump EPA May Not Freeze CAFE, General Motors Says No to Rivian

- GM Says No to Rivian- SF Motors Changes Its Name- Corvette C8 To Debut in July- Bose Makes Cabins Quieter- Trump’s Tariffs Meet Law of Unintended Consequences- Tesla Phases Out $35,000 Model 3- Trump EPA May Not Freeze CAFE
12/04/198m 12s

AD #2572 - New Pininfarina Is Wicked Fast and Pricey, Infiniti’s First Production EV, Testing GM’s Carbon Fiber Pickup Bed

- Bipartisan Support for New EV Credits- Infiniti’s First Production EV- Pininfarina Battista Is Wicked Fast and Pricey- D.O.E. ID’s How to Get More Truck Drivers- Testing GM’s Carbon Fiber Pickup Bed- Some Communities Threatened by EVs- Tesla Plans to Drastically Cut Wiring in Its Vehicles
11/04/197m 47s

AD #2571 - Hinrichs Frontrunner for CEO of Ford, Nissan Drops the Versa Note, Environmental Impact of VTOLs

- Hinrichs Frontrunner to Become CEO of Ford- New Study Shows Environmental Impact of VTOLs- Audi Expands Use of 3D Printing in Production- Ford to Form Joint Venture with Mahindra in India- Ford Plans to Turn Lincoln Into a Chinese Brand- McLaren To Debut New Grand Tourer- Handful of Unsold Lexus LFAs Still Left in U.S.- Nissan Drops the Versa Note
10/04/196m 51s

AD #2570 - Depreciation Rates Improving, Toyota Pickups to Share Platform, New Material Reveals What's Behind It

- Depreciation Rates Improving- Vehicles That Hold Their Value Best- FCA Settles Shareholder Lawsuit- Hyundai Venue Design Sketches- Toyota Pickups to Share Platform- Toyota Teases New Highlander- Trucks Delayed at Mexican Border- Supplier Develops New Reveal Material
09/04/196m 8s

AD #2569 - Easter Jeep Safari Concepts, BMW Faces Big Fine, Fiat Pools Fleet with Tesla to Meet EU CO2 Targets

- BMW Faces Big Fine- Fiat Pools Fleet with Tesla to Meet EU CO2 Targets- Weekend Race Results- Mystery Vehicle Revealed- Ford’s Future Looks Bright...At Least In U.S.- Student Essay Challenge- Easter Jeep Safari Concepts
08/04/196m 47s

AD #2568 - Mazda6 No Longer Has A Manual, E-Tron Range Underwhelming, Bright Future for Contract Manufacturing?

- Official Audi E-Tron Range Underwhelming- Daimler Opens New Battery Factory in Germany- Volkswagen Secures Lithium from Chinese- Rise of the E-Machines- Tesla’s Autopilot Can Now Change Lanes- Mercedes Teases Interior of New Crossover- Mazda6 No Longer Comes with A Manual- Bright Future for Contract Manufacturing?
05/04/197m 30s

AD #2567 - Ghosn Tossed Back in Jail, Fewer Open Recalls on the Road, Ford Gives China Operations More Autonomy

- Carlos Ghosn Re-Arrested Again in Japan- Elon Musk Headed to Court- Fewer Open Recalls on the Road- Nominee for NHTSA Head Clears Hurdle- Another Barn Find in Uruguay- Lincoln Aviator Features 3D Sound System- Ford Gives China Operations More Autonomy- Ford Electrifying Its European Lineup
04/04/196m 27s

AD #2566 - Jeep Gladiator Impressions, U.S. Car Sales Rebound in March, Toyota Grants Free Access to EV Patents

- Jeep Gladiator Impressions- Roush To Build Autonomous Agricultural Vehicle- Byton Completes Winter Testing in Mongolia- U.S. Car Sales Rebound in March- Top Automakers Struggle in March- Automakers and SAE Form New AV Consortium- Toyota Grants Free Access to EV Patents
03/04/197m 57s

AD #2565 - All-New Ford Escape Revealed, NYC Adopting Congestion Toll, PSA and FCA in Talks to Share Platform

- Global Car Sales Continue to Fall- Norway Going Gaga for EVs- NYC Adopting Congestion Toll- PSA and FCA in Talks to Share Platform- NHTSA Investigating Hyundai/Kia Fires- BMW Accelerates Smart Factory Development- Ford Reveals All-New 2020 Escape- Uruguay Barn Find Identified
02/04/197m 4s

AD #2564 - Tesla’s 1,000 Mile Battery Upgrade, Lincoln Targets Senior Citizens, GM Takes Trump’s Presidential Limo Back

- Lincoln Targets Senior Citizens- Reuss To Be in Pace Car- Tesla’s Thousand Mile Battery Upgrade- New Rules of The Road- El Chapo Uses Ghosn Disguise to Escape Prison- Fiat Abandons Monthly Sales Reports- GM Takes Trump’s Presidential Limo Back
01/04/194m 59s

AD #2563 - Lamborghini Sets Sales Record, Chevy Bolt Sales Could Crater, Can You Identify This Car?

- FCA Lays Off 1,500 Workers in Canada- Lamborghini Sets Sales Record- Gory Details of Renault-Nissan Spat- Can You Identify This Car?- Lyft Valued At $24 Billion In IPO- ZF Acquires Wabco for $7 Billion- Bolt Sales Could Crater- Protecting Vehicles from Hackers
29/03/197m 44s

AD #2562 - Daimler and Geely Announce Smart JV, Kia Previews Future Design in Seoul, Viewer Feedback on Rivian

- Daimler and Geely Announce Smart JV- Ford to Exit Russian Car Market- VW In Talks for Stake in Ford's Argo- Ford Makes It Easier to Find Used Vehicles- Kia Previews Future Design with New Concepts- Viewer Feedback on Rivian
28/03/196m 28s

AD #2561 - Geely Nearing Deal to Buy Stake in Smart, China Slashes EV Subsidies, Lincoln Corsair to Debut In New York

- Geely Nearing Deal to Buy Stake in Smart- Renault Wants to Create Mega Automaker- VW Partners with Amazon to Improve Production- China Slashes EV Subsidies- Mercedes Reveals AMG A 35 Sedan- Lincoln Corsair to Debut In New York- Hyundai Names New CUV
27/03/195m 42s

AD #2560 - Tesla Already Raises Model Y Prices, Order Pizza From Your Car, Fiesta and Focus Getting 48-Volt Hybrid System

- Tesla Raises Model Y Prices- Vehicle Sales Down in South America- Forecast Calls for March Slowdown- How GM's Heritage Center Picks What Stays and Goes- Order Pizza Right From Your Car- Ford Fiesta and Focus Getting 48-Volt System
26/03/197m 33s

AD #2559 - BMW Shares New Info About Upcoming EVs, JLR Wins Copycat Case, Nissan Cuts Outlook in China

- Chinese Court Rules in Favor of JLR- Nissan Cuts Outlook in China- BMW Testing Electrics in Sweden- Mercedes eSprinter Undergoing Winter Tests- Mercedes In-Car Gaming Challenge- Mazda Tight Lipped About When U.S. Will Get Skyactiv D and X Engines- Ford Ranger Adds New Appearance Package
25/03/196m 12s

AD #2558 - New Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Why Bosch Isn’t Splitting Its Business, GM Invests Millions To Build EVs And AVs

- GM Investing $300 Million To Build EVs And AVs- Ford Management Shakeup- Why Bosch Isn’t Splitting Its Business- Vietnam Accused of Backing Hackers- Porsche Reveals New Cayenne Coupe- Car Plunge Contest Update- Chevy Unveils New Onix Sedan
22/03/197m 0s

AD #2557 - Ford Invests In EVs and AVs, 2019 Chevy Blazer Impressions, Magna Prototype Has 10 Drivetrain Combos

- Ford Invests in EVs and AVs- Volvo Expects EV Margins to Match Traditional Vehicles by 2025- Volvo Goes After Distracted and Drunk Drivers- IIHS Says Pickups Need Better Passenger Protection- Our 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Impressions- Magna Prototype Features 10 Powertrain Combinations
21/03/197m 33s

AD #2556 - Mercedes Unveils GLC Coupe, BMW Reveals Cost Cutting Plan, Medium-Duty Truck Sales Dip in February

- BMW Reveals 2018 Earnings and Cost Cutting Plan- Ghosn’s Trial to Begin in September- Toyota and Suzuki Share Partnership Details- Medium-Duty Truck Sales Dip in February- Mercedes Unveils GLC Coupe- BMW Teases 2 Series Gran Coupe- Kia Adds New CUV To Ceed Family- New Chevy Onix To Debut in China
20/03/195m 42s

AD #2555 - Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs, Tesla Cancels Mid Range Model 3, Maybach SUV Headed for Production

- Former UAW Official Charged in FCA Scandal- Ford Riding Success of Big SUVs- Skoda’s Clever Washer Reservoir Cap- Battle Brewing Between Elon Musk and SEC- Tesla Cancels Mid-Range Model 3 - Pickup Truck Teaser from Tesla- Karma Teases New Revero- Fisker Shows Off Affordable Electric SUV- Mercedes To Build Maybach SUV In the U.S.
19/03/196m 19s

AD #2554 - Cadillac Reveals the CT5, Trump Attacks GM Over Plant Closing, BMW To Supply INEOS With Engines

- NHTSA Wants Public Input on GM’s AV Plans- Trump Attacks GM Over Plant Closing- Ford to Lay Off Thousands of Workers in Germany- BMW To Supply INEOS With Engines- Cadillac Reveals the CT5- Weekend Race Results- The End of The Road for The I.C.E.?
18/03/196m 24s

AD #2553 - Tesla Introduces the Model Y, RNG Could Save The Piston Engine, New Lime Green Ford Mustang

- Tesla Introduces the Model Y- Toyota Invests More in The U.S.- BMW and Daimler Could Partner on EVs Too- VW Faces More Diesel Punishment- RNG Could Save The Piston Engine- Mahindra Wants to Sell Pass. Van in U.S.- Ford Vans Get More Sporty- New Lime Green Ford Mustang
15/03/196m 48s

AD #2552 - Tariff Battle Brewing, Ford F-150 Could Get IRS, Nissan and Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership

- Battle Over Tariffs Brewing- VW Taking Deposits for 1st I.D. Electric- FCA Recalls Vehicles for Emission Issue- Palladium Prices Could Skyrocket- People Still Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles- Ranking the Leaders in Autonomy- Ford F-150 Could Get IRS- Nissan and Mitsubishi Expand Their Partnership
14/03/196m 25s

AD #2551 - VW Expands EV Plans, EPA Proposes Year-Round E-15 Sales, Infiniti Pulls Out of Western Europe

- EPA Proposes Year-Round E-15 Sales- VW Expands EV Plans- Autoline Takes the Ice Plunge Challenge- Hyundai Sonata Rides on New Platform- Infiniti Pulls Out of Western Europe- GM’s Cruise Doubles Workforce- GM Donates 1st AV Bolt to Henry Ford Museum
13/03/195m 31s

AD #2550 - White House Goes After EV Credits Again, Electric Semis Will Work Just Fine, Audi Station Wagons Coming to U.S.?

- White House Goes After EV Credits Again- Skeptics Wrong About Electric Semi Usability- Honda Has to Recall Its Recalls- Audi Station Wagons Could Come to the U.S.- Porsche Restores 1st 917 Back to Original Specs- Karma Automotive to Show New Cars- Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Shake Up Alliance- New Explorer Gets Run-Flat Tires- Toyota to Help Develop Lunar Rover
12/03/197m 6s

AD #2549 - Magna’s Integrated eDrive System, Tesla Raises the Price of Its Cars, WLTP Costly for Volkswagen

- WLTP Costly for Volkswagen- Tesla Raises the Price of Its Cars- Weekend Race Results- GM Refiles Zora Trademark- Why GM Is Now Making Mid-Engine Corvette a Reality- Production in North America Expected to Increase- Magna’s Integrated eDrive System
11/03/196m 38s

AD #2548 - Tesla Opens 1st V3 Supercharger, Clash Over Fuel Economy, Why Carmakers Are Leaving Auto Shows

- OEMs and Environmentalists Clash Over Fuel Economy- Clever Solution for More Charging Stations- Tesla Opens 1st V3 Supercharger- Electronic Parking Brakes Grow in Popularity- Protecting Passengers in Autonomous Vehicles- Why Automakers Are Abandoning Auto Shows
08/03/198m 15s
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