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Time for a Rational Energy Policy - Matthew Iak #5515

Summary: As energy costs continue to skyrocket, we wonder if we can get out of the box we’ve put ourselves in and create a positive vision for the future. I have Matthew Iak on the show to discuss this energy phenomenon, and what’s in store. We need to use our resources to create efficiency, and make decisions that will eventually allow the US to be the biggest producer of oil and gas in the world. Tune in for more information. Highlights: -Energy costs are high because of supply and demand -The question is if we can get out of the box we’re in, and it will ultimately take political will -Diesel fuel is $6/gallon -Many politicians know that it is a path to nowhere, but it gets them elected -Bad policy has led us here, but good policy can lead us out -Global technology has helped with energy efficiency, and the future is hydrocarbons along with renewables -We need to use our resources to create efficiency -The US should be the biggest producer of oil and gas in the world -With climate change, we continue not to do the things that we should do -We need to realize that oil and gas are one of the most usable resources we’ll have in our lifetime -High prices kill the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder; it’s time to move forward in a positive direction Useful Links: Financial Survival Network US Energy Development Corporation
27/05/2222m 51s

Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor - Farrah Ali #5514

Summary: Real estate rates are going up and sales are going down—is this opportunistic or problematic for making money in this market? I have Farrah Ali, author of Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor, on the show to discuss this topic. She reassures us about the real estate industry at this point in time, emphasizing that there is always money to be made whether the markets are moving up or down. Tune in for tips on how to maximize cash flow in the current state of the market, and to learn about helpful resources for getting started in real estate Highlights: -Farrah owns 41 rentals locked in at 30 year fixed rates; her cash flow is not being affected, but moving forward, increasing interest rates make payments higher -Rents are also increasing -She is currently working on Airbnb models—you can take advantage of the area and property type -There’s always money to be made whether the market is moving up or down -Her book, Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor, was named one of the top 100 real estate books -It is a motivational and informational piece for anyone that wants to get started in real estate—giving tips on how to scale up, where to get the money, etc. -You have to believe in yourself and persevere; there are going to be roadblocks, but it’s important not to immediately give up -It’s also critical to have a good mentor, who has encountered success in the industry many times Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor Farrah Ali
26/05/2216m 38s

Invest in Water for the Future - Riggs Eckleberry #5513

Summary: Have you ever wondered if you can run your own water system out of your home? Riggs Eckleberry comes on the show to talk about the plausibility of this, and how companies like OriginClear offer a decentralized approach to utilities such as water. It is clean, cost effective, and safe, and you can learn more about this water filtration and sewage option by tuning in to this episode. Highlights: -There is a water problem in the country (and in throughout the world) and proper steps have not been taken to maintain water quality -Piping water to septic tanks costs a lot of money -Riggs’ is innovating the water system so that homeowners can have their own treatment system, decentralizing utilities -More communities are build built in secondary cities, which may not have sewage facilities/access. This places are extremely ideal for Riggs’ self-operated system -The systems range from $2k-$8k Useful Links: Financial Survival Network OriginClear
25/05/2225m 23s

Mortgage Rates Going Higher, Housing Sales Not So Much - Debbie Bloyd #5512

Highlights: -The real estate industry is moving past; people can’t take their time anymore with buying/selling -It’s not a market for the weak -It’s good to consider downsizing to be sure you can afford what’s on the market; be reasonable in your expectations and assessing your current needs -It’s also critical to have a cushion of money for incidents that can occur with homes (i.e. roofing) Useful Links: Financial Survival Network DLB Mortgage Services
24/05/2215m 12s

Investing Wisdom - Dr. Guy Baker #5511

Summary: Guy Baker comes on the show to discuss the progression of the markets, and how to decide what to do next in the current economical circumstances. Since the market is lacking stability at the moment, it’s best to wait for it to stabilize before jumping in; if you are already in it, however, then it’s best to stay the course. No one can time the markets with exact precision, and there are a number of factors that spontaneously affect businesses and stocks at any given time. Tune in for our in depth discussion about some of these things. Highlights: -How do you decide whether to stay or go when navigating the markets? -Markets go up and down; if you look at the history of the markets, you can identify these ups and downs. You must ask yourself whether the return on the market has been 10% throughout history, and if it is going to stay this way -If you’re in the market, stay in the market. But if you’re out of it right now, it may be best to wait for more stability before re-entering -There is no evidence that anyone can time the market effectively year in and year out—most people that encounter success in the markets just get lucky -ETFs don’t have the gains/losses or fees that mutual funds have -Picking stocks is like a gamble -You’re better off investing in a largely diversified portfolio with low fees -Stocks are based on projected income; the important consideration becomes income and appreciation -Three basic currents in the market -The markets are a willing buyer and seller that are happy -Many emotional factors dictate what happens in trading -Markets perform based on expected historical return -There isn’t much stability or support behind crypto -There’s the industrial bubble, the technological bubble, and the government bubble -Inflation is necessary in a growing, vibrant economy Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wealth Teams
24/05/2230m 22s

Prepare: The Overall Trend is Down - David Jaffee #5510

Summary: Markets have been unstable for the last couple of months; is it going to improve or get worse, and can you still profit from the market? David Jaffee comes on the show to dive into this probing topic, and we discuss some of the most profitable methods for investing at the current moment. Ultimately, it’s crucial to be defensive in managing stocks at this point in time. Tune in for useful knowledge and tips from David. Highlights: -We can take advantage of some stocks that are down, and now is the time to be defensive -For those who have been disciplined, it’s worthwhile to rotate to more defensive minded stocks -It’s important to consider the alternative asset classes that are going to appreciate -You don’t necessarily have to by shares; you can sell puts -Tesla is great when the market is in a bull trend -The overall new car market has been declining -It’s better to rotate into companies that are more defensive in nature -We talk about some of the crucial transformational acquisitions (i.e. Google purchasing YouTube) -Every business has to cut costs consistently, and now, tools are going to emerge even faster Highlights: Financial Survival Network Best Stock Strategy BestStockStrategy YouTube
23/05/2227m 6s

What it Will Take for Mining Stocks to Soar - the Resource Maven (Gwen Preston) #5509

Summary: The price of gold has been resilient considering what’s happening in the markets, and the mining sector has been thrown out with the growth stocks. Will the mining stocks start making money any time soon? I sit down and chat with Gwen Preston, known as the ‘Resource Maven,’ and she explains how investing methods have largely shifted as a result of the pandemic. With the prevalence of big tech stocks and the impact on the US dollar, the metals have taken a hit. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Tune in to find out. Highlights: -Gold has done well considering the impact on the US dollar -Gold is getting a safe haven bid -From the pandemic to the end of 2021, gold got good bids -A billion dollars flowed out of mining stocks; the broad markets were still doing what they’ve done -Big tech stocks performed well during the pandemic due to people staying at home and relying more on technology -Have cryptocurrencies messed up people’s attention spans and caused a lack of future planning with investing? It seems that the cycle is out of touch with conventional/current investor expectations and timing -Some people who haven’t had to learn the bad lessons (such as those back in 2009) may learn their first one now -Finance has been reduced down to apps Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Resource Maven
23/05/2220m 52s

Tier One Silver to Drill High-Grade Hurricane Silver Project

Tier One Silver’s CEO Peter Dembicki and SVP of Exploration Christian Rios sat down with us for a sponsor update. The excitement was palpable as Peter explained that the company had entered into a community agreement which will allow for exploration of the Ñañohuayco, San Cipriano and Morro Culispata copper-nickel-platinum-palladium-silver prospects. This clears the way Tier One to start surface work and drilling (once the permit is issued). The excitement is clearly warranted. In 2009 an initial 10 hole 1,061 meter drill program by the previous operator intersected 14 m of 2.59% copper, 0.62% nickel, 311 g/t cobalt, 0.3 g/t platinum and 0.55 g/t palladium, making this is a high priority target. .   SVP Rios is anxious to get exploration started. Previously, he was involved in the world-class discovery of the Santa Ana and Corani silver-lead-zinc deposits. His decades of Peruvian experience combined with his extensive exploration, mining development and operations background make him a vital part of the team. He observes that, “[Just] 1000 meters has been drilled. We need to continue this. There’s an area which has values up to 44% copper [emphasis added].” There’s no telling how rich and productive Hurricane will become. Peter and Christian are moving ahead quickly; drilling will start shortly and results will then follow. Which is why we’re long-term holders of Tier One shares. Ticker Symbols – OCTQB: TSLVF and TSX-V: TSLV
23/05/2221m 43s

Tactive Investing Strategies - Eddy Gifford #5508

Summary: Eddy Gifford is a certified financial planner that learned the discipline and necessity of work ethic back in his years as a university athlete, and incorporates these principles into his team’s investing strategies over at Tactive. Utilizing their knowledge of the digital markets and cryptocurrency, Tactive applies these strategies within traditional portfolios. Their primary demographic is small business owners, and Eddy explains a few of the angles proposed by Tactive to stay vigilant as the markets shift. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -Eddy has a specialty in cryptocurrencies as well as conventional investments -The technicals aren’t behaving like they used to; markets are moving five to ten times faster -When buying, they’re hedging or putting some sort of stop in place -We’re in an increasing interest rate environment, which means the bond portfolio could fall at the same time -Bitcoin is trading around the 30k range and doesn’t look the strongest -They apply cryptocurrency strategies to traditional portfolios -Volatility stays high as long as the slope of inflation remains relatively flat -The mortgage payment has doubled -Times are different, and what worked ten or fifteen years ago won’t necessarily work now. It’s important to look at assets from a number of angles; Eddy describes a few -Eddy’s average client is 49-52 years of age, and a large portion of the demographic encompasses business owners that understand volatility and save aggressively Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Tactive Eddy Gifford Scheduling Page
20/05/2213m 44s

The Price of Gold Does Not Reflect Its Value - James West #5507

Summary: I sit down and chat with James West, who is currently writing about some of the effects on the price of gold—effects which all tie to the inflation our economy is undergoing. This is not a natural phenomenon by any means, and is ultimately tied to the decision to print more money as a method of quantitative easing. Tune in for more valuable insights. Highlights: -In Washington State, they’re running out of gas and expecting it to hit $10/gallon -All commodities are going to face scarcities and shortages -James West is writing an article oriented towards the price of gold -It’s important to understand that the inflation we’re seeing right now is not occurring by natural means -The main reason for stimulus is to generate fees and profits; it is for quantitative easing -A good tip is to free yourself from bank oriented debt -Futures have become a price leading mechanism; perceptions of the values of commodities are based on this Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Midas Letter
19/05/2226m 32s

A Monetary Reset We Can All Live With - Ellen Brown #5506

Summary: Highly reputable author, attorney, speaker, and activist, Ellen Brown, joins us on this episode to touch on her solution to banking in the age of the Internet (described more in depth in her latest book linked below) which entails democratizing money and enabling the people in a digitized economy. Public information is extremely crucial to this solution in avoidance of a central bank currency where individuals’ money could be cut off at any time. Brown proposes ideas designated to rescue the future of economics amidst the prevalence of technology, so be sure to tune in to this episode for more valuable information. Highlights: -The great reset is on the way. The real question is: whose reset will line up with ours? -The idea is that we’ll be part of a central bank currency where each person’s money can be cut off at any point -The goal with Hamilton was productivity, development, and infrastructure. A current US bill wants to also use bonds for funding -Public information is necessary, especially when it comes to economics Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Web of Debt Blog Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age
19/05/2217m 32s

Are Markets in the Eye of the Storm? - John Rubino #5505

Summary: Are markets returning back to normal, or are we in the eye of the storm? I sit down and chat with John Rubino about some of the latest happenings in the economy—some pointing to stability, and some alluding to the chaos to ensue. We discuss stablecoins, gas prices, and the most recent shifts in global currencies that present numerous potential outcomes for the markets. Tune in for more expert knowledge. Highlights: -NFTs don’t make a lot of sense from an investing standpoint -Stablecoins are versions of Bitcoin; they are an asset that trade on the blockchain, but they represent something else; they were a vehicle for moving money all over the world -One stablecoin blew up that was set up to maintain the value of the stablecoin at one dollar. A lot of Bitcoin was purchased to back it, but then it tanked -The ‘everything bubble’ may be bursting; peripheral assets are behaving badly -Think about what you own and how you can invest it; consider your gold and silver as money -Gas prices hit record highs this week all over the country -Taking out a mortgage to bet against the dollar is risky -There is a big diesel shortage in the US; we don’t have enough diesel processing power, and can’t build new plants -There is a lot more demand for Roubles in the global market, which is strengthening its exchange rate -We will see energy prices spiking and interest rates being raised in Europe Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse
18/05/2230m 22s

Keep the Faith; the Market Will Prevail - Andrew Arons #5504

Highlights: -It’s important to stay calm; the market is volatile and there’s a lot going on, but in the long term, the markets look positive -Stocks in the S&P 500 should be doing well -Blue chip stocks, Apple, and Intel look like they could go higher -the Fed will keep tightening for the foreseeable future -Do you buy the stocks that have held up, or the ones that have gotten beaten up and have potential? -Some stocks have been punished but are great buys, and some that haven’t been beat up can quickly change Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Synergy Advisory
18/05/2218m 35s

When Will the Fed Capitulate? - Michael Pento #5503

Highlights: -Michael Pento comes on the show to give us some insight regarding the Fed’s next move -Everyone who was confident in January is now calling a bottom -The market is going to bottom when the Fed changes their mind and stops trying to fight inflation -Failure is getting rewarded rather than punished -The Fed is still on course to hike interest rates 50 points in June and July -Any high beta stock is going to suffer -The decrease of growth creates a bad environment to own stocks that have little revenue -Michael Pento is not ruling out the fact that Q2 could be negative Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies
17/05/2233m 9s

Venture Creditism and Capitalism - Richard Duncan #5502

Highlights: -The past few days on Wall Street have been brutal, but this has been in store for months -There are disruptions to the supply chain and lower standards of living in many countries -His new book, The Money Revolution, took him 4 years to finish; he re-wrote certain chapters and added other ones in the process of seeing how things panned out -The book talks about the history of money, the history of credit, and the lessons we can learn from these histories to make policy recommendations -With creditism, the growth dynamic in our economy is based on credit creation; it must have credit growth to survive -We discuss “the future” and why a large-scale Investment Program is urgently required -Every generation is responsible for solving the problems it creates/inherits Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Richard Duncan
17/05/2234m 7s

Fix the Money, Fix the World and You Can't Taper a Poinzi with Lawrence Lepard #5501

Lawrence Lepard believes that at the base layer the monetary system we have is, is probably the largest single causation of the difficulties that we're facing as a society. And it's really getting obvious and clear right now, as we're seeing these markets blow up, you know, the bond market blow up the stock market, blow up the third bubble in 26 years. Now we have housing. Now we've got the sovereign credit, everything bubble and it's blowing up and the reason it's blowing up as you can't taper a Ponzi and you know, the fed has created a Ponzi scheme with their paper. And they got to either keep printing, in which case it's going to become more worthless or they got to try and stop printing. Good luck on that.  Lawrence shares much more wisdom in this interview and is a favored guest.
16/05/2224m 37s

Now is Not the Time to Panic - Jordan Roy-Byrne #5500

Highlights: -Gold prices and stock prices are down -Silver prices are decreasing as well -We’re seeing the start of a potential significant bear market in stocks -We’re setting up for a bounce in the S&P -This could also be a 20-25% decline, pushing the recession out if the Fed reverses policy and congress decides to spend money again -Silver has broken down, but has strong support -Everything is oversold -You can wait on silver/gold exploration stocks to see gold rise again Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Daily Gold
16/05/2222m 34s

Downward Market Rollercoaster - Octavio Marenzi #5499

Highlights: -Markets have been on a rollercoaster ride downward -Inflation is not slowing down -Natgas threatens to get worse; inflationary pressures are concentrated in energy prices, but they’re easing a bit -What’s happening in the markets is an unfolding disaster—especially in the housing market -Interest rates are going up in mortgages -There is a housing shortage in the US, and Octavio wouldn’t be surprised to see prices come down 25-35% Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Opimas
13/05/2219m 13s

Avoiding Market Losses with Tactical Asset Allocation - Dr. Rufus Rankin #5498

Summary: I sit down and chat with Dr. Rufus Ranking, Tactical asset allocation expert, to discuss what you can do in consideration of the turmoil the markets have been facing over the last few weeks. This method is a variation on strategic allocation, but is a lot more adapted. Exposure is reduced as assets become more volatile, which increases chances for success. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -There’s been dramatic market turmoil in the last few weeks. What could you have done in anticipation of this, and what can you do now? -Tactical asset allocation is a variation on strategic allocation, but we’re more frequently updating our estimates on what the world looks like -It’s a lot more adapted; most of these approaches reduce exposure to assets as they become more volatile and go into negative territory -Most TAA approaches focus more on price/price-related data -Focus on price levels, recent returns, volatility, etc. -You get most of the upside and a lot less of the downside, and get the main trend right most of the time -When things are risky, you can reduce your exposure -Basic approach is to look at volatility in basic assets -Most TAA approaches use relative strength and time series momentum -Rufus has been applying these strategies for close to 20 years Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Sidepocket
13/05/2213m 46s

The Financial Education Emergency - Vince Shorb #5497

Highlights: -We’re seeing financial ignorance in the country; financial illiteracy is dominant in the US -Vince Shorb aims to increase financial literacy and combat financial ignorance -A large obstacle within this pursuit is the educational system -Financial habits form early; some studies point to them forming around age 7-9 -Part of financial literacy is career planning; this especially helps when people reach the university level -Taking advanced placement courses in high school and enrolling in a community college during the summers decreases the financial burden faced after graduating from a university -A lot of people don’t have access to a financial advisor Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Financial Educators Council
12/05/2219m 41s

Time for You to Buy Quality Mining Stocks - Jamie Keech #5496

Highlights: -Markets continue to implode; the resource sector is getting completely slammed -Is it time to liquidate your mining stocks, or should you be buying more? -We’re seeing one of the big wealth transfers of our generation -This is the real shake-up that needs to happen -There is a drastic change in decision making across the western world that is going to trickle down into the entire commodities sector -It’s really expensive to find/develop a nickel mine; it’s not the same as gold -When the dust settles and capital is pulled out of the tech sector, a lot of it will probably go to gold Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Resource Insider
11/05/2222m 59s

More Market Turmoil Ahead with Brian Benson #5495

Options expert joins for a discussion of the latest market turmoil. Markets have peaked and now it's a question of how far they have to drop or perhaps when they'll stop going down. We're at an inflection point. At some point there will be a relief rally. Where we go from there is the question.
10/05/2216m 9s

Why this Bear Market is Different than All the Others - Brent Kochuba #5493

Summary: How do you avoid sudden declines when volatility is increasing in the markets? I have Brent Kochuba on the show to talk about this, and his expertise with navigating options strategies is helpful in determining how to go about trading at this particular time. Tune in for tips on analyzing the markets and for predictions on what’s to come. Highlights: -Amazon lost 14% of its share value -How do you avoid sudden declines amidst the increase in volatility in the markets? -Brent Kochuba navigates options strategies -Anytime people get nervous in the markets, they buy put options -They look at people trading put options to predict volatility -Now, individual stocks are getting hit hard -Tesla took a hit -One of the big worries of the market right now is how many times the Fed will raise rates; a lot of tech stocks are getting beat up -With stagflation, the economy starts slowing down, unemployment rates go up, and there is high inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Spot Gamma
09/05/2229m 27s

Housing Shortage Ensures Home Prices will Stay High - Ken Van Liew #5492

Summary: Ken Van Liew and I sit down to discuss how interest rate increases affect the real estate market amongst other sectors that are greatly influenced by these changes. Even though this occurrence is unideal in many areas of our lives, opportunity for investing at this moment is still very strong and demands to be taken advantage of. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -How do interest rate increases affect the real estate market? -Real estate will most likely stay consistent and raise in value despite the circumstances -With the change in the commercial work environment, people may be changing their housing strategies -Lots of people are migrating around the United States -Interest rates don’t make as much of an impact on real estate professionals selling in more popular areas -Hotels have not gone up nearly as much as Airbnb prices -Even though rates are going up, opportunities to make money have never been greater; it’s important to maintain a positive mindset Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Ken Van Liew
06/05/2219m 59s

Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop with Wolf Richter #5490

Summary: I invite Wolf Richter to join us for this episode, and he gives a complete run-down on the housing market—which is up 20-30%, and subject to fluctuate even more due to interest rates. We’re seeing that the current inclination (from the perspective of the courts) is to not foreclose on a property. In consideration of how prices have changed the housing market, a relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase. Tune in for more expert knowledge on what to expect in this sector. Highlights: -Housing prices are up 20-30%; will interest rates destroy the housing market? -When you look at prices, it’s always a look back—it doesn’t mean that they will stay the same way -Mortgage applications for purchases are down 17% from a year ago -There’s going to eventually be fewer potential buyers -The inclination now is to not foreclose on a property; people get away with this by selling their property for a higher price -A relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase -Rents are a much more liquid measure—especially asking rents Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wolf Street
05/05/2224m 54s

This Stagflation Has FAANGs — John Rubino #5490

Stagflation is here: GDP is shrinking while prices continue to rise.  Fed has no choice but to keep raising rates and stocks are responding normally to this, by tanking (Friday was brutal). The FAANG stocks in particular have stopped propping up the market. They led the market up and now they’re leading it down. The sign of a true leader. Housing affordability is at the worst level ever. Higher rates and higher prices must cause the housing market to slow down. The recession is already here. The understating of the inflation rate has hidden real negative GDP growth over the past 2-3 quarters. US government responds to Musk buying Twitter by launching a Ministry of Truth -- housed in Homeland Security and run by a cartoon villain.  Russia/Ukraine war is settling into a quagmire AND getting even more dangerous as Nato sends more weapons. This is clearly a Nato operation to weaken Russia.  But it might backfire on the dollar.
04/05/2223m 11s

It’s the Permitting, Stupid - Rick Rule #5487

Summary: I sit down with Rick Rule to discuss metals prices, the issue of permitting, and the National Defense Authorization Act—all of which are throwing the economy/nation for a loop. We kick off by discussing Elon Musk and the Biden administration, and talk about what we can expect in the near future, and recap what’s been happening in the precious metals sector. Tune in for more insight. Highlights -What can we learn from Elon Musk? Rick admires his public utterances -A proliferation of platforms owned by people with different points of view is the greatest freedom of speech we will ever have—giving value to Twitter -Musk understands the latent values of social media that has the ability to monetize things -Just because you have subsidies, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful -The Biden administration recently invoked the National Defense Authorization Act -The Biden administration is concerned about the security of their material wealth Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Rule Investment Media
03/05/2228m 15s

Real Alternate Investing with Stefan Von Imhof #5488

Highlights: -Markets are getting slammed again; what should we do in terms of alternative investing right now? -Stefan got into alternative investing through website investing -You can buy cash flowing websites for 3-5x annual profit -Music rights are a great alternative investment class; streaming is incredibly consistent -Under IRS rules, you can use cost recovery and get cash flow from day one is a good place to start for buying/selling websites Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Alts
03/05/2214m 18s

How You Win in a Losing Market - Dutch Masters #5486

Highlights: -Markets have been going crazy—how do you make money when there’s blood in the streets? -They’ve been buying inverse ETFs -As the markets have been going down, they’ve been purchasing SPXUs -They’re taking a hit today because markets are rising; the DOW and NASDAQ are up -How do you know when to exit? It’s hard to know which factor is going to be the one that brings everything down -China is singlehandedly locking up the supply chain again, which will cause a global slow-down -We are already seeing the rationing of things like electricity in some places Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Carnivore Trading
02/05/2224m 0s

Mortgage Rates Affecting NY Real Estate - Andrew Ragusa #5485

Highlights: -You would think real estate prices are going up, but supply and demand are not in equilibrium -The New York market is seeing low inventory, and lower offers than they were six months ago -Mortgage rates will be a large factor in determining purchase prices -Judges are less likely to sign foreclosure orders right now, so investors are trying to be cautious -Rental income drives real estate Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Andrew Ragusa Instagram Real Estate Market Investors
29/04/2217m 28s

Nothing Would Surprise Me with Natural Gas - Michael Moor #5484

Highlights: -Gold, Bitcoin, and the markets have gotten hit -The break above $6.49/46 in natural gas took the market out of a range it had been in since 2008 -The energies are all bullish, but heat has been leading the move-up recently -Ask questions about the funds that you’re in to assess if your equity is at risk -Gold was in a big consolidation phase from August 2020-February 2022, but we are no longer in this consolidation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Moor Analytics
29/04/2214m 28s

Trillion Energy to Begin NatGas Production and Cash Flow in July with CEO Art Halleran

We sat down with Trillion Energy’s CEO Arthur Halleran for a long-awaited sponsor update. Trillion’s Black Sea drill program has been funded via a recent oversubscribed C$18mm placement. The drill rig is on order and all necessary equipment and materials are paid for. Art anticipates spudding of the first well in July and he’s to have 17 producing wells in place. There’s also upside exploration potential as well, but Trillion is focusing on the proven reserves and production first. Some dilution resulted from the required financing. However, unlike most such stories, the increased shares have been more than offset by the $18 (per thousand cubic feet) price they're getting, nearly triple last year's price. With recent geopolitical issues, there’s little chance that Natgas’s price will decline in the foreseeable future. Thus, the potential payoff to shareholders is substantial. We also covered the company’s Bulgarian project. Art estimates there's 1 trillion cubic feet in this coal bed methane project. Bulgaria's Natgas price stands at a record high $27. The drilling technology to capture this gas is available and Art knows how to get it done. The past pandemic year has been a difficult one for Trillion. Financing became difficult to finalize, but Art never lost faith. Now the road ahead is looking better than ever, which is why this company remains our largest holding. Ticker Symbols OTC: TRLEF — CSE: TCF
28/04/2217m 37s

Margin Clerks Are More Powerful than Central Bankers - David Erfle #5482

Highlights: -Markets and the precious metals sector are taking quite a hit; what is in store? -Several months ago, the markets were looking good, but then we had a failed rally -Silver is showing weakness after showing relative strength for a couple months -We’re probably going to get a bounce in Gold around 1950/1920 -The Dollar is a safe haven currency for a reason -Whenever there is chaos in the market, it hits the metals and mining stocks -8.5% drastically understates the real rate of inflation -Export driven economies crumble when inflation goes up extremely -The Keynesian model is collapsing -The Internet hyper-charged global growth Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Miner Junky
27/04/2226m 36s

Major Market Test Coming - Avi Gilburt #5481

Highlights: -The markets are trying to find their footing, but the dollar is going up -the market has moved into a complex structure—4300 region is our main resistance point -We will probably not see a bare market—at least not for a while -Silver may not see a major move until the end of 2022/2023 -Oil prices have come back down under 100; Gilburt is looking for a minimum rally to 90 in the next few months -The economy and the market are separate Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Elliott Wave Trader
26/04/2215m 30s

Self-Directed IRAs to Build Your Wealth - John Paul Ruiz #5480

Summary: The investment landscape has changed and inflation has greatly influenced this. Additionally, many people are wondering about next steps regarding their retirement accounts, 401ks, and IRAs, and John Paul Ruiz comes on the show to talk about some of the benefits of self-directed IRAs. One of the most enticing features of self-directed IRAs is the fact that investors have the opportunity to invest in whatever they want within their IRA, and even certain precious metals are permitted to be held under it. Tune in for more information. Highlights: -Everything is uncertain these days; the investment landscape has changed and inflation has become a huge factor -A lot of people have large retirement accounts, 401ks, and IRAs and are confused about next steps -Alternative investments are becoming more popular, and people are wondering what else to invest in when it comes to retirement plans -People have used their IRA to buy income producing property -“Self-Directed” is just a marketing term. What makes it different is that self-directed administrators do not aim to sell particular investments, but allow investors to invest in whatever they want within their IRA -IRAs are beneficial because your investments can grow tax deferred, and sometimes tax free -Certain types of precious metals have also been permitted to be held under IRA Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Entrust Group
25/04/2222m 1s

You Can Still Make Triple Digit Returns in Crypto - Blake Templeton #5479

Summary: I sit down and chat with Blake Templeton to discuss ways that you can become successful in your investing—especially within the realm crypto—even if you are just getting started. Templeton went from being a broke college dropout to running two hedge funds, and encourages listeners to take a time out and think about their future; by developing a strategy and analyzing real, raw numbers, you can eventually find yourself with a solid portfolio and profitable investments. Tune in for more insight Highlights: -How do you go from being a college dropout to running two hedge funds? Blake Templeton comes on the show to tell us the story of how he did this -It’s more important than ever now to take a time out and think about your future -Inflation is probably closer to 15% at the moment -25% of S&P companies cannot pay their debt -If you’re getting started, it’s best to look at real, raw numbers -Volatile times mean that you have to have extreme measures of change to benefit your investments -The blockchain makes processes more accurate; you can see what’s happening Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Boron Capital Text ‘Invest’ to 877-771-0615
25/04/2226m 46s

Coppernico Metals: Discovering A World-Class Copper-Gold District in South America

Ivan Bebek Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer of Coppernico Metals, formerly known as Sombrero Resources, was on to bring you the latest sponsor update. (We own shares). First off, Ivan explained the recent name change. Coppernico plays off the words copper and nickel and the legendary mathematician/astronomer Copernicus, who discovered that the planets revolve around the sun. It’s all part of his plan to make legendary discoveries of copper and nickel. There have been a number of recent personnel changes, which will prove crucial to Coppernico's future. Marie-Hélène Turgeon is now a director and ESG advisor. She has 20+ years of environment management and compliance, working with Latin American mining concerns. She will help the company finalize its community agreements. Tim Kinglesy comes on as VP of Exploration. He has 18+ years of precious and base metal exploration in the Americas (Peru, Canada and Alaska). Upon joining the company, he stated, “I'm not here to drill 50-meter step-outs. I want to drill 500 to 1000-meter step-outs and go find something really big.” Completing the team is Margaux Villalpando, investor relations manager, with extensive mining sector experience in client and stakeholder relations. Coppernico’s TSX listing is contingent upon its access to the Sombrero project, which is awaiting community consent. It’s a complicated process to which the company has already devoted much time and effort. Ivan believes project access will soon be a fait accompli, as the affected communities have already benefited greatly from Coppernico’s efforts, and have so much more to gain. As usual, there’s much more coming. The team is currently reviewing a number of other potential large-scale South American projects. As Ivan said, “The opportunities have never been greater.” If anyone could do these projects, the upside wouldn’t be so enormous. The reconstituted team is now quickly working towards a successful conclusion.
22/04/2217m 29s

Discipline is the Key to Successful Investing with Roger Khoury #5478

Summary: Wondering how to make a fortune on Wall Street? Guest Roger Khoury joins us for this episode to give us tips and tricks to make smart investments from an analytic perspective. It’s important to be consistent, and to understand what drives the market. It is ultimately the relationship between demand and price that dictates the future of the markets, and an awareness of this correlation can help you make more calculated investments. Be sure to listen in for more expert insight on how to navigate the markets in the current economic circumstances. Highlights: -Trading and investing are risky, but Roger Khoury has a number of tips that can help you make a fortune on Wall Street 
-The key is to be consistent; this is what helps you grow an account -You need to understand what drives the market; ultimately, demand causes prices to rise and fall -There are eight major forces of supply and demand affecting prices -The market can’t be manipulated past a certain level -If you know where demand is in real time, you can usually determine where price is going next -You need to look for significant imbalances between price and demand -The process is what delivers the results Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Market Forecasting Academy
22/04/2230m 10s

Inflation is Your Enemy - Anthony Saccaro #5477

Summary: The markets haven’t been doing great; how do we know when it’s the right time to exit? I have Anthony Saccaro on the show to talk about some of the latest happenings in the economy, and how to guage the proper time to leave the market based on your personal circumstances. Inflation may or may not be at its peak, but regardless, it’s important to put yourself in a situation where you minimize your debt and have a steady cash flow. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -Markets aren’t doing so great; is it time to exit? It ultimately depends on what stage of life you’re in -If you’re within 4,5, or 10 years of retirement, it’s probably time to start taking some of your chips off the table -Stocks are almost at record highs, with a potential recession looming -You want to be in a position where you’re debt free and have the cash flow to do what you want—regardless of what the national inflation rate is -Focus on the dividend and interest, because that’s what you can count on Financial Survival Network Providence Financial Inc.
21/04/2216m 31s

Stagflation Rules - John Rubino #5476

Summary: I have John Rubino on the show to give us the latest information on exactly what we have been fearing with the rise of inflation: stagflation. Mortgage and interest rates are above 5%, and this economic environment is the worst to be in—negatively impacting everyone in some way. On top of that, we’re simultaneously seeing political turmoil, and it looks as if we’re in for some tough times. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -Stagflation is officially here; mortgage and interest rates are above 5%. How will this impact the US/global economy and various industries? -Stagflation is one of the worst environments for an economy to be in because it negatively affects everyone -It generates political turmoil on top of financial turmoil -Inflation is going up and growth expectations are falling, which is a visual depiction of stagflation -The Ukraine war is looking like a quagmire Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse
20/04/2230m 41s

Inflation is out of Control with Michael Busler #5475

The government says inflation is running around 8%. But we all know the dirty truth that inflations is running closer to 15%. This impacts the middle class and working class hardest. And there's no let up in site. Michael believes that the Fed waited too long and is doing too little. They're playing catch-up and not doing a very good job of it. The question is how high must rates go to slay the inflation dragon and can the Fed actually raise rates that high? What will happen to the US economy and the global economy if they do. Housing is slowing down, but in certain areas, it has actually increased. Real rates are still around negative 10 percent.
20/04/2213m 4s

New M&A Wave About to Sweep Junior Miner Sector - Brian Leni #5474

Summary: I sit down and chat with Brian Leni to get the latest updates on what’s happening with precious metals. As an engineer by trade, Leni has an advantage when it comes to analyzing the sector and determining which companies are worth investing in. He says that the gold thesis has never been stronger than it is today, and provides insight regarding where the market is headed. Highlights: -Gold hit 2000 again; junior miners are lagging -The big money has not yet been made in the sector -Leni is an engineer by trade, which contributes to his expertise within the sector -The gold thesis has never been stronger than it is today -Attention will be drawn back to the commodities market -Writing articles allows Leni to explain why he wants to invest in a company, and pushes him to learn and develop a process for picking the best companies Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Stock Review
19/04/2221m 13s

Avoid Sudden Wealth Syndrome - Christopher Nelson #5473

Summary: I sit down and chat with Christopher Nelson about equity, and how opportunities within this can yield great success when you choose your investment wisely. It’s important to own assets that produce passive income, so that your yield can be a direct reflection of your hard work and decisions. Tech startup companies and the mobile home park sector are of particular interest in this regard, and you can tune in to hear more about how to educate yourself and make smart investments. Highlights: -When you look around at investment opportunities to get a decent return, it doesn’t always look great. Christoper Nelson is here to talk about how equity is everything, and how to choose your investment wisely -We need to stop trading time for dollars, and instead own assets that produce capital while we sleep -He decided to get an education in computer science; there was still an active job market, and technology recovered -He realized that as hard as he was working, he wasn’t making as much as people that went to work for startup companies -He created a due diligence for technology companies he went to work for, and the outcome was extremely successful -Christopher’s favorite sector at the moment is the mobile home park sector -The housing shortage will most likely continue and worsen Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Thrive Community Wealthward Capital
18/04/2219m 37s

Profit From Your Risks - Clay Ogden #5472

Summary: Looking to plan out your business more efficiently and minimize unforeseen risks? Clay Ogden comes on the show to talk about how you can do this, and essentially “insure” unpredictable obstacles/tragedies that may affect your business. This can be done through 831(b) insurance plants, which allow business owners to take excess profits/revenues. It can be up to 10-15% of your gross revenue; this money is set aside, and can be deferred for the future or invested if you don’t end up using it. Tune in to find out more about how you can stay prepared and protect your business. Highlights: -Clay Ogden is an expert in risk management and 831(b) insurance plans -831(b) is a section of the tax code that allows a business owner to take excess profits/revenues out of their business and save it for unforeseen risks (i.e. business/supply chain interruptions) -This allows business owners to protect themselves from unexpected issues -They typically allow around 10-15% of gross revenues to be set aside, depending on the scenario -Anything unused for claims purposes can be deferred for the future, invested, or qualified for the dividends -The maximum that can be taken is $2.4 million annually Useful Links: Financial Survival Network SRA 831(b) Admin
15/04/2218m 51s

Will the Fed Keep Raising? - Jim Welsh #5471

Highlights: -Jim has believed for the last year that inflation is not transitory, and this has turned out to be very accurate -The Fed is shifting policy so that financial conditions tighten; they will need to push the stock market down -In 2018, when the Fed shrunk its balance sheet, the S&P struggled -Uranium has the potential to run for a while and move towards 31 -Is the opportunity in gold gone? Jim thinks that it is going to rally above 2070 -Inflation is going to temper over the next few months, which may take some of the wind out of the gold sales Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Macro Tides
14/04/2224m 17s

Avoid Gold - Dee Carter #5470

Summary: In the metals markets, gold is up 21.30/oz and silver is up 25.50. Will this lead to a rally, and what does it mean for the stock market? I sit down and chat with Dee Carter to discuss some of the pros of purchasing metals at this time, especially in light of the fact that inflation is here to stay for a while. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -Gold is up 21.30/oz; Silver is up 25.50. Will this lead to a rally? -If you’re going to buy gold, it’s important to make sure it’s from a reputable company -Putin has been tying the Rouble to gold -Gas and food prices are not factored into tracking inflation, and inflation will not be transitory; we will probably be stuck with it for 2-3 years Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Carter Financial
13/04/2218m 11s

Profitable Investing in Net-Nets - Evan Bleker #5469

Summary: At FSN, we’re always looking for new, safe ways to invest. I sit down and chat with Evan Bleker—founder of Net Net Hunter—to discuss net-nets and how you can profit from them. In this scenario, long term assets are stripped out, and you hone in on the current assets. A net-net is when the market cap is less than the resulting figure. Tune in for more information on what to look for when engaging in this investing opportunity. Highlights: -Net-nets can make you a boatload of money if you hit the right one -Long term assets are stripped out, and you focus on the current assets. It the market cap is less than the resulting figure, this is called a net-net -Most are micro-cap and nano-cap companies; 40/50 are very good companies to follow up with and do research on -An investment is one where you can project your earnings and dividends; most other things are a speculation -If you’re entering a situation where inflation is taking off, it’s important to have stable, fixed assets -It’s important to dig past standardized data to gauge whether you have an opportunity or not Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Net Net Hunter
13/04/2225m 54s

A Congressional Candidate who Gets Cryptos - Matthew Diemer #5468

Summary: There is a new generation of leadership coming into office; digital currency is becoming more prevalent, and here to talk about this is Matthew Diemer—a candidate running for US Congress Ohio. Diemer talks about the importance of having leaders that acknowledge global competition. The United States has the opportunity to lead the tech industry if we play our cards right. Tune in for more insight from a political figure in tune with the future of currency and technology. Highlights: -There is a new generation of leadership coming into office; digital currency is going to become more important -What is the future of impending regulation? -We need people in leadership that are aware of global competition so that we do not fall behind in future American tech -People in Washington need to be straightforward, and hidden investments need to be removed from the political sphere -When you make Bitcoin legal tender in a country, you force businesses to accept this currency, which takes away from free market economy Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Diemer for Congress Matthew Diemer Twitter
12/04/2228m 33s

Not Your Grandfather’s Pharmacy - Cary Breese #5467

Summary: Disruptive technologies are pervading industries of all kinds—one of the latest being pharmaceuticals. I sit down and chat with the CEO of NowRx to discuss how he and his company are revolutionizing pharmacies, making getting a prescription an easier, secure, and efficient process. Utilizing micro-fallfilment centers that house technology built for optimizing pharmacy processing, NowRx is able to save money on retail space and deliver medications to patients the same day orders are placed—typically within a few hours. Listen in to hear more about the innovations taking place in pharmaceuticals, and to learn about how you can invest in NowRx. Highlights: Disruptive technologies are taking place in many industries—automobiles, the taxing industries, etc. -Now, these technologies are coming to the pharmaceutical world -Breese’s company uses micro-fulfillment centers to house technology that is built for optimizing pharmaceutical processing -Saving money on retail space, they can afford to deliver medications to patients the same day orders are placed—usually within a few hours -They are using technology and optimization to revolutionize pharmacies -The current pharmacy industry is suffering from misalignment -NowRX hopes to be publicly traded one day, and is growing by about 60% year to year in terms of revenue -They manage everything from the point the Rx is sent in to when the prescription reaches the patient -Most pharmacy systems don’t take advantage of their communication software -NowRx goes further in terms of communication follow-up, and they give doctors real time statuses of every medication as well -Patients get live updates when their prescription is in the process of being delivered Useful Links Financial Survival Network NowRx Invest in NowRx
11/04/2226m 17s

Stagflation Investing - David Stryzewski #5466

Summary: We’ve been hearing a lot about inflation in the news, and the government has admitted to a 7.5% inflation rate—the worst a country has seen in the last 40 years. I have David Stryzewski on the show to discuss this topic, and he says that interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical situations will ultimately be the factors that move the markets. It’s an important time to sit down and take account of your finances, and to prepare for the possibility of a stagflationary environment. Highlights: -The government is admitting to 7.5% inflation—this is the worst inflation a country in the world has encountered in the last 40 years -What factors will move the markets? Interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical situations -As the Fed is reducing its balance sheet and raising interest rates, the average consumer is put in an interesting position -This is an important time for people to sit down and take an account of where they are financially -David’s primary concern is stagflation, which comes from high inflation, high unemployment, and slow economic growth -We’re experiencing a deficit of semiconductors -The Fed is probably going to do more in the short term Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Sound Planning Group
11/04/2223m 36s

Will Commodities Control the Financials? Nick Santiago #5465

1. Markets rebounding. Dow and S&P 500 are up. Nasdaq is down. So far so good. As long as it ends green.  2. How high can feds funds rate go. The quant says 1%. The dollar has been making new highs. Europe is in horrible shape. The FF rate should follow the 2 year treasury rate. We are looking at a market that is hooked on QE and money printing. Money has nowhere else to go. The DXY hit 100 and is now at resistance. Euro chart looks horrible.  3. While the dollar is going higher, gold and commodities are holding prices. Will commodities control financials in the new paradigm. This proves the need for charts. 4. Implosion of the media is well underway. Stelter shows that everything is a narrative. The world is playing out to the 1984 script. Don’t let it happen. This is where we are at this stage of society. The consequences of every act are included in every act. 5. Inflation is all over and was well underway before the war began. Still lots of liquidity in the system. 6. We are being primed for a food shortage. It can be resolved quickly. Oil could be much cheaper if the market was allowed to work. 7. We are at a very pivotal time. Recovery is happening due to the money flow from Europe. War going on and a separation between East and West.
08/04/2217m 58s

Don’t Write the Dollar Off So Fast - Eric Hadik #5464

Summary: A lot is happening in the economy right now; we’re looking at petrodollar concerns, US dollar concerns, increasing interest rates, and a multitude of other variables that are affecting the markets. I have Eric Hadik on the show to discuss some of the current trends, and he notes various cycles—especially within the dollar and stocks—that have alluded to what is happening at the moment. We talk about the future of commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrency, and more, so be sure to tune in and get the latest updates. Highlights: -There are petrodollar concerns, US dollar concerns, interest rates, etc. -What do we make of these markets? -There has been a three year cycle with the dollar that has persisted for years -There are also long term war cycles to account for—which came right on schedule and helped support the dollar -The dollar is down, but certainly not out yet; it’s in the upper end of its trading range and has maintained some resilience -Interest rates have been spiking higher recently, and mortgage rates are over 5% -We’re likely to see a few months of consolidation -Everything that’s happened over the last month and the Fed talk has been at such an extreme -The markets anticipate things in advance, and they’ve been anticipating an extreme -Commodities will probably see their final extreme in September of 2022 -A few other indexes have the chance to rally higher -Stocks have adhered to a 2 year pattern where turning points are similar -We’ve definitely seen a multi-month peak for oil -We’re in for some volatile consolidation in the wheat market -Hadik is looking for the possibility of gold setting a higher high in the next few weeks; a few indicators show that it could rally -Bitcoin has been in a 2-3 month recovery/up-trend -Bitcoin has adhered to intermediate cycles, which indicates that it is a developing market Useful Links: Financial Survival Network INSIIDE Track Trading
08/04/2236m 24s

There’s Gold in Colombian Coffee - Josh Ziegelbaum #5463

Summary: If you’re passionate about coffee and investing, then you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode. I chat with Josh Ziegelbaum from Legacy Group, an organization that looks at investing in worthy companies to generate profits. Josh is currently focused on the coffee sector, and is partnered with Green Coffee Company in Colombia. He is implementing innovative technology to improve their practices and provide more opportunities to workers, and their coffee ranks very high in the industry. Listen in for more information about what he’s doing, and what it’s like to invest in a venture like this. Highlights: -Head of IR at Legacy Group -Looks at investing in worthy companies to generate profits; he is currently focused on Colombia, particularly in the coffee sector with Green Coffee Company -Coffee processes differ in various parts of the world, and in Colombia, the coffee beans are hand-picked -They use older farming practices and don’t provide formal employment to those working on the farm -Ziegelbaum’s company is using innovative technology to improve their practices -They’re giving them an outlet to sell their coffee at fair prices -Their coffee is rated in the 80s, which presents great opportunity for investors -Limited partners get direct investment opportunities Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Legacy Group
07/04/2213m 56s

Buy Twitter and Roubles - John Rubino #5462

Summary: John Rubino and I sit down and chat to talk US government and economy—both of which are in precarious situations at the moment. We discuss the inevitable power change to come in terms of political party/leaders, and how this may play out. Additionally, other countries have been anticipating the demise of US currency and are in turn strengthening their own. Tune in for more insights. Highlights: -Our president called for regime change—this led to the White House trying to roll it back -There is an interesting phenomenon; a government that doesn’t get anything done doesn’t cause any damage in turn -People would rather have a party change without an election -There is going to be a change in power in this country without an election—the question just relates to how they will do it -Many people have lost faith in the mainstream to tell them the truth -Russia wants roubles in return for natural gas—which makes them more valuable -They’re making the rouble a replacement for the petrodollar -Russia and China have been buying tons of gold over the last couple decades in preparation for the situation we’re in -They are strengthening their own currencies by trading in their own currencies -The Fed intends to raise interest rates and mortgage rates, which could knock us into a recession -Unemployment predicts higher wage growth Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Financial Sense
06/04/2230m 13s

How Do You Get Rich In the Market? - Jaden Sterling #5461

Summary: Looking for improvement in your investing abilities/results? If so, you’ll want to tune in to this episode with Jaden Sterling, where we discuss some of the effective methods you can implement right now to increase your chances of success in the market. Sterling highly suggests investing in gold and silver and avoiding market disasters. Additionally, inflation makes grocery store stocks and companies susceptible to constantly rising prices highly profitable. Listen in for more useful tips. Highlights: -In this market, you avoid the disasters and hedge your portfolio with hard assets: gold and silver -Diversification is a tax investors pay when they don’t know what they’re doing -Start looking at grocery store stocks and companies where we know inflation is rampant -You want to enter this time debt free -Inverse relationships could be bad for portfolios Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Sterling Stock Picker
06/04/2217m 51s

Gold Getting Ready to Spike Higher - Craig Hemke #5460

Summary: I sit down and chat with Craig Hemke to discuss some of the interesting phenomena taking place in the markets and our economy; with an inverted yield curve, political collapse, and the prospect of Elon Musk buying even more of the world, 2022 has been nothing short of action packed. Tune in for insights on what’s to come with gold, and for tips on how you can stay prepared during inflationary times. Highlights: -There is an inverted yield curve, political collapse, and the prospect of Elon Musk buying the world -Hemke predicted that 2022 would be volatile -It looks as if Musk may take over Twitter -Gold went over 2000, and now it is back down to 1900, but this is not surprising -Your investment decisions are much simpler in an inflationary environment; some of the best performing stock markets of all time have been in hyper-inflationary circumstances -It’s important during these times to prepare and be attentive -Preparations such as getting medicine ahead of time are important Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TF Metals Report
05/04/2228m 19s

If You Are Thinking of Retiring - Drew Pelton #5458

Summary: Are you ready to retire? Can you do so without going crazy? Drew Pelton comes on the show to speak about this. The concept of retirement has changed over time for a number of reasons—inflation being a key component. Tune in for more insight on how to minimize risk and prepare for this transition. Highlights: -If you’re more financially secure, you are more ready for this transition -The concept of retirement has changed for many reasons -If you don’t plan adequately, you may face some serious issues -If a lot of your wealth is in your home, it makes sense to downsize and free up your capital -Bond-like instruments generate income -A balance between income investments and equities should be the focus -Minimizing risk can be done by looking at individual security -There are financial measurements that can be assessed to analyze risk Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Drew Pelton
01/04/2224m 33s

Investing for the Long Haul and the Big Profit - Mariusz Skonieczny #5457

Summary: I have Mariusz Skonieczny on the show to discuss how to take small stocks and get in at the right time in order to make a profit. It’s important to remember that every entity has different clienteles, futures, and management, and Skonieczny recommends going to an exchange and looking at companies individually. If you want to learn how to invest for the long haul, be sure to tune in. Highlights: -How do you take small stocks and get in at the right time to make money? -People involved with stocks during the pandemic had a good turnout -The stock market is a vehicle to get an ownership in financial assets -Every entity has different clienteles, futures, management, etc. -Going to an exchange and looking at companies one by one is an effective strategy -It’s important to be confident in your trade and to be willing to ride out the trade -You need to detach from your decision in a stock once you’ve made it; you have to stay with it Useful Links: Financial Survival Network MicroCap Explosions
31/03/2223m 8s

Why Aren’t You Paying Less Taxes? - Ben Golden #5456

Summary: It’s almost time to deal with taxes, and in spirit of this, I sit down with Ben Golden to talk about how you can minimize your taxes and interactions with the IRS. As a registered agent with the IRS, Golden has an abundance of pointers in regard to helping people that are having trouble coming to a tax resolution. Tune in for more information. Highlights: -Tax time is only a few short weeks away. Golden comes on the show to give advice on how you can minimize your taxes and interactions with the IRS -Golden is a registered agent with the IRS -Golden’s company helps people that are already having problems with a tax resolution -The same techniques don’t necessarily work for everybody; each person is in a different situation -A lot of people would rather run away from their tax problem than face it head on -67% of all audits go unanswered, and that’s why there is a change -There are a few different types of audits; if computers are not included, there is about a 1% chance of being audited -Those that make lower incomes are being audited more Useful Links: Financial Survival Network IRS Trouble Solvers
30/03/2220m 28s

What Do You Do Without? - Brad Williams #5455

Summary: If you’ve been to supermarkets, the gas station, and any major stores, you’ve probably noticed the record high prices being implemented all over the United States. Brad Williams comes on the show to discuss the implications of these astronomical prices: they demand that we consider what we can live without, and what things can be temporarily swapped. Unfortunately, there are many things we cannot forgo in our day to day lives. Listen in to hear Brad and I discuss this further and unpack some of the major changes that accompany inflation. Highlights: -In consideration of the sky-rocketing prices, people are forced to decide what to cut out of their budget -Some things cannot be substituted; gasoline is one of these things -In the capitalist economy, people find their ways around things—but options are becoming somewhat limited -Fossil fuels are the cheapest, most effective way to power an economy, which works against the intent of eco-friendly movements -It’s a good time to add metals to your portfolio -Looking at commodities may be a way to hedge up your portfolio -We’re in a commodities super cycle Useful Links: Ask Brad Williams
29/03/2216m 46s

Your Credit Score Could Be Going Up - Paul Oster #5454

Summary: If you owe money or are concerned about your credit score, then this episode will be of interest to you. Paul Oster has been helping people restore their credit for over a decade, and comes on the show to give great tips for keeping an eye on your credit score and managing bills that will greatly impact this. Medical bills are especially important to be attentive to; anything under $500 no longer incurs a penalty, but amounts above this will impact your credit significantly. Don’t forget to check your credit reports frequently, and tune in for more great insight on improving your credit. Highlights: -Some have stopped reporting certain medical collections -You are still obligated to pay your medical bills -For anything under $500, there is no longer a penalty if you haven’t paid it -Average medical debt on credit reports is $500 -If you owe more, then it is important to figure this out so that your credit doesn’t suffer -Remember that we can look at our credit reports every seven days for free (CARES Act) -If you have medical bills that you are worried about paying, reach out to the creditors -Oster helps people look for ways to correct Useful Links Financial Survival Network Better Qualified
29/03/2212m 50s

Douglas Eze Gives You the Key to Generational Wealth #5453

Douglas Eze joined us for a talk about building generational wealth. Douglas is President and CEO of Largo Financial which has affiliate offices in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and Virginia with over 600 licensed Financial Consultants on his team. Not only is he a financial advisor and wealth strategist but he is an author and speaker.  First step to building wealth is to lower your tax bill as much as possible while obeying the law. Next look for cash flow and income generating assets. Finally, keep an open mind for extreme opportunities. Such things pass through everyone's life.
28/03/2212m 56s

Mortgage Rates Go Up While Housing Shortage Remains with Debbie Bloyd #5452

Mortgage expert Debbie Bloyd explains that even as interest rates rise, housing sales will remain high since there is just not enough supply to satisfy demand. Real rates are still extremely negative, over 10 percent and this just adds to the number of people seeking new homes. While the marginal buyer may be priced out of the market, there are still plenty of institutional cash buyers chasing a limited number of homes. Which means that for now, the real estate market, at least in hot markets, shows no signs of cooling down.
25/03/2220m 29s

E.A.S.Y Real Estate Investing - Marcin Drozdz #5451

Summary: Inflation has its downsides, but an advantage is the profit one can gain in the real estate market. I sit down and chat with Marcin Drozdz, who gives tips on easily and effectively raising capital so that you can settle deals in the market. If you are seeking the resources and flexibility to make offers within real estate, tune in to hear Drozdz’s expert advice. Highlights: -Real estate can be a great way to profit from inflation; rents are going up and prices have nearly doubled in some places -Marcin Drozdz has come up with an easy way to raise capital -Right now, making sure you have your capital in order is extremely important, since making an offer requires proof of having funds -Drozdz’s system preps people so that they have the resources and flexibility to make offers when it’s most opportune -The biggest mistake people make is making sure that they have all of the official matters/documentation taken care of before talking to people -Work to your unfair advantage Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Marcin Drozdz
25/03/2224m 54s

Wars and Media are a Racket - George Gammon #5450

Summary: George Gammon, an expert on the contemporary scene, comes on the show to talk about the implications of the war and media; as large problems become the talk of the nation, they distract us from other issues and create a sense of diversion. Topics such as war are a racket that come at the expense of the masses, and we need to be aware of what is happening in the economy amidst all of the noise. Tune in for more. Highlights: -It seems as if large scale problems keep surfacing that distract us from the other issues occurring -War has worked well in the past when less popular presidents want to be re-elected; diversion helps -War prompts people to forgo their freedom and liberty -We need central currency to ensure that no one is working with outside forces -Politicians, the global elite, and the media are incentivized to participate in this war; they take advantage of any crisis opportunity possible -Many people have abandoned critical thinking and may support the US going forward with this war -We discuss Butler’s 1933 speech on war being a ‘racket’ that comes at the expense of the masses -Rather than dreading inflation, welcome it, because it is your greatest opportunity to acquire wealth and get ahead Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Rebel Capitalist Live George Gammon Twitter
24/03/2229m 50s

Fed Rate Hike Fairytales - Michael Pento #5449

Summary: We’re experiencing a peculiar rally at the moment, and Michael Pento comes on the show to give more insight on what’s happening with the rate hikes, and why we’re seeing this rally. In the past, the stock market has gone up significantly when the Fed hikes interest rates for the first time. Additionally, we’re seeing bubbles in every market, and the stock market could go higher if the Fed reverses its policy—driving our economy into QE unlimited. Tune in for more on what’s to come. Highlights: -There are 8 more rate hikes ahead, but any news is good news when it comes to Wall Street -This rally is happening because in the past, the first time the Fed has hiked interest rates, the stock market has gone up significantly -This rate hiking cycle is unique -The Fed is now tightening into a slow down in global growth—particularly US growth -The Fed can’t hike more than one or two times before they invert the yield curve -They plan to do quantitative tightening as well -Digital currency could also serve as a tool for inflationary measures -If the base money supply never grew more than 2% per annum, the situation would look a lot different -There are bubbles in every market -The stock market will only go higher if the Fed reverses its policy and we go into QE unlimited Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies
23/03/2236m 10s

You Aren’t Managing Your Risk - Octavio Marenzi #5448

Summary: I sit down and chat with Octavio Marenzi to discuss how the war in Ukraine has affected markets, and it seems as if everything is going up. Commodities, gold, and oil are reaching highs, and from a US perspective, this is not a conflict that is going to have much of an impact. Tune in for more insights on what’s to come, and what to expect on national and global levels. Highlights: -How badly has the war in Ukraine affected markets, and what can we expect going forward? -Markets, commodities, and gold are going higher; oil is headed toward its all-time high -From a US perspective, this is not a conflict that is going to have much of an impact -Looking at NASDAQ, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to pinpoint when the war started -In European natural gas, prices have jumped sporadically; the situation is different for US natural gas because they are different markets -Once the correction goes down, the Fed will jump back in to keep everything under control -Increasing interest rates for years will destroy the markets -Gold is going to be more or less okay in the short term -Mortgage rates in the US have gone up, which will most likely impact real estate prices -It’s okay to be a risk taker, but you have to be a risk manager as well -For the average person who doesn’t make any moves, inflation is decimating -For people who are in debt (in a fixed interest rate) it’s not a bad thing; it works negatively for people who save up money Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Opimas
23/03/2221m 30s

Real Estate Investing Your Mother Will Love -- Caroline Yuki #5446

Hear the story about how Caroline Yuki helped her mother retire 10 years earlier than she planned. Now her mother has a comfortable retirement, has multiple streams of income and keeps increasing her monthly cash flow. It's a common sense system that can help you earn big rewards with low risk.
23/03/2219m 13s

Extreme Stupidity and the Death of the Petro Dollar with John Rubino #5447

Did the Petro Dollar just die? Will the Fed raise rates 6 times this year? (Target is 2.8% by end of 2023. Is this serious or pathetic?) Was Bix Weir? Are we heading into a recession already? How big a deal is $110 oil? Will food prices keep rising?  (“Dust bowl conditions” threaten to create a disastrous winter wheat harvest) Do rising long-term interest rates constitute monetary tightening?  Will global supply chains ever go back to pre-covid normal? What's the next crisis? Cyberattack?
22/03/2222m 47s

$250 Oil, The Dow is Dead, Long Live Commodities — Charles Nenner #5445

It’s no longer a stock market, it’s a commodity market. Oil is going between $150 to $250. Natural gas cycles are higher. Stock markets have peaked and are going lower, the Ukraine War has little to do with it. It’s all in the cycles. Commodity stocks are going through the roof. Play them through ETF’s Wheat is in a major upswing. Real estate may peak, but rents are not coming down. Inflation could be around for decades. Gold is having a short term pullback but is going much higher. Ethereum is about to hit a low and will present a good opportunity through the etf. Charles is long the Euro. You need to be invested in the right asset class and now its commodities. The current worldwide insanity is either a disaster for your finances or a golden opportunity. Useful Links:
18/03/2225m 9s

You Have an Important Choice to Make - David Morgan #5442

Summary: David Morgan comes on the show to talk about what the circumstances in Ukraine will mean for metals prices, as the these are directly correlated. As circumstances change within currencies and amongst varying economies around the world, we start to question how countries will continue to do business together. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -What does the quagmire in Ukraine mean for metals prices? -How are we going to do business together as currencies/economic circumstances change? -A cyber-attack would be extremely detrimental -We should still be looking at mining stocks; we may reach a point where it is hard to get metal Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Morgan Report
14/03/2227m 31s

Torq Resources to Follow up on 1km Long Copper Discovery Hole with Chief Geo Michael Henrichsen

Torq Resources’(OTCQX:TRBMF—TSX.V:TORQ) Executive Chair Shawn Wallace and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen joined us for a sponsor update. News is starting to pick up. Assay results on their 13 hole maiden drill program at Margarita are expected shortly. While never drilled before, all indications are that there’s great prospectivity here. They had been trying to land this project for quite a while and finally acquired it last year. Phase 2 will commence later in the year and the company has done two recent capital raises to advance the project. Drill targets will be established upon analysis of Phase 1’s results. Concerning the company’s Santa Cecilia project, Wallace states, “We've been engaging with the communities … community initiatives are as important as anything else we do … including the technical work and the financial work. [We’re crafting] a relationship with the local community, that's going to endure over time … It's not a small task.” Once the process is complete, the project will be permitted and quickly move ahead. For good reason too, as two 2012 prior drill holes yielded nearly 1 kilometer of 0.45% copper equivalent. The recent price movements in gold and copper, at least partly due to geopolitical issues, were already heading in the right direction before the war erupted. Wallace expects demand for copper will continue to eclipse supply, which will inevitably lead to higher copper prices and greater pursuit of copper projects. That’s good news for Torq’s shareholders, who along with the rest of the sector have recently experienced less than stellar results. But all of that’s about to change, which is why we’re shareholders. Company Website: Company Website:
13/03/2214m 5s

Unprecedented Moves in Metals Markets - Bob Hoye #5441

Summary: The Ukraine/Russia circumstances are having a large impact on the markets, and I have Bob Hoye on the show to give historical insight on why this is happening and what we can expect in the near future. When we look at the past, these sort of uprisings have taken a long time to resolve diplomatically, and the pain of the recession will be the only factor that drives Putin to make some sort of change. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come. Highlights: -Hoye comes on the show to give a historical perspective on what the Ukraine/Russia circumstance is doing to markets -When you look at previous uprisings in the former Soviet Union (near the mid 1900s), diplomatic solutions have taken very long to arrive at -Pain felt by the effects of a recession would cause Putin to make a change -Putin contends that the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union -Speculation in the political markets has become unusually reckless -It seems that governments don’t always learn the lessons that history provides -The financial catastrophe in Russia has earned a recession—the federal reserve is supposed to prevent this, but this theory doesn’t necessarily work Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Charts and Markets
11/03/2226m 46s

This is a Long Term Gold Rally - David Erfle #5440

Summary: David Erfle comes on the show to talk about what’s happening with gold in light of the current economic circumstances. Today, the price of Gold hit an all time high, and Erfle expects it to sit at $3k/oz at the end of this year to the start of next year. Everything happening with the trading of gold is, in many ways, influenced by our current inflationary situation as well as what’s happening around the world economically. Highlights: -Today, the price of Gold hit an all time high -The end of 2021 was your last opportunity to cash in -Once there is a close above 1900, this will be a signal for the gold price to start moving -Russian citizens had their wealth decimated overnight last weekend -All of the wins are in gold sales -The west has waged financial war against Russia -Palladium/platinum are essential for cities -Our current economic situation is starting to resemble that of the 1970s -We will most likely experience wage and price controls -Erfle would not be surprised to see the gold price at $3k/oz at the end of this year or beginning of next year -Gold stocks are still trading at very low levels Useful Links: Financial Survival Network David Erfle Facebook
10/03/2223m 23s

Gold Demand is Through the Roof - Andy Schectman #5439

Summary: Andy Schectman comes on Financial Survival Network to talk about the impact of the war on the metals market. Price appreciation in the metals has been a major effect of what is going on—especially as the dollar continues to lose value. Schectman predicts that the next war will likely be fought over the US dollar, and we continue to learn that we can’t put our trust entirely in this currency. Tune in for more predictions on what’s to come. Highlights: -When governments are fighting wars, it’s hard to believe any perspective -Platinum has recently gone over $1k/oz—all of this supply is coming out of Russia -The price appreciation is an effect of what is going on -The sanctions in Russia will have an impact on the US -The US isn’t going to slow down the printing of money any time soon -Each war sets the issues and creates the rationale for the next war -The next war will likely be fought over the US dollar; Russia and China are somewhat aligned -Schectman thinks that the Ukraine situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better -If all of your savings are in dollars, you are destined to go broke Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin
10/03/2226m 7s

Surviving Market Instability with Jim Tucker #5437

Summary: How do we effectively maneuver the economic shoals that could potentially affect our portfolios? Jim Tucker comes on the show to talk about what he’s been advising clients to do in light of the current circumstances. Tucker says that from an investor perspective, the situation with Ukraine is going to primarily be noise. With volatility, there is a lot of opportunity to make/lose money. Tune in for more insights. Highlights: -From an investor perspective, the situation with Ukraine is going to primarily be noise -Volatility gives an opportunity to make/lose a lot of money -This will not be a long impact of the market -The ending of the pandemic is an opportunistic/cautionary thing depending on how you look at it -The Federal Reserve is making its first increase in interest rates soon -Find a quality manager that will play the field of green energy. Water is something that is gaining a lot of attention -Existing car companies will make transitions, upgrading with their original car models to electric ones Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Tucker Bria
09/03/2217m 26s

8 Reasons Why Wage and Price Controls are Coming Soon -- Triple Lutz Report #491

Most people alive today never experienced the 1970’s period of runaway inflation. They are quickly coming to terms with their massive loss of their purchasing power. Like a runaway train, once governments lose control, it’s nearly impossible to stop. In an effort to put the genie back in the bottle, they will be forced resort to wage and price controls. As with Nixon’s failed experiment 51 years ago, these efforts are doomed to failure. Here’s 8 reasons why: 1. No one really wants to stop it. 2. Central Banks are powerless. 3. It’s the speculator’s fault. 4. Ignorance of inflation’s true causes. 5. Authoritarianism is in the air. 6. Shortages inevitably lead to higher prices. 7. Something has to be done. 8. The War Drums are Beating. Other recent links: 8 More Shortages About to Worsen 10 Shortages That Are Getting Worse Six Lessons I Learned From Working with Billionaire Hedge Funds Get Ready for Non-Transitory Inflation: Ten Things About to Shoot Up in Price Back by Popular Demand – Prices of 7 More Things Ready to Go Way Higher
08/03/2215m 13s

Crypto Backed Loans with Justin English #5436

Justin English is CEO of Salt Lending Inc., the first cryptocurrency lender in the crypto industry. Unlike a traditional loan that takes your credit score into account, a SALT loan is an asset-backed loan in which your crypto assets act as collateral for your line of credit. They have issued hundreds of millions in blockchain-backed loans. Here’s an article on them on TechCrunch.
07/03/2214m 34s

Ukraine War’s Impact on Gold - Jeffrey Christian #5434

Summary: Precious metals prices have been getting smacked down a bit, so I have Jeffrey Christian on the show to help us comprehend how the war with Ukraine could potentially affect prices. There are different scenarios that will arise regarding military and political outcomes, and if Ukraine wins, gold prices will come back down. Ultimately, there are a number of factors at play and we can expect to see these come to fruition with time. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Precious metals prices are getting smacked down a bit -How could the war potentially affect precious metals prices? -There are different scenarios in terms of military and political outcomes -Ukraine will face massive opposition -If the Ukrainians win, gold prices will come back down -NATO also gets sucked into this -We’re 12/13 months into the recessionary period, and there are a lot of factors going into the rising prices -Real economic growth depends on the administration and congress, not the Fed policy -A lot of things have changed in price that are not reflected by the CPI numbers -The managed economy has helped with the Chinese housing situation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network CPM Group
04/03/2234m 56s

$3000-$4000 Gold - Jordan Roy-Byrne #5433

Summary: Why isn’t gold up to $3k an ounce? I have Jordan Roy-Byrne on the show to discuss some of the peculiarities in the precious metals at this point in time. The correction has taken longer than expected, but ultimately this is in the context of the technical pattern we’ve observed historically. Jordan predicts that gold will eventually go much higher than $3k-$4k; once things start to move, they will move a lot faster than anticipated. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come with gold. Highlights: -Why isn’t gold up to $3k/ounce? It’s in a very bullish technical pattern -The correction has taken longer than expected, but it’s in the context of the pattern -It’s not going to go below the 38% retracement of the pattern -Based on history, it will probably hit $4k shortly after it hits $3k -This movement will probably happen sometime this year -The potential upside for this market is huge -Once things happen, they happen a lot faster than we ever thought was possible -Eventually, gold will go much higher than $3k-$4k -The stock market has had three major breakouts -The breakout that’s coming in gold is the start of a massive rise in gold for many years -Now is a good time for people to get positioned with gold, but it’s best to go with what is high quality -Companies have been selling off projects to other juniors; this may be a trend that ends up giving investors huge gains -Mining is physically demanding and difficult—not all projects can be immediately fulfilled -Companies offering out projects may profit from this -When gold breaks out, these projects and shares will become more valuable Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Daily Gold Jordan Roy-Byrne – Inflation to Remain Subdued in 2022 The Precious Metals Bull Market Has Not Yet Begun with Jordan Roy-Byrne
04/03/2223m 34s

Mainstream Investors Go Digital - Douglas Borthwick #5435

Summary: On FSN we follow crypto and digital assets very closely as our world approaches universal acceptance/awareness of these emerging assets. Here to talk about these in detail is Douglas Borthwick from INX, a company that deals with cryptocurrency and digital securities. Borthwick talks a bit about these and how you can be confident in the security of your digital wallet, and discusses strategies for determining what assets are worth investing in. Tune in for more. Highlights: -We follow crypto and digital assets very closely -Universal acceptance and awareness of these things are emerging -There’s a lot of misunderstanding around what a digital asset is -Security tokens are digital assets filed with public or private security -People can invest in ideas, projects, and companies they believe in -People that invest in security tokens are looking for exit strategies with private equity -Some of the first security tokens were backed by real estate -You can watch as people are buying and selling digital securities, and there is a tremendous amount of data -You don’t have to worry about losing your wallet address -There are minimum disclosure requirements -Do your own research on assets worth investing in—and it can help to know exactly who owns the companies Useful Links: Financial Survival Network INX
03/03/2220m 30s

You Need a Side Hustle - Nick Loper #5432

Summary: Looking to find additional sources of income? Nick Loper comes on the show to talk about how you can do this. Some of the more well known ones such as Uber/Lyft and Airbnb can be somewhat profitable, but are subject to changes and the authority of larger corporations. There’s a world of services that people need that are often overlooked, and Nick and I unpack some of these in this episode. Tune in to hear more about how you can pursue a worthwhile side hustle. Highlights: -It’s always great to find additional sources of income streams -Nick Loper is an expert on side hustles, and helps others find what suits them -Any employee is always subject to being a cost to be cut/controlled -Uber/Lyft is a popular side hustle, but earning power is quite low -Especially in consideration of things like self driving cars, this will not always be a viable option for side hustles -With Airbnb, you’re in the crosshairs of a lot of municipalities -If you’re looking to build leverage, this can be found in the content building or audience building space online -There is a whole world of services that people need that are often overlooked (i.e. car detailing, lawn services) Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Side Hustle Nation
02/03/2221m 35s

The 800 Pound Bear in the Room - Craig Hemke #5431

Summary: I sit down and chat with Craig Hemke to talk about what’s happening with the economy, and especially the metals, in consideration of global crises. Hemke emphasizes that people need to be paying attention and preparing for a number of changes that could take place in the near future. Listen in for more insight. Highlights: -In regard to Russia, the revolution went down 8 years ago and there has been a sense of worry ever since -Don’t get too worked up on any one’s day metals activity -If there’s trouble in Europe, the money flows to the US -Uranium and palladium are taking off -There was worry about deflation a couple years ago, and what is to come is ultimately unpredictable -People need to be paying attention and preparing for all outcomes -Fundamental changes have taken place in terms of investment outlooks Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TF Metals Report
02/03/2224m 0s

You Can Become a Sharper Investor - Richard Thalheimer #5430

Summary: To talk about how one should invest while the world is facing troublesome times, I have Richard Thalheimer—author of The Sharper Investor on the show. There is a lot happening right now across the globe, but we can’t overlook the opportunities to make money that are present. It’s good to invest when everyone else is fearful, and it’s even more important to invest in companies that you understand and love. Tune in for more. Highlights: -War is breaking out in Ukraine and there are bank runs all over the place -Thalheimer wrote The Sharper Investor -He’s achieved some great returns in the last five years. How does one invest when the world is on the brink? -There are tremendous opportunities to make money; a lot is going on in the world, but we can’t overlook these chances -Warren Buffet says, “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.” -It’s good to invest now, when people are fearful -It’s important to invest in the stock market -You want to own stock in the companies that you understand and love -You can’t time the market, but you can invest in companies that are sound and making money -To inflation-proof your portfolio, look at stocks that don’t have a lot of exposure to rising prices Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Richard Thalheimer
01/03/2218m 10s

Profiting From the War Cycle with Eric Hadik #5429

For 3 or 4 years, Eric has been discussing War Cycles and telling readers to wait until 2021 for those War Cycles to kick in… and that they should last into 2025.  We discuss his focus on late-2021 for this and what it means for the coming years. Q2 - Since Oct ‘21, Eric was describing a scenario in Gold where you expected a rally into mid-Nov and then a larger rally from mid-Dec into this exact week in late-Feb ’22.  He explains how that fits into these War Cycles and what gold looks like moving forward. We talk about Gold and the Dollar's simultaneous rallies.  Most traders think that is not possible but Eric has been consistent on this point.   In the Dec & January issues of INSIIDE Track, Eric talked how Palladium had fulfilled major downside projections and was ready to begin a new bull market.  It's all making sense as Russia is the largest producer of Palladium. We cover his outlook impact other metals like Silver, Palladium and Platinum.  Turning the focus to other commodities, Eric has been continually calling for a major advance in Wheat prices in 2021 - 2022 and projecting a primary surge to 950 or higher.  Many topics covered during out discussion.
01/03/2224m 22s

From Hopeless Homelessness to Multi-Millionaire with Joe Cury #5428

Summary: If you find yourself in a hopeless state, it is possible to turn your life around and change your circumstances. Joe Cury comes on the show to share his inspiring story about going from being homeless and abusing drugs and alcohol to turning his life around and searching for new opportunity. Tune in to hear about how he found light in the darkness and to learn about how you can change your life for the better. Highlights: -Cury found himself in a state of distress when he overdosed in the midst of being homeless and down on his luck -Cury participated in a program where they focused on finding humility -Just because you have failed in the past, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find success and happiness -He is now a happiness coach, and helps people find good investment areas Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Joe Cury Instagram
28/02/2219m 26s

Fury Gold Mines' $60 Million Silver Bullet with CEO Tim Clarke

We sat down with Fury Gold Mines' Chair Ivan Bebek and CEO Tim Clarke for a sponsor update. Fury’s sale of its Homestake Ridge Silver/Gold project to Dolly Varden Silver is now complete. Fury received CAD $5 million, 76.5 million in DV shares and two board seats. Fury's resulting enterprise value will be in the $40 - $45 million range.  Chair Bebek explains “So you’re getting three potentially great assets for $40 to $45 million …It doesn’t come around that often…” The transaction was followed up by a $5.3 million DV investment by Heckla Mining, the largest primary silver producer in the U.S., which also owns properties near Homestake. CEO Clarke adds, “…this is going to help shore up our treasury. We've got a lock up on those … marketable securities from Dolly for a year. Not only did we not have to finance again, but we could be an acquirer of other assets if it goes the right way.” Once silver begins its inevitable bull market, “We could pull out well over a $100 or even $200 million out of this.” This could finance Fury’s extensive drill programs well into the future, thus precluding the need to do many more future capital raises. The funds will be put to good use. Clarke observes that “We've got some of the best drill results we've ever had. (Recently at Committe Bay — 9.18 g/t gold (Au) over 1.5 metres (m) and 7.30 g/t Au over 1.0m in drill hole 21RV-012 and 0.88 g/t Au over 8.00m in drill hole 21RV-011 as well as rock grab results of up to 32.90 g/t Au and at Eau Claire’s Snake Lake 20.70 g/t gold (Au) over 1.5 metres (m) in drill hole 21SL-008, 5.16 g/t Au over 2.50m in drill hole 21SL-003 and 7.14 g/t Au over 1.5m in drill hole 21SL-009). With significant intercepts like these, Fury will be upping their drill programs. All of which, leaves the company in the enviable position of having great prospectivity and the resources to uncover more high-grade mineralization. (We own shares in Fury) Company website: Ticker symbol is FURY on the NYSE American and TSX
25/02/2216m 59s

Be a Marketer, Not a Salesman - John Di Lemme #5427

Summary: Looking for ways to thrive as an entrepreneur/business owner? John Di Lemme I sit down and chat about how you can build your business to be sustainable and profitable in the long term. He founded Conservative Business Journal with the intention to help CEOs go above and beyond; one of the key components of this is being a marketer rather than a salesman, and branding for the best customer service possible. Tune in for more. Highlights: -John Di Lemme focuses his efforts on helping entrepreneurs, and founded Conservative Business Journal -As a CEO, it’s important to think about what you can do to go above and beyond -There is a difference between selling and marketing; marketing entails building relationships with clients and conserving them -Focus on past and current customers rather than just running to the next client -You want to brand yourself for extreme customer service, not the lowest prices -Have a grand opening mindset Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Conservative Business Journal
25/02/2222m 21s

Supercharging Your Retirement - Matt Ruttenberg #5426

Summary: For small business owners, it’s crucial to know what you need to do in order to max out your 401k plan and make the most of it. Here to talk about this is Matt Ruttenberg, and he discusses different 401k options based on how many employees you have, whether you own multiple businesses or not, and other factors that determine how to take advantage of this. Listen in for insightful advice on how to benefit the most from your 401k. Highlights: -How does a small business person max out their 401k and make the most of it? -A big priority is fairness to employees, and there are many regulations that have to be followed -A self-directed 401k is great for solo entrepreneurs without employees; you’re in full charge of your investment portfolio -Employers and employees can contribute -It’s important to go with the safe-harbor 401k -If you don’t choose a safe-harbor 401k; it will be a traditional 401k, and you cannot max it out -You can decipher where people cap out to take full advantage of profit -If you have multiple companies, there are other options that allow you to maximize 401k Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Life, Inc.
25/02/2214m 8s

Step Into a New Paradigm - Daniel Mangena #5425

Summary: Lots of what we talk about on FSN is centered around change—whether it’s changing your mindset, preventing yourself from self-sabotaging, or enhancing your day to day decision making skills. Daniel Mangena comes on the show to talk about what YOU can do to succeed, and the change starts with your internal self. By staying focused on your end goal and taking responsibility for your actions, you can set yourself up to achieve the things you are working towards. Be sure to tune in for more useful, motivational tips. Highlights: -Success is a lot more about what you don’t do than what you do -It’s important to stay focused on your end goal -You need to take responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming external factors for blocking you from succeeding -Don’t hide behind any of your characteristics that you think may stand in your pathway for success -Self interest doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but don’t expect everyone to care about you; each person acts to benefit themselves -Own your bad decisions (such as letting others deceive you) and analyze what you can do to make better decisions -When we learn a lesson in one area, we can apply it to all areas of our life. Our experiences can be very beneficial based on what we do with them -We all have a purpose and a role to play in the universe Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dream With Dan
24/02/2216m 34s

Where are precious metals heading? - Robert Kientz #5424

Summary: Where are precious metals heading? I sit down with Robert Kientz to discuss the future of the metals sector in consideration of the inflationary circumstances. Ultimately, this sector does not always move in the way we expect it to when unique conditions arise. As the money supply increases and capitalism ceases to function normally, it looks as if precious metals are moving at a different rate than everything else. Tune in for more insights. Highlights: -Where are precious metals heading? Golds are right around the 1900 range -There are a lot of geopolitical factors at play -The fact that the US and its NATO allies are battling over area means that something is coming -When you have an inflationary spiral, businesses have to raise prices a lot more, and these prices become much more competitive -When capitalism functions properly, prices are kept as low as possible. Capitalism doesn’t work effectively when inflationary spirals come about -It’s not going to be long before people start wondering why the precious metals aren’t going up in the same way as everything else -Every other commodity besides silver has made an all time high in the last forty years—it may be a good idea to hold on to your silver for now -Gold hasn’t made a new nominal high in a couple of years Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Gold Silver Pros
24/02/2217m 55s

Canada Goes Full-on Fascist —John Rubino #5423

Neoliberals go full fascist  (Canadian bank account seizures, etc etc) Should we limit what we keep in banks now that we know how easily it's stolen? What about bitcoin wallets? The Cashless Society is coming soon. Look out.  Clearly another reason to own physical gold and silver.  The Ukraine thing is completely our fault. What are the risks of Russia taking the Russian part back? $150 oil? Is covid over?  -- California goes 'endemic'  -- with midterms approaching, Dems can't get elected on closed schools and vaccine passports Tesla/Musk go after the SEC for abusing Tesla non-stop The Credit Suisse story Are the Swiss banks more evil than Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan? Arguable. Whenever anyone stands up to these governments, they take them down in whatever way they please.
22/02/2238m 0s

Energy is Going Higher and Higher - Michael Moor #5422

Summary: Gold is getting close to the crucial 1900 range, and will probably break it shortly. Silver and the mining stocks are lagging—what does all of this mean for the markets? I have Michael Moor on the show today to recap previous predictions in the markets, and discuss what has played out since then. Moor expects to see a bearish correction with Bitcoin against the move up, as well as a bearish correction with Crude & Products. Moor gives lots of insight regarding what’s to come across the markets, so be sure to tune in. Highlights: -If the market gets damaged below the 1830 area, it could start collapsing again -Usually, the markets are on top of it when there are indications of war -Moor expects to see a lot more to the upside with crude oil -There have been exponential price increases with coal as well as record consumption -If there’s no global shutdown, all energy is a good bet -With Bitcoin, we were in a bearish correction against a bullish trend. We might see a lower timeframe bearish correction against the move up, but it will probably head higher -Ultimately, Gold and Crude & Products look the best; we will probably see a bearish correction with Crude & Products Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Moor Analytics Bitcoin and Gold Ready to Take Off with Michael Moor It’s All in the Charts: Higher Gold with Michael Moor
21/02/2220m 5s

QC Copper & Gold Strikes 184m of .32% Copper Eq with CEO Stephen Stewart

We were joined by Stephen Stewart, QC Copper & Gold’s CEO, for a sponsor update. The news out of Quebec is quite encouraging. According to just released drill results, QC intersected 184 meters of .32% copper equivalent, well above the required .2% cutoff grade. Two drills are currently turning, with a third on the way; the goal is to keep increasing the already substantial resource by “turning waste rock into copper.” Mineralization is abundant, both within the proposed pit as well as numerous areas outside of it. QC is cashed up with CAD $18 million in the treasury and a substantial amount of marketable securities on hand. Thus the company can easily finance its 60,000 meter drill program for 2022. While the stock went higher during the past year, Stewart believes that a story this compelling can only stay quiet for so long, before the market catches on and affords it a more realistic price commensurate with its resource. Company Website: Tickers TSX.V: QCCU — OCTQB: QCCUF
19/02/2218m 14s

Systematic Trading to Cash in on Cryptos - Adrian Reid #5421

Summary: Looking for new crypto strategies to implement? Adrian Reid comes on the show to talk about systematic trading within the cryptocurrency markets. He dedicates his time to empowering other traders to be successful, and works with traders all over the world to share his knowledge. Systematic trading utilizes historical data to guide strategies; it is rule based, so your decisions don’t have to work off of emotions or guesses. If you want to learn more about effective cryptocurrency investing, be sure to tune in for great insights. Highlights: -Adrian Reid dedicates his time to teaching others about his crypto strategies -When he exited the corporate world, he sought to re-connect with people and share his knowledge -His company has traders from all over the world -It took him about 3 years to become profitable within his trading; this happened when he discovered systematic trading, using historical data to back strategies -Long term trades build capital -Systematic trading removes emotion from your decisions -He trades a large universe of cryptos and focuses on what is trending, what has the best volatility, etc. -Reid’s system take a rules based approach -An amount as small as $500 can allow you to trade systematically with crypto, but this varies with markets -The volatility at the individual coin level doesn’t have to be reflected in your whole portfolio -Once you have confidence in the process, anyone can do it Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
18/02/2224m 21s

Eminent Gold Pursues Nevada’s Next Major Gold Discovery

We were joined by Eminent Gold’s CEO Paul Sun, along with the technical team, including Senior Geologist Dan McCoy, Justin Malliard and Ajeet Malliard (all PhD’s) for a sponsor update. Things have been moving along quickly at the Gilbert South and Hot Springs Range projects. The recent geophysical campaign at Gilbert South has yielded impressive results. It has provided further clarity to the already identified multi-kilometer length faults hosting gold bearing veins and allowed Eminent to identify definitive drill targets for this year’s program. Senior Geologist Dan McCoy has over 30 years’ mining experience around the world and was lured out of retirement by Eminent’s potential for big discoveries. He is searching for 10+ million ounces of bonanza grade gold and believes the team is looking in all the right places. These projects have had limited exploration in the past. By using the latest technology, the team is seeing these projects with new eyes. An overview of the Hot Springs Project was also given. Ajeet and Justin identified this property as one with great prospectivity and staked it, all while doing their doctoral dissertations. They wasted no time putting their degrees to work. Permits are in place and drilling is ready to begin. With all of this happening, there’s a certain inevitability that Eminent Gold is on the cusp of a major Nevada gold discovery. This is exactly why we’re shareholders. Company Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: EMGDF — TSX-V: EMNT
17/02/2219m 5s

Ride the Inflationary Rollercoaster - Wolf Richter #5420

Summary: I have Wolf Richter on the show to discuss some of the direct effects of inflation and how they’ve been impacting our day to day lives. Not only does this phenomenon turn savers into spenders; we are ultimately spending more regardless due to property rents spiking, used automobiles going up in price, and shortages of materials/laborers. The list goes on—tune in to hear more about what has changed in the economy and some of the forthcoming shifts to expect. Highlights: -Just yesterday, the wholesale price index was up 9.7% -Is the inflation rate really running double what the government says it is? It’s certainly higher -Inflation has a pervasive effect, turning savers into spenders -There’s an above average supply of used vehicles, but prices continue to spike -Rents have been going up significantly, especially in metropolitan areas -Asking rents have spiked -Building a home requires a lot of planning ahead in consideration of the required resources and labor; it’s not as simple a process to start as it used to be -There are shortages of materials/laborers -Higher wages won’t solve all problems, but are definitely part of the equation -Some of the labor force has stopped working and started living off their crypto earnings -We will probably see a downward trend of asset prices Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wolf Street Markets and Bonds with Ross Clark; Truckers and Cryptos with John Rubino; Autos and Real Estate with Wolf Richter. Real Inflation, Could Interest Rates Rise Faster Than Expected? Wolf Richter – Dec. 29, 2021
17/02/2228m 40s

You Have to Stop Crying in Your Soy Latte - John Paul Mendocha #5419

Summary: You made it through the pandemic with good health, but perhaps you’re looking to improve your economic health. As we enter back into normalcy, what’s next? I have John Paul Mendocha on the show to talk about how you can change your mindset to prepare you for success. Ultimately, you must escape the criers club; accept your session, and create a plan to move forward so that you can thrive in future circumstances. Tune in to hear more about what you can do to invest in learning and prepare for what’s to come. Highlights: -You have to clear out all of the nonsense in order to put yourself out there and become more successful -The ‘criers club’ is everyone who is ruminating on what has happened rather than moving forward; the longer you wallow, the less you are able to get things done -It’s beneficial to learn your lesson, and ultimately let your emotions go -Understand who you are and what you’re looking for—being self aware -Pursue something that you think you are going to enjoy; doing something without passion is far more difficult -You can’t always start at the top; it’s critical to have a growth mindset -Every generation has a whole group of people that do not become successful—these people are typically not investing in learning for themselves -Interesting areas to look into are AI and methods for providing better customer service; high tech has a lot of room to grow Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Reconnecting Remotely with John Paul Mendocha Now That the Pandemic Has Ended (Hopefully) with John Paul Mendocha
16/02/2221m 44s

You Can Still Make Big Money in Real Estate - Triple Lutz Report #490

Summary: We’re experiencing an inflation rate that hasn’t been this high in 40 years, but this means that it’s also advantageous to own more precious metals, oil, and other commodities. A realm of investment especially worth looking into right now is real estate; home prices are being driven up, and mortgage rates are ultimately pinned down by the interest rate policy. If you can rent your property out and turn it into a source of income, this is highly beneficial in the long run. Tune in for more insight on the markets and tips on how to plan for the future. Highlights: -Inflation just hit a near 40 plus year peak -It hasn’t been this high since 1980 -Understand that the reported inflation rate is never entirely accurate—its reliability has diminished over the years -It is probably double or more of what the projected government rate is -It’s getting more advantageous to own precious metals, oil, and other commodities -Speculating can be dangerous, but so can investing in mining stocks -Is real estate a good place to be now, or is the market going to collapse? Ultimately, it’s a good investment, even in light of collapse risks -Mortgage rates are pinned down by the interest rate policy -Until the government cuts back on credit creation, the inflationary situation will not improve -Inflation will increase the price of your home -People are fleeing from the lockdown states to states with looser restrictions -If you can rent your property out, every dollar that your rent goes up will drive up the value of your property -If you’re going to buy real estate, location is crucial Useful links: Financial Survival Network
15/02/2216m 57s

Chloe is the New Karen - Jeremy Murphy #5418

Summary: Those that work in media jobs are facing a tougher environment than ever before in consideration of cancel culture and ethics that divide people in countless ways. Jeremy Murphy comes on the show to talk partially about his experience, and also about a book he wrote on navigating this cutthroat industry. Tune in to hear more about the Gen Z type, ‘Chloe,’ and how you can survive a media career in our contemporary world. Highlights: -Jeremy Murphy is an individual that is embittered by the media because of the tumultuous environment it has cultivated -Once Trump left office, people lost interest in certain aspects of the media; politics lost a bit of entertainment -Murphy writes a Gen Z type that he calls a ‘Chloe’ that feels entitled, and comes to work expecting everything to adhere to their own expectations and values -There needs to be a balance of ethics in the workplace, and efforts need to be put into implementing things like diversity in the right way -The goal should be getting each person to achieve their fullest potential -We should be able to focus on being the best we can be, not just avoiding upsetting people Useful Links: Financial Survival Network F*ck Off, Chloe!: Surviving the OMGs! and FMLs! in Your Media Career
14/02/2224m 55s

New Record Stock Market Highs Coming - Greg Mannarino #5417

Summary: It’s time we take a stand against what the central banks are doing. Things have gotten out of hand, and here to talk about it is Greg Mannarino. He suggests that in order to make a move towards change, we have to develop a system outside of the current one, to which cryptocurrency could be a game changer. We don’t have much of a middle class left, and the only viable solution to all of the major problems thus far has been printing more money. If you’re as perplexed as us, you’ll definitely want to tune in. Highlights: -Central banks essentially want to own everything, and people need to take action against this -We have to develop a system outside of the current one—cryptocurrency could play a major part in this -We don’t have many real middle class people left -Are we going to see a major correction or decline in the market? -We are probably going to see new record highs in a relatively short amount of time -No asset goes straight up without a bit of correction -Risk in the market is rising, but this doesn’t mean there has to be a crash; this is an opportunity to make more money -Precious metals are probably going to skyrocket, and a lot of money will be poured into cryptocurrency Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Traders Choice
11/02/2227m 20s

Inflation-Proofing Your Retirement - Mark Singer #5416

Summary: We’re at the beginning of an inflationary cycle right now; thus, it’s crucial to know if you’re going to enter retirement during this period, and how you can prepare. I have Mark Singer at the show to discuss this topic, and we analyze a few economic factors that contribute to this phenomenon. Interest rates are going to start to go up very soon, which means that bond values will inevitably go down. Find out what your needs are now so that you can manage your portfolio accordingly. Highlights: -Inflation is here to stay, and it’s a cycle. We saw it in the 60s and 70s, and it lasted upwards of 20 years -We’re at the beginning of an inflationary cycle right now -It’s important to find out if you’re going to be retired during this time, and what to do -Interest rates continue to be between 0% and 1.5% -We’re not getting the increase in income anymore -We just went through a 30 year bond/bull market -Values of bonds have gone up; now, we’ve bottomed out and interest rates are going to start going up, which means that bond values will start to go down -You need to understand low risk fixed income vs. high risk fixed income -Find out what your needs are and how much risk you have to take with the portfolio Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mark Singer - Your Retirement Guide
11/02/2222m 36s

The Wealthy are Hoarding Gold — Andy Schectman #5415

Highlights: -for metals prices, 1800 is the bottom -With inflation, when are the prices going to go higher in nominal terms? -There is much divisiveness right now in all areas -When the public realizes that the Fed cannot raise rates or control inflation, this is when the bond market is going to start to go through convulsions -Our government has chosen the printing press over austerity -Raising interest rates will start to shake the financial house of the United States, and the Western world as a whole Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin
10/02/2226m 56s

Why Precious Metals Must go Higher - Kyle Floyd #5414

Summary: Metals prices have been range-bound for the last year or so. Just as you think they’re about to go up, they get slammed. I sit down and chat with Kyle Floyd to unpack the reasoning behind these prices, influenced by a number of factors. This is the right time to be accumulating, as we experience record amounts of currency production with less goods and services. Tune in to hear about the benefits of investing in metals now—especially in royalties. Highlights: -If the metals are doing well, then the companies are going to do well -CEO of Vox Royalty, Kyle Floyd, comes on the show to discuss metals prices -Investors have to realize that the movement won’t happen until it’s too late -At some stage, the fundamentals will be reflected in the price -We’ve had record amounts of currency production with less goods and services -Crypto has taken a lot of the investor imagination and diverted it from the metals -There is going to be record demand placed on resources to aid conversion -Whether you’re a gold miner or copper miner, you’re going to compete with a lot of the same people for the same inputs -There will probably be another super cycle in metals -This is the right time to be accumulating -Replenishing the labor supply of these vital industries should be every resource based economy’s major goal, as well as upping production -The easiest tangible fundamental to understand is that the trillions of dollars in hydrocarbons have to go to metals; this will raise the tide for everyone -It is worth investing in royalties at Vox, especially in consideration of inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Vox Royalty Stunning Acquisition – 50 Million Gold-Equivalent Ounces | Kyle Floyd Just as the Commodity and PM Super-Cycle Begins | VOX Royalty CEO Kyle Floyd
10/02/2223m 42s

Why Free Markets are the Only Solution to the Global Economic Crisis - Nathan Lewis #5413

Summary: FSN has always analyzed economics, but we are currently facing economic insanity. The gold standard is now more relevant than ever, and Nathan Lewis comes on the show to talk about global phenomena that have been taking place; the world market economy has experienced much change over the years, and a Keynsian governmental perspective is prevalent. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Lewis has been writing for 17 years now. He started with what was known and expanded -We’ve seen inflation kick in, and expansion of the government into the economy -The Magic Formula outlines the fundamental recipe that made the whole world wealthy: stable money and low taxes -Between 1994 and 2016, nominal GDP in US dollars in China grew by 26 times because they had the ‘magic formula’ -This tapered off when China took a more authoritarian stand -We’ve been in an economic predicament with the Chinese for many years, and have more recently discovered this -The flood of new labor onto the world market economy came due to the lifting of communism and strict trade agreements -Advances in communication allowed more things to be produced in China rather than the US, which created struggles for US workers -We should have all the components of a major industrial economy contained in the United States -China does have a legitimate claim to Taiwan -The Canadian trucker movement is spreading -There are now Austrian devotees that see the value in free markets -The internet can amplify these messages and make them more universal -We’re kind of in the era of Keynsian government with big governments Useful Links: Financial Survival Network New World Economics Nathan Lewis – Time to Cut the Federal Government in Half Nathan K. Lewis – Is the Gold Standard Our Salvation?
09/02/2225m 3s

You Need to Invest in Yourself Now - Robert Bendetti #5412

Summary: If you’re looking to invest in yourself and your business, now is the time. I have Robert Bendetti on the show to discuss how you can become the greatest wealth generator and reach your maximum potential. It’s crucial to receive education and proper training, and also to get yourself familiar with an industry before getting involved. Tune in for more helpful advice. Highlights: -Now is the time to invest in yourself and in your business -Entrepreneurs need to be treating themselves and their business as the greatest asset/wealth generator -Revenue is not the point; you need to be pursuing real profit -The first step to investing in yourself is receiving education/proper training -Get yourself familiar with an industry before buying a franchise or expanding your market -Failure is inevitable at some point, but you need to fail forward -You learn a lot by testing products and getting customer feedback Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Robert Bendetti LinkedIn
09/02/2212m 56s

Avi Gilburt’s Shocking Market Prediction — S&P 5500 #5411

Summary: Interest rates are heading higher and the stock market is heading lower. Is there still hope? I have Avi Gilburt on the show to talk about what is in store for the markets in 2022. We could still have strong inflation and see the stock market go up, but there is also a high chance that rates will start coming down. The Fed may not necessarily follow through with what they have said about raising rates, but we will have to wait and find out as the year progresses. Highlights: -Could we have strong inflation and still see the stock market go up? Ultimately, yes, but there is also the potential for rates to start coming down -The Fed may be backtracking as we move through 2022 -The market isn’t necessarily suggesting that the Fed is going to follow through on its plans -Market sentiment drives the overall market Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Elliot Wave Trader Shortest Stock Market Correction in History? with Avi Gilburt 6000 S&P Coming: Markets Gone Wild with Avi Gilburt
08/02/2216m 0s

Don’t Let a Bad Economy Get You Down - Jewel Tankard #5410

Summary: Even in inflationary circumstances, there are many opportunities for big wins. I sit down and chat with Jewel Tankard, who has been mastering some of these opportunities at an incredible rate. We specifically discuss sectors such as real estate and cryptocurrency (NFTs in particular) to unpack some of the benefits of learning about these industries and getting involved. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Many people are worried about inflation because prices are noticeably increasing -Jewel Tankard has been mastering opportunities at an incredible rate -Times of financial crisis also possess the most opportunity; you can decide whether you win or lose -Real estate, big pharmaceutical companies, and several other industries performed very well in the midst of dire market conditions -In real estate, a common conception is that you make money when you buy, but the timing of buying is also crucial -You typically make the most amount of money when you’re early to the industry -To make money in the Metaverse, find out where projects are happening; NFTs are very prominent -With real estate, buy properties in areas where you know there is going to be major development -The world is changing very rapidly, and we have to be open to listening to ideas about money/patterns -Being a lifelong learner is crucial -Knowing when to enter/exit the market is also extremely important Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jewel Tankard
08/02/2224m 14s

Gold Has Never Looked Better with Gary Wagner #5409

Summary: I sit down and chat with Gary Wagner to discuss what exactly is happening with gold prices and the metals market as a whole, and how these effects are a direct result of the inflationary environment we’re stuck within. Bringing inflationary pressures down is no simple tasks, and it will probably be a while before we start to see some of the asset classes performing at a normal level again. Highlights: -What’s happening with gold prices? -Silver has been more depressed than gold, but gold is sitting at 1800 -A lack of dollar strength has been holding the precious metals at a lower price -There is a dichotomy between how gold and silver are reacting -Gold is the best long term hedge against inflationary pressures -It is a tedious process to bring inflationary pressures down -We’re in interesting times, and there’s not much we can do about it -Currency is backed by faith in the government—which seems to be fading globally -For the first time in history, our paper currency isn’t backed by anything -Silver has been kept artificially low -There is perhaps some market manipulation at play -The two tangible investment classes that have performed brilliantly are real estate/land and gold/silver Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Gold Forecast How High Can Gold & Silver Go in 2022? Rates to Rise, Here’s the Impact on Markets – Gary Wagner Don’t Invest in Gold Until You Understand These Fundamentals – Gary Wagner Gives Price Targets
07/02/2220m 19s

You Need an Exit Strategy - Mark Achler and Mert Iseri #5408

Highlights: -Mark Achler was an early employee of Apple and Head of Innovation at Redbox, and is an adjunct professor at the Northwestern Kellogg School of Management who has been creating and investing in tech startups since 1986.   -Mert Iseri is the founder of SwipeSense, a healthtech company acquired by SC Johnson in 2020. He also co-founded Design for America—using design thinking for social impact—which won the National Design Award in 2018.  -Together, they are about to release their new book Exit Right that in my opinion should be read by anyone and everyone involved in an exit strategy.  -The book contains interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs with multiple exits under their belt, including M&A executives at prolific buyers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, along with lawyers and bankers. -Their book is a collection of the hard-earned lessons over decades of experience building startups towards a great outcome for all parties including: The FAIR Framework 1.Taking the long view - from the very beginning and in all things 2.How to have an annual Exit Talk 3.Breaking down the Term Sheet 4.Seventy amazing contributors  interviewed Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
07/02/2217m 19s

You Can Profit from Inflation - Lobo Tiggre #5407

Summary: The United States just exceeded $30 Trillion in debt, which is a huge eye opener regarding the economic circumstances. I sit down with Lobo Tiggre to discuss what’s happening with inflation and the markets; commodities are breaking records and behaving differently than ever before. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -We just exceeded $30 Trillion in debt, and it has been ignored by the mainstream for so long -It is quite an eye opener in consideration of how quickly we reached that number -It takes time for monetary and fiscal policies to work their way through the system -Just because we are no longer receiving stimulus checks does not indicate that inflation has peaked -Every commodity you look at has either made records or is going to make records in the distant future -Invest in things that benefit from inflation rather than getting hurt by it -Tiggre is holding off on metals until we see where the financial circumstances go -The trend for uranium is one of the most solid in the commodity space -People are selling used cars for much higher than they were purchased for Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Independent Speculator Gold & Silver Breaking Out? with Lobo Tiggre Brace for Major Market ‘Fireworks’ – Lobo Tiggre’s Bold 2022 Predictions for Gold, Silver, Fed
04/02/2229m 6s

Down the Rabbit Hole with Martin Armstrong #5406

Summary: Global health restrictions are somewhat declining—is this a net plus for the economy, or are we too far down the rabbit hole for it to make a difference? I have Martin Armstrong on the show to discuss what’s to come for the economy; we are in a unique situation, and in this episode we discuss different economies across the globe and potential outcomes. Highlights: -Global health restrictions are somewhat declining—is this a net plus for the economy, or are we too far down the rabbit hole for it to make a difference? -Keynsian economics has completely failed—raising/lowering interest rates and increasing the money supply isn’t helping our cause -International flows are still coming into the market and chasing stock -There has been a collapse in the confidence of the government Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Armstrong Economics The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong for 2022.02.01 The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2022.01.30
03/02/2228m 22s

Stock Market Bounce or Rally - Chris Vermeulen #5405

Summary: It looks like the market is turning around—is the stock market experiencing a bounce, or is this the beginning of a new rally? I sit down and chat with Chris Vermeulen to discuss recent trends in the markets, which are currently experiencing a knee-jerk reaction. Most stocks are down dramatically; gold and silver getting slammed last week, but oil is still in a strong up-trend with more room for growth. Tune in for more on what’s happening in the markets. Highlights: -There is a huge selloff in the SP500 -Right now, it’s a knee-jerk reaction bounce, and the resistance area needs to be overcome -Buying the dip is not always the safest plan, and the markets are showing signs of fatigue -Most stocks are down dramatically -Rising rates are good for value stocks -Gold and silver also got slammed last week; gold had a great defensive play, but then hit a threshold -Vermeulen thinks that gold and silver are eventually going to run to the upside -Oil is in a strong up-trend; there is great demand for oil -Bonds and yields will most likely reverse a bit Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Technical Traders Ltd.
02/02/2219m 16s

You Can Double Your Cash Flow for Free - Mark Newsome #5404

Summary: If you want to lift your small business to a higher level and maximize your cash flow, this one is for you. Mark Newsome shares some of his greatest tips for growing your business, and much of this advice is centered around nurturing customer relationships and taking advantages of special offers and discounts to continually expand your audience. Tune in for more advice. Highlights: -Stop treating your business/service like a one night stand; don’t merely go from customer to customer. Once you acquire a customer, you need to focus on nurturing that relationship -Don’ try to do everything yourself. Create strategic partnerships -You can ethically bribe existing customers (by offering discounts, special deals, etc.) to bring in new customers -Let your market show you which offer is best -Take advantage of email marketing -Figure out an effective up-sell point Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mark Newsome
02/02/2222m 11s

Three Things You Need to do in 2022 - Omar Medrano #5403

Summary: Financial coach Omar Medrano comes on the show to talk about how you can invest in yourself, and some of the best things you can do in 2022. One of the greatest decisions you can make is thinking in terms of the present rather than fearing the future of the markets. Tune in to hear more about you can create your own luck and make changes today that will benefit you. Highlights: -The best thing you can do over time is invest in yourself; you can make far more money than you will in the market. One of the most valuable things to do is get a coach -It’s crucial to focus on today. Many people buy high and sell low because they panic—it’s more beneficial to focus on the present -Invest in yourself, cut back expenses, invest the money that you save, and preserve your mental fortitude -It’s best to buy when the markets are down -We create our own luck by working hard and knowing what we want Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Omar Medrano What If It Did Work?
01/02/2213m 42s

Get Rich with NFT’s - Faith West #5402

Summary: Looking for good alternatives to traditional market investments? Faith West comes on the show to talk about NFTs, the growing collection of digital code that that can be purchased and traded. Combining the seriousness of investing with the fun of trading cards and owning art, NFTs allow you to expand your portfolio in a way that appeals to the future of art and investing. Highlights: -Great alternatives to market investments can be NFTs -An NFT is a digital line of code that is purchased, and once this purchase happens, it shows up on a ledger on the blockchain. Everyone can trace the original owner of the art -They combine the seriousness of investing with the fun of trading cards -Some NFTs come with rights to the original image—this can be digital or print -Many artists have been able to quit their side jobs and make a living off of NFTs -It also allows artists to preserve originality and avoid being copied -One can get into NFTs through Distributed Apps -NFTs allow one to have a mobile art collection Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pop Legendz
01/02/2214m 16s

Mistango River Resources Hits Bonanza Grade Gold with Chairman Stephen Stewart

We spoke with sponsor Mistango River Resources’ Chairman Stephen Stewart. He was quite pleased with the company’s just released drill results, intersecting 86.2 g/t of gold over .5 meters and 5.11 g/t of gold over .97 meters. There was visible gold in this hole and in another, for which they’re still awaiting results. This confirms Stephen’s thesis that the gold has traveled west from the ultra-productive adjacent Macassa mine. While the Phase 1 drill program didn’t yield any major results, Phase 2 is working out well and will help focus future targeting activities for the Kirkland West Project. Stephen observes that the past year was a difficult one for the junior mining sector, but is optimistic about the year ahead. Mistango currently has a market cap of CAD $10 million and has $7 million in the bank, leaving an enterprise value of just $3 million. In addition, the prior $60 million Kirkland deal means there will be little if any future dilution. With 600,000 ounces at Omega and hopefully more on the way, its trading for less than $5 per ounce in the ground, an oversized discount. Herein lies the potential value of Mistango. Stephen expects the news flow to greatly increase this year and is counting on more positive drill results ahead. More drilling is planned for Omega and he believes more good news will be forthcoming. Ticker Symbol: CSE – MIS Company Website:
01/02/2215m 45s

ABC’s of Farm Land Investing - Peter Badger #5401

Summary: Inflation is here to stay whether you have real estate or are holding various resources. Peter Badger comes on the show to talk about how we can use real estate to protect against inflation, specifically by investing in farm land. Tune in to hear about this real estate niche and some of its benefits. Highlights: -Whether you have real estate or are holding various resources, inflation is here to stay, and will probably last many years -Real estate is a great way to protect against inflation -Peter Badger specializes in farm land -He started to look into where to put your money to avoid losing it in the down cycle -It’s critical to balance asset allocation -Outside of the US, real estate is very different; how do you navigate these differentiating factors? -It’s good to meet bilingual people that have connections -The pandemic has been a great reset for individuals’ investment portfolios -Even if inflation goes up, your land also goes up Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Farmfolio
31/01/2215m 26s

Fighting Inflation - Dee Carter #5400

Summary: Dee Carter comes on the show to talk about what you can do to plan for inflation as it continues to be a pressing issue within our personal finances. In the face of rising product costs, bills, and a number of other things, it’s important to save for the future with inflation in mind—especially when planning for retirement. Tune in to hear tips on what you can do to succeed as circumstances fluctuate and inflation becomes more prominent. Highlights: -Inflation has been an issue for many years, and Dee Carter and I are here to discuss what you can do to minimize the effects of inflation in your life -Carter’s natural gas bill increased by 60% -Carter deals with people who are retiring and has noticed that many individuals don’t plan for inflation when saving for retirement; it’s important to plan in advance -The index annuity works well -People trying to go on vacations are also running into problems as prices go up -You need to find a financial advisor that is familiar with what inflation does Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Retirement Income Store Dee Carter – Oil Gets Even More Volatile Dee Carter – Is Government the Biggest Economic Threat?
31/01/2213m 35s

Is Your Financial Advisor Using AI? - Matt Reiner #5399

Summary: Whether you’re driving a car, calling a big company, or working with your financial advisor, AI is involved in many of our day to day activities. I sit down with Matt Reiner to talk about Benjamin, an AI development that helps financial advisor firms elevate their experience by utilizing automated processes to complete medial, mundane tasks. This ultimately allows advisors to spend more time with clients and allows for a more valuable experience. Tune in for more on how AI is transforming financial advising and bettering firms. Highlights: -Benjamin is helping financial advisor firms elevate their experience by designing AI that complete medial, mundane tasks -This allows for more human to human interactions with clients -The focus is enabling the team to do more -Benjamin helps with client onboarding, preparing advisors prior to meeting with clients, and answering questions -With this tool, advisors can spend more time with clients -The experience is made more fluid and swift -Growth comes from clients demanding more proactive service offerings Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Benjamin Matt Reiner
28/01/2213m 59s

Carnivore Explains How to Cash in on a Down Market - Dutch Masters #5398

Summary: We are currently waiting to hear what Jerome Powell has in store for the global economy—especially Wall Street. I sit down and chat with Dutch Masters to discuss the latest updates on the markets; for 2022, it’s looking precarious as rates are anticipated to rise. We talk about Carnivore Trading and some of the strategies that can be implemented to successfully invest as the times change. Tune in to hear how you can plan for the year ahead. Highlights: -The price of gold is down, and Wall Street is seeing higher prices and higher volume -If the Fed -Crypto has fallen off the table -Upstart has been performing well -For 2022, this is a precarious market; the rates will probably not come up as much as promised, but they do have to rise -Carnivore Trading doesn’t stick to one style of investing because the circumstances are constantly changing -Carnivore is great at choosing sectors, and demonstrated long and short trades to subscribers -Stocks always have the opportunity to come back Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Carnivore Trading Make Money in “Boring” Stocks with the Dutch Masters Become a Carnivore Trader with Dutch Masters
28/01/2220m 15s

5 Reasons Resource Stocks Will Head Higher in 2022 with Rick Rule #5397

Summary: Are we approaching a crisis? Is it Fed induced or cyclical? Furthermore, can it be stopped? I have Rick Rule on the show to discuss the current economic situation, and it looks as if we are approaching a circumstance that will be difficult to comprehend and adjust to. We are facing various shortages around the world displayed by commodity trends, and which are only going to continue to intensify. Tune in for more. Highlights: -We are coming into a circumstance that will be difficult for people to comprehend -Interest rates will have to rise, and you’ll be punished for saving -Society has under-invested, but meanwhile, the global population is growing; demand for raw materials increases while supply diminishes -The next Silicon Valley will likely occur in a place we don’t expect -Markets are not a source of knowledge; they tend to confuse -There is a lack of electric infrastructure in various areas of the world, and the living standards of the bottom third of mankind will be the primary driver of demand for industrial commodities of all types, specifically energy -The shortages are of our own making -The world is demanding the same thing it is prohibiting; copper is a great example of this -We will inevitably see an acute shortage of copper in five years -You can profit from these commodity trends Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Here’s When I’ll Sell My Gold | Rick Rule Rick Rule – The Big Money for Silver & Gold is Still On the Sidelines Rick Rule's Uranium Investors Bootcamp
27/01/2241m 40s

Precious Metals Market Ready to Roll? John Feneck #5396

Summary: On January 24th, markets were getting killed, and then at the end of the day, things turned around. I speak with John Feneck to unpack some of the interesting trends taking place in the markets, and it becomes more evident over time that investors need to be mindful when it comes to analyzing dips and yield. Tune in for more on what’s to come. Highlights: -Investors need to be careful; buying the dip is not always the best move -There is more interest in value stocks than in growth stocks right now -You can’t chase yield all the time -Used cars are in high demand and hotel prices are going up -Airlines are getting slammed because of fuel costs -Pipelines are also a scarce resource right now, and can be priced at very high levels -The resource sector is the place to be Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Feneck Consulting Gold Sector Low Was December Federal Reserve Meeting Says Expert John Feneck Are Gold Stock Investors Wise Contrarians, or Foolish Bag Holders? with Sector Expert John Feneck
27/01/2218m 8s

Tier One Silver Intersects 384.6 g/t Silver Over 3 Meters at New Target

News from our sponsor Tier One Silver is starting to pick up as assay lab delays subside. TOS has been reaping the rewards of its aggressive 2021 drill program. In the latest report, they struck 384.6 g/t Silver Equivalent over 3 meters and 221.5 g/t AgEq over 5.5 meters. CEO Peter Dembicki said, “We are very pleased to confirm a fourth structural corridor target carrying high-grade silver, both on surface and at depth, through our drill program. We believe the grade and scalability of the Curibaya system to-date are impressive and warrant further drilling.” He commented that there is much more to come as “[Tier One Silver] is heading into the top of the ‘second inning'.” Co-chair Ivan Bebek observed, “This is a very pivotal result. It’s a spectacular stage. There’s 5 more holes coming…”and each batch of holes has taught us something new and better about the project.” He expresses confidence that, “We're really close to something spectacular here, not just in silver, but there might be a porphyry” as well. They both thanked Exploration SVP Dave Smithson and acknowledged his contributions for getting the project to its current level and wished him well, as he’s taking a well-deserved break from the industry. New Exploration SVP Christian Rios is a local with vast experience finding silver in Peru. He’s been deeply involved in the project and the transition will be seamless. Expect more positive news from the company, as they are in good financial shape, with 5 more drill holes awaiting results. (We own shares) Company Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF — TSX.V: TSLV
26/01/2219m 31s

Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt is the Best Investment - Paul Oster #5395

Summary: How can you reduce your balances and raise your credit score? Credit expert Paul Oster comes on the show to discuss this. As a result of the pandemic and the holidays, many adults have increased their credit balances significantly. It is highly important to analyze bills to minimize this debt, and closely track your spending. Tune in to hear more about how you can avoid credit card debt and make positive changes within your spending. Highlights: -Holiday spending returned to somewhat normal levels -Close to 50% of adults with a credit card debt increased these balances, not just over the holidays, but over the course of the pandemic -The number 1 priority for people should be minimizing credit card debt -It can be extremely beneficial to minimize subscriptions -Most consumers spend little or no time minimizing their credit card statements -Your credit score is either going to cost or save you money every month -Get copies of your credit report frequently to keep up to date with spending Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Better Qualified Student Loan Forgiveness with Paul Oster Paul Oster – Millennials Messing Up with Too Little Credit?
26/01/2214m 44s

Taper Tantrum Becoming a Market Meltdown - John Rubino #5394

Highlights/central questions: -Russia/Ukraine coming to a head. -What kind of sanctions will the US impose? -What will that do to the price of oil? -What will $100 oil do to the economy and stock market? -1970s parallels keep multiplying -Mainstream reporter is shocked by Freedom in Florida -Beverly Hills residents flocking to city's only gun store Useful Links: Financial Survival Network If Gold & Silver Crash, “Back Up the Truck” | John Rubino Markets, Cryptos – Ross Clark. Bonds, Gold Silver – John Rubino. Real Estate – Steve Saretsky. A Canadian COVID Hysteric Goes to Florida and Absolute Hilarity Ensues
25/01/2232m 22s

Fiat Empire's Last Days with Darryl Schoon #5393

Summary: We have interesting times ahead, and Darryl Schoon comes on the show to talk about this. Schoon saw the economic downfall coming when he wrote extensively on it back in 2007, and he discusses some of the outcomes that have come into play. Money is not what we initially thought it to be as we find ourselves in a credit-debt incident. Ultimately, change is inevitable, and it looks as if the economic situation is embarking on a downward spiral. Highlights: -In March 2007, Schoon wrote on surviving economic crises before the bottom of Wall Street fell out -Essentially, he predicted the downfall of the economy -Money turned out not to be what it was formerly thought of as—once the Federal Reserve got ahold of money, it became a credit-debt incident -The bankruptcy of the United States will trigger the bankruptcy of the rest of the world Once you sweep away the separate sovereignties of this planet, humanity will be able to succeed -They’re going to raise interest rates again because they have to -The context that we’re seeing this year is bigger than us -It is becoming more evident that the current system is unsustainable Useful Links: Financial Survival Network In Six Months You Won’t Remember This Election with Darryl Schoon It’s a Big Sh*t Sandwich, and We All Have to Take a Bite – Darryl Schoon
24/01/2236m 42s

Trilogy Metals Strikes 12% Grade Copper Over Substantial Widths with CEO Tony Giardini

Trilogy Metals’ CEO Tony Giardini sat down with us for a sponsor update. He gave us an upbeat appraisal of the company’s latest developments. Trilogy recent struck 12% copper eq, “an extraordinary result.” Rising copper/gold/silver prices have increased the net present value of the Arctic project to over $2.7 billion. While inflation is affecting all mining concerns, Trilogy isn’t seeing much of an increase in its proposed capital expenditures. Trilogy is still among the lowest cost potential producers in the world with all-in cash costs of $0.98 of payable copper (current spot price is over $4). At present, the market seems oblivious to Trilogy’s rising value and vastly improved project economics. Tony believes that this won’t continue for much longer and sees a future re-rate as likely. Additionally, the company recently upped its resource estimate of its Bornite Project. There’s over 6 billion of pounds of copper (indicated and inferred) so far. They’ve also upped their cobalt estimate to over 88 million pounds. The company is increasing its outreach to local and indigenous peoples. The effort was slowed down by the global health concerns, but will soon kick into high gear. With a planned 10,000-meter drill program budgeted at $28.8 million, Tony believes that 2022 will be a milestone year for Trilogy Metals. Ticker Symbol: NYSE/TSX – TMQ Company Website:
23/01/2215m 11s

The Days of South Park Economics are Ending - Michael Pento #5392

Summary: It looks as if the great taper is upon us, and the market is starting to experience the predicted effects of this. Here to debrief the messy times we’ve found ourselves in is Michael Pento, who has been analyzing these trends for many years. Ultimately, the Federal Reserve has no choice but to combat inflation, and any approach inevitably contributes to the decline. Tune in for more. Highlights: -The market believes the Fed; the great taper is upon us and the market is experiencing its predicted effects -With selling homes, you can essentially name your price and successfully sell it. This is partially because we’ve had negative interest rates for a long period of time -Tesla, to the market, is what cryptocurrency is to Wall Street -For a time, the Federal Reserve has no choice but to combat inflation -The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has gone up tremendously because of all the money printing -They have to choose whether they want to destroy the economy with inflation, or destroy it by melting down asset classes -The way that the government deals with these crises always leads to asset class implosions -The second quarter of this year is only going to get rougher Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies 2022 Stock Crash & Metals Super Rally | Michael Pento Most Overvalued & Dangerous Market in History | Michael Pento
21/01/2233m 16s

Silver Leading Gold in Next Precious Metals Rally - David Erfle #5391

Summary: Gold prices are going up, and so are…silver prices? We’ve been seeing an interesting shift in the precious metals, and the changes are getting more and more extreme as time passes. Silver leading is indicative of positive change for the sector going forward—tune in to hear more on what’s to come. Highlights: -Gold prices have gone up, but silver prices have also increased substantially -The Fed is (allegedly) going to start raising rates in March, which triggered changes in the gold price. Every day, it has been making higher highs and lower lows -The cup with the handle representation has been very telling -Silver is the only commodity in 40 years to have not made a new all time high -The move in gold yesterday was predetermined by the move in silver -SILJ is now leading the move -Silver leading gold is very positive for the sector going forward Useful Links: Financial Survival Network JuniorMinerJunky Gold Stocks in 2022 with Pro Mining Investor David Erfle Back to the Drawing Board for Gold Bulls Explains Pro Mining Investor David Erfle
21/01/2228m 47s

Low Risk Real Estate Investing - Mark Hamilton #5390

Summary: Real estate has been one of the best performing asset classes, especially during the pandemic. Will it stay this way or pull back? Here to speak on this is Mark Hamilton, who talks about how the real estate markets have shifted in consideration of the pandemic, and where they’re going in the future. There are a number of real estate markets—all of which are doing different things. Rents are going up as a result of inflation, and have ultimately recovered what they lost. If you’re looking to get rid of a property, now is the time to get information on strategies about placement. Tune in to this episode to learn more. Highlights: -There are a variety of real estate markets doing different things -From the pandemic, we’ve seen performance differ from market to market -In March and April of 2020, Hamilton was worried that market values would worsen, but the markets went into paralysis for 90 days -Interest rates went down, and people were on the move -New and sleek, urban properties struggled -In every market, rents climbed -Rents are going up as part of inflation -With hospitality, restaurants, and hotels, people are going to be careful -In the Eastern markets (i.e. New York City and Boston), and people are coming back; rents have recovered most of what they lost -With the work from home environment, people were able to leave high cost areas and relocate -If you’re looking to get rid of a property, it’s a good time to get information on strategies about placement -People sell their investment properties to avoid the headaches -Some sponsors allow investors to contribute their real estate to a REIT -As an investor, you need to make sure that you’re not buying real estate and then buying direct investments Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Hamilton Zanze
20/01/2222m 28s

Gold Price to Double - Bob Hoye #5389

Summary: I sit down with Bob Hoye, one of the world’s leading economic historians, to discuss the current financial situation—especially with regard to the rise in commodities. These are trends that we’ve seen many times historically, and the percent gains for big cap sectors have been extraordinary. The future of gold looks promising as the markets continue to shift. Tune in for more great insight about what’s to come. Highlights: -The Federal Reserves and other central banks are probably the most aggressive they’ve ever been. We’re in a financial bubble that has experienced a boom in commodities -Cobalt and Lithium are reaching new highs, as well as certain meats -It’s been a selective, rotational market in terms of commodities -The rise in commodities is partly attributed to the rise in business activity -The boom in 2008 and 2011 for commodities was the biggest in 100 years -The percent gains for big cap sectors have been extraordinary -For the price of gold to go up, there would need to be a financial contraction -Gold stocks don’t just go up for a few years; they out-perform the S&P -At the top of the political and financial markets, there is a lot of misguided thinking -Cryptocurrency hasn’t been stopped because leaders haven’t seen them as a threat, and are probably using them to their advantage -The future for the gold sector once it turns is very good -Markets will change, but people don’t Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Charts and Markets Financial Deflation Coming Soon with Bob Hoye Markets, Uranium – Ross Clark. Fed, Battery Metals – John Rubino. Banks, Jets – Bob Hoye.
19/01/2235m 30s

Gold Fundamentals Improving - Brian Leni #5388

Summary: I have Brian Leni on the show to talk about gold and silver as we kick off 2022, and prices seem to be holding up well thus far. Some of the weakness exhibited in 2021 presents a turning point that is to come, and Leni is optimistic about the precious metals this year. As inflation impacts the economy and individuals hear about rate hikes, gold becomes more sought after. We also take time to discuss cryptocurrency as a threat to precious metals, as well as the future of currency in a rapidly advancing world. Highlights: -Gold and silver prices are holding up better -Last year, Leni thought that things we’re going to get better, but there was a lot of weakness -In 2021, a lot of money was put into the system and had to be shaken out, which makes 2022 promising -When the economy is bad, people tend to flock to gold -Leni is optimistic about the precious metals in 2022 and believes they will make a comeback -Even if the rate hikes happen, the market isn’t going to take it well; it also becomes a political situation -On both sides of the coin, gold looks attractive as rates go up and people see signs of inflation -Cryptocurrencies largely impact the metals market; crypto is marketed very well -A lot of investors avoided the gold market during the pandemic -We’re headed towards a digital/crypto world, and it is only a matter of time before paper money is gone Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Stock Review How Rick Rule Times Junior Mining Stock Buys & Sells with Rick Rule & Brian Leni Precious Metals Slam Down with Brian Leni
18/01/2215m 56s

Real Estate Investing Made Easy - Robert Syfert #5387

Summary: More and more people are getting into real estate investing; it is extremely accessible and simple if you obtain the right resources and support. I speak to Robert Syfert from, which is an amazing tool for getting into real estate investing—no matter what your current level of expertise is. They ask a series of questions to assess where you are and your overall goals, and from there can provide materials and private coaching to get you on the right track. If you’re considering real estate, now is the time to plan, learn, and start making moves that will help you be successful in this industry. Highlights: -Everyone is chasing real estate now—is there room for more people to join? -Real estate needs more individuals, and it’s important to know what resources to use to inform yourself on real estate investing -Syfert’s website allows people to actively invest and grow their companies. If you’re after results, this is a great option. -They had a client who wanted to stop working all the time, and needed assistance hiring people. RealEstateInvestor offers private coaching and can find individuals who are ready to be hired -You don’t need a big budget to be successful in real estate investing; you need time and an organized plan. 
-On the website, you can fill out a form with a series of questions to help them gauge where you are and where you should start with investing -A foundational mistake that people make is a lack of action. Other mistakes include neglecting to track (assessing what works/doesn’t). not hiring soon enough, and a lack of consistency/marketing -A surplus of intelligence is not required to get into real estate investing. Rather, one has to be able to make the correct decisions and follow simple strategy accordingly. -If you want to get started easily, look at properties in your area and call the owners to find out if they’re interested in renting. This is a great way to get in touch with landlords and other owners Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Robert Syfert Current Real Strategies for Success with Robert Syfert
18/01/2223m 52s

Everything Worth Learning is Never Taught In School - Sam Liebman #5386

Summary: The keys to success are not always to be found in education, and here to speak on this is Sam Liebman. While he had particular professors that inspired him in his career, he learned much through observation and participating in the markets. He goes on to talk about the current state of the real estate markets. Ultimately, you need to understand the fundamentals if you are going to invest in something like real estate. Tune in to hear if this may be the right investment area for your background, and how you can get involved. Highlights: -Many times, educators are to blame for low success rates when it comes to educational assessments -Liebman remembers a particular accounting professor that changed his perception on his career. He used examples and analogies to represent difficult concepts -Banks now are probably going to be inundated with massive foreclosures -If you can buy properties cheap enough because of foreclosures, you can perhaps rent them -If you want to learn to invest in real estate, you need to understand the fundamentals Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Sam Liebman
17/01/2230m 12s

The US is a Leveraged Basket Case - Peter Schiff #5385

Summary: As time goes on, it becomes more clear that the inflationary situation is already dire, and is only going to get worse. Here to speak on this is Peter Schiff, who sheds light on these circumstances. We got away with printing money for a bit because all of it went into the stock market, but it seems that the markets are overvalued and US stocks are not as valuable in an international context. For more information on these issues, be sure to tune in. Highlights: -The current reality is that we’re experiencing very bad inflation that is going to get much worse -Every other currency has inflated as bad/worse than the dollar -For a while, we got away with printing money because all of this money went into the stock market -Our markets are grossly overvalued, and the world wants to get rid of US stocks -We have large deficits -The house of cards economy that the Fed built cannot withstand high interest rates -With all of the Fed’s responsibilities, something has to give -The Fed is concerned about the loss of wealth when the stock market goes down -It’s important to own dividend paying, income earning stocks -The best place to invest is outside the US—the value stocks are much better values -It’s important to own other assets that do well with inflation (i.e. energy, metals, agriculture etc.) -The Fed is not going to fight inflation; inflation is going to win by default Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Peter Schiff & Brent Johnson Debate! (Dollar Predictions for 2022) Peter Schiff: Irony and Lies… Euro Pacific Capital
17/01/2223m 38s

Nothing Like This Has Ever Happened Before with Gerald Celente #5384

Summary: We are approaching a new inflection point; there has been much discussion surrounding vaccines, inflation, and competing currencies. Here to talk on this is Gerald Celente. Our nation is finding itself in a very unique position as more mandates arise and uncertainties about the future are brought to light. Tune in for more on what’s happening and what’s to come. Highlights: -We are approaching a new inflection point -There has been a lot of discussion around the vaccines—new strands are emerging, and vaccinated people are still getting infected -The pharmaceutical companies have been profiting largely -The organization Freedom, Peace & Justice has been providing religious-based vaccine exemptions -Celente is still bullish on Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin since interest rates are only going to go up -Cryptocurrency is ultimately going to undermine the dollar -It is likely that higher officials have digital wallets -At the last stages of an empire, it is the weak leading the weak Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Trends Journal Gerald Celente Twitter Gerald Celente: The Technocracy’s Warped Reality Filter Gerald Celente Just Issued This Shocking New Forecast About America Freedom, Peace & Justice
14/01/2219m 16s

$1900 Later This Month - Erik Hadik #5383

Summary: The markets are off to a rocky start this year—where are they headed? I sit down and chat with Erik Hadik to discuss some of the primary indicators of the markets, and trends that have alluded to the current circumstances. The market is following short and intermediate cycles, and the tax commodities index has also been key in analyzing inflation. Tune in to hear some of Hadik’s unique insights on the economy, and what’s to come in 2022. Highlights: -The stock indices have adhered to a couple different cycles Hadik has looked at -The market is following what the short and intermediate cycles are saying -Typically, fundamentals start to kick in a third of the way through the cycle; this is what we’ve seen from the Fed in the last year -We may see rate hikes, and then a reversal of this trend -We may also see short term things in the near future that change the inflation mindset a bit -The tax commodities index helps in analyzing inflation; this demonstrates that we have another peak out on the horizon -There are key price indicators with gold that need to kick in soon to pinpoint where the surge could go -Silver is getting close to the point where it may leapfrog gold; as of now, it’s still in a lagging phase Useful Links: Financial Survival Network ITTC Eric Hadik – Latest Forecasts Eric Hadik – Sideways Markets
14/01/2223m 54s

5 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Create Wealth - Mark Yegge #5382

Summary: Wondering how to take initiative and create your own destiny? Mark Yegge comes on the show to address this, and gives five great tips on how to adjust your mindset for success. Having built and sold several businesses that yielded him a large profit, he has key insights on the necessary components required for successful investing. It’s crucial to eliminate emotions in your investments, educate yourself, possess a diverse asset portfolio, and implement a few other important practices. Tune in to find out how you can enhance your thinking and make decisions that will benefit you in the long run. Highlights: -Mark Yegge has built and sold several businesses for a substantial amount of money -We discuss things you can start doing immediately to create your own destiny, which requires the proper investor attitude -The mindset is 90% investing—navigating the complex economic landscape -You must eliminate emotions in your investments and decision making, and start taking action -There isn’t always enough curriculum built around financial literacy in schools, which makes it important to take time to learn these things -Not everything is as it seems -It’s good to have sets of alternative assets -We won’t go away from using the dollar every day; cryptocurrency will merely become part of this equation -With covered calls, Yegge’s company uses a market timing component -With real estate, it’s important to have good credit -With the stock market, it’s good to possess a diversification of assets Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Destiny Creation
13/01/2220m 53s

3 Steps to Handling Any Crisis in 2022 - JP Pawliw-Fry #5381

Summary: How do you live your best life despite what is happening around you? I sit down with JP Pawliw-Fry to talk about dealing with adversity, especially as we dive into 2022. His vision emerged when he was at a Buddhist monastery and learned more about managing emotions and maintaining peace. We are generally as happy as we allow ourselves to be, so it’s highly important to look at your habits, relationships, and circumstances to know yourself better and gauge what changes may need to occur. Highlights: -Pawliw-Fry’s vision emerged when he was at a Buddhist monastery and learned about managing emotions and maintaining peace -We oftentimes find ourselves suffering more than we need to -People are generally as happy as they allow themselves to be -50% of happiness comes from within, and the other 50% comes from the situation we find ourselves in; this drives behavior -When you look at the science, happiness is more driven by intention -If you notice that someone in your life is unhealthy, you need to decide if this relationship is serving you. Boundaries are extremely important -It’s important to understand what you do under pressure—do you approach or avoid? -How you start your day can also play a large role in your outlook on life Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Last 8%
13/01/2224m 25s

Can the Fed get us out of the mess they got us into? -Octavio Marenzi #5380

Summary: Can the Fed get us out of the mess they got us into? Here to speak on this is Octavio Marenzi, who thinks that we’re in for a rough ride in 2022; this will probably entail a stock market crash, and the Fed pouring money back into the market to save it. Wage and price controls will not necessarily be feasible in these circumstances, and it is difficult to predict exactly what is to come; we all become spectators in this situation. Tune in to hear more considerations about the future of inflation and how to prepare yourself. Highlights: -Can the Fed get us out of the mess they got us into? -Marenzi thinks that the Fed will carry on doing what they’re doing until the market crashes, and start to pour money back into the market—it will be a very rough ride in 2022 -We will probably start to see a correction in 3-4 months -The Biden administration is worried about inflation, and they are wary of industries hiking up prices. Inflation is going to be a huge political issue for them in 2022 -Inflation finds its way around price controls—people find other ways to trade -The Fed will probably take the easiest past rather than the most effective one -Price/wage controls won’t be very effective -Nixon pointed out that we want to use problems to our political advantage—not necessarily solve them -It’s smart to hold a larger cash balance at the moment, but this is still a risky strategy -This monetary policy turns us all into speculators Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Opimas The First Thing We Do is Jail All the Speculators with Octavio Marenzi This Ain’t Your Father’s Vietnam with Octavio Marenzi
12/01/2215m 45s

The benefits of REITs - Brad Heavey #5379

Summary: Brad Heavey, an experienced real estate investor, comes on the show to talk about REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). REITs are particularly beneficial because they provide a stabilized income stream. There are many categories of these trusts that all have different qualities and advantages, and a REIT with a diverse portfolio of properties is worth exploring, as it could have decent yields. These are low-risk areas to invest in, but they require research to find out what companies are stable and worth investing in. Tune in to hear more about how you can invest in REITs, and some of the best tips for entering this sector. Highlights: -A lot of people have decided to invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) -When Brad Heavey became an appraiser, his niche was appraising multi-million dollar homes -As a landlord, collecting rent from a tenant can present issues. The upside of being a landlord is real estate appreciation -The benefits of REITs are that you have a stabilized income stream. -As an investor, it’s best to avoid the REIT categories that you don’t have a lot of knowledge on -A REIT that has a diverse portfolio of properties is one that is worth looking into further -It’s important to analyze how stable a company is -Real estate is based on income and how solid that income is. This is why REITs are advantageous -The pandemic has made people think about how we can protect our future financial position and start taking steps today -REITs are a low risk area to invest in, but you have to do your research -Many REITs have gotten a free ride because rates are so low, but things could be subject to change if rates start to go up rapidly Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Your Future Financial Life (under construction)
12/01/2221m 49s

Get Ready for the Great Resignation with Carl Gould #5378

Summary: With 'The Great Resignation' continuing and labor shortages in many industries this may be the year you ask for a raise. Employers in businesses big and small are desperate to attract, and more importantly, retain employees. Highlights: -“While this is the time to ask for a raise, in many ways the same rules apply with regard to how to go about doing it," says Business Management Expert and owner of Business Management Firm '7 Stage Advisors' in Butler, NJ Carl Gould (see short bio below).  -Major chains like Chipotle and McDonald’s have been fast to provide higher pay and better perks while larger companies like Bank of America have raised analyst pay by 10-thousand dollars and the salaries of associates and vice presidents by 20-thousand dollars.  -Tips to ask for a raise include eliminating any fear you might have about asking, making a list of your accomplishments on the job, making an appointment with the 'decision maker' and not the person who cannot make it happen, and preparing answers to any objections in advance. Questions addressed: • Why is this the year to ask for a raise? • How can you prepare for the meeting? • Why do you have the upper hand? • What could you ask for in lieu of more money? Useful Links: Financial Survival Network 7 Stage Advisors Start Your Xmas Shopping ASAP with Carl Gould Life in Post-Pandemic America with Carl Gould
11/01/2221m 52s

Cathy Woods and Ark’s Fall From Grace - John Rubino #5377

Summary: I sit down with John Rubino to discuss the taper-tantrum at hand and what’s happening with the tech stocks. Tech stocks are tanking at the moment, and we see historic trends repeating themselves. This puts the economy in a unique position, because we need to view cryptos as tech stocks; ultimately, these stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten. Tune in for more. Highlights: -We’re looking at the taper-tantrum, cryptocurrency, etc. -The Fed doesn’t have to raise interest rates now—they now just merely talk about it -Tech stocks are tanking -Early investors in the ETF stock are down, and a lot of things are being reversed out in a hurry -Trends are repeating; just as things start to look positive, these stocks begin to go in the opposite direction -If the higher rates never come, will anyone remember what’s happening now? -A 25% drop in the NASDAQ could kill other industries -The Fed should be fighting the 6% inflation, but thus far they have just talked about doing it -When you shut down the global economy for six months and pour money into people’s pockets to be spent, this is a recipe for inflation -Cryptos are also not holding up too well; it’s best to thing of them as tech stocks. Bitcoin, for example, is traded like a tech stock -Tech stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten -It’s not a great time to be an aggressive tech stock investor -We have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is Fed capitulation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse “We Need to Be Preparing for Something Dramatic” | John Rubino Six Major Predictions for 2022 with John Rubino
11/01/2220m 23s

2022 Gold Demand Through the Roof - Andy Schectman #5376

Summary: It’s important to look at trends in gold and silver to analyze what is to come and how you can prepare. Here to help us do that is Andy Schectman, and we discus what could possibly happen in 2022 in light of the Fed’s decisions to taper and hike rates. 2020 and 2021 were record years for the precious metals as people become increasingly cautious about leaving their money in the bank and fully relying on the dollar. It’s critical to consider whether the Fed will follow through or not with what they have said, and either way we need to prepare for the outcome; ultimately, buying gold and silver now is the best move. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Schectman is here with us to review what has happened and what is going to happen in 2022, specifically with gold demand -Both 2020 and 2021 were record years -Gold has lately been reserved for the central and commercial banks, and less for the public -A lot of people are concerned to leave money in the bank -The last 24 months have been incredible in terms of demand -Price is a tool of misdirection; it is used to accumulate gold -The public is being swayed towards other asset classes, such as cryptocurrency -The Fed announced that they were going to start to taper, and the market thought this would be a short term situation -People didn’t think the Fed would follow through, and it seems as if the market was caught off guard -They discussed 8 rate hikes over the next 2 years -The market has become addicted to stimulus and money printing -Some believe that they will cut back completely on their asset purchases in March or April -If we see rates rise up to 2%, you could theoretically see houses drop by 20% or more over the next 2 years -There has also been much under-reporting with inflation -It’s hard to determine whether they want to preserve the markets or the health of the dollar -In the end, the Fed can’t outwit mathematics or the nature of things -There are also record deficits taking place -How serious is the Fed about following through? This is what needs to be considered -Everyone needs to own gold and silver, because the dollar is at its end stages -If the Fed follows through with their statements, there will be a massive awakening, and getting product will be nearly impossible -Ultimately, the place to be is in gold; silver is a pathway to getting more gold -Those who want to get into gold will be able to increase the amount of gold they buy if they get into silver right now -The focus ultimately should be on gold because it’s a tier 1 reserve -When silver corrects, it will probably overshoot Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin (Put ‘Financial Survival Network’ in the subject line) Almost Sold-Out of Silver | Andy Schectman Andy Schectman: Shortage in Silver Supply Will Cause Prices to Go Higher
10/01/2235m 20s

You Will Own Nothing But NFTs - Mark Basa #5375

Summary: Do you ever wonder what happened to those that got into cryptocurrency—specifically Bitcoin—around ten years ago? I sit down and chat with Mark Basa, one of the crypto kings that set out to disrupt a centralized system in 2010. His current company (HOKK Finance) seeks to continue this decentralization, replicating a traditional bank that operates off of the innovations of the blockchain. Mark is a visionary who is thinking ahead to imagine the future of the economy in an age of intense digitization and exploration. Tune in to hear more about his current pursuits and ideas. Highlights: -Imagine if you had gotten into crypto/Bitcoin 10 years ago (and held onto some of it) -Mark Basa is one of the crypto kings who no longer has to work and can live off of his crypto winnings -Back in 2010/2011 when Mark Basa and his friends discovered crypto, they wanted to disrupt a centralized system -They had a vision of what Bitcoin was going to do, and they pitched to a lot of traditional financial investors -They are now rebuilding this concept with Ethereum -There’s a lot of experimentation going on in the blockchain -We don’t need all of the currencies, but a lot of them will stay because of the nature of people -There are a few major chains that people are going to build decentralized applications on -There is a scalability issue because so many people are using it -Only a handful of chains will survive in the end -When big tech creates their own coins/tokens, you have to look at what these companies are responsible for -Blockchain is a cure and a disease to the centralized currency we have today -Basa’s concern is how power is going to be shifted from centralized banks to blockchain -At some point, there’s going to be a fall of power -Bitcoin nodes are coming from a multitude of places, but China owns most of the world’s Bitcoin -If the government tries to ban any of these currencies, people will find new ways to go about creating them -HOKK Finance is building decentralized services that replicate a traditional bank -NFTs are going to start to replace many things; one example is the contract Useful Links: Financial Survival Network HOKK Finance
10/01/2227m 49s

Best Investment Opportunities for 2022 - Gil Baumgarten #5374

Summary: I sit down with Gil Baumgarten to discuss where the market is heading in the coming year, and the ways that you can play it safely to mitigate risk and maximize returns. He contends that energy is probably going to continue to go higher into the new year, especially if demand spikes during the winter. Additionally, we’re seeing a rise in interest rates, threats to traditional real estate, and other drastic changes. Tune in to get the full scope of the future market. Highlights: -Where is the market heading in the coming year and years ahead? How can you play it safely to mitigate risk and maximize returns? -Energy is probably going to continue to go higher -Oil has advantages in terms of transportability, but you can’t transport Natgas as easily -During winter, if demand were to spike, energy could go up very dramatically -Rise in interest rates is putting a lot of pressure on tech stocks -There has been a shift back towards value that has happened over the last decade -There’s a lot of smooth sailing with regard to this shift -Baumgarten in concerned about traditional real estate, and states that the effects of the pandemic will still be visible -Weakness of office space rents -If you see something you want on the market, it’s smart to buy it sooner rather than later -ETFs are more tax efficient, and from an estate-planning standpoint, much more effective than mutual funds -ETFs are better vehicles all around and have a spectacular tax advantage Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Segment Wealth Management The Reality of Inflation is Setting in with Gil Baumgarten The Markets Are in Flux, Will They Crash? with Gil Baumgarten
07/01/2221m 17s

Effective Storytelling Can Change Your Life - Jason Jordan #5373

Summary: A skillset within corporate America that can greatly enhance chances of success is storytelling. Here to talk about the art of storytelling is Jason Jordan, who realized early in his career that the ability to tell a good story ultimately dictates how people perceive a product or idea in the business world. It is something that requires practice, as well as a keen sense of key takeaways and the emotional connections to be made while storytelling. Jordan gives vital tips for those seeking to improve their communication and marketing skills, so be sure to listen in for more. Highlights: -One skillset in corporate America that is lacking and can greatly enhance chances of success is storytelling -If you can improve your storytelling skills, there’s no limit to what you can do with your career -Here to talk about the art of storytelling is Jason Jordan -Jordan was in technical sales for most of his career, and had a revelation early on about storytelling. He was giving a presentation on a new product and wasn’t able to use digital media for his presentation because of a technical difficulty. He resorted to telling stories about the product and why it is valuable, and this resulted in many people being interested in buying the product -He has also looked at communication between generations, and how to get them to interact more effectively -Even when you look at company reports, they are essentially telling a story, but with numbers -If you can refine these skills, you will be at a major advantage -You become a good storyteller by telling a lot of stories, so consistency and practice are definitely required to improve this skill -It’s important to be able to share thoughts and ideas extemporaneously in our current world, and this requires practicing storytelling over and over again -It’s also crucial to be able to formulate important takeaways from a story, and to have a very concise message -Be sure to share the story or experience that best communicates that message. You need to build up the emotional aspects of the story so that the receiver can experience the story with you -When you tell a story, many areas of your brain are engaged, and invoking emotion can allow the listener to retain the story long term -Additionally, you need to take time to explain the answer to the main question presented to the audience -It’s also helpful to focus on finding the angle of a particular story -Storytelling personalizes things, breaks down barriers, and creates commonality and connection Useful Links: Financial Survival Network FireStory Jason Jordan Twitter
06/01/2220m 22s

Is Tightening and Tapering Real? - David Scranton #5372

Summary: Tapering is real, but the real question at hand is to what extent the Fed will be able to do this. I sit down and chat with David Scranton to discuss the Federal Reserve’s pursuit to raise rates, and whether or not this can be achieved in a calculated manner to avoid a potential recession. There are many factors at play that are making it more difficult to bring these rates up, and this will dictate how inflation looks in 2022. Tune in for more. Highlights: -People forget that inflation comes from an increase of demand and a decrease in supply -Since it is coming from both sides, the tapering may push the demand down too far, creating a recession -It’s important to get long term rates to rise before short term rates, but this may or may not work -They may have to sell some of the bonds off the balance sheet, but this may not be the most viable solution -All of the money going into assets is going to make it harder for the Fed to raise long term rates -It’s almost too late to transition to a nation that saves rather than spends because of what is happening with inflation -China is going through a property debacle in light of the real estate issues -When we have inflation, currency is getting devalued—but this typically comes with the assumption that this is only happening in a few countries -If this was happening in every country, it would be a wash -With lower rates, the economy is reasonably healthy -A year from now, it’s likely that the market is going to be higher—with the caveat being that the Federal Reserve raises rates too fast -Another area of responsibility is ensuring the stock market never goes down, which is not feasible Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Sound Income Strategies What Will the Fed Do Next? with David Scranton Why You Should Plan to Retire Young and Retire Rich – Robert Kiyosaki and David Scranton
06/01/2218m 10s

The Worst Inflation in 44 Years - Michael Busler #5371

Summary: As we roll into the new year, we’re curious to see the economic results from 2021. Here to talk about how these may look as well as some predictions for 2022 is Michael Busler, a professor of finance at Stockton University. We’ll probably see an economic growth of about 5.5% with the unemployment rate down 4%. The downside, however, will be inflation, since prices went up about 7.5% in 2021. The Fed thinks that inflation is largely influenced by supply chain disruptions, but Busler talks about 4 other major factors that contribute immensely. You won’t want to miss these key points, so tune in for more. Highlights: -Busler is a professor of finance over at Stockton University in New Jersey -The final numbers will likely show the economic growth of 5.5%, which is good, and the unemployment rate will be down around 4%. On the bad side is the inflation rate, which is likely to show that prices went up about 7.5% in 2021, which is the worst inflation we’ve had since 1980 -We’ll probably see about 4.5% growth this year. Unemployment will probably stay pretty constant. The major problem at hand is definitely inflation, and we’ll probably be looking at 8% -The Fed thinks inflation will go away on its own around the middle of this year because they claim inflation is caused by supply chain disruptions. Busler believes that the supply chain isn’t significantly contributing to inflation -Last July, the economy was operating the same as it was before the pandemic The real causes of inflation: -The Biden administration has declared war on fossil fuels; there are higher energy prices -A large portion of the population is not returning to the workforce; 3.6 million have left and are not returning. To bring people back to work, we’ve had to raise wages significantly -The federal government has been $6 trillion more than they’ve brought in in tax revenue in the last two years -The federal reserve is allowing all of this to happen. In the past, they have shrunk the money supply and brought interest rates up. -The true measure of inflation, according to Busler, is the consumer price index -It’s important to analyze price increases in the goods and services we normally buy -Once we’re in a wage price spiral, we run into serious problems -The federal reserve needs to realize that inflation is a a major issue that needs to be resolved -Rather, the Biden administration is dedicated to resolving real or perceived social injustices -Normally, the stock market and housing go up in value more than the inflation rate. The stock market will probably do well for most of this year. Useful Links: Financial Survival Network It’s Inflation, Stupid with Michael Busler Taxing the Rich to Death with Prof. Michael Busler
05/01/2219m 1s

Mickey Fulp's Last Monthly Major Market Review (December 2021)

This is our last Monthly Major Market Review with Mickey Fulp. After 10 years and 118 shows, we’re both tired and pursuing other interests. We will still be doing periodic podcasts on different topics, so stay tuned. In December stock markets continued making new highs. Dow was up 5.4% 36338, 18.7% for the year. S&P 500 up 4.4% to 4766/26.9% for the year. Nasdaq rose a meager .7%/21.4% for the year. Russell 2000 was up just 2.1%/13.7% for 2021, TSX up 2.7%/21.7% for 2021, and TSX.V was flat for December and up just 7.3% for 2021. VIX settled down to 17.2. The Dollar was off .7% to 95.66 but up 6.4% for 2021. The Euro was up .6% to but down 6.9% for the year. 10 Year yield was flat and up 61.7% for the year. Bitcoin took a hit closing at 46214 down 18.9%, but up 59.7% for the year. Metals were all down for 2021. Gold was up 3.1% to 1830 but down 3.6% for the year. Silver added 2.0% to 23.30 but was off a major 11.6% for the year. Pt added 2.9% for the month to 963 but was off 9.2%. Pd added 10.2% for the month to 1845 but was off 21% year over year. Copper gained 9.1% to $4.43 but gained an impressive 25.9% in 2021. Energy was a big winner in 2021. WTI added 13.7% to 75.25 and added 55.1% for the year. Brent followed suit up 12.2% to 79.2 and was up 52.9% for the year. Natgas skidded 18.4% to bring it down to 3.73 but was up 46.9% for the year. Uranium lost 7.3% for the month to 42.25 but was a big winner for the year up 39.5%. Sprott along with other funds are still adding more uranium to their stash. Ratios:  Au:Ag 78.5, Pt:Au .53, Pt:Pd .52. BRT:WTI 1.05, WTI:HH 20.2, and AU:WTI 24.3.
04/01/2226m 35s

6 Things You Can do to Succeed in 2022 - Kurt Nelson #5370

Summary: Are you looking for ways to improve and be happier in 2022? I sit down with behavior psychologist Kurt Nelson to talk about the simple practices you can implement to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. There are a multitude of behavioral biases that influence how you think and act and the subsequent emotions that occur, so it is important to arrange your personal environment in a way that allows you to thrive. By focusing on health, gratitude, and more compassionate relationships, you can tackle the year with motivation and positivity. Highlights: -Kurt Nelson is a behavioral psychologist and comes on the show to talk about how you can make your life happier in 2022 -There are so many behavior biases that influence how you think/act, and the subsequent emotions that occur -The ‘fake it until you make it’ phenomenon is actually very true to a certain degree -Beliefs about ourselves have a large impact on our own abilities -It is important especially for children, teens, and young adults to have their own sense of self/what they want as they get older -One thing we can do as we ease into the new year is focusing on what will make us healthier—this can include getting more adequate sleep and eating well. It’s important to set up your environment to help you do this -We are more motivated when we feel like we have control over our lives and when we see progress -If you’re feeling unsure/uneasy, it can be helpful to jump right in and start—once you start, it’s easier to keep going -Keeping a daily gratitude journal can help switch the way that you process your days; your brain starts searching for positivity -It’s important to approach people and relationships with compassion, because it can re-focus the way that you view them -Try to be someone that cultivates positivity and brings what you would want to a group -Take ownership of where you are and why you’re not where you want to be, and think of what you can do to get there -Set your environment up for success -Remember that everything starts with attitude Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Behavioral Grooves Podcast
04/01/2228m 31s

2022 Forecast with TFMetals Craig Hemke #5369

Summary: Gold and the rest of the precious metals have been fluctuating sporadically over the last few weeks. What do commodities tell us about the year ahead? Here to talk about this is Craig Hemke from TFMetals, and he emphasizes that the metals in particular allude to the intensified price controls we should expect in the future amongst other economic risks. For more information on what’s to come, be sure to tune in to this episode. Highlights: -What’s coming for gold in 2022? -As we exited last week, the daily chart looked pretty good with the shares and the metals were moving up -This did not carry into this week, and gold has continued to drop and bounce back up a bit -We already have stealth price controls going on with commodities -The metals have been the analog for how prices are going to be controlled in the future -The credit impulse levels have pulled back -On a long-term historical basis, agricultural commodities have been breaking out -Food price inflation has also been quite noticeable -We’re seeing real negative interest rates -China has bought up more than half the world’s food supply in preparation for harder days ahead Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TF Metals Report 2022 Gold Forecast – “A Heck of a Year Coming Up” | Craig Hemke Gold & Silver Spike Amid Worst Inflation in 30 Years | Craig Hemke
03/01/2218m 55s

The Road Ahead for 2022 with Jerry Robinson #5368

Summary: This year ultimately signified the return to non-normalcy in economic terms, and I sit down with Jerry Robinson to discuss some of the great things and tough things that came out of 2021. We have seen that inflation has a large effect on how many stocks/investment sectors are performing; moreover, it’s more important than ever to invest in high quality assets and aim for diversification. Tune in for more on what to expect in 2022 and how to prepare. Highlights: -This year signified the return to non-normalcy -It has been both a great year and a tough year -The Fed recently doubled its taper -It’s important to understand what exactly inflation is; it is not when a merchant chooses to raise prices -When the inflation headlines began to accelerate, gold and silver failed to respond—which is quite surprising -Tesla is a huge play on the future -Crypto is probably not going to peak until Q1 or Q2 -Commodities will probably have more upside in 2022 -It’s important to invest in high quality assets -We saw the largest intervention in 2021 due to fear of a financial collapse -We’re seeing a lot of new investors—particularly people that have never witnessed a stock market crash -Real estate is a great space to be in, and it’s especially good to have diversification of investments as we enter the new year -If you can leverage an asset and get a cash flow that reacts to inflation, then the inflationary environment can be beneficial for you Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Follow the Money Three Forever Stocks with Jerry Robinson “They Are Destroying the Dollar” | Jerry Robinson
31/12/2127m 31s

Print More or Default - Robert Kientz #5367

Summary: To reflect on this past year and think about the future ahead, I have Robert Kientz on the show to discuss what’s happening and where we’re going from an economic standpoint. There’s few ideas about what the long-term consequences of inflation should be, but regardless of the persisting global health issues, we have been headed down this road for quite some time. There are a number of things to expect whether the health crisis gets resolved or not—tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Robert Kientz comes on the show to wrap up the year in terms of what’s happening and where we’re going -The global health issues seem to be reaching a crescendo -Many fiscal, budget, and spending limits have been removed -There’s no thought anymore for what the long-term consequences should be, especially around inflation -Only 50% of millennial that attend universities find jobs in their fields -We have also started to ask where income really comes from -Even though the pandemic largely affected the economic situation, we were already headed there anyways -The Fed will have to choose between the beginning of the debt collapse or printing more -You can protect yourself by not getting into too much debt and having assets -If we move up one more percentage point, we will probably experience a big crash -There are some winners in Bitcoin and the stock market, but most people aren’t winning Useful Links: Financial Survival Network GoldSilver Pros GoldSilver Pros Youtube Rob Kientz Twitter
30/12/2121m 21s

We are Living on Borrowed Time and Money - Rob Kirby #5366

Summary: As the Fed balance sheet approaches $10 trillion, Rob Kirby and wonder how much higher this number will go. We sit down and discuss the US debt situation, which doesn’t look as if it’s going to improve any time soon. With the US Treasury increasing the debt limit and struggling to manage the circumstances, we are essentially living on borrowed money and time. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -The Fed balance sheet is approaching $10 trillion—how much higher can it go? We’ll probably find out in the near future -The US Treasury also increased the debt limit last week -The Fed and the treasury may encounter difficulty issuing new debt, and the upcoming debt auctions will probably be messy affairs -We’re living on borrowed money and time -The debt problems in the Western world are getting worse as more money gets created -Standards of living have improved, but at the cost of our future -Debt jubilees have historically been a fixture within finance, but no one wants to talk about the inevitability of issues that arise with this -Precious metals have been prevented through signaling trouble -The price of Bitcoin surpassed Gold back in September of 2020, and still exceeds it today -Cryptocurrencies now are doing what the metals would have done -The manipulations we see in markets are a form of wage and price controls Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Kirby Analytics Dollar Has Stage 4 Cancer – Rob Kirby with Greg Hunter Jaw-Dropping Move Coming Soon | Rob Kirby
29/12/2121m 12s

6 Major Predictions for 2022 with John Rubino #5365

Summary: When we experience things like inflation, people tend to try and live in the moment—enjoying time away from work and stimulus checks. This cannot last forever, and today I chat with John Rubino to discuss what these inflationary circumstances mean for the future. It seems that the stock market is precariously over-valued, and will probably not thrive in 2022; gold, on the other hand, does well in these circumstances. Digital assets are also becoming increasingly prominent, which causes us to question how we view wealth and assets in general. Tune in for more. Highlights: -During the Great Depression, especially in Paris, people started living in the moment rather than merely striving for success -This attitude is cyclical in human society -A lot of people don’t want to return to work after having been out of the workforce for so long -The one part of inflation that may not be transitory is wages—they’ll inevitably go up -The metaverse is definitely a trend for the coming year -In these circumstances, gold goes up and stocks go down -The stock market is precariously over-valued right now -Stocks probably won’t have a great year in 2022, but gold does well in an inflationary environment -Assets are going digital. According to Rubino, the people investing in digital assets right now already have their physical needs taken care of. When this becomes compromised, people start re-focusing on the real -RV sales have also been setting records every month all 2021 -Booming RV sales used to be a crash signal -Wage and price controls are also showing through with commodities Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse Real Inflation Closer to 12% with John Rubino The Feds Doubling Up, Newly Created Currency, Extremely Negative Interest Rates with John Rubino
29/12/2128m 1s

Wage and Price Controls are Coming - George Gammon #5364

Summary: Simple things like day-to-day shopping trips make us aware of the fact that supply isn’t caught up with demand; worker shortages and inflation are increasingly changing many things for consumers and people.I sit down and chat with George Gammon to discuss these shifts that have historically altered the social order. Ultimately, we see that it is important to view wealth in terms of goods and services rather than in terms of tangible money where its value is constantly changing. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Many shelves are empty in Whole Foods; supply isn’t caught up with the general demand -This is what happens as a result of lockdowns and people staying home—there are labor shortages, and this disrupts the supply chain -This also causes prices of everyday goods to go up -Ultimately, these effects make us more aware of the current state of the economy -These types of changes in the past gave way to the dissolution of the nuclear family -Inflation undermines the underpinnings of the social order -People fail to realize that prices can also crash up -It’s important to look at wealth as goods and services rather than just dollars -Purchasing power is the ultimate arbiter of your true wealth -Inflation also leads to reduction of the savings rate—there is less incentive to save -People have different conceptions of wealth which creates disagreement around whether the government should distribute more money or not -Wage and price controls are inevitable -Price control appears to be the path of least resistance, especially in terms of politicians getting re-elected Useful Links: Financial Survival Network George Gammon YouTube The Rebel Capitalist Show Live Stream Q&A with George Gammon The Day Capitalism Died – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki and George Gammon
28/12/2131m 41s

A Great Real Estate Investing System - Chris Prefontaine #5363

Summary: A lot of people want to purchase homes, but don’t have the credit, or are possibly newly self-employed. I sit down and chat with Chris Prefontaine to look at an interesting variation of real estate investing that involves a rent-to-own approach. If you can’t buy now, this is a very effective way to get into the market. Tune in to hear more about what rent-to-own entails, and how you can easily get involved. Highlights: -A lot of people want to buy homes but don’t have the credit, are self employed, etc. -Chris Prefontaine has been a real estate coach for 30 years and helps people figure out how to navigate through this process -If you can’t buy now, it’s best to go through a solid rent-to-own program -If you’re a buyer/investor make sure you’re going through an underwriting process at the beginning and have a mortgage plan ready -You need to also have the buyer mentality -With rent-to-own, buyers have to go through the qualification process, (the buyer may need credit repair, or may be self-employed) -You enter the home as if you bought it, and you take care of repairs -Prefontaine helped create a concept called “Three Pay Days” -They schedule monthly principal payments with most deals -If you’re brand new, the lease-purchase method is the way to start -Prefontaine’s lease purchase agreements are already set up and only require a $10 deposit Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Smart Real Estate Coach
27/12/2116m 22s

Sound Money is the Only Answer with Lawrence Lepard #5362

Summary: Lawrence Lepard and I sit down to discuss things related to currency, inflation, and economy—which are fluctuating each day. We’re seeing digital money that sits alongside hard assets like gold, and the growth of unprecedented currencies that cause one to question the traditional notion of wealth and investing. Ultimately, we find that we are living amongst a broken monetary system that only becomes more complicated as time goes on. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Leopard is passionate about ‘honest money’ and hard assets—gold and silver -Bitcoin is an important innovation -The historic problem with creating electronic currency was the inability to control the supply -We now have a scarce digital form of money that sits alongside gold; there is a place for both -With Bitcoin the one crucial factor is not losing your key -A lot of the coins have technological applications -The world has never really seen a form of money with a hard cap -Gold was the hardest form of money before Bitcoin came around—but even this asset gains supply annually -From the perspective of economic historians, inflation has been occurring in phases for a long time -More apparent recently has been the unavailability of products -The pandemic has brought to light how broken the monetary system is -Printing money does stimulate activity, but it also increases debt and inevitably leads to inflation -The Fed is trapped, and may not be able to wriggle out of this trap -Inflation benefits asset holders, but not the working or the common man -Before 1913, there were no income taxes -The average American suffers greatly in this system Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Equity Management Associates Lawrence Lepard Twitter
24/12/2123m 56s

Markets Can and Do Go Down with Brad Williams #5361

Summary: What’s happening with the financial markets? Here to speak on this is Brad Williams, who sits down with me to discuss the current economic situation. In consideration of the inflationary circumstances, the economic downfall will occur when the Federal Reserve has to mirror the inflation rate with the cost of money. We’re experiencing hyper-leveraging while embarking upon uncharted waters—seeing higher government debt than ever before and low interest rates. Tune in to hear more on what’s to come. Highlights: -It has been a bit of a bloodbath on Wall Street -It’s hard to find good income producing real estate at an attractive cap rate, but it’s still a leveraged investment -Is inflation transitory or intransigent? It’s both -As long as interest rates remain where they are now, the stock market is going to remain an attractive place to put your money -The market/economy downfall will occur when the Federal Reserve has to mirror the inflation rate with the cost of money -Hyper-leveraging will cause this downfall -It’s important to stay ahead of inflation -We’re in uncharted waters because we’ve never had the amount of government debt we’ve had now with very low interest rates and a Congress that spends frivolously -We’re getting to the end-game—you can’t inflate anymore or raise rates to control inflation -The Fed is in the business of supporting the stock markets and the large banks -If we keep doing what we’re doing, other countries can look ahead and other factors will come into play that will change the dynamic of investing forever Useful links: Financial Survival Network Time to Be a Defensive Investor with Brad Williams Announcing PonziCoin and Infinite Returns with Brad Williams
23/12/2113m 51s

Jordan Roy-Byrne - Inflation to Remain Subdued in ’22 #5360

Summary: There’s two sides to the debate about whether inflation is here to stay, and I talk to Jordan Roy-Byrne to hear his opinion on this topic. He points out that the market action we’ve been seeing alludes to the fact that inflation has peaked; long term rates have been coming down, bonds have rallied, and the metals are trading below their previous highs. We have to look at each year relative to the previous, so next year we may experience disinflation—where we still see inflation, but at a decreasing rate. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Is inflation here to stay? There’s two sides to this argument -Natgas has come down, uranium has come up…what else is ahead? -Long term rates have been coming down in recent months and bonds have rallied -If you look at gold and silver, they’re trading well below their previous highs, and the same is true with the mining stocks -Oil has probably peaked for the time being -The market action screams that inflation has peaked -Next year we may see disinflation -Commodities have peaked as well -Gold and silver have been correcting for 17 months now and remain pretty weak -Every time the Fed has tapered in the last 7-8 years, real interest rates start to rise -The picture in the coming months is not bullish for precious metals -Inflation is here to stay, but it’s going to come down to a lower level next year -They have to keep the whole system going—it would be catastrophic to let everything fail -Each year is a comparison off of the previous one -Oil and energy prices are big drivers -We have to consider how long the Fed rate-hike cycle will last and what it will look like -There is risk of a correction this coming year, but the market is not at risk of a crash just yet -Precious metals take off when interest rates are higher Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Daily Gold The Precious Metals Bull Market Has Not Yet Begun with Jordan Roy-Byrne Real Gold Bull Market at Least 12-Months Away Says Jordan Roy-Byrne
22/12/2121m 54s

Chris Vermeulen - Downside in Precious Metals is Gone #5359

Summary: We’ve been experiencing some intense gyrations in the markets and hearing about how inflation is impacting particular markets. I interview Chris Vermeulen to further discuss this topic, and this phenomenon seems to have a large impact on the precious metals. We’re at an inflection point with the metals, and the whole sector has been out of favor for a year now. In the midst of the late stages of a stock market top, the precious metals start to out-perform other sectors. It also looks as if bonds and the US dollar could hold up pretty well. Listen in for more on what to expect in the markets. Highlights: -We’re seeing lots of crazy gyrations in the markets -We’re being advised not to worry about inflation, but that it’s hear to stay -We saw gold pop and take off—gold is a good play for inflation. Yet, this was short-lived -The Fed said they don’t see anything outside of the norm—which everyone bought into -They did also mention not being prepared for cyber-attacks on the financial industry -We haven’t seen a huge crisis yet in cyber-security on a global scale -We’re at an inflection point with the metals—the whole sector has been out of favor for a year -Gold and miners are all putting in a major bottom -We’re in the late stages of a stock market top, and this is when the precious metals start to out-perform other sectors -Oil recently broke to the downside -Bonds could hold up pretty well, and the US dollar has been holding up exceptionally well -When there is fear, people move to the US dollar -Hopefully things will fade back down in the next few years in terms of price Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Technical Traders Are We in a Classic Santa Claus Rally? - Chris Vermeulen Market Charge Higher Likely to Last Into New Year with Chris Vermeulen
21/12/2119m 4s

Aaron Clarey - 12 Dirty Jobs Facing Acute Employee Shortages #5358

Summary: In the current economy, we’re seeing employee shortages within a number of important jobs that assist us in day-to-day life. Why is this happening, and what are the implications? I sit down and chat with Aaron Clarey to discuss some of the industries that are taking hits. It seems that we’re missing a generation of laborers; individuals of the current generation more frequently opt to get university degrees and take jobs that are outside the realm of hospitality and manual labor. Our economy is seeing major shifts as a result—tune in to hear more on this. Highlights: -Aaron Clarey had some major projects he finished this year, and he just built a house -There are not a surplus of skilled laborers available for building houses -Building a house requires that you know how to do many things on your own (i.e. wiring lights, installations, etc.) -Many people are opting to work in other jobs outside of the realm of hospitality, manual labor, etc. -We’re missing a generation of laborers -The labor shortages are probably going to become more and more acute as time goes on, and we’ll have to learn to fend for ourselves to some degree -Many people think that particular jobs are beneath them, especially if they have received a university education -It has never been easier for an industrious person to move and find employment fairly quickly -There’s not a lot to buy right now because many products are out of stock Some of the employment shortages: -Tire technicians -Carpenters -AC repairmen -Restaurant kitchen workers -Skilled tradesmen -Fast food workers -Big box store employees -Miners Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Captain Capitalism A**hole Consulting The Supply Chain Ain’t What it Used to Be with Aaron Clarey How to Stay Happy in an Insane World with Aaron Clarey
21/12/2122m 51s

Investing in 2022 - Pam Prine #5357

Summary: We’re always wondering how to maximize and get the most out of your retirement benefits. I sit down and chat with Pam Prine about how to do so. Prine has been a financial advisor since 2003 and has observed the changing markets. By assessing your risk capacity and tolerance, you can more effectively management your retirement funds. Tune in for more information. Highlights: -How can you maximize/get the most out of your retirement benefits? -Prine has been a financial advisor since 2003—seeing accumulation and down-markets -Prine helps clients reduce the taxes they pay in the long term -Risk tolerance is associated with a feeling, and it’s important to understand your risk capacity -There are tools you can use to assess your risk -There is legislative risk with certain assets (i.e. crypto) -Trying to time the market is extremely difficult; remember that there is no bad time for a good investment Useful Links: Financial Survival network Keystone Capital Management Group
20/12/2125m 25s

Keep Your Eye on Cryptos and NFTs - Noble Drakoln #5356

Summary: In the world of digital currency, NFTs are becoming both a popular and indispensable part of the blockchain. I interview Noble DraKoln, who has a firm idea of how NFTs function and why they are becoming so prominent. They are essentially a digital tracking mechanism for ideas, and NFTs allow you to display ownership of an asset on the blockchain. This contributes to the idea of the meta-verse, which DraKoln also explains. Tune in for more insight on cryptocurrency and the digital realm. Highlights: -NFTs are becoming a more and more popular and indispensable part of the blockchain -NFTs represent showing ownership of an asset on the blockchain. The ownership can represent physical/digital items or ideas -They are essentially a digital tracking mechanism for ideas -Digital art has also become extremely valuable—a direct example of this is BEEPLE -Everything going on in the NFT space has been documented -The meta-verse already exists to some degree, but it emphasizes the idea of having a prominent digital life where you can make money within it -DraKoln advices that if Bitcoin is cheap, buy it. -Ethereum has already supplanted Bitcoin as the #1 winner in the marketplace, but in terms of appreciation potential it looks slightly different Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Accredited Investor Journal Crypto Robinhood with Noble DraKoln The New Roaring 2020’s with Noble DraKoln
17/12/2122m 45s

The Feds Doubling Up, Newly Created Currency, Extremely Negative Interest Rates - John Rubino #5355

Summary: The Fed seems to be doubling up on their tapering—but what is going on behind the scenes? I sit down and chat with John Rubino, who breaks down what is happening with inflation and how different economical components and markets are being affected. We’re seeing massively negative interest rates, and we’re merely dumping less dollars into the new market; buying government bonds with newly created currency. Additionally, we see gold as a barometer within the economy, and automobile companies/other commodities seem to be doing well in these conditions. Tune in for more. Highlights: The Fed is doubling up on their tapering -They planned to buy fewer government bonds going forward (even though they still are) -We are seeing massively negative interest rates -They’re just dumping less dollars into the market going forward -They’re buying government bonds with newly created currency -Gold is the perfect barometer -Used cars are going for more than they would new -Car companies (and commodities in a similar boat) benefit from inflation -Automobile inventories are getting more valuable -This has been a great environment for the gold miners, but costs are inevitably rising -Buying out houses and renting them out to the masses has been part of the inflationary play -In any crisis, there are winners and losers; if you get ahead of the trends, you can be a winner -Shorting something has unlimited risk—you have to get the timing right Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse All Your Stimmies Belong to Us, and More Black Friday Insights with John Rubino Here’s What Will Spook Markets | John Rubino
16/12/2130m 31s

New Major Nickel Discovery with FPX Nickel’s CEO Martin Turenne

FPX Nickel’s CEO Martin Turenne joined us for a sponsor update and to discuss the company’s new major nickel discovery at the Van Target. So far, each hole drilled has shown significant mineralization and there are more drill results on the way. They’ve scored some of the strongest nickel intercepts ever found in the Decar District. Their Baptiste Project is already the world's third largest undeveloped nickel project and as Martin has stated before, Van could be bigger, much bigger. Like copper, the price of nickel has been strong. Supplies are diminishing, while demand has been increasing. Nickel is an essential component in EV batteries as well as production of stainless steel. Martin makes a compelling case that the political will now exists to exploit these much-needed resources. They’re essential for the furtherance of governments’ low carbon ambitions. Presently, Indonesia is the Saudi Arabia of nickel and it's all going to China. It’s not clean nickel, which companies like Tesla are prioritizing. The West requires its own supplies and there’s no better place to start producing than in Canada. While global investors have been giving resource stocks the cold-shoulder, Martin is unperturbed and believes that the tide will soon turn. And he intends to see FPX take a leadership role in the sector’s resurgence. Company website: Ticker Symbols – OTC: FPOCF – TSX.V: FPX
16/12/2118m 53s

Low Silver Price Creates Buying Opportunity in Silver One Resources' Shares

Silver One Resources' CEO Greg Crowe came on for a sponsor update, to provide us with a recap of 2021's highlights and to lay out the path for 2022. Crowe believes that the current low silver prices have created a buying opportunity in Silver One's shares. Its present focus is at the flagship Candelaria, Nevada based project, where they intercepted 1,070 g/t Silver and 1.48 g/t Gold over 4.57 meters.The goal is to keep expanding the resource, as well as pursuing a potential porphyry deposit in another area of their property. He also has high hopes for i's two other projects, Cherokee and Phoenix.    Silver One is well funded, with over CAD $9.3 million in their coffers, plus another cash installment due from the sale of their Mexican projects. Crowe left open the possibility of expanding the 2022 drill program which could require additional funding, but for a good cause.  2022 could very well be the pivotal year for Silver One Resources and its efforts to restart the Silver State's richest mining district. Website:      Tickers: OTCQX: SLVRF - TSX-V: SVE - FSE: BRK1
15/12/2116m 24s

3 Top Performing Investments for the Stagflationary Future - Gordon Long #5354

Summary: In our economy we’re dealing with intransigent inflation that doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear any time soon. I chat with global macro-economics expert, Gordon Long, to unpack some of these inflationary trends and discuss how we can better understand them. The global economy is slowing, and we’re experiencing crises as rates increase. Long points out how inflation ultimately turns things into assets that you never formally perceived as assets; essentially, there is potential in the unexpected. Tune in for more insight. Highlights: -Inflation is here to stay; we’re dealing with intransigent inflation. How do you make money during these inflationary times? -The PPI numbers are at 9.6% -The global economy is slowing -Long is worried about a mass monetary mistake -Every time we raise the rates, we experience another crisis -As an investor, if you can go into debt with an income producing asset, you can come out higher -Inflation turns things into assets that you never formally perceived as assets -What else can you do to get ahead of stagflation and inflation? Long says it’s important to remember that we’re going to experience both inflation and deflation -The focus shifts back and forth from inflation to deflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network MATASII Monthly Macro Video with Gordon Long – June : Rate hikes, Brexit, Yield Curve Casino Banks and Gold Rigging Video Discussion: Mish and Gordon Long
15/12/2119m 35s

How to Make a Million Dollars in One Day and Never Work Again - Michael Bash #5353

Summary: When you have a valuable strategy, real estate investing can be extremely profitable—bringing in a revenue that can set you on the right track. I interview real estate investor and author Michael Bash to discuss the methods he has used to attain success in this industry; he largely attributes this success to re-zoning land in growing regions to build properties. Bash has a number of tips that can help you thrive in real estate investing, and you won’t want to miss them. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Some people see real estate investing as a gamble, but Bash sees it as profitable -He started out by looking for land where he could build apartments and rent them out -He put a down payment on a piece of land and re-zoned this area -All that he initially invested was $15k total -When trying to get a project approved it’s important to show people that it would benefit a community -Bash is retired now but considers getting back into re-zoning -Re-zoning industrial to residential is the best tactic -All you need to do is check and see what cities are experiencing growth -Re-zoning can take around 90 days in a small town, but in a may city you may wait 3 years -Once the re-zoning is approved, your profit is exponential -It is easiest to get land in small counties/cities re-zoned Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Million Dollar Miracle by Michael Bash
14/12/2119m 29s

5 Reasons Why Gold Prices are Going Higher - Todd "Bubba" Horwitz #5352

Summary: There are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in gold prices, so I sit down and speak with Todd “Bubba” Horowitz to discuss some of the possible contributions to this phenomenon. The Fed’s decision to increase interest rates has played a large role in this, and so have the decrease in industrial production and the overall decline of currencies. Tune in to hear more about why this is happening, and what to expect in the near future. Highlights: -The Fed is going to increase rates on Wednesday most likely -Typically a raise in interest rates isn’t the best thing for precious metals -Energy is twice as much as it was a year ago -Industrial production around the world is going down -The protracted decline of the Euro also plays a role in this -With crypto, people are showing that they don’t believe in the value of paper money anymore -We’re starting to see increased M&A activity in the sector -This year, 20 times more money went into the stock market than the last 20 years combined -Gold is one of the steadiest assets, even with its ups and downs throughout history -We are showing weakness, which is a concern in the short-term Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Bubba Trading U.S. Economy Headed for Disaster with More Powell, Warns Bubba Horwitz | Stansberry Research Everything is Going Up in Price with Todd “Bubba” Horowitz
14/12/2115m 22s

Stock Market Now Peaking - Eric Hadik #5351

Summary: The markets have been tumultuous in all aspects, and I catch up with Eric Hadik to dive further into this topic and evaluate the trends. In consideration of stock market trends, these markets haven’t necessarily followed what we would normally expect, and the timing of the fallouts have come as a surprise. We have an interesting year ahead that will probably defy the expectations, so tune in to hear more about what could possibly be in store. Highlights: -Markets have been tumultuous—stock markets, interest rates, oil, etc. -The stock market has been in the news a lot recently; the most important thing is to understand the bigger picture/1-2 year outlook and where we are within that -For many years, there has been a consistent 16 month cycle in the stock market as well as 8 month cycles, etc. -Throughout 2021, Hadisk thought we would see an initial peak in the May/June timeframe and a more significant peak in January/February of 2022 -A lot of individual stocks have already set peaks and are in a drawn-out topping process -In the peak of January and February, even the stronger stocks will turn down -The fallouts aren’t necessarily surprising, but the timing of the fallouts are -Hadisk tries to avoid analyzing one market with a correlation to another market -Gold and silver have pulled back and are in the process of making secondary lows, and some correlation could potentially help them -Strength in the dollar is one of the factors that is weighing on gold, especially in light of inflation -What do we make of the highs/low with the metals and energy markets? This has been a recovery and then some from the wash-outs of early 2020 -We have an interesting year ahead of us that will probably go against the contrary expectations -There could be equilibrium, but if rates go higher and inflation goes down there could be a reverberation -If we don’t see expanding growth, traders will get disappointed by numbers that are status-quo -Steady growth is seen as a negative based on future expectations Useful Links: Financial Survival Network ITTC
13/12/2134m 18s

Best Stock Strategy - David Jaffee #5350

Summary: In the search for strategies to earn income with the lowest possible risks, we look to David Jaffee, who has been involved in options trading for ten years. By selling options, you can sell options for some of the biggest companies in the world and earn a premium that earns money and reduces risk. Tune in to hear tips from an experts and find out about how you can get involved. Highlights: -We’re always looking for strategies to earn income with the lowest possible risks -David Jaffee has been trading options for 10 years, and a lot of people ask for help navigating options trading -By selling options, you turn yourself into a casino/insurance company and have the ability to sell options of the biggest companies in the world -You have the potential to earn premium and keep repeating the process/reduce risk -If a trade gets challenged, Jaffe assumes that it’s oversold -It can be instructional to look at some of the losing trades—Jaffe describes one he experienced with PayPal -The actual move in a stock can sometimes exceed the expected move, and this is when option sellers get hurt -It is always best to trade low -The minimum you need to start selling options is typically $2000, as recommended by Jaffee Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Best Stock Strategy Best Stock Strategy YouTube
10/12/2114m 19s

There's Opportunit in Opportunity Zones - Ashley Tison #5349

Summary: Looking to defer taxes while investing in a high growth area? I sit down and chat with Ashley Tison, who talks about benefits of investing in opportunity zones, which were created by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act in 2016 to spur economic investment into historically under-invested areas. The incentive is that you eliminate depreciation recapture and capital gain, and get to defer taxes on the gain until 2026. Tune in to hear more about the strategy behind opportunity zones and how you can effectively invest. Highlights: -Opportunity zones were created by the tax cut jobs act of 2016 to spur economic investment into historically under-invested areas -There were 8700 of these across US territories -You get to defer taxes on the gain until 2026 -There are also incentives after you’ve held it for ten years—you can take out the growth of this investment tax free -You eliminate depreciation recapture and capital gain -In turn you neg a negative interest loan from the government -Opportunity zones are a great tool for generational wealth building -You can’t defer after tax dollars or pre-income tax dollars -It’s not about the gain you have now, it’s about the gain you think you’re going to have down the road Useful Links: Financial Survival Network OZ Pros
10/12/2117m 39s

Trillion Energy’s Value Greatly Increases with Dramatic O&G Moves

We sat down with sponsor Trillion Energy Corp’s CEO Arthur Halleran. He is very optimistic. Energy prices are escalating, especially in Europe and Asia, right in Trillion’s backyard. Revenues from their Cendere oil fields have increased dramatically and natural gas prices have risen from just under $6 per mcf to $10. The cost of production is quite low, hovering around $0.11 per mcf; the pay-off from the SASB field will be substantially higher than originally anticipated. While project financing has been drawn out, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Once the company is re-domiciled in Canada (US trading will be unaffected), Art assures us that financing will happen soon thereafter. Then wells will be spudded and that means that cash flow is within reach. All of which is great news for shareholders like us.   Tickers OTC: TCFF — CSE: TCF
09/12/219m 15s

Smarter Spending on Deep-Discount Days With Angela Sloan #5348

Unless you complete your holiday shopping before Halloween, you might be enticed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. These tips may help you save time and money. Beat the crowds. If you shop early in the season, items are more likely to be in stock and you may face fewer shipping delays. Sales often start well before Black Friday, so keep an eye out for special promotions at least a week or two ahead. Signing up for online or social media deal alerts can help.  Research pricing. Knowing whether a deal is truly good can be tricky, but many websites and phone apps are available that can help you compare items and prices as you shop.  Set up accounts. To complete purchases quickly, consider saving your information and shipping addresses on trusted online accounts with your favorite retailers. Make it a habit to search for promotional and coupon codes that you can use at checkout. Review shipping costs, too, to avoid paying more than you expect. Track purchases. To help you stick with your budget, keep track of what you spend. If you're shopping with credit, try using one card for everything so you can quickly review your spending. A rewards card may give you cash back, points, or miles that you can redeem in the future, but watch out for high interest rates if you can't pay off the balance in full.  Use cash. Consider using a debit card or cash for in-store purchases. Carrying only a predetermined amount of money in your wallet may help you avoid overspending. Pay attention to the fine print. Retailers may have special policies in place for the holiday season. Knowing the time limits for exchanges or returns is especially important when you're shopping early. Ask for gift receipts and keep your own copies. Watch out for exclusions. Promotional prices might be limited to certain items and may expire quickly, so understand the details.  Look for price guarantees. If you buy an item that later goes on sale, some retailers will refund the difference within certain time limits. Retailers may also match a competitor's price on an identical item (you may need to provide proof of the purchase).
08/12/2115m 11s

Fury Gold Mines' $50 Million Transaction to Launch Next Growth Phase

We were joined by sponsor Fury Gold Mines’ Chair Ivan Bebek and CEO Tim Clark to get the latest on the just announced sale of its Homestake Project to Dolly Varden Silver (TSX.V: DV). It’s a $50 million deal for which Fury gets CAD $5 million in cash and the balance in DV shares, along with two board seats. In the words of Clark, “…the combination of these two adjacent assets is very strong. Combining our Homestake Project with the DV Project creates an attractive opportunity to immediately establish shareholder value through the potential synergies that result from their regional proximity.” It’s been no secret that Chair Bebek had been looking to sell-off Homestake. He observed that these two projects were always meant to be together and that there’s huge upside potential for Fury, once DV begins executing on its plan. In the meantime, Fury receives a substantial cash infusion, which when combined with a $2 million payment from Quebec, puts off their need to raise fresh capital. They can continue to focus upon their core projects, Committee Bay and Eau Claire. And for good reason too. Several days ago, Fury announced that they had drilled 13.93 g/t of Gold over a hefty 10 meters. These were the best drill results in five years. Clark sees this achievement as opening up substantial expansion opportunities and it confirms the thesis that Committee Bay represents a major gold exploration opportunity. Most importantly for shareholders, the last week has seen company’s future value increased both by the drill bit and the Homestake sale, which gives Fury a dual opportunity for share price appreciation. (We own shares) Company Website: -- Trades as FURY on NYSE American and TSX.
08/12/2118m 13s

Make Money in "Boring" Stocks with the Dutch Masters #5347

Summary: We’ve had a rough few months as uncertainty has trickled into the markets—where do we go from here and what’s worth investing in with the current circumstances? Dutch Masters comes on the podcast to discuss some of the latest insights with the markets, and talks about 3 particular stocks worth considering going forward. Highlights: -It’s been a rough few months with the markets and a lot of uncertainty has trickled into the markets -Tech stocks did very well when the pandemic hit because you didn’t have to go out -DOW stocks are starting to move again -Theres not a broad flow into the DOW stocks because people are unsure of what’s going to happen with the Fed -You can’t tighten and withdraw tapering, run the virus narrative, and raise rates all at the same time -Our economy is fragile -Inflation is here to stay—some people are predicting 20-30 years of inflation -The stocks that are going to work going forward may be a little more boring -The administration hasn’t fixed the supply chain issues Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Carnivore Trading Become a Carnivore Trader with Dutch Masters
07/12/2128m 28s

New Gold Bull Market Coming by 12/31/2021 - Charles Nenner #5346

Summary: The stock market took a big hit last week. The real question is whether it’s going to come roaring back or not. I sit down and chat with Charles Nenner, an amazing forecaster of the markets, to discuss what’s happening with the markets and why. We’re expecting a few rallies with long term correction eventually, but for now we should expect to just see short term correction. The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year. Tune in to hear more about what’s to come. Highlights: -Nenner is a great forecaster of the markets -Nenner was out of stocks prior to the correction -There are a number of stocks/markets fluctuating due to the virus—especially in consideration of traveling -The stock market took a big hit last week—is it going to come roaring back? -They are expecting a few rallies, but it doesn’t look great in the long term. This is a short term correction that will eventually transition into a long term correction -Some people are seeking the relative safety of the bond market -Inflation is as high as 14% according to some -Copper is the ultimate indicator of economic health and trends—it goes higher due to inflation -The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year due to the perception that things are not as good as they seem -A lot of these trends are noticeable at the wrong time -The US hasn’t had the same parabolic move as Europe with gas and oil -The weekly cycle of natgas is down -We used to only look at oil, but natgas is a substitute for oil -There may start to be some selling later next year within real estate Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Charles Nenner Stock Market Cut in Half Soon – Charles Nenner with Greg Hunter Bitcoin About to Come Back with Charles Nenner
07/12/2117m 2s

Transitory Inflation Becomes Permanent - Andy Schectman #5345

Summary: It’s becoming extremely evident that inflation is not transitory, but permanent. I sit down and catch up with Andy Schectman to talk about how the government is ultimately destroy the currency to defend the markets, as the value of the dollar continually decreases. Wage and price controls are on their way as well as a number of other regulations that could surface very soon. Tune in to hear what to expect and how you can prepare for these shifts. Highlights: -The chairmen of the Federal Reserve found out that inflation is not so transitory, but rather, it’s permanent -The term ‘transitory’ should have been replaced with ‘structural’ right away -The government is destroying the currency to defend the markets -Commodities go way up and get slammed down (i.e. oil last week) -Wage and price controls are on their way -There are more types of government regulations (i.e. rent control and interest rate control) that could surface -Markets are ultimately being chosen over the dollar -We’ve been seeing record prices of cars and real estate properties -People have been buying cars a year in advance which demonstrates the unusual times we’re in -As more and more companies start to accept crypto, more people flee to them -A lot more people are starting to buy gold as well Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin U.S. Mint Halts Silver Eagle Production | Andy Schectman Gold & Silver Fall – What’s Next? | Live with Andy Schectman
06/12/2124m 44s

The 3 D’s—Debt, Deficits, Debasement - Jeff Clark #5344

Summary: No matter what the Fed does in the current economic state, the market seems to act like a palindrome. I have Jeff Clark on the podcast to discuss what exactly is happening in the markets, and how deficits are playing into this. We address gold and silver as well to break down how mining companies are functioning at the moment, and how to effectively invest in this sector. Tune in for more. Highlights: -The market seems to act like a palindrome, no matter what the Fed does -People in mining stocks had to show good performance in the market to their clients -We’ve never seen money printing at the extent of what it’s at now -The deficits are going to be running trillions of dollars for years to come -In the past year, more money went into the stock market than in the last 20 years combined -There will be another leg up in gold and silver -The concern is that the next leg up could be bigger than is desired -Debt levels are higher than ever -The day for gold and silver is going to come—it’s almost inevitable -We’re living in a circumstance where the more speculative something is, the more value it has -Mid tier mining companies will probably get bought out by the minors -The attractive deposits out there are the ones you want to hold on to -Government policies are restricting supply while increasing demand Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TheGoldAdvisor on Twitter Silver Chartist Weekly Perspective: David Morgan Chats with Jeff Clark Silver’s Coming Reversal Will Be Shocking – Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark
03/12/2122m 31s

A Brief Discussion of Doom - Richard Vague #5343

Summary: How do we minimize the ever-increasing debt? I have Richard Vague on the podcast to talk about the pursuit of financial stability—which has become extremely difficult in our times. His mission as a public official is looking at debt and putting together strategies to remediate this. Highlights: -Richard preaches a messages of financial stability, which he represents in his books -Perhaps a debt jubilee is what we need -His mission as a public official is looking at debt and putting together strategies to deal with this -Public and private sector debt are growing faster than GDP -Anytime debt in a sector grows too rapidly, it means over-capacity is being created -A debt boom creates illusory good times—jobs are being created, tax revenues at the government level are increasing, etc. Things appear to be really good -It is only in the aftermath that we see desire to do something about it, and oftentimes capitalism gets blamed -Vague puts out practical ideas for remediating debt that has been accumulated -What incentives can the government put out to avoid these debt situations? -The level of new homes being built right now are is below what it was in 2007 -Growth in debt has also come from lending standards/private equity lending -They estimate that there are 90 million empty residences in China -It used to be believed that credit creation went hand in hand with the increase of the money supply, but this is not necessarily the case -Our country is not in an enviable position in terms of debt -There is a mess coming down the road that will be hard to manage Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Richard Vague
02/12/2133m 31s

Mobile Home Park Investing Picking Up Speed - Charlotte Dunford #5342

Summary: I sit down and catch up with Charlotte Dumford, who specializes in mobile home park investing. It has been a great yet challenging year for people in this industry, but mobile home parks have picked up great speed in 2021. Charlotte’s company is working on creating a monopoly within a niche, and the coming year looks very promising for this industry. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Charlotte Dunford specializes in mobile home park investing -What can we learn from 2021 and how will it help you go into 2022? It has been great yet challenging for people in this industry especially due to the pandemic and issues in the economy -They will be able to acquire more parks at a faster speed and get more business -Mobile home parks have picked up speed in the last year, which has racked up prices -They’re able to negotiate and get deals at higher cap rates -Why is this sector overlooked? A lot of people want to get their money into the bigger stuff—it offers stability -A business succeeds if they can create a monopoly within a niche—Charlotte’s company is putting this philosophy to work -They’ve seen a lot of growth this year in the mobile home portfolio -For 2022, they are ready to take the business to a new level and further diversify their portfolio -Their top priority is creating a sense of community; proud ownership is the driving factor of stability in a park -In 2021, they were focused not just on making the most capital, but on showing investors that this is a great choice Useful Links: FInancial Survival Network Johns Creek Capital
02/12/2112m 36s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (November 2021)

In November markets were making new highs all over the place until Thanksgiving Friday. That put a dagger in the hearts of stock markets and commodities alike. Dow off 3.7% 34484 and S&P 500 off .8% to 4567, Nasdaq held on to a .3%. Russell 2000 was slammed down 4.3%, TSX off 1.8%, and TSX.V posted a a 1.2% loss. VIX jacked up to 27.2 on the fear trade. The Dollar hit a multi-month high closing at 96.35 and the Euro was 2.2% to 1.13. 10 Year yield plunged  8.3% to 1.43. Bitcoin took a hit closing at 56974 down 6.1%. Metals were doing well and that got major slammed. Gold was down .5% to 1775. Silver was 4.4% to 22.84. Pt was beat up losing 8.1% to 936. Pd was the big loser off 13.6% for the month to 1674. Copper off 2.6% to $4.35. WTI got creamed off 20.8% to 66.18. Brent followed suit off 16.4% to 70.57. Natgas skidded 15.8% to bring it to 4.57. Uranium pushed further higher by more Sprott buying up  6% to $45.60. Ratios:  Au:Ag up 77.7, Pt:Au .53, Pt:Pd .56. BRT:WTI 1.07, WTI:HH 14.5, and AU:WTI 26.8.
01/12/2116m 15s

The Reality of Inflation is Setting In - Gil Baumgarten #5341

Summary: Volume was up dramatically on Black Friday, which is incredibly interesting—I sit down and chat with Gil Baumgarten to discuss this as well as inflation, and trends in the stock market. In terms of buying stocks, Baumgarten’s company tends to look for lower yielding ones and has great technique for finding them. Tune in for more. Highlights: -We had a real Black Friday last Friday—volume was up dramatically -All of the buys and sells are algorithmically generated -The reality of inflation is starting to set in and people are becoming concerned -It is always better to average up -Baumgarten’s company would prefer to buy low yielding stocks -Apple is not keeping up with inflation—it is yielding 2.2% -Tesla is 5-10 years ahead of everyone else in terms of technology; it’s a computer on wheels -Sometimes the price of the stock makes it not an investment but a gambler’s speculation -Buying the VIX is a good idea, but don’t hang on to it for a long time Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Segment Wealth Management The Markets Are in Flux, Will They Crash? with Gil Baumgarten Markets Down; Big Surprise with Gil Baumgarten
01/12/2124m 2s

Black Friday’s Silver Lining - Jeffrey Small #5340

Summary: Unsurprisingly, the markets experienced a major meltdown over Black Friday—is it time to flee the market, or is this just another variant of financial disruption? I sit down and chat with Jeffrey Small to get the full picture of why this happened, and its relevance to the current economy. Thankfully, this disruption will most likely not mean much, and we will probably bounce back from the extreme inflation in the coming year. Tune in to get more insight. Highlights: -The market’s reaction on Friday was a knee-jerk reaction to the unknown -Markets don’t like uncertainty -This disruption probably won’t mean very much in consideration of the virus we’ve been living with for a while -Inflation does create earnings growth, which is good for the market -Investors need to buy companies that they know will have earnings growth -The inflation we’re having now is excessive and will hurt the GDP growth -Once we get past the holiday season, things will deflate and people won’t be spending as much on goods -There is no reason as to why oil should be priced how it is today -The government is directly responsible for oil trading at a high -Are the tech stocks defensive? The Tesla stock is somewhat of a trend Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Arbor Financial
01/12/2116m 33s

All Your Stimmies Belong to Us and More Black Friday Insights with John Rubino #5339

Summary: The markets were down on Black Friday, and I sit down with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon along with all of the other driving factors in the economy that led to this decline. The markets seemed to be a bit spooked, and they’re back up now, but we could be in for a volatile year. Tune in for more. Highlights: -In terms of the market, everything was down on Black Friday -The ferocity of the decline was quite intense. When a market is this overvalued, however, falls like that are expected -There was a cause for the market tanking, and it was the announcement of the new variant of the virus. This spooked the markets -The markets are back up today -This could be a choppy, volatile year, and Friday’s action seems like it could be the new normal -Germany’s inflation is at a modern record high. The question is, how much further does this have to go for them to make a major decision going forward? -Used cars have become relatively more valuable, and people are feeling pressured to buy houses -The inflationary psychology is turning into an inflationary pathology -When people start to think that the world is inflationary, they start to buy precious metals -Inflation is now as high as it was in the 70s -As we broaden our understanding of crypto and metals, we’ll realize that they’re similar and on the same side of history, but they are not the same asset Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse Here’s What Will Spook Markets | John Rubino John Rubino: Why Everyone Should Own This
30/11/2132m 9s

Financial Education is Your Road to Financial Salvation with John MacGregor #5338

Summary: Lack of financial education creates some of the most pressing problems that people face in their lives. I sit down with bestselling author and financial expert John MacGregor to discuss how to tackle this, and what you can do to get on the right track. When it comes to finances, it can be helpful to learn from the mistakes of others and look for advice on how to avoid financial mistakes. Tune in to hear more on the philosophy behind better financial decision making and to learn how you can change your mindset and practices. Highlights: -Lack of financial education is causing a lot of problems amongst individuals -The percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck has gone up significantly -Many people know what to do with their money but don’t do it—it’s more of a behavioral problem -Learning from people’s mistakes is genius—it’s important to learn why people suffer financially and how to avoid this -There are many underlying beliefs that make us form bad spending habits, and it causes people to get stuck in a bad cycle -Other aspects of your life improve as well when you improve your financial habits and mindset -“Above the line, below the line” is a mentality that helps -Many people think that there is a quick fix to your financial problems—or hope in a box -Small things you do on a daily basis can transcend your entire life -Be, do, and have—it’s important to do all of these things -For many people, it’s not enough of a priority to make the changes they need to make until it’s too late -It’s important to understand what drives people to make specific financial decisions, and what their beliefs are -There’s a direct correlation between financial disorganization and financial destruction -Hope is not a retirement strategy—it’s important to start thinking and planning now for your future Useful Links: Financial Survival Network John MacGregor Bullish on Gold? Why Not Own the Gold Mine? – Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, John MacGregor Wall Street is Gambling with Your 401(k) – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, and John MacGregor
30/11/2122m 15s

Low Risk Winning Options Strategies - Cody Yeh #5337

Summary: How do you make money in real estate, stocks, crypto, etc. and manage to minimize risks? I sit down and chat with Cody Yeh, who has been developing these strategies for years and advises others on this topic. He gives meaningful tips on how stocks move, the ideal times to buy and sell, and provides more useful knowledge to help you thrive in your investing. Tune in for more. Highlights: -There are a number of ways to make money including real estates, stocks, cryptos, etc. -Risk is always a factor -Cody Yeh has figured out a way to minimize risk and invest in worthy areas -Yeh geared his efforts towards financial freedom and independence after graduating from university -He had a full time job as well as a trading coach so he could participate in day trading -With real estate investing in Canada, it’s hard to find cash flow -With real estate and stocks, they want to be able to hold them for a long time and retain cash flow without having to sell -Every time Tesla goes up, it then pulls back a bit -The Tesla stock is very inflated, but the company collects major data and is in the pioneering space -Most people want to chase the high stocks, but then panic and sell them, and this leads to people losing money—you shouldn’t just buy when something is marked at its highest level -Focus on the top ten of the crypto -How do you not become an options loser? You need to have the right mindset when you buy stocks—looking to make 1%-4% Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Cody Yeh
29/11/2123m 45s

A 29 Year Old Who Likes Gold and Insurance - Jerry Fetta #5336

Summary: I sit down and chat with Jerry Fetta—who started his career in mainstream financial services and now helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom. We discuss life insurance, the precious metals, cryptocurrency, and inflation to grasp the current economy and pinpoint what you can do to invest efficiently. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Jerry started his career in mainstream financial services -As he learned more about macroeconomics, his business evolved tremendously -He helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom -Family offices have also played into financial success -There is bank owned and corporate owned life insurance; it serves as a tier one reserve pool -Everyone should look into life insurance to set cash aside -Precious metals haven’t behaved well since hitting their all time high in August of 2020 -The value of gold is intrinsic and does not dictate the price—other factors within the market do -Gold always mirrors inflation and is based on consumer emotion -People are in denial of inflation, but once they come to terms with it, gold prices will probably shoot up -Crypto needs intrinsic value to be able to promise earnings; it does, however, have extrinsic value -The intrinsic value also needs to be higher than the extrinsic value -With inflation, there is the expansion of the money supply as well as price increase Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jerry Fetta Instagram Jerry Fetta Website
26/11/2128m 7s

A Young Financial Expert Who Likes Gold and Insurance - Kenneth Rapoza #5335

Kenneth Rapoza started out in financial services selling the usual products. After speaking with his best friend's father, he had an epiphany. This guy never seemed to have a job and yet the family always did well. Much like Robert Kiyasaki, his friend's rich dad taught him the ropes of successful investing. Kenneth is bullish on precious metals and believes that the proper life insurance policy can pay huge dividends.
24/11/2120m 43s

Are Battery Metals are the Best Inflation Hedge? Jamie Keech #5334

We sat down with Jamie Keech to discuss inflation and inflation hedges. Jamie is of the opinion that inflation is here to stay and that factors are making commodities such as Uranium and battery metals better hedges than the traditional one of precious metals. Perhaps this is a sign that when even the most stalwart supporters start looking elsewhere, gold and silver are getting ready for the big move. Time will tell.
24/11/2121m 28s

Invest in Real Estate Inflation - Andrew Ragusa #5333

Summary: If you’re looking at investments that will keep up and stay ahead of inflation, you have to look at real estate and understand the market. Andrew Ragusa comes on the show to tell us about real estate in the Northeast and what’s happening in the market. Properties are selling for around $30k higher than their asking price, which is a trend that will probably stick around for a bit. Tune in to hear about where the market is going, and what to expect in this industry in 2022. Highlights: -Andrew Ragusa unpacks what’s happening with real estate in the Northeast -Houses are selling, on average, $30k over asking price -Some people are trying to list their houses at very high prices just to see what happens, but they end up just sitting on the market -Properties around the $400k price point go extremely fast -Zillow was relying on the zestimate model, which is no longer very accurate -There is not enough data to figure out the exact estimate for every property -Real estate will probably remain somewhat stabilized in terms of slightly higher asking prices -Some people are waiting because they think the market is going to crash -On a nationwide level, people are hesitant about where to go once they do sell their property -For 2022, more inventory will probably show up -Changes in representation in the Northeast will probably cause more people to leave and different people to come in—the political landscape is shifting -Interest rates are lower at the moment Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Real Estate Coming Back Down to Earth with Andrew Ragusa Flight From New York City Continues with Andrew Ragusa Real Estate Market Innovators
23/11/2117m 42s

The Collapse of Western Civilization - Doug Casey #5332

Summary: It seems as if everything we’ve worked for in Western civilization is crumbling, and I have Doug Casey on the show to talk about some of the economic catastrophes that have been unfolding. As time passes, we’re seeing more shortages, increased prices, and intensifying inflation. With the government putting out unreliable figures and doing the opposite of what should be done to resolve inflation, things seem to be headed downhill quickly. Highlights: -We’re seeing shortages, increasing prices, and inflation -The figures the government is putting out are not completely reliable -The collapse of Western civilization seems to be upon us -In an advanced industrial society, supply chains are complex, and the people in charge are doing the opposite of what actually should be done -International air travel is down 80% -The world is tipping towards collectivism -The digitization of the US dollar is also bringing large changes -The government may opt to put out wage and price controls -Who is going to collapse the old economy and move towards the free economy? It seems that no one is willing to take this step -During the next 3-4 years, we are in for rough times in the US Useful Links: International Man Doug Casey's Take Financial Survival Network Financial System Would Collapse if Fed Tapers, Inflation Spiking, Warns Doug Casey Confessions of an Economic Hitman – John Perkins with Doug Casey
22/11/2125m 31s

Gold Prices Starting Their Ascent - David Erfle #5331

Summary: What’s going on with the price of gold, and has it bottomed? I sit down and chat with David Erfle, a self-taught mining sector investor, to discuss what’s happening with this portion of the precious metals sector. On the last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal, and its price hasn’t looked back since. Erfle advises us to expect the unexpected, and not to rule anything out wen it comes to this sector. Highlights: -What’s going on with the price of gold? Has it bottomed? -You can never leave certain price points off the table in the gold sector -On the very last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal and the price hasn’t looked back since -You have to be mindful of resistance points -Before gold started going up, the stocks started leading again -Volume on up days has been higher than volume on down days, which is a sign of accumulation -The upward moves with gold need to happen slowly in case anything happens -Inflation is probably not coming down any time soon Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Miner Junky Gold Will Be Off to the Races When We See This with Pro Mining Investor David Erfle Where Are Gold and Silver Prices Headed? with David Erfle
22/11/2122m 1s

Tier One Silver — We are in the infancy of a new silver discovery, says CEO Peter Dembicki

TIER ONE SILVER INTERSECTS 1,480.5 G/T SILVER EQUIVALENT OVER 1 METER ON THE MADRE STRUCTURE AT CURIBAYA Tier One Silver released some highly positive news from their Curibaya Project in Peru. CEO Peter Dembicki explaind that, “[Drill] Hole #6 is the first plus-kilogram intercept at Curibaya on a feeder vein that may host the extensive high-grade silver on surface, which gives us the confidence that we are in the infancy of a new silver discovery. Drilling along structures that have yielded positive channel sample results is proving to be a sound strategy as the Company looks to realize the vast potential of the property indicated through high-grade silver mineralization on surface.“ Senior VP of Exploration David Smithson, speaking to us from the core shack at Curibaya, further clarified, “The positive results from hole 6 represent a major advancement in our understanding of the controls on high-grade mineralization within the project. The combination of alteration vectoring, targeting the margins of high chargeability anomalies and surface geochemical channel sampling is paying dividends with the drill. These results continue to support our view that Curibaya has the potential for a major discovery.” Clearly these results are a major milestone in Tier One’s advancement towards a major discovery. Smithson suspects that there are a number of similar structures throughout their extensive land package and the team believes that their thesis has been further validated. Results are due in for 9 more holes. Dembicki is expecting more good news. As shareholders we’re excitedly looking forward to the next release. Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF — TSX-V: TSLV
19/11/2118m 22s

Protect Yourself from the Next Stock Market Crash - Anthony Saccaro #5330

Summary: Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It seems that it could come down to having to choose between the two, and I talk with Anthony Saccaro to unpack this tricky situation. With low unemployment and high inflation, the Fed is forced to raise interest rates. No matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market. To find out what’s happening with this situation and how to prepare, listen in because you won’t want to miss it. Highlights: -Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It could come down to a choice between the two -The Fed is in a precarious position -The unemployment rate was doing well for a number of years pre-covid, and they hadn’t raised interest rates in a long time -Now, unemployment is low and there is high inflation—and they are forced to raise interest rates -They’re in a position where no matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market -The worse of the evils at this point is letting inflation continue to run -The question is whether inflation is temporary or transitory—or if it’s going to be long term -There aren’t enough workers to unload ships, which is causing issues on the supply side -Any inflation we have is going to be permanent, but going forward it will hopefully settle off at a lower level -With the stimulus, people had more money, but less goods and services available -People begin to expect prices to go higher -The government is building an economy based on printing money -If you’re still in the accumulation phase of life, continue with your stocks -Focus on dividend paying stocks -If you’re in the older phase of life, you need to be more cautious -Focus on investments that are going to protect your principles -Dividend paying stocks fluctuate a lot less than non-dividend paying stocks Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Providence Financial Inc.
19/11/2120m 32s

The First We Do Is Jail All The Speculators! - Octavio Marenzi #5329

Summary: I sit down and catch up with Octavio Marenzi, who has a lot of insight on why exactly inflation comes about, what price trends look like, and what is being done to fix this phenomenon. Price increases across the board are the result of monetary policy, and we keep seeing this more and more. Tune in to hear more from Octavio and myself. Highlights: -The President has ordered the FDC to immediately probe illegal conduct by oil and gas companies -Are price controls inevitable? -When there are supply shortages, certain prices go up -When you see prices up across the board, this is the result of monetary policy -There was a tremendous demand for cash. As things return to normalcy, people begin to spend this money, and there are supply chain issues -Speculators are important for stabilizing prices -Everything being done about inflation is exacerbating the problem -Government cannot improve the standard of living overall -Wage/price controls come from the same political ideas Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Opimas
18/11/2121m 42s

The World Will Go Cashless, Almost - Richard Turrin #5328

Summary: The world is becoming more digital in a multitude of ways—one of the most prevalent being with money transactions. I sit down and speak with best selling author Richard Turrin about what some of these changes look like, and why this is a game changer for the big economies—starting with China. Tune in for more, and visit the links below to access Richard Turrin’s main website and book. Highlights: -Everyone seems to be getting into crypto -There are very few cash transactions taking place in China -Are digital currencies going to completely replace cash/standard currency? -China is a cashless society in the big cities -China is launching the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC) for a major economy -A CBDC is not a cryptocurrency; it is a digital representation of paper money -These transactions are free -This also gets rid of the middle man—no credit processing needs to be done -central digital currencies can be built on blockchain, but blockchain usually can’t sustain them in a large economy -Central bank digital currency is issued by the central banks -Stable coins are a cryptocurrency and they are a special kind of cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the dollar -There will be stable coin companies that are regulated similarly to banks -With a lot of crypto coins, an unlimited amount can be created -The new version of stable coins will be great Useful Links Financial Survival Network Rich Turrin Cashless: China’s Digital Currency Revolution by Richard Turrin
18/11/2122m 59s

10 Things I Love About My Tesla - Triple Lutz Report #489

Summary: Teslas are amazing vehicles for a multitude of reasons, but today I talk about what I consider to be their top ten qualities. From the digital usability features to its efficiency, it is a top notch investment built for the future. Tune in to hear more. Highlights: -Today, I talk about why the Tesla is amazing on so many different levels -It has every gadget that has been created for a car, and then some -You can control you car with your phone, or with a programmed chip—there are no keys -You can save video footage the vehicle takes in case you get in an accident -The vehicle has an amazing sound system -Never having to go to a gas station again is perhaps one of the best perks -The ride is extremely quiet and vibration free -it has smartphone integration, and the app is constantly updated -You can virtually control every feature of your Tesla—through your phone or the panel -There is an autopilot feature -The only negative factor is that if you’re doing a longer trip, the battery doesn’t hold as long Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
17/11/2117m 30s

Tank the Dollar or the Economy - John Rubino #5327

Summary: The Fed seems to be losing control of the inflation narrative. No one believes it's just temporary as the list of everyday things like gas and coffee that are soring in price gets longer. And fewer people think the Fed has any way of fixing things.  The labor market is the tightest it's ever been, producing some scary/funny stories.  US housing is officially a bubble. Now it's not just prices but behaviors that have become dangerous.  This month's elections in VA and NJ imply big things for next year's Congressional midterms. Thanksgiving dinner cost is hitting a record. If nothing else brought home the cost of inflation, this dinner will. Highlights: -Is the Fed losing control? They have always controlled the narrative, but now, not so much -The narrative is everything in the currency world -The Fed has gotten away with the story that the higher prices are transitory and that normality will return -Financial markets are being affected—there are inflation hedges and gold and silver are starting to ramp up -It looks as if people don’t believe the Fed anymore -Inflation started getting closer to double digits in the 70s -The Fed has made the decision to let the current inflation run for a while and do a tiny bit of tapering -Inflation is forever now -In a government bond, you would lose so much capital every year -Thanksgiving dinner is up to as much as $100 a turkey -This is a great time to be a debtor -The complexion of the precious metals market has changed entirely over the last three weeks -We’ve seen upside reversals Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse Kill the Dollar or the Economy with John Rubino John Rubino on Strikes and Wade Inflation
16/11/2120m 59s

The Fed's Experiment Worked - Michael Pento #5326

Summary: We are continually presented with this notion of ‘transitory’ inflation, which is entirely inaccurate and misleading. I sit down with Michael Pento to discuss the real driving factors of the current monetary situation, and what this is going to look like as we enter the new year. Over the last couple of years we have seen $6 trillion handed out to increase consumption, but the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022. Will the markets be able to survive in these conditions? Tune in to find out more. Highlights: -The notion of ‘transitory’ inflation is focus group driven and is not realistic -Thanksgiving Turkey alone this year could be over $100 for ten people -The central bank was finally able to launch modern monetary theory—borrowing money from the treasury, giving it to consumers, and printing it all -Countries like Israel are experiencing hyper-inflation -Next year, this will probably melt down -We have a fiscal and monetary cliff heading into 2022 -There is going to be a crash in asset prices -You may see a crash in real estate bonds outside of treasuries which could cause inflation to crash all at once -In 2 years, $6 trillion was handed out to increase consumption, and the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022 -The stock market will most likely look like it did in 2018, and crumble in a month or two -2022 is going to look nothing like the previous two years -Inflation is a monetary phenomenon—it’s not what happens as a result of shortages -Is the Fed going to let all these markets collapse? -We are probably headed towards a blockchain currency managed by the Fed—there wouldn’t even have to be a treasury -Real interest rates are not going to go much higher -Gold is going to trade much more towards the level of real interest rates -China saved the global economy to a great extent in 2008 with construction projects, but they can’t do that again -No one country will be able to save us from what’s happening in 2022 Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies Interest Rates will Skyrocket if Fed Keeps Printing Money – Michael Pento with Greg Hunter Ahead: Runaway Inflation & Bail-Ins | Michael Pento Tofu Dreg Article
15/11/2132m 10s

Zillow Flips Out - Debbie Bloyd #5325

Summary: Real estate is still in a major up-swing: prices continue to go up, inventory is low, and people are over-bidding just to get a house. A major online business that has added to the confusion is Zillow, and Debbie Bloyd comes on the show to explain how utilizing real experts and technology (rather than just technology) allows for accurate appraisals. Tune in to learn about the factors that Zillow tends to neglect when valuing a home, and how to be more aware in the current market. Highlights: -Not everyone is making money in real estate; Zillow has lost a lot of money with house flipping -Here to explain where Zillow went wrong is mortgage broker Debbie Bloyd -Zillow was messing up people’s expectations of how business should be done. You have to stay within the market range and not take people out of the equation -You can’t only pay attention to technology and algorithms -Zillow’s estimate does not have the final say; their algorithm doesn’t factor in everything -A true appraisal is the only way to know what a property should sell for -Zillow is a technology company applied tor real estate -We need more people involved within the transactions -There are going to be new ways to do appraisals on digital platforms in the coming years—utilizing technology and people -Rates have been steady, but next year they’re going to go up -With the stagflation in the 70s, real estate prices didn’t go up until the 80s Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Money Strategies Looking to Dive Into the Housing Market? The Time is Now with Debbie Bloyd Wells Fargo Closes All Personal Lines of Credit with Debbie Bloyd
12/11/2119m 10s

It's Inflation, Stupid - Michael Busler #5324

Summary: We are currently experiencing the highest inflation we’ve seen in about 30 years, and I sit down and chat with Michael Busler to discuss some of the factors that have played into this. This is something that we experienced back in the 70s, and it is likely here to stay. Inflation is manifesting in a number of areas including energy and working wages—fueled by supply chain shortages and people leaving the workforce to receive money from the government. Something has to give, and we must show resistance to increasing prices if we want to avoid further damage to the economy. Highlights: -Is Build Back Better going to happen? We have inflation, an infrastructure bill, and a lot of other factors -This is the highest inflation we’ve seen in about 30 years -The Biden administration and the Federal Reserve say that it will go away—but this is not necessarily true -They want the price of fossil fuels to increase, and have carried this out by restricting the supply -Energy prices are going to rise in these conditions—manufacturers are also paying more to get energy -Energy inflation is here to stay -Wage inflation is also a major problem—3 million workers left the job market during COVID and are not returning -Businesses had to raise the starting wage of these workers to get them back, and had to raise them for other workers as well -The government has spend $6 million more than they’ve brought in in tax revenue in the last 2 years -These things should not be passed at this time since we’re already in a hole -Even when the supply chain issue is resolved, there are still number of other things causing inflation -We could end up having stagflation, which we haven’t seen since the late 1970s -The 70s was a great time to be a debtor -As long as people keep receiving free money, they start to expect it. This mindset doesn’t help with the labor shortage -Stock prices will usually go up more than the inflation rate -When you see prices go up, don’t automatically pay them—see if there are substitute products -If people become resistant to it, there will likely be less inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network News Max Michael Busler Twitter Funding Democracy Facebook Taxing the Rich to Death with Michael Busler Inflation Isn't Going Anywhere But Up with Michael Busler
12/11/2118m 57s

The Precious Metals And Economic Factors That Influence This Market - Craig Hemke #5323

Summary: If you want expert insight on the precious metals and economic factors that influence this market, you won’t want to miss this episode. I sit down and chat with Craig Hemke about recent happenings, in which gold and silver broke the same number last week and are on the upward trend. There is a market inefficiency developing within gold, and this has to do with people buying into the idea of ‘transitory’ inflation. Highlights: -On the same day last week, gold and silver broke the same number and have been headed up ever since -The bank created 30,000 contracts and added them to the existing contracts, which diluted the flow -There is a market inefficiency developing within gold -This is due to market participants believing the transitory claims -When copper started taking off, this was the first hint that inflation wasn’t transitory -Gold is a global thing and is influenced by so many factors, so you have to keep your eye out for them -Even natgas is heavily influenced by geopolitics -Most of the people alive today don’t know what inflation really is—specifically the inflationary times of the 70s -So many countries have had hyper-inflation over the last 50 years, but a lot of Americans don’t understand that inflation never really left us -Inflation is going to stay and get a lot worse before it gets better Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TF Metals Report Miles Franklin
11/11/2126m 46s

Medicare Hacks Made Easy - Scott Maibor #5322

Summary: As you approach the age of 65, it’s absolutely critical to know about medicare and what plan is best for you in advance. I sit down and chat with Scott Maibor who is an expert on this topic, and he talks through Medicare, advantage plans, and Medigap, which have different facets suited for different individuals. There are many moving parts of the equation, so it’s important to look into them and see what makes most sense for you. Highlights: -It is important to know about medicare and the different aspects of it if you are approaching the age of 65 -If you’re going to be on medicare, you need some sort of additional coverage (medigap) -Medicare combines government coverage as well as private insurance -With any doctor that takes medicare, you’re covered 80%—but the 20% is no cap -With medigap, you pay a fixed monthly fee -A medigap plan is usually around $200 a month, and depends on a number of health factors -With an advantage plan, there are no fixed costs -Medigap plans have been around longer than the advantage plans -It is important to look into state regulations to find out if you are allowed to switch plans at any point -You can sign up for part A before you’re retired—it has no premium -People compare medicare options to employer options, and there is a lot to consider -You do get penalized for making too much money, which you also get with social security -There’s so many moving parts of the equation -You can avoid so many things if you plan these things out ahead Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Senior Benefits Boston
10/11/2127m 48s

Financial Deflation Coming Soon - Bob Hoye #5321

Summary: Ever since the election, the 1970s type of inflation has come into full swing, and Hoye has observed that the big game in the financial markets is inflation and financial assets. Hoye has looked at the history of these financial bubbles and the patterns that accompany them to determine what we can expect out of the current circumstances Highlights: -Since the election, the 1970s type of inflation has come into play -In the financial markets, Hoye has observed that the big game is inflation and financial assets -In a history of interest rates, you’ve never had anything trade negative on a nominal basis -People are saying tangible assets are going forward, but Hoye thinks this is improbable -Following every great financial bubble, there is a pattern -The fed was unaware in the dangers of the great financial bubble—once it’s over, most prices have deflated -The rise in commodity prices is associated with the increase in business activity you get at the final stages of a business mania -Rising real rates will be part of the post-bubble world -Copper is declining, gold’s real prices is declining, interest rates are declining, and the dollar is prepared to rally -These items are doing what they’ve done at the climax of previous bubbles Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Charts and Markets
09/11/2143m 22s

Inflate Rate is Over 14% - John Williams #5320

Summary: I have the opportunity to chat with John Williams, who has been studying inflation for years—looking into the numbers that the fed has been leaving out of the equation. The government has majorly changed the way that they measure inflation over time, and they have been making alterations to reduce the headline inflation rate. Tune in to get the more accurate depiction of inflation, and to hear about where this situation is headed in the near future. Highlights: -My last article was on 12 reasons why inflation is here to stay, but John Williams has been tracking inflation for years—using the methods from back in the 70s -Most people on the planet have never lived through a major inflationary cycle—it has historically been minimized -We’ve seen changes in the way that the government has measured inflation over time -They changed how they measured housing costs, shifting to a homeowner’s equivalent rent, or what a homeowner would pay himself to rent his own house/how he would raise the rent -They kept making changes to reduce the headline inflation rate -6-7 percentage points have been taken out of inflation -Inflation is directly tied to supply chain issues, followed by shortages -We are in an unusual circumstance since the economy shut down and employment has declined -Holding US currency means that you’re losing purchasing power—it’s better to hold gold and silver, which will retain your purchasing power -Williams thinks there is a good chance we will see hyper-inflation -The best economic statistic is payroll employment—it’s a very broad measure -People start to increasingly expect inflation Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Shadow Stats Hyperinflation Worst in 40 Years, and About to Get a Lot Worse | John Williams Fed Trying to Keep Economy from Collapse – John Williams with Greg Hunter
08/11/2121m 39s

Writing Books Explaining Free Markets to Children - Connor Boyack #5319

Summary: Do you want to educate your children on how the economy works? Connor Boynack sits down with me to talk about the books he has written over the last several years that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets in a way that they can comprehend. A Dad himself, Boyack wants to give young minds access to the knowledge that extends beyond what children learn in school, and he provides the perfect tools to do so. Tune in to hear more about these great resources. Highlights: -Boyack writes books that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets -He started in 2014 and has sold 3 million copies of these books -He is a Dad and owns a think tank that deals with policy reform -He wanted his children to understand the concepts that he deals with on a daily basis -The first book was successful and the demand for these resources has been increasingly strong in the last few years -The books are story-based and fully illustrated -Their model is directed at families trying to educate their children—whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in school -Children are pretty good at understanding complex topics, and this has been a thrilling aspect of Boyack’s publishing -These children are ultimately going to help run our nation one day—it’s important to talk about these ideas because you don’t know what type of positive impact you could have Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Tuttle Twins Teaching Children About Liberty - Solutions Watch
08/11/2117m 42s

Cash for Any Clunker - Pam Oakes #5318

Summary: If you’re looking to buy a car, to sell one, or even looking for vehicle repairs, you’re going to want to tune in to this episode. I sit down with Pam Oakes and discuss the automobile market—which is in a very unique situation. There’s a shortage of new cars, and an increased demand for used cars—so prices have increased substantially. Tune in to get insight on what to be on the lookout for, and what may be the best option for you. Highlights: -If you’re in the market for a car, looking to sell one, or looking for repairs, you’re going to want to tune in -There’s a shortage of new cars, and used car prices are escalating -There is a large demand for used cars -It is not in the consumer’s favor to purchase -Cars that would normally get repaired are getting totaled because companies know that they won’t be able to get the parts -Wrecked cars are also going at record prices -There is also a transition to electric vehicles that is occurring—with certain benefits and drawbacks Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Find Me Auto Help
05/11/2119m 50s

Mediocre Hacks Made Easy - Rick Rule #5317

Summary: Rick Rule and I sit down to discuss all things investment in light of the fed giving every indication that they’re going to taper. We discuss the oil and gas industry—which we’re pretty optimistic about—as well as the precious metals and how inflation is affecting jobs. Tune in for more insight from myself and Rick. Highlights: -The fed is giving every indication that they intend to taper—gold and silver prices are taking hits -Rule enjoys security analysis and credit analysis, and likes what he does -He enjoys looking at the interplay between income statements and balance sheets -He also enjoys interviewing younger entrepreneurs -The easiest sector to be optimistic about is the oil/gas business because they are generating substantial free cash flows -The dividends associated with oil and gas are appealing -Rule is also attracted to precious metals -There’s lots of under-investment in things that help us to sustain our lives -The oil and gas price had to go up based on the cost of production -Businesses are giving large bonuses—especially in the case of trucking -Certain McDonalds around the country are paying $18-$20/hr and giving hundreds of dollars as a sign on bonus -People need a living wage -The market will resolve itself eventually -The easy money has been made in Uranium—the incentive price will probably rise significantly in the next few years -Inflation makes existing resources more economic—it increases barriers to entry -Inflation is the friend of people that have very large developed resources Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Rule Investment Media
05/11/2138m 26s

Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt

Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt with CEO Paul Sun and Chief Geologist Dan McCoy   We were joined by a new sponsor Eminent Gold Corporation. CEO Paul Sun, a mining engineer with extensive experience in capital markets is at the helm. Chief Geologist Dr. Dan McCoy has over 30 years of global mining experience. He headed up the teams at Keegan Resources and Cayden Resources, which led to the acquisition of both companies. There’s 4 PhD’s pursuing Eminent’s exploration ambitions. The company has four projects, all of which show great potential. As far is which one is the most promising, McCoy likens it to picking your favorite child, a hard task at best. To date, sampling has taken place at Weepah and Gilbert South. Results have greatly exceeded expectations, with channel grades up to 60 g/t gold and 30g/t gold respectively. This has helped form a better understand the underlying geology and to further refine future drill targeting. Eminent is not just another Johnny-Come-Lately Nevada gold explorer. Their projects are in close proximity to other large past and present producing mines. They’ve upped the game by looking for gold in places where others haven’t previously ventured. They’re using the latest technology to re-examine historic projects. In earlier times, when less effective methods were the only one’s available, miners pursued low-hanging high-grade fruit and ignored deposits that were not then economic. Times have changed; Sun and McCoy believe they are on to the next great Nevada discovery(ies) and expect a steady stream of news and catalysts to follow shortly. Company Website: Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: EMGDF  — TSX-V: EMNT Prior company interview: Eminent Gold Corp: Four Nevada Lottery Tickets with CEO Paul Sun
05/11/2123m 8s

A Profitable Low Risk Options Strategy - Adam Mesh #5316

Summary: At Financial Survival Network, we’re always in search of more ways to bring in more revenue. Adam Mesh comes on the show to talk about low risk and decent return strategies that you can implement within your investing. Mesh tries to focus on long game—doing things that won’t get him burnt out quick and provide great results. Tune in for more pointers from Mesh and myself. Highlights: -We’re always looking for more ways to bring in more revenue -Adam Mesh talks to people about trading and takes part in trading himself -HIs focus is on the long game—doing things that won’t get him burnt out quick -He started out day trading, and evolved from there. He likes having premium collection as a component of his trading -If you think the market is going to go higher, you can sell a put and take ownership of a stock at a lower price -A diagonal calendar is a synthetic cover call—it’s based on the expected moves Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wealthpop Cannabis Sector Looking Even Better with Adam Mesh
04/11/2114m 14s

Good Time to Buy Mining Stocks? - Rob Stevens Summary: #5315

Summary: Rob Stevens comes on the podcast to help us get a better understanding of why mining stocks move the way that they do, and he gives us some context around the current situation. Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries, but people are holding back on riskier stocks due to the equity markets. Tune in to learn more about what’s to come, and to get information on resources that can help you comprehend the inner workings of this industry. Highlights: -When it comes to understanding the mining sector, you want an understanding of why these stocks move in a certain direction—especially when you don’t expect them to -When you think you know what you’re doing here, that’s when you’re most vulnerable -Market indifference towards drilling results -Companies are expanding resources and making discoveries -People are holding back on riskier stocks because the equity markets are a bit depressed -There has been a lot of financing -The vast majority of investors in the market are at the wrong side of the trade -The metal price index is sitting at the same high point as it was in 2012 -We are going to see a lot more news flow and activity as we get into the new year -There’s a lot of money on the sidelines waiting for a peak -Electric vehicles increase interest in commodities like copper -Copper hit its peak and pulled back, but it’s definitely in an up trend -$4.50-$5 copper makes new discoveries really attractive—copper is something to keep your eye on -$4 seems to be the new floor for copper -Gold is treading water, but at good prices -There are so many different influences on gold price -Safety is always an issue for uranium -You also need to understand the mining process to understand why the stocks do what they do Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mining Essentials How to Analyze Exploration Company Drill Results with Dr. Rob Stevens Non-Technical Resource Investors Can Succeed if They Are Willing to Put in the Work with Rob Stevens
03/11/2119m 54s

Inflation is Here to Stay- Andy Schectman #5313

Summary: It seems as if inflation is not quite as transitory as the media has portrayed. I sit down and chat with Andy Schectman about this ongoing phenomenon, which seems to be solidifying more and more as time passes. While CPI seems somewhat normal, things like commodity prices and house prices aren’t factored into this number. Tune in to hear Schectman and myself breakdown the inflationary situation that is definitely structural, and to hear about the wide-reaching implications of this matter Highlights -Inflation is not so transitory -The largest social security increase in decades is coming -Companies are paying higher hourly wages and offering sign-on bonuses -Prices are going up, house prices are going up, but these numbers aren’t factored into the CPI -The media doesn’t do a good job of telling the truth -This inflation is definitely structural -Until you get a change in policy and the government is willing to make difficult decisions, this will be with us for the foreseeable future -As money depreciates, it never has as much value as when you first had it -The US leaving Afghanistan had a major impact on OPEC—they’re being protected by Russia and opened up oil to other currencies Useful Links Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin Silver Supply Could Vanish Overnight with Andy Schectman Silver Bullion Will Disappear – “People Are Waking Up” with Andy Schectman
03/11/2124m 16s

Learning to Love Inflation - John Rubino #5314

Crescat Capital gold macro article great charts, including: The gold miners are the only major sector now generating positive free cash flow The miners' gold reserves have peaked and are now declining, forcing them to acquire more by buying up juniors. In the VA governors' race the Dems staged a fake white supremicist rally and tried to pin it on the Repubs, and got caught big-time. Meanwhile, school board protests are a huge factor and might be a sign of things to come for the midterms.  In Australia, the bond yields are spiking through the central bank's target levels. Emerging market interest rates are rising too. Brazil is good example, but lots of other countries have interest rates up in historically normal ranges of 5%-10%. The developed world is looking like the outlier. Are central banks starting to lose control of rates? Shiba Inu and Squid Game cryptos soar by multi-000%. It's the dot-com bubble on steroids.  Tesla gets an order from Hertz that's worth $4 billion and its market cap rises by $40 billion. Elon Musk's net worth now exceeds Exxon's market cap. Time to short them again?
02/11/2126m 49s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (October 2021)

For October, markets were up across the board. Dow up 5.8% 35800 and S&P 500 up 6.9% to 4605, Nasdaq up 7.3%. Russell 2000 up 4.2%, TSX up 4.8%, and TSX.V posted a major 10.6% increase. VIX settled back down to 16.3. The Dollar was mostly flat closing at 94.14 and the Euro was .2%. 10 Year yield up slightly 2.6% to 1.56. Bitcoin closed at 60698 for a massive 38.5%. Gold's up an unimpressive 1.7% to 1784. Silver was up 8.1% to 23.85. Pt added 6% to 1018. Pd was up 5.3% for the month to 1937. Copper up 10% to $4.46. WTI keeps going higher 11.4% to 83.57. Brent up another 10% to 84.43. Natgas skidded 7.5% to bring it to 5.43. Uranium added to its parabolic move up 7.1% to $45.50, more thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust.  Ratios:  Au:Ag down to 74.7, Pt:Au .57, Pt:Pd .53. BRT:WTI 1.01, WTI:HH 15.4, and AU:WTI 21.3.
01/11/2119m 10s

Big Social Security Increase Coming - Mark Singer #5312

Summary: As you get older, it’s important to have a plan regarding retirement, social security, and medicare. I speak with Mark Singer to address how changes in the economy are affecting these things, and what the benefits will look like based on the circumstances. Social security is seeing a substantial increase, but at the cost of the funds potentially running out faster. Tune in to get insight from Singer and myself on how you can prepare for what’s to come. Highlights: -Lots of individuals are wondering what to do in terms of social security, medicare, and retirement -Mark Singer is the proprietor of 55retire -Social security is getting the biggest increase we’ve seen in decades…will it last? -The first two quarters ran about 5.5-6% higher than the previous year, and for the 3rd quarter it showed a 5.9% increase from the previous year -As a result of this inflation, social security’s liquidity decreased by a year -If we do nothing, social security will not have enough necessary funding to provide 100% of the benefit. Starting in 2033, they will be able to pay out 80% of the benefit -There are ways we can increase the funding -Be cautious of long term investments in consideration of interest rates -Inflationary prices will probably stay with us for another year -Get your goals straight and your strategy worked out so that you can prepare for what’s to come Useful Links: Financial Survival Network 55retire Retirement Quiz 'What's Inflation?' with Mark Singer 'Semi-Retire at 55' with Mark Singer
01/11/2116m 35s

More Real Estate Wholesaling Hacks - Zack Boothe #5311

Summary: How are people becoming so successful by getting involved real estate investing? Zack Boothe comes on the podcast to give us some insider knowledge on how he not only became a full time real estate investor, but started securing high-profit deals by doing so. He presents a concept called ‘driving for dollars,’ and is eager to share some of his expert advice. Tune in for more. Highlights: -Zack Boothe is an expert in what I like to call “drive-by real estate investing” -Boothe wants to share the seven reasons why driving for dollars is the fastest way to make a fortune in real estate investing. A free PDF is linked below -This strategy allowed him to become a full-time real estate investor -Boothe has been utilizing his YouTube channel, doing exciting investment challenges, and he recently launched his podcast -Real estate wholesaling is assigning/selling a purchase agreement -You can get a property under contract that allows you to sign it to someone else -He just did his first six-figure assignment through selling an agreement -He uses an app called Deal Machine to find properties, and he reaches out to sellers -Even larger deals like this can be completed in just over a week if you have a good strategy -The foundation of any real estate investing business is generating discounted opportunities -There is never a bad time to get into real estate investing -There are incredible profit margins—in Boothe’s case, it is around 80% -This allows him to have financial and time freedom -If you’re looking to get started in this industry, make sure you have a coach that can guide you along—you will end up saving a lot. -Look for a coach that has a heart of a teacher and is helping other people succeed. Make sure it is someone that you like and trust Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Real Estate Wholesaling Course Driving For Dollars 7 Reasons Free Guide 'He Turned $1000 Into $93,000 in 30 Days' with Zack Boothe
29/10/2114m 27s

Insider's View of Auto/Chip Shortages #5310

Summary: We’ve been seeing car/chip shortages, and prices that are through the roof…what exactly is happening in the automobile industry? I sit down and chat with Heath, who is with Ultimate Car Negotiators and has an acute awareness of the trends with vehicle production and sales. The shortage right now is as real as it gets, and it’s something that we’ll need to get used to for a while. Tune in to get advice on some of the things you can do to adjust, as well as changes to be aware of in the realm of buying, selling, and repairing cars. Highlights: -We’ve discussed cars, car shortages, prices that are through the roof…what is happening? -Heath is the ultimate car negotiator -The shortage is as real as it gets—dealerships are emptying as a result of the lack of car production -Used cars have gone up about 28% in the past year -Used cars are becoming the only option -There is a substantial chip shortage going on—perhaps purposely to maximize profits -It will probably be fifteen months before things return to a more normal circumstance -Car dealers are antsy to get more vehicles produced -There is also a shortage of mechanics to work on cars -A lot of people now are waiting to get what they want -People are also becoming more flexible in regard to what car they’re willing to buy -It will become necessary to order what you want, and wait for it to arrive -Prices of parts have gotten so high that it is a lot harder to extend the lives of older cars -Every car now is a “hard-to-get” car Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Ultimate Car Negotiators
29/10/2117m 14s

Be a Victor, Not a Victim - Randy Gage #5309

Summary: No matter what, you can always turn your life around and become the best version of yourself. I chat with Randy Gage—who has battled addiction and financial problems, and has ultimately done a 180. He emphasizes the value of mindset, and says that when you start viewing yourself as a victor rather than a victim, you can come to terms with what it is that you want to change in your life. Tune in for an inspiring message from Gage, and for tips on how you can take steps toward change. Highlights: -There is always a chance for you to turn your life around and be the best version of yourself -Randy Gage managed to turn his life around despite getting into a lot of trouble in his younger years -The break he needed was having someone believe in him more than he believed in himself—one of his friend’s Father’s helped him out -How do you make people believe in themselves and take advantage of a second chance? You can decide whether you are a victim or victor -Gage started working on a restaurant and learned he cold play by the rules and still get far in life -He ended up investing all of his money to start his own restaurant, and he lost it, but learned from this experience. -People think the opposite of success is failure, but failure is part of the process of succeeding -Gage tells his story at detention centers and halfway houses -You have to be committed to working on yourself every day, analyzing what’s working and what’s not working -It comes down to self-honesty, and you have to admit what needs to change within yourself -The pandemic also allowed people to re-evaluate their life Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Randy Gage
28/10/2121m 39s

"Student Loan Forgiveness" - Paul Oster #5308

Summary: Student loan debt has been a pressing issue in our country for quite some time, with little progress in resolving it. I sit down and chat with Paul Oster to analyze some of the causes of this phenomenon, and possible ways out. It seems that we are in an endless cycle of finance companies lending out more money, causing institutions to up their prices. There needs to be more awareness around the implications of taking a loan, and the long-term financial commitment it entails. Highlights: -Student loan debt has been a pressing issue for quite some time -There has been talk of forgiving student loan debt—which is great in theory—but isn’t necessarily feasible -What sounds great can be difficult to execute -We must consider who is going to help fund this -Student loan debt is something we have to get ahold of immediately; finance companies are lending more, so institutions are charging more. It’s an endless cycle -In order to forgive this absurdly large sum of money, something has to give -The deferment period and relatively low interest rates make loans attractive -There needs to be a more in-depth discussion of these things and adequate planning before loans are taken so that people understand the consequences -Students don’t receive enough information on all of the obligations of a loan—it can affect the rest of your life and set you back financially. -It is good for building credit, but only if all payments are made on time -There are lots of negative consequences that can come about in the case of emergencies -Income-based repayment entails paying back your loans based on what you can afford -The government is trying to solve a problem that they created—which typically just makes it worse -The opposite of financial education is financial ignorance, and at a younger age it’s harder to make a decision that can harm the rest of your life -Your credit score is either going to save or cost you money every month Useful Links: BetterQualified Financial Survival Network "Millenials Messing Up with Too Little Credit?" with Paul Oster "Threat of RansomWare is Quickly Spreading" with Paul Oster
28/10/2118m 47s

This Copper Project is the “Real Deal” Says Torq Resources’ Michael Henrichsen

Torq Resources’ Executive Chair Shawn Wallace and Chief Geologist Michael Henrichsen came on to discuss their recently acquired Chilean gold-copper Santa Cecilia project. Wallace mentioned that Santa Cecilia was always their major goal. He had been hinting at something big during our last interview and now he’s delivered. At 32.5 square kilometers, it’s sitting on a major system in the world-class Maricunga belt. Some historical work had been done in the 1990’s, and then it inexplicably sat on ice for decades, ignored by all. According to Henrichsen, “This is the real deal… The initial discovery has already been made…” Now they just have to identify the most promising targets. It’s an extremely unique place, which explains why the team spent the better part of two years on its acquisition. Henrichsen’s global mining network was instrumental in getting the deal done, especially in light of the global health concerns that made international travel all but impossible. To sum it all up, Wallace says, “The Santa Cecilia gold-copper project represents the culmination of our acquisition strategy in Chile. It is our belief that exploration at a project of this magnitude will be transformative for Torq. Now that the project is in place, it’s time to start to realize its exploration potential.” Ticker Symbols - TSX.V : TORQ OTCQX : TRBMF
28/10/2113m 1s

Record Gold Prices on the Way? - Chris Vermeulen #5307

Summary: On this episode of FSN, I catch up with Chris Vermeulen on what’s happening with the metals, as well as other sectors subject to the effects of inflation and market trends. The metals have been struggling for the last year, and when you look at the miners, they’re starting to break to new highs. We’re looking for a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher to indicate that the sector is about to take off. Tune in for more information and predictions from myself and Vermeulen. Highlights: -Chris Vermeulen tells us what’s going on with metals -The metals have been struggling for the last year -When you look at the miners, they’re starting to break to new highs -It’s frustrating to see the back and forth trend, but the miners are starting to show a bit of strength -The market is at a nice run, and we may see a pull-back for a week or two -Gold miners are bottoming from a technical standpoint -Gold miners and precious metals could be shining by the end of the year -Key indicators of the sector about to take off will be a pause/pull-back and then a surge higher -During the pause, more money will pour into these sectors -They haven’t committed to the turnaround yet—we need to see higher prices -We just saw a year-long consolidation, so it just has to turn the corner -Oil, energy, and natgas do not seem like they’re going to pull back at all -Energy stocks have been leading the way higher, and this is a good sign -FPL is getting a 3-4% increase—pretty much all of it is natgas -Power generation has a lot of fixed costs, and doesn’t instantly correlate with higher electric prices—but they it eventually drive electric prices higher -People are relying on Florida as a port—which seems to be at capacity -This is an interesting time for investors and the stock market -Transportation is leading the way -The small cap sector is trading sideways in a tight range -The stock market is probably starting a major run towards the upside -We need to see if the Russell is going to break out—which could lead to a euphoric phase in the stock market -Due to inflation, commodities are on fire and everything is up -Real estate is on fire, but real estate agents are doing too well—there are a surplus of agents with a lack of people looking to sell homes -Is this going to lead to prosperity? After every good rally, we see a pause or a rough patch -The Russell 2000 has a really strong looking chart—it has a lot of upside -This year has been dormant in terms of sectors -Tech sectors are probably going to lead the way Useful links: Financial Survival Network The Technical Traders "Gold, Silver, U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar" with Chris Vermeulen "Market Drop Following Last Fall's Pattern" with Chris Vermeulen
27/10/2118m 2s

Searching for Gold in CBD Tobacco Replacements - Setti Coscarella #5306

Summary: Are you or is someone you know looking to quit smoking cigarettes? On this episode of FSN, I sit down and chat with Setti Coscarella, the CEO of TAAT Global. TAAT is a cigarette replacement that is doesn’t contain nicotine, tobacco, or any of the other harmful ingredients in cigarettes. It still satisfies the taste of a cigarette, and contains CBD—which allows one to feel the calm sensation that a cigarette gives off. Tune in to hear more about this fascinating, healthier alternative to smoking that has the power to change the industry. Highlights: -We discuss a cigarette replacement that it made from hemp and doesn’t contain nicotine, tobacco, or the harmful ingredients in cigarettes -It still satisfies the taste of a cigarette, and gives the calm sense that smokers traditionally enjoy from smoking -All cigarette alternatives rely on the consumer being addicted to smoking/the product -TAAT contains CBD, which operates as a calming property -Smokers go about their life in a state of withdrawal, but with TAAT, you don’t have to face this effect -It is designated to be a smoking replacement -This gives consumers something they can enjoy as much—if not more—than a cigarette -They are currently adding more states and countries to their market -If you register with TAAT, they’ll send you your first pack for free Useful Links: Financial Survival Network TAAT Global
27/10/2114m 14s

Finding Bargains on the Pinksheets and the TSXV - Mariusz Skonieczny #5305

Summary: When it comes to investing, it’s a veritable minefield out there. I sit down and chat with Mariuscz Skonieczny, the creator of MicroCap Explosions, to get access to some of the advice he gives to current investors. Especially when competition is so fierce, it can be profitable to consider lesser exchanges with lower competition—this is where value abounds. Tune in to hear about Skonieczny’s strategy for finding companies to invest in so that you can take advantage of good opportunities. Highlights: -When it comes to investing, it is a veritable minefield -Some people think resource investing is dangerous, but it can also be very profitable -When you go to lesser exchanges, it seems that value abounds there -The central concept is competition—this dictates most things in life -With big exchanges, everyone is paying attention to them and there is a lot of competition -It can be beneficial to go places with little competition, like with secondary exchanges -Oracle Resource has a copper project in Mexico, and Skonieczny discovered this a few years back -He started investigating this company and learned that they were involved in a legal battle over a title dispute -How do we recognize these deals? There is no particular formula, but it’s important to have an open mind; look at all the moving parts and analyze what is happening -Have someone within the company explain to you why you may be interested and what is going on with the company -Success in investing is finding good opportunities and letting them play out -Investing involves a lot of sitting and waiting—you have to be willing to be patient -Go through every company on a particular exchange individually Useful Links: Financial Survival Network MicroCap Explosions
26/10/2129m 17s

Triple Lutz Report #488

In this Triple Lutz Report, I focus on what has been an increasingly prevalent topic in today’s economy: non-transitory inflation. The fed has been telling us not to worry, but the current trends say otherwise. So many commodities have already shot up in price, and more are on their way up. Tune in to hear some analyses and predictions regarding the economy, and to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months and years. Highlights: -Non-transitory inflation is the subject: the fed has been telling us not to worry, but it looks as if the situation is not getting better -Inflation never went away—we’ve had it since the federal reserve was created, after WWI, and after WWII -In 2020, 38% of all NatGas used in the US went towards generating electricity -We’re going to see higher electric prices soon -Heat is also going to rise in price -Your largest annual expenditure is taxes—especially with indirect taxes that are hidden from consumer view -Costs of commodities are going to increase exponentially (i.e. appliances) and your choices are limited -Food prices are also being driven higher—and the government excludes it from the consumer price index -The fed will have to choose the economy or the currency -Whoever has the gold makes the rules -US sales of guns and ammunition have catapulted forward -All of the low trends are coming to an end—it’s time to decide what you can do to protect yourself and your family Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
21/10/2115m 19s

When it Comes to the Economy, Who Can You Trust? - David Morgan #5304

Summary: David Morgan comes on the podcast to give us insight on the markets. We tackle inflation—which is not so transitory after all—the future of the dollar, the Chinese real estate debacle, and the precious metals market. A lot is changing and there will probably be many unintended consequences that our nation needs to prepare itself for. Tune in to find out more about what’s to come where the markets are headed. Highlights: -Inflation is not so transitory; what does this mean for the economy and your ability to accumulate wealth? -By definition, inflation is an increase of the money supply. We’ve done this by about 20% since the new administration came into office—but it’s been this way for years -The deficit keeps increasing -If you don’t trust the dollar today, why would you trust the future dollar? -When you control the price of money, you control everything -If interest rates are near zero, this means that money has become less valuable -There will probably be many unintended consequences with cryptocurrency and Chinese real estate -The US market has not taken hold of these consequences yet -Oil is reflecting what’s happening in the economy -Platinum is going to go higher than Palladium -The metals market in the worst of times will do well -Must look at where the market is going with goods like electric cars -China real estate is in big trouble Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Morgan Report
20/10/2130m 12s

It's Good to Be a Debtor- John Rubino #5303

Summary: John Rubino and I catch up on all things in the economy starting with false information in the media—we are not receiving honest commentary on inflation, which could lead to other problems down the road. Furthermore, we discuss some of the effects of inflation in sectors such as energy, and discuss issues surrounding the Chinese real estate market and what could potentially happen. Highlights: -Is gold going to have its rally? When is it going to happen? -Joe Rogan exposed CNN for giving false information to adhere to their own agenda -The mainstream media is losing popularity and credibility -Attention is shifting from corporate networks to independent journalists -The media has lied about inflation—these lies can be fatal -$80+ per barrel oil -Heating bills in American homes are predicted to rise -The whole energy complex is in an inflationary spiral -How long does this have to continue before we see it as a psychological market shift? -People are buying things in fear of not being able to get them later at a reasonable price -You need to hold assets that are going to go up -It’s better to be a debtor in an inflationary period -Developing countries are terrified of inflation in ways that we are not -Labor has the power to start clawing back some of the wealth taken from it -Renting is going to be a really difficult thing to do—they will be set by people charging as much as possible -The Chinese real estate market is the largest asset class -Chinese real estate and US treasury seem connected   John Rubino 10-18-21 Rogan! Americans’ heating bills to soar up to 50% this winter Oil is over $80 a barrel. Labor flexes its muscle as leverage tips from employers to workers   (wage inflation) Labor unrest is making a comeback in the USA. Wages going up is a really bad thing as far as the Fed is concerned. Emerging market central banks raising rates because inflation is deadly there (this is big) Potemkin store shelves Renters are getting squeezed. Hedge funds are buying up the available housing stock and will squeeze the renter class. Chinese real estate bubble is bursting, perhaps the largest bubble in history and creation. 75% of household assets are wrapped up in real estate. Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse
19/10/2127m 9s

Will Your Retirement Keep Up With Inflation? - Jim Sloan #5302

Summary: Inflation is affecting many areas of the economy, so how do you ensure that it doesn’t affect your retirement plan? I interview Jim Sloan to discuss this topic so that you can live life your terms in these inflationary circumstances. It’s important to educate yourself on this topic and know the facts, and look into valuable retirement plans that will benefit you in the long run. Tune in to hear more from myself and Sloan on this topic. Highlights: -Will your retirement keep up with inflation? Even with a decent return, you may face problems -How do you live life on your terms in inflationary circumstances? It’s important to become informed and make financial decisions based on logic and actual facts -Many peoples’ incomes are not keeping up with inflationary factors -Inflation will probably remain around 5% in most advanced economies -We are having increased inflation, but people should not necessarily worry about hyper-inflation -Old models cannot be used anymore -Fixed annuities and index annuities are worth looking at -Not many people want to plan their income based on a life insurance policy -Almost every insurance policy is not designed or funded correctly -Index annuity gives client the greater potential to earn the 5% -This year, social security benefits are going up -A lot of people don’t know the optimal age to take social security, and this is the most important component of social security Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Jim Sloan
19/10/2121m 48s

Navigating Real Estate Successfully in Today's Economy - Douglas Beck #5301

Summary: Are you trying to be successful in real estate? In this episode, Douglas Beck shares his insights into the real estate market and valuable experiences that are relevant to those looking to grow within this market. It’s a tough time to try and do wholesale flips and fixing, but buying and holding will allow you to invest and build your portfolio. Tune in to hear more from myself and Beck on how you can navigate real estate in the current economy Highlights: -Douglas Beck started out in corporate IT and procurement, and then got into real estate -He was always looking for a way to exit the corporate world, because it didn’t align with the entrepreneurial spirit he grew up around and possessed himself -We discuss how to make money in the current market—it’s hard to do wholesale flips right now -Beck’s company primarily focuses on renovation projects right now -Flipping and fixing is a business, but buying and holding is an investment -It’s a good idea to build up a good portfolio if you want to be successful in real estate -If you’re buying right now, inflation could help you; interest rates are low -Hedge funds are buying all over the place -Follow the surges in activity—especially companies buying in bulk Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Douglas Beck
18/10/2118m 42s

Inflationary Boom Taking Place - Mark Skousen #5300

Summary: I sit down and chat with Mark Skousen about the Freedom Fest Conference as well as the economy and crypto to analyze the shifting market and what’s to come. The economy is picking up and we have been seeing an ongoing inflationary boom. The biggest anomaly, however, is that gold and silver haven’t moved. Could crypto and the digital currency revolution be a key player in the future of our economy? Tune in to find out more, and to hear about Freedom Fest and how you can get involved. Highlights: -Interest in Freedom Fest has increased significantly, especially since the pandemic has eased—they had a record crowd at the conference this year -The economy is picking up -There is an inflationary boom (labor shortages, supply chain problem, etc) -Inflation is coming back with a vengeance -Commodity prices are rising, shortages are developing, wages are going up, and people have more money in their pockets -The biggest anomaly is that gold and silver haven’t moved -The only thing that has changed is that crypto/Bitcoin have possibly replaced gold and silver -Gold went up at the start of the pandemic, and now it’s retracing -You can guess what is going to happen or when something is going to happen, but not both at once -Can governments allow cryptos to remain unfettered? They’re probably here to stay -You can’t eliminate deception and fraud in business, but you can minimize it -There is regulation that’s coming with crypto because companies are coming out with ETFs and have to get approval Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mark Skousen
15/10/2138m 34s

Bank on Yourself - Anthony Faso & Cameron Christiansen #5299

Summary: I sit down and chat with the masterminds behind Infinite Making to get an idea of what this company is and how you can financially benefit from their services. There’s a lot of turmoil in the markets and it’s crucial to think about how to grow your money. Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy so that you can see valuable results. Tune in to find out more about this growing company. Highlights: -There’s lots of turmoil in the markets, and we need to think about where to put our money and how to make it grow -Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy -The product will get you 20% of your results, and the process will give you 80% of your results -This is designed for cash value, for people that need a place to put their money -Their purpose is to have as much cash as the IRS will allow -You pay the same premium, but typical financial advisors get 2.5 times more commission -They value transparency Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Infinite Wealth Consultants
14/10/2116m 19s

Economy Out of Control Thanks to the Fed - Joseph Salerno #5298

Summary: Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—but hopefully the US Dollar is forever…right? I sit down with Joseph Salerno to discuss some of the implications of federal spending—which has increased exponentially. It is ultimately essential that we take taxes off minor things in (gold, silver, bitcoin, etc.) just in case the Dollar does crash. Tune in to hear more insight about what’s to come with rates, inflation, and our currency. Highlights: -Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—hopefully the US dollar is forever, but we cannot be sure -Federal spending is out of control—just in the last year, the fed has added $2.5 trillion dollars to the money supply -This money doesn’t just drive up prices. It enters the economy and goes through Wall Street -Interest rates are being pushed very low which allows the federal banks to run deficits -Every time the alarms go off, we step back and don’t resist the tremendous increase in spending -We need a competitive currency we can use in case the dollar collapses -We need to take taxes off minor things (gold, silver, bitcoin) -Congress debates are a rush for power, and economic issues have taken a backseat -We’re in the midst of national emergency, so economics take a backseat -The huge spending is hollowing out our economy, making it less productive in the future -The government has shut down large parts of the production structure, and we are still seeing the effects of this -If the fed raises interest rates in a serious way, we are going to have a collapse -We have to stop increasing the money supply and bring spending down as much as possible -The people who have been saving will benefit from this collapse, or the move back to more realistic pricing -In this situation, you don’t know what’s happening until it’s too late Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Mises Institute
14/10/2115m 32s

Inflation Getting Worse by the Day - Jim Welsh #5297

Summary: The underlying theme of the current economic circumstance is that transitory inflation is not so transitory, and I sit down with Jim Welsh to chat about this ongoing phenomenon. It seems that inflation is either going to reach a higher level or plateau, and deflation is most likely going to be the even bigger risk at play. Listen in to hear more from myself and Welsh about what’s happening in the economy and what to expect during this tumultuous time. Highlights: -Transitory inflation seems to be yesterday’s meme or theme -Now purported tapering and employment numbers have to fit within this -It’s no coincidence that treasury yields are starting to head North -People wanted to believe that inflation would be transitory -Inflation is going to reach a higher level or plateau -Deflation is probably the bigger risk—population growth and lack of productivity growth determine GDP -We’re going to see a pop in the metals, and gold stocks will probably move higher in the next 3-5 weeks -The economy at large is slowing -People can’t spend their money because there is not enough supply to fulfill this Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
13/10/2115m 37s

Time to Be a Defensive Investor - Brad Williams #5296

Summary: It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history within the markets, and I sit down with financial expert Brad Williams to discuss some of these changes. Natural gas prices have gone up with the change in policy—and as a result we have seen increases in other areas as well. Williams advises that we look at the stock market from an investing standpoint rather than a trading standpoint and focus on things that generate income. Tune in to hear more useful tips and insights. Highlights: -It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history for the markets -We are in for a tough winner with natural gas prices going up with the change in policy -When fuel increases, the cost of everything else goes up -Is the stock market just beginning to comprehend the disruptions? -It seems like too many people are looking at the stock market from a trading standpoint and not an investing standpoint -Un-sound economic policies have consequences -It’s important to be defensive and look at things that generate income -It’s hard to imagine what would happen if interest rates normalized at this point Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Brad Williams Financial Services
13/10/2112m 53s

New Crypto Platform Making Waves with Gabriele Musella #5295

Summary: We are constantly wondering what’s next with crypto. I sit down and chat with Gabriele Musella to get some insights on where it’s headed, and some of the services available to allow you to have success with this market. Crypto is converging with the rest of the existing currencies, and is becoming increasingly prevalent as central banks reach the end of their primacy. Highlights: -What’s next with crypto? Bitcoin has jumped up to 57,000 -Crypto is heading towards natural convergence with the rest of the market -Crypto will end up replacing other things within the market -The US has decided to let the space flourish, whereas other places have been more wary -Want balance between personal freedom and those that control currencies -Central banks are perhaps coming to the end of their primacy, and we will see the democratization of currency Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Coin Rule
12/10/2111m 38s

Get Ready for the Really Big One with Joel Skousen #5294

Summary: I sit down with Joel Skousen to discuss international affairs—in light of recent events, people are wondering if China will invade Taiwan, and the global implications of these issues. There is little knowledge around precisely how many warheads China has, which poses a bit of a threat to the US especially. Tune in to listen to myself and Skousen discuss potential future scenarios, and to learn how you can take precautions in the event of widespread controversy. Highlights: -Will China invade Taiwan? -It seems that the US cannot be counted upon -China has never had any arms control agreement with the West -They keep saying they only have 375 warheads, but no one actually knows how many the Chinese have—which downplays Chinese threats -There will most likely be a nuclear war -Globalists have always used war to push into the goal of a militarized global government -The US doesn’t have the best warhead advantage -It might be smart to get out of Bitcoin for when the Internet does go out in a war situation -The world will probably not knit back together in the same way -Russia and China are intending to strike—and it will probably be ready towards the end of this decade Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Joel Skousen World Affairs Brief
12/10/2114m 59s

Shortest Stock Market Correction in History? - Avi Gilburt #5293

Summary: Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history, or is there more to come? I sit down with Avi Gilburt to discuss the correction as well as inflationary circumstances that have created a lot of economic speculation. We also talk about energy, which has had great returns, but is not necessarily indicative of the economic state. Tune in to hear more valuable insight on the economy and all of its happenings. Highlights: -Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history? Or is there more to come? And what’s happening with inflation? -We have hit the minimum target with the correction -If the market doesn’t pull back correctively from the next high, this is going to put us back on track to looking at one more test before we try again -A lot of this is speculation, and getting an edge -Energy has had great returns -We’re expecting more rally within energy -The big energy issue lately has been natgas -Some people think higher oil is indicative of the economy doing well, and others think the opposite -The economy follows the market -The stock market seems to have always been the leading indicator of the economy -Inflation isn’t what everyone is making it out to be -Prices are going up in certain aspects, but the purely economic definition of inflation says that all prices should be going up -We have a large increase in the money supply, but no velocity of money -We still have price displacement -Disappointed with the action of gold -The IWM is setting up to outperform again -The dollar is going to be getting more of a rally Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Elliott Wave Trader
11/10/2126m 57s

All Things Economy, NOLA Investment Conference- Brian Lundin #5292

Summary: I sit down to chat with Brian Lundin, who will be joining me on October 19th at the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference. We talk all things economy—addressing the precious metals, China, digital currency, and more. Tune in if you want some insightful updates as well as more information on the upcoming conference. Highlights: -October 19th is the New Orleans Investment Conference -Precious metals don’t appear to be behaving rationally—in the inflationary environment, you would expect to see increases in gold and silver -Either gold is unresponsive or hyper-responsive -We’ve seen a typical correction in gold based on history—it’s not out of the ordinary -The fed is constrained on a lot of fronts, and gold is in a holding pattern right now to see what it can do -Central bank digital currencies are on the way as a tool to be used for efficiency -A lot of China’s economy is insulated from the West; there are a lot of western investors -We haven’t seen things this interwoven before, but China has spread a lot of their economic effects across the rest of the world -We could have a slow-down in the Chinese economy and it would have an effect on commodities -The conference will be in-person and it will be like a homecoming for investors around the world -There’s going to be a blockbuster event with a multitude of top-thinkers in the market Useful Links: Financial Survival Network New Orleans Conference
11/10/2113m 21s

Managing Risk is More Important Than Ever - Sam McElroy #5291

Summary: The markets have hit some rough patches today, but this is ultimately inevitable. I sit down and speak with ___ to discuss these issues as well as how we can address them in a realistic and efficient manner. The economy moves in cycles and it’s important to be cautiously optimistic. If you can maximize opportunities no matter what position you are in, then you will see a great payoff. We are all in the same boat in terms of predicting what the economy is going to do, and it’s important to keep a well-informed, level perspective. Highlights: -The markets have hit a couple of rough patches lately—is this the start of the long-awaited correction? -When markets go one way for too long, they reverse eventually -The economy moves in cycles, and we are cautiously optimistic—which is normal when you’re investing -It’s about maximizing opportunities in whatever position you’re in -People have been generally rewarded for taking more risks in the market and being more aggressive, even though there have been pullbacks -No one has a crystal ball, and we have to read the signs as best as we can -The system will never be perfectly efficient; there’s no singular algorithm -It’s never all on or all off. You need to find the balance based on what’s going on -The key to taking advantage of volatility is having more capital to put down on the market -It’s hard to get in at the bottom, and it’s hard to get out at the top -Measuring success in the distribution phase is subjective. You must ask yourself if you’re reaching your specific goals—it’s going to be different for everyone -You need to continually update your plans Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Stride Financial
08/10/2118m 10s

Taxing the Rich to Death with Prof. Michael Busler #5290

Summary: A budget proposal was just put out by the government, and Michael Busler comes on the podcast to walk us through this proposal and some of the implications that accompany it. The federal government has spent trillions more than they received in tax revenue during the last two years, which has called for a major tax increase for higher income individuals. While this benefits lower income earners, it ultimately reduces capital formation which is vital within our economy. Tune in to hear more from myself and Busler about what the proposal means and to increase your awareness of this topic. Highlights: -A budget proposal was put out, and Michael Busler is going to walk us through this -The federal government spent $3 trillion more than they received in tax revenue last year, and they will do the same this year -The plan that Biden puts out takes income away from those that earned it, and gives it to people that have not -They’re going to provide lower cost/free healthcare, free education, and other benefits that would go to lower income Americans -Biden says he’s going to tax those that make over $400k per year, but this is only about 1% of Americans—the average American will also see rising taxes -He states that these plans will not cost anything, nor will they add anything to the debt -By over-taxing the highest income earners, you reduce capital formation -With income, you pay taxes, and then with your disposable income you spend or save it -Most people spend most of their disposable income -Wealthy income owners still have much income leftover to save and invest, which becomes new capital for the economy (which we need in our economy) -This tax increase thus takes away from this new capital. This could lead to a capital shortage, which means businesses would have to raise prices -This only helps the lowest income earners, and everyone else will feel the negative impacts of this plan -They need to raise the debt ceiling relatively soon -It will replace individual responsibility with social responsibility -America became so prosperous because it encouraged individual freedom/responsibility as well as low taxation, and government role was very limited -Biden’s current plan goes against those values Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Michael Busler - Facebook
07/10/2116m 50s

Everything is Going up in Price with Todd "Bubba" Horwitz #5289

Summary: Todd Bubba Horowitz and I catch up on all things economy, and address some of the negative changes that have incurred over time. Essentials such as energy are going up in cost, and water is also seeing a major price increase. We are facing a currency crisis as a result of the inflationary circumstances, and debt is bound to accrue in light of this. Tune in to hear more from Horowitz and myself, and get up to speed on the economic situation. Highlights: -Most things you do to survive requires energy, and energy costs are going up -We are in the infancy of this mess; it can be fixed easily, but it will not go this way -Water is also going to go up in price—we’ve had water shortages and will have to de-salinize -As an America it is your duty to minimize your tax burden; there’s a difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance -Many Americans only focus on being able to make monthly payments—not the bigger picture -Replace appliances when you can—you never know what will happen with the supply chain -The more governments try to prevent crypto-space, the more powerful it will become -Don’t take all your money and put it into one thing—it’s good to have diversity. Gold, however, is critical -We have a debt-based currency - “buy now, pay never” plan Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Bubba Trading
06/10/2125m 29s

Start Your Xmas Shopping ASAP with Carl Gould #5288

Summary: The supply chain has raised a lot of concerns, especially in consideration of the upcoming holiday season. Carl Gould comes on the podcast to talk about this, and to give advice on what we can do to compensate for these disruptions. If you see something that you know you’re going to need, it’s probably wise to get it now—especially if it’s trendy, or comes from a manufacturer overseas. Tune in to get advice on how to adjust to some of these changes in preparation for the coming months. Highlights: -The supply chain has been affecting all aspects of life lately—if you see something you want now, it’s best to go ahead and get it -Especially in consideration of the holiday season, it’s important to start thinking about purchasing things soon since the supply chain is so far behind -Popular and trendy items will be especially hard to get ahold of at this point -The category of item will likely be available, but not the specific item itself -We don’t have the labor force to load/unload ships and ships are leaving without being fully loaded -Secondary markets are equally robust, and worth considering (i.e. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc.) -The supply chain disruption affects many areas of your life -Anything coming from overseas, especially apparel, is going to require a long wait -Europe is going to have disruptions as well -It may be a good year to give things that are experiential rather than tangible Useful Links: Financial Survival Network 7 Stages Advisors
06/10/2113m 2s

The Future of Cryptos and Precious Metals - Joshua Scigala #5287

Summary: Cryptos have become increasingly prevalent, but does this leave room for the precious metals? I sit down and talk to Joshua Scigala, who is very well versed in both digital and tangible modes of currency. Interestingly enough, Scigala says that the two can and should coexist. Fundamental changes in the banking system demand that we find new ways to cultivate value—this is where crypto becomes crucial. Tune in to hear about the interplay between differing currencies and how we can view them in sync. Highlights: -Cryptos have been very high—but the same is not the case for the precious metals -What is the future of cryptos? It is extremely bright -We have rare digital assets -An unfortunate misunderstanding exists between gold and crypto enthusiasts -Gold and crypto can work beautifully together -Charging interest that doesn’t exist in the system is fundamentally corrupt -Inflation steals everyone’s wealth -The schooling system doesn’t address where money comes from, and the banking mechanism is fundamentally flawed -There has been a fundamental change in what banking is -Don’t fight the existing system; build something new -Put your skepticism aside and consider whether the concept of a rare number could be real -Digital files have never been good for anything rare -Put a little bit of money in on a regular basis -Governments will never completely agree on crypto Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Standard
05/10/2122m 42s

As Our Economy Drifts into Bankruptcy and Financial Crisis, So Does Trust - John Rubino #5286

Summary: As our economy drifts into bankruptcy and financial crisis, we are experiencing a widespread loss of trust. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to dissect this, and it seems that we are within a system and cycle that isn’t working so well anymore. We discuss tax changes, healthcare issues, debt, and some of the factors that are ultimately creating a larger controversy. Highlights: -There has been a major loss of trust—people are perceiving things as either dishonesty or incompetence as we drift into bankruptcy and financial crisis -Don’t try to change the system; leave it -The US and Europe are tax havens in some areas -New York is letting go 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, which is going to create a massive shortage in healthcare workers -When interest rates goes up, that means that market participants demand them to go up before lending money to anyone -The yields on US government debts are starting to rise in response to inflation -Other countries have to pay more to borrow—dollar denominated debt -Many small problems will eventually create a larger energy crisis -Energy and food are quite closely related -Water is also skyrocketing in price—requires energy to get delivered to your home Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse ‘Pandora papers’ reveal how world leaders dodge millions in taxes    NY deploys National Guard to replace 70,000 unvaccinated health workers  Facebook’s covid fact-checker is funded by vaccine lobby   $2.2 million raised for Marine in brig after criticizing Afghan chaos Look at all the millionaires in Congress  (1% of Americans are millionaires, but 50% of congressmen are) Fauci says ‘too early to tell’ if Americans can celebrate Christmas   If we have time ... Specter of Treasury rout comes at grim time for emerging markets Ford’s sales improving but still down by 27.4% in the third quarter German power plant halted after it runs out of coal Evergrande crisis drives China gold buying higher   India’s gold imports surge as prices correct ahead of festivals
05/10/2128m 24s

Precious Metals, Inflation, Shifts in the Economy, What Does it All Mean? - Andy Schectman #5284

Summary: Andy Schectman and I sit down to discuss the precious metals, inflation, and some of the recent shifts in the economy that have left people wondering what’s in store for us as a nation. It seems that transitory, in regard to inflation, has taken on a whole new meaning. We are not going to see inflation disappear eventually; rather, it is most likely structural, and will continue to increase. Furthermore, we look to the precious metals as a way to maintain a sense of privacy in a world where it seems to be dissipating—gold and silver seem to be the only dependable way to secure your wealth. Highlights: -The precious metal markets have not been behaving well—silver is under pressure right now -Many things that are vitally important are not spoken about in the media; there’s a lack of honest reporting -What does transitory even mean in light of the current inflation? -The shift in inflation could be structural, and continue to increase -The Chinese are on the path to taking over the reign of the economic powerhouse; wealth is moving eastward -Our infrastructure bill will probably not even go towards infrastructure -China is building relationships and assets that will allow them to transition -The biggest thing in the tax bill is the proposal to monitor all gross in-flows and out0flows of money above $600 on all platforms (Venmo, PayPal, etc) -Precious metals give a sense of privacy in a world where privacy seems to be dissipating -The biggest problem will ultimately be people not being able to source anything -There will most likely be higher premiums on gold and silver -In regard to the supply chain, there are shortages of everything -Keeping interest rates low is the only option -You don’t buy gold and silver to get wealthy; it is wealth Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Miles Franklin
04/10/2135m 57s

More Effective Websites using AI with Arthur Root #5285

Summary: Websites are a great way to generate more revenue for businesses. In this episode, I consult Arthur Root on how one can optimize digital content and generate calls to action that are most effective for your website. Root says that machine-learning software is key; these programs operate like plugins and are easy to implement. The software determines what features will be most beneficial, and you can then integrate them within your site. Tune in to learn more about how you can make your website better and up your sales as a result. Highlights: -How do you turn your website into a money machine? Root has a lot of insight on this -There are so many possible combinations of content/calls to action you can try out -First, create your content. Then, start to use advanced tools to focus on creating content, and let the machine to determine what calls to action will be most effective -Machine-learning based solutions are most efficient -You can focus the machine-learning software on the designated money making pages -Look at for software provider to do this -You can integrate the software like a plugin -Run analyses after users visit the website -This is relatively inexpensive, and you can make up the cost for it when you generate extra sales -You can implement the software in about an hour -Focusing on page load speed time can also help your website -Taking time off loading speed increases revenue Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Nostra
04/10/2114m 34s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (September 2021)

For September and the quarter, markets were down across the board. Dow down 4.3% 333844 and S&P 500 off 4.8% to 4308, Nasdaq of a larger 5.9%. Russell 2000 down less 3.0% to 2204, TSX off a minor 2.5%, and TSX.V slammed for another 4.2% decline. VIX took off at 23.10. The Dollar went up another 2.0% to 94.20 and the Euro was off another 2%. 10 Year yield kept going up - 16.9% to 1.52. Bitcoin was slammed 6.6% to 43836. Gold kept losing ground off 3.3% to 1755. Silver was off another 7.5% to 22.11. Pt off 4,8% to 960. Pd crashed 23.5% for the month to 1840, under 2000. Copper lost 5.4% to $4.06. WTI rose 9.5% to 75.030. Brent up 7.7% to 78.52. Natgas had a parabolic move adding another 34% to bring it to 5.87. Uranium also went parabolic adding 22.7% to $42.50, thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust.  Ratios:  Au:Ag rose to 79.4, Pt:Au .55, Pt:Pd .52. BRT:WTI 1.05, WTI:HH 12.8, and AU:WTI 23.4.
02/10/2126m 5s

Where are gold and silver prices headed? - David Erfle #5283

Summary: Are you wondering where gold and silver prices are headed? In this episode I speak with David Erfle, who has been spot on about prices for a long time. In our conversation we break down some of the underlying factors that have affected prices—specifically corrections and the imminent quarter close. We also discuss inflation, which has played a large role in some of these fluctuations. Tune in to hear more from myself and Erfle, and get the full picture of what’s happening with the metals market. Highlights: -Where are gold and silver prices headed? -David Erfle has been spot on about prices for a long time -Perception is the buzz word with precious metals -There could be a bounce before the quarter close—it’s over-sold on the short term -Premiums have come down a bit, but in light of the last decline, they will probably shoot back up -The stock market is due for a correction -Gold stocks have gone from being hated, to investors being apathetic -In instances like this, you want to still be leveraged with stocks and still have a large cash position -The catalyst to push gold prices higher could be an official taper announcement at the next Fed meeting -Gold price will get hit more with a mediocre NFP -Everything is going up in price—commodities, natgas, etc. -Real inflation is here to stay -We are trying to solve a sovereign debt crisis with more debt -Insurance is on sale; the insurance is gold Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Miner Junky
01/10/2124m 17s

Catching up on Economic Trends - Gordon T. Long #5282

Summary: To catch up on economic trends, I sit down with Gordon T. Long and talk all things economy including the precious metals, inflation, and the supply chain. There are problems ahead as we have said before, and we’re seeing some of these now in equity markets. Some of the latest concerns include liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock, and Chinese credit. Tune in to hear more from myself and Long about how these debacles came about, and what to expect in the coming months. Highlights: -What are the economic trends? -Long states that there are problems ahead—we’re seeing these now in equity markets -Silver is getting crushed; gold has hardly moved -Silver is so prevalent in electronics -Silver dropping means that there is a global growth concern since the dollar is spiking in parallel -We are seeing a liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock/demand shock, and Chinese credit -We are seeing higher commodity prices/higher consumer prices -If all money is going into buying assets, it’s not turning money -Inflation is looming -Labor costs are going up—there is a shortage of workers -There is a downside on precious metals before we hit the bottom Useful Links: Financial Survival Network MATASII
01/10/2115m 52s

The Markets Are in Flux, Will They Crash? - Gil Baumgarten #5280

Summary: Markets continue to fluctuate up and down, and in this episode I discuss these fluctuations with Gil Baumgarten. Baumgarten reassures us in saying that It is not good for money to only head in one direction—it’s vital for markets to take one step back so that true base value can be found and the market stays in sync. Highlights: -Markets are in flux—they tend to fluctuate up and down -Are we having the much awaited correction? Will it become a crash? -It’s not good for money to only head in one direction—it needs to shake from time to time so that true base value can be found. It’s like trimming the hedges in your yard; they come back healthier -Every boom ends with a bust, but the marketplace typically takes four steps forward and one step back. The one step back keeps the market in sync -There are a lot of negative trends occurring -Biden inherited a booming market with full employment due to full taxation -Should investors get rid of all their tech and move to energy? -High energy prices are inevitable -A lot of people are thinking that we are at the end of fossil fuel transportation -Electric consumes fossil fuels too—just out of sight -Perhaps we have an electric future, but it will not happen overnight -Policies are hostile to US energy and consumption—which puts people at a disadvantage -Deck-clearing events produce the opposite outcome in their wake Useful Links: Segment Wealth Management Gil Baumgarten
30/09/2119m 44s

How to Eliminate Taxes on Your Investments - Steve Moskowitz #5281

Summary: Do you ever wonder how Fortune 500 companies make billions of dollars but seem to not pay as much in taxes? I sit down and chat with Steve Moskowitz to discuss some of the ways that you can eliminate paying as much in taxes on your investments. Tax playing can especially be utilized in retirement accounts, and there are multiple benefits that come with them. Tune in to get tips from Steve himself and to start saving on your taxes. Highlights: -A lot of people wonder how companies make billions of dollars and don’t pay taxes—this has to do with tax playing -If you’re a business or investor, you need to look at retirement accounts Three benefits to retirement accounts: 1. You will get a big tax deduction 2. When investments earn money, they aren’t taxed the same as they would be in normal investment accounts 3. Special treatment within federal law -If you go bankrupt, you keep 100% of your retirement account -One lawsuit can wipe you out, but not if you’re an entity -Some states allow you to set up multiple entities, but only pay one fee -Set up a retirement account for the company managing your investments -ERC - government stimulus program for employers (grant) Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Moskowitz LLP
29/09/2114m 33s

Fury Gold Mines - Drilling Big Enough to Succeed in Any Market

I sat down with Fury Gold Mines' Chair Ivan Bebek and new President/CEO Tim Clark for a sponsor update. Bebek heartily agrees with Rick Rule's prediction that 2022 will definitely be the year of the explorer. If they're right, then it could also be the year to be a Fury investor. Clark explains that he was extremely fortunate to join and lead Fury's exemplary team; all it needed was a refocus on drilling. He has 23+ years of experience working on the finance side of the sector. Since joining, he has cut costs significantly to ensure that drilling dollars go even further. The team is driven to make a major discovery and thereby unlock Fury's value.  A recent CAD $5 million private placement leaves the company in an excellent position to build upon already impressive drill results. Clark's extensive contacts with large institutional investors will help keep the money spigot open and flowing.   Assay lab delays are still prevalent across the industry, and the company has a huge quantity of samples waiting to be evaluated. Eventually the backlog will ease and then the market will understand the success of the drill program.  Bebek believes that the recently announced Angico Eagle-Kirkland merger is a sea change for the juniors. He points out that other large mergers in the past have set off similar cycles. This could be the spark that ignites a major round of merger and acquisition activity--and that could be very good news for Fury's shareholders.  (We own shares) Compay Website: Ticker Symbols: NYSE/American - TSX: FURY
28/09/2122m 28s

When it Come to Tech, Your Feelings Don’t Matter - Rebecca Costa #5279

Tech expert and noted public speaker Rebecca Costa joined us. In case you were wondering, privacy is completely dead and now non-existent. But the tech revolution is just getting started. Yes fully autonomous vehicles are on their way. NFT’s, non-fungible tokens are here to stay. The tech oligarchs run the show and there’s no stopping them now. Rebecca projects the current trends out for a decade or more and gives you the latest update on where we’re heading. A compelling discussion for sure.
28/09/2133m 39s

Higher Tax Rates Coming - Wayne Titus #5278

Summary: Should we be apprehensive about tax changes? Wayne Titus, a member of Savant Wealth Management, comes on the podcast to break down some of the shifts in taxes and what to expect. The tax reform act was passed back in 2017, and brought on many changes in tax brackets. If Congress doesn’t make any decisions, these brackets revert back to what they were in 2017. This is a long process which may not conclude this year—which can also make giving financial advice more complicated. Highlights: -Wayne recently joined Savant Wealth -Should we be worried about tax changes? The tax reform act was passed back in 2017 and brought on a number of change in tax brackets. If nothing is done by Congress, those brackets revert back to what they were in 2017 -Most changes are not going to impact taxpayers (unless you earn $400k+). Thus, these changes affect businesses more. -Our tax rate structure is progressive; the number sounds large, but the blended rate of tax makes it more rational -Many other states besides California and New York are affected by some of these tax changes -This is a long, drawn out process that may not conclude this year. A lack of solidified dates for changes makes it hard to make decisions in the financial sector -Our legislative process is iterative Useful Links: Financial Advisor Network Savant Wealth Management Wayne B. Titus III
27/09/2116m 5s

How do you get a higher return on your investment?- Charlotte Dunford #5277

Summary: High returns on investments are being seen with mobile home parks, and today Charlotte Dunford comes on the show to talk about this sector of real estate. Her area of focus is Johns Creek, and their niche is small to medium mobile home parks—which are often overlooked but do extremely well. This is a great area to invest in due to the fact that there is always going to be a need for affordable housing, and the demand is ever-growing. Highlights: -How do you get a higher return on your investment? This can come from investing in mobile home parks -John's Creek Capital is an area of focus -They are actively sourcing deals and investing in this market -Their niche is small to medium mobile home parks, which they get at incredible cap rates—this niche is often overlooked -Focused on the midwest and southeast -There is a lot of room to grow -Once the mom and pop mobile home parks are consolidated, there is not much money left -There is always going to be a need for affordable housing -The supply of mobile home parks is fixed, which means the demand is ever-growing -They grew through the pandemic—there has been a halt on evictions -Government agencies have been issuing a lot of rental assistance to tenants -The mobile home park industry is somewhat protected -They don’t own the homes; they own the parking lot -The screening process for tenants is very rigorous -The mobile home part tenant is like a stakeholder in your business Useful Links: Financial Survival Network John's Creek Capital
24/09/2118m 34s

Rising Interest Rates? Lobo Tiggre #5276

Summary: What should we make of what the Fed has said recently about tapering? There have been some ambiguous recent announcements and headlines, and ___ comes on the podcast to shed some light on this. They talked about possibly raising interest rates at the end of next year, and raises concerns in relation to gold. No decisions have been made yet, but tune in to hear some valuable insight and predictions. Highlights: -How can we interpret what the Fed has recently said about tapering? -They talked about possibly raising interest rates at the end of next year -The test for raising rates is much higher the test for tapering -They may decide to change the tapering -People are afraid of rates raising, which would affect gold negatively -The transitory should be unwinding, but the pandemic has affected decisions -Markets are going up as the economy worsens -Sometimes, rising interest rates go hand in hand with rising gold prices -High inflation is a sign of economic growth, but our current situation seems to exhibit otherwise -The models economists use are not entirely connected to today’s reality -Rapidly escalating energy prices put a damper on the world -There could be a boom in oil prices -Uranium keeps going up Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
24/09/2137m 11s

Low Risk R.E. Investing to Maximize Success- Andrew Abernathey #5275

Summary: Are you curious about low risk avenues for investing within real estate? Today, I have Andrew Abernathy on the podcast to talk about storage units and warehouses, which have become a major sector of real estate. His company, Abernathy Holdings, focuses on development and vertical integration to maximize success and ensure that these investments make money back over time. Tune in to hear about this intriguing area of the industry and to hear about some of Abernathy’s methods. Highlights: -Storage units and warehouses are pretty low risk for investing, and they’ve developed over the years -The business has become very complex and sophisticated -Development and vertical integration are essential to making money in this sector -It’s all about location—even if it means spending $10k-$20k extra -Owning your own equipment dealership, garage dealership, and construction company results in lower costs throughout the process -They make money by developing; for the next ten years, they will be building, stabilizing, and selling -Their long term goal is to open one new facility a month -From approval to completion, the industry average is three years from start to stabilization—Abernathy’s company has been able to cut that into a couple years -Security is the no.1 focal point for clients—24/7 surveillance/watch -Abernathy is targeting the major cities (83% of the population) -The average person in the US rents six square feet per person -Taxes - $120k-$150k a year Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Andrew Abernathy Abernathy Holdings
23/09/2114m 16s

Walking Through Economic Times - Darryl Schoon #5274

Summary: The economy is in a major decline, and today we have Darryl Schoon on the podcast to talk about some of the root causes of this phenomenon. Schoon walks us through different times in history that shed light on some of the underlying issues of inflation, and how this translates in the modern era. The inflationary bubble that we are in at the moment will eventually lead to a deflationary bust, and it is only a matter of time before we see some of the effects of this. Highlights: -The economy is crumbling—Evergrande is reminiscent of the 30s -The economic tides and sands are shifting, and it’s going to take a lot to save it -People know something is wrong, but they feel like it is beyond their capacity to do anything -You don’t need to understand money, credit, or debt to be in harm’s way—you’ll be in it anyways -There was historically a lot of silver circulating on the open market in the west, which was traded with China for porcelain, silver, and tea -People called paper money ‘flying money’ because of how fast it came and went -There is always an arbitrage somewhere -When you’re so right for so long, it’s hard to tell when you’re wrong -Gold used to be a religion for China—paper money leveraged debt and real estate -Inflationary bubble will lead to a deflationary bust Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Moving Through the Maelstrom With Darryl Robert Schoon
22/09/2139m 34s

What's Happening with Florida's Real Estate? - RealTrade Founder/CEO- Ryan Poole #5273

Summary: It’s hard to know what exactly is happening in Florida real estate without talking to someone in the field. Today we have the founder of RealTrade, Ryan Poole, on the podcast to give us some insider knowledge on what is happening, and why real estate is booming so much—especially in South Florida as a result of the pandemic. Poole also tells us a bit about RealTrade, which is a platform that allows for communication between realtors, buyers, and sellers that enhances the realty experience. Highlights: -What’s happening with Florida real estate? -Every county essentially has a different market -2012: Florida was about to overtake New York as the third most populated state -Things have heated up in the market over the last eight or nine months -Especially since the pandemic, there has been a huge boom in real estate—clients are coming from all over -Things staying open in Florida during the pandemic was a major attraction for buyers -Florida has always been relatively cheaper -There is not enough real estate to go around with the high volume of buyers—this also has caused prices to rise -Prices in South Florida are still pretty attractive in comparison to the rest of the country -South Florida is also becoming a financial epicenter, with the tech industry growing as well -Florida is just one of the states people are running to—and one of the biggest -Zillow doesn’t necessarily offer the most accurate information—a lot of baiting happens -Agents work hard to get listings; Zillow gets this data and populates their platform with it -Zillow owns 75% of the marketshare in terms of online presence -Relators essentially end up working for Zillow -RealTrade allows the realtors to own and manage the marketplace -Agents network with one another to facilitate business, and buyers and sellers can also ask questions and contact realtors -Waterfront properties in very high demand as well as golf course communities—we probably could see more rises in prices here Useful Links: Financial Survival Network RealTrade
21/09/2118m 36s

China & Wall St Meltdown, Buy New Appliances Now w/ John Rubino #5272

Summary: Today, I have John Rubino on the podcast to update us on all things economy: from real estate to the supply chain, we are seeing a lot of shifts and instabilities that have incurred over time. Evergrande seems to be bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector—tampering with the industry as a whole. We also probe into the buying and selling of crypto, and determine that people are less optimistic about it which means we will most likely see an increased interest in gold. Highlights: -Evergrande is a large Chinese real estate developer. It has been borrowing large amounts of money for the last decade, and it has taken up large amounts of leverage -Even higher prices, however, are not saving them—they’re giving cheap real estate to their creditors -This is bleeding over into the rest of China’s immense real estate sector -The fed is making noises about tapering—we start to see taper tantrums in this circumstance -Gold is holding its own—it’s actually up a bit -The supply chain is still in shambles -We live beyond our means -Cryptos are getting whacked—they are treated like tech stocks and are risk-on assets that you buy when you’re feeling optimistic -Bitcoin is being sold off -This is when gold takes off; the fed starts talking about tapering, which means that easy money will come to an end -Lumber and iron ore have tanked lately, which means that the picture is getting mixed -The global economy is slowing down Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Dollar Collapse
21/09/2126m 4s

Precious Metals Slam Down - Brian Leni #5271

Summary: We currently see the precious metals getting slammed down in comparison to other commodities, which is an upsetting phenomenon for many investors. Today, we have Brian Leni on the show to talk about this and to re-emphasize the inherent value in the metals despite shifts in prices. Gold remains a critical asset when it comes to maintaining your wealth, and this becomes even more crucial as currencies err on the side of instability. Tune in to hear from myself and Leni about how to have confidence in your investments in a changing market, and to learn more about why these fluctuations are occurring. Highlights: -Precious metals have been mercilessly slammed down—the last time gold got slammed down like this was back in June -To the amateur investor, this is an upsetting phenomenon. From a professional standpoint, this is also somewhat surprising given the current circumstances in the world -Gold is the most important asset for one that wants to maintain their wealth -Those that own it are glad they own it -Debt keeps going up; government and currencies are becoming more unstable -There has been lots of commodity price inflation with the exception of precious metals -You buy gold and silver for insurance—to maintain your wealth -You buy junior resource stocks because they are speculations of people and their ability to execute on action plans -High gold/silver prices mean that financially and socially there are some bad things going on in the world -Assay labs are taking longer than normal—sometimes having to travel lots of other places -Everybody is drilling across the world, and assay labs may be restricted -It’s hard when the market is imploding and people are impatient—but this presents opportunity -Patience has to be part of your repertoire -If you’re early to an investment, it’s going to be a while until its value is recognized, but this is where the big gains are -If you’ve done research, you need to have confidence in your investment and see yourself through Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Junior Stock Review
20/09/2119m 40s

Gold Terra Keeps Finding More High-Grade Gold with CEO David Suda

We spoke with Gold Terra’s President/CEO David Suda for a sponsor update. The latest drill results were impressive with intersects of 11.2 g/t gold over 4.57 meters and 5.22 g/t over 17.86 meters in a “very strongly altered … portion of the Campbell Shear.” This marks the third drill result since April of this year, all showing high-grade gold. Suda is convinced that he’s onto something big. The adjacent Con mine produced 5 million ounces over its lifetime and he believes that they could easily be sitting on a similar scale deposit. The most recent drill results were from a property optioned to the company by Newmont. Suda is of the opinion that they're closely following Gold Terra’s progress. This could bode well for the future. While the market has generally met this news with indifference, Suda is optimistic that external factors will force the market to again focus on the sector. Gold Terra is trading at a substantial discount to its peers and there is hope that in the coming months, with more drill results on the way, that this gap will narrow dramatically. Ticker Symbols - OTC: YGTFF -- TSX-V: YGT
20/09/2113m 59s

Crumbling Global Economic House of Cards - Rob Kirby #5270

Summary: Today we have Rob Kirby on the podcast, who talks about how one of the largest and most underreported issues is the volume of trade we’re experiencing in terms of dollar return in the crypto-verse. It seems that cryptos are eating off the dollar’s plate, which means that the crypto portion in international trade is rising…while the relevance of the dollar declines. Tune in to learn about the power of crypto and some of the key distinctions between Bitcoin and Ethereum that put banks and the law profession in an interesting position. Highlights: -The economic house of cards is crumbling all over -The biggest and most underreported issue is the volume of trade we’re experiencing in terms of dollar return in the crypto-verse -On a daily basis, the crypto-verse is turning over a minimum of $100 billion equivalent on average -We're looking at $50 trillion dollar equivalent turnover in a year -Cryptos are eating off the dollar’s plate, which means that cryptos are categorically being used in trade settlement right now -Countries like Iran and Venezuela had to have it to where they could continue to trade without having to settle in dollars -The crypto portion in international trade settlement is only going to increase from here, which means dollar relevance will decline -Hyper-inflation and massive reduction in purchasing power of the dollar stock -The whole nature of trade settlement is changing—less and less dollars are being used to settle international accounts. Thus, they get caught up in a Repo facility -The inflation rate in our country is at 14% -Ethereum is rising, and will perhaps eventually eclipse Bitcoin -Bitcoin is the killer of banks; it’s a store of value -Ethereum is the killer of the law practice -Bitcoin is a challenge to bankers while Ethereum is a challenge to the law profession -There is a place in the world for smart contracts as well as the traditional store of value—they can coexist Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Kirby Analytics
17/09/2124m 5s

Should we ‘Eat The Rich?’ - Jeffrey Socha #5269

Summary: Should we ‘Eat The Rich?’ It seems that this is not necessarily a viable solution, and today we have Jeffrey Socha on the podcast to break down the new tax proposal for us. While it may seem logical to impose higher taxes on large businesses, same corporations have tactics they will use as a result—tactics that will only hurt consumers and the rest of the economy. Tune in to hear about this interesting phenomenon in light of recent announcements, and to find out where this may put you in terms of taxes. Highlights: -With the democrats’ new tax proposal, the effective tax rate in NYC will be close to 62%, and in California it will be around 59% -Businesses find ways to alter their business/cut costs/raise prices to avoid the effects of taxing -People will not give you extra money without making decisions that affect everyone else -Many of the tax shelters are available to average business owners -Big companies have the best resources available to help them be efficient as possible -The people that lose the most are smaller, local businesses -The government should start with having a balanced budget -There’s no incentive for fiscal responsibility with this modern monetary theory -You can’t control taxes, but you can control who you vote for -Take control of your own finances; be proactive -This new proposal is very realistic, and we don’t know what will end up sticking until it is finalized Useful Links: Financial Survival Network
17/09/2114m 33s

Real Estate Coming Back Down to Earth - Andrew Ragusa #5268

Summary: Real estate has been doing great where taxes are lower, and it seems that the stage of buying-panic has come to a close as purchasers stop over-paying quite as much for homes. Today we have Andrew Ragusa on the podcast to discuss what exactly is happening with the market, and what you can expect in the purchasing sector. He emphasizes that if people want to grab something, they should grab it, because the market is always climbing. Tune in for direct insights and interesting real estate considerations. Highlights: -Real estate has been at the right spot on the economy—where taxes are lower, real estate is doing better -What’s happening with New York suburban real estate on Long Island? There has been a dip in offer prices—previously, they were getting $50k-$70k above asking price but this has declined a lot -Buyers are not willing to over-pay quite as much; the panic is over -If people want to grab something, they should grab it—mortgage payments are greatly impacted by the offer amount -It doesn’t always make sense to stay on the sidelines when the market is always climbing -We are seeing more price cuts in the market. In order for a house to move, the price still needs to look attractive -There has been a lot of overshooting the market -Even thought everything is selling, prices are getting cut -Information on selling prices is widely available today through the internet -Zillow charges realtors to receive information from those using the website; Zillow essentially sells data -There’s not a lot of inventory at the moment in Florida Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Andrew Ragusa Instagram Real Estate Market Innovations
16/09/2117m 43s

Bitcoin and Gold Ready to Take Off - Michael Moor #5266

Summary: What’s happening in the markets, and should we be scared? It’s important to have an analytical perspective when it comes to analyzing the market, and Michael Moor comes on the show today to help us attain this point of view. He and I talk gas, oil, the metals, and Bitcoin from a data standpoint to break down what is happening in the changing market, and how we can assess these shifts from a data standpoint. Highlights: -What’s happening in the markets? Should we be scared? We need to take an analytical approach -Are we looking at $10-$12 NatGas? Can we go that high? Moor says that we’re wide open—it can pretty much go anywhere -We are still seeing a 50% discount of gas to oil -$56/barrel could be seen in five months -Moor analyzes market movements and data, but Moor notes the inflation in the housing market and supply chain -Everything is pointing to increased inflationary expectations -What markets are the most promising? Moor thinks that crude oil and energies have a lot of upside -Bitcoin also is looking positive—it’s all pretty green -Gold is headed higher—we’re seeing some of its strength coming in right now -We used to look at crude oil as an indicator of inflation, but NatGas has taken over Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Moor Analytics
16/09/2118m 26s

The Precious Metals Bull Market Has Not Yet Begun - Jordan Roy-Byrne #5267

Summary: Every commodity seems to be up substantially with the exception of Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Today, we have Jordan Roy-Byrne on the podcast to talk about this interesting phenomenon. Gold and Silver peaked before everything else, and their performance is ultimately linked to inflation—which is higher than ever at the moment. Tune in to get interesting insight and predictions on this topic, and to hear us break down what’s happening with inflation and the metals. Highlights: -Every commodity is up substantially (i.e. natural gas, uranium) -Everything but Gold, Silver, and Platinum is going up -Gold tends to lead everything in the commodity world, and Silver tends to follow -When commodity prices spike or have big moves, they tend to correct -Gold and Silver peaked before everything else—before Uranium stocks even started to move -The market is not anticipating that inflation is going to accelerate -Real rates have nowhere to go but up -The market is saying that the rate of inflation has peaked, and that it’s going to come down a bit -We’re having as much as 14% inflation right now by some accounts—the biggest inflationary rate since WWII -Inflation can be very volatile and move a lot in both directions -If Gold and Silver start out-performing, that will indicate that inflation is here to stay and we could transition into a state of stagflation -Would the fed risk a crash to assert itself over the markets? The fed will ultimately follow the market -15-20% decline/correction is more probable than a crash -Crashes do not happen very often Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Daily Gold
15/09/2127m 37s

Asset Protection Equals Financial Survival - Douglas Lodmell #5265

Summary: The world is full of people that would love to take your hard earned cash, but this can be prevented with the proper planning and an asset protection program in place before you need one. Today we have Douglas Lodmell on the show to talk about the importance of asset protection, and some of the steps required to acquire this. It's as simple as figuring out what you have, and what needs to be protected that isn’t already. Highlights: -Asset protection - the world is full of people that want to take your hard earned cash. The key is to have an asset protection program in place before you even. need one -Asset protection doesn’t mean anything until you actually need it—most people don't look into this until after they realize they need it -There two types of people: those who have assets and those who don’t -Figure out what you have, and if you already have asset protection; take an inventory and pinpoint what is protected/what isn’t -There are 2 asset categories: exempt assets, which are already protected (i.e. homestead, retirement plant, etc.) and unprotected assets -In the asset world there is asset exemption and then asset protection -Now we have foreign asset protection trusts (established in 1994) -19 US states currently have some sort of domestic asset protection trust legislation -There are standards that outline what makes a trust a US trust -Grantor trust is disregarded for tax purposes -Asset protection is between $25k-$30k for the most part -An ounce of prevention here is like a pound of cure Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Lodmell & Lodmell
14/09/2124m 33s

14 Percent Inflation! - Michael Pento #5264

Summary: As usual, we find that transitory inflation is not so transitory—Michael Pento comes on the podcast today to talk about some of the causes and effects surrounding inflation in the current economy. Pento says this is perhaps the worst inflation the country has ever seen, and the coming years don’t look too hot in terms of getting out of this economic circumstance. Tune in to hear us break down some of these financial issues, how they relate to what we have seen historically, and what to expect in the future. Highlights: -Transitory inflation is not so transitory -NatGas had gone up 118% -This reminds one of what happened leading up to the financial crisis -You could not grasp what was happening only by looking at oil—you must consider other points -We have, according to Pento, the worst inflation this country has ever seen. What does 2022 have in store? -There are ten million job openings right now, so it is sensible to stop paying people money to stay at home when there is a surplus of employment opportunity -Next year, according to the Fed’s predictions, they are going to stop the QE program -No more increase in the money supply or m2 -We are in for a fiscal and monetary cliff -China is going through the same thing as well as Europe -We don’t have the healthy underlying foundation that we had in 1980, nor do we have the fire power to get us out or low levels of debt -Pento predicts a protracted period of vicious stagflation in the coming years -Coming out of the great recession, China bailed us out. They may not have the capacity to do this again -Culmination of natural disasters and man-made disasters will coalesce into one thing -2023 will probably see a permanent form of helicopter money for those that don’t make a certain amount -What you think is going to happen is seldom what does happen—you can never be entirely sure -There will probably be major deflation and bouts of inflation -Don’t sell your gold quite yet, but understand that the precious metals can take major hits Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Pento Portfolio Strategies
14/09/2131m 3s

Maximize your Profits, Buy/Sell Raw Land -The Land Sharks- Brent Bowers #5263

Summary: How can you buy raw land in a way that allows you to minimize costs and maximize upside potential? Brent Bowers comes on the podcast today to talk about his life changing experience with buying and selling land—profiting exponentially with the right strategies. Tune in to get advice from a highly successful individual in this field and to learn about an area of the market you could get involved in yourself. Highlights: -How can we buy raw land in a smart way to minimize costs and maximize upside potential? -Bowers was an army officer and decided to get into rentals, wholesaling, and land -He was able to sell land for exponentially more than he bought it for -Land is turning to a seller’s market; you have to pay more initially, but you also will get more -How do you know you’re not paying too much for a property? Look at what the actual land is worth by calling realtors and looking at Zillow/other sites to find the property value -Sell it before you buy it to get immediate profits Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Land Sharks Website The Land Sharks Youtube
13/09/2121m 15s

American Eagle Gold Now Permitted to Drill on Nevada’s World-Class Cortez Trend

American Eagle Gold’s CEO Tony Moreau and Exploration VP Mark Bradley were here to give a sponsor update. First, their drill permit application was just approved by the BLM. This sets the stage for drilling to commence shortly at their Goldengate project in Nevada. The property is adjacent to Nevada Gold’s Goldrush and Cortez Mines. These are prodigious mines, having produced millions of ounces since coming on stream. Tony and Mark are extremely upbeat about Goldengate’s prospectivity. Mark was at the helm of the team that discovered and defined Goldrush and has spent the better part of 30 years working on the Cortez Trend. Few people can match his knowledge and experience there. Technology has come a long way since early 2000’s when Mark was working on Goldrush. CSAMT, stratigraphy, and 2D seismology either didn’t exist or were in their infancy. While looking for the yellow metal is always a gamble, the ability to see into the ground and analyze underlying structures and intrusions to select drill targets helps make the task much easier and more accurate. Mark has identified the most promising target zones and now it’s just a matter of getting the drill turning. While competent experienced crews are at a premium, Tony is confident that they can get the needed equipment and staff to insure that the current drill program will succeed.  If the old saw that the best place to find gold is close where it’s already been found, then American Eagle could be sitting on a major discovery. And if the best person to make that major discovery is the one who’s done it before, then he’ll be well served by Mark.  (We own shares in the company). Company Website Ticker: TSXV: AE
13/09/2116m 14s

The Supply Chain Ain't What it Used to Be - Aaron Clarey #5262

Summary: The supply chain is not what it used to be—resources and labor are in high demand and we are seeing lots of negative effects as a result. Aaron Clarey comes on the podcast today to talk about some of these effects—especially within the housing industry—and what the future may look like as a result. Highlights: -The supply chain is like a plastic band about to snap -Clarey recently built a house and purchased furniture/materials for it well in advance, acknowledging some of the issues in the supply chain -People’s houses recently have not been getting done, which requires banks to reset interest rates (which are going up) which creates even more of a rush to get things delivered -The American dining experience is over—we see long lines, poor service, and lower quality -Standards of living go down as quality of work declines—you need to learn to do things yourself -It’s a smart idea to buy things now because of the projection of inflation -Prices of basic staples (i.e. gasoline) are up astronomically Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Captain Capitalism
10/09/2134m 5s

Trilogy Metals: A win-win for Locals, Investors and Alaska with CEO Tony Giardini

We checked in with Trilogy Metals’ CEO Tony Giardini for a sponsor update. Preliminary work on the access road has continued unabated. When completed it will connect the Ambler Mining District to the famed Dawson Highway. The company has been focused on spelling out the benefits that area residents will realize when the road is completed. As a private toll road, it will never be open to the public; Trilogy will have exclusive use, thus mitigating environmental concerns. Currently, shipping costs to the neighboring remote towns are quite costly. It is expected that upon completion, residents will incur lower prices on many goods and commodities. Additionally, the mine will lead to greatly increased employment opportunities for thees communities. Presently 2/3 of the Trilogy’s employees are locals. Weather and health concerns have temporarily slowed the pace of drilling. However, Giardini expects that Trilogy will soon be able to make up for lost time. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy recently visited the mine site to emphasize the project's importance to the state. All interested parties are fully engaged. The company continues to be well capitalized with over $100 million in the bank and it will easily be able to finance its share of additional road development and exploration costs into the foreseeable future. Giardini is pleased with the pace of progress. In a project of this immense scale, there are many moving parts and everything takes time. The good news is that things are moving ahead and the pieces are starting to fall into place.  Company website: Ticker Symbol on NYSE-American and TSX: TMQ
10/09/2119m 10s

Defining Private Equity- Adam Coffey #5261

Summary: What does the term ‘private equity’ really mean, and what is its role in businesses today? On today’s podcast, we have private equity expert and bestselling author Adam Coffey with us to highlight the significance of private equity. As publicly traded companies are on the decline and exit strategies are taken into consideration, this term becomes especially relevant and crucial across a number of industries. Highlights: -‘kicked around’ always refers to private equity—Adam Coffey is a bestselling author and private equity expert and is going to give us information on what private equity is about -What does private equity really mean? He uses the analogy of a mutual fund -Private equity works similarly, but the minimum investment size is $5 million, unlike a mutual fund. It does exactly what it says and invests in private companies. The biggest area is buy-out funds -Sell funds to return capital to the investors -Private equity failures over the last ten years has to do with strong competition and return thresholds being monitored. Like any industry, there are winners and losers -Good/bad firms can come in all sizes -Distressed asset funds seek out companies that are in trouble and attempt to help them, but other failures are consumer driven (i.e. shopping malls and bookstores are going out due to consumer habits) -There is far more equity invested in companies today than there is debt -Limitations have come into place by the market and people investing -People purchase most things online now, and there is a heavy evolution that is constantly progressing -It’s hard to find an industry that private equity doesn’t play a part in -There is a declining number of publicly traded companies, and they will probably diminish -Exit strategy now involves selling off to private equity Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Adam E. Coffey's Website/ Adam E. Coffey Linkedin
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If humans can’t beat a computer at chess, then how can they win in investing? Val Hughes #5260

Summary: Today, Val Hughes comes on the podcast to discuss active management, public/private equity, and the leveling of the playing field that is occurring in the current market. We talk about many of the changes that have occurred over the years that cause companies to function differently, and how the economy is growing in areas where you don’t need a lot of capital to be involved. Tune in to hear some insight from Hughes about a variety of financial topics, and to also get general advice pertaining to the current investing climate. Highlights: -If humans can’t beat a computer at chess, then how can they win in investing? Does it require someone that understands businesses and finances? -Why do you need active management when CEOs and accountants frequently mislead? -ETFs act as a distribution system, but are different from mutual funds -ETFs trade on the exchange, so there’s no platform fee -They are only a few spots where active management can win, like in small cap value investing -Small cap value is the best performing asset class, and the data goes back to 1928 -If you like puzzles, there are still puzzles to solve in small cap value that can deliver alpha -The trend of concentration - companies buy out competitors and consolidate the industries -Publicly traded stocks have declined and companies buy out their own shares, becoming a homogeneous blob -Why are there public companies? They came about to raise money to build things that individuals couldn’t afford on their own -It’s a richer world now and we don’t need as much public money -More of the economy is growing in areas where you don’t need a lot of money -The government is turning our public companies into more of a social good -Is private equity good or bad? You have to get back to the purpose of a company -Private equity is still in the business of turning equity into a bigger equity, creating new niches within a service/product -It is important to promise rewards to innovators so that they don’t stop—they fuel decades of hard work -Robinhood Reddit phenomena - bringing something to the masses that used to belong to middle men. Technology is disruption the traditional process -There has been a leveling of the playing field, and the professional investors have to compete with the guys on the streets. These two camps evaluate different criteria, one being the value of companies/what the stock is going to do and the other entails looking at what the game says it’s going to do. They don’t care about the actual attributes of the company -Within small cap equities, there are products that serve needs -It’s good for investors to talk to people on the street daily Useful Links: Financial Survival Network The Value Guys
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Wealth Without Wall Street - Russ Morgan and Joey Mure #5259

Summary: Wall Street exists to make money for itself, so how do you make money for you? Today we invite Joey Mure and Russ Morgan on the podcast to talk about financial freedom—which is at its peak when your passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. They discuss how every individual has unique traits when it comes to investing, and some of the resources that their company offers help you discover how to utilize these. Highlights: -Sometimes the people who you think are your friends aren’t—this is especially applicable to Wall Street. Wall Street exists to make money for itself—it’s about survival of the species -How do we get rid of Wall Street? -Relates to the food business—they've evolved into an industry that gives markets things with no value -Financial freedom occurs when passive income exceeds your monthly expenses -Mindset is everything: if you’re investing time into learning how to become more financially successful, then you will continue to grow -People haven’t given themselves a license to dream—Wall Street only thinks about the here and now -You need to think about what unique traits you can give to the world -Wade Pfau is a go-to person in the industry when it comes to retirement income -What investments bring this ‘infinite wealth’ about? Having your own business can be a method for maintaining active and passive income -Some business owners, however, don’t know how to replace themselves eventually and allow it to become passive income for them -You need to have a plan that is unique to you: what sort of an investor are you? People can make the same investment but have different results -Apply your abilities and talents to your investing -Build a community -If you focus on one thing and do it repeatedly, it will become a reality Useful Links: Financial Survival Network Wealth Without Wall Street
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Re-prioritize Your Investments with The Anti-Financial Advisor - Chris Miles #5258

Summary: Today we have Chris Miles, self-proclaimed anti-financial advisor, on the podcast to tell us the truth about investing in this day in age. He outlines some of the tried and true strategies that many financial advisors don’t acknowledge, and gives advice on how you can re-prioritize your investme