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By Kerry Lutz

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Fintech Being Taught at NJIT - Dr. Stephen Taylor #5146

Fintech - financial technology is all the rage these days. Dr. Taylor is head of the Fintech department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Fintech has become a buzz word lately, but it has become far more sweeping. It has effectively eliminated the back office of the entire finance industry. The technology is increasing at such a rate that it’s becoming difficult to know where it’s heading. Will there be a fully automated financial system with little or no human input? Dr. Taylor believes that there will still be a need for humans in the system, but perhaps not so much. Dr. Taylor’s goal is teaching his students programming so that they can create prototype systems and solve problems.  Since 2008-09 Dr. Taylor believes that risk has gotten more spread out and distributed, which is a net positive. We also discussed the use to Fintech and the Flash Boys and got into a general discussion about where our finest minds are spending their careers. Interesting food for thought.
07/05/2118m 37s

Investing Is Your Superpower - Shinobu Hindert #5145

Shinobu Hindert offers a proven strategy for investing confidently and building wealth in her upcoming book, Investing Is Your Superpower. (May 17th) Hindert proves that investing doesn't have to be intimidating, by breaking down budgeting, automating debt repayment, and optimizing investment decisions that build wealth. Spending the first half of her career managing portfolios of up to $10M for the likes of Smith Barney and Fidelity Investments, Shinobu is a money expert and wants to see ALL women take control of their financial future.  Empowered Academy
07/05/2118m 26s

Killing The Goose That Lays The Copper Eggs - Mark Mix #5144

Unionization suffered a stunning defeat in Alabama in their efforts to unionize an Amazon warehouse. What is going to happen next for organized labor in the United States? Today, 27 states have right to work laws in place. These laws prevent unions from forcing people to join their organization. The Biden administration is trying to stop and even rollback these protections. However based upon the Amazon results they are facing an uphill battle. Mark Mix is President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. He also serves as President of the National Right to Work Committee, a 2.8 million member public policy organization.
06/05/2122m 42s

Coming Out Of The Covid Closet - Dr Carole Lieberman (America's Psychiatrist) #5145

CDC Says Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Go Without Masks Outdoors - Will Some Have 'Reluctant Reentry' Syndrome? Federal health officials said Tuesday that fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors when walking, jogging or biking outdoors, or dining with friends at outdoor restaurants. Dr. Lieberman, who has been helping us survive psychologically throughout the pandemic, has now compiled a list of 10 symptoms of what she calls ‘Reluctant Reentry Syndrome’: 1. Vague discomfort about discovering what the ’new normal’ will turn out to be. 2. Dreading the pressure of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - as more things open up. 3. Reluctance to get out of your comfy pajamas. 4. Not wanting to face the world after you’ve let yourself get fat and furry. 5. Agoraphobia - fear of being in crowds. 6. Fear of catching Covid19 because of new strains. 7. Dreading the awkwardness of reconnecting with friends, family and colleagues. 8. No longer having the excuse of lockdown to explain why you don’t have a partner. 9. Guilt over releasing your kids back into the scary world. 10. Realizing you don’t want to go back to your old life, but not knowing how to re-invent yourself.
06/05/2125m 11s

Look Out Below? “Mish” Schneider #5143

The markets are taking a hit thanks in part to Treasury Secretary Yellen’s comments about rising rates. Crypto has been embraced by the younger generation as an inflation hedge. Now with the rise of Ethereum. Will it displace Bitcoin as the leading the crypto. Dogecoin is an indicator by the younger generation is looking at “defi” to diversify away from centralized financial control. What’s happening now is that people are doing transactions outside the exchange leading to a shortage on the exchanges. Ripple could be a good play too. It’s being used more around the globe. Used cars have are nearly unobtainable.  A look at Tesla’s earnings. Buffet and Munger are from a lost generation, when “Made In America” really meant something. So they can judge all you want. Mish believes in risk management and doesn’t buy falling knives. What will happen in the market going forward, we could very well see a major correction. Amazon and Apple had great earnings and then market turned a deaf ear. Is it time to short? Hedge? Look to the VIX, it’s now heading higher. Will it continue? If so, Nasdaq could be the ideal short. Watch bonds as well.
05/05/2132m 50s

Withdraw Your Consent - Dr. Elaina George #5142

Are we really giving informed consent in an era when a doctor visit lasts little more than 7 minutes. Has technology really helped the practice of medicine? Conveyor belt medicine doesn’t work. Hands-on medicine is still works best and is crucial for the patient's well-being. Telemedicine isn’t medicine. It’s a prescription factory. They’re too busy writing a script to be concerned with your underlying health and getting to the real root of the problem. Follow the money. We’re starting to find out the truth about the Covid measures that were taken. Believe it or not. the vaccines have not been FDA approved. What does that tell you?
05/05/2122m 14s

Mickey Fulp’s Monthly Major Market Review (April 2021)

Stock markets took off again in March: Dow added 2.7% to 33875, S&P 500 up 5.2%, Nasdaq finished up 5.5%, Russell 2000 up another 2%, TSX added 2.2% TSX.V up .2%. VIX down to18.60. Dollar was down 2.1% to 91.30 and Euro up 2.3%. 10 Year yield headed down by 5.7%. Bitcoin retraced back to 57032. Gold up 3.4% to 1767. Silver up 5.7% to 25.80. Pt pretty was up 1%. Pd rose another 12.5%  for the month to a record 2845. Dr. Copper shot up another 11.5% to $4.47, hitting 10 years. WTI up 7.5% to 63.58. Brent up 5.8% to 67.25. Natgas shot up 12.3% to 2.93. Uranium slammed again losing 6.7% to $29.05.  Ratios: Au/Ag 68.5 - Pt/Au .67 - Pt/Pd .42 - BRT/WTI 1.06 WT/HH 21.7 and AU/WTI coming back down to earth 27.8.
04/05/2114m 42s

Gold and Silver and the Coming Break-Out - John Rubino #5141

Warren Buffet is seeing lots of inflation out there, the lumber problem. He has a ot of homebuilder assets. To him it’s a real thing. People will listen? Will they sell bonds and jump into real assets? Supply chain ailments. If you’re building a house lumber has tripled and you can’t just go and buy a new stove or washer. They’re 6 months backordered.  Charlie Munger hates cryptos. The currency of “Kidnappers and Terrorists.” And he’s very respected among the mainstream and deep state.  Gold’s upcoming breakout. If real inflation really is taking off in a way that the government can’t deny and they crackdown on cryptos, then gold and silver are going to be beneficiaries. And the chart patterns are extremely bullish. No one cares about gold and silver anymore, or so they say. Silver is more likely to go parabolic than gold, but they both could.  Big gold miners reporting earnings, production is up slightly, free cash-flow is extremely good. Which means increased M&A with majors buying up juniors. Agnico Eagle revenues were up 39.1% year over year.
04/05/2133m 2s

Still A Screaming Bargain - Trillion Energy #5140

After my last discussion with Trillion (sponsor) CEO Art Halleran, I concluded that TCFF is the most undervalued stock in which I’ve invested in for the past 40 years. While the stock price has recently gone up nicely, I’m of the opinion that things are only just getting started. Art has masterfully negotiated a $17.5 financing facility that provides for an overiding royalty and a lending component, of which a small part is convertible into company shares. Thus he has avoided the major pitfall of so many junior resource stocks, destructive dilution. And Art had good reason, for the past four years he has taken his compensation in the form of shares. He’s a major holder of the stock, that’s how much he believes in Trillion. Now that the finance package will soon be closed on, Art is focusing on getting the drills in place to spud several new wells in the coveted SASB Gas Field. This will lead to major production and substantial cash flow. Let me repeat what I said before, “Trillion Energy is the best value play I have ever seen!” Tickers OTC: TCFF - CSE: TCF
03/05/2110m 42s

Still A Screaming Bargain - Trillion Energy

After my last discussion with Trillion (sponsor) CEO Art Halleran, I concluded that TCFF  is the most undervalued stock in which I’ve invested in for the past 40 years. While the stock price has recently gone up nicely, I’m of the opinion that things are only just getting started. Art has masterfully negotiated a $17.5 financing facility that provides for an overiding royalty and a lending component, of which a small part is convertible into company shares. Thus he has avoided the major pitfall of so many junior resource stocks, destructive dilution. And Art had good reason, for the past four years he has taken his compensation in the form of shares. He’s a major holder of the stock, that’s how much he believes in Trillion.  Now that the finance package will soon be closed on, Art is focusing on getting the drills in place to spud several new wells in the coveted SASB Gas Field. This will lead to major production and substantial cash flow.  Let me repeat what I said before, “Trillion Energy is the best value play I have ever seen!” Tickers OTC: TCFF - CSE: TCF
29/04/2110m 58s

What Will The Fed Do Next? David Scranton #5139

The Fed its foot in their mouth by reassuring the markets that rates wouldn’t go higher until 2023. Now they’re in a bind, how can they insure rates won’t go higher when they might need to change things. The real question is, is this inflation, temporary or permanent. Lumber and copper are rocketing higher. Are they temporary, as the Fed says or will we go back to normal? They’re hoping against all hope that they’re right. It’s unprecedented, we’ve never before shut down the economy before. No one knows what the results might be. They’re waiting as long as possible before they tighten. If they do tighten, it might be inclined to slow down QE. Vacation travel is picking up dramatically and thus raising FL’s Covid rate. Where does the massive tilt to socialism end? It’s just a matter of time till the have nots vote to take everything from the haves.
29/04/2116m 45s

Orefinders and Mistango River Resources to Receive $120mm Investment from Premier Gold Miner

Orefinders and Mistango Resources just announced a strategic partnership with major producer Kirkland Lake Gold that should propel the shares of both companies forward. Stephen Stewart, CEO of our sponsor Orefinders Resources and Chairman of Mistango River Resources joined us to explain the significance of the event. We were quite interested considering we’re an Orefinders shareholder. Stephen was excited to discuss the new JV agreement, option and equity investment that he believes is a transformational event for the companies. They’ve now got $15 million in cash along with a major technical boost from Kirkland’s renowned team which ideally situates them to make significant discovers.   While Stephen admits some of the potential upside was relinquished in the deal, he believes the benefits far out way the costs. We all know that mining is a very risky business and he views this transaction as a de-risking event. Much of the Orefinders/Mistango projects adjoin Kirkland’s Flag Ship Macassa Mine, one of the highest-grade mines in the word, so the synergies are quite apparent. The earn-in aspect of the deal could see Kirkland owning up to 75% of both companies and insures that things will move forward to the benefit of all. Definitely exciting times for all three companies.
28/04/2121m 14s

Biden Tac Blastoff - Dan Pilla #5138

Noted tax expert and all around good guy is sounding the alarm on the insane tax increase being proposed by the Biden Admin. It will destroy incentives to works and send the US further down the socialist rate hole. No one should be surprised as this is what he ran on. But you can expect that taxes are going to go up not just for the rich, but for the middle class as well. It always works this way because there just aren’t enough rich people to tax. Get ready for rough times ahead.
28/04/2116m 49s

6-8-10$ Copper - Jamie Keech #5137

Jamie Keech is Founder of Resource Insider and a Partner at Inventa Capital. We sat down with him to get his latest take on resource investing. He is a copper super-bull. Last time we spoke Jamie said to keep an eye on copper and here we are at 10 year highs. $6 copper is coming. Some analysts believe that it could go to $8-10 range. We have massively diminshed global supply and haven’t reinvested nearly enough. We’re going through the green revolution. The powers that be have made the decision to move towards green energy and away from petroleum. These transitions have taken place throughout history. They’ve always moved from less dense energy sources to more dense. Until now, we’re moving to a less dense form of energy. They’re not easy to store or transport. You can’t  have any green transition without major increases in mining for the commodities. BC has a lot of copper. These mines are hydro-powered. Surge copper could be highly desirable, clean production, and will go for a premium. Jamie recently joined Inventa Capital, which is designed to incubate new mining companies. It’s an extension to what he had been doing at Resource Insider, helping retail investors get into the game earlier. Platinum has been a very difficult play because the mines aren’t in particularly desireable areas of the world. These factors could be the very reasons that platinum continues its recent rise.
28/04/2122m 44s

Bitcoin Volatility - Coinbase Hacked? - John Rubino #5136

Bitcoin-volatility up down and up again. Turkish crypto exchanges turn out to be scams and blow up. Coinbase hacked! Where are the good guys? Exchanges melting down is like nuclear power plants melting down. Challenges ahead. Earnings week, TSLA to the moon. Story stock. Fed Week FOMC meets tomorrow. Everything is happening this week. Big tech is announcing this week. Great earnings reports ahead. Everyone is expecting it. Tax Increases and capital gains taxes - the one percent didn’t take of the peasants and this is what happens. What does it do to financial markets? Nothing in the short run. Long term if they continue it will put pressure on the markets. Precious metals are holding their own and copper hitting 10 year highs.
27/04/2128m 47s

Markets Move In Mysterious Ways - Todd "Bubba" Horwitz #5135

Todd has been short gold as a trader, but he owns the physical which he never intends to sells. Gold appears to have hit a bottom in the 1600’s. Now Todd’s model has issued a sell recommendation. I could very well be setting up for a major move. Copper and palladium have been heading way higher. New money is on the way into these markets. Platinum is a tremendous opportunity. Platinum 2-1 over gold. Todd says it’s on sale and is a value play. Platinum is a thin market with great opportunities. Don’t the bet the ranch on Platinum or anything else.  Crypto’s are definitely worth investing in long term. Bitcoin hit $65k and could be going down. There’s going to be big moves that aren’t all that liquid. Liquidity can be limited. Coinbase could create additional liquidity. But there’s still going to be major volatility. There’s going to be wild swings. What is the ideal allocation? It could be the greatest thing ever, but it could blow up, but Todd won’t lose any sleep over it.
27/04/2125m 33s

Enrich - Todd Miller #5134

Todd had a thriving career leading multimillion dollar entertainment companies. By all metrics, he was successful...yet he was miserable. He always had to be "on"--on the ball, on his toes, on call 24/7, and on the money. Miller wanted more than just a prestigious career. He wanted Control. Financial Independence. Time. Fulfillment. He wanted an enriched life.  Chances are, you've sacrificed for your career and fought a constant tug-of-war between personal, professional, and financial well-being. Professional success is important, but is it enough?  ENRICH teaches life skills to create Optionality, even in the most uncertain situations. The world has changed greatly, but the principles of life success haven't.  Using a series of illuminating case studies and interviews, Todd Miller shows how he and other high achievers cracked the code to: Accelerate financial security in an era of job insecurity Reach big, bold life goals Craft your ideal job Create time wealth Avoid the default setting Navigate change, including job loss Connect how you spend your days to what's most important For most books on work/life integration, money is frequently the elephant in the room. ENRICH embraces this elephant. Through a practical, proven, six-step process, you'll learn how to get financially fit fast, savor life's deliciousness, and achieve career satisfaction.  ENRICH incorporates time-honored business processes with thorough, global, best practice research. Miller presents an extensive tool kit of sometimes unconventional--but always potent--work- and life-hacking strategies.  While scaling the corporate ladder, Miller skillfully structured two sabbaticals, intentionally created a family through adoption, cycled coast to coast across two continents in support of children's charities, and explored more than 100 countries on all seven continents.  Drawing on ENRICH principles, Miller built time wealth and passive income while working full time. At age 53, the American-born author has retired on the Andaman Sea in Thailand, where he devotes his time to enriching connections with people and projects.
26/04/2118m 8s

Current Real Strategies For Success - Robert Syfert #5133

Robert Syfert is Co-founder and Chief Visionary of With over 20 years of experience in the real estate investment industry, Robert has become a specialist in creating software, tools, and services that enable RE investors to do things better and faster. He would be delighted to share with your audience strategies that help RE entrepreneurs scale operations, optimize their business, and make more money without compromising their free time.
24/04/2119m 46s

Admit It, You’re Wrong - Dr. John Huber #5132

Why can’t humans admit they’re wrong. It is one of the most difficult things for a person to do. Egos can be very delicate things. We have an ideal that we constantly strive for and we want to believe that we’re moving in that direction all the time. Admitting you’re wrong gives you more control over your life than virtually any other thing you can do. This allows you to adapt and to grow. Through that lesson you can actually get closer to your ideal self. In reality we’ll never reach that person. When you’re in the public eye, it’s even more difficult to admit you’re wrong. The truth will set you free. Lying to conceal or cover a mistake only compounds the problem. Can you handle the truth? Dr. Huber says yes, the people actually want to know the truth.
23/04/2120m 54s

Gamechanger for Fury Gold Mines at Eau Claire

Fury Gold Mines (sponsor) just released excellent drill results and Michael Henrichsen was excited, describing that the results could be the gamechanger they’ve been working towards. And for good reason, hole 013 yielded 59.3 Au g/t over one meter and 8.87 g/t Au over 3 meters. The high-grade results to the east of the deposit after further drilling could significantly expand the resource. The newly identified Snake Lake structure where drilling has recently been completed is extremely important to this year’s exploration program and President/CEO Mike Timmins is eagerly awaiting the assay results. As if all that wasn’t enough, there are two identified targets in the Western extension that also have the potential to vastly expand the deposit. These are exactly the type of results that have kept the team motivated and on track. They are executing the plan that was outlined here in previous discussions and it’s now on the cusp of reaping big rewards. Finally, insiders have been accumulating shares, which is always a good sign. We are happy to hold shares in the company. Company Website Ticker on NYSE American and TSX: FURY
23/04/2116m 44s

Gil Baumgarten #5131

Gil Baumgarten is one of the nation’s top financial advisors, is the Founder and President of Segment Wealth Management, an RIA financial advisory firm. Since its inception in 2010, Segment Wealth Management has grown to a top-ten firm in Houston, as recognized by the Houston Business Journal, with over a billion dollars in client assets under advisement. Gil is also a nine-time recipient of the Top 1,200 Financial Advisors distinction and has been ranked among the thirty-five best advisors in Texas by Barron’s. Distinctions aside, Gil’s affinity for precision and detail reveals itself in his daily life as well. He is an avid outdoorsman, award-winning woodworker, and attentive family man, friend, and colleague. Gil shares his market insights and wisdom acquired over the course of an extremely successful career in the financial sector.
22/04/2130m 13s

$2000 Gold And Getting Ready For A Breakout - Lobo Tiggre #5130

Our good friend Lobo Tiggre (f/k/a Louis James) joined us to talk about the economy at large and why gold and silver too, must eventually breakout to record highs. The profligacy of world governments has never been greater and Modern Monetary Theory is only feeding the fires. We also talk about various chart patterns and their value to investors. Lobo is understandably skeptical on technical analysis, but we believe it has it's value. Like right now on the cusp of a major precious metal breakout. And it can't come soon enough. Hello $2000 gold.
22/04/2129m 58s

Pandemic Celebration - Mark Singer #5129

A look at where we’ve been and where we’re going and where we are now. Mark recently produced a video entitled “Celebrate the Pandemic.” To Mark, the Pandemic was a glimpse into what retirement could be like. For some, they embraced the virtual world. For many road warriors it was a wake up call. Some people are looking at the event and handing in their retirement papers. Others have simplified their careers and are spending more time with friends and family. It was a great way to gain some perspective on their lives and their direction.    A lot of money left the market after the March 2020 crash and continued to stay on the sidelines. Markets go up and markets go down, sometimes due to internal reasons and other times due to pandemics and other external factors. This illustrates why it’s necessary to have a plan that balances risk and return. Mark’s clients had very little agnst during the March Crash. Proof that planning can save much stress and worry.  Go to Mark’s site and figure out how to live out your best retirement scenario.
21/04/2120m 19s

She Handled It and So Can You! - Arwen Becker #5128

Arwen was being interviewed for a video and she talked about her mom. Money was tight and her mother was confronted with a challenge. And she handled it! Arwen was inspired to write the book and tell her mother’s and her own story.  The take away, Arwen wants women to be inspired. There’s a large portion of the female population that hasn’t been educated to make correct decisions. And they often find themselves alone, either through divorce or death. And women often avoid the subject altogether. They need help to solve the money riddle in a way that the average financial book falls short of doing.  Financial Adviser, National Speaker, and Podcast Host Arwen Becker shares her raw trials and triumphs, helping the reader grasp that, after a very rough start and many mistakes, "She Handled It, So Can You!"
21/04/2117m 38s

Better To Be A Live Coward Than A Dead Hero - Chris Vermeulen #5126

For Gold/Silver/Miners Chris wants to see gold rise to 1870 and then break the 1960 level. That will be the sign that the new gold bull market has begun. Right now the miners are outperforming the medal and the market in general. Chris isn’t trying to pick a bottom. The break-out will be a lot like July 2020. Then we’ll see an intense 1 to 2 month rally. China buying hasn’t taken off as best we can tell, despite the news to the contrary. Additionally, the general public is nowhere near wanting to buy metals yet. Largely due to no fear coming from the stock market. We could be years away from that, it’s a long journey to the upside.  Copper has blasted to the upside. $4.50 is the next resistance point after which we could see it go much higher. Lumber has had a massive rally. It’s a feeding frenzy in the real estate market. No one cares about the price and everyone is fighting over it. But for how long?  What will stop the housing market? As Chris describes it, there’s a huge lag in this market. There’s not going to much affect for 3-5 years. Increasing rates will put some pressure on the market. Lot’s of REIT’s for every appetite and many are paying high monthly dividends. REIT’s and EFT’s could be the way to play real estate. Great for Millennials. They don’t want to buy homes but they can still be real estate investors.  Bitcoin down 16% in the last 3-4 trading days. Over the past couple of years, the last 4 pullbacks have all been double digits, but they’re getting smaller and tighter. Could go to 74k or down to 35k. Its a raging bull market. It’s a bit oversold. It’s super risky. Coinbase could be the gamechanger. Will there be a 2017 replay?  What sectors of the market are doing what? Stock market is getting a little over done on the S&P 500, starting see defensive plays outperform. Ripe for pullback. Put call ratio is extremely low. We had the March deep correction and then there was a rebound so no one felt the pain. Eventually doomsday will be here. That’s when the trader make his stand. You always need to know your downside and fix your losses. Position and risk management are what it’s all about. If you don’t you’ll give it all back.
20/04/2125m 54s

Self-Driving Psychos - John Rubino #5127

Yet Another Ridiculous Stock Market Bubble, In Three Charts (about margin debt going through the roof) Crypto volatility: Coinbase goes public and announces that its insiders are dumping most of their stock, bitcoin tanks while dogecoin goes soars. One guy claims to have turned a stimmy check into a million dollars in dogecoin.  Email from Alex: Wouldn't that be a great business, bitcoin wallet recovery service. Whoever figures this out will make a killing. In San Fran, twice as many people died of drug overdoses as from covid. Michigan mandates that 2-year-olds be masked.  Western states on the verge of their first-ever water shortage declaration, impairing hydropower.  China expands its gold import quotas, prepping for a gold-backed digital yuan? Tesla passengers killed because no one was in driver's seat. Self-driving cars are a long way off. But stupid people are definitely here.  Two killed while not driving a Tesla. Self-driving is quite there yet.   Also, Quantum computers, have you ever noticed that they are made of a particular shiny yellow metal?  For shadowing maybe?   Email: I am 78 years old. Am I going to get my vaccine passport? HELL NO!!!!!!   I am old enough to remember freedom. I will not bend or bough down to the "Globalist Gods". John Rubino - so unpretentious, he mentioned his tesla puts once when he was well out of the money on them and once only after that, but I am sure he cleaned up on them since)
20/04/2134m 25s

Digital Cash Envelopes For All - Shane Walker #5125

Shane Walker is Co-founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer of Qube Money. He grew up on a farm in Weiser, Idaho, and is the 9th of 12 children. His dad was a teacher, and his mom ran their large household. Money was scarce. The only time the family went out to eat was to get a free hamburger and cutie ice cream cone at McDonald's during report card time. Imagine a family of 14 bringing in 10 report cards for free hamburgers at McDonald's... Shane began working at age 8, hoeing beets and changing sprinklers to help support the family. He remembers his dad making work fun by taking a dip in the river mid-afternoon. While they worked, his dad would often say, "Isn't this fun?" Shane has learned to enjoy working and to do his very, very best in everything he does. Shane has transitioned this approach to life in everything he does. He graduated with a master's degree in accounting from Brigham Young University. In his Junior year of college, he partnered with a couple of his friends to build Elite Sales, which became one of the largest door-to-door pest control sales companies in America. After college, Shane started Walker Financial and is a leader in the financial space. Shane has achieved top honors, including Million Dollar Round Table, a leading producer with Guardian Life Insurance, and both Double Platinum and Top Income Earner with Team National. He is an accomplished trainer and speaker. He's taught audiences as large as 8,000 and has a track record for deeply engaging people. Shane joined co-founder Ryan Clark to create Qube Money. As the executive vice president, Shane's dream is to help millions of people across the globe rise above living paycheck-to-paycheck, eliminate debt permanently, and empower people to experience more abundance, more joy, and more peace with money.
19/04/2115m 37s

Employees Get Incentives to Get Vaxxed - Attorney Jonathan Bell #5124

Millions of People Will Be Paid Up To $200 To Get Their COVID Vaccine.Companies are offering incentives for their employees to get vaccinated. Kroger is giving its employees $100 in store credit plus a $100 payment, while Publix is offering its staff a $125 gift card to use in the store. Lidl is shelling out $200 to each employee who gets the vaccine, Instacart will provide its workers with a $25 Vaccine Support stipend, and Trader Joe's will pay workers for two hours for each dose of the vaccine. It's not just grocery stores either - Amtrak will give its employees the equivalent of two hours work for getting vaccinated. Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Yard House and other chains will pay the equivalent of four hours work. Dollar General will do that as well. Chobani will pay the equivalent of six hours work, and McDonald's will cover up to four hours of paid time off. Target is also paying the equivalent of four hours' work and throwing in reimbursement up to $15 each way for workers who take Lyft to their vaccination appointments.
16/04/2114m 58s

Positive Drill Results and Increased Resource Estimate Put Gold Terra on Investors' Radar

Gold Terra CEO David Suda (sponsor) joined us for an update. When we last spoke, the company had acquired a number of Newmont claims, which hadn’t been explored since the 1960’s. This in an area that had produced over 14 million ounces. Of that 5 million came out of the Campbell Shear alone. It took 9 months to close the deal, but it was well worth their time. Drilling began in January of 2021. To date, they’ve received assays on 6 of 13 holes drilled. The two most significant intersected 5.77 g/t Au over 12.35 meters, including 14.09 g/t Au over 4.65 meters, and 5.69 g/t Au over 1.50 meters and .871 g/t over 3 meters. David is extremely excited by these developments and is anxiously awaiting the remaining results. It appears that the mineralization is consistent with that found in the prolific Con Mine, which could well presage a major discovery. A fully-funded 10,000 meter drill program is set to start in July. This month was also significant for Gold Terra as they upped their 43-101 resource estimate for the Sam Otto and Crestaurum deposits to 1.2 million ounces inferred, an over 60 percent increase from the 2019 resource estimate. And of course, the potential is there for substantial further additions. Executive Chairman Gerald Panneton and David have delivered upon their promises. Now, it’s just a matter of time before the market recognizes the inherent value present and resets the company’s valuation higher, which is why we’re even more optimistic shareholders than before. Website Tickers: TSX.V:YGT  OTC:YGTFF
15/04/2113m 37s

Is China Becoming a Pariah Nation - Daniel Joseph #5123

Will China invade Taiwan? What’s going on in the South Sea. Now they’re pushing things so far, all of their neighbors are up in arms. Everyone is banding against China. South Korea is worried, Vietnam, the Philippines and others are enraged. Under prior leadership China was dedicated to advancing their economy and not interceding in international affairs. Now all that’s changed. No rule of law, when it comes to managing their economy and their currency. If it doesn’t liberalize further, it’s not going to advance further. Their currency and their economic policies are failing miserably.
15/04/2122m 26s

Martin Armstrong - Dow 65,000 - No US Stock Market Correction #5122

The esteemed financial expert Martin Armstrong joined us today. He pointed out that his computer forecasted Panic cycles are showing events happening in 2022 and 2024. Martin discusses the beginnings of the pandemic and Build Back Better slogan that happened a year before anyone even heard of Covid-19. On the topic of cryptos, he believes that cryptos have been propagated by the government to get people familiar with and used to digital currencies an effort to eliminate paper currency. Confiscation is coming. Martin doesn’t believe that any country will allow a competing currency to exist. Martin’s bitcoin report was shutdown in Europe for the merely mentioning it. All credit card sales were shut down. Gold and silver will repeat the cycle when Russia invaded Afghanistan and hit its previous high. Will the Chinese then march into Taiwan. This appears to be shaping up for May. Gold is now being fully tracked by the government. It’s not being done with silver. Martin questions, "If they’re tracking gold this carefully, will they really allow Bitcoin to persist." As he has stated many times, "The rule of law is dead." No market implosion coming to the US. Target of Dow 35k is close to being reached. And then Dow 65k. The impending war in Europe and Asia will lead to capital flow to the US and avoid a correction here. Just as in WWI and WWII the capital will flow here. It will also lead to China marching into Taiwan. Major US Cities are in a death spiral. Migration out of cities has become a virtual human wave. Martin forecast this trend many years ago. He always thought it would be due to taxes and economics, not personal safety and the inability of these failing cities and states to keep things going. As Martin says, "In a normal business, if business is bad, you cut prices to boost sales. With government if business is bad they raise prices/taxes and thus drive business down further." That’s why the US Financial Capital is shifting from New York to Miami. Now that people can work from anywhere, they will and in the process avoid high taxes and high tax states. Inflation is finally starting to catch up. The key is that when people start seeing that it’s cheaper to buy today than tomorrow, then prices spike. Signs abound. Construction costs are escalating, commodities are rising and shortages are starting to take place. The shortages are emerging from supply chain breakdowns as well as the inability to get goods to market, as witnessed by plowing under crops. The trend is for shortages to accelerate. Things are definitely getting interesting!
14/04/2130m 30s

Is the party over? Investors Pay Attention! Michael Pento #5121

The stock market’s capitalization is 200% of GDP. Margin debt has never been higher. Is the party over? If you listen to the Fed they claim that inflation is transitory. YOY inflation was 2.6%. Core inflation was under 2%. The Fed doesn’t even look at consumer price inflation. Everything is a substitute for everything else. The Fed’s mandate is stable prices, haha. Next month’s CPI will be over 3%. Exploding earnings and growth in GDP this quarter and next and then we roll over. Whatever happened to zero inflation targets. $7 trillion dollars of new money printed and keeping interest rates below 1%, what could possibly go wrong. Market and economic chaos is inevitable. The middle class is being hollowed out and thus the country with it. Bubbles getting ready pop all over. It only benefits the wealthy and those who work from their homes. Job losses aren’t being reversed. It’s been the worst of times for the middle class, thus engendering further chaos. It’s a volatile and incendiary.  Is the pandemic going to end this summer. Bad Vaxx news, J&J vaccine causing blod clots in 6 women. It’s temporarily suspended. Vax skeptics are jumping all over it. Why suspend the vaccine for 6 out of 17 million people getting ill. China vaccine not working well. If the virus is running rampant, can growth and inflation continue. It’s going to drop off in 2021 and 2022. You’ve gotta invest somewhere.  Michael is more concerned about the government’s reaction to the virus than the virus itself.
14/04/2124m 16s

Digital Yuan With A Date Stamp - John Rubino #5120

The new time dated Digital Yuan, the war on cash enters a new phase. Cash will now expire on a specific date or will start to lose value over time. It’s going to completely replace the paper Yuan. In this way demand gets stimulated. Saving is bad because it empowers individuals. How are you going to stash digital currency into a digital mattress. Las Vegas Musk’s Boring Tunnel System. The beginning of a major transition. Humans are going underground. The world becomes a national park. Minneapolis Chauvin trial surprises. Who’s side of the trial is the prosecution on? Real estate prices picking up in NYC and New York’s Self-Immolation. They’re assuming that the Federal government will raise the SALT cap, which doesn’t look too likely. Perhaps the minimum income tax proposed by Yellen is really intended for the states. A way to hit Florida and Texas and other states with no income tax. Uniformity of economic and tax policy across the country is becoming a possibility. March deficit blow out. Expenditures are 3.5 times tax receipts, sounds like a real sustainable trend, doesn’t it? EV’s are taking off. Another sign we’re in a bubble. Sub-prime auto loans are crashing while auto sales are spiking. Doesn’t sound like they should be happening at the same time. Reddit traders thing of the past? A real lottery ticket for long suffering shareholders. What’s the crappiest stock you can buy that the Redditor’s.
13/04/2128m 29s

China Oil Crypto Purchases A Game Changer - Rob Kirby #5119

China has thrown its weight behind settling its oil purchases from Iran and Venezuela in cryptos. This explains why cryptos have taken off and gold/silver have remained in the dumps. This is de-dollarization in a big way. Dollars are of no use to Iran and Venezuela. They’ve been cut off from Swift and there’s nothing to be gained. The Chinese found a work around. This will heighten cryptos and make the prices go much much higher. The crypto is getting recycled back to China in the form of goods purchased. All brought on by American sanctions. Trading in gold isn’t a viable option. The net result is a weaker dollar and the oil continues to flow. The mainstream press is avoiding the story. The US Dollar is on its way out as the reserve currency. The direction is clear. Rob believes that eventually we will return to a currency that will be based upon something tangible.
13/04/2124m 16s

Gold To Take Off After Rate Hikes Start - Jordan Roy-Byrne #5118

No crash immediately ahead. The economy is like a giant aircraft carrier, it takes a lot of time turn around. Too much growth and too much money coming in. Twelve percent chance of a rate hike in December, despite their repeated denials to the contrary. Gold is heading upward with a resistance point of $1825. Miners are now leading the metals, which is what you want to see, especially at turning points. Dow Jones US Gold Mining Index has been leading for quite a while, a very positive sign. They led on the way down and are leading on the way up. And rate hikes are going to be the next catalyst. Tons of money being thrown at the economy. Pent-up demand is going to make the economic numbers soar. Optimism yes, but it might not yet quite be time. Better to be a little early. When gold hits $1950 it’s off to the races. This is going to launch and explode high. Gold to S&P at a 7 year low.
12/04/2117m 25s

End Sinsorship - Gerald Celente #5117

Gerald is holding a freedom rally in Kingston on Memorial Day. Join him there. It’s time for people to stand up for what they believe in. Beware of vaxx passports. What about declining sperm counts? Gerald says, “Big Pharma is nothing more than a bunch of drug pushers.” He is a man born of freedom and was not put on this planet to take orders from garbage peddlers to serve their whims.  He believes that markets will keep going higher in a Biden Bounce. Once interest rates go up, the whole thing implodes. Housing bust coming? Fake inflation numbers. Housing price increases don’t go into CPI. They deliberately hide the true inflation rate so they can have unlimited free money and put a lid on Social Security benefit increases. No real estate crash is coming because individuals are buying up houses to get out of the big cities. Millennials are now buying too. There’s never been anything like this before.  The NYC Office vacancy rate is over 14%, a record high. They’re subleasing to get out. Big law firms no longer need all that space. Now they’re working from their homes. Commercial RE in all major cities is coming down big time. Ground level retail is empty. New York City is not coming back from this along with the other big cities. People are fleeing the big cities. Lots of empty ugly space. Newcomers to Kingston, Gerald’s hometown are fleeing NYC crime and the Coronavirus.  Go to  Just $129 per year.
12/04/2129m 39s

Silver Supplies Disappearing Around The Globe - Andy Schectman #5116

As Miles Franklins’ owner Andy Schectman says, ‘Price is a tool of deception.” What a difference a week makes. Comex has become a delivery market, all to the group known as the others, such as family offices and sovereign wealth funds. April deliveries were 20,000 contracts, or 2 million ounces. Big money is misdirecting the public to corner the market.  On February 2 during the height of the #silversqueeze. All the major bullion dealers were shut down for the weekend. During this 48 hour dealers are hedged, but that weekend the hedge ran out and Andy was 35000 ounces naked into Sunday. In this environment the next morning someone dump $45 billion worth of paper to drive down the price. 90 million ounces has been back doored out of SLV. No one in the midst of the greatest bull market in history would sell this much metal ever. At the same time 55 million has been drained from the Comex. Metals is coming out of everywhere. Problems are blowing up all over the world. Andy has been working 18 hours per day for the past several months. Higher demand will lead to higher prices.  One day there will be nothing to sell and people will wonder how it happened.
09/04/2121m 0s

Good Debt Versus Bad Debt - Daniel Goodman #5115

Daniel Goodman is a Professional Day Trader and specifically looks for Real Estate Investments, Day trading stocks, options and futures, and long term investments in the stock market 1. When I think of good debt, the first thing that comes to mind is a mortgage. That is providing you shelter, a place to live, and everything wonderful about having a home. Yes it’s not fun making payments for five years and not seeing your principal drop too much because of the interest that you’re paying, but if you’re paying anywhere around 5% interest or less, you’re doing very well! Overtime that home will become more valuable. And therefore you have more equity. And if you need to, you can borrow money off your home, or refinance it and pull money out. This is a beautiful thing. However, only do this if you can afford to make the payments! Or else, you will lose your home and be forced to sell it.   Getting a loan for a business, is also considered good debt. Because hopefully, or at least your intentions are that this business will make you money. And paying off the loan will be small potatoes compared to the money you are bringing in from the business. Bottom line, you borrowed money from the bank or lender for the purpose of making “a lot more money“ then you owe them. Again, this is not something that’s going to happen overnight and you will be debt-free in a week.   Another type of good debt can be a “no interest“ financing plan. For example, you go to Best Buy (they have fabulous no interest deals) and you need to buy a washer, dryer, new oven range, and vacuum cleaner for your new home. If you get approved with their line of credit, depending on the dollar amount, you might be able to get five years of no interest!  That’s good debt! All those appliances you bought are must need items. You need to wash your clothes and dry them, vacuum your floor to keep it clean, and cook your food. Of course, please make sure you can afford the monthly payments before signing. Let’s talk about some bad debt. You just got approved for a new credit card, with a $20,000 limit!  You have an 800 credit score, and no dings on your credit, and make enough money, and that’s why you were approved with a nice starting limit! So you go out and buy yourself a new Rolex watch and clothing to go with your new job promotion! Unfortunately, the promotion doesn’t work out the next week. The company had to lay off a lot of people. Well, now you have bad debt!! If you can’t return those items, then you have to figure out a way to pay off the new bill before the 25% interest on your credit card starts hitting you. Because you don’t need a watch or fancy clothing. A watch and clothing will not cook your food or make it taste better. It might make you feel better wearing these items, but it won’t keep a roof over your head either. These are nonessential items!   A credit card is only used for two reasons: for emergencies and you are prepared to pay the high interest rate that comes with it, or the benefits such as points that add up to perks and things like that. But when you use the credit card for points and perks, you have to have cash in the bank to pay it off right away before the interest hits you. Try your best to only charge your credit card if you can afford to pay it back right away. 2. The benefits of having good debt is having equity in your home. Owning a home with equity allows you to borrow off of it when needed. If you refinance it, you might even get a better interest rate on top of it. Let’s say you have $500,000 in equity in your home. You make more than enough money to take $500,000 out of your home and still pay the interest and the new principal. If you refinance it and get an amazing interest rate at 2.75% because you have exceptional credit and a perfect application across-the-board, you can invest that $500,000 into something that could pay you, let’s say 7%. One possibility would be to buy a condo using that $500,000 with zero debt after the purchase. You have no mortgage on the condo. You can rent it out and even if you get 6% a year on your money, you’re still making 3.25% after paying your interest on the refinance of your home.   Let’s let’s say you basically  broke even. Let’s say the condo only pays you 3% on your money by renting it out, you now have another property and soon that property will have equity in it. As you can see, if you play the real estate game with good debt versus bad debt, it can pay off in a beautiful way. And this is how most real estate mogul‘s start building their portfolio. 3. Good debt can be bad. Pretty much the only way good debt is bad, is if you have over leveraged yourself. If you keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing, and you don’t have a job that will pay off these good debts, you’ll be forced to sell everything to pay the bank back. For example, if you borrow equity from your home to buy another home, that’s fine as long as that new mortgage is paid. Usually it’s paid by renting it out and having tenants and you are now a landlord. Once that home has equity you can borrow off that home to buy another home. And do the same thing. However, if you have no savings account and no liquid assets to pay those mortgages, and if for some reason your tenants leave, you’re in big trouble. And even worse, if the value of your home drops, you might not even be able to sell your home and pay back your debt in full.   So please be careful taking on leverage and multiple mortgages!! 4. A Person should only have as much good debt as they can afford. Good debt is a luxury. But needs to be treated with respect and not fooled around with it.   You can own as many homes, appliances, and anything you need, just as long as you can pay for it. Otherwise it all becomes bad debt.
09/04/2125m 18s

Gold Ready To Make New High - Eric Hadik #5114

Still a little more upside to go in the stocks. On a relative basis, the last couple of months the tech sector has been giving some yellow flags. Eric expects it to spike to a new high. It’s been giving a couple of warning signs. It held at 12,200, which means 14,000 could be around the corner. It’s probably an intermediate peak in mid-April, but not the final peak.  Gold is now at the ideal entry point, once it hit 1670’s. The double low reaffirmed the buy signal. He’s looking for a significant peak in mid-May. Silver should hit a new cycle high as well. The bottom appears to be in and a good rally in early April and a second rally to follow.  Bond market has adhered to a 4 year cycle. Peak in prices came in mid 2020, with resulting low in interest rates. Interest rates in mid 2021 should see a secondary high in bond prices. Economic optimism might hit a bump in the road before it resumes the trend.  Oil prices heading towards a significant peak. Then it should back down. We might be seeing a retest of the recent high. But a top nonetheless.  US Dollar, Eric has been looking for it to set a final low in 2121. On an intermediate basis it spiked over 93 and set an intermediate top. Now it should work its way down with major support at the 88-89 range. Could have a signifcant impact on gold and other markets too.
08/04/2125m 31s

Insanely Busy Mortgage Broker - Debbie Bloyd #5113

Interest rates rising for now what will the effect be? Buyers haven’t seemed to notice. One a $300k mortgage their payment has gone up $60-70 per month. Buyers need to prepared for higher insurance, taxes, utilities, etc. Texas had their freeze and they’re still trying to get rid of the claims backlog. Many lost power for days.  What’s going on in the Real Estate market? Inventory around nation the nation is extremely low. 1 month’s inventory currently. More people are staying put than ever before. Elderly aren’t downsizing. New homebuyers are purchasing larger homes. Out of state buyers snapping up high priced homes. Prices are going up and lots of cash sales happening. New home construction is on the upsurge. There’s wait lists galore.  Investing in Real Estate to cash in inflation. People have waited for a good deal. People were waiting for lower mortgage rates. They bet wrong. Now they’re trying to beat higher rates and trying to get more.  Over 55 communities are increasing greatly. Lots of golf carts. People over 60 downsizing to these communities.  Foreclosures also coming to a head. The moratorium is coming to an end. There’s still a number of homes that are on chopping block. This could see an increase in inventory eventually. It’s all in flux.
08/04/2121m 33s

Did Gold Hit The Physical Floor? Craig Hemke #5112

There’s a point at which even the banks cannot drive the price lower. You get to a point where you can’t allow too large a divergence or you risk the system imploding. We’ve seen it numerous times, most recently March 2020 and again last week. Many technical and fundamental reasons why it’s probably going higher. Dollar peaked. Bond market double topped. At some point the down trend lines end. Coupon code LUTZ and save 50% off your first month at
07/04/2122m 11s

Carl Gould - Surviving The Pandemic - from a 4 Time Entrepreneur of the Year #5111

Carl Gould is a worldwide leading authority on business and entrepreneurship. His company, 7 Stage Advisors helps organizations grow to the next level. He is an entrepreneur who built three multi-million dollar businesses by age 40. 7 Stage Advisors, has mentored the launch of over five thousand businesses. Some of the companies he’s helped are companies like Allstate, American Idol , USA Olympic Track, IBM, McGraw-Hill and the US Army.  Gould created the farthest-reaching business mentoring organization in the world, and his methodologies are in practice in 35 countries. He has trained, certified or accredited over 7,000 Business Coaches and Mentors since 2002.  Carl has written multiple books on the subject of business strategy, leadership and sustainable growth. He co-authored “Blueprint for Success” with Stephen R. Covey and Ken Blanchard; and his best-selling book, “The 7 Stages of Small Business Success”, lays out the formula for HyperGrowth.  Pandemic Advice 1 - Stay open no matter what. You’ll do whatever it takes to service your community.  2 - People follow authority and thought leaders. 3 - Don’t over discount. In this pandemic banks and individuals had excess funds available and pent up demand. 4 - Create the VIP experience for clients to do 1 day adventure and indulgence. Touchless contactless service available to all.
06/04/2123m 51s

Big Increase In Inflation Coming Soon - Jim Welsh #5110

A major increase in inflation is ahead and the Fed isn’t gonna do anything about it. A lot of people are oblivious to this fact and they’re in for a shock as is the stock market. This should be good news for gold and the mining sector. Powell is talking the talk, but he’s not about to walk the walk. He says that it will be temporary and therefore, it doesn’t warrant a  response. The stage is set for a conflict between inflation and the stock market. Will asset value inflation continue onward and upward. The coming bout of inflation, gasoline up 60%. It will add two percent all by itself. Supply chain disruptions mean less vehicle sales and reduction of discounts. The chip shortage is severe. Issues at the ports, not enough trucks or dock capacity to handle it. We could see the headline CPI jump as much as 3.5% and the core rate will follow it. If an when the 10 year gets above 2%, yields will then drop, temporarily.
06/04/2110m 55s

No Guarantees In Life - John Rubino #5109

Is the economy overheating? -- soaring home prices -- huge jump in March auto sales  -- jobs growth blew away expectations -- 10-year yield over 1.7% -- SuperMario video game from the 1980s sells for $600,000 -- Stocks hit all-time highs on the jobs report What happens if inflation and interest rates spike at some time?  Where is the Fed when you need them the most?  Does government have to shift to tightening this year?    Is all news, good and bad, good news for the markets?
06/04/2121m 52s

Beware Of Business Funding Scams - Triple Lutz Report #486

FSN community member Joe brought this to my attention.The promise is fast easy business loans with minimal documentationGive them 3 months of checking account statements and they’ll handle the rest. But there’s always a catch. This is literally payday lending for small business. I had to check it out and find out what the scam is. I do a google search and there’s a million of these companies. So I decide, let’s test it out and see what the deal is. I go to Lending Tree and type in business loans. I fill out the form and no sooner do I hit the submiit key and they’re already call.  The game is on. Their small business lending expert is a very articulate young man/woman who knows all the right buzz words. I explain that I have a high credit score, no judgments or liens. A couple of bucks in the bank, pay everyone on time, even now. I’m looking for expansion capital to build a new studio and set up a real broadcast channel. I need $75k, but of course it depends upon the rate. I can always self-finance.  Then the fun begins. These are modern day legal loan sharks. They can give me the money from 7-12 months, but I want 18. Sorry we can’t do that. And we’re gonna take our payments from your bank, some weekly, some daily and some whenever they feel like it. All for a paltry interest rate of 30% to 85% per annum and perhaps higher.  But here’s the catch, they never tell you what the rate. In their word, “You just need to know your cost of money, how much you’ll be paying back…” Because they know if they were to tell you the real interest rate, you’d slam the phone down and block them from ever calling you again. I did 7-8 times all with similar results. They kept calling and emailing until I told them to lose my number and dnc me. After the 3rd or 4th one I would tell them my parameters, no rate higher than 10 percent, monthly payments, 18 months minimum. They always promised they would get it done and then they’d come up with 40 percent interest rates or more. Complete scammers. And they never mention it, but I’m sure they require a personal guarantee. Some states still have usury laws, but only for personal loans or credit cards. There has always been an exception for corporate loans accompanied by a pg, even if the the corp was formed just to avoid the usury cap.  Beware of these scumbags. You’re much better off going to friends and family or taking out credit card advances. Or if you’re a student, even though it’s not permitted, using some of you subsidized student loans to fund your start-up. Anything but these shylocks.
05/04/2110m 47s

No Bear Market Ahead For 5—10 Years - RC Peck #5108

One year ago we had the most rapid decline in history and the fast rise in history. What does the market do after a crash/purge. RC believes the market is heading higher for the next 5-10 years. Just because it has done it in the past, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen now. 700 million people have their money in the market. Collectively, they have a pretty good view of what’s coming. The idea that the end is near is at best exhausting and at worst makes you fearful. A little knowledge of history is a good thing. Go with probablity and history first, but don’t throw caution to the wind. The market has been leading the world and the economy for more than a century. There’s a collective unconsciousness guiding us in the market.
02/04/2128m 3s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (March 2021)

Stock markets took off again in March: Dow added 6.6% to 32982, S&P 500 up 4.3%, Nasdaq finished flat, Russell 2000 up another 1%, TSX added 3.9% TSX.V down a big 6.5%. VIX down to a calmer 18.95. Dollar was up 2.5% to 93.24 and Euro down 2.8% to. 10 Year yield skyrocketed to 1.74%. Bitcoin went parabolic again up 23.4% to a record 58804. Gold off 1.5% to 1709. Silver off 8.6% to 24.41. PT pretty much flat. PD rose 13.4%  for the month to 2528. Dr. Copper down 4.2% to $4.01, breaking $4 per pound. WTI off 3.8% to 59.16. Brent off 3.9% to 63.54. Natgas off 5.8% to a still anemic 2.66. Uranium ran up impressive 11.7% to $31.13.  Ratios: Au/Ag 70 - Pt/Au .69 - Pt/Pd .47 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 22.7 and AU/WTI coming back down to earth 28.9.
01/04/2119m 10s

The Real Minimum Wage is $0 - Wayne Winegarden #5107

Wayne Winegarden opines, "If the fight for $15 minimum wage is successful, it will impose far more costs than benefits. Not only are minimum wage proponents distorting the population impacted, but they also fail to understand the economic trade-offs required. To understand the trade-offs, it is helpful to review the financials of a typical retail business, which is the sector where the vast majority of minimum wage workers are employed. Based on the average annual revenue of a small retailer ($262,092), and the average cost structure, a pro-forma financial statement of a small retailer looks something like Table 1, which illustrates that based on the current costs of running a retail store, the average small retailer earns about $43,000 in profits annually."
01/04/2116m 7s

Helping Businesses Get Through Covid - Wayne B. Titus #5106

The lockdowns implemented by a number of states to control covid have been devastating to small businesses across the nation. Smaller businesses have gotten the short end of the stick. Many businesses have closed. Some entrepreneurs will rise from the ashes and others won’t. Unless you’ve got the cash to start a new business, it will be very difficult. The last man standing will be the winner. As an entrepreneur you need to shift and need to plan for the next pandemic. Chapter 11 could be your best friend. Many businesses who could have gotten aid under the CARES Act. Much of the public often didn’t understand how to take advantage of the program. There’s a lack of interpretive advisors who can help you actually apply the programs to your needs.
01/04/2117m 28s

Successful Mining Duo Builds High Quality Chilean Copper Gold Portfolio - Torq Resources

In an environment of unlimited Money Printing and unlimited Government, how can you protect your wealth? Historically, one choice has been sound junior mining ventures led by superior teams. Torq Resources (sponsor) is exactly that kind of company. Shawn Wallace and Ivan Bebek have a strong track record of building successful companies, with resulting high returns to shareholders. Shawn explained the Torq Strategy: “The team has been very deliberate and ‘picky’ in choosing projects and moving them forward.” They were making great progress in Chile, when Covid struck. The accompanying travel restrictions presented a major obstacle, but Torq soon crafted a brilliant new plan. In South America, personal relationships are everything. Doing business on Zoom is not an option. Michael Henrichsen (Chief Geologist) had vast South American experience and a relationship network second to none. He created a team of “Finders” that brought a steady stream of quality projects in for review. The team was so effective, they became a permanent part of the Company after the Margarita acquisition. Now they’re closing in on more projects of similar scope & scale. Shawn is very optimistic about Margarita’s. He believes they’re in the right place at the right time. Chile has many areas that are unexplored and others that were cherry-picked in decades past. Large new copper deposits are extremely scarce. New exploration and production technologies could give these properties new life and big profits. Shawn’s partnership with Ivan Bebek has been a major success story. Their backgrounds and experience fully complement one another. Both are ardent proponents of tight share structures and the requirement that the bulk of capital raised must go into the ground. And they both share a passion for the business and the industry As in all their ventures, insider ownership is high. Shawn and Ivan have skin in the game, their interests as always are aligned with their shareholders. Looking ahead, there are a number of factors that should affect the share price. First is near-term commencement of the Margarita pre-drill exploration program to hone in on the best drill targets. Measure twice, cut once for best results and use of capital. Next, as Shawn points out, new acquisitions are on the horizon. Finally, higher copper and gold prices will likely be reflected in the share price. OTCQX: TRBMF TSX-V: TORQ
31/03/2117m 25s

How To Kill A Major Bank - Kerry and Linda Killinger #5106

Kerry Killinger was CEO of Washington Mutual Bank during the financial crisis. He helped build it up from a small regional player into a high-growth national entity. He'd spoken with JP Morgan-Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon about the possibility of merging the two. Then came the 2008 financial crisis and Jamie had other ideas, he wanted the bank for nothing. WAMU had been preparing for a major real estate price collapse and had cut back its real estate lending to prepare for the bad days. But that wasn't enough. They were caught short on capital and then Dimon pounced. In a flash Killinger was forced out and then WAMU was swallowed up by Dimon for next to nothing. The resulting behemoth has been extremely profitable ever since. In their book Nothing Is Too Big To Fail (Kerry and wife Linda) detail what took place behind the scenes and how it all went down, much to their amazement. It's a must read to understand what we're up against.
31/03/2118m 56s

We’ve Gone Off The Cliff - Jerry Robinson #5105

Acccording to Jerry Robinson we’ve gone off the cliff and now we’re airbone waiting for impact. Jerry forecast that the Fed would continue its policy of the so-called Greenspan Put. When in doubt print money! If still in doubt, print more money. Incredible amounts of liquidity are sloshing around the market leading to higher asset prices and bigger bubbles.  Government can’t stop Bitcoin, but it looks like they’ve somewhat succeeded with gold and silver. Gold is not dead, there’s just other speculative assets available. Jerry is still a believer in gold. It’s holding up and it’s still consolidating and is in a long term uptrend. It’s got to retake the 250 moving day moving average. Silver has been hovering in its current range for a long time now. Their time is coming.
31/03/2130m 24s

Hedge Fund Blows Up - John Rubino #5104

Hedge Funds blowing up. Archegos Fund gone. This is what happens at the top of a cycle or bubble. More stimmies on the way, thanks President Biden. Right on the heels of the last stimulus plan. It will insulate the system from further blow-ups.  Big risks are interest rates and currencies. Even a three percent yield on the treasuries won’t matter and further distort Gold and silver retreating, what does it mean?  $240 million this month in NFT’s. Bezos fighting unionization with every dirty trick in the book. Bernie Sanders is out there fighting the fight for higher wages and better work conditions.  Rush to upgrade condos in NYC due to the huge price decline. The Hamptons has turned into a year round  Trial of Minneapolis George Floyd Cop beginning.
30/03/2122m 50s

Everything Is Getting More Expensive - Peter Schiff #5103

Covid was an excuse to increase the size of government. We’re not raising taxes but even if they do raise taxes they will pale in comparison to how much is being spent. We’ll all have a lot less because the government is taking so much more. They can try to cover it up with a distorted CPI, and they’ll claim it’s the sign of a growing economy. We just had the worst trade deficit in history and the pundits claim it’s a sign of a growing economy, which it isn’t. Weak economies suffer rising prices, not a strong one.  The stimulus was a grab bag. There was no real way to control the fraud. Wealthy people were getting the PPP. The fraudsters lined up around the block to take the government’s money. They were gifts not loans. Everyone was in favor of it. A huge boondogle of the highest order.  We don’t learn from history. The 1920 bust was higher than 1929, but Coolidge cut government spending dramatically which made it a sharp but brief recession. In 1929 we went with Keynes and the recession carried on for over a decade. Herbert Hoover did everything the Keynesians wanted to be done and it didn’t work. Roosevelt just picked up the baton. From 1932 to 1941 was a long running continuous depression.  There’s hedge funds blowing up and there always will be. The problem is the lenders. The funds can’t pay back its loans. The lenders are on the hook. Banks were so desparate for income that they would loan to anyone. Too big to fail and increase the moral hazard.  Peter has positioned himself and others by recognizing that the biggest casualty is going to be the dollar. Paper wealth is going to dissipate. The post-dollar era is coming and you need to play that trend. Resources and business that have those resources will help protect your wealth from future disasters.
30/03/2132m 44s

NFT’s And Bitcoin To Oblivion - John Feneck #5102

John sees one more turn lower for gold and silver. It hasn't caught on yet with younger folks are going for cryptos, instead they're going for cryptos. John is concerned about crypto viability due to their lack of market regulation. Several years we saw Ethereum go from over $100 to $1 in the course of a day. John trades Bitcoin via shares such as Overstock and Paypal. John is short the Russell, he thinks it's had its move even if the economy is due for a bump up. It's always value versus growth and value is coming back in vogue, after a very long hiatus. Newmont Mining is paying 4%.Its dividends and margins have grown substantially. Newmont is now making $700 per ounce on gold, a major cash cow. Big money will start to float into the sector, but it is taking its time. John believes another silver short squeeze is probably inevitable. Right now the dollar is going higher, treasuries dropping and other issues that probably won’t allow it, but eventually those factors will shift and then we'll see a major do over. All in all a stock pickers market.
29/03/2124m 47s

Positioned To Profit From Rapidly Rising Copper Prices with Doré Copper's CEO

Doré Copper's CEO Ernest Mast believes that when it comes to mining, past is often prologue. (sponsor) He's acquired and continues to acquire a portfolio of successful past producing  projects that hold great promise for the future. The choice simple, its much easier and less risky to acquire and restart past producing mines . Often, they were shut down due to economic or technical reasons, rather than depletion of reserves. Restarting production is a far simpler matter, requiring minimal approvals and reduced investment. In addition, Mast is continues to consolidate nearby under or unexplored properties to further expand the resource. Ernie expects to release an updated 43-101 and PEA later this year.  Doré's a 2700 tpd Copper Rand Processing Plant along with its  growing list of mines is part of a "hub and spoke" strategy to maximize the mill's economies of scale. High quality area  infrastructure helps facilitate this process. Add to that a quality local mine-oriented work force and you've got the makings of an efficient gold/copper producer with world-class potential.  It's no wonder that Doré has found widespread support and investment from a variety of interested parties, from the Cree Nation, to the municipality of Chbougamau and numerous other companies in the area.  With $4 copper and $1700+ gold, Doré is ideally situated to ride out the next commodities super-cycle turning in big profits for shareholders who have patience and vision, of which we'd like to include ourselves. (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF)
28/03/2117m 23s

Flight From New York City Continues - Andrew Ragusa #5101

People are still fleeing New York City in record numbers. The reasons are obvious, crime, lawlessness, government failure and a desire to move to safer environs. People are often fed up with the expense of the City, working from home and no longer have a need to reside there. Many physicians are fleeing and have been spurred on my lower rates. Some however have buyer’s remorse. It’s an interesting trend that will no doubt continue.
26/03/2113m 40s

Finding Happiness In An Insane World - Dr. John Huber #5100

Just because the world is depressed doesn’t mean you to be too. Your internal state of mind is the key to your happiness and satisfaction with life. Reinforce your belief in yourself by using positive affirmations; they can make a big difference. Sometimes you get so down that you need professional help to get out of it and that’s okay too. It might even require medication and that’s okay too.  Three things to turn your life around right now. 1 There’s never a perfect time, start the journey now.  2 Adversity creates opportunity. Life is 99 percent virtual. 3 Working virtually gives you possibilities that never dreamed of before. Open your eyes and realize it.  Today is the day and now is the time to turn your life around. Reframe and rebuild your business plan. Don’t worry about the small stuff.
26/03/2122m 28s

Who's Watching The Bots - Joe Gissy #5099

Joe Gissy has a long history in the finance sector. Now he's going all in on Robot trading. Will it work? Obviously bots can act faster, analyze more data and sift through patterns faster than any human being out there. But is that enough to turn in superior performance. And is this the beginning of Skynet? In the Terminator movies the computers takeover and use specialized robots known as Terminators to eliminate human beings. But perhaps all we they need to do is disrupt our markets and stop all financial transactions. The humans might self-terminate saving Skynet the bother. However, this appears to be the future and just like robots took over chess competitions, so too will go trading.
25/03/2115m 59s

Silver In Short Supply - David Morgan #5098

Retail silver is in very short supply. Mints aren’t producing enough for various reasons. How can it be? Answer, because that’s the way the market is structured. As Rick Rule says, “This market doesn’t not act properly at all.” Billionaires are losing their interest for precious metals and going all in on cryptos. Every day is a new day with fundamentals stronger than ever. Treasuries are rising to near 2%, which is way below the normal 5%. Debt is expanding to infinity. Once the rate goes higher, the problem will get worse. Conviction, don’t give up the ship. Only buy physical or allocated from trusted sources and even then be careful. Who can you trust to hold your metal?
25/03/2121m 14s

Is San Francisco Still The World Start-up Capital? Eli David #5097

Eli David started StartupBlink to identify the best places in the world for start-ups. Despite it's well publicized problems dealing with homelessness and sanitary conditions, San Francisco is still number one. Then comes New York City, despite the best efforts of Comrade diBlasio to destroy it. Coming up at number 3 is London, hardly anyone's idea of a start-up. Eli is an economist and uses a number of measurements to compile his report. Coming up quickly from behind is Beijing and Shanghai. Will they one day be number 1 and 2?
24/03/2121m 48s

More Weakness Ahead For Gold and Silver -Gary Wagner #5096

Gary Wagner joined us for a review of current gold and silver price action and trends. Gold hit its low last month, at just under $1700. Now it’s at $1724. Yesterday we had a weak dollar and US equities moving higher. Gold can’t get out of its own way and everything is negative for it. Short-term we’re in  bearish mode. Below 50 and 200 day moving average. At the same time deficits are escalating out of control. A series of events are occurring that are driving it down, but there’s good support at $1700. From what we’re looking at now, we could see some pressure in both metals, so it’s a good time to buy. August was the beginning of a multi-month correction. There’s still weaknesses in the market. Bitcoin hit $60k and now it has corrected. Gary now has a bitcoin report. Gary’s son went short at $60k and expects it to retrace to $45k. Now we’re seeing corporate acceptance.
24/03/2121m 58s

Miami Spring Break SNAFU - John Rubino #5095

Big SNAFU as Miami declares spring break state of emergency, a sign that things are getting back to normal. Too many people partying means things are getting back to usual. Small businesses in Miami are back making money. Drunks are big tippers. So much  DeSantis is a genius and is on track to being 2024 Republican presidential nominee. John believes the Texas-Florida model will be shown by history to be the right move.  We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Masks Dr. F. It’s about time someone called out Mr. Doctor F. Starting to look like the entire pan-demic response was over done and uneccesary. And the fall-out is shocking. The sooner we get passed it the better.  Markets still going higher and they’re flooding the system with cash. Nasdaq moves up and down 200-300 regularly. The Robinhood checks have gone out and things are heating up. The economy and inflation will pick up. Interest rates are heading higher.  Will the money move into bonds now that rates are going higher? Volatility is guaranteed to pick up. John is short the Nasdaq and the S&P 500. Long periods of low interest rates cause people to borrow more and become overleveraged.
23/03/2120m 52s

More Gold In Mobile Homes - Brian Spear #5094

Today's mobile home park is nothing like you've been led to believe. While they're certainly not exclusive communities, most residents are hardworking people on their way up to a spot in the middle class. They provide affordable housing that has enabled many people to save for a home and move on up. They're usually well managed and provide excellent cash flow. Brian explains how they also provide investors with excellent returns and a great way to diversify real estate holdings.
23/03/2124m 29s

The United States of Stimmies - Naresh Vissa #5093

The entire country, including small business is hooked on stimulus a/k/a stimmies. Naresh fears that it’s going to become a regular annual or semi-annual occurrence. It’s on its way to becoming a permanent economic fixture. The rich keep getting poorer. Families with an income over $400,000 will be hit with additional taxes. In Blue states, a full 60 percent of your income will be gone. There’s lot’s more here. Get ready.
22/03/2125m 12s

Thank You Airlines - Covid Passports Coming - John Jordan #5092

Airlines ask White House to develop standardized COVID-19 travel 'passports' Leading airline and business groups are asking the Biden administration to develop temporary credentials that would let travelers show they have been tested and vaccinated for COVID-19, a step that the airline industry believes will help revive travel. Various groups and countries are working on developing so-called vaccine passports aimed at allowing more travel. But airlines fear that a smattering of regional credentials will cause confusion and none will be widely accepted. “It is crucial to establish uniform guidance” and “the U.S. must be a leader in this development,” more than two dozen groups said in a letter Monday to White House coronavirus-response coordinator Jeff Zients. The groups said, however, that vaccination should not be a requirement for domestic or international travel. The groups include the main U.S. and international airline trade organizations, airline labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The White House did not immediately comment.
19/03/2110m 31s

Financial Crisis Coming This Fall - Deja’ Vu All Over Again - Bob Hoye #5091

There’s nothing new in the market, but we’re seeing financial violence again. The public has never been more engaged in the market. Bob hasn’t seen anything like it since the 1960’s. There’s no numbers one can put on it, but Bob says it’s the great public participation. The difference between inflation in the financial aspects versus a rising CPI and cost of living. Bob’s classical definition of inflation, which is in an inordinate increase in credit, not prices. You’ll get them switching off periodically, such as the 1970’s. The reckless Fed and its buying of treasuries to keep rates down parallels that era. Newly created credited flows into the economy in different ways, often unpredictable. Bob isn’t predicting Weimar level inflation, runaway inflation this time. Bond markets are not facing extinction this time. It won’t happen with the reserve currency and main economy. We are at a cyclical peak for financial assets and commodities. Watch the gold silver ratio, if it goes up take note, we’ll be heading for a crisis. US Dollar pattern could lead to a rise, especially in light of history which favors the reserve currency. The greatest financial crisis in history is coming this fall.
18/03/2136m 39s

Where Was He When I Went To College - Dr. Michael Busler, PhD. #5090

Dr. Michael Busler is an economist, columnist and teacher. Economics is his specialty and free markets are his passion. He had a long standing relationship with the late Milton Friedman and has followed in his path. What ails the country and the world in his opinion is the refusal by our leaders to govern less and let the markets decide. This philosophy is what made America the greatest economic power the world has ever known. And the deviation from these core values is what's causing it to fail now. We talked about fraud and how the government is a great facilitator of it. Much more here worth listening to.
18/03/2119m 45s

The Ten Minute Stock Trader - Christopher Uhl #5089

When it comes to being a successful trader you fail your way to success, it's really that simple. Like all aspiring traders, Chris blew up his account several times until he figured out the key to success. Now he's teaching others and trying to help them avoid failing their way up in the process. It's not easy to learn, especially trading options, but if you stick to it and use Chris's system, you might just succeed your way to success.
17/03/2118m 8s

6000 S&P Coming - Markets Gone Wild - Avi Gilbert #5088

The market is setting up for quite an advance in April. What the March crash did was reset sentiment. It’s a slingshot sending markets higher. Totally counter-intuitive. This is how markets work. It puts so many of us into the wrong side of the market. It’s emotional and you need to stop trying reason with the market.  Back in 2017 Avi set a target of 2200 before the rally began its ascent to just below 4000. It’s been playing out very accurately. Elliott Wave Theory simply tracks human psychology. It’s been guiding Avi extremely well. Other systems have validity too.  The Russell 2000 still has much upside left to go. Tremendous opportunity in the next few month.  Precious metals, big time bottoming coming up over the next week or two. That could lead to a major move in metals and miners this coming year. A similar set-up to 2016. Rates may go higher, but look for a yo-yoing in bond prices. Stay away. Once the rally is complete in 2023 (S&P 6000), looking for a rising rate deflation. There’s potential for really bad pro-longed bear market, but there’s time.
17/03/2117m 42s

What's Good For RobinHooders Is Good For America - John Rubino #5087

All Roads Lead To Precious Metals  Never fear more stimulus is on the way. Reddit/Robinhood are getting their checks and don’t forget the infrastructure program that’s on the way. $4 trillion coming into the market. Very stimulative and inflationary too. Cities and states are having their debts paid off by the government. Is the stimulus uneccesary? Will it be more harmful than beneficial. Lumber, copper, everything is going up. Maybe Dr. Copper is right after all. Watch out for inflation. The perception of an inflationary economy is here. What if it doesn’t work? We already have an overleveraged economy with adjustable rates. Higher rates might well slow down the economy.  Higher rates equal lower bond prices. Real estate could take a hit from higher rates. The amount of currency in the world dwarfs the quantity of precious metals.
16/03/2126m 36s

David Erfle On The Recent Gold Price Decline #5086

The big picture. Gold bottomed at 1050 and just about doubled to 2063 in August 2020. It has now retraced 30 percent of its gain, exactly. The decline was orderly in the metal and the stocks as well.  We had a parabolic move in gold and of course it’s going to retrace. It’s a very healthy correction. I could come down and test the 1580-1600 level. The algos. As predicted from 1850 down to 1670 The Dow Jones Industrials have become the stock market leader. The louder the cries of a crash, the more the shorts are going to get hit. Yields have had  an impact. But Friday, gold had an upside reversal in spite of yield. The gold miners started showing relative strength in the face of the metals decline.  Silver has been holding its own. It hasn’t broken $30 yet, but that’s a major resistance point. It’s not even close to it’s $50 high. It’s maintaining. The silver juniors predicted the move. They’re building a base to go higher. It’s always a bullish sign when silver shows strength in the face of lower gold prices.    This is actually a gift. All the juniors are cashed up. Money keeps pouring into the sector. A lot of quality juniors have corrected 30-40%. But they’re up several times. They’reat a great entry point. It’s an amazing time. In spite of or maybe because of the trolls. Dr. Copper is sounding the alarm on inflation, among other things. Rising rates are supposed to kill commodities, but the converse is true. Rising rates are actually a net positive for metals.  David sold a few stocks for company specific reasons and to raise cash ahead of the Fed.
16/03/2129m 21s

Market Wizard Series Author Jack Schwager #5085

Today's stock market is the same as the old one, just with new tools, Robinhood, apps, etc. But emotional excesses have always occurred and still do today. The 1999-2000 Internet Bubble is a perfect example. Not really that much different than the Gamestop short squeeze. Jack believes that the shorts are doing a service, by helping to uncover fraud.  We all must become better risk managers. That means, you need to decide whether it’s an investment or a trade. If you don’t want to do the work, just go out and buy an index fund, especially after a bad period in the markets. Being a trader it’s very different. Your time horizon is shorter and your potential risk is greater. For a trader you must pick your stop point before you get into the trade.  Never, ever forget, it’s okay to fail. Just keep coming back and you may very well ultimately succeed. Always begin with a smaller stake, never risk your entire nest egg. Avoid impulse trading. It's a sure way to lose.  And perhaps most importantly, remember that while markets may change and technology is always leaping further ahead, emotions remain the same and in the end they move the market.
15/03/2125m 52s

Aurcana Silver Production Starting This Summer

Kevin Drover, CEO - Aurcana Silver (sponsor) is extremely excited about imminent silver production at it's Ouray, Colorado mine this summer. He personally moved there to oversee the final production steps. 130 people are working the mine as we speak. The initial annual silver production target is 3.1 million ounces. That level would anticipate processing 270 tons per day at their underground mill (slightly more than 50% capacity). Plans are already underway to increase that total and to drive up production even higher. But Kevin is taking the cautious approach to assure that Aurcana achieves its production goal. Average all in costs are around $9 per ounce, which means big profits are ahead.  The company is cashed up with $46 million and is starting plans to reactivate its Shafter mine in Texas. As shareholders we are expecting big things from Aurcana soon.
14/03/2117m 14s

Fed Coin Is Coming - Keith Weiner #5084

The Fedcoin has bipartisan support. Jay Powell, appointed as Federal Reserve Chairman by President Trump, said in October that the Federal Reserve is conducting research into issuing a digital currency, on its own and also in partnership with other central banks and the Bank for International Settlements. Janet Yellen, appointed as Fed Chair by President Obama, said last week, “It makes sense for central banks to be looking at issuing sovereign digital currencies.” They give different stated reasons. Powell is more conservative, and his focus is on addressing the potential competitive threat of bitcoin and digital currencies from countries such as China. However, if he really wanted to make the dollar more competitive against the yuan, then he would just abuse the Fed’s credit less. Yellen nods to a progressive idea, saying that a Fedcoin, “could help address hurdles to financial inclusion in the U.S. among low-income households.” However, if she really wanted the “unbankables” to be able to open accounts, then she would just repeal anti money laundering and other regulations that penalize a bank for crimes committed by its clients. Both Powell’s and Yellen’s statements are disingenuous. A Fedcoin is coming, because it’s necessary. Allow us to explain the two real reasons. The first is sinister. The second is more pernicious. Why Fedcoin? The Real Reasons The first reason is the pathological fall of interest rates over the last four decades. Interest in the US dollar has not gone negative yet, though it has in the Swiss franc, the euro, the pound, and the yen. Interest will continue to fall. When the rate goes negative enough, the banks will not be able to hold the line on paying zero interest in deposit accounts. They will be forced to pass through their pain to depositors. This will provide the first incentive to withdraw cash from the banks—thus pulling out capital—since the 1930’s. The paper dollar bill has zero yield. People will prefer zero to negative yield. Free is better than paying to hold your money. The central banks have three ways to try to fight this. One, they could try to impose losses on dollar bills. They could create an algorithm that deducts from the face value, based on serial number. If they roll this out to point-of-sale devices, then every merchant will know the legal tender value of your cash. That “twenty” could actually be worth $19.93. But this seems impractical and confusing. Two, they can demonetize cash. People are given until a certain date to turn in their cash for a credit to their bank accounts. After that, the paper will have no legal tender value. But, as Yellen noted, many people are kept out of the banking system. Or, three, they could issue a Fedcoin and force everyone to trade their paper cash for Fedcoins. Fedcoin would be nothing like bitcoin. Fedcoin would be programmed to erode at a rate to match the Fed’s negative interest rates. Thus, it would not provide a haven to anyone seeking to hold cash to avoid the erosion of bank balances. They will have you totally trapped. This is an extension of the same idea behind banning gold in 1933. The people were disenfranchised, unable to opt out of the government’s debt. The most conservative saver was forced to hold government bonds, rather than gold. Indeed, after that, the definition of risk-free asset is the government bond. After 1975, you can hold gold. But now, it’s not a dollar balance. It has dollar price volatility. Hence, it’s unsuitable for many conservative savers (and financial institutions). If you have a billion dollars of cash, and a liability to pay a billion dollars in two months, then you cannot take the risk on gold. As we write this, the price of gold has dropped $244 dollars since the start of 2021, or about 13% in about two months. An individual may be able to escape the system by buying gold (or bitcoin), however the dollars are trapped in the system. The seller of the gold (or bitcoin) is the new owner of those dollars. And faces the same awful choice of the tiger or the tiger. The Fedcoin will be designed to further tighten the noose. Even cash will become entirely electronic, and subject to slow confiscation. Not by inflation. But by negative interest rates that reduce the account balance.
11/03/2121m 22s

Rick Rule's Retirement Reset #5083

We received an important email from our good friend Rick Rule. He stated, "For those of you who don't already know, this communication amounts to a retirement announcement of sorts. Actually, I prefer to think of this as a 'redirection announcement'..." Rick indicated that he was tired of spending his days doing things he found frustrating or unfulfilling, such as dealing with regulators, etc. Now he's entering the next phase of his career and will be starting Rule Investment Media, picking up the baton from Sprott Media.  We talked a lot about change and lessons of life. Usually those lessons come from investment losses. In the 1970's Rick went from insolvency to colossal success, but most importantly he learned how not to repeat those mistakes in the future. And that is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from Rick, don't keep making the same mistakes over and over, while calling it fate. Always take ownership of your situation and look for workable solutions. But if you're following your passions will it will make the process much easier.  With that we wish Mr. Rule the best of luck and success in his new undertaking.
11/03/2136m 58s

The Bitcoin Mafia At Work - Wolf Richter #5082

Boom in consumer purchases in durable goods. Surging imports and price increases. Container shortage. Triggered by stimulus money. Tracking the Fed, still buying bonds. Short term rates are locked down, but they’re encouraging higher long term rates, they’ve tripled so far. They could go up to 2% for 10 year and then they’ll cap it. 3% would be a major problem. We’re getting over 2% inflation. Long term rates are okay up to the inflation rate for now. The Fed has spoken with a unified voice that they’re accepting higher rates for now. As has Treasury Sec Yellen. Rising growth and rising rates are okay as long as they don’t go up too fast and too high. Wolf sees it as the Fed’s minor way of bringing order back to the markets. Look for a slightly depressed housing sector. Clamping down on exuberence, pulling the punch bowl away. It could go pretty far if inflation and expectations continue higher. Eventually they will step in to stop long term rates from increasing higher. Precious metals have already benefited from this beginning inflationary cycle. They might very well have gone up in anticipation of the beginnings of the cycle. If it turns out to be bigger and badder, then there could be another run-up. A lot of interest in cryptos could have drained demand for precious metals. Cryptos can’t be compared to anything else, by design. Supply is unlimited. Copycats galore. If enough hedge funds and asset managers buy it, the sky is the limit. There’s more cryptos than stocks now. Everything is inflated except bonds, excluding junk bonds. Hard to recommend buying anything at this point. Everything is overvalued. Hang on to what you have and buy productive assets, those that generate a cash flow.
10/03/2124m 41s

Gold Price Is A Tool Of Misdirection - Andy Schectman #5081

Andy has been working 20 hours a day. That’s how intense the demand is for precious metals. Last month every bullion deal shut down due to a major dump of metals contracts into the market. Physical metal is being drained from the SLV and the Comex. Same with the London Metals Exchange. Price is misdirecting the public as the powers that be use the opportunity to drain the metal out. Spend, spend, spend. All the talking heads talk about is spending money. Debt issuance goes up and the Fed prints the difference. While rates have gone up, Andy believes they’re not going much higher. We’ll be paying more in interest than they receive in taxes. Hello inflation. The real rate will stay negative. The best environment for precious metals ever. What could really kill the gold price, 17-18% interest rates. We’re looking at YCC (yield curve control) in spades. There’s no way out. Pullbacks are an opportunity to continue to stack. Inflation is running rampant. Tax receipts hardly cover the interest. Let’s get rid of taxes and let the Fed print the difference. It’s easy to become discouraged when we see so many precious metal smackdowns. It’s been going on for years now. US mint has had a tough time meeting demand. They’ve been swamped by demand. Andy heard a rumor that there’s a high probability that the mint will shut down for two month hiatis to retool their equipment for new bullion coins. The Canadian mint has also had supply issues. Without the Perth Mint and UK Mint supply would really be at issue.
10/03/2116m 12s

Bonds Away - Chris Vermeulen #5080

Chris Vermeulen joined us to share his views of where the markets are at and why being on the sidelines in cash is not such a bad thing. For the Stock Market - Sector rotation into the Dow and Transport Index doing well. It’s flock not a shift. Stuck under the 50 day moving average. Small caps and Dow are holding up well vis-a-vis the Nasdaq. Where can you go and find value? There’s so much money searching for the next move. It could be getting a little overheated. Energy is the way to go. It’s leading the way and where the money’s flowing.  No Bonds for You - Bonds Away. Fear is creeping in. Investors not trusting US Bond Market. People are indifferent to bonds. Investors aren’t buying any defensive positions. We’re getting closer to a deeper correction. Not a whole lot of changes in interest rates. The market is getting long of tooth.  Along with the $1400 Robinhood Subsidy Check record flows going into the market and coming out. Just a matter of time till it runs out of steam. Another market push coming. Next leg down is coming. Where’s the money going? 1-2 weeks. Avoid the chop. Big moves equal big haircuts. Gold and Silver could see the bottom fall out. A running consolidation. Silver still has a bearish consolidation. Stay on the sidelines and get in when the dust settles. Majority of investors have been very tech heavy. If you’re in it you’ve probably seen the worst. A little more to come. Long term bull flag patterns. Dollar is playing a big part in it. Fear among big investors. Global money is moving to the dollar. Charts are saying move to cash. Music is coming to an end. Sidelines are a great place to be when corrections rear their ugly head.
09/03/2117m 35s

More Stimulus For Robinhooders - John Rubino #5079

Saudi oil terminal bombed, oil at $70. Rising inflation and rising commoditiy prices are happening now.  YCC can it work and what are the unintended consequences. Let’s see what happens to yield curve control when the inflation rate kicks up like it’s doing now?  NFTs using blockchain you create a digital asset.Non-fungible token. Jack Dorsey is turning the first Tweet into a NFT Labron James dunk video sold for $200,000 Banksey painting! Burned and turned into NFT $90,000 becomes $400,000  There are too damn many dollars sloshing around! Normal stuff doesn’t exist any more.
09/03/2134m 18s

Silver One Finds More Bonanza Grade Silver - Greg Crowe

Our 2020 trip to Silver One’s (sponsor) Hawthorne, Nevada Candelaria Project demonstrated that the company was on to something big. Candelaria is one of richest silver mines in Nevada history and is now ready to enter its next phase. Recent drill results intersected 1,032 g/t Ag over 3.05 Meters with a 12.2-meter zone averaging 407 g/t along with 0.55 g/t of AU. Nearly two-thirds of its 15,000-meter program have been drilled. Twenty-five out of 30 holes were successfully finished. The assays of 13 holes have expanded the down-dip mineralization an additional 250 meters to the north at Mount Diablo and an additional 100 meters to the north-northeast of the Northern Belle pit. This is great news because it has proven Crowe’s belief that mineralization is far more extensive than previously believed and that there’s lots more yet to be discovered. The news keeps getting better, last year Silver One updated its 43-101 technical report on its abandoned heap leach pads. Pad 1 has 30 million ounces of silver and pad 2 has 15 million. This combined with other parts of Candelaria means that production options have been greatly expanded For a combination of cash and stock, Silver One is transferring its Mexican properties to Silverton Metals, thus increasing its cash hoard to help further fund its ambitious drill programs. Cherokee and Phoenix, it’s two other projects are moving quickly ahead as well. Drill targets have been identified at Cherokee and geologic mapping has been completed on over 90% of the claim block. Crowe is especially excited about Phoenix where a 417-pound fragment containing up to 70% silver recently found. Another smaller vein fragment returned almost 50% silver or 14,688 ounces per ton. They’re studying and surveying the area looking for more rich targets. On a nearby adjoining property, a porphyry copper deposit is being developed. Phoenix’s silver-bearing polymetallic veins may also be associated with a porphyry copper system at depth. So, stay tuned for more good news. We’re very happy shareholders.
07/03/2121m 16s

Semi-Retire at 55 - Mark Singer #5078

Mark Singer has been working with individuals and their families for over 30 years. He's served as a relentless retirement guide to thousands of individuals since 1986. He believes the secret to his longevity has been asking the questions other advisors simply don’t ask; it’s what allows him to make the best decisions for each client’s unique situation and help to assure them that their dreams are in capable hands. We talked about semi-retirement being the best path for many aging boomers and X'ers to follow. You get the best of work and retirement. Your mind stays focused and life stays meaningful. If your money outlives you, the question is did you live your best life?
05/03/2117m 30s

You Can Always Sell Insurance - David Duford #5077

He specializes in recruiting and training new and experienced insurance agents to become top producers utilizing proven sales and marketing systems. Humble Beginnings In Selling Insurance Dave began his insurance career in 2011, jumping into the final expense business as an act of desperation. His existing business (BodyElite Personal training) in the fitness industry was going down the tubes financially due to the negative economic factors of the Great Recession. David has had ups and downs in the industry. Due to David not following the system of success in final expense, he failed out within his first year, and had to hold down a job for a year before getting back into final expense sales full-time.
04/03/2115m 40s

Dopamine Rules - Octavio Marenzi #5076

Interest rates, do you believe they’ve stabilized? What affect do you think they will have on stock prices? Is Wall Street is klepto-maniac machine? Is it like a page out of Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist? Octavio doesn’t necessarily embrace that view. But he does believe that inflationary pressure will continue to increase and that the suppression of interest rates will not last. And there are a lot of professionals who actually do serve the public.
04/03/2118m 6s

There's Even More Gold In Those Cell Towers -Hugh Odom #5075

The advent of 5G means a veritable bonanza for existing cell tower property owners who lease their land to cell companies. That's where Hugh Odom comes in. With over 20 years of legal experience in real estate and telecommunications, Hugh has a vast range of expertise in acquiring, disposition, and managing both real and personal property assets.  In 2010, he founded Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm specializing in property owners' monetary rights within their cell tower and rooftop telecom lease agreements.  With the need for connectivity more essential than ever, Hugh is poised to discuss the significant changes in wireless services due to COVID-19 and how property owners can navigate through all the financial, legal, and development aspects of a cell tower deal.
03/03/2117m 9s

Kiss the Mall Goodbye - Gordon T. Long #5074

New commodity super-cycle and the end of the super-debt cycle. Real rates are starting to rise and funds will move from equities to other more value oriented options. The change was inevitable. The Fed will do every thing it can to hold down rates, but inflation is coming and perhaps is already here. The currency will eventually be in trouble. All commodities are rising. Malls are collapsing around the country. Gold and silver are consolidating. Get ready.
03/03/2121m 8s

Separate Your Money From Your Emotions - Bob Wheeler #5073

CPA Bob Wheeler says that, “We all deal with financial issues and choices every day. Most of what we learned about money came from our family. How they thought and reacted to money choices shaped our thinking today. But, have you ever stopped to consider that maybe they didn’t know what they were doing? Maybe you set unrealistic goals based on other’s ideas and mandates. If you are overwhelmed with credit card debt, can’t seem to save money and feel hopeless and afraid just thinking about money – it is time for a change.” It’s time to stop financial self-sabotage and go for it. You need to identify false beliefs and prevail over them. It requires some work, you need to hear what you’re telling yourself and change it. Listen to the undervoice. You need to know where they came from and how you got where you are today.
02/03/2112m 46s

The Cure Is The Disease Part 2 - John Rubino #5072

Dems are already working on another stimulus package after the one with the $1400 checks. Stocks are rallying but is this how you deal with rising inflation and spiking interest rates? Big $2 trillion infrastructure plan on the way.  Warren Buffett: bond investors world-wide ‘face a bleak future’. Higher rates for the next decade.  Return of the bond vigilantes have been comatose for so long and last week they’re back with a bang.  People are picking on the ARK fund now that it’s seeing massive redemptions. Cathy Wood is the pied piper of this speculative bubble, being fully invest in the most bubblicious of assets. Possible that they’ll be forced to sell major holdings, causing them to fall further, and so on… Citi says bitcoin is at a “tipping point” and will become the global trade currency of choice.   Bill Gates is now the world’s biggest owner of farmland…does the Great Reset include the 1% monopolizing the food supply?
02/03/2123m 8s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (February 2021)

Stock markets reversed course for the month: Dow added 3.2% to 30932, S&P 500 up 2.6%, Nasdaq finished up 0.9%, Russell 2000 chugging higher at 6.1%, TSX added 3.9% TSX.V up another 10.5%. VIX down to 28. Dollar was .5% to 90.94 and Euro down .5% to. 10 Year yield skyrocketed to 1.44%. Bitcoin went parabolic again up 38.2% to a record 47672. Gold off 6.1%  to 1735. Silver went off 1% to 26.70. PT up 10.8%. PD rose 3.2%  for the month to 2229. Dr. Copper up again 18.3% to $4.19, breaking $4 per pound. WTI up another17.8% to 61.50. Brent up a bigly 18.3% to 55.88. Natgas up slightly 8.2% to a still anemic 2.77. Uranium kept losing down 5.3% to $27.88.  Ratios: Au/Ag 65 - Pt/Au .68 - Pt/Pd .53 - BRT/WTI 1.08 WT/HH 22.2 and AU/WTI coming back down to earth 28.4.
01/03/2118m 55s

Wealth Building Through Juniors - Brian Leni of Junior Stock Review #5071

First, no Brian is not concerned about Friday's gold/silver price rout. He  is focused on the companies. The stocks are not getting hit as hard as physical metal. The investment argument for gold and silver has never been better, especially in light of the rampant money printing. Inflation isn’t like a light switch, you just turn it on or off. It’s a process that once started has to run its course. It’s a chain reaction and we live in a complex world. No one knows how it will resolve itself. Are we headed to a monetary apocalypse? Brian has 17 companies in his portfolio of which 14 are precious metal concerns. He’s shifted his focus away from base metals. He’s bullish on copper and nickel. $27 nickel was the high, will we hit it again? In his opinion, FPX Nickel is the best nickel play out there. Copper recently broke $4 and is headed much higher. A copper gold company is an ideal investment in today's market. Copper-gold porphyries have the best prospects of any mine out there. A lot of great investment info here.
01/03/2124m 29s

Discover The Most Undervalued Stock I Have Ever Seen - Trillion Energy

I have been investing for the past 4 decades often with great success. During that time I’ve studied thousands of companies’ financial statements, in search of value that others had missed. I know we’re in the age of the Tech Giant and value investing is out of vogue, that’s often the case in frothy markets, but in the long run the market always returns to value. This is why I’ve taken a position in Trillion Energy CSE:TCF  OTC:TCFF  (sponsor). Listen to my interview and hear CEO Art Halleran explain that there is about US $300 million in natural gas production assets (drill rigs, platforms, pipelines, processing plant, etc.) that is completely absent from Trillion’s balance sheet. Art is a petroleum geologist with 38 years of experience who’s built a number of successful energy companies. He’s never been more excited than he is about Trillion. And in this cynical investor’s opinion, he’s a straight-shooter who tells it like it is. If a mid-tier natural gas producer wished to acquire the SASB asset, Art said they would pay at least $100 million, or slightly less than $1 per share (as of Friday share price was 11.44 cents and the market cap was about $14 million). But the company isn’t for sale, for the simple reason that in Art’s opinion its value is far greater. That’s because the SASB natural gas field that it’s currently developing is worth several times that number. Art has the experience and the ability to bring that field into production, as well as numerous other promising targets in the area. Best of all, there’s very little capex required, since the platforms and necessary infrastructure are already in place. Most of Trillion’s assets are in the Black Sea, in Turkish waters. However, they’ve been dealing with the Turkish Government for over a decade and relations have been extremely cordial. They are partners with the Turkish State Oil Company (TPAO). Trillion’s expertise in drilling underwater wells is well demonstrated and they provide skills that aren’t easily obtainable. Right now, the majority of Turkey’s natural gas comes from Russia. All of the SASB production will be purchased by TPAO to reduce the country’s reliance on imports.   Trillion already has cash flow coming from existing oil wells in the area. It knows how to effectively operate in this part of the world. Perhaps most important, Trillion’s gas sells from $6-8 per million btu’s, unlike North America where the same gas is selling for $2.77 per million btu’s. Equally as important, global natural gas consumption is steadily rising, which means future returns over the years could increase greatly. For all of the reasons above, I’ve taken a position in Trillion and I’m very excited about its future. Company website:
28/02/2117m 40s

More Wealthy Gardener Wisdom with John Soforic #5070

Soon after he opened his vineyard for business many years ago, the Wealthy Gardener noticed a puzzling fact. Everyone wanted money, but only a few people managed to accumulate it. The reason, he realized, is that most people focus on short term gains instead of achieving lasting wealth. As he grew old and aware of his dwindling time on this Earth, the Wealthy Gardener began to share his hard-earned wisdom with the financially troubled in his community, patiently mentoring those who asked for his practical advice on the ways of prosperity. The parable of the Wealthy Gardener is far more than an admonishment to earn more or spend less; it is about timeless principles. As his lessons reveal, financial freedom is a means to power and control over our lives. Without money, we are subject to the demands and whims of others. With money, we are sheltered from the storm, and we can extend that shelter to our loved ones. Poised to become an intimate financial classic, The Wealthy Gardener will inspire readers to find their own noble purpose and relieve their money worries once and for all. No matter your income level, skillset, or unique economic disadvantages, the lessons in this book will show you the path forward. All you need is the will to work, the desire to succeed, and the motivation to learn. He continues the lessons in his upcoming book The Wealth Essentials System. It will be out in August.
26/02/2122m 50s

Short Tesla, Go Long Toyota? Dan Ferris #5069

It’s a dangerous time to be a novice investor at this particular time, ie Gamestop. The stock had $3 and got to nearly $500. The triggered short squeeze was legendary. Never mistake a bull market for genius. Just because you got lucky doesn’t mean you’ll keep repeating the process. No one really knows what the top is. It’s a process. Bottoms are an event. The signs are all. SPAC’s are another sign of topping. Most  of these deals are garbage, Dan urges caution. There’s nothing new under the sun.    It’s all about valuation and cash flow and eventually prices go too far and comes back to earth. Innovation disrupters can be profitable, but they can be very dangerous. Avoid irrational exuberance at all costs.  Dan says that today, life is better for more people on earth than at any time in the past. He believes that cash is the best hedge against market instability indicative of a top. Have plenty of cash, gold, silver and some Bitcoin too. Always take money out of the market from your profits. You’re there to make money so you can have it spend as you want. You're not a Las Vegas gambler doubling down on every bet till you finally crap out.   Hyperinflation is misunderstood overly feared. To have it you need a major war and the massive destruction of capital assets and lots of people in financial and physical dire straights. A pandemic looks like it could trigger it but we need more than that.  His view on Cryptos is that they're a burgeoning store of value whose staying power is untested. In the modern world it has a number of potential benefits and vulnerabilities such as the downing of the electrical grid in Texas. People there were not clamoring for Bitcoin, they wanted electricity, heat and hot water.  In a final world of advice, Dan says, "Prepare don’t predict." We don’t know what will happen and we shouldn’t try. Instead diversification is your best strategy!
26/02/2132m 30s

Is There Life After Covid? Rebecca Costa #5068

When it comes to humans, and new technology, predicting the future has never been easier, so says noted futurist Rebecca Costa. As the world comes out of its Covid induced coma, most individual behavior will stay the same, but societally it’s going to be a different ball game. What will happen to with the debt? Hyperinflation? Is allowing the economy to hyper-inflate a solution? As we know from history, the government’s best friend is inflation, until it isn't. They are out of options. As Rebecca says, there’s a long tail economic impact. In an article she  recently wrote about what the government can do about in the next 3-6 months to head off potential disasters in a number of sectors, she mentions individual credit ratings as having taken a hit. Of course it's not on government's radar at all, but to individuals it's extremely vital. Lower credit scores create a piling on effect Millions of people have seen their scores tanks, through no fault of their own. It's a government induced disaster. Lower credit scores mean higher costs of credit or the inability to obtain any credit at all. Fairness is lacking.  Government is reacting to the situation rather than getting out ahead of it. Perhaps a roll-back of credit ratings to pre-pandemic rates or a limit on the negative impact during this time is in order.  We need pragmatic problem solvers to lead us. People who will catch these things before they go exponential. The problems are known and yet nothing is being done. The result is too much uncertainty about their eventual response. Rebecca sees subprime mortgage collapse 2.0 in the offing. The financial institutions were responsible for 1.0 and now they’re going to make the same mistake again. People should be permitted to rewrite their loans for a longer time period. Massive restructuring needs to be on the table. Make mortgages assumable so the property can stay in the family. Same with student loans. Simple elegant solutions that work.  Rebecca informs us that there’s a direct correlation between happiness and trust. People who trust their government are generally happier than those who don’t. We can’t wait for a time to governmental trust to be restored. We also don't see it happening in the near future.
25/02/2129m 25s

Announcing PonziCoin With Infinite Returns - Brad Williams #5067

Nothing goes up forever. Stimulus mania seems to have no end in sight. It's time for a solution, PonziCoin, it promises infinite returns for very little risk or investment. Who can say no? Time to sell your home? You're going to need a replacement home. If you like your home, keep your home. You need to have a plan. It's not so important what you do as long as it falls within your plan. Even though many believe that fundamentals don't matter, the reality is that they do. Never lose sight of that fact. We all need to wake up and demand more out of our government. Make your plan and have contingencies.
24/02/2116m 19s

Unstoppable Monetary Forces Ready To Wreak Havoc - Michael Pento #5066

What happens when you combine a completely out of control congress with an overly compliant central bank and a slow growing economy that has been ravaged by an extreme response to a pandemic? You wind up exactly where we are now. As Michael explains, today's economic foundation is built upon sand or perhaps even a sink-hole. Eventually it's got to crumble and that's why you need to protect yourself now. Precious metals are one way and positioning your portfolio for the inevitable is another and better yet why not combine the two.
24/02/2129m 32s

Discover FPX Nickel's World-class Deposit before Elon Musk Does with CEO Martin Turenne

Recently, the nickel and base metals markets have been on fire. Worldwide stainless-steel demand (of which nickel is an integral component) increases at a steady 5% annually, but the big story is booming EV (electric vehicle) demand. Recently Elon Musk made clear his intent to utilize nickel as a substitute for cobalt in EV batteries, provided that there is a reliable supply of carbon-neutral, energy efficient metal. That’s where FPX (sponsor) comes in. The Baptiste deposit’s nickel metallurgy means there's no smelting necessary, leading to lower costs and greater environmental friendliness. Nickel is trading around $8.84 per pound, just over its historic $8 average. Copper recently broke $4 per pound and base metals have rapidly appreciated. With nickel demand ready to take off, looming supply deficits and a lack of new world-class projects, there’s a compelling case for vastly higher prices. The bill for decades of sector underinvestment has now come due. CEO Martin Turenne explains why the British Columbia Baptiste deposit is undervalued relative to peers and FPX’s PEA supports that point. Its Van target is close by and it has a bigger surface footprint and larger, higher metal grades than Baptiste. FPX is trading at just 5% of the project’s estimated $1.7 billion value The market has yet to factor Van into FPX’s valuation. Owning over 20% of the company, management’s interests are closely aligned with those of shareholders. As a CPA, Martin has kept a very tight rein on FPX’s finances; dilution has been kept to a minimum. With approaching future supply issues, the apparent beginning of a new commodity super-cycle and at least one or more world-class projects, FPX is uniquely situated to cash in on Elon Musk’s demand for carbon-neutral nickel. Company Website: Tickers: TSX-V: FPX - OTC: FPOCF
23/02/2122m 16s

Weimar America - John Rubino #5065

Famed hedge fund investor Michael Burry puts out a serious warning for increased inflation and perhaps hyperinflation. If he’s right, kiss low interest rates goodbye. And think what that will do to real estate values. The next few years are going to be extremely difficult. Watch the 10 year Treasury. If it keeps going up it’s game over. Even in the absense of runaway inflation, this seems like the top of the market.  Outsized real estate gains could soon be a thing of the past.  Put/Call ratio is highly unbalanced, its highest since 2000. Small business are leveraged to the hilts now.  Everyone is expecting the mother of all bail-outs.  Don’t worry about risk because the government always makes good on anything.
23/02/2117m 57s

Resentment Politics In The Repeachment Era - Dr. Steve Turley #5062

Why did they do impeachment 2.0? Are they deliberately fanning the flames of rebellion? Is this just a case of creating a phony external threat in hopes of unifying the country? If so, it’s been a Big fail! This form of manipulated unity is over. It’s pure deflection to use resentment from the left towards a portion of the population to somehow bring the people together. Trump turned resentment politics in on itself and made the ruling class the target of citizen anger. And this has led them to failure. How do they explain that Trump’s support is now stronger than ever. Next gun control is back on the left’s agenda, which is of course doomed to failure. More people than ever have been lining up to purchase firearms. Sales are through the roof. Is it just Biden’s effort to drum up his base. Dems are going through their own civil war now. The neo-liberals are circling the wagons, pushing crazy far-left ideas that will hopefully go nowhere. Looks like #KillerCuomo is finally getting his just dessert. The truth is out and now the calls are being heard for resignation or impeachment by member of both parties. If Cuomo goes down, how much longer for Newsome, Murphy the Murderer, Ava Braun Whittmer and Wacky Wolf in Pennsylvania. Let’s see if Cali turns Red. Dr. Steve seems to think so. We’re a little more skeptical about this turn of events.
22/02/2124m 55s

Cryptos Go Because Gold/Silver Are Suppressed - Rob Kirby  #5063

Fellow survivor Rob Kirby joined me for a talk about the current financial woes. The dollar has already used up 8 of its 9 lives and has done so recklessly. When we speak of the demise of the dollar, we’re in a crypto-currency contagion. It looks bubblicious. To Rob’s eyes cryptos are doing exactly what gold and silver have not been allowed to do. We’re experiencing hyper-inflation in cryptos, stocks and real estate. However, Rob is skeptical of the party continuing in the real estate sector. As economic conditions continue to worsen, with half the population not working and not earning, residential will wind up suffering the same way that commercial has collapsed. Mortgage rates can’t go any lower. Banks will not continue to extend credit should real estate prices move any higher and will tighten lending standards, thus shrinking the eligible pool of borrowers and purchasers. Anti-dollar financial assets will continue to increase. Crypto especially looks good. The long arm of the powers that be have so suppressed physical bullion that it’s becoming increasingly scarce and is becoming unobtainium.
19/02/2121m 4s

The Greater Greater Depression - Doug Casey #5064

Options for getting out of Dodge. Uruguary is the best choice of a lot of bad choices. Doug has visited over 155 countries and has lived in 10. The entire world is heading in an anti-freedom direction. People eventually vote with their feet. See Rhodesia before the fall. Panama is another possible choice. It’s a developing country with improving infrastructure. Roads and sidewalks will improve over time. Doug believes that you need to divorce yourself from the political system. It’s all lies. Sociopaths and criminals, but slick ones at that, are running the show.  According to Doug C-vid is one of the great scandals and scams of all time. It’s a serious virus but it ain’t the plague. People’s response to Covid is indicative of their attitude towards life. Time to start living again and stop worrying. For people under 60 there’s little danger and for people under 30, virtually no risk. Doug observes that mask mandates are completely absurd. Perhaps even more indicative, it appears that Influenza has disappeared. Always remember, you can’t believe anything you hear from the media. It has corrupted science and will cause widespread disbelief in science as well as important studies and meta-studies.   What will come next? International travel is dead. It’s like trying to leave Saigon on the last helicopter after the Fall. The leaders are happy with the current state of affairs. In the year 2030 you’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy. All you can do is insulate ourselves. Try to be as wealthy as you can and hide. Next book on the list is Terrorist Doug Casey’s Take
19/02/2123m 8s

#SilverSqueeze and more with Jordan Roy Byrne #5060

Since the big silver pullback the metal hasn’t been doing much, however the stocks aren’t doing much since then either. We’re not seeing a big move to over $30 for right now. Platinum has hit $1300. Silver has been holding up better than gold for the past several months. Corrections and consolidations in the past have shown silver has often held up better than the yellow metal. You make the big money by riding the trend. The big big move is ahead of us. Could be two years more or less. Focus on the big picture. A little more time. Platinum trend looks beautiful although Jordan confesses that he’s not the expert on this metal. There’s resist at 1400-1500. Copper has also made the huge move. Jordan sees crypto as no threat to the precious metals sector. Crypto’s returns have far eclipsed PM. Gold made a huge move last year, a spectacular move going from 1200-2100. He’s not concerned about the prolonged correction. This is how these markets work. Look for a huge crypto correction, half a currency and half a tech stock. There’s limited history for cryptos. Regulation is coming. Insurance or a lottery ticket, best way to look at it. You need to be careful.  Mining stocks have probably hit a bottom. It can take a while, but when it happens, it will often take the market by surprise. Not enough sellers left in mining stocks, time to be buying. Next move up probably later in the year or early next year. Jordan’s not fearful of a March type correction since he believes that gold and precious metals will hold up better than most are expecting.
18/02/2121m 11s

Plan Your Estate Now Before It's Too Late - Caryn Keppler #5061

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rash of people revising their estate plans or creating them for the first time. Estate and tax laws change all the time and it's something that most of us, myself included, don't really want to deal with. My recent bout with Covid drove home this point only too well and led me to do a complete estate plan overhaul. But for the sake of modern medicine, I might have left my children with a real nightmare. Which is why you shouldn't wait for tragedy to strike, you need to take care of this now. Interesting fact, 3-4 people surveyed left provisions in their will for the care of and support of their family pets. Sound don’t leave Rover with no place to go, should something happen to you.
17/02/2120m 34s

Turn Around Your Failing Business - Fair Is A Sissy Word - John Paul Mendocha #5059

If you’ve survived the pandemic induced depression to this point, you need to find a way to thrive. Stop waiting for vaccine, the government, for the economy ro recover and someone to save you. John has ways to help you. Basic business growth strategy will no longer cut it. They way you used to do business is not going to work any more. Never become irrelvant. The world could care less about your problems. You need to learn how to make money no matter the political or economic situation.
17/02/2120m 44s

SLV - We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Silver -  John Rubino #5058

Stop the #Scamastocracy! The #SilverSqueeze is alive and well. Time to frontrun SLV and buy physical Silver! Robinhood attack left a mark on the silver market and SLV. Exposing the Robinhood scam: here’s how much Citadel paid to buy your orders  They have alienated an entire generation of millennials. They don’t want to know until they have to know. They feel entirely betrayed, rightfully so. They’ve done the world a favor by teaching the to be cyncial and to think critically. A painful lesson at that.  How long before the Fed tries to manipulate long-term rates lower?  Cannabis, alt-agra, mushrooms, and cryptos – everything alt is hot  Amazon workers could ‘make history’ with union vote Energy trader: we’ve officially hit “holy s*it levels” Grid goes down in TX. NG spiked! Energy is getting erratic and this could be significant. Watch out for more craziness.   Flaw of large numbers: Cathie Wood’s ARK fund may have too much cash When bubbles hit, fund managers become household names and are hailed as geniuses. The ARK fund innovation ETF. She bought Tesla stock right before it ran up. And now the next crap shoot is coming.
16/02/2131m 36s

DOW 65,000! Escape to Where? Short Squeeze Gold/Silver Heading Higher- Martin Armstrong #5057

Looks like Asia could be the place to go. Positive growth rates ahead. The World Economic Forum’s agenda appears to be taking place. Build Back Better! Every country has the same talking points. Everyone is calling for the Great Reset. They think that they can further their climate change agenda by destroying all jobs that aren’t green. Coal miners should learn how to build solar cells. Many people cannot make the transition to the new economy and where does that leave them? Crazy ridiculous coming down from the elites who never used their hands to change a light bulb. The stakeholder economy should be the shareholder economy. Don’t take away our steak. Meat will be a special treat. UN says we should be eating bugs. The Elites have risen to the level of the truly absurd. Pickety is urging European governments to default on their debt and crush the pension funds. Confidence in government is collapsing and that will increase the price of gold. A similar situation to the 1980’s. We’re getting to that point now. Similar to what brought down Rome. The velocity of money peaked in 2007 and with the pandemic, it’s gone waterfall. If you don’t trust the future. You hoard money. Inflation will spur people to buy more. Collapse in production of many products and impairment of the supply chain. Short squeeze may have happened but Martin’s computer was long for nearly a year. The shorts were braindead. The short squeeze happened because of high frequency trading. Markets can’t handle gapping, they shut down as a result. Much more volatile and dangerous. Naked shorts are allowed. The real problem emerged in the 1980’s and re-emerged here. Increase margin requirements and crash the longs. At the end the professionals got the rules changed and then shorted. Commodity traders took over Wall Street and that was the end of buy and hold. Precious metals are heading higher. Martin has been forecasting for a while that silver would rise faster than gold. Gold is over regulated around the world which has kept it down. Impeachment could be the straw that breaks the camels back when we look back in history. Political vendetta that has been staged. It’s been planned for weeks. And now we have the Pelosi wall becoming permanent around the Capitol. What’s happening now in Britain is a model for the world. No more legitimate elections again. Serious problems. Will Trump be the next Grover Cleveland? Compuuter is show 2022, panic cycle. Not seen since the Great Depression. Breakup 3rd party coming. Republicans and Democrats getting ready to split. Copper prices will continue to increase. Electrification won’t be successful. The power grid can’t support it. Renewables are not the answer. War on pipelines is happening and people are going to freeze. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take to bring people to their senses. The pandemic has been used to terrify the populace. Completely crazy. There’s an excuse for everything. The Amish aren’t getting Covid because they don’t watch TV. Stock markets are making new highs, temporary choppiness. There’s tons of cash and what else is there? Trillions of dollars can’t buy Gold or Silver. Big money is fleeing bond market and heading to the market. Not a question of making money, just getting it back. First target 35000-37000. Dow 65000!
15/02/2136m 20s

Is The Market Divorced From Reality? with Mish Schneider #5056

Six straight days of advancing indexes and today the market gapped up and now has reversed. The Fed has said they’re going to keep the ball rolling. Everyone wants to be right. In terms of fundamentals, Mish sees hopefulness, but has no problem with letting the price dictate. Is it crazy the market is hooked on stimulus. Chatter is dangerous. Eventually all bull markets end with a bust. The also reality is that we’ve got a new crop of individual investors. Stimulus fueled stock prices. Valuations have gotten too high in some areas and not others.  Lessons from Gamestop, can we still have a free market short squeeze? Robinhooders’ data is the product. Social media revolution brought 10 million people into Gamestop. Mish talks about using this opportunity to make money. There has to be some funadament reasons to look at a stock in the first place. Look at the charts and then place your bet.
12/02/2120m 35s

Trillium Gold Discovers Bonanza Grades In Tier 1 Jurisdiction with CEO Russell Starr

Trillium Gold (sponsor) just announced that continued drilling intersected 16.1 g/t gold (Au) over 3.9m, 124.66 g/t gold (Au) over 0.24m, 49.56 g/t gold (Au) over 0.3m, all with visible gold. This on top of its previously announced bonanza gold grades of up to an astonishing 139 g/t at its 100% owned flagship Newman Todd project in Canada’s premier Red Lake mining district. The project was only sparsely been drilled or tested at depths below 400 meters. Remarkable potential is present as mineralization remains open along strike and depth, and potentially in postulated parallel features. Gold mineralization has been intersected in over 40% of holes drilled to date. A network of very gold-rich veins have been traced for at least 2.2km along strike. The recently acquired Gold Centre project is in the highest-grade gold camp in North America. producing over 29.5 million ounces since the early 1900’s, with grades of more than 1/2 ounce per ton. And Trillium has a number of other promising projects in its growing portfolio.  Excitement is running high, which is why any time Russell isn’t restricted, he’s busy buying shares. He currently owns or has warrants and options on 3 million shares. Management and insiders own 38%, 22% is owned by institutions, and 38% by the public. Russell seeks to be held accountable for his successes and failures. His philosophy is that a shareholder in any company is entitled to that respect. A very refreshing view. And he has the track record to deliver as he has done it before. After leaving the financial sector, he held executive positions at Cayden Resources and Auryn Resources. As SVP with Cayden, he was instrumental in its sale CAD$205 million to Agnico Eagle. Could there be a similar outcome for Trillium. And should lightning strike twice, Trillium is extremely well positioned to deliver to its owners. It has plenty of cash available to finance its ambitious drill program and when the results start flowing, considering the tight share structure, just 52.3mm shares (fully diluted), we could see very outsized shareholder gains, which is why we’re shareholders as well.
12/02/2122m 29s

Trouble In Real Estate Paradise? Paul Moore #5455

Low risk always leads to low return. High risk can lead to potentially high return or high losses. After 10 years of near constant appreciation, we need to figure out if prices can keep going higher. Never mistake a bull market for genius. The real estate crash will happen in these high tax states and could lead to depressed sales in low tax states. And beware of higher interest rates, they may well be coming.
11/02/2120m 18s

There Should Be A Law Against Naked Shorting - Tom Hardin #5054

Oh wait there is. Tom Hardin, the infamous Tipper X was an up and coming hedge funder in the early 2000's when he found himself wrapped up in an insider trading scandal that saw 85 notable Wall Streeters indicted. Now fast-forward to 2021 and what has really changed. Naked shorting is rampant, despite laws prohibiting the process. However, for some reason, they're seldom enforced. The more things change in the financial markets, the more they stay the same.
11/02/2119m 33s

With Copper Near All-Time Highs Trilogy Metals Looks Better by the Day

Trilogy Metals (sponsor) is developing a world-class poly-metallic mine in Alaska’s remote Ambler District. Billions of pounds in copper, lead, zinc gold and silver are present. High grades and low costs, combined with a management that has the will to get the job done means a big shareholder payoff. Approval to build a 120 mile project access road was granted by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) back in July. Additional progress is being made. AIDEA (Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority) signed a Right-of-Way agreement with BLM and the National Park Service, thus clearing another hurdle.    While this was going on, the Company has been busy developing the district and increasing its reserves in the face of Covid-19. Road engineering and preparation work has continued a pace, so when construction approval is granted, they’ll hit the ground running. With the magnitude of Trilogy’s Copper deposits, the project is very alligned with current political and economic disposition towards an electrified future; one that is highly dependent upon scarce copper.  With a project of this scale, temporary obstacles are expected. Two lawsuits were commenced by environmental groups claiming various BLM procedural errors. We’ve been following this matter closely and are confident that everything was done to the letter of law. Such litigation happens regularly in a project of this size and should be disposed of in due course. With the firm backing of the state and federal governments, the tribal corporation and various officials on both sides of the aisle, this is a project with major support. As Alaska’s oil revenues diminish, it is looking towards responsible mining to pick up the slack. Legal matters aside, the project is moving ahead swiftly, which is why Tony is extremely optimistic and along with others has been aggressively adding to his position in the Company and that should tell you everything you need to know.  Website -  Tickers - TSX/NYSE-MKT: TMQ
10/02/2117m 37s

He Keeps Fighting The IRS And Winning - Dan Pilla #5052

Dan Pilla’s primary calling is that of tax litigator. He is America’s leader in taxpayer defense, taxpayers’ rights, and IRS abuse prevention and cure. As one of the country’s premiere experts in IRS procedures and general tax financial-problems resolution techniques, he has helped hundreds of thousands of citizens solve personal and business tax problems they believed were hopeless.  He's the author of fifteen books, dozens of research reports, and over a thousand articles. Dan’s work is regularly featured on radio and television, major newspapers, leading magazines and trade publications nationwide. When the IRS comes knocking on your door, Dan is the man!
10/02/2127m 44s

Big Tech Analyst Explains The Reddit Gamestop Phenom - Andrew Blejde #5051

BIG TECH ANALYST: Andrew Blejde, is a software engineer, big tech analyst, and markets observer. The power dynamics are shifting on Wall Street. Individual investors are winning big—at least for now—and relishing it. An eye-popping rally in shares of companies that were once left for dead including GameStop Corp. , AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and BlackBerry Ltd. has upended the natural order between hedge-fund investors and those trying their hand at trading from their sofas. While the individuals are rejoicing at newfound riches, the pros are reeling from their losses. Long-held strategies such as evaluating company fundamentals have gone out the window in favor of momentum. War has broken out between professionals losing billions and the individual investors jeering at them on social media. Meanwhile, the frenzy of activity is stirring regulatory and legal concerns, as well as the attention of the Biden administration. The White House press secretary said on Wednesday that its economic team, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is monitoring the situation.LINKEDIN:  TWITTER: @AndrewBlejde
10/02/2114m 42s

Triple Lutz Report 487 - Covid 19 Recovery Update and GME Reddit Short Squeeze

Recently a hedge fund Sunvest admitted to making $700 going long on Gamestop GME. They just happened to be shouting from the rooftops what a great company it was, back in September. Did they have anything to do with Reddit Wall Street Bets Board starting a frenzy? Perhaps, but they managed to get out with $700 million while the Redditors if luck broke, most of them. If you really want to understand what happened, watch the hit show Billions. This one is right out of super-duper hedge fund god Bobby Axelrod's portfolio of dirty tricks and criminal pranks. Covid 19 update. I've been out of the hospital 5 weeks now and am in much better health than before I got the virus. 10 pounds lighter, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and my knees feel a whole lot better. I don't recommend the Covid Weight Reduction Program for you out there. There are much easier and safer ways to lose weight than this. However, I'm taking advantage of my experience to focus on my health, keep my weight down, keep carbs low and do intermittent fasting. And I'm feeling great as a result. Weight has continued to stay down. My goal is to get my Hemoglobin A1C - a blood sugar indicator - down to 5.5 within 3 months. A definitely doable goal.  That's it for now. Stay healthy and sane! Kerry
09/02/2111m 42s

The Sprott Price Of Silver Going Up - John Rubino #5050

Things are overheating  -- interest rates rising, broad inflation measures picking up, stocks soaring, gold and silver up. On the other hand employment is stagnant and we might be dropping back into recession...  Emplyment is going down except for people over 60. Food inflation and other measures are taking off too. 30 year is up to 2%. Anticipation of new stimulus coming to a wallet.  Reddit traders are still out there but are focusing on biotech small caps where wall street isn't as threatened. Small biotechs will get the money and silver. Silver arbitrage, buy bars and melt them into rounds. $10 per ounce profit.  Regulatory capture or the inmates are running the asylum.  Tesla buys bitcoin and will start accepting it in payment. First of many corporations to start treating it as money? Bitcoin hit $44k. Bitcoin Tesla arbitrage. More stimulus is coming down the pike. Markets are frontrunning the upcoming monetary influx.  Bunch of bubbles bursting at once and now way to fix them all.
08/02/2114m 56s

Game-Changer For Fury Gold Mines To Yield Big Profits

Big things are happening at Fury Gold Mines (sponsor) and the excitement of CEO Michael Timmins and SVP of Exploration Michael Henrichsen is contagious. At the Eau Claire project, Timmins said, “We are very pleased to have hit gold mineralization in our first significant step-out…” The hole was drilled down plunge at 660 meters and yielded 3m of 2.59 g/t, a significant extension. So significant were the results, the team has moved a second drill rig to the site to advance the discovery. Henrichsen is looking to double the project's scale. The next target is even further out and if they achieve similar or better results, we’ll know they’re on to something really major. It’s all part of the 50,000 meter drill program that’s yielding results.  Fury has three major projects underway, Eau Claire, Homestake Ridge and Committee Bay. Homestake currently has a 25,000 meter drill program underway and Henrichsen believes there's been a game changer there as well. Timmins emphasizes that this degree of optionality is going to pay off big for shareholders. It’s part of a deliberate strategy, which when combined with the world-class team should yield big finds in the not too distant future. When one of projects succeeds, the profit to shareholders will be substantial, if all three are winners, we can only imagine the pay-off.  Fury’s share price has responded accordingly. Now that the merger/spin-off from Auryn Resources is past and has been fully digested by the market, Timmins believes that the $3.50 share price target is well within reach. And with an exploration team, headed up by Henrichsen, former Newmont structural geologist with many successes under his belt, there’s little doubt that there's more to come. That’s why we own the shares. Click here for Fury Gold Mines Website Tickers - NYSE & TSX: FURY
06/02/2120m 46s

Did The Redditors Really Win? Jim Welsh #5048

While there’s ample room for criticizing hedge funds, the practice of naked shorting needs to stop. Gamestop had 140% short interest, that’s 40 percent more shares than existed were actually short. How can this practice be justified and it’s been happening for decades. In addition, hedgefunds often hire PR firms to further drive down the price of the stocks they are shorting. Is this proper?  Jim says the S&P 500 is heading for a correction and then thank to easy money compliments of the Congress, watch for the rally to happen. Mother of all Shorts Part Deux. Short bets against the dollar have increased. However, the ECB is looking at weakening the Euro to make their economic programs easier to implement. We’re going to see a rally in the dollar index. How will it affect gold and silver?
05/02/2124m 35s

Gold Terra Resource Corp Starting To Deliver Results - David Suda #5046

CEO David Suda is gratified to finally see investors looking to the metal sector as a hedge against uncertainty and inflation. We’re in the early innings of a new gold bull market and now we have the Reddit phenomena bringing a whole new generation of investors to precious metals and mining stocks. Gold Terra (sponsor) is an opportunity for them to see the results of what Chairman Gerald Panneton believes is an incredible opportunity. Putting his money where his mouth is he acquired in excess of 5 million shares for his own account. When seeking companies to invest in, we like to buy into companies along side management.  David explained that the newly acquired Newmont claims haven’t been explored since the 1960’s. The area has an incredible history with over 14 million ounces were mined, in close proximity to the Town of Yellowknife. 5 million came out of the Campbell Shear alone. It took 9 months to close the Newmont Deal, but David is certain that it was time well spent and Newmont agrees. Drilling began on January 20, 2021. They’ve got the money to do it and they’re moving ahead after shaking off the Covid-related delays. Company valuation is extraordinarliy low, when taking into consideration of what lies beneath. David states that 2020 proved to be a formative year where all the building blocks of success were put into place. As he said, “Tell investors what you’re going to do, raise capital and then go and do it.” This year they’re drilling on a more prolific target, closer to town with great promise. The Company is now going out and doing it what it said it would and that’s exactly why we’re shareholders.   Website Tickers: TSX.V:YGT  OTC:YGTFF
05/02/2116m 54s

Eric Hadik Called The Dollar And The Election #5047

Early 2021 should see a dollar bottom, which will hold for a year or two. Where will interest rates go? You could see over the next 6-8 months an economic recovery along with commodity inflation. Interest rates could turn up and the dollar with them. Other factors could drive the dollar and rates up along with them. Interest rates set a multi-year bottom in 2020. Oil prices will peak at $60-65 around April/May. This summer for the first time we didn’t see gasoline prices go higher. Now we’re seeing gasoline prices go higher in the winter, another first. Could get back in sync later this year.  Stock markets to go higher, we’re still in a bullish cycle. March was a major bottom that led to the current bull market till at least May. Right now we’re in a more volatile sideways trading phase or trading range. Once we get to March the next upturn starts. More optimism throughout the world could lead to it. Traders need to remember that the markets are anticipating 3-6 months in advance. An additional surge will bring us later in the year.  For Gold prices nothing has changed in Eric’s projection since 2016. 2nd quarter of 2021 could see a similar high in metals as well as the stock market. The two go hand-in-hand. There could be a disconnect. Price action in the next 3-5 weeks will confirm the projection. At some point it could cause the stock market to go down, the inflationnary expectations start affecting it.
04/02/2124m 9s

How To Stay Happy In An Insane World - Aaron Clarey #5045

We all know the world has become even more insane than usual lately. But how do you stay centered and remain happy while the Western world implodes? This is the challenge of our current world. Aaron and I come up with some ways to handle the meltdown. Number 1 is state management. You are responsible for what you think and whether your thoughts are negative or positive. You need to program yourself to be positive, no matter what the world situation. There are always things to be grateful for and reasons to remain positive. That doesn't mean escape from reality. You're responsible for your thoughts.  We also discussed Aaron's new book The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women. It's must reading for young men and women. It will give you a clear way to measure the value of a person you may be pursuing.
03/02/2128m 15s

Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Redditors -Dr. John Huber #5044

The Redditors are taking on the Wall Street Shorts and people believe they're actually winning. But not so fast. It's a prime example of how people are so manipulated and controlled by media. It leads to bizarre behavior and outcomes. Always look at the fundamentals and understand what you're investing in, both in the market and in life relationships. Bad fundamentals will eventually result in negative outcomes. And there you have it. Media creates illusions and delusions.
03/02/2135m 4s

#SilverSqueeze Is Not Game Stop - Craig Hemke #5043

The Fed and other Central Banks are fighting so hard against deflation, it’s obvious that they will do anything to hold off the inevitable. Everyone is piling into a handful of stocks and high yielding debt. Pension funds are underwater. Maybe they’ll fail. The stock market can go down but who knows when. Craig was pushing the #SilverSqueeze on Friday. Physical withdrawal is the only way to deleverage the system. 100 ounces of silver per Reddit Trader is all it took. If they move on because silver becomes boring, they’ll still have their silver. eBay shut down their bullion sellers, why would they do that? Fractional reserve systems are iherently risky. All banks are bankrupt. The pricing system for precious metals is a fractional reserve system. We know in NY and London there’s at least 50 owners for each ounce. You might think you own the metal, but there’s probably 100 other people who think they own it too. As long as there’s no run, the shell game will continue. For large investors there’s a cost to owning gold and silver, storage, insurance transportation, etc. Even a 1% treasury yield looks good. That’s why they go for unallocated accounts. The problem is when the delivery failure occurs. Then it’s all over as the customers line up seeking their metal. SLV just gives you exposure to price, not actual ownership. 34 million ounces on Friday “went” into SLV. That’s 34,000 1,000 ounce bars. How much manpower would it take to deal with that? It’s all promissory notes in the end. Much better to own the physical. People are learning about the rigged system and how it really works. But squeezing the big 4 banks is much harder than squeezing Gamestop and the hedgefunds. Go over to Get 50% off your first month’s subscription. Use the coupon code LUTZ.
02/02/2129m 45s

Shorts Getting Squeezed All Over The Place - John Rubino #5042

First they came for Gamestop, next AMC and finally silver. Is $1000 silver even possible? The big guys are allowed to buy and sell but the Robinhooders not so fast. Robinhood and Melvin Capital get bailed out. Citadel is Robinhood’s biggest customer for data. Is this kind of front running legal and should it be allowed. Is the US becoming Venezuela? Will the stock market keep going up because of major currency inflation? We answer these questions and more, happy Monday!
02/02/2124m 19s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (January 2021)

Stock markets were mixed for the month: Dow off 2% to 29983, S&P 500 off 1.1%, Nasdaq finished up 1.4%, Russell 2000 still strong at 5%, TSX down .3% TSX.Vup another 5.4% again on cryptos and cannabis (gold stocks were down again). It was truly  VIX boosted to 33.1. Dollar up .6% to 90.5 and Euro down .8% to 121. 10 Year yield rose to 1.1%. Bitcoin went parabolic yet again up 19.2% to a record 34502. Gold off 2.6%  to 1848. Silver went up 2.4% to 26.98. PT up .5%. PD slammed for 7.5% for the month to 2160. Copper up again .7% to $3.54, we'll see what's ahead. WTI up another 7.6% to 52.20 . Brent also up 7.9% to 55.88. Natgas up slightly .8% to 2.56 per mm. Uranium still stuck went below $30 to $29.45.  Ratios: Au/Ag 68.5 - Pt/Au .56 - Pt/Pd .58 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 20.4 and AU/WTI still high at 35.4.
01/02/2117m 24s

Copperbank - Riding The Copper Wave To Massive Gains - Gianni Kovacevic #5040

CEO Gianni Kovacevic founded CopperBank Resources Corp. (sponsor) after the 2011 euphoria ended. Gianni is a true visionary and he foresaw the eventual shift from hydrocarbon based energy to electrification. But unlike many visionaries, Gianni was determined to act and profit from his vision. He built CopperBank to maximize shareholder value in the inevitable future copper bull market. He’s been waiting a while, but now it certainly appears that everything is coming up copper. He has put together a world-class portfolio of copper properties in Nevada and Arizona. He was only interested in safe jurisdictions where mining could continue unimpeded. Gianni besides being a doer is also a major investor in Copperbank. He and his team have been at the forefront of every capital raise. Placements have been at or near the market price. He never issues warrants; he’s determined to minimize shareholder dilution. This is an enlightened view towards shareholder value that more CEO’s should follow. A couple of key facts about Gianni, he’s a renowned expert on incumbent energy systems and a sought-after strategist in the divestment movement, investing 10’s of thousands of hours of research and experience in the analysis of the natural resource sector. His copper markets expertise has found him on the world-wide lecture circuit and a frequent media guest. His book, My Electrician Drives a Porsche? has sold many copies and is available in multiple languages all over. And not surprisingly, Gianni is a graduate of electrical studies from The British Columbia Institute of Technology. Recently, the stock has appreciated, along with the price of copper, which is now approaching $4 per pound. Once it breaks that resistance point, there’s no telling where it will end up. Which is why we are shareholders of this an amazing opportunity. And if Gianni’s vision of selling off projects and retaining significant royalty interests plays out according to plan, Copperbank could well see outsized future gains.  Tickers - CSE:CBK  --  FWB:9CM  --  OTCQX:CPPKF Register for the upcoming live webcast (Thurs Feb 11th at 2pm ET) where Gianni Kovacevic will present on the macro fundamentals of the global copper market as well as take specific questions about CopperBank:
01/02/2132m 13s

All Debts Will Be Forgiven Except Yours - Angela Sloan #5039

Student loans are going to be forgiven, all or part. The market is expected to go up this year. Will the President kill the economy? $15 minimum wage is going hit the economy at its most vulnerable. Raising taxes is also going to put a damper on things. All these policies will slow the economy and hurt the most vulnerable. It’s a proven fact that raising the minimum wage always hurts the people at the bottom. The people making the decisions are clueless as to how businesses work and what’s it’s like to make a payroll.
01/02/2120m 26s

Silver Markets Gone Wild - Bullioin Dealers Shut Down Around The Globe! Andy Schectman 1-31-2021

Andy Schectman knew this was coming. He’s been stocking up on silver since Covid hit. Miles Franklin’s inventory is hedged daily and over the weekend. Over this weekend he sold over 90,000 ounces. He wound up effectively naked short by 35,000 ounces. Orders are flying in. This is why bullion dealers across the globe shut down. They can't afford to be net short, because Monday's Comex open could break them and put them out of business. His competitors are quoting silver eagles at over $40. This is unlike anything Andy has experienced in 30 years. He’s never seen the level and concern and fear of the people he’s been speaking with. He has product for immediate delivery. Silver Eagles are available but has no certainty of ever being able to get more. The big boys are surely way up on the line, frontrunning what is happening now. Big money is moving. Thousand ounce silver bars in London are nearly impossible to get. This is what it was like in March 2020. People are fearing the complete collapse of the system. 30 million ounces were deposited into the SLV ETF on Friday. The big traders are smelling blood in the water. They will slam the shorts. They’re long and it’s trickling down to the little guy. Buckle your seat belts. This type of demand will have an effect.
01/02/2120m 54s

How Much Longer Before The Wolf Eats The Sheep And The Game Stops? Lobo Tiggre #5038

Lobo Tiggre of the joined us for a look at the end game. We could be there now, but how many people really understand it? There’s a Record number of call options out. Everybody is long, at some point reality matters, but when?Gold just got smacked down by a rate spike. But is inflation bad for gold? If inflation drives up rates, how much inflation will there be? Does the Fed really have rates locked down till 2023. There are all sorts of cracks in the system and the black swans are circling over head. As Lobo says, Doug Casey, myself and Lobo believed that the system was ending in 2010-11 and he we are a decade later asking the same questions and seeking different answers. Can they keep the illusion working indefinitely?  Remember Lobo means wolf in Spanish. In the end the wolf eats the sheep.
29/01/2128m 12s

It's Almost Over - Darryl Schoon #5036

Yes, we're talking about the global financial system. Darryl and I have been awaiting this collapse for many years. The people running it have been outright masterful in prolonging its existence. They defied the odds many times over, much like motorcycle stunt driver Evel Knievel. He lived far longer than any life insurance underwriter could have forecast. And yet, eventually it was his time to go. And so too our global financial system. What will come next? We can only guess. But as Darryl says often, "Have gold, have silver and have faith!" And of the three faith is the most essential for your survival.  And while you're at it, order some C-60. They used to feed it to rats, to test it out, but when the rats started living way longer than average rats, the study was quickly stopped.  Click here to order...
29/01/2134m 35s

Follow The Uhauls To Florida - Todd "Bubba" Horwitz #5037

We’re at the top, it’s like the 1990’s. These are warning signs. Game Stop has a short squeeze. A company headed for the dustbin and it’s gone from $40 to $380. The short squeeze is on. Very reminscent of the oil squeeze last year in oil. The ultimate chase. This is what happens when the Fed loses control. They can’t see any inflation so they just keep printing. Todd is moving to Nevada from Illinois. Covid and Congress will see to bailing out the worst states. Game Stop housing. At some point hard decisions will have to be made. If Biden stays moderate we’ll survive. If he goes left we collapse and Bitcoin really takes off. Asset classes can no longer price themselves, another step towards socialism. The market is Robinhood on steroids. It always ends the same way. Watch what happens when the bubble pops. 2008 redux. We’re in a bubble right, waiting for it to pop.
28/01/2120m 23s

Time To Get Vaxxed? Dr. John Huber #5035

The world's effort to end Covid-19 via vaccination is well under way. 10's of millions have received their immunization or will do so shortly. Dr. John Huber believes that those most in danger from the CCP virus should be getting immunized, but he urges caution for those who have little risk. Let's see how these people fare, before jumping into it ourselves. And there's other vaccines on the way, including the J&J vaccine which could be less risky. Personally, I know dozens of people who have gotten it, all with limited or no side-effects. What are you planning to do?
28/01/2121m 56s

Don’t Outlive Your Money In  Retirement - Mark Singer #5034

As president of Safe Harbor Retirement Planning, Mark has served as a relentless retirement guide to thousands of individuals since 1986. The secret to his longevity has been asking the questions other advisors simply don’t ask; it allows him to make the best decisions for each client’s unique situation and ensure retirement success.  Take the least amount of risk to provide the cash flow you need for retirement.  Mark is a former radio talk show host, is an author, and has become the go-to financial educator in the media. His most recent book Don’t Outlive Your Money in Retirement! 7 Key Steps, unveils the step-by-step process used to help maximize the retirement journey.  Mark has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC,, and Bloomberg Radio, as well as locally (Boston) on NECN and WRKO. He is also a multiyear recipient of Boston Magazine’s 5 Star Wealth Manager Award.   We DISCUSS • The #1 Fear of retirees financially  • The #1 Concern of most who entire  retirement  • How much risk should a retiree take on  with their portfolio  • The Yellow Brick Road of Retirement -  what are the 7 steps  • How can someone know if they are on  track for a successful retirement  • What is the #1 Fear, financially, do retirees have?
27/01/2130m 53s

Fear Is Gone, Complacency Rules - Higher Prices on The S&P 500 - Chris Vermeulen #5033

Caution is the byword. Bonds are coming back to life and utilities are bouncing back. Defensive money is heading into safety. The markets need to take a break. Big volatility coming to the markets. The VIX can be deadly. Chris no longer trade it. Watch out for the Boyz. Investors have gotten slammed as a result. Will it spike that big this time? Not enough fear in the markets. When everything is more expensive than ever before, then selling could be very advantageous. You don’t have to hold stocks. If you step aside and wait for the next upturn, you’ll profit handsomely. Following investing rules is the most important thing you can do. If S&P drops below it’s 50 moving day average, it’s time to unload. Precious metals are going nowhere. They’re at the bottom of Chris’s list. Mining stocks have lost their momentum. Long term is still bullish. Short term, they’re dead money. Buy signal in tech. Some of the tech industries are in the midst of large moves. Even the solar sector gave a new buy signal today. Interests are likely to drift for the present.
27/01/2120m 55s

He Loves CO2 - Gregory Wrightstone #5032

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been canceled by the Biden Admin. It’s a giant step backward towards energy dependence. Decreased oil production will lead to increased imports from the Middle East. Gregory explores the difference between erosion and rising sea levels. He also explains why increased CO2 is good for the world and rising food production. Everything you thought you knew about climate change is clearly wrong.
26/01/2124m 18s

The Games Don’t Stop Here - John Rubino #5031

Goldman Sachs warns of a dangerous bubble in 39 hot stocks. Goldman’s clients are freaking out about a stock bubble.   Bridgewater’s Dalio sees U.S. divided, in ‘terrible financial state’    It’s official now, it’s a bubble.  Microsoft and Sony are coming out with new consoles so Game Stop is of course taking off to the moon! Robinhood traders love Game Stop, time to get out? Does it have a future? This is what happens when markets are over hyped and excited. You never know in a bubble market. Bubble is all over the place New all-time low junk bond yield  U.S. corporate buybacks are on the rise Is selling pressure beginning to percolate? Remember the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. More stocks are trading 10 times sales now than in 1999, the last time it happened. Beyond any previous bubble. A market takes the escalator up and the elevator down. The stay at home stock bubble, doing great as long as the lockdowns continue, ie Netflix.
26/01/2130m 55s

2021 Real Estate Predictions - Andrew Ragusa #5031

Covid phobia has greatly affected the real estate markets, buyers who won’t look and there’s sellers who don’t want people coming into their homes. Increased buyer activity in Florida and TX. The Southeast is on fire. Foreclosures will resume in 2021. The solution put in place has been very short-sighted. New York has taken the lead in protecting landlords. Many landlords are of the middle class. Initially there will be a momentary surplus, but there’s a feeding frenzy taking place. People are snapping up any available properties. Largely due to the flight from urban areas. Mortgage rates to stay flat or slightly higher. Migration will awaken the population.
22/01/2117m 28s

Tier One Silver’s Plan Comes Together In Pursuit of World Class Peruvian Silver Discoveries

Tier One Silver (sponsor) is currently one of the most exciting silver plays in the world, but you’ll have to wait to buy the stock. The Company is currently an unlisted spin-off of Auryn Resources, expecting  its TSX listing (TSLV) in February, with its OTC listing to follow shortly thereafter. The timing of the spin co’s was essential to minimize the potential tax fallout for US Investors.  Tier One Silver’s new CEO Peter Dembicki, a former championship rower, is laser focused on the 11,000 hectare Curibaya project. Drill permits are on the way and targeting completion is near. Tier One will drill up to 40 holes from 20 platforms over a 473-hectare area, which is within the 20 square kilometre mineralized alteration zone where high-grade vein corridors have recently sampled grades up to 298 kg/t silver and 14.1 g/t gold. It’s no wonder that Chair Ivan Bebek is so upbeat on Tier One. And as shareholders, we believe it was well worth the wait. Some opportunities require a little bit of patience and faith in management's ability to get the job done and clearly this is one of them.  Go to the the company’s website at for more information and to sign-up for updates.
22/01/2116m 53s

Yellen Yells Buy Everything - Turbo—charged Fiat Currency Destruction - John Rubino  #5030

Go big or go home so says Janet Yellen. The new government is spending the money with two hands. Between Powell and Yellen, why would anyone worry? Easy Money is on the way! Buy Everything Rally today, gold, stocks, real estate… Gold smackdowns getting ridiculous. Gold and silver are way up today. Maybe it’s time for inflation hedges after all. Will PM longs out perform stock bulls?  Clean tech is rocking under Biden. Go green young man! The day they bail out Illinois could be the day that gold goes to $5000. Government bailouts for governments around the country. Multi-trillion in bailouts coming. The Dukes of Moral Hazard have returned. Then comes any troubled economic sector. It was going to be bad no matter. Watch the interest Turbo-charged fiat currency destruction.
21/01/2121m 53s

Fed Wallet Is Coming - Andy Schectman #5029

$10 Trillion deficits are coming! The Fed is getting ready to send you a wallet and some nice new Fed Coins. Precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy. The biggest players have been amassing precious metals and getting ready for the inevitable. Acquisition of non-dollar denominated assets, including metals and cryptos is showing the way. The trend will continue until the global reset. Last year there were 10 years of metals deliveries. There will come a time when all the noise will cease and the reality will become clear.
21/01/2123m 14s

The Empire Strikes Back - Dr. Steve Turley #5028

Every time the political class takes over, there’s a very predictable backlash. Republicans are clamoring for the pardon of Julian Assange. The entire party is standing up and looking for a pardon. As Tucker said, if leaks help the political class that’s a good thing. But if it damages the deep state, then it’s a threat to democracy.An Bad leakers must be destroyed.The reaction to the ruling class seizing power is going on all over the world. Will there be a populist wave in 2022 or perhaps the better question is will continue and magnify in power? The Dems now have the thinnest House majority in history, especially after redistricting is completed. Steve expects lot’s of primarying against RINO’s and party unfaithfuls. There’s a difference between national populist light and national populist right.
20/01/2119m 48s

Does The Vaccine Mean The End of Covid? Dr. Dean Fanelli #5026

Ramping up the vaccine is rapidly taking place. More and more people are getting it and generating immunity. Most people will suffer the effects and recover acordingly. It’s the high-risk population that are most at risk. Over 25mm Americans have gotten it. We’re going to get through herd immunity by the vaccine and normal immunity. Lockdowns are bad policy. We had one shot at it and it didn’t work. There’s no point re-enacting a failed policy. The economy may never recover. Bad idea to shut it down. The media is overplaying the risk of mutation and the results. Advise the public, don’t scare them. We’re treating healthy people and quarantining the well.
19/01/2118m 40s

Does New York City Have A Future - Ken Van Liew #5027

Famed real estate investor Ken Van Liew joins us for an inquiry into the continued viability of New York City. It’s no secret commercial RE markets are getting clobbered. Retail is being hammered as well. There’s been a complete exodus from the New York State. It’s a work in progress. Properties have been devalued. Rent is $1 billion in arrears. Do you buy Florida swampland or a money pit off of Central Park? Markets outside the Metro area are booming. CT projects, NJ projects, affordable housing and mixed use, Ken is seeing great demand and there’s no inventory. Money is fleeing NYC. Almost every rental market outside urban areas is booming. Less commutation equals more single family rentals. In these times, Ken believes that his real estate investing formula still works better than ever. You just need to concentrate in the markets that are benefitting from the flight out of urban America.
19/01/2119m 14s

New All Time Record High For Gold Coming In 2021 - Gary Wagner #5025

Gary was shocked by Biden’s speech on allocation of funds. We spent $4 trillion last year. When does it end? We’re spending like there’s no tomorrow. We’re looking at another $4 trillion for this year. When the Treasury spends on stimulus, that’s when inflation really takes place.  Copper is going up due to commodity price inflation and also on China’s demand.  There’s a new normal coming once the pandemic has run its course. We still have 12 million out of work. Many less people able to support their families. Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. The government is going to pay.  Many pre-pandemic jobs are going to disappear. And automation isn’t going anywhere. It’s not if, but when. Lyft and Uber are counting on autonomous. Eliminate the drivers. Same with mortgage underwriters.  Keep  your eye on the chart. The yellow lines are key. $2100 to $2200 gold by the 3rd quater of 2021, if not sooner. Unbridled optimism in the stock is clearly prevalent. How soon will the pandemic abate? Stock market has been putting pressure on gold. Same with Bitcoin. An unusual asset class. One of the super powers will come out and replace their currency with a crypto, who will it be? China, US, EU?  Gold and silver what’s happening and ahead? When it comes to bringing back the economy, Gary isn’t so optimistic. And that complicates coming out of the global depression.
18/01/2121m 26s

The New Great Depression and What You Can Do About It - James Rickards #5024

The stock market has never been more detached from reality. There’s 7 stocks that call the shots, 40 percent of the market cap. They're the least affected by the pandemic. The other 493 stocks have done nothing. The economy is being destroyed by the lockdowns. Small and medium sized business are 50% of the jobs and 45% of the GDP. And they're the one's hardest hit by poor government policy that is destroying everything in its path. Jim is convinced that the Wuhan CCP Virus escaped from a Chinese Lab to infect the world. His latest book details his views where it's all heading. What could have been a major public health challenge has turned into a massive global depression and we have only the politicians and fake scientists to thank for the current state of affairs.  Jim lays out very specific action steps that will help you profit from the global depression. You'll find it in his latest book, The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World. It's must reading and your financial survival might just depend upon it.
18/01/2128m 43s

Beating Covid 19 - My Personal Journey - Triple Lutz Report 487

Leading up to New Year's Day, I spent a week in the hospital fighting Covid-19, together with a case of walking Pneumonia. It was a very challenging experience, but quite enlightening and beneficial as well. From the pandemic’s very beginnings, I made no secret of my belief that governments and politicians at every level were mis-handling the pandemic. Covid 19 is quite serious, especially when the elderly and those with comorbidities are affected. While the absence of underlying illnesses or those of younger ages does not guarantee immunity from the coronavirus, it greatly decreases the mortality rate and the likelihood of serious residual effects.     From the pandemic’s start, I made a pledge to lead my best possible life, all the while taking basic precautions against the disease. I engaged in continuous handwashing, confining most of my social activities to the outdoors and taking a preventative course of HCQ, vitamin D3, Zinc and other supplements.
18/01/2116m 17s

Shorting Tesla with John Rubino #5023

John has successfully purchased a short position in Tesla. For the past several months, options were just too costly to short, but now… Premiums are down and the shorts have been flushed. Now you can do it more cheaply. Will Robinhood do John in? Watch where the next stimulus winds up. Competition is just around the corner. Commodity super cycle is going to squeeze margins.  Twitter  and FB have lost $54 billion in market cap in the last week.  Amazon is a perfect example of where a stock with lower profits can go. The flood of cash has to go somewhere. Interest rates have started going up. Big deal for the stock market. We’re getting to the point where rates could be a negative issue for the stock market. Could this lead to a decline?  Massive Bailouts for everyone just around the corner.  Bitcoin regulation on the way? Ask Christine Lagarde, despicable Bitcoin.  Former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas Cannot Access His Bitcoin Wallet Containing 7,002 BTC Worth $231 Million
15/01/2124m 53s

Precious Metals For 2021 with David Erfle #5022

It's not an accident that we got a move in the opposite directions gold and silver. Coming into the New Year everything was going for us. Juniors were leading the miners, metals were ready to take the lead. And then the rug was pulled out from under us all of us. David warned his subscribers that he was taking profits the first week of the year. The weekly gold close went under $1850. Is gold making a bear flag at $1850, which could portend more weakness to the sector. Last week was a sell the news event. Manipulation conitnues on. Real yields were rising. Dollar rebound started. Gold could go down to $1767! In the precious metals sector, it's always a great idea to take money off the table. The March 2020 crash should have taught us some more valuable lessons that we didn’t need. Risk management is an absolute must. Take profits off the table at the beginning of the year. If any position gets over 10 percent, David will trim it down. Always be thinking of selling in the junior sector. Always hold your core.  David gives us his take on Canadian private placements, he's had great success in the past. The rules keep getting worse for Americans. You need to be aware of the rules and legend removal process. Once the shares become free trading sell half and keep the warrants and your core holding. It all depends  upon the type of company you’re dealing with. Finally, David advises you to take a step back on a regular basis. Look at the 20 year gold chart regularly to gain perspective. This type of disciplined approach will keep your profits running and keep your risk manageable.
14/01/2122m 36s

Mindful Meditative Money Making with Jonathan K. DeYoe #5021

It's been said many times that in order to be a successful investor you've got to have the right mindset. Jonathan K. DeYoe has taken it one further. He believes that you've got to be mindful, not just in your investing but in everything you do in life. Meditation is a great aid to give clarity and help focus in on your goals. Balance in one's life is also essential. While it may sound a bit new age cliche, Jonathan has been honing his skills to help himself become successful as well as many others. When it come to mindful investing, don't knock it till you've tried it.
13/01/2116m 16s

The New Roaring 2020's with Noble Drakoln #5020

Noble Drakoln is a student of history. He sees many similarities between the Roaring 1920's and the Roaring 2020's. Just look at the IPO market and all the SPACs, essential blind trust companies set up to do who knows what. It's not gonna end well, that's for sure. And for the end point Noble trusts in gold. Whenever you walk into a great party, you know it's going to end. Euphoria aside, you know what's gonna happen.
13/01/2116m 31s

The Great Digital Migration And National Split with John Rubino #5019

It’s now populist versus collectivist. Watch out for John’s upcoming article about the "great migration" as conservatives and other sensible people leave California and NY for Texas, Florida and the mountain states, and leave Facebook and Twitter for Gab and Perler, basically to get away from liberals. It's the modern version of "white flight" though we don't want to put it that way. Huge story for 2021. They’re leader to a new internet infrastructure. An internet backbone that doesn’t rely upon the kindess of Google and Amazon.   One last thing that should probably be near the top. Interest rates are spiking. What is it happening and what does it mean for markets and the economy?They’re going higher in anticipation of massive bailouts. Industrial products are going higher in expectation of higher inflation.   Did you hear about the nursing home where no one had died until they got vaccines? The vaccine was our savior. What happened?
12/01/2122m 53s

In Pursuit of Swedish High-Grade Silver with Norden Crown Metals Pat Varas

Take a seasoned 34 year mining executive/geologist and give him a stable and welcoming jurisdiction and things are bound to get very interesting, very fast. Pat Varas, Executive Chairman and CEO of Norden Crown Metals (sponsor) has traveled the world looking for resources and developing mines. Now the focus of his attention is Scandanavia. Perhaps unknown to many, Pat extols the virtues of this extremely solid mining venue. People have been mining here since before the Middle Ages. With extremely large copper and iron deposits, they're a vital European source. And Pat sees major potential above and beyond that. He is looking forward to additional drill results in the Fredriksson Gruvan prospect, which has intersected 11.0 meters of stratiform sulphide mineralization interpreted to be Broken Hill Type (BHT) precious metal enriched base metal mineralization. The intercept consists of massive to semi-massive sulphide mineralization, including sphalerite (zinc sulphide) and galena (lead sulphide). The intercept occurs 35 meters below historical mine workings which produced 45,000 tonnes grading 49 g/t silver, 5.77% zinc, 1.84% lead2. The Fredriksson Gruvan prospect is located on the 100% owned silver-zinc-lead-gold Gumsberg Project located in the Bergslagen Province of Southern Sweden. There's more drilling on the way and that could mean lots more good news in the near future, which is why we own the shares. Norden Crown Metals Ticker Symbols: TSXV:NOCR - OTC:BORMF - FRA:03E

Global Wake-Up Call with Elijah Johnson #5018

When we first met Elijah Johnson, he was 16 years old publishing videos about the inequity of the Federal Reserve and international monetary system. We jokingly referred to him as the 16 year old who knew more than then Fed Chair Benjamin Bernanke. Elijah hasn't been sitting around waiting for things to get better. He successfully made it through college with a degree in journalism and now he's putting it to great use. He's working with our great friends over at Miles Franklin and is quickly becoming a thought leader in the sound money sphere. And like like Elijah says, it's now far more important to assure the safety/return of your capital, rather than seeking a high return on it. In the end value usually takes care of itself.
11/01/2115m 18s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly and Yearly Review for December 20 and 2020

Stock markets again ran up dramatically during the month: Dow up nearly 3.3% to record 30606, S&P 500 up 3.7%, Nasdaq finished up 5.6%, Russell 2000 up strong at 8.5%, TSX lagged up 1.4% TSX.V nearly 16.7% again on cryptos and cannabis (gold stocks were way down). It was truly a day tripper's market. VIX calmed to 22.75. Dollar continued its skid off 2.1% to 89.92 and Euro rose 2.2% to 122. 10 Year yield rose to ..94%. Bitcoin went parabolic yet again up 48% to a record 28947. Gold put in a 6.8% gain to 1898. Silver piped up 16.6% to 26.36. PT was again a major winner up 10.5%. PD rose 3.8% for the month to 2336. Copper is still winning up 1.1% to $3.52, with more gains almost certainly ahead. WTI also sailed much higher up 7% to 48.52. Brent also up 8.8% to 51.80. Natgas ran out of gas falling another 12% to 2.63 per mm. Uranium still stuck at or near $30.  Ratios: Au/Ag 72 - Pt/Au .56 - Pt/Pd .45 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 19.1 and AU/WTI still a hefty 39.1.
07/01/2119m 40s

Coming Back From Covid 19 Stronger Than Ever!

I recently spent 7 days in the hospital, fighting the effects of Covid-19 and Pneumonia. It was touch and go for a couple of days. I was loaded up with antibiotics, steroids, donor plasma, blood thinners and everything else you could imagine. And yet, I pulled through. I believe the reason for my survival is that there's so much more I have to do in life. While the experience was by no means pleasant, it was very instructive and I learned a lot. I wouldn't have done anything differently, other than to have gone to the hospital a week earlier. I made the decision early on to live a normal life or as normal as possible. I have no regrets on that score. My colleague Bill Powers and I have a great conversation about living your best life in the age of Covid. It's up to all of us to find our best angels and proceed accordingly. The only advice I can offer is that if you any symptom whatsoever, get treated. Assume you have the coronavirus and get off to the doctor or hospital and get it treated. You'll likely avoid much of the pain and suffering that I encountered and that's a good thing. Special thanks to Bill Powers and the folks over at Mining Stock Education.
07/01/2116m 39s

David Morgan Reports for FSN #5016

David Morgan appeared for FSN while I continue to recuperate from Covid-19. David is doing his usual outstanding analysis of gold and silver prices. According to David gold is now in a cup and handle pattern, the most powerful formation we can observe. David thinks we are in a 2-3 year move. We’ll be breaking 2000 gold and once that happens, we’re looking at the final leg of this massive movement.  David talks silver and the picture is very encouraging. Platinum, Palladium getting ready for the next Platinum move. The market is telling us that it could be time to get out of Palladium and into Platinum.  Silver isn’t quite in a cup, but it won’t be long. Keep a close eye on the silver chart. We’ve seen a flat 5 year silver chart. The last year saw a move to $30 and a consolidation. We’re pushing towards the $27 level. Volume is the key. If you don’t know the volume, you don’t know anything.  Just go over to The Morgan Report for more info.  Thanks for all your kindnesses while I’ve been dealing with my illness. We’ll be picking up again and soon we’ll be better than ever. Thanks David for standing in for me.
06/01/2111m 21s

How This Week in U.S. Politics Will Affect The Markets in 2021 with Nick Santiago #5015

The results of this week's U.S. senate runoff and contested presidential election will affect where the markets go in 2021 says pro trader Nick Santiago of  Nicks shares the best trades he plans to profit from this year.   He also shares insights on where USD and oil might head depending on the political composition of the federal government.  Nick also discusses the bitcoin trade, 2021 inflation expectations how he has profited from shorting markets.  Have a listen and learn from a veteran trader with over 30 years experience!
05/01/2117m 23s

Where Is The Market Headed in 2021? with John Rubino #5014

ohn Rubino returns to the show to discuss where the markets are headed in 2021. Is this year for the devastating market crash many have been anticipating?  Is the downfall of the U.S. dollar upon us? What might be some of the best trades in 2021? If the current economic system collapses will verifiable stock and asset ownership translate into the new financial system?  Where are the precious metals headed and why right now might be the most important time to own them? John addresses these questions and more…so tune in!
04/01/2124m 30s

Are Honest Elections A Thing Of The Past?bFrank Vernuccio #5012

Frank discusses the negatives of what life will look like ahead now that the Supreme Court has ruled that honest elections don’t matter and no one has standing any long to challenge an election anyway. Unless something happens to change things quickly, democracy is going to wind up being an asterisk in history.
28/12/2016m 1s

The Old Guy Speaks - Orest Komarnyckyj #5011

When it comes to wisdom, it’s off devoid in the young and in ample supply in the elderly. Orest has been a stand up comic, a retired periodontist and an all around renaissance man. He’s currently retired and has now become a podcaster. Remember, wisdom doesn’t have to be boring or dull, it can come with large does of humor. Listen on and hear about the world according to Orest.
28/12/2023m 2s

Q1 Stock Market Bust Up? Sam McElroy #5010

There’s no alternative to the stock market. Investors are staying in the market because they believe that the market always comes roaring back. They were  slammed in March, but now they’re up for the year. The market could continue to advance and this has created complacency. However, a wise investor is always prepared for the inevitable pullbacks that inevitably occur. We could very well see a reversion to the mean. WIll it be this year or next? Beware of corrections, but the timing is the tough part. Whenever the market is pushing higher, bears are always portrayed as alarmists. And then in a matter of days they can appear to be prophets. Covid has put a dent global wealth with 200-300 million people unemployed and trillions of wealth lost. Q1 pullback in equities? Or perhaps a consumption boom? Let’s see what happens next.
23/12/2014m 28s

Jordan Roy Byrne's Inflation Alert #5009

Look out above. Jordan Roy Byrne sees things unfolding later next year. Once Covid has subsided, probably after the vaccine is distributed and herd immunity is achieved, people will start leaving their homes and spending money to make up for lost time.  Money will be pouring into the economy. This will be the beginning of inflation, led by increased consumer prices. A look at the trend lines, shows the CPI is already heading higher. There will be a temporary growth pop and we're seeing copper take off, as a result; it's currently trading at $3.58. Commodity price inflation is baked in the cake. It’s anticipating growth and inflation, a strange convergence. No matter how you cut it, interesting times are ahead.
23/12/2025m 1s

On The Silver Express With The Aden Sisters #5008

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are two of the most renowned influential and well known investment analysts, writers and lecturers in the world. And they’re extremely lovely people to boot. At this point in life it’s all about helping Joe Six-Pack and Sharon Chardonnay to survive the coming economic downturn.  We discuss Covid 19, where the economy is heading - south - as well as buying some Gold/Silver to preserve wealth. The Sisters are heavily bullish on silver and believe it will soon be hitting record prices. They fully embrace the rise of the resource sector. However, not surprisingly they believe that the stock market will continue to rise. They’re a little uncertain as to Bitcoin, because it’s the new guy on the block, but they’re keeping an open mind.  They are the co-editors and publishers of The Aden Forecast, a monthly investment newsletter, which specializes in the U.S. and global stock markets, the precious metals and foreign exchange markets, as well as U.S. and international interest rates and bonds. The Adens are the Directors of Aden Research, based in San Jose, Costa Rica. They have authored dozens of reports and articles and have spoken at investment seminars around the world. Their work has been featured in newspapers in several countries, in such publications as Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Barron’s, The London Financial Times, as well as CNBC and the international television documentary, Women of the World. Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are sisters and they’ve lived in Costa Rica since 1974. They’ll definitely be returning soon to FSN.
22/12/2021m 20s

Insane Everything with John Rubino #5007

Bitcoin!  Never look at the precious metals futures market in the middle of the night. You’re going to be seriously disappointed.  The inadequacy of the latest stimulus bill. Which is why gold and silver tanked. Now the markets are saying it’s not enough.  Vaccine is making people sick Cuomo bans indoor dining – in the middle of winter. Will eBay prohibit bullion sales on it’s auction website?
22/12/2031m 27s

One Of Our Favorite 2021 Picks is Ernest Mast's Dore Copper

Doré Copper Mining (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF) (Sponsor)  Some juniors have it all, which is why CEO Ernest Mast couldn't be more optimistic . It has great projects with high grade deposits, excellent infrastructure in a mine friendly Quebec and has near term production with very low capex. The projects are a stone’s throw (8 miles) from the town of Chibougamau. The company has no debt and owns a 2,700 tpd mill with a 8.0mt tailings facility, who's replacement cost is several times Dore's market cap.  The project is on the grid, has highway access and to has a rail link to boot.  They're expecting to produce 100,000+ ounces per year au equivalent. The low capex needed to restart production means that it could all happen very quickly. We love it when a plan comes together, which is why we own shares in Doré Copper.
21/12/2016m 9s

Eternal Optimist Part 2 - Dr. Steve Turley #5006

Dr. Steve Turley joins us for his latest take on the continuing election saga and what it means for the country and you. He’s convinced that things may not turn out as they seem. Alas, this is the season of miracles, so you never know.
18/12/2025m 7s

Andy Schectman’s Last 2020 Interview and What To Do With Scrap Gold #5005

Andy gives sound advice on how to handle your scrap gold and silver. It’s very easy to get taken advantage of by unscrupulous Cash for Gold companies. You can either take the cash or Andy will send you bullion in exchange, all for very low or no fees. We also discussed what’s ahead for 2021. It’s going to be a very challenging year ahead. Out of control governments, out of control spending, out of control pandemic fears will make for worsening economies around the globe. We’ll be checking in regularly with Andy during 2021 to get his latest updates.
18/12/2029m 37s

To Vaxx or Not To Vaxx - Dr. Sal Giorgianni #5004

Dr. Giorgianni has a long history in public health and is well respected in the field. He is very optimistic about the vaccine. He’s not overly concerned about side effects. Will we achieve population immunity? Will we see any unusual side effects? Will it provide permanent immunity? It’s ana amazing feat to get a vaccine to market this quickly. Dr. Giorgianni believes that there has been more than adequate testing of the vaccines and believes that the potential risks are worth the benefits. On the therapeutic front, remarkable progress has been made. Within 8 months very effective protocols have been developed, the death rates while high, could have been much worse.  Taking Vitamin D and Zinc could have benefits in staving off Covid 19 and there are observational studiesFor further information go to
17/12/2025m 30s

The World Is Upside Down - Rob Kirby 12-15-2020 #5003

As George Carlin once said, “It’s all a big club and you ain’t in it?” Has anyone been paying attention to the departure between the price of gold and the price Bitcoin. Comex and LBMA are applying the equivalent of a date rape drug to gold and silver. It is signaling that the powers that be prefer a digital future to precious metals. The metals market is bound to soar, because the Comex is becoming a cash and carry market. Creation of money is grossly understated by FRED, new money creation has been increased by 3-9 trillion over the past year. However, there are those who believe it is many times over that already frightening number. Eventual hyper-inflation is a given. Witness the sinking dollar. What’s next, a Chinese dystopian crypto-currency.
16/12/2025m 6s

Multi - Year Bull Run For Gold and The Financial State of the World is Crazy - Bob Hoye #5002

The financial state of the world is totally insane. The powers that be somehow believe that printing money will enable countries to avoid recessions and depressions. It’s like believing that blood-letting will cure whatever ails you. We’re now in the 19th recession since the inception of the Fed. In addition to failing at its major responsibility, It’s been totally corrupted. It’s primary mission has devolved into creating unlimited money to fund unlimited government. As Bob notes, this has all happened before. He goes on to give an excellent historical perspective on the madness. Ultimately, the power of the government is used to constrain the middle class. Is there a difference now? Are we in for another Glorious Revolution? A bloodless revolution. Check wikipedia and learn about the Glorious Revolution. When authoritarianism arrives, freedom and prosperity flee always flee. What next in the financial markets. You will find the answer is in the history of all great booms and busts.
16/12/2026m 2s

Common Sense Tips For Succeeding In The Market - Chris Uhl #5001

Don’t ever fight the trend. You don’t know better than everyone in the market. The market can remain irrational much longer than you can remain solvent. Options trading can be profitable using Chris’s system. The longer Chris has been trading, the simpler his system has become. Not the get rich quick system. The AI stock trading system using artificial intelligence has been a real game changer. The key is how to use the data. There’s sensible speculation and then there’s gambling. Chris engages in the former.
15/12/2019m 38s

Hi I’m From The CCP And I'm Here To Help - John Rubino #5000

A $900 billion stimulus bill is inadequate (it might cover the coming student loan defaults, but that’s all … or the restaurant industry implosion, or maybe 1/3 of the cost of state and local pension underfunding and so on. The crisis may be imminent. Everyone loves a bailout. All the bailouts have to happen regardless who’s in power. Watch what happens to currencies around the globe this coming year. Trump reportedly open to pardoning Snowden? Hi, we’re from the CCP and we're here to help. Leaks reveal Chinese Communist Party has people in high places, in education, large corporations and governments all over the world. Bitcoin or bust? Will the dissolution of the country lead to a new crypto emergent economic power? No reason for Bitcoin and gold to be antagonists. John just bought his first Bitcoin.  Chinese version of Robinhood. With WeBull, free stock trading is now a video game. Kind of like blowing up people with drones. Perhaps they should be in the gaming sector.  Is civil unrest complete with gun battles on the way? Record gun sales may be the ultimate indicator.
15/12/2030m 40s

When Will Precious Metals Markets Trade Freely? Ted Butler #4999

According to precious metals expert Ted Butler, $1950 on gold is the line of demarcation. That’s when the Technical Funds jump in with two feet and start buying up every available ounce. The banks are short and underwater by at least $10 billion. They either have to deliver the metals or buy back the position. $350 million ounces of silver is too tall an order to fill. The last thing they really want to do is a  buy back, because that will light a fire under the market and drive it to all time highs. Either they keep it under control or they lose control. If they decide to buy back or run for cover, that could blow the lid off. They’ve been playing this dangerous game well for many years, so perhaps they can hold off a while longer. But eventually, something’s got to give.
14/12/2024m 8s

Lumina Group Making Major Gains - Marshall Koval and Scott Hicks

According to Marshall Koval (CEO) Ecuador mining was hit early by Covid-19. However, the interruption was short-lived, by May drilling had resumed and is continuing. Mining was deemed an essential industry, assuring that operations will move forward. Lumina/Luminex and its peers have established strong protocols to protect its workforce. And perhaps most importantly, they’ve been supporting their communities in many different capacities to help get them through this crisis.  Lumina Gold -  TSX: LUM - OTC: LUMIF   Marshall informed us that the PEA update is completed. The economics have been substantially upped, making it a great acquisition target. Permitting work is continuing. Ross Beaty mentioned that the Lumina's strategy of execution by adding value and de-risking is has been well under way and a sale of the company is expected, at terms that will be highly advantageous to  shareholders. In the interim, Beaty has provided a C$5 million financing to sustain operations. Shareholders' patience will likely yield large rewards.  Luminex Resources - TX: LR OTC: LUMIF VP Corp. Dev. Scott Hicks indicated that significant the Company is moving quickly ahead. Drilling on 5 different potential projects will be taking place by both the Company and its joint venture partners. He's expecting a PEA on the Condor project, with needed engineering work proceeding apace. The other 4 projects are at different places in the process. Targets have been identified and they'll be vigorously pursued in 2021.  All things considered, it looks like the coming year will be another one of major milestones for a group that has already accomplished so much. (Both companies are FSN Sponsors)
14/12/2017m 13s

Wall Street’s Buy And Hold Mantra Sure To Fail -Michael Pento #4998

If bond prices start spiking then look out below. When the Door-Dash’s of the world go up 90 percent in a day, something is amiss. 40 percent of publicly traded companies aren’t marking money. 20 percent of them are zombies who can’t even make enough to pay their debt service. People have to have a hedge other than Wall Street’s 60-40 portfolio allocation strategy. Wall Street is betting on the return to normalcy trade. The buy and hold Mantra of Wall Street is sure to fail. When will the next crash come, because it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. Being prepared and hedged is the key to not just surviving but thriving as well.
11/12/2024m 48s

The Eternal Optimist - Dr. Steve Turley #4995

Our good friend Dr. Steve Turley joined up. Forever the optimist, he believes that justice will eventually be served and that there's an unstoppable rise of conservatism and nationalism. Others are not quite so sanguine. We hope that Steve is right and the rest of us are wrong.
11/12/2032m 33s

Freedom Is On The Run - Doug Casey #4997

The world is in very serious shape right now. Governments have use the pandemic to greatly increase their power and further subjugate their citizens. And this is very worrisome to citizen off the world Doug Casey. Freedom is on the run. The only safe places he sees are Uruguay in South America and perhaps Portugal in Europe. He refers to Europe as a sinking ship and certainly most of Asia is a no-go. Depressions can last for decades and the Great Depression may go on for quite a while, just look at Russia's 20th Century Depression that lasted over 80 years and China's near 50 year Depression. They're caused, directly or indirectly, by government and this one is no different. And as Doug also states, "Government is the cause of poverty."
10/12/2022m 5s

Platinum! Chris Vermeulen #4996

Markets are in for a very wild ride. Covid taking front and center and the stock market is still holding up in spite of the threat.There’s an attempt at the Santa Rally, we'll see if it succeeds. However, markets will close higher for the year. Renewed investor interest will keep things moving to the upside. They’re looking beyond. Rally will continue into January. More stimulus is certainly coming and the markets can't get enough of it. At some point there will be a pretty sharp connection. Perhaps another March crash. But until then, individual industries are rocketing higher. EV market is on fire. Big money is flowing into it. How long will they print for and drive the Dollar down? Nominal returns aren’t real returns.  Gold and precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy. For obvious reasons. You need physical things and we’re coming into a commodity super-cycle. Where do you go when currencies are falling.  Copper has had an impressive upward move. It’s a good sign on the overall economy. Fundamentals are down, but markets are saying otherwise. Oil is recovering and this could be a full-fledged bull market. One reason why metals have been under-performing. Gold and silver are still in a very positive bull flag pattern.  Platinum could be on the verge of great returns. It was near a breakout. Could be a multi-month/year breakout. It’s not a crowded traded. This is how bottoms are created.  Interest rates will be stagnant for well into the future. Bonds are starting to show some signs rallying upward. The Fed can't afford to raise rates now or forever.
10/12/2023m 35s

Staying Sane In An Insane World - Dr. John Huber #4994

What does they term insanity really mean? It’s actually a legal term  when a person doesn’t not know the difference between right and wrong at a particular moment when a crime was committed. Mental health professionals deal with mental disease and personality disorders.  Finally, there are new approaches in this area. Many efforts to treat the mentally ill, until recently, have been ineffective. Now, there’s great hope that mental illness and personality disorders can be effectively treated with hallucinogens? Society is desperately seeking ways to help these people change for the better. You can teach some people to change their behavior, but changing their thoughts isn’t going to happen. Case studies have indicated there’s an improvement treating them with psychedelics. There’s great a volume of studies done by Russian psychiatrists that show high cure rates of depression and other mental maladies. In the West, the area has been dominated by big Pharma and it is very hard to publish research into hallucinogen treatments. In short, there’s no money in it. But all that’s changing now. Widespread use of Ketamine to treat a variety of illnesses is going truly mainstream and Dr. Huber is helping to lead the way. We’re on the brink of a major breakthrough in treating mental illness and it can’t come soon enough.
09/12/2036m 23s

Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks For 2021 - John Feneck #4993

2020 will be remembered as the year of the Pandemic and the ridiculous response to it. This has created a precarious situation for the economy and could be just what precious metals needed to really take off. We saw record high gold prices in 2020, but silver lagged behind. Now all that could be changing. John shares with us a number of his top picks for 2021. And there’s some really good ones here. Plus there’s one long-shot pick that could pay-off big time. Whatever happens, 2021 is going to be heck of a ride.
09/12/2027m 0s

$3000 Gold? Octavio Marenzi #4992

Right before Biden’s electoral victory, JPMorgan had called another 5% price hike in a “blue wave”. Though Trump loves gold and adorns everything with the precious metal, the precious metal itself was banking on a Biden win. Why? Because what it loves more than anything is the Biden-backed promise of monetary stimulus.  Historically, gold has risen consistently on similar economic packages… And today is no different. But the best way to take advantage of a transformative year for gold is at the center of the next major discovery … Where will the next major gold discovery be?
08/12/2017m 21s

Time For The Elon Musk SPA - John Rubino 12-8-2020 #4991

Lockdowns spreading: Starting today CA has closed bars, hair salons, restaurants. Some California and NY Sheriffs have refused to enforce. Too good to check: In San Fran, smoking indoors is now banned – except for weed. Weak jobs report guarantees stimulus. But the coming bill won’t be big enough to impress the stock market. We got the no civil war relief rally.  Bank of Japan is now the biggest single holder of Japanese stocks. IPO boom and “deal frenzy” for start-ups are more signs of a market bubble. Beware of SPAC’s. You’re just throwing money at someone and hoping for the best. Time for the Elon Musk SPAC, oh that’s right it’s called Tesla.  5G and Musk’s satellite internet service could help further hasten the urban decline in the US urban areas.   WHO to speed up vaccine trials by giving covid to healthy people. Death could be a side effect. Gene therapy has killed many people in early testing. No vaccince VIdeo and other evidence about the election and vote tallies. We’re not out of the civil war phase yet. Electoral th-ft, is it real or is it memorex? Gold and silver rebound. Is it the beginning of the next upward leg or just a bounce from an oversold market? It’s a secular bull market, but we’ll need to wait before deciding.
08/12/2036m 29s

Is Musk A Threat To Bezos - Andrew Arons #4990

Today markets are making new all-time highs. There’s been a disconnect in the market and the real economy. November was one of the best months ever. Value stocks are under performing and it’s been all about growth stocks now. Has it peaked or is it time to go elsewhere? Money should be rotating into dividend paying companies. Dividends are still relevant according to Andrew. He believes that vaccines will help the economy recover, but we don’t know when and how fast. There will be bumps in the road. Are value investors becoming an endangered species? What about Tesla? Just upgraded today and it’s been going parabolic. Andrew believes the volatility isn’t right for his clients and the valuations could be too high. It could get hammered in a down market.
07/12/2017m 19s

Curtains For Trump? Karen Kataline #4989

Karen Katalin believes in fighting the good fight. It ain’t over till it’s over. And it’s not over yet. While you host believes Trump’s chances are between zero and none, there are still many court cases yet to come and SCOTUS will probably wind up deciding the ultimate outcome. In the meantime, the fight continues until the last drop of blood has been shed.
04/12/2019m 15s

New Way To Find Great Real Estate Deals - Chris Arnold #4988

Chris Arnold is the Co-Founder of COSA Investments, one of the largest wholesale companies in the DFW Metroplex. COSA is operated and managed by a US virtual team which has allowed Chris to run his company while living in Tulum, Mexico. He is also the founder of Arnold Elite Realty which is a cutting-edge boutique brokerage consisting of a team of seasoned agents. His passion for coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs has led to the creation of The Multipliers Mastermind. Most recently Chris has launched his REI Radio coaching program. This program is designed to teach real estate Investors the Marketing stream that everyone knows about but NO ONE is doing!
04/12/2014m 3s

Hell On Earth - Gerald Celente #4987

Gerald called the Covid Collapse back on January 28, 2020. Coronavirus was a forgone conclusion. It’s a war, the Covid war. The governor of New York has turned into a petty dictator. Another phase of the war. Biden claims, it’s patriotic for everyone to wear a mask? It's time to think for yourself. If not, we will follow our leaders to our destruction. Off to the Covid war. History is repeating itself. 99.7% or 99.8% recovery rate. We must unite and fight. We need to set brushfires of freedom. The Great Reset is upon us. Will you just shut up and take it? Insanity bordering on Satanic.
03/12/2019m 40s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (November 2020)

Stock markets ran up dramatically during the month: Dow up nearly 12%, S&P 500 up 11%, Nasdaq finished up 11%, Russell 2000 up an amazing 18%, TSX.V nearly 10% on cryptos and cannabis (gold stocks were way down). VIX calmed down to 20.57. Dollar continued its skid off 2.3% to 91.83 and Euro rose 2.6% to 120. 10 Year is yielding .85%. Bitcoin went parabolic up 45% to a record 19559. Gold put in a 5.4% loss to 1777. Silver was off 4.4% to 22.60. PT was a major winner up 14.3%. PD rose 7.9% for the month. Copperkept winning up 15% to $3.48. WTI also sailed much higher up 27% to 45.34. Brent also up 25.7%. Natgas ran out of gas falling 14% to 2.88 per mm. Uranium was stuck at $30.  Ratios: Au/Ag 78.6 - Pt/Au .54 - Pt/Pd .43 - BRT/WTI 1.05 WT/HH 15.7 and AU/WTI still a hefty 39.2.
03/12/2012m 44s

Stay Long Till You’re Wrong - Mish Was Right - Michele Schneider #4985

Against the wall of worry stocks have miraculously highs with leadership switching from the Fangs to the small cap Russell 2000. Dollar has been going lower, Fed still working its magic, and Fed and treasury are working hand in hand. Will we see major food inflation and inflation throughout the economy? Inflation could let the air out of the market bubble. Oil is no longer playing any role in Fed inflation measures. Will the Fed’s hand be forced? Will Biden raise taxes? We don’t know what the Senate will be. There’s always black swans flying around the geo-political scene. You need to be able to read the chart. The little investor this year has helped it go higher. Out and out optimism is happening. We also discussed Bitcoin, Mish has realized a near 100% profit on her investment. It’s gaining legitimacy. It’s been taking over for gold and it could well hit 35k. It needs to hold that $19,000
02/12/2025m 57s

Watch The Three Gorges Dam on 12-21-2020 - New York City Is Dead - Triple Lutz Report #486

A recent visit to New York City during Thanksgiving week showed us what we already knew, New York City is dying on the vine. Riots, Covid, extremely poor leadership and the inability to control costs and properly manage the place is leading to a tremendous crash. New York City, State and many others will be receiving a tax-payer funded bailout in 2021, regardless who is president. It's just a matter of what strings are attached. We also discuss the impending failure of the Three Gorges Dam, perhaps on 12-21-2020, that gold and silver have probably turned the corner and much, much more.
02/12/2014m 29s

ust Say "No" To Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccines - Dr. Carole Lieberman #4984

"We saw it coming.... Deep down, we suspected that, after capitulating to mandatory lockdowns, masks, and  social distancing, we would be told to 'man up' and stand in line for MANDATORY vaccines" cautions Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Lieberman is not only a Board Certified Psychiatrist, with a Masters in  Public Health, she's a recipient of an NIMH Fellowship in Epidemiology for her UCLA research on how to use the media to prevent and treat physical and mental disorders.    Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. ('America's Psychiatrist') , a board-certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist and bestselling author is available for interviews.   Dr. Lieberman is NOT telling people NOT to get the vaccine. Indeed, she says, "If you want a vaccine, by all means, go for it. But, if you let the government 'force you' to put something into your body, they will have  crossed the final frontier and your freedom is over!" Dr. Lieberman clarifies, "Does 'mandatory' mean they will come to your house, hold you down and stick a needle in you - like it or not? No (at least not at the moment).     But, there are other ways of 'forcing' you to do this, and they have already begun. Even if no actual 'law' is  passed that makes it a crime to refuse the vaccine, there are already plans to make life impossible for people who won't simply comply." Here are seven examples:    1. Vaccination certificates and Immunity passports have quietly become part of the language used when talking about coronavirus - and each has scientific and ethical downsides, as well as black market potential.    2. Ticketmaster is making plans to verify your vaccination status via smartphone or whether you've tested  negative within a 24-72 hour window before a performance. Every event you want to attend - from the Lakers to Lady Gaga could be off-limits without proof of compliance.   3. Although it may be unconstitutional for the Federal government to make a law requiring you to get a vaccine,  they could do it in more surreptitious ways - such as requiring proof of vaccine to get a passport.    4. A more serious threat is state and city governments, that can make such laws and create penalties like they have done for people who don't wear masks or who dare to take a walk in the park. These could be fines, taxes or worse.    5. There is already precedent for Covid19 vaccine mandates to cite - such as when NYC required people in parts of Brooklyn to prove they got the measles vaccine or pay $1,000. Covid hotspots around the country could require the same. Some hospitals require staff to get flu vaccines. Schools require vaccines for certain diseases. But, none of these mandates were accompanied by other draconian measures like we have seen with Covid19.    6. Companies could fire employees who refuse to get vaccinated, except in rare circumstances where  accommodation could be requested.    7. Airlines, restaurants, stores and stadiums could also make the vaccine a condition of entry, just like they have done with signs that say, 'No shirt, no shoes, no service'."   Vaccines have been touted as the cure for the pandemic, so its no wonder many people are excited that they're almost here. But, before we roll up our sleeves - or pull down our pants - to get the needle, we need to not only thoroughly investigate the safety of each vaccine, but we also need to 'follow the money' to see who is getting  rich by promoting mass vaccination. Bottom line: Just like with lockdowns, masks, and social distancing, it must be each individual's FREE CHOICE whether we want to take the vaccine or not."   Cited Link I   Cited Link II
01/12/2014m 41s

What Is Dr. Copper Telling Us? John Rubino 11–30-2020 #4983

Inflation seems to be spreading. Houses are setting records (If CPI Measured Actual House Prices, Inflation Would Be 3% Right Now) And copper is crushing it:  How many things have to be soaring before we're in an inflationary environment?  Still no action on stimulus and all kinds of benefits running out before year-end.  Economy is starting to slow as people have to dig into savings to buy basics. Gold still falling. Where's support? Does seasonality matter this year? Biden's administration is looking like classic business as usual. All Clinton/Obama retreads.  In other words, the Dems learned exactly nothing from half the country voting for a populist. The mid-terms might be brutal.  Almost all Republicans believe the Dems stole the election.  A bar owner in NYC won't close and they took away his liquor license so he declared an "autonomous zone" like in Seattle and stayed open.
01/12/2022m 36s

Osino Resources - Exactly What To Look For In A Junior Miner - Heye Daun #4982

Osino Resources (sponsor) keeps hitting milestone after milestone, with no end in site. This is exactly what successful investors desire in an emerging junior miner along with being: well financed, well-run and an aggressive driller.  To date, their Twin Hills Central project has yielded impressive results and now there’s a significant new discovery at the Clouds Target, which further enhances and validates  Osino’s amazing potential. If as expected, there’s significant mineralization between Clouds and Twin Hills, then the company will become a major success story. Osino’s CEO Heye Daun  plans to grow the resource and he expects investors to be pleasantly surprised when it’s released in 2021. Osino is Daun’s third venture, and this one really seems to be the charm. Which is why, as shareholders we are extremely optimistic. Ticker: OTC - OSIIF  TSX.V - OSI
30/11/2014m 13s

Finding Value In An Over-Priced World - Dan Ferris #4981

According to Dan Ferris, editor of Extreme Value, intrinsic value has never changed throughout history. How you go about analyzing it is another story and it has changed much over time. Whereas, we used to use book value, asset value and other objective measures, now we look more to future events. The idea of reducing the value to book value or p/e no longer makes sense to Dan. The numbers are all history and they’re the result of actions taken by management in the past. This type of analysis can easily miss the boat. You look at what management did and ask if they can keep doing it or do it even better? Are there hidden assets that could be put to better use? Hidden assets tend to find you. Dan looks for optionality. The ability to grow over time even if it’s a wasting asset. Dan gives an example of finding companies that are rolling up their industry and consolidating it. Insurance and waste management are examples. You never know when a deal will come along that will transform the company. Dan is is industry agnostic and will examine any and all industries. Right now he’s avoiding commercial real estate and retail for obvious reasons. He’s North America focused but could go outside the US should the opportunity arise, but Dan is reluctant. And why should he, he's found amazing success right here at home.
27/11/2015m 46s

Triple Lutz Report #485 Thanksgiving Edition

First, to all FSN Community Members, Happy Thanksgiving! While we are certainly living through unsettled times, there are many reasons to be thankful and banish despair from our lives. Years later when I look back at this time, it will have proven to be an amazing time of growth on many fronts. Spiritually, emotionally and materially. Human growth and potential are harder to realize during the easy times. As I have repeatedly told my children over the course of their lives, you learn way more from failure than from success. I also want to share with you a recent discovery. I just came across the work of YouTube sensation Wim Hof. I have found his breathing exercises, when combined with my meditation practice, to be of immense benefit. It has revealed to me that in order to find true happiness, we must always focus within and act to lessen the impact of external affairs upon our lives. In other words, who is President should have no effect upon your internal state of joy.  That’s a little more philosophical than I usually indulge in, but during these unprecedented times, there’s every reason to hope for and expect better times ahead. But as always, it must begin with a transition from within.
26/11/2013m 23s

How Does The Gold Pull Back Affect Mining Stocks? Jamie Keech #4980

The pull back in gold prices has been widely expected and anticipated. Gold bull markets don’t go up in a straight-line. Of course it’s painful to see your portfolio value go down quickly. But Jamie says that even at $1800 gold everything in mining stock portfolio is still worth holding on to. When it comes to Bitcoin vs. Gold, Jamie observes that there’s no leverage in BTC. Gold miners give an opportunity for major leveraged returns. While BTC has had a major move, it hasn’t gone up 100 or even 10 times. What we do know is that we don’t know what will happen with Bitcoin during these uncertain times. However, based upon history, we can  get a very good idea what will happen to precious metals. And that’s why the case for mining stocks is so compelling.
25/11/2023m 59s

Why The Gold Price Will Increase, No Matter What - Andy Schectman #4979

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles-Franklin joined us. We've seen a rather rapid decrease in precious metals prices during the past week. But Andy isn't concerned in the least. It's just an effort by the bullion banks to squeeze out weak holders. But it's destined to fail, because the people who actually take delivery from the Comex will not be cowed. They are family offices, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds who understand that the time to buy gold is now. Andy explains that we are approaching contract expiration and that the goal is to stop this group from standing for delivery. It's all part of an elaborate effort to stop the outflow of metals from the Comex. And it's doomed to failure. Which is why the price for gold is going up no matter what.
25/11/2023m 21s

Lockdown Madness Escalates -  John Rubino #4978

Lockdowns spreading, people are back to hoarding toilet paper and bullets. Landmark Danish study finds no significant effect for facemask wearers Only minimal stimulus seems likely during the transition. (Funny how anything less than a trillion dollars seems minimal these days.) Is another broad-based crash like March coming? How do you prepare for something like that? -- Equity put options – example of an S&P 500 put that more than doubled in March while the market when down 20%.  -- Stop loss orders – though they don’t always work in flash crashes. -- Go to cash now and book a month at the beach.  -- Low-ball good until cancelled buy orders. (Examples of gold mining stocks that tripled from their March lows.) Expect gold miners to report great earnings and massive cash flow in January and Feb, which will support their stock prices.
24/11/2025m 27s

Shutdowns, Gold, & Beer | Mugs and Metals Special Episode #4977

This is a special episode of the Miles Franklin “Mugs and Metals” where we interview the interviewers in the metals space. With us today is: Andy Schectman, Dunagun Kaiser, Patrick Vierra, David Morgan, Hunter Riley III, Chris Marcus, Craig Hemke, and Kerry Lutz. Hosting are Elijah K. Johnson and Kaiser Johnson. We unpack the election and its impact on the metals markets. Andy Schectman: Dunagun Kaiser: Patrick Vierra: David Morgan: Hunter Riley III: Chris Marcus: Craig Hemke Kerry Lutz:
23/11/201h 2m

GR Silver Mining Discovers New Gold/Silver Mineralization - Marcio Fonseca CEO #4976

GR Silver Mining (sponsor) currently has 20 Geologists working round the clock to expand their already impressive resource. Four drills are turning and more are on the way. The Company is proof that the harder you work, the luckier you get. While building a connector road to an underground access tunnel, the team came across some interesting geological samples. Upon closer look, they found extensive mineralization that should substantially add to their NI 43-101 resource. Marcio and the team are more excited than ever, and he believes they’re on the cusp to achieving their 100+ million ounce goal. GR is extremely well-financed, with C$8 million in the bank, so there’s need to go back to the market for additional capital to continue their aggressive drill program. Which is why we’re extremely optimistic and currently acquiring shares.  Tickers TSX-V: GRSL - OTC: GRSLF
23/11/2011m 11s

Don’t Burn More Than You Earn - Jeff Socha #4975

Market Forecast for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Volatility is the theme. There’s so much uncertaintly that we could go anywhere. Changing political directions mean it’s up in the air. There’s lots of pains in Blue States, small business, restaurants, etc. People are stocking up on swimming pools and RV’s. Services are getting slammed. Employees will have to retrain and reinvent. Instability economic, political and geopolitical will be a major theme for the coming year. Without a political change we’d have less uncertainty. Change can freeze spending and investments. A recession could be triggered. Inflation outlook with trillions being printed out of thin air. Low interst rates and flooding money, real estate home prices aren’t falling. The supply of resale homes is dropping and so is demand. There are indicators that inflation could be a growing factor. Not sky-rocketing yet. Above everything else, just keep saving and saving. You might need the funds to live on or you’ll have a great opportunity when prices come down
20/11/2016m 11s

Stock Markets Defying Gravity - Eric Hadik #4974

Stock markets have been trading on hope and optimism. 40 years ago was a similar tumultuous period. The Iranian Revolution and the Russian invasion of Aghanhistan. It’s the 40 year cycle taking place. The 40 year cycle has repeated itself very closely. We had the March meltdown, the spike recovery, and then new lows. Very similar to 1980. Anohther intermediate peak in coming this month and continuing to swing, which will lead to another leg up peaking in May 2021. But there are down swings coming. Gold/silver coming peak again in May 2021. We could see a bottom by the end of 2020. Gold will move up with the stock market and then an inflation driven peak. Gold below $1800 before the end of the year and silver could hit $19. The Dollar has been bottoming and could see an increase at the same time. And perhaps a settling down geo-politically could be around the corner. US Dollar, a rebound through mid-December. March 2021 could see the Dollar bottom, perhaps near the 2018 low of 88 on the DXY. The dollar was fortelling a democrat in the Whitehouse. Eric mentioned that several months ago when we last spoke and appears to be correct. Interest rates have apparently hit their lows in mid 2020. Eric had been calling this a while. And it appears we’re there now. The high should hold for a couple of years. Rates will be edging higher. Government spending is going to cause rates to rise or the Dollar standing could be injured.
20/11/2029m 6s

How to Recover when your Business Fails - John Paul Mendocha #4973

John Paul Mendocha --- Turnaround Specialist, Serial Entrepreneur and Author of “Remote Work for a Better World”& “Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes: It Just Takes Them 3 to 5 Years to Realize It”  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their marketing plans, both now and into the future. The current pandemic has been a threat to the entire global economy and without a doubt; businesses took the biggest hit of all.  While several brands already declared bankruptcy in the wake of eroding resources and dwindling assets, there are still many who would follow the same suit, provided the financial activities do not start the earliest. The post-lockdown era will see brands competing frantically for attention and eventually, survival and growth will depend on the strategies, proactive approaches, and certainly capital infusion. Where do they start? Do they all need a Turnaround? What are the best ways to approach a turnaround post COVID-19? Is reevaluating your brand the best strategy to take? Is using Fear as a motivator a proper way to build a presence? Final say: Shutdown or Turnaround? ---Which way makes more sense?  John Paul Mendocha uses his expertise from his new book, “Remote Work for a Better World,” to share his tips on the best approach in the post COVID-19 era.
19/11/2028m 56s

Is He Really That Tough? Sheriff Joe Arpaio #4972

Sheriff Joe joined the army at age 18. He went to Korea, and upon returning he went on to become a cop in DC. Moving on to Las Vegas, he arrested Elvis in Las Vegas for doing 100 mph on a motorcycle. Then he moved on to work for the DEA and traveled the fighting the flow of drugs. He moved up the ladder going on to work with G. Gordon Liddy, where they shut down the Mexican Border to force cooperation in the war on drugs. He was quite unpopular with the Mexican government. His wife started blueberry pie diplomacy, feeding the Mexican AG a steady stream of her baked goods. He eventually wound up in Arizona and retired after 31 years. Quickly tiring of his new leisure life style, at 60 years old he ran and won for Maricopa County Sheriff . Was elected 6 times. Chain gangs, tent cities and pink underwear became his hallmark. He blew the whistle on illegal immigration and took it on directly,  arresting many thousands of illegal immigrants, making him a target of the administration. His phones were tapped and he became a target.  Eventually, he was convicted of contempt of court, but was pardoned by President Trump. Now, he's again retired, but he's not slowing down, even at 88 years of age.
18/11/2028m 11s

Biden Won The Election* - Dr. Gerard Lameiro #4971

Dr. Lameiro, PhD in math, and I review the issues raised by the election. We go over probablities, statistical anomalies and other issues that certainly raised eyebrows of impartial observers like Gerard and myself. Could it go to the House for the final determination. Attorney Alan Dershowitz believes that it’s Trump’s strategy to go to the House. Trump is prepared to use to troops if and when it’s necessary. Gerard believes that the riots were caused by the Dems panic at losing the minority voters. For more go to
18/11/2017m 34s

The Thelma and Louise Economy and The Vaccine Dilemma - John Rubino #4970

Featured today: Vaccines -- how long till they make a difference? At least a year. Germany just announced "4-5 months of severe lockdown.” Michigan, NJ and Washington State all announce new lockdowns.  2021: The year of mass bailouts or mass bankruptcies.  With a divided government, will stocks have to tank again to force action? Presidential playing out according to scripts: chaotic vote counts, legal challenges, whoever loses feels cheated.  Legitimacy of political system now questioned by half the country.  The big question, are the people in charge morons or are they geniuses busy implementing their plan to enslave humanity.
17/11/2030m 6s

Growing Threat From China - Daria Novak #4969

At a recent major Chinese Communist Party meeting the   plan for world domination was spelled out in detail. China perceives an opportunity to become the world’s superpower and rule accordingly. Another reason why this election was so important. It’s either rule or be ruled. Will this result in Russia being driven more towards the West and away from China? China’s dam infrastructure in greatly imperiled. Most of China’s efforts are potentially damaging to West. You need to educate yourself and understand the magnitude of the threat. Chinese nationals are leaving the West and returning to China en masse. What is the significance of of that move? What's ahead for the world?
16/11/2016m 27s

Are They Coming For Your Gold, Silver and Bitcoin?  - Martin Armstrong #4968

Should the country be locked down? Mass destruction of small businesses. Is it a deliberate crushing of the economy to implement the Great Reset. Socialism is collapsing. All their programs are unfunded and there’s no ability to fund them. Negative interests rates and mass monetization have failed. Accoding to Martin they’re looking at Communism 3.0. See Klaus Schwaab. They can’t sell bonds any more and they can’t fund pension. The only way out is to take everything. The biggest propaganda ever. At this point is this like the end of the Roman Republic. Just as they attacked Caesar for crossing the Rubicon. Fake news ruled in Rome as well. The job losses due to the pandemic have been legendary. In Germany you can’t even stay in a hotel. It’s Communism all the way down the line. Computer has been projecting no elections after 2024, down the line. All around the world. They’ll be suspending elections. Many businesses are just closing and not even bothering to file for bankruptcy, especially  if they’re debt-free. Florida has been hit the least. New York, Chicago, Philadelphia are ghost towns.  Banks are cutting their debt to their small business clients. New York bankers are going to take a big hit. Big tech has been involved in this war on the people. If the Dems gain control they’re coming for your gold, silver and crypto. Any formal depository, safe deposit box will be subject seizure.  Civil War 2.0 - South and Midwest vs. The PacWest, Northeast and New England.
13/11/2031m 24s

The Latest Take On Financial Markets - Jim Welsh #4967

We take a look at the latest and emerging financial trends with noted analyst and newsletter writer Jim Welsh. There's some surprising forecasts here that you're probably not expecting.
12/11/2015m 48s

Pandemic Will ‘Take Our Women 10 Years Back’ in the Workplace - Arwen Becker #4966

"Around the world, working women are facing brutally hard choices about whether to stay home with their children, if they haven’t already been laid off," says Laetitia Vancon New York Times. As if working mothers did not have enough to worry about, experts are now sounding the alarm that progress toward gender equality may be the latest in a long list of casualties of the coronavirus pandemic. Substantial research has shown that most professional gender gaps are in fact motherhood gaps: women without children are much closer to parity with men when it comes to salaries and promotions, but mothers pay a large career penalty. Women tend to take on more of the burdens of caring for children and the family. To go to work, they need someone to help with that care. But fathers have been slow to change their behavior. And without subsidies, private child care can be prohibitively expensive. Workplaces already tend to penalize women who choose to work fewer hours or need more flexibility, and that, too, is proving to be exacerbated in the pandemic. “The bottom line is that based on decades of research we know that there was one institution that was effective at limiting gender inequality and encouraging women’s participation in the workplace, and it was early childhood education,” said Claudia Olivetti, an economist at Dartmouth College. Substantial research has shown that women without children are much closer to parity with men when it comes to salaries and promotions, but mothers pay a large career penalty.Adriano Machado/Reuters Now, the pandemic — and its hobbling of schools and child-care providers — is taking that away, too, piling pressure on working mothers, like me. Around the world, working women are facing brutally hard choices about whether to stay home if they haven’t already been laid off. And the effect may be particularly severe in countries like the United States, where the pandemic is compounding inequalities that women already faced as a result of the lack of guaranteed paid maternity leave and affordable child care.
11/11/2021m 44s

The Cure To Post-Election Stress Disorder Reduction - Dr. John Huber #4965

Live in the present, don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future. Our trust in the electoral system is being tested. When you’re anxious, your fears become reality. Stop drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and eliminate stimulants like crystal meth or aderol. We’re all just acting out on our programming. When fight or flight is triggered you lose perspective.
11/11/2021m 39s

Rick Rule Is Ready For The Next Major Move In Gold and Silver #4964

When discussing today’s precious metals market dive, noted investor Rick Rule says, “Volatility is part of dealing with investing. The volatility we’re seeing today is setting up the upcoming precious metals advance. Is it the vaccine or is there something else inovlved? It’s just part of the landscape. If you’re not psychologically prepared for these movements you need to get out of the market.” Rick’s got a hot list of 45 precious metals equities that he’s now considering for purchasie. He’s looking to sell a few dogs and buy the quality issues. Middle market companies generating substantial cash flow will lead thenext wave up. There’s a dearth of quality exploration issues. During the past decade, exploration has been nearly non-existent. Tier 1 deposits (5mm ounces of gold and 400k per year potential production) and Tier 2 (1-1.5 mm ounce resource 150k per year production) are going to sail higher. Institutional investors need to get into this market and understand the huge potential opportunity. Intelligently crafted mergers are starting to take place. For valuation purposed, P/E is pretty much irrelevant. P/NAV is where it’s at. Rick’s take on royalty companies, the larger ones are still going to do well because base metal producers will be selling their pm streams off. There will be huge transactions of this ilk. Hedge funds may very well become a driving factor in taking miners private. They’re sitting on funds that they either have to use or will have to return to investors. Pension funds are starting to call Rick. Suddenly there’s interest among the largest investors in the world considering putting money into the sector. And long suffering silver investors, take heart. Silver is next. Silver is substantially more volatile than gold. A cyclical decline in a secular bull market always hits silver harder than gold. First comes gold then comes silver, always in that order. Make sure you contact Ric by going to for a free resource stock portfolio evaluation.
10/11/2026m 38s

National Turmoil Equals Higher Stock Markets - John Rubino #4963

If divided government is bad for stocks, so why are stocks soaring? Markets have gone into a bout of euphoria. Big news. Vaccine 90% effective. UK to roll out Vitamin D supplements for people vulnerable to Covid. UK plans Vitamin D rollout to vulnerable as COVID-19 › ... › International › World News Covid death rate keeps falling, now almost statistically insignificant. Let’s assume that the vaccine is the cure, what will happen then? Stocks were doing really well before today on the expectation that stimulus would be on the way, in very generous amounts. Treasuries were on the rise. Whatever happens next is great for gold, though the timing is tricky. If stocks tank when traders figure out that stimulus will be delayed, that might pull gold down. But the eventual resulting stimulus will send it through the roof.  NJ credit downgraded on big pension bond sale, Illinois tax measure failed, and that's pretty much it. Junk rating is coming. A sign of things to come all over.
10/11/2022m 40s

From Freedom Watch to Revolution Watch - Larry Klayman #4962

Larry Klayman, has just written It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! Larry founded and was chairman of the successful non-profit foundation Judicial Watch, and current chairman of Freedom Watch.    In the book, Larry details how our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government have become thoroughly corrupt and failed the citizenry.   Imploring Americans to turn away from the “scandal industry” of the cable news networks, which enrich themselves by magnifying crises—if not creating mass panic to boost ratings and advertising dollars—and offering false hope to lure viewers that there will be justice to remedy government corruption, the author Larry Klayman, both the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, offers concrete solutions for creating a federal judiciary and instituting citizens’ grand juries. Quoting Founding Fathers like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Klayman explains above all that without ethics, morality, and religion, it will not matter how many times we change our forms of government or rules—there will be no lasting liberty. This work is a call to arms during these times of crises, when government corruption has hit a “cancerous state.” The overriding message of It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! is that Americans should turn off cable news, stop being entertained by it, get up off of the couch, and join the second American Revolution—albeit a peaceful and legal one—to restore the greatness of our nation in these trying and perilous times. Our continued existence hangs in the balance!
09/11/2021m 37s

FloridaFunders Turning The Sunshine State Into The Start-up State - Tom Wallace #4961

Tom is a 40 year veteran of technology startups, both as a founder and an investor. After multiple successful exits, most recently selling VectorLearning for $268M, he is now the Managing Partner at Florida Funders, a hybrid of a venture capital fund and an angel investor network focused on finding, funding, and building the next generation of breakout technology companies in Florida and beyond. As an angel investor for the last 25 years, Tom has learned how rewarding investing in early stage technology companies can be...and how challenging. The mission at Florida Funders is to provide better and broader access to tech investments for new and existing angel investors and to turn Florida from the sunshine state into the startup state.
09/11/2013m 52s

In 6 Months You Won’t Remember This Election - Darryl Schoon #4960

We’re going to be wishing we had listened to Andrew Yang. Money is nothing more than a trading coupon that people have belief or confidence in. The current monetary system can’t be received. Waves of inflation are coming. Humanity has rare periods of stability and they are inevitably interrupted by great waves of inflation. We’ve printed so many coupons in the last 6 months, there will be consequences. Everyone owes money. It’s a daisy chain of debt. Covid has broken the chain. Darryl believes the Time of the Volture is upon us. It will feed upon the blindness of OThe greatest inflationary wave in history is about to subside. Cataclysms always bring about these global collapses and deep change. The cure is the disease.  Remember you can never have too much gold and ammo. Keep the faith and don’t lose your head, don’t get sucked into the up and down and you’ll be able to clearly see the paths of success.  Buy gold, buy silver and have faith! The great wave’s purpose is renewal.
06/11/2034m 55s

Was Thomas Jefferson Right? New Study Quantifies Flight From America's Big Cities During Pandemic - Mark Glennon #4959

A look at what’s happening to big cities after the pandemic. A look at postal change of address forms, it’s quite shocking. Chicago’s change-of-address notices more than doubled over last year’s for the period from February 1 to August 1; New York City’s are up 490%; San Francisco’s up 180%; Los Angeles’s up 96%; Washington D.C.’s up 160%; Houston’s up 60%; and Philadelphia’s up 60%.  Thomas Jefferson’s disdain for big cities and his agrarian vision for America was based partly on the danger of epidemics. He lived through a major one, yellow fever in 1793 that killed one in ten people in Philadelphia, then the nation’s capital. We’ll see if the cities have outlived their usefulness. Will people come back to Chicago, San Francisco, New York, etc. Will remote workers pack it in? 30% of San Francisco is vacant. Personal safety is a key reason why people are fleeing. People are moving to smaller communities and smaller cities are benefiting from the transition. Large cities will be going belly up. Living conditons are getting worse and worse. Even if they do get bailouts, will that have any lasting impact?  How will people ever return?  What happens when tech starts contracting.  Exit plan. Rent don’t own. Live away from the problem areas. Adjust to remote working. Look at what is happening. Resort areas are becoming very popular. Prices are going up. Much better quality of life. Jefferson would be retreating to the hills of Virginia.  The walkability index is turning into the run-ability index, how fast people can run out of dodge.
05/11/2018m 16s

Stay Focused On The Big Picture with Craig Hemke #4958

With the election season winding down, it’s time to step away from the the deception, lies and noise to figure out what’s really going on. What’s is driving things? The math is the math. What we’ve always called it is the end of the great Keynesian Experiment. Servicing the debt can no longer be maintained by the central banks. With everything going on, we’re a runaway train heading down the track towards Deadman’s Curve. Does it really matter who’s president? Just the amount required to service the existing debt is over $1 trillion per year and rapidly going higher. The Fed is manipulating the markets as always. Powell is to announce that he will keep rates down until 2023 at least. And now the Fed is looking at yield control, cap interest rates because rates cannot be allowed to go higher.  As a gold and silver investor you need to be buying the dips. If you’re still on the fence, wait till the yield control begins and then the fun will really begin.  We've been in an intermediate metals downtrend since August. Just like last year. There's nervousness about gold today due to what happened 4 years ago. Negative nominal interest rates are extremely positive for gold ownership. Last time it happened was in the 1970’s. And remember where gold went then?  Interest on all debt is going parabolic. We don’t know what point it will break, but it’s going break, of that we’re certain. It’s an absolute certainty. The solution is to keep buying bullion, mining stocks and get ready for the ride of our lives.  To save 50% off first month’s subscription to  use the coupon code LUTZ when you sign up.
04/11/2024m 59s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (October 2020)

Stock markets were up again: Dow down 4.6%, S&P 500 down 2.8% Nasdaq finished down a hefty 9.6%, but TSX.V down another 3.3% percent. VIX blazed higher finishing at 38.00. Dollar was up .2% and Euro lost .6%.  10 Year way up at .88%. Bitcoin was a big winner rising 26.1% during the month. Gold nearly flat with a .4% loss to 1879. Silver  rose 1.7% to 23.64. Even PT was down another 5.2%. PD down 5.4% for the month. Copper up .8% to $3.03. WTI was slammed 11.2%. Brent down 7.5%. Natgas was the month's big winner up 32.4% to 3.35 per mm. Uranium was down to just under $30.  Ratios: Au/Ag 79.5 - Pt/Au .45 - Pt/Pd .40 - BRT/WTI 1.06 WT/HH 10.7 and AU/WTI 52.6.
03/11/2011m 58s

Is New York City Down For The Count - Michael Fischer #4957

New York has seen a precipitous slide recently. Hotel occupancy rates are down to under 10%. 90% of restaurants are behind on their rent. Criminal justice enforcement has been all but done away with. Civil unrest could well break out after the election. This is a real test of the City's long-term survival. Michael is speaking out against #KillerCuomo and #comradeDiBlasio and their refusal to enforcement the law and keep order. Time will tell.
03/11/2018m 54s

Back To The Lockdown Future - John Rubino 11-2-20 #4956

Polls tighten, raising odds of civil unrest: --Trump drawing insanely large crowds in battleground states, dwarfing Biden’s audience; -- Minority turnout is disappointing compared to probable Trump voters; -- White House building big fence in anticipation, cops are on alert in big cities. If stimulus is delayed through the holidays, mass bankruptcy and default in both private and public sectors. Malls, restaurant chains, airlines are all toast. Lockdown impoverished travel, government and so many millions. If they don’t money in a hurry, they are bankrupt. It would have been done if not for the election. It’s in each party’s interest to delay it for a while. Each month that goes by makes it less likely many of these companies will survive.  JPMorgan came right out and said economy chaos is great for stocks! Europe is locking down again, will President Biden do the same for the US?  Is gold the big winner from this election? Silver would be the big winner from a Blue Wave? Greenwald quits Intercept after being censored.
03/11/2030m 6s

Getting Out Of Dodge - John Robertson #4955

John provides residents of high density population areas comprehensive options to strategically relocate to a prepared retreat. One of the first thing that John recommends is reconnecting with relatives who live in remote areas. Or perhaps acquiring a vacation home away from urban areas. You’re not going to become an Army Ranger overnight. The key is to get away from people. Then you might be able to watch it pass. John will help find you a place within a tank of gas range. Logistics, setup and planning are key. You can’t count on the media to inform you of the impending social breakdown. Planning is key. You want to be around people who produce more than they consume. That’s why it’s important to stay away from large urban areas. The best place to escape to is one you can actually escape to. Low population density areas.  A plan to get out of town; A place to go; So prepared place to ride it out. Strategic Relocation Consulting Services Phone Number: 406-438-5919
02/11/2018m 11s

Who's A Greater Threat To Elections: FB/Twitter or Russia/China - Brian Boyd #4954

FBI WARNS OF FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE  Government agencies say this evening that Iran and Russia have taken actions to influence public opinion in the run up to the U-S presidential election. The director of National Intelligence says some voter registration information was obtained by both countries while they believe Iran has sent out emails designed to intimidate voters. But it appears that Facebook and Twitter are far more dangerous. Their behavior is the exact thing that happened in Venezuela. Failing to cover the Biden corruption stories, which detail legendary corruption by the Biden Crime Family, could be construed as an act of treason. Long term politicians can't help but be criminals in their careers. Some states are worse than others, but Delaware has always been corruption central.  Trump's release of transcripts during the Ukrainian brought Barisma to the public's attention and paved the way for the Biden Scandal.  FBI refusal to pursue the laptop was completely corrupt. Wray is a passive leader and he clearly has no control. The FBI had it and he had an obligation to disclose it to AG Barr.  The censorship backlash created a firestorm and are now going to be held to account. The debate truly did air the dirty laundry. It was truly a turning point. Anyone watching had to know that Trump was the winner.  Now on to the election.
30/10/2015m 28s

Buy Gold, Before It's Too Late - Andy Schectman #4953

Go back to summer of 2017. The German Bundesbank announced a 2020 deadline to repatriate all of their overseas gold. This was followed by a number of other European Countries. They appeared to be in a rush. At this point CB’s were net sellers of gold. In 2018 the CB’s became buyers. In 2019 Basel 3 came into play, reclassifying Gold as a Tier 1 asset on bank balance sheets. On the Comex there is a designation of “others” all of whom are standing for delivery. Highly unusual. One week ago we see the IMF calling for a new Bretton Woods. The Great Reset meeting is coming in Davos. Federal Reserve issues new rules to protect against the collapse of large banks. The call for a new system is here. We are entering a period of time where we must ask how much longer will the dollar last. We’re approaching the end.
29/10/2033m 56s

Ransomware To Choke Off Election? - Robert Siciliano #4952

We could see Election Day chaos. If ransomware gets into any of the swing state’s computer system, the results could be disastrous. Every cyber security expert is focused on the election and are not sleeping soundly. If access to voter data get restricted via ransomeware, it will cast doubt into the election results or even worse. Many swing states in the last election were won by less than one percent. Microsoft and the DHS worked together to shut down a botnet recently. The network was spewing out malware and capturing peoples’s data on a mass scale. The election system across the country is composed of thousands of different systems of various age and quality. It’s documented and that information is available to hackers and other bad actors. This enables Russia and China to target vulnerabilities and possibly sabotage the results. Should this happen, we might need a do over. Back to paper ballots? It’s all about planning. Has the government planned adequately. You need to plan ahead. Just think of paper towel and toilet papers shortages that we saw from Covid, on steroids. Prepare, prepare, prepare…
28/10/2023m 42s

Gold Election Pattern - David Erfle #4951

Junior Miner Junky's David Erfle joined us for a precious metals market review. David is seeing a repeat performance of the 2016 election pattern in precious metals. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the movement. He's seeing more of a pullback, possibly down to the 1750-1800 level. Gold is like Natgas, just when you think you have it figured out, that's when everything goes to hell. Right now, the stocks are lagging the metals and this is the opposite of what you want to see for higher metals prices. But  there is hope, David believes that when this consolidation is over, we'll seen even higher metals prices and possibly record high prices. Sometime after the election when things get back to normal.
28/10/2020m 42s

Markets Getting Hit Badly - Nick Santiago #145

Markets down big on the back of 2nd European Covid Wave. Markets are down 2.5 % except for Nasdaq 1.7%, S&P 500 down over 2%. Hospitalizations are up. Caution going into the election. All election induced. How long with the post-election chaos last for? Probably the most divided time for our country since the Civil War. Hopefully people will wake up. Biden’s campaign is flagging. He’s unintelligible. He’s been on the take for decades. The laptop disclosures have been shocking. Word is getting out, despite efforts to supress the story. Trump supporter caravans are breaking out all over. 5th Avenue in New York.   Anti-covid riots cropping up all over Europe. People are done with this. They want to get on with their lives. Will they be able to lockdown everything again.    3.Earnings are coming but they are taking a back seat to the election and Covid. Highest number of reports coming this week. SAP, huge German company getting absolutely slaughtered, down 24%.    Election outcome, you can speculate on your own.    Gold is up slightly. Silver down about 1%.
27/10/2015m 42s

No Stimulus For You, Failed Economy and Failed Cities - John Rubino 10-26-20 #4950

Might not be a stimulus bill before the election, which means before January. Major economic disruption if so... let’s go through some of the things that would happen.The game is still ongoing and there’s a number for how low the stock market goes until they see reason.  It’s earnings season, and the biggest bright spot will be the gold miners. Record number of Zombie companies who’s interest expenses are greater than their profits. Stimulus is coming.  Commercial real estate is tanking: NYC hotel occupancy rates now around 10%, San Fran office vacancies surge, apartment rents plunge. The real story of the Biden laptop is the censorship by Twitter and Facebook (and WaPo) Post-election violence is baked in the cake.
27/10/2026m 18s

Triple Lutz Report #485 Escape From New York (and Blue Cities), While There’s Still Time

Election day is coming, and with it more civil unrest seems extremely likely. The New York Police Department is preparing for it. A close friend who’s a NY City Seargant has been told she’ll be working 12 hour shifts and must be on call 24/7. The New York Post has been reporting on a major exodus from the City in anticipation of the event (see here). It’s clear that NY’s governor (#KillerCuomo) and the City’s mayor (#ComradediBlasio) will do little, if anything to stop the impending riots. Heck, they’ve welcome the riots with open arms and couldn’t be more thrilled. Comrades daughter was even arrested while attacking the police. Where was the National Guard and NYC’s mounted police when they were needed most? This scenario is likely to be repeated in cities, large and small, throughout the nation. Of course Blue cities and states provide a more conducive environment to civil unrest than Red Cities and States, but no place will be exempt. During the summer riots, many Red cities in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and elsewhere were briefly the site of looting and rioting. Red Governors acted quickly to restore order, but the damage was done. As it becomes more and more likely, at least in my opinion, that President Trump will be re-elected, the potential for violence increases exponentially. This violence is leftist inspired and both supported and encouraged by the wealthy globalists. It has been pre-planned and orchestrated, just like during the summer. If you think there’s any validity to the suspicions above, than now is the time to prepare. You must plan and practice, so if and when the actual event occurs, you’ll be less likely to panic and make potentially grave errors. If possible, it’s advisable to flee cities where the highest levels of violence occurred during the summer, Portland, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington DC, etc. If you can’t get out, then be prepared. An ample supply of food (14 dqys), water, household goods, first aid and pharmaceuticals, medical products and some cash, would be the minimum required to ride out the storm. Self-defense items should be obtained, trained on and ample ammo should be acquired. You should analize your daily patterns to insure that you can avoid potential hotspots and places where violence is most likely to be centered. Police stations, city halls, retail shops are all likely to be targets. You should avoid going out at night and avoid routes in your car that could be subject to blockage. If you wind up in the middle of a violent crowd while in your vehicle, do not under any circumstances stop moving or flee your vehicle. A moving target is always harder to attack than a stationary one. Try to slowy move through the crowd, but if you’re attacked, do not hesitate to floor the acceleartor and get out of danger. Your life and those of your family mean nothing to these people. Next week, I plan to never leave my home unarmed. Whatever your means of self-defense, plan to have it on your person until at least one week after the election. We’re dealing with an organized and determined plot to destroy the country. The interesting part is that the country has been doing its best to self-immolate for decades. If the left had simply waited patiently, eventually they would have had their way. But now, they’ve antagonized and outraged the normies. And the normies are not going to sit around waiting to be attacked or eliminated. Remember forewarned is forearmed. Hopefully, I’m all wrong and none of this comes to pass. But based upon recent history, it’s certainly wise to prepare and plan. And that’s all I’m asking you to do.
26/10/209m 3s

Gold And Silver Headed To New Highs Gordon T. Long #4949

Gordon T. Long joined us for a very insightful look at the markets and precious metals. Gordon is super-bullish on gold and silver. Based upon what's happening in the US and abroad he sees a very bullish movement ahead. Stocks may keep on going up as a result of all the liquidity that the Fed keeps pumping into the market and we will see this strategy continuing onward indefinitely. In the end, this is what will see precious metals go ever higher. So get ready!
26/10/2019m 45s

Retirement Planning Is Broken - Christian Allen #4948

Christian Allen the Founder and CEO of the strategic planning firm Money Insights. His team specializes in helping clients understand and implement alternative wealth-building strategies centered around life insurance (and not the type of life insurance you get when you go to your local agent). He’s passionate about making it easier for his clients to build and protect their wealth, and he is here today to share some insight into his strategies. • What makes Christian’s core strategies, The Investment Optimizer and The Retirement Accelerator, so impactful?  • How to invest the same dollar in two different places at the same time  • The four stages of the Money Insights Method: Discovery and education, Strategic design, Implementation, and Collaboration
23/10/2013m 50s

Why Stocks Markets Will Keep Going Up - Octavio Marenzi #4947

While the economy continues to go down hill, stock markets and real estate have been going gangbusters. The flood of money has created winners and losers. Income that was previously spent on travel is going into savings and other purchases. The Chinese travel market has stopped further hitting the international tourist market. People are being more cautious in spending their money. Used car sales have been on the rise.   A lot the bankruptcies that we have seen are companies that were struggling badly even before Covid. Look at JCPenny – when is the last time they made a profit – a really meager gain in 2017, but other than that huge losses back as far as the eye can see. Finally folded in May 2020. This is more of an act of mercy than anything else. Ascena is another example, the parent of Ann Taylor and Dressbarn. These are all brands that had been struggling. Selection of Retail Bankruptcies in 2020 ·         Century 21  ·         Stein Mart  ·         Tailored Brands  ·         Lord & Taylor  ·         Ascena  ·         The Paper Store  ·         RTW Retailwinds  ·         Muji USA  ·         Sur La Table  ·         Brooks Brothers  ·         G-Star Raw  ·         Lucky Brand  ·         GNC  ·         Tuesday Morning  ·         Centric Brands  ·         J.C. Penney  ·         Stage Stores  ·         Aldo  ·         Neiman Marcus  ·         J. Crew  ·         Roots USA  ·         True Religion  ·         Modell's Sporting Goods  ·         Art Van Furniture  ·         Bluestem Brands  ·         Pier 1  ·         SFP Franchise Corp  The largest US retailers are getting bigger, and their latest quarter figures are very encouraging in terms of revenue growth: Largest US Retailers Quarterly Revenue Growth  WMT 5.6% AMZN 40.2% HD 23.4% TGT 24.7% COST 12.4% CVS 3.2% 2.  What about gold? Is it out for the count? Gold has been pushed forward by uncertainty and reached a high point in early August at just over $2,000/oz. This has been a phenomenal run from one year ago, when the metal was trading at only $1,500/oz. It has retrenched somewhat since August and is at just under $1,900/oz now. A couple of factors speak in gold’s favour-monetary policy is likely to remain very loose and investors afraid of price inflation will be drawn to gold. However, gold has also been a safe haven in times of political uncertainty, and this presidential election has the opportunity to offer that in spades, which I do not think is reflected in the price of gold currently. It looks like we may well have a contested election result, and the legal fighting back and forth we saw in 2000 between Gore and Bush is likely to be a walk in the park compared to the upheaval we will see with a hung election in a few weeks.
23/10/2028m 58s

Aurcana Silver Corp Financed - Production To Start Shortly #4946

I sat down with Bill Powers (Mining Stock Education) and Keven Drover CEO of Aurcana Silver Corp., (sponsor) which owns arguably the world’s highest-grade silver mine in Colorado. All permits are in place. With the announcement of a secured a debt facility to cover costs needed to achieve production, the final hurdle to production has been cleared. Drover believes it can happen in as little as six month. A lesser known part of the story is the exploration upside. Initially they'll be mining a relatively small portion of their land package. Assuming that favorable silver prices stay with us, and this mine could be producing for many years to come. And that could mean big gains for those who got in early.  (Disclosure we are shareholders)
22/10/2016m 18s

Dollar Crashing to Zero Under Tsunami of Debt - Dr. Jerome Corsi #4945

The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. The U.S. dollar, along with other major currencies around the globe, has lost over 90 percent of its value since 1971. The sad truth in this same time frame, U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since Reagan assumed the presidency in 1981. Even more alarming, the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) published a study last month that reported the national debt will rise to nearly twice the U.S. total economic output in 2050, an increase from less than 80 percent since last year. The last thing you want to do is give politicians a printing press, it's a surefire prescription for disaster.  A note about the election. We discussed the latest October surprise with drug addicted Hunter Biden's notebook and all the damning information contained therein. Complete with details of the Biden Crime Family, direct pay-offs to the Vice President and his family members. This is why the Mafia whacks drug addicted members because they can't be trusted and might rat them out to the Feds. Fortunately for Hunter, politics is a little bit different.
22/10/2027m 43s

Dr. Steve Turley Returns With Election News and Views #4944

One of our favorite guests, Dr. Steve Turley came on to give us the latest election update. Seems that rumors of Trump's demise could be greatly exaggerated. There's a number of things taking place that virtually insure his  reelection. From primary vote tallies, to emerging Biden crime family scandals, to a number of other relevant issues, it's beginning to look a lot like a major Trump blow-out. And there's nothing that can stop it.
22/10/2030m 47s

Distressed Real Estate Investing About To Take Off - Chris Craddock #4943

Chris Craddock shares with us where to find real estate investor partners and how his team builds relationships with rehabbers and wholesalers. He explains how to get investor referrals and how to turn trash into cash and earn outsized returns. Chris provides insight on positioning yourself as a problem-solver, and how to leverage investor referrals! Whether you're a real estate agent or a real estate investor, Chris's methods can really help you succeed in the coming distressed asset boom market.
21/10/2021m 33s

Election Toss-Up - Martin Armstrong 10-20-20 #4942

On electoral votes Trump should win again. Turnout will be at least 55% or even 61%. The model has never been wrong. It also shows that this election will be the most corrupt election in history, with Big Tech conspiracies and mail fraud and who knows? It may take 2 weeks to know who actually won. Hard to say because it’s so rigged and they are so desperate to toss out Trump, in furtherance of their international agenda.  Biden’s crime family is doing what all political crime families in DC do. This is how the corruption takes place. It’s not just Biden, it’s all of Congress. Report your income and that of your spouse but not the rest of the family, like son Hunter and brother James.  Martin believes that a 2/3 majority should be required to change tax and economic policy. Shouldn’t be taxing worldwide income. This why companies move, to avoid confiscatory taxation.  Long term pandemic economic affect, according to Martin the economy won’t bottom until 2022. All man made and unecessary. Masks are useless. In France get caught 3 times and go to prison. Clearly there’s another agenda at work here. According to a memo that Martin has seen, the lockdowns have been a success and they’re going to use them to help implement Climate Change policy. What does the WHO have to do with Climate Change and why are they involved?  Socialists, climate change people and eungencists all working together to force their agenda upon the world. Digital currency may be coming to Europe 1/1/2021. They want to get a piece of every transaction in the world.  What do Joe SixPack and Steve Chardonnay do? Normally there would be a two year correction, but this time is different. A blue wave will be awful for the markets and the economy. If Trump wins the stock market goes up due to capital flight from the rest of the world. Capital is running around the world looking for safe haven. The market can go up and peak in 13 years. Between 2022 and 2024, commodities will be rising. Bad weather and commodities cycle, caused by a shortages. Economically we’re down in 2022. From there scarcity driven markets. Major political change in 2022.  California is on the way down. They’re having rolling blackouts and they’re passing EV mandates for 2034. Totally irrational. Part of the lockdown has been to stop people from driving and ending the work commute.  Unemployment globally has exceeded 300 million. Why have politicians signed on to the agenda. Monetary crisis and sovereign debt crisis coming together in 2021. Zero and negative interest rates have failed. They can’t raise rates because that will crash the economies. Perpetual bonds are in the offing. Responsible people in governments all over the world are quitting. The monetary system can not go on in its current form much longer. Europe and Japan have destroyed their bond markets. They can’t sell it any more.  Civil unrest after the electio will a major increase after the election. What started as BLM has been usurped by anarchists. All of it is designed to overthrow our democracy. This is what they’re pushing for. In order to do climate change it mush go through the UN. Biden is fully on board.  World Economic Conference December 4 & 5. Join us!
21/10/2026m 15s

What Financial News Is Real? - Dan Ferris #4941

WHAT FINANCIAL NEWS IS REAL?  THIS… Investors Turn Skeptical of Democratic ‘Blue Wave’ Victory in U.S. Elections OR THIS? US INVESTORS PIVOT TO “BLUE WAVE” AS ODDS FAVOR BIDEN FINANCIAL MEDIA ANALYST: Dan Ferris, is the Editor of the Extreme Value, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on some of the safest and yet most profitable stocks in the market. His is also the host of the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast.   The constant media narrative of what investors are doing for X reason is really a huge fraud. The financial media is as broken as the rest of it, and feels the need to establish a fake urgency to get eyeballs.  So they wind up being like sports commentators, opining on what's happening this minute... then this minute... ad infinitum.   Too much financial media is to investors what narcotics are to the human body: feels good for a minute but long run it's poison.
20/10/2016m 1s

An October Full of Surprises - John Rubino #4940

Hunter Biden saga (laptop, incriminating emails and pics, Twitter banning everyone in sight). Quote from Bannon: If the FBI had acted on this when it first got the laptop Bernie Sanders would be the Dems' nominee" How can there be a recovery if the new unemployment claims are still elevated and stimulus checks have stopped coming? The math doesn’t seem to work. Rick Rule says gold mining stocks are overbought Will gold seasonality matter this time around in light of pandemic, election, etc?  In UK, people in hard hit areas who are dating but don’t live together are banned from indoor sex (outdoor should be okay). Only 11 percent of student loan borrowers are still making their payments during Covid. Click here...
20/10/2024m 51s

Understanding The Value And Growth Ahead For Fury Gold Mines - Ivan Bebek #4939

Ivan Bebek joined us to provide an update on the completed Auryn Resources transaction (sponsor). Here's how it worked. Auryn acquired Eastmain Resources and became Fury Gold Mines. At the same time it spun off its Peruvian assets into two new companies, Sombrero Resources and Tier One Metals. Shareholders of Auryn (on the record date) now own 1 share in each of the 3 new companies. Fury began trading last week. Sombrero and Tier One will begin trading in early 2021. Valuation is tentative, because Sombrero and Tier One are currently private companies and for now have no market listings. (Due to US tax considerations). Several analysts are following the company and have issued price targets as high as $5 per share for Fury alone, well above it's current price.  Not to worry. All the companies are well capitalized and moving quickly ahead with their business plans. Fury has a fully funded 50,000 meter drill program soon to commence. Ivan is quite confident that the program will yield big results and this should mean big profits to shareholders. News will be flowing shortly.  Once the Peruvian companies start trading, the true value of the transaction will become apparent to all. It's a case of the parts being worth far more than the whole. As shareholders, we couldn't be happier with the way things are progressing. Ticker Symbol on the NYSE and TSX - FURY
19/10/2015m 1s

Beans Bullets and Band aids - Surviving Riots and Civil Unrest with George Matheis #4938

You are truly on your own. Medical supplies, stock up on OTC Meds and Prescription Meds. Food and water should be acquired now before it’s too late. Guns and ammo are in short supply. It’s probably easiest to obtain a 12 guage shotgun. Vehicle tactics 101 just start moving through the crowd slowly. If assaults start, speed up and survive. Always leave yourself a way out. Look for driveable terrain. SUV’s are better for this than regular cars. It’s fight or flight, your first instinct should always be flight. You need to get out of Dodge.  First take a tactical medical course. Learn how to care for the injured. Then a tactical pistol course. How to actually react in these threatening situations. Do a lot of gun handling drills and shooting drills with a non-threatening Blue practice gun. And practice. When driving always check your route and make sure you’re equipped for anything when you leave the house. Unless there’s a credible threat, be prepared and live your life the best you can.
16/10/2020m 34s

Markets Heading Even Higher? Michele “Mish” Schneider #4937

According to Mish, the market has followed the exact pattern she was anticipating. Election outcome won’t have a major impact upon on the market. Covid vax is weighing upon the market. Fires are raging but it’s not affecting the market, yet. Is Robinhood a bad thing with young traders pumping their stimulus checks into the market? It’s kind of like the old days where traders ran from pit to pit following the latest trend. Understand one really big lesson, no matter how good things look, with burgeoning debt and stimulus, there could be a bubble. The market doesn’t always come back. Every investment you make should be started with how much of a loss you can stand. Before using options, you need to understand them. Write her at
15/10/2023m 26s

Michael Pento - The Cure Is The Disease (Debt,Debt,Debt) #4936

It's amazing how Americans and people around the world accept the same line of garbage; the cure to the economic crisis is actually the disease. Ever escalating debt is what got us into this mess in the first place. And as usual, the powers that be solution is ever more debt at an ever accelerating pace. Does that even remotely make any sense? Intractable inflation, a bond death spiral, constant monetization will eventually result in Fed not being able money to print our way out of it. Right now, Apple’s 10 year bonds yield is below the 10 year Treasury. Jerome Powell wants higher inflation, perhaps double digit and with the cooperation of the Congress and the President he will get it. Paying people to lay fallow and not produce is clearly not the path to prosperity. And that's where we find ourselves now.
15/10/2030m 41s

Election Concerns - Matt Nye #4935

We spoke with Republican Liberty Caucus head Matt Nye. If enthusiasm is any indicator then it's Trump all the way. He's got every major power group working against him, big tech, the media, the swamp and yet he carries on, against all odds. Will 2020 be a carbon copy of 2016? What are your thoughts?
14/10/2018m 31s

Buying Airbnb's That Thrive During A Pandemic - Avery Carl #4934

Avery is the CEO and founder of the Short Term Shop, a real estate team that helps investors acquire short term rental properties in the most recession-resistant markets, and trains them on the methods that led her out of the corporate rat race and into financial freedom. Avery would love to share how she turned her first property into a million-dollar business! Avery gives the things to look for in a property and the things to avoid. Airbnb's that can survive a pandemic
14/10/2016m 54s

Everything Is Pointing To Big Success For Gold Terra's Shareholders - CFO Mark T. Brown

Gold Terra Corp's CFO, Mark T. Brown joined us for an update on Gold Terra’s Yellowknife project (sponsor). After raising C$7 million in a recent oversubscribed capital raise, the company is aggressively moving forward. Mark is the right person at the right time, as he formerly oversaw finances at Miramar Mining for the highly profitable adjacent Yellowknife Con Mine. Drill results have been delayed due to COVID and increased mining activity, but will be out shortly. The Company is extremely optimistic about them. CEO Gerald Panneton of Detour Gold fame, said "...this project is more exciting than Detour Lake." And considering that Detour was acquired by Kirkland Lake for nearly $5 billion, that means a lot. With all this going for it, Gold Terra is certainly worth a look. Ticker Symbols:  OTC - YGTFF  TSX.V - YGT
13/10/2011m 33s

The Thing That’s Certain Is That Things Are Uncertain - Henry Weingarten #4933

From October 30th to November 3rd, the market is likely to be done. If the market goes to the highest levels then it’s time to short. Calling Trump to win even after Covid. Gold will be climbing no matter who wins come November and December. Right now markets are rallying, if they take out their highs, it’s time to short. Pre-Covid it almost certain Trump would win. In any case, cash, gold and silver are preferred. Time to protect your assets. Covid will be over in the coming year. Oil will be up next year $40-$50 a barrel. The next 20 years will see decentralized living. Entertainment is going to be big in the coming year. Safety and security is looking up. Healthcare is up after the election. Computer tech is already high, but China’s coming ills could affect the Apples of the world. China is in for a very challenging time. Expect them to be bellicose and belligerent.
13/10/2016m 10s

Time To Buy A Private Island? - John Rubino #4932

WHO says no more lockdowns Robinhood Hacked Mail-in ballot fraud My wife has gotten two ballots from Idaho, where she hasn’t lived for a year. I haven’t gotten any, even though we had the same address until last September. Election is close and chaotic.  Costco UK selling gold and silver Costco in UK now selling gold and silver bars. What happens if they start doing this in the US? Could be a big deal for the PM market.  Uber for evictions Realtors specializing in private islands overwhelmed by rich fleeing covid This one ties into the story about rich people overwhelming the private island market:
13/10/2028m 1s

Mistango River Resources, A High Value Kirkland Lake-W Gold Play - Stephen Stewart #4931

Stephen Stewart CEO of Mistango River Resources ( Ticker CSE: MIS sponsor) recently gained control of the company through a protracted proxy fight. The stock was selling for just a penny, but it’s payoff potential is huge. It’s 4000 hectare site is adjacent to the highest grade gold mine in the world, Kirkland Lake. The company has raised C$7 million to embark upon an aggressive drill program with legendary investor Eric Sprott fully on board. Based upon all this, the company represents an incredible value potential. Pretty soon we’ll know if it’s another Kirkland Lake, with shareholders basking in oversized profits. And if it is another monster, well who knows? The team bringing all this to fruition is high quality all the way, headed up by VP of Exploration Dr. Keith Benn. With money in the bank, a highly seasoned team and a project with such excellent potential, all signs are headed up for Mistango River Resources.
11/10/2021m 37s

Interesting Times, Everything Is Normal - Charles Nenner #4929

What’s happening with the stock market? The budget deal isn’t such a big deal. No one cares about anything. People have been conditioned to buy every dip. That’s why the cycles are so important and why they rule. It will continue until after the election. Huge meltdown after the election going into April. The algorhythms are not going to save us. Get ready to go long the VIX.  Gold $2500 is still expected. In 2 weeks there’s a cycle low and then we’ll head up to $2500. The cycle has been up for 2 years and it will go higher if it gradually hits $2500. If silver closes above $25.50 for the December contract.  Oil could go up another $3 and then it’s going down. Charles will research it and report back to us. Natgas is headed down after going above $3.  Deflation is going to happen. The European retirement system keeps buying bonds that yield nothing. Deflation is the norm. Most of the time gold goes up in a deflationary crisis. Eventually hyper-inflation will occur. BTC cycle bottoming shortly. After some weakness it should go higher. It will break $12000. USD is weak for the next 4-6 weeks. No dollar crash coming yet.    Go to for a free 4 week trial of his newsletter. We follow it religiously at FSN.
09/10/2014m 45s

Stimulus Is Now Out Of The Question - Eddie Ghabour #4930

Stimulus Is Out Of The Question - Eddie Ghabour Speaker Pelosi panned stimulus for the airlines than anyone else. The airlines are going to see major layoffs. The bottom lines is that there are certain areas that need stimulus and any bill should be targeted, rather than bailing out states and municipalities. Beware of polls. From a market standpoint Eddie is cautious now and very bullish for next year. It could very well be a buying opportunity. Will the courts finally fulfill their responsibility and throw out the Covid restrictions. Florida is the test case.
09/10/2015m 17s

Market Turmoil To Continue - Chris Vermeulen #4928

Last time Chris was bearish on the stock market. Big money is moving into defensive stocks. We saw utlities blast off earlier in the year. Money could be rotating out of tech. Can’t buck the Tesla trend. Covid is good for Tesla. People don’t drive as much and don’t need long range.  Gold and silver short term down trend. Lower highs and lower lows, trying to find a bottom. If we have stock market weakness or dollar strength, with a downside target of $1810 and silver could slip to $21. Long term bullish. Good time to get it. A bear market in equties could lead to a correction in the sector. Metals and miners will be the first to rally after the bottom.    Dollar has been weak, yesterday dollar and bonds rallied. Dollar will probably hold its ground. Could have a bounce. Dollar and metals could move up together. Rest of the world keeps moving into equties, which will pump up the dollar. No matter how much stimulus comes, the dollar is the beneficiary. Interest Rates bonds can’t go much higher. It’s been a 30 year rally. The trust and the returns just aren’t there. Not much interest. Bull can’t continue much.  Any hope for the oil market. Decline of driving has slammed it. Lockdowns taking place, there’s no demand and way too much supply. Companies are losing money at these prices. Energy stocks have been underperforming.
08/10/2023m 45s

Trump Says No Stinkin’ Stimulus with Danielle DiMartino Booth #4927

Danielle DiMartino Booth is a global thought leader on monetary policy, economics and finance. Among her varied career milestones, she’s been a full-time columnist for Bloomberg View, a business speaker, and a commentator frequently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Fox Business News, BNN Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets. Before starting Quill Intelligence in 2018, she spent nine years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Danielle served as Advisor to President Richard W. Fisher throughout the financial crisis until his retirement in March 2015. Her work at the Fed focused on financial stability and the efficacy of unconventional monetary policy.
08/10/2024m 20s

Is There A SPAC In Your Future? Dudley Baker #4926

Dudley is the proprietor of Dudley spoke about the recent consolidation phase. It’s time to take advantage of the dull market. Are resource common stock warrants becoming a thing of the past or are we just seeing a lull in issuance right now? It’s always up to the company whether they want the warrants to trade publicly. Dudley mentioned a new one that was recently listed and it’s a 5 year duration and he thinks it’s a real opportunities. There’s still a number trading for pennies and show great potential. Find the company you like and before you buy the stock, check Dudley’s site to see if there are warrants traded. The database has been updated to make it easier to filter and identify. Dudley gives a few great recent examples. Dudley is starting a new service dealing with SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companyies a/k/a Blank Check Companies). Many have warrants and they’re providing a great potential opportunities. There are literally tons of these coming out now. Is the election causing it? The amount of money is staggering. It goes into a trust account until the acquisition takes place. Richard Branson has a new SPAC.
07/10/2027m 39s

Loyal Management And Shareholders, Millions of Ounces of Gold - Luminex Resources Has It All

We sat down with Marshall Koval (CEO) and Scott Hicks ( VP - Corp Dev) of Luminex Resources (sponsor) to get updated on the company's latest developments. While the world has many issues and challenges ahead, Luminex is moving full steam ahead. Their joint ventures with BHP and Anglo American are progressing well, with new drill targets identified and preparations taking place. Shareholders have been waiting patiently knowing that there investment will pay off big time. Drill results at the Condor Project just came in and they point to an even more richer resource. Luminex is currently hitting it's stride and all shareholders will likely soon be grateful. Stock Symbols - TSX.V: LR - OTCQX: LUMF
06/10/2019m 21s

There Is No Normal Anymore - Dunagun Kaiser #4925

We caught up with our good friend Dunagun Kaiser. When we last spoke, before the pandemic, he was urging people to prepare themselves. If you’re still not prepared, it’s time for a wake-up call. He’s not expecting a return of the so-called normal. This is our new reality and it could well get worse. The most important part of prepping, is to prep your mind. You need flexibility and the ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances. And always remember that happiness takes place between your ears. He’s thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with his family and community, all brought on by the pandemic. And perhaps that is the greatest lesson we can learn from the current situation. The most important things should never be neglected.
06/10/2029m 54s

Trump, Trump, Trump, Covid, Covid, Covid, Gold, Gold, Gold with John Rubino (He's back!!!) #4924

Lockdown and apoclyptic fires in the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Seattle is a wasteland. The only people on the street are homeless. The last thing you want is a sick president in the tail end of the election season. Would have been nice to see it play out “normally.” Supreme Court nominee in flux? Even if Trump loses he’ll still be a highly consequential president, with three conservative appointees. If Biden wins and dems get the senate will they pack the court? Will they dump the fillibuster? October surprise yet to come or has it come and gone? Trump appears to have lost weight. Supposedly he’ll be discharged shortly. Fund managers start going into gold. Right now it's a trickle but it could turn into a flood of money chasing a relatively small market and then it's Katie bar the doors. Congressional Stimulus coming soon. Politically good to give out money to people, but not so much to Blue cities and states.
05/10/2026m 2s

Welcome To The Civil War and Covid Facts with Naresh Vissa #4923

Naresh Vissa gives us an insight Florida hospital Covid responses and how the media overhyped the pressure on hospitals. July was very similar to the usual peak month of January. No other state had the critical situation that New York suffered. As is known, 50 percent of all deaths have occurred in nursing homes. From Day 1 Covid has become a political issue. There hasn’t been a separation of medicine state.
02/10/2028m 47s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (September 2020)

Stock markets were up again: Dow down 2.3%, S&P 500 down 3.9% Nasdaq finished down s down 5.1%, but TSX.V down 5.9% percent. VIX at a still above average at 26.40. Dollar was up 1.8% and Euro lost 1.8%.  10 Year yield down 4.2%. Bitcoin lost 8.6% during the month. Gold was near down 4% to 1886. Silver 17.4% to 23.25. Even PT was down 4.3%. PD ended up 3.4% for the month. Copper down .9% to $3.00. WTI seesawed down 5.6%. Brent down 9.2%. Natgas lost 3.8% to 2.53 per mm. Uranium was down to 30.  Ratios: Au/Ag 78.2 - Pt/Au .49 - Pt/Pd .40 - BRT/WTI 1.02 WT/HH 15.9 and AU/WTI 45.2.
02/10/2015m 21s

The Printing Press Always Wins - Lobo Tiggre #4922

When was the last time you saw your weekly grocery bill go down? The price of gold is the ultimate price indicator. Short-term gold price fluctuations aren’t meaningful. Newly printed money takes time to filter into the economy. The needs of life, insurance, medical, college, etc., are all going up. The exodus from the cities is deflationary but certainly not positive. And it's leading to higher housing costs in the suburbs and exurbs. While auto sales have gone up, new cars have headed south, but used cars sales are up. We talk about many other economic issues that are often neglected by the financial press and the news media. They're extremely important to our personal well-being and our families.
01/10/2019m 8s

Covid 19 Induced Poverty - Dr. Ted Noel #4921

Retired Anesthesiologist, Dr. Ted Noel joined us for a look at the current state of Covid 19. He confirmed much of what we've been discussing for the past 6 months. The pandemic is actually over or very close to being over. Masks are ineffective and he gives an actual demo on why they don't work. And so much more. The worst disease in the world and perhaps the most treatable is poverty. And our reaction to Covid has increased world poverty and all the ills that follow it.
01/10/2032m 40s

This Is Note Investing Made Easy - Martin Saenz #4919

Martin Saenz brings social good into smart investing. Martin is a Managing Partner of Bequest Funds. Renowned as a thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry, Martin is generous with his first hand expertise, to the benefit of his many clients and followers. Genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world through profitable business, he works hard to share and spread success. Together with business partner Shawn Muneio, Martin co-founded Bequest Funds with the dual purpose of helping investors grow their wealth and helping mortgage borrowers stay in their homes. Martin owned and operated multiple successful companies prior to launching Bequest. A successful entrepreneur and real estate investor for over 15 years, he brings a high level of strategy and experience to the Bequest model. He has directly helped over a thousand families stay in their homes, and countless more through the influence of his mentorship.
30/09/2026m 41s

Is Jerome Powell The Next John Law? Alasdair Macleod #4920

GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod joined us today for an extensive discussion of the collapsing dollar. Alasdair believes that the current state of the Fed guarantees a hyper-inflationary collapse. And that means that investments, savings and pensions will become near worthless. Of course precious metals will go exponential. Real estate and other property will initially lose its value but will recover down the road. Alasdair equates the current situation with France's Mississippi Bubble. John Law controlled the central bank and printed money with complete abandon. In the end disaster resulted and revolution. The Fed is following the same course and we can all expect similar results. Thereby, leaving gold and silver and lead as your ultimate salvation.
30/09/2030m 25s

Note Investing Made Easier - Martin Saenz #4919

Martin Saenz brings social good into smart investing. Martin is a Managing Partner of Bequest Funds. Renowned as a thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry, Martin is generous with his first hand expertise, to the benefit of his many clients and followers. Genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world through profitable business, he works hard to share and spread success. Together with business partner Shawn Muneio, Martin co-founded Bequest Funds with the dual purpose of helping investors grow their wealth and helping mortgage borrowers stay in their homes. Martin owned and operated multiple successful companies prior to launching Bequest. A successful entrepreneur and real estate investor for over 15 years, he brings a high level of strategy and experience to the Bequest model. He has directly helped over a thousand families stay in their homes, and countless more through the influence of his mentorship.
30/09/2026m 41s

Biden Is No Ally Of The Second Amendment - John R. Lott Jr. #4918

Noted economist John R. Lott, Jr.,  rejoins us for a discussion of what life would look like under a Biden administration. Beto O'Rourke would be put in charge of gun confiscation and expect the lock downs to last many lifetimes. But there's hope, Trump's latest Supreme Court pick, Amy Barrett is a pro-second amendment jurist who believes in the sanctity of the constitution and it's acknowledgment of rights granted by the creator. No wonder the Dems are demanding a court-packing scheme to allow them control of the Federal Courts.
29/09/2023m 2s

$1 Billion JP Morgan Gold Rigging Fine Cost Of Doing Business - Robert Kientz #4917

First-time guest Robert Kientz gives a close-up view of the latest market rigging scheme by JP Morgan. Like so many other settlements, they neither admitted or denied the truth of the charges that they rigged precious metals markets through a variety of manipulation schemes, such as bid spoofing and other nefarious deeds. One billion dollars is just the cost of doing business for the mega-bank. Expect more mis-deeds and more misbehavior in the years ahead. The king is dead, long live the king.
29/09/2032m 14s

The Case For Gold And Silver - Peter Hug #4916

There’s an increasing level of fear both in the US and worldwide. The Fed was looking for the administration to get another fiscal package to help move things forward. Economic data has been relatively benign. In Europe there’s fear of another Covid wave. Peter doesn’t expect the economy to shut down and he doesn’t expect the Congress to do anything either. So it’s highly doubtful that another stimulus package is coming. And the market has reacted accordingly. The Fang stock correction should have led to a rotation into other sectors. The resulting anxiety has led to a rush to cash. Peter went neutral/negative about a month ago. Two elements in the metals markets, one is raising cash by investors who had large profits and the fear trade is in full force and they’re moving into cash away from metals. Metals get hurt in a financial collapse until there’s governmental intervention. The market is hooked on continuous infusions of stimulus and pulling it back will cause nasty withdrawl pains. There’s no cohesiveness in government at all. Peter is sticking to his end of the year gold price estimate of $1911, but it could be low. We have not seen the high on gold yet in this wave.
28/09/2017m 41s

Fury Gold Mines: Pursuing High-Grade Canadian Gold with CEO Mike Timmins & Chairman Ivan Bebek

Fury Gold Mines plans to commence by early November over 80,000 metres of drilling at its three high-grade gold projects.  Fury will be fully-funded with over C$20M in the treasury and trade under the ticker FURY on the NYSE and TSX.  Fury Gold Mines will be the resultant company of Auryn Resources’ acquisition of Eastmain Resources and will hold three Canadian gold projects: Eau Claire, Committee Bay and Homestake Ridge.  The scheduled close for the transaction and launching of Fury is October 9th.  Auryn and Eastmain shareholders can vote by proxy by October 1st and the virtual arrangement vote is October 5th.  In this interview, Auryn Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek, Fury CEO Mike Timmins and Eastmain CEO Blair Schultz discuss the closing of this transaction as well as the vision and growth plans for Fury Gold Mines. 00:00 Introduction 1:21 Ivan Bebek on recent C$23M financing 3:10 Blair Schultz on why Eastmain did this deal with Auryn 4:44 Mike Timmins on Fury Gold Mines’ vision 7:19 Mike’s vision for the Committee Bay project 10:12 Mike’s vision for the Homestake Ridge project 11:33 When to expect Fury to acquire more projects 12:33 Ivan on Committee Bay’s untapped potential 14:17 Ivan on Fury Gold Mines’ potential 17:21 Concluding remarks
25/09/2020m 21s

Rob Kirby - Gold Is Down, What Exactly Is Going On Here? #4915

According to Rob Kirby, this raid like all the others is being orchestrated by the desperate monetary authorities to try to make the dollar look pretty. Unfortunately, there’s not enough lipstick in the world to keep the fraud going. Physical metal is in short supply and demand is off the charts. This will only serve to hasten the demise of the dollar, who’s time is shorter than ever. Rob is of the opinion that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. It gives you more time to prepare for the inevitable. There’s nothing that can be done. The Comex has doubled the number of suppliers of product to deliver physical metal against their contract. Just wait a while and you'll see no availability of metal at any fiat price.
25/09/2024m 34s

Jordan Roy Byrne - Gold Pull Back Was Inevitable #4914

Jordan Roy Byrne stopped by to bring us up to date on the precious metals bull market. As always, watch the Fed. When they change their policy from tight to more accommodative, watch out for gold/silver and mining stocks to go higher. The recession started in February, but it's going to be known as the Covid recession. We're seeing inflationary policies being implemented. Regional trade will become the norm and China will be cut out. Helicopter money is becoming the norm. This cycle we're going to see policy makers getting the money directly into the hands of the people. It appears that commodity prices are starting to go up. It's all pointing higher prices for hard assets and precious metals for years to come.
24/09/2027m 48s

Stocks Keep Going Down - Jim Welsh #4913

Jim saw the decline coming a few weeks ago. The sentiment was so one-sided bullish that it was inevitable. The recovery was starting to plateau and was running out of steam. The combination of what's happening in the US and the virus and Europe, finally caught up with the market and thus the decline we're currently experiencing. The Fed easing off the monetary gas pedal is going to have major effects and we're seeing it now. Let's see how long it will last for and whether the President will take unilateral action. The Congress needs to act.
24/09/2018m 19s

What The Covid Stats Are Really Saying - W.M. Briggs #4912

William Briggs, a one time professor at the Cornell University Department of Medicine joined us. He holds a PhD. in statistics. Together we went over the Covid 19 numbers. William explains that Covid is a very typical, and not unexpected pandemic that we see roughly every 10-20 years. We’ve seen them many times before, but this one triggered the first global panic. Everyone started tracking the disease minute by minute. It panicked the entire world. It caused the governments to overreact and quarantine the healthy. And suddenly the healthy became sick. Lock people down and hope for the best. Every expert forgot everything they knew about viruses. Governments have loved and they’re enjoying their new found powers. We all know that this is a disease that primarily affects the elderly. Certain governors shipped off Covid patients to nursing homes and long term care facilities that resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. However, as a result, we should see a lower than average flu season this year.And William also discusses the efficacy of masks, or we should say lack of efficacy. There's much here for pandemic skeptic.
23/09/2029m 51s

Gold and Silver Demand Show No Signs Of Letting Up - Andy Schectman #4911

According to Andy Schectman, gold and silver moved too far too fast. But they’re now building a sustainable base around $1900. This dip has led to increased demand and sales are taking off. Never a good idea to chase the rallies. The bottom line is that we haven’t seen anything yet. Business is strong because people understand that this is the same old pattern. Just like 2008, history is rhyming. Supply dynamics are very strange. We’re in the eye of the huricicane. Premiums are the lowest since December. Supply has picked up since the beginning of the year. Heading into Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021, things will pick up. Economy is dying in the upper Midwest. Comex open interest is massive. You’re beginning to see a run on the Comex. High net worth individuals are taking their metal off the exchange. They’ve gone to extreme measures to avoid a default. Raising margins on futures contracts. The eligible refiner list has been expanded to nearly everyone. Reeks of desperation and fear. Beginning stages of a massive run and eventually panic. Beware of bank bail-ins. Andy says they’re coming.
23/09/2030m 24s

Easily Buy Or Sell A Closely Held Business With Axial - Peter Lehrman #4910

Peter Lehrman developed Axial, a unique platform that enables buyers and sellers of closely held corporations to connect and hopefully make sales. Fees are limited. Buyers pay transactions fees, either on a one off basis or an annual subscription fee. There’s 400-500 businesses per month that initiate a transaction of which 20 percent actually go to closing. You disclose only as much information as you want to on the platform in complete confidence. Then NDA’s will get executed and you can move on from there.
22/09/2014m 50s

Dr. Dean Fanelli Talks Covid 19 Vaccines #4909

Will vaccines really bring normalcy back to the world? How easy is it to develop one and will it work? Dr. Dean Fanelli is an expert in pharmacy and drug development and he explains the obstacles and hurdles ahead.  • AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study is put on hold • Coronavirus Vaccine: 9 Drugmakers Sign Safety Pledge Amid Public Concerns • Trump Makes Predicts Vaccine May Be Available Before Election Day  • A Third Of Americans Say They Wouldn't Take A Coronavirus Vaccine  • What Goes Into Making A Vaccine And What Types Are Considered The Safest?  • How Scientists Determine If A COVID-19 Vaccine Works
22/09/2018m 23s

Brock Pierce For President? #4908

Since his humble beginnings as a child actor in The Mighty Ducks and First Kid, Brock Pierce has utilized his entrepreneurial spirit to develop and fund over one hundred companies, including Tether which is the #1 most traded cryptocurrency with an annual volume of $10 trillion and a daily trading volume that surpasses Bitcoin at $21 billion. Brock also founded Blockchain Capital with which he gave rise to the security token offering (STO), allowing people to make secure investments in digital currency.  Additionally, he constructed a valuable platform for launching cryptocurrency methods in a revolutionary process called Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and established the first digital marketplace for virtual goods within online gaming which is projected to reach $190 billion in revenue by 2025. All of these innovations have ultimately led to establishing new fields of work which have created new jobs for Americans.   Inspired by the widening wealth inequality and the polarizing political spectrum, Pierce has launched his campaign to become President of the United States and seeks to minimize our negative impact on the environment through preservation of renewable resources and supporting small businesses through new technology-oriented solutions. Additional prospects include mental health initiatives and helping everyday Americans maximize their wealth.   As a philanthropist, Brock established the Integro Foundation whose mission is to revive communities and nations in times of crisis by mobilizing different organizations and government agencies. Most recently, the organization worked extensively in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, and with indigenous communities in response to the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. Brock's professional experiences have generated a passion for due process and the rule of law which led him to form the Brock Pierce Foundation, bringing to light key issues in the fields of education, civil rights, mental health/medicine research, and the arts.   Brock’s pioneering in both new technology and philanthropy have earned him two honorary ambassadorships in South Korea as well as being knighted in 2019 by the Ordine dei Cavalieri di San Martino del Monte delle beatitude. As a guest lecturer and speaker, Brock has shared his knowledge at Singularity University, the Mobile World Congress, WIRED, INK, Stanford University, USC, and UCLA. His contributions to the fields of technology and philanthropy have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, WIRED, and Rolling Stone.
18/09/2012m 22s

Judge Jeanine Pirro Is Outraged Over Lawlessness In America Today #4907

;We spoke with Judge Jeanine Pirro, the well known former judge, distract attorney, tv commentator and author. In her latest book, Don’t Lie to Me: And Stop Trying to Steal Our Freedom, she explains what the real intent of the violent left is and why the only defense we have is the re-election of President Trump. Ms. Pirro has always been a fighter for justice and individual rights. She’s outraged by the complicity of Blue State Governors and Mayors in the ongoing civil unrest, as we all should be. With so much at risk, her book is an interesting read.
17/09/2017m 46s

Black Lives Matter: Marxist Hate Dressed Up as Racial Justice - John Perazzo #4906

Black Lives Matter's name, explains Perazzo, is "a carefully crafted deception," designed to draw attention away from the fact that BLM is a hardcore Marxist movement whose overriding mission is to raze American society to the ground, and to erect a Communist utopia. In the eyes of BLM's leaders, Perazzo writes, the United States is not a land of opportunity but rather "an irredeemably racist wasteland founded upon nothing but slavery, genocide, and all manner of oppression." Perazzo reveals the shocking truth about BLM's central claim that police officers kill African-Americans at a disproportionate rate. In fact, statistics show that blacks are actually less likely to be fatally shot by the police than whites when the proportion of violent crimes committed by each race is taken into account and an officer's chance of getting killed by a black assailant is 18.5 times higher than the chance of an unarmed black getting killed by a cop. The report documents how corporate America has fully bought into these lies, with companies as diverse as Amazon, Nabisco, Microsoft, and Unilever donating large sums to BLM. BLM's false and virulent anti-police rhetoric and violent activities have had devastating consequences for black Americans as a whole. Perazzo describes how in the aftermath of protracted BLM protest/riot campaigns, the incidence of homicide and other violent crimes skyrocketed across urban America. And the vast majority of both the victims and perpetrators of such crimes were black. "It is indeed a tragedy that a movement so evil and so ruinous has been able, with the help of a compliant mainstream news media, to dupe millions of Americans into embracing it as a crusade for 'racial justice,'" concludes Perazzo. "In reality, BLM is the very embodiment of Marxism, anti-Semitism, and racism - a trifecta of wickedness capable of destroying any society." Order a hard copy of the booklet here.
17/09/2019m 30s

Gold Doesn’t Care About The Fed - Craig Hemke #4905

According to Craig Hempke, a/k/a Turd Ferguson, there’s nothing the Fed can do now to staunch the ever increasing amount of government debt. Their hands are tied, raising interests rates is not an option and Fed Chair Jerome Powell has tacitly admitted as much. That means higher inflation, low rates into the indefinite future and by reference, higher precious metals prices. BTW, have you seen the miners lately?
16/09/2024m 31s

Gold Miners Gone Crazy - John Feneck #4904

Gold miners are the new hottest segment of the market. After spending much of the past decade in survival mode, they’re proof that every dog has its day. With gold prices hitting an all-time record in July, and since then entering into a consolidation pattern, the miners have kept going higher. How much longer the bull market will continue is the question, but it certainly could go on for quite a bit longer. And that’s what John Feneck and his fund are counting on.
16/09/2022m 59s

Tesla Going Down? John Grace #4903

There’s a war between the bulls and the bears. John is concerned about another 40 percent decline. Investors need to be preparing for another potential decline. Buy and hold isn’t the best way to proceed. We saw 2 fifty percent declines in two years. Time to get more into cash and be prepared to buy when the buying is good.
15/09/2016m 19s

Lessons of 9-11 and Covid 19 - Carole Lieberman, MD, MPH #4902

Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., is a a Board Certified Psychiatrist with a Masters in Public Health. She draws interesting parallels between 9-11 and Covid 19 • Psychiatrist Reveals How 9/11 Is Still Destroying Us Today And What We Need To Do To Save America • How To Respectfully Confront People In Your Life Who Break COVID Rules  • What Is The Psychology Behind Escalating Mob Violence Across The US And How It Can Be Stopped • New Poll Reveals Americans Are The Unhappiest They've Been In 50 Years  • How Parents & Schools Can Help Kids Get Emotionally Prepared To Return & Succeed • 10 Reasons Why Kids Need To Go Back To School In Person • Psychiatrist Available To Analyze Elon Musk And His Neuralink Brain-Machine Interface  • With No End To The Pandemic In Sight, Coronavirus Fatigue Grips America. But Dr. Lieberman shines a light on the frauds that have taken place since 9-11 and puts it all into perspective.
15/09/2021m 17s

Democrats Continue to Implode - Dr. Steve Turley#4901

Noted political expert Dr. Steve Turley, who has one of the fastest growing podcasts around, joined us today for a review of where the rioting dems are heading. And it ain’t pretty. Not only have dim-witted mayors and governors enabled and countenanced the riots, but they have been eager partners with Antifa and BLM. And the voters are repudiating them as a result. Whoever thought riots were the key to the Whitehouse should be fired. They have been the exact opposite, as normies everywhere have been appalled at the violence and looting and are demanding the reimposition of law and order.
14/09/2025m 50s

Technocrats Freak Out Over CDC's 6% COVID Death Figure - Patrick Wood #4900

Patrick Wood comments, "First technocrats and leftist media blame Qanon. Q is crazy, right? Then they point to Trump for retweeting that same number: if Trump said it, it must be false, right? After Twitter deleted everyone else's tweets about it, the media figured it had to be fake news, right? Within hours, every major publication was blasting anyone and everyone who dared to "misinterpret" the CDC's latest finding. You have to leave the interpreting part to the experts, they say, to the epidemiologists and to the scientists. Mere citizens are simply too ignorant and uneducated to understand lofty mathematical concepts like 6% or complicated medical terms like comorbidity. Fools, all [of them, a pox on their houses!"]
14/09/2027m 18s

DNA Testing and Retinal Scans for Immigrants - Steve Maggi #4899

Noted immigration attorney Steve Maggi joined us for a look at the latest administration initiative to perform DNA testing and Retinal scans of immigrants entering the country. How will this data be used and will there be privacy protections? These are important questions not just for immigrants but for citizens as well. The government has a horrid record when it comes to protecting our data and our privacy. The IRS hacks, Office of Personnel Management hack and many more show their inability to protect our valued data. So we probably shouldn’t expect any great miracles here either.
11/09/2017m 29s

Will Trump's Personality Get Him Re-Elected? - Merrick Rosenberg #4898

Merrick Rosenberg, author of Personality Wins: Who Will Take the White House and How We Know. Personality has determined the winner of the last twenty-two U.S. presidential elections—and it will decide who wins in 2020. Trump is an eagle. Clinton was an eagle and a parrot. Biden is being portrayed as a dove but historically has been a parrot. Parrots are always churping and making gaffs. Doves are passive and consensus builders. Owls are calm and into wisdom.  "The Greeks had a word for it 'Charisma.' In the theatre we call it 'Stage Presence.' JFK had it, so did Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Nixon did not. The jury is still out on whether Donald Trump can be saved by his own version. Merrick has put together an excellent guide to understanding politics and human nature as well, which I will be eagerly sharing with my media and politics students." – Jon-Christopher Bua, White House Correspondent, Talk Media News and Adjunct Professor, The Catholic University of America Who will take the White House in 2020? Another U.S. presidential election is underway, and Americans are engaged in the time-honored tradition of judging candidates by their personalities. It may sound unwise to pick the future leader of the free world based on personality traits rather than platforms, policies, and ideology, but that is exactly what Americans do. In fact, personality explains the results of the last twenty-two U.S. elections—and can predict who will win in 2020. Personality expert Merrick Rosenberg and co-author Richard Ellis have developed an unprecedented system that reveals the pattern of who takes the White House and why. In this exploration of U.S. presidential elections, you’ll uncover the unique characteristics of Eagles (Donald Trump and Franklin D. Roosevelt), Parrots (Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan), Doves (Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter), and Owls (George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon) who occupied the Oval Office. You’ll discover that no matter what is happening in the world and what the candidates propose, nothing stops certain personalities from winning elections.
11/09/2020m 41s

Norhing’s Happened in the Stock Market in 2020 - Eric Hadik #4897

Markets are following Eric’s 40 year cycle. 40 is a very common cycle throughout history. It’s in the Old Testament and New Testament. There are many examples. Even sunpots have a 40 year cycle known as the Great Conveyor Belt.  We may see another October crash but Eric believes it will probably saw tooth throughout the month. Silver is going higher, while gold may keep consolidating and could have one more decline left to go.  Inflation is probably kicking up a bit. Probably more subdued where many believe it will go much higher, but Eric isn’t seeing it yet. Interest rates, could be seeing some action there, although they’ve been very boring for the last few years. Topping process will continue to unfold in bonds and treasuries and could be triggered by next inflation phase.  Dollar has had a consistent 3.25 cycle, with minor variations. We’re seeing a correction in the dollar which portended a Republic President. The dollar has declined throughout the Trump Admin. Another wave down in Q4, which would probably lead to higher metals prices.
10/09/2040m 45s

It's Rebellion, Not Protest - Frank Vernuccio #4896

The hideous disorder in cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and even Washington D.C. are neither protests nor riots. They are not mere acts of crime, either. Indeed, the assault on the federal courthouse in Portland was the moral equivalent of the attack on Fort Sumter that commenced the Civil War. It is time to properly identify what is going on in these great urban centers: rebellion against the Constitution. Assaulting innocents for merely wearing MAGA hats, Invading police stations, declaring whole neighborhoods to be “autonomous zones,” burning buildings, assaults on law enforcement personnel, and engaging in mass lootings have nothing to do with any particular issue or racial division. They are, in fact, acts of secession.  A secession that, similar to what happened in 1861, has been aided and abetted by some Democrat leaders. As Washington urgently sought to restore safety in Portland, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called federal law enforcement personnel “stormtroopers,” tweeting “@DHSgov’s actions in Portland undermine its mission. Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped.” A friendly media failed to ask the salient question, stopped from doing what? Preventing the destruction of a federal courthouse? If these were merely the acts of a mob inflamed by recent news reports of particular incidents, the descriptions of rebellion or secession would not apply. But the reality is that in most cases where the recent incidents of urban chaos have occurred, they have been tolerated or even inspired by hard-left elected officials. Take just one example. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio cheered on the Soviet Union when it placed combat forces in Nicaragua. As Mayor, he has spoken up against property rights and America’s capitalist system. In Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot, in the aftermath of a weekend in which 24 people were killed, issued a firm statement—against potential victims defending themselves with guns. Similarly, A prosecutor in St. Louis seeks indict two people for engaging in legitimate self-defense. Portland’s mayor stands by while Antifa attacks journalists.  The concepts of defunding the police, limiting First and Second Amendment rights, protests against reasonable measures by the federal government to protect U.S. borders at home and insure an adequate defense against increasingly powerful enemies abroad can only be seen, in the composite, as an attempt to bring down the lawfully elected government of the nation.   It's a strategy that has been pursued with dedication since the election of 2016. When the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, the then-current head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, and the former head of the National Security Agency James Clapper conspired to essentially overturn the results of a legitimate election, the tone for rejection of Constitutional norms was set. When the cherished and vital tradition of a peaceful transition of power from one administration was rejected by leftist pundits, politicians, and academicians, the wheels were set in motion.  It is all the result of several trends, some long-standing.  Decades-long indoctrination by anti-capitalist, anti-Constitution educators, in some cases funded and incited in part by Beijing’s “donations” primed a generation to hate the nation that has provided more prosperity and more freedom than any in history. Misinformation delivered by a news media that has become little more than a mouthpiece for Progressive politicians brings that drive to a wider audience. Hollywood, now significantly invested with Chinese cash, obediently touts Beijing’s propaganda. Finally, corporations and sporting leagues, who believe that kowtowing to China will bring them extraordinary riches, round-out the falsehoods that support the rebellion. The substantial involvement of foreign influence in the Anti-Constitution Rebellion of 2020 makes it every bit as real and as dangerous as the Secession of 1861.
10/09/2021m 19s

Labor Day Has Passed and Gold Is Higher - Craig Hemke #4895

Sure enough we came back from the Labor Day Weekend Holiday and gold was down, but then it did an upside reversal and it's up nearly $12 per ounce. Just like Craig Hemke said it would. And the reasons are quite clear, real interests rate which have been negative are getting even more negative, with no end in sight. But according to Craig, if you're a precious metals investor or mining stock investor, the best is yet to come. (It's up again on Wednesday $15+)
09/09/2023m 37s

Maybe Trump Isn't Such A Fool After All - Doug Wead #4894

What passes for wisdom in Washington DC and the halls of government is always subject to question. The establishment has taken on President Trump and has absolutely no idea what they're up against. From his relentless war on corruption and wasteful government spending, to his success at realigning trade deals and military alliances, Washington has never seen a president like him before and probably never will again. And, after nearly four years, he shows no signs of letting up. Doug Wead masterfully gives us the true story of the Trump Whitehouse in his book, Inside Trump's Whitehouse: The Real Story of his Presidency.
09/09/2026m 2s

Star Parker Abolish The Welfare State And Lift Blacks Out Of Poverty#4893

According to noted columnist Star Parker, there's nothing as racist as the current welfare system. It embeds low expectations for blacks and encourages absentee fathers and the destruction of the black family. Ms. Parker believes that doing away with welfare will do away with most of the ills that plague the black community across America. It's not the racism of the right that is keep them down, it's the racism of the left.
07/09/2025m 14s

How Joy Villa Became A Trump Supporter and Kick-Ass Conservative #4892

Joy Villa was leading a typical Hollywood story. Successful, popular and hopelessly liberal. And then she had an epiphany. She came to understand that things weren’t as they as they seemed. President Trump, rather than being the anti-Christ racist he was claimed to be, had actually done more for blacks than any president before him. This led to a number of pro-Trump displays including Trump dresses at the Grammys, which inevitably led to her ostracism by Hollywood. But Joy is undaunted and says there are many more like her in Hollywood; But they need to remain silent to protect their careers.
04/09/2024m 47s

October Is National Lie To Your Pollster Month - Dr. Gerard Lameiro #4891

The Dems have blown it, regardless what the fraudulent polls may say. Who would ever believe that mass rioting could be the key to the Whitehouse? Instead they’ve alienated the working class and we’re starting to see mass defections among minorities, who were the Dems most loyal voters. This will inevitably lead to Trump’s re-election and 4 more years. And don’t forget, when the pollster calls you, lie to them. This will help destroy the fraudulent science of polling, which is now used to help determine the outcome, rather than reflect it.
04/09/2024m 7s

US Pending Home Sales Surge To Highest Since 2005 - Debbie Bloyd #4890

Debbie Bloyd reports: After new- and existing-home-sales soared in July, analysts expected the rebound in pending-home-sales to slow dramatically, and while it did, it beat expectations - rising 5.9% MoM (vs +2.0% expectations). This leaves pending home sales up a stunning 15.4% YoY...the biggest annual jump since Oct 2012 This is the highest level for the pending home sales index since Oct 2005... Source: Bloomberg “We are witnessing a true V-shaped sales recovery as homebuyers continue their strong return to the housing market,” Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, said in a statement. Anecdotally, agents are saying that “scarce inventory remains a problem,” Yun said. Pending home sales rose 25.2% in the Northeast and 6.8% in the West. Gains were smaller in other regions, with a 3.3% increase in the Midwest and 0.9% in the South.   The numbers: The index of pending home sales rose 5.9% in July as compared with June, the National Association of Realtors reported Thursday. It is the third consecutive month in which the level of Americans signing contracts to purchase homes has risen. Home sellers are going under contract in record time, the trade group reported.
03/09/2028m 7s

Gold Prices Going Up After Labor Day - Craig Hemke #4889

Extensive discuss with Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson. It's all about negative real interest rates. The Fed can under no means allow interest rates to rise. This means that as inflation kicks up, real interest rates will turn decidedly negative, maybe by as much as 300 to 400 basis points. When was the last time we saw anything like that? In the late 1970's-1980's, when gold hit it's then all time of $850 per ounce. Craig thinks we could very well be heading there soon. So look out above, higher precious metals prices are just around the corner. And there's very little resistance above $2080, so this move could be epic.
03/09/2031m 38s

Killings In Kenosha - Brian Boyd #4888

The tragic shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin has led to several nights of looting, firebombing and violence which has now forced that city to issue a curfew. But how much of the violence and looting was triggered by legitimate anger over the shooting and how much of it is being led by outside agitators? "Unfortunately we are seeing more and more protesters not connected to the community taking advantage of an unfortunate situation to cause destruction," says Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism Expert Brian Boyd (see short bio below). Kenosha Sheriff David Beth said social media is attracting demonstrators -- and he believes they are rebels without a cause  - calling them professional agitators who come from other places and don't care.  Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of the Kenosha Police Department, has been charged with shooting Blake in the back seven times. The Department of Justice also confirms it has opened a civil rights investigation into the incident. Blake admitted to investigators he had a knife at the time. It was recovered from his vehicle but no other weapons were found. So what's the truth?
02/09/2012m 58s

Ohio Pension Fund Buys Gold! John Rubino #4887

Virus not as dangerous as thought Video of Warren Buffett totally confused by negative interest rates Ohio police and firefighter pension fund to allocate 5% to gold    Simon buying up busted retailers Is the robo-apocalypse getting closer?  AI piloted plane beats top gun pilot in dogfight
01/09/2030m 9s

The Governors Must Be Crazy - Joe Messina #4886

Noted radio show host Joe Messina joined us for a convention review. The RNC appears to have hit a home run, while the DNC fouled out. The RNC cast America in a positive light, where as the DNC was a scene out of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Is it time to start shooting violent looters and rioters? White Antifa and BLM rioters are burning down black businesses. Makes sense right? Did you say there’s rioting going on? I’m shocked.
01/09/2034m 58s

Is Any Thing Really "Off The Record?" - Madeline Westerhout #4885

How Madeleine Westerhout,  Got Her Dream Job at the White House, Lost It, and What She Learned DONALD TRUMP's ON TWITTER! “Great new book by former Director of Oval Office Operations, Madeleine Westerhout, entitled “Off the Record”. When I look at all of the Fake Books and garbage written about me, it’s really nice to see a very smart and already wise young woman write an honest depiction of what went on at the White House during some extremely interesting and important times. So many good stories by someone who, unlike most other so called writers, was actually there, and a part of the action - of which there was plenty. Go buy this book, a job well done!” Madeline Westerhout was executive assistant to President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2019, and the Director of Oval Office Operations at the White House from February to August 2019.   TRUMP FORGIVES PERSONAL ASSISTANT ON TWITTER   Madeleine Westerhout, the former "gatekeeper" of the Trump White House, writes about her relationship with the president, and tells the story of the terrible mistake that led to her losing her job. From the first day President Trump stepped into the White House, Madeleine Westerhout was by his side, first as his executive assistant, then as the Director of Oval Office Operations. From her desk outside the Oval, she saw everyone who came in to see the president. She placed his phone calls, and was in the room for several historic moments. During her time working with President Trump at the White House, Camp David, Mar a Lago, and Bedminster, she grew to love her job and admire the president.   Then, in an unguarded moment during a dinner with reporters, she made a terrible mistake.   In Off the Record, Westerhout tells the full story of this dinner for the first time, revealing the circumstances that led to her fateful mistake. She also writes about her relationship with President Trump -- all the lessons she learned working with him, and why she believes he is a much different man than the one the media portrays every day. Westerhout describes President Trump as a kind and generous boss who continues to be a great leader for our country.   Order the book here...   READ:   LINKEDIN:   FACEBOOK:
31/08/2023m 17s

Nothing To Lose - Kathy Barnette's Road To Congress #4884

Kathy Barnette is a conservative, Black, mother, and wife. She is a veteran, a former adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance, a conference speaker, and a Conservative political commentator. She served her country proudly for ten years in the Armed Forces Reserves, where she was accepted into Officer Candidacy School. Her corporate career includes working with two major financial institutions and in corporate America. Kathy sat on the Board of a pregnancy crisis center for five years.  We discuss the two party conventions that just took place. The contrast couldn't be greater, one is a grim picture of America, the other an example of hope and greatness. The Dems didn't mention one word about the riots, why is that? America is truly at a crossroads.   WEBSITE:   WEBSITE:
28/08/2018m 7s

The Deep State Reckoning Begins - John O'Connor #4883

DURHAM STARTS THE SCALPINGS 'You don't win the game in the first inning,' say former federal prosecutor Ex-FBI lawyer Clinesmith pleads guilty to falsifying email in Russia probe in Durham's first case. John Durham to Interviewed  Former CIA Director John Brennan.   LEGAL ANALYST/AUTHOR: John O'Connor, Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today's Partisan Advocacy Journalism He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Northern California representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty Wednesday to falsifying an email used to support the surveillance of President Donald Trump's former campaign aide Carter Page. The case against Clinesmith is the first to be brought by federal prosecutor John Durham, appointed last year by Attorney General William Barr to review the origins of the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. Clinesmith, who worked at the FBI for four years, is accused of altering an email in 2017 that investigators relied on to justify an application to wiretap Page, according to court records. The altered email indicated that Page was "not a source" for the Central Intelligence Agency. The original email from the CIA indicated otherwise. During a brief court appearance via telephone Wednesday, Clinesmith admitted that he altered the email but said he believed at the time that the information he added was accurate.
28/08/2015m 2s

A New Way To Tap Your Equity Without A Credit Report - Matthew Sullivan #4882

Matthew Sullivan has found a better way to draw down equity in your home. Rather than loan you the money, he'll buy a piece of your home and won't charge you any interest or require any monthly payments. He'll take his cut when you sell your home or you buy him out. Which could be a very good way to quickly get some needed cash. You won't need to fill out a credit app or go begging your banker. It's all very straight forward and easy. It's worth checking out if you have equity in your home.
27/08/2015m 56s

From Foster House To The Whitehouse - The Life Of Terrence K. Williams #4881

By all rights, Terrance K. Williams probably should have wound up in prison or dead. One of nine black children born to a crack addicted mother, Terrance went from one foster home to another. When he wasn't in a foster home he was in a juvenile shelter. Somehow, it only made him stronger. An unshakable belief in God and in himself helped get him through it all. Now he's a Trump Supporter and has visited the Whitehouse and can personally attest to the fact that President Trump is not a racist. It's an incredible story of indomitable will and the drive make something of himself, which he most certainly has.
27/08/2021m 53s

Time To Unmask - Karen Kataline #4880

Karen Kataline has had enough. She's tired of the riots, tired of the loss of liberty and especially tired of wearing a mask that has no scientific backing behind it. She's tired of the Dems and their anti-social rioting and she's tired of them trying to turn the US into a third world Banana Republic. And we all should be.
26/08/2020m 43s

Virtual Truancy Runs Rampant -  John Rubino #4879

This week Fed Chair Powell gives a speech on the Fed’s new inflation policy. Gulf Coast about to be hit by two big storms, the second a hurricane. Gasoline price impact? Segue into inflation... Big high tax cities continue to implode Market breadth is at catastrophic levels – let’s spend some time on this Related to market breadth:  Tesla shorts get crushed If we have time… Now there’s ‘virtual truancy’
26/08/2022m 51s

Trilogy Metals Alaskan Road To Riches - Tony Giardini

When we last spoke with Trilogy Metals CEO Tony Giardini, the company was anxiously awaiting US Government approval of its 120 mile road connecting its Ambler Mining District with the famed Dawson Highway. That approval was the only thing standing between Trilogy and developing this huge mining district. And finally, after numerous delays, the approval came through and the project was green-lighted.  The recently released feasibility study gives a glimpse of what's in store.  Pre-tax Net Present Value (“NPV”)8% of $1.6 Billion and an Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) of 31% for the base case. After-tax NPV8% of $1.1 Billion and after-tax IRR of 27% for the base case. At current spot metals prices of $2.94/lb copper, $1.09/lb zinc, $0.89/lb lead, $2,001/oz gold and $28.89/oz silver, the pre-tax NPV8% is $1.8 Billion and IRR is 33.8% and after-tax NPV8% is $1.3 Billion and IRR is 29.6%. As shown above there's billions in copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold just waiting to be realized. And that's without taking the massive exploration potential into account. With $145 million in the bank and global partner South 32, the road ahead is indeed paved with riches.  Trilogy Website Ticker symbol TMQ on the TSX and NYSE
25/08/2018m 8s

The Fallout After The Pandemic $2400 Gold & $47 Silver - Gary Wagner #4878

The pandemic will end, but what happens to economic fallout? The most important thing is that gold has hit multiple record highs. We had a slight retracement last week. Investors were buying the dip. GLD has had the highest volume on record. Silver has tripled since March, but it hasn’t hit the $50 levels of its past peaks. Gold could be ending the year in the $2200-$2300 range. Gary was predicting $2060 gold for now in April. Silver will challenge and break $30. If gold keeps moving, silver will hit the $40-$50 range and perhaps above. The Fed’s bailouts have no upper limits. They’ll keep buying bonds as long as it takes. No economic recovery on the horizon. Dollar could decline to 88 before all is said and done. Precious metals will continue to have intrinsic value as money printing continues unabated. It’s a race to zero. Mines were closed for several months and the US Mint ran out of silver rounds. $34 on this leg of the rally and on the next it could go well over $47. Watch The Fallout After The Pandemic Interview here
25/08/2037m 31s

Massive Gold and Silver Shortages Almost Here - Andy Schectman #4877

When we last spoke with Andy he warned of a looming precious metals shortage in the fall, due to the near global mine shutdown caused by Covid 19. “We are at roughly 8 times normal sales at Miles Franklin.” Federal indictments against JP Morgan metal traders in March make Andy believe that it’s changed landscape. Silver went from around $12 to nearly $30. Gold went to $2000. Bottom line is that prices were supressed. Andy has been accumulating metals from any available source. He’s got a large selection of gold and islver. Jump quickly. Premiums are high. There’s not enough supply. It’s a challenge to get product. US and Canadian mints are only running at 50 percent capacity. The time to buy is now! Write to
24/08/2033m 58s

Raise Capital Through Crowdfunding - Noble Drakoln #4876

Crowdfunding and Capital Raising Consultant | Publisher of “Accredited Investor Journal” | Author of the best selling books “Trade Like a Pro” and “Winning the Trading Game” |18k+ Followers on LinkedIn Noble A. DraKoln has been involved in multiple tech startups as a consultant, investor and director. In the early days of the conversion from paging to full digital cellular networks, from TDMA to CDMA, he successfully ran a venture that made mergers and acquisitions in the 900mHz, 150mHz, and 450mHz spectrum’s. At the introduction of DVDs he successfully ran and sold off a VHS to DVD conversion studio, and he has been a part of guiding, consulting, and assisting in financing internet startups in both Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 phases. Mr. Drakoln started out as a futures/commodities broker at the age of nineteen trading the E-mini S&P, gold futures contracts, and treasury bond strips. Since that time he has authored the Wiley & Sons published best-selling books Winning the Trading Game and Trade Like a Pro. Over the span of his twenty year career he has traded S & P 500 contracts, various options, and futures for himself and clients. His books have been translated into multiple languages, he has been a keynote speaker around the world, contributing writer to Forbes, Futures Magazine, along with dozens of other financial magazines, and a radio and T.V. financial commentator on Bloomberg and Fox Business News.
21/08/2023m 14s

The Democrats Must Be Crazy! - Dr. Jerome Corsi #4875

The insanity strategy. U.S. Attorney General William Barr is taking action. Realizing that the Left is now full on Communist, willing to burn the entire country down to get its way, and pulling out all the stops to take down the Trump Administration, Barr appears to be making this month as the critical nexus of his legal activity to restore law and order at all levels in our nation. If Barr does not act this week, the Conservative Treehouse has information that it has compiled over several months, that if released will make it impossible for the DOJ to not act. I am contacting CTH to join the effort to bring America back from the brink of destruction. We also discuss H--C--Q and how you can get it.
20/08/2026m 7s

Wealthy Gardening Continued - John Soforic # 4874

John makes a return appearance and discusses going from $200k in student loan debt to 240k in retirment savings. He’s written The Wealthy Gardner as a way to help his children and others to escape the debt trap. While the Law of Attraction is alive and well, you still need to execute. You have to work! Time to go to school to learn how to fix Electric Vehicles?
19/08/2020m 46s

he Real News On Gold And The Economy - Michael Pento #4873

Markets keep going up and the valuation of equities is over 177% of GDP.  Dollar going down Gold going up - Warren Buffett buys Barrack and sells all his shares Goldman Sacks. He’s selling banks and buying gold stocks. Late to the game. Long term rates coming down and short term rates are near zero. Inflation target above 2%. Banks can’t make money.  Silver going up. It will become the best investment in the world.  All we need is a vaccine and we can get back to normal. Wrong. Everytime the Fed raised rates the markets choked. Then the repo market seized up. Economy was headed down before Covid 19. The debt we’ve added and the falsification of assets and fake rates.  World Economy is rapidly declining. There's no way out!
19/08/2026m 10s

Warren Buffett Buys Gold and so Should You - John Rubino #4872

Warren Buffett Buys Gold and so Should You Food prices rising: "From February to June, meat and poultry prices rose nearly 11%, with beef and veal prices seeing the highest rise, spiking 20%. For pork the increase was about 8.5%. People are paying more for other staples, too: During the same time period, egg prices shot up 10%, and shoppers shelled out 4% more for cereals and fresh vegetables." California on verge of passing wealth tax and is considering big increase in income tax– would raise top income tax rate to 16% Are Chicago and NYC over? Chicago shutting its downtown at 9pm each night, NYC sees massive increase in shootings, subway system going bankrupt, apartments empty, people moving out in droves.   Sound money caucus forms in Congress -- better late than never Fedex and UPS says can’t handle nationwide mail-in balloting Who said riots are good for the Dems?
18/08/2029m 32s

Why I Started Taking Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - Triple Lutz Report #484

Last week I made the decision to start taking Hydroxychloquine (HCQ). I'm not a doctor or other healthcare professional and I'm certainly not recommending for you to take HCQ. I'm only relaying to you, what went into my thought process in deciding to start an HCQ/Zinc regimen. I'm 63 years old, have slightly high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic. Although both conditions are treated and well under control, this puts me in a higher risk category than many in my age group. While still my chances of dying from Covid-19 are well under 1 percent, I felt I didn't want to wait around to get infected. The literature and studies appear to indicate the HCQ/Zinc may have a prophylactic effect with, contrary to mainstream media induced hysteria, very little risk. So in consultation with my doctor I made the decision. So far, zero side effects other than Zinc upsetting my stomach slightly. By the way, Zinc is essential to a healthy functioning immune system. So let me know what you think.
18/08/2020m 44s

Open It All Up Now! - David Sussman #4871

COVID-19 ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYST: David Sussman, is the founder and CEO of VALCOR Worldwide, and a nationally recognized small business advocate and consultant.   President Trump issued 4 executive orders that  unilaterally impose a stimulus plan, including a suspension of the payroll tax, an extension of federal unemployment benefits, an eviction moratorium and another round of individual stimulus checks.   The constitutionality of such a move in unclear. And some people tell FOX Business Trump may be using this as a negotiating tactic to bring Democrats to the table and hammer out a compromise. Either way, Trump did it and he's sent the Democrat's leaders Pelosi and Schumer reeling.
17/08/2019m 6s

Can EV Charger Networks Make Money? - Michael Farkas #4870

Michael D. Farkas is the Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Blink Charging, an owner/operator in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the United States. Since 2009 Michael has led Blink as a driving force in the EV industry paving the way for growth and adoption of electric vehicles.  Prior to founding Blink, Michael has established a track record as a successful principal investor across a variety of industries including automotive, retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and aerospace. As the automobile industry experiences a significant shift to embrace alternative fuels and electric vehicles, an opportunity presents itself for business owners and operators to incorporate charging infrastructure at their properties. Michael outlines the EV market landscape conditions and expectations and discusses the advantages of various business models used when deploying EV infrastructure. But in the end, the question is, "Can Blink and other charging networks make money?" And that remains to be seen
17/08/2012m 22s

You're Never Beaten Until You Say You Are - Joe Bell #4869

Joe Bell, founder of Legacy Beyond Listings, Real Estate & Wealth Expert Coach and author of the book “Assets, Acquisitions, & Abundance: A Guide To Building True Wealth & Legacy Through Real Estate. Joe is an expert at helping Real Estate professionals build legacy, retirement, and wealth. Back in 2006, Joe was brand new to the real estate game. He was young and had no money, couldn’t keep up on a mortgage and was facing foreclosure. Everything changed in 2009 when he purchased his first investment property and hit a home run. Since then, Joe has owned many companies, has a real estate firm and is now an experienced broker and investor himself. He would love to explain how a 40 year old agent landed a profitable investment in a weekend without using his own money. Joe has been named in the “Top 40 Under 40” in Alaska, and has been featured in places such as ABC, NBC, Digital Journal, Investor Place, and more
14/08/2023m 46s

Making Tons Of Money In Mining Stocks - David Erfle #4868

Since we met David Erfle several years ago, he was convinced that the key to future wealth was in mining stocks. He runs one of the most transparent and interactive newsletters around. Fast forward to now and we see that David was correct. His stocks are way way up and they're barely getting started. To David, the recent pull back is welcome news. We don't want to see a parabolic rise as that inevitably ends in sorrow. Even more over-sized gains are on the horizon.
13/08/2019m 51s

Common Sense Covid 19 Approach - Dr. David B. Samadi #4867

n the early days of the coronavirus crisis, President Donald Trump was flanked in the White House briefing room by a team of public health experts in a seeming portrait of unity to confront the disease that was ravaging the globe.   But as the crisis has spread to all reaches of the country, with escalating deaths and little sense of endgame, a chasm has widened between the president and the experts. The result: daily delivery of a mixed message to the public at a moment when coherence is most needed.  Trump and his political advisers insist that the United States has no rival in its response to the pandemic. They point to the fact that the U.S. has administered more virus tests than any other nation and that the percentage of deaths among those infected is among the lowest.
13/08/2014m 3s

Trump's Poll Numbers Surge as Democrats Begin to Self-Destruct With Dr. Steve Turley #4866

As Steve reports, "The latest Rasmussen poll has trump at 51 percent approval, 7 points higher than Obama at this point in his presidency. Such poll numbers are all the more remarkable given the radically and absurdly negative coverage Trump receives on an hourly basis from the mainstream media. In fact, the Media Research Center conducted a study that found that 92 percent of the media’s coverage of President Trump was decisively negative, the mirror opposite of the fawning coverage that daily accompanied the Obama presidency. But Rasmussen isn't an outlier. The latest Democracy Institute poll has Trump beating Biden by a margin of 48 percent to 46 percent, with Trump leading by a healthy five points in crucial swing states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania."
12/08/2032m 36s

Hit Piece on David Horowitz #4865

n the August 1st piece on Politico by Jean Guerrero entitled "The Man Who Made Stephen Miller," they claim that almost 20 years ago I cultivated an angry high-school student named Stephen Miller and that now his ideas are coming to life in the Trump administration. I never claimed to have "made" Stephen Miller. He was a brilliant young man when I met him. Stephen and I are what a reasonable person would call "classical liberals" - we both have written thousands if not hundreds of thousands of words to make clear our positions. But the author of this article is determined to smear us both as racists. This is the fascist mentality of the left. If you disagree with someone, they must be racists. Being against illegal immigration and being for merit immigration, as we both are, is not "anti-immigrant" as this article maliciously claims. To call Stephen or me "hatemongers" and to insinuate that we are racists is just to pull a page out of the slimiest smear site in the country, but it's par for the course for leftists. Identity politics is racism. The Democrat Party trades in racist attacks on a daily basis. I have written three books on race - all of them organized around Martin Luther King's vision of a world in which people are judged on their character, not on their skin color. Of course, being a leftist and supporting a Democrat Party Guerrero wouldn't understand that. Shame on Politico for reprinting this.
12/08/2013m 22s

Can Trump Just Give Us Money? John Rubino  #4864

Can Trump Just Order the Treasury to Give Us Money? John Rubino   Can Trump just give us money via executive order? Seattle pro-cop rally, Portland police union office fire, Chicago bridges raised: misdirection by 1% (see next entry) Meanwhile: Fed is preparing to officially shoot for higher than 2% inflation One-fifth of all mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary – chaos coming in November. US Postal Service meltdown -2.2 billion in the last few months. Major service cut backs just in time for elections.  Was THAT the gold/silver correction?? Miners reporting killer Q2 numbers Robinhood stops reporting trading data Social media imposing modern-day Hays Code on political speech
11/08/2028m 35s

Beware of Gold & Silver Pullbacks Coming Soon - Bob Hoye #4863

Cyclical credit contraction. Stock market is vulernable to a downturn that no one sees coming. Going into the fall you can have a much more severe correction, especially the NY Market. Don’t use the Wuhan Flu to make any investing decisions, both long or short. The liquidity events could be very severe and substantial. Where we’re getting huge excesses in Silver, we’re getting very high excesses in the US Dollar’s decline. We’re in a very lengthy expansion and bull market in metals which will raise prices of majors, medium sized companies and explorers. When a discovery is made, you’re rapidly building an asset. But be prepared for the inevitable pullback, so take so money off the table and get ready for the next upside move.
10/08/2029m 8s

GR Silver Mining Continues to Discover High-Grade Silver #4862

When it comes to junior miners, nothing succeeds like success. While Marcio Fonseca was an executive at SilverCrest Mines, spin-off company SilverCrest Metals saw a 130-fold share price rise. Mining is in Marcio’s blood and he’s looking for an encore performance. In 2018 he founded and took public GR Silver Mining (sponsor). By this time in 2021 he’s hoping to double or even triple GR’s reserves (from 40 million to as high as 120 million silver ounces). That’s quite an accomplishment in any market, but with silver recently vaulting through the key $25 per ounce mark, and well on its way to $30 and perhaps even higher, this could result in a veritable windfall for shareholders and management alike(Marcio and management have major skin in the game owning over 10%). The market seems to be catching on to Marcio as GR’s share price has recently hit new highs.   Experience matters and Marcio has over 20 years of it in finance and all other phases of mining. His team is seasoned and well connected. Currently, First Majestic Silver is its largest shareholder. The Sprott Group also has expressed great confidence in the form of a large GR position as well. With all this going for it, GR Silver Mining has amazing future potential for outsized gains and major shareholder enrichment.  Ticker: TSXV: GRSL     OTC:GRSLF     FRA:GPE Learn more about GR Silver Mining: Latest GR Silver Mining presentation:
08/08/2016m 26s

The Dystopian Vehicle of the Future - Aaron Clarey #4861

When the lead starts flying, you want a vehicle that can take a licking and keep on ticking, and that means the Tesla Pickup Truck. With bullet-proof glass, a solid stainless steel body, this baby will soon be battle tested on the streets of Portland and Seattle. Bad guys better watch out, because this truck isn't stopping for anyone or anything. We also discussed the fact that tomorrow's wealth will be measured in gold, silver, guns & ammo and charged batteries. When the grid goes down and gasoline is all but impossible to obtain, you'll be glad you stocked up on a warehouse of Tesla Battery Brick Walls. They will keep you in energy for years to come. And we both hate gender-switch movies. It's great to have female hero characters, we both had a major crush on Linda Carter/Wonder Woman. Just don't do it at the expense of male ego or diminishment.
07/08/2027m 49s

How I Learned To Stop Fearing Covid 1984 And Start Loving Socialism - Dr. John Huber #4860

At this point it is quite clear to all rational beings that Covid 19 isn't a serious threat to 95 plus percent of the population. Oh wait, the media has helped unleash a fear pandemic upon the populace. If you ask the average millennial what their chances of dying from Covid 19 were, their answer would be somewhere between 90 to 100 percent. Why is that? How can the American Public be so misinformed? Perhaps the dumbing down of America might have something to do with. Ya think?
07/08/2017m 9s

Pardongate: How Bill & Hillary Clinton and Their Brothers Profited from Pardons - Mark Hyman #4859

A shocking exposé of the Bill Clinton pardons and commutations issued after Hillary Clinton made it known she was running for the US Senate. Bill Clinton’s abrupt departure from long-standing precedent was an astonishing abuse of the Justice Department processes and underscored the shady wheeling and dealing that was common in the Clinton orbit. Bill, Hillary, and brothers Roger Clinton, Hugh Rodham, and Tony Rodham all profited financially or politically from hustling dozens of pardons to some of history’s most undeserving recipients. These ranged from worldwide pariah Marc Rich, to a cocaine trafficking kingpin, to murderous terrorists who hadn’t even requested executive clemency. A third of the final-day pardons bypassed Justice Department review and went straight to Bill for approval. Dozens of recipients hadn’t even filed a petition. In the final hours of Bill Clinton’s last day in office, the pardon attorney was frantically preparing paperwork for recipients whose names were misspelled or whose addresses were unknown. It was a free-for-all. The brothers were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to privately lobby Bill for pardons, some of which never materialized. But the brothers were still paid. Hillary collected political and financial IOUs she later cashed in when she sought political office. For most of his presidency, Bill was one of the stingiest presidents of all time when it came to the awarding official forgiveness to felons, but the pardon floodgates opened when Hillary began her run for the US Senate. It was the selling of pardons for money and influence that launched the Clintons’ nearly two-decade pay-for-play scheme—a scheme that not only amassed billions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clintons, but also catapulted Hillary into a presidential front-runner. Pardongate reveals details of the Clinton machine that will leave even the most informed citizens appalled.
06/08/2020m 46s

Democrats Destroyed New York Once... They're Doing it Again - Daniel Greenfield #4858

"I promised then that we would restore City Hall Park to the beauty that it had in the 19th century, so that it could symbolize the regeneration, the rebirth, the reinvention of the city of New York," Giuliani said, calling it a "a final gift from the 20th century to New Yorkers of the 21st." Now, garbage and filth are spread out everywhere, along with posters of George Floyd and BLM graffiti. The gift has been rejected by the radicals and racists who have taken over New York and hate beauty. The sidewalks have been defaced, everything is covered in graffiti, and the sacred ground over which the grass lies is littered with tents, sleeping bags, and soiled with worse things by Occupy City Hall. The walls of the beautiful Surrogate's Courthouse's building, a Beaux Arts confection inspired by the Paris Opera, have been covered in hateful Black Lives Matter slogans, including "Kill Pigs," and if you stop by at the right time, you can see a dummy in a police uniform and a pig mask being hung.
05/08/2011m 17s

140 Million Ounces of Silver and Just Getting Started - Greg Crowe #4857

Right now Greg Crowe and SilverOne Resources (sponsor) are sitting pretty. Silver has rocketed back from its sub $12 March low, to a close last Friday of $24.47. The company's recently completed over-subscribed financing has left it with a large cash position (C$13-$14mm). It's starting the process of updating its 43-101 resource estimate and is moving past its Covid induced delay. However, it was able to keep working on its Arizona-based Silver Phoenix project, site of an amazing find, a 417 pound sample containing 70% silver. Its Cherokee project is also moving forward, with people getting ready to get back to work. With all this going on, it probably won't be long before SilverOne achieves its goal of becoming a premiere silver-focused exploration and development company.
05/08/2020m 10s

New Generation of Gold Bugs - John Rubino 8-3-20 #4856

Bitcoin created a new generation of goldbugs Making the case for bitcoin is also making the case for gold, so cryptos have created a whole new crop of potential goldbugs How is real estate still booming??? Even house flipping is hot. Totally unprecedented in a recession. Rental rates plummet in NYC  Negative interest rates impoverish pensioners Irish central bank now charging negative rate on pension funds   Pandemic corruption Covid vaccine companies will be exempt from liability for damage done. Kodak gets massive loan from the US UFOs false flag or biggest event in human history? The government is apparently ready to admit that UFOs are real and that we have pieces of spaceships. False flag? Distraction from something else? Good or bad for gold? Maxwell documents released Clinton is in there … what else? LAW AND ORDER BREAKS DOWN Shootings in NY and Chicago soar Seattle proposes to cut police funding in half Minneapolis residents are patrolling their own neighborhoods   Big protests in Germany against masks, lockdown Is Trump benefitting from the incoherence of big city mayors? Also, Australia's new lockdown. In the announcement "Wherever you slept last night, that's where you'll sleep for the next six weeks"
04/08/2034m 8s

Mickey Fulp's Monthly Major Market Review (July 2020)

Stock markets were up again: Dow up 2.4%, Nasdaq finished at at record 10745, up 6.8%, but TSX.V took the prize up a very strong 16.3%percent t0 721. VIX at a still above average at 24.46. Dollar was down hefty 4% and Euro gained 4.8%.  10 Year yield barely inched down to record .55. Bitcoin jumped 23.8% higher during the month. Gold was way up 11.3% to 1976. Silver rose a meteoric 34% to 24.39. Even PT was up 9.6%. PD ended up 5.8% for the month. Copper rose 5.8% to 2.89. WTI up 1.4%. Brent 3.6%. Natgas rose 5.3% to 1.80 per mm. Uranium was flat at 32.95 Ratios: Au/Ag 80.9 - Pt/Au .46 - Pt/Pd .45 - BRT/WTI 1.07 WT/HH 22.4 and AU/WTI 49.
04/08/2018m 14s

Ivan Bebek Speaks About Auryn Resources Transformative Acquisition of Eastmain Resources

In this interview, co-hosted by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network and Bill Powers of Mining Stock Education, Auryn Resources’ executive chairman Ivan Bebek explains the transformative merger with Eastmain Resources.  This merger was announced on July 29th and will result in a new company Fury Gold Mines.  Fury Gold Mines will seek to advance its several gold projects with initial emphasis given to Eastmain’s Eau Claire high-grade gold project.  The stated goal is to have Fury Gold develop into a Canada-focused, growth-oriented producer.  As part of this transaction, Auryn will spin-out its Peruvian assets into two separate companies. One company will hold the Sombrero copper projects while the other will hold the Curibaya silver and gold projects.  Regarding the three companies resulting from this transaction, Ivan shared: “we want to deliver $10-20 share prices per asset [company].” Ivan also introduced the incoming CEO of Fury Gold Mines, Michael Timmins, a seasoned executive who's built mines in a number of jurisdictions and spent 11 years with Agnico Eagle. It seems to be a match made in heaven and we're forward to more exciting developments from our soon to be former sponsor Auryn Resources.  Ticker: AUG Sign up for Auryn’s email list:
03/08/2031m 34s

The Greatest Depression Has Arrived - Gerald Celente #4855

In the January 28, 2020 edition of the Trends Journal, Gerald explains exactly what’s going on. It’s been a boon for CNN and MSNBC. The Media has hyped the pandemic to increase their failing ratings. CNN ratings are up 128% since they unleashed the pandemic. Where’s the DOJ? The list of criminals going unprosecuted is shocking. Gerald had a July 4th rally in Kingston, NY. He called out Cuomo to try and stop it. The presstitutes bow down to #KillerCuomo. It’s bigger than NY, bigger than the USA, it’s global. Italy shutdown first. It’s all over the world. Australia had 176 deaths and shut down again. We are in an economic collapse unequaled in history. What’s going to happen to all those businesses and malls that rely upon people coming into the cities. Tourism is dead around the globe. We are in an unimaginable collapse around. Current war, trade war, WWII. Greatest Depression, WWIII. There is hope on the horizon. Occupy Peace and Restore Freedom. A new third party. The platform is: 1. Anti-vax 2. Anti-tax, 3. Anti-mask. How can people be so stupid to follow Hitler and they’re doing the same thing now? It’s so easy to take people to war. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1, Afghanistan, Iraq 2. People need to start taking responsibility for their government and their country. We have to fight for it. We have freaks destroying us. Time to rise up. Gutless cowards are already beyond redemption. People who believe in the Constitution need to rise up. It only takes 10 percent as in the Revolutionary War. The violence that’s facing us is daunting. It's no wonder why gold and silver prices are rapidly increasing. The whole world is going down. That’s why war is becoming inevitable.
03/08/2028m 6s

Shocking State of Our Dis-Union - Matt Nye #4853

Matt Nye is worried. Like so many Americans, he witnessed the pandemic, the insane reaction to it and the resulting global economic collapse. Now we're witnessing the erasure of American history and have seen the far-out loony left disparage all of our great patriots and all of the people who make the country work. Is there a way back, will we wind up in a full-blown civil war? Matt answers these questions and more. He's also running for the Florida Legislature. If you're in Florida in his district, please support him.
31/07/2020m 42s

How To Play The Precious Metals Breakout - Lobo Tiggre a/k/a Louis James #4852

When it comes to finance Lobo Tiggre the rockstar formally known as Louis James has always been a forward thinker. He developed
30/07/2038m 50s

43 Years In Mining And Still Having Fun - Ross Beaty #4851

We sat down with mining legend Ross Beaty. After 15 winning companies, why is he still at it? The simple reason, because it's fun. All the financial success, company building, creating opportunities for others and returning billions in profits to investors is okay, but in the end it all boils down to personal satisfaction and just plain fun. Perhaps Ross's idea of fun is a little more sublime than teens playing video games, obviously the stakes are higher and the rewards greater. But we came away believing that in the end Ross has achieved a certain level of personal satisfaction and enjoyment that has kept him going to the office all these years. Ross says that Equinox Gold will be his last venture. He started with another Equinox so it's fitting end to an incredible career. Upon retirement, he will dedicate himself to giving away his vast fortune to various causes, centered on ecological improvement and planet sustainability. We wonder if it will be more fun giving it away than it was making it in the first place. Time will tell.
29/07/2035m 29s

$100 Silver On The Way - Chris Vermeulen #4850

According to Chris Gold will be in the 1967-2000 in the next week or so. Then a pause and pullback. Silver is leading the way. It will hit the $100 mark within a year. Silver will have the biggest financial gain. Next upside target is $44. Currently at a fibonacci number which is resistance.  Bitcoin sold off with the crash and has now recovered and ready for a breakout. Chart is pointing to $14000, with quite a way to go on the upside. Especially now that the dollar is sliding.  Stocks Bad news is good news for stocks. Chris thinks market is on its last leg. Everything right now is pointing to a decline. Less and less stocks are leading. The exect same set up as in February. When things are screaming this loud, you have to pay attention. Put call ratio in dangerous territory. Huge sidways move or a major bear market decline. If things get worse more stimulous and higher stocker. We’re at maximum risk.  Dollar will be under pressure for a while. If there’s market panic, the dollar will rally. The same should happen, which will top off metals and miners. This time around there’s way more stimulous.  Interest rates are low and locked in and no longer a free market. Not good the USD. Quite a bit of upside in bonds. There’s a limit to how much they can move under the circumstances.  Crude is looking good as a short play. It’s losing momentum. It’s on the verge of a drop, on economic weakness. $44 and then a reversal to the downside. Let’s see if jobless claims rising. We have to wait for the pattern set up.  Lot’s more in this extensive interview.
29/07/2021m 42s

$5000 Gold, $200 Silver, Will It Happen?  John Rubino #4859

Gold hits all time record. Silver hits $24+. Should you buy more or take profilts. Gold miner Everyone is giving up – Portland is a ghost town because riots are out of control and Seattle’s police are hamstrung (police chief wrote an open letter to businesses telling them that they're on their own). Pandemic rules are increasingly random and frequently ignored. It's like everyone just decided to accept the new normal Would a stock market crash derail the gold/silver bull market? Clean tech boom is huge for silver. In electric cars: “The majority of electrical connections in a car use silver-coated contacts—silver switches are used to start the engine, control electric seats, and open/close electric windows. Silver is also used in heated seats, window defoggers, and most luminescent displays.” Smithsonian report on “whiteness” concludes that clocks and logical thought are tools of white supremacy. Matt Taibbi’s latest article claims that the left has replaced the right as the home of authoritarian morons.  Gunshot, Parkinson’s deaths in Palm Beach attributed to covid-19  China’s Three Gorges Dam on the brink of failure.
28/07/2035m 7s

The Danger of Media Bias - Frank Vernuccio #4858

In a nation ruled by the people, the media and educators play a vital role. Voters need unbiased reporting. and the historic knowledge to place news into context. That reality makes the leftist bias of most news, academic, and entertainment outlets deeply troubling. It’s not just bias that is disturbing. Major stories that do not fit in with progressive views are frequently ignored.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s recent bizarre statement that blacks who vote Republican aren’t really black is a prime example. The media didn’t make much of the comment, despite the fact that both the historic and current record of the Democratic Party is hardly conducive to black interests. It’s hardly mentioned that it is the party that started a Civil War to protect slavery, then pursued segregation in the Reconstruction era. It is the party that idolized Margaret Sanger, who staunchly advocated abortion explicitly to reduce the number of black babies being born. Its “Great Society” economic policies, perhaps inadvertently, created economic conditions that delayed blacks from moving into the middle class. An educational system overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats refuses to teach those facts to students. The bias makes reasonable debate politically risky; conservative viewpoints are inevitably portrayed as cruel. Consider the new third rail of political discourse: Those who criticize any spending program produced in the name of COVID, no matter how pointless, ineffective, excessive, corrupt, or even wholly ridiculous, will be castigated as heartless. America urgently required quick, clean legislation that simply provided cash to those in dire need. But Democrats loaded Covid bills with items that benefited them politically. The media ignored the scandal, the same way they continue to ignore the inexcusable refusal of Nancy Pelosi to allow the House to return to work on a timely basis at a time of dire national need. Consider the debate over how to distribute COVID relief funds. For America to return to economic normalcy, businesses need to be able to reopen and hire back employees. Federal legislation provides $600 weekly benefits to those who are out of work, in addition to state unemployment funds. It’s a generous benefit. Some out of work recipients are now making more than they did when they were working.  But those benefits are unaffordable for the nation in the long run. Our grandchildren will be paying off that debt. Businesses that have been forced to close need to be able to reopen, rehire, and pay taxes. But attempts to funnel assistance to them is portrayed as tilting towards capitalists at the expense of workers—sheer nonsense. That logic doesn’t fit the progressive preconceptions of the media elites, so discussion of it is not widely covered. President Trump campaigned in 2016 against China’s growing monopoly on vital industries and its increasing hostility. He was prophetic, but the media ignores that. In January of 2020, he shut down travel to the U.S. from China. Democrats portrayed him as “racist and xenophobic.” In large, progressive-run cities, a failure to timely acknowledge the COVID threat led to disaster. New York became the worldwide epicenter of the disease, due to the refusal of the hard-left mayor and his clueless health commissioner to acknowledge the threat. On an almost a daily basis, the city’s mayor and his state’s governor absurdly blame the White House for the mistakes made by city hall and the governor’s mansion. The reality that Governor Cuomo’s deadly decision to place COVID patients in nursing home, causing vast numbers of needless deaths, receives little more than a shrug from the national media. As the 2020 presidential campaign moves forward, Democrats nonsensically seek to place blame on the White House for the spread of COVID. They ignore explicit evidence that China maliciously, negligently, or both is solely responsible. They take that position because to not do so would be to admit that they have been wrong all along, and that candidate and then President Trump made the right call. You will rarely see that analysis reported.
28/07/2017m 27s

Multi-Million Ounce Gold Potential At A Tremendous Discount- David Suda

CEO David Suda says Gold Terra is his opportunity of a lifetime. Starting out on the industry's financial side, David was surprised that weren't more high quality companies in the sector. He wanted more and in 2018 he found it, becoming the Company's CEO and director. Located in Canada's NWT, Gold Terra's Yellowknife project has outstanding infrastructure. Employees can enjoy breakfast at Tim Horton's, before setting off on the goal of expanding Gold Terra's 735,000 ounce resource. Drilling is set to resume very shortly (after a brief Covid enforced delay) and David's hopeful that a high grade deposit will soon be found. Gold Terra has had a recent string of good luck. It landed Detour Gold's Gerald Panneton as executive chairman; in the process he purchased 5 million shares. Panneton's record is impressive, having expanded Detour's resource from 1.5 million ounces to over 16 million, before selling it at an extremely attractive price. Gerald sees similar potential at Gold Terra. This month, the Company also raised C$7.13 million, so it's ready to drill 10,000 meters, with results expected to start coming in September. Best of all the Gold Terra's stock is trading at C$0.325, so clearly these developments have not been factored in. That's why we're pleased that Gold Terra is an FSN sponsor and see great things ahead.
27/07/2018m 41s

Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept - Gen Robert S. Spalding #4856

USA to Reject Certain Chinese Maritime Claims in South China Sea... Navy warship challenges China in South China Sea... U.S. warns citizens of heightened detention risks in China... NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERT: Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding (USAF Ret.), is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, focusing on U.S.-China relations, economic and national security, and the Asia-Pacific military balance. He is the author of the book, Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept. The media often suggest that Russia poses the greatest threat to America's national security, but the real danger lies farther east. While those in power have been distracted and disorderly, China has waged a six-front war on America's economy, military, diplomacy, technology, education, and infrastructure--and they're winning. It's almost too late to undo the shocking, though nearly invisible, victories of the Chinese.  In Stealth War, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding reveals China's motives and secret attacks on the West. Chronicling how our leaders have failed to protect us over recent decades, he provides shocking evidence of some of China's most brilliant ploys, including:   *  Placing Confucius Institutes in universities across the United States that serve to monitor and control Chinese students on campus and spread communist narratives to unsuspecting American students.   *  Offering enormous sums to American experts who create investment funds that funnel technology to China.   *  Signing a thirty-year agreement with the US that allows China to share peaceful nuclear technology, ensuring that they have access to American nuclear know-how. Spalding's concern isn't merely that America could lose its position on the world stage. More urgently, the Chinese Communist Party has a fundamental loathing of the legal protections America grants its people and seeks to create a world without those rights.  Despite all the damage done so far, Spalding shows how it's still possible for the U.S. and the rest of the free world to combat--and win--China's stealth war.
27/07/2017m 14s

Multi-Million Ounce Gold Potential At A Tremendous Discount - Did Suda

CEO David Suda says Gold Terra is his opportunity of a lifetime. Starting out on the industry's financial side, David was surprised that weren't more high quality companies in the sector. He wanted more and in 2018 he found it, becoming the Company's CEO and director. Located in Canada's NWT, Gold Terra's Yellowknife project has outstanding infrastructure. Employees can enjoy breakfast at Tim Horton's, before setting off on the goal of expanding Gold Terra's 735,000 ounce resource. Drilling is set to resume very shortly (after a brief Covid enforced delay) and David's hopeful that a high grade deposit will soon be found.  Gold Terra has had a recent string of good luck. It landed Detour Gold's Gerald Panneton as executive chairman; in the process he purchased 5 million shares. Panneton's record is impressive, having expanded Detour's resource from 1.5 million ounces to over 16 million, before selling it at an extremely attractive price. Gerald sees similar potential at Gold Terra. This month, the Company also raised C$7.13 million, so it's ready to drill 10,000 meters, with results expected to start coming in September.  Best of all the Gold Terra's stock is trading at C$0.325, so clearly these developments have not been factored in. That's why we're pleased that Gold Terra is an FSN sponsor and see great things ahead.
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Economy Improving, Just A Blip - Karl Gibbons #4855

Retail sales jumped 7.5% last month giving stores and restaurants a much needed boost. Although the increase came before the latest surge in coronavirus cases which prompted renewed shutdowns in several states.  "There is no doubt about it - this is a complicated and quickly evolving retail environment and only the most nimble will survive, says Retail Expert and president of Naples-based Business Management Firm 'Third Eye Management' Karl Gibbons.  Retail sales crashed in the spring as people stopped going out to eat and shop — especially for clothes — during the pandemic. But now things have changed for the better (see stats below). "This is a good sign, and as I see, it also is an opportunity to learn," says Gibbons. Clothing and accessories stores: +105.1% Electronics stores: +37.4% Furniture stores: +32.5% Sports, music and other hobby stores: +26.5% Restaurants and bars: +20% Department stores: +19.8% So what can we expert this month and next? And what will retail businesses large and small need to do to get the momentum going?
24/07/2026m 14s

Why Prescription Drugs Cost So Much - Dr. Salvatore J. Giorgianni, Jr. #4854

PHARMA RISKS ARE RISING... (1) During COVID, Watch Out for Counterfeit Drugs (2) US Must Decrease Dependency On Geopolitical Rivals For Critical Medical Supplies (3) US needs access to COVID medications not made by our enemies  (4) Need to maintain security in the supply chain for Critical Technologies WHAT IS THE INTERNATIONAL PRICING INDEX? Setting prices of critical technologies such as medications and diagnostic products to prices in other countries is flawed: (1) These are Completely different consumer price indexes (2) Medical product companies outside of US are frequently supported or owned by a foreign government (3) Quality and regulatory standards in many countries are not adequate or at US standards, Inferior products are not what American’s deserve (4) Price Indexing and Government pricing boards have been a disaster in many countries such as Germany hurting access, quality and reliability of supply chain (5) US has seen such impacts on some product areas such as antibiotics because of Third Party Payer policies. BIO: Spanning a 40+ year career as a practicing clinical pharmacist, he is an advocate for better health services and resources to enhance the health of boys and men. He has held faculty appointments at both Columbia University and Belmont University and has authored over seventy peer reviewed and general media articles in healthcare and health policy.
23/07/2016m 57s

Get On The Greed Gravey Train -  John Grace #4853

The reverse RobinHood effect is in full bloom. Goldman sees record trading profit and same with the other major banks. Liquidity and cheap money is what it all seems to be about. The big banks added $19 billion in bad debt write-offs. Take on as much debt as possible and hope the music doesn’t stop. There’s so much uncertainty and the system is coming apart at the seams. Where will the merry-go-round end? Duct tape economics is the rule of the day. John says let it die and let us be born again. The economy comes down to behavior of ordinary people interacting in the marketplace. It’s not going back to the way it was. 54% of Americans don’t have resources past 30 days.  The full force of the Fed helped rescue markets reeling from the outbreak and government stay-at-home orders, which had ground economies to a halt around the world. Policy makers’ emergency measures sent companies racing to tap funding sources, and the biggest quarterly stock gains in more than two decades fueled demand for trading services. The firm’s fixed-income trading revenue more than doubled to $4.24 billion, the highest in nine years, while the equity unit had its best showing in 11 years. The gains propelled revenue to the second-highest mark ever and net income to a slight surprise increase from a year earlier. Profit was $2.42 billion, or $6.26 a share, compared with analysts’ estimates for $3.95 per share. Shares of Goldman Sachs, down 3.5% this year, advanced 3.3% to $221.04 at 9:48 a.m. in New York. There’s lots more here.
23/07/2021m 58s

Is Tesla Buying A Lithium Mine? - Chris Berry #4852

Does Tesla really want to get into the Lithium mining business? On the one hand vertical integration, as in Standard Oil can be appealing. On the other hand, the mining business can be perilous with a whole host of challenges. Chris Berry, an early entrant to following energy metals, Lithium in particular. Chris believes that in the next 10 years, electric vehicles will have at least 15% market share and Lithium consumption will triple. China is currently ahead, but there's a lot more chapters to this story, before the final one is written.
22/07/2028m 57s

Follow The Covid Money Trail - Michael J. Daugherty #4851

Michael J. Daugherty, is the President of LabMD, an Atlanta-based clinical and anatomic medical laboratory as well as CEO of AnyLabTestNow in Virginia. LabMD specializes in analysis and diagnosis of blood, urine, and tissue specimens for cancers, micro-organisms and tumor markers. He has 20 years experience in diagnostic laboratory medicine. He is author of The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government's Surveillance and Overreach Into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business. U.S. health officials and drugmakers expect to start producing potential coronavirus vaccine doses by the end of the summer, a senior administration official said Monday. The U.S. is aiming to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine for Covid-19 by early 2021. The manufacturing process is already underway even though they aren’t sure which vaccine, if any, will work, a senior Trump administration official told reporters on a conference call Monday. He said they are already buying equipment, securing the manufacturing sites and, in some cases, acquiring the raw materials. “Exactly when the vaccine materials will be in production and manufacturing? It’s probably four to six weeks away,” the official said on the call, which was hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services. “But we will be actively manufacturing by the end of the summer.”
22/07/2022m 44s

Open The Economy Now! Wayne Titus #4850

Wayne B. Titus is dedicated to guiding small business owners and keeps their best interests at heart. He’s been on the front lines providing triage and support for businesses affected by COVID-19, including how to create the meticulous documentation needed for PPP and how to prepare for the long-term impact of COVID 19. His new book is The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Well-Being. To learn more, visit BIG IDEA: As parts of the economy re-open, we’re also seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Entrepreneurs who were able to weather the first wave of COVID-19 need to ensure they’re prepared. SO WHAT: A new International SOS Survey shows that a second wave of COVID-19 is seen as the leading threat to business continuity; yet 21% of the survey’s respondents still don’t have a pandemic plan or process in place.
21/07/2014m 3s

Double Dip Depression - John Rubino #4849

ECONOMY Cities are shutting back down. Group of 20 statement predicts big contraction in the balance of the year. Is this a double dip depression? Do stock prices depend on a return to normal? What happens if that is delayed or canceled?   PRECIOUS METALS Money is pouring into the gold/silver mining stocks Silver continues to outperform gold   BROKERAGE INDUSTRY 20,000 Robinhood traders are in for rude surprise as mall operator CBL goes bankrupt    Bigger issue for brokers: stock trades are now free – How are the big brokers making money and what happens if one of them fails?   EPSTEIN AND OTHER STUPID SHIT The son and husband of the judge in the New Jersey case shot execution style.   Florida man wrecks his motorcycle and state blames his death on Covic-19   GA governor is ordering cities not to mandate masks… political hypocrisy (Trump claimed to be in charge of state virus policy and the MSM went nuts. Now they’re lamenting the lack of a national policy)   Twitter bitcoin hack: Funny on several levels.
21/07/2026m 18s

Red November - Joel B. Pollak #4848

Joel B. Pollak is author of Red November-Will the Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism? He's Senior Editor at Large at Breitbart News and host of Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot.    A conservative journalist goes behind enemy lines to cover the 2020 Democratic primaries from the inside.   The 2020 Democratic primaries were some of the most extreme in the history of the United States. But the show isn't over yet. Socialism is still on the rise, and ideas that used to be considered crazy are now even more mainstream than they were before.    In Red November, conservative journalist Joel Pollak tells the story of how the Democratic party got so extreme, and give a riveting account of life on the campaign trail. There are stories from the Democratic debates, interviews with candidates, and scuffles between journalists.    Part travelogue, part satire, part memoir, Red November is a factual, yet humorous, look behind-the-scenes at the candidates, activists, and voters as Democrats choose who will take on the sacred task of removing Donald Trump -- "45," as he is known to his haters -- from the White House and ushering in a utopian age of "Medicare for All