Junkfood Cinema

Junkfood Cinema

By Brian Salisbury

Junkfood Cinema is a shame-free celebration of cult cinema hosted by critic Brian Salisbury and Marvel Studios screenwriter C. Robert Cargill


JFC Double Stuff: The Blood of Heroes

Brian and Scott play the deadliest game of all! No, not backgammon.Take a deep dive (like way way underground) into The Blood of Heroes!Are you ready for some Juggers?!!!
24/05/241h 22m

Summer of 84: Top Secret!

Brian and Cargill reveal the Top Secret kickoff to their Summer of 84 miniseries!Hope you know a little German.Support us on Patreon! 
21/05/241h 14m

A Tribute to Roger Corman

Brian and Cargill pay tribute to the man without whom this podcast, or any other filmcast, would not exist: Roger Corman. Let’s face it, the landscape of American cinema would be unbearably boring were it not for Roger. The guys celebrate his fierce drive as an independent filmmaker, appreciate the artists whose careers he launched, and discuss their top 10 Corman creations. Farewell to our patron saint. Support us on Patreon!
17/05/241h 18m

JFC Double Stuff: Eyes of Fire

Brian and Scott went into the woods because they wanted to chat deliberately about Eyes of Fire (both versions), the fear of cults, and all things folk horror. Enjoy, you nasty devilwitches! Support us on Patreon! Support Scott on Patreon! 
14/05/241h 14m

Gojira with Matt Frank--Part 2

It's the epic conclusion  of Godzilla vs. JFC!!! Brian and Matt Frank discuss the legendary man-in-suit Haruo Nakajima, Godzilla's presence in other media, and make more Raymond Burr jokes. Also listen for some special audio treats stomping about. Find more of Matt Frank on social and at his store!Support us on Patreon! 
09/05/241h 18m

JFC Double Stuff: Scavenger Hunt (1979)

Brian and Weinberg lead an all-star cast on a whacky Scavenger Hunt that will inevitably lead to fame, fortune, and...Jack in the Box? Hold on to your medicine balls, it's time to get Double Stuffed! Support us on Patreon! 
03/05/241h 17m

Gojira with Matt Frank--Part 1

It's Godzilla vs. Junkfood Cinema with special guest Matt Frank (Godzilla comic book artist)! In the first half of this monster-sized episode, Brian & Matt stomp back in time to discuss the historical context and political subtext of this watershed kaiju epic! Brian also admits to backing into his first franchise viewings in the weirdest, most on-brand way possible. Find more of Matt Frank on social and at his store!Support us on Patreon! 
01/05/241h 7m

JFC Double Stuff: Roar (1981)

Brian and Weinberg try desperately to survive one of the most insanely dangerous film productions of all time: Roar.There's nothing tame, about this episode.Help us with the lion's share of show costs...become a Patron! 
26/04/241h 16m

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

Director Andrew Dominik gives us his version of How The West Was Sold, and Brian & Cargill are just the mangy curs willing to ride into the demystified story of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Saddle up and ride with our gang! Support us on Patreon so we can finally stop robbing these trains! 
23/04/241h 17m

JFC Double Stuff: White Water Summer (1987)

Brian & Weinberg pitch their tents with Kevin Bacon during White Water Summer…and they don’t want S’more.Grab your packs and let’s get deep into the woods!Support us on Patreon!
19/04/241h 12m

Surviving the Game

Brian and Cargill try their best at Surviving the Game! They hunt for Ice-T, some Ex-lax, and a way to reign in Busey. They also introduce a new game called F. Murray. Kill.Time to play the game.Support on us Patreon for LOTS of bonus content! 
16/04/241h 14m

JFC Double Stuff: Double Indemnity

Hard-boiled, deep-fried, and fresh out of the bag!The first ever episode of The Double Stuff with Brian and Weinberg is a real classic…or at least they are discussing a real classic.Welcome to the new era! Support us on Patreon for more great content!
12/04/241h 19m


The grand finale of our animation miniseries is also a massive cinematic redemption for Brian.Listen to, but try not to get too absorbed by, Akira!Support us on Patreon!
09/04/241h 7m

Time Masters (1982)

The long voyage through the universe of animation finds Brian and Cargill orphaned on a distant planet called France in the far-flung future of 1982. Behold one of the weirdest and most wonderful flicks JFC has ever covered: Time Masters! (a.k.a. The Masters of Time)Support us on Patreon! 
02/04/241h 4m

Fire and Ice (1983)

Live from The Firekeep, Brian and Cargill battle an army of subhumans, imposter syndrome, and Thomas Kinkade as they discuss the epic Bakshi/Frazetta team-up: Fire and Ice! This one's for you, Walt.Darkwolf demands your support on Patreon! 
27/03/241h 19m

Upgrade (2018) with Scott Weinberg

Brian and Scott install God-knows-what into their brains to have an (artificially) intelligent conversation about Leigh Whannell's Upgrade. Upload it immediately into your ear sockets!Support us on Patreon before we are replaced by robots!
22/03/241h 14m

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin

The greatest 3D movie the makers of Starchaser could...make! The fantasy experience for the whole family...but maybe not the kids!Enjoy, my little water snakes! Support us on Patreon! 
15/03/241h 9m

The Black Cauldron

Legend tells of a Disney movie so fraught with the hexes of a cursed production that it vanished from the Earth for almost 15 years. Now, Brian & Cargill invite you to draw your swords and hurl yourselves into The Black Cauldron. Support us on Patreon!
05/03/241h 1m

Miller's Crossing

Whats the rumpus? Today it just so happens to be Brian and Cargill waxing high hat on the early Coen Brothers triumph: Miller's Crossing. Support us on Patreon!
27/02/241h 14m

American Psycho with Scott Weinberg

Scoot Weinberg joins Brian in Paul Allen's apartment to dissect the possibly completely misunderstood American Psycho.This one is utterly insane.Support us on Patreon!
23/02/241h 8m

Rocky II

In honor of Carl Weathers, Brian and Cargill go 15 rounds with one of the greatest sequels of all time: Rocky II! Be Peace.Support us on Patreon!
12/02/241h 12m

Groundhog Day

Well it’s Groundhog Day...again, and we couldn’t think of a better day—or movie—to kick off the new JFC miniseries: FebruMurray! Brian and Cargill discuss why Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy of reiteration is a perfect film. They also go Tobo loco, ponder the handsomeness of Dan Levy, and argue why Michael Shannon should main event at Wrestlemania.Download and share this episode like there’s no tomorrow!
02/02/241h 26m

Dark City

Dark City, fam, Dark Dark City, fam. Brian and Cargill descend into Alex Proyas' absolute masterpiece to discuss the philosophy, the multiple cuts, and how Kurt Russell made Charles Bronson cry. Support us on Patreon!
01/02/241h 9m

Phase IV

The ants go marching...over humanity! Brian and Cargill go deep underground to discuss Saul Bass' ecological sci-fi trip with the long-lost ending: Phase IV!Support us on Patreon!
26/01/241h 13m

The Cutting Edge

At the behest of a Patron, Brian & Cargill explore their love/skate relationship with The Cutting Edge!Toe Pick! Support us on Patreon!
19/01/241h 4m

At Close Range (1986)

Walken in a Winter Wonderland one last time, Brian and Cargill end up in a not-so-merry family crime saga: At Close Range. Join our crime family, support us on Patreon!
12/01/241h 13m

Shadow of the Thin Man

The boys get sauced and 2023 gets tossed in the Shadow of the Thin Man. Thanks for another year of being the best listeners ever!!!
28/12/231h 20m

Batman Returns

Merry Batmas, Everyone!Walken in a Winter Wonderland leads Brian & Cargill into Gotham City for arguably the best Batman movie with inarguably the most controversial Happy Meal toys: Batman Returns! Please play our stinkin' podcast like a harp from hell!
22/12/231h 20m

Last Man Standing (1996)

While Brian and Cargill are still Walken in a Winter Wonderland, this week's entry takes them to a decidedly non-wintry location: Prohibition-era west Texas. Who will be The Last Man Standing?And why is it Punch-Fighter?Support us on Patreon to make our season bright!
15/12/231h 12m

King of New York

Brian and Cargill are Walken in a Winter Wonderland all December long! First up, they're dreaming of a (Frank) White Christmas with King of New York, featuring a guest appearance by "Abel Ferrara" who is totally definitely not just Joe Lynch doing an Abel Ferrara impression. If you're in the spirit of giving this season, support us on Patreon!
08/12/231h 16m

Lost in Space (1998)

Get ready to get lost as Brian and Cargill travel through both space and time to defend 1998's Lost in Space! Trust me, this does compute. Support us on Patreon!
01/12/231h 23m

Executive Decision

On this glorious Snack Friday, Brian and Cargill make the Executive Decision to crash land OctobAIR/NovembAIR!Hold on to your Seagals!!!!
24/11/231h 5m

Air Force One

Get on our pod!!!Listen, subscribe, and support us on Patreon!Oh, and please click here to support Brian Keene's bookstore GoFundMe as mentioned in the episode.
17/11/231h 7m

Passenger 57 with Joe Lynch

Brian and Cargill are joined by JFC frequent flyer Joe Lynch (Suitable Flesh) to cruise OctobAIR into NovembAIR with Passenger 57.Always bet on (checks notes)...The Money Plane?
10/11/231h 27m

Red Eye (2005)

As OctobAIR continues, Brian and Cargill invite you to fly the unfriendly skies with Wes Craven's Red Eye. Happy Halloween!
31/10/231h 6m

U.S. Marshals (1998)

Chase Brian and Cargill as they chase Sam Gerard once again chasing a fugitive along with his merry band of U.S. Marshals!It will be righteous...very righteous!
27/10/231h 5m

Con Air

Welcome aboard, Con Air! Your pilots Brian & Cargill will lead you through the ups and downs of the most insanely perfect summer blockbuster ever! Please secure all bunnies in their appropriate boxes. Support us on Patreon to ensure all this madness continues!
20/10/231h 10m

Ravenous with Scott Weinberg

Brian and Overhated's Scott Weinberg just can't get enough of the 1999 cannibal cult hit Ravenous! Bon Appetit! Want to support the show directly? Click here to back us on Patreon and getting some cool ass perks in the process!
13/10/231h 4m

Super Mario Bros. (1993) Part 2 with Ryan Hoss of SMB Movie Archive

Ryan Hoss from SMB Movie Archive returns for the conclusion of our epic dissection of Super Mario Bros. (1993)! We're at the boss level, folks! Let'sa go!Check out SMB Archive website for more info on upcoming home releases and how you can assist in the campaign to keep this weird and wonderful film alive in its most leveled-up form!
03/10/231h 26m

Super Mario Bros. (1993) Part 1 with Ryan Hoss of SMB Movie Archive

Get ready to take a deep dive down the pipe as Brian is joined by Ryan Hoss of the Super Mario Brothers Movie Archive to discuss one of the most troubled and unfairly-maligned films of 1993.So deep down the pipe that this is part 1 of a 2 part episode! This ain't no game. Check out SMB Archive website for more info on upcoming home releases and how you can assist in the campaign to keep this weird and wonderful film alive in its most leveled-up form!
26/09/2358m 28s

Monsters in Motion: A Chat with Phil Tippett

Brian and Cargill sit down with the legendary effects god Phil Tippett to discuss his career, his creations, the possible special effects applications of AI, and Phil's mental health journey. This episode isn't just one for the books, it IS the book!Enjoy, monsters!
22/09/231h 29m

The Frighteners with Jason Murphy

Brian and friend-of-the-show Jason Murphy christen the Spooky Season with a buried gem: Peter Jackson's The Frighteners.You'll never look at Gogurt the same again.
15/09/231h 19m

The Fugitive

Brian and Cargill didn't kill their wives, but hopefully you agree they killed this episode on one of the greatest thrillers ever made: The Fugitive! Listen now, don't let this episode escape!
01/09/231h 6m

Jurassic Park

Brian and Cargill were so focused on whether or not they could do a Jurassic Park episode that they never stopped to think about whether they should do a Jurassic Park episode. So they did a Jurassic Park episode.Hang on to your butts!
25/08/231h 26m

In The Line of Fire

Brian and Cargill see you standing over the file of another played episode of JFC.
18/08/231h 16m

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

For this Saturday morning edition of JFC, grab a bowl of sugary cereal and join Brian and Cargill for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure! RIP Paul Reubens
12/08/231h 21m


Hang on tight, because Brian and Cargill are climbing to new heights...of big dumb fun with Cliffhanger!
31/07/231h 12m

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Brian and Cargill head to the coffee house to discuss possibly the most 90s movie of all time: So I Married an Axe Murderer.If the axes don't kill them, the beat poetry probably will.
25/07/231h 5m

Indian Summer (1993)

An old friend returns to join Brian for a campfire discussion of what is essentially Big Chill Goes to Camp. Put on your hiking boots, chug some bug juice, and join us as we come of age...in our 30s!
19/07/231h 10m

Tron (1982) with Eric Szyszka

Program Eric Szyszka from the We Hate Movies...program joins program Brian to enter the game grid and fight for the users who love Tron! Cold Wars and Animalympics abound!Check out the We Hate Movies podcast and support them on Patreon!
11/07/231h 5m

Masterminds with Film Alchemist's Josh Griffey

Fulfilling a Patron request, Brian is joined by his ol' buddy Griffey from The Film Alchemist Podcast to plumb the dungeons of the internet and take on the movie you could call Die Hard on a dial-up modem...Masterminds! Want more Griffey? Check out Film Alechmist and Misfit Parade! To support Junkfood Cinema directly, check out our Patreon!
30/06/231h 22m

The Mighty Ducks with Blake Salisbury

Brian and his brother Blake take to the ice to totally completely talk about the first Mighty Ducks movie and definitely not the sequel.
28/06/231h 21m

Dead Heat with Greg MacLennan

In honor of the recently departed, and forever beloved, Treat Williams, Greg joins Brian to resurrect this 1988 sci-fi/horror remake of D.O.A....not to be confused with the 1988 non-sci-fi/horror remake of D.O.A. RIP Treat Williams
20/06/231h 15m

The Relic with Scott Weinberg

The resident JFC horror expert, Scott Weinberg, returns to join Brian on a tour of the world's scariest museum as they wax monstrous on the 1997 creature feature The Relic! Take this audio tour...if you dare!
15/06/231h 14m

Asylum (1972) with Scott Weinberg

Brian and Scott Weinberg are committed…to the Asylum! Join them?
01/06/231h 16m

If Looks Could Kill with Greg MacLennan

The teen spy movie whose viewing was inspired by our other favorite teen spy movie and the whole episode was nearly derailed by a Daniel Stern movie that may or may not exist.If episodes could thrill...
26/05/231h 6m

The Terminator with Steven C. Miller

Director Steven C. Miller (Margaux, Silent Night) travels back to 1984 to help Brian finally battle The Terminator! Come with me if you want to listen.
24/05/231h 23m

Gremlins 2 with Scott Weinberg

Brian and special guest Scott Weinberg foolishly flaunt the rules and end up with a whole New Batch of Gremlins 2 deal with! Be careful as you listen, we can't guarantee that our recording wasn't infiltrated by gremlins.Enjoy!
12/05/231h 20m

Avenging Angel (1985) with Sam Wineman

The epic Sam Wineman (Queer for Fear, Aughtsterion podcast) returns to join Brian back on The Boulevard for the most topically-relevant sequel to a teen-hooker-turned-vigilante sequel of all time: Avenging Angel!In addition, Sam and Brian drink Slush Puppies and teach you how to be cool at parties.Let's do it!Support us on Patreon to keep us off the streets!
28/04/231h 15m

The Man with the Iron Fists with Chris Cox

Brian invites Chris Cox (OneOfUs.Net) to the Juknfood temple to spar with the mighty Man with the Iron Fists. These two students spit verses about RZA, martial arts cinema, Jack Knife's jacked knife, and why those in glass masks shouldn't throw...to the pope's exorcist?Patreon patrons get the extended "mix tape" version of this episode featuring additional guest Todd Gilchrist, senior editor at Variety, for an even deeper dive into The Wu-Tang Clan's music, legacy, and...Super Game Boy commercial? Summon your courage and give it a listen!
21/04/231h 4m

Whatcha Talkin' Bout? Willis!: The Jackal

Brian and Greg wrap up their Bruce Willy miniseries by taking aim at The Jackal! They discuss the troubled production, the elements that hit their targets, and read all of Bruce's various looks. Good guys don't hide...they download and subscribe!
17/04/231h 9m

Whatcha Talkin' Bout? Willis!: The Fifth Element

In this supreme, super green episode, Greg MacLennan Multipass returns and joins Brian on a recently-won trip to The Fifth Element!How did Planet Hollywood help get this made? Well, if we could just talk to you over here for a second, we’ll tell you.Download and subscribe to send your ears to Fhloston Paradise!
08/04/231h 14m

Whatcha Talkin' Bout? Willis!: Death Becomes Her

Brian is once again joined by Greg MacLennan (aka Canadian Fuxedo?) as they draw their shovels and fight over which of them is the bigger fan of Bobby Z's Death Becomes Her! Get your heads on straight and join us, darlings!
30/03/231h 18m

High Noon with Blake Salisbury

In this Oops All Salisbury's episode, Brian and his brother Blake celebrate their recently departed grandfather by discussing one of his favorite films: High Noon! They also share stories of their granddad's...unusual theater-going habits. Do not forsake this episode, oh my darlings.
28/03/231h 17m

Whatcha Talkin' Bout? Willis!: Hudson Hawk with Greg MacLennan

Introducing a new miniseries designed to talk about all that is Willis! Brian and his series cohost, editor/film programmer Greg MacLennan, will be exploring the mysteries and magic of this shiny-topped action legend! First up, the insanely unfairly reviled live-action cartoon caper Hudson Hawk! You could be better off than you are, if you swing on a star...or just download and subscribe!
24/03/231h 13m

Rituals (1977) with Scott Weinberg

At a Patron's request, Brian and special guest Scott Weinberg go down in the woods today to examine the semi-lost survival horror Rituals! This episode may also be a bit lost in the woods, but we think you'll find it to be a real picnic.
10/03/231h 6m

Angel (1984) with Sam Wineman

Brian takes to the streets with special guest Sam Wineman (Queer for Fear, The Aughtsterion Podcast) to sing on high the praises of Angel! See beyond the sleaze to the fascinating, progressive character study! Also naked serial killers.
28/02/231h 13m

Dick Tracy (1990) with Griffey & Dandino of The Film Alchemist

Grab your radio watches, your fedoras, and your rogues gallery of hideous ne'er-do-wells! Brian is joined by the gents of The Film Alchemist podcast to sing and dance their way through the wondrous cinematic oddity that is Dick Tracy!
23/02/231h 28m

Fools Rush In with Mrs. Junkfood

On this Valentine's Day, Brian's wife Lauren foolishly agrees to finally appear on the show to discuss one of their favorite rom-coms: Fools Rush In! Get ready to get romantic...about soup?
14/02/231h 6m

Deep Cover

At the request of a Patron, Brian and Cargill discuss this gritty...sequel to Internal Affairs?!Get back in the habit...of listening, sharing, and subscribing!
10/02/231h 7m

Groundhog Day

Well it’s Groundhog Day...again, and we couldn’t think of a better day—or movie—to kick off the new JFC miniseries: FebruMurray! Brian and Cargill discuss why Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy of reiteration is a perfect film. They also go Tobo loco, ponder the handsomeness of Dan Levy, and argue why Michael Shannon should main event at Wrestlemania.Download and share this episode like there’s no tomorrow!
02/02/231h 26m

Billy Jack (1971) with Special Guest Bill Corbett

The legendary Bill Corbett (Rifftrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000) returns to the show to discuss possibly the weirdest southern social justice movie of the 1970s (and that is saying something): Billy Jack!The guys on the satellite of junk also discuss plastic medicine men, pitch a Billy Jack sitcom, and explain how this franchise gave us modern theatrical film distribution! Soldier up and listen!
27/01/231h 17m

Walking Tall Part 2 (1975)

The Wallking Tallboys reconvene to discuss the second chapter of The Legend of Buford Pusser: Walking Tall Part 2! Bo for the Sven!
20/01/231h 7m

Walking Tall (1973)

Brian and Cargill are ready to grab 2x4’s and clean up a dirty town with Walking Tall.Is this the signature hixploitation movie? Why are even the cops outlaws? Why DID that untouched police car explode?
13/01/231h 7m


It's 2023, punters, and Brian & Cargill are hoping you'll gamble on a little thriller called Croupier.From late, great director Mike Hodges, Croupier stars Clive Owen as a casino dealer who lives to watch you lose. The only sure bet is to listen and subscribe!
06/01/231h 5m

Another Thin Man

Brian and Cargill fall back on their auld New Year's Tradition: covering another Thin Man movie. This time, it's...Another Thin Man!
30/12/221h 11m

The 2022 Killer Santa Classic

Just in time for Christmas, it’s Merry Madness as Brian & Cargill pit against each other the Obscene Sixteen of cinema’s best/worst killer Santas!Will Killer Kringle underdog have a Cinderella story? Or will a festive favorite run the proverbial table?Ho Ho Hold on to your hats!
23/12/221h 5m

Bedazzled (2000)

What in the hell is this? A Bedazzled new episode! Brian and Cargill grant all your podcast wishes...with diabolical consequences, as they discuss one of the best comedies of the year 2000! Download and subscribe. Mucho gusto!
16/12/221h 9m

Draft Day (2014)

Grab your picks, it’s time for Junkfood Cinema! This week, Brian & Cargill go behind the gridiron to the fiery world of NFL head offices with Ivan Reitman’s Draft Day!They discuss real football, fictional football, and fantasy football. Also, the first ever JFC stadium food draft!Don’t be Mr Irrelevant, subscribe and listen now!
09/12/221h 10m

Fade to Black (1980) with Scott Weinberg

Things get reel as Scott Weinberg returns to the show to discuss, what else, a wildly underrated 80s horror flick: Fade to Black!We like movies, but Eric Binford…well he loves them to death.Listen and subscribe before the credits roll for the last time.

Breakdown (1997)

Happy Snack Friday!If you’re not too full from yesterday, gorge yourself on the yummy 90s thriller goodness that is Breakdown!Oh, and be safe driving home.
25/11/221h 8m


It’s a real killer thriller this week as Brian and Cargill investigate Copycat!Why were the 90s the perfect decade for serial killer thrillers? How did Sigourney Weaver relieve stress after shooting? What’s with all the pocket burgers?
18/11/221h 11m

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Per a Patron request, Brian and Cargill keep the spooky season alive as they celebrate Halloween III: Season of the Witch!Get ready to rock out with your Silver Shamrock out!
15/11/221h 12m

Oatestober: Race with the Devil

Happy HalloWarren, Junkions!Jump in the Winnebago with Brian & Cargill as they Race with the Devil to the end of Oatestober!This episode is a real (satanic) panic!
31/10/221h 9m

Streaming & Screaming: A Chat with Shudder GM Craig Engler

An extra special treat just in time for Halloween!Brian and Cargill are joined by Shudder GM Craig Engler to discuss the best the streaming service currently has to offer, the challenges of horror curation, and Craig jumps into the Halloween Hotseat!Listen and share. There’s so much great stuff in this episode…it’s scary!
28/10/221h 7m

Oatestober: Tough Enough with Greg MacLennan

It’s time to find which is the toughest Warren Oates in all of Oatestober! Brian is joined by film editor/programmer/friend-of-the-show Greg MacLennan to find out if they’re tough enough for…Tough Enough!Redneck Rocky? Hillbilly Bloodsport? Over the Top…with Rhinestones?Put up your dukes, it’s fight night!
25/10/221h 14m

Oatestober: Kid Blue with Noah Segan

As Oatestober continues, Brian is joined by actor/writer/director/certified Oatestologist Noah Segan (Looper, Mohawk) to discuss the movie that gave him his moniker: Kid Blue.As a special side dish, the guys also do some crowing about the Oates/Corman joint Cockfighter. Yes, that’s the actual title.
14/10/221h 19m

Oatestober: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia with Luke Mullen

Heads Up! Oatestober kicks off as Brian is joined by film editor and festival programmer Luke Mullen to discuss arguably Peckinpah’s grittiest film: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.
09/10/221h 8m

Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? with Blake Salisbury

Brian welcomes his brother Blake to the main feed and the siblings discuss the Jackie Chan movie that kicked and punched its way into their teenage hearts: Who Am I? They also get very upset at the Nintendo Virtual Boy for some reason. Don’t forget to download, listen, and share!
30/09/221h 17m

Lost Episode: Class of 1999 with Brad Henderson

Recorded over two years ago, and thought glitched beyond repair, Brian is joined by Brad Henderson of Vinegar Syndrome to discuss one of cinema’s most insane sequels: The Class of 1999. Brad chats about his unique relationship with the film, cast, and filmmakers while Brian learns shocking familial trivia about some of his favorite cult actors. Ring the bell, school’s in session!
28/09/221h 1m

Broken Arrow (1996)

It’s a Class 4 Podcast Emergency: A Broken Arrow…episode!Brian and Cargill take flight and square off against John Travolta…’s agent…as they discuss what is arguably John Woo’s most underrated flick!Listen and share before things go boom!
23/09/221h 4m

Stay Tuned

Do not attempt to adjust your TV sets. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal. We control…the commercials?Tune in as Brian and Cargill explain how this underseen 90s comedy deserves better reception.
09/09/221h 6m

Rock Star (2001)

Brian and Cargill tease up their hair, hike up their leather pants, and see if they can live that Rock Star life! So much hair metal in this patron requested flick…and even more in this episode! We all die young, so listen and share now!
01/09/221h 11m

Enemy Mine

Brian and Cargill put aside their differences and go into the trenches with Enemy Mine.Whose enemy? Mine enemy? The enemy mine? Anemone?Drac or Human, give it a listen now!
26/08/221h 12m

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Brian & Cargill enjoy the best in life, and the artiest of pulp, with John Milius’ Conan The Barbarian!This is the…pumpkin spice…of junkfood movies?
21/08/221h 12m

Drive (1997) with Josh Griffey

Josh Griffey from The Film Alchemist podcast rides along with Brian through the amazing insanity of Drive (1997). You will never look at Planet Hollywood, or Deliverance, the same way again.
12/08/221h 10m

Strange Brew with John Gholson

Good day, eh? This week Brian is joined by artist/actor/cartoonist John Gholson to discuss the most beer-bellied, donutty Canadian comedy of all time: Strange Brew. This episode is cooler than a new bottle of Molsons.
03/08/221h 8m

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Gabba Gabba Hey, Junkions!Brian and Cargill invite you to grab your hall pass and get your ass to class at Rock ‘n’ Roll High School!Don’t bring any wheat germ or riboflavin…unless you have enough for the whole class.
28/07/221h 11m

The Last Starfighter with Eric Szyszka

We Hate Movies’ Eric Szyszka returns to the show as he and Brian try and top their own high score on The Last Starfighter!Enjoy this…weird walk through the woods?
20/07/221h 17m

Junk Bond: No Time To Die

Here it is, the grand finale of both #JunkBond and the Daniel Craig era. Brian and Cargill sit down to spend some quality time with No Time to Die.What have we learned? Where do we go from here? Was Whitney Houston actually part of the X-Men? We hope you have enjoyed this miniseries. The remaining few Bond films will all be covered in Patron bonus content. Seems like there's never enough time.
12/07/221h 21m

Junk Bond: Goldeneye

Brian and Cargill set their sights the film that ushered in the modern Bond era: Goldeneye.There’s also a great deal of discussion about the game that ushered in the modern era of FPS: Goldeneye.
01/07/221h 16m

Junk Bond: Goldfinger with Richard Whittaker

Brian is joined by Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle to discuss the gold standard of Bond films. Download and listen so we may pour some golden words in your ear! I promise that’s less creepy than it sounds.
28/06/221h 29m

Junk Bond: The Living Daylights

Brian and Cargill are here to share The Living Daylights with you!The guys discuss Cold War confusion, unused theme songs, and how Cannon Films ensured Dalton played Bond.Hold on right now!
23/06/221h 8m

Junk Bond: Live and Let Die with Scott Weinberg

As Junk Bond continues, Brian is joined by JFC favorite Scott Weinberg to discuss the debut Roger Moore outing (with the notably horror-sounding name): Live and Let Die!The guys discuss the highs, the lows, and the elements that no longer seem to fit the ever-changing world in which we live in.
16/06/221h 14m

Junk Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me REDUX

Released from the top secret Patron vault, this Spy Who Loved Me episode from 2017 has been re-edited and enhanced with a brand new opening segment. Oh, and did we mentioned Windy Bowlsby was our guest?! Sink your Jaws into this!
01/06/2258m 5s

Junk Bond: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Brian and Cargill travel to The Himalayas to cure the world of its allergy to George Lazenby as Bond. That’s right, they are officially On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
27/05/221h 7m

Junkfood Reheated: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

A ki-ki-killer bonus! What better day to dig up this terrifying corpse from the archives?!Happy Friday, Campers!
13/05/221h 2m

Junk Bond: Casino Royale (2006)

Arm yourselves because Brian and Cargill won’t save you from losing your shirt (and your mind) at Casino Royale!
13/05/221h 18m

Junk Bond: Octopussy

Brian and Cargill wrap their tentacles around one of Cargill's favorite Bond films.Enjoy!
06/05/221h 4m

Junk Bond: Licence to Kill with Windy Bowlsby

Brian is joined by the chaotic pixie of pod and rink, Windy Bowlsby, to swim with sharks and set Coke dealers on fire.They also discuss Licence to Kill.Enjoy!
29/04/221h 15m

Junk Bond: Diamonds Are Forever with John Maddening

For this sparkling installment of Junk Bond, Brian is joined by First Wrestling ring announcer John Maddening to discuss Diamonds Are Forever.Howard Hughes, fake moon landings, and a lifelong feud between Bond girls all mined for this episode.
22/04/221h 28m

Junk Bond: Dr. No

For your ears only: Brian & Cargill undertake the epic mission of covering every single James Bond film between Patreon and the main feed.We hope this first episode, on the first Bond flick, will leave you both shaken and stirred.
14/04/221h 24m

April Fool's Day (1986)

Brian and Cargill bring you an episode on April Fool’s Day…but they didn’t bring it on April Fool’s Day. So you can rest assured, there will be no pranks or shenanigans. None whatsoever.
07/04/221h 1m

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Brian and Cargill (unwisely) go Behind the Mask to fulfill a Patron request. Will they make it out alive? Listen to find out!
31/03/221h 7m

The Slumber Party Massacre Franchise with Special Guest Danishka Esterhazy

Brian and Cargill are joined by director Danishka Esterhazy to discuss the Slumber Party Massacre franchise and how her fantastic new entry fits into it!There is also a fair amount of discussion of 70s kid shows, getting “iced,” and sad penis. So, ya know, a typical episode.Buy or rent Danishka’s Slumber Party Massacre (2021) right now on your favorite streaming service!
25/03/221h 20m

The Last Dragon with Joe Lynch

Brian and Cargill are joined once again by the fantastic Joe Lynch as they fulfill a Patron request and experience the ultimate Glow-up with The Last Dragon.Can you expect insane stories? Sho’nuff! Will there be plenty of sidebars? Sho’nuff! Was this episode, as with all Joe Lynch appearances, almost lost to technical difficulties? Sho. Nuff.
17/03/221h 30m

Definitely, Maybe

Brian and Cargill wrap up Love Snacktually with definitely possibly probably the sweetest, cutest, most Ryan Reynolds-y film they’ve ever covered.By the way, this episode is not actually sponsored by Aviation Gin. No one asked us to say that, but it still feels like something we’d be legally obligated to state.
08/03/221h 6m

Dave (1993)

In honor of the late, great Ivan Reitman, Brian and Cargill end the Love Snacktually administration by hailing to the Dave!
24/02/221h 4m

Grosse Pointe Blank

As #LoveSnacktually continues, a Patron request reunites Brian & Cargill with Grosse Pointe Blank!
11/02/221h 22m

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Brian and Cargill kick off their Love Snack-ually series with a movie that asks the important question: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?Be a loverdoll, listen and subscribe now!
04/02/221h 4m

Deathtrap (1982)

Brian and Cargill have dunnit again!Find out who else dunnit as they try and escape Deathtrap.
27/01/221h 6m

Midnight Madness

For the first patron request episode of “The New Batch,” Brian & Cargill contract a bad case of Midnight Madness!Bonus! They also take you to…Junior High School?
21/01/221h 27m

Targets (1968)

Brian and Cargill honor the late Peter Bogdanovich as they take aim at his first film (and Boris Karloff’s last): Targets.The movie that lent its structure to a very recent Tarantino film? Maybe. Also yes definitely. Listen and subscribe to Bogdano this Vich with us!
13/01/221h 8m

Exterminators of the Year 3000

In the first episode of 2022, Brian & Cargill return to their post-apocalyptic roots as they look for water (and trouble) with the Exterminators of the Year 3000!They also pitch Asylum movies and argue about robots so…you know…the usual. Listen and subscribe now before the world ends!
07/01/221h 4m

After The Thin Man

Brian and Cargill carry on the JFC New Year’s Eve tradition of discussing another Thin Man film!Well, not the film Another Thin Man…that’s the third one. Today they’re sending 2021 off in style with After The Thin Man! Download and subscribe for more shenanigans in 2022!
31/12/211h 3m

Christmas Evil

Ho Ho Holy crap are Brian and Cargill about to creep up your holiday as they exchange theories as to what’s going on in Christmas Evil!Listen now and subscribe to stuff your ear stockings with more goodies!
23/12/211h 6m

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brian and Cargill venture into the woods (and into the past) to finally sink their fangs into Brotherhood of the Wolf (aka Le Pacte des Loups).If you haven’t seen this 18th century French martial arts creature feature epic, do yourself a favor and watch it now on Shudder! Join our pack by subscribing and downloading today!
17/12/211h 4m

Quigley Down Under

Brian and Cargill get (out)back to basics as they set their sights on Quigley Down Under!Download and subscribe to ensure a g’day!
03/12/211h 5m

The Visitor (1979) with Lars Nilsen

For Thanksgiving, get ready to stuff your eyeballs with madness as Brian is joined by longtime Alamo programmer and author Lars Nilsen (Warped & Faded) to discuss The Visitor (1979).You…may not be prepared for this one.Pick up Lars’ book at Mondo now! https://mondoshop.com/products/warped-and-faded-weird-wednesday-and-the-birth-of-the-american-genre-film-archive
25/11/211h 2m

Iron Eagle

Brian and Cargill take to the skies to save dads and start international incidents with Iron Eagle!
19/11/211h 3m

Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye Sneak Peek!

Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends. And he's ready to do what needs to be done: killing every last person responsible for the deaths of those he loved the most. Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Written by J. Holtham (Supergirl, Jessica Jones), directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown), with sound design by One Thousand Birds and an original score by James Harrison Monaco and Jerome Ellis. Learn more at marvel.com/wastelanders.
15/11/215m 28s


Brian and Cargill get fired up about one of their favorite movies: Backdraft! Download the episode while it’s hot!
12/11/211h 17m

Red Sun (1971)

It's east meets western as Brian and Cargill do their best to honor 1971's Red Sun....and do a LOT of Charles Bronson impressions along the way. Enjoy the episode? Why not subscribe and consider supporting us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/junkfoodcinema
04/11/211h 8m

Trilogy of Terror with Special Guest Ken Reid

The great Ken Reid from TV Guidance Counselor joins Brian to discuss the wildest, weirdest, and killer-dolliest made-for-TV horror flick of all time: Trilogy of Terror! Happy Halloween! Check out Ken’s podcast! http://www.ikenreid.com/
28/10/211h 17m

The Prophecy

Father Brian and St. Cargill do battle with angels and hot devils in The Prophecy.Be not afraid, children, the Walken impressions are bountiful.Thou shalt download and subscribe.
21/10/211h 7m

Equilibrium with Special Guest Daniel Van Kirk

Phenomenal standup comic/podcaster Daniel Van Kirk (Pen Pals, Dumb People Town) joins Brian to share their emotional connection to 2002's Equilibrium!
14/10/211h 14m

Halloween Franchise Extravaganza

Brian and Cargill travel to Haddonfield and back to rate and review every entry in the still-thriving Halloween franchise.They discuss everything from candy corn to The Cult of Thorn! Enjoy!
08/10/211h 42m

Tremors with Special Guest Scott Weinberg

The always fantastic Scott Weinberg joins Brian to dig deep into their shared love of Tremors!If you think this episode is Perfection, make sure to subscribe!
01/10/211h 6m


Brian and Cargill head to the old dark movie house and are immediately turned into Demons! Italian horror, literal music videos, and great cinematic project managers all await you inside! Enjoy!
24/09/211h 9m


Brian and Cargill take to the vaudeville stage to crack some wise and break the fourth wall with Hellzapoppin (1941)! Enjoy, cads!
16/09/211h 2m

Roll Bounce

Strap on your skates and prepare to boogie down as Brian and Cargill get funky with Roll Bounce!
10/09/211h 12m

Jackie Brown

Brian and Cargill are here to (rum) punch up your week as they ride shotgun with Jackie Brown! Plus, Brian unearths a previously-lost audio interview with one of the stars of the movie! Enjoy!
01/09/211h 10m

Shogun Assassin

Brian and Cargill walk the road to hell with the Shogun Assassin! Draw your swords and join us!
27/08/211h 13m

Blind Fury

Brian and Cargill sling swords and...pints of Guinness (?) as they take on Rutger Hauer, mullets, and terrible crime bosses in Blind Fury! Unsheathe your podcast device to listen and subscribe!
12/08/211h 4m

Zero Effect

Brian and Cargill wrap up Cargill's house by investigating Zero Effect, Bagel Bites, the downfall of Tab cola...and more?Enjoy!
05/08/211h 15m

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

As Cargill's House moves...outside, get ready to press start on an episode filled with adventure, excitement, and rage against the IMDB! Listen and subscribe before it's game over!
30/07/211h 14m

Smokin' Aces

Two weeks into their Cargill's House series, and things go balls-to-the-wall insane at Junkfood Cinema as Brian and Cargill try to survive Smokin' Aces!How do all these story elements gel so well? What's with Ben's accent? Is Lex Luthor a furry? Lock, load, and then subscribe and share!
22/07/2159m 48s

August Rush

Welcome to Cargill's House, a month-long miniseries curated by our own smoky-throated miscreant! First up, a movie that beautifully combines Cargill's love of coming-of-age films and movies about musicians: August Rush! Download and share now! Don't forget your...rumble pack?

The Long Goodbye

In fulfilling the very last Patron request, Brian & Cargill hunt killers and cat food with Elliott Gould in The Long Goodbye.You say this is Brian's all-time favorite movie? That's ok with me. Don't take too long to download and share!
09/07/211h 7m

Furious 7 with Professor Jeff

Brian and Cargill are joined by RageSelect's Professor Jeff to discuss possibly the most successful seventh franchise installment of all time: Furious 7!Don't worry, they all cry at the end. Race to your devices to listen and subscribe!
01/07/211h 17m

Fast 6 with Drew McWeeny

As One Furious Summer races on, Drew McWeeny (80s All Over) joins Brian and Cargill to get totally tanked on Fast 6! Is it a movie or a Saturday morning cartoon? Does it matter at all? How do you say "I love you" in car? Which cast member is selling hot dogs at the airport? All this and more madness await, speed to your devices to download and subscribe!
17/06/211h 14m

Fast Five Revisited with Windy Bowlsby & Melissa Kaercher

The ladies from the Xanadu Cinema Pleasuredome podcast stop by to discuss the Fast & Furious entry so nice we've now covered it twice: Fast Five! Grab your bananas and get ready!
11/06/211h 36m

Fast & Furious (2009) with Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas

One Furious Summer is really starting to get FAST & FURIOUS as Brian is joined by the Double Toasted ride-or-die crew of Korey Coleman & Martin Thomas to discuss the fourth film in this expeditious, angry franchise!
03/06/211h 2m

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift with Joe Lynch

One Furious Summer spins out of control as Brian is joined by director Joe Lynch (Mayhem, Creepshow Season 2) to get shifty with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.Joe tells stories of actively participating in Tokyo street races, being chased by police, and having dinner with the Yakuza. Yup.Slide wildly to your devices to download and subscribe!
27/05/211h 52m

2 Fast 2 Furious with Todd Gilchrist

As One Furious Summer races on, Brian is joined by his friend Todd Gilchrist (Fangoria, Variety) to celebrate the unfairly maligned second entry in the franchise. The guys discuss the Miami vibe, the music, and why trailer god Tyrese is the hero this franchise needs, even if he's not the one it deserves. Race to your nearest device to download, listen, and subscribe!
20/05/211h 22m

The Fast and the Furious with Heather Wixson

Kicking off their series One Furious Summer, Brian and Cargill are joined by Heather Wixson (Daily Dead) to rev up The Fast and the Furious! Join us, fam! Download, listen, and subscribe!
13/05/211h 26m

The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Saddle up and ride with Brian and Cargill as they sling some thoughts about one of the greatest remakes of all time! The guys discuss the timeless story, the dizzying cast, and fantasy cast the unproduced Walter Hill 80s remake! They also draft a contemporary Magnificent Seven that is...less than magnificent. Giddy on up to your nearest listening device to download and subscribe!
07/05/211h 10m


Raiding the vault for the last of the Patron requests, Brian and Cargill heist a chunk of your time sharing their love for Heat.The perfect intersection of art and commerce. The most technically accurate heist film ever made. The most off-the-rails Pacino. All true, all discussed. Help us bring the heat by downloading, subscribing, and sharing!
29/04/211h 27m

Slap Shot

Brian and Cargill skate through the last of the Patron requests as they take to the ice with Slap Shot! The guys discuss the legacy, lunacy, and lingering problems with this immortal sports satire. They also argue for more organ music in sports and action movies on ice! Don’t be a goon, download and share this episode now!
22/04/211h 8m

Dellamorte Dellamore (a.k.a. Cemetery Man)

Brian and Cargill dig up the last of the Patron requests! First up, the darkly comedic tale of love's grave consequences: Dellamorte Dellamore (a.k.a. Cemetery Man)!Warning, this may be the most Italian Italian film we've ever covered! If you think we don't want you to download and subscribe...you're dead wrong.
15/04/211h 8m

The Legend of Billie Jean

Cargill is back! This week, he and Brian declare that #FairIsFair as they explore The Legend of Billie Jean. They talk about the Slater "siblings," Benatar bangers, and why this is Brian's favorite film discovery of the year (so far). Also discussed: Whataburger, Powers Table, and Billy Idol's Christmas album. You can't afford not to download, stand up and share the episode. It's a do-or-die situation.
08/04/211h 1m

Ghost Rider with Special Guest Alisha Grauso

Alisha Grauso (Atom Tickets, Screenrant) rides with Brian as they spend Good Friday with Ghost Rider!They discuss Cage’s uncaged transformation, when The Devil ISN’T in the details, and Brian’s ongoing beef with...Urkel? No need to sell your soul, just download and share!
02/04/211h 17m

The Cable Guy with Special Guest Martin Thomas

Double Toasted’s Martin Thomas hooks up with Brian to broadcast their love of The Cable Guy! Listen and share to everyone in your network! Don’t make us go Medieval on you!
24/03/211h 27m

Willy's Wonderland with Special Guest Scott Weinberg

Brian and special guest Scott Weinberg are officially on staff at Willy’s Wonderland!The guys talk about the rage of Cage, the pizza time nostalgia, and the ball pit of absolute lunacy that is this crazemazing flick! Grab a clean Willy’s staff shirt, snap a mop, and get ready to sing! Download and share like it’s your birthday!
17/03/211h 15m

The Midnight Meat Train with Scott Wampler & Eric Vespe from The Kingcast

Brian climbs aboard The Midnight Meat Train alongside Scott Wampler and Eric Vespe from The Kingcast! The gents discuss Clive Barker the author, the film’s gory goodness, and its screw-job of a release. They also debate Bloomin Onion vs Awesome Blossom and pick their favorite weapon for Anatomy Kombat.All aboard! Listen and subscribe before the end of the line!
11/03/211h 25m

Eye of the Tiger with Special Guest Eric Szyszka

The Buse is loose! Thankfully Brian is once again joined by Eric Szyszka from We Hate Movies to stare directly into the Eye of the Tiger.This movie is an outrageous mashup of so many revenge films, The Road Warrior, and...The Dark Knight? The guys discuss Busey's career, the insane stunt work here, and propose the most disgusting episode of Mythbusters ever conceived. Rise up to the challenge of JFC, listen and share this episode!
03/03/211h 18m

Kingpin with Special Guest Greg MacLennan

This week, Brian is joined by Alamo Drafthouse programmer/JFC veteran Greg MacLennan to strike up a conversation about Kingpin. Is this The Farrelly’s best movie? Is this the Jurassic Park of combovers? Does Skeletor run New Line Cinema?All these answers (and a ton of ska music) await you! Don’t get Munson’d, download and share now!
26/02/211h 9m

Space Jam Revisited with Special Guest Perri Nemiroff

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff joins Brian for a rare JFC double dip. That’s right, as part of FebruMurray, it’s once again time to slam with Space Jam...Revisited! Brian and Perri discuss their stalwart love for this four-quadrant marketing slam dunk, the upcoming sequel, and Space Jam’s newfound relevance! They also discuss cafeteria food memories, NBAvP, and the perils of being a Jurassic Park toy completist. I believe you can fly to your computer to listen and subscribe!
18/02/211h 26m


Continuing FebruMurray, Brian and Cargill get the call and suit up with Ghostbusters. The guys discuss the specter of Ghostbusters’ first draft, the obstacles it overcame to be one of the greatest comedies of all time, and how He-Man proved to be as big a foe as The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.When someone asks you if you subscribe to Junkfood Cinema, you say yes!
11/02/211h 13m

Groundhog Day

Well it’s Groundhog Day...again, and we couldn’t think of a better day—or movie—to kick off the new JFC miniseries: FebruMurray! Brian and Cargill discuss why Harold Ramis’ 1993 comedy of reiteration is a perfect film. They also go Tobo loco, ponder the handsomeness of Dan Levy, and argue why Michael Shannon should main event at Wrestlemania.Download and share this episode like there’s no tomorrow!
02/02/211h 26m

A Boy And His Dog

Brian and Cargill don’t just wrap up Jasonuary Robards, they absolutely nuke it with 1975’s A Boy and His Dog.It would be impossible for a written synopsis to sum up this third act...so you’re gonna have to just listen.Listen and share before the world ends...in 2024 apparently.
28/01/211h 14m

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Brian and Cargill continue Jasonuary Robards with possibly the most factually accurate cinematic depiction of The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The guys discuss Robards’ eating a big plate of scenery and meatballs, put forth the Lauren Dern conspiracy, and seek to massacre their own running gag. Don’t be a no good louse, download and share, see?
22/01/211h 6m

Quick Change

Brian and Cargill continue Jasonuary Robards with a not-so-quick discussion about 1990's Quick Change.It's a heist film, it's a happened-one-night farce, and it's a mashup of After Hours and Midnight Run. No clowning around! The guys also discuss a prospective all Stanley Tucci podcast, why you can't park in Austin anymore, and introduce the world to Randy Savage Film Critic. Download and share this episode, clowns and crooks!
15/01/211h 2m

Something Wicked This Way Comes

For the first episode of 2021, Brian and Cargill kick off a new miniseries: Jasonuary Robards! Celebrating some of the best films of one of the guys’ favorite actors. First up, a little Something Wicked. Come to the carnival, and see how you fair. We wish you would...listen and subscribe!
08/01/211h 12m

The Thin Man

For the last episode of 2020, Brian and Cargill drink like Nick and Nora Charles as they hunt for The Thin Man.Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Well, we guarantee the guys don’t remember recording this. Thanks for all your support this year, Junkions! Here’s to 2021 being less of a dumpster fire!
31/12/201h 18m

It Happened One Christmas

Merry Junkmas, Everyone! Brian and Cargill do shots of eggnog with The Ghost of Christmas past as they discuss the 1977 made-for-TV movie with the audacity to remake It’s a Wonderful Life!

The Hunger

Brian and Cargill wrap up Great Scott by professing their eternal love for The Hunger.Is it worth being immortal if you’re doomed to a toxic relationship? Is style over substance sometimes a good thing? Will you ever visit Six Flags again after this episode? Download and share or you’ll regret it forever and ever.
18/12/201h 4m

Days of Thunder

Brian and Cargill race around in circles talking about Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder.The crashes, the cast, and the crazy ass producer that makes our other favorite crazy ass producer look not-so-crazy! Don’t get lapped by some Trickle dick, download and listen now!
10/12/201h 19m


Brian and Cargill continue their Great Scott series with what is arguably Tony Scott’s most misunderstood film: Domino.They also go tripping with Tom, rating with Rourke, and Walken in Wakanda. Download and share this feast for your ears!
26/11/201h 6m

Spy Game

Brian and Cargill continue their Great Scott series by playing a dangerous game with Robert Redford. It's Spy Game (2001), and you don't want to lose!
19/11/201h 19m

Enemy of the State

At long last, Brian and Cargill kick off their Great Scott series examining the work of director Tony Scott...that they haven't already previously covered. First up: Enemy of the State.The guys discuss Scott's knack for techno thrillers, Enemy of the State's relationship with The Conversation, and how it eerily predicted some real-life shadow politics. Also, Will Smith is in The Watchmen now. There's just nothing we can do about it. Listen to the episode...before it listens to you.
12/11/201h 1m

They Live

Brian and Cargill have come here to chew bubblegum and podcast about John Carpenter's They Live. And they're all out of bubblegum.Put on the glasses, and your ear buds, and listen to their transmission!
05/11/201h 1m

Red Heat

To wrap up Red October, Brian and Cargill bring the heat with the strangest buddy cop movie of the 80s: Red Heat. Too stoic to be a comedy, too reserved to be a bombastic action film, and pushing a message of American-Soviet friendship during The Cold War? It doesn't work...but it works for us. All this plus a new segment: Lawrence Fishburne Was Always Old!Download and share, comrades!
29/10/201h 14m

Red Dawn

Continuing their Red October series, Brian & Cargill parachute into Calumet to do battle with the public perception of John Milius' Red Dawn. Is it really a jingoistic, bloodthirsty fantasy bred of Cold War paranoia, or perhaps a staunchly anti-war film skewering the posturing politics of its day?Also how many times can the guys scream, "wolverines?" Download and find out, comrades!
22/10/201h 11m

The Hunt for Red October

Brian and Cargill finally venture into the waters of their anticipated Red October series. And what better way to kick things off than by joining Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October! The guys discuss the incredible cast, the uniqueness of this Cold War storytelling, and McTiernan’s giant, ballistic dick-measuring. They also sing anthems with Sven-Ole Thorsen, reveal Sean Connery’s favorite adult contemporary musician, and grant clemency to the long-maligned Dues Chef Machina. Download, listen, and share, Comrades!
14/10/201h 17m

Over the Edge

Brian and Cargill go Over the Edge to fulfill a patron request.The guys discuss the simmering danger of 1970s suburban boredom, rock out to some Cheap Trick, and set fire to a few trash cans. They also spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Stallone’s Oscar.Don’t listen to your parents, download and share this episode!


Brian and Cargill stop at the wrong roadside attraction and get totally FREAKED.Why was this gem buried for so long? Is this the better version of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN? When will Brian finally try flan?!All this, and probably some other things, in this especially freaky episode!
30/09/201h 5m

Junkfood Cinema 300th Episode Extravaganza!

Believe or not, this is the 300th episode of Junkfood Cinema!Brian and Cargill do what any series does when it hits 300 episodes: A clip show! They reminisce and recommend 10 past episodes, explaining why they are a great starter pack for new listeners and a fun revisit for longtime Junkions.Thanks to all our listeners, past guests, sponsors, and especially Patreon patrons for ensuring we reach this monumental number. Here’s to 300 more!
24/09/201h 51m

Bill and Ted's Excellent Trilogy

In this most triumphant extended episode, Brian and Cargill go back in time (and also return to the present) to discuss the entirety of Bill & Ted's Excellent Trilogy! They discuss why Excellent Adventure is one of the very best time travel flicks of the 80s, how Bogus Journey broke the sequel mold, and why Face the Music is the joy injection 2020 so desperately needed. Also, the guys abuse their own time traveling abilities most heinously. Be excellent to each other, share this episode far and wide. Party on, Junkions!
18/09/201h 40m

The Quick and the Dead

After many years on the JFC most wanted list, Brian and Cargill have finally come to judge The Quick and the Dead.It’s the star-studded neo western that is “drenched in spaghetti.” It’s the bloodsport tournament film where almost every combatant has a fascinating secret. Also, it might just be Sam Raimi’s best film.Don’t wait for high noon, listen and share now!
04/09/201h 5m

Last Action Hero: Part 3 with Special Guest Joe Lynch

Brian and Joe wrap up their epic dissection of Last Action Hero with a bang.Joe tells the story of his dinner with McTiernan in Serbia, Brian explains that we are living at the start of The Fast Food wars, and the guys ponder how much it wold cost to advertise their love for LAH on the side of a space shuttle.We hope you‘ve enjoyed our massive thesis on this wonderful flick.
27/08/201h 30m

Last Action Hero: Part 2 with Special Guest Joe Lynch

Brian and Joe jump back through the screen and put Last Action Hero even further under the microscope.In this installment, the guys discuss passion projects. How Arnold Schwarzenegger invested so much into this movie that he even donned a schoolboy uniform and took guns out of the hands of toys?Brian and Joe also reminisce about their respective video store days and the unbelievable specificity of the Blockbuster portrayed in the film.No sequel for you? No! Sequel for you! Subscribe, download, and share!
19/08/201h 6m

Last Action Hero: Part 1 with Special Guest Joe Lynch

Brian is joined by director Joe Lynch for the single most insane undertaking in the history of Junkfood Cinema: a three-part, in-depth exploration of Last Action Hero.They didn’t plan it, but the love Brian and Joe have for this unfairly maligned masterpiece of meta action filmmaking could not be contained within one hour...or two...or even three!Grab your golden ticket and get ready to go deep beyond the fourth wall with Last Action Hero: Part 1!
13/08/201h 1m

The Thing

With the passing this summer of both Ennio Morricone and Wilfred Brimley, Brian and Cargill felt the time was right to venture to Outpost 31 and visit with The Thing.The guys dissect the ending theories, ponder why initial reception to The Thing was so cold, and argue that this masterpiece is even more powerful in 2020 than it was in 1982!They also manage to do battle with The Underquaker, pit The Thing against The Beastmaster, and go to the drive-in with Anthony Michael Hall?Download, listen and share. No blood test required.
06/08/201h 32m

Blow Out with Special Guest Aaron Koontz

Listen up, Junkions!This week Brian is joined by filmmaker Aaron Koontz (Scare Package, The Pale Door) as they sound off on De Palma’s Blow Out.Using split diopter shots to communicate character, fireworks to mark tragedy, and even Chekhov’s watch cord?! The guys dig deep into the brilliance of Blow Out as well as sharing some Goldust memories and revealing which JFC icon once yelled at Aaron on set!You scream, I scream, we all scream for Junkfood Cinema.
23/07/201h 39m

Basket Case with Special Guest Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg returns to the scummy streets of Junkfood Cinema to open up all the unmentionable horrors of Basket Case.How does a b-movie this schlocky also make us feel so much? How did Joe Bob Riggs save this movie? How does a puppet give us such nightmares? Why isn’t Basket Case a sitcom?!All these questions explored while Brian does his best to ruin all the best movies of 1982.Enjoy!
17/07/2053m 23s

Nate and Hayes

Bri Beard and Captain Cargill take to the seas to commit some skullduggery with Nate and Hayes. The weirdest relic of a pirate movie to ever be written by...John Hughes?Your favorite scoundrels of the Junky Sea discuss the movie that sunk Nate and Hayes, its oddly progressive politics, and the cannonball of sexual charisma that is 1983 Tommy Lee Jones. All this plus...the most random celebrity to ever hijack an episode. Avast! Download and share the episode, ya bilge rats!
10/07/2057m 42s

Hard Boiled

Brian and Cargill draw their guns and pas de deux through the bullet ballet of John Woo's Hard Boiled.They discuss The Five Pillars of Woo, his impact on action, and his operatic use of slow-mo. They also pitch a new Golden Girls podcast, stop before their mom shoots, and solve one of the most notorious unsolved mysteries in history thanks to...Jurassic Park?Grab your babies and run to your computers to listen and share this action-packed episode!
02/07/201h 6m

Bulletproof with Special Guest Eric Szyszka

This week, Eric Szyszka (We Hate Movies, Hooked on TJ Hooker) returns, and he and Brian take a few shots at Bulletproof.This insane action movie features an ice cream truck shootout, an experimental tank, and a plot to take over the United States by the most broadly drawn collection of terrorists since the opening of The Naked Gun.Get ready for thrills, chills, and...Gary Busey singing Will Smith’s entire Willennium album?Don’t be a butthorn, listen and share the episode!
19/06/201h 5m

Miracle (Live from CFF)

Live from the virtual Chattanooga Film Fest just a few weeks ago, Brian and Cargill take to the ice to show they believe in Miracle.Miracle is such a great sports film that it will have you riveted by a game where no one scores for the last ten minutes! Kurt Russell whips the guys into a frenzy with his BDE, they decipher Walt Disney’s last words, and Bubs from CFF pops in and out of the episode.Listen, share, go puck wild!
12/06/2053m 31s

Soylent Green with Special Guest Bill Corbett

Brian and Cargill are joined by the legendary Bill Corbett (RiffTrax, Mystery Science Theater 3000) to chew on some Soylent Green.Bill and the bots discuss the prescient themes, the meme-sational ending, and Charlton Heston’s obsession with the end of the world. The guys also riff on Irish Spring fetishes, cannibalistic Karens, and the best way to brine human flesh. Happy Soylent Green Day, we hope you had the time of your lives.
03/06/201h 16m

Best of the Best with Special Guest Jon Gabrus

This week, Brian steps into the ring with special guest Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty, The Action Boyz) to determine if their favorite late 80s tae kwan do movie really is Best of the Best.The guys discuss BotB’s knockout cast, its charming sincerity, and the nearly incomprehensible tournament rules. Somehow they also invent a new buffalo wing challenge, get into a bar fight with Jason Voorhees, and roundhouse kick a few horses?Listen and share this episode, you’re the best!
20/05/201h 9m

A Knights Tale with Special Guest Todd in the Shadows

Sir Todd in the Shadows returns to the JFC realm to join Sirs Brian and Cargill as they laud the far-too-under-heralded A Knight’s Tale!The gents discuss why this is a phenomenal sports film, why the needle drops work, and the sincerity that runs rampant throughout.Also discussed: butthole wranglers, Viva Rock Vegas, and which cult film director has seen Cargill naked. Rouse yourself to listen and herald upon thy social media!
13/05/201h 14m


Brian and Cargill--two cads, a couple of piehouse rats--beat their chops to squawk about the brilliance of Rian Johnson's Brick. They discuss the lyrical language of the film, the high school noir, and the importance of the punch-transition. Also discussed: time travel, the Brick homage hidden in Cargill's first book, and the accidental shot heard round the world. Don't heel it or take a powder, download this episode. And if you think we don't stan Jo-Go Levy-Levs then you're scratching at the wrong door.
08/05/201h 1m

Street Fighter with Special Guest Todd in the Shadows

For you, the day Junkfood Cinema covered Street Fighter was the most important day of your life. For JFC, it was Tuesday.Brian and Cargill are joined by special guest Todd in the Shadows (aka Todd in the Shadaloo) to go at least three rounds with one of the most baffling videogame adaptations ever.The guys throw love at Raul Julia, lower the Sonic Boom on Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, and posit which 90s sitcom should have starred Wes Studi. Press Start to Play!
28/04/201h 25m

Dead Alive with Special Guest Nick Wiger

Brian is joined by the fantastic Nick Wiger (Doughboys, How Did This Get Played) to get a little messy with Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead).The guys discuss the art buried under the gore, the sleeve-worn influences, and how this very well have been the movie that taught Jackson how to shoot hobbits. They also get (Yahoo) serious, visit a Hungry Jack, and play a thrilling round of, "Is It the 50s or Just New Zealand." If you would download and share this episode, that would really kick ass (for the lord)!
21/04/201h 6m


Brian and Cargill venture into the barren wasteland of...Scotland to battle mutants, aliens, and medieval knights with Doomsday. They discuss the influences, the action, and what makes a young cannibal so fine. All this plus, Cargill provides some very...unique...cooking tips. Download the episode now, it's a good thing.
17/04/201h 6m

Invisible Man (2020)

This week, Brian and Cargill bring you an episode you can hear, but you cannot see!They discuss Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Man, the rebirth of the Universal Monsters, and why Ice-T needs to be more visible in movie franchises.Stay home, listen to podcasts, save lives!
09/04/2052m 42s

Friday the 13th Part IV-The Final Chapter with Scott Weinberg

Brian is once again joined by the great Scott Weinberg to, finally, discuss a horror film! Not just any horror film, but the very last Friday the 13th movie: Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter. Wait what? There are how many more?! The guys discuss the gore, the Feld Man, and the jobs Jason Voorhees definitely never had. Also, trying to make sense of the porn trends of Crystal Lake. Cli-cli-click the link to download!
01/04/2057m 48s

Birds of Prey

The theaters may be closed, but thanks to some makeshift new release models, Brian and Cargill are still able to fly with the Birds of Prey from their living rooms!The guys discuss the colorful, gleeful thrill ride that is Birds of Prey and how it improves upon Suicide Squad. They also advocate for more R rated DC comedies.Also addressed are Gotham’s shitty city planners, the role Nic Cage should have played, and why Marilyn Monroe is haunting Ewen McGregor.Remember: Stay home, watch movies, save lives.
27/03/2059m 9s

Outbreak with Scott Weinberg

While quarantined in their separate cities, Brian and Scott Weinberg tackle possibly the most 90s thriller ever: Outbreak!The guys discuss the cast, the preponderance of monkey shots, and the legitimacy of viewing Outbreak during an outbreak as a means of comfort.They also cast a 70s Captain America, strap on some Congo watches, and argue the do’s and don’ts of Pop-Tart consumption.Please be safe during our current pandemic, practice social distancing. Stay home, watch movies, save lives!
19/03/201h 4m

Special Preview: Even the Rich

Celebrities, royals, heirs and heiresses—you may think you know them, you may think you envy them, but you have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes. Wondery’s new series Even the Rich pulls gives you a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the stories of some of the greatest family dynasties in history. From the Murdochs to the Royals, and the Kardashians to the Kennedy’s, Even the Rich is part history, part comedy, part gossip, and all fascinating. Listen today: wondery.fm/junkfoodcinemaETR
17/03/208m 54s

Runaway Train with Scott Weinberg

This week Brian is joined by a very special guest: film critic/podcaster/film producer Scott Weinberg! The guys fulfill a patron request by climbing aboard this Runaway Train.Was this definitively The Cannon Group’s best movie? Very likely. Was it originally written by Akira Kurosawa? Somehow yes.This episode contains a great deal of singing, several sidetracks, and a thrilling round of “Burt Young Looks Like.”Enjoy!
13/03/201h 8m

Law Abiding Citizen

Brian and Cargill break all the rules as they fulfill a patron request with Law Abiding Citizen.This movie is an absurd, misguided revenge-coaster and possibly the best Joker movie ever made. From the cast, the traps, and the wild misunderstanding of the legal system, the guys hold court on all of it!All that plus crazy prison stories, the unwritten Fallen sequel, and the only way slaps-only Goldeneye should ever be played.It’s not what you know, it’s what you can hear on Junkfood Cinema
03/03/201h 27m


This week, Brian and Cargill fulfill a great Prophecy.The guys discuss the environmental monster movies of the 70s, the questionable casting (but unquestionable awesomeness) of Armand Assante, and why Prophecy works when it should not. All this plus...how this podcast might have resurrected Grizzly II!
28/02/201h 6m

Independence Day

Today, Brian & Cargill celebrate Independence Day...in February.The guys discuss the cast, the blueprint this movie created for an entire genre, and why it just may be the most perfect blockbuster of the 90s. Also discussed are weird deleted scenes, Keegan-Michael Balfour, and Brian shamefully confesses what movie he saw in theaters instead of Independence Day. Checkmate.
21/02/201h 21m

Little Darlings

Brian & Cargill present a very special Valentines Day episode of the podcast called Junkfood Cinema...but don’t let the name fool you.Fulfilling another patron request, the guys spend some time with Tatum O’Neal, Christy McNichol, and the rest of the Little Darlings. Did you know it was possible to make an 80s sex comedy without the sleaze? Neither did we, but here it is.The guys also discuss the giant bear epidemic, demand the release of The Schneider Cut, and tell the most super awkward Supertramp story of all time. Cuddle up with someone special and enjoy!
14/02/201h 5m

Mad Max: Fury Road

Brian and Cargill accompany Mad Max along the Fury Road.They discuss the visionary choices, the behind-the-scenes drama, and the hardest working editor in the business. They also chat grocery store raves, imaginary dragons, and why you shouldn’t follow your 80s heroes on Twitter.Download and share this shiny and chrome episode!
07/02/201h 5m

Blood In, Blood Out

rian and Cargill were bound by honor to fulfill a patron request to discuss Blood In, Blood Out. And boy did they. An insane viewing odyssey for Brian, and the movie that got Cargill his first videostore job, Blood In, Blood Out turned out to be a Junkfood classic!Thanks to Patron Jason Tull for requesting this film, and for inadvertently creating the buddy cop saga of Biff & Pangborn.Enjoy!
31/01/201h 12m

Rest of the Best of the Decade

Wrapping up their retrospective series, Brian & Cargill present a JFC Famous Bowl of the rest of their favorite movies of the last decade. All that plus...Reindeer Games??
17/01/201h 8m

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The first episode of the new decade has dropped...cut the check!Brian and Cargill gush bromantic over their pick for best Marvel movie yet made: Captain America: The Winter Soldier.They also reveal Doctor Strange’s next ice-cream-based enemy.
10/01/201h 24m

Deadly Games

As a special Christmas gift, we unwrapped a previously patron-exclusive episode on one of the craziest holiday movies of all time that may or may not have inspired Home Alone. Open up your stockings for...Deadly Games! As a special extra present, we’ve included some recent outtakes at the end of the episode. Happy Life Day!
25/12/1945m 0s


You’re not dreaming (or are you), this week Brian and Cargill descend into pure subconsciousness with Inception.Along with the films incredible script, cast, and score, because time moves more slowly in JFC, the guys also discuss Bikini Inception, After Last Season, and the importance of being Joe Estevez.Enjoy, dream thieves!
20/12/191h 6m

Attack the Block

Brian and Cargill discuss Brian’s favorite movie of the decade. It’s Attack the Block, get me?The guys chat about the influences, the music, and how great it is to watch Finn and Doctor Who battle aliens.This episode also features an even weirder Weird Science, a semantic problem with Hot Dog on a Stick, and plenty of Brian screaming at people. Download the ep, bruv. Allow it.
13/12/191h 6m

Baby Driver

Racing through their list of their favorite films of the decade, Brian and Cargill lay down one long killer track on Baby Driver!The guys rock out to the soundtrack, geek out on the editing, and Brian pigs out on some Hamm.Don’t let this episode get away, download and share now!
06/12/191h 4m


Brian and Cargill don their coolest jackets and jump behind the wheel for a Drive.The guys discuss the insanely awesome cast, the genre-birthing score, and why this might be Ryan Gosling’s Escape from New York.Also featured, an argument about The Addams Family and more fables than your granddad told at the Thanksgiving table.Enjoy!
29/11/191h 19m

Sing Street

As they continue to reminisce about their favorite movies of the last decade, Brian and Cargill take a stroll down Sing Street.The guys discuss Cargill’s obsession with coming-of-age movies, Brian’s gripes about Flash Gordon’s football prowess, and why Cargill will never stay at the Hotel California.Download the episode and share it like you stole it!
22/11/1953m 13s

Pitch Perfect

Brian and Cargill kick off a new series on their favorite films of the last decade (aka The Rewatchables).First up, movie that needs no aca-duction: Pitch Perfect.The guys discuss why this movie shouldn’t work, why it totally does work, and why Walter Matthau is so damned horny.Don’t be a son-of-a-pitch, download and share!

The Exorcist III

In this extra spooky Halloween episode, Cargill and Brian (old priest and young priest respectively) give themselves infernal nightmares with The Exorcist III.The guys discuss how this sequel is far more than just its legendary jump scare, as well as why George C. Scott should’ve been a playable character in Mortal Kombat.Happy Junk-o-Ween!
31/10/191h 1m

Disturbing Behavior with Bill Stiteler

Brian and Cargill are joined by comedian Bill Stiteler as all three exhibit Disturbing Behavior.The guys discuss the cast, the time capsule soundtrack/visual aesthetic, and the prescient condemnation of toxic masculinity.They also advocate for William Sadler to play The Rat King, warn of the killer conspiracy of Big Jingle, and explain why you can’t spell Varsity Blues without U.V.Everybody’s coming to get you...unless you download and share!
25/10/191h 18m

Patron Request: Follow That Bird

For this week’s Patron request, Brian and Cargill jump in their jalopies and Cargill drives as fast as he can away from Follow That Bird.The guys discuss the limits of nostalgia, selling Cannonball Run to children, and inappropriate puppet noses. They also discover the connection that makes Big Bird a secret Commie killer?All this and maybe some other stuff. Ain’t there no episode too long? Download and find out!
18/10/1953m 19s

Patron Request: Police Story

As Patron Request month continues, Brian and Cargill flash some badge with Police Story. The guys discuss the stunts, the legacy and he recent Criterion release f this classic. Also explored, are sugar glass, Devo, and how much cake play is too much cake play.Enjoy at your own risk!
11/10/191h 9m

Logan with Special Guest Joe Lynch

Just released from the Patron archives, originally posted March 17th 2017, now everyone can sink their claws into this episode on Logan!Brian and Cargill are joined by director Joe Lynch to discuss the grit, the irony, and the fact that Logan is one of the best modern westerns ever made. Also discussed are Batman ruining the pearl industry, why Oscar Issac's mom loves X-Men: Apocalypse, and how Wolverine is the Death Star of the X-Men cinematic universe.Like what you hear? Consider becoming a Patron! www.patreon.com/junkfoodcinema
04/10/1932m 26s

Patron Request: Sleepaway Camp

As Patron Request month continues, Brian and Cargill pitch their tents for Sleepaway Camp.It may be an ending in search of a film, but what an amazing ending! The guys discuss the twist, legacy, and hilarious mistakes of this cult classic!Also discussed: Chris Jericho, Papa Earl Jones, and the rocking tunes of Coverboy.Make us happy campers, download and share this episode!
19/09/191h 5m

Patron Request: Robocop 2

Brian and Cargill violate several prime directives--while making one patron very happy--by taking on Robocop 2. The guys discuss the practical effects, the impractical plot, and practically every other topic imaginable. Also, Robocop vs. Terminator, the resurrection of a bit, and Brian reveals a shocking lack of understanding of geometry. If you're down with OCP, download and share this episode!
13/09/191h 14m

Class of 99: Ghost Dog

This week, Brian and Cargill drink a case of Bushido beer and rid rooftops of mafioso with Forrest Whittaker in Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. in this epic Class f 99 finale, the guys discuss the playfully absurd storytelling structure, the command performance from Whittaker, and the RZA's phenomenal score. Also on the sidebar docket: Jackie Chan, Murray for elephants, and John Hurt vs John Heard. Be an honorable warrior, download this episode!
05/09/191h 13m

Class of 99: Mystery Men

Suit up, Junkions! This week, Brian and Cargill prove their all-star status by tangling with Mystery Men.Was this actually a good movie? The guys discus the insane cast, the meta humor, and the unexpectedly sweet moments.Also discussed are Mr. Furious’ Twitter account, getting touched by Jim Neighbors, and why the prequels desperately needed more Werner Herzog.Be a hero, download this episode!
30/08/191h 17m

Class of 99: Notting Hill

As the Class of 99 continues, Brian and Cargill take a romantic, if unexpected, trip to Notting Hill!They discuss how the movie skirts rom com convention, the meta touches (intentional and otherwise), and why it melted even Brian’s heart.They also swap film junket horror stories, debate shellfish, and start their own techno group called Daft Prick.This episode is nice. Surreal, but nice.
23/08/191h 32m

Class of 99: The Mummy

Class of 99 is back in session and this week, Brian and Cargill dig up The Mummy.The guys discuss the long road through development hell that almost sent this franchise to the city of the dead before it was ever shot. They also chat Lord Lorre, Lifeforce dummies, and the movie ending that is most insane, specially in the membrane.Download quick before the episode is lost to the sands of time!
16/08/191h 22m

Class of 99: Go

Get ready to Go! Brian and Cargill careen through the many farcical storylines of John August/Doug Liman's Go! Also discussed, playing basketball with Patton Oswalt, Super Saiyan Tim Olyphant, and why you should never call girls during 90210.
09/08/191h 9m

Class of 99: The Talented Mr. Ripley

This week, Brian and Cargill jet off to Italy to match wits with The Talented Mr. Ripley.Traveling under the assumed identity of a movie podcast, the guys also con their way into discussions about infuriating TV real estate, Buca di Beppo’s, and the fleeting wonder of Barry Pepper.Be a fake somebody. Download and share this episode!
26/07/191h 18m

Class of 99: Office Space

Uhhh...yeah. Brian and Cargill prepare their TPS reports and clock some time with Office Space.They discuss the time capsule comedy, the film’s affinity for Austin, and how Office Space’s structure is as baffling as Milton.All this plus gangster rap, Pot-eye the Sailor Man, and the Office Space background location where Brian worked.Grab your favorite staplers and let’s get to work!
19/07/191h 7m

Class of 99: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Brian and Cargill take on Satan, censorship, and Canadians with South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The guys discuss the MPAA, the evolution of satire, and how a combo of Oklahoma, Les Mis, and a low budget cannibal gave us the single most potty-mouthed musical of all time. If you don't download and share, you'll have no one to blame but yourself...and possibly Canada.
12/07/191h 19m

Class of 99: The Iron Giant

Prepare for fireworks of feels as Brian and Cargill weepingly confess their love for The Iron Giant.You may know the movie, but do you know the tragedy that birthed it? The innumerable cast members it almost had? That The Giant May have actually been sent here to battle Pennywise?Learn all this and move on this suuuuuuper episode!
05/07/191h 19m

Class of 99: Payback

This week Brian and Cargill are hitting you with a double shot of Payback.The guys discuss the theatrical and director’s cut of the upteenth adaption of Donald E. Westlake’s criminal antihero Parker (here as Porter) and why each version of Payback does something a little better than the other.Also discussed are Texas barbecue, how many hammer toes is too many, and why A Knight’s Tale is Brian’s favorite Queen biopic.Enjoy!
27/06/191h 13m

Class of 99: The Limey

Brian and Cargill go on a revenge mission with The Limey starring Terrence Stamp (not Malcolm McDowell).The guys discuss the memory play noir, unprepared criminals, and the ultimate iconoclast that is Soderbergh.Also mentioned are a vengeful Mr. Wilson, The Seven Snow Dogs of Hell, and the easiest way to get young Terrence Stamp into a movie with old Terrence Stamp (who is still not Malcolm McDowell).Download, listen, and share. Otherwise we’re coming! We tell you we’re coming!
20/06/191h 10m

Class of 99: Varsity Blues with JC De Leon and Adam Charles

Brian re-teams with his former Inside the Locker cohosts JC and Adam to discuss one of the greatest football/dessert-based fashion movies of all time: Varsity Blues.Recorded at the fantastic Permanent RCRD studios in Austin, deep in the heart of Friday Night Lights country, the guys discuss the cast, the appeal, and the blitzing soundtrack of this gridiron classic. Also, JC and Adam share their own high school football stories, Brian rails against the know-it-all-ism of IMDB's "goofs" section, and JFC experiences its greatest junk food pairing fail to date!Download, listen, and kick off this week's episode. It's the opportunity of your lifetime.
06/06/191h 15m

Class of 99: Stir of Echoes vs The Sixth Sense

Don't be afraid, this week offers a double stuffed episode covering the two spookiest ghost movies of 1999: Stir of Echoes and The Sixth Sense! Turn off the lights, lock your doors, and then paint them black. It's time to see dead people...and hear some inappropriate jokes!
29/05/191h 26m

Class of 99: The Matrix

Plug in, Junkions! As The Class of 99 rolls on, Brian & Cargill prepare to free your minds (and your belt buckles) as they upload themselves into The Matrix. This movie knows philosophy, cyber punk culture, and of course...kung fu. The guys discuss the long road to production, the cast it almost had, and why it still resonates visually 20 years later.Also discussed are 90s fuck albums, how Jon Peters ruins everything, and which masked slasher icon should be John Wick's next big bad.Grab your leather trench coat, put on your custom sunglasses (at night), and dial up this week's show!
24/05/191h 24m

Class of 99: Fight Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's The Class of 99!To kick things off, Brian and Cargill talk about Fight Club...despite being forbidden to do so. They discuss the philosophy, the satire, and the zeitgeist that lead to Fight Club becoming one of the most important films of a generation.Also discussed are videostore war crimes, X-Men fight clubs, and how a chapter of Project Mayhem was nearly set up at Brian's high school.
16/05/191h 18m

The Yakuza (1974)

Brian and Cargill display their usual lack of honor as they clash swords with patron-requested The Yakuza.This film has some fantastic fights, a great director, and an amazing cast...if only someone had brought a kitana into the editing booth. Also discussed are Lee Marvin, the origin of your favorite Twitter memes, and the two actors Cargill tried to get cameos in Doctor Strange.Download without honor or humanity!
09/05/191h 4m

Total Recall

Wrapping up April O’Bannon (in May, whatever), Brian and Cargill wholesale remember why they love Total Recall.The super group of producers, writers, cast, composer, director, and effects wizard on this classic make Total Recall the filmic equivalent of The Traveling Wilburys...Damn Yankees? Ask your parents?The guys interpret/argue about the reality of the story, explain why Schwarzenegger is almost solely responsible for the movie getting made, and reveal the reason cabbie robots can feel pain.Get your ass to your nearest audio device and download the episode!
02/05/191h 8m

Dead & Buried

Brian & Cargill continue April O’Bannon by digging up one of his lesser known, slightly controversial flicks: Dead & Buried.Why controversial? Many believe O’Bannon didn’t actually work on the script. But the guys have an unexpected source that says otherwise.The guys discuss the twists, the effects (by Stan Winston...mostly), and invent a new, disturbing teeshirt cannon.Download listen and share! Come on, you can sleep when you’re dead..maybe.
25/04/191h 9m

The Shadow Live from Chattanooga

Who knows whether Cargill will turn around on one of Brian's favorite 90s superhero movies? The Shadow knows. And so do the good folks of The Chattanooga Film Festival. And now, you will know too!The guys throw on their capes and invade each other's minds as they discuss the source material, the problematic hero, and the even more troubling element of The Shadow's nose. They also discuss future jails, a series of super sodas, and Brian screams about the collected guest stars of one particular 90s cartoon.The whiskey of Chatt bore bitter fruit, and now it is ripe for your ear garden.
18/04/191h 31m

Blue Thunder

As April O’Bannon continues, Brian and Cargill take to the skies to bring the Blue Thunder.The guys discuss O’Bannon’s original concept, the film’s influence on paranoid techno thrillers, and the greatness of Daniel Stern.They also venture to the world of CHUDs, how Blue Thunder started Cargill’s writing career, and invent a character-actor-based videogame called Super Street Scheider II!No need to be in whisper mode to listen to this episode!
10/04/191h 11m

Alien with Special Guest Owen Egerton

To kick off April O'Bannon, Brian and Cargill are joined by filmmaker Owen Egerton (Blood Fest, Mercy Black) to give a big face-hug to Ridley Scott's Alien.The guys discuss how Alien influenced the holy triumvirate of geek movies to follow even as it was itself influenced by three that came before it. They also sink their pharyngeal jaws into Dan O'Bannon's style, original script, and tireless (sometimes irksome) demands for the final product. Also, it turns out that in space, everyone can hear them sing Toto, christen an unlikely new Disney princess, and find Nazi gold at the McCallister house. Download, listen, enjoy! And make sure to check out Owen's movie Mercy Black now on Netflix! #JonesWasInOnIt
04/04/191h 14m

Batman-Mask of the Phantasm

Your angels of death (by chocolate) fulfill another Patron request, and one of Brian’s longtime wishes, by covering Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.The guys discuss the influence of Batman: The Animated Series, the bold choices made by this animated flick, and the incredible voice cast that includes a fallen JFC icon.Also discussed are Die Hard in Gotham, Brian’s first exposure to the show China Beach, and what makes a real sandwich artist.Download, listen, and share or the joke’s on you!
28/03/191h 22m

V. I. Warshawski

Brian and Cargill take on their most challenging patron-requested episode as they vociferously investigate V.I. Warshawski.While the guys otherwise only ever discuss movies they love, the uphill dissection of this 1991 thriller does lead to some valuable screenwriting advice, a discussion of great Chicago-based films, and loads of...Sean Connery being grumpy about stuff?Download, listen, and share. No badge required.
20/03/191h 6m

Phantom of the Paradise

Brian and Cargill wrap up Guys Who Rock with a trip to Paradise.They discuss the weird wonderful Phantom of the Paradise and how it feels like an American International Picture as well as free ride for a very established director...neither of which are true.Also discussed are fried beef, Paul Williams as The Devil, and Scrooge McButler!Enjoy!
07/03/191h 3m

Heavy Trip

Get ready to have your rectums impaled until you’ve got a heavisaurus! Brian and Cargill prove they’re metal with Heavy Trip!
28/02/191h 2m

Still Crazy

Brian & Cargill get the band back together once again, and things are Still Crazy.They discuss the music, the comedy, and the possible Styx biographical elements of this British rock farce. Also discussed are the warehouse shopping of the late 90s, cease and desist letters from Jeff Foxworthy, and the guys do a fair amount of Tubthumping.If you'd like extra EXTRA content, Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
21/02/191h 5m

Velvet Goldmine

Brian & Cargill are kicking off Guys Who Rock month with a beautiful deconstruction of the glam rock era: Velvet Goldmine.The guys discuss the performances, the music, and how David Bowie threatening to sue the production was the best thing that could've happened. They also talk about Coffee Achievers, have their first ever legal system sidebar, and, yes, make a lot of lightsaber jokes in poor taste.Enjoy, darlings! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
14/02/191h 13m

Patron Request Month: The Crow

Patron request month gets dark as Brian & Cargill give you a murder of reasons to revisit The Crow!The guys discuss the tragedy surrounding this movie, the influence it still has on action films to this day, and the amazing third act buddy cop flick!They also chat about the theme to F-Troop, Demi Lovato robots, and Eric Draven's short-lived stint as a TGI Friday's waiter.It can't rain forever, but you can own this episode forever if you download! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
06/02/191h 18m

From the Archives: Our Interview with Dick Miller

Only the third episode of JFC ever, two giddy guys sit down with the King of Character Actors: Dick Miller.The stories he told had us rolling and only emphasized why we adore this man. RIP Dick Miller
31/01/1949m 52s

Patron Request Month: The Perfect Weapon

As the month rolls on, Patrons are proving yet again that they have the  power as Brian & Cargill fight their way through the karate Jeans  greatness of The Perfect Weapon.They guys chat about karate jeans, the limited range of Jeff Speakman, and why a private elevator has more dialogue than Mariska Hargitay. Also discussed are the pros and cons of Snap, the psychosis of Zack Morris, and how Speakman was almost Speed-Man. You've got the power to download, listen, and share! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
30/01/191h 13m

Junkfood Reheated: After the Fall of New York

As we have now reached the pivotal year of 2019, we thought it was time to reheat an episode  from the archives about a film that describes how our world will end...according to the Italians. For your re-listening pleasure, it's 2019: After the Fall of New York! We'll see you next week with a new episode! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
24/01/191h 32m

Deep Rising

Brian and Cargill go jet-skiing and/or wave-running through another patron-requested aquatic monster movie! This week, it's the derelict cruise ship actioner Deep Rising. Arguably the very best cast of the three sea creature flicks covered on the show, Deep Rising also served as the secret setup to a franchise that only just came to fruition within the last year! Also discussed are the scooter scourge, G.I. Joe hot takes, and why we don't go to Treat Williams' dinner parties. Jump on your jets--sorry, wave-runner and join us! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
16/01/191h 19m

Leviathan & Deepstar Six

Brian & Cargill getting it wet for this first installment of Patron Request Month. One of their faithful Patreon Lieutenants requested 1989's Leviathan, and the guys decided to give him 2 for 1 as they also discuss the nearly identical Deep Star Six also from 1989.They discuss the similarities, the monsters, the casts, and of course...crab people. Also discussed are Benedict Pengwingbatch, the lesser of Two Dads, and James Cameron's Pokemon evolution.Go deep with us! Download, listen, and share!If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
10/01/191h 15m

Junkfood Reheated: New Year’s Evil

From the bygone year of 2014, Brian and Cargill are reheating some Junkfood from the archives to celebrate New Year's Evil!This was a lot of fun to revisit. We went in-depth with the slasher genre, used a spoiler alert drop I had forgotten we had, and told stories of New Year's parties past. All this plus a whole new edit by Brian for extra flavor!Thank you so much for supporting JFC this year, we're excited to see how much further we can grow in 2019!
31/12/1857m 50s

The Nice Guys

Brian & Cargill form a rough-and-tumble detective agency to solve the case of the missing Scotch as they investigate The Nice Guys. Mystery solved: They drank the Scotch.The guys make their case that The Nice Guys is the most Shane Black movie of all Shane Black's movies. They also discuss famous corpses, Shane taking on Detroit like Action Jackson, and why Ryan Gosling doesn't do his own driving in the movie.In an extra raucous party at the sidebar, they also chat about bad AC/DC albums,killer bees, and Scotch Point Junkfood starring Michael Dudikoff. Be a nice guy/gal. Download, listen, and share.If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
27/12/181h 11m

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Welcome back to the podcast that's always frank and earnest. As Black Christmas rolls on, Brian & Cargill recover and share their fond memories of The Long Kiss Goodnight. They discuss how this film helped Shane Black find his voice, make Samuel L. Jackson a star, and how the circumstances of its release sadly kept Shane from making another film until 2005. All this, plus, the guys get Krank-y, Brian Cox's strange law enforcement career, and why spies should always invest in Corelle dishes. Don't forget to download and share this long foray into The Long Kiss Goodnight. If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
19/12/181h 30m

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Brian and Cargill kick off Black Christmas with a bang! Well, by "Black Christmas" we mean a celebration of Shane Black films and by "bang" we mean Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!The guys discuss why this fast-talking, gun-burying buddy cop deconstruction needs to be on your regular Christmas rotation. Also discussed are twitchy Bob Ross, Blue Rangers, and why we wouldn’t have our current MCU without this flick!Don’t be the definition of the word idiot! Download, listen, and share!If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
12/12/181h 17m


It’s not Summer of 78, it’s not Octoburt, but Brian & Cargill prove the third time is the charm as they finally do an episode on Hooper!Hal Needham’s best and most personal film, the guys discuss Hooper’s stunts, gags, and amazing cast! Also discussed is VCRs versus VHS players, Cargill’s shared screen time with Burt Reynolds, and why everyone should be in love with Sally Field.Put on your helmets for Hooper take three!
05/12/1859m 49s

The Road Warrior

Fasten your seatbelts, Junkions! This week, Brian and Cargill roam the wastelands with The Road Warrior. The guys discuss the stunts, the film's legacy to both Austrailian genre and Italian knockoff cinema, and why George Miller is the Stanley Kubrick of action films. Also tangentially discussed are Han Solo in a road western, Wiggles on The Enterprise, and why Sixpence None The Richer is cheaper by the dozen.Download, listen, and share this Humungus episode! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
28/11/181h 14m

Once Upon a Time in the West

When you hear the harmonica, you know it's time for another Junkfood Cinema! And boy howdy, are y'all in for a treat!This week, Brian & Cargill fulfill a Patron request and discuss one of the greatest westerns of all time: Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West. The guys discuss the score, Leone's use of stillness in one of cinema's greatest opening sequences, and the Terminator 2 moment of revealing Henry Fonda as a villain. Also discussed is Wild Wild West, shooting through your boots, and lots and LOTS of Charlie Bronson impressions. Download, listen, and share, you outlaws! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
21/11/181h 1m

Deep Blue Sea

This week, Brian & Cargill swim with sharks in the deepest, bluest, most shark-fin-hatted action movie of all time: DeepBlue Sea.The guys discuss the cast buffet, the gigantic awesome of the theme song, and the movie’s insane post-test-screening changes.Also discussed are combo meals, landsharks, and why Thomas Jane is probably in Dreamcatcher.Download, listen, and share before one or both of these hosts are eaten by a shark.If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
14/11/1856m 20s

Return of the Living Dead

Do you wanna party? It's party time, Junkions! Brian & Cargill resurrect one of the best and most important zombie films of all time: Return of the Living Dead. The guys discuss the "brains" of Dan O'Bannon, the relationship this punk horror flick has with Romero's universe, and the greatness of Clu Gulager. They also discuss shit pickles, undead Charles Brosnan, and why you might not want to sample local Kentucky cuisine. Shamble, dance, and/or run to download, listen and share! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
07/11/181h 9m

Small Soldiers

Happy Junkyween! In honor of the season, and in response to overwhelming listener demand (that is to say overwhelming demand from one particular listener) Brian & Cargill discuss one of the scariest movies ever made: Small Soldiers. What? It is scary...if you're a toy collector.The guys chat about the effects, the insane assembled voice cast, and how Joe Dante was able to remake Gremlins into something new. They also do more Bronson impressions, Brian rails against Harriet the Spy, and there is a serious discussion about the appropriateness of Burger King commercials. All this plus, it takes the guys a while to figure out which movie they're actually covering. Fall in Junkies, for Junkfood Cinema. Everything else, is just a podcast.If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
31/10/181h 1m

Octoburt: White Lighting & Gator

Brian & Cargill wrap Octoburt with a special double feature of Burt Reynolds' hicksploitation classics: White Lightning & Gator. While one is clearly superior and the other a cartoon, binging both these moonshine-running drive-in flicks is as thrilling as a big bowl of shaky pudding! The guys discuss Hal Needham's stunts, the head cannon that connects Gator to The Longest Yard, and how Steven Spielberg almost made a very different choice for his first feature.Sit a spell, grab a jug, and get ready to bask in the distilled machismo of Gator McKlusky!If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
24/10/181h 4m

Octoburt: Switching Channels (1987)

This just in! Junkfood Cinema continues Octoburt with a newroom comedy that breaks the story (and a few hearts): Switching Channels. From the Director of First Blood (what?!), Burt Reynolds is Ted Turner (basically) trying to run a 24-hour news TV station while also fighting feelings for his ace reporter/ex-wife played by Kathleen Turner. She falls in love with literally the only man handsome enough to make Burt Reynolds jealous: Superman. Brian and Cargill bring you the headlines, the Michael Caine impressions, and the most Chicago junk food pairing to date! If you'd like extra EXTRA content,  Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
17/10/1859m 0s

Stone Cold (1991)

Requested by one of their high-tier Patrons, Brian and Cargill match wits (and mullets) with The Boz in Stone Cold. Imagine Point Break on motorcycles...with a lot more uncomfortably prominent confederate flags. The guys also discuss hobo boxing with Lance Henriksen, blowing up Wilford Brimley, and why you should NEVER go to an Alabama Olive Garden. Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
10/10/181h 5m

Octoburt: The Longest Yard(s)

Brian and Cargill celebrate the late, great Burt Reynolds with Octoburt!What better kickoff than to take the field with both iterations of The Longest Yard? The guys discuss how both versions are winning, how closely the remake follows the original’s playbook, and how great Burt is in the dual roles he plays.Plus, Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks Brian’s heart, Cargill reveals his fast food orientation, and Johnny Carson shows up...like a lot.Download, set, hike!

The Lost Episode: Can't Stop The Musicals Part 1

Here it is, saved from the fires of obscurity (thanks to some sort of diabolical hosting error). It's the first ever (and hopefully last) lost episode of Junkfood Cinema, and it's full of musicals!With a brand new edit by our producer Merrill, Can't Stop the Musicals Part 1 examines three of the most bizarre, head-scratch inducing fever dreams to ever call themselves musicals. Get your iTunes ready as we dive deep into Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Skatetown USA, and Can't Stop the Music!We hope you will enjoy the show! It's going down like Skatetown! Do the milkshake!
26/09/181h 7m


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a blimp, it’s Junkfood Cinema!This week, Brian and Cargill take on the man of steel himself with Richard Donner’s Superman. The guys discuss the triumphs, shortcomings, and cultural impact of the first big superhero film.Also discussed: The trouble with time travel, stealing steaks, and how Superman might have caused the 1977 New York blackout.
19/09/181h 23m

National Lampoon's Animal House

Brian and Cargill pledge Delta as they shout their love for National Lampoon’s Animal House.These Blutos discuss the comedy, the legacy, and the perfect double feature of Animal House and Netflix’s A Futile and Stupid Gesture.Also discussed are steak theft, garbage buffets we love, and why the government investigated the most harmless song on this soundtrack.
12/09/181h 21m

Special Junkfood Replay: Smokey and the Bandit

Originally released as a patron exclusive episode last year, Junkfood Cinema presents a Summer of 77 series minisode on Smokey and the Bandit.For the first time ever, in honor of the recently departed king of hicksploitation (and Junkfood icon), Burt Reynolds, we’ve decided to make this episode available to everyone.Grab a truckload of Coors and go eastbound and  down memory lane as we toast Burt in one of his greatest films.
07/09/1832m 10s

Corvette Summer

Get revved up for another Junkfood Cinema! This week, Brian and Cargill race through a Corvette Summer with Mark Hamill.An oddball gem, Corvette Summer pits the once and future Skywalker against Vegas odds, replicants, and the dude from Laserblast!The guys discuss how the plot could’ve taken place on Tatooine, ill-advised diversions, and which 70s child star’s voice was stolen by Cargill.
05/09/1849m 4s

Junkfood Cinema: Exclusive Interview with Director Joe Carnahan

In what could very well turn into a regularly scheduled program where we let Merrill out of the dungeon, our friendly neighborhood editor sits down with the one and only Joe Carnahan to talk his new movie El Chicano and other Warparty projects like Wheelman, Boss Level, The Raid and Point Blank!
04/09/1845m 59s

The Omen II

Brian and Cargill prove they harbor sympathy for the devil...‘s son as they give their 666 cents on Damien: The Omen 2.The infernal duo discuss why this sequel might actually surpass the original, how it plays to our collective fears, and how it proves Satan and Monsanto are one and the same.Also in this damned episode, The Lovecraft Bible, Illuminati babies, and the lunacy of The Omen 3.
29/08/181h 9m

Thank God It's Friday

What’s happening, Babagazoos?!Even though it’s Wednesday, Brian and Cargill are here to exalt Thank God It’s Friday.One of the oddest disco movies of all time, as it seems to have decidedly anti-disco humor, Thank God It's Friday also features Donna Summer, The Commodores, and a smoking hot young Jeff Goldblum playing...the devil? Disco Ichabod Crane? Unclear.The guys also discuss high school computer dating, Erik Estrada on the dance floor, and the cast of their dream 70s X-Men movie.Boogie on down and give this episode a spin, ya dig?Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
22/08/1856m 0s

The Driver

Buckle up, Junkions! This week Brian and Cargill slide behind the wheel with Walter Hill’s The Driver. Arguably the most cinematic car chase flick of all time, the guys discuss The Driver’s place in an amazing triple feature. They also discuss the stunts, the silence, and the heist at the heart of this uncompromising character piece.Then...the episode takes one of the sharpest left turns in JFC history.Don’t let your curiosity idle, download, listen, and share!
15/08/181h 5m

Piranha (1978)

Brian and Cargill pick the wrong day to float the river and are met with a hungry horde of Piranha. Piggybacking off last week's episode, we discuss one of the very best Jaws rip-offs of all time that was coincidentally released in the Summer of 78 right alongside Jaws 2.The guys chat about the ravenous swarm of talent that descended upon Texas to accomplish this Corman production. They also chat about Dick Miller, obvious stand-in boobs, and how not to be a drunk. Grab a raft, a six pack of Lone Star, and enjoy this especially fishy episode! Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
08/08/181h 21m

Jaws 2

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet...Brian and Cargill kick off Summer of 78 by discussing the sequel with all the bigger boats: Jaws 2. Brian reaffirms his theory that Jaws 2 is a slasher film with a shark, Cargill expounds on the history of American whiskey, and the mob ties of Amity Island are revealed.Download, listen, and share, chums!
01/08/181h 13m

Shakedown (1988)

This week, Brian and Cargill go undercover with Shakedown. Peter Weller and Sam Elliott aren’t just mismatched buddy investigators, they exist in separate mismatched movies!The guys discuss hockey hair cops, 42nd Street theaters, and the episode manages to go as off the rails as that rollercoaster that hit the taco stand!Download, listen, and share! Shake a leg!
25/07/181h 11m

Action Jackson

For this 200th episode of Junkfood Cinema, Brian and Cargill bring you all the fireworks packed into Action Jackson! Carl Weathers stars in what is essentially the last great blaxploitation movie produced by JFC mainstay Joel Silver. This might explain why Cargill describes Action Jackson as what would happen, "if Predator fucked Die Hard." The guys discuss the cast, Craig T. Nelson's dye job, the amazing/incomprehensible one-liners, and the odd connections to both Robocop and Shakespeare. Looking for some action? Download, listen, and share! Thank you so much for supporting us for 200 episodes!
19/07/181h 24m

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Kome one, kome all to the kreepiest kollection of karnival kreeps! But enough about your hosts, it’s Killer Klowns from Outer Space!That’s right, continuing the Summer of 88, Brian and Kargill juggle the many, many things they love about one of the decade’s great horror satires. Also discussed in this episode are beer brand beer, trips to a less than desirable makeout spot, and how Cargill recently became an honorary killer klown. Plus, stay tuned after the episode for some insight from a very special guest. Pitch your tents and join the fun! Download, listen, and share!
11/07/181h 10m

A Fish Called Wanda

Greetings, true Vulgarians! This week, continying their Summer of 88 series, the podcast called Junkfood discusses A Fish Called Wanda.Brian and Cargill chat about the rules of farce, the scene stealing/chewing of Kevin Kline, and how Fish Called Wanda is able to violate Brian’s Law three times and still be funny.Also discussed somehow are Lethal Weapon villains, Clint Eastwood sex acts, and the perils of airport security. D-d-d-download, listen, and share!
05/07/181h 4m

The Monster Squad with Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert

Recorded live at Denver Comic Con, Brian and Cargill suit up with The Monster Squad!Joining the guys are Monster Squad cast members Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert who share stories, insights, and an apparent ongoing rivalry over who’s better at killing monsters.Also discussed is the upcoming Monster Squad documentary Wolfman’s Got Nards!Time to call this meeting to order! Download, listen, and share!
27/06/1855m 17s

The Blob (Part Two) w/Joe Lynch of The Movie Crypt

In the epic finale of our exploration of The Blob, Brian pits Cargill against our guest Joe Lynch in a trivia battle royale...that somehow leads to Cosby impressions.The guys also discuss the guns buried in The Blob, the return of Fangoria, and how Chuck Russell saved Joe’s life.Don’t be a slimeball, download now!
20/06/1852m 25s

The Blob (Part One) w/Joe Lynch of The Movie Crypt

Beware, Junkions! This week's episode is the first of an epic two-parter as the guys are joined by film director Joe Lynch (of The Movie Crypt) to take on the massive, creeping, crawling, world-eating threat that is The Blob!Terror has no shape, and neither do the men of Junkfood Cinema.The guys have a great time discussing the film's practical effects, the deaths that haunt their dreams, and Joe tells some amazing personal stories and behind the scenes nuggets from Blob director Chuck Russell himself, who incidentally was kind enough to record a little welcome for you all. Seriously, this episode is big. Huge! Even bigger than Kevin Dillon's mullet! Don't be a slimeball, download listen and share! Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! Short: Film director Joe Lynch helps the guys take on the creeping, crawling, world-eating threat that is The Blob!
13/06/181h 4m

Midnight Run

Would you Junkfood on a plane? Would you Junkfood on a train? That’s right, this week Brian and Cargill make a Midnight Run. And for once, that doesn’t mean they’re getting pie at a diner.Want the wrap sheet? The perfect buddy movie that’s also the perfect road trip movie from the director of Beverly Hills cop, the writer of Bad Boys 2 and featuring JFC legend Yaphet Kotto. Do we make ourselves understood? The guys discuss the structure of Midnight Run, the controlled chaos, and how Cher was almost cast? Loosen your cuffs, we’re gonna be here a while.
06/06/181h 20m

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Continuing their Summer of 88 series, Brian & Cargill take a little detour through Toon Town. Who Framed Roger Rabbit didn’t just change the game, it whacked the game on the head with an oversized Acme mallet. The guys discuss the watershed animation, the version of the movie that almost was, and some of the troubling cartoon characters that snuck their way into the movie.Smile, darn ya, smile! And share, darn ya, share!
30/05/181h 11m

Young Guns w/Special Guest Eric Szyszka of We Hate Movies

Mount up, Junkions for one of the most exciting Junkfood Cinemas yet! In yet another epic crossover, all the way from, NEW YORK CITY, Eric Szyszka from We Hate Movies joins Brian and Cargill's posse to rustle up some love for the hunkiest western of all time: Young Guns.The guys discuss the incredible cast, the film's surprising historical accuracy, and the shocking revelation of which cast member had to wrangle the others when they partied too much. All this, plus, Horny History, Jack Palance replacing the entire cast of Reservoir Dogs, and Cargill escapes from a Young Guns cult. Regulators, download and share this episode and don't forget to listen to We Hate Movies and follow them on Twitter.
23/05/181h 20m

Beetlejuice w/Chris Cox and Ian Butcher

It’s Showtime!This week, in an epic crossover event, Brian is joined in the afterlife waiting room by Chris Cox of OneOfUs.net and Ian Butcher of Double Toasted to discuss the Ghost with the Most: Beetlejuice.The guys venture outside reality to dissect the version of this classic that almost was; from Alyssa Milano to mutant squirrels. They also reflect on Burton’s golden age, venture oddly into Die Hard 2, and plot out the Wes Anderson remake Twee-tlejuice.Grab your handbooks, say the name of the podcast three times, and watch out for sand worms!Don’t forget to check out OneOfUs and Double Toasted
17/05/181h 9m

The Seventh Sign

This week, continuing their journey through #Summerof88, Brian and Cargill break open religious thriller The Seventh Sign starring Demi Moore. No, not The Seventh Seal...although creepy Angel of Death Jurgen Prochnow does keep breaking open seals every time an omen comes to pass so it technically should be called The Seventh Seal. Oh well, guess that name was taken.The guys discuss the Biblical balls of this flick, the new show tradition of the Jurgen Pause-Now, and how The Seventh Sign accurately predicted the coming...of Gerard Butler?Download and share the episode. To not do so, would be a sin.
09/05/1854m 48s

Die Hard

Welcome to the party, pals! Brian and Cargill kick off Summer of 88 with the towering masterpiece that is Die Hard.How did Japanese auto monopolies inspire the story? Why are SWAT guys afraid of shrubbery? And was Frank Sinatra really offered the role of John McClane? All this, plus the debate over Theo rages on. #LessTheoMoreArgyleDownload the podcast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.
02/05/181h 36m

Hard Rain

Brian and Cargill close out Heist Month with one last score.Hard Rain is a southern-fried noir drowned in hundreds of thousands of gallons of practical water effects. It’s a great movie misremembered as a bad movie, and it ties in directly with...Justified?All this plus Jars of Clay gives Brian Nam flashbacks.
25/04/181h 5m

Fast Five

Put on your funderwear, because Brian and Cargill finally talk about a Fast & Furious movie! Fast Five is the perfect movie to tailgate our discussion on the Ocean’s movies, given how much the former high-speed rips off the latter.The guys discuss the magical rebirth of the Fast/Furious franchise, the crater-sized impact of adding The Rock, and how to render NPC bystanders so even a giant safe careening through buildings can’t kill them.Gather the family, chug some Corona, and enjoy his week’s show!
18/04/181h 5m

Ocean’s Thirteen

With this week’s delectable dive into Ocean’s Thirteen, Brian and Cargill set out to prove two things: 1.) That the Ocean’s movies represent one of cinema’s best trilogies and 2.) That the nose definitely plays.They also discuss why Yen is Chewbacca, how Fender Rhodes might be part of the Marvel cinematic universe, and who Al Pacino is really portraying in this movie.What we want, what’s most important to us, is that you download and share this episode. Those who fail to do so will be given only one Billy Martin.  Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
12/04/181h 8m

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Brian and Cargill plan the perfect caper to steal your time as they wax suavely on Ocean's Eleven. As part of their month-long celebration of their favorite heist movies, the guys explain why Ocean's Eleven isn't just one of the greatest heist movies of all time, but in fact one of the best movies of the 21st Century.They discuss the crew, the con, and the cool-as-Sinatra score. They also invent their own Junky criminal lingo, irresponsibly insert Owen Wilson into the flick, and discuss how Ocean's Eleven is essentially a sci-fi film.Next week, they'll cover Ocean's Thirteen. Ocean's Twelve will be released as a Patron-exclusive episode; they believe this to be a magnificent movie trilogy. Download, listen, and share. Come on, you know you owe us from the thing with the guy in the place.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
05/04/181h 23m

The Equalizer

Closing out the #DenzelWatchingthon, we arrive at the movie that proves that old Denzel is the most lethal Denzel.We discuss The Equalizer in the context of 2014's onslaught of old man revenge flicks, how it perfectly adapts the television series, and why Antoine Fuqua is the new Tony Scott. We also explain why we were so skeptical of David Harbour on Stranger Things.This episode brought to you by Home Mart. Home Mart: You'll Kill for Our Deals! Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
28/03/1859m 15s

Deja Vu

Brian and Cargill and Brian and Cargill continue their temporal progression through The Denzel Watchingthon with a Tony Scott flick Brian had never seen...at least he thought he hadn't.Can you imagine solving a crime by peeking through time? Or if that sentence didn't rhyme? Denzel partners with Batman to stop Alt-Right Jesus in a thriller steeped in tragedy from the word go. If you think you’ve already heard this episode, listen again. Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
22/03/181h 8m


It’s virtual insanity as the Denzel Watchingthon brings Brian and Cargill face to interface with Virtuosity.Famous for featuring great actors having a great time surrounded by not-so-great effects, Virtuosity is fifty terabytes of bonkers uploaded into our limited RAM. The guys chat about Denzel’s dreads, the fragility of glass death, and why Russell Crowe is accidentally one of the best Jokers ever! Download at your own risk!
15/03/181h 6m

Crimson Tide

Brian and Cargill continue the #DenzelWatchingthon in one of the only instances where this podcast discusses subs without ordering sandwiches.Tony Scott’s Crimson Tide is an incredible work of masterful, claustrophobic tension featuring arguably cinema’s greatest squaring off of big screen alpha males.It’s a movie we love, the Navy hated, and that is shockingly based on a true story in which this exact plot actually happened!Take a dive with us. Download, listen and share!
08/03/1856m 14s

Ricochet w/Special Guest Greg MacLennan

Greg MacLennan returns as JFC kicks off the Denzel Watchingthon, a month-long celebration of all things Denzel! We begin with Ricochet,  a remake of Cape Fear that is far trashier than the trashy Cape Fear remake that came out the same year.An obsessive action flick from the director of Highlander, Ricochet throws logic out the window and throws everything at the audience but Ice-T. Just kidding, they throw him too.Things get wild as the crew discusses dueling Lithgows, Broomites, and the creation of the deSouzaverse.Get ready to get plastered at the sidebar!
28/02/181h 10m

Times Square (1980)

Brian & Cargill wrap up Gals Who Rock with a iconoclastic jaunt down the filthy streets of Times Square.But don’t worry, they have The Sleaze Sisters, Abel Ferrara, and a scenery-gargling Tim Curry to keep them company. The start of Alan Moyle's music trilogy (with Pump Up the Volume and Empire Records), Times Square plants the seeds of Moyle’s fascination with strong women, broken youth, and fading institutions. The guys discuss the runaway friendship of the leads, the soundtrack, and playing Movie Geek Bingo on the marquees of 42nd Street.Punk rock, strip club house bands, Q The Winged Kismet, and more!It’ll brain your blows out!
22/02/181h 16m

Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Special Guest Windy Bowlsby

Ladies and Gentlemen, whether you like it or not, Brian & Cargill return for another installment of their Gals Who Rock series. This week, they head to the seediest buffets, ice cream shops, and anywhere else they can hear the punk rock stylings of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.Resident musical expert Windy Bowlsby returns to Junkfood HQ to breakdown the spectacularly unique 2001 indie film adapted from one of the most celebrated musicals of the millennium. The trio discuss the stage-to-screen differences, the return of John Cameron Mitchell to the halls of JFC, and why sometimes a gummi bear is just a gummi bear.Put on some makeup, turn up the eight-track, and get angry! Download, listen, and share!
16/02/181h 16m

Josie and the Pussycats

With long tails and ears for hats, Brian & Cargill continue Gals Who Rock month with Josie and the cats. How this meta gem was overlooked is inFURiating. From the writers/directors of Can't Hardly Wait came this self-aware sendup that was Lord & Miller before Lord & Miller!The guys discuss the odd connection to last week's Fabulous Stains, the hilarious product placement gags, and why Josie and the cats might not be Y2K compliant. All this plus, backdoor lovers and so much Cumming.Meow.
08/02/1857m 35s

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

Greetings punks and skunks! Brian and Cargill kick off their month-long Gals Who Rock series with a lost punk classic. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains didn't get a wide theatrical release, and it didn't turn up on home release for 26 years. When the guys say it's a lost classic, they're not lying, they're professionals.The film features several superstars at the dawn of their careers, including Diane Lane, Laura Dern, and a sexy young Ray Winstone that has both hosts scrambling to put the nitro back in the box. The Fabulous Stains, like the eponymous band there in, has something biting to say about music, about fame, and about identity. It's raucous and fun despite being so cynical that the happy ending (tacked on two years after shooting had wrapped) is somehow more cynical than the intended bleak ending.All this, plus The Dead Rooneys, awkward Thanksgivings at the Dern house, and the guys open a package on air that almost definitely possibly isn't related to a kidnapping.
02/02/181h 1m


In space, no one...apparently pays much attention to copyright lawsJanUary concludes with Sean Connery trying to maintan law and order on one of the moons of Jupiter while also avoiding catching the space clap in Outlander.It's not just High Noon in space, it's High Noon/Serpico/Chinatown/Alien in space! Ok, granted, Alien is already in space. But it’s the second biggest influence on Outland behind one of cinema’s greatest westerns.Brian and Cargill discuss these influences, the unexpected Cheers reunion, and why you should never EVER roast the Steak-ums.
25/01/181h 4m


Here we are, born to be Burger Kings.Continuing JanUary, Brian and Cargill draw their swords in defense of The Highlander. An immortal classic! Or at least a classic about immortals. They discuss the mythology, the accents, and the fact that when it comes to this franchise, there should be only one.Queen slays Sting, Cargill gets Assanted, and MacLeod takes a bite out of crime. Gather around for the quickening!
18/01/181h 7m

Bad Boys II

This s**t just got real!We hadn’t covered one of the greatest action movies of all time and you Junkions took us to court! Now, at long last, Brian & Cargill ride and/or die with BAD BOYS II!The guys discuss the balls-out action set pieces, the interesting twist on the lead character dynamic, and the absurd amount of great character actors in BAD BOYS II’s periphery.They also question the wisdom of a second Bay of Pigs, Brian pleads guilty to past distaste for this flick, and the guys pitch the ultimate franchise crossover that never was.Shake a tail feather! Download, listen, and share now!
10/01/181h 1m


Brian & Cargill kick off JanUary with the first fan-curated film of the month: Darkman. In 1990, Sam Raimi delivered us a superhero so emotionally unstable as to make Batman look like Santa Claus.The guys discuss all the ways in which Darkman was Raimi's dry run for directing Spider-Man a few years later, right down to the montage work and the Danny "Elf Man" Elfman score. They also point out the relationship between Darkman, Batman, The Shadow, and...Lon Chaney?Who is Darkman? Listen to this episode and find out!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
06/01/181h 11m

JCVDecember: Lionheart

Saving the best for last, Brian & Cargill warp up JCVDecember with Lionheart! Van Damme shows some actual acting chops as he fights for family, fights for survival, fights...in Jeans?Part Rocky, part Hard Times, part Street Fighter (much more so than the actual Street Fighter movie he starred in), Lionheart is the best non-meta JCVD flick, and we’ll work-boot-kick anyone who says otherwise!
29/12/171h 19m

JCVDecember: Timecop

In the distant past of 2004, and the even slightly distanter past of 1994, one man had the courage to travel back in time for justice...and to brandish a sick ass mullet!Brian and Cargill upset the spacetime continuum as JCVDecember explores the ageless excellence of Timecop. Ron Silver devours scenery, balloon men do the splits, and Mia Sara might be a Highlander.All this plus the guys discuss the petty ways they would personally profit from time travel and Van Damme keeps going back to change this podcast. What a jerk!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!

JCVDecember: Bloodsport

Put up your Dux, because JCVDecember fights on!This week, Brian and Cargill step into the kumite and battle it out with Van Damme’s breakout film: Bloodsport.The guys exchange jabs as they breakdown the pros and cons of what is arguably the second best version of this same movie that Van Damme made three times. They also discuss flashback troubles, propose an 80s soundtrack singer kumite, and Frank Dux pops in to take credit for everything.If your bodies are ready and your hearts are on fire, push it over the wire by downloading and listening to this week’s episode!
14/12/171h 6m

JCVDecember: Sudden Death w/Special Guest Derek Mahr

Brian and Cargill are joined once again by Derek Mahr as they spin-kick off their JCVDecember celebration with the best puckin' Die Hard ripoff of all time: Sudden Death. Ok, it might not be the best Die Hard ripoff, but it's definitely the meanest and the most hockey-y.Thrill as Van Damme beats the stuffing out of a penguin mascot! Recoil in fear as Powers Boothe fills your mouth with spiders! Scratch your heads in confusion as we contemplate JCVD's double identity as both a Mega Man villain AND a Chili's manager.All this plus, the Cargill joke that made Brian contemplate retiring from podcasting. What are you waiting for, Van Dammit? Download and listen now!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
08/12/171h 16m

Flash Gordon

In this week's Mongo-sized episode, Brian & Cargill, kings of the impossible, travel back to planet Mongo to talk about Flash Gordon...but like actually talk about Flash Gordon this time.They rock out to Queen, worship Ming von Sydow, and get lost in the technicolor fever dream of this 80s fantasy classic. These impetuous boys also discuss Flash Gordon's incestuous relationship with Star Wars, whether it's cool to wear your own name on a teeshirt, and their theory that the whole movie might be a certain Jets quarterback's concussed delusion. For god's sake, strap yourselves down for this one.You bored, Klytus? Download, listen, and share this episode.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
01/12/171h 21m

Moden Junkfood Masters: Lorene Scafaria

It has been dormant for a long time, but like the mighty McRib, Modern Junkfood Masters has returned! This time around, Brian and Cargill honor writer/director Lorene Scafaria. They discuss the oddly embraceable hipsterism of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, the heartfelt apocalypse of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and the poignant, autobiographical rabbit hole of The Meddler. All this, plus, the creation of The Meatloaf Connection (which will almost certainly be appearing at your local mall food court), a discussion of J.K. Simmons' mustache game, and the least appetizing reference to Oreos you've ever heard! Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
22/11/171h 9m

Leap of Faith with Special Guest Brian Brushwood

Welcome, brothers and sisters! Cargillvember trucks along as we pitch our tents for a Leap of Faith revival. As we discuss the pros and cons of this Steve Martin vehicle, we knew we needed someone who is himself a pro at being a con: Night Attack/Scam School's Brian Brushwood.We discuss the tricks of the con man trade as they pertain to televangelists and pray-for-pay preachers, Leap of Faith's heavenly cast, and why Liam Neeson should have played Doc Brown. Also, during the recording, Brian's computer becomes possessed by a demon. Was it a hoax, or the genuine article? You decide.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
16/11/171h 5m

Spice World

Junkfood Cinema is here to spice up your life as Brian & Cargill tell you why you want why you really really want to revisit Spice World.No, we’re not kidding. The guys’ two minds become one as they explain the exceptional satire of this bugnuts vehicle for Britain’s premier girl group of the late 90s. They touch upon the self-effacing humor, the cavalcade of cameos, and why Spice World at least belongs in the same conversation as Purple Rain and A Hard Day’s Night. They’re giving you everything, and all that they want from you is the promise you will download and share.
08/11/1759m 37s

Romero's 'Dead' Franchise

We're coming to get you, Junkions! Actually, we're coming to give you a super-sized feast as Brian and Cargill feast on all six of George A. Romero's Dead films. From Night of to Survival of, their corpses will not rest until the entire franchise is covered.The guys discuss the various chronologies, the messages of each installment, how The Walking Dead only exists because of Romero, and why Robin Sparkles probably got devoured by ghouls. They also chat about the horrors of copyright loopholes and postulate that those guys at Pace were a little overzealous about their salsa.Feel free to gorge on this mega episode (just don't CHOKE ON IT!!!) and spread the infection as far as you can! We'll see you at the mall!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
03/11/171h 43m

Tourist Trap

Get ready to take an ill-advised detour as Brian & Cargill fall into a Tourist Trap. Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Carrie, and part Psycho, Tourist Trap is all lunacy.The guys discuss Chuck Connors' reinvention, the formative power of loincloths, and why Klaus Kinski won't stop screaming at them. All this plus Brian goes off book in a Hulu tirade.Make sure your friends don't get lost, share this episode and direct them to Junkfood Cinema!


Ain't nothing this podcast can do for you, 'cept send you to hell...or maybe send you out for tacos. Brian and Cargill continue their unintended, but still great, redneck horror theme with 1988's Pumpkinhead. The directorial debut of effects master Stan Winston, Pumpkinhead is a perfect horror flick. The contemporary fairy tale with one of the genre's most empathetic protagonists (who is also kind of the villain) also happens to feature one of the greatest monsters ever committed to film. Gather your kin, sit a spell, and mind where you step. The woods are full of...Kenny Loggins?
19/10/1752m 3s

The Final Terror

If you go down in the woods today, you may get a big surprise. You may in fact be surprised that this week's movie exists in the first place. But obscure is the tree from which Junkfood Cinema falls and as Schlocktober continues, Brian and Cargill taking a camping trip with The Final Terror.From the director of The Fugitive comes possibly the most anti-slasher-movie slasher movie of all time. From its sensible characters, killer cast, and satisfyingly shocking ending, The Final Terror is the last thing you'd expect. Also in this episode, rusty trombones, Where's Waldo gets murdered repeatedly, and we probably definitely get sued by The Movie Crypt. Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
11/10/171h 2m

Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

We have such sights to show you..r ears?Brian and Cargill descend into the infernal pain dimension...which usually means they decided to eat expired pork rinds. This time however, we're referring to this Double Down of an episode in which your favorite schlock demons dissect both Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II. These two movies have their flaws for sure, but in this episode the guys argue the only way to watch one is to watch both! The sequel goes full crazy, rips off Dream Warriors, and yet manages to pace plot holes from the first movie. All that, plus the inception of one of the grossest characters to haunt JFC studios.Download, listen, and share it around like a puzzle box!
05/10/171h 4m

Demolition Man

Mellow greetings, Junkions and maniacs! This week, Brian and Cargill defrost 1993's Demolition Man. One of the stellar examples of the strange action hero meta film trend, Demolition Man pits Sylvester Stallone against Dennis Rodman's Joker. Is the nightmare future that Marion Cobretti sees when he sleeps? Will Joel Silver make an appearance in this episode (spoiler: yes)? Why is Sting following us around this month?!Download, listen, and share this episode to bring others joy joy feelings. As the chat progresses, we get three sea shells to the wind and commit several violations of the Verbal Morality Statute.
27/09/171h 16m

The Three Musketeers

It's one for all and all you can eat on this week's Junkfood Cinema! Brian and Cargill draw their swords to defend one of the best cinematic interpretations of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. The cast is so full of youthful swagger that you may find yourselves referring to this 1993 Disney pic as Young Swords, but every single person in front and behind the camera delivers and the result is a deep-fried candy bar that somehow comes out lean. There's also so much fantastic swashbuckling here. Seriously, like all the buckles get swashed. Did we mention Tim Curry? Oh, we'll mention Tim Curry.Like the show? Verily! Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including mailbags, Top 5s and other miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the fall of Richelieu! Thanks!
21/09/171h 2m

Junkfood Cinema: The Worst of 1987

Witness finally, the finale of our Summer of 87 series! Breaking format ever so slightly (i.e. with a sledgehammer) we discuss the very worst films of 1987. Super-meh: The Quest for Sense, Jaws: The Regurgitation, Deathwish IV: The Quest for Crack. Can you believe there were a total of FOUR terrible part four's in one year? Neither could we, but we're sure as hell gonna talk about them all and slowly drive ourselves to the brink of madness all for your listening pleasure!For crying out loud, this was the summer Ishtar came out and it's not even on our list of the worst!Normally we're a podcast about celebrating the movies we love, but sometimes it's important to understand that we do in fact have a threshold. I mean if you can't find the basement, how can you adequately measure the House...2...The Second Story. Dear lord, what have we done?Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
13/09/1757m 14s

Evil Dead II

On this week's groovy episode, Brian and Cargill invite you to a familiar cabin in the woods. The guys flip through the pages of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and once again grapple with a question as old as the Kandarian Empire: whether 1987's Evil Dead II is a remake, sequel, or reimagining.No matter on which side of the mirror you find yourself, it can't be denied that Evil Dead II is remarkably different from its predecessor. The guys swallow souls, and a few Twinkies, as they discuss the effects, the stunts and makeup effects, and why Ash may in fact be a lost member of...The Beatles?Don't be a deadite, download and listen to the episode now!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!


Hold on to your noses, Junkions! Brian and Cargill put their respective appendages to the grindstone and pull the romance film hat trick as they discuss 1987's Roxanne from behind the bushes.The great Steve Martin breaks his own mold as he dabbles in adapting classic French theater and bringing us his own brilliant take on Cyrano de Bergerac! The movie is witty, packed with fantastic character actors, and a great lesson on owning who you are.In addition to pitching woo at Roxanne, the guys also discuss Brian's inability to say certain words, obscure Indiana restaurants, and why the remake should star...Eminem?Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
01/09/1758m 44s

The Princess Bride

Once upon a time, Brian and Cargill sat down to discuss the legendary Princess Bride. From Gilder to The Fire Swamp, the guys cover all the genius elements of Rob Reiner's romantic fantasy, both the conceivable and the inconceivable.On top of the cast, the creators, and the narrative structure that guards against cliche, the hosts of unusual size discuss fencing, awkward flights, Atari baseball, and their pitch for My Dinner with Andre the Giant.If you wish to see this show continue, consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
25/08/171h 2m

Dirty Dancing

Welcome back to Junkfood Cinema, where even our eyes are hungry!This week, Brian and Cargill are joined by Minnesota Fringe Festival's Windy Bowlsby to take a spin on the floor with Dirty Dancing. Truth be told, the gang dances in and out artfully during the course of this epiosde. They dip into the greatness of this iconic 1987 romance, but then pivot, step, and turn to discuss things like The Love Boat, both of the unfortunate Lambada movies, and what was REALLY going on in Mary Poppins' carpetbag. Fear not, Baby, they never put Dirty Dancing in the corner for too long.In the midst of all of this, JFC hope you have the time of your life and prove to be as SwayCray as they are.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
18/08/171h 23m

Prince of Darkness Live from ArmadilloCon

This is not a dream, you are receiving this transmission from the very recent past directly into your subconscious...by way of your smart phone.Brian and Cargill bring you a live episode from ArmadilloCon in Austin, Texas! Continuing through the Summer of 87, the guys endure a crisis of reason and delve into the science of faith with John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. It may not be Carpenter's best film, but JFC argues it's his scariest and most interesting.How do tachyons help us understand the anti-God? Was that transmission into the characters' dreams sent by the devil, Prince, or Max von Sydow? Why does Alice Cooper just own a knife-concealing unicycle? Tune in to find out!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
10/08/1752m 26s

The Lost Boys: To Sexy Sax and Back

Summer of 87 would not be complete without a trip to Santa Carla as Brian and Cargill take on all the damn vampires of Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys. They happily sink their teeth into one of the very best vamp movies of the 80s, explaining what makes its appeal live longer than a gnarly bloodsucker.Was Peter Pan a vampire? How did Mayor Hobo Carny get elected? What's in a Corey Combo? Will we ever be free of Sexy Shirtless Sax Man's siren song?Answers to all this, plus they guys explain where Solarbabies come from.Don't make us cry, little sisters, download and share this episode now!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
03/08/171h 12m

Summer School

Brian and Cargill's final laps around the Junky Summer of 1987 land them in Summer School. In fact, the guys argue that this is the movie that inspired this entire series (moreso than Robocop, Predator, or The Running Man)?Mark Harmon plays the flunkiest of teachers who gets coerced into teaching a summer school course full of misfits, rejects, and a guy called Chainsaw. While fighting his natural apathy, Shoop (Harmon) falls in love with 80s-tastic Kirstie Alley, runs afoul of a snooty vice principal, and manages to inspire his seemingly hopeless class to succeed.The Gents of Junk make the case for why this oddball teen comedy (oddest for the fact that it's an 80s teen comedy that features not one set of bare breasts), belongs in the same conversation as films like Renaissance Man and Dead Poets Society. They also talk about Rick Baker, film festival live reads, and the simple joys of eating peanut butter straight from the jar.Ring the bell, Junkfood Cinema is in session!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
26/07/1757m 16s

The Running Man

Are you ready for pain? Are you ready for suffering? Are you ready for PUNishment?Then you're ready for the new episode of Junkfood Cinema! This week, Brian and Cargill are joined by Night Attack's Justin Robert Young as they blaze through one of the most unexpectedly prophetic movies of all time! The Running Man takes place in a dystopian 2017. A time in which you can't trust what you see on the news, popular television is all about reveling in the suffering of others, and the most powerful man in the world is a...game show host. Hard to imagine, right?!The guys discuss the astounding cast, unbridled silliness, and relentless pun work of The Running Man. Oh, and who delivers the best preformance in this movie and in fact one of the best villain performances of the 1980s? Our survey says...Richard Dawson!Don't be a plain zero, download, listen and share!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
20/07/171h 8m

Masters of the Universe

Brian and Cargill prove they have the powwwwwerrrr to genuinely love even notoriously bad films as their Summer of 1987 series takes them to Eternia to do battle with Masters of the Universe.One of the trio of films that shuttered Cannon Films, Masters of the Universe is a marvel of schlock, but do we dare say it's the best movie ever adapted from a line of toys? We dare anything! If anything, Masters of the Universe is a must-see for the brilliant, no-prisoners performance of Frank Langella alone.All this, plus a deep dive into the confounding paradox of a hero living in Castle Grayskull, where Charles Bronson should have been cast, and why we think Blade needs to stay off IMDB.Download, listen, and share. Until next week, good journey!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks!
14/07/171h 7m

Robocop with Special Guest Brian Brushwood

Dead or alive, Junkfood Cinema is pushing through the Summer of 1987!Modern Rogue's Brian Brushwood joins us as we dissect and reassemble Paul Verhoeven's legendary Robocop! The villain bench is deep, the satire is strong, and the violence is necessary! We talk about the long road to production, how Robocop and Spider-Man live in the same neighborhood, and why we now want to see Charles Bronson as Robocop. Chuck pile! All this plus we discuss upcoming tour dates! Prime Direction One: Download and Share This Episode. Your move, creeps!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
05/07/171h 12m

The Gate with Special Guest Jason Murphy

The Summer of 1987 series continues on and this week heads to a dark place. A Canadian suburb?   ...yesModern Rogue's Jason Murphy joins us for a deep dive into The Gate. The Gate is the answer to every heavy metal horror movie that painted metal as the catalyst for evil. Because this time, metal saves the day! It has as much heart as an Amblin film, astoundingly creepy special effects, and managed to trounce Ishtar at the box office--released the same weekend--despite having a fraction of the budget.All this plus, we chat about what Larry Cohen's Doctor Strange would have looked like, get alarmingly comfortable with Double Team, and make some very exciting show-related announcements.You got ears? We got demons! Enjoy!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
30/06/171h 6m


A long time ago, in a galaxy far removed from good taste. It's Junkfood Cinema: The Podcast!As Brian and Cargill trek through the Summer of 87, they visit planet Brooks and go to plaid while juggling their thoughts on Spaceballs! How did the biggest Star Wars parody of all time manage to completely avoid resembling the story structure of Star Wars but at all? Is it among Brooks' best films? Has nostalgia colored over the rough edges?All this, plus the guys quote their favorite lines like crazy and merchandise the hell out of Junkfood Cinema. Download, listen, and share to adequately show off the size of your schwartz!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
22/06/1751m 53s

The Witches of Eastwick

Summer of 87 stops for a spell in a little Rhode Island town as Brian and Cargill discuss the wickedly fantastic Witches of Eastwick.Did Jack Nicholson ever come back from this role? Does the film's feminism hold up? And, wait, George "Mad Max" Miller directed this with a score by John Williams?!All this plus, how the dangerously insane producer Jon Peters tried to mix witchcraft with...aliens? Gather round the movie cauldron and Cher a witches brew with Junkfood Cinema!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
16/06/171h 3m


We ain't got time to preamble, this is one of the big tentpole movies of 1987 and one of the biggest reasons we're doing our Summer of 87 series: Predator.Brian and Cargill discuss the cast, structure, effects, and music of one of the greatest action films of all time. They also contemplate whether Shane Black was kidnapped by Joel Silver, chat about how Jean-Claude Van Damme was almost in this movie, and figure out that...Krull is part of the Predator universe?All that, plus more impressions than you can immediately blast out of your mind with a shoulder-mounted laser cannon. Download this episode and share it so it doesn't remain invisible. Oh, and don't forget to GET TO DA CHOPPAH!!!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
08/06/171h 1m

Extreme Prejudice

In honor of the late, great Powers Boothe, and because Brian had never seen it, Junkfood Cinema's Summer of 87 series makes a detour with Extreme Prejudice. An unfairly obscure Walter Hill mercenary western, Extreme Prejudice boasts a cast and crew that reads like a JFC-specific IMDB. Written by John Milius, scored by Jerry Goldsmith, produced by Vajna and Kassar and we haven't even reached the cast! Boothe, Nick Nolte, Clancy Brown, Michael Ironside, Maria Conchita Alonso, Rip Torn, William Forsythe, Tiny Lister....we just got dizzy.Themes of honor, friendship, and trusting men above agency, Extreme Prejudice is a fantastic mashup that is half Peckinpah and half...Predator?Draw down on this week's episode and terminate your boredom with extreme...well, you get the point.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
31/05/171h 3m

The Untouchables

JFC may be based in Austin, Texas, but that doesn't mean we don't love doing things the Chicago way! One of the best movies of 1987, period, Brian De Palma's The Untouchables is a master class in crafting legend out of fact. Apparently De Palma's man crush on Alfred Hitchcock was matched only by his infatuation with Al Capone.The guys talk cast, crew, and the many possible casting multiverses while Brian just cannot stop doing his Sean Connery impression. Sorry about that.Don't keep this episode a secret, tell everyone (including the boss)! Download, listen, and share!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
26/05/1751m 38s

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Suit up, masters of the mystic arts! This week, One Junky Summer hits some familiar targets. Another sequel, and another Cannon Film? Hell yes! Brian and Cargill fight their way out of paradise in American Ninja 2: The Confrontation!(a.k.a American Ninja 2: Super Ninjas, a.k.a American Ninja 2: F### It!)Full disclosure, American Ninja 2 is not the best film JFC has ever covered, but it is among the most hilariously misguided and irresistibly entertaining. The guys discuss the weird ninja movie phenomenon, what signature JCVD role should have gone to Michael Dudikoff, and they also discuss that time Buck Rodgers tried to pick up Cargill's mom?!Confront your reservations and download one of our most fun shows to date!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
19/05/1753m 14s

Beverly Hills Cop 2

The heat is back on...so make sure to store your cupcakes in the fridge.This week Brian and Cargill head back to L.A. with Axel Foley as One Junky Summer heads into sequel territory once again. On paper, Beverly Hills Cop 2 shouldn't work. Despite Tony Scott at the helm, it cuts back on the action, is edited with a chainsaw, and strips the slobs vs. snobs appeal of the first.However, the comedy is strong, the music is fantastic, and the freaking Spurs don't have a bench as deep as the villain pool here. Download and listen as they guys explain just how the Axel F this flick manages to succeed.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema

Project X

Cargill expected Project X to fit in perfectly with JFC's Summer of 87 retrospective, Brian however did not expect to be so emotionally affected by the story of Matthew Broderick and a chimp named Virgil.Turns out, Project X is one of the most perfect Junkfood movies of all time! Not simply because it is beautifully shot, powerfully moving, and expertly written, but also because it features a gathering of stellar performers and creators that could only aptly be described as a Junkfood Cinema reunion.Join the guys as they go positively ape shit over Project X!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
05/05/1754m 20s

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Welcome to prime time, Junkions! Junkfood Cinema slashes its way through The Summer of 87 as Brian and Cargill battle it out with The Dream Warriors! Is it safe to call A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 the best horror sequel of the 80s? What makes it hold up so well? How badass is John Saxon? Oh, we can answer that last one right now: all of it. All of the badass.Download, listen, share, and get ready to Dokken out all over the place!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
28/04/171h 8m

Over the Top with Special Guest Greg MacLennan

One Junky Summer trucks on, and this week we wrestle with a longstanding challenge. For years, Brian has wanted to cover Sylvester Stallone's macho-piece Over the Top, but Cargill couldn't get over his distaste for it. There was however no avoiding Over the Top when discussing the junkiest flicks of 1987. Plus, returning guest (and Alamo Drafthouse programmer) Greg MacLennan threatened to fight the hosts if they didn't bring him on to cover it.Will Cargill fail to meet Brian and Greg halfway? Or, like Lincoln Hawk's trucker hat, can this episode finally turn Cargill around? Listen to find out!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
21/04/171h 2m

Lethal Weapon

One Junky Summer returns as we kick off our season-long retrospective of the best genre films of 1987! First up, the flick that redefined buddy cop cinema: Lethal Weapon. Sure, it's a spectacular, hilarious, and quotable action comedy...but it's also an intensely dark foray into the scarred psyche of Vietnam vets?!Brian and Cargill delve into the darkness, the extended director's cut of the movie, and the cavalcade of actors who were offered the role of Riggs before Mel. Download, listen, and share before we all become too old for this s#%*!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content (including the Summer of 77 miniseries), and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
14/04/171h 5m

The Hidden (1987)

Make no mistake, the alien invasion has begun. Luckily it appears the invaders are only interested in robbing banks, stealing sports cars, and listening to heavy metal.It's a close encounter of the weirdest kind as Brian and Cargill uncover 1987's The Hidden. Michael Nouri and Kyle Maclachlan (two years before Twin Peaks) star in this oddball buddy cop movie about what it means to be human...well, what it means to be a human in the excess-obsessed 80s.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
07/04/171h 3m

Secret Bonus Episode

Writer/TV personality Jason Murphy joins us again for this very special bonus installment of Junkfood Cinema. We dug deep and uncovered a true gem. You've seen it, you love it, but you somehow forgot about it immediately after its 1994 release. You wanted someone to jog your memory of this lost classic? Your wish is our command!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
01/04/1725m 33s

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood with Special Guest Jason Murphy

Grab your toothbrush, your swimsuit, and a whole mess of body bags, because we're heading back to Crystal Lake! This time, counselors Brian and Cargill are joined by author/screenwriter/TV personality Jason Murphy (The Modern Rogue, The Black Goat Motorcycle Club) as they dissect one of the most imperfect, but interesting entries into this or any slasher franchise.Beyond the patchwork Jason vs. Carrie conceit that stood in for the first, failed attempt at Freddy vs. Jason, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is one of the most important and controversial films of the series. Listen as the guys chat about what New Blood introduced to the franchise, the MPAA gutting of the kills, and the bizarre controversy of a supposedly-deceased cast member?Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
30/03/171h 9m


Hold on to your skulls, Junkions! Brian and Cargill continue through their March Madness series with David Cronenberg's Scanners. It may not be the granddaddy of psychic killer movies, but it's at least the daddy.And yet for as much as they love it, the guys come to the mind-blowing realization that Scanners is a deeply flawed film remembered more for a meme than for its story. However, the performances (namely Ironside's), effects, and unique signpost along Cronenberg's evolution as a filmmaker safeguard Scanners' reputation as a cult classic.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
24/03/171h 1m

Phenomena (Creepers) with Special Guest Joe Lynch

It's the third anniversary of Junkfood Cinema and Brian and Cargill are bugging out as they welcome director/previous episode subject Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Everly) to join their discussion of the most Fulci-esque Argento movie of all time: 1985's Phenomena (aka Creepers).Can't decide if you want a serial killer giallo or a movie about a girl who can communicate with insects or a Donald-Pleasence-wheelchair-detective mystery or a revenge flick? No need! Phenomena hits the crazy button and unleashes all those movies in its third act! It's the film that may very well have coined the term bugnuts.But wait, this episode has a third act twist! A live tasting of the junk food pairing, and it's...horrifying. Check out Joe's podcast The Movie Crypt and make sure to see his latest film Mayhem when it is released in a theater near you!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
16/03/171h 17m


Welcome to March Madness, our month-long celebration of mental thrillers and physic killers! To kick things off, Brian and Cargill haunt your dreams as they run alongside Dennis Quaid through the Dreamscape.That's right, 1984's other movie about a killer invading people's dreams that also happens to be 1984's other Kate Capshaw movie involving ripping out a man's heart! As much as the parallel thinking of the era lead to many oddball similarities between Dreamscape and other films of the year, at least one modern sci-fi thriller would not exist without it! Don't sleep on this, download our new episode now!Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
10/03/1754m 36s

Remembering Bill Paxton

Last week, we lost a titan. An actor/director whose name was heard in countless previous episodes and, were we to have a Mt. Junkfood, his face would be etched in stone. Brian and Cargill run down their lists of favorite Bill Paxton performances. Cargill compares Frailty to Night of the Hunter while Brian has some issues with Twister that won't seem to blow over.Rest in peace, Bill. The game may be over, but you definitely won it.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
03/03/171h 9m

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This week, Brian and Cargill come out of their shells to explain in absurd detail, the full T.U.R.T.L.E power of 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Dark as the comic at points, dopey as the cartoon at others, featuring some of Jim Henson's best work and edited by...Sally Menke(?), TMNT is a criminally underrated superhero film that tastes better on revisit than a slice of Domino's pizza.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
22/02/171h 10m

True Romance

Welcome back to the podcast that is just...so cool. This week, Brian and Cargill take on 60 cops, 40 agents, 30 mobsters, and about 1,000 bullets to find True Romance. They discuss the movie's origins, its dizzying cast list, and how it appeared at the nexus point of independent 90s cinema.When it comes to Tony Scott films, we cover every conceivable aspect... froma diddled-eyed Joe to damned if I know. Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
20/02/171h 5m

The Book of Eli

Your favorite prophets of the cinematic wasteland invite you to join Denzel Washington on a pilgrimage to save what little of humanity remains after the great war tore a hole in the sky. Brian and Cargill discuss the beauty and brilliance of The Book of Eli, a discussion containing more than a few revelations.Ashes to ashes, Dorito dust to Dorito dust.Like the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! For as little as $4/mo, you can get access to all our bonus content, and you ensure we can keep doing Junkfood Cinema long after the end of the world! Thanks! www.patreon.com/Junkfoodcinema
09/02/171h 3m


This week, on the podcast with zero cool, Brian and Cargill invite you to hack the planet! Hackers is a time capsule of a movie that, while laughable in its wholly inaccurate depiction of hacker culture, is spectacular and thrilling in its similarly inaccurate depiction of the internet. As The Plague says, "there is no right and wrong, there is only fun and boring." We tend to agree.
03/02/171h 10m

Empire Records

Celebrate Rex Manning Day with Brian and Cargill! They discuss the inescapable 90s charm of Empire Records (from the director of Pump Up the Volume) as well as share their own stories of minimum wage hijinks. Damn the man, save the Empire!
26/01/1758m 45s

The Rock

Cargill and Brian would like to welcome you to The Rock! We take pleasure in gutting the notion that this 1996 actioner is basic, trashy, and/or brainless. The Rock is a uniquely structured spectacle that houses a wildly subversive political tone and one of cinema's most fascinatingly complex villains. All that, plus Brian can't stop doing a Sean Connery impression. Losers whine about their best, winners download and share this episode.
20/01/171h 17m

The Changeling w/Special Guest Owen Egerton

Brian and Cargill are joined by Austin author/filmmaker Owen Egerton as they all spend one night in the 1980 haunted house masterpiece The Changeling. Subtle at points, starkly terrifying at others, and featuring one of the most heartbreaking opening sequences in cinema, The Changeling was a groundbreaking movie that influenced generations of horror, including Owen's latest film The Axe Murders of Villisca.
12/01/171h 11m


Brian and Cargill usher in 2017 with a sneaky new episode of the podcast with far too many secrets...or at least secret sauces. They discuss the phenomenal cast of Sneakers, its ultra cool James Horner score, and where it sits in the Robert Redford spy trilogy. We could tell you more about this episode, but then we'd have to kill you.
04/01/1754m 14s

Pump Up The Volume

Grab your Wild Cherry Pepsi and your Blackjack Gum and get ready to talk hard! Brian and Cargill turn on the truth and Pump Up the Volume with Happy Harry Hardon.
23/12/161h 4m

Streets of Fire w/Greg MacLennan

Alamo Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan joins Brian and Cargill to discuss the weird, wonderful rock fable that is Walter Hill's Streets of Fire. Why did audiences fail to connect with Streets of Fire, how did it influence Pulp Fiction, and what role was originally offered to...Paul McCartney? It's time for this flick to come out of the blue shadows and be regarded as the classic that it is!
15/12/1657m 3s


Here at Junkfood Cinema, we always try to be nice. However, if you actually believe Roadhouse is a bad movie, Brian, Cargill, and special guest Derek Mahr are here to spin-kick some sense into your face!
08/12/161h 12m


Brian and Cargill prove they are your Huckleberries as they saddle up with the biggest cast of win that one western, hell one movie has ever assembled! Learn about the behind-the-scenes difficulties, quotable dialogue, and the factual inaccuracies that kept Cargill from loving Tombstone...until now. You called down the thunder and now you got it, it's Junkfood Cinema!
02/12/161h 16m

Doc Hollywood

Brian and Cargill feast on a forgotten Michael J. Fox treat from the early 90s. You may have not seen Doc Hollywood, but we guarantee you Pixar has...we'll explain. On this Thanksgiving episode, we dine on the main course (of course), but that doesn't stop us from digging into the potatoes a little more than usual. Enjoy!
25/11/1652m 30s

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

In his 2009 fantastical opus, Terry Gilliam proved the maxim of his titular character, "you can't stop a story being told." Where any other filmmaker would see the tragic death of his star before the end of filming as a sign to close production, Gilliam enlisted some of Heath Ledger's closest friends to complete the movie and give it a bold new identity. Brian and Cargill step through the mirror and delve into the philosophical wizardry contained in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus!
17/11/1647m 23s

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

It's time to crank your organs with Dr. Phibes, Junkions! Continuing our newly-dubbed Mr. Doctor series, we are getting abominable this truly unique piece of drive-in horror. The Abominable Dr. Phibes is as interesting as it is goofy and may have just inspired the likes of Seven and Saw.
10/11/161h 10m

Doctor Mordrid

In honor of the release of Doctor Strange, co-written by our own co-host Cargilll, the guys, including special guest Jeremy Stomberg, are spellbound by the 1992 unlicensed attempt at bringing this character to the screen. It's Full Moon Features' magically plagiaristic Doctor Mordrid!
04/11/161h 11m

Festival of Fear: The Orphanage

Brian and Cargill get beautifully haunted by the kids of The Orphanage! One of the most beautiful, eerie, and gloriously heartbreaking horror films ever made and if you weren't afraid of children before...
27/10/161h 9m

Festival of Fear: Der Samurai

As our Festival of Fear continues, we slice our way through the fantastically meaty Der Samurai. What happens when people deny their primal urges and try to ignore the wolf at the door? Thank god Germany is here to answer those questions for us! Also, listen to the end for the lengthiest and most absurd food conversation this Junkfood podcast has yet seen!
20/10/161h 2m

No One Lives

Brian and Cargill go kill-crazy with Luke Evans in a WWE-produced horror film that, against all odds, doesn't suck! Listen, but don't bother trying to survive. No One Lives!
12/10/1652m 36s


Kicking off the 2016 Festival of Fear, an exploration of festival-discovered horror, Brian and Cargill slap on their anklets and attend a terrifying (and court ordered) homecoming with the New Zealand horror comedy Housebound!
07/10/1645m 55s

One Junky Summer: The Karate Kid Part II

For this last head-kicking One Junky Summer entry, Brian and Cargill head to Okinawa with Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi to discover why The Karate Kid Part II isn't simply the best film of its franchise, but a movie that fights for the honor of sequels.
22/09/1658m 34s

One Junky Summer: The Transformers: The Movie

One shall stand, one shall fall...and then we also have a special guest! Professor Jeff from RageSelect.com joins the leadership matrix of Brian and Cargill to discuss the impossibly dark Transformers: The Movie. With a rocking soundtrack and a staggering amount of brutal deaths to popular characters, this film was going to be made...no matter the cost.
14/09/161h 9m

One Junky Summer: Trick or Treat

As summer fades into fall, and the Halloween season, Brian and Cargill prove their metal by rocking out to the obscure, but fantastic, 1986 horror flick Trick or Treat!
07/09/1659m 22s

One Junky Summer: The Hitcher

Buckle up, because Brian and Cargill are hitting the road with the world's worst passenger: Rutger Hauer. Download and listen to hear how 1986's The Hitcher is a high-speed fusion of Strangers on a Train and Mad Max crammed into the driver's seat of a late-model urban legend.
01/09/161h 2m

One Junky Summer: The Fly

Brian and Cargill step into the pod to discuss the gross and the glory of David Cronenberg's 1986 masterpiece The Fly. Be afraid, be moderately afraid.
24/08/1651m 25s

One Crazy Summer

Brian and Cargill bring their summer series full circle by discussing the 1986 beach comedy that is its namesake. It sure has been One Crazy Summer!
11/08/1646m 9s

One Junky Summer: Manhunter

For Junkfood Cinema's 100th episode (holy cow), Brian and Cargill investigate one of the greatest crime flicks of all time that is sadly overshadowed by the subsequent films and TV shows of the franchise it launched. Manhunter is a masterpiece and a shining example of how the right director at the right time in history can produce pure, dark magic.

One Junky Summer: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI

One of the most important horror films of the 1980s wears the mask of a run-of-the-mill slasher sequels. Download and listen to the episode approved by director Tom McLoughlin!
01/08/161h 2m

One Junky Summer: Band of the Hand

Brian and Cargill dig deep to unearth another fantastic gem of the summer of 1986! They were the problem, now they're on our side (and we're super excited they are): it's Band of the Hand!
21/07/1656m 7s

One Junky Summer: Never Too Young To Die

It's the movie Cargill called, "by far the strangest we've ever watched." Donkey sauce, James Bond on Tinder, and Brian's terrible student film are all wrapped up in our discussion of 1986's Never Too Young To Die! Stargrove!
14/07/161h 9m

One Junky Summer: Vamp

Brian and Cargill head to the cinema sewer to unearth a forgotten relic that is also a fang-dang-tastic cult classic: 1986's Vamp!
07/07/1658m 54s

One Junky Summer: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Junkfood Cinema invites you to take a day off. As part of the continuing One Junky Summer series, Brian and Cargill work very hard to dissect a classic movie about a guy who only ever wants to take it easy, connecting Ferris Bueller's Day Off with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Sam Peckinpah, and...James Dean? Leisure rules, and so does this flick!
01/07/1659m 46s
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