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Naming It features Bay Area Psychologists, Dr. Bedford Palmer & Dr. LaMisha Hill, who explore the intersections of Social Justice, Psychology, & Blackness. They introduce aspects of counseling psychology that are not commonly thought of, and engage listeners in a conversation about pop-culture and current events in a way that delves deeper, and focuses on how it all impacts on our lives. The Mission of Naming It is to call out the elephant in the room, and to call in the voices of social justice that are normally muted. Key Words: Black, Psychology, Social Justice, Race, Culture, Politics Support this podcast:


Ep 62 - Mental Revolution | Decolonizing Our Minds and Embracing our Indigenous Selves.

Bedford and LaMisha are joined by Conscious Intuitive Life Coach, Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza. They discussed What’s Going On with white saviorism in presidential politics in the form of Marianne Williamson. During RealTalk, the hosts interview Dr. Rosales Meza and discuss her work in social justice and social media. Particularly they focus on the concept of decolonizing our minds and finding mental health through reclaiming indigenous practices.  --- Support this podcast:
05/08/191h 19m

Best of #RealTalk 1-on-1: Brandon 'bmike' Odums| Moving People Through Art & Social Justice

Join us in celebrating Artist, Activist, and Mentor, Brandon ‘bmike’ Odums’ being featured in the July/August issue of Essence Magazine ( #EssenceFest )! Back in February, Bedford sat down at Studio Be in New Orleans with bmike to discuss the intersections of social justice and art, and explore his experiences as a visual artist who’s medium lives in public spaces. Also, as an extra bonus, listen to bmike’s thoughts on what it’s like to be a an artist and experience watching the Oscar winning Spiderman Into the Spiderverse Movie aka “Afro-LatinX Spiderman.” --- Support this podcast:
06/07/1933m 29s

Ep 61 - Reparations: More Than Money. But Also Money.

Bedford & LaMisha check in about Juneteenth and the absence of a how @Real_Tunes provided a Google Doodle stand-in. They also discussed What’s Going On with folks not wanting to watch “When They See Us” and the difference between discomfort and trauma, as well as the Plain View Project that exposed violent, racist, xenophobic social media post of police all over the country. During the RealTalk segment, the hosts discuss the recent hearing on H.R. 40 in the House of Representatives on the need to look into providing reparations to Black Americans who are descended from those who were enslaved in the United States.  --- Support this podcast:
24/06/191h 11m

Ep 60 - Racist Teachers & Guns | Armed Authority Endangers Black Lives

Bedford and LaMisha talk about celebrities stealing the shine from hard working Black she-roes. They talk about “What’s Going On?” with teachers taking photos while holding a noose. In #RealTalk the Hosts discuss the problems with arming teachers in a country where Black students are constant targets. --- Support this podcast:
28/05/1939m 0s

Ep 59 Part-2: #RealTalk 1-on-1 w/ Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward | Media, Activism, & Natural Hair

Dr. Gillian returns for an update on her work in the Natural Hair Movement, and to talk about the television debut of the Back to Natural: A Documentary Film on Revolt TV, Monday, May 6th at 7pm PST (10pm EST). She shares her experience interacting with New York City law makers and her part in supporting New York's ban on hair discrimination. Dr. Gillian also discusses California State Bill 188 - The CROWN Bill.  --- Support this podcast:
30/04/1924m 26s

Ep 59 Part-1: Whiteness Cannot Exist Without Policing Blackness | Get up Out of Our Hair

Bedford and LaMisha discuss the habitual softening of language around lynching and white terrorism in the US media. They provide some insight on their reactions to Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary candidate Pete Buttigieg and his answers about firing his Black Police Chief; an Op-Ed claiming that Kamala Harris cannot be elected because she owns a gun; and a conversation about the intersectional problems with Joe Biden's treatment of Dr. Anita Hill. During the #RealTalk segment, the hosts discuss ‘The C.R.O.W.N. (Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural hair) Act in California. --- Support this podcast:
30/04/191h 3m

Ep 58 - #RealTalk w/ Don Woodson | Affirmative Action Is Not the Problem

Bedford and LaMisha give a shout out to the DND (Dungeons & Dragons) community before shifting gears and talking about “What’s Going On” with the recent arson committed against Black churches. They explain how these attacks are part of an ongoing effort to traumatize Black communities in the name of white supremacy. The hosts go on to discuss some to the social justice problems with the Trump tax code and give another 2020 campaign update. During the #RealTalk segment, LaMisha conducts an interview with Don Woodson, Director of the UCSF Center for Science Education & Outreach and talks about the recent news around wealthy people buying their children’s way into college, the dividing of POC with misguided affirmative action lawsuits, and tips for getting into college.  --- Support this podcast:
15/04/191h 7m

Ep 57 - Making Police Reform Real w/ Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber | Support AB-392!

Bedford and LaMisha talk to California Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber about AB-392 Peace officers: deadly force, a bill that if passed would enact real police reform in California by making the legal standard align with common sense self-defense laws. During the “What’s Going On” segment the hosts also compare Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s vocal outrage about Jussie Smollett not being charged, to Emanuel’s silence about police violence, murder, and corruption in his city. Support AB-392 by contacting your Assembly Member! --- Support this podcast:

Best of Naming It - #RealTalk 1-on-1: Sen Jesse Hamilton | Adding Racism to 911 = Hate Crime

Last summer we had a great conversation with New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton from Brooklyn about his 911 Anti-Discrimination legislation. Sen. Hamilton explained why we need to stop the abuse of 911 services that leads to unwarranted and dangerous police encounters with Black people by adding false reporting statutes to the list of hate crimes in New York state law. #LivingWhileBlack    Keywords: Black, Social Justice, Race, Discrimination, Politics, Policy --- Support this podcast:
25/03/1933m 20s

Ep 56 - White Terrorism & Disappointing Allies| Reparations are not Zero Sum

Bedford and LaMisha start out with a conversation about their new host and explain how it gives listeners a more interactive experience. During the “What’s Going On” segment, they discuss the white supremacist terror attacks in Chistchurch, New Zealand, and place them in context with the history of white supremacist terror that continues to be Named by education, media, and political leaders in the US. In the #RealTalk segment, the hosts address Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent comments at South by Southwest (SXSW) on US reparations to African Americans for the ongoing damages resulting from the unjust, inhumane, and all-around evil institution of American chattel enslavement of Africans in the US.  --- Support this podcast:
18/03/191h 1m

#RealTalk 1-on-1 w/ Benjamin Carlton | Writing Our Own Narratives of Strength

During the MBK Rising (a My Brother’s Keeper event) in Oakland, Bedford sits down with Benjamin Carlton in order to have a conversation about Benjamin’s work in supporting mentorship and community building. Benjamin goes on to talk about his experience in helping to amplify the strength-based narratives of Black men who enrich their communities regardless of who is watching. Benjamin shares some of his own narrative as a gay black minister who came out to his faith community. The conversation wraps up with a building session around the need for difficult dialogues within Black communities. Follow Benjamin @ibencarlton on Instagram & Twitter.  --- Support this podcast:
11/03/1942m 5s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Michael McCree | Criminal Justice Reform: Dignity, Empathy, & Recovery

With the Oakland Teacher Strike in the background, Bedford visits #Cut 50 at The Dream Corps in Oakland in order to have a conversation with Policy Associate, Michael McCree. They discuss Michael’s work in criminal justice reform, and the need for empathy on the part of lawmakers and the public, in order to confront the injustices that are part of our criminal justice system. Michael goes on to talk about the need to take care of one’s self when immersed in advocacy and activism, through sharing about his own struggles and recovery. Join Michael and #Cut50 at the 3rdAnnual Day of Empathy on March 5, 2019 in all 50 states and Washington D.C. --- Support this podcast:
02/03/1936m 48s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Brandon 'bmike' Odums| Moving People Through Art & Social Justice

Bedford sits down at Studio Be in New Orleans with Artist, Activist, and Mentor, Brandon ‘bmike’ Odums. They discuss the intersections of social justice and art, while exploring bmike’s experiences as a visual artist who’s medium lives in public spaces. Also, they may have talked about the Oscar winning Spiderman Into the Spiderverse Movie aka Afro-LatinX Spiderman. --- Support this podcast:
25/02/1933m 29s

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24/02/192m 30s

Ep 55 – We Love Black Joy, with Elisha Greenwell

Bedford & LaMisha are joined by Elisha Greenwell, founder of the Black Joy Parade, and Gavin Grant. The “What’s Going On” segment focuses on recent revelations of police collusion in Portland Oregon, but they don’t let it bring them down. The #RealTalk discussion was centered on a conversation with Elisha about how she brought her vision of celebrating Black Joy in Oakland to fruition, and how the 2nd Annual Black Joy Parade on February 24, 2019, will flow with that same optimism of an unfettered Blackness.  --- Support this podcast:
18/02/1957m 33s

Ep 54 - Social Justice and Hospitality with Ashtin Berry

Bedford and LaMisha unveil a new format for Naming It. This episode features a #RealTalk interview with Hospitality Activist Ashtin Berry. It begins with a "What's Going On" segment where the hosts discuss some of the negative responses to Senator Kamala Harris after she announced her candidacy for US President. Then Bedford and LaMisha focus in on Bedford’s discussion with Ashtin. They explore systemic racism and sexism in the hospitality industry, and how workers and consumers can do their part to bring change to this important industry. We close with a message from Ashtin to women of color, focused on mental health and empowerment. --- Support this podcast:
11/02/191h 2m

Naming It Live from NCSPP New Orleans

Naming It is back for a New Season, and we thought we would make it LIVE! This live recording of Naming It come to you straight from the National Council of Schools & Programs in Professional Psychology's Mid-Winter Conference in New Orleans. Our distinguished guests are Dr. Konjit Page (returning guest), Dr. Lavita Nadkarni, and Dr. Torrey Wilson. Together they take a deep dive into the social justice, psychology, and Blackness. --- Support this podcast:
04/02/1941m 5s

Best of Naming It - Tell the Truth… Is Trump A White Supremacists? (repost)

We take you back to Episode 39, where Bedford & LaMisha discuss What’s Going On with being on hiatus during the Charlottesville, racist coverage of hurricanes, and the controversy revolving around ESPN’s Jemele Hill and her comments about Trump. #Realtalk is focused on Trump’s relationship to White Supremacy and how truth is necessary for social justice. --- Support this podcast:
30/01/1957m 50s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Sen Jesse Hamilton | Adding Racism to 911 = Hate Crime

New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton from Brooklyn joins LaMisha and Bedford in order to talk about his 911 Anti-Discrimination legislation. Sen. Hamilton explains why he wants to stop the abuse of 911 services that leads to unwarranted and dangerous police encounters with Black people by adding false reporting statutes to the list of hate crimes in New York state law. #LivingWhileBlack    Keywords: Black, Social Justice, Race, Discrimination, Politics, Policy --- Support this podcast:
20/08/1833m 20s

Ep 53 - Nia Wilson #SayHerName | Whiteness Kills...

Bedford and LaMisha were joined by Zoe Samudzi, author and doctoral student, in order to discuss the impact of the murder of Nia Wilson at the MacArthur BART Station in Oakland. During “What’s Going On?” they discuss the emotional, sociological, and psychological impact of losing a young Black woman who was full of potential. During #RealTalk they focused in on the media’s treatment of Nia, as well as other Black & Brown victims of lethal whiteness, and why Nia’s respectability is not the reason for us to demand justice. Special thanks to Ra Malika Imhotep for sharing her experience and insights.    Keywords: Implicit Bias, Black, white privilege, Psychology, Oakland, Mental Health, Racism, Crime, Social Justice, MAAFA --- Support this podcast:
30/07/1859m 43s

Ep 52 - Mind Your Own F'n Business, Or We Come For Your Job #CellPhonesUP

Bedford and LaMisha talk about “What’s Going On” with the ongoing internment of LatinX children, as well as #MinorityMentalHealthAwarenessMonth, and their excitement around the election London Breed as the first African American Woman to serve as Mayor of San Francisco. During #RealTalk, they discuss the expanding movement of recording white people while they harass and assault People of Color, and how making #PermitPattie and #JoggerJoe public might help to prevent others from following in their footsteps. Drs. Hill and Palmer go on to discuss how this harassment and misuse of law enforcement is overtly racist, based on a deep sense of entitlement, and is a perfect example of what it means to be a bully.    Keywords: Racism, Immigration, Mental Health, Bullying, Gentrification, Black, Podcast, Psychology, Social Justice, Police, Implicit Bias, Resist ("Mind You Own F'n Business Clip" Credit to: Writer/Producer/Actor: Cat Adell) --- Support this podcast:
16/07/1850m 45s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Dr. Nekeshia Hammond - Child Psychologist on Children in Cages

Bedford has a conversation with Dr. Nekeshia Hammond, a clinical psychologist with a specialty in children and adolescents, author, speaker, and host of Parenting Explained with Dr. Hammond. During the interview we talk about Dr. Hammond’s passion for educating the public about psychology. And then she provides expert insight on the potential mental health consequences of the Trump policy of incarcerating children and separating them from their parents. Dr. Hammond describes how children might experience Post Traumatic Stress and how difficult it would be for families to access the services that they would need in order to heal.    Keywords: PTSD, Psychology, Immigration, Trauma, Mental Health, Stigma, Education, Social Justice, Interview, Political Asylum, Child Abuse, ICE, --- Support this podcast:
28/06/1832m 54s

Ep 51 - Trump Nationalized Child Abuse: A Mandated Report

LaMisha and Bedford shout out their dads for Father’s Day and talk about upcoming psychology conferences in the Bay Area. During the #WhatsGoingOn segment, they take a moment to express their respect for Anthony Bourdain and provide some insights on suicide and how to talk about it. For the #RealTalk segment, Bedford & LaMisha address the immoral and abusive Trump policy of splitting immigrant families from Latin America and the internment of their children. If you have been thinking about ending your life please reach out for help, and if you feel like there is no one you can talk to, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or if you have immediate fear for your life call 911.    Key Words:  Suicide Prevention, Anthony Bourdain, Immigration, Children, Trump, Sessions, Black, Mexican, LatinX, Politics, Podcast, Social Justice, Psychology --- Support this podcast:
17/06/1856m 27s

Ep 50 - Kanye: Too Privileged to be in the Sunken Place

Bedford and LaMisha discuss their reactions to Kanye West’s TMZ Rant, and how it did not come from the Sunken Place. They spend time debunking some of the right-wing rhetoric that he promoted, like Black on Black crime and slavery being a choice. The hosts explore the harmful effects of sensationalism, and the problematic nature of being willfully ill informed.    Key Words: Black, Psychology, Rap, Kanye, TMZ, Opinion, Social Justice, Slavery, Sunken Place, Racism, Podcast, Music --- Support this podcast:
21/05/1854m 34s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Dr. Mel Lewis - Social Justice & Liberal Arts

Bedford talks to Dr. Mel Michelle Lewis, Associate Professor & Program Director of Ethnic Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California. This #RealTalk 1-on-1 episode focuses on Dr. Mel’s work as an educator and a scholar. The discuss the importance of Liberal Arts Education, the need for critical studies and radical approaches to change. Keep an eye out for Dr. Mel’s Notes in our next Naming It Newsletter.  Key Topics: Race, Gender, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Queer Identity, Liberal Arts, Tech, Social Justice, Blackness, Podcast, Education, Leadership, Self-Care --- Support this podcast:
10/04/1831m 18s

Ep 49 - Lets Radically Change Policing Now... Seriously!

Bedford and LaMisha discuss their reactions to the #MarchForOurLives and how some of the students have been using their white privilege to be better allies to marginalized communities. They talk about What’s Going On with the most recent police shootings of Black people, including Stephon Clark, Decynthia Clements, Danny Ray Thomas and the lack of indictment for officers who shot and killed of Alton Sterling. During #RealTalk they discuss the need for better external regulation of policing as a profession and outline a strategy for demanding professional licensure for police on a statewide level. Key Words: Black, Psychology, Police, Social Justice, Regulation, Professionalism, Podcast, Grassroots, Black Lives Matter, Racism, Allyship, Gun Violence, Activism, Consumer Affairs, Licensure --- Support this podcast:
02/04/1854m 53s

Ep 48 - March for Who's Lives? | Tired of Innocent Whiteness...

LaMisha and Bedford send a shout out to all the folks who are choosing education for their futures. They talk about "What’s Going On?" with the #MarchForOurLives, and how the Parkland Students spoke out about the press ignoring their Black classmates and Black lives. During the #RealTalk segment, Drs. Palmer and Hill discuss the privilege of white innocence as they compare the media treatment of Stephon Clark of, a 22-year-old unarmed Black man, who was shot and killed by police in his back yard; and the Austin bomber/terrorist, a 23-year-old white man who maimed and killed multiple people, including a 17-year-old boy.   Key Words: Black, Psychology,, Gun Control, Black Panther, College, Police, Get Out, Social Justice, Racism, Podcast, white privilege, allyship --- Support this podcast:
26/03/1850m 55s

Ep 47 - Seeing Ourselves in Wakanda, Even if the Oscars Refuse to Watch

Drs. Hill and Palmer discuss Black Joy, and issues around the intersections of social justice and media. The hosts talk about What’s Going On with how #OscarsSoWhite is both institutional and a blind spot for would be white allies who fail to bring intersectionality to their feminist activism. During #RealTalk, (SPOILER ALERT) Bedford and LaMisha discuss the effects of whiteness on relationships between ethnicities within the African diaspora, by analyzing their responses to the African centered fantasy of the Black Panther’s Wakanda.  Key Words: Black, Psychology, African, Feminist, Oscars, Black Panther, Wakanda, Get Out, Social Justice, Racism, Podcast, Black Joy --- Support this podcast:
12/03/181h 5m

Ep 46 - Pink Hats? Y'all Ain't Hearing Us...

Bedford & LaMisha talk about What’s Going On with the unapologetic Blackness of Black Lightning, and decide that they need to convene a Social JUSTICE LEAUGE. For #RealTalk, they invite Namers to call in and talk about their experiences with the #WomensMarch. The discussion focused on how to call out common logical fallacies that people use to undermine social justice discussions. P.S., We skipped episode 45 for obvious reasons #RESIST. Key Words: Feminism, Race, Social Justice, Psychology, Women, Intersectional, Gender Identity, Dialogue, Comics --- Support this podcast:
29/01/1845m 47s

Ep 44 - Oprah 2020: Celebrity vs Civics | Bruno & Cardi B: Judging By Color

Bedford and LaMisha start the new year by dedicating Episode 44 to President Obama. They get real about Black republicans and the sunken place. Then they explore What’s Going On with their reactions to Oprah’s  potential run for the White House after her inspirational Golden Globes speech. During RealTalk, Drs. Hill and Palmer discuss the dangers of confusing race with ethnicity and culture, through talking about the negative reactions to Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s homage to In Living Color.  They focus in on the problematic nature of denying the artists' Blackness based on their brown skin.   Key Concepts: Racial Identity Development, Culture, Ethnicity, Race, Critical Race Theory, Civics --- Support this podcast:
15/01/181h 4m

Ep 43 - If Black Women saved America, where were Y'all?

LaMisha and Bedford talk about what’s going on the ongoing #MeToo movement and the recent Time Magazine cover. Before that Bedford shares his thoughts about the passing of his mentor Dr. Joseph L. White (Godfather of Black Psychology & Founder of EOP). During #RealTalk the hosts discuss the national reaction to Black people’s and especially Black women’s pivotal role in preventing Republican senate candidate Roy Moore (alleged sexual predator and confirmed bigot) from being elected to represent Alabama in the US Senate. Also included is a Bonus Rant on the 45 administration’s policy of censoring scientists. This episode is dedicated to the memory of: Joseph L. White Ph.D. (December 19, 1932 ~ November 21, 2017) “Don’t you tell me that Black folks can’t do complex tasks!” --- Support this podcast:
18/12/171h 8m

Ep 42 - "Back to Natural" w/ Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward

LaMisha and Bedford are joined by Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward, psychologist and filmmaker. They talk about what’s going on with racism and African hair, as well as checking in on the continued #MeToo movement. During #RealTalk Drs. Palmer, Hill, and Scott-Ward discuss Gillian’s new documentary film Back to Natural. Their conversation focused on the social and political ramifications of Black/Natural Hair and the movement around it, as well as building an understanding of Gillian’s experience in developing the film. --- Support this podcast:
22/11/171h 7m

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Civics w/ Michael Bracamontes

Bedford talks to attorney and California gubernatorial candidate Michael Bracamontes about his career as a public servant. They discuss the relationship between social justice and civic engagement. Michael explains how you do not need to be a career politician to run for public office and how regular people can push for change on their own terms. --- Support this podcast:
15/11/1732m 8s

Ep 41 - #MeToo (Burke, 2007)

Drs. Hill and Palmer have talk about what’s going on with cultural appropriation and white supremacy. They focus on recent rollbacks, by 45’s administration, in terms of protections against sexual assaults and rape on college campuses. During #RealTalk Bedford and LaMisha break down issues of intersectionality and the appropriation of the #MeToo movement. Takeaways include active listening and building allyship through taking responsibility for our own part in oppression (aka #MenStopBeingTrash). --- Support this podcast:
07/11/171h 1m

#RealTalk Puerto Rico: An Interview w/ María Scharrón-del Río Ph.D.

Bedford has a conversation with Dr. María R. Scharrón-del Río, an associate professor and the Program Coordinator of the School Counseling Graduate Program at Brooklyn College, part of The City University of New York. The interview is focused on Dr. Scharrón-del Río’s shares her thoughts on the colonial relationship between Puerto Rico and the Mainland US, as well as insights on the psychological toll of being living through a disaster only to be told that you don’t deserve relief. --- Support this podcast:
09/10/1743m 0s

Ep 40 -Take a Knee for Black Lives | Stand Up for the Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico

LaMisha and Bedford check in on Black Girl Magic and camping. They talk about What’s Going On? with the continuing protests and pseudo protests in the NFL. During #RealTalk Drs. Palmer & Hill discuss Trump, racism and colorism in relation to the ongoing relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The Takeaway is focused on building Knowledge in terms of the people that you serve. --- Support this podcast:
02/10/1754m 54s

Ep 39 - Tell the Truth… Is Trump A White Supremacists?

Bedford and LaMisha return from a short hiatus and start a new semester of Naming It. In Episode 39, they discuss What’s Going On with being on hiatus during the Charlottesville, racist coverage of hurricanes, and the controversy revolving around ESPN’s Jemele Hill and her comments about Trump. #Realtalk is focused on Trump’s relationship to White Supremacy and how truth is necessary for social justice. Drs. Hill & Palmer introduce a new segment, “The Take Aways,” which focuses on practical skills in social justice advocacy.   Key Words: Black, Psychology, Trump, white Supremacy, Social Justice, Journalism, Current Events, Racism, Podcast --- Support this podcast:
18/09/1757m 50s

Ep 38 - Dr. Raina Leon, Rob Jackson, & Kalimah Priforce

At the Naming It Podcast One Year Celebration & Live Show, Bedford and LaMisha are joined by a distinguished panel of educators and social justice advocates. Rob Jackson talks about working toward cultural congruence. Dr. Leon blesses us with some of her poetry, and shares her take on how the current political trends towards fascism can be energizing and scary at the same time. Kalimah Priforce explains that its ok to be weird, and that Black men don't have to shy away from their emotions. Special thanks to psychologist and musician, Dr. Adisa Anderson, for calling us in with his African Drums. --- Support this podcast:
31/07/171h 24m

Ep 37 - Misogyny, Mr. Umar, & Minority Mental Health Don't Mix

LaMisha & Bedford shout out being one year into Naming It! They also talk about What’s Going On with abusive misogyny in the form of the Rob Kardashian’s posting of sexually explicit pictures of Angela Renée White (Black Chyna) without her consent, and the California law on “Revenge .” During #Realtalk, in the spirit of Minority Mental Health Month, they focus on dealing with structural barriers to accessing mental health support and being a savvy consumer. Also, speaking of misogyny, they also talk about Umar… Nominate Naming It for the Podcast Awards at --- Support this podcast:
10/07/1749m 57s

Ep 36 - "What The Hell Is Carnism?"

Naming It is One Year Old!!! But LaMisha and Bedford kinda forget to say it during the episode. But don’t worry, they talk about “What’s Going On” with Trump and his violent/misogynistic tweets, and why is the Press so dang polite about it. During #RealTalk they discuss cultural appropriation of social justice terminology through the discussion around “Carnism,” which conflates human rights with animal protection. The Self-Care tip is Mindful Chocolate. (P.S., Nominate “Naming It” in the Society / Culture category at --- Support this podcast:
02/07/171h 5m

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Self-Care In Art w/ Eric Leive

In this special #RealTalk 1-on-1, Bedford has a conversation with video game art producer, accomplished artist, and his neighbor Eric Leive. Eric shares how he uses painting as a type of mindfulness exercise and how this helps him to reduce stress and be in the moment. --- Support this podcast:
26/06/1713m 2s

Ep 35 - Social Justice & Media

Bedford and LaMisha welcome music industry & radio thought leader, and the author of Blackout: My 40 Years In The Music Business, Paul Porter as a special guest. They talk about #WhatsGoingOn with sexism in the Senate, racism at the Southern Baptist Conference, and ongoing injustice for victims of police violence. During #RealTalk, they discuss Paul’s new book and explore his perspective on social justice and the music industry. --- Support this podcast:
18/06/1754m 22s

Ep 34 - Can Y'all Cut the Tax on My Blackness?

Bedford and LaMisha welcome special guest “Namer” Kevin Grant! They talk about #WhatsGoingOn with the Golden State Warriors, who are the verge of winning a championship, bandwagon fans, and a Stanford University study on Oakland Police being more disrespectful to Black people than White people. In #Realtalk they focus on the invisible tax that makes homes, cars, and just about everything else more expensive if you are a Person of Color, a Woman, or any other marginalized group. Bedford and Kevin share their experiences from when they both recently bought new whips (aka cars). --- Support this podcast:
13/06/171h 15m

Ep 33 - Being Free Can Be Lethal

Bedford and LaMisha discuss the troubling increase in violent hate crimes since the election of “45.” They call out the price of allowing a white supremacist to be elected, and the catch-22 of systemically addressing racism and xenophobia within a racist/xenophobic system that allows individuals to threaten others using hate speech. During #RealTalk Drs. Hill and Palmer use an episode of Dear White People in order to focused on difficult process of deciding how to react to challenges to your freedom… Shout-In to the Class of 2017 and check Eventbrite for our Naming It One Year Celebration! --- Support this podcast:
30/05/1751m 34s

Ep 32 - Black Men, Masculinity, & Moonlight

Bedford and LaMisha are joined by special guest Dr. Vincent T. Harris, the Director of the Male Success Initiative at California State University, Fullerton. They talk about what's been going on with the non-guilty verdict in the trial of Betty Shelby for the murder of Terence Crutcher, and how that is consistent with the ongoing and historical tradition of societally condoned lynching. During #Realtalk the discussion is focused on Black men and masculinity through an exploration of their reactions to the movie Moonlight. --- Support this podcast:
24/05/171h 19m

Ep 31 - Turning Our Backs on the Sunken Place

Bedford and LaMisha shout-in some Twitter activity around the flue shot argument, and a Naming It meme that was Colorlines magazine. They go on to acknowledge their Moms for Mother's Day, and then talk about #What'sGoingOn with the controversy around Betsy DeVos and Bethune-Cookman University, as well as the victory for Black students at UC Santa Cruz and their RED, BLACK, & GREEN Rosa Parks House. In #RealTalk Drs. Hill and Palmer explore the concepts of civil disobedience and student activism. The Self-Care tip of the week is the power of Joyful Rituals. --- Support this podcast:
14/05/1752m 23s

Ep 30 - White Supremacy & Malaria... Pretty Much The Same.

Bedford and LaMisha talk about what’s going on with the lack of media coverage of the continued police violence and hate crimes against Black and Brown people. They give a shout out to their friend and past guest Dr. Candice Nicole, who was recently featured in Huffpost. During #RealTalk, the hosts focus in on the concept of police violence as a potential public health concern, and relate the topic to the classic disease model. --- Support this podcast:
07/05/171h 7m

Ep 29 - Cultural Appropriation: Your Freedom or My Soul?

Bedford and LaMisha talk about what’s going on with Earth Day, 4/20, and show their love for the March for Science by arguing about vaccinations. In #RealTalk they explore the concept of cultural appropriation and relate it the controversy around expression at music festivals like Coachella. The Self Care Tip of the Week is the Power of Exercise so get moving. Share your thoughts and reactions by leaving us a review on iTunes or dropping us a message at 607-U-NAME-IT. And don’t forget to grab some gear from our online store. --- Support this podcast:
25/04/171h 3m

Ep 28 - Corporate Authority & Bystander Effect #UnitedAirlines

Bedford and LaMisha are back from a short hiatus aka Spring Break! They call out some of the issues related to the incident on United Flight #3411 and the beating of Dr. David Dao. The episode focuses on the intersections of micro-aggressive behavior that ends with the inappropriate use of force. #RealTalk focuses on interactions between respect for authority and the bystander effect. The Self-Care Tip of the Week is the Power of Family. --- Support this podcast:
13/04/1756m 14s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: An Interview Dr. Anissa Moody

At the National Multicultural Summit Dr. Bedford Palmer sits down with Dr. Anissa Moody, counseling psychologist and college professor. Dr. Moody talks about how she weaves multiculturalism and social justice into her teaching and practice, through speaking the language of oppression and leaving space for the voices of her students and clients. She shares her self-care practice with a strong emphasis in Mindfulness and relaxation. --- Support this podcast:
06/04/1719m 55s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: An Interview Dr. Tania Israel

During the National Multicultural Summit Bedford catches up with Dr. Tania Israel. She is a psychologist and professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Counseling Psychology. She specializes in interventions to support the mental health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and communities; privilege and oppression; intersections among gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; and social justice. Dr. Israel is one of the editors of the Handbook of Social Justice in Counseling Psychology, and during the interview, she reflects on factors that inspire her work in social justice and how she keeps herself healthy and engaged. --- Support this podcast:
20/03/1720m 37s

Ep 27 - La Profesora y Papas w/ Special Guest Dr. Raina León

This week, Bedford deals with separation anxiety, as Dr. Hill has been called away on business. But it works out, as he is lucky enough to find a special guest cohost in professor and poet, Dr. Raina J. León. They talk about Moonlight being deprived of its shine, and how that added to the shade of #OscarsSoWhite. They also talked about Betsy DeVos and her rewriting of the history of segregation in the US. We close out with an #RealTalk interview with Dr. León, who discusses her work as a scholar and a poet. Keep an ear out for information on Naming Gear (on sale now), and listen to the end for a special self-care moment. --- Support this podcast:
06/03/171h 32m

Ep 26.5 - Fun & Social Justice (The B-Side) with Dap

Bedford & LaMisha welcome back Dap from REELYDOPE Media and Podcast, to explore issues in Blackness, arts, entertainment, how the Oscars will likely remain "so white," and why we need to figure out more ways to celebrate ourselves with something more than just another award show.  They discuss to the avalanche of Black Excellence in film, and throw shade at Hollywood's obsession with the white savior trope. Homework for our Namers: go check out some of the forrunners to the recent wave of unappologetically Black films and media. --- Support this podcast:
27/02/1744m 48s

Ep 26 - Fun & Social Justice in Podcasting w/ a REELYDOPE Guest

Bedford & LaMisha  are joined by Dap from REELYDOPE podcast. They talk about Beyoncé, her magic chair, and Lemonade, while examining the apparent institutionalized racism in the Grammys. Dap shares his experiences as Black podcaster during a time when the Oakland podcast community is flourishing. The Self-Care tip of the day is the Power of Film. --- Support this podcast:
20/02/171h 3m

Ep 25 - Bad Character Is Not Mental Illness #Trump

LaMisha & Bedford talk about why it is problematic for mental health professionals to diagnose "45" aka Trump without ever actually meeting him. For #RealTalk they sit down with Malkia Chionesu from Beats, Rhymes, and Life (BRL), an Oakland based community organization that utilizes hip-hop as a therapeutic practice for at-promise youth, and take a deeper dive into destigmatizing mental health. The Self Care tip of the week is how to drop some bars using "I am" poetry. #RESIST --- Support this podcast:
13/02/171h 4m

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Strength, Solidarity, Strategy, & Sustainability

While attending the National Multicultural Summit in Portland, Oregon, Bedford catches up with Dr. Rebecca Toporek, a psychologist, a professor at San Francisco State University, and one of the editors of the Handbook of Social Justice in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Toporek shares a four-pronged method for remaining grounded as she continues her work in advocacy and social justice. --- Support this podcast:
05/02/1725m 20s

Ep 24 - Ain't I a Woman?

Bedford and LaMisha define “Alternative Facts” and talk about the Women's March, in terms of the historical relationship between Feminist and Womanist beliefs. Namers called in and left their thoughts on the absence of community organizers of color, the impact of those “pink ” hats on gender non-conforming and trans folk, and the overwhelming showing of support from white women that has been conspicuously absent at Black Lives Matter events. The Self-Care Tip of the Week is the "Speed Exercise." --- Support this podcast:

Ep 23 - I Love My Hair, I Love My Skin, I'm Beautiful

Bedford and LaMisha are joined by Jason Sweeting, co-owner and co-creator of Naturally Perfect Dolls. With his wife and business partner Angelica; Jason was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, where they secured a deal with Shark Damon John. Together, they discuss what its like to have had a Black president in the White House, and how the self-esteem of little kids can be affected by having dolls that look like them. --- Support this podcast:
23/01/1751m 25s

#RealTalk 1-on-1: Black Coffee: No Sugar, No Racism, No Trump

In the post presidential election climate, where the name “Trump” has become a hate filled slogan, racism and intolerance seems to have been condoned by the next president of the United States. Dr. Bedford Palmer interviews Star Ringgold, who called out a racist patron in a coffee shop who was loudly explaining why Oakland is a bad place due to its Black residents. --- Support this podcast:
19/01/1717m 12s

Ep 22 - Obama Is Leaving & It's OK to Cry

Bedford and LaMisha discuss the revolutionary legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how his vision remains current.  They describe their worries in terms of  the ramifications of having an attorney general who has no interest in social justice. During RealTalk, LaMisha and Bedford share messages from Namers, and focus in on the grieving process in relation to the end of the Obama presidency. The Self Care tip is the Power of Going to the Doctor. --- Support this podcast:
16/01/171h 6m

Ep 21 - Fenced Off Feelings & Insecure Attachments

Bedford and LaMisha welcome you to 2017 and the Spring Semester of Naming It. They explore relationship dynamics and the importance of communication, as they discuss their reactions to the performances of Denzel Washington and Golden Globe winner Viola Davis in Fences and the controversial plot of the HBO series Insecure. Bedford asks for listener input, in terms of the impending Presidential Inauguration. Let us know how you plan to make it through that weekend by leaving us a message at (607) U-NAME-IT “607-862-6348.” The Self-Care Tip, “The Power of Being Unplugged” challenges us all to take a step back from electronics and social media. Also, keep listening at the end of the episode for a sneak peak at some of our new content (#RealTalk: 1-on-1). --- Support this podcast:
09/01/171h 37m

Ep 20 - An Eye for an Eye Leaves Everyone Blind…

In the 2016 finale of Naming It Bedford introduces the new Naming It listener voicemail (607) U-Name-It (862-6348). LaMisha and Bedford mark the end of Naming It’s first season with an exploration of the concepts of anger, revenge, and forgiveness while awaiting the outcome of the sentencing of Dylann Roof. They close out the episode with The Power of Forgiveness as the Self-Care tip of the week. Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music provided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
19/12/161h 9m

Ep 19 - Dreaming of a Socially Just Immigration Policy

Dr. Diana Peña & Germán Cadenas joined Bedford and LaMisha as guests in order to lend their expertise on DACA, AB 540, Dreamers, & the reality of racist immigration policy. #Realtalk focuses on the impact of uncertain immigration policy on vulnerable communities. Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music provided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
12/12/161h 14m

Ep 18 - White Tears & Black Anger

In this episode, we discuss our reactions to the continuing “whitelash” following the presidential election, overtly racist conservativism, and rightwing attempts to kill academic freedom through an online black listing of professors. During #RealTalk we share our reactions to the death of Fidel Castro, and focuse on the restriction of emotions in marginalized groups (i.e., we’re not allowed to be angry). Our #SelfCare tip of the week is Coloring Your Emotions. Also listen for how to help support the protesters at Standing Rock. Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMis [...] --- Support this podcast:
29/11/161h 10m

Ep 17 - Post-Election Recovery & Communicating from a Space of Empowerment

In this episode, we discuss our reactions to the election results. #RealTalk focuses on ways to talk about the election, particularly with co-workers and family members who may not share your relationship to social justice. Our #SelfCare tip of the week is the Power of the Personal Narrative, and we encourage you to examine the stories that you tell yourself, about yourself, through a lens of empowerment. Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music provided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
21/11/1656m 25s

#RealTalk - Keep The Faith

This is a special #RealTalk short that was taped on election night. Bedford talks about what he thinks we all need to do in the wake of this election, and shares some wisdom from his mentor. It’s all about Resilience. Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music provided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
09/11/1624m 1s

Ep 16 - The Halloween Episode: I’m Not Your Black Boogie Man

Bedford shares his experience living at the intersection of Black & Male identities, and the harmful impact of the stereotype of “The Dangerous Black Man.” LaMisha recaps an all too common negative narrative about Black men in relationships, and shares her hope that shows that showcase blackness would capitalize on their platform in order to introduce a more positive counter narrative. The Self-Care Tip of the Week is “The Power of Empowerment” and we encourage you to enact empowerment in the ways that inspire you the most.   Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music pro [...] --- Support this podcast:
31/10/161h 14m

Ep 15 - Fair-Weather Fans Still Need to Vote

LaMisha and Bedford talk about healthy relationships with friends, partners, and even sports teams. Bedford explains that a one-month relationship is no more or less important than what it means to be with someone for one month. And like any relationship,being a fan is about loyalty and dedication. LaMisha pushes us to follow the money, and stay informed, as we get out the vote and fulfill our civic responsibility.  Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast | --- Support this podcast:
24/10/161h 23m

Ep 14 - Are Trump Supporters Inherently Good People? Or Nah…

Bedford and LaMisha talk about their differences in philosophy, and how they see people. The main question of the episode is focused on what to make of people who support Donald Trump.  When someone supports a candidate who exhibits bigoted and sexist behaviors, what does that mean about them? And is it wrong to describe people based on their behaviors and the behaviors that they support? Follow us on Twitter:  @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill.  Music provided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
17/10/161h 14m

Ep 13 - Racial Trauma Won’t Be Post Traumatic Until it Stops…

In Episode “Teenth” of Naming It, LaMisha & Bedford welcome Dr. Candice Nicole, a Psychologist and Assistant Professor in Counseling Psychology at University of Kentucky,whose research and clinical interests include Black sexuality and cross cultural education. We talk shop on just about “errythang” including Bedford’s love of anime, advice from LaMisha’s mom, and the problem of non-trained individuals providing pop-psychology based advice. Our #RealTalk segment explores the impact of continued police violence and racial trauma. The #SelfCare Tip of the Week is “the Power of Mediation,” featuring a guided meditation written and performed by Dr. Candice Nicole. Join our community of “#Namers” by leaving a review on iTunes & Podbean. Also add your [...] --- Support this podcast:
03/10/161h 24m

Ep 12 – Police Authority or Black Lives… #OneStopAway

Episode 12 of Naming it begins with the framing wisdom of Malcolm X from a speech delivered in 1962. Bedford and LaMisha revisit the ongoing issue of police violence in reference to the recent murders of Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. They take the time to focus on how we all can take better care of ourselves and how we can take care of each other. LaMisha and Bedford discuss Black Excellence in terms of the Emmys, and about Shaun King’s article on how the 13th Amendment didn’t really abolish slavery. During #Realtalk Bedford and LaMisha discuss how the current system leaves Black and Brown people only #OneStopAway from being abused by police authority, and they invite everyone to share using the hashtag. The self-care tip of the week is “The Power of Music” and they encourage you to channel your inner DJ making your own #BlackLivesMatter Playlist to get that extra boost of dopamine. Join the conver [...] --- Support this podcast:
26/09/161h 2m

Ep 11 - Sex, Sexuality & a Little Bit of Lemonade

Bedford and LaMisha welcome Dr. Konjit Page (@PageDrPage –Twitter), Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Clinical Psychology Program at the University of San Francisco to talk about sex, sexuality and relationships. They discuss issues around training therapists to get comfortable talking about sex, and how people can use therapy as a safe space. LaMisha talks about #WhatsGoingOn with Amber Rose schooling Tyrese and Rev Run on women’s right to not be shamed, and Bedford speaks on how men need to be taught early about consent. Dr. Page offers some #Realtalk, giving insights on the intersections of race and sexual identity.The self-care tip of the day is the Power of Sexual Communication, starting with identifying your own desires. Follow us on Twitter: --- Support this podcast:

Ep 10 - We Can’t Wait for a More Convenient Season: You must have forgot I was free

On Episode 10 (Whoop-Whoop) of Naming It Bedford and LaMisha “check-in” in true psychologist fashion, and both agree that the Netflix Original Series “The Get Down” is off the chain! They discuss the complexities of 9/11 and athletes taking a knee to speak out against injustice. Highlighting a passage from Dave Zirin’s article “Colin Kaepernick is Winning” leads into a conversation on white fragility. And Bedford breaks down the impact ofthe colonized mind and Black identity. Be sure to test out our self-care tip of the week “The Power of Being Silly” and tap into your inner child. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | --- Support this podcast:

Ep 9 - Misogyny & Blackness Should Not Mix… But they do.

Bedford and LaMisha shout out #SupportBlackPodcasts and D_Peña for supporting the podcast with a review. Bedford talks about his experience with Neighbors 4 Racial Justice and the Nextdoor app. LaMisha explains why having to raise an interracial baby is not something White people should sue sperm banks about. Then #WhatsGoingOn turns into #RealTalk, as they discuss the intersectional complexities of misogyny and Blackness, in terms of the controversy surrounding Nate Parker, his past, and his film, TheBirth of a Nation. They close with this week’s #SelfCare tip. Try it out and Tweet at us using the hashtags: #ImNamingIt and #ColorMeConvinced.  Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast |  @DrBFPalmer | [...] --- Support this podcast:
05/09/1658m 4s

Ep 8 - Back to School Episode: You Earned Your Spot! You’re Not an Imposter!

Bedford & LaMisha discuss hanging out with #OaklandPodGang and check in about the past week. They revisit their discussion of #LochteGate, Bedford gives Simone Biles a nickname, and they try something new while talking about #BlackGirlMagic and the upcoming movie #HiddenFigures. #Realtalk revolves around a listener question, and the hosts’ experiences with Imposter Syndrome. Bedford and LaMisha close out the episode with a new #SelfCare Tip. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Musicprovided by LeeEnglandJr. (@leeenglandjr) [...] --- Support this podcast:
29/08/1656m 42s

Ep 7 - Brown Girls | White Privilege. #PositiveAffirmations

Bedford and LaMisha reflect on #Olympic #BlackGirlMagic and the Greatest Female Gymnast of All Time @Simone_Biles.  Bedford talks about his time at the Association of Black Psychologists (@TheABPsi) Convention, and LaMisha gives an update on her adventures in real estate. There is a #BedfordRant on #LochteGate and #Privilege.Then they focus in on some #RealTalk about #Colorism framed with the help of a Huff Post @blackvoices article by @RaValDavis, which breaks down a recent episode of Survivor’s Remorse that placed a spotlight on the complicated dynamics around skin tone. LaMisha explains how to shine brightly without throwing shade, and the episode ends with the Self-Care tip of the week. [...] --- Support this podcast:
22/08/1659m 21s

Ep 6 - Being an Ally Means Sacrificing Privilege. #ImNamingIt

Dr. Bedford Palmer and Dr. LaMisha Hill reflect on gentrification & homeownership in the Bay Area. They also discuss what it means to be an Ally, via two articles; the first by W. Kamau Bell and the next by Eric Adelson. In both articles they discuss a missed opportunity by Michael Phelps in choosing to carry the American Flag during the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony instead of making space for Ibtihaj Muhammad. Also there is a #LaMishaRant on dealing with privileged tall people on BART and the self-care tip of the week. Listen carefully to the opening and you might just hear Bedford sing. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMis [...] --- Support this podcast:
08/08/1646m 54s

Ep 5 - “They go low…We go high” ~ @FLOTUS

Bedford and LaMisha shout out #PodsinColor & #Podernfamily, and talk about “What’s Going On?” with the #DNCinPHL; focusing on “Wishing you would boo Michelle Obama,” anticipating how they will miss the 1st Couple, Black Respectability, and #BlackWomenDidThat. They do some #RealTalk about recognizing and addressing #Microagressions. There’s also a bonus #BedfordRant on how it sucks that it is easier it is to play #PokemonGo in San Francisco than in Oakland. They close out the episode with a Self-Care Tip to help you take a moment to center yourself.  Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music pr [...] --- Support this podcast:
01/08/1649m 17s

Ep 4 - Plagiarism, Privilege, Pseudo-Psychology, & Self Care

Bedford and LaMisha talk about “What’s Going On?” with the #RNCinCLE; focusing on strategic Republican racism,  #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, and the double standards that come with Privilege. They do some #RealTalk about police shootings of unarmed Black men, focusing on the shooting of Charles Kinsey, and the pseudoscience pushed by a non-standard psychologist who argues that all police shootings are justified. They close out the episode describing some self-care tools that everyone can use, including the power of gratitude.  Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music provided by --- Support this podcast:
25/07/1647m 42s

Ep 3 - Black Excellence & Blue Lines

Bedford and LaMisha talk about “What’s Going On?” including #BLAXIT, adventures in #PokemonGo, #EmmysSoBlack, Serena Williams aka G.O.A.T., & Black/Latin Girl Magic in the Olympics. They continue their RealTalk around the costs of police violence & the need for institutional ethics. They also explain some key terms: Cognitive Dissonance, Stereotype Threat, Racial Encounter Experiences, & Burnout. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | --- Support this podcast:
18/07/1652m 13s

Ep 2 - Reflections on Police Shootings, Racism, and Historical Trauma

In this episode Dr. Bedford Palmer II and Dr. LaMisha Hill focus on the tragic events in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas. They discuss the intersectionality of being Black and Male in the world, and reflect on their personal experiences navigating racism and encounters with law enforcement.  Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music provided by Lee England Jr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
12/07/1648m 43s

Ep 1 - Welcome to “Naming It”

In this pilot episode Dr. LaMisha Hill and Dr. Bedford Palmer II introduce themselves and their new podcast “Naming It.” In this episode they discuss the intersection between psychology and Blackness, the importance of mentoring, and LaMisha shares her experience at a motivational retreat while Bedford throws shade. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music provided by Lee England Jr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
03/07/1638m 50s

Ep 0 - An Introduction

Naming It features Bay Area Psychologists, Dr. Bedford Palmer II and Dr. LaMisha Hill, who explore pop-culture, current events, and their impact on our lives. Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music provided by Lee England Jr. (@leeenglandjr). --- Support this podcast:
27/06/162m 31s
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