Kondabolu Brothers

Kondabolu Brothers

By Earwolf and Hari Kondabolu & Ashok Kondabolu

Ashok and Hari Kondabolu (aka THE KONDABOLU BROTHERS) go from city to city, delighting audiences with insights on important cultural matters such as "soap" and "handshakes." They also dissect their experiences growing up as second generation Indian Americans and how their upbringing influences their take on pop culture and politics.


Mother's Day Special - Part 2 "Honor Our Mother"

Part 2 of the Mother’s Day Season Finale. Hari and Ashok interview the woman who brought the Kondabolu Brothers into the world: Uma Kondabolu. They come to terms on past grievances, discuss her American experience, and there are lots and lots of flowers.
25/05/1858m 54s

Mother’s Day Special-Part 1 “Shoplifting The Bank”

Part 1 of a 2 Part Mother’s Day Season Finale. Hari talks about being heckled by a Trumper in Ann Arbor and Ashok discusses his youthful experiences with shoplifting. Then the boys introduce a very special guest. This episode is sponsored by Harlequin.
18/05/1854m 15s

Hari learns that Jesse Eisenberg is a Famous Actor

The brothers discuss why magic is stupid, why hitting a baseball is amazing and how Hari likes getting punched in the butt by a robot. Also, some actor named Jesse Eisenberg tries to convince everyone that he's famous. Recorded live from Littlefield in Brooklyn.This episode is sponsored by Harlequin.
10/05/181h 2m

Ice Cold Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hari and Ashok are joined by former professional wrestler AJ Mendez (aka AJ Lee) to talk wrestling, depression and soup. Also, the brothers discuss their failed fighting careers. Recorded live at the UTG theater in Chicago. This episode is brought to you by Harlequin.
03/05/181h 9m

We Like Chicago, Live in Chicago

Recorded live at the UTG theatre in Chicago, Hari and Ashok Kondabolu discuss their appreciation of Chicago (while insulting Boston), share their feelings regarding ice and deal with loud, drunk audience member.This episode is sponsored by Harlequin.
26/04/181h 8m

One year closer to the goal

Recorded live at Improv Boston, Hari and Ashok Kondabolu continue their verbal assault on Boston. Also, Ashok suggests the elimination of birthdays & the Brothers debate the merits of various dried fruits.
19/04/181h 2m

We Hate Boston, Live in Boston

Hari and Ashok visit Boston to reflect on Hari’s college years in New England and wax poetic on Ashok’s love of vacuum sealed containers. Recorded live at Improv Boston, the Kondabolu Bros explore their complicated feelings about U2, why they hate the concept of suntanning, and tell the audience what really went down that one time in India.
12/04/181h 3m

Who’s been using Hari’s toothbrush?

Hari and Ashok Kondabolu (aka The Kondabolu Brothers) catch up with each other on St. Patrick's Day in front if a live crowd at Littlefield in Brooklyn. After speculating on the luck of the Irish, they dive deep into the placebo effect that Tandoori Chicken has on white people, discuss Ashok's epic to-do list, and solve the longstanding mystery of who's been using Hari's toothbrush.
05/04/181h 5m

No Aloha: Kondabolu Bros visit Hawaii

Recorded live at the Shangri La arts and culture museum in Honolulu Hawaii, Hari and Ashok Kondabolu figure out the true meaning of vacation, refuse to say Aloha, and even interact with birds.
29/03/1857m 0s

Why Is That Voice Coming Out Of That Face?

Hari and Ashok get informal about formalities, discuss the merits of a healthy cry, and finally get to the bottom of World War I. Recorded live at Littlefield in Brooklyn.
22/03/181h 3m

Batman, Scents, and Pleasantries

This week, Hari & Ashok Kondabolu discuss Batman, scents, pleasantries & weed.
15/03/181h 1m

A New Day In Brown America

On the Premiere episode of the Kondabolu Brothers Podcast, Hari & Ashok Kondabolu discuss relationships, mental health, Kenan Thompson & Hari being a murderer. Recorded live in front of a paying audience on January 26th 2018 at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY.
08/03/1851m 45s


Kondabolu Brothers is coming to Earwolf starting March 8th!
26/02/182m 7s
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