By Mike Duncan

A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???


10.39- The End of Part I

Maybe if Nicholas hadn't been so set on rejecting the verdict of 1905, there wouldn't be a Part II to look forward to.
05/04/2039m 5s

10.38- The Days of Freedom

The Days of Freedom could be numbered in days.
29/03/2040m 23s

10.37- The General Strike

That time everyone stayed home from work.  Sponsor: 
22/03/2034m 20s

10.36- The Bulygin Constitution

When you think you're out in the front of the pack, but really you're being lapped.   Sponsor:
15/03/2032m 23s

10.35- Sinking Ships

When you pray for a miracle and all God sends is a metaphor.  Voyage of the Damned Video Battle of Tsushima Video
09/03/2032m 46s

10.34- The Wave of Protest

Bloody Sunday triggered the largest popular protests the Russian Empire had ever seen. sponsor:
02/03/2034m 4s

10.34- The Wave of Protest

Bloody Sunday triggered the largest popular protests the Russian Empire had ever seen. Sponsor:  
02/03/2034m 4s

10.33- Bloody Sunday

When people are crying out for help, maybe don't murder them in the streets.  Sponsor:
24/02/2045m 26s

10.32- The Union of Liberation

The Russian Revolution of 1905 actually began in 1904.  Sponsor:
17/02/2032m 9s

10.31- A Big Mistake

What happens when you think victory will be easy, defeat will be catastrophic...and then you start to lose?
10/02/2031m 13s

10.30- The SRs

When you can't decide whether to cultivate the revolutionary potential of the peasants or assassinate government officials, the SRs say: why not both?
03/02/2032m 13s

10.29- Bolsheviks and Mensheviks

When you have a majority, flaunt it. 
27/01/2030m 33s

10.28- The Spark

To build a fire one first needs a spark.
20/01/2030m 17s

Revolutions Podcast Update- The End Is Nigh?

Is the end nigh? Not really. But it will be soon!
19/01/205m 36s

10.27- Coming Together Drifting Apart

As factional disputes arose, radical Russians attempt to forge larger alliances.  sponsor:
23/12/1932m 57s

10.26- The Far East

In the 1890s Russia expanded its influence in the far east, which put them on a collision course with Japan.  Sponsor:
16/12/1930m 19s

10.25- Senseless Dreams

Someone was having senseless dreams alright.   
09/12/1933m 23s

10.24- The Union of Struggle for The Emancipation of the Working Class

Relationship Status: Lenin, Plekhanov, and Martov are all on the same side. This won't always be the case. Sponsor:
02/12/1928m 46s

10.23- On Agitation

Why propagandize when you can agitate? Sponsor:
25/11/1930m 0s

10.22- Vladimir and Nadya

The great Marxist meet cute. Sponsor: 
18/11/1931m 36s

10.22- Vladimir and Nadya

The great Marxist meet cute.  sponsor:  
18/11/1931m 16s

10.21- The Socialist Revolutionaries

Narodism didn't die after 1881. It just went into hibernation.  sponsor:
11/11/1932m 15s

10.20- The Liberal Tradition (Such As It Is)

If it's not radical and it's not reactionary, it must be liberal.  sponsor: 
04/11/1929m 19s

10.19- Nicky and Alix

When Nicky met Alix... Link to the Pax Britannica Interview Link to the Eastern Border Interview Sponsor:
21/10/1929m 58s

10.18- The Witte System

If your nascent bourgeoisie isn't big enough or rich enough to industrialize your Empire, just call Sergei Witte. He'll know what to do.   
14/10/1925m 30s

10.17- The Emancipation of Labor Group

Everyone know Marxism isn't applicable to Russia. What my theory presupposes is...what if it did? sponsor:
07/10/1934m 31s

10.16- The Russian Colony

Time to start mixing the baking soda and vinegar. 
30/09/1931m 12s

10.15- The Tsar Must Die

Kids today have no respect.  Sponsor:
23/09/1931m 7s

10.14- The Tsar Liberator

After the disaster of the Crimean War, it was time for an era of Great Reform.  Sponsor:
16/09/1926m 19s

10.13- Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality

Really missed a chance to call this episode "The Three Pillars of Russian Absolutism.   Come hang out with us at
09/09/1930m 9s

10.12- The Decembrists

In December 1825, the Decembrists became the Decembrists.  Sponsor:
26/08/1931m 16s

10.11- War and Peace

This week, it's nothing less than The Divine Savior vs. The Antichrist
19/08/1931m 38s

10.10- The Russian Empire

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great made the Russian Empire great.
05/08/1933m 20s

10.9- The Third Rome

Two Romes have fallen. The third stands. And there will be no fourth. No one shall replace your Christian Tsardom!
28/07/1931m 28s

10.8- The Red And The Black

In 1872, the First International fractured into rival camps led by Marx and Bakunin. 
07/07/1931m 1s

10.7- Paris Commune Revisited

Wherein we revisit the Paris Commune.  
01/07/1930m 55s

10.6- True Liberty, True Equality, and True Fraternity

All Mikhail Bakunin wanted was a world without bosses.  Sponsor:
24/06/1932m 15s

10.5- The Adventures of Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin circumnavigated the globe and came back convinced that coercive authority was the pits.  Direct Link: 10.5- The Adventures of Mikhail Bakunin Sponsor:
17/06/1929m 1s

10.4- Historical Materialism

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles? Come see us: Intelligent Speech Conference
10/06/1933m 20s

10.3- The Three Pillars of Marxism.

According to Lenin, Karl Marx was, "the genius who continued and consummated the three main ideological currents of the 19th century, as represented by the three most advanced countries of mankind: classical German philosophy, classical English political economy, and French socialism combined with French revolutionary doctrines in general.” Come see us in NY: Intelligent Speech Conference. 
03/06/1930m 51s

10.2- The Adventures of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels dreamed of revolution. But what happens when the revolution comes and then goes? Sponsor: Recommendation: The Once and Future King
27/05/1931m 45s

10.1- The International Working Men's Association

In 1864, a group of working men formed an international association called The International Working Men's Association. 
20/05/1931m 22s

Revolutions Podcast Update

A Revolutions Podcast Update.  Intelligent Speech Sound Education See ya in a week!
13/05/1910m 9s

9.27- The Institutional Revolution

The winds have now swept Mexico. To what end? I'll be in Copenhagen: CPH:DOX March 26
12/03/191h 13m

9.26- The Last Caudillo

It's time to bring the Mexican Revolution to a close Sponsor:
04/03/1939m 33s

9.25- Loyalty and Betrayal

In 1918 and 1919, it was hard to tell whether the Mexican Revolution was heating up or cooling down.  Sponsor:
25/02/1936m 28s

9.24- Swinging From A Tree

In 1917, Villa said he would fight on until Carranza was swinging from a tree.  Sponsor:
17/02/1935m 35s

9.23- The Constitution of 1917

In 1917 Mexico got a new constitution.  sponsor: 
11/02/1936m 58s

9.22- The Punitive Expedition

In March 1916, the United States invaded Mexico. Again.  Dome and Bedlam: Ep. 27 Mike Duncan Unscripted Baseball Content Sponsor Link:
04/02/1937m 37s

9.21- Death To The Gringos

In November, 1915 Pancho Villa declared death to the gringos.  Sponsor link:
27/01/1936m 38s

9.20- The Guns of Veracruz

Wherein Pancho Villa is infected with a fatal case of hubris.  Sponsor:
21/01/1937m 52s

9.19- The Conventionists

In October 1914 the Aguascalientes Convention met to decide the future of Mexico.  Sponsor: Care/Of  
13/01/1940m 37s

9.18- The Fall of Huerta

In the summer of 1914, the armies of Obregón, Villa, and Zapata drove Huerta into exile. 
17/12/1838m 32s

9.17- The Occupation of Veracruz

In April 1914 the United States invaded Mexico.  Get 30% off The Storm Before the Storm: Use 30ROME at Checkout Sponsor Link:  
10/12/1837m 15s

9.16- The Legend of Pancho Villa

Was Pancho Villa an Avenging Angel, Robin Hood, or King of the Bandits? Yes.
03/12/1840m 43s

9.15- The Constitutionalists

Let us begin Phase II of the Mexican Revolution... Sponsor:
26/11/1841m 31s

9.14- The Ten Tragic Days

Actually it was more like 13, but who's counting. 
19/11/1835m 17s

9.13- The Plan of Ayala

After becoming President, Madero decided to alienate his old friends. 
12/11/1839m 45s

9.12- No Peace

After being elected President of Mexico, Francisco Madero enjoyed no peace.   
12/11/1819m 42s

9.11- Not Quite President Madero

In the summer of 1911, Francisco Madero was not quite President. And that was a bit of a problem. sponsor:
29/10/1840m 57s

9.10- Chickens Coming Home To Roost

How Porfirian politics helped destroy the Porfiriato
22/10/1833m 1s

SBTS Epilogue- The Failure of the Sullan Constitution

Sulla died believing he had saved the Roman Republic. Boy was he ever wrong.  Can you do any better? Can You Save The Roman Republic? Check out the book:  
16/10/1837m 42s

9.09- The Tiger

In the spring of 1911, Francisco Madero unleashed the tiger. Let's see if he can control it.  Choose Your Own Adventure Game: Can You Save The Republic? Tour Dates! Oct 15 -- Toronto -- Ben McNally’s Oct 16 -- NYC -- The Strand  Oct 17 -- Nashville -- Parnassus Books Oct 18 -- Atlanta -- The Carter Library (hosted by A Capella Books)  
14/10/1839m 26s

9.08- The Plan of San Luis

Francisco Madero had a plan, but it didn't really work.  Choose Your Own Adventure Game: Can You Save The Republic? Tour Dates! Oct 15 -- Toronto -- Ben McNally’s Oct 16 -- NYC -- The Strand  Oct 17 -- Nashville -- Parnassus Books Oct 18 -- Atlanta -- The Carter Library (hosted by A Capella Books) Come! It's fun!  Sponsor:
10/10/1839m 2s

9.07- Morelos

Welcome to Morelos. I'd like to introduce you to your host, Emiliano Zapata.  Sponsor: Tour Dates! Oct 15 -- Toronto -- Ben McNally’s Oct 16 -- NYC -- The Strand  Oct 17 -- Nashville -- Parnassus Books Oct 18 -- Atlanta -- The Carter Library (hosted by A Capella Books) Come! It's fun!  
10/10/1837m 12s

9.06- The Presidential Succession of 1910

After Porfirio Diaz said he welcomed a democratic opposition, many foolishly took him at his word.  Tour Dates! Oct 15 -- Toronto -- Ben McNally’s Oct 16 -- NYC -- The Strand  Oct 17 -- Nashville -- Parnassus Books Oct 18 -- Atlanta -- The Carter Library (hosted by A Capella Books) Come! It's fun! Sponsor:
17/09/1841m 12s

9.05- The Creelman Interview

Just as Mexico was being kicked around by an economic crisis, Porfirio Diaz dropped a political bombshell.  Sponsor:
11/09/1839m 58s

9.04- The Porfiriato

Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico for so long they named a whole section of Mexican history after him.  Sponsor:
07/09/1839m 52s

9.03- Mexico

In the years after independence, Mexico was a bit unstable.  Sponsor: 
07/09/1846m 58s

9.02- The Cry of Dolores

In 1810, Father Hidalgo let forth the Cry of Dolores. 
07/09/1846m 41s

9.01- New Spain

Just by way of refresher, since I know everyone took such good notes during episode 5.1 and 5.2  sponsor:
07/09/1836m 33s

8.8- The Bloody Week

The last week of May 1871 was indeed a very bloody week.  Sponsor link:
07/09/1842m 59s

8.7- Year 79

🎶Tonight I'm gonna party like it's the year seventy-nine 🎶
07/09/1833m 43s

8.6- The Commune

The Paris Commune was formally inaugurated on March 28, 1871. Unfortunately no one could agree on what that meant.  
07/09/1839m 55s

8.5- The Cannons

On March 18, 1871 the government of Adolphe Thiers attempted to seize control of the National Guard's cannons. It didn't go well.   Fundraiser!
07/09/1839m 42s

8.4- The Siege of Paris

You know you're rich when you can afford to eat rats.  Fundraiser!  
07/09/1841m 56s

8.3- The Government of National Defence

In September 1870, everyone in Paris prepared for a siege. Some of them also prepared for revolution.  Remember:
07/09/1840m 52s

8.2- The Franco-Prussian War

Napoleon III hoped a war with Prussia would save his Empire. Instead it destroyed his Empire.  Remember: Hardball Times Article: Shohei Ohtani, The Bambino, and Bullet Joe This Week In Baseball History: Episode 47 - Leon Day Plays Two Ways  
07/09/1838m 24s

8.1- The Second French Empire

First as tragedy, then as farce.  Fundraiser: Sponsor: 
07/09/1841m 53s

2018 Revolutions Fundraiser Announcment

Phone Lines Now Open! Link:  
07/09/186m 33s

7.33- What the Heck Just Happened

Let's figure out what the heck happened in 1848
07/09/1840m 22s

7.32- The Bitter End

The bitter end of the Revolutions of 1848 arrived in the summer of 1849. Visit Audible! Recs: The Storm Before the Storm (duh) and 30 Greatest Orchestral Workd
07/09/1843m 53s

7.31- The Assembly of the Damned

As the walls close in on the Revolutions of 1848, the final loose ends will be ground up by millstones, but still stamp the future with fertile soil to grow new liberty trees. 
07/09/1840m 24s

7.30- The Crown From the Gutter

Wherein the King of Prussia is offered a dog's collar.   
07/09/1836m 38s

7.29- The New Emperor

In Dec 1848, the Austrian Empire got a new Emperor. 
07/09/1836m 3s

7.28- Prince President Bonaparte

In Dec 1848, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was elected president of France. 
07/09/1842m 41s

7.27- The Flight of the Pope

In November 1848, the Pope took flight.  
07/09/1842m 57s

7.26- The Battle For Vienna

After the Emperor declared war on Hungary, Vienna launched an uprising in October 1848.
07/09/1839m 13s

7.25- The Parliament of Professors

The Frankfurt Parliament is the symbol of the liberal German Revolution of 1848. That's not a compliment. 
07/09/1839m 50s

7.24- The Turn of The Tide

In the summer of 1848, the forces of counter-revolution began to get the upper hand in central Europe. 
07/09/1835m 54s

7.23- The First War of Italian Independence

On March 23, 1848 the Kingdom of Piedmont declared war on Austria. 
07/09/1841m 16s

7.22- The April Laws

In April 1848, the Hungarians won the right to national self-government. But what about the other nations of the Kingdom of Hungary?
07/09/1833m 58s

7.21- Cracking Down and Backing Down

The Austrian Imperial Ministry had a habit of cracking down, but then backing down.
07/09/1843m 27s

7.20- Where Do You Draw The Line?

With German unification on the way, the question became who exactly was going to be unified anyway? Give a Gift Get A Gift:  
07/09/1843m 53s

7.19- The June Days

In June 1848, France discovered class conflict.  Give a Gift Get A Gift: Subscribe to Hardcore History Addendum
07/09/1839m 40s

7.18- Democracy In Action

The Provisional Government of France wanted a political revolution NOT a social revolution. Direct Link:  Give a Gift Get A Gift: Tour! 12/4/17 LOS ANGELES, CA Barnes & Noble -- The Grove, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing   12/5/17 SAN FRANCISCO, CA Book Passage, 6:00 PM Reading + Signing 12/6/17   PORTLAND, OR Powell's Books, 7:30 PM Back where it all began   12/7/17 SEATTLE, WA Elliott Bay Book Company, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing
07/09/1842m 44s

7.17- The Five Days of Milan

In March 1848, both Milan and Venice revolted against Austrian rule.  Order the Storm Before The Storm: West Coast Tour:
07/09/1842m 13s

7.16- We Crawled On Our Stomachs

The fall of the July Monarchy set off a chain reaction throughout Germany that climaxed with intense fighting in Berlin.  
07/09/1837m 24s

7.15- Slaves No More

On your feet, Magyar, the homeland calls! The time is here, now or never! Shall we be slaves or free? This is the question, choose your answer.
07/09/1837m 9s

7.14- The Fall of Metternich

On March 13, 1848, Metternich fell.  We did it!  New York Times Bestseller List
07/09/1838m 43s

Politics & Prose Oct 28: The Storm Before the Storm Book Event

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07/09/181h 3m

The Calm Before the Storm Before the Storm

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07/09/188m 11s

7.13- The Spectre of The French Revolution

There is a spectre haunting Europe.... 10/24/17 BOSTON, MA Harvard Book Store, 7:00 PM Book launch!   10/25/17 NEW YORK, NY Book Culture, Time TBD In Conversation w/ Jared Yates Sexton   10/26/17 BROOKLYN, NY Powerhouse Arena, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing 10/27/17   PHILADELPHIA, PA Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square, Time TBD Reading + Signing 10/28/17   WASHINGTON DC, DC Politics & Prose, 1:00 PM Oh nothing, just living out a childhood fantasy
07/09/1830m 57s

7.12- The Provisional Government

In 1848 there would be no replacing one Bourbon with another.  10/24/17 BOSTON, MA Harvard Book Store, 7:00 PM Book launch!   10/25/17 NEW YORK, NY Book Culture, Time TBD In Conversation w/ Jared Yates Sexton   10/26/17 BROOKLYN, NY Powerhouse Arena, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing 10/27/17   PHILADELPHIA, PA Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square, Time TBD Reading + Signing 10/28/17   WASHINGTON DC, DC Politics & Prose, 1:00 PM Oh nothing, just living out a childhood fantasy
07/09/1836m 21s

7.11- The Last King of the French

In February 1848 the National Guard had finally had enough of the July Monarchy  Book Tour!   10/24/17 BOSTON, MA Harvard Book Store, 7:00 PM Book launch!   10/25/17 NEW YORK, NY Book Culture, Time TBD In Conversation w/ Jared Yates Sexton   10/26/17 BROOKLYN, NY Powerhouse Arena, 7:00 PM Reading + Signing 10/27/17   PHILADELPHIA, PA Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square, Time TBD Reading + Signing 10/28/17   WASHINGTON DC, DC Politics & Prose, 2:00 PM Oh nothing, just living out a childhood fantasy
07/09/1839m 51s

7.10- The Banquets

In 1847 and 1848 opposition leaders spent good money to eat bad food while listening to bad speeches.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million Indigo
07/09/1839m 55s

7.09- The Pope and the King

The Revolutions of 1848 began in Italy Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million Indigo
07/09/1839m 52s

7.08- The Political Question

Do you want a constitution? Well, too bad.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million Indigo
07/09/1846m 48s

7.07- The Hungry Forties

The mid-1840s were a rotten time.  Tides of History Interview  History Fangirl Interview  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million Indigo
07/09/1832m 36s

7.06- The Kingdom of Hungary

1000 years of Hungarian history in 38 minutes.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million Indigo
07/09/1839m 57s

7.05- Risorgimento

In the years after the Napoleonic conquest, the dream of Italian liberation and unification took root.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million
07/09/1837m 55s

7.04- The Austrian Empire

It may not be Holy or Roman anymore, but it was still an Empire... Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indibound Books-a-Million
07/09/1843m 2s

7.03- The German Confederation

The long road to Germany has begun. 
07/09/1832m 20s

The Storm Before The Storm: Chapter 1- The Beasts of Italy

Audio excerpt from The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic by Mike Duncan. Forthcoming Oct. 24, 2017. Pre-order a copy today!  Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indibound Books-a-Million Or visit us at:
07/09/1855m 41s

7.02- Order and Liberty

The foundations of the July Monarchy were thin and shallow.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indibound Books-a-Million
07/09/1841m 1s

7.01- The Volcano

In January 1848 Europe was sleeping on a volcano.  Pre-Order The Storm Before the Storm! Amazon Powells Barnes & Noble Indibound Books-a-Million
07/09/1840m 10s

6.08e- The June Rebellion

In June 1832 a bunch of radical republicans spontaneously broke out in song. 
07/09/1834m 10s

6.08d- The Carbonari

In 1820 the Good Cousins staged a revolution in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. 
07/09/1841m 46s

6.08c- Metternich

After the fall of Napoleon, Austrian Foreign Minister Metternich attempted to orchestrate a new conservative order in Europe.  Sponsor: 
07/09/1834m 39s

6.08b- The Belgian Revolution

In 1830, the Belgians said we don't want to be a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands anymore.
07/09/1835m 59s

6.8a- The Fait Accompli of 1830

What the heck did the rest of France think about the July Revolution? Sponsor Link:
07/09/1834m 27s

6.07- The Last King of France

King Charles X should have never signed the Four Ordinances. You know. In hindsight. 
07/09/1848m 9s

6.06- The Duc d'Orleans

Time to get this piece on the board. 
07/09/1823m 50s

6.05- The Barricades

On Wed July 28, 1830 the people of Paris proved that piles of rubble were the key to urban revolution. 
07/09/1838m 59s

6.04- Stop The Presses

On Monday July 26, 1830 the Four Ordinances were published. On Tuesday July 27 the July Revolution began. 
07/09/1839m 17s

6.03- Help Yourself And Heaven Will Help You

In early 1830 King Charles X tried to beat back the liberal opposition. Instead they came back stronger than ever.   
07/09/1840m 57s

6.02- Charles The Simple

After ascending to the throne in 1824 Charles X wanted to impose his ultra-royalism on France, but his annoying subjects kept resisting.
07/09/1835m 6s

6.01- The Chain of Time

After the fall of Napoleon, the Bourbon monarchy was restored. 
07/09/1845m 38s

5.27- The Labyrinth

In 1830, both Simon Bolivar and Gran Colombia died.   
07/09/1844m 11s

5.26- Out the Window

On Sept 25, 1828 Simón Bolívar went out the window.
07/09/1834m 37s

5.25- The Tangled Swords

At the end of 1826 Simon Bolivar returned to Colombia to deal with the revolt of Jose Antonio Paez. 
07/09/1832m 54s

5.24- The Republic of Bolivar

In 1825 Upper Peru became the independent nation of Bolivia. 
07/09/1838m 41s

5.23- Ayacucho

Wherein Gen. Sucre wins a very Bolivarian battle.
07/09/1836m 58s

5.22- The Guayaquil Conference

Simòn Bolívar and Jose de San Martin met for the first and only time in July 1822 
07/09/1832m 56s

5.21- The Third Sister

In 1822, Antonio Jose Sucre and Simon Bolivar liberated Quito and made Gran Colombia whole.    Sponsor Link: Harrys Razors
07/09/1830m 36s

5.20- The Sea Wolf

Lord Thomas Cochrane turned out to be the key to Peru. 
07/09/1840m 1s

5.19- The Army of the Andes

José de San Martín gets zonked on opium and marches through the Andes. 
07/09/1836m 50s

5.18- Liberation

On June 24, 1821 the Battle of Carabobo secured permanent independence for Venezuela.
07/09/1842m 37s

2016 Fundraiser! 2 T-shirts! 3 Screenprints! 5 New episodes of The History of Rome!
07/09/1810m 22s

5.17a- Supplemental Gregor MacGregor

Do not buy land in Poyais. 
07/09/1840m 31s

5.17- The Big Rock On The Side Of The Road

In 1820 a mutiny in Cádiz changed the course of Spanish American history.  . 
07/09/1837m 38s

5.16- Over The Mountains

In July 1819 Bolívar led a legendary march into the mountains to liberate New Granada once and for all. 
07/09/1839m 24s

5.15- The Centaur of the Plains

In January 1818 Simón Bolívar met José Antonio Páez. The War of Venezuelan Independence would never be the same. 
07/09/1842m 55s

5.14- El Jefe Supremo

With an assist from the Republic of Haiti, Simon Bolivar launched a new expedition to Venezuela in 1816.  
07/09/1836m 44s

5.13- The Letter From Jamaica

Enter José de San Martín and Bernardo O'Higgins.   
07/09/1846m 30s

5.12- The Desired One

The restoration of King Ferdinand VII spelled big trouble for Spanish American Independence. 
07/09/1836m 50s

5.11- The Legions of Hell

In 1814 Simón Bolívar met the Legions of Hell. It wasn't pretty. 
07/09/1841m 54s

5.10- War To The Death

Simón Bolívar left Venezuela in 1812. He came back in 1813. 
07/09/1844m 51s

5.09- God's Divine Wrath

Things did not go well for the First Venezuelan Republic. 
07/09/1841m 22s

5.08- The Patriotic Society For The Development of Agriculture and Livestock

in 1810 Simón Bolívar brought Francisco de Miranda home. 
07/09/1843m 30s

5.07- The First Cry For Liberty

Further unrest plagued Spanish America in 1809 as the situation deteriorated back in Spain. 
07/09/1833m 39s

5.06- The Abdications of Bayonne

In May 1808 Napoleon deposed the Spanish Monarchy.
07/09/1842m 52s

5.05- The Leander Expedition

1n 1806, two invasions of South America tested the waters of independence. Also, Bolívar swears to liberate his country or die trying. 
07/09/1842m 31s

5.04- The Prince of Caracas

Enter Bolívar. 
07/09/1837m 52s

5.03- The Precursors

After the Seven Years War the Spanish American Empire was hit with an array of revolts. Also six degrees of Francisco de Miranda.   
07/09/1844m 48s

5.02- New Granada

After the Bourbons came to power they reformed the Spanish Empire and along the way created the Viceroyalty of New Granada. 
07/09/1842m 39s

5.01- The Conquest

After Columbus "discovered" America the Spanish built up an empire upon which the sun never set. 
07/09/1845m 49s

4.19- The History of Haiti

1806-Present. Enjoy.
07/09/181h 44m

4.18- Death to the French

After declaring independence, Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered the extermination of the white French. 
07/09/1838m 5s

4.17a- The Haitian Declaration of Independence

Done at the headquarters of Gonaives, the first day of January 1804, the first year of independence.
07/09/188m 39s

4.17- Independence

The new nation of Haiti was born on New Years Day 1804.
07/09/1839m 20s

4.16- Dying Like Flies

In the summer of 1802 the worst Yellow Fever epidemic on record hit Saint-Domingue--making it very difficult to re-impose slavery. 
07/09/1837m 20s

4.15- The Leclerc Expedition

With the massive expedition he assembled, Bonaparte reckoned it would take three months to retake Saint-Domingue.
07/09/1839m 48s

4.14- The Constitution of 1801

In 1801 Toussaint Louverture annexed Santo Domingo and promulgated a new constitution without permission from France. First Consul Bonaparte was not amused. 
07/09/1840m 47s

4.13- The War of Knives

From 1799-1800 Toussaint Louverture and Andre Rigaud fought a civil war for control of Saint-Domingue. 
07/09/1838m 50s

4.12- Toussaint's Clause

Toussaint Louverture began to craft an independent foreign policy for Saint-Domingue in 1798.
07/09/1837m 25s

4.11- To Attempt the Impossible

In 1797, Touissant used the conservative victory in the elections of Year V to solidify his own position in Saint-Domingue.
07/09/1833m 0s

4.10- The Third Commission

By mid-1796, Toussaint Louverture had no rival on Saint-Domingue. Then Sonthonax came back.
07/09/1839m 50s

4.09- What The Future Will Bring

From the summer of 1794 to the summer of 1795, the future of Saint-Domingue hung in the balance.
07/09/1839m 36s

4.08- The Tricolor Commission

In February 1794, the National Convention not only ratified the emergency emancipation of the slaves, they extended it even further.
07/09/1838m 21s

4.07- The Citizens of June 20

Le Cap burns. White colonial rule ends. The slaves are freed.
07/09/1836m 17s

4.06- The Second Commission

The Second Commission was supposed to implement the Law of April 4 and defeat the slave uprising. This turned out to be harder than they thought.  
07/09/1838m 33s

4.05- The Citizens of April 4

With slave revolts and civil war erupting in Saint-Domingue, the Legislative Assembly abolished all racial distinctions on April 4, 1792. 
07/09/1838m 22s

4.04- Three Revolts

First the whites revolted. Then the free coloreds revolted. Then the slaves REALLY revolted.
07/09/1836m 32s

4.03- Free and Equal

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen sure seemed to imply that men were born free and equal in rights. In fact, it explicitly said so.
07/09/1838m 26s

4.02- The Web of Tension

Wherein we find out what everyone thought about everyone else. Direct Link: 4.02- The Web of Tension Sponsor link:
07/09/1838m 40s

4.01- Saint-Domingue

The French colony of Saint-Domingue was the single most lucrative colony in the New World.
07/09/1837m 49s

3.55- The Retrospective

One last look back at the pile of severed heads.
07/09/1855m 32s

Special Announcement: Mike Duncan Inks a Book Deal

This is a real thing that is actually happening:
07/09/184m 39s

3.54- The Empire

Napoleon conquered Europe. Then he got beat and the Bourbons came back. Twitter: @mikeduncan
07/09/1830m 47s

3.53- The Consulate

After coming to power in 1799, First Consul Bonaparte achieved many of the Revolution's dreams and healed many of its open wounds. So he declared himself Emperor in 1804.
07/09/1827m 56s

3.52- There is Your Man

And his name is Napoleon Bonaparte. Sponsor Link: Me on Twitter:
07/09/1836m 2s

3.51- The Coup of Prairial

When the War of the Second Coalition got off to a terrible start for the French, the Triumvirate that had been running the Directory since 1797 was overthrown. Hey look I'm on Twitter:
07/09/1836m 23s

3.50- The Second Coalition

While Bonaparte was off trying to conquer Egypt, the rest of Europe mobilized against France.
07/09/1833m 49s

3.49- The Egyptian Expedition

In July 1798 Bonaparte and his healthy, hopeful army arrived in Egypt. In August 1799 Bonaparte ditched his now demoralized, plague-ridden army and sailed for home.
07/09/1841m 13s

3.48- The Coup of Floreal

The Directory manipulated the elections of Year VI to block left-wing candidates. Meanwhile Talleyrand provoked the Americans into war and Bonaparte sailed for Egypt.
07/09/1835m 44s

3.47- The Directorial Terror

After Fructidor the Directory cracked down on the conservatives. They also created more sister republicans to systematically loot. Sponsor Link:  
07/09/1839m 47s

3.46- The Coup of Fructidor

After taking a drubbing in the elections Year V, the Directory decided to just annul the results.
07/09/1840m 9s

3.45- The Fall of Mantua

Bonaparte almost gets beat! But then he doesn't. Also don't invade Ireland in December. sponsor link:  
07/09/1835m 0s

3.44- The War Feeds Itself

Control the central position. Move on the rear. Live off the land. Sponsor Link:  
07/09/1838m 44s

3.43- The Conspiracy of Equals

The adventures of everyone's favorite proto-communist. k
07/09/1836m 32s

3.42- The Whiff of Grapeshot

When the Thermidorean Convention introduced the Constitution of Year III, the political Right went a little nuts.
07/09/1834m 26s

3.41- Bread and the Constitution of 1793

That's the slogan that rallied the last remnents of the sans culottes to action...right before they got crushed by the Thermidorean Convention.
07/09/1835m 29s

3.40- The Frozen Rivers

The terrible winter of 1794-95 helped France push back all her enemies. Also...Poland!
07/09/1835m 26s

3.39- The Death of the Jacobins

After the events of 9 Thermidor, the Revolution began to swing back to the right.
07/09/1820m 1s

3.38- Thermidor

The events of 9 Thermidor II brought Act I of the French Revolution to a gruesome end.
07/09/1832m 23s

Help Scott Help Syria

Promoting a fundraising drive spearheaded by Scott Chesworth at the Ancient World podcast to help preseve Syria's massively important cultural treasures. Link to The Ancient World for all the Details. Direct Link to the Syrian Heritage Initiative Direct Link to Scott's findraising page for the International Rescue Committee  
07/09/183m 35s

3.37- The Republic of Virtue

If the mainspring of popular government in peacetime is virtue, amid revolution it is at once virtue and terror: virtue, without which terror is fatal; terror, without which virtue is impotent.
07/09/1836m 43s

3.36- The Liquidation Process

In the spring of 1794. the Revolution devoured a few of her most beloved children. sponsor link:
07/09/1835m 8s

3.35- The Law of 14 Frimaire

At the end of 1793, the Committee of Public Safety completed it's consolidation of power.
07/09/1836m 59s

3.34c- Citizen Genet

Do not get into a popularity contest with George Washington. spnsor link:
07/09/1818m 2s

3.34b- Phillippe Egalite

Marie Antoinette thought he was behind EVERYTHING sponsor link:
07/09/1816m 13s

3.34a- The Republican Calendar

In Oct 1793 the French Revolution took a stab at reforming time itself.
07/09/1815m 26s

3.34- Saturn's Children

In October 1793 the Reign of Terror got started with the executions of Marie Antoinette and the Girondins.
07/09/1831m 41s

3.33- The Geography of Terror

In the fall of 1793, the French Republic started to gain traction against its enemies. Setting up the stage for the Reign of Terror. sponsor:
07/09/1835m 54s

3.32- The Committee of Public Safety

In the summer of 1793 a re-organized Committee of Public Safety began to consolidate power.
07/09/1832m 10s

3.31- The Man of Blood Part Deux

In the summer of 1793 the Revolutionaries in Paris were besieged from all sides.
07/09/1834m 43s

3.30- The 250th Episode

Question Time! sponsor link:
07/09/181h 14m

3.29- The Purge of the Girondins

On May 31-June 2, 1793 Paris once again rose in armed insurrection against the national government.
07/09/1832m 22s

3.28- Provincial Revolt

In the spring of 1793 revolts against Paris started erupting all over France. Sponsor:  
07/09/1830m 21s

3.27- Advance and Retreat

After the Battle of Valmy the French armies advanced on all fronts. 
07/09/1835m 54s

3.26- The Trial of Louis XVI

King Louis XVI was put on trial by the National Convention and executed Jan 21, 1793.
07/09/1837m 57s

3.25- The National Convention

The National Convention voted unanimously to abolish the monarchy on Sept 21, 1792. Then they proceeded to go at each others throats.  Sponsor:
07/09/1820m 12s

3.24- The September Massacres

With the Allied armies approaching Paris, the sans-culottes broke into all the prisoners and slaughtered the inmates. 
07/09/1836m 52s

3.23- The Insurrection of August 10th

On Aug 10, 1792 the radical sections of Paris overthrew the monarchy. Store: Sponsor:
07/09/1833m 1s

3.22- War

In April 1792 France declared war on Austria. Store:
07/09/1831m 18s

3.21a Supplemental- Talleyrand

07/09/1819m 8s

3.21- The Legislative Assembly

The new Legislative Assembly convened in October 1791 and quickly put France on the path to war.  Fundraiser Store:
07/09/1834m 16s

Fundraiser! 14 Dec 2014 - 21 Jan 2015!

Check it out! Buy the Five-Sided Cross! And then buy everything else!
07/09/1814m 20s

3.20- The Constitution of 1791

As the National Assembly drew to a close, the Triumvirate rose to power.
07/09/1832m 54s

3.19- The Massacre of the Champ de Mars

After the Flight to Varennes, populist agistators in Paris called for an end to the monarchy, leading to a bloody confrontation in July 1791. Coming Dec 14:
07/09/1830m 28s

The Flight of Emperor Palpatine

Would really like to get my hands on the salacious limericks the good Emperor composed while whacked on spice. 
07/09/183m 55s

3.18- The Flight to Varennes

In June 1791 the royal family tried to escape from Paris, but they were busted while passing through Verennes.  Sponsor link:
07/09/1830m 18s

3.17- A Temporary Summit

After the Feast of the Federation, Revolutionary France was outwardly calm, but internally divided. 
07/09/1832m 56s

3.16- The Society of 1789

In the leadup to the great Fête de la Fédération, the Marquis de Lafayette and a group of liberal nobles began to direct the course of the Revolution.  0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin-top:0in; mso-para-margin-right:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; mso-para-margin-left:0in; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}
07/09/1830m 53s

3.15- The Rise of the Jacobins

After the move to Paris, radical delegates from the National Assembly formed a new political club to help push their agenda.
07/09/1831m 21s

3.14- The Women's March on Versailles

In October 1789 some angry houswives changed the course of the French Revolution.  Sponsor Link:
07/09/1830m 51s

3.13- The Rights of Man

After the Night of August 4th, the National Assembly divided into new political factions. 
07/09/1831m 42s

3.12- The Great Fear

After a wave of chaos spread across France, the National Assembly abolished feudalism on the night of Aug. 4, 1789. 
07/09/1830m 56s

3.11- The Fall of the Bastille

On July 14, 1789 a mob of angry Parisians stormed the Bastille.   
07/09/1831m 34s

Random Insert-Tour Announcement

English, French and American Revolutions Tours! Spring 2015!
07/09/181m 50s

3.10- The Tennis Court Oath

On Day 2 of the Estates General, the Third Estate went on strike.  Sponsor link:
07/09/1830m 29s

3.9- What is the Third Estate?

The debate over the coming Estates General awakened the political consciousness of the Third Estate. Also the weather was rotten. 
07/09/1832m 21s

3.8- The Day of the Tiles

The king's attempt to break the Parments in the summer of 1788 was was met by widespread resistence. 
07/09/1826m 22s

3.6- The Stately Quadrille

Round and round and round it goes...
07/09/1828m 43s

3.5- The Assembly of Notables

King Louis called the Assembly of Notables in early 1787 to approve a major fincancial reform package. But intead of rubber stamping the initiatives, the Notables scrutinized every detail. 
07/09/1825m 43s

3.4- Necker and the Necklace

Just as the financial situation was about to explode the monarchy was hit by a public relations nightmare.
07/09/1826m 53s

3.3- Resistance to Reform

As power passed from Louis XV to Louis XVI, royal ministers attempted to implement reforms, but were thewarted at every turn. 
07/09/1827m 18s

3.2-The Broken Regime

The Ancien Regime was a mess in desperate need of reform. 
07/09/1828m 17s

3.1- The Three Estates

The population of pre-Revolutionary France was divided into Three Estates: the Church, the Nobility and Everyone Else. 
07/09/1827m 12s

3.0 Revolutions Podcast Update

Tours. Episode Numbering. Money. Parlez-vous français?
07/09/185m 23s

2.15a- The Bill of Rights

Hang them on the wall of every classroom. 
07/09/183m 44s

2.15- The Rising Sun

The ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights marks the end of the Revolutionary Era. 
07/09/1836m 52s

2.14- The Critical Period

Between the end of the War of Independence and the Constitutional Convention the new United States was plagued by problems. The Articles of Confederation were not up to solving them. 
07/09/1829m 38s

2.13- The Articles of Confederation

As the newly independent United States trasitioned from war to peace, it was tripped up by the ineffective Articles of Confederation. 
07/09/1827m 28s

2.12- Yorktown

Lord Cornwallis was trapped in Yorktown in October 1781. His surrender ended the American War of Independence. 
07/09/1827m 11s

2.11- Tarleton's Quarter

Despite the thrashing he gave Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden, Lord Cornwallis found the Carolinas slipping out of his grasp. 
07/09/1830m 41s

2.10- Turning South

The Episode That Wouldn't Die.
07/09/1826m 59s

2.9- Valley Forge

After Saratoga the French joined the war, the British changed strategies and Washington's army spent a miserable winter at Valley Forge. 
07/09/1829m 27s

2.8- Saratoga

Gentleman Johnny's Party Train ran into some trouble in 1777. 
07/09/1831m 9s

2.7- Crossing the Delaware

With the revolution on the line, George Washginton led his army to victory at Trenton. Unfortunately he would be unable to stop the British from taking Philadelphia in 1777.   
07/09/1828m 33s

2.6a- Supplemental The Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events...
07/09/189m 19s

2.6- Independence

The American colonies declared independence in July 1776. Then their armies got chased around New York. 
07/09/1830m 53s

2.5- The Guns of Ticonderoga

After the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, war between Britain and the colonies broke out. George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief and laid siege to Boston.
07/09/1829m 56s

2.4- The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party led Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts in 1774. The colonists were really super not amused. 
07/09/1827m 24s

2.3- The Townshend Acts

After the failure of the Stamp Act, Parliament passed a new series of taxes known as the Townshend Acts. The colonists were not amused. 
07/09/1827m 34s

2.2- The Stamp Act

After the French and Indian War, the British Ministry started levying new taxes on the colonies. The colonists were not amused. 
07/09/1829m 16s

2.1- The Thirteen Colonies

A brief tour of the Thirteen Colonies. 
07/09/1830m 20s

1.16- The Restoration

The English Monarchy was restored in 1660. 
07/09/1830m 47s

1.16a Supplemental- Sir Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon

  After serving in Parliament and the courts of both Charles I and Charles II, Edward Hyde wrote a massively influential history of the English Civil Wars.
07/09/1811m 6s

1.15- The Good Old Cause

Oliver Cromwell died on September 3, 1658. His son and heir Richard was iunable to hold the Protectorate together. 
07/09/1828m 24s

1.14a Supplemental- The War on Christmas

After the Puritans came to power they tried to abolish Christmas. Seriously. 
07/09/188m 42s

1.14- The Humble Petition and Advice

The dissolution of the First Protectorate Parliament led to the brief and unpopular Rule of the Major Generals. When the Second Protectorate Parliament was finally called they tried to make Oliver Cromwell king. 
07/09/1829m 20s

1.13- The Instrument of Government

The Instrument of Government was the first written constituion in English history. 
07/09/1825m 27s

1.12- In The Name of God Go

In 1653 Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament and then Barebone's Parliament dissolved itself. The Commonwealth was not getting off to a great start. 
07/09/1828m 59s

1.12b- Supplemental The Diggers

God wanted me to tell you that property is theft.   
07/09/1812m 36s

1.12a- Supplemental Freeborn John

For someone who was born free John Lilburne sure spent a lot of time in prison
07/09/1811m 35s

1.11a- Tour Announcement 2

Reserve your spot for England/France June 2014 at!
07/09/181m 25s

1.11- The Crowning Mercy

Charles II raised an army of Scots to help him claim the throne, but they were defeated by Oliver Cromwell at Dunbar and Worcester.  
07/09/1829m 51s

1.10- Regicide

After Pride's Purge, Charles I was executed by the Rump Parliament on January 30, 1649. Then Cromwell invaded Ireland. 
07/09/1827m 42s

1.9- The Man of Blood

As the New Model Army debated the merits of constitutional democracy, King Charles was scheming to put himself back on the throne.   
07/09/1829m 48s

1.8- Checkmate

After the Battle of Naseby ended the King's chances for military victory, he became the frustrating center of post-war negotiations. 
07/09/1825m 21s

1.7a- Tour Announcement

New Revolutions Tour coming in June 2014! Email:
07/09/182m 5s

1.7- The New Model Army

After years of muddling along, Parliament created a more professional army. They finally defeated King Charles at Nasbay in June 1645.  
07/09/1828m 3s

1.6- The Solemn League And Covenant

In late 1643, Parliament sealed a military alliance with the Scots. Their combined force defeated the Royalists at Marston Moor. 
07/09/1827m 21s

1.5- Cavaliers and Roundheads

After negotiations with Parliament broke down, King Charles raised his standard in August, 1642. The opening campaigns of the First Civil War tilted in the Royalists favor. 
07/09/1826m 32s

1.5a- Supplemental- The Armies

A brief description of the soldiers who fought in the English Civil Wars. 
07/09/1812m 55s

1.4- The Long Parliament

The Long Parliament convened in November 1640. Tensions ran high as Parliamentary leaders tried to assert control over the State. 
07/09/1825m 57s

1.3- The Bishops' Wars

The Scots revolted after Charles tried to impose the Book of Common Prayer, forcing the King to recall Parliament.
07/09/1826m 35s

1.2- Personal Rule

In the 1630s, King Charles ruled without Parliament. His financial policies and religious innovations annoyed many of his subjects.
07/09/1823m 50s

1.1- The Kingdoms of Charles Stuart

In 1625 Charles Stuart became king of England, Scotland and Ireland. His relationship with Parliament immediately got off on the wrong foot.
07/09/1824m 18s

0.0- Introduction

Welcome to Revolutions.
07/09/189m 51s
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