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The Fridge Light


<p>Join top food writer Chris Nuttall-Smith for an obsessive, fascinating journey through the hidden stories of the things we eat. Each episode chows down on one food phenomenon, revealing the unexpected cultural ingredients. Part science, part business, part psychology — always fresh and delicious.</p>


The Fridge Light Introduces: 10 Minutes to Save the Planet

Our brains aren’t wired to save the world. But if you’re ready to make changes that actually stick, 10 Minutes to Save the Planet will show you the way. Co-hosts meteorologist and climate reporter Johanna Wagstaffe and broadcaster Rohit Joseph work through the UN’s 10 actions for a healthy planet, but in a way that won’t shame, overwhelm or bore you. Think of each episode as a bite-size guide to fight climate change, rooted in behavioural therapy. More episodes are available at:
11/07/2312m 19s

Catch of the Day

How one of the strangest, and frankly blandest-tasting animals you’ll ever encounter, might just be exactly the fish the planet needs.
20/12/1739m 5s

Blank Slate

Tofu: vegetarian superfood or toxin-ridden poison? (Spoiler alert: it&aposs neither!)
12/12/1733m 8s

Chew Chew

The sticky story of how gum conquered our planet — and why today it’s fighting just to survive.
05/12/1734m 38s


Prebiotic. Probiotic. These labels are popping up on all sorts of food products, but do they actually help your intestines do their thing?
28/11/1737m 15s

You'll Have Another

What are the invisible forces that determine what&aposs in your drink?
21/11/1726m 48s

Snack Time

Can the Fridge Light team choose, once and for all, the greatest snack of all time? We find out at our first ever live show, recorded at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival.
08/11/1749m 35s

Billion Dollar Baby: the rise and fall of Orbitz

The untold inside story of Orbitz -- the weirdest drink of the 1990s, and maybe the single worst beverage launch of all time. Doomed to failure, or way ahead of its time?
01/11/1743m 59s

Green Gold

Lettuce: the invisible forces that turned rabbit food into the world’s first seasonless produce.
24/10/1738m 14s

So Saucy

Sauce: it’s identity in a bottle, with a side order of culture and commerce.
18/10/1737m 55s

The Rest of the Pig

From bacon to guanciale, North Americans love their pork. But even with today’s nose-to-tail approach to eating, there is still plenty left over after the butcher is done. So what happens to the rest of the pig?
10/10/1734m 55s

One word: Yeasts

Yeast — yes, yeast — is revolutionizing the way we eat and drink, how we produce milk and meat, and even how we get high.
03/10/1743m 19s

The Fridge Light trailer

Food journalist Chris Nuttall-Smith is on an obsessive, fascinating quest to uncover the hidden stories of what we eat and drink coming this September 27.
27/09/171m 36s

Dark Meat/White Meat

One is moist and rich, the other drier and mild. But by the 1990s, boneless, skinless chicken breast was the preferred choice for North Americans. In its first episode, The Fridge Light looks into the popularity battle between dark meat and white meat.
27/09/1740m 39s
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