2050: Degrees of Change

2050: Degrees of Change

By CBC Radio

CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe guides a journey to our future in a CBC Vancouver original podcast that explores how our world and lives will adapt to climate change within a few decades.


Introducing: World on Fire

When your backyard is burning, is anywhere safe? Welcome to World on Fire, a six-part original podcast from CBC Edmonton that takes us to the front lines of out of control wildfires in Canada, Australia and California. Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, hosts Adrienne Lamb and wildfire expert, Mike Flannigan look at what it takes to find hope in the midst of fear and destruction
01/10/20·37m 15s

Episode 7: A New Future

In this bonus episode taped in front of a live audience at CBC Vancouver we ask "What would it take for you to change for climate change?". Johanna Wagstaffe hosts a panel of environmental experts to tell us what kind of change is meaningful enough to alter the path as we head towards the year 2050. Hear why it's not too late to rewrite our future.
26/11/18·1h 0m

Episode 1 - B.C. in 2050

Meteorologists call British Columbia 'the land of a billion micro climates.' By 2050, the average temperature in BC will have risen by 2.5 C. But that doesn't mean everything will just get hotter. We explore how BC's climate will change in just 30 years.
15/06/17·21m 44s

Episode 2 - Snow and Ice

Without snow, everything changes. In this episode, we reveal the downstream effects of record-low snow packs, melting glaciers and rising sea levels in British Columbia.
14/06/17·25m 20s

Episode 3 - Agriculture

What do rising temperatures, changing rain patterns and shifting seasons mean for farmers? We learn about the challenges, as well as opportunities, facing producers.
13/06/17·30m 14s

Episode 4 - Cities

Vancouver says it will run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. We look at how climate change will re-shape our cities, and ask if we're doing enough to mitigate its effects on our environment as well as our society.
12/06/17·33m 25s

Episode 5 - Fire and Forests

'There is no 'no smoke' option.' By 2050, forest fires will be more frequent, and more devastating. This has profound impacts on one of our major resource industries, as well as wildlife.
11/06/17·33m 10s

Episode 6 - The Global Village

By mid-century, life in B.C. will be transformed. But around the world hundreds of millions of people will be facing life or death decisions. In this episode, we hear what climate change means for the rest of the world.
10/06/17·27m 21s

2050: Degrees of Change - available June 9

Senior Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe returns as host of '2050: Degrees of Change', an original six-part podcast series, exploring what will change in BC, how scientists are preparing, and how global climate change conflicts will impact us.
01/06/17·1m 43s
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