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There's no such thing as a 3 shot par 5


Episode 76: Will Buxton

Randy is joined by veteran Formula 1 reporter Will Buxton to discuss the sport, his history with it, and catch up on current events. On the heels of our Perfect Club episode (Ep 74) a couple weeks back, and the amazing reception it received, we really wanted to get a bit more in-depth with Will--and he does not disappoint! 
27/05/201h 6m

Episode 75: Brian Anderson

Randy is joined by veteran broadcaster Brian Anderson. Brian currently works for Turner Sports calling NBA basketball and postseason baseball, as well as handling play-by-play duties for Milwaukee Brewers television broadcasts. This Sunday, May 24th, he'll be the lead announcer for The Match on TNT featuring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The two discuss this weekend's event along with Brian's experiences in broadcasting, from getting his start in minor league baseball to interviewing Greg Popovich as sideline reporter with the San Antonio Spurs, plus much more! 
20/05/201h 5m

Episode 74: Formula 1 Racing

It's a Perfect Club with Tron, Neil and Randy! The trio discuss their enjoyment of the Netflix series, "Formula 1: Drive to Survive". There are currently two seasons chronicling the 2018 and 2019 race campaigns, respectively. Among other topics touched upon are favorite personalities, favorite/least favorite drivers, best tracks, teams, and much, much more!
12/05/201h 28m

Episode 73: Brett Cyrgalis

You're invited into the Reading Room for a conversation between Randy and New York Post sportswriter Brett Cyrgalis on his new book, "Golf's Holy War: The Battle for the Soul of a Game in an Age of Science". The two discuss Brett's background in writing and in golf before diving into a conversation about the book and its contents. Enjoy!  
05/05/201h 8m

Episode 72: Andrew Whitworth

Neil and Randy chop it up with NFL veteran offensive tackle, Andrew Whitworth. Along with being an All-Pro football player Andrew is an avid golfer during his offseason. They discuss the nature of his golf game, how a man of his stature (6'7 300+ lbs) goes about it, if he can relate to any PGA pros, and a lot more. And of course there's lots of football talk too--Coach Saban, the AFC North, blocking technique and schemes, Coach McVay, and more! Enjoy. (Note: there are 45 seconds where Andrew's phone cuts out just a bit at the 46:50 mark when discussing Carson Palmer--sorry for that inconvenience)
30/04/201h 9m

Episode 71: All Things 'Strapped'

With the culmination of both 'Strapped: Southern California' and the fundraiser to determine the location of the first post-lockdown 'Strapped' upon us, Neil, DJ and Randy discuss the show in its entirety. Included are favorites, least favorites, funny off-camera incidents and so much more, including numerous viewer-submitted questions. Enjoy!
27/04/201h 40m

Episode 70: Golf and the Virus

In this episode Neil chats with some of our partners and friends across the golf landscape to get a first-hand perspective on how COVID-19 is impacting individuals and businesses. Here at NLU, we’ve postponed events, halted travel plans, and completely changed our content calendar, and we're not alone in that regard--this podcast puts into perspective how far reaching the impact has been for others in the golf industry.
24/04/201h 22m

Episode 69: Stephen Dubner

Stephen Dubner is best known for his 'Freakonomics' writing and podcasting. In addition to that, Stephen is a decorated journalist, father, and avid golfer. He joins Neil and Randy to talk about his initial path into golf, his ongoing frustrations with the game, and also how the 'Freakonomics' podcast came to be. The guys ask Stephen about the work that goes into his show, how he has transformed as a host, and the evolution of the podcast market in general. Many thanks to Stephen for the time, check out his 'Freakonomics' show if you don't already, and then be sure to search for him and his college band, The Right Profile! Enjoy!  
21/04/201h 2m

Episode 68: 'The Wire' Characters

It's a Perfect Club of sorts! The whole NLU crew is here discussing which PGA Tour golfers correspond to which characters from the television series, "The Wire". If you haven't watched it, it's available to stream for free right now and we highly recommend it. Let us know which assessments you agree with, which you don't, and who the biggest omissions are. Enjoy!
16/04/201h 24m

Episode 67: Jay Bilas

Randy is joined by ESPN basketball analyst, esquire, author, and avid golfer, Jay Bilas. The two talk hoops, college athletics, golf, and more. Enjoy!
14/04/201h 9m

Episode 66: Austin Ernst

Randy is joined by the LPGA's Austin Ernst to discuss her golf career and a plethora of audience-submitted questions. Austin, 2011 NCAA National Champion for LSU, has been a mainstay on the LPGA since 2013 capturing her first career win at the 2014 Portland Classic. In 2017 she made her first Solheim Cup team and in 2018 finished runner-up at the Evian Championship. She opens up her golf game, her path to the LPGA Tour, and much more. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions! Enjoy! 
09/04/2056m 57s

Episode 65: Bob Sturm

Neil and Randy chop it up with Bob Sturm, Dallas-based journalist, radio personality and author. Besides being an avid golfer and NLU fan, for which we're grateful, Bob has spent nearly three decades in radio, currently co-hosting the Hardline show on The Ticket Sports Radio. Bob regales us with an assortment of stories from his time in the business, including a few featuring the infamous Scoops Callahan! Bob is full of life and has great energy, this was a really fun conversation. Enjoy!
07/04/201h 34m

Episode 64: '90s Action Movies

Perfect Club time! The Carter Brothers, Tron and Neil, are joined by Mr. Poosh (aka Micah Pueschel of Iration) to analyze not only what makes a good '90s action flick but also what their favorite offerings in the genre are. As the world continues in quarantine, we hope this episode both informs and entertains about the '90s action movie, and maybe even provides an idea or two for future movie nights. Enjoy!Todays' pod sponsor is Use code: TD15 for 15% off at checkout on your first pair of Riomar shoes!
02/04/201h 52m

Episode 63: Michael Bamberger

Randy, DJ and Neil are joined for an evening by the inimitable Michael Bamberger. Michael is a writer for GOLF Magazine and, as well as author of several books. The first portion of this podcast explores his new book, "The Second Life of Tiger Woods". The second half of the podcast gets weirder and looser as the guys talk about more broad subjects of life. Michael's book, out today, is absolutely sensational, as was the time spent with him. Enjoy!
31/03/201h 39m

Episode 62: Steve Wiebe

A special follow up to our Perfect Club episode about "The King of Kong" (Episode 61)! Randy, DJ, and Neil interview the documentary's star, Donkey Kong world record setter, Steve Wiebe. They discuss how the film came to be, if Steve wanted to punch Brian Kuh, and a whole host of things. Steve is teaching high school up in Washington and among other things is the varsity golf coach, having guided his squad to a state championship! We can't thank Steve enough for his time and patience answering our questions, and special shoutout to Sean Kato for the introduction. Enjoy!
25/03/201h 2m

Episode 61: The King of Kong

It's another Perfect Club! In this episode Randy, DJ and Neil watch the 2007 documentary, "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters". The trio reveal their favorite scenes, the best quotes, and compare the main characters to professional golfers (among other things). If you have not seen the documentary we would encourage you to watch it before listening. It's available on YouTube in its entirety, as well as select streaming and rental services. We hope you have as much fun watching and listening as we did. Enjoy!
24/03/201h 48m

Episode 60: Megan Khang

In this episode Tron and Randy are joined by the LPGA's Megan Khang. Megan discusses her and her family's remarkable, and unlikely, path into the game of golf. She talks about her beginnings as a small child with her father, a stellar amateur career, the decision about whether to attend college or turn professional, and much more.  At just 22 years of age, it's easy to forget how young she still is, as she's been a mainstay on LPGA leaderboards for several years now, including competing on the 2019 Solheim Cup team. Enjoy!(Note: This interview was recorded in November 2019 at the LPGA Tour Championship)
18/03/201h 4m

Episode 59: Matthew Goodman & "The City Game"

March Madness is here! To celebrate the best time of the college basketball calendar Randy talks with writer Matthew Goodman about The City College of New York basketball team, the only squad to ever win both the NCAA and NIT postseason tournaments in the same season. Goodman's book, "The City Game: Triumph, Scandal, and a Legendary Basketball Team," does an incredible job of bringing that historic team to life once again, as well as exploring the burgeoning college basketball industry. As the title suggests, CCNY would find scandal and shame along with their titles, with the seedy underbelly of college athletics, New York City bookmaking, and local politics all being exposed. It's a wonderful read for any basketball fan as we get ready to crown a new champion. Enjoy!
11/03/2056m 6s

Episode 58: Stephen Proctor on Young Tom Morris

It's a Reading Room episode of the TrapDraw as Randy is joined by author Stephen Proctor to discuss his book, "Monarch of the Green: Young Tom Morris, Pioneer of Modern Golf." No doubt the name Young Tom Morris is familiar to you, but how much do you know about his life? Do you know why he's such an important figure in the game of golf? How he has influenced the modern game? How about the massive tragedy surrounding him? Stephen Proctor is a golf historian and spent several years researching and writing about Young Tom. He's a great storyteller and shares what he knows about one of the games foremost figures. Enjoy!
04/03/201h 8m

Episode 57: Beth Ann Nichols

GolfWeek's Beth Ann Nichols joins Randy to catch up on the first quarter of the 2020 LPGA season. They discuss how the coronavirus has impacted the schedule, on-course results like Madelene Sagstrom's breakthrough win in Boca and Inbee Park ending her near two-year drought, the passing of LPGA great, and American golf icon, Mickey Wright, and several other topics and people of note. Note to listeners--the LPGA returns to action March 19-22 in Phoenix, so hopefully this helps tide you over until the action resumes. Enjoy!
26/02/2051m 24s

Episode 56: Garth Brooks and 'The Road I'm On'

It's the Perfect Club! Today's episode features Neil Schuster, DJ Piehowski and Jerry Bell (Garth connoisseur and Neil's roommate) discussing Garth Brooks through the lens of the 2019 documentary, 'The Road I'm On.' The guys offer their spirited insights and opinions on the piece, as well as diving deeper into the man, and phenomenon, that is Garth Brooks. Enjoy!
19/02/201h 19m

Episode 55: Bob Royak (2019 US Sr. Amateur Champion)

Randy sits down with the winner of the 2019 US Senior Amateur, Bob Royak. The two discuss Bob's history in the game of golf, the razor-thin line between a potential career in pro golf or not, and the book that changed Bob's life, which he credits for helping him win the amateur last year. It's always a pleasure to speak with elite amateurs and Bob's resume stacks right up there with the best in the game right now. Enjoy! 
12/02/2041m 55s

Episode 54: Oscars SZN!

It's Oscars season! Randy and DJ watched all nine of the best picture nominees this year and share thoughts on each movie, plus give out some of their own awards. The two are joined by Neil Schuster, the March Czar, who saw several of the nominees and joins in where applicable. This is a long pod, but instead of splitting it in two we'll let you be your own boss and break it up as you see fit. The first hour is awards, while the second hour is discussion on each nominee: Ford vs Ferrari (1:00:12), The Irishman (1:04:16), Jojo Rabbit (1:14:49), Joker (1:25:57), Little Women (1:31:56), Marriage Story (1:35:54), 1917 (1:45:55), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (1:50:26), and Parasite (1:55:25). We should warn you there are light spoilers but we try our best to avoid anything that would detract from your enjoyment of the movie. Be warned though.  
05/02/202h 10m

Episode 53: Gary Nicol & Karl Morris on The Lost Art of Playing Golf

Randy is joined by Gary Nicol and Karl Morris, authors of the book "The Lost Art of Playing Golf." Gary is a golf professional and coach who has worked with golfers of all stripes and abilities, from weekend hacks to some of the best pros in the world. Karl has been a performance coach for over a quarter-century and counts among his clients golf professionals, cricketers, and international soccer players. This is the second book for the duo after their first release, "The Lost Art of Putting." The trio touch on a number of ideas and concepts, none of them technical, which are both at the heart of the game and integral to playing better golf. Hope you enjoy!
30/01/201h 7m

Episode 52: John Smoltz

Today's guest is Hall of Fame pitcher, MLB and Fox broadcast analyst, and golfer John Smoltz. Randy explores John's baseball career before turning the conversation towards golf, discussing both John's accomplishments to date, as well as what he hopes to do over the next several years. Along the way are numerous anecdotes around baseball and golf, including how Michael Jordan gets himself ready to hit a big putt, and what it's like to pitch to Tiger Woods. Smoltz just wrapped up his second consecutive win in the Celebrity Division of the LPGA's Tournament of Champions last weekend and is hoping to get more starts on the Champions Tour this summer. This was a treat to talk to John and hope you enjoy! 
21/01/2047m 44s

Episode 51: Annie Park

The 2020 LPGA season is underway and Randy sits down at the season-opening Tournament of Champions with Annie Park to discuss her golf journey. Annie got her start in the game by going along with her mother to the golf course. She enjoyed a sterling junior career, and won NCAA individual and team championships as a collegiate golfer. Her path into the LPGA came easy at first, before back injury and doubt set her back. She details the highs and lows of her career, and talks about her mindset approaching this season and beyond. Enjoy!
16/01/2050m 21s

Episode 50: We’re on to 2020!

Happy New Year! The whole crew sits down to first anoint what 2020 will officially be. Next, the guys review their performance of their 2019 goals, and finally, put their 2020 golf, physical, and life goals down on paper. 
07/01/201h 36m

Episode 49: Dylan Frittelli

Tron goes 1-on-1 with Dylan Frittelli. The 29 year-old South African won for the first time on the PGA Tour in July of 2019 at the John Deere Classic (5th major!). Tron explores Dylan's background, his interests away from the course, and how he's approaching the new PGA Tour season. Dylan even tries to explain cricket to TC. Happy Holidays from the TrapDraw and hope you enjoy!
16/12/191h 1m

Episode 48: Keith Cutten

Randy is joined by author and golf course architect, Keith Cutten. They discuss Keith's book, "The Evolution of Golf Course Design," which is the December 2019 Reading Room selection. Keith's book details the history of design from the early days of the game until now, with emphasis on the architects, authors, and visionaries that shaped it all. This felt less like a typical interview and more like getting to attend a fantastically informative, entertaining lecture on something I love. Thanks to Keith and hope you enjoy!
10/12/191h 27m

Episode 47: Terry Gannon

Randy sits down 1-on-1 with NBC Sports broadcaster Terry Gannon for a discussion about his basketball career, his journey in television broadcasting, and the intricacies of calling golf. For those that may not know, Terry was a key member of the 1983 national champion North Carolina State Wolfpack basketball team which upset heavily-favored Houston in one of the most iconic title games ever. From competing in the star-studded ACC to some of his favorite memories of Coach Jim Valvano, it was a real treat to talk hoops with Terry. Beyond basketball, Terry talks about why he accepted a job to call figure skating in Tokyo in the 90s, and how that has led to a wonderfully diverse broadcasting career for him. This was immensely enjoyable, hope you enjoy! 
03/12/191h 10m

Episode 46: Marina Alex

Tron and Randy sit down with Marina Alex to talk about her golf journey, venturing into a number of topics along the way. Marina, currently ranked #30 in the Rolex Rankings, broke through last year with her first career LPGA win at the 2018 Cambia Portland Classic, a result which helped propel her onto this year's Solheim Cup team. We ask her all about that experience, along with finding herself in the Cup-deciding match against Suzann Pettersen--plus so much more!  
25/11/191h 18m

Episode 45: Beth Ann Nichols

Tron and Randy are on site at the LPGA's CME Group Tour Championship and joined by Beth Ann Nichols, senior writer at Golfweek and guiding light for all things LPGA-related. In addition to previewing this weekend's championship, they discuss the state of the LPGA, breakdown some of the more interesting stories from the last couple months, and look forward to 2020 and beyond. Enjoy!
21/11/191h 8m

Episode 44: Neil Schuster aka The Merch Czar

No stranger to the TrapDraw, Neil Schuster (aka The Merch Czar) joins Randy and Tron to break down his recent trip out to Los Angeles for the joint birthday party of Tommy Armour III and IV. He found himself at a house party in the Hollywood Hills among a gaggle of B and C-List celebrities. He recounts his weekend and the guys touch on a few other topics along the way. Enjoy!
14/10/1955m 31s

Episode 43: Gene Elliott

Randy is joined by Gene Elliott, currently the top-ranked senior amateur golfer in the United States. The two of them explore Gene's golf career, from a boy in Iowa learning the game to most recently winning the illustrious Crump Cup at Pine Valley, along with so much more. Gene is affable, gracious, and open about his life and experiences. It's a distinct honor and pleasure to get to speak with Gene and I hope everybody enjoys the conversation. 
09/10/1952m 44s

Episode 42: Kevin Robbins

In this episode Randy chats with author Kevin Robbins about his new book, "The Last Stand of Payne Stewart: The Year Golf Changed Forever." Kevin's book covers Payne Stewart during his magical 1999 season, chronicling his journey and transformation as a man and as a golfer before his tragic death in October of that year. As the back flap of Kevin's work reads, "[Payne's] death marked the end of an era, one made up of "shotmakers" who played the game with artistry, guile, finesse, and heart. Behind them were Tiger Woods, David Duval, Phil Mickelson, and other young players whose power and strength changed the PGA Tour forever. With exclusive access to Stewart's friends, family, and onetime colleagues, Kevin Robbins provides a long-overdue portrait of one of golf's greats in one of golf's greatest seasons."
07/10/191h 14m

Episode 41: Jeff King

Tron and Randy have a chat with Jeff King, professional caddie and jerky connoisseur. Jeff has over twenty years on the bag across the PGA  and LPGA Tours. From his introduction to the game of golf, to his break with David Leadbetter, Jeff talks about how he became a caddie and some of the things he's learned along the way. Speaking of, somewhere along the way, he picked up a hobby making beef jerky, which slowly but surely turned into Kingmade Jerky. Jeff shares the origins of his jerky obsession, and how it kept him more busy at home than on the road. Enjoy!
30/09/1958m 31s

Episode 40: Bud Schultz

On his pilgrimage to the US Senior Amateur in August 2019, Randy met a number of interesting people, both competitors and otherwise. What better format to share some of these stories than right here. First up is Bud Schultz. Bud was playing in his very first Senior Am, qualifying out of the Northeast. A former world-class tennis player, Bud's journey (and ascension) within the game of golf is remarkable. This was such a fun conversation as Bud is quite clearly tapped into that super-premium life energy. Hope you enjoy!
16/09/1945m 17s

Episode 39: 2019-20 FredEx Cup Draft

It's the best day of the year in the KillHouse! After a long, relaxing offseason the guys are back to draft their teams for the second annual FredEx Cup. They recap the 2018-19 season, discussing the highs and lows, changes for this upcoming season, and decide on winning and losing stakes. The draft was fast and furious, with curveballs and banter abound. This is a fun one, not to be missed. Have a listen this weekend as the 2019-20 PGA season kicks off!
11/09/191h 3m

Episode 38: Korn Ferry Championship + Senior Amateur

Hurricane Dorian has thrown some logistical challenges into the recording but like old times Tron and Randy hop on the blower to discuss the Korn Ferry Tour Championship this past weekend, plus Randy debriefs a bit on the US Senior Amateur. Enjoy!
04/09/191h 16m

Episode 37: Max Homa on Korn Ferry Finals

Fresh off leading Team Randy to a FredExCup victory, friend of the program Max Homa stops by to talk about the Korn Ferry Finals and why he can't stop thinking about this week's venue, Victoria National in Indiana. Thanks to Kingmade Jerky for sponsoring this episode of the Trap Draw.
30/08/1945m 26s

Episode 36: 2018-19 PGA Tour Recap Show

We've turned our Live Show into a podcast! This is the audio version of the 8/19/19 Live Show recapping the 2018-19 PGA Tour season. Tron, Soly, DJ and Randy relive the season, discussion all the highs and lows from the year. 
20/08/191h 4m

Episode 35: Korn Ferry Discussion

Tron and Randy chop it up about the Korn Ferry regular season finale in Portland which TC attended, as well as preview the Finals. Additionally, they talk about some of their recent golf trips--Randy in Michigan and TC in Nebraska and Oregon. Enjoy!
15/08/191h 7m

Episode 34: Beth Ann Nichols

Randy is joined by Beth Ann Nichols, senior writer at GolfWeek, to discuss a wide array of topics pertaining to the LPGA Tour including Hinako Shibuno's incredible victory at the Women's British Open, Jin Young Ko's dominant season, the deluge of young, first-time major winners, and much more. Enjoy!
12/08/1949m 11s

Episode 33: Justin Lower

Tron sits down for an in-depth conversation with Justin Lower about his golf career. We are extremely proud Justin is one of our Young Hitters and he has an incredibly impactful story to share. Enjoy!
08/08/191h 7m

Episode 32: Pro Caddie Matty Kelly

Tron and DJ sit down with Matty Kelly, longtime caddie for Marc Leishman, to discuss a variety of topics including a typical day for Matty, his favorite major venues, best reads (and misreads), and much more. 
05/08/191h 1m

Episode 31: Commissioner for a Day

Tron, Randy and DJ muse about what they would do if named Commissioner. No idea is too small or too improbable!
17/07/191h 22m

Episode 30: Alan Shipnuck talks "Bud, Sweat, & Tees"

Randy is joined by author and golf journalist, Alan Shipnuck, to talk about the May book club selection, "Bud, Sweat, & Tees." It's been a little while since I've been able to do one of these author interviews and who better to break the absence with than Alan. If you have read the book, Alan offers a lot of interesting context around how the book came to be, fills in context around the characters and chats about what's changed on the golf beat in the twenty years since the book was published. For those who haven't read it, I hope this interview will spark an interest to go pick it up. Enjoy!
18/06/1951m 8s

Episode 29: Bill Fields on John McDermott, Two-Time US Open Champion

Randy is joined by golf author and photographer Bill Fields to discuss his piece on 2x US Open Champion, John McDermott. It's a fascinating story, tragic to be sure, which has been mostly lost to time (at least to most younger fans and non-historians of the game). If you don't know the story I encourage you to give it a listen, especially as you get ready to settle in this weekend and watch the US Open from Pebble Beach. Enjoy!
11/06/1944m 39s

Episode 28: Charlie Saxon & Brandon Matthews

Two of NLU’s Young Hitters, Charlie Saxon and Brandon Matthews, sit down with Tron to talk about their current game, backgrounds, and myriad of other topics. This episode was recorded in late March 2019 at the Web Tour’s Savannah Golf Championship. Enjoy!
11/04/1947m 59s

Episode 28: Charlie Saxon & Brandon Matthews

Two of NLU’s Young Hitters, Charlie Saxon and Brandon Matthews, sit down with Tron to talk about their current game, backgrounds, and myriad of other topics. This episode was recorded in late March 2019 at... The post Episode 28: Charlie Saxon & Brandon Matthews appeared first on No Laying Up.

Episode 27: Some Kind of Monster

This is the second installment of the Perfect Club! Today’s topic is the 2004 documentary currently airing on Netflix called Some Kind of Monster. It chronicles the band Metallica during the making of what would... The post Episode 27: Some Kind of Monster appeared first on No Laying Up.
21/03/191h 20m

Episode 26: “We’re on to 2019”

It’s a one-mic roundtable with everybody present, just like the old days! We discuss our mindset going into the new year, re-live some highlights from the past year, and share some personal goals (golf and... The post Episode 26: “We’re on to 2019” appeared first on No Laying Up.
08/01/1959m 5s

Episode 25: Airports

I know what you’re thinking, airports? That’s right, airports. This edition of the Trap Draw is very special–it’s the debut of the Perfect Club, a new concept which will be a staple of 2019. Tron, DJ,... The post Episode 25: Airports appeared first on No Laying Up.
19/12/181h 29m

Episode 24: Merch Czar

In this episode Tron and Randy debrief with the Merch Czar on his big boxing match last month. Plus, the guys breakdown the early portion of the FredEx Cup season. The post Episode 24: Merch Czar appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/12/1853m 52s

Episode 23: Tom Coyne

This episode is a chat with author Tom Coyne about his book, Paper Tiger. I chose Paper Tiger as the October book club pick as it’s a great read with the dawn of a new... The post Episode 23: Tom Coyne appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/11/1853m 48s

Episode 22: The Inaugural FredEx Cup!

A very special, fun Trap Draw as it’s the introduction of the inaugural Race to the FredEx Cup. Randy and Tron are joined by DJ and Neil to explain all the particulars. Long story short,... The post Episode 22: The Inaugural FredEx Cup! appeared first on No Laying Up.
10/10/1847m 14s

Episode 21: Lorne Rubenstein

This episode features an interview with the distinguished golf writer and journalist, Lorne Rubenstein. Our conversation is about Moe Norman, and specifically Lorne’s book entitled, “Moe & Me: Encounters with Moe Norman, Golf’s Mysterious Genius.”... The post Episode 21: Lorne Rubenstein appeared first on No Laying Up.
10/10/1832m 45s

Episode 20: Neil Schuster aka “The Merch Czar”

It’s been a little while since we’ve caught up with Neil on the TrapDraw. He’s got a lot going on, from training for a charity boxing event, golfing in and around New York City, exploring... The post Episode 20: Neil Schuster aka “The Merch Czar” appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1858m 30s

Episode 19: Josh Karp

This episode is an interview with Josh Karp, author of “Straight Down the Middle,” the August book selection for the Reading Room book club. Josh and I talk about golf, life, and a few other... The post Episode 19: Josh Karp appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1848m 35s

Episode 18: Tyler McCumber

The hottest golfer on the planet, Tyler McCumber, joins Tron and Randy live in the KillHouse. Tyler has won three of his last four starts on the Mackenzie Tour and is back home in Jax... The post Episode 18: Tyler McCumber appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1854m 24s

Episode 17: The Journey of Tiger

This episode of the Trap Draw is a dive into the long, strange trip its been for Tiger Woods since the fateful Thanksgiving almost a decade ago. With Woods looking legitimately healthy and appearing to... The post Episode 17: The Journey of Tiger appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 37m

Episode 15: Michael Bamberger

This episode is an interview with Michael Bamberger. A golf writer since graduating from college in the early 80’s, Michael’s work has appeared in numerous forms and publications, including, Golf magazine and Sports Illustrated.... The post Episode 15: Michael Bamberger appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1857m 15s

Episode 14: George Peper

This episode is an interview with George Peper. George has been deeply involved with the game of golf, covering it for over four decades. He started at Golf Magazine where he was named editor-in-chief in... The post Episode 14: George Peper appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1833m 59s

Episode 13: US American Open Preview

It’s the national championship at Shinnecock! This episode consists of four separate interviews which we hope will provide a more in-depth, nuanced look at the US Open and those competing in it. Our first interview... The post Episode 13: US American Open Preview appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 8m

Episode 12: NCAAs, Web Tour, and More!

In this episode Tron and Randy are joined by DJ Pie to breakdown the NCAA Championship action, hear about Tron’s tales from the Web Tour, including meeting his hero as well as incurring a two-stroke... The post Episode 12: NCAAs, Web Tour, and More! appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1856m 5s

Episode 11: NLU Crew

I don’t want to alarm anybody, but the TrapDraw is back! At the risk of ruining our standing as the most popular non-existent golf podcast around, we decided maybe it’s time to fire things back... The post Episode 11: NLU Crew appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 5m

Episode 10: Kelly Hawkins

Tron chops it up with Kelly Hawkins, formerly of the PGA Tour and currently of the Daily Rally, a daily sports email service she and her sister founded. They touch on a number of topics... The post Episode 10: Kelly Hawkins appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 3m

Episode 9: The Franchise

This extra special edition of the Trap Draw goes in-depth and behind the scenes into the player-caddie breakup that rocked the golf world earlier this year. We’re speaking of course about Tron firing his father,... The post Episode 9: The Franchise appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1836m 5s

Episode 8: Tee-K Kelly

Tron is joined by Tee-K Kelly to discuss Tee-K’s path to professional golf, life on the #NarcosTour and his introduction to El Camarón!     The post Episode 8: Tee-K Kelly appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1858m 1s

Episode 7: Masters Preview

Andy Johnson (@the_fried_egg) and DJ Piehowski (@DJPie) pop in to discuss The Masters and break down the inaugural NLU/Fried Egg Masters Pool. We sprinkle some spicy golf course architecture takes in throughout. This should tide everyone... The post Episode 7: Masters Preview appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 8m

Episode 6: J.T. Poston

We’re back from extended holiday with a great guest, J.T. Poston. J.T. is a rookie out on Tour this year currently in good form coming off a T-17 at Riv and a T-27 at Honda... The post Episode 6: J.T. Poston appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 7m

Episode 5: Neil Schuster

It’s a lighthearted, holiday edition of the Trap Draw! Our very own Merch Czar, Neil Schuster, joined us to talk about his recent trip to Vegas hanging with Tommy Armour III and Tommy Armour IV.... The post Episode 5: Neil Schuster appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1842m 54s

Episode 4: Todd Mitchell

It’s the return of the TrapDraw! In this episode Tron and Randy talk with Todd Mitchell, a staple of the Mid-Am ranks. From his early days competing in the Illinois State Amateur to his 2008... The post Episode 4: Todd Mitchell appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1845m 31s

Episode 3: Bob May

In this episode of the TrapDraw, we sit down with Bob May, 2000 PGA Championship runner-up. If you’re like us, we only really know Bob from his duel with Tiger at Valhalla, where he provided some of the most... The post Episode 3: Bob May appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 16m

Episode 2: Reaction on Spieth/McIlroy Pressers and Olympic Golf

Tron & Randy hop on the blower to quickly discuss the wild day in golf, and on Twitter, stemming from the McIlroy and Spieth pressers regarding not playing in Rio. The post Episode 2: Reaction on Spieth/McIlroy Pressers and Olympic Golf appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/1819m 41s

Episode 1: Jean van de Velde

It’s (finally) here! The debut episode of the Trap Draw podcast featuring myself and Tron Carter. As it’s British Open week that’s the main theme of episode 1. The first part of the show Tron and I... The post Episode 1: Jean van de Velde appeared first on No Laying Up.
07/09/181h 3m
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