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CompTrain Radio

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CompTrain Radio is a shot of adrenaline straight into your mindset. Designed to be listened to as you warm-up for the day's training, episodes are short, provoking, & uploaded frequently.


#013: Make Your Noise

Speak clearly into the microphone you've been handed.
21/02/192m 2s

#012: Five More Seconds

“You can’t dissect anything in 72-degree weather. Dissect it when it’s miserable. Dissect the brain when all it’s thinking about is, ‘I need to get out of here, man. I wanna get out of the fucking freezer. Open the door!’ And you say, ‘Nah. Five more seconds, man.’” - David Goggins
07/02/192m 31s

#011: Attention

You'll find what you're looking for. If you're looking for the upside, the happy, the good, you'll find it. If you're looking for the bad, the shortcomings, the negatives, you'll find it.
10/12/182m 8s

#010: Don't Negotiate

Practice making yourself promises.
16/11/182m 49s

#009: This is Not a Test

But it is an opportunity.
26/10/182m 36s

#008: Growth in 20 Steps

It's simple. Just not easy.
12/10/181m 49s

#007: Bet on You

Time to go all in.
28/09/182m 28s

#006: Victory

Sometimes you win & sometimes you learn.
14/09/182m 32s

#005: Mastery

Turn off the autopilot.
31/08/182m 7s

#004: This Voice

Nobody coaches you more than the voice in your head.
17/08/182m 9s

#003: The Choice

It's not about talent, because there is no such thing.
31/07/182m 41s

#002: Just Start

Stop waiting for ready. Start where you are.
31/07/182m 24s

#001: The Struggle

Here's the only thing we know: Things will not go according to plan.
28/07/182m 40s
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