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Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

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ESPN's Ariel Helwani talks to the biggest names, addresses the hottest topics and previews/reviews the most important fight cards from across the world of MMA.


Masvidal, Covington, Woodley, Ngannou

BMF champion Jorge Masvidal takes Ariel into the back-and-forth conversations he and Kamaru Usman have had regarding a welterweight title fight, and Masvidal also talks about why he's happy Colby Covington no longer trains at American Top Team (1:02:36). Before that, Covington himself opens up on his departure from ATT, the founding of Colby Covington Inc., who he hopes to fight next, and his beef with WWE's Drew McIntyre (32:30). Tyron Woodley, set to fight Gilbert Burns on Saturday night, discusses his status in the welterweight title conversation and why he doesn't regret the extracurriculars he participates in outside of fighting (5:10). Plus, heavyweight Francis Ngannou talks about the speculated Jon Jones fight and why it's fallen through this time, if a Jones fight or Stipe Miocic rematch would be bigger, and what might happen when he eventually hits free agency (1:21:32).
27/05/201h 53m

DC & Helwani: Welterweight Logjam, Vacant Bantamweight Title

Daniel Cormier tells Ariel who he'd like to see Kamaru Usman defend his welterweight belt against now that Jorge Masvidal wants to take his business elsewhere (41:35). Plus, with Henry Cejudo's retirement official, the guys discuss who deserves a bantamweight title shot (33:10), as well as what must happen before a Jon Jones/Francis Ngannou heavyweight bout can get signed (53:40). And, Ariel takes credit for helping propel DC's UFC career.
25/05/201h 21m

Anthony Smith Breaks Silence, Jim Ross Attends UFC Jacksonville

One week after his controversial Fight Night bout against Glover Teixeira, UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith passionately defends decisions made by his corner and referee Jason Herzog, each of whom allowed the fight to continue longer than most believe it should have. Plus, WWE legend and AEW commentator Jim Ross talks to Ariel about how he scored a ticket to UFC Jacksonville, comparisons between Dana White and Vince MacMahon, why the fan-less MMA experience works on TV and much more (52:32).
20/05/202h 3m

DC & Helwani: Jacksonville Recap, Jon Jones Latest, DC's Fight Island Plan

Daniel Cormier and Ariel put a bow on the Jacksonville events before discussing whether Jon Jones can move up to heavyweight and beat Francis Ngannou (44:42), Justin Gaethje's comments on Conor McGregor (56:48) and DC's dream scenario for McGregor/Diaz III. Plus, some love for "The Beverly Hillbillies."
18/05/201h 10m

UFC Jacksonville Post-Show, The Undertaker's 10-Year-Old Secret

After a controversial main event between Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira, a fiery Chael Sonnen joins Ariel on ESPN Radio to explain why Wednesday night's events were "disgusting" (14:06). UFC lightweight Drew Dober also explains why, at age 31, he feels more confident than ever following his victory over Alexander Hernandez in Jacksonville. Plus, in a moment he's been waiting the past 10 years for, Ariel asks The Undertaker to reveal a big secret (43:35).
14/05/201h 29m

DC & Helwani: Recapping UFC 249; Cruz & Ngannou

Fresh off calling the fights in Jacksonville, Daniel Cormier rejoins Ariel to break down Justin Gaethje's impressive performance, Henry Cejudo's sudden retirement and Stipe Miocic's unwillingness to fight him soon. They also talk about calling fights in an empty arena...and DC breaks big personal news! Then, Dominick Cruz joins Ariel two days after his UFC 249 bantamweight title loss to discuss the controversial early stoppage to the fight, his issues with the referee, and the devastation of losing after a 3+ year layoff from the sport (1:20:12). And, Francis Ngannou talks about his big knockout, the state of the heavyweight division and why the past year has been so frustrating for him (1:57:00).
11/05/202h 28m

UFC 249 Preview: Ferguson, Waterson, Stephens

The headliner of Saturday night's highly-anticipated UFC 249 card, Tony Ferguson, joins Ariel to talk about how he's feeling heading into the interim lightweight title fight, and why he won't fall for the trap Justin Gaethje may be setting (7:00). Then, strawweight Michelle Waterson discusses her unique training camp experience, lessons learned from her loss to Joanna Jedrzejczyk, her matchup with Carla Esparza and more (15:32). Featherweight Jeremy Stephens also explains why he's been away from social media, why he was born for this moment, and what it's been like training alongside Dominick Cruz (39:40). Plus, TST tells some wild stories from the weekend (1:01:00).
06/05/201h 13m

DC & Helwani: UFC 249 Matchups, Cowboy's Comments, A Message for Stipe

Fight week is back! To celebrate the occasion, Daniel Cormier and Ariel discuss why Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje won't disappoint (47:08). Plus, DC calls out Stipe Miocic (1:03:40) and gives his take on Donald Cerrone's recent comments about the Conor McGregor fight (33:54). DC also talks about his relationship with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson right after we learn of another one of Ariel's childhood enemies.
04/05/201h 17m

Robert Whittaker Opens Up, Bob Arum on Boxing's Future

Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker tells Ariel why he needed time off after losing the belt to Israel Adesanya, if he considered walking away from the sport entirely, his experience grappling with his wife during quarantine, and why he's excited to face Darren Till later in 2020. Plus, Top Rank Founder/CEO Bob Arum -- who began postponing boxing events in late February -- explains what must happen for boxing to return, how the coronavirus challenge stacks up against others he's faced in his storied career, if Wilder/Fury III could be fought without fans, and more (38:45). Ariel also gives his thoughts on the perception of Cowboy Cerrone (1:14:20).
30/04/201h 24m

DC & Helwani: Cejudo vs. Cruz & Risk/Reward for Top Fighters

One week after Amanda Nunes' decision to withdraw from UFC 249, Ariel asks Daniel Cormier the question: What do top fighters have to gain (or lose) by fighting under adverse circumstances? Plus, DC tells Ariel about the real Henry Cejudo and whether Dominick Cruz has a shot at dethroning him at 249 (17:08). The guys also talk about their elementary school nemeses (49:34).
27/04/201h 10m

Reuniting With Jason "Mayhem" Miller

A decade ago, Jason "Mayhem" Miller was one of the most popular MMA fighters on the planet. But when his fighting career came to a halt in 2012, his life took a dramatic turn for the worse, with years of arrests and prison stints to show for it. Today, nearly eight years after Miller infamously walked off Ariel's set, the guys reconnect to talk about the rise and fall and -- maybe -- rise again of "Mayhem."
22/04/201h 27m

DC & Helwani: Ferguson's Weight Cut & Strikeforce Memories

Daniel Cormier tells Ariel whether it was smart or foolish for Tony Ferguson to make weight this past weekend, despite possibly having an interim title shot on May 9 (13:06). Plus, the guys remember DC's UFC debut - which happened seven years ago today -- before discussing how MMA history would be different had Strikeforce stayed around longer (31:50).
20/04/201h 12m

Tony Ferguson Exclusive

Tony Ferguson speaks with Ariel moments after making weight on Friday for a fight that isn't happening. The former interim UFC lightweight champion talks about why he's decided to make weight, if he's fighting on May 9 against Justin Gaethje, the crazy past month, Conor McGregor's Twitter comments about him and more.
17/04/2017m 19s

Georges St-Pierre & Shaquille O'Neal

Two of the greatest athletes of all time, the first being UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, join Ariel to discuss what it would take to pull him out of retirement, the love/hate relationship he has with fighting, where he belongs in the G.O.A.T. conversation, and how he avoided trouble despite being in the public eye. Then, Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal explains how MMA training helped him win multiple NBA titles and why he feels his Lakers team could have beaten Michael Jordan's Bulls (52:50). Plus, "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:14:28).
15/04/201h 26m

DC & Helwani: UFC 249 Postponement & Angry Ronda Rousey

Daniel Cormier was pegged to be on the broadcast team for UFC 249, and he tells Ariel how the UFC was preparing to make the event as safe as it possibly could be (9:07). Plus, DC takes us into the psyche of the fighter during this time before the guys try to make sense of Ronda Rousey's fiery comments about WWE fans (34:00). And, could Ariel beat Ben Askren in a boxing match?
13/04/201h 7m

Island Fighting, Israel Adesanya & McGregor Memories

Chael Sonnen, who once fought on an island, tells Ariel about his own experiences before the two friends discuss Sonnen's fascination with the TBD location of UFC 249, the UFC's harrowing back to its early days, a stacked lightweight division, and how Conor McGregor could somehow become the top contender in the welterweight division. Plus, John Kavanagh of SBG Ireland shares memories of McGregor's UFC debut -- seven years ago this week -- (1:23:04) and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya explains why he wants to fight on the island, why he respects Dana White's efforts to keep UFC events going, why he vows to not repeat Jon Jones' mistakes and much more (54:52).
09/04/201h 51m

DC & Helwani: Khabib/Ferguson Latest, Thoughts on Jon Jones & Stipe Miocic

With the UFC reportedly close to finalizing a location for UFC 249, Daniel Cormier and Ariel discuss possible matchups, as well as Khabib's handling of the situation (10:20). Plus, DC explains why he thinks Jon Jones' latest incident won't change him (33:16) and why he understands that Stipe Miocic isn't thinking about a trilogy fight right now (27:44). And, Wrestlemania 36 reaction and a mysterious text Jones once sent to DC.
06/04/201h 4m

Tony Ferguson Exclusive, Triple H, Stipe Miocic

Tony Ferguson explains to Ariel why he believes Khabib Nurmagomedov is "running away" from him, why the highly-anticipated fight won't ever happen, and if he's willing to face top contender Justin Gaethje at UFC 249 (5:05). UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic also gives the latest on his injured eye and discusses his role in combating the coronavirus as a part-time firefighter (43:31). Plus, professional wrestling titan Triple H on why WrestleMania 36 is a go (19:36), Ariel delivers his thoughts on UFC 249 (11:44), and TST gives his "Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:01:13).
02/04/201h 10m

DC & Helwani: UFC 249 Latest and Jon Jones Arrest Reaction

Due to travel restrictions, the UFC 249 headliner between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson looks like it won't happen...again. Daniel Cormier and Ariel discuss who should replace Khabib and why the UFC is so devoted to salvaging the event. Plus, DC builds his dream 249 card (21:28) and the guys each explain why they're worried about Jon Jones following his latest arrest, and if they think Jones is capable of changing (33:06). Oh yeah, and DC talks about the time he spent five days in jail.
30/03/201h 5m

How WWE, UFC Are Fighting On

WrestleMania 36 is still a go, despite mass cancellations in the sporting world.'s John Pollock joins Ariel to discuss WWE's decision-making under these circumstances, the logistics behind producing the taped two-day WrestleMania event and how Vince McMahon has handled this situation better than Dana White. Plus, the guys talk about the wrestling careers of former UFC fighters Cain Velasquez and Shayna Baszler (24:16) and the new Chris Benoit documentary before TST gives his "Minimalist Tip of the Week" (47:03).
25/03/201h 1m

DC & Helwani: The UFC's Next Moves & DC's Brilliant Plan

Daniel Cormier rejoins Ariel and together the two discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the UFC's future, as well as DC's own fighting future (13:20). Plus, DC talks about the evolution of Khabib Nurmagomedov before revealing his epic plan to keep UFC 249 afloat (27:30). The guys also give some recommendations for all-time fights to watch (48:52).
23/03/201h 4m

Where Does MMA Go From Here?

With three UFC fight cards postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the UFC finds itself in flux. NewYorkRic and Marc Raimondi join Ariel to discuss the UFC's commitment to holding on when every other sport decided to shut down. Plus, they wonder if Leon Edwards will get the Tyron Woodley fight taken away (23:20), if the UFC could then justify a Colby Covington/Woodley fight, if UFC 249 will happen (36:34) and if all of this craziness could lead to a Conor McGregor/Khabib Nurmagomedov fight faster than we expected. And, everyone shares their own experiences with social distancing and TST gives his "Minimalist Tip of the Week."
19/03/201h 10m

Chael Sonnen In Studio, Filthy Tom's New Home

"Filthy Tom" Lawlor announces his return to MMA and explains why, even after a rocky ending with the UFC, he feels now is the right time to get back into fighting (41:36). Before that, Chael Sonnen on the time Ariel supposedly stabbed him in the back, why "good things happen to bad people," if he misses fighting, his beef with Valentina Shevchenko and affinity for Kevin Lee. Plus, the debut of "Legitimate Questions" with Marc Raimondi (53:34) and "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:01:52).
11/03/201h 16m

Zhang, Adesanya, Shevchenko, Arum, Jay Park, O'Malley, More

After a bizarre main event at UFC 248, Ariel defends Israel Adesanya against the criticism he's received since Saturday night. Plus, he explains why he's in awe of Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk following a fight some are calling the greatest female fight in MMA history. Then, --UFC lightweight Sean O'Malley on a stressful fight week, the special bond he shares with his coach and how long he plans to wait before fighting next (23:16). --UFC welterweight Neil Magny discusses his first win since May 2018, his storied UFC career and how fatherhood affected the lead-up to Saturday's fight (39:31). --Korean hip-hop artist Jay Park gives his side of the story on what happened at UFC 248, where UFC featherweight Brian Ortega slapped him for what his friend, The Korean Zombie, said on Ariel's show last month (53:46). --UFC women's flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko explains why she believes Joanna won on Saturday and why Zhang didn't impress her. She also discusses Yoel Romero's odd strategy against Adesanya (1:19:01). --UFC strawweight champion Zhang (and her translator) discuss how she's feeling physically after a grueling five-round fight, a challenging fight week, if she regrets taking the fight given the tumultuous lead-up to it and if/when she anticipates a rematch against Joanna (1:39:47). --Bob Arum, Founder/CEO of Top Rank, on why the UFC is "trash", his fictional feud with Dana White, Wilder/Fury III and what makes a great promoter (2:12:20). --UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya explains why the Romero fight was the "weirdest" one he's ever been a part of and why he wasn't fooled by his strategy. He also talks about his private conversation with Dana White following the fight, what he makes of Paulo Costa's comments and much more (2:36:20).
10/03/203h 4m

DC & Helwani: The Inaugural Episode

In the very first edition of "DC & Helwani" on ESPN Radio, Daniel Cormier and Ariel discuss DC's future, Israel Adesanya's stardom, memories of Yoel Romero's early days, Joanna Jedrzejczyk's chances against Zhang Weili, DC's relationships with Deron Winn and Khabib Nurmagomedov all while taking phone calls from fans. Plus, DC makes his case for James Harden as NBA MVP and we find out the guys stink at math and changing oil in cars.
06/03/201h 21m

UFC 248 Preview & The Canadian Gangster's New Home

With Israel Adesanya's star on the rise ahead of UFC 248, ESPN's Phil Murphy joins Ariel to discuss Adesanya's growing popularity around the globe (35:32). But before that, Zhang Weili's manager Brian Butler talks about Zhang's wild journey to Las Vegas and the possibility of a Rose Namajunas fight (18:46) while ESPN's Marc Raimondi puts a bow on UFC Norfolk and discusses whether this is Yoel Romero's last chance at a title fight. UFC veteran Olivier Aubin-Mercier also joins to break news about his fighting future (51:46), Ariel plays some UFC 248 trivia (1:04:40) and TST returns from his short-lived retirement (1:16:13).
05/03/201h 27m

Adesanya, Romero, Mighty Mouse, Felder, Spencer, M. Anderson, More

The UFC flyweights should stick around, Ariel says, despite the controversial weekend for the division in Norfolk. The show's first guest, UFC featherweight Felicia Spencer -- a winner in Norfolk -- explains how she was able to bounce back from her first pro loss before stating her case for a title shot against Amanda Nunes (22:12). Yoel Romero, the challenger in this upcoming weekend's UFC 248 headliner, talks about his emotions heading into the fight, his hectic fight week schedule, his weight cut and what it would mean for the 42-year-old to finally hold the UFC middleweight belt (40:10). Next, another winner from Norfolk, featherweight Megan Anderson, tells Ariel why she should be the one to face Nunes and also discusses her upcoming color commentary opportunity for Friday's Invicta FC event, which will feature open scoring (57:55). Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson then talks about the state of the division he once ruled, what he would do about the flyweight division if he were the one running the UFC, as well as Henry Cejudo's recent behavior (1:13:13). Next, almost two weeks after his tough loss at UFC Auckland, lightweight Paul Felder talks about how he's feeling, if the judges should have awarded him the victory over Dan Hooker, his future and how he's drowned his sorrows in gluttony since the loss (1:32:17). Deron Winn, who also fights at UFC 248, previews his fight before talking about his relationship with Daniel Cormier (1:52:24). After that, Luis Pena, who recently reunited with his biological brother and father via Ancestry, talks about his win in Norfolk and how it felt even better to do it in front of his long-lost family members (2:09:50). Lastly, the UFC middleweight champion himself Israel Adesanya discusses his winning of a very special award in New Zealand, the positives and negatives of stardom, his preparation for UFC 248, walkout plans, recent controversial comments he's made, the latest between he and Jon Jones and much more (2:27:40).
03/03/203h 3m

Cejudo vs. Aldo, State of the Flyweights, What's Next for Tyson Fury?

NewYorkRic talks about the state of the flyweight division heading into this weekend's UFC Norfolk card (8:00). Then, they discuss the Henry Cejudo vs. Jose Aldo title fight in May and NewYorkRic's experience at Wilder/Fury II. Afterwards, Fury's co-promoter Frank Warren joins to talk about the next step for Fury, the likelihood of the Anthony Joshua fight happening soon and his feud with Eddie Hearn (32:00). Finally, TST joins from Denmark to tell us about his trip to Scandinavia and also to offer his "Minimalist Tip of the Week," which concludes with a potentially shocking twist (1:02:00).
26/02/201h 12m

Hearn, Hooker, Jedrzejczyk, Gallagher, Calderwood, Adams, More

Coming off a historical weekend in the boxing world, Ariel reacts to the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder rematch and what could be next for Fury. Then, he welcomes famed combat sports nutritionist George Lockhart, who worked with Fury leading up to the big fight (22:46). Then, Eddie Hearn, Sports Promoter and Managing Director of Matchroom Sport, joins the show to talk about the possibility of a fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua and the beef between he and Fury (44:16). After that, Oklahoma City Thunder center and MMA fan Steven Adams talks about his MMA fandom and favorite fighters (1:12:00). Next, UFC women's strawweight contender Joanna Jedrzejczyk calls in to preview her upcoming bout on March 7 vs. Zhang Weili and discuss how she can potentially make history with a big win (1:18:20). Speaking of making history, UFC flyweight contender Joanne Calderwood previews her UFC 251 title fight vs. Valentina Shevchenko, as well as her upcoming wedding (1:35:18). What's next for UFC featherweight Ryan Hall, you ask? Hall joins the show to talk about what the future holds and whether or not he feels like he is being frozen out (1:50:16). Next, Conor McGregor's teammate, Bellator bantamweight James Gallagher talks about his progress in returning from a small muscle tear in his back (2:09:11). UFC light heavyweight Jimmy Crute next discusses his bounce-back win vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk and also says he "has never felt more nervous" before a fight (2:22:37). Another fighter coming off a great win, UFC lightweight Dan Hooker calls into the show to discuss his somewhat controversial victory over Paul Felder in Auckland. Hooker breaks down what was going through his head throughout the fight, saying Felder is "one heck of a poker player," (2:31:46). Lastly, Hooker's teammate, UFC lightweight Brad Riddell joins Ariel to recap his victory over Magomed Mustafaev. He says the experience fighting in New Zealand in front of his home crowd was unreal (2:46:07).
24/02/203h 4m

Diego Sanchez and His Guru Clear the Air

In a contentious episode of the show, UFC legend Diego Sanchez and his coach and life guru, Josh Fabia, defend themselves against the criticism they've each received since Saturday night's controversial ending in Rio Rancho. Plus, ESPN's Antonietta Collins is in Las Vegas to set the scene for Tyson Fury/Deontay Wilder II and also to describe what it's like being from Jorge Masvidal's hometown (56:02). And, TST brings another "Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:11:57).
19/02/201h 22m

Till, Fury, Poirier, Iaquinta, Perry, Sterling, More

Ariel begins by delivering his thoughts on Jan Blachowicz's Saturday night win in Rio Rancho and the illegal knee that defined the Diego Sanchez/Michel Pereira fight. Then, Blachowicz himself discusses the magnitude of the win, his callout of Jon Jones, if he thinks he's ahead of Dominick Reyes for a title shot and the reception of him in Poland (25:48). UFC bantamweight Aljamain Sterling, absent since June, next talks about his recent injuries, the Petr Yan "hype train" and why Sterling feels he deserves a shot at the belt (45:35). Then, just days away from his highly-anticipated boxing heavyweight rematch with Deontay Wilder, "The Gypsy King" Tyson Fury discusses what it's like being the betting underdog, if he'll approach this fight differently than the first time around, what he may do next and when he thinks he'll call it quits (1:09:10). After that, former interim UFC lightweight champion Dustin Poirier on the possibility of fighting Nate Diaz, his campaign for a Conor McGregor matchup, if anyone can beat Khabib Nurmagomedov and his work with the Good Fight Foundation (1:27:47). Gegard Mousasi, former Bellator middleweight world champion, next talks about this upcoming weekend's bout with Douglas Lima (1:45:02) and then UFC middleweight Darren Till discusses his Twitter game, budding friendship with Israel Adesanya and the impact of his visa issues on UFC 248 (2:05:48). After that, a new-look "Platinum" Mike Perry on potentially moving weight classes, dealing with his UFC 245 loss to Geoff Neal, and his Saturday Submission Underground grappling matchup against Al Iaquinta (2:28:10). Lastly, Iaquinta talks about facing Perry, why he wants to fight Poirier and more (2:45:00).
17/02/203h 7m

Does MMA Have a Judging Problem?

In the wake of a controversial UFC 247, Ariel welcomes veteran MMA official Marc Goddard to discuss misconceptions about officiating, the scoring of close rounds, the criteria officials adhere to and the comments Colby Covington made about him. Plus, Andy Foster, Executive Director of the California State Athletic Commission, joins the show to examine how officiating can improve (31:17). Later, Marc Raimondi explains the new Kansas open scoring laws and how they will be implemented (52:48). And, false accusations against Nate Diaz (1:06:40), the latest on Conor McGregor, "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" and a special Valentine's Day surprise for Ariel.
12/02/201h 25m

Reyes, Shevchenko, Lewis, Krause, Zombie, Sanchez, More

Nearly 48 hours after a controversial end to UFC 247, Ariel delivers his thoughts on the main event and how officiating soured the night. One fighter affected by the officiating, lightweight James Krause, first explains why he took a fight on such short notice and also why even though he lost, he actually feels like he won (21:06). "The Black Beast" Derrick Lewis, a winner at 247, then talks about the emotions of winning in his hometown of Houston...and why he no longer trusts Ariel (42:00). Then, fresh off a dominant title defense against Katlyn Chookagian, flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko discusses why she approaches each fight differently, the early stoppage, if she'll consider fighting Amanda Nunes and her unique relationship with actress Halle Berry (1:02:56). Next, Dominick Reyes opens up about his emotions following an impressive performance against Jon Jones and explains why he feels the referees robbed him of the light heavyweight title (1:23:28). Plus, Reyes discusses how he felt in the late rounds of the fight, if he has any regrets, what Jones and Dana White told him afterward, the support he's received from the MMA community and if he wants an immediate rematch with Jones. Then, Jones' striking coach, Mike Winkeljohn of Jackson Wink, says he and Jones respect Reyes and how he battled on Saturday night, but that the judges ultimately made the correct decision in awarding Jones the victory (1:44:15). UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez, who fights this weekend in New Mexico, then issues an important warning to fighters and everyday people who take supplements to look and train better (2:08:09). Light heavyweight contender Jan Blachowicz, who also fights on Saturday, next talks about the Jones/Reyes fight and what he feels he must accomplish in order to jump ahead of Reyes in the eyes of the UFC (2:32:21). Lastly, "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung talks about the possibility of fighting Alexander Volkanovski...and why he thinks he's an easier opponent than Frankie Edgar (2:44:10).
10/02/203h 8m

All Things Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes

Albuquerque's own Jon Jones fights this weekend, so Ariel welcomes Geoff Grammer of The Albuquerque Journal to talk about the perception of Jones in the city and a personal connection he shares with the UFC's light heavyweight champion. ESPN's Marc Raimondi also discusses the possibility of Jones losing and what his next move will be, win or loss (42:36). Plus, MMA legend Dan Henderson -- who helped train Dominick Reyes for Jones -- discusses Reyes' readiness for UFC 247 (26:54) and "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:00:38).
05/02/201h 10m

Jon Jones, Covington, Volkanovski, Reyes, Anthony Smith, More

To lead off UFC 247 fight week, Ariel welcomes Eliot Marshall of Elevation Fight Team in Denver to talk about the recent success of his gym, his transition from fighting to coaching and how he deals with anxiety issues on a daily basis. Then, Bellator's Sergio Pettis discusses his Bellator debut win, the impact of his brother Anthony on his career and the "mission statement" that changed his life (33:46). After that, former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington breaks his silence to air his grievances on the officiating in his UFC 245 title shot against Kamaru Usman and the releasing of the audio tapes from his corner (46:17). Plus, he discusses fighting Usman again, his emotions since that fight and if he expects a contentious return to American Top Team. Then, Ariel's interview with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who opens up about dealing with his shadowy past, his balance between "working and playing," his legacy, his fiery back-and forth with Israel Adesanya, why he first started fighting at age 19, how long he plans to continue fighting and much more (1:15:40). Then, Jones' UFC 247 opponent, Dominick Reyes, addresses Jones' recent comments about him, if he thinks Jones is slowing down and if he feels Jones respects him heading into Saturday night's headliner (2:02:20). UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith -- absent since June -- then discusses what it's like to fight Jones before telling a crazy story about how he nearly had a finger amputated (2:23:10). Lastly, new UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski on life as champion, his future goals and what Australia has been like as the devastating bush fires have wreaked havoc on his home country (2:46:40).
03/02/203h 13m

Masvidal on Usman Altercation, Stephen A. Responds to Joe Rogan

Jorge Masvidal calls in to talk about his verbal altercation with Kamaru Usman in Miami (1:10:52). But before that, Ariel talks to Stephen A. Smith about the criticism he received from Joe Rogan and others following his post-UFC 246 analysis (4:35). Ariel and NewYorkRic also discuss the state of the heavyweight division, favorite MMA Super Bowl weekend moments, Ariel's crazy Jon Jones story and Kobe Bryant memories (35:20). Plus, "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:25:49).
29/01/201h 31m

Cormier, Woodley, Cyborg, Barber, O'Malley, Roddy, Chiesa, More

Ariel begins the show by emotionally reacting to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others who perished in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The show's first guest, former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, talks about his memories of meeting Bryant, working with him on Bryant's ESPN + show and how "The Black Mamba" will motivate him for the rest of his life. Then, DC tells Ariel if a Stipe Miocic trilogy fight is the only matchup he wants for the final fight of his career. Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who fights Leon Edwards in March, then sounds off on the unfair hand he's been dealt by the UFC (31:02). Next, heavyweight Curtis Blaydes talks about his Fight Night win and if he feels he's the best he's ever been, as well as if he hopes to fight Miocic, Francis Ngannou, or another top contender in his next fight (53:14). After that, just days after winning her Bellator debut, Cris Cyborg discusses how it feels now to win in four different promotions, how she made out financially in the fight and if she hopes to end her fighting career with Bellator (1:06:50). Next, Maycee "The Future" Barber, who sustained a severe knee injury in her UFC 246 loss to Roxanne Modafferi, discusses her surgery plans, when the injury happened, why she refused to stop, what she would have done if she were in Modafferi's shoes, and why she wouldn't change anything about that night (1:27:24). Then, Owen Roddy, the striking coach for Conor McGregor, breaks down McGregor's UFC 246 performance before telling Ariel why he worries more about maintaining McGregor's motivation than he does about his next opponent (1:44:45). UFC bantamweight Sean O'Malley, absent for the last two years thanks to a USADA suspension, tells Ariel why he believes the two years away have helped turn him into one of the top fighters in the world (1:59:26). The UFC's Jessica Penne, also suspended by USADA, is joined by her manager to open up about the four-year suspension, if she's ever knowingly cheated, if USADA is treating her fairly, her next steps and more (2:12:50). Bellator's AJ Agazarm joins to talks about Saturday's win and if he feels he's earned a step up after winning three straight bouts (2:31:15). Plus, does he expect Nick Diaz to fight in 2020? Lastly, Michael Chiesa recaps his Fight Night win over Rafael dos Anjos and tells Ariel why he almost considered pulling out of the fight (2:48:39). And, he says he wants a shot at Colby Covington before Ariel offers Chiesa a surprise.
27/01/203h 11m

What's Next For Conor McGregor?

Is Conor McGregor back? NewYorkRic weighs in on that before he and Ariel lay out a number of possibilities for McGregor's next fight. Then, MMAFighting's Peter Carroll discusses the perception of McGregor's win in Ireland and if the people of the Emerald Isle are convinced McGregor has changed for the long-term (32:09). Plus, TST's impressions of the fight and his "Minimalist Tip of the Week" (52:20).
22/01/201h 0m

Masvidal, Kavanagh, Bisping, Lee, Holm, Modafferi, More

Ariel opens the show by offering his immediate thoughts on UFC 246 and Conor McGregor's 40-second TKO of Cowboy Cerrone. Then, after the best win of her career, UFC flyweight Roxanne Modafferi tells Ariel why she didn't take advantage of Maycee Barber's apparent leg injury, what she attributes this upset win to and how she can build off this win (7:17). Then, a fiery Kevin Lee, who will take on Charles Oliveira in March, explains why the fight with Islam Makhachev fell through before sounding off on the UFC's top names and why they don't impress him (28:55). Next, ESPN analyst and former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping breaks down McGregor's fighting strategy and what this loss means for Cerrone's legacy (40:22). After that, Diego Ferreira, a winner over Anthony Pettis on Saturday, talks about his preparations for the fight and what it was like to be on the 246 card (56:44). Then, bantamweight legend Holly Holm discusses if she's happy with her Saturday performance against Raquel Pennington before talking about when she hopes to fight next and some personal struggles she's been dealing with (1:11:32). Then, Brian "Boom" Kelleher on Saturday night, if he considered it a must-win and how he would have considered retirement had he lost (1:25:04). Drew Dober, who received a bonus for his Saturday performance, then tells Ariel what he hopes for next (1:35:42). After that, McGregor's post-fight interview with Ariel where the guys discuss McGregor's welterweight TKO, what it felt like to be out there again, what the future could hold in store and more (1:45:04). Next, BMF champion Jorge Masvidal - one of McGregor's potential next opponents - weighs in on the fight and if he wants to battle McGregor or Kamaru Usman next (2:07:18). Plus, he (kind of) reveals why he wore the robe he did on Saturday night. McGregor's manager, Audie Attar, then discusses McGregor's new mindset and how he sees McGregor's 2020 unfolding (2:35:15). Lastly, McGregor's longtime coach, John Kavanagh, explains why Saturday was about much more than just winning a fight. He also tells Ariel who he wants McGregor to fight next...and it's not the guy you may think (2:50:44).
21/01/203h 13m

The Notorious McG: Conor McGregor Inside and Outside Ultimate Fighting

On Saturday two UFC legends collide on ESPN+ as Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone faces Irishman Conor McGregor, perhaps the most notorious fighter in mixed martial arts. ESPN Senior Writer Kevin Van Valkenburg visited Ireland to see how years of controversy, troubling behavior, and criminal allegations have affected McGregor's folk hero status at home.
17/01/2022m 55s

McGregor vs. Cerrone Press Conference Reaction With Chael Sonnen, Fan Calls

Following Wednesday night's UFC 246 press conference featuring Conor McGregor, Cowboy Cerrone and Dana White, Ariel hits the ESPN Radio airwaves to take fan calls and to speak with Chael Sonnen (12:48) about his takeaways from the night. Plus, "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" with some help from McGregor (39:17).
16/01/2047m 0s

Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview, Kavanagh, Roddy, Cruz, Alvarez, More

With all eyes on Conor McGregor and his UFC 246 battle with Cowboy Cerrone in Las Vegas, Ariel opens the show by explaining why he's so excited about this card. The show's first guest, UFC bantamweight Dominick Cruz talks about a conversation he shared with McGregor and the advice he has for him in facing off against Cerrone (23:39). Then, former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez tells Ariel about his plan to fight three times this year, which he hopes will ultimately land him a ONE Championship title fight (39:29). After that, UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis previews his Saturday matchup against Carlos Diego Ferreira before explaining how he's fallen back in love with "the process" of fighting during this camp (49:57). Plus, he tells a wild story about USADA. Then, in an exclusive interview, the man they call "Notorious" sits down with Ariel to discuss his newfound outlook on life, his confidence heading into this fight, the camaraderie he shares with his team, the role of his two children in his life, how he's managed to block out all of the criticism he's received, why he's chosen to fight Cerrone at 170 lbs., his questionable decision-making before the Khabib Nurmagomedov bout and how he hopes to rectify it by fighting him again, his relationship with life guru Tony Robbins, how much money he'll make off the Cerrone fight and much more (1:05:28). After that, 15 different celebrities weigh in with their UFC 246 picks, with predictions coming from the NBA's Kristaps Porzingis, WWE's Becky Lynch, actor Mario Lopez and many more (1:58:45). Owen Roddy, McGregor's striking coach, then discusses the holes in Cerrone's game and McGregor's readiness for the fight (2:05:58). Next, UFC flyweight Roxanne Modafferi, who fights Maycee Barber this weekend, talks about her social media exchanges with Barber and how she envisions Saturday night will unfold (2:24:34). Lastly, SBG Ireland's John Kavanagh makes his return to the show to candidly discuss how McGregor got his motivation back, why the Irishman needs to fight to stay grounded and out of trouble, if he thinks McGregor could fight Justin Gaethje next, and the last time he remembers seeing McGregor this focused and happy (2:35:32).
14/01/203h 12m

2020 Lookahead with NewYorkRic

Ariel and NewYorkRic begin their 2020 preview by looking back on the fallout of Ariel's controversial picks from the 2019 Helwani Nose Awards. Then, the two old friends discuss the fights that must happen in 2020 (15:17), bold predictions (27:37), the biggest stories they're watching (39:06) and who they expect to win the male and female fighters of the year (51:24). Plus, TST's own predictions and his "Minimalist Tip of the Week," which takes on a New Year's spin (1:06:29).
08/01/201h 14m

The 2019 Helwani Nose Awards feat. Masvidal, Adesanya, 24 Awards, More

In an annual tradition, Ariel announces his winners of the most coveted awards in MMA. Male (1:51:44) and Female (1:09:01) Fighter of the Year are on the line, as well as Breakout Fighter (24:02), Most Improved Fighter and Promo of the Year (1:13:42). Chael Sonnen also joins Ariel to hand out all-decade awards (47:26) and Ben Askren (1:15:08), Jorge Masvidal (1:59:34), Israel Adesanya (2:22:20) and NewYorkRic (2:39:28) react to Ariel's selections.
06/01/202h 50m

Decade in Review Roundtable

In a roundtable discussion, ESPN's Brett Okamoto and Marc Raimondi join Ariel to look back on the stories that defined MMA in the past decade.
23/12/1948m 14s

Exclusive: Rory MacDonald On Signing With PFL; UFC 245 Aftermath

In an exclusive interview, former UFC title contender and Bellator champion Rory MacDonald joins Ariel to explain why he has decided to sign with PFL. Then, ahead of her Bellator title fight in her native Hawaii on Saturday, Ilima-Lei Macfarlane says she's offended by MacDonald's Bellator exit before she discusses her preparation for the fight and why she's more emotional than she's ever been in the days leading up to a bout (27:34). Lastly, NewYorkRic on the fallout of UFC 245 and which exciting matchups lay on the horizon in 2020 (51:21). And, TST's Minimalist Tip of the Day and the holiday dilemma he's having (1:15:36).
18/12/191h 23m

Wonderboy & M. Anderson In Studio, Faber, Edwards, Neal, Hooper, More

In the final live show of the decade, Ariel begins by offering his reactions to UFC 245. He then welcomes one of the darlings of the weekend, 20-year-old featherweight Chase "The Dream" Hooper, to talk about the origin of his UFC dreams, the public's perception of him, why he's a "weird dude" and much more (16:35). Then, welterweight Geoff Neal discusses his knockout of Mike Perry, why he'd rather wait for a title shot than rush into one and his decision to stop waiting tables in his free time (29:42). Next, welterweight contender Leon Edwards explains why Kamaru Usman's performance didn't impress him and if he's worried the UFC will favor Jorge Masvidal for the title shot over him (44:40). Then, after winning a fight she failed to make weight for, Jessica "Evil" Eye reveals why she missed weight before talking about life in Las Vegas and how long it took her to get over the tough loss to Valentina Shevchenko in June (1:00:15). After that, PFL's Kayla Harrison previews her Dec. 31 bout before discussing her decision to resign with PFL and why she refuses to cut weight (1:15:52). Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, who defeated Vicente Luque at UFC 244, then joins Ariel in studio (and is presented with a gift) to talk about the state of the welterweight division, who he'll fight next, if he thinks he'll regret it if he never wins a UFC belt, Usman's impressive performance, Colby Covington's toughness, his close relationship with his father and more (1:28:21). Australian featherweight Megan Anderson then steps in the studio to break some news about her next fight and also to discuss what it would take to earn a shot at Amanda Nunes (2:06:02). She then opens up about her mental health battles and the suicide attempt that landed her in the hospital before she ever started fighting, but also about MMA's impact on her and how it's allowed her to take control of her life (2:06:02). Lastly, after losing to Petr Yan this past weekend, UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber tells Ariel if he regrets taking the fight before speculating on his future in the sport and discussing what it's like for his loved ones to watch him lose so handily (2:46:44).
16/12/193h 8m

LIVE from Las Vegas: The Second Nose World Order Trivia Challenge

Live from Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Ariel hosts the Second Nose World Order Trivia Challenge. Fighters Dominick Reyes, Derrick Lewis, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Michael Chiesa compete for the prestigious N.W.O. belt in front of a packed audience one night before UFC 245. Only one can come out on top. Who will it be?
14/12/191h 13m

The Curious Case of Colby Covington, Mick Conlan

Colby Covington is one of the most polarizing figures in all of MMA, and so Dan Lambert, founder and owner of American Top Team - Covington's gym - joins Ariel to discuss the welterweight's ascent, how the outside world views him, his contentious relationship with teammate Jorge Masvidal and the UFC, and more. ESPN's Marc Raimondi discusses the latest on Liz Carmouche and Jairzinho Rosenstruik after revealing what he learned about Covington while spending one-on-one time for his new ESPN profile on Covington (40:12). Plus, Northern Ireland's Mick Conlan talks about his chance to right the wrong of the 2016 Olympics, as well as the state of Conor McGregor's career (25:43).
11/12/191h 8m

Nunes, Crawford, Carmouche, Volkanovski, Felder, More

Two days after winning his headlining fight against Alistair Overeem, UFC heavyweight Jairzinho Rozenstruik phones in to discuss the win and his chances of landing a fight against heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou. Then, reigning UFC featherweight and bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes joins ahead of her UFC 245 title defense to discuss the matchup with Germaine de Randamie and if she believes she is in fact the greatest female fighter of all time (20:42). Next, just days after the MMA world learned of her release from the UFC, Liz Carmouche candidly discusses how the separation happened, if she wants to keep fighting, if she holds any regrets, and how she could have changed UFC history by beating Ronda Rousey in the UFC's first female fight in 2013 (32:21). "Thug Nasty" Bryce Mitchell, winner of a second-round submission this past weekend, then talks about his execution of "The Twister" and the superstar boxer he hopes to fight next (46:59). After that, UFC lightweight Paul Felder discusses what it means to him to fight Dan Hooker in February in Hooker's native New Zealand, his preparations for a fight on the other side of the world, and his new UFC deal...and why it could be his last (1:11:18). Next, WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford joins ahead of his Saturday night title defense to dish on his MMA fandom, who he hopes to see in the ring in the future and if he'd ever consider doing MMA (1:26:21). Ngannou himself then joins Ariel to express his frustration with the UFC and why he wants to see more than a "lucky comeback" from Rozenstruik before considering fighting him (1:47:10). Another UFC heavyweight, Stefan Struve, then explains why he holds no grudges after this past weekend's controversial loss to Ben Rothwell (1:58:46). Fighting legend Diego Sanchez then talks about his love for the UFC and why he chose to re-sign, his thoughts on fighting Michel Pereira in February and the famous fighter he hopes to have in his corner (2:11:48). Kai Kara-France, who will fight on the UFC 245 card, joins Ariel (2:30:12) as does co-main fighter Alexander Volkanovsi, who will participate in his first UFC title fight on Saturday against Max Holloway for the featherweight belt (2:48:10). Lastly, UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd on her win from this past weekend and her predictions for the Nunes/GDR fight on Saturday (3:04:02).
09/12/193h 17m

McGregor/Cerrone Reaction; Rich Eisen Remembers Stuart Scott

It's Stuart Scott Day at ESPN, so Ariel welcomes Scott's most well-known SportsCenter partner-in-crime, Rich Eisen, to reminisce about the beloved anchor, who succumbed to cancer in 2015. Then, Ariel and ESPN's Marc Raimondi discuss if Cowboy Cerrone is the right matchup for Conor McGregor, if McGregor's decision to fight at 170 is the correct one, whether Jorge Masvidal could be McGregor's next opponent, McGregor's reputation, the excitement surrounding the Khabib Nurmagomedov/Tony Ferguson fight and more (35:21). And before "TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week" (1:14:58), Ariel reveals the four UFC fighter contestants who will take part in next week's Nose World Order Trivia Championship in Las Vegas (1:07:49).
04/12/191h 23m

Tony Ferguson, Adesanya, Shevchenko, Overeem, El Patron, More

Ariel begins by explaining why Donald Cerrone is the perfect matchup for Conor McGregor's return fight. Plus, Ariel's thoughts on the Tony Ferguson/Khabib Nurmagomedov lightweight title fight, set for April 18 in Brooklyn. Then, the founder of Fortis MMA, Sayif Saud, talks about the growth of his Dallas-based gym and his approach in training the next wave of MMA stars (27:28). Plus, Saud discusses his training with Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis and Saud's own hopes of winning the 2019 Helwani Nose Award. Next, UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko talks about her role in a Halle Berry movie and why Katlyn Chookagian poses the best challenge to her belt in February (48:09). After that, Alberto El Patron discusses Saturday's Combate Americas matchup against Tito Ortiz and why this will be his last MMA fight ever (1:04:48). Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion, then joins Ariel for "Matzah Ballin'" to talk about the origins of his name, Nigerian food traditions, life in New Zealand, practicing gratitude and much more (1:28:52). Then, Tony Ferguson discusses how the Khabib fight came together, why they're holding it off until April, his training camp strategy, what it would feel like to beat the undefeated lightweight champion, if he expects he'll speak with Khabib before the fight and more (2:09:18). After that, UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem reacts to the troubling news surrounding Walt Harris, whom he was supposed to fight this upcoming weekend. Instead, he'll fight Jairzinho Rozenstruik, who he and Ariel discus (2:33:27). Lastly, "The Haggis Hunter" Robert Whiteford on his next Bellator fight, if he plans to return to the UFC and more (2:48:08).
02/12/193h 6m

The Business of MMA

In a special episode devoted to the ins and outs of growing MMA all throughout the world, Ariel first speaks to Martin Lewandowski, the co-founder and CEO of KSW, Poland's leading fight organization, which Lewandowski says easily exceeds the UFC's popularity in the country. But he explains how difficult it was to grow the league from its origins up until now, where he says fighters routinely make over $1 million per fight. Then, fighter-turned-trainer-turned-manager Tiki Ghosn talks about his career arc, Instagram's role in changing how much fighters make and the potential UFC champion he has waiting in the wings (28:15). Lastly, brand builder Hans Molenkamp discusses his direct work with the athletes and agents, including the difficulties of parting ways with fighters he admires. And, he explains how he inked a deal with Monster Energy and how even the top fighters can cost themselves large sums of money by failing to market themselves properly (46:45). Plus, the latest on Khabib vs. Ferguson (1:14:02) and TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week (1:20:30).
27/11/191h 29m

Gina Carano, Dillashaw, Whittaker, Weidman, Rockhold, More

In a history-making episode of the show, former UFC champion Chris Weidman looks back on his "devastating" loss to Dominick Reyes last month. With a Jon Jones matchup likely awaiting him had he beaten Reyes, Weidman tells Ariel whether he looked past Reyes and also if he feels any pressure to retire now. After that, Jairzinho Rozenstruik -- who will fight Alistair Overeem next week in place of Walt Harris Jr. -- discusses his possible path to a UFC heavyweight title shot and what it's like fighting under such circumstances (27:39). Then, former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold rejoins the show to discuss his recent travels, new business ventures, bull-wrestling experiences and why he doesn't feel compelled to rush back to fighting (45:46). Next, one of the all-time greats, Randy "The Natural" Couture describes how he's feeling physically and emotionally after suffering a heart attack last month (1:04:20). After that, MMA coach Edmond Tarverdyan - former coach of Ronda Rousey - talks about the development of a potential up-and-coming UFC star: Edmen Shabazyan, the 21-year-old middleweight who knocked out Brad Tavares at Madison Square Garden earlier this month (1:20:33). Then, after largely staying silent for the past seven months, former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw explains why he took the substance that landed him a two-year suspension from USADA, how he's spent his time away from the sport and why he feels it's important to be transparent about the entire situation (1:40:06). Plus, he reveals the fight he wants when he eventually makes his return. Then, in her debut appearance on the show, female fighting pioneer Gina Carano tells Ariel why she's been ducking him for the last eight years (2:02:20). In the interview, Ariel thanks Carano for sparking one of the biggest turning points in his career before the old friends talk about her indelible impact on MMA, her gut-wrenching 2009 loss to Cris Cyborg, the stunning story behind the UFC deal and Rousey fight that never happened, if she ever thinks about fighting anymore, why she's thrown herself into acting, her new role as Cara Dune in "The Mandalorian" on Disney + and so much more. Lastly, another former UFC middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, discusses his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 242 and who and where he hopes to fight next (3:02:20).
25/11/193h 24m

Gareth A. Davies Talks Recent Heart Attack

Veteran combat sports reporter Gareth A. Davies joins Ariel to talk for the first time about his recent heart attack and how he's feeling. He also discusses his visit with Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury's flirtation with MMA, Ben Askren's retirement, Conor McGregor Watch and this weekend's Bellator Europe card.
20/11/191h 11m

Ben Askren Retires, Foley, Romero, JDS, Gracie, Nickal, More

Ariel opens the show by talking to Junior dos Santos about the severity of the UFC heavyweight contender's infected leg, his thoughts on Curtis Blaydes and more. After that, Ben Askren tells Ariel he's decided to retire from fighting, choosing instead to focus on rehabbing his hip injury and to pursue his many other interests (23:09). He also discusses whether he regrets not joining the UFC earlier, and if he ever even loved fighting. Next, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley dives into the crossover between wrestling and MMA and how he would fare in today's world of combat sports (1:03:14). Cesar Gracie, trainer to the Diaz brothers, then talks about the latest with each brother before explaining why newer MMA fans don't know the real Nick Diaz (1:28;16). Next, the UFC's Cory Sandhagen discusses his title fight hopes, his interest in transcendentalism and the significance of his January bantamweight showdown with Frankie Edgar (1:50:38). Then, Yoel Romero tells Ariel why he's the top contender in the middleweight division, comparing himself to Muhammad Ali in the process before directing a message toward the champion, Israel Adesanya (2:14:16). After that, two winners from this past weekend in Brazil, James Krause (2:33:52) and Paul Craig (2:52:31) discuss their victories and hopes for their careers moving forward. Lastly, the 2019 Dan Hodge winner Bo Nickal tells Ariel why he's decided to begin a career in MMA following a decorated collegiate wrestling career at Penn State (3:04:18).
18/11/193h 20m

Chael Sonnen in Israel & the Return of an Old Friend

With Ariel experiencing separation anxiety from his partner-in-crime, he welcomes on Chael Sonnen from Israel to talk about Bellator's popularity in the country, his impressions of Ariel's interview with Nick Diaz and if he thinks Diaz will return in 2020 to fight Jorge Masvidal. Plus, they talk about hummus. Then, old friend NewYorkRic breaks his silence on his new gig before discussing who UFC champions Stipe Miocic and Israel Adesanya should fight next, who Rose Namajunas could target in her return, whether Corey Anderson or Dominick Reyes could take down Jon Jones in a title fight and much more (30:46). Plus, the debut of TST's Minimalist Tip of the Week (1:01:42)!
13/11/191h 5m

The Rock, Nick Diaz, Namajunas, Miocic, Woodley, More

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson makes his debut on the show by first discussing his unforgettable experience at UFC 244, what he told Jorge Masvidal after the fight and the biggest differences between MMA and pro wrestling. And on a personal note, he opens up about his battles with anxiety and depression and how he manages to stay upbeat during tough times. Next, UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou talks about his comments on Alexander Volkov and possibly fighting Jon Jones next (31:50). Then, in her first interview since Jessica Andrade knocked her out at UFC 237, former strawweight champion "Thug" Rose Namajunas gets emotional talking about that loss and how it drove her to some dark places (48:31). She explains how winning the belt in November 2017 changed her for the worse after discussing why she's in a better place now and if she plans to fight in the UFC again (48:31). After that, a wide-ranging conversation with Nick Diaz about what he's been up to in his five-year suspension from the UFC, why he feels he's the true owner of the BMF belt, some bones to pick with Masvidal, if he believes he'll return to the Octagon in 2020 and much more (1:13:35). Then, UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic discusses the belt and if it feels any different having it the second time around, his physical health and the guy he hopes to fight next - and it's not who you may think (2:03:36). Next, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley tells Ariel who he wants to fight next and why, with some shots taken at Colby Covington in the process (2:22:16). And then, 42-year-old Demien Maia talks about his win over Ben Askren a few weeks ago, if he regrets never winning a belt and how he's managed to perform at a high level for so long (2:35:51). The show's final guest, Katlyn "Blonde Fighter" Chookagian takes some jabs at Ariel before staking her claim for a title shot versus Valentina Shevchenko (2:54:25).
11/11/193h 19m

Ken Shamrock In Studio

"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock joins Ariel in studio for an in-depth conversation on a multitude of topics: his return to pro wrestling at 55 years old, the current state of MMA, his relationship with his brother Frank, what really happened the night he pulled out of the Kimbo Slice fight, his greatest regret and much more.
07/11/191h 8m

Adesanya In Studio, Masvidal, Till, Lee, Lewis, Perry, More

Ariel begins the show by sharing his thoughts on a jam-packed UFC 244. The show's first guest, Darren Till, talks to Ariel about his decision defeat of Kelvin Gastelum in his middleweight debut (4:18). Then, BMF champion Jorge Masvidal discusses his victory over Nate Diaz, his next big challenge and why he's interested in a boxing match against Canelo Alvarez (24:10). Kevin Lee then joins Ariel to shed light on his knockout of Gregor Gillespie and where he'll go from here (49:00). After that, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson gives Ariel insight on his win over Vicente Luque (1:02:45) and "The Black Beast" Derrick Lewis explains why Blagoy Ivanov was one the toughest guys he's ever fought (1:11:55). While dealing with car trouble, welterweight Mike Perry talks with Ariel about his upcoming matchup with Geoff Neal at UFC 245 (1:27:20) and Walt Harris shares the latest on his missing daughter before explaining how the MMA community can help find her by emailing with any information (1:46:35). The new face of the UFC himself, Israel Adesanya, joins Ariel in studio to weigh in on Darren Till's performance, the BMF fight, his next opponent, when he'll fight Jon Jones and how he plans on staying grounded while experiencing this newfound fame (2:05:26). And finally, Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management and MMA manager Tim Simpson talk with Ariel about what it's like representing Adesanya and Leon Edwards (1:46:35). Plus, they weigh in on the latest with McGregor's next fight, his relationship with the UFC and McGregor's eagerness to overcome the legal and moral challenges he'll face in 2020
04/11/193h 32m

All Things Nathan Diaz v. Jorge Masvidal

With the highly-anticipated battle for the BMF title just days away, Jorge Masvidal's manager Abraham Kawa joins Ariel to discuss the resurrection of the man they call "Gamebred" (36:01). Masvidal himself even makes an unannounced cameo! Plus, Kawa reveals what really happened between he and fellow manager Ali Abdelaziz in Las Vegas earlier this month. But before all that, ESPN's Marc Raimondi talks with Ariel about the crazy 35-50 hours last week that threw the MMA world into a frenzy, the relationship between the UFC and USADA, Masvidal's mainstream stardom and why this fight is so inspiring.
30/10/191h 23m

Nate Diaz, Askren, Faber, Action Bronson, Lima, More

With UFC 244 just days away, Ariel begins the show by sharing an important message about Walt Harris, whose daughter went missing last week. Then, Ariel gives the latest on Conor McGregor's next opponent, Randy Couture's health and what the heck happened with Nate Diaz last week. The show's first guest, Frenchman Cyril Gane, talks to Ariel about his win in Singapore this past weekend (24:36) and "The Big Pygmy" Justin Wren talks about his latest humanitarian efforts (38:00). Next, Ariel chats with the new Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima about how it feels to own the belt (56:40) and then Ariel plays his interview with Nate Diaz, which he conducted on Sept. 19 at Madison Square Garden. In it, they discuss Diaz's relationship with Jorge Masvidal, the making of the BMF belt, if any other fighters deserve to fight in the BMF division and more (1:09:20). After that, "The California Kid" Urijah Faber discusses his Dec. 14 fight, why he wants to stay with the UFC for the rest of his career and more (2:06:10). Action Bronson then makes another appearance in the show, this time bonding with Ariel in Brooklyn while talking MMA over matzah ball soup (2:23:42). UFC welterweight Ben Askren then discusses whether he is considering ending his MMA career after two consecutive losses, if he loves fighting and if he thinks the UFC will even offer him another fight (2:44:30). After that, Masvidal fields questions from the media about fighting Diaz for the BMF belt, if he'll try to defend the belt if he wins it, why he respects Diaz and more (3:04:40). And finally, Diaz himself takes questions from reporters and clarifies what happened last week and explains why he believes the UFC was out to get him (3:34:14).
28/10/194h 3m

Greg Hardy & Frank Mir

UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy calls in to tell Ariel about why he's fighting Alexander Volkov in Russia on 18 days' notice. He also opens up about his feelings on last Friday's controversial overturned decision before discussing his handling of criticism and the media's portrayal of him (41:16). But before that, MMA legend Frank Mir talks about his upcoming Bellator bout and his own daughter's decision to become an MMA fighter (2:55). Plus, ESPN's Marc Raimondi on Hardy and if he has a chance at winning his appeal of the overturned call and the drama surrounding Paige VanZant and Maycee Barber (25:53).
23/10/191h 4m

Barber In Studio, HHH/Fury, Reyes, Danis, Lauzon, More

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show begins with a quick recap of UFC Fight Night and then UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon leads off the show by discussing how it felt to win on Friday -- his first win in three years (6:58). Next, flyweight Maycee "The Future" Barber joins Ariel in studio to talk to Ariel about her 8-0 MMA start, why she rarely watches film of her opponents, her partnership with Ben Askren, what it's like to have her father as her manager, why she wants to fight Paige VanZant and much more (25:38). Plus, Ariel challenges the 21-year-old Barber to a game that puts her knowledge of the 1990s to the test. Then, UFC welterweight Niko Price discusses his October 12 win over James Vick (1:20:40) and after that, Bellator's Dillon Danis explains why he felt he had to pay for a bullied teen's mixed martial arts lessons (1:40:30). Then, pro wrestler Triple H and boxer Tyson Fury join Ariel to discuss Fury's new gig with the WWE (2:03:37). Next, just days after his Boston win, Dominick Reyes confidently explains how he's trained his whole career to fight Jon Jones, why he feels disrespected and why he feels he's ready to "knock out" the UFC's light heavyweight champion (2:23:42). Ariel then speaks with "Meatball" Molly McCann about her less-than-stellar performance Friday night, her experiences in Boston and who she hopes to fight next in the flyweight division (2:42:40). Lastly, Ariel delivers his final thoughts on the Greg Hardy controversy, the latest on Conor McGregor's return and Ariel's own career update.
21/10/193h 27m

GSP's Future, Chuck & Tito, Backstage at PFL

Will Georges St-Pierre fight again? ESPN's Mark Kriegel gives his thoughts following his sit-down interview with the retired UFC welterweight fighter (31:28). Plus, Kriegel, a highly-esteemed boxing writer, gets emotional discussing the brutal realities of covering the sport. After that, the director of the new 30 for 30 documentary, "Chuck & Tito," discusses the inspiration behind the film and the famed rivalry between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz that defined the early days of the UFC (57:35). ESPN's Marc Raimondi also discusses his time spent backstage at last week's PFL event and the recent California State Athletic Commission hearing, which produced some notable outcomes (5:18).
16/10/191h 22m

Jedrzejczyk, Rampage, Velasquez, Ortega, DJ, Barker, more

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Ariel Helwani begins the show with holiday cheer and shares his thoughts on Joanna Jedrzejczyk's victory over Michelle Waterson and Cub Swanson's win over Kron Gracie in Fight of the Night. Then, Jedrzejczyk joins to delve more into the story of whether or not she would make weight, share updates on the injury to her foot, and how important this win was for her (7:00). Then, UFC strawweight contender Tatiana Suarez explains how her neck injury is the reason why she has yet to call out for a title shot (27:00). Next, UFC's Mike Davis talks about his UFC FN win with just a few days' notice and his surprise that the fight against Thomas Gifford wasn't stopped sooner (43:00). After that, David Michaud speaks about advancing to the PFL WW Finals on December 31 on ESPN2 and how he drives to his fights because he's afraid to fly (58:00). Then, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez explains why he's so excited about his new contract in pro-wrestling, his debut on Smackdown and his title matchup against Brock Lesner at the end of the month. (1:14:00). Plus, after going 15-0 in Bellator, Aj McKee joins via Facetime to discuss being No. 1 on the list of Top 25 Fighters Under 25 and if he's surprised that he ranked that high. Also, he describes the feeling of he and his father fighting on the same card, and both winning (1:34:00). After that, Ariel catches up with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson who details his upcoming fight at Bellator in December against Fedor Emelianenko and shares family updates (1:49:00). Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker comes aboard and tells Ariel about what drew him to MMA, how the birth of his son fueled his ambition to train for boxing and jujitsu and life after the plane crash (2:08:00). ONE FLW WGP Champion Demetrius "Mighty Mouse" Johnson talks about his wins over Yuya Wakamatsu, Tatsumitsu Wada, and Danny Kingad to win the eight-man competition and gives Ariel his dental regimen. He also discusses a recent diagnosis and how it affects his fighting (2:28:00). From New Zealand, City Kickboxing head coach Eugene Bareman expresses that UFC 243 was the best night of his professional career and expands on how things have changed for him and Israel Adesanya following the win (2:48:00). And finally, Brian Ortega discusses needing two surgeries after a title loss, the reality check he received to get himself in better shape and his upcoming matchup with the Korean Zombie Chang Sung Jung in December (3:09:00).
14/10/193h 34m

Mike Tyson, Adesanya, Holloway, Dern, Tate, Hooker, More

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show begins with Ariel's thoughts on Israel Adesanya's rapid rise to UFC superstardom and the race for "Fighter of the Year." Then, UFC middleweight Jarod Cannonier weighs in on who he may fight next now that Adesanya owns the title (27:42). Plus, he tells Ariel how his stone collection makes him happier and why he no longer practices religion. Next, UFC strawweight Mackenzie Dern opens up about her journey back to the Octagon, where she returns this upcoming weekend in Tampa just four months after giving birth (45:47). PFL's Mike Tyson then updates Ariel on his latest activities, like his podcast and his involvement in the marijuana industry. He also admits to Ariel that he's not proud of the person he used to be before explaining how Conor McGregor can learn from his mistakes (1:08:53). Then, from her home in Singapore, ONE Championship's Miesha Tate explains her role with the organization and why she's so excited about it (1:40:44). Plus, the always-outspoken former fighter sounds off on the BMF belt and why it's a bad look for the UFC. After that, UFC featherweight Max Holloway tells Ariel about his efforts to get a UFC event in Hawaii before responding to McGregor's August comments about him (2:00:24). Bellator's Jake Hager then discusses how Chris Jericho convinced him to join AEW and how he's balancing his wrestling and MMA careers (2:22:49). From Australia, Brad Riddell joins (2:38:24) and then lightweight Dan Hooker discusses his UFC 243 victory and why he wants Dustin Poirier next (2:54:05). And finally, Adesanya himself discusses why Saturday night felt like a title defense, when he got the idea for his wild introduction, why he wasn't nervous, how he could tell Robert Whittaker wasn't prepared to beat him and when he could fight Jon Jones (3:07:37).
07/10/193h 37m

Chris Jericho Exclusive

In his first interview since the big launch of AEW on TNT, professional wrestling legend Chris Jericho joins Ariel in studio to discuss his initial impressions of last night, how the promotion will compete with the likes of WWE and NXT, TV ratings, TNT's influence, his career and more. Plus, he dishes on his beef with Conor McGregor and Cage Warriors lightweight Paddy Pimblett joins at the end of the show to break some news about his next fight (46:29).
03/10/1955m 0s

Cain to WWE?, The Fall of Ronda, UFC 243 Preview

The last time the UFC hosted an event in Melbourne, Ronda Rousey suffered the biggest defeat of her career, a defeat she's never quite recovered from. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, who covered Rousey extensively during her rise and fall, tells Ariel about the painful days she spent with Rousey following the devastating loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 (22:53). But before that, ESPN's Marc Raimondi talks about a huge night in professional wrestling and Jarod Cannonier's impressive performance last weekend. NewYorkRic also joins from Melbourne to talk about the upcoming UFC 243 card, the overall interest in the slate of fights headlined by Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya, and the nastiest food you've ever heard of (1:18:22).
02/10/191h 41m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 36

Will the Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic rubber match happen? ESPN's Marc Raimondi opens the show by discussing that possible fight, as well as the controversial eye poke that ended last weekend's headliner in Mexico City. Plus, Marc and Ariel speculate about some of the headlining fights expected to happen in the coming months (9:30). And, just days before the debut of the UFC in Denmark, Ehsan Faizzad of the Danish newspaper, The Weekend, takes Ariel behind the growth of MMA in the country, the Danish perception of Jack Hermansson and the popularity of the "polarizing" Mark O. Madsen (22:11). Lastly, Irish journalist Sean Sheehan of digs deep into the tremendous growth of Bellator in Ireland, which begs the Bellator more popular than the UFC in the Emerald Isle? (40:28) And, he discusses the next big thing in Irish MMA (55:14).
25/09/191h 6m

Episode 64: Cormier, Masvidal, Stephens, Joey Diaz, Edwards, Hermansson, Kampmann, more

Ariel's Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a quick recap of the UFC Mexico City event that ended in controversy this past weekend. The show's first guest, UFC strawweight Carla Esparza, gives an update on her injured arm before discussing her opponent's impressive performance in the Mexico City co-main event (7:15). The headliner from last weekend, featherweight Jeremy Stephens, then discusses his eye injury, if he thinks Yair Rodriguez poked it on purpose, if he agrees with the referee's decision to call the fight, if/when there will be a rematch and more (27:00). Next, Leon Edwards weighs in on the latest news and notes concerning the UFC welterweight division and if he thinks he'll beat out Colby Covington for a shot at Kamaru Usman (45:32). Then, legendary Danish fighter Martin Kampmann talks about his upcoming fight against Mark Madsen (1:02:28). After that, comedian and podcaster Joey "Coco" Diaz joins Ariel to talk about how he fell in love with MMA, his favorite fighters and the BMF title fight (1:27:07). Next, "The Joker" Jack Hermansson previews his bout with Jared Cannonier this upcoming weekend at UFC Fight Night in Denmark before telling Ariel about the impact his life coach has had on him (1:51:48). After that, in his first interview since his UFC 241 loss to Stipe Miocic, heavyweight Daniel Cormier opens up about the whirlwind of emotions he faced before, during and after that fight (2:11:50). Plus, he tells Ariel if he plans on fighting again and if so, who he hopes to face. Lastly, a sit-down interview between Ariel and Jorge Masvidal where "Gamebred" talks about the wild rollercoaster ride that's led him to this point in his life and career (2:48:00).
23/09/193h 28m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 35

Ariel opens the show by speaking to's Danny Segura about the popularity of Yair Rodriguez in Mexico, if Rodriguez has something to prove in this Saturday's fight against Jeremy Stephens, as well as the state of MMA in Latin America. Then, NewYorkRic joins Ariel to explain why Justin Gaethje is not the right opponent for Conor McGregor. So instead, he throws out some names that McGregor would match up better with stylistically (23:40). They also speculate about the upcoming press conference with Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz (33:45). Lastly, former UFC fighter James Wilks discusses the motivations behind "The Game Changers," his new documentary about plant-based eating, and how switching to veganism changed his life and physical performance forever (43:02).
18/09/191h 5m

Episode 63: Poirier, Askren, Iaquinta, Connelly, Action Bronson, Zingano, Stephens, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a brief UFC Vancouver recap and Ariel's thoughts on a future Justin Gaethje/Conor McGregor matchup. The show's first guest, welterweight Tristan Connelly, joins the show to discuss his big win and how he made his way onto the Vancouver card with just five days' notice (6:01). After that, "Raging" Al Iaquinta joins two weeks ahead of his UFC 243 fight against Dan Hooker in Melbourne to discuss how the bout came together, what he learned from his last fight against Donald Cerrone and also, electric cars (33:25). Then, in one of the greatest back-to-back guest bookings in the show's history, Ben Askren speculates about the state of the welterweight division, the possibility of a Kamaru Usman/Colby Covington fight, the proposed "BMF" belt and his social media beef with McGregor and Dillon Danis (53:25). Next, about a week after suffering a loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi, Dustin Poirier emotionally discusses how he's taking the loss, his biggest regrets from the fight and if he's interested in fighting McGregor the next time around (1:20:18). Cat Zingano, no longer a member of the UFC, discusses her future prospects and why she and the UFC split ways (1:49:49). And then, in ways that only he can, MMA superfan Action Bronson provides his thoughts on the latest with McGregor and other storylines surrounding the sport (2:10:58). UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens, the headliner at this weekend's Fight Night in Mexico City, then tells Ariel about his Mexican roots and how he's preparing himself for his matchup against beloved Mexican fighter Jair Rodriguez (2:29:53). After that, Curtis Blaydes calls in to give an update on the health of Austin Hubbard, who suffered a nasty leg injury this past weekend in Vancouver (2:49:43). Lastly, UFC heavyweight Jeff Hughes calls in to share his side of the story concerning this past weekend's controversial fight against Todd Duffee (3:07:38).
16/09/193h 16m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 34

Ariel starts off the show by giving his thoughts on Khabib Nurmagomedov's performance against Dustin Poirier and also by explaining how the Jorge Masvidal/Nate Diaz fight came together. Then, Irish MMA journalist Peter Carroll talks about the parallels between Conor McGregor's rise to fame in Ireland and Khabib's own ascension in the Middle East (8:03). He also sheds light on how rapidly McGregor's fame has diminished in Ireland due to his recent antics, but also explains how he can get back in to the good graces of the Irish people. Then, ahead of this upcoming weekend's card in Vancouver, Ariel welcomes Mike Bohn of MMAJunkie to look ahead to the Cowboy Cerrone/Justin Gaethje fight and some of the other notable matchups on this card (29:48). Lastly, ESPN's Marc Raimondi tells Ariel if Masvidal and Diaz fighting for the "BMF" title is the right decision for UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden (45:21). Plus, Ariel tells Marc why he hates the concept of the BMF belt before talking about a certain fear he has about Colby Covington.
11/09/191h 8m

Episode 62: Masvidal, Ferguson, Covington, Velasquez in studio, Cyborg, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a full recap of UFC 242. The show's first guest, Joanne Calderwood, discusses her weekend win over Andrea Lee, the difficult fighting conditions in the Abu Dhabi arena and if/when she may fight Valentina Shevchenko for the UFC flyweight belt (13:20). Next, Javier Mendez, head coach of Khabib Nurmagomedov, breaks down his pupil's win over Dustin Poirier (28:27). After that, UFC welterweight Colby Covington explain why he won't be fighting Kamaru Usman at Madison Square Garden in November (46:25). Plus, he gives his honest opinions of some of the UFC's other top fighters before telling Ariel why he'd rather fight in Washington, D.C. in December. Next, Cris Cyborg discusses her new deal with Bellator, the deterioration of her relationship with the UFC and why she's in a much happier place now (1:09:50). Then, a passionate Cain Velasquez joins Ariel in studio to preview his wrestling match at MSG this weekend as well as to discuss his uncertain MMA future (1:24:20). Next, Tony Ferguson claims Khabib fought a "lazy fight" and says he plans to expose him should the UFC grant him a shot at the undefeated lightweight champion (2:11:05). Plus, he gives Ariel a sneak peek at how he plans to do so. Todd Duffee, away from the Octagon for the last four years, then discusses his upcoming UFC Vancouver bout against Jeff Hughes and why fans haven't seen him fight in so long (2:30:20). Bellator's Ryan Bader joins (2:48:58) before Jorge Masvidal takes Ariel behind the scenes of the making of his UFC 244 bout with Nate Diaz (3:16:55). He also takes some shots at Covington.
09/09/193h 36m

UFC 242 Preview Special

Ariel hits the radio waves two days before the highly-anticipated UFC 242 fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier. He takes calls on the fight and updates the listeners on the latest with the UFC 244 Madison Square Garden card. Plus, appearances from Chael Sonen and NewYorkRic.
06/09/1938m 17s

The MMA Reporters: Episode 33

Ariel begins the show by previewing the huge weekend in MMA ahead. Then, after describing the scene in China last weekend, English UFC broadcaster John Gooden discusses Zhang Weili's importance to the future of MMA in China and to the UFC itself, and if she actually has what it takes to become an MMA superstar (5:07). Next, Arabic MMA broadcaster Mohammed Al Hosani reconnects with Ariel to talk about the making of the UFC 242 card and the overwhelming popularity of Khabib Nurmagomedov in the Middle East, and if the international fame has changed him (26:05). Lastly, almost 10 years after directing a documentary about a young Dustin Poirier, filmmaker Michael Tucker talks about his initial fascination with Poirier and the transformation of "The Diamond" since then (47:12).
04/09/191h 3m

Episode 61: Ferguson, Zhang, Till, Cruz, Condit, Lee, Felder, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with an appearance from new UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili. She talks about what it's like to be the first Chinese UFC champion, who she could fight next and her hatred for Henry Cejudo. Then, Ariel explains why Zhang's win is vital to the future of the UFC. Next, lightweight Paul Felder joins from Adu Dhabi just days before his UFC 242 fight against Edson Barboza (38:50). Scotland's Joanne Calderwood, also on the Abu Dhabi card, then previews her own flyweight bout with Andrea Lee (54:15). After that, "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit tells Ariel how he plans to reverse his career path when he squares off against Mickey Gall on Dec. 7 (1:06:50). Dominick Cruz, who will help broadcast UFC 242, then lays in to Cejudo and repeatedly explains why "Cejudo doesn't know who he is" (1:24:40). And, the "king without a crown," UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson makes a rare appearance to discuss how he's feeling, why he's stayed out of the limelight and what he thinks will happen in his division following this weekend's Khabib fight (1:53:30). Then, just weeks after the announcement that he'll fight Kelvin Gastelum at Madison Square Garden in November, "The Gorilla" Darren Till explains why it's better for him that MMA fans are doubting him (2:16:05). Next, Ariel blasts NewYorkRic and UFC welterweight Kevin Lee talks about the state of MMA after describing his emotions since his May loss to Rafael dos Anjos (2:35:52). Lastly, Ariel welcomes Bellator MMA President Scott Coker to discuss the breaking news in Bellator (2:51:40).
03/09/193h 10m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 32

Ariel opens the show by speaking to NBC Sports Rugby Analyst Alex Corbisiero about former English rugby star James Haskell's transition to MMA and why it's such a big deal in the rugby world. He also explains why it's not a gimmick and why he expects more rugby players to make the switch in the coming years. Then, NewYorkRic previews this weekend's Jessica Andrade/Zhang Weili main event before discussing Paige VanZant's UFC contract and the ridiculousness of glove-touching (21:43). Lastly, Brett Okamoto talks about the recently-announced Kelvin Gastelum/Darren Till fight and which matchups some of MMA's biggest stars - including Conor McGregor -- are targeting over the next year (43:08). Plus, does Tight Ship Troy sound like Andrew Luck?
28/08/191h 3m

Episode 60: Bret Hart, The VanZants in studio, Newell, GDR, Brown, Blachowicz, Weaver

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a weekend recap and then Bellator newcomer Nick Newell talks about his breakthrough win this past weekend and his Bellator future (7:50). Then, MMA power couple Austin Vanderford and Paige VanZant join Ariel in studio to discuss how they support each other's careers, why the UFC won't offer Vanderford a contract, when VanZant might fight next, why she deserves more money and what it's been like battling through injuries (23:30). Plus, 11 months into their marriage, the couple plays "The Newlyweds Game" (56:42). Then, Ariel gives his thoughts on last week's exclusive Conor McGregor interview (1:21:40). Next, UFC newbie Brok Weaver talks about his road to the UFC, his heritage and how he hopes to inspire Native American children to reach their fullest potential (1:28:00). Then, Ariel speculates on which matchups he expects to fill the cards at UFC 244 and UFC 245 (1:46:46). After that, UFC featherweight Germaine de Randamie reacts to Cris Cyborg's fallout with the UFC before discussing her UFC 245 fight against Amanda Nunes (1:51:00). Then, one of Ariel's heroes, Bret Hart, speaks about his current relationship with WWE, his favorite MMA fighters and the advice he'd give to Conor McGregor (2:12:15). Next, UFC light heavyweight Jan Blachowicz tells Ariel why he deserves to fight Jon Jones for the title before delivering Jones a very stern message (2:33:45). Lastly, UFC welterweight Matt Brown discusses the latest in his career as well as his social media game (2:53:35).
26/08/193h 9m

Conor McGregor EXCLUSIVE Interview

Ariel speaks to McGregor about why he punched a man in an Irish bar earlier this year, his string of recent controversies, the fans turning on him, his hand injury, his relationship with the UFC, his return, Nate Diaz's big win, Khabib Nurmagomedov and much more.
23/08/1940m 21s

The MMA Reporters: Episode 31

Ariel opens the show by talking with John Branch of The New York Times about his time spent hanging out with Nate Diaz for his recent profile on the UFC star (2:30). Next, John Pollock of weighs in on the possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC and if he thinks the now-professional wrestler would fight Jon Jones in the Octagon (26:36). Lastly, Ariel and ESPN's Marc Raimondi discuss if Daniel Cormier's UFC 241 fight will be his last, as well as the increasing popularity of Jorge Masvidal and his potential fight against Diaz (46:10).
21/08/191h 0m

Episode 59: Miocic, Perry, Costa, Ngannou, Angle, Holm, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of UFC 241. The show's first guest, Cory Sandhagen, then discusses the state of the bantamweight division and why he feels he can take down Henry Cejudo (6:40). Next, on his 37th birthday, new UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic explains how he overcame a slow start to beat Daniel Cormier on Saturday night. He also discusses if he ever thought he'd return to this point and who he might fight next (19:08). Connecticut native Nick Newell then joins Ariel in studio just days before his Bellator fight in Bridgeport (32:15). Next, lightweight Eddie Alvarez discusses the beginning to his ONE Championship career and why he believes the power has "shifted" into the hands of fighters nowadays (1:04:16). Next, Ariel asks Francis Ngannou for his thoughts on Saturday's card and whether he will be the one to fight Miocic for the heavyweight belt (1:21:00). Next, Holly Holm discusses how she's dealt with her emotions since losing to Amanda Nunes at UFC 239, as well as why she's already agreed to fight Raquel Pennington in Australia at UFC 243 (1:39:43). After that, "Platinum" Mike Perry talks about his recovery from the gruesome nose injury he suffered against Vicente Luque in Uruguay (1:56:45). WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle then dishes on his favorite MMA fighters and the state of professional wrestling (2:17:04). Next, Stefan Struve, one of two to ever defeat Miocic in a UFC fight, tells Ariel why he's decided to continue fighting (2:33:20). Then, Ariel gives his thoughts on Nate Diaz's return and Conor McGregor's UFC future (2:45:30). Lastly, before offering his assessment of Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa updates Ariel on his health following his Saturday night bout with Yoel Romero (2:56:00). Lastly, with Jorge Masvidal out sick, his manager steps in to answer on his client's behalf concerning a possible fight with Diaz (3:21:30).
19/08/193h 30m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 30

This week, Ariel is first joined by ESPN's Brett Okamoto to first talk about the buzz heading into UFC 241, as well as his recent sit-down with Nate Diaz (4:30). Then, ESPN's Marc Raimondi stops by to discuss Cat Zingano's release from the UFC and recently spending time with Stipe Miocic at his firehouse outside of Cleveland (26:00). Finally, Daniel Cormier's personal photographer Brian Vega talks about what it's like working for DC and whether he thinks this will be Cormier's last fight (47:11).
14/08/191h 10m

Episode 58: Cormier, Shevchenko, Till, DJ, Waterson, Dalby, Macfarlane, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of UFC Fight Night and Ariel expressing his excitement for the upcoming UFC 241. First, chats with UFC's Maycee "The Future" Barber about her hand injury and the upcoming Gillian Robertson fight. (10:00) Then, Bellator women's flyweight champion Ilima-Lei MacFarlane comes aboard to talk about Liz Carmouche's performance in UFC FN and what's next for her (27:00). Paulo Costa's head coach Eric Albarracin joins to preview the bout vs Yoel Romero at UFC 241 and what is next for Henry "Triple C" Cejudo (51:00). Then, head coach Duke Roufus looks ahead to Anthony Petits' fight at UFC 241 and shares why he calls this training the "best of his career" (1:09:00). Next, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier weighs in on his rematch this coming weekend vs Stipe Miocic and if this fight will be his last (1:25:00). After that, UFC's Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson shares why she is locked in and focused on her October 12 bout vs Joanna Jedrzejczy (1:52:00) and former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson looks back on his recent win in ONE Championship (2:07:00). Then, Darren "The Gorilla" Till tells Ariel that he does not have a fight lined up right now and has not made a decision yet about whether his next fight is at welterweight or middleweight (2:28:00). After that, Nicolas Dalby talks about his resigning to UFC and being back on the Copenhagen card (2:52:00). Lastly, UFC women's flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko discusses her win against Carmouche and her warning to Triple C for the intergender championship (3:12:00).
12/08/193h 28m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 29

Ariel opens the show by talking to legendary MMA journalist Dave Meltzer about the public perception of Colby Covington, if he will ever be a big draw and his possible professional wrestling future. Then, Ariel welcomes back ESPN's Marc Raimondi to discuss his incredible access with Cain Velasquez last week as he prepared for his lucha libre debut (27:05). Lastly, Ariel chats with former UFC PR head Ant Evans about Michael Bisping's new book, which he co-wrote, "Quitters Never Win," and his fondest memories of working with the UFC in its early years (46:20).
07/08/191h 11m

Episode 57: Covington, Askren, Woodley, Weidman, Kaufman in studio, Action Bronson, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a weekend recap and Ariel's take on the Cyborg/UFC break-up. Then, flyweight Matt Schnell dishes on his beef with Ariel before explaining why he feels he deserves higher-profile fights (6:25). The star of the weekend, Colby Covington, then discusses his preparation for the Robbie Lawler fight and if/when he may fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title (23:40). Next, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman talks about his decision to fight in the light heavyweight division for his October 18 bout against Dominick Reyes (47:07). Plus, he talks about his celebration of "Chris Weidman's Day." Next, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley gives his take on the Covington/Lawler fight and how Covington would fare against Usman (1:04:32). After that, "The Black Beast" Derrick Lewis updates Ariel on his knee surgery and explains how this time away from the Octagon has allowed him to re-discover his love for fighting (1:26:05). Then, another celebrity MMA fan joins the show! Action Bronson talks about the origins of his love for the sport and his close relationship with Israel Adesanya (1:43:35). Next, UFC welterweight Ben Askren reveals some of the details surrounding his next fight following last month's knockout via the knees of Jorge Masvidal (2:04:52). Then, PFL's Sarah Kaufman joins Ariel in studio to discuss the PFL semifinals and why she believes the league wants her and Kayla Harrison to meet in the finals (2:23:47). Lastly, Alexander Volkanovski talks about where things stand in the featherweight division following UFC 240 (3:09:30).
05/08/193h 32m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 28

Ariel opens the show by speaking to ESPN UFC Insider Brett Okamoto about Cris Cyborg's cloudy future and her strained relationship with Dana White and the UFC (3:24). Plus, they recap Max Holloway's UFC 240 win. Then, The Athletic's Chuck Mindenhall talks about the polarizing nature of Colby Covington, his true potential and what makes him one of the top villains in MMA (20:50). Lastly, NewYorkRic joins Ariel to discuss the tension between BJ Penn and Nik Lentz, if the UFC should be looking out for Penn, Felicia Spencer's rising profile and more (39:51).
31/07/191h 2m

Episode 56: Cyborg, Whittaker, Prinze Jr., Neal, Koch, DiBella, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a UFC 240 recap and a passionate rant about the UFC's mistreatment of Cris Cyborg. Then, UFC welterweight Eric Koch sheds light on the difficulties of gaining and cutting weight so quickly (10:35). Next, Geoff Neal talks about his big win over Niko Price at UFC 240, his strong relationship with his dad and what's next for him (28:28). UFC featherweight Hakeem Dawodu then reflects on his fighting journey to this point, which began during his youth while he was in and out of juvenile prisons (47:20). After that, UFC women's flyweight Gillian Robertson talks about her UFC 240 victory, why she's "addicted" to fighting and how she manages to become a "savage" in the cage (1:03:55). Then, a heated Nik Lentz talks about his contentious relationship with BJ Penn, whom he will fight later this year in hopes to "end his career" (1:22:25). Next, Hollywood star and hardcore MMA fan Freddie Prinze Jr. tells Ariel about his history with combat sports, the fighters he enjoys watching most and the crazy idea he has for Dana White (1:50:20). Cyborg herself then opens up about her fractured relationship with the UFC and her fighting future (2:22:22) And, one week after the death of Maxim Dadashev, boxing promoter Lou DiBella gets serious to discuss the changes that must take place to prevent future tragedies in the sport (2:49:58). Lastly, months before the highly-anticipated UFC 243 fight, middleweight champion Robert Whittaker talks about his perception of Israel Adesanya and how he'll approach the fight, his first since June 2018 (3:06:15).
29/07/193h 25m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 27

Ariel opens the show by speaking with ESPN's Marc Raimondi about the sudden death of boxer Maxim Dadashev and the ripple effect this news sends across all combat sports (7:35). Plus, they discuss the latest Jon Jones incident and who Leon Edwards could fight next. Then, Hawaiian journalist Rob DeMello talks about his earliest memories of Max Holloway and how special he is to the island (28:45). Lastly, long-time Australian MMA journalist Adam Curley stops by to talk about the UFC 243 card in Melbourne, the magnitude of the event and the rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker (52:25).
24/07/191h 8m

Episode 55: Bisping, Edwards, Steve-O, Jedrzejczyk, Mendes, Goddard, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a rant about well-done steak and the latest on the battery charge against Jon Jones. The first guest, veteran UFC referee Marc Goddard, tells a story about the first time he met Leon Edwards, the big winner from this weekend's event in San Antonio (19:09). Then, Edwards himself discusses his win over Rafael dos Anjos and why he deserves a Jorge Masvidal fight or a title shot (37:15). Next, Myles Jury announces some big news and explains why Bellator suits him more than the UFC (50:40). Chad "Money" Mendez then tells Ariel why he's decided to retire before reflecting on his career, including the moment that could have changed everything for him (1:05:20). Next, UFC strawweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk discusses the October fight against Michele Waterson and the upcoming documentary about her meteoric rise (1:30:32). Reality TV star Steve-O then makes his debut on the show to discuss how Ronda Rousey sparked his MMA fandom and his message for Justin Bieber (1:46:40). And after finally finding some time in his busy schedule, UFC legend Michael Bisping dives into his thrilling life story, which he chronicles in his new book, "Quitters Never Win" (2:06:47). Next, Felicia Spencer describes her preparations for Cris Cyborg at UFC 240 this upcoming weekend and if she believes she'll get a shot at Amanda Nunes if she can take down Cyborg (2:30:00). Lightweight Dan Hooker then details why the rise in popularity for Australian fighters like himself and Israel Adesanya shouldn't surprise anyone (2:43:15). Lastly, UFC heavyweight Walt Harris educates Ariel about "ghetto karate" and his transition from college basketball player to MMA (2:59:30).
22/07/193h 22m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 26

Ariel reconnects with ESPN UFC Insider Brett Okamoto to discuss Dana White's Contender Series and if Urijah Faber deserves a title fight (3:02). Plus, did Henry Cejudo save the flyweight division? Then, Ariel and ESPN's Marc Raimondi delve into the dangers of weight cutting, a conversation spurred by the controversial Aspen Ladd knockout this past weekend in Sacramento (27:24). Ariel then explains why Ladd should move up to the 145-pound division. Lastly, NewYorkRic weighs in on the big Bellator featherweight tournament announcement and Jorge Masvidal's next matchup after answering the question: can Germaine de Randamie earn back the trust of the fans and of the UFC (47:51)?
17/07/191h 11m

Episode 54: Faber, Shevchenko, Ortiz, GDR, Hall, Coker, Hardy, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of a jam-packed weekend in MMA. Ariel's old friend, Andre "Touchy" Fili, first joins the show to discuss what he calls "the best weekend of his life" (8:40). Next, UFC featherweight Ryan Hall talks about his weekend win in Sacramento before passionately explaining why he deleted his Twitter account (31:30). Then, just days before his Saturday fight in San Antonio, Alexander "The Great" Hernandez looks ahead to his matchup with lightweight Francisco Trinaldo (52:50). Next, Bellator President Scott Coker announces some big news about the male featherweight division (1:08:00). UFC legend Tito Ortiz then explains why he is ending his retirement to face Alberto del Rio in Combate America later this year (1:27:25). After that, just days after tying the record for the second-fastest KO in the history of her division, Germaine de Randamie explains how she's moved on from her rocky past and why she's adopted a positive mindset (1:47:30). Plus, she discusses a potential fight with UFC featherweight champion Amanda Nunes. The man of the hour, bantamweight Urijah Faber, then discusses his return to the Octagon and what it's like now fighting as a father (2:27:12). Julianna Pena then talks about her win this weekend, her first fight since giving birth in January 2017 (2:48:10). Pena's opponent in that 2017 fight, Valentina Shevchenko, then discusses a possible trilogy fight with Nunes and what life feels like as a champion (2:56:40). Lastly, UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy talks about his boxing workouts at Floyd Mayweather's gym, if he still has the itch to play football and if he feels accepted by the MMA community (3:14:10).
15/07/193h 29m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 25

Ariel welcomes back ESPN's Marc Raimondi to discuss Jorge Masvidal's UFC 239 win and if he deserves a shot at the welterweight belt (2:45). Plus, the guys also talk about Tito Ortiz's decision to fight former WWE champ Alberto del Rio at Combate Americas. Then, NewYorkRic discusses Jon Jones' fight this past weekend, the beef between he and Israel Adesanya and who the light heavyweight champion should fight next (27:00). Lastly, Sacramento radio legend Carmichael Dave tells Ariel about his close relationship with UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber, who will return to the Octagon this weekend at UFC Sacramento after a two-year hiatus (47:33).
10/07/191h 19m

Episode 53: Masvidal, Askren, Adesanya, Covington, Ngannou, Chiesa, Brown, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with Ariel's reaction to this past weekend's UFC 239 event in Las Vegas. Next, featherweight Arnold Allen discusses the 6-0 start to his UFC career (8:11). Mike Brown, coach of Jorge Masvidal, then explains how he prepared Masvidal for the Ben Askren fight...and the flying knee that led to a UFC record (26:44). And, after beating Diego Sanchez on Saturday, UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa describes the "weird" fight week that led up to his tough win (49:26). Another UFC welterweight, the always-confident and entertaining Colby Covington, tells Ariel the real reason he agreed to fight Robbie Lawler instead of Kamaru Usman (1:06:35). Next, Dominick Reyes says he'll present a difficult challenge to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones if given the opportunity to fight him, a man he idolizes (1:26:05). The recently-retired Jimi Manuwa also explains why he made the decision to step away from the octagon (1:51:12). Then, in his first interview since getting knocked out cold Saturday night, Ben Askren discusses how he's handled the public ridicule he's received, how he feels physically and emotionally and if/when he'll fight again (2:06:45). Next, UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou discusses who he may fight next (2:33:39) and Israel Adesanya then reveals where he will fight Robert Whittaker before predicting when he'll fight Jones (2:49:46). Last but not least, Masvidal talks about his stunning knockout of Askren and where he must go from here in order to get paid the way he feels he deserves (3:05:15).
08/07/193h 25m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 24

Ariel returns from vacation and speaks with ESPN's Marc Raimondi about International Fight Week and the biggest storylines heading into this weekend's UFC 239 event in Vegas, like what's at stake for the legacies of Holly Holm and Jon Jones (2:42). Plus, they talk about the Ben Askren/Jorge Masvidal matchup and the August 3 Colby Covington/Robbie Lawler fight. Before welcoming on MMA reporter Peter Carroll to talk about this weekend's bloody Cage Warriors main event, Ariel announces the experience of a lifetime for UFC fans everywhere (37:10). Lastly, Shaun Al-Shatti of The Athletic discusses his lengthy new piece on the "enigma" that is Michael Bisping and more (58:48).
03/07/191h 16m

Episode 52: Jon Jones, Alvarez, Loughnane, Zhang, McCann, Peña, Vera, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with bantamweight Marlon Vera, who explains what he must do to get mentioned with the top names in MMA (6:38). Next, "Meatball" Molly McCann describes her experiences from Greenville inside and outside of the ring (19:55). After that, former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez talks about his upcoming August return (35:45). New Bellator middleweight champion Rafael Lovato Jr. then tells Ariel about his life's path and how it has prepared him for the success he's now enjoying (53:50). Next, a few days after winning on the premiere episode of Dana White's ESPN + show, Brendan Loughnane talks about his emotions following the UFC's decision to not offer him a contract (1:05:45). Liz Carmouche then discusses how she's feeling ahead of her August title fight against Valentina Shevchenko in Uruguay (1:27:09). After that, Jon "Bones" Jones discusses his beefs with Israel Adesanya and Dillon Danis after explaining why he's happy with where he is in life (1:44:40). Then, a confident Deron Winn joins to praise the UFC for how they've treated him so far in his short career (2:04:40). Next, Luis Pena discusses his decision to fight at 155 before telling the crazy story of how he found his biological father (2:28:25). Lastly, Ariel speaks with Zhang Weili, Jessica Andrade's August 31 opponent, and her translator (2:48:45).
24/06/193h 15m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 23

On this week's episode, Ariel is first joined by TSN's Aaron Bronsteter to discuss the debut of Dana White's Contender Series on ESPN+, particularly the decision to not award Brendan Loughnane a contract following his win (3:40). Then, ESPN's Marc Raimondi stops by to weigh in on the Loughnane decision, Valentina Shevchenko vs. Liz Carmouche 2 and UFC Greenville (26:22). Finally, we're joined by NewYorkRic to get his thoughts on Loughnane, Chael Sonnen's legacy, the careers of Aaron Pico and Dillon Danis and lastly, Bellator's re-signing of Fedor Emelianenko (42:12).
19/06/191h 4m

Episode 51: Kavanagh in studio, Poirier, Danis, VanZant, Theodorou, Loughnane, Willis & more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with some thoughts on the futures of Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis from John Kavanagh (in studio), who trains the two fighters at SBG Ireland (4:30). UFC interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier then talks about preparations for his UFC 242 headliner against Khabib Nurmagomedov and explains why he's confident he'll win (1:01:23). Next, Dillon Danis reflects on his Bellator 222 performance after providing an update on his injured knee (1:16:10). Justin Willis then explains his beef with UFC's Tai Tuivasa and the UFC's decision to release him (1:32:00). An emotional Macy Chiasson joins the show next to open up about the June 9 construction accident that destroyed her Dallas apartment and left one person dead (1:44:25). Then, after discussing her gruesome arm injury, Paige VanZant talks about her modeling career and the dominance of Valentina Shevchenko (2:06:10). Next, former UFC fighter Elias Theodorou speculates about his plans for his post-fighting career (2:21:37). Brendan Loughnane, who fights tomorrow night on ESPN +, makes his debut on the show to discuss his road back to the UFC (2:35:30). After that, rising middleweight contender Jared Cannonier talks about his love for fighting before calling out one of the UFC's best (2:49:20). Lastly, Ariel speaks from the heart about the retirement of his friend and colleague, Chael Sonnen (3:04:50).
17/06/193h 14m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 22

Ariel speaks with The Athletic's Josh Gross about Friday's Bellator 222 card, co-promotion, the uncertainty surrounding Rory MacDonald's future, Dillon Danis' potential and Aaron Pick (4:12). Then, Ariel welcomes NewYorkRic to talk about the potential end of the money fight era, Zhang Weili getting the next strawweight title fight and Cris Cyborg's future (28:50). ESPN's Jeff Wagenheim also stops by the studio to talk about Chris Weidman's move to 205, Henry Cejudo's next fight, Tony Ferguson's option and a potential Valentina Shevchenko vs. Liz Carmouche title fight (47:46).
12/06/191h 13m

Episode 50: Cejudo, Sonnen in studio, Cyborg, Waterson, Sterling, King Mo, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of a wild weekend in Chicago at UFC 238. First, Chael Sonnen arrives at the studio to discuss Henry Cejudo's legacy and Sonnen's own Bellator fight this Friday night (6:06). Then, contrary to Dana White's words, UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg says she's up for a rematch with Amanda Nunes, although she does admit her future with the UFC is up in the air (50:32). "The Karate Hottie" Michelle Waterson then states her case for a title fight against Jessica Andrade in a top-heavy strawweight division (1:12:02). Next,"King" Muhammed Lawal explains his decision to retire and also talks about the latest in the MMA world (1:29:30). And, before opening up about the recent death of his best friend, "The Boston Finisher" Calvin Kattar tells Ariel he's developed a chip on his shoulder because he was never asked to appear on the show (1:50:10). After that, Mark Henry, coach of Marlon Moraes, discusses the disappointment he and his client feel following this weekend's loss to Henry Cejudo (2:05:40). Next, bantamweight Aljamain Sterling claims he fought "the perfect fight" this weekend (2:29:30). Flyweight Katlyn Chookagian then says she's hoping for a November fight against Valentine Shevchenko (2:42:20) and to cap it off, Cejudo, the champion of UFC 238's main event, gives a health update and explains why he deserves to get paid (2:55:13).
10/06/193h 20m

UFC 238 Preview Show: 6/8/2019

Live from Chicago... UFC Fighter Chris Weidman swings by unexpectedly, Brett Okamoto helps break down UFC 238, and Ariel takes your calls along the way.
08/06/191h 15m

Helwani On The Road Show 1: Chicago

In the first-ever Helwani on the Road Show 1: Chicago, Ariel is joined by Ben Askren, Stipe Miocic, Paul Felder, Stephen Thompson and Eddie Alvarez for the Nose World Order Trivia Championship. This show was filmed in front a live audience at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.
08/06/191h 19m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 21

Ariel is first joined by ESPN's Marc Raimondi to preview this weekend's UFC 238 card and talk about the return of Khabib Nurmagomedov in September. Then, pro fighter turned PFL play-by-play voice Sean O'Connell talks about his transition to full-time broadcaster. And finally,'s Peter Carroll stops by to discuss Alexander Gustafsson's retirement, Makwan Amirkhani's big win, Petr Yan and Joanne Calderwood's fights at UFC 238 and more.
05/06/191h 9m

Episode 49: Nate Diaz, GGG, Anthony Smith, Urijah Faber, Tai Tuivasa

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Light heavyweight Anthony Smith to discuss his broken hand and how he's feeling after Fight Night 153 (5:30), GGG stop by to discuss what he thought about Ruiz-Joshua (27:15), UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa on how he's using vodka soda's to slim down and why he's watches a replay of his loss against JDS (44:30), The California Kid Urijah Faber on his training regimen and why he's fighting Ricky Samone (1:17:00), and Nate Diaz does his first interview with Ariel in 2 years where he proclaims himself to be the king of the UFC's 155-pound division because he has defeated all of the big names and there is nothing left for him to accomplish there. Diaz also sounds off on Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and explains why they aren't worthy of another fight with him. (1:36:00)
03/06/192h 38m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 20

Ariel is joined in studio once again by veteran combat sports journalist and broadcaster Gareth A. Davies to talk about the state of MMA (and boxing), covering the fight game, his latest run-in with Nate Diaz, Paddy Holohan's political victory in Dublin, Urijah Faber's comeback fight, Gustafsson vs. Smith, Jeff Novitzky and much more.
29/05/191h 11m

Episode 48: Holloway, Teixeira in studio, Gustafsson, Iaquinta, Holohan, Smith, Amirkhani, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Light heavyweight Anthony Smith to discuss the UFC's return to Sweden (5:00), UFC featherweight Makwan Amirkhani discusses his return (26:00), UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira in the studio (45:00), UFC flyweight Paddy Holohan discusses getting elected to a council seat in Dublin (1:30:00), UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta (1:50:00) UFC light heavy weight Alexander Gustafsson discusses his fight against Anthony Smith (2:09:00) and the UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway (2:24:00).
28/05/192h 50m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 19

On this week's show, Ariel is first joined by NewYorkRic to talk about Felicia Spencer's debut and what's next for her, Deontay Wilder's recent brand of trash talk and UFC Memorial Day Weekend memories. Next,'s Guilherme Cruz checks in to discuss the state of Brazilian MMA, Jessica Andrade's popularity in Brazil, Michel Pereira's ceiling and much more. We're then joined by former writer Chamatkar Sandhu, who recently joined the Professional Fighters League, to find out why he made the switch from MMA journalism to working for a promotion. And finally, Marc Raimondi stops by to update us on Tony Ferguson and the recent suspension reductions for Khabib Nurmagomedov's teammates.
22/05/191h 16m

Episode 47: Fury, Woodley, Andrade, RDA, Tonon, Daniels, Edwards, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with PFL Lightweight Chris Wade to discuss his upcoming bout, New York sports disappointment and more. Plus, UFC welterweight Leon Edwards discusses looking for a new fight (17:17), UFC bantamweight Petr Yan (30:15), Boxing heavyweight Tyson Fury discusses Deontay Wilder, his upcoming bout on ESPN + & more (50:00), five-time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion Garry Tonon (1:06:00), Bellator welterweight Raymond Daniels (1:30:00), UFC welterweight Tyron Woodley discusses his recent fight cancelation (1:52:00), fresh off a successful UFC debut Michel Pereira (2:11:00), UFC Lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos (2:28:00), UFC featherweight Felicia Spencer (2:42:00) and fresh off her UFC 237 win against Rose Namajunas we end the show with Jessica Andrade (3:04:00).
20/05/193h 25m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 18

Ariel opens this week's show with an announcement about a live show that he'll be doing on June 7 in Chicago prior to UFC 238. Then, he's joined by NewYorkRic to discuss his experience in Chicago, whether BJ Penn and Anderson Silva should retire, what's next for Jessica Andrade and more. Later, Brett Okamoto stops by to talk about Rose Namajunas' future, Frankie Edgar vs. Max Holloway and more. Finally, we're joined by Marc Raimondi to talk about Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone, Anthony Pettis vs. Nate Diaz, the UFC's reluctance to start a 165-pound division, Megan Anderson's weight cut, whether Andrade's slam should be outlawed and more.
15/05/191h 8m

Episode 46: Pettis, Miocic, Volkanovski, Cannonier, Dolce, Lee, Hager and many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC featherweight Alex Volkanovski fresh off his big win over Jose Aldo in Rio at UFC 237 (10:00), UFC straw-weight Tatiana Suarez (30:00), Bellator welterweight Douglas Lima (51:00), UFC welterweight Anthony Pettis discusses his upcoming bout against Nate Diaz (1:08:00), trainer and nutritionist Mike Dolce responds to George Lockhart (1:23:00), former WWE superstar Jake Hager (1:54:00), former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic (2:12:00), UFC welterweight Kevin Lee (2:33:00) and fresh off a huge win in Rio Jared Cannonier (2:51:00).
13/05/193h 19m

UFC 237 Preview Show

Ariel gets you ready for a busy night in MMA with the help of listener calls. We discuss all things UFC 237. Plus, the Ferguson vs. Cerrone fight and much more.
11/05/1956m 19s

The MMA Reporters: Episode 17

On this week's episode, Ariel is first joined by NewYorkRic, who is in Rio de Janeiro, to preview the Rose Namajunas vs. Jessica Andrade UFC 237 main event, plus Jose Aldo vs. Alexander Volkanovski and BJ Penn vs. Clay Guida . Then, Brett Okamoto stops by to discuss Anderson Silva vs. Jared Cannonier, Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 3, Anthony Johnson's latest legal troubles and what's next for Donald Cerrone (29:53). Finally, Marc Raimondi joins us to talk about Aaron Pico moving to Team JacksonWink, Bellator's big card this weekend and PFL's season 2 debut on ESPN (50:50).
08/05/191h 10m

Episode 45: Cormier, Askren & Couture in studio, MacDonald, Calvillo, Lockhart, Bhullar

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with Ben Askren in studio to discuss his upcoming wrestling match "Grapple at the Garden". Plus, actor, former U.S. Army sergeant, retired mixed martial artist and former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler Randy Couture in studio (48:15), UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier (1:41:00), Bellator Welterweight World Champion Rory MacDonald (2:12:00), Arjan Bhullar (2:31:51), UFC straw-weight Cynthia Calvillo (2:45:00) and big news from George Lockhart (3:03:00).
06/05/193h 24m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 16

On this week's episode, Ariel is first joined by Marc Raimondi, the newest member of the ESPN MMA team, to talk about his career, his interest in the regulation side of the sport and Daniel Cormier vs. Brock Lesnar not coming to fruition. Then, NewYorkRic stops by to discuss ONE Championship's Agent Certification Program, Invicta FC's one-night tournament and Jacare Souza's loss to Jack Hermansson. Finally, TSN's Aaron Bronsteter joins the show to discuss Rory MacDonald's future, the state of Canadian MMA and this weekend's UFC Ottawa card.
01/05/191h 5m

Episode 44: Hermansson, Perry, Iaquinta, O'Malley, McCann, Garcia, Zahabi, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of the weekend in UFC and Bellator. Ariel's first guest, Cory Sandhagen, talks about his strategy this past weekend and how he physically feels after the fight (6:15). Next, Bellator's Ilima-Lei Macfarlane says she agrees with the call that allowed her to retain the world title this weekend before explaining why she wants to rematch Veta Arteaga (25:40). Then, an overjoyed "Platinum" Mike Perry tells Ariel about the emotional rollercoaster he experienced before, during and after his Fort Lauderdale fight this weekend (44:20). Perry also makes it clear how much he despises Colby Covington. After that, bantamweight Sean O'Malley opens up about his recovery, USADA suspension and how difficult it's been staying away from the octagon (1:11:13). "Ragin'" Al Iaquinta then joins from the airport just days before his upcoming UFC fight and lets loose on Greg Hardy's young UFC career (1:33:05). Next, MMA coach Firas Zahabi provides the latest on his clients and also explains why the brutality of the sport can lead some fighters to walk away, while it remains a strong part of others' identity (1:51:15). "Meatball" Molly McCann then discusses what keeps her going and how she's preparing for her next fight in June (2:12:30). After that, WWE commentator Lilian Garcia makes a big announcement...and yes, it pertains to MMA (2:32:30). Lastly, the winner from the Sunrise main event, "Joker" Jack Hermansson reflects on his big win this past weekend against Jacare Souza and identifies who he hopes to fight next (2:52:00).
29/04/193h 14m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 15

On this week's episode, Ariel is first joined by Brett Okamoto to talk about his recent trip to visit Rose Namajunas in Denver, then he's joined by's Esther Lin and E. Casey Leydon to reminisce about the old EliteXC days and Kimbo Slice, and then NewYorkRic stops by to talk about the differences between a big boxing event and MMA event, Bellator's return to San Jose this weekend and much more.
24/04/191h 9m

Episode 43: Poirier, Covington, Masvidal, Overeem, Costa, Weidman, Holohan, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a preview of this weekend's upcoming UFC event in Florida. Then, heavyweight Alistair Overeem joins Ariel fresh off his first round TKO of Alexey Oleynik this past weekend in Russia (7:33). Next, "The Eraser" Paulo Costa discusses potential plans for a Yoel Romero fight and why Israel Adesanya doesn't impress him (21:13). After that, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman provides a health update, says he'd be a good matchup for Adesanya and talks about the important humanitarian work he's been doing in war-torn countries (37:40). UFC's newest face, Deron Winn, then talks about his UFC debut on June 22 and what it's like coaching high school wrestling with Daniel Cormier (1:00:03). After that, a week removed from winning UFC's interim lightweight belt, Dustin Poirier describes what it feels like to hold the belt, the logistics behind a possible title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov and how he's been able to take down some of the world's best mixed martial artists (1:13:20). Next, the 41-year-old Jon Fitch talks about his obsession for journal-writing, his quest to fight for titles in all of the major fighting leagues and if he thinks his next fight will be his last shot at a title fight (1:36:24). The always-entertaining Colby Covington then joins Ariel to discuss his improved relationship with Dana White, his goal of "making the welterweight division great again" and his role as MMA's "super-villain" (1:54:29). Welterweight Jorge Masvidal then reveals the real reason behind his decision to take a fight with Ben Askren and why he doesn't own a TV (2:18:34). Next, retired fighter Paddy Holohan updates Ariel on life after the UFC and his recent decision to run for office in Ireland (2:38:25). Lastly, Ross "The Real Deal" Pearson tells Ariel if he's really done competing (2:59:27).
22/04/193h 16m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 14

Ariel is joined in studio by legendary British journalist Gareth A. Davies for a wide-ranging chat about his great career, Crawford-Khan, his search for Nate Diaz, UFC 236 fallout, Michael Bisping memories and much more.
17/04/191h 10m

Episode 42: Adesanya, Whittaker, Burroughs, Cruz, Shevchenko, Rountree, Brown, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with Israel Adesanya discussing about his win over Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236, why this fight was the toughest he's ever had and the love he has for his head coach Eugene Bareman (2:48), then Dominick Cruz talks about his shoulder injury and how his rehab has progressed, his thoughts on Dillashaw's positive drug test and what it means to be an authentic champion (27:49). Next up, Valentina Shevchenko talks the incredible homecoming she received in her home country of Kyrgyzstan and her upcoming title fight on June 8 against Jessica eye (45:34). Brandon Davis talks about his win at UFC 236, his training regimen of running 20 miles per day, why he fought at 135lbs, if he would've taken some time off if he had lost his last fight against Randy Costa and why he cut out drinking alcohol during his training (1:04:30). Khalil Rountree talks about on his trip to Thailand and what he's been learning as a fighter since moving there, how his training has changed due to his move and his love of elephants (1:30:02). Daniel Straus talks about what his life has been like since his motorcycle accident in 2017, why he was never afraid that he wouldn't walk again, if he's back to 100% yet and the anxiety he had going into his first post-accident fight (1:47:39). Dustin Poirier's head coach Mike Brown breaks down Poirier's win at UFC 236 win over Max Holloway and future matchup against Khabib Nurmagomedov (2:16:46). Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs discusses his upcoming match against Ben Askren at 'Beat The Streets,' why there hasn't been any trash talk between the two, and his interest in fighting just once in MMA (2:37:22). UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker talks about the Adesanya v. Gastelum fight, if he was pulling for one over the other, Adesanya's recent criticism of him, when the fight could be and much more (3:11:50).
16/04/193h 28m

UFC 236 Post Show

Ariel Helwani and Brett Okamoto go live from Atlanta after a thrilling UFC 236 event to discuss how they scored the co-main event fights. The guys echo the sentiment that Adesanya's win could end up being the fight of the year. Plus, the duo looks at the future opponents of tonight's winners: Khabib Nurmagomedov (when he returns from suspension) for Poirier and Robert Whittaker for Adesanya.
14/04/1915m 58s

UFC 236 Preview Show

Ariel Helwani gets back on the ESPN Radio airwaves and takes YOUR calls previewing tonight's Atlanta card featuring co-main events of Adesanya/Gastelum & Holloway/Poirier.
13/04/1938m 45s

The MMA Reporters: Episode 13

On this week's episode, Ariel is joined by Chael Sonnen to talk about all things TJ Dillashaw testing positive for EPO. Then, Brett Okamoto stops by to discuss Dillashaw's legacy, as well as the UFC 236 main event between Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. And finally, Ariel talks to NewYorkRic about Kelvin Gastelum vs. Israel Adesanya and Ariel's big wrestling week.
10/04/191h 4m

Episode 41: Sonnen and Danis in studio, Adesanya, DJ, Lobov, Perry, Overeem, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off recapping Ariel's experience at WrestleMania. Then, a few days ahead of a title belt fight, "The Last Stylebender" Israel Adesanya joins Ariel to discuss his preparation for Kelvin Gastelum in UFC 236 (4:58). Next, Alistair Overeem reacts to the news of Alexander Volkov pulling out of UFC Saint Petersberg and also rants about pro wrestling (18:42). Then, two days after winning his Bare Knuckle FC fight, a bloodied and bruised Artem Lobov explains his beef with Paulie Malignaggi and why bare-knuckle is the safest form of fighting (32:34). Next, "The Joker" Jack Hermansson talks about his upcoming main event fight against Jacare Souza and how close he is to getting a chance at a title fight (52:55). After that, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson talks about his fighting future and how to navigate drug testing in the sport (1:09:17). Next, after ripping Ariel for getting corporate, an animated "Platinum" Mike Perry talks about his new marriage and why he's so excited for his next fight (1:28:28). Overeem's opponent, Alexey Oleynik, then explains his decision to take the fight (1:48:04). A confident Dillon Danis joins Ariel in his Bristol studio to talk Twitter drama, his relationship with Conor McGregor and to bash Ben Askren (1:57:56). Lastly, Ariel's colleague, Chael Sonnen, recaps WrestleMania and looks ahead to his own next fight (2:31:53). Plus, Sonnen tells a story about the time he realized Ariel was cool.
08/04/193h 13m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 12

Ariel is joined by ESPN's Chamatkar Sandhu, Phil Murphy and Brett Okamoto to talk about the ugliness of the Conor McGregor-Khabib Nurmagomedov feud, Paulie Malignaggi vs. Artem Lobov in BKFC, International Fight Week, Josh Barnett signing with Bellator, Eddie Alvarez's loss, Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm, Paul Felder's interview with Justin Gaethje and much more.
03/04/191h 12m

Episode 40: Barnett in studio, Woodley, Askren, Holm, Waterson, Lobov, Mitchell, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the latest news and notes from the MMA world. But before that, Ariel gives his thoughts on April Fools' Day and the controversial news surrounding Conor McGregor. Then, "The Karate Hottie" Michelle Waterson talks about the secrets to her recent success and why she hopes her next fight is for the UFC strawweight title (14:56). After that, featherweight Josh Emmett recaps his weekend win in Philadelphia (35:28). Then, Ben Askren joins Ariel for his weekly appearance to update fans on a potential fight with Jorge Masvidal (46:40) and then in perhaps the most entertaining segment in the show's history, Tyron Woodley interrupts the interview (while getting a haircut) to offer his thoughts on a potential Askren/Masvidal matchup (59:24). Then, Woodley sticks around to discuss a Robbie Lawler rematch and what his life has been like since losing to Kamaru Usman (1:14:32). Next, former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm gives an update on her UFC 239 training and also explains how she's living her best life right now (1:26:02). Then, "Thug Nasty" Bryce Mitchell discusses his choices of fighting apparel and why he lives in a trailer (1:46:02). After that, former heavyweight Josh Barnett joins Ariel in-studio to talk about his latest projects, Ronda Rousey's performance as a professional wrestler and the changes he'd make to UFC fights (2:00:16). At the end of the interview, Barnett makes a stunning announcement (2:46:25). Lastly, Artem Lobov joins the show ahead of his Bare Knuckle FC fight on Saturday (2:59:50).
01/04/193h 19m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 11

On this week's episode, Ariel is first joined by ESPN's Brett Okamoto (6:00) to talk about Conor McGregor's sudden retirement and whether he'll ultimately return. Next,'s Mike Bohn (32:00) discusses Anthony Pettis' future options, Barboza vs. Gaethje, Eddie Alvarez and Demetrious Johnson's ONE debuts and more. And finally, NewYorkRic (49:00) stops by to discuss the latest on the flyweight and bantamweight divisions, Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic, Jorge Masvidal vs. Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley vs. Robbie Lawler and this weekend's UFC Philly card.
28/03/191h 12m

Episode 39: Usman, Cejudo, Pettis, Faber, Moraes, Rockhold, Lewis, White, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off recapping some of the latest MMA news and the Anthony Pettis knockout of Wonderboy Thompson. Henry Cejudo, the show's first guest, describes how his life has changed since knocking out TJ Dillashaw before giving a message to his next opponent, Marlon Moraes (5:50). An unimpressed Moraes immediately responds, saying he'll "put him (Cejudo) to sleep" (26:45). Next, former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold talks about his injury rehab and his upcoming bout with Corey Anderson, as well as a potential Jon Jones fight down the road (53:50). Then, Pettis joins Ariel fresh off his UFC Nashville knockout of Stephen Thompson, saying he's hungrier than ever (1:09:05). After that, "The Black Beast" Derrick Lewis speaks with Ariel just hours before going under the knife to repair a torn MCL and meniscus, which he says will keep him sidelined for the next 4-6 months (1:22:30). After that, heavyweight Curtis Blaydes tells a crazy story after talking about his weekend win and the harsh comments that his opponent, Justin Willis, made about his father (1:40:11). Next, UFC welterweight Kamaru Usman talks about life as the champion, his beef with Colby Covington, why times are good and if he'd fight Tyron Woodley again (1:55:50). Urijah "The California Kid" Faber then talks about fatherhood and if/when he'll come out of retirement (2:19:04). After that, Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza puts his English to the test and tells Ariel he might retire if not given a title fight soon (2:43:02). Lastly, former NBA first round draft pick Royce White talks about why he has committed himself to martial arts and why he's happier than he's ever been. He also clarifies the narrative about his mental health struggles before talking about his plans to fight in UFC's heavyweight division (3:02:10).
25/03/193h 23m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 10

We begin this week's episode talking to NewYorkRic about TJ Dillashaw no longer being UFC bantamweight champion and his one-year suspension. Then, we're joined by's Peter Carroll who talked about Darren Till's future, Luke Rockhold moving up to 205 and what's next for Conor McGregor. Finally, we close out the show with UFC on ESPN reporter Laura Sanko who shares her unique perspective on the Masvidal-still altercation and talks about her transition from fighter to reporter.
20/03/191h 9m

Episode 38: Masvidal, Edwards, Askren, Iaquinta, McCann, Diakiese, Agazarm, Roufus, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of this weekend's London event and the mayhem that ensued. The man behind that controversy, Jorge Masvidal, joins Ariel from the airport to explain what happened and why he isn't proud of it (6:50). Then, a fired-up Ben Askren gives Ariel a list of who he's willing to fight next and also rants about how no one wants to fight him (24:42). Plus, he dishes on the beef between he and Dillon Danis. Next, Anthony Pettis' coach, Duke Roufus, talks to Ariel about Askren's rise, Pettis' progress and what motivates fighters today (48:43). After that, Ariel catches up with "Ragin' Al" Al Iaquinta, who talks about his side jobs and potential upcoming fights after revealing he stayed in on St. Patrick's Day to ensure he'd be in good condition for this interview (1:03:14). Then, bantamweight Nathaniel Wood talks about his London win and the struggles he faces trying to make weight (1:21:20). Next, Marc "Bone Crusher" Diakiese discusses Saturday's win and how much he needed it (1:35:52). Then, "Meatball" Molly McCann updates Ariel on her health and when she may fight next (1:50:40). Then, featherweight Arnold Allen talks about going 5-0 in the UFC and his unusual relationship with his family (2:02:02). Next, Ariel welcomes lightweight Corey Anderson to get the skinny on why the Alexander Gustafsson fight fell through (2:15:25). He also explains what makes him who he is and why he's been so happy lately. Then, Leon Edwards talks to Ariel about his win over Gunnar Nelson and the Masvidal incident and why he isn't pressing charges (2:36:46). Before Ariel announces some breaking news (3:14:18), AJ Agazarm discusses the latest in MMA and his insatiable work ethic (2:54:25).
18/03/193h 17m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 9

Ariel is joined by NewYorkRic and Phil Murphy to talk about Conor McGregor's arrest from all angles, McGregor vs. Cerrone slipping away, a potential Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz rematch, Anthony Smith's quick turnaround, this weekend's UFC card in London and more.
13/03/191h 7m

Episode 37: Danis, JDS, Smith, Romero, Belfort, Volkanovski, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of Saturday night's Wichita event. The winner from the main event, Junior dos Santos, joins Ariel to catch up and break down the win (8:12). Then, trainer Greg Jackson talks about his approach to his career, why he had to let his foot off the gas a few years ago, and the up-and-coming fighters he's training (27:10). Next, nine days after losing a five-round match to Jon Jones at UFC 235, a brutally honest Anthony Smith credits Jones and also opens up about his emotions since that loss and why he isn't thrilled about the June 1 Alexander Gustafsson fight he just signed up for (44:28). Then, lightweight Joseph "Irish Joe" Duffy discusses why he's taken a year and-a-half away from the octagon and how he feels about this weekend's bout with Marc Diakiese (1:08:10). Sarah Kaufman then joins Ariel on the heels of the announcement that she and Kayla Harrison are among the names who will compete for $1 million in the inaugural PFL women's lightweight title (1:19:55). Next, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort joins to talk about signing with ONE Championship and his desire to fight Roy Jones Jr in his ONE debut later this year (1:36:12). Then, Ariel finally reconnects with Dillon Danis, who tells the story of the UFC 229 melee from his perspective and why he's at peace with his suspension. Plus, Danis says he'd put up $1 million to fight Ben Askren and that Conor McGregor, Danis' training partner, is rearing to return to the octagon (1:56:24). Then, featherweight Alex Volkanovski tells a heartwarming story and also says he can take down Jose Aldo in their upcoming UFC 237 bout (2:33:38). Lastly, Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero discusses his reality television show appearance and why he isn't fighting Paolo Costa in April (2:51:50). Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of Saturday night's Wichita event. The winner from the main event, Junior dos Santos, joins Ariel to catch up and break down the win (8:12). Then, trainer Greg Jackson talks about his approach to his career, why he had to let his foot off the gas a few years ago, and the up-and-coming fighters he's training (27:10). Next, nine days after losing a five-round match to Jon Jones at UFC 235, a brutally honest Anthony Smith credits Jones and also opens up about his emotions since that loss and why he isn't thrilled about the June 1 Alexander Gustafsson fight he just signed up for (44:28). Then, lightweight Joseph "Irish Joe" Duffy discusses why he's taken a year and-a-half away from the octagon and how he feels about this weekend's bout with Marc Diakiese (1:08:10). Sarah Kaufman then joins Ariel on the heels of the announcement that she and Kayla Harrison are among the names who will compete for $1 million in the inaugural PFL women's lightweight title (1:19:55). Next, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort joins to talk about signing with ONE Championship and his desire to fight Roy Jones Jr in his ONE debut later this year (1:36:12). Then, Ariel finally reconnects with Dillon Danis, who tells the story of the UFC 229 melee from his perspective and why he's at peace with his suspension. Plus, Danis says he'd put up $1 million to fight Ben Askren and that Conor McGregor, Danis' training partner, is rearing to return to the octagon (1:56:24). Then, featherweight Alex Volkanovski tells a heartwarming story and also says he can take down Jose Aldo in their upcoming UFC 237 bout (2:33:38). Lastly, Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero discusses his reality television show appearance and why he isn't fighting Paolo Costa in April (2:51:50). Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of Saturday night's Wichita event. The winner from the main event, Junior dos Santos, joins Ariel to catch up and break down the win (8:12). Then, trainer Greg Jackson talks about his approach to his career, why he had to let his foot off the gas a few years ago, and the up-and-coming fighters he's training (27:10). Next, nine days after losing a five-round match to Jon Jones at UFC 235, a brutally honest Anthony Smith credits Jones and also opens up about his emotions since that loss and why he isn't thrilled about the June 1 Alexander Gustafsson fight he just signed up for (44:28). Then, lightweight Joseph "Irish Joe" Duffy discusses why he's taken a year and-a-half away from the octagon and how he feels about this weekend's bout with Marc Diakiese (1:08:10). Sarah Kaufman then joins Ariel on the heels of the announcement that she and Kayla Harrison are among the names who will compete for $1 million in the inaugural PFL women's lightweight title (1:19:55). Next, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort joins to talk about signing with ONE Championship and his desire to fight Roy Jones Jr in his ONE debut later this year (1:36:12). Then, Ariel finally reconnects with Dillon Danis, who tells the story of the UFC 229 melee from his perspective and why he's at peace with his suspension. Plus, Danis says he'd put up $1 million to fight Ben Askren and that Conor McGregor, Danis' training partner, is rearing to return to the octagon (1:56:24). Then, featherweight Alex Volkanovski tells a heartwarming story and also says he can take down Jose Aldo in their upcoming UFC 237 bout (2:33:38). Lastly, Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero discusses his reality television show appearance and why he isn't fighting Paolo Costa in April (2:51:50). Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of Saturday night's Wichita event. The winner from the main event, Junior dos Santos, joins Ariel to catch up and break down the win (8:12). Then, trainer Greg Jackson talks about his approach to his career, why he had to let his foot off the gas a few years ago, and the up-and-coming fighters he's training (27:10). Next, nine days after losing a five-round match to Jon Jones at UFC 235, a brutally honest Anthony Smith credits Jones and also opens up about his emotions since that loss and why he isn't thrilled about the June 1 Alexander Gustafsson fight he just signed up for (44:28). Then, lightweight Joseph "Irish Joe" Duffy discusses why he's taken a year and-a-half away from the octagon and how he feels about this weekend's bout with Marc Diakiese (1:08:10). Sarah Kaufman then joins Ariel on the heels of the announcement that she and Kayla Harrison are among the names who will compete for $1 million in the inaugural PFL women's lightweight title (1:19:55). Next, Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort joins to talk about signing with ONE Championship and his desire to fight Roy Jones Jr in his ONE debut later this year (1:36:12). Then, Ariel finally reconnects with Dillon Danis, who tells the story of the UFC 229 melee from his perspective and why he's at peace with his suspension. Plus, Danis says he'd put up $1 million to fight Ben Askren and that Conor McGregor, Danis' training partner, is rearing to return to the octagon (1:56:24). Then, featherweight Alex Volkanovski tells a heartwarming story and also says he can take down Jose Aldo in their upcoming UFC 237 bout (2:33:38). Lastly, Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero discusses his reality television show appearance and why he isn't fighting Paolo Costa in April (2:51:50).
11/03/193h 7m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 8

Ariel is joined by NewYorkRic and Phil Murphy to talk about BJ Penn's return, who Kamaru Usman should fight next, Tyron Woodley's future, Ben Askren's win over Lawler, Anthony Smith's decision to not take the DQ against Jon Jones, Mirko Cro Cop's retirement and much more.
07/03/191h 6m

Episode 36: Woodley, Askren, Covington, Holloway, Sanchez, Dern, Walker, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of UFC 235. Then, Ariel is joined by welterweight Ben Askren, who discusses his first career UFC victory over Robbie Lawler and why he doesn't need to fight him again (8:10). Plus, he opens up about his rocky relationship with Dana White. Next, an animated Colby Covington details what really happened between he and Kamaru Usman Sunday and why he no longer feels safe in Vegas (29:27). After that, Ariel welcomes Johnny Walker on to discuss why he isn't satisfied with his TKO win, the dislocated shoulder that followed, and if he thinks he's ready to fight Jon Jones (51:38). Then, Ariel and Max Holloway preview UFC 236 and talk about Holloway's improved social media presence (1:03:35). After giving some updates from the MMA world, Ariel welcomes one of Jones' coaches, Mike Winkeljohn, to break down the Anthony Smith fight and provide updates on some of his other clients, including Holly Holm (1:34:40). Then, welterweight Tyron Woodley discusses Saturday night's loss, his respect for Usman, and his new rap album (1:47:06). Next, Brandon Gibson, Jones' striking coach, discusses Jones' Saturday night win and the challenges Smith presented (2:08:26). Henri Hooft, Usman's coach, then discusses Saturday night's win and the first UFC championship he's been a part of (2:19:42). After that, welterweight Diego Sanchez talks about his decision to move weight classes and how he hopes to "change the game for all fighters," (2:32:53). Lastly, UFC fighter Mackenzie Dern talks about her pregnancy, how it will affect the future of her fighting career, and how she hopes to become the first mother to hoist a UFC belt (2:54:40).
05/03/193h 11m

Hour 2: UFC 235 Preview Show

Ariel takes more callers, who ask about Jon Jones' health and Anthony Smith's chances of winning tonight. Plus, reigning Bellator lightweight defending champion Michael Chandler calls in to discuss his various connections to tonight's card. New York Ric then joins Ariel on set to tackle more questions from callers.
03/03/1938m 16s

Hour 1: UFC 235 Preview Show

Ariel is LIVE from Vegas ahead of UFC 235 and takes a number of calls pertaining to tonight's bouts. Plus, Jon Jones' striking coach, Brandon Gibson, joins to discuss Jones' preparation for tonight's fight against Anthony Jones. Gibson says Jones is focused and ready and that he isn't buying into all of the hype around him.
03/03/1938m 10s

The MMA Reporters: Episode 7

On this week's episode, Ariel is joined by Jeff Wagenheim and Greg Rosenstein to talk about all things UFC 235, Poirier vs. Holloway for the interim belt, GSP vs. Khabib and much more.
28/02/191h 5m

Episode 35: Whittaker, Kron, Poirier, Zahabi, Stephens, Gallagher, PFL on ESPN announcement and many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the breaking news of Dillon Danis' suspension and the weekend announcement of Georges St-Pierre's retirement. Then, heavyweight "Skyscraper" Stefan Struve discusses his retirement (13:41). After that, bantamweight James Gallagher discusses his weekend win at Bellator 217 in Dublin, when he might fight next, and the advice Conor McGregor gave him (29:50). Next, strawweight Tatiana Suarez speculates about a fight with Joanna Jedrzejczyk (48:10). Ariel's mystery guests, Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison and PFL CEO Peter Murray, join in-studio to announce the breaking news about the PFL's 2-year deal with ESPN (1:03:15). After that, lightweight Dustin Poirier talks about his preparations for his UFC 236 fight with Max Holloway (1:33:14). Then, St-Pierre's coach, Firas Zahabi, sheds some light on why now is the time for GSP to step away from the octagon (1:48:20). "Ice Cream Kron" Gracie talks about his bursting onto the scene (2:10:55) and then featherweight Jeremy Stephens previews his UFC 235 matchup with Zabit Magomedsharipov and also opens up about his inspirational journey (2:28:20). Then, lightweight Paul Felder gives a health update following surgery on his collapsed lung (2:45:15). Last but not least, Robert Whittaker talks about the collapsed bowel that forced him to miss the UFC 234 headliner against Kelvin Gastelum (2:54:28).
26/02/193h 18m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 6

On this week's episode, Ariel is joined by Jeff Wagenheim and Greg Rosenstein to talk about Georges St-Pierre's decision to retire, his legacy, the Khabib Nurmagomedov that didn't materialize and much more on GSP. Plus, they discuss the Gastelum vs. Adesanya interim title fight and Francis Ngannou knocking out Cain Velasquez.
20/02/191h 2m

Episode 34: Namajunas, Ngannou, Miocic, MVP, Sterling, Attar, Coker, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off recapping Sunday night's UFC action, which was headlined by heavyweight Francis Ngannou's 26-second knockout of Cain Velasquez. Then, "The Silent Assassin" Vicente Luque joins fresh off an exciting win (09:47), Bellator President Scott Coker (28:10), former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic talks about a potential bout with Daniel Cormier (47:30) and Audie Attar of Paradigm Sports Management discusses when two of his clients, Conor McGregor and Cyborg, next fights might happen (1:04:20). Then, Francis Ngannou recaps his big win (1:22:30) and Alijamain Sterling joins the show (1:52:00) followed by UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas (2:11:40), Michael "Venom" Page (2:28:08), UFC welterweight Santiago Ponzinibbio (2:41:55) and Jimmy Crute a week removed from his UFC 234 victory (2:53:28).
19/02/193h 9m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 5

On this week's episode, Ariel Helwani is joined by NewYorkRic and Phil Murphy. The panel discusses the UFC's middleweight title picture, Anderson Silva's future, Conor McGregor's options, MVP vs. Daley not happening in the UK, the return of Cain Velasquez, Kron Gracie's UFC debut and much more.
14/02/191h 7m

Episode 33: Gastelum, Adesanya, MVP/Daley IN STUDIO, Ngannou, Lee, Vick & many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off discussing the UFC 234 aftermath then fresh off defending herself from a brutal attempted robbery Polyana Viana joins (11:40), UFC Lightweight James Vick (26:30), UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee (41:50), Michael "Venom" Page in studio (57:00), Paul "Semtex" Daley in studio (1:40:45), UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou (2:24:05), UFC middleweight Kelvin Gastelum (2:38:38) and fresh off his UFC 234 win Israel Adesanya (2:57:00).
11/02/193h 22m

UFC 234 Pre-Fight Show

Ariel Helwani reacts to news that Robert Whittaker has pulled out of UFC 234. Plus, he talks to Chael Sonnen, Alex Volkanovski, Derek Brunson, Ali Abdelaziz, & Brett Okamoto.
10/02/191h 35m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 4

On this week's episode, Ariel Helwani is joined by ESPN's Jeff Wagenheim and Phil Murphy to discuss Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum, Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya, what the next moves should be at 135 and 125, the ongoing Cormier-Miocic feud, Jose Aldo's future and much more.
07/02/191h 7m

Episode 32: Whittaker, Adesanya, Askren, Lobov, Moraes, Abdelaziz, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with Johnny Walker fresh off a 15 second TKO win (9:25), UFC bantamweight Marlon Moraes (24:00), UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd (43:23), after his official UFC press conference debut Ben Askren (52:45), UFC featherweight Artem Lobov (1:1300), UFC lightweight Islam Makhachev (1:37:00), manager to the stars Ali Abdelaziz (1:58:45), UFC welterweight Leon Edwards (2:23:35), UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya (2:33:25) and UFC middleweight Robert Whittaker (2:53:23).
04/02/193h 6m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 3

NewYorkRic, Jeff Wagenheim and Ariel Helwani talk about the NAC suspensions for Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor and friends, Nurmagomedov and McGregor's future, Jon Jones' hearing, Max Holloway's social media skills and much more.
31/01/191h 7m

Episode 31: Bader, Till, Masvidal, Holm, Gaethje, Mighty Mouse, Werdum, many more)

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Champion Ryan Bader (7:30), Bellator MMA Heavyweight Jake Hager (32:45), UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum (47:45), UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje (1:30:00), former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm (1:42:27), UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal (2:05:00), UFC welterweight Darren Till (2:21:00), Bellator's Henry "Okay" Corrales (2:36:00) and ONE Championship flyweight Demetrious Johnson (2:55:20).
28/01/193h 11m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 2

ESPN's Phil Murphy, Greg Rosenstein and Ariel Helwani discuss about what's next for Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw, McGregor vs. Cerrone, Greg Hardy's future, the conclusion of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix, Jack Swagger's debut and more.
23/01/191h 5m

Episode 30: Cejudo, Dillashaw, Pettis, Wonderboy, VanZant, Calderwood, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off recapping the inaugural UFC card on ESPN and speaks with UFC Flyweight champion Henry Cejudo coming off of the fastest finish in flyweight history (9:17). Then interviews with UFC flyweight Paige VanZant (36:00), UFC Bantamweight Cory Sandhagen (51:20), UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis (1:08:00), UFC welterweight Stephen Thompson (1:21:01), UFC women's flyweight Joanne Calderwood (1:40:30), UFC Bantamweight Marlon Moraes (1:58:47), after announcing his final fight UFC featherweight Dennis Bermudez (2:16:25) and fresh off controversial loss TJ Dillashaw (2:42:00).
21/01/193h 7m

The MMA Reporters: Episode 1

On this premiere episode of the show, Brett Okamoto, Jeff Wagenheim and Ariel Helwani discuss the UFC's debut on ESPN, Greg Hardy's first UFC fight, covering Hardy, the stakes going into Cejudo vs. Dillashaw, Till vs. Masvidal, Pettis vs. Wonderboy and much more.
16/01/1959m 51s

Episode 29: Woodley, Usman, Lewis, Garbrandt, Smith, Lawlor, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off from a new studio in Bristol CT with TJ Dillashaw's HC Duane Ludwig (7:00), some heat from Henry Cejudo's HC Eric Albarracin (30:30), "Filthy" Tom Lawler (51:45), UFC welterweight Kamaru Usman (1:25:30), UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith (1:47:00), UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis (2:07:40), UFC Bantamweight Cody Garbrandt (2:27:30) and the reigning UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (2:46:15).
15/01/193h 5m

Post-Show: Episode 27

Ariel and NewYorkRic talk about Colby Covington getting snubbed, Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith, Floyd Mayweather's win over Tenshin Nasukawa, Cris Cyborg's future, our 2018 awards and much more.
07/01/1945m 26s

Episode 28: Covington, Velasquez, Ostovich, Zingano, Calderwood, Anderson in studio and more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Welter weight Colby Covington to discuss his title shot snub (4:30), UFC Women's Flyweight Joanne Calderwood (27:15), UFC Light Heavyweight Corey Anderson in studio (46:00), an update from UFC women's featherweight Cat Zingano (1:28:50), the return of former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez (1:49:00), UFC women's flyweight Rachael Ostovich (2:04:30), fresh off of retirement Sean O'connell (2:25:40), and UFC lightweight Alex Hernandez discussing the ESPN inaugural card (2:48:30).
07/01/193h 9m

The 2018 Helwani Nose Awards

Ariel Helwani looks back at the year that was in MMA by handing out 19 awards. Categories include: male and female fighter of the year, knockout of the year, submission of the year, fight of the year, coach of the year, event of the year, poster of the year and much more. Special guests and award winners join the show throughout. In addition, UFC on ESPN+ headliners Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw stop by in what turned out to be a heated interview.
01/01/192h 36m

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show: Best of 2018

On this special episode of Ariel Helwani's MMA Show, we rounded up the best moments from a memorable year, including interviews with Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, Matt Hughes, Chris Eubank, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Royce Gracie, Jon Jones, Max Holloway, other champions, rising stars, living legends and many more.
24/12/182h 30m

Post-Show: Episode 26

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss another busy day on the show, Bellator's Hawaiian debut, the final UFC on FOX card, the UFC's welterweight mess, their big New Year's Eve show plans and more.
17/12/1828m 8s

Episode 26: Belfort in studio, Cruz, Iaquinta, MacFarlane, Covington, Lee, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC lightweights Edson Barboza (3:34) & Kevin Lee (15:00), UFC women's flyweight Jessica-Rose Clark (31:00), Al Iaquinta (47:24), Colby Covington (1:13:34), fresh off a huge win in her homeland Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (1:31:55), Michael Chandler (1:57:12), a very emotional Dominick Cruz (2:14:05), and the inspirational Vitor Belfort in-studio (2:47:00).
17/12/183h 40m

Post-Show: Episode 25 Post Show

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss a busy day on the show, in particular with the welterweights, the UFC Brooklyn additions, Max Holloway's win, what's next for Valentina Shevchenko, a busy weekend coming up and more.
10/12/1841m 16s

Episode 25: Woodley, Askren, Lynch, Usman, Northcutt, Edgar, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the UFC Women's Flyweight champ Valentina Shevchenko (6:30), UFC Flyweight Jessica Eye (24:30), Bellator MMA Flyweight Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (42:00), fresh off the Dana White comments UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley (1:05:00), the undefeated Ben Askren (1:30:00), UFC Featherweight Dan Ige (1:49:00), WWE Smackdown Champ Becky Lynch (2:06:00), ONE Championship's Sage Northcutt (2:30:10), the pride of South Africa Don Madge (2:50:51), Frankie Edgar (3:06:00) and a surprise call from Kamaru Usman (3:19:25).
10/12/183h 34m

Post Show: Episode 24

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss an emotional day on the show, a busy weekend in MMA, the Wilder-Fury fight, Sage Northcutt signing with ONE Championship, Daley vs. MVP in Connecticut, UFC 231 and much more.
03/12/1841m 8s

Episode 24: Holloway, Ortega, Weidman in studio, Hunt, Usman, Ranallo, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the undefeated number one contender Kamaru Usman (8:00) then conversations with One Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong (30:40), Brian Ortega (52:24), the Feather Weight champ Max Holloway (1:10:25), Gunnar Nelson (1:33:00), huge news from Jake Hager (1:47:00), fresh off the Wilder/Fury fight Mauro Ranallo (2:05:30), Chris Weidman in studio (2:39:15), Mark Hunt (3:14:00) and Breaking News from Austin Vanderford (3:28:05).
03/12/183h 39m

Post-Show: Episode 23

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss Jon Jones' in-studio interview, Tito Ortiz knocking out Chuck Liddell, the future of Golden Boy MMA, UFC Beijing results, a busy upcoming weekend in MMA and more.
26/11/1846m 1s

Episode 23: Jones in studio, Ortiz, Ngannou, Overeem, Hackleman, Smolka, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of the Liddell-Ortiz fight with Chuck Liddell's coach John Hackelman (10:25) then speaks with the victor of the bout Tito Ortiz (28:10). Plus, UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou (47:30), UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem (1:10:17), Jon Bones Jones in studio (1:32:11), PFL President Carlos Silva (2:07:22), UFC Bantamweight Louis Smolka (2:36:50) and a show debut with Deron Winn (2:59:00).
26/11/183h 22m

Post-Show: Episode 22

Ariel and NewYorkRic recap a memorable day on the show, AJ Agazarm signing with Bellator, UFC's debut in Argentina, Liddell vs. Oritz 3 this weekend, Blaydes - NGannou 2, Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey and more.
19/11/1842m 59s

Episode 22: Liddell, Ortiz, Perry, MacDonald, Ponzinibbio, Borg, Agazarm in studio, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with #10 Welterweight Santiago Ponzinibbio (8:05), then a big announcement from AJ Agazarm in the studio (27:20). Plus, Bellator MMA's Rory MacDonald (1:26:25), a heartfelt conversation with Ray Borg (1:43:32), UFC Welterweight Mike Perry (2:04:40), a preview of the upcoming bout with Tito Ortiz (2:19:41) & Chuck Liddell (2:41:42), UFC Middleweight Dan Kelly (2:59:40), and Ian Heinisch (3:14:05).
19/11/183h 37m

Post-Show: Episode 21

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss a busy day on the show, including a celebration on UFC's 25th anniversary, the upcoming bout between Henry Cejudo and TJ Dillashaw, the potential removal of the Flyweight division, and more.
12/11/1839m 17s

Episode 21: Rodriguez, Dillashaw, Cejudo, Gracie, Romero, Moraes, and many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a very special happy birthday salute to the UFC with UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie (5:12), then welcomes UFC Straw-weight Maycee Barber (30:30), UFC Flyweight Champ Henry Cejudo (47:36), Izzy Martinez (1:11:15), the first women's Bantamweight Champ Germaine de Randamie (1:33:43), recently released Jose Torres (1:47:36), #4 ranked Bantamweight Marlon Moraes (2:05:30), reigning Bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw (2:25:50), #1 ranked Middleweight contender Yoel Romero (2:34:50), and fresh off of a stunning KO Yair Rodriguez (3:11:00).
12/11/183h 37m

Post-Show: Episode 20

Ariel and NewYorkRic discuss a busy day on the show, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Tenshin Nasukawa, UFC 230, what's next for Daniel Cormier, UFC Denver and much more.
06/11/1842m 4s

Episode 20: Cormier, Adesanya & Abdelaziz & Eubanks in studio, Miocic, Cannonier and more

This week on Ariel Helwani's MMA show, Ariel welcomes former World Champion Kickboxer Javier Mendez (5:19) via skype, UFC Lightweight and Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (32:10), UFC Middleweight Jared Cannonier (56:37), UFC former champion and Heavyweight Stipe Miocic (1:11:50), UFC Middleweight Isreal Adesanya in studio (1:23:41), UFC Manager Ali Adelaziz (2:12:20) in studio and UFC Women's Flyweight Sijara Eubanks (3:09:00) to the show.
06/11/183h 35m

Post-Show: Episode 19

Ariel is joined ESPN's Chamatakar Sandhu to discuss the Demetrious Johnson for Ben Askren trade, UFC 230, Anthony Smith's big win in Moncton, Yair Rodriguez replacing Frankie Edgar and much more.
29/10/1838m 13s

Episode 19: Cormier & Adesanya & Minton in studio, Mighty Mouse, Askren, Smith, Kawa, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with one half of the historic trade and recently acquired UFC Welterweight Ben Askren (3:50), newly minted ONE Championship and former UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson (26:00), First Round Management's Malki Kawa (59:00), UFC legend and current double champ Daniel Cormier in studio (1:10:30), nutritionist to the MMA stars Tyler Minton in studio (2:03:00), UFC Middleweight Israel Adesanya in studio (2:38:30) and UFC Light Heavyweight contender Anthony Smith (3:19:40).
29/10/183h 37m

Artem Lobov Exclusive

In his first interview in months, Lobov talks about the genesis of his feud with Khabib Nurmagomedov, what happened in Brooklyn, the road to UFC 229, the melee afterwards, why he decided to stay in the UFC, and why he won't rest until he fights Zubaira Tukhugov.
29/10/1842m 5s

Post-Show: Episode 18

NewYorkRic checks in from his vacation in Hawaii to preview UFC Moncton. The guys also talk about who's really winning in the Khabib-Conor aftermath, the PFL playoffs, Weidman vs. Jacare and more.
29/10/1830m 8s

Episode 18: Alvarez & Mayer in studio, Till, Weidman, Iaquinta, Bader, Shevchenko, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman (2:30), Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Bader (24:35), UFC Lightweight Al Iaquinta (39:15), UFC's Megan Anderson (57:00), Former Olympian and Women's Super-Featherweight Boxer Mikaela Mayer in studio (1:12:00), UFC Middleweight/Welterweight Darren Till (1:53:45), ONE Championship's Eddie Alvarez in studio (2:11:00) and UFC's Valentina Shevchenko (2:55:15).
29/10/183h 13m

Post-Show: Episode 17

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic recap Bellator's big weekend, more Khabib vs. Conor aftermath, Jones vs. Gustafsson 2, Cormier vs. Lewis, and much more.
29/10/1835m 18s

Episode 17: St-Pierre, Cormier, Jedrzejczyk, Poirier, Masvidal, Riddle, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with a recap of the weekend in MMA (2:00), Bellator's Mandel Nallo (15:40), UFC Heavy and Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (26:00), UFC Welterweight Jorge Masvidal (51:40), UFC legend Georges St-Pierre (1:02:20), Jon Jones' MMA coach Mike Winkeljohn (1:32:20), UFC Lightweight contender Dustin Poirier (1:48:00), WWE's Matt Riddle (2:03:05), newly retired UFC Lightweight Evan Dunham (2:25:45), UFC Flyweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk (2:41:45) and Bellator's Mike Kimbel (3:04:00).
29/10/183h 22m

Post-Show: Episode 16

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss Khabib vs. Conor, the post-fight brawl, what's next for both men, the rest of the UFC 229 card, UFC 230 and much more.
29/10/1840m 42s

Episode 16: Sonnen/Mitrione in studio, Lewis, Rockhold, Hughes, Eubank, Lee, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the recap of the week including the fallout of UFC 229 (2:00), former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold (28:00), Bellator Heavyweight Chael Sonnen in studio (47:45), UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis (1:30:20), UFC legend Matt Hughes & Filmmaker Rory Karpf (1:55:35), UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee (2:14:12), Bellator Heavyweight Matt Mitrione in studio (2:31:30), former WBO Middleweight and Super-Middleweight champion Chris Eubank (3:27:10).
29/10/183h 59m

Post-Show: Episode 15

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss a busy day for the show, all things 229, Bellator 206, the search for an MSG main event, and much more.
29/10/1842m 3s

Episode 15: Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the recap of the week including the madness of 230 and Bellator 206 (2:00), Bellator Welterweight Douglas Lima (17:10), UFC Light Heavyweight Dominick Reyes (32:45), UFC Women's Bantamweight contender Aspen Ladd (49:00), reigning UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (1:03:15), reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (1:33:10), Bellator Featherweight Aaron Pico (1:55:30), UFC Strawweight contender Michelle Waterson (2:09:50), UFC Bantamweight contender Sean O'Malley (2:21:00), the voice of the UFC Jon Anik (2:36:20), Bellator Heavyweight Quinton Rampage Jackson (2:57:45), reigning Bellator Middleweight Champion Gegard Mousasi (3:18:25), former UFC Featherweight & Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor (3:38:20).
29/10/184h 11m

Post-Show: Episode 14

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss the 229 press conference, the road to Khabib-McGregor, Jon Jones' return, UFC 230, Mousasi vs. MacDonald, UFC Sao Paulo, much more.
29/10/1836m 51s

Episode 14: Harrison in studio, T. McGregor, Kawa, Gustafsson, Tate, Anders, Ngannou, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with MMA journalist Peter Carroll (7:00), First Round Management's Malki Kawa (29:30), UFC Light Heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson (51:00), UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou (1:06:40), Bellator Welterweight Champion Rory MacDonald (1:24:00), UFC legend Rashad Evans (1:40:00), Conor McGregor's father Tony McGregor (1:55:50), former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate (2:14:00) UFC Light Heavyweight Eryk Anders (2:31:00) and PFL Lightweight Kayla Harrison in studio. (2:39:30)
29/10/183h 15m

Post-Show: Episode 13

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss GGG-Canelo 2, UFC Moscow, this week's UFC 229 press conference, the return of BJ Penn, the show's new logo and UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo.
17/09/1839m 14s

Episode 13: Cyborg, Jedrzejczyk, Liddell, Suarez, Rumble, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Middleweight contender Eryk Anders (2:45), UFC commentator John Gooden (9:35), UFC Strawweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk (27:00), UFC legend Chuck Liddell (45:50), UFC Featherweight Ryan Hall (1:14:10), UFC Strawweight Tatiana Suarez (1:31:40), former UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson (2:05:05), UFC Heavyweight Alexey Oleynik (2:29:25) and current UFC Women's Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg Justino (2:49:50).
17/09/183h 13m

Post-Show: Episode 12

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic talk about the state of the women's flyweight division, what's next for Valentina Shevchenko, Woodley-Covington, all things UFC 228, Fight Night Moscow and much more.
11/09/1842m 41s

Episode 12: Woodley, Shevchenko, Covington, Punk, Sanchez, Gonzalez in studio, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with reigning, defending UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley (4:30), UFC Lightweight Jim Miller (32:30), UFC Welterweight Colby Covington (50:35), UFC Flyweight Valentina Shevchenko (1:08:50), UFC Bantamweight Aljamain Sterling (1:31:20), CM Punk (1:48:40), UFC Welterweight Diego Sanchez (2:12:20) and IFC Strawweight Pearl Gonzalez in studio (2:35:25).
11/09/183h 15m

Post-Show: Episode 11

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss Golden Boy MMA, Logan Paul-Sage Northcutt, Invicta 31, Paddy Pimblett's loss, UFC 228 betting lines and answer your questions.
07/09/1841m 0s

Episode 11: De La Hoya, Northcutt, Perry, Usman, Faber, Iaquinta, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya (4:00), UFC Lightweight James Vick (27:00), UFC Welterweight Mike Platinum Perry (48:10), UFC Welterweight Stephen Thompson (1:08:30), Boxing and MMA coach Trevor Wittman (1:27:50), former UFC Bantamweight & Featherweight Urijah Faber (1:51:00), UFC Welterweight Kamaru Usman (2:12:30), UFC Lightweight & Welterweight Sage Northcutt (2:29:30) and Al Iaquinta (2:53:00).
07/09/183h 11m

Post-Show: Episode 10

Ariel Helwani and NewYorkRic discuss the betting angle of UFC Fight Night 135 in Lincoln (2:00), the guys answer your questions (13:40) and much more.
07/09/1831m 52s

Episode 10: Woodley, Gaethje, Pettis, Calderwood, Chandler, Ellenberger, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Lightweight Justin Gaethje (5:00), UFC Flyweight Joanne Calderwood (22:30), UFC Middleweight Eryk Anders (40:30), former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis (54:50), UFC Featherweight Bryce Mitchell describes his injury (1:10:30), UFC Lightweight Kajan Johnson (1:30:00), reigning UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley (1:45:35), UFC Light Heavyweight Jimi Manuwa talks Paul vs KSI (2:08:45), UFC Bantamweight Jimmie Rivera (2:21:15), UFC Welterweight Mickey Gall (2:32:25), Bellator Lightweight Michael Chandler (2:46:40) and Jake Ellenberger retires (3:03:45).
07/09/183h 16m

Episode 9: Romero, Gallagher & Macfarlane & Chalmers in studio, Oezdemir, more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with Bellator's Ricky Bandejas (6:30), Henry Cejudo's head coach Eric Albarracin (26:15), Bellator Flyweight Ilima-Lei MacFarlane (51:30), Bellator's James Gallagher (1:29:15), Bellator's Aaron Chalmers (2:10:40), UFC Light Heavyweight Volkan Oezdemir (2:42:30), UFC Middleweight Yoel Romero (3:04:00).
07/09/183h 28m

Episode 8: Mighty Mouse, O'Malley, PVZ, Moraes, Lee, Blaydes, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with former UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson (4:50), UFC Bantamweight Marlon Moraes (31:00), UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes (50:30), UFC Welterweight Mickey Gall (1:06:20), UFC Lightweight Alex Hernandez (1:28:00), UFC Flyweight Paige VanZant (1:48:00), UFC Heavyweight Corey Anderson (2:10:00), UFC Welterweight Santiago Ponzinibbio (2:38:30), UFC Middleweight Derek Brunson (2:57:30), UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee (3:15:00), UFC Bantamweight Sean O'Malley (3:35:15), New York Ric breaks down fan questions, today's show and much more (3:55:00).
07/09/184h 16m

Episode 7: Cejudo, Dillashaw, Covington, Cruz, Danis in studio, Roddy, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show kicks off with TJ Dillashaw's coach Duane Ludwig (8:00), the new UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo (29:55), the interim UFC Welterweight Champion Colby Covington (53:45), UFC Lightweight Dustin Poirier (1:10:30), AKA founder and MMA coach Javier Mendez (1:28:30), Conor McGregor's striking coach Rowdy Owen Roddy (1:48:45), Dillon Danis in studio (2:13:00), former two-time UFC Bantamweight Dominick Cruz (3:02:25), reigning defending UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw (3:32:15), UFC Bantamweight Raphael Assuncao (3:52:00), New York Ric stops by to break down his Ric's Picks, UFC 227 and much more. (4:18:00).
07/09/185h 4m

Episode 6: Holloway, Henry, Dillashaw, Joanna, Usman, many more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show kicks off with MMA coach Mark Henry (6:15), UFC Strawweight Joanna Jedrzejczyk (29:45), Nick Newell (49:20), UFC's Darren Till sends a video message (1:07:00), UFC's Katlyn Chookagian (1:10:40), former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman (1:30:15), UFC Light Heavyweight Ilir Latifi (1:49:30), reigning UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway (2:08:00), UFC Flyweight Henry Cejudo (2:37:30), UFC's Kamaru Usman (2:55:30), current UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw (3:11:30), Jared Gordon (3:29:00), New York Ric joins to talk UFC 227, questions of the day, Ric's picks (4:05:00) and much more.
07/09/184h 57m

Episode 5: Woodley, Silva, Sonnen & Fedor in studio, Gustafsson, and much more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony Smith (2:10), ESPN and Bellator's Chael Sonnen in studio (18:10), UFC Flyweight Joanne Calderwood (1:10:00), UFC Middleweight Paulo Costa (1:33:00), UFC's Cat Zingano (1:50:10), UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley (2:11:30), former UFC Champion Anderson Silva (2:39:00), former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar (2:53:20), UFC Light Heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson (3:01:00), MMA legend and Bellator Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko in studio (3:12:30), Austin Vanderford (3:44:40), UFC Featherweight Alex Volkanovski (4:02:50), Ali Abdelaziz (4:22:10), New York Ric stops by with the questions of the day (4:50:15) and more.
07/09/185h 12m

Episode 4: Miocic, Cyborg, JDS, Ngannou and more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show starts off with UFC Featherweight Chad Mendes (7:00), former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic (26:00), UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes (49:00), UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou (1:10:10), Daniel Cormier's boxing coach Rosendo Sanchez (1:35:15), UFC Lightweight Paul Felder (1:58:20), UFC's Jessica Aguilar (2:17:30), former UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos (2:31:00), UFC's Sage Northcutt (2:53:20), UFC's Tai Tuivasa & Tyson Pedro (3:13:50), UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker (3:34:00), UFC Women's Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg (3:58:00), NewYorkRic jumps in with the questions of the day (4:27:00) and more.
07/09/184h 59m

Episode 3: Cormier, Ortega, Mighty Mouse, and more

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show kicks off with a recap of an MMA-packed weekend (1:00), UFC's Light Heavy and Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (35:45), the Black Beast Derrick Lewis (58:45), UFC's Michael Chiesa (1:18:20), UFC Middleweight Israel Adesanya (1:32:15), Violent Bob Ross Luis Peña (1:50:20), UFC's Brian Ortega (2:09:00), UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony Smith (2:42:26), UFC Featherweight Jeremy Stephens (3:04:50), defending UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson (3:25:55), UFC Light Heavyweight Khalil Rountree (3:47:47), TUF Champion Brad Katona (4:04:27), UFC's Mike Platinum Perry (4:20:40), FRM's Malki Kawa (4:35:55), NewYorkRIc with the results of the International Fight Week Draft and more (5:03:57).
07/09/185h 33m

Episode 2: Gracie in studio, Ortiz, Iaquinta, Perry, Gaethje, and much more.

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show kicks off with current Bellator Women's Flyweight World Champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (2:30), Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks (14:00), UFC Lightweight Paul Felder (34:58), UFC's Al Iaquinta (45:10), Bellator's James Gallagher (1:05:30), UFC Lightweight James Vick (1:23:25), UFC Welterweight Mike Platinum Perry (1:37:50), UFC Flyweight Jessica Eye (1:57:20), UFC Lightweight Justin Gaethje (2:22:00), UFC sisters Valentina and Antonina Shevchenko (2:45:00), former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz (3:04:10), UFC's Yair Rodriguez (3:31:00), Renzo Gracie in studio (3:40:00) and the International Fight Week draft with NewYorkRic and Brett Okamoto (4:50:00).
07/09/185h 2m

Episode 1: A New Chapter

Ariel Helwani's MMA Show debuts with a star studded cast led by ESPN's Brett Okamoto (5:00), defending UFC Light-Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier (25:00), Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (48:00), reigning UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic (1:05:00), Brian Ortega (1:27:00), defending UFC Strawweight Champ Rose Namajunas (1:53:10), UFC Featherweight Champ Max "Blessed" Holloway (2:13:15), former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Rashad Evans (2:31:40), The Black Beast Derrick Lewis (2:56:50), the newest member of Bellator MMA Lyoto Machida (3:14:40), 2x Olympian Kayla Harrison (3:32:30), former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett (3:53:40), UFC Welterweight Leon Edwards (4:26:30) and the return of New York Ric with Twitter questions using #HelwaniShow (4:41:30).
07/09/185h 5m

Episode Zero

The first episode of Ariel Helwani's MMA Show is now live on ESPN. Be there for Episode 1 on Monday, June 25th!
07/09/185m 41s
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