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The Eventing Podcast squad bring you on a weekly, data-fuelled journey through the world of eventing. Previews, reviews and analysis - all supported by EquiRatings' data.


When Nicole Met Jonelle

Jonelle Price sits down with Nicole in the latest When Nicole Met supported by Bedmax to look back on the highlights of a glittering career so far. From making the move to the UK, a dream Olympic debut and the 5* winning feeling this is a personal insight into one of the best riders in the world.  
18/06/2141m 12s

Luhmuhlen CCI5*-L Preview Show

The Longines Luhmühlen 5* Horse Trials are underway with the first horse inspection complete and dressage kicking off on Friday afternoon. Ahead of then Diarm & Nicole have some revealing insights, exciting predictions and are feeling the excitement for the first European 5* of 2021. Stay tuned to EquiRatings' social channels for all things Luhmühlen related over the next few days!
17/06/2136m 53s

Luhmühlen Preview Show

All eyes turn to Luhmühlen this week for the second 5* of 2021 which will run alongside the German National Championships. Nicole, Sam & Diarm focus on breaking down the 4*S here which features a red hot field.  You can play along with Eventing Manager and the market is now open so it's time to get involved. More on the 5* class coming later this week so head over to follow EquiRatings and Eventing Podcast on social media to stay tuned.  
16/06/211h 3m

Bicton Review Show

2TheBarn's Tara Glen joins Nicole to look back on an excellent week's sport at Bicton supported by Chedington.
15/06/2130m 56s

Bicton Diaries #4: Jesse Campbell

Jesse joins Nicole to give you a behind the scenes insight into Bicton.
11/06/216m 23s

The Bicton Diaries #3: Felicity Collins

We catch up with the star of our first #FutureStars show Felicity Collins on her way to Bicton ahead of taking part in the U25 4*L.   
11/06/2115m 2s

The Bicton Diaries #2: Alex Kennedy

A former Young Rider and Junior medallist, Alex Kennedy is looking to make her mark in the U25 4*L at Bicton this weekend.  Find out more about Global Milchem JJ and her hopes for Bicton in the latest of our Bicton Diaries.
10/06/2117m 48s

The Bicton Diaries #1: Helen West

In the first of our Bicton Diaries Nicole talks to organiser Helen West about what is in store this week at Bicton International. From short time frame logistics, the cross country test and what Helen is most looking forward to about the show jumping this is a great insight into all things Bicton.
10/06/2119m 50s

Bicton Preview Show

There is a big week of sport ahead as some of the world's best head to Bicton Arena. Nicole, Spike and Catherine take a look at the three international classes to find you the ones to watch in the CCI4*-L, CCI4*-S and CCI4*-LU25. 
09/06/211h 3m

The Zebra Show #3: Sprenger Special

Episode #3 of the Zebra Show features Sprenger  Well known globally for their years of experience when it comes to bitting horses and ponies, Deike Brautigan of Sprenger together with their ambassador leading event and dressage rider, Ruth Edge chat to Nicole in this Sprenger Special of the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast. From top tips to make sure your horses are correctly bitted as well as a look back at some highlights of Ruth's career, this show is a great insight into keeping your horses happy and enhancing performance. Nearly 150-years-old, the Sprenger brand is highly regarded for its innovation when it comes to developing a bitting range that has the horses’ welfare and riders horsemanship in mind at all times. This show is available to download for FREE across all podcast platforms now.
07/06/2133m 44s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter U

Alpha madness is back and back in some fashion. Prepare for some uncontrollable laughter, role play and underwear chat as the team talk all things beginning with the letter U.  *WARNING* this show contains little to no eventing but is full of fun ;)
04/06/211h 11m

Millstreet Preview Show

One of the biggest events in the Irish eventing calendar, this year Millstreet welcomes a whole host of top names. Nicole, Sam & Diarm take a look at the competition in both the 4*L and the 4*S to see who will come out on top.  
02/06/211h 13m

Weekend Review: Houghton, Baborowko & US Team Reaction

Nicole is flying solo to give you the run down on all of the action from Houghton Hall and Baborowko as well as her reaction on the US Team Selection.
31/05/2122m 48s

Baborowko Preview Show

There are big names galore headed to Baborowko this weekend, including a number of riders bidding to represent Germany at this Summer's Olympic Games. Nicole & Georgia take a look at the field of competitors that includes the likes of Michael Jung, Ingrid Klimke, Sandra Auffarth and Karin Donckers to see who will top the podium in the hotly contested 4*S as well as the 4*L. Tune in for free across all podcast platforms.
27/05/2126m 46s

Houghton Preview Show

Time for a Preview Show as the team look forward to all of the action in this weekend's Nations Cup at Houghton Hall. Gemma Tattersall is on the show and updates us on life at Team Tattersall, plus gives us an insight into her three rides at Houghton.  
26/05/211h 2m

Equilume Special: Liz Halliday-Sharp

Equilume rider Liz Halliday-Sharp joins Nicole to talk about some of the highlights of her career, motor sport and how she finds the superstars of her stable.  
25/05/2132m 28s

When Nicole Met...Yogi

Yogi Breisner, the man behind so many British team successes joins Nicole to look back on an extraordinary career. From his riding career and the highs and lows of championships we hope you enjoy this insight into one of the greatest trainers of our time. When Nicole Met is kindly supported by Bedmax.
21/05/2150m 4s

The Hold Box: Tokyo Special #1

Spike is joined by Chris Elliott, Veterinary Services Supervisor for this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo.  Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes to ensure the health and welfare of all the equine athletes in the face of the expected heat and humidity. Chris shares his Tokyo experience to date, what work will be going on over the coming months and gives us an exclusive insight into what it takes to make sure horse welfare is at the forefront throughout the competition.
19/05/2140m 12s

A Cup of Tea With...Toby Pigott

Toby Pigott tells us more about his team of horses and plans for the 2021 season in this latest Cup of Tea show supported by NAF. Listen in for free across all podcast platforms and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to make sure you don't miss an episode.
17/05/2114m 33s

The Overview Show #1

Would you like to find out more about just how good some of these good performances are? How about who was the highest rated horse in the world in 2020? This brand new show is the one for you! Sam, Nicole and Diarm put the numbers into context and analyse equestrian performances on the next level.
14/05/211h 2m

Aston-le-walls Preview Show

Nicole, Catherine and Kitty preview the huge 4*S sections at Aston-le-walls. Who are the eye catchers, where will the records be broken? Plus, as news of Wesko's retirement reached us as we pressed the record button we relive some of our favourite Wesko moments.
12/05/2131m 31s

The Zebra Show #2: Amerigo

The next episode of the Zebra Show is here and this time Nicole is joined by Saddle Designer Peter Menet and two 5* riders and Amerigo ambassadors in Sam Griffiths and Sam Watson to talk more about the science behind saddle fitting and the benefits it can bring to performance.
10/05/2135m 38s

EquiRatings are Hiring!

It’s a very exciting time to join the EquiRatings team. We are looking for someone who loves communication and can help us tell our stories better, more often, and to more people. Nicole & Diarm are here to tell you more, listen in for full details and click here to apply.
07/05/2117m 38s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter T

Alphabetti Spaghetti, supported by Strawmax is back and this time we are onto the letter T. From tattoos, transport, Thomas the Tank Engine, teddies and much more. As usual, Alphabetti doesn't include much (any) eventing but hopefully plenty of laughs to get you through the day.  
07/05/2154m 12s

A Cup of Tea With...Fred Scala

Nicole is back with another Cup of Tea show supported by NAF and today is joined by Team Ireland Equestrian's Fred Scala. 
05/05/2122m 39s

Red Mills Special: The OBP League

Eventing Ireland and RED MILLS are delighted to launch a new league for Eventing Ireland members in 2021 with an exciting new number at the heart of it – the Opposition Beaten Percentage (OBP). In this show Diarm & Sam introduce you to the OBP and just how and why it is calculated. It is a simple number, but also a powerful one – how many combinations have you competed against, and how many have you finished ahead of? The OBP was designed by EquiRatings and is part of the new Eventing Ireland Stats Centre which was launched this month and is available on the Eventing Ireland website.  Listen in for free to find out more. You can visit the RED MILLS hub here and check out the league here,
30/04/2125m 13s

Inside Kentucky #9: Jesse Campbell

Jesse catches up with Diarm after a superb Kentucky result with Diachello. Listen for free across all podcast platforms. 
30/04/2115m 54s

A Cup of Tea With...Tom March

Nicole is joined by Tom March in the latest Cup of Tea show supported by NAF. Find out more about The March Stud, what Tom looks for in a horse, big plans for the future and those ones you need to watch. A must listen for any breeding or eventing fan.  
28/04/2125m 44s

Inside Kentucky #8: The Review Show

Nicole, Spike & Diarm give their immediate reactions to a vintage Kentucky weekend.
25/04/2138m 3s

Inside Kentucky #7: Before Cross Country

Spike, Nicole and Diarm are reviewing and previewing (guessing). 
23/04/2145m 55s

Inside Kentucky #6: The Course Designer

Derek Di Grazia, the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event Designer joins Sam & Nicole to give an insight into the 2021 course and what lays in store for the riders.
23/04/2124m 39s

Inside Kentucky #5: The Course Builder

Mick Costello has been building the Kentucky course for around 25 years, find out just what it takes to pull it together, the challenges of the last year and Mick's hopes for the 2021 event.
22/04/2114m 18s

Inside Kentucky #4: The Preview Show

Who will win Kentucky? The team discuss the big stories ahead of the competition. Oliver Townend is bidding to win 3 in a row, the US are looking for their first home victory since 2008 and the competition is sure to be fierce. Tune in to the preview show now across all podcast platforms for FREE.
21/04/2159m 6s

Inside Kentucky #3: The Course Decorator

Nicole is joined by Sheila Woerth, the lady behind making sure that the Kentucky Horse Park is beautifully presented for the best weekend all year. Sheila is a volunteer, a cardiothoracic nurse and a master of managing the course decoration.  
21/04/2119m 37s

Inside Kentucky #2: The Travelling Grooms

Nicole is joined by Team Fox-Pitt's Alex Van Tuyll and Team Price's Lucy Miles to find out what's happening behind the scenes in Kentucky. All things quarantine, plans for the next few days and the threat of some snow...!
20/04/2112m 51s

Inside Kentucky #1: Behind The Scenes

As we prepare for 'The Best Weekend All Year' tune in to this first Inside Kentucky Special to find out more about just what goes on behind the scenes to make the event happen. Plus Alex Van Tuyll fills us in on what it takes to get the horses across the Atlantic. We will have you covered with all the behind the scenes action from Kentucky this week so hit the subscribe button to make sure you don't miss out!
18/04/2149m 49s

Equilume Special: The Power Average League

In the first show of a brand new Equilume Series, Nicole, Diarm & Sam introduce you to the Power Average and an exciting new league in partnership with Eventing Ireland. The Equilume Power Average League shines a light on repeated excellence by highlighting each horse’s three best finishing scores from all Eventing Ireland events in the 2021 season. There are some big prizes on offer for those who make it to the top of the leaderboard, click here for more information. Even if you don't compete in Ireland, tune in to find out how you can calculate your own Power Average! Listen for FREE across all podcast platforms.  
17/04/2131m 23s

When Nicole Met Alex

Ranked inside the FEI Top 10, we dig deeper into the life of Alex Bragg, one of the most charismatic event riders on the circuit. His early childhood might not be typical of top event rider, his first international was aged 25, a first 5* just in 2016, but now one of the busiest and most popular riders there is, sights are very much set on the top.   We're delighted to welcome Bedmax on board to support the 'When Nicole Met...' Series, an insight into some of the world's top athletes.
16/04/211h 0m

The Bonus Show

Sam and Diarm have been left to record a show on their own and in the absence of good content, have decided to give away a big prize for Eventing Manager players.
14/04/2126m 50s

A Cup of Tea With...Laura Collett

#TeamNAF Rider Laura Collett joins Nicole to catch up on all things Team Collett, her Olympic dream and plans for the season. Available to listen for FREE across all podcast platforms or via the link below. So grab your drink of choice and join Laura and Nicole for a Cup of Tea, very kindly supported by NAF.
12/04/2117m 57s

EquiRatings Special: The Stand Out 5* Riders

There is the average five-star rider (if you can say such a thing), and then there are the BEST five-star riders. See who stands out from the pack based on six key performance attributes. Diarm and Sam discuss. You can watch this show back on Facebook or listen for FREE as a podcast now.
12/04/2157m 56s

Red Mills Special: Retraining of Racehorses

Nicole is joined by Sam Watson, Esib Power and Jane Davis in the latest Red MILLS Special.  Looking at what is so brilliant about retraining racehorses, the best ways to make the career change as successful as possible and the top tips you won't want to live without. Are you a fan of the racehorse? This is absolutely a podcast for you.
09/04/2148m 54s

The Pod About The Pod

It's been a busy start to the year so Nicole & Diarm take a moment to look back on their favourite moments and look forwards to what is in store in the coming months. New shows, plans for the April Listener of the Month competition, agony hour and more. Thanks for all of the support, you can download all episodes of the Eventing Podcast for free across all podcast platforms.
07/04/2157m 8s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter S

Big news for Alpha fans as we are delighted to welcome Strawmax on board to support the show throughout 2021. Diarm, Nicole, Spike and Catherine talk all things beginning with the letter 'S' on this week's show, from sunshine, skiing, the Spice Girls, Saturday's, shorts and a story about a whale. Strawmax offer a healthy, ultra-absorbent and economical equine straw pellet bedding option for your horse, for more information visit www.strawmax.co.uk. Tune in across all podcast platforms for FREE or click here to listen.
02/04/2153m 14s

A Cup of Tea With....Ludwig Svennerstål

Olympian Ludwig Svennerstål is this week's guest on A Cup of Tea With...supported by NAF. He's been to seven major championships as part of the Swedish team and Ludwig talks to Nicole Brown about the build up to Tokyo, the hard business decisions he's had to take and plans for the 2021 season. You can listen in to the Eventing Podcast for FREE across all platforms, just click here.  
31/03/2119m 55s

EquiRatings Special: The world's most competitive venues

Diarm and Sam are back for another EquiRatings Special. This time looking at the world's most competitive venues and those who have done well at them. Originally published as a Facebook Live, available to watch back if you prefer or listen in via this podcast format!
29/03/2150m 37s

The Zebra Show #1: Veredus Presenting Andrew Nicholson

In the first Zebra Show Sam and Nicole talk to 6 time Olympian and 9 time 5* winner Andrew Nicholson on everything from building a successful career in the sport, finding young horses, coming back from injury and of course the Badminton victory in 2017. Focussing on some of his career highlights this is a superb insight into one of the sport's greatest.  We're delighted to welcome Zebra Products to the Eventing Podcast family and we will be showcasing some of their brands over the coming months. First up is Veredus, a brand that is passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse leg protection and care. For more information on Zebra Products and how you can stay ahead of the herd visit www.zebraproducts.co.uk.
26/03/211h 0m

Horses to Watch in 2021

The team are back with a season preview show, looking out for the horse's to watch this year. NB: We tried to be organised and recorded this a few weeks ago so it does contain some Badminton references - that backfired didn't it!
24/03/2152m 34s

The Weekend Review Show: Carolina, Wandin & Europeans

Nicole, Diarm and Georgia react on this weekend's international action in Carolina and at Wandin Park. Plus a reaction on the new FEI Eventing European Championships venue.
23/03/2125m 16s

A Cup of Tea With...Tom McEwen

A Cup of Tea With...is back and we are delighted to welcome NAF on board to support the series over the coming months. What better way to start than with 5* winner, gold medallist and #TeamNAF rider Tom McEwen? So grab a drink and look forward to the 2021 season with Tom and Nicole.  
19/03/2120m 56s

Windrush Equestrian Foundation Special: Yasmin Ingham & Will Furlong

Nicole is joined by two members of the Windrush Equestrian Foundation in Yasmin Ingham and Will Furlong. Find out more about Windrush, the hopes for the future and both Yaz & Will's plans for 2021.
18/03/2131m 32s

Carolina Preview Show

Some of the biggest US combinations head to Carolina Horse Park this weekend. Nicole is joined by Diarm, Holly Hudspeth and Jane Murray to preview the competition, plus Will Faudree is on the show to talk about his chances. Eventing Manager is also back - download the app now to play along and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes!
17/03/211h 3m

Wandin Park Preview Show

This weekend sees the Horseland Australian Eventing Championships head to Wandin Park. Nicole is joined by Jarryd Stanley to find out more about the event and EquiRatings' Georgia Patrick along with leading hopeful Sarah Clark to preview the competition. You can tune in to watch all of the international Cross Country action on Sunday on the Wandin Park Facebook page.
16/03/2135m 6s

The Story Of...Atlanta 1996

Welcome to a brand new Eventing Podcast series.  These longer, more documentary style shows will dig beneath the surface as we look back on some key moments in Eventing history. We get started with 'The Story Of...Atlanta'. Looking back, 25 years on, at an Olympic Games that was in the spotlight for Eventing.  Difficult conditions, extensive research and a format change, we talk to some of those who were there. Special guests include Hugh Thomas, Dr David Marlin, Kate Green, Wendy Schaeffer Macdonald and Blyth Tait.
10/03/211h 57m

EquiRatings Special: Best Horse Yet to Win at 4/5*

Sam & Diarm will use the EquiRatings OBP rating to highlight consistent horses who are knocking on the door of a top win.  This show was originally published as a Facebook Live and is available to watch back.
08/03/211h 1m

IWD Special: When Nicole Met Alice

To celebrate International Women's Day 2021 Nicole is joined by Alice Plunkett.  Alice is the only woman to have ridden competitively around Badminton and over the Grand National fences at Aintree, she's a broadcasting legend, a super mum and all around brilliant person.  What better way to mark #IWD2021. 
08/03/2126m 41s

Riders to Watch 2021 #2

In the second part of the 2021 Riders to Watch show, the team are back and make their predictions for breakthrough rider of the year and who will be FEI world no 1 by the end of 2021. Nicole, Diarm and Spike are joined by EquiRatings' very own Georgia Patrick. Let us know who you think will feature.
03/03/2151m 15s

A Cup of Tea With...Mollie Summerland

Nicole is joined by Mollie Summerland to look back on a superb 5* debut in 2020, the early days of her career and what 2021 might store. Available across all podcast platforms.
01/03/2119m 14s

Riders To Watch 2021 #1

In the first of the Eventing Podcast 2021 Preview Shows the team pick out their Rider's to Watch this year.  Safe to say there is much discussion on this show. Who will be the Olympic and European Champions? Let us know in the comments.
26/02/2152m 5s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter R

Alpha is back and it's onto the Letter R. Talking road trips. rapping, radio, Rhianna and much more. As always, one for the regular listeners, full Alpha madness as usual.
24/02/211h 8m

EquiRatings Special: Horses to watch on their 5* debut

Diarm and Sam take a closer look at the ELO ratings to find horses to watch on their 5* debut in 2021. This show was originally produced as a Facebook Live and is available to watch back on the EquiRatings and Eventing Podcast pages.
23/02/2149m 52s

A Cup of Tea With...Tom Carlile

Tom Carlile joins Nicole in the latest episode.   With an update on the great Upsilon, an insight into the French team heading into an Olympic year and ones to watch for the future.
19/02/2123m 55s

When Nicole Met Boyd

Nicole talks to Pan American Games gold medallist and US team stalwart Boyd Martin on his career to date, highs, lows and coming back from injury. One of the most likeable and talented riders on the circuit, we hope that you enjoy the show.
17/02/2132m 23s

Any Question Answered #2

The team are back answering listener questions!
15/02/2151m 21s

A Cup of Tea With...Gemma Tattersall

Nicole is joined by Gemma Tattersall to catch up on Team Tatt ahead of the 2021 eventing season. Tune in to find out more about Gemma's love of Show Jumping, plans for Badminton, the Kizzy Club and the Chilli Morning clones.  
12/02/2121m 17s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter Q

Alphabetti Spaghetti is back and this time it's the letter Q. Quarantine, quidditch, quotes and much more.  The usual silliness. The usual innuendo. Enjoy.
10/02/211h 0m

Red Mills Special: When Nicole Met Tina

In a brand new Connolly's Red Mills Special Nicole Brown talks to Olympic medallist and former European Champion Tina Cook. Looking back at the early days of her career, her horses of a lifetime and the Olympic dream we hope that you enjoy this very special show.  
05/02/2158m 51s

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Diarm Byrne

It's time we turned the tables on our very own Diarm Byrne and find out more about his life and career to date. From the big moments, life in law, family and the future this is a show that we hope podcast fans will really enjoy.
03/02/2156m 19s

A Cup of Tea With...The Tapners

Nicole is joined by Paul & Georgina Tapner in the latest episode of 'A Cup of Tea With' to catch up on Paul's recovery from injury, Event Rider Masters news in 2021 and the newly launched Tapner Eventing Academy. Available across all podcast platforms now.
02/02/2117m 47s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Young Guns

In today's Eventing Podcast Classics we are throwing it back to January 2017 and our first ever Young Guns show. The only criteria being that they need to have been born after 1990.  Jenni brings us two top talents from the US, Diarm finds a tenuous link back to Maxime Livio (surprise!) while Nicole & Sam champion some young UK and Irish stars. We look at some of the highest rated performances from #TheYoungGuns in the last couple of years and examine why combinations finishing on their dressage scores (FOD's) are so competitive. Packed with EquiRatings stats, the usual disagreements and Sam opens an exciting parcel on the air.  
01/02/2151m 36s

A Cup of Tea With...James & Holly

Nicole is joined by James Avery and Holly Woodhead to look forward to 2021 as Holly makes her injury comeback, James aims for Team New Zealand selection and there are wedding bells on the way.  
29/01/2121m 50s

Different Times, Different Gains

It's a new year and a different year at that. Sam joins Nicole to take a look at rider fitness, nutrition and mindset as well as offering some ideas in building up your horse's fitness at the start of the season. Lots of ideas in this one that might help give a little inspiration for anyone needing a little boost.  We'd love to know if you give any suggestions a go, drop us a message and don't forget to tag us when you listen in, @eventingpodcast.  
27/01/2146m 28s

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Catherine Austen

In the latest episode of Knowing Me, Knowing You, we turn the tables on our very own Catherine Austen. Looking back at the highlights of a glittering career as a journalist, life at Horse & Hound, London 2012 and what is still left to tick off the bucket list. We hope that you enjoy this latest episode of the Eventing Podcast, available for free across all podcast platforms.
25/01/2134m 5s

*BONUS EPISODE* Willberry Wonder Pony Special

As part of the build up to the Wonderful Willberry Holiday Sim before Christmas we recorded a very special episode to help raise funds for this amazing cause. The episode is now available to a wider audience so we hope you enjoy an insight into some of the highlights of the careers of some of the best riders that the sport has seen. Featuring Ingrid Klimke, Kitty King, Piggy March, Shane Rose and Chris Bartle.  
22/01/211h 13m

Any Question Answered #1

Nicole, Sam, Kitty & Catherine answer listener questions on the latest episode of the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast. With everything from lockdown learnings, top tips for learning how to measure your speed and minute markers, how the influence of the changes has changed, what we wanted to be when we grow up and importantly, what would be in an Eventing Podcast picnic hamper. We didn't get through all of the questions so there will be a part 2 winging it's way to you all shortly to cover some more! If there are any you would like to add then feel free to drop us a message.
20/01/2144m 8s

A Cup of Tea With....Jesse & Georgie Campbell

Welcome to a brand new Eventing Podcast series for 2021!  These bite sized shows will be the perfect way to keep you up to date with all things eventing throughout the year. We will be speaking to lots of people involved in the sport in different ways, whether it be riders, trainers, owners, officials or volunteers.   First up it is time for a cup of tea with newlyweds Jesse & Georgie Campbell to get the inside scoop on their wedding and their aims for the year, plus find out about a possible nationality switch in there too.... So grab your drink of choice and take a break on us. 
15/01/2111m 48s

#FutureStars: Susie Berry

In the latest #FutureStars episode Nicole & Spike talk to Susie Berry, a future star of Team Ireland. With age group medals under her belt, 5 years spent with Piggy March, a team of excellent horses and an established yard of her own now set up, Susie is absolutely one to watch for the future.
13/01/2132m 4s

Eventing Podcast Classics: New Year, New Targets

We've dug into the archives and thought that you might enjoy this goal setting show from this time last year. First released on 1st January 2020.
08/01/2149m 14s

Back to Business

The team are back for 2021! Join Nicole, Sam, Diarm & Spike as they look forward to the coming year and what they hope it will bring.  
06/01/2144m 59s

Hall of Fame: #5 Lucinda Green

In the latest Hall of Fame episode Nicole & Catherine talk to none other than Lucinda Green about the horse's who took her through the highs of her career and how to keep going when things were tough.
30/12/2058m 10s

Christmas Message

We wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas so wherever in the world you are, whatever your plans, here is a little note just for you.
25/12/2017m 23s

The 2020 Eventing Podcast Christmas Party

The team look back on their highlights of 2020 and Diarm delivers another of his infamous quizzes. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
23/12/201h 7m

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Festive Show

It's Alphabetti Spaghetti but with a festive twist! Join Diarm, Nicole, Sam & John Kyle as they talk all things Christmas, holiday highlights, some Love Actually role play and way too much stuffing chat.  
21/12/201h 10m

Eventing Podcast Classics: The 2019 Christmas Quiz

It's time for the last Eventing Podcast Classics Christmas Show before the 2020 edition lands next week. This one is 2019's and basically Peter Scrooge. That's all you need to know. Full team on this one trying to play a game that has no scoring system and made up rules. 
18/12/201h 15m

Willberry Special: The #VESquad Team Selections

Nicole is joined in a live show by the #VESquad, amateur eventers Tina Wallace, Emily Dunstan, Lucy Robinson and Megan Elphick as they go head to head and pick their Eventing Manager teams for this weekend's Wonderful Willberry Holiday Sim.
17/12/2030m 10s

Willberry Special: Piggy March on Badminton 2019

As a special show in the build up to the Wonderful Willberry Holiday Sim, Piggy March relives that hugely emotional 2019 Badminton victory with Nicole.
16/12/2026m 28s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Christmas Party 2018

As we build up to the 2020 Eventing Podcast Christmas Party we are reliving some of our favourite Christmas shows. First released on 21st December 2018, here is the latest show to help get you in the Christmas spirit.
14/12/201h 16m

Wonderful Willberry Holiday Sim Launch Show

Simulated Eventing is back! This Christmas, 30 legends of the sport from the last 40 years will be going head to head against the computer in a bid to be crowned the Wonderful Willberry Holiday Sim Champion. From Lucinda Green to Michael Jung, Mark Todd to Ingrid Klimke.  All raising money for a brilliant charity in Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony. So join us on Facebook on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December at 7.30pm UK for two very special live shows with expert commentary, special guests and a festive twist. You can pick your fantasy team now in the Eventing Manager app.  Download it for free in the App Store or Google Play to play along.  
10/12/2038m 24s

The Greatest: Horse To Not Win a 5*

Nicole, Catherine, Sam and Kitty credit some of the brilliant horses in the sport who have done great things but who never quite topped the table at 5*. Who stands out for you as one of the greats but who didn't quite top a podium at 5*? Drop us a comment below, we'd love to hear your suggestions.
09/12/2054m 30s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Christmas Party 2017

One of our favourite shows every year has to be the Eventing Podcast Christmas Party.  So as we build up to the 2020 show we thought it would be fun to look back and enjoy some of the previous years to help get us in the festive spirit! First up is the 2017 show. The year of #SantaSam and a Love Actually quiz. Enjoy!
06/12/2038m 44s

The Big Eventing Podcast Christmas Quiz Launch

The Big Eventing Podcast Christmas Quiz is on it's way! On Wednesday 9th December at 7.30pm we will be hosting a live, fun, eventing themed quiz.  There will be prizes. There will be banter. Plus it's all in aid of an absolutely brilliant cause to raise money for the RDAI (Riding for the Disabled Association Ireland). On this show we find out more about the brilliant work that the RDAI does across Ireland plus preparations are underway for the quiz. Nicole & Diarm do battle to be crowned the QuizMaster, there is even a sneaky answer to one of the quiz questions given away so make sure you tune in to find out. We hope that you'll join us for a fun filled, festive evening on the 9th December.  Full details in how to sign up will be posted over the weekend.  
03/12/2049m 51s

Wallaby Hill Preview Show 2020

Some of Australia's top horses head to Wallaby Hill this weekend to contest the 4*L. Nicole talks to the prediction centre favourite Stuart Tinney who lines up with two top rides plus we break down the numbers to see who will come out on top of the podium. Fancy watching this weekend? You can tune into Wallaby Hill via the FREE livestream, head over to their page to find out more.
02/12/2046m 56s

TheHoldBox: Super Grooms Special #2

In this next #SuperGroom Special episode of The Hold Box, Spike finds out more about what goes on behind the scenes at a three day event plus Sparkles Watson and Amy Phillips answer some of your questions.
30/11/201h 6m

Eventing Podcast Classics: #LockerRoomTalk with Gemma Tattersall

We are throwing it back to 2016 with this Eventing Podcast Classics.  Gemma Tattersall is talking all things Badminton, Rio and the Event Rider Masters. Always one of our favourite guests on the show, we think it might be time for another soon!
27/11/2034m 39s

#HorseHeroes: Opposition Buzz

He was the enthusiastic cross country machine who captured the heart of all who enjoyed his career. Nearly 2500 British Eventing points, 11 5* completions and 4 consecutive Championship appearances for Team GBR. This is the story of Opposition Buzz. Nicola Wilson talks to Nicole & Catherine about what 'Dodi' was like at home, the championship memories and highlights of an extraordinary career. Available now across all podcast platforms.
25/11/2031m 18s

EquiRatings Special: The Elo Rating

In a new EquiRatings Special Diarm & Sam explain the newly launched Elo Rating. We have adapted a ranking methodology used in many sports called the Elo rating system (named after Hungarian physics professor, Arpad Elo). Basically, everyone starts (or enters the system - in the case of new horses) with the 1500 points. Then, every time someone finishes ahead of you they take points from you and every time you finish ahead of someone you take points from them. You don’t lose all your points in one go, but the changes occur gradually as you compete more. Beating horses with high Elo ratings is going to bump up your rating most effectively. Losing to low-rated horses is going to be most costly. This addresses one of the big issues when rating the ‘best of the best’ – not all competitions are equal. Winning some four-star shorts might entail beating a handful of first-timers, whilst winning Aachen, the same level of competition on paper, is likely to mean that a horse has beaten five-star winners and world medalists. Elo solves this problem, rewarding the better quality results with higher points. You can head over to the EquiRatings Blog for a full rundown and more details but sit back and listen in to find out more.
23/11/2059m 49s

#FutureStars: Emma Brüssau & Calvin Böckmann

They've won 13 medals already in their careers in Pony, Junior & Young Rider Teams for Germany, meet Emma Brüssau & Calvin Böckmann, future stars of the sport. Nicole & Spike find out more about their careers to date, the youth set up and training programme in Germany and their hopes for the future.  This is a must listen show and we hope that you enjoy!
18/11/2038m 4s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Eventing All Over The World Australia Special

As we look forward to Wallaby Hill in a few weeks time we thought we would dig through the archives for this Eventing Podcast Classics to find out more about Eventing Down Under. With special guest Sarah Nevile talking all things Eventing in Aus.
13/11/2038m 42s

#HorseHeroes: Horseware Bushman

In the latest #HorseHeroes episode we look back on the brilliant career of Horseware Bushman. 4 Badmintons, 3 European Championsips, 2 World Equestrian Games and 1 Burghley, this very special horse has often been mentioned on the show and we felt it was time to shine a light on his extraordinary career. Sam Watson joins Nicole Brown to talk about what made 'George' so special, the highlights and some advice he got along the way.  
11/11/2045m 55s

USEA Bonus Show: Producing a Young Event Horse with Lauren Nicholson & Max Corcoran

In a bonus show for you, we head over to the USEA Official Podcast to bring you an episode on Producing the Young Event Horse that was first released a couple of months ago. Lauren Nicholson and Max Corcoran bring you lots of great advice, from the start of the training programme, heading out to your first competitions and much more. We hope that you enjoy the show and if you'd like to listen to more then head over to the USEA Official Podcast and hit that subscribe button ;)
06/11/2046m 7s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter P

Pumpkins, Potatoes, Proposal Stories, all the good things beginning with P are on this week's Alphabetti Spaghetti featuring Diarm, Nicole, Catherine & John Kyle. If you need a little light relief then this is the show for you. If you're looking for some hardcore eventing chat then maybe slide on past to the next show!!
04/11/201h 14m

Pau Review Show

What a weekend of sport we enjoyed as the only 5* winner of 2020 was crowned at Pau. Pau Champion Laura Collett is on the show to relive the week and the rest of the team review the whole competition.  
28/10/201h 7m

Katie Preston's Pau Diaries #4

Nicole talks to Katie Preston in the final installment of her 2020 Pau Diaries.
27/10/208m 51s

Katie Preston's Pau Diaries #3

Nicole talks to Katie Preston to catch up on her Cross Country round yesterday at Pau and look forward to the final Show Jumping.
25/10/2010m 14s

Pau Dressage Review

Nicole & Catherine bring you up to speed after the Dressage phase at Pau. All to play for in tomorrow's cross country over Pierre Michelet's track. You can watch all of the action on Horse & Country TV.
23/10/2016m 9s

Katie Preston's Pau Diaries #2

Nicole catches up with Katie Preston after her Dressage on Thursday evening in Pau and finds out more about what is in store for the riders on Saturday's cross country.
23/10/2011m 38s

Pau Special: Laura Collett

She's the favourite to take this weekend's 5* in France at Pau but what about the two equine superstars that headline her string? Nicole talks to Laura Collett to find out more about London 52 and Mr Bass.
22/10/2024m 47s

Katie Preston's Pau Diaries #1

This week we will be following Katie Preston through her Pau 5* adventure.  Juggling her Eventing alongside a career as a full time vet, we find out more about the diminutive Templar Justice on whom Katie has completed Burghley and Luhmuhlen already.  They're looking to add Pau to their CV this week and have kindly said the Eventing Podcast can come along for the ride.    
21/10/2012m 45s

Pau Preview Show 2020

It's the first, and last, 5* of 2020 this weekend and the team are here to give you a little insight into just what is in store at Pau. Will Tom McEwen be able to retain his title, will Laura Collett take her first 5* win, will Piggy March top the podium or will one of the home favourites give the French crowd something to cheer about?   Jam packed full of stats, disagreements, top horses, young guns and just a little bit of giddiness we hope that you enjoy the show. We'll be with you all weekend keeping you up to date so if you don't already then we'd love it if you tapped on the subscribe button so you don't miss a show.  
21/10/201h 18m

Alex Bragg on Le Lion & Pau

Nicole talks to Alex Bragg on an excellent weekend in Le Lion D'Angers for the Young Horse World Championships and learns more about the future superstar Ardeo Premier. Plus talk turns to Pau where Alex lines up with two chances in the first and last 5* of 2020.  
20/10/2023m 2s

Le Lion Review Show

Nicole & Diarm reflect on the Young Horse World Championships in Le Lion.
19/10/2018m 56s

Le Lion D'Angers Preview Show

It's time for the Young Horse World Championships in Le Lion D'Angers and Nicole, Spike and Diarm have all the ones you need to be watching out for in both the 6 year old and 7 year old classes. The Queen of Le Lion (as we like to refer to Kitty King) is on the show to tell us what makes the venue so special and all about Monbeg Hendricks who lines up in the 6 year old division. Who do you think will top the podiums? Drop us a message and let us know.
15/10/201h 2m

The Greatest: 7 Year Olds

As we build up to Le Lion D'Angers Young Horse World Championships we thought we would look back at some of The Greatest 7 Year Olds in the last decade. The EquiRatings database has been in action and we've been looking at some of the top performers. Who makes the list? Tune in to find out!
14/10/2049m 16s

The Weekend Review Show

With plenty of international action in Strzegom, Lignières and Thorseby, Nicole & Catherine give you a run down of the weekend's results and the eye catching performances.
12/10/2016m 44s

The News Show: Little Downham, Lignieres & Strzegom

A look back on Little Downham plus the ones to watch in Lignieres and Strzegom this weekend with Nicole & Catherine.
08/10/2025m 27s

The Hold Box: Super Grooms Special #1

In a brand new episode of The Hold Box, Spike 'The Vet' is back and with him are two of the world's best grooms. Sparkles Watson, the lady behind Sam Watson Eventing and Amy Phillip's Head Girl for Piggy March. With a host of top tips to keep your horses in the best possible condition, from skin conditions, products they can't live without, winter tricks and much more this is a show you won't want to miss.  
07/10/2050m 19s

Luhmühlen Review Show

Nicole, Diarm and Catherine take a look back at the weekend's action in Luhmühlen.   
05/10/2036m 20s

Luhmühlen Preview Show

This weekend sees the German National Championships take place in Luhmühlen. SAP Hale Bob OLD goes up against fischerChipmunk FRH for the first time since they finished 1-2 at last years European Championships at the same venue.  Who takes the top spot in 2020? Tune in to hear what Nicole, Diarm & Catherine think. Plus Eventing Manager is BACK, the market is open and you can now pick your dream team.
01/10/2045m 35s

British Eventing Special: Simple Metrics

In this British Eventing Special of the Eventing Podcast we take a look at Simple Metrics. How it is possible to very easily analyse your results in each phase in order to help you improve and manage your performances. Nicole and Sam are joined by Melanie Arnold and Trudy Johnson on the show to break down their numbers and look at their metrics from BE90 to 2* level. EquiRatings Simple Metrics Reports were recently made available to all British Eventing members so this show is perfect to help you understand your figures and look to make targets for the future. If you aren't a BE member but would like to calculate your own metrics then you can do so too! Listen in to the show and to find out more click here.
30/09/2046m 10s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Sam Tells All - Tryon 2018

It's time for an Eventing Podcast Classics! This time two years ago our very own Sam Watson travelled back from Tryon with World Equestrian Games Team Silver Medal. In this show Sam relives the experience, gives us an exclusive insight into Team Ireland's success and shares some very happy Tryon memories. This show was first published on 25th September 2018 so it's only apt that we re release it on the two year anniversary to relive one of our favourite shows. Enjoy!
25/09/2043m 23s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter O

Alphabetti is back! The non eventing show on the eventing podcast. From oreos, omelettes, odours, Oasis & much more the team discuss all things beginning with the letter 'O'.  We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it, one for the hardcore fans. If you listen and you find it funny then we hope you'll drop us a comment, a share or a review, it really does make all the difference. If you're not an Alphabetti fan then don't worry, normal service will resume soon we promise.
23/09/201h 3m

Burnham Market Review Show

Nicole Brown & Catherine Austen look back at this weekend's competition at Burnham Market International Horse Trials. With wins for Izzy Taylor, Oliver Townend & Yasmin Ingham plus a host of notable perfomances. Bubby Upton joins Nicole to review her first 4*L and look forward to the future while Yasmin Ingham also joins the show to discuss her new 8/9 champion Banzai du Loir.
21/09/2052m 53s

Burnham Market Dressage Review Show

Nicole & Catherine give you the low down on all of the Dressage from Burnham Market plus Bubby Upton gives her reaction to her two tests. Don't forget that you can watch all of the jumping action over the weekend either live or on demand on Horse & Country TV plus the Eventing Manager Market is back open until 11.45am BST Saturday.
18/09/2022m 5s

Burnham Market Preview Show

The Burnham Market Preview Show in association with Horse & Country TV is here and we have a jam packed episode with all the combinations to look out for this weekend. Nicole, Diarm & Catherine pick their ones to watch and Bubby Upton is on the show to talk about her first run at the level and the two horses that she has in the field. Eventing Manager is back and for the first time at a long format competition.  You can download the app for free in your App Store or on Google Play to get involved.
15/09/201h 1m

When Nicole Met Phillip

When Nicole Met Phillip Dutton. The Olympic gold medallist, 5* winner & stalwart of the US team looks back at a glittering career as he sits down to talk to Nicole Brown in the latest 'When Nicole Met' show on the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast. From growing up in Australia, moving to the States, home Olympics changing nationalities and of course what it is in store for the future. Enjoy this very special show.  What's your favourite Phillip Dutton memory?
14/09/2050m 14s

#FutureStars: Felicity Collins

In a brand new series on the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Nicole & Spike talk to Felicity Collins about her journey to 5* via the British Eventing Youth Programmes, hopes for the future and managing mindset. The #FutureStars Series is about shining a light on young talented riders from all over the world. Watch this space for more episodes coming soon.
11/09/2057m 26s

Cornbury House Preview Show

Cornbury House is back on the calendar and we speak to Event President David Howden about organising during COVID, investment in eventing & hopes for the future.  Plus Kitty King & Catherine Austen join Nicole Brown to preview some of the key contender's for this year's competition.
09/09/2032m 22s

Hall of Fame: #4 Captain Mark Phillips

In the latest EquiRatings Hall of Fame episode Nicole & Catherine talk to Captain Mark Phillips on an extraordinary career as a top level rider, coach & course designer.
04/09/2032m 37s

Bank Holiday Special

It's a bank holiday special show this week & the team give their take on all the pressing questions. Will Tokyo happen?  What's the worst fruit? If we could be a cartoon character who would be?  Who should you be following on Instagram? We'll be honest, there isn't a huge amount of Eventing chat in this one. It's a show for the Alphabetti fans.  
02/09/2056m 40s

From The Vault: Europeans Review Show 2019

This time last year we were reflecting on the European Championships in Luhmuhlen.  Lucinda & Sam talk cross country, Nicole & Kitty talk being best of the Brits. Enjoy.
31/08/201h 15m

#RidersConnected: My Favourite Eventing Memory

In a new #RidersConnected Special we invite top names in the sport to relive some of their favourite eventing memories. Featuring Jesse Campbell & Georgie Strang, Imogen Murray, Blyth Tait, Padraig McCarthy, Kitty King, Franky Reid-Warrilow and Lucy Jackson. For more information on the #RidersConnected campaign visit www.ridersconnected.com. 
26/08/2048m 38s

Burgham Review Show

Nicole catches up with Ros Canter after her victory at Burgham International plus relives some of the action alongside Catherine Austen who was also up in Northumberland for the first British International of 2020.
24/08/2038m 57s

Burgham Dressage Review Show

Nicole & Catherine at at Burgham & catch you up with all of the Dressage action ahead of tomorrow's jumping phases.
21/08/2019m 53s

Burgham Preview Show 2020

This weekend we see the first international on British soil of 2020.  Nicole & Catherine are joined by defending champion Kitty King to take a closer look at a bumper field of horses & riders that includes the last 3 Burgham winners. Plus it'll be the first chance to play Eventing Manager on a real life Eventing competition, get involved by downloading the app for FREE and a pick a team of your favourite horses and riders.
19/08/2031m 25s

Le Pin au Haras Review Show

Nicole & Catherine give you a quick rundown of all of the action from the Nations Cup at Le Pin au Haras at the weekend.
18/08/2012m 38s

#RidersConnected Special: My Horse of a Lifetime

Nicole welcomes some special guests to find out more about their horses of a lifetime. Featuring Kitty King, Lucy Jackson, Imogen Murray, Blyth Tait & Padraig McCarthy.   Visit www.ridersconnected.com for more information on the #RidersConnected campaign.
17/08/2026m 58s

In The News & Haras Preview Show

Nicole, Spike & Catherine catch up on all of the latest Eventing News & look forward to this weekend's Nations Cup at Le Pin au Haras.
12/08/2043m 6s

From The Vault: Europeans Preview Show 2019

As there is no Championship in 2020 we've dug into the archives to find the 2019 Europeans Preview.  Enjoy!
11/08/201h 4m

USEA Bonus Episode: Producing a Young Horse

We hope you enjoy this sneaky insight into the latest USEA Official Podcast with Lauren Nicholson & Max Corcoran all about producing a young horse. You can listen to the episode in full here.
07/08/2013m 2s

Go Behind the Scenes with Eventing Manager

Nicole, Sam, Diarm & John Kyle record off the back off a long Eventing Manager rehearsal as they prep for the weekend's shows.  There is the usual backstage chat plus Diarm's Ma gets the call to pick her Eventing Manager team.
05/08/2054m 45s

Diarm's Dreaming of Aachen

Diarm pins down his Eventing Manager Team for CHIO Aachen Digital Champion of Champions plus Nicole takes on Sam to win a lucky listener Red Mills & Foran Equine prizes in Beat The Brand.
31/07/2051m 36s

The Hinrich Romeike Interview

Hinrich Romeike, the 2008 Olympic Champion & World Gold Medallist from Aachen 2006, joins Nicole to relive some of his favourite memories in the build up to CHIO Aachen Digital Eventing Champion of Champions.   Plus there is the first ever 'Beat The Brand' as a fan joins the show to take on Voltaire Design's Ellen Cameron in a bid to win some Voltaire Design goodies.   If you haven't already then download the Eventing Manager app for free to play along & if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a Voltaire Design Bridle & Reins of your choice then enter the Voltaire Design League in the App.  
29/07/2032m 33s

From The Vault: Aachen Preview Show 2019

As we build up to CHIO Aachen Digital Champion of Champions we thought it would be fun to look back & relive what we thought would happen last year with the 2019 Preview Show. It might even help you pick your team in Eventing Manager!  
27/07/201h 19m

Hall of Fame: #3 Mary King

In the next Hall of Fame episode Nicole & Catherine talk to one of the most popular riders in Eventing, Mary King.  
24/07/2052m 54s

The Greatest Aachen Moments

Double Aachen Champion Chris Burton joins Sam & Nicole to relive some of his favourite Aachen memories.  What was Chris's favourite Aachen memory? Tune in to find out.
22/07/2048m 23s

Grassroots Special: The Secrets of Amateur Eventing

You asked, we listened! Here it is, the much requested Grassroots Special of the Eventing Podcast. Four amateur event riders to share their experiences with us. We'll be checking in with their progress later in the year and would love to know what else you'd like to feature in a Grassroots Show.
17/07/2054m 20s

The Ingrid Interview

As part of the build up to CHIO Aachen Digital Champion of Champions Nicole Brown speaks to the triple Aachen Champion & reigning European Champion Ingrid Klimke about her favourite Aachen memories, what makes the venue so special as well as hopes for Tokyo 2021. This is a special insight into one of the greatest event riders of our time. 
14/07/2027m 42s

The Market Opening Show: CHIO Aachen Digital 2020

The Eventing Manager market is open for CHIO Aachen Digital Eventing Champion of Champions! Find out more about Aachen Champion of Champions, how to download Eventing Manager and the team make their selections.
10/07/2031m 34s

When Nicole Met Piggy

Nicole talks to Piggy March about career highs & lows, the Badminton win & the party that followed. As always Piggy is candid, honest & so relatable. This one is a must listen show, enjoy.
08/07/201h 11m

The OnForm Coaching Show #6: Interview with Equestrian Coach Amy Blount

In the latest episode of The OnForm Coaching Show, Sam & Gear talk to Equestrian Coach Amy Blount about using OnForm & how it has developed her business. Top tips, tricks & advice to use the OnForm Coaching Platform to your advantage.
06/07/2036m 7s

The Hold Box: No Foot, No Horse

In the latest episode of The Hold Box, Spike talks to Kitty King & Greig Elliot (Team GBR Farrier) all about the horse's foot. From improving hoof quality, studding & managing feet this show is jam packed full of top tips.  
30/06/2057m 40s

EPTV Special: Your Horse, Your Questions with Laura Collett & Kitty King

In a bonus episode for you we are bringing you the recent EPTV interview with Laura Collett & Kitty King as a podcast. Nicole hosts, Laura & Kitty answer your questions. Everything from producing a youngster, rider fitness & plans for later in the year. If you'd like to watch more episodes of EPTV then head over to the Equine Productions YouTube channel to subscribe by clicking here.
30/06/2025m 33s

From The Vault: Pau Preview 2016

In the latest episode we've pulled out of the vault we go back to one of our very first shows. It's Pau 2016, Diarm's love affair with Mr Bass has already begin, it's the first time Sam dubs #MicheletTheMenace & we hear from a super fan in West Cork. (A fan I think we should get in touch with again...!)
26/06/2035m 31s

#RidersConnected Special: My Biggest Inspiration

Welcome to the next episode in our Riders Connected Specials. The #RidersConnected campaign was launched a few months ago, bringing the Equestrian community together, head to website www.ridersconnected.com for more information & use the #RidersConnected. Over the next couple of months we are be talking to a number of top riders from all over the world and reliving some of their favourite eventing memories. Next up it is 'My biggest inspiration' and we will be hearing what inspires the riders at the top of their game. Featuring Paul Tapner, Blyth Tait, Kitty King, Imogen Murray, Dom & Jimmie Schramm, Franky Reid-Warrilow and Lucy Jackson. We hope that you enjoy the show.
24/06/2033m 5s

The OnForm Coaching Show #5: Buying a Horse

In the latest edition of The OnForm Coaching Show Sam & Fear discuss buying a horse & use YOUR feedback & advice. For more information about the OnForm app, click here.
22/06/2035m 42s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: Letter N

Alphabetti is BACK! We are onto the Letter N & Diarm is joined by Nicole, Sam, Spike & Jenni to talk all things that begin with N that have nothing to do with Eventing. From New York, Nostalgia, Nicknames & much more, tune in for a few laughs with the team. Disclaimer:  There is very little Eventing in this show ;)
19/06/201h 4m

Show Jumping Special: Holly Smith & Will Fletcher

Nicole & Sam talk to top international Show Jumpers Holly Smith & Will Fletcher about the cross over between Eventing & Show Jumping & find out more about two of their stable superstars who both made the transition from top level Eventing. Plus there is every chance we will see one of them at 5* level in the future but which one?! We hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Eventing Podcast.
17/06/2044m 27s

Social Media #2: The Pros & Cons

In this special episode on Social Media, Nicole looks at the highs and lows with Laura Collett, Tina Wallace (Life on the Left Rein) & Rhea Freeman. Both Laura & Tina talk candidly of their own highs and lows in the public eye and Rhea offers advice on what you can and should do if you see something on social media that you don't think is appropriate. The overriding message remains, 'If you can be anything in life, be kind'.     
16/06/2041m 1s

#RidersConnected Special: My First 5*

Welcome to the first episode in our Riders Connected Specials. The #RidersConnected campaign was launched a few months ago, bringing the Equestrian community together, head to website www.ridersconnected.com for more information & use the #RidersConnected. Over the next couple of months we will be talking to a number of top riders from all over the world and reliving some of their favourite eventing memories. To get us started it is ‘My First 5*’ and we will be looking back at these riders memories of their first forays into the top of the sport. Featuring Paul Tapner, Blyth Tait, Padraig McCarthy, Imogen Murray, Dom & Jimmie Schramm and Lucy Jackson. We hope that you enjoy the show.
10/06/2052m 33s

The Coaching Show #4: Bringing Purpose to Coaching

In the latest edition of The Coaching Show, Sam & Gear talk about bringing a purpose to coaching & training. Have you downloaded the #OnForm Coaching App?  Click here for more information.
08/06/2035m 46s

Bonus Episode: USEA Special - A Successful Return to Competition

We hope you enjoy this except from the recent USEA Official Podcast on a successful return to competition with Sinead Maynard. This short bonus covers everything from fitness, cross country schooling and tips for getting Dressage ready at home. For the full episode download the USEA Official Podcast.
07/06/2013m 29s

When Nicole Met William

Nicole talks to William Fox-Pitt about the highs of his career, horses of a lifetime & what is in store for the future.
03/06/2054m 26s

EPTV Special: Your Horse, Your Questions with Sam Watson & Alex Bragg

In a bonus episode for you we are bringing you the recent EPTV interview with Sam Watson & Alex Bragg as a podcast. Nicole hosts, Sam & Alex answer your questions. Everything from loose schooling, the best snacks in the lorry, walking your cross country course and what studs to use, this show has it all. If you'd like to watch more episodes of EPTV then head over to the Equine Productions YouTube channel to subscribe by clicking here.
28/05/2038m 55s

#HorseHeroes: Lenamore

Nicole Brown & Catherine Austen relive the illustrious career of the 5* machine & 2010 Burghley winner Lenamore with rider Caroline Powell & owner Lexi Jackson.
27/05/2045m 11s

The Coaching Show #3: How to get better, faster

In the latest episode of the Coaching Show Sam & Gear give an introduction to the improvement loop.
25/05/2040m 43s

EquiRatings @ 5

To celebrate EquiRatings' 5th Birthday Nicole talks to Sam & Diarm about the journey so far & plans for the next 5 years.
20/05/2048m 49s

The Greatest: Win of the 00's

It's time for another episode of 'The Greatest', this time the team are looking back on the greatest wins of the 00's. From Pippa Funnell's Grand Slam win at Burghley, the drama of the Athens Olympics, the diminutive Headley Britannia and many more. Which is your stand out win of the 00's? Let us know.  
13/05/2048m 11s

The Coaching Show #2: Best practises for coaches introducing online coaching

Sam & Gear talk to Ultrarunning Coach Jason Koop about the best ways to introduce online coaching to your clients. First shown as a Facebook Live, now available as a podcast.
11/05/2043m 13s

From The Vault: Badminton 2019 Preview Show

The full team discuss their podiums for Badminton 2019 … all mixed between the Team GB onslaught of Oliver Townend, Laura Collett, Nicola Wilson, Tom McEwen vs. Irish frontman Padraig McCarthy. Did anyone correctly go for eventual winner Piggy French? You'll have to listen in to find out!
10/05/201h 4m

From The Vault: Badminton 2018 Review Show

The team talk through Jonelle Price's big win at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials with Classic Moet in 2018 — the first female rider to win Badminton since 2007!
09/05/2041m 15s

From The Vault: Badminton Review Show 2017

What a week!  One of the biggest events in the calendar and it did not disappoint. The team talk through all of the action, who got things right and perhaps more importantly, who got things wrong. Jenni forgot to take her voice back to America with her so she is MIA but Nicole & Sam celebrate the incredible achievement & Diarm rues 'Happy Hale Bob Day'. The winner of the Horseware Ice Vibe Boot competition is announced & Nicole also makes a public apology having totally messed up the Pre Badminton quiz. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes – feel free to leave a review too 
08/05/2050m 43s

From The Vault: Badminton 2018 Preview

Next up in our Badminton Specials is a look back at the 2018 Preview Show.
08/05/201h 4m

From The Vault: Badminton Preview 2017

This weekend we will be reliving some of our favourite Badminton episodes of the Eventing Podcast. First up, the 2017 Preview. It was the year of Hale Bob v Sam v Nereo. Who went for who?  We hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane!  
07/05/2043m 56s

The Badminton Records This Decade

If you, like us, are having some serious Badminton withdrawal symptoms at the moment then you'll enjoy this one. Nicole, Diarm & Sam relive some of the best Badminton records this decade.
06/05/2053m 55s

Ian Stark on Cross Country Course Design

Ian Stark talks to Nicole & Sam about cross country course design.  
29/04/2047m 20s

The Coaching Show #1: How athletes have embraced structured Coaching

Sam Watson & Gear Fisher hosted the first episode of The Coaching Show on Friday & it is now available for you to enjoy as a podcast!  
27/04/2032m 19s

#HorseHeroes: Over To You

Over To You. Eight consecutive major championship appearances for Team GB, eight major medals, a host of top 10's at 5*, a real #HorseHero. Nicole & Catherine talk to Jeanette Brakewell to relive the highs of his career.  
22/04/2043m 56s

The Hold Box: Supporting the Performance Horse

In the latest episode of #TheHoldBox, Spike talks to Kitty King & Emma Dainty around supporting the performance horse.  From exercises you can do at home on the ground, top tips on communication with your team & ways you can help your horse in the current situation. What would you like to see next on The Hold Box?  Comment below with your suggestions.
21/04/2046m 50s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Camilla Speirs #LockerRoomTalk

Back in 2017 Sam sat down with Camilla Speirs to reflect on the marvellous career of Portersize Just a Jiff. This episode was one of our early ones and remains one of our most popular.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!
17/04/2042m 21s

Red Mills Special: The Lissa Green Interview

Nicole & Catherine talk to Lissa Green on everything from forging her own path in Eventing, the stars of her stable & looking to the future in the latest Red Mills Special.
15/04/2051m 16s

Bonus Episode: USEA Special

As a bonus Easter treat here is an excerpt of the latest USEA Official Podcast where Nicole & Diarm spoke to Sports Pyschologist Daniel Stewart on how to manage your mindset & overcome those nerves. Part of the show included some tips on how to manage any anxiety or stress in the current COVID-19 pandemic & we thought it would be useful to share here too.   If you'd like to listen to the show in full then search 'USEA Official Podcast' or click here. The USEA Official Podcast is hosted by Nicole & Diarm alongside Rob Burk & Max Corcoran and a new episode is available every second Monday.  
11/04/207m 9s

EquiRatings Special: Eventing Manager Launch

There's a brand new game in town. Welcome to Eventing Manager brought to you by EquiRatings & SAP. Available to download now.
09/04/2039m 7s

Red Mills Special: Nutrition

In a brand new episode of 'The Hold Box' Spike talks to Sam Watson & Louise Jones (UK Head of Equine for Connelly's Red Mills) all about Nutrition, what it is, how you can manage your horse's needs and what you could be doing in the current position. We hope you find this one useful!
08/04/2056m 18s

Hall of Fame: #2 Bruce Davidson

Next to be introduced to the EquiRatings Hall of Fame is one of the greatest of all time.  He won back to back World Championship Titles in the 70's, has twice won Olympic Gold and was a stalwart of US Teams for three decades.  It's Bruce Davidson.  
01/04/2031m 16s

EquiRatings Special: OnForm Launch

A long journey to this point. We are finally ready to release the EquiRatings OnForm app. In 2019, we partnered with Gear and Krishna at OnForm. They were building a video analysis and coaching tool to allows coaches and riders to connect. We began to add in the pieces to make it work in the equestrian disciplines. Every rider, every horse, in any country in the world and at any level can have access to feedback and exercises.
30/03/2057m 11s

How's everyone doing then?

The team catch up on all of the latest news plus there is a bit of lighthearted role play to keep everyone's spirits up.
25/03/2036m 8s

Eventing Podcast Classics: Blyth Tait #LockerRoomTalk

Following the announcement of his second (& final!) retirement from Eventing last week we thought it was the perfect time to dig through the archives for another Eventing Podcast Classics. Back in March 2017 Nicole & Sam spoke to Blyth about everything from his career highlights & plans for the future. What's your favourite Blyth memory?
23/03/2032m 53s

Wandin Park Special

*BONUS EPISODE* Unfortunately due to the current situation with CVID-19, Wandin Park, like most events worldwide, has been cancelled. While there is obviously no longer an event we had already recorded a Preview Show with Amanda Ross & Jarryd Stanley as special guests and therefore have agreed to release this show as a bonus episode.  It's a fantastic venue & we will look forward to covering the event again in 2021! Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended. Look after your families & your friends & stay safe.  
20/03/2031m 19s

Horse Heroes: Shannondale Titan

Welcome to a brand new EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Series - Horse Heroes. To get us started is us a horse who has gained a huge following with his brilliant consistency in the Event Rider Masters Series & who has represented Australia at Championship level, it's Shannondale Titan. Nicole is joined by Bill Levett & Spike The Vet who treated 'Alfie' throughout his career to look back on the highlights and find out a little more about this very special horse. We hope that you enjoy this - let us know who you would like to be featured next on #HorseHeroes.
18/03/2038m 28s

#IWD2020: Jessie Deeter

In the final episode of our International Women's Day Specials listen to the full show of when Diarm met documentary maker Jessie Deeter.
14/03/2039m 6s

#IWD2020: Jenni Autry

In the penultimate episode of our International Women's Day Specials Nicole & Diarm speak to USEF Managing Director of Eventing (and our very own!) Jenni Autry. #DreamBiggerFightHarder
13/03/2029m 2s

#IWD2020: Pippa Roome

Next up in our #IWD2020 Specials is Horse & Hound Magazine Editor Pippa Roome.  
12/03/2033m 26s

#IWD2020: Leslie Wylie

In the next episode of our International Women's Day Specials, Diarm speaks to Eventing Nation Editor-in-Chief Leslie Wylie. We are very humbled that Leslie chose to share her story with us and we hope that you will take the time to listen.   Remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.
11/03/2058m 28s

#IWD2020: Di Brunsden

Next up in our International Women's Day Specials is Di Brunsden. Di has been a major part in the commercialisation of Eventing but is also an enthusiastic owner of top level horses.  Including Diarm's firm favourite Leonidas.
10/03/2027m 45s

#IWD2020: Sue Baxter

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020 we are bringing you a very special series celebrating some great Women involved in Eventing!  First up is the full, in depth interview with Sue Baxter. Sue has been on the Ground Jury at all 6 of the world's 5* events, plus she was President of the Ground Jury at the 2015 European Championships at Blair Castle.  
09/03/2029m 17s

International Women's Day Special

To celebrate International Women's Day 2020 we are bringing you a very special episode celebrating some great Women involved in Eventing! This first episode features short clips of each of the in depth interviews which will be released throughout this week across 7 days and 7 shows.  Featuring Leslie Wylie, Jenni Autry, Di Brunsden, Jessie Deeter, Sue Baxter & Pippa Roome.  Talking about their careers, what IWD means to them, challenges & highlights we hope that you enjoy this very special show. Who do you look up to on International Women's Day? 
08/03/2037m 33s

The Hold Box: Fitness

In a brand new series Spike 'The Vet' Milligan will be delving a little deeper into some key areas of Eventing & Horsemanship, talking to experts within the industry and bringing you the fun & informative new show 'The Hold Box'. First up is the topic of 'Fitness' with Sam Watson, the how and the why.  How can you measure your horse's fitness, how fit should they be? Tips & tricks that are perfect for whatever level you're competing at. We would love to know what you think should be featured next on 'The Hold Box', let us know.
06/03/2057m 5s

Barroca Preview Show

Nicole & Catherine look forward to this weekend's competition in Barroca as some big names look for early Tokyo qualifying results.  
05/03/2027m 24s

HTSG Special with Tina Cook & Sarah Kellard

In the latest EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Tina Cook & Sarah Kellard join Nicole to talk about the work the Horse Trials Support Group are doing to support Equestrian Team GBR, what makes the Olympics so special & plans for 2020. Subscribe here to make sure you don't miss a show.
04/03/2045m 17s

Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter M

Alphabetti is back & it's all things beginning with M. From 'Mr' horses, Master Imp, Magic & Mental Health this episode has it all.
26/02/2049m 8s

When Nicole Met Ros

In the latest EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Special episode Nicole talks to reigning World Champion Ros Canter on everything from her rise to the top, becoming World No 1 and the new challenge of motherhood. An episode not to be missed - enjoy!
20/02/2056m 59s

The Social Media Episode #1

This is an episode we have been talking about doing for a while but now seemed the right time to do it. Social Media. The positives, the negatives and how it impacts on the world we live in. We would love to know what you think about this one. Send us a message or comment below. Remember, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.
19/02/2041m 49s

Eventing Podcasts Classics: Tim Price in 2016

Tim had a year to forget in 2016. In one of our most popular episodes, he gave an honest interview about how it felt and how he put it into context. Two seasons later, he would become the FEI World Number 1. What a journey, some important lessons in here. 
14/02/2040m 5s

Riders to Watch in 2020

Who wins Olympic Gold? Hits the World No 1 spot? Breaks through the ranks in 2020? The team select their ones to watch for the season ahead. Which riders would you pick?  
12/02/201h 7m

Horses to Watch in 2020!

With the 2020 season nearly upon us, Nicole, Diarm, Kitty & Catherine pick their horses to watch for the season,. The '5* Winners', the 'Forgotten Horses', the 'Young Guns' & the 'Ones whose name you don't know now, but you will next year'. Who do you think we need to look out for this year? Let us know!
05/02/201h 2m

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Spike The Vet

Next up on Knowing Me, Knowing You is Spike The Vet. Find out more about everyone's favourite podcast vet, his career highlights so far, what is in store for the future & just how he got roped into being on the show! Knowing Me, Knowing You, a title that UK listeners may be familiar with already, is our interview show where we can take a peek behind the curtain with some of our guests and delve deeper into their lives.
29/01/2049m 52s

Any Question Answered - The Live Show!

Nicole, Diarm & Spike answer YOUR questions!  From Eventing's future in the Olympics, who heads to Tokyo for Team GB & which event has the best bar. Watch the show back on Facebook or listen here. More questions you would like answering?  Let us know in the comments.
29/01/2052m 18s

Hall of Fame: #1 Ginny Elliot

Welcome to a brand new Series, the EquiRatings Hall of Fame. Articles. Podcasts.  First up is a lady who was one of the first great professionals.  Doing her own social media with printed postcards and sponsor names. Seeking out information from other disciplines and applying it. A list of achievements and a legacy that very few have come close to since.  The first person we needed to talk to was Ginny. Find out more about the EquiRatings Hall of Fame & read the article in full here.
22/01/2059m 39s

Red Mills Special: Elizabeth Power

Ireland's Elizabeth Power talks to Sam Watson about both her Eventing & Show Jumping careers & what it is like growing up as part of an Equestrian dynasty.
16/01/2032m 1s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter L

Alphabetti Spaghetti is BACK & this time it is all about the letter ‘L’. Diarm is joined by Nicole, Kitty King & Catherine Austen to talk London 2012, Long Reining, Looney Tunes & much more.
15/01/201h 7m

Eventing Podcast Classics: Dark Horses in 2018

'Measure and Manage' is what the EquiRatings boys say...well let's look back at an episode from the old team (March 2018) where they picked out some dark horses. Did Nicole really pick Nereo to win Badminton at the start??! 
10/01/2031m 33s

IEF Special: Horsemanship with Andrew Nicholson & Eric Smiley

Horsemanship. What does it mean to you? It's the theme for this year's International Eventing Forum next month so Nicole, Sam & Diarm talk to Eventing Legends Andrew Nicholson & Eric Smiley on their interpretation of it.  
08/01/2057m 24s

#ERHOTY19: The Winner's Interview

Rioghan Rua picked up the #ERHOTY19 crown to cap off a fantastic season for 'The Red Queen'. Nicole & Sam catch up with Cathal Daniels to find out more about this special little horse who has a penchant for Eminem. Watch out 2020, 'The Red Queen' is coming for you. 
02/01/2017m 51s

New Year, New Targets

A new year, a new start. This week we look at how Sam's training programme has developed over the last few years and what tools he used to measure and improve his performance. An EquiRatings Special. 
01/01/2048m 33s

Event Rider Masters: The Best of 2019

It's been an exceptional year of competition in the Event Rider Masters Series & Nicole is joined by Lucy Jackson, Paul Tapner & Mark Ruddock to relive some of the best bits. What was your highlight of the year?
31/12/191h 0m

The Greatest: Team of the Decade

Nicole, Sam & Diarm look back at some of the greatest team performances of the decade. There are a few surprises thrown in as well as a few of the more obvious contenders! Enjoy & Happy Christmas!!
25/12/191h 4m

The Christmas Quiz 2019

Peter Scrooge. That's all you need to know. Full team on this one trying to play a game that has no scoring system and made up rules. 
20/12/191h 14m

The Greatest: Moments of 2019

In a brand new episode of 'The Greatest', Diarm, Nicole & Spike look back on the key moments of 2019. What is your favourite moment from the year?  
18/12/191h 17m

EquiRatings Horse of the Year 2019

It's back! #ERHOTY19 is here & the team record their first ever live show on Facebook to determine the shortlist. Who makes it, who misses out, who is drinking bloody marys? It's been an incredible year, who will finish it by being crowed #ERHOTY19?  
11/12/191h 24m

Fairfax Saddles Special: Harry Meade

The next instalment in our Fairfax Saddles Special is an episode with Harry Meade. Harry talks candidly on his return from a career threatening injury, his ethos on training and looks forward to the future with an exciting team of horses. We hope that you enjoy this one, we certainly did!
08/12/1951m 30s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter K

Alphabetti Spaghetti is back! Nicole is in charge of this one with special guests Catherine Austen & Kitty King. There is a killer Ingrid Klimke stat, kidnapping, a look back at some famous knocked poles plus plenty of talk on Kit Kats & Kale. Send in your box set recommendations too ;)
05/12/1931m 41s

Wallaby Hill Preview

Wallaby Hill welcomes some big names this weekend as the likes of Clarke Johnstone, Amanda Ross & Shane Rose bid to battle it out for the title. Nicole speaks to Amanda Ross on the chances of her super mare Koko Popping Candy who will look for a tough optimum time over Mike Etherington -Smith’s Cross Country track. The returning Kiwi stalwarts of Clarke Johnstone & Balmoral Sensation are back and are bidding for an Olympics qualifying result. We’re looking forward to a top weekend of sport but who does the EquiRatings Prediction Centre think will win?  Find out over at equiratings.com.
27/11/1939m 2s

Fairfax Saddles Special: Tom Jackson

In the latest episode of the Fairfax Saddles Specials Nicole & Sam talk to one of Team GB's brightest stars for the future, Tom Jackson. With an established business, Junior & Young Rider medals plus a host of top 5* completions, Tom is a rider to watch. We hope that you enjoy this latest insight behind the scenes, don't forget to share, like & subscribe to make sure you don't miss an episode!
21/11/1946m 4s

The Greatest: 5* Wins This Decade

Welcome to a brand new Eventing Podcast Series! 'The Greatest' will feature shows on some of the biggest moments in the Sport and to kick things off it is '5* Wins'.  Nicole is busy moving house so Diarm takes charge (!) & alongside Sam & Spike they relive their favourite 5* wins this decade. Which 5* win sticks in your mind?  
20/11/191h 0m

Ocala Preview Show

Ocala hosts plenty of big names over in the US this weekend with one of the final big events of the year. Diarm & Frankie Thieriot Stutes talk through all of the ones to watch.
13/11/1928m 42s

Adelaide Preview Show

It's the final 5* of 2019 & so the team look forward to what will be a brilliant weekend of competition in Adelaide. Nicole & Diarm chat to triple Olympic champion Andrew Hoy about what makes the event such a unique location & then preview the ones to watch with special guest Sarah Nevile. Who is on top of your podium?  Make sure you cast your vote via the EquiRatings Eventing Prediction Centre.
12/11/191h 3m

Eventing All Over The World: Australia Special

As we build up to the final 5* of 2019 the next episode in the brand new Eventing All Over The World Series focuses on Australia. Nicole & Diarm are joined by special guest Sarah Nevile, talking all things travel, drought, records & numbers. We hope that you enjoy this insight into Australian Eventing, stay tuned next week for the build up to Adelaide. As for 'Eventing All Over The World', where would you like us to go next?
06/11/1938m 30s

Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter J

Alphabetti Spaghetti is back & this time it is everything beginning with the letter J. It's the original Eventing Podcast team back together with Nicole, Sam, Diarm & the return of Jenni. There's not much Eventing in this one but we hope you enjoy it!
01/11/1943m 53s

Eventing All Over The World: US Special

In the first episode of a brand new series we delve deeper into Eventin in the US with special guest Frankie Thieriot Stutes.
30/10/1942m 36s

Pau Review Show

Nicole, Sam & Jenni Autry (yep - she is back!!!) discuss all of the action from Pau this weekend where Tom McEwen topped his first 5* podium.
28/10/1927m 38s

Pau Preview Show

It's the penultimate 5* of 2019 & a top class field are heading to the South of France for an end of season party. Nicole catches up with World Champion & Super Mum Ros Canter who steps back up to 5*, Diarm backs Tom McEwen for his debut 5* victory & Spike is, as usual, the voice of reason. Big weekend coming up. Who do you think will win?
23/10/191h 1m

Fairfax Saddles Special: Andrew Hoy

In the latest episode of the Fairfax Saddles special episodes Nicole & Catherine Austen talk to Fairfax Saddles Rider & triple Olympic Gold Medallist Andrew Hoy on Tokyo, the Media and his stable star Vassily de Lassos. This is an episode not to miss - we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.  
22/10/1939m 44s

Le Lion & Fair Hill - The Review Show

Nicole & Diarm review all of the action from the World Young Horse Championships at Le Lion d'Angers and also the US National Championships at Fair Hill.
21/10/1925m 37s

Le Lion Preview

This weekend the best young horses in the world head to Le Lion d'Angers for the Young Horse World Championships. Nicole & Diarm are joined by Kitty King & Tom Carlile who are among the hot favourites this weekend.
16/10/1958m 13s

Boekelo Review Show

Nicole, Sam & Diarm review the weekend's action in Boekelo & give their take on the new Olympic format.  
15/10/1940m 36s

Boekelo Preview Show

Nicole, Diarm & Special Guest Laura Collett look forward to Boekelo in the latest EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Preview Show. There is plenty on the line with the final of the FEI Nations Cup Series plus a number of key contenders looking for Tokyo qualification.  
10/10/1925m 21s

The Upsilon Story with Tom Carlile

Tom Carlile talks candidly about his stable superstar Upsilon and the heartbreak that the team have endured this year since the horse became unwell.  Relive some of their greatest achievements and find out just what the future holds.
09/10/1937m 47s

Red Mills Special - Camilla Speirs

She has had to rebuild her string having been at the top of the sport for so long with Jiff. She is making a return to Boekelo this weekend and talks to Sam about the journey. 
08/10/1928m 50s

ERM Lignières Review Show

Big weekend in France for the Series Finale.   Get the immediate reaction with Nicole & Diarm.
06/10/1912m 36s

Event Rider Masters Special: Lignierés Preview

The Event Rider Masters heads to the Series Finale this weekend as all eyes turn to Lignierés in France. This episode is jam packed full of stats and everything you need to know heading into the final ERM competition of 2019. Can Chris Burton defend his Series Title or will Gireg Le Coz or Jonelle Price stand in his way?  Who will top the leg podium?   We're excited for this one, make sure you tune in eventridermasters.tv and let us know who you think will win over on the EquiRatings Eventing Prediction Centre. Tag us in your selections, @equiratings across social media, we would love to see your picks!
02/10/191h 3m

The Pod About The Survey!

Following on from the recent Eventing Podcast survey Nicole & Diarm talk through the feedback & plans for the Eventing Podcast for the future. With some big ideas and plenty of discussion there are some exciting times ahead! As always huge thanks to everyone who listens, shares, likes & talks about the Podcast, as well as those who replied to the survey.  We really are very grateful.
25/09/1946m 18s

Windrush Equestrian Foundation Special

In this latest special episode Nicole finds out more about the Windrush Equestrian Foundation. The Foundation was founded in the memory of Christina Knudsen who sadly passed away in July 2016. Christina was passionate about the sport of Eventing and in particular supporting and developing talented young riders and helping them to pursue their dreams within the sport.  Before passing away her dream was to create Windrush and it is in her memory that the Foundation now runs.  Featuring special guests including Windrush Ambassador & FEI World No 1 Tim Price, Windrush Mentor & Burghley winner Pippa Funnell alongside the young Irish star Susie Berry & Windrush CEO Mariachiara Apruzzese. We hope that you enjoy the story of the Foundation so far & the plans for the future.
19/09/1946m 44s

Blenheim Preview Show

This week Nicole, Sam & Spike chat through the key contenders at Blenheim International Horse Trials for both the prolific 8/9 year old CCI4*S and the CCI4*L. Who do you think will win?  Let us know in the comments below.
18/09/1949m 21s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter I

This week on the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast Diarm is away but Alphabetti Spaghetti goes ahead without him! It's the turn of the letter 'I' and Nicole, Sam and special guest Catherine Austen cover everything from Icons, Income & Instagram. It's a little different to the last Alphabetti episode but we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!  
11/09/1954m 24s

The European Review Show

Lucinda and Sam talk cross country. Kitty and Nicole discuss her success. It is a good one. 
04/09/191h 15m

Friday Night Delight

A tired Diarm and Spike talk through the day and what to watch out for on Saturday. 
30/08/1929m 31s

The Eventing Podcast European Preview 2019

Sadly, no Nicole so you have Diarm, Spike and Sam rambling on. However, if you listen closely, there are some rare gems buried in the rubbish. Who wins, why and what are the key things to watch out for. It's time. 
28/08/191h 4m

Kitty King: Fairfax Saddles Special

Ahead of the start of the European Championships this week we are delighted to bring you the first episode of our brand new special Series in partnership with Fairfax Saddles.   Kitty King tells us her hopes and dreams for Luhmuhlen, all about her Championship ride Vendredi Biats and we go back to the beginning to find out just how it all started. We hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes at one of the best riders in Team GB and stay tuned for some really exciting episodes to come in the Series over the coming months featuring riders such as Andrew Hoy, Harry Meade & Tom Jackson.   
26/08/1951m 36s

**Red Mills Special**

In the first of our new series with Red Mills, Sam Watson talks to Alex Bragg about getting to the top, and what it takes to stay at the top. An interview which touches on the Europeans 2019, riding for owners, family and motivation. 
25/08/1935m 53s

Event Rider Masters Special: Millstreet Preview

The Event Rider Masters Series heads to Ireland this weekend as Millstreet hosts Leg 5.  It's a top class field and a pivotal point in the Series race. Who will top the podium?  Let us know by logging your vote on the EquiRatings Eventing Prediction Centre.
21/08/1958m 38s

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter H

Alphabetti Spaghetti is back and this time we are onto the letter 'H'. We won't lie to you, this pod covers it all, from Hangovers to Hocks (await the role play..!), High Kingdom to Huntsman's Close. Enjoy!
14/08/1953m 28s

The Weekend Review Show

Nicole, Diarm & Spike look back on the Pan American Games, Gatcombe & discuss the British Team for the forthcoming European Championships later this month.  Plus they look forward to this coming weekend at Hartpury International.
07/08/1944m 4s

The Sir Mark Todd Special

This weekend, Sir Mark Todd announced his retirement from Eventing after a career that has spanned five decades at the very top of the sport.  In a celebration of his many achievements, we hope you enjoy this special edition of the Eventing Podcast that reflects on his great career with some of his closest friends and fellow competitors, plus, of course, Mark himself.   Toddy, thank you for the memories.  
01/08/191h 39m

The Weekend Review

With lots of action this weekend, Nicole, Sam & Diarm talk all things Burgham, Camphire & Toddy's retirement. It was a great weekend for Team Watson as Sam took the top spot in the Nations Cup in Camphire, Kitty King put her challenge in for a Europeans place and the team reflect on Sir Mark Todd's immediate retirement from the sport. A great weekend, with lots to discuss.  Plus Diarm has you covered with some great Love Island snack tips.
31/07/191h 4m

Lima 2019: Pan American Games Preview

The Pan American games take place in Lima, Peru this coming week and there is a lot at stake with 2 tickets to Tokyo on offer. Nicole, Sam and Pippa Roome preview the competition, talk about the chances of the 'Big Three', the US, Canada and Brazil. Plus we have an exclusive interview with Boyd Martin and Brazil's Ruy Fonseca sends us an update from Lima. Who do you think will get hold of those qualifying tickets? Let us know!
29/07/1952m 7s

Burgham Preview Show

Some of the sport's biggest names head north to Burgham International Horse Trials this weekend.  Oliver Townend is the defending champion and he lines up as favourite with the former Burghley winner Ballaghmor Class.  Can anyone stop him? It's a big weekend for long listed combinations for the European Championships too with 6 of the British contenders in the line up. Who wins?  Make sure you log your predictions on the EquiRatings Eventing Prediction Centre then tag us @equiratings.
25/07/1947m 59s

Camphire Preview!

There are lots of big names lining up at one of Ireland's premier events this weekend at Camphire International. With both a 4*L and a 4*S there is everything from those combinations in Europeans contention, the big guns looking for Tokyo 2020 qualifying runs and so much more. Find out everything you need to know on the latest podcast.
24/07/1935m 51s

Reaction Show - Aachen Cross Country

Diarm and John Kyle give initial reactions.
20/07/1937m 6s

Tour Diary - Diarm and John Kyle at Aachen

A quick look at first thoughts on Aachen and the first phase preview. 
18/07/1911m 53s

CHIO Aachen Preview Show!

It’s a huge weekend for the sport as Aachen welcomes some of the world’s best in the 2019 line up.  Germany have dominated their home event in recent years, can they make it 6 wins in a row at the venue?  There are a number of top combinations out to spoil their party, including dual winner Chris Burton who lines up with two very big chances. This podcast has all the key contenders, numbers, facts & figures you need to know on one of the biggest weekends of the year.  Plus Nicole catches up with British contender Imogen Murray. Who do you think will win?
17/07/191h 18m

CHIO Aachen Preview Show!

It's a huge weekend for the sport as Aachen welcomes some of the world's best in the 2019 line up.  Germany have dominated their home event in recent years, can they make it 6 wins in a row at the venue?  There are a number of top combinations out to spoil their party, including dual winner Chris Burton who lines up with two very big chances. This podcast has all the key contenders, numbers, facts & figures you need to know on one of the biggest weekends of the year.  Plus Nicole catches up with British contender Imogen Murray. Who do you think will win?
17/07/191h 17m

The Review Show - Jardy

Gireg le Coz takes the win in France after two great days of competition. We talk through the immediate reaction with Mark & Blyth. 
14/07/1920m 24s

Event Rider Masters Special: Jardy Preview

This weekend the Event Rider Masters heads to Jardy near Paris in France for leg 4 of the 2019 Series. Nicole & Diarm talk through the key contenders, the home favourites and the series challengers in what promises to be an excellent weekend of sport. Don't forget that you can watch live & free on eventridermasters.tv.  Who do you think will be on the podium?  Let us know.
10/07/1954m 11s

EquiRatings Special: Simple Metrics

In a brand new episode Diarm & Sam talk all things EquiRatings and plans for the rest of the season. Enjoy!
08/07/1954m 19s

2019 Mid Season Review!

The 2019 season is halfway through & the team take a look back at all of the action so far. It's an epic podcast that is jam packed full of fun, stats & innuendo - the best kind of episode! What are your highlights so far this season?  What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?  Let us know!
03/07/191h 18m

Alphabetti Spaghetti: The Letter G

In a brand new Alphabetti Spaghetti Diarm hosts Sam & Jenni to talk everything from GOATs (greatest of all time as opposed to the animal), Girls v Boys, gambling, greastest moments and much more. Let us know your highlights!
27/06/1952m 30s

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Cooley Farm Special - Richard & Georgie Sheane

In the latest Knowing Me, Knowing You episode Nicole & Diarm speak to Richard & Georgie Sheane, the masterminds behind the Cooley Horses. Talking candidly about how they started the business 12 years ago, to the highs of their first 5* victory and just what you need to be looking for in your future Eventing superstars, this is an episode not to be missed!
26/06/1937m 37s

Arville: The Reaction Show

Wow. What a day. What a finish to Leg 3. Tim wins. Diarm eats his hat. 
23/06/1915m 23s

Alphabetti Spaghetti (F)

A bit of a wild one this. Steve, Mark, Jim and Sophie join Diarm and Nicole for a talk through the listeners selections. 
22/06/1936m 20s

Event Rider Masters Special: Arville Preview

The Event Rider Masters heads to Belgium for leg 3 in the Series and there is a seriously strong field making the line up.  The defending Arville & Series Champion Chris Burton lines up with Quality Purdey, Tim Price, fresh from his Luhmuhlen win brings forward fan favourite Wesko, plus 2017 Series Champion Gemma Tattersall riders the super mare Quicklook V who was victorious at Chatsworth in 2017. Plus there are lots of other big names in the line up including Bill Levett, Laura Collett, Sarah Cohen, Jonelle Price and many more... Who tops the podium?  Let us know what you think!
19/06/1944m 1s

Luhmuhlen Review Show

The team look back on Tim Price's Luhmuhlen victory from the weekend and pick out the key performances from the German National Championships too.  Plus Sam sends a sleep deprived (but very good) update from somewhere in the UK on his way back home. Its 3-2 to Tim in the 5* #PriceWars.  Who gets the next one?! If you haven't already joined the Flick app then now is your chance to get involved in all things Eventing Podcast.  Download for free in your app store and search 'eventingpodcast'.
18/06/1926m 42s

Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter E!

Alphabetti Spaghetti is back & it's all things beginning with the letter E! Joined by special guest Gemma Tattersall, Diarm & Spike talk through everything from embarassing stories, England & Escada. Don't miss an episode by subscribing through Spotify, iTunes, Podcast Addict or your chosen platform!  
14/06/1941m 23s

Luhmuhlen Preview

It's the third 5* of the year this weekend and it's a wide open field. Tim Price is one of the favourites and Sam chats to him about his chances with Ascona M.  Wife Jonelle won last year with another grey mare so basically he's got in the bag already...! There is a strong British challenge with the likes of Tom McEwen, Alex Bragg & Sam Ecroyd plus the ones to watch from the home nation. On top of the 5* the German National Championships run, can anyone top defending champions & hot favourites Julia Krajewski & Samurai du Thot? Who do you think will win? Let us know by getting in touch on Facebook & Twitter.
13/06/1948m 3s

The Weekend Review: Wiesbaden, Bramham & Bromont

What a weekend of sport! Diarm & Nicole chat through all things Event Rider Masters in Wiesbaden, Jenni brings us a Bromont update and Spike rounds up a really busy Bramham. We hope you enjoy a good catch up on all things Eventing. From Dressage records, epic thunderstorms, British domination and an animal communicator this episode has it all!
12/06/1944m 13s

Event Rider Masters Special: Wiesbaden Preview

The Event Rider Masters Series heads to Germany for leg 2 in the Series.  It's the return of defending champions Ingrid Klimke & SAP HaleBob OLD plus German superstars Julia Krajewski are looking to make history with 7 wins on the bounce. It's a top class field with the likes of Tim Price & Wesko, Oliver Townend lines up with his Kentucky winner Cooley Master Class and no fewer than 7 former leg winners in the field. You can catch all of the action on eventridermasters.tv through the weekend and stay tuned on social media for all of the behind the scenes action!
05/06/1947m 4s

Tattersalls Preview Show

With one of Ireland's biggest events kicking off this weekend, Nicole, Sam & Ciaran look at all the key contenders in both the 4*L and 4*S. Sam manages to lose himself (and everyone else!) in a 'Samologue', Ciaran backs a Pippa Funnell, Alex Bragg double & Nicole fancies Japan. Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Podcast Addict to make sure that you don't miss an episode!
29/05/1953m 48s

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Nicole Brown

The Eventing Podcast team are delighted to launch a brand new series - Knowing Me, Knowing You, a title that UK listeners may be familiar with already. This is our brand new interview show where we can take a peek behind the curtain with some of our guests and delve deeper into their lives. Diarm & Jenni kick off the new show by turning the tables on regular Eventing Podcast host Nicole Brown.   Now the face of the Event Rider Masters Series, Nicole was once teacher’s pet, a Young Farmer and all round eventing geek before she stepped up in front of a microphone.  Her preparation and presenting style saw her work her way all the way from local one day events to the BBC and the anchor role for the ERM Series. Nicole talks candidly about her childhood, growing up, breaking stereotypes, building a thick skin & how life has changed since becoming a Mum. We hope that you enjoy our brand new series, let us know what you think and who you would like to see feature next on Knowing Me, Knowing You.
22/05/1943m 54s

Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter D!

Diarm is back with a brand new game of Alphabetti Spaghetti, this time it is the letter D. Joining him are Ciaran Glynn & Spike 'The Vet' Milligan. Everything from Dressage, Ditches & Dogs all the important D's, as suggested by you lovely listeners, are covered.
15/05/191h 0m

A sort of a Badminton Review

We tried to review Badminton, but we met Chris and to be honest, once you get lost in that hair, you let him talk about whatever he wants. You had me at hello. 
11/05/1928m 11s

NEW PRODUCT: The Eventing Prediction Centre

SAP and EquiRatings are proud to release the latest innovation this weekend, the Eventing Prediction Centre. Using the latest SAP Predictive Analytics technology, the EquiRatings team have designed a statistical model that calculates the likely outcomes of major events before and during every competition. After each phase, it simulates every combination’s score at that event 10,000 times, exploring every plausible outcome which could unfold.
09/05/1934m 16s

Event Rider Masters: Chatsworth Preview

The Event Rider Masters Series is back and all of the action kicks off this weekend at Chatsworth.  Nicole & Sam look talk through the key contenders (there are lots of them) and 2017 Chatsworth winner Gemma Tattersall joins to talk all things Badminton, Piggy, Quicklook & just who will be a problem this weekend. Stay tuned for all of the action from Chatsworth on eventridermasters.tv.
08/05/191h 5m

Badminton Tour Diary #3

We met with Tess and Alex from the Pony Podcast and talked through how today was going to pan out. We can't edit on site so you get Nicole at the end telling you her hands are cold. 
05/05/1916m 1s

Badminton Tour Diary #2

All the hopes and dreams are alive. Diarm and Spike talk through some of the rounds to watch out for today. 
04/05/1926m 47s

The Badminton Tour Diary #1

Talking through the day to day at the big event. 
02/05/1910m 25s

Badminton Preview Show

Badminton is here! Who wins the biggest event in the world? The full team discuss their podiums ... all mixed between the Team GB onslaught of Oliver Townend, Laura Collett, Nicola Wilson, Tom McEwen vs. Irish frontman Padraig McCarthy. Who prevails? If you correctly guess the top three horses and riders, you'll join us on a special episode! Send us your best podium guesses @Eventing Podcast ... good luck!
01/05/191h 4m

Kentucky Review Show

Oliver Townend secured back to back titles in Kentucky this weekend with Cooley Master Class.  The home side pushed him all the way with Boyd Martin taking second place and the National 5* title. Nicole, Jenni, Sam & Diarm review the excitement with all of your usual EquiRatings stats!  Stay tuned for even more Eventing Podcast this week as all roads lead to Badminton.  Make sure you subscribe on iTunes to make sure you don't miss any episodes!
29/04/1924m 45s


BIG NEWS! Ingrid Klimke has withdrawn the red hot favourite from Badminton. It throws the door wide open - find out what the team think to the news & who they are putting up to capitalise on it. Don't worry - the official preview is coming later this week!
29/04/1915m 4s

Kentucky Preview

It's finally here! This week it is all about Land Rover Kentucky Horse Trials & who can take the first 5* title of 2019. The team talk through the key contenders. Can the home side secure their first 5* title since 2008?  Or will one of the British invaders hold onto the top spot. It's sure to be a cracker!  Who do you think will win?  Let us know on social media - @eventingpodcast.
24/04/1950m 33s

Countdown to Kentucky with Liz Halliday-Sharp

It's a big week with Kentucky coming up so before the Eventing Podcast preview hits later this week we thought we'd give you a bonus episode with one of the home favourites, Liz Halliday-Sharp. Nicole & Jenni talk to Liz about Deniro Z's chances at Kentucky, her flying start to 2019 and of course look forward to the Pan Am Games coming later this year.  
22/04/1920m 29s

Easter Special with Piggy French

With a big couple of weeks coming up Nicole & Jenni catch up with Piggy French to talk all things Kentucky, Badminton & Stable Superstars. As always there are plenty of EquiRatings stats, Jenni plans her Quarrycrest Echo support show in Kentucky & Nicole has high hopes of the title coming back to the UK for another year.
19/04/1927m 1s

Aphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter C!

The Eventing Podcast listeners have spoken & Alphabetti Spaghetti is BACK!  This time it is the letter C and Diarm, Nicole & Sam cover all the big topics. From Car-lille to Car-lile, scented candles (D's a big fan) & just how it's Mary King's fault that Nicole loves Eventing. Let us know what you think - send us a message @eventingpodcast on social media.
17/04/1953m 36s

Burnham Market Preview

The whole team look forward to Burnham Market this weekend. A venue at which Oliver Townend has dominated in recent years - 10 4*S wins since 2007. Who can challenge him in 2019?  We go through the main contenders, there are some dark horses and some more obvious selections. Plus it's a look back at The Fork where Boyd Martin banished his WEG demons to take the win. Who do you think will win Burnham Market this weekend? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter - @eventingpodcast.
10/04/1944m 4s

The Belton Review Show!

After a big weekend in the Grantham Cup Nicole & Diarm reflect on Tom McEwen's excellent victory & other notable performances.   Laura Collett is a guest having had a brilliant weekend with Diarm's favourite horses. He has new one to add to his list now in her Advanced winner Dacapo and takes great pleasure in piling on the Badminton & Event Rider Masters pressure! Don't want to miss any episodes?  Make sure you subscribe for FREE on iTunes, Spotify or Podcast Addict & remember we would love to hear from you @eventingpodcast. 
03/04/1938m 25s

Carolina Review & Belton Preview!

The team look back on a vintage Carolina International that saw Liz Halliday-Sharp in invincible form taking the top two spots in the CCI4-S.  All the American big guns were in flying form & the Kentucky countdown is on. As for this weekend, one of the biggest & most high quality fields take each other on for the Belton crown.  Nicole is back from her American adventures (there was no wine aisle pregnancy announcement this year!), Jenni is over excited at the prospect of Quarrycrest Echo doing the Belton - Kentucky double, Diarm is sick & sounding like Tracey Chapman and Sam completes a full team for the first time in a while! Who do you think will win Belton?  Let us know!
27/03/1943m 2s

Alphabetti Spaghetti - The Letter B!

In the next episode of the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast the team talk all things 'B' in the latest edition of Alphabetti Spaghetti. Everything is covered from betting in Eventing to the big 'B' events. Ciaran Glynn is a guest and tells us all about the time he held Sam's legs above his head in a field in Ireland. Plus there are engagement stories, silver medal stories & plenty of laughs.
20/03/1950m 7s

EquiRatings Special: Zone Analysis

This episode is an EquiRatings Special and Sam, Diarm & Nicole look at Zone Analysis and how it can be used to rate performance at the top level. Sam has all of your Cheltenham tips, there is much Peter Rabbit discussion and Diarm plans another Happy Hale Bob day in May. If you have any questions on Zone Analysis then be sure to send them in to @eventingpodcast or @equiratings on Facebook & Twitter, we would love to hear from you.
13/03/1949m 38s

Alphabetti Spaghetti!

In this episode Diarm is back from his honeymoon and brings with him a new game to the Eventing Podcast - Alphabetti Spaghetti! This week is all about the letter 'A' and there are some obvious topics of discussion and some less so! Let us know what you think by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter - we'd love to hear from you!
06/03/1941m 17s

The Young Guns

The team take a look at some of the 'Young Guns' who will be looking to make their mark in 2019.  Classified as riders who are 25 or under so were born in 1994 or after - many have already been holding their own in more Senior company. The EquiRatings databases have been searched and one rider in particular stands out from the crowd. There is also some Eventing trivia for you to get involved in - be sure to get in touch on Facebook & Twitter and let us know who else we should be watching out for this season!
27/02/1938m 13s

HTSG Special: Laura Collett & Alex Bragg

This weeks episode is a special interview with the 2018 Horse Trials Support Group Scholars Laura Collett & Alex Bragg. Talking stats, stable superstars & plans for 2019 it's a great insight into two of the most talked about riders on the British circuit. As always let us know what you think on Facebook & Twitter and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Podcast Addict to make sure you  don't miss any episodes!
20/02/1948m 51s

Horses to Watch in 2019

With the 2019 season nearly upon us the team pick out some horses to watch this year. From the 5* Winners, 'Forgotten' Horses, Young Guns & 'Horses Whose Name You Don't Know Now But You Will Next Year' (catchy title!) there is plenty of discussion, some obvious choices and some less so!  Sam predicts Irish domination at the big B's, Diarm fancies another Happy Hale Bob day, Nicole backs the Brits (tell us something new) & Jenni uncovers an epic Mr Bass stat from 2018. Who do you think we need to look out for in 2019?  Let us know by getting in touch on Facebook & Twitter.
13/02/191h 1m

Christmas Party Special!

With the festive season in full swing it's time for the Eventing Podcast Christmas Party! The team look back and pick their favourite moments from the 2018 season, plus find out just what happened on Diarm's wedding night. Let us know your highlights & of course don't forget to vote for the EquiRatings Horse of the Year 2018!
21/12/181h 15m

EquiRatings Special

Sam and Diarm talk about managing chance, about using an OST model to achieve your off-season goals and about why there is no such thing as luck. Sam even throws in a few practical tips for seeing a stride! 
04/12/181h 2m

#ERHOTY18 - The Contenders!

It's that time of year again! Loughan Glen, Don Geniro & Donner are all former winners, who takes the EquiRatings Horse of the Year crown in 2018? There are strong opinions on this one, Nicole gets off the fence on several occasions, Jenni flies the American flag, Sam champions Ireland & Diarm tries to retain control of the short list. Does he succeed?  You'll have to tune in to find out!! It's been a year of some huge performances & you'll all have your favourites as well, be sure to stay tuned & vote for them when voting opens shortly! 
30/11/181h 16m

Adelaide CCI4* - The Preview Show and Andrew Hoy Interview

This week attention turns to Adelaide and the last CCI4* of the 2018 season. We pick some potential winners, pitting two predictive models against each other for the first time.  We are also delighted to be joined by Andrew Hoy, who gives us stories from his past (and plans for his future) and talks about what the fans will be enjoying this weekend at the show. 
14/11/181h 9m

The Pau Review Show

The final European 4* of the season did not disappoint with French young gun Thibault Fournier rising to the occasion to win his debut at the level. The team talk through all the action in France in this latest episode.
31/10/1837m 23s

Buckle up for Pau

Nicole is BACK after giving birth to a baby the team have already sorted as a Hufflepuff and decided will be a therapist. But what you really want to know is what will happen at Pau. The team make their predictions for what is sure to be a wild weekend in France.
24/10/1842m 15s

EquiRatings Special: The Z-Line, Rebalancing the Scoring System

Think of the attribute list of an event horse. Footwork, reactions, intelligence, athleticism, carefulness, scope, speed, stamina, impulsion, submissiveness, paces and trainability. Which attributes are we testing and how much emphasis is placed on each? How these attributes are tested will absolutely shape the type of event horses that are bred, produced and purchased, and then it will continue to shape how we train them. If 76% of horses all score the same score of zero penalties in the cross-country, but they get rewarded for everything they do in the dressage arena, then over time we will end up with dressage horses being asked to perform cross-country rather than cross-country horses being asked to perform dressage. A conversation and proposal around the balance in our scoring system. 
21/10/181h 5m

A Chat with Tom McEwen & Boekelo Preview

With the rest of the team tied up Nicole drafts in a super sub in the form of Tom McEwen.  A great opportunity to hear all about his WEG adventures, plans for Toledo de Kerser in 2019 & of course what Tom thinks of Sam's impression... On top of this there is a look forward with Boekelo in the Netherlands this coming weekend where there is a wealth of top talent on display including the clash of Julia Krajewski's Samurai du Thot & Tim Lips's Bayro. Don't forget that you can subscribe to the Eventing Podcast on iTunes to make sure you don't miss any episodes!
08/10/1842m 12s

Tryon 2018: Sam Tells All

With the dust settling on WEG 2018 Sam & Jenni are back from their adventures in Tryon. It's the perfect opportunity to discuss the Irish success, Sam's FOD and relive all of the action again. We get an insight into Team Ireland through the week from Sam, Jenni reflects on the highs and lows for the US camp while Nicole cries (on more than one occasion). We love this episode, we hope that you do too.
25/09/1843m 31s

Tryon 2018 Episode 8 - The Final Reaction

Tryon 2018 has given us everything we could have asked for from a World Championships, thrills, spills, heartbreak & drama. The team look back at the result and pick their favourite moments, from British domination & a new record finishing score to the rise of Team Ireland. We've loved having you along with us on the WEG journey and we have lots more coming up in the next few months, stay tuned with us on the Eventing Podcast & as always, thanks for the support!
17/09/1834m 19s

Tryon 2018 Episode 7 - Day Three Review

What a day. The Cross Country in Tryon had plenty of influence on not only the team standings but also the individual leader board. It's a happy team though with Great Britain, Ireland & France filling the top three places for the teams. We've another day to wait until the Show Jumping so enjoy a recap of all things Cross Country and a look forward to how things might finish.
15/09/1835m 42s

Tryon 2018 Episode 6 - Day Two Review

Dressage at the World Equestrian Games is done and all attention now turns to Capt Mark Phillips' track. The team reflect on a new German record, what could unfold on the Cross Country and who are the ones to watch if speed plays a big part. Tom is in Dublin, we still aren't sure if he is being kept their against his will, but Ciaran is off to assess the situation tomorrow.  We'll keep you posted. Make sure you keep in touch with us throughout social media - big day ahead!!
14/09/1831m 37s

Tryon 2018 Episode 5 - Day One Review

Day 1 of the World Games is done and it was Julia Krajewski & Chipmunk FRH who stole the show, leading with an incredible score of 19.9 and slotting into 3rd in the all time best WEG Dressage scores. Nicole & Diarm are joined by Tom Carlile & Ciaran Glynn to talk through all of the action from the first day of Dressage.  Everything from German domination, how to build your Stack and ones to watch tomorrow. We hope that you're enjoying all of the EquiRatings & Eventing Podcast coverage of the World Games so far, make sure you keep following us on social media for all of the latest news.
13/09/1829m 50s

Tryon 2018 Episode 4 - The Final Preview

With WEG just about to start Nicole & Diarm welcome special guests Tom Carlile & Ciaran Glynn to the podcast to talk all things Hurricane Florence, the Draw and count down to the action. Prepare yourselves for an Irish related drinking game, lots of super stats and some bold predictions. It's finally here! Sit back, enjoy & make sure you stay with us every step of the way!
12/09/1832m 23s

Tryon 2018 Episode 3 - Diarm & John Kyle Preview

With Tryon 2018 just around the corner the excitement in the EquiRatings camp is really building. On this episode Diarm & John Kyle talk all things WEG....
10/09/1817m 44s

Tryon 2018 Episode 2 - Europe

Europe have dominated major championships in recent years and come into Tryon 2018 with some big chances for Team & Individual Gold. The team look for a chink in Germany's armour, consider team tactics and discuss who could be the dark horses of the competition. You can listen to the Rest of the World preview by clicking here too. What do you think? Let us know! Get in touch on Facebook & Twitter and check out the EquiRatings team predictions in full here.
08/09/1843m 16s

Tryon 2018 Episode 1 - Rest of the World

Tryon 2018 is here! The team kick off the first of the preview episodes with a look at what it takes to win WEG, plus a discussion of key contenders from the Rest of the World - Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the U.S. Next episode - Europe!
06/09/1833m 51s

Burghley Review & Beard Update

After repeatedly knocking on the door at Burghley, Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy finally hit the jackpot. The team break down all the action from a thrilling weekend as we countdown to WEG, plus have the scoop on what you all really want to know ... what's the latest on Diarm's beard?
06/09/1831m 54s

Burghley Preview Show

The Event Rider Masters finale at Blair Castle ... last-minute shake-ups to teams ahead of the World Equestrian Games ... and a star-studded lineup at Burghley — there is plenty to discuss on this week's episode! Who do you think will take the Burghley win?
29/08/1829m 24s

The ERM Finale!

The 2018 Event Rider Masters Series Finale heads to Blair Castle International Horse Trials this weekend with the top names battling it out for a place on the Series Podium.  There are a number key contenders for the Leg title too with last year’s defending champion Shane Rose returning to British soil for the first time this season and a number of former Blair winners in the line up. Diarm & Nicole enjoy a look back at the story of the 2018 season and just what could happen this weekend in the Scottish Highlands. It’s one of the most beautiful events in the world and it’s no doubt going to be full of drama, make sure you don’t miss any of the action which will all be streamed live & free www.eventridermasters.tv. Let us know who you think will top the podium and the stand out moments from the 2018 season for you on Facebook & Twitter.
20/08/1841m 15s

WEG Mania!

With WEG Mania well and truly set in the team look at the latest teams that have been selected for a trip to Tryon in a few weeks time, including the immediate reaction to the British Team selection. For all of the latest podcast news visit us on Facebook or Twitter. Lots of big WEG episodes coming up, make sure you subscribe to us on iTunes to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.
15/08/1830m 42s

The Big Weekend

It's crunch time for WEG selection! All eyes are on Hartpury, Strzegom and Haras du Pin this weekend as key contenders are running for a final time before teams are announced. It's entirely too much excitement for the team to handle.
10/08/1831m 7s

The Big Reveal...

The whole team are back together to talk all things Camphire, Burgham, Gatcombe and WEG, plus one of the team has some big news to reveal.... Make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest podcast news by following us on Facebook & Twitter.
01/08/1846m 58s

The Aachen Review Show

We said a German would win and Chris Burton would make the time ... but that's about all that went to plan on a wild weekend at Aachen. #InnuendoBingo abounds as the team rehash all the action in Germany. Looking ahead, we have top horses out at Burgham and key combinations seeking their WEG qualifiers at Camphire. We are in for a thriller of a weekend ... You might need to stand in the rain in the garden to cool off!
25/07/1839m 29s

The Aachen Preview Show

The team look back on all of the action from an excellent weekend in France for Leg 5 of the Event Rider Masters, with the Series looking set for a brilliant finish at Blair at the end of August. Ahead of one of the greatest shows in Aachen this coming weekend it is hard to look past German domination on the leaderboard, despite them missing a couple of their former Aachen winners in La Biosthetique Sam & Opgun Louvo. Who wins it?  Let us know what you think by getting in touch on Facebook and on Twitter.
19/07/1828m 52s

Event Rider Masters Special: Jardy Preview

The Event Rider Masters Specials are coming thick and fast as the team look back and celebrate redemption day for Upsilon at Barbury while previewing all of the action for Leg 5 in Jardy this weekend. There is a top class field making the trip to just outside of Paris but the team are unanimous in their pick to win – Izzy Taylor & Be Touchable. Will Cillnabradden Evo put his Barbury Show Jumping behind him and will Chris Burton hold onto the top of the Series Leaderboard? Make sure you tune in to find out, all of the action is live & free eventridermasters.tv.
12/07/1828m 15s

Barbury International CIC3*: The Preview Podcast

It’s a double whammy of podcasts this week with this special second episode focussed on the 3* class at Barbury Castle International Horse Trials.  Running alongside the Event Rider Masters class there are a number of top names making the line up and the team play a game to pick the winner! Chris Burton is the hot favourite to take both the 3* class here, which he won in 2016, and Leg 4 of the 2018 Event Rider Masters Series. If you’re heading to Barbury then don’t forget to pack the sun cream & sun hats, it’s set to be a scorcher of a weekend all round!
05/07/1833m 50s

Arville & Barbury ERM Special

Which stat changed Sam’s life? Which commercial should Burto star in? Who will take the ERM win at Barbury? The team answer all these questions and more in this very special Event Rider Masters episode!
04/07/1841m 31s

Luhmühlen Review & Arville Preview Show

The team talk all things Luhmühlen and the big result for #girlpower with women sweeping the entire top five. Then it's on to Arville for Leg 3 of Event Rider Masters in Belgium. Upsilon and Cillnabradden Evo will face off yet again. Will one prevail, or will another horse play spoiler to top the podium?
21/06/1850m 9s

Luhmühlen Preview Show

Sam is on his way to Luhmühlen to compete not one but TWO horses, and the team are way overly excited as they discuss the red hot field we will see compete in Germany this week. With the Germany heavy-hitters competing in the CIC3*, the CCI4* is wide open for another nation to scoop the win. Will the incredibly strong British contingent taste victory? There is much to discuss!
12/06/1836m 18s

Tattersalls Review & Bramham Preview Show

Diarm returns to the fold following a water-logged honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, and as expected the team are absolutely out of control. On tap in this episode: a stats-packed review of Tattersalls, a preview of all three classes at Bramham, plus key contenders to watch at Bromont in Canada.
05/06/1845m 51s

Tattersalls Preview Show

We talk all things Ireland in this episode! There is a recap of Diarm's epic wedding in West Cork (which the team are still recovering from!) plus a preview of what's to come at one of the world's biggest events at Tattersalls. The team also look at weekend action around the world at Houghton, Saumur, and Barbarowko.
30/05/1830m 20s

Event Rider Masters Special: Wiesbaden Review Show

With Leg 2 of the Event Rider Masters Series in Germany over the weekend Nicole, Sam & Jenni discuss Queen Ingrid's impressive victory and how the  Series is shaping up so far. Only one person managed the elusive FOD (finish on dressage score) throughout the weekend and he did it twice - hats off to Ludwig Svennerstal. With Houghton featuring a number of Luhmuhlen bound horses this weekend as well the team look forward to an excellent couple of weeks of competition. Plus find out which superstar has secured WEG qualification.
23/05/1837m 1s

Event Rider Masters: Wiesbaden Preview Show

The team relive the excitement of Event Rider Masters Leg 1 at The Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials. Quarrycrest Echo finally had his moment in the spotlight! It's a quick turnaround to Leg 2 at Internationales Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier. The entire team agree on the winner, but there is plenty to play for in Germany. Watch the action live from Friday on www.eventridermasters.tv – and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes!
15/05/1837m 7s

ERM Special: Chatsworth Preview

Diarm and Nicole pick the winners. 
11/05/1842m 38s

Girl Power! Badminton Review Show

The team talk through Jonelle Price's big win at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials with Classic Moet — the first female rider to win Badminton since 2007!
08/05/1841m 15s

The Badminton Preview Show: Better Than Christmas!

With one of the biggest weeks in the Eventing calendar coming up the team talk all things Badminton and pick out the ones to watch in the week ahead!  It's an episode jam packed with stats, discussion and the odd impression - there's something about the magic of Badminton that sends everyone a little bit silly....it really is better than Christmas! The team also look back on a vintage Kentucky in which Oliver Townend took over as World No 1 and sets himself up for a shot at the Rolex Grand Slam this weekend.  Just another thing to keep us all on the edge of our seats over the weekend!  Whether you are travelling to the Gloucestershire venue or following online then make sure you stay tuned to EquiRatings and the Eventing Podcast on social media to keep up to date with all of the latest Badminton news and gossip!
02/05/181h 4m

Will History Be Made in Kentucky?

This weekend Michael Jung’s wonder mare fischerRocana FST bids to make history by becoming the first horse to win four 4* titles at the same venue.  She also aims to move into a clear second position in all time 4* titles behind stablemate La Biosthetique Sam FBW who heads to Badminton next week.  Can she do it?  The team discuss her (very strong) chances and who the key challengers will be to stand in her way. With the first 4* of the year also being the first opportunity for us to see the new FEI Dressage Scoring System in place at this level, the importance of the FOD (Finish on Dressage Score) is paramount but who will be able to do it? Jenni champions the American contenders, Nicole backs the Brit (surprise!) and finds an interesting piece of Nobilis 18 trivia while the boys give us the key stats we need ahead of the weekend’s competition. Can she do it?  Let us know what you think on Facebook & Twitter!
24/04/1842m 16s

Kentucky Badminton & Belton

After a busy few weeks on the road, the whole team are back to discuss the star-studded entry lists for Kentucky, Badminton and Belton. Naturally everyone has a different opinion on which horses and riders are the ones to watch ... Which horses are you tipping for the major spring events? Let us know on social media @EventingPodcast and be sure to leave us a review on iTunes.
13/04/1852m 8s

Dark Horses in 2018!

The team take a look at some of the Dark Horses to watch in 2018.  There are 'The Returners' the big guns who head back to the top of the International scene after a bit of time on the sidelines and specifically the horses who are perhaps flying under the radar but are expected to make a big splash this year. There are a number of young French superstars coming through the ranks and a couple more reasons to keep a very close eye on the Japanese team as we head towards WEG & Tokyo. Diarm sticks with following the Tom Carlile camp to find the next superstar and Nicole has a couple of British hopes (as always!). Who do you think we should be watching out for in 2018?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!
11/03/1831m 33s

SPECIAL: Risk Management

We are asked a lot to talk more about our work on risk, so Diarm and Sam discuss the key concepts - and what EquiRatings is trying to achieve with the ERQI Rating. 
02/03/181h 9m

Kicking Off 2018! First Episode of the Season

We're back! The first episode of the 2018 season features a discussion of the new dressage scoring and which horses will benefit, which horses changed hands in the off season, and what we can expect early in the year as combinations look to qualify for the World Equestrian Games. Diarm's sister also stops by for a pop quiz, and pancakes somehow feature prominently. We are starting an Eventing Podcast Playlist for 2018, so be sure to let us know on social media which songs you love to listen to when you're hacking, getting pumped up for cross country, or dancing at the competitor's party. We also want to know your favourite quick and easy recipes to cook in the lorry — one pot and in 15 minutes or less! Send us your suggestions on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!
21/02/1837m 54s

The Eventing Podcast Christmas Party!

Gather 'round the fire with the team for the Eventing Podcast Christmas Party! Sam, Diarm, Nicole and Jenni share their memories of the 2017 season and hilarity ensues. Pop quizzes and trivia questions abound, so don your favourite pair of nerd glasses, grab a drink and get ready to play along. There's even a bonus round for fans of Love Actually, the best Christmas movie of all time. Happy Christmas to all!
22/12/1738m 8s

Locker Room Talk: Alex Hua Tian

It's an all new Locker Room Talk episode with Alex Hua Tian! We talk through the highs and lows of the 2017 season and what's next for 2016 EquiRatings Horse of the Year Don Geniro. Who does Alex think should take the title in 2017? You'll have to listen to find out! Don’t forget to follow the Horseware Eventing Podcast on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too.
16/12/1730m 22s

EquiRatings Horse of the Year 2017: Making the List

We saw standout performances from all corners of the world in the 2017 eventing season. With only 12 slots available for EquiRatings Horse of the Year, a fierce debate ensues as Sam, Diarm, Jenni and Nicole select the nominees in this hour-long, action-packed episode. The team battle it out to get their favourites onto the list. We look at the stats. We relive the memories. In the end Diarm laments the fact that Mr Bass is not on the list — some things never change! It's an episode not to be missed. Congrats to Ivar Gooden for winning the Fan Nomination with a massive push on social media. Stay tuned for the winners of the Rambo Duo rugs, and thank you to all who participated in our Horseware contest. Without further ado, our 12 nominees ... 1. fischerRocana FST (GER) 2. Nereo (NZL) 3. Arctic Soul (GBR) 4. Horseware Hale Bob (GER) 5. Ballaghmor Class (GBR) 6. Bulana (GBR) 7. Hunter Valley II (AUS) 8. Donner (USA) 9. Cekatinka (NZL) 10. Calle 44 (JPN) 11. Ivar Gooden (GBR) 12. Foxwood High (CAN) In-depth articles will be posted for each horse on the EquiRatings blog, with all the stats, facts and numbers you need to know. Voting starts ahead of Christmas week!  Don’t forget to follow the Horseware Eventing Podcast on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too.
05/12/171h 2m

Locker Room Talk with Tom Carlile

It's the off season which means the team will be talking to riders all winter long and asking burning questions in our Locker Room Talk series. First up we have French team rider Tom Carlile! Tom takes us through the 2017 season, including the high of setting an Event Rider Masters record with Upsilon and the low of things not going to plan at Strzegom. He is more motivated than ever for 2018 and shares his exciting plans for the season. We also surprise Tom with a quick-fire quiz and discover his love for mares. You have to listen to find out which mare he would have in his yard if he could choose any in the world!
01/12/1729m 16s

Thanksgiving Week Special (Adelaide & Ocala Review Too!)

Nicole, Jenni & Diarm look back on the final two big events in the 2017 season. Clarke Johnstone & Balmoral Sensation lived up to being hot favourites down under as they took their first 4* title.  Jenni correctly predicted their wire to wire victory and to cap off a great week Hannah Sue Burnett & Harbour Pilot's Ocala victory meant that she overtook Diarm in the #PodPicks team standings as well. With Thanksgiving in the States this Thursday the team discuss their ideal dinner guests (including Andrew Cooper & Penelope Cruz!) and Diarm dishes out some advice... Balmoral Sensation's win at the weekend also added him to a list of very elite horses who have never been out of the top 10 in their four or more runs at the highest level, check them out on the EquiRatings blog here. There is lots coming up on the Eventing Podcast in the next few weeks, make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest news on Facebook & Twitter.  
22/11/1725m 12s

Fun in the Sun! Adelaide & Ocala Preview Show

The team talk through their picks for the last 4* of the year as the key contenders head Down Under to Adelaide.  With Ocala also taking place this weekend it is all Fun in the Sun and the scene is set for a fantastic end to the 2017 season. Sam rocks his Australian accent, Nicole & Jenni both discover Andrew Cooper on Google while Diarm is backing Balmoral Sensation to take a big win in Adelaide.      
15/11/1731m 50s

Girl Power in Pau: The Review Show

pod-coverThis episode of the Horseware Eventing Podcast is full of #GirlPower as the boys are busy with the EquiRatings empire. Nicole & Jenni have drafted in friend of the show Tilly Berendt, who was out in Pau covering all of the action for Eventing Nation, to make up what is essentially the Eventing Podcast version of Destiny's Child. All of the French action is covered, from the Race to World No 1, the shock withdrawal of Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW and three very influential phases of competition at the final European CCI4* of the year. Make sure you don't miss an episode by subscribing on iTunes, and please share the word with your friends!
02/11/1729m 13s

Vive la Pau!

It's the last European CCI4* of the 2017 season! Diarm, Jenni and Nicole agree that Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW's late entry into Pau makes them a virtual lock for the win. But there is still PLENTY to discuss, including past French winners Astier Nicolas and Maxime Livio, who will look to block Michi from finally taking a win at Pau, which has eluded him thus far in his storied career. Diarm has been championing Jonelle Price and Faerie Dianimo as winners for a month now, and Nicole looks to Shane Rose and CP Qualified, who have have already won at the CCI4* level. Jenni can't betray her love of French wine and casts her vote for the home team. It's been a big week in France, as Le Lion d'Angers also hosted the FEI World Breeding Championship for Young Horses, so be sure to listen for a discussion on the most exciting 6- and 7-year-olds coming out of the field this year. Diarm sends his condolences to Tom Carlile, whose incredible FOD run at Le Lion ended due to the #COD.
26/10/1728m 55s

Searching for a Star 7-Year-Old

No 7-year-old has finished on a sub-40 score at the international two-star level during the 2017 season! Will we see a sub-40 finishing score from the 2017 World Champion? Only four 7-year-olds have finished sub-40 at Mondial du Lion in the last decade! The team sans Diarm discusses which horses to watch in France this weekend, and of course there is a long discussion about Fair Hill, where Canada's Selena O'Hanlon took the coveted CCI3* win. Plus, Michael Jung set a record finishing score in the CCI1* at Strzegom! Buckle up for a big episode.
19/10/1734m 43s

Battle of the Tims

With Sam off on official EquiRatings business, Nicole, Jenni and Diarm rehash an epic week at wild and crazy Boekelo, which certainly lived up to the hype. It was a Battle of the Tims as Dutch favorite Tim Lips faced off with Tim Price for the win. While the Kiwi took first prize, the other Tim claimed the Dutch National Championship and the hearts of many in a class performance on home soil. And there were many more performances to celebrate, like Liz Halliday-Sharp and the exciting 9-year-old Deniro Z leading the way for Team USA in his CCI3* debut. Chris Burton proved once again that he is the undisputed speed king as the only rider in the field to make the time aboard Cooley Lands. And, of course, Diarm can't let the girls forget that he picked Cekatinka to win.
12/10/1737m 26s

It's the World's Biggest CCI3*! Boekelo Preview Show

We have a full and very excited team this week as Sam, Diarm, Nicole and Jenni all prepare to head to Boekelo for the biggest CCI3* of the year ... if Nicole doesn't get lost while navigating the Dutch train system. Jenni surprises everyone with a pop quiz on Boekelo history that goes completely sideways, and everyone has a different opinion on who will win. Sam sticks with the numbers in making his picks, which Diarm thinks is the easy way out. Nicole and Jenni are both cheering for Australia to take their first win in event history, though there are literal dark horses and invaders from the USA prepared to challenge. Who will prevail in the end? You can watch Boekelo live starting with dressage on Thursday on the Boekelo website with commentary from Nicole and Diarm packed with EquiRatings stats. #MBE17
02/10/1737m 7s

Weekend Review: A Hold on Course

In the latest episode of the Horseware Eventing Podcast the team talk all things Ballindenisk & Waregem as well as looking back at the Arena Eventing at the New York Central Park Horse Show.   It was a successful weekend in particular for Sam who took the CIC3* at Ballindenisk from the in form Izzy Taylor, Tim Price has a new star on his hands with the 9 year old Pat's Jester & Maxime Livio's Waregem win isn't enough to win his way back into Diarm's good books. Sam has enjoyed a midday bath, there is much speculation over what was in Jonelle's shopping bag & being held on course has a whole new meaning... We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording this one!
28/09/1735m 25s

Weekend Review: Blenheim and Plantation Field

It's a big episode for #girlpower, as the team proves to be right in the prediction for Izzy Taylor to take the final leg of the 2017 Event Rider Masters series with Be Touchable. With the USA also taking a major victory at the weekend with Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border winning the Blenheim Palace CCI3*, plus a major CIC3* running in the States at Plantation Field, it's safe to say Jenni hijacks the episode. Mighty Nice is back, ya'll! Diarm also talks about being on fire ... literally. Nicole has a narrow miss with a vodka luge. Sam actually holds things together for once. 
20/09/1742m 29s

Event Rider Masters Special: Blenheim Preview

The whole team is back just in time to chat about arguably one of the strongest fields in Event Rider Masters history as we head towards the Series Finale at Blenheim this weekend. The team agree unanimously on who will take the final leg but there is plenty of discussion on podium contenders.  No surprises as Diarm tries to steal picks that don't belong to him and comes up with various 'angles'. Sam is competing at Blenheim so the team enjoy looking into his chances. Nicole & Jenni set up a highly entertaining challenge if he beats his expected score in the first phase.  As always we hope that Jonelle doesn't listen to the podcast because if she does the boys will be in big trouble! There are plenty of innuendos, disagreements and stats as normal service is resumed! Let us know what you think will happen this weekend by getting in touch on Facebook & Twitter & don't forget to tune into all of the ERM action which will be live on www.eventridermasters.tv from 9.15am on FRIDAY for the dressage and 10.15am on SATURDAY for the jumping phases. It's good to be back.
13/09/1743m 56s

ERM Special: Blair Castle Preview

The penultimate event of the 2017 series and ERM 2017 is hotting up. Can Gemma Tattersall keep up her ERM form? How close can Mark Todd and Marcio Jorge get to her before we head for Blenheim? Will our dark horse for the season, Treason, post a counting score that further closes the gap. Will Chris Burton and Graf Liberty enjoy a first Event Rider Masters win or will Oliver Townend win this leg for the second year in a row. Just Diarm and Nicole on this one before they pack their bags for rainy Scotland.
24/08/1734m 42s

Happy Hale Bob

What a weekend of action that was! Ingrid winning her first championship, the Brits being back at the top with Bartle, girl power surging through the sport once again... We tried to record this a few times but the platform we record on has a bug at the moment which means the audio is drifting it sounds like we are interrupting each other. We have edited it for now and are hoping they can get it fixed asap. Thanks for your patience. 
23/08/1734m 20s

European Championships Preview Show

Finally Championship time is here for 2017 and all eyes turn to Strzegom where the best of best will battle it out to be crowned European champion. We have a full house of Nicole, Jenni, Sam and Diarm all giving their views on the ones to beat (and who might come unstuck!). Jung is aiming for history again — surely he can't win four European titles in a row on four different horses?! He is going to have to beat the best to do it. Ingrid arrives on Aachen superstar Horseware Hale Bob, Tom and Upsilon fly the French flag, while Gemma and Quicklook V will surely be the cornerstone of the British challenge. 5 days of top class eventing action awaits!
15/08/1747m 46s

Gatcombe Special

On this episode it is all about Leg 5 of the Event Rider Masters at Gatcombe.  Jenni is moving house which means it is just Nicole & the boys, who are a handful as always. The series leaderboard is a key point of discussion with the current 1-2 Gemma Tattersall & Sarah Cohen both lining up with solid chances. Tim Price, Oliver Townend & Mark Todd's Series challenges all hinge on good performances this weekend as well. Team picks focus on the Cross Country time at Gatcombe which is always tough & there is a crash course on the 'hospital pass' for Sam. Make sure you tune in to all of the #ERMeventing action this weekend, live & free www.eventridermasters.tv, Dressage goes live at 9.45am (BST) on Saturday. Let us know what you think will happen too, get in touch on Facebook & Twitter, Nicole & Sam are in charge of video updates so any requests welcome...
03/08/1754m 56s

Aachen Review Show

It's the Aachen Review Show on a busy week for the team — meaning we have Diarm at the beginning of the episode and Sam at the end. Jenni and Nicole orchestrate a brilliant trap for Sam, which is all you really need to know. In addition to the fun there are plenty of delightful stats to consider. Michael Jung and La Biosthetique Sam FBW have now finished in the top six in all six of their appearances at Aachen. Sandra Auffarth and Opgun Louvo also clinched another top five finish to help the German team to victory in the Nations Cup. The current World, European and Olympic Champions have all won at Aachen. Will Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob continue the trend this year? The team agrees Diarm would likely combust if Ingrid and "Bobby" do win at Strzegom. Watch this space!
26/07/1727m 50s

Jardy Review & Aachen Preview Show

The boys are busy which means Nicole & Jenni get to talk about whatever they like on the pod this week. There's lots to discuss with the inside line on all things Event Rider Masters from Jardy, the invincible Michi Jung & a #NumptyNicole moment when she was set up by Diarm. Jenni springs a #BigFatAachenQuiz on Nicole while looking at German domination at arguably the toughest Nations Cup there is. The argument for a German 1-2-3 is strong but there are plenty of contenders to challenge, including Sam's favourite Propriano de l'Ebat. Jenni pins her #PodPicks hopes on the returning Nobilis 18. There's also a new Eventing Podcast #superfan in the making & the girls set Sam a challenge of some Aachen impressions.  
20/07/1729m 42s

Jardy - The Preview Pod

We are off to France in the morning. The cases are packed, the tickets are downloaded. Nicole has made a list, she has checked it twice (forty times). It's time for Leg 4 of the Event Rider Masters.  Just Diarm and Nicole on this one. They both think that Jung gets beaten. They even agree on a podium! All happy families for a change.  Enjoy!  
13/07/1737m 30s

Event Rider Masters Special: Barbury Review

It's another Event Rider Masters Special as the team reviews leg 3 at Barbury. Diarm is away on official EquiRatings business but Sam, Jenni & Nicole have plenty to talk about. No surprises as the girls swoon over Upsilon, who set all sorts of ERM records with his win.  The great Nereo also gets his own time in the spotlight thanks to his new personal best in the dressage! As if it couldn't get anymore exciting, leg 4 at Jardy is just a few days away. The team also looks at Great Meadow, which hosted the only FEI Nations Cup leg outside Europe in The Plains, Virginia. Jennie Brannigan and Cambalda continued their incredible form at CIC3* level by taking the individual win, and Team USA topped the podium for the second consecutive year. There are also shout outs for Canada's cracking form on cross country and Team GB's top performances from Nicky Roncoroni and Emily Llewellyn. 
11/07/1737m 16s

Event Rider Masters Special: Barbury Preview

All four of the team are on again which usually means there is lots that can go wrong. For the most part they keep it together. All the usual names get a mention — can Andrew lead from start to finish or will a certain Frenchman spoil his party? Can Vittoria strike for the girls again and can Toddy finally break his ERM curse? Nicole continues her Love Island obsession with an interesting observation on OT. One Two Many almost goes under the radar until a big stat shows up late in the day. Have we missed anyone? You can let us know.
05/07/1745m 35s

#EventingExtras: Season Highlights & Listener Requests

The latest episode of the Horseware Eventing Podcast is an #EventingExtras special!  Featuring everything that YOU want us to talk about, we look back on Toytown’s incredible career, pick out our highlights of the 2017 season so far, and have an update on the #PodPicks leaderboard. Sam explains the rules for the Eventing Podcast drinking game, Nicole describes Love Island to Diarm who googles it, and Jenni works out which house riders would be in with #EventersGoToHogwarts. All in all, it’s good to have the team back together again for a lighthearted episode before we turn attentions to Barbury & Jardy over the coming weeks in the Event Rider Masters.
29/06/1737m 5s

Luhmühlen Review Show

On the latest episode of the Horseware Eventing Podcast it is all about #GirlPower as Nicole & Jenni chat to the newly crowned Luhmühlen 4* winner Julia Krajewski. In an exclusive interview we get to hear firsthand just how the weekend played out for the German superstar, who secured her first 4* title with Samourai du Thot, the horse bought as a 5-year-old with little trot but a big attitude! Talking everything from how you celebrate the biggest win of your career, #WonderHorse Chipmunk, bouncing back from Rio and of course all of the EquiRatings facts & figures this is an episode not to be missed. On top of all this the latest Horseware competition winner is crowned ... congratulations Lindsay Berreth! We hope that you enjoy this as much as we did - while the boys are away the girls will play! Julia is definitely one to watch looking ahead to the Europeans so why not follow her on Instagram & Twitter to keep up to date with all her latest news. Safe to say Nicole & Jenni have a new BFF...!  
20/06/1738m 56s

Bramham Review & Luhmühlen Preview

Diarm never thought he would miss Sam, but having to put up with Nicole and Jenni on his own proved challenging. While Sam is on a beach somewhere, the team pick through the bones of a tough Bramham - and a history-making win for Yoshi. Nicole goes on and on about Willa as usual.  We also look forward to this weekend's three and four star from Luhmühlen where the best horses in the world all seem to be going up against each other...in the three star. Diarm picks Julia to win the four star but the girls manage to beat him to it. 
14/06/1735m 10s

Event Rider Masters Special

Leg 2 of the Event Rider Masters in Wiesbaden was the first time that the Series has expanded into Europe and the stunning location of Briebich Palace set the scene for two incredible days of competition. With Diarm in Canada & Jenni flying back to America, Nicole & Sam drafted in a #supersub in the form of the Leg 2 winner & ERM Series leader Sarah ‘Cutty’ Cohen. What a replacement….we get the opportunity to chat all things ERM, plans for a family French holiday in Jardy and of course what would happen if there was a phone call from Chris Bartle…. Wiesbaden and it’s dramatic storm did little to dampen Diarm’s love of Ingrid Klimke & new kid on the block Chipmunk FRH. Nicole’s hair is pretty much back to normal now and Sam comes up with an excellent idea of what Cutty can do with her big ERM winners cheque. If you missed any of the action from Leg 2 then you can relive it all here & don’t forget to tune into the highlights package which will be broadcast throughout the world. All eyes now turn to Leg 3, the St James’ Place Barbury International Horse Trials on 8th & 9th July….
09/06/1734m 57s

Tattersalls Review & Bramham Preview

The whole team returns for a jam-packed episode to review Tattersalls, plus preview Bramham and Bromont. Sam took a swim in the Nations Cup at Tatts but also managed to finish fourth with Ardagh Highlight … when he wasn’t busy doing impressions! Nicole and Diarm survived a massive rain storm at Wiesbaden during leg 2 of Event Rider Masters but lived to tell the tale. The near-death experience did not dampen Diarm’s enthusiasm for Mr Bass, who next heads to Bramham. Jenni somehow manages to keep the whole thing under control while preaching #girlpower and cheering for the Americans. Business as usual! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too.
06/06/1742m 17s

Event Rider Masters Special

Another Event Rider Masters Special  and this time Diarm and Nicole are in Europe. It is Leg 2 and the ERM Show has rolled into Germany for Wiesbadener PfingstTurnier. It is just Diarm and Nicole on this one and they agree a top three. THEY AGREE.  Diarm annoys Nicole with German phrases, she keeps it together. Usual stuff.  Watch Leg 2 from Wiesbaden live at www.eventridermasters.tv and follow the conversation on social media @ERMEventing and #ERMEventing Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too
01/06/1733m 26s

The Tattersalls Preview - CIC3* and CCI3*

In the latest episode of the Horseware Eventing Podcast the team review the action from Saumur, find a possible chink in Michael Jung's armour & talk all things Houghton International before moving onto one of the most popular events in the calendar, Tattersalls. With both the CIC & CCI 3* classes boasting strong fields there is plenty to discuss.  Sam & Diarm are hoping for an Irish winner, Nicole once again sticks by the Brits and Jenni has a strong American contingent coming over. After the success of the #JollyOllie impression, Mark Todd, Blyth Tait & Yogi Breisner all make an appearance, courtesy of Sam.  Diarm promises to pick Jenni up from the airport in fancy dress and Nicole sits, once again, on the fence. In all it's an entertaining episode that has plenty of laughs and an opportunity for the listeners to get involved. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too
30/05/1748m 26s

Houghton Hall and the rest

With Diarm & Sam away in Spain (yes Sam's Spanish impression makes an appearance, no it hasn't improved since last time) the team have a quick (very quick!) preview of all the action coming up at Houghton International this weekend.  The Germans are in full force for the Nations Cup but the Americans also have a strong hand to take on none other than Mr Bass who runs for the first time since winning Ballindenisk last month. It's a little more out of control than normal with Nicole getting her bathroom DIY in a muddle, Diarm's expressions getting him into trouble again, Sam, he was just being Sam & Jenni being the most normal (as usual) of the group. There is lots to talk about in this Podcast from Saumur, Tattersalls, Luhmuhlen and a #PodPicks leaderboard update. A big couple of weeks on the Horseware Eventing Podcast coming up as Sam & Jenni head to Tatts while Nicole & Diarm go to Wiesbaden for Leg 2 of the Event Rider Masters. Don't forget to get in touch with us on Twitter & Facebook #EventingPodcast.
25/05/1726m 37s

SPECIAL - The Review Show: Chatsworth ERM

Another Event Rider Masters Special as we look back at Leg 1 at Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials. Alice joins us and is as brilliant as expected.  The highlights of Leg 1 from Chatsworth are on Sky Sports on Thursday at 7pm (les get those viewing figures up!) and you can watch all the tests, jumps and speed rounds on the 'Watch Again' function at www.eventridermasters.tv  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too 
16/05/1750m 37s

Event Rider Masters Special: Chatsworth PREVIEW

This episode is an Event Rider Masters Special all about Leg 1 at Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials. The team talk through the key facts and figures for Chatsworth, including the Need for Speed. The optimum time is notoriously difficult to make at this venue. Can anything catch the clock? Nicole proclaims her undying love for Upsilon, but Diarm has a surprise for her. Sam tips an Italian pair with a chance to break into the all-time top 10 ERM dressage scores. Jenni still can't find her voice but has her eye on an exciting British combination. Watch Leg 1 from Chatsworth live at www.eventridermasters.tv and follow the conversation on social media @ERMEventing and #ERMEventing Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes — feel free to leave a 5* review too
11/05/1742m 28s

The Badminton Review

What a week!  One of the biggest events in the calendar and it did not disappoint. The team talk through all of the action, who got things right and perhaps more importantly, who got things wrong. Jenni forgot to take her voice back to America with her so she is MIA but Nicole & Sam celebrate the incredible achievement & Diarm rues 'Happy Hale Bob Day'. The winner of the Horseware Ice Vibe Boot competition is announced & Nicole also makes a public apology having totally messed up the Pre Badminton quiz. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes – feel free to leave a review too 
11/05/1750m 43s


What can we say? It is finally here. 
03/05/1743m 56s

The Rolex Review 2017

Kentucky 2017. High drama. Thirties tests. FODs. Ten Four Stars. #TeamLeeLee. Mr Medicott the old timer. Tim Bourke the speedster. High Kingdom!! Queen Rocanna - three in a row. Quick turnaround. PodPicks Updated. On to the next one. 
02/05/1732m 59s

The #RK3DE Preview Show

Ok, the first four star of the 2017 season is finally here and social medis is alight with pictures of people arriving in Lexington! Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST return seeking a third consecutive win - weirdly, its the only event above 2* level they have ever won. Also, weirdly, none of the team went for her as their pick. The big news of the day is that Horseware are now sponsoring the pod, so we have lots of fun prizes and are delighted to gave them on board. The #PodPicks table is updated - and you can also check out the top 20 horses scoring points. No Diarm on this pod but we managed.  
26/04/1755m 28s

Burnham Market

The girls are away so we went rogue and recorded. There is stuff on Burnham Market and a look at the dressage leaderboard. Sam gives us an update on George. Then it just tails off into general life updates...it will be good to have Nicole back to do these things properly.  They only thing wort noting from this pod is BILLY WALK ON. He is going to be a star this year. 
15/04/1730m 20s

The Review Show: Belton CIC3*

The team looks at one of the biggest CIC3*s in the Eventing calendar. Sam gets himself into hot water with the ladies but thankfully gets shown up by eight of the top ten being ladies. We look at 'The Great British Rebuilding Project', led by the 10 year old KBIS Starburst, the overall winner #BusyIzzy. Leonidas came close to the top prize - surely a second career win will come soon! One-tenth of a second cost Piggy French and Quarrycrest Echo the overall win - what a return that could have been! Another horse that is going to be on the radar for Strezgom. The Mr Bass FOD record has come to an end but what a record it is - just himself and Nereo have five consecutive FODs at 3 & 4* level. Zara Tinder is back aswell with a huge performance ahead of Rolex and Arctic Soul gets his run in at last before his big CCI run in May.  The Irish challenge is mounting by the way. Big performances this weekend.  The season is picking up. There was lots of Badminton and Rolex prep runs. 2 four stars coming up in the next four weeks! Hurray! 
05/04/1738m 54s

Belton CIC3* Preview

On the latest Eventing Podcast Nicole, Sam & Diarm catch up on all the latest news from Carolina International, take a look at the latest Rolex Kentucky entries and wish Anthony Patch a very happy retirement. With one of the biggest CIC3* competitions in the calendar about to start we Preview Belton International Horse Trials and take a look down the star studded start list of 112 entries.  The Irish send a strong contingent, 2016 winner Chris Burton is back looking to retain his title and the British Rebuilding Project gets underway. Sam & Diarm discuss sharing a bed, there is a small domestic and Nicole does a happy dance.
31/03/1739m 50s

Four Star Entries and #PodPicks Update

Eventing nerds around the world got excited this week as we got the Badminton entries and then the first Rolex entries. We have a quick look through to see the stand out names.  We also have have an update on our 'PodPicks' league for the season. Any five horses - best 15 rated results altogether. The deadline for entry is fast approaching
22/03/1741m 57s

#LockerRoomTalk: Blyth Tait

In the next episode of the Eventing Podcast's #LockerRoomTalk series Nicole & Sam chat to one of greatest (and nicest) riders on the circuit, Blyth Tait. Looking back at a star studded career that includes World Championship & Olympic titles, more F.O.Ds at Badminton than any other rider, plus hopes for the World Equestrian Games in 2018 it's an interview that only scratches the surface of a truly remarkable career. As Blyth's No. 1 Fan Sam successfully (and somewhat surprisingly) manages to keep himself under control and Blyth selects a very strong team for the #PodcastPicks competition. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes – feel free to leave a review too.
20/03/1732m 59s

#PodcastPicks 2017 Season

Special bonus show this week. We decided to find out who could best select the 5 top performers for 2017 based on the ER Ratings. We each picked our five, and to make it harder for us - we had to select totally different teams. It should be easier for you guys, just pick any 5. Lets see who really knows their stuff! Send us your teams on Twitter using the hashtag #PodcastPicks or on Facebook or email or somehow get the list of 5 to us and we will put you into the system. You have until the end of March, Belton is the cut-off point. There will be a prize...we haven't decided yet..but something decent like an iPad rather than just the usual. And all you have to do is send us 5 horses to be in with a chance of glory.  I have Sam standing by to enter in the teams, so let us know your team of 5. Things getting exciting now as the season nears the start on this side of the world.
23/02/1740m 58s

#LockerRoomTalk: Camilla Speirs

In the next episode of the Eventing Podcast ‘Locker Room Talk’ series, Sam chats to the lovely Camilla Spiers and looks back on what has been an meteoric rise to the very top of the sport. With the small but mighty Portersize Just a Jiff, Camilla has been a regular on the Irish team at Senior level since making her senior debut at a World Games aged only 20 back in 2010.   Taking in the highs of 2016 with two top 10 placings at 4*, the heartbreaking lows of London 2012 and everything in between, it's an interview that focuses on the wonder pony that is Jiffy - the 4* Pony Club Pony who has competed internationally every year for 11 consecutive seasons. It's a remarkable story, one that is made even more special by what is an incredible partnership - we loved this #LockerRoomTalk and we hope you do too!
20/02/1742m 20s

Badminton Special

The #EventingPodcast team are back....and now they have the power of the little green book on their side.    It is time to begin the first in a series of specials which focus on major events to look forward to in 2017. On this episode, the team look at the combinations who have completed one of the the world's greatest four-stars, Badminton Horse Trials, on their dressage score - otherwise known as an F.O.D.  Not as easy, or as common you might think, this feat has been achieved in total 86 times by 50 different riders since penalty scoring was introduced in 1971.  4 riders have managed this on an incredible 4 occasions but one man has managed it a quite staggering 5 times - all rise for the maestro that is Blyth Tait. Diarm realises that Lucinda Green was actually very good (and predicts the end of the Jung reign). Sam trots out some impressions and is apparently described as 'interesting' & 'informative'.....  Jenni professes her love for Eagle Lion & Nicole tries to keep the whole thing under control.
22/01/1755m 26s

Young Guns

The team chat through their picks for #TheYoungGuns to watch in 2017.  The only criteria being that they need to have been born after 1990.  Jenni brings us two top talents from the US, Diarm finds a tenuous link back to Maxime Livio (surprise!) while Nicole & Sam champion some young UK and Irish stars. We look at some of the highest rated performances from #TheYoungGuns in the last couple of years and examine why combinations finishing on their dressage scores (FOD's) are so competitive. Packed with EquiRatings stats, the usual disagreements and Sam opens an exciting parcel on the air.   Don't forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast and subscribe via iTunes - feel free to leave a review too ;)
09/01/1751m 15s

The 2017 Preview Show

With 2016 behind us the team talk through the #OnesToWatch in 2017 with a Season Preview.  With the start of another Olympic cycle likely to see some new stars on the horizon, a focus on the big 4*'s and a host of big names battling it out in the Event Rider Masters Series there is plenty to discuss. Nicole basks in the glory of Don Geniro being crowned EquiRatings Horse of the Year 2016 AND Mulry's Error coming in 2nd.  Jenni pinpoints the ones to watch from America in the lead up to WEG 2018, Sam debates whether Sam will be out competing next year (the horse not the jockey...) and Diarm finds out something about a certain 2017 prediction that Sam (the jockey) hadn't mentioned yet. There is also a brilliant stat on Willa Newton, tipped as being #OneToWatch for 2017.... We can't wait for the 2017 season to get underway and would love to hear what you are most looking forward to, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodc
03/01/171h 9m

Horse of the Year 2016

The pod team decide on the #ERHOTY 2016 candidates and make their cases for inclusion. 4 pots. 3 horses in each. 1 from each pot goes on to the final. 
19/12/161h 14m

#LockerRoomTalk: Lauren Kieffer

In the third of the Eventing Podcast 'Locker Room Talk' series, Jenni and Diarm talk to US starlet Lauren Kieffer. Now sitting the Top 20 of the FEI World Rankings, we talk through Lauren's backstory, we get to ask about Maggot, the Troll and Unicorn, her amazing Rolex form and a tough day on the cross country at Rio.  Fast becoming an Eventing household name, we get an insight into the grit and the determination that has brought Lauren this far. We won't write back because we are still digesting Thanksgiving but you can plague us in all the normal places. Twitter - Facebook or using #eventingpodcast.
25/11/1633m 19s

#LockerRoomTalk: Gemma Tattersall

In the second of the Eventing Podcast 'Locker Room Talk' series, Nicole and Diarm talk to wild and wonderful Team GB international Gemma Tattersall about her incredible 2016 season. A wonderful Badminton result, through the excitements and disappointments of Rio 2016, the emergence of 8yo wondermare Santiago Bay...and that black day at Blenheim when the hot favourite for the Event Rider Masters title didn't fire. Gemma is a great interview (and a great event rider) because she is a bit mad, supremely confident but also very humble and very honest. We have a few more riders lined up to tell their stories but in terms of highs and lows in a season, Gemma's 2016 will be hard to top. If you want to tell us we are great, we are terrible or ask us questions, you'll find us in the normal places.. Twitter - Facebook or using #eventingpodcast.
17/11/1633m 31s

PREVIEW: Adelaide

The final preview of 2016. We recorded this during the week (twice!) and it crashed (twice!) which is why this is short and lacks enthusiasm. Adelaide has broken us. No Nicole tonight which was difficult, we look at the 10 combinations lining up in the 4*....we have an agreed winner. We find a record that has already been broken (not a great one!) and we look at Oliver and Napolean in the CIC3*. Cross country could be interesting. Anyway, this one is short.  Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast.
04/11/1615m 43s

Eventing Podcast: Locker Room Talk - Tim Price

In the first of the Eventing Podcast 'Locker Room Talk' series, Sam Watson talks to New Zealand International Tim Price in a candid interview to find out what makes him one of the best in the world and how he dealt with the highs and lows of his 2016 season. Covering everything from Wesko, the Olympics & Event Rider Masters, it is a genuine insight into the mindset and resilience of one of the world's top event riders. What is it that you think makes Tim so special or is there anyone you would like to feature in a #EventingPodcast Locker Room Talk series? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast, we’d love to hear from you!
31/10/1640m 5s

PREVIEW: Le Lion d'Angers

As the last major event of the season we cannot wait to see the future stars shine on the Championship stage for the very first time. Sam comes to us live from Le Lion with special guests Jonelle Price and Chris Burton, both of whom have strong chances this weekend.  We hear more about their mounts and Sam's Golfing exploits (he might mention the fact that he beat Burto & Tim Price once or twice).
21/10/1639m 28s

REVIEW: Pau**** 2016

As the last European 4* of the season Pau did not disappoint.  The leaderboard shuffled throughout the competition and Diarm's #TopTip Maxime Livio took the title for the home crowd (we will be hearing about this for some time no doubt!).
17/10/1625m 25s

PREVIEW: Pau 2016

As we look ahead to the last European 4* of the season in Pau it is hard to look past the impressive stats of Michi Jung and both of his challengers this time around. Chris Burton, Tim Price & Karin Donckers are all top names who will challenge but none of whom are selected as this weeks top picks by the team.
13/10/1635m 31s
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