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CGP Grey and Myke Hurley are both independent content creators. Each episode, they get together to discuss their working lives. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley.


150: 2024 Yearly Themes

15/12/23·2h 17m

147: Stacked September

Grey has found a fellow Greycation enthusiast. Also, there are new iPhones and Apple Watches, offering more discussion topics than anticipated. A conversation about browser tabs takes place, and Myke is grappling with 'The Fear'.
19/09/23·1h 44m

146: Unusually Spiky

Grey reflects on his recent Greycation while grappling with chaos. Myke is keen to explore a major update to Grey's mailing list. Additionally, they discuss how to determine if a change in business is critical.
05/09/23·1h 27m

145: Problems Are Meant To Be Solved

Grey is in conflict with a thermostat, while Myke has finished his assignment on Mood Tracking. Myke discusses the challenge of juggling the workloads of two businesses, and your hosts take you behind the scenes of a Cortex Brand meeting, revealing their concerns about a significant bet they are about to undertake.
22/08/23·1h 43m

144: Absurd Temperature Management

Grey has had to vacate his garage office, Myke wants to thank Cortexans, Cortex joins the Notion Nation, and Myke has hired a personal assistant. Also, a lightning round of exciting Beta features.
22/07/23·1h 26m

143: Apple Vision Pro: Experiencing the Future

Myke got to try out the Apple Vision Pro – in an exclusive hands-on experience at Apple Park. On this episode, he recounts his entire experience to Grey and talks about what it could mean for the future of computing.
08/06/23·1h 16m

142: Scrying Your List

Grey gets a promotion, and is trying to tame chaos. Myke gets some important news during the recording. They also cannot resist more discussion on backpacks, as well as answering some Ask Cortex questions on 'why you should always have tasks left over at the end of the day', and 'why they do not want to build an app'.
29/05/23·1h 25m

141: State of the Hardware 2023

Myke and Grey talk about the devices they've chosen to get things done in their lives. From their office set ups, to their everyday carry items, to their entertainment devices, fitness products, and more.
15/05/23·2h 32m

140: Cortex: In the Metaverse

Myke and Grey bought Meta Quest Pro headsets and have been using them for their Cortex Brand meetings. They talk about their experiences with the hardware, the software they used, and their feelings on VR as a tool for work.
30/03/23·1h 14m

139: The Perils of Being Left-Handed

Grey has a new 'office', Myke is using Obsidian, and they both reflect on how 'work' and 'weekend' are treating them.
16/03/23·1h 38m

138: The Story of the Last 18 Months

Grey wants to get serious, Myke has been struggling with a project, and they both tell the story of the Sidekick Notepad.
23/02/23·2h 7m

137: A Barometer of Twitter

Grey is focusing on health, Myke has left Twitter, and they've both used ChatGPT.
19/01/23·2h 7m

136: 2023 Yearly Themes

Grey had an unexpected year, Myke has been making progress, and they both share their Yearly Themes for 2023.
09/12/22·2h 19m

135: State of the Apps 2023

Grey is going deep on Focus Modes, Myke will not switch, and they both share the apps and services they have been using most over the past year.
15/11/22·3h 22m

134: AI Art Will Make Marionettes Of Us All Before It Destroys The World

Grey has seen some things he wished he hadn't, Myke tries to work out his alignment, and they both have a lot more to say on AI Art.
19/10/22·1h 55m

133: The Ethics of AI Art

Grey explores collaboration again, Myke is getting ready for the Podcastathon. and they both discuss the ethics of AI art.
05/09/22·1h 41m

132: The Actual Mind of the Algorithm

Grey released his new video, Myke has collaboration questions, and they both dig in to what upload gaps can mean for content creators.
18/08/22·1h 37m

131: A Truly Epic Sense of Denial

Grey had COVID, Myke had COVID, and they both share how this has changed their plans for the year.
31/07/22·1h 18m

130: The Crushing Unfairness

Grey has requests, Myke has COVID, and they both talk about their favourite things from WWDC 2022.
13/06/22·1h 42m

129: The Wrong Kind of Munching

Grey is obsessed with City Stuff, Myke is struggling with 'Corporate Speak', and they both consider switching jobs.
24/05/22·1h 30m

128: Turn Left at the Big Tree!

Grey is struggling with mail, Myke is struggling to understand the top 1000, and they both discuss the 'YouTube Shorts' format.
27/04/22·1h 24m

127: Why Don’t You Love Hawaii?

Grey is back in Hawaii, Myke had a run-in with the universe, and they both are failing to get their inboxes under control.
30/03/22·1h 27m

126: Tempting the Universe

Grey is being normal, Myke has been tinkering with titles, and they both talk about their travel bag setups.
08/03/22·1h 54m

125: Making 'The Interstate’s Forgotten Code'

Grey published a new video, Myke has thoughts on categories, and they both share some feelings about pressure.
21/02/22·1h 11m

124: Titles Are Hard

Grey is finding the formula, Myke reflects on time, and they both finally make some comparisons.
25/01/22·1h 38m

123: 2022 Yearly Themes

Grey is wondering about season breaks, Myke was feeling apprehensive, and they both share their Yearly Themes for 2022.
16/12/21·1h 58m

122: State of the Apps 2022

Grey wants to talk about Focus, Myke is unhappy with communication, and they both discuss the tools and services they use for 'State of the Apps 2022'.
18/11/21·2h 46m

121: Travelling Confidence

Grey succesfully travelled, Myke is very excited about his new iPad mini, and they both have their eyes on a new professional computer.
27/10/21·1h 39m

120: Episode Out of Time: Rio Heist

Grey is getting ready for travel, Myke is getting ready to fill some balloons, and they both have more to say about the Replication Crisis.
15/09/21·1h 32m

119: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Grey has an issue with four hundred thousand files, Myke is preparing the balloons, and they both read 'Thinking, Fast and Slow'.
24/08/21·1h 43m

118: Season of Uncertainty

Grey has never been more wrong, Myke is wondering about his dream office, and they both consider how motivated they are.
13/07/21·1h 22m


Grey is getting back in to Magic, Myke got the app he wanted, and they both feel excited by WWDC21.
15/06/21·2h 6m

116: Legacy in Your Lifetime

Grey is on a campaign for human decency, Myke has finished a project, and they both consider the effect of their work.
18/05/21·1h 33m

115: A Streaming Intervention

Grey found a flowchart, Myke discovered something new about himself, and they both share their experiences with live streaming.
29/04/21·1h 27m

114: The Garden of #AskCortex

Grey has settled on a notes app, Myke has set a limit, and they both share some mysterious numbers.
30/03/21·1h 24m

113: Semi-Abandoned System

Grey has created a strict file workflow, Myke had to cross his fingers, and they both divulge their Screen Crimes.
16/03/21·1h 42m

112: Activation Energy

Grey had a snow day, Myke had a scheduling complaint, and they both talk about judging audience reactions to creative work.
16/02/21·1h 46m

111: Catching an Eel

Grey has been moving everything around, Myke is trying to manage stock, and they both have guidance to give on Yearly Themes.
19/01/21·1h 45m

110: 2021 Yearly Themes

Grey might not be ready yet, Myke is relieved to have a project finished, and they both share their Yearly Themes for 2021.
14/12/20·2h 40m

109: State of the Apps 2021

Grey continues his note taking quest, Myke keeps bumping into kanban, and they both discuss the tools they use for 'State of the Apps 2021'.
24/11/20·2h 14m

108: Splitter and Lifter

Grey struggled to make a decision, Myke is back in lockdown, and they are both excited about the promise of new Macs.
16/11/20·1h 37m

107: A Visual Bombardment

Grey welcomes a widgety world, Myke is happy with his big phone decision, and they both show off their iOS 14 Home Screens.
19/10/20·1h 55m

106: Clear and Boring

Grey has a new office, Myke is working with balloons, and they are both finding ways to adjust.
14/09/20·1h 30m

105: Atomic Notes

Grey has shuffled his schedule, Myke tried to leave Google Docs, and they both experience a monumental discovery about note-taking.
27/08/20·1h 48m

104: RGB on the eGPU

Grey has made some big home office changes, Myke has a new Yearly Theme, and they both question collaboration tools.
21/07/20·1h 46m

103: A New Widgety World

Grey wants to know what's going on, Myke is changing things up, and they both talk about WWDC 2020.
29/06/20·1h 44m

102: Lockdown Productivity

Grey is doing good, Myke is busier than ever, and they both talk about how to live and work entirely at home.
25/05/20·1h 37m

101: Productivity 101

Grey and Myke delve into the core elements of their own productivity: task management, email, time-tracking, communication and calendars. They discuss their approach to each of these pillars and the tools that allow them to manage them effectively.
11/05/20·1h 50m

100: Quarantime

Grey returns to a virtual reality, Myke is obsessed with his desert island, and they both talk about how their working lives have been affected by a global pandemic.
21/04/20·1h 55m

99: Epi5ode Out of Time

Grey questions the narrator, Myke is in a commemorative mood, and they both watched 'Inside Bill's Brain'.
30/03/20·1h 44m

98: A Stable Stack of Bricks

Grey got a gift he cannot use, Myke is still outfitting Mega Studio, and they both discuss clarity in projects.
17/03/20·1h 57m

97: The Share Square

Grey has been doing headphone testing, Myke has a big new project, and they are both dealing with sizeable disruptions.
26/02/20·1h 54m

96: Levels, Levels

Grey keeps changing his set up, Myke has a new wireless charger, and they both follow up on Yearly Themes.
29/01/20·2h 22m

95: 2020 Yearly Themes

Grey has a brand new Yearly Theme, Myke has been thinking of one for months, and they both discuss why Yearly Themes are better than resolutions.
31/12/19·1h 42m

94: State of the Apps 2020

Grey has settled on a writing tool, Myke has refined his research workflow, and they both discuss their favourite software for 'State of the Apps 2020'.
10/12/19·2h 3m

93: The Memory of Somebody Else

Grey gets a tech news update, Myke is looking back, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
26/11/19·1h 23m

92: Time Continuum Consequences

Grey is back on the internet, Myke is upset about mischief, and they both got some new devices.
28/10/19·1h 40m

91: An Episode Out of Time 4: Revenge of the Time

Grey is stuck in a time paradox, Myke shares how many journals he ordered, and they both watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi.
23/09/19·1h 18m

90: Moretex

Grey went on a wild goose chase for a new video, Myke has a huge livestream coming up, and they both talk about working through tough projects.
12/09/19·1h 21m

89: Everything is Constant Always

Grey needs recommendations, Myke tests a new ergonomic arrangement, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
13/08/19·1h 21m

88: Cortex Airport

Grey tested his resolve, Myke is struggling with manufacturing, and they both talk about their current bag setup.
30/07/19·1h 35m

87: The Theme System Journal

Grey got Maps, Myke got an operating system, and they both created a journal.
11/06/19·1h 42m

86: I Like Maps

Grey is back in the desert, Myke is excited about a new app, and they both have expectations for WWDC.
28/05/19·1h 42m

85: Grey's Non-Linear Life

Grey published a vlog, Myke is back to Mega Office, and they both know what day starts the week.
09/05/19·1h 24m

84: Radiating Anxiety

Grey sparks joy, Myke is thinking about career length, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
23/04/19·1h 16m

83: 7 Days Out

Grey broke a routine, Myke dealt with a huge deadline, and they both watched 7 Days Out: Eleven Madison Park.
26/03/19·1h 37m

82: Screen Crimes

Grey's had some time to himself, Myke was cold, and they both compare their Screen Time statistics.
12/03/19·1h 39m

81: The American Meme

Grey has some project updates, Myke is feeling a little sad, and they both watch 'The American Meme'.
22/02/19·1h 46m

80: Ice Fortress

Grey conquered a deadline, Myke is in love all over again, and Slack has a new logo.
06/02/19·1h 35m

79: 2019 Yearly Themes

Grey has a theme for 2019, Myke has two themes for 2019, and they both discuss why Yearly Themes are important to them.
01/01/19·2h 3m

78: State of the Apps 2019

Grey has a terrible to-do hack, Myke is going back to PodCon, and they both discuss their favourite software for 'State of the Apps 2019'.
18/12/18·1h 48m

77: The Effective Executive

Grey has something to say about the iPad, Myke did something for the first time in a decade, and they both read The Effective Executive.
27/11/18·1h 48m


Grey is having some watch face issues, Myke refuses to sleep, and they both consider ‘who’s the boss?’.
16/10/18·1h 22m

75: Home Again

Myke has lots of music to share, Grey unveils the mystery of his Home Screen, and they both have new Apple Devices.
02/10/18·2h 1m

74: The Biggest Challenge of Being a Human

Myke wants to make some changes, Grey is taking a break, and they are both excited about some big announcements.
19/09/18·1h 54m

73: Clear the Cortex Decks

Myke is perplexed with corporate branding, Grey has learned more than he wanted about USB-C, and they both answer #ASKCORTEX questions on how to get the career you want, how to start being productive, and to find out who could live longest in the woods.
04/09/18·1h 33m

72: Adulting Complete

Myke got a Roomba, Grey has found peace with his to-do system, and they are both very excited about the Shortcuts beta.
14/08/18·1h 44m

71: Dark Synergy

Myke is getting married and reveals the mystery of his watch, Grey is intrigued about iOS 12 Notifications, and they both talk about the listeners of Cortex.
03/07/18·1h 46m

70: CORTEK - WWDC 2018

Grey is excited about scooters, Myke had a monumental week, and they both have lots of thoughts about WWDC.
11/06/18·1h 26m

69: Minimum Viable

Grey needs more storage space, Myke built a gaming PC (nice!), and they both talk about what they want to see at WWDC.
22/05/18·1h 38m

68: A Noble Profession

Grey publishes a YouTube video that's _a tad different_, Myke has made some changes to his journal, and they both discuss experimenting with new ways of doing things.
01/05/18·1h 17m

67: "Entrepreneurs"

Grey is having some charging troubles, Myke questions the benefit of courses, and they both talk about how they use the Apple Pencil.
04/04/18·1h 27m

66: Triggers - Creating Behaviour That Lasts

Myke has read _Triggers_, Grey tries to deal with a backlog, and they have amazing new merch available.
20/03/18·1h 45m

65: Goals Are Dumb

Myke has started a journal, Grey switched back to something, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
06/03/18·1h 20m

64: 6 Days to Air

Grey is bringing order to task management, Myke is back to colourful backgrounds, and they both watched _6 Days to Air_.
20/02/18·1h 38m

63: Flower Garden

Grey has an iMac Pro, Myke has thoughts about vlogging, and they both have Yearly Theme updates.
06/02/18·1h 23m

62: 2018 Yearly Themes

Myke has completed a 'Year of Less', Grey has completed a 'Year of Redirection', and they both have their 2018 Themes ready to go.
23/01/18·1h 37m

61: State of the Apps 2018

Myke went to PodCon, Grey doesn't write articles anymore, and they both name their favourite software for 'State of the Apps 2018'.
19/12/17·2h 3m

60: CorteX

Grey has played Stardew Valley, Myke is taking stock of his technology, and they both have new iPhones.
14/11/17·1h 27m

59: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Grey uses a YouTube limitation to his advantage, Myke is nervous about an event, and they both read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
31/10/17·1h 48m

58: The Opportunity of a Chair

Grey moves office again, Myke wants to play a new farming game, and they both answer your #askcortex questions.
10/10/17·1h 31m

57: Bucketful of Internet

Myke is waiting for a delivery, Grey evangelizes napping, and they both have thoughts about the iPhone X.
26/09/17·1h 37m

56: Castles Made of Sand

Myke is very tired, Grey has many frustrations, and they both need to assess how iOS 11 will change their iPad Homescreens.
12/09/17·1h 25m

55: Go for the Big Elephant

Grey has made a grown up acquisition, Myke is having a laundry situation, and they both discuss working effectively in different locations.
22/08/17·1h 22m

54: An Episode Out of Time 3: Time Strikes Back

Grey thinks the end is nigh, Myke is making preperations, and they both review Homescreens from the past.
01/08/17·1h 15m

53: Worst Business Decision Ever

Myke is getting ready for a big trip, Grey recorded a Vlog, and they both give some thoughts on the updated #MultiPadLifestyle.
18/07/17·1h 38m

52: CORTEK - WWDC 2017

Myke got his wish, Grey gives Apple a performance review, and they both receive a magic box.
14/06/17·1h 53m

51: Meeting for Lunch

Grey spills the beans, Myke gets to gloat, and they both want to define _productivity_.
16/05/17·1h 17m

50: Golden Anniversary

Grey is a live streamer, Myke tries to resist making a clip show, and they both celebrate 50 episodes of Cortex
02/05/17·1h 27m

49: Waiting for the End

Grey published a YouTube video, Myke is losing control, and they talk about Apple’s silence a few days before they make an announcement.
05/04/17·1h 32m

48: Parade of Failures

Grey took a secret photo, Myke took a chance, and they both cannot agree on how long you should stick it out.
21/03/17·1h 20m

47: Picking Up the Breadcrumbs

Grey is a leaf on the wind, Myke shares his thoughts on Todoist, and they both share their experiences on hiring and applying.
07/03/17·1h 28m

46: External Thinking Tool

Grey turns to pen and paper, Myke switches to Todoist, and they both share what they wanted to be when they grew up.
21/02/17·1h 24m

45: Cortex Working Group

Grey talks about the past few months, Myke is thinking about graphs, and they both provide more thoughts on time tracking.
07/02/17·1h 19m

44: Existential Time Tracking

Myke has started tracking his work time, Grey has started tracking all time, and they both talk about their themes for 2017.
24/01/17·1h 30m

43: Tornado Bigshot

Myke discovered his ranking, Grey will not switch, and they both answer #askcortex questions before the Cortexmas season begins.
12/12/16·1h 38m

42: All for the Vlog

Grey heard a pop, Myke went to Ikea, and they both are frustrated with notifications.
28/11/16·1h 38m

41: Spiralling

Myke is dealing with house renovations, Grey is making lots of videos, and they both answer some questions about how this show is made.
18/11/16·1h 44m

40: The Rules for Rulers

Grey finally finished a big project, Myke bought a ticket to Vidcon, and they are both very excited about a piece of paper.
28/10/16·1h 32m

39: You'll Never Guess What Happens!

Grey's productivity is being disrupted, Myke is giving in to the tropes of Youtube, and they both played PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator.
17/10/16·1h 34m

38: A Vlog Is What You Make It

Myke is starting a Youtube channel, Grey's office is ruined, and they both share their current phone homescreens.
03/10/16·1h 48m

37: Doomsday Bunker

Myke is very excited about stickers, Grey is happy with the MacBook Adorable, and they both try to get their head around Youtube Demonitization.
19/09/16·1h 54m

36: Cortex Cottage

Myke deals with disruptions, Grey had a successful summer, and they both discover the world's largest Youtuber.
06/09/16·1h 27m

35: An Episode Out of Time 2: Out of Timer

Grey wants more vacations, Myke gets overwhelmed, and they both learn to work better together.
24/08/16·1h 22m

34: Punch Card System

Grey got help with animation, Myke imagines trucking in VR, and they both get distracted by keyboards with rainbow LEDs.
26/07/16·1h 35m

33: Cortek

Grey has finished conferencing, Myke's ready to give advice, and they both are upset with Evernote.
11/07/16·1h 21m

32: Dropping Acid

Myke holds an event, Grey experiences open offices, and they both had a VR experience.
23/06/16·1h 41m

31: Later Comes Eventually

Grey buys a travel computer, Myke keeps making new podcasts, and they both discuss collaborating with others.
12/06/16·1h 36m

30: Cortexaversary

Grey got through the video submissions, Myke keeps the wheel turning, and they both celebrate a special occasion.
30/05/16·1h 7m

29: Dvorak

Grey has opened up job applications, Myke is intrigued by Dvorak keyboards and they both get sucked in to _yet another_ new email app.
16/05/16·1h 27m

28: Formalizing and Systematizing

Myke fixes problems, Grey automates his to-do list, and they both discuss hiring people.
02/05/16·1h 31m

27: Danger Inches Away

Grey suffers with RSI problems, Myke bought an iPad, and they both go trucking across America.
18/04/16·1h 30m

26: Pick your Poison

Grey is frustrated with to-do apps, Myke is frustrated by passport control, and they both take another look at their homescreens.
05/04/16·1h 42m

25: Creativity, inc.

Myke is ruined, Grey (maybe) gets an office, and they both read Creativity Inc.
21/03/16·1h 52m

24: Open Field In Every Direction

Myke stayed up too late, Grey shares his calendaring philosophy, and they are both relieved about a change of course.
08/03/16·1h 28m

23: Business Monk

Grey went on another 'Workcation', Myke just wants to share, and they both have more to say about the Apple Pencil.
22/02/16·1h 34m

22: Statistics Aren't Everything

Myke is sick, Grey hits two million YouTube subscribers, and they are both very upset about Apple Pencil support in iOS 9.3.
08/02/16·1h 41m

21: The E-Myth Revisited

Grey wants to do less, Myke has a new toy, and they both read _The E-Myth Revisited_.
25/01/16·1h 30m

20: New Year

Grey comes back to the internet, Myke is thinking about New Year's Resolutions, and they both answer some #AskCortex questions.
11/01/16·1h 25m

19: Brick of Obligation

Grey gets a battery, Myke loses Mailbox, and they both consider what their future computers could be.
14/12/15·1h 46m

18: King in a Castle

Grey published a video, Myke played some video games, and they both had hipster coffee.
30/11/15·1h 38m

17: Dialing Down

Grey takes time away from the Internet, Myke takes time away from Twitter, and they both get an iPad Pro.
17/11/15·2h 4m

16: Structural Trust

Myke makes an official statement, Grey drives a truck across Europe, and they both discuss sharing responsibilities in their business.
02/11/15·2h 3m

15: Tempest in a Teapot

Myke explains beard oil, Grey mourns the loss of his iMac, and they both discuss the moral minefield of ad blocking.
19/10/15·1h 49m

14: Conflicted About Email

Myke makes judgments about Grey's musical choices, Grey explains how he is working with his personal assistant to manage email, and they both lament the current state of email apps.
05/10/15·1h 32m

13: Trail of Tears

Myke is jet-lagged, but Grey wants to know all about XOXO. Grey is intrigued about the iPad Pro, and Myke wants to talk about iOS 9. Grey shares a theory about the 16GB iPhone, Myke listens.
19/09/15·1h 46m

12: The Rule of Two

Grey describes the 'Rule of Two', Myke wants to know how the 'UK explained' video became a success, and they both discuss Netflix's hiring policies, branding, and ASMR videos.
07/09/15·1h 34m

11: 0% Entertaining

This week Grey and Myke get *very* excited about their new computer mice, before sharing more of their views on if it's easier to become an internet personality today, and what you need to do to get there.
28/08/15·1h 33m

10: Zero Artistic Skills

This time Grey and Myke tackle various ways to get audiobooks in to Overcast, discuss the creation of _Alphabet_, and cover the tools and processes Grey uses to create the animation for his videos.
14/08/15·1h 45m

9: Draft A Day

This time Grey has a Home screen disaster and Myke admits how he plays Prison Architect, before going on to talk about writing scripts for Youtube videos, and their thoughts on outlining and mind mapping.
07/08/15·1h 25m

8: An Episode Out Of Time

This week Grey and Myke talk about how they deal with travelling, before answering important questions like; 'what Coffee does Grey drink?', 'what advice would you give for someone that wants to be self employed?', and 'Kirk or Picard?'.
24/07/15·1h 30m

7: Ultimately a Nightmare

More on email! Grey talks about some big changes in his personal email system, and Myke shares his top-tips for avoiding the email you don't want to deal with. Finally, Grey talks about his impressions of using the iOS 9 public beta.
20/07/15·1h 24m

6: General Purpose Problem

This week Grey and Myke discuss why it’s important to have hobbies, before beginning to tackle the discussion of Email.
10/07/15·1h 41m

5: Work Simulator

After trying to find ways to deal with unbearable heat, Grey and Myke discuss how they like to spend their time away from work, and put the 'Great Perspective Zoom Debate' to rest.
03/07/15·1h 30m

4: Posting Day

This week Myke and Grey discuss iPad Portrait layout complications, how Grey deals with posting new videos to Youtube, and the necessity of checklists (even if you don't think you need them). Myke also launches the 'Great Perspective Zoom Debate', and Grey talks about starting a fashion label.
26/06/15·1h 41m

3: Good for Brain Health

This time, Grey and Myke answer questions from listeners, while addressing topics like the utility of the iPad, notification badges, and whether you should have a web browser on your phone.
19/06/15·1h 32m

2: Redundant Office

This week Myke and Grey talk about working environments, what is the ideal and how different places can shape the work performed in them.
12/06/15·1h 14m

1: I Don't Really Like Work

This week, Myke quizzes Grey about the devices he uses to get his work done, and Grey gets very disappointed about how Myke arranges his iPhone.
03/06/15·1h 26m
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