Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

By YMH Studios

Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!


564 - Johnny Pemberton - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Get $225 of your order at - Go to right now and you’ll get your first refill FREE. - Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Just go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM. - Get the most out of your streaming services today at If you use my link, you’ll get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free. Tom Segura and Christina P start off this episode of Your Mom's House by discussing all the San Fernando Valley has to offer, and a particular cool gal they saw at the stoplight on their way to the studio. This prompts a conversation about why crazy chicks are good in bed. Jean and Jean then give an update on the status of their bike repair, before calling Alister Thorn aka Fedsmoker's nemesis to discuss the late great Conald Petersen. Tom also describes how much fun he's been having sharing the Ed Asner cool guy video with unsuspecting friends. Todd and Christine watch videos of a Karen yelling at CVS, a cool guy eating a wasp's nest, a Nazi gubernatorial candidate, a vagina slingshot, and a dude smoking his own dandruff. Johnny Pemberton is an actor, comedian, and host of the Live to Tape podcast. He joins Tom and Christina to discuss deadly spiders, math class, terrible Christmas movies, and airplane browns. He watches a cool girl's fart tutorial, an update from Tony Johns, a Horrible or Hilarious of an accidental gunshot, and a hefty dose of Christina's TikToks.
12/08/202h 34m

563 - Brian Simpson - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Tom and Christina are doing a LIVE podcast COMPLETELY uncensored, un-blurred, and with VERY special guests. Get your tickets to this virtual event happening August 14 @ 5pm PST here: SPONSORS: - Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain! - Go to a free online visit - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping at - Head to right now to get started on finding the best home insurance for you. - Get 3 additional months free if you go to, and use promo code [MOM] on your three month subscription. Come on Mark, don't be stingy! Tom Segura and Christina P start this episode of Your Mom's House by listening to one of their favorite recent fan songs, a tribute to the Mousepad Cool Guy. They discuss the Netflix reality series "Love on the Spectrum" that they've become obsessed with, and then look at some cool videos from a YouTuber named Dhar Mann. They discuss Nadav's new haircut, Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz moving to Texas, and revisit Ed Asner's cool guy lookalike. They wrap up the solo segment by playing a round of Horrible or Hilarious? Brian Simpson is a stand-up comedian and host of the "BS" podcast. He joins the main mommies to discuss his stages of quarantine, his quarantine purchases, and give advice to mommies that had written in. He is introduced to the Ed Asner cool guy, the doll walker, Dhar Mann, and watches some of Christina's TikTok curations. They wrap up by watching a viewer-submitted parody of the Mousepad Cool Guy featuring Bert Kreischer.
05/08/202h 36m

562 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Get $5 off and zero delivery fees on their first order of $15 or more, when you download the DoorDash app and enter code MOM. - Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. - Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Just go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM. - Use promo code [mom] for 10% off your first order at - Try the sample pack at or by searching “LMNT” on It's just Jean and Jean for this episode of YMH. Tom Segura and Christina P kick this episode off by watching a clip of some road rage in Australia. They switch gears to talk about their recent experience signing up for tennis lessons, which leads to Christina reminiscing about watching her dad play tennis. They also discuss their new favorite reality show on Netflix, "Indian Matchmaking," being prejudice toward certain dog breeds, and why BBC flagged our last episode. They call YMH All-Star Norm Summerton's tattoo artist, Derrick, for an update on Norm. They also call Top Dog to ask him some pressing questions. The Main Mommies then watch a new video from the Mousepad Cool Guy, an interesting take on dating, a guy walking a doll, a bear on a video chat, and a video of Fedsmoker's nemesis confronting Conald. They wrap up by watching a batch of Christina's TikTok curations.
29/07/202h 16m

561 - Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Robert Iler - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Go to to start your risk-free membership and get up to twenty dollars toward your first order. - Stamps: Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Go to, click the micriphone at the top of the homepage and enter MOM - Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain - Use Code "HOUSE" for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - Buy One, Get One Free. - Go to and use the offer code YMH at checkout to get 50% off just about any item plus 10 FREE Gifts! - Roman: That’s for a free online visit and free two day shipping. - Get 15-percent off your order at! Tom Segura and Christina P start this episode of Your Mom's House out with some wholesome videos of children, a panda, a good neighbor, a bear playing with nunchucks, and more family friendly fun. They discuss Nadav's return to Studio Jeans, and take a look at the security camera footage of him moments after deleting an episode of YMH. This prompts the Jeans to come up with a new punishment for Blueban. They then look at a cool guy comedian who's better than Chris Rock, discuss Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith's red table talk, watch a follow-up video on a certain British delicacy, and explain why they paid someone to potentially steal their bikes. They also call Top Dog for some advice when it comes to the ladies. Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are known for their roles as A.J. and Meadow on The Sopranos. They are also the hosts of the Pajama Pants Podcast. They sit down with the main mommies to discuss their experience on The Sopranos, their fondest memories of James Gandolfini, 90 Day Fiance, Jamie-Lynn's father-in-law, Lenny Dykstra, and Rob's favorite cool guys. They watch videos of a guy with a hole in his living room, an update from the mousepad cool guy, a man who broke into a bank for a hot pocket, a lady who stockpiles white to combat COVID-19, and a cool girl supporting Black Lives Matter. They also take a look at some of Christina's most recent TikTok curations.
22/07/202h 55m

560 - Dr. Drew Pinsky - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - And if you go to, RIGHT NOW, you’ll get your first refill FREE. - Try Fitbod for free for one month when you sign up today at - get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free at - Go to and use the offer code YMH at checkout to get 50% off just about any item plus 10 FREE Gifts! What's up there chomos! It's another episode of Your Mom's House with Tom Segura and Christina P. Nadav is missing for this episode and we don't know where he is. Luckily, his replacement is a fast Googler. The main mommies discuss having guests over, buying a pizza box worth of croissants, their different stages of quarantine, Dirty Dancing, and Bert Kreischer's disgusting habits when it comes to hygiene. They watch videos of a golf fart, a xim/xer person explaining their different identities, a new video from the mousepad cool guy, and an update from Tony Johns. They also read viewer-submitted emails about the B vs. V pounding debate and which is more tiring. The mommies finish up the first segment by looking at YMH All-Star Norm Summerton's new tattoos and reviews YMH fans have left for Robert Paul Champagne's home. Jean and Jean are joined by YMH regular Josh Potter for the second segment of the show. They discuss the possibility that TikTok might get banned, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson's controversial posts, and San Francisco Giant Pablo Sandoval's weight. They also delve into Bert Kreischer's Kool-Aid intake, the weight requirement to be a flight attendant, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's open relationship. Todd and Chrisjeansa are also joined by Dr. Drew Pinsky in this episode. They discuss the recent "heavy" videos Drew has been exposed to by Tom, the bubonic plague, Drew's potential political run, and Drew's wife, Susan's, recent appearance on Where My Mom's At? They show Drew a new Fedsmoker video, a video of Fedsmoker's nemesis, a good semaritan that reminds them of Fedsmoker, a cool vintage Cream of Wheat commercial, more wolves licking people's mouths, and much more!
15/07/202h 48m

559 - Russell Peters - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Squarespace: Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain - Shady Rays: Use Code "HOUSE" for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - Buy One, Get One Free. - Hims: listeners can get their first visit absolutely free! Go to forhims dot com slash mom. That’s - Stamps: Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Go to, click the micriphone at the top of the homepage and enter MOM - Policygenius Home: see how much you can save by re- shopping your home insurance rates at - Brooklinen: Use promo code mom for 10% off your first order at You gotta get it goin' bud! Tom Segura and Christina P kick off this episode of YMH with a video of a woman who really needs to brown. They discuss the latest instance of Nadav doing bad, Bert Kreischer's kool-aid intake, how often Dr. Drew gets milked, and their recent trips to the dermatologist. They watch a vintage English commercial for a questionably-named product, a very strange Instagram live-stream, a dude eating nails, a cool talking about his success with women, an English lesson on slang words, a cool guy who collects mousepads, and a follow-up from everyone's least favorite bearded lady. The main mommies also play a game where they watch some of the most intense videos on the internet, which naturally leads them to call Dr. Drew to discuss the potential health risks of eating brown. Russell Peters is a stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. Russell sits down with Jean & Jean to talk about Jiu Jitsu, rolling with Joe Rogan, partying at Eddie Murphy's house, hip-hop, and the controversy around Hank Azaria playing Apu on The Simpsons. They share the murder play video with Russell, as well as a DIY video on how to make jewelry out of human teeth, a cool girl rapping, and some of Mommy Tina's TikTok curations. Pierce Paris is a very strong performer and social-media creator. He joins the mommies on the couch to discuss his iconic video that Tim and Crystal have been obsessed with. He discusses how he prepared for that video, his other Twitter stunts, how he started a viral challenge, and eating bear scrum. He also gives us a walk-through his prep process and reviews RPC's premium content.
08/07/203h 3m

558 - Taylor Tomlinson - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code MOM20 at - Use promo code "mom" for 10% off your first order at Welcome to Lucifer’s Lair with your hot hosts Tom Segura and Christina P. The main mommies start this episode off by posing a very pressing question: Is B stuff more tiring than V stuff? Jean and Jean then take a look at a new rendition of the Bee Gees classic “Stayin’ Alive.” Tom gives us a dental update, and Christina discusses her recent smurfday and the amazing cake Tom got her. They watch a video of a cool guy vaping, and an equally cool Donald Trump campaign video shot on an iPhone. They transition into discussing the recent Chris D’Elia news, as well as Joey Diaz and the culture of comedy clubs as a whole. They wrap up the segment by watching two more cool videos. In one a guy is able to excrete his beanbag out of his bottom; the other is just a cool lady going crazy on some paramedics. Taylor Tomlinson is a stand-up comedian, and host of the "Self-Helpless" and "This Is Important to Me" podcasts. She talks to Todd and Crystal about starting stand-up as a teenager, her religious parents, the passing of her mom, and her new Netflix special “Quarter-Life Crisis.” The discussion about Taylor’s parents leads Tom to call Top Dog and Charo and ask him their burning question about the B vs. the V. Top Dog insists that back-door is much more tiring. Charo is horrified. The Jeans bring Taylor up to speed on everyone’s favorite psychopath: Garth Brooks, as well as some other cool guys and gals. Tom discusses the brokest he’s ever been, and Christina discusses her Cream of Brown experience. They wrap up by watching some of CP’s TikTok curations, a lane of the Tok that Taylor didn’t know existed.
01/07/202h 30m

557 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain - Use Code "HOUSE" for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - Buy One, Get One Free. - Go to and get $225 off your purchase towards a mattress - Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. Go to, click the micriphone at the top of the homepage and enter MOM - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15%. Sleep better, recover faster, and train smarter. - Go to get 10% off your order Pull your jeans up! It's just the Main Mommies in this episode of YMH. They start off by playing a new song by our friend Fart Simpson using drops from YMH All-Star Robert Paul Champagne. Then they take a look at a video by a cool bearded lady. They also watch videos of a woman who breast feeds her older kids, a guy making love to a pile of dirt, a new video from classic Cool Guy Joseph (aka the Ayayay! guy), and the way one dude is trying to improve current social climate. #ApologyLunch! The mommies also discuss Birkenstocks, Tom's recent check-up with his doctor, sunburns, how Bert Kreischer showers, and more. Of course, they also look at a round of Christina's TikTok curations.
24/06/201h 46m

556 - Cesar Millan - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15% - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code MOMWW at - Get a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment at and use the code word "MOM" - See how much you can save by re-shopping your home insurance rates at - Try Fitbod for free for one month when you sign up today at It's a whole white baby bruh, and it's a whole new episode of Your Mom's House. This week, Tom Segura and Christina P take a look at clips from the new crime-thriller documentary on Netflix: "Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On." They also explore a vintage Fedsmoker video, in which Conald conducts a traffic stop on a government official! They also revisit YMH All-Star Robert Paul Champagne's premium content account to show just how much value you're getting with a subscription! They compare his content to other content creators. Which accounts bring the most value to their viewers?? YMH-regular Josh Potter joins the main mommies on the couch to discuss some current events. Several male "workers" have come out with allegations against Senator Lindsey Graham and his "ladybugs." Cool Guy actor Nacho Vidal is also in the news after being charged with a toad-licking ritual gone wrong! They also dive into Josh's recent experience having his house cleaned, which there's a video of on this very channel. Cesar Millan is a dog trainer, widely known for his Emmy-nominated television series "Dog Whisperer." He joins Todd and Christine to discuss his early life, how he began training dogs, working with Oprah Winfrey, things that affect a dog's energy, and much more. Cesar also lends his opinions on pup play, pony play, and the cool gal that lets wolves lick the inside of her mouth.
17/06/202h 26m

555 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Get tickets to Tom Segura's Charity Zoom Event here: What's up there Chomo? In this episode of YMH, the main mommies take a look at YMH All-Star Robert Paul Champagne's exclusive "premium" content for fans only, follow up on 90 Day Fiance, and talk to Charo and Top Dog on the phone. Tom and Christina find out what Fedsmoker looks for in a lady, watch some 80s sex ed videos, and look at a clip of a racist toddler, as well as many other cool videos. Also the Saatva contest winners are revealed! SPONSORS: - Check Out for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase - Use promo code HOUSE for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15% - Get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code [MOM], only at - Go to get 10% off your order - With over 100 million downloads and tons of five-star reviews, Best Fiends is a must-play!
10/06/202h 3m

554 - Ryan Sickler - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Full disclosure. The person writing this description isn’t exactly sure how to put what occurred during this episode into words.... We start out discussing how Tom and Christina had very different styles of “Senior Week.” 3 beers Tom made an appearance during the holiday and Mystic Rick has captured the hearts of wrestling fans around the world. Next, we have apprehended top of the line “cups” and they fully engulf Josh Potter. Finally, Ryan Sickler (comedian and host of the HoneyDew Podcast) joins the show. We discuss the new move of HoneyDew to it’s own channel and then get into some of the most disgusting YMH content we may have ever seen. This episode leaves everyone in a heap of tears and nausea. It is not to be missed. Again, very tough to describe in words what was just witnessed. Good luck.
03/06/202h 28m

553 - Tony Hinchcliffe, Ron Funches, Earl Skakel, & Steve Simeone - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Today, we get some updates on some old favorites. (Hint: Tommy John and FedSmoker!) plus Tom has been driving around in a McLaren and has been getting some interesting reactions. Tom and Christina call up Charo to make a bargain with her. We have a new cool guy and a new Fart Simpson prank call! Plus, Josh Potter delivers the news. We have a cavalcade of guests today who have taken umbrage with what Tom has had to say regarding Wrestling. Tony Hinchcliffe, Earl Skakel, Steve Simeone and Ron Funches all go toe-to-toe with “Mystic Rick” and explain why they enjoy Sports Entertainment. We get into their old favorites, why they enjoy wrestling and we get their opinion on whether or not Mystic Rick has what it takes to step into the squared circle. Enjoy or you’ll get the Turkey Slicer and a stamp on your forehead. SPONSORS: - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15% - Use Code: HOUSE for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - Buy One, Get One Free. - Go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM for a 4 week trial - for 3 months free with a 1-year package. - Check out and get your first shipment FREE when you use our special promo code [HOUSE] -- Just pay $5 shipping.
27/05/201h 56m

552 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What’s up, Protomanics! Another YMH is here and Scott Baio tells us about balls. Some sexual education memories from 8th grade sparks a call to Top Dog and Charro. After Norman Summerton rocked our worlds, we discover a new video from him AND a new FedSmoker video. There’s an earth shattering revelation on “90 Day Fiancé (Before The 90 Days.)” Tom addresses the Professional Wrestling community, Jessica Kirson joins us by phone to check in from NYC. Plus. TIKTOKS! Then we look at some fan artwork and comments, and we introduce a new contest for all the mommies to participate in.
20/05/201h 47m

551 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Last week, 10mg Tom made his debut. This week, we have Star making HER debut. Tom expresses some feelings toward Nadav in the form of a poem before we begin. We start things off with a panic attack on camera like we’ve never seen. Tom has been interacting with Norman. We meet a woman who gives FedSmoker a run for his money. Next Josh Potter sits on the couch to test out an apparatus we learned about through Norman Summerton and discuss how things have been going in quarantine. Tom shares an insignificant Ric Flair story with Potter. To wrap things up we have a hearty batch of TikToks to make you leave this show more uncomfortable than when you arrived. SPONSORS: - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15%. - Use Code: HOUSE for 50% off 2 or more pairs at - Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code MOM20 at - Go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. - Go to get 10% off your order - Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. - Go to your local liquor store and ask for Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey!
13/05/202h 33m

550 - Jo Koy - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Even though things start on a weird footing, we believe you will enjoy where things go. Was Fed Smoker the first victim of the pandemic? What’s a bigger deal breaker: Puppy Dog Pals or Wrestling? We have an update on The Great Key Mystery. “Before The 90 Days” leads us to ponder how to handle someones bad breath. Then things get REAL. We speak to Derrick, Norman Summerton’s tattoo artist. We learn more about Pig before we watch an earth shattering video which leads to a monumental moment on the podcast. Jo Koy is a comedian and global sensation. He walked into the lobby and things were real right away. Does Jo like poutine? Recently, Jo had to buy his mom a Mercedes. Good thing he’s in the top 10 of all touring acts this year! We meet a cool guy who knows what he wants out of a woman. We learn that Jo had messed up teeth back in the day and where his first big check went. Is Jo a “Master of Accents?” and Jo tells us how he would he handle the breath situation. Watch this brand new episode before you binge Puppy Dog Pals!
06/05/203h 3m

549 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Are you following proto and wearing masks in your car while you drive alone with the windows up? We find out how Mommy Tommy celebrated his quarantine birthday, and oh boy.... has 10mg Tom joined us on the podcast!? Many people paid tribute to Tom’s birthday, plus we hear the voice of an old friend. We discover a brand new cool guy and also discuss more possible virus cures.
29/04/202h 3m

548 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Today’s episode is all about “THE MISSING MAIL KEY.” More on that later, first we got some brown on the property. Does getting punched in the face do it for you?? Now back to KeyGate.... we have a real red herring here. Is Tom crazy? Is Christina guilty of stolen valor? Decide for yourself. Also, Josh Potter threatened a dentist’s life once... Enjoy this jeans only episode with our two favorite pant legs.
22/04/202h 22m

547 - Chris D'Elia - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We know all about NRE but how about some ORE?? Tom has learned how much he truly loves disapproval during a massage. All of the celebrities are doing totally normal videos to calm us down during COVID-19. “Before The 90 Days” has a groundbreaking revelation and where do you stand on hairy legs?? Josh Potter joins the Mommies to tell them all about one of the coolest guys he’s ever heard about, Peter Nygard. Plus, they discuss how Josh can save the world. Chris Delia is a stand up comedian and host of the podcast “Congratulations.” Chris’s newest Netflix Special “No Pain” is available right now right now right now. How did Chris learn to be all “IDGAF?” Plus Chris loves TikTok as much as Christina so the Mommies go DEEEEEP on the Tok to blow Chris’s mind SPONSORS: - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code MOM20 at - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15%. - Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. - Go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment.
15/04/202h 54m

546 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Mommies quarantine life has been pretty wonderful. Lots of NRE in the Segura home. Plenty of time to find the COOLEST of guys. Guys who like peanut butter, but not on bread. WOULD YOU RATHER: Quarantine Edition goes down. What have you been binge watching? The Mommies have been all about "90 Day Fiance" and "Tiger King," which all get extensive reviews. We hear about the rest of the groups quarantined lives which leads to a discussion on sexy text exchanges exchanges. What exactly is the strategy used when sliding in the DM's? Josh Potter tells all! This episode has it all, pull those jeans up high and tight! SPONSORS: - for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. - for a free online visit. - Go to and enter “YOURMOM” at checkout to save 15%. - Get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code mom, only at
08/04/202h 0m

545 - Tommy Lee & Brittany Furlan - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Due to their inability to do stand-up, the Mommies have come up with some other ways to “scratch the itch,” which leads to a discussion about Tom’s “type.” Not type of woman to be with, a different type... We have more neighbor fights to look at. The Mommies discuss the meme that is getting everybody through this whole situation. Plus, the “ele-men-tary” debate has new legs and an RPC update! Tommy Lee is an international superstar and drummer for Motley Crüe. Brittany Furlan is a social media influencer and the two happen to be married. First things first, we need to hear about that hog. Tommy Lee has lived many of our dreams, but does it get boring? We learn how wild the partying got and talk about the infamous tape with Pam Anderson. Plus, a mother/daughter contest that won Tommy a few thousand dollars. SPONSORS: - Get $5 off your first order on DoorDash of $15 or more when you download the app and use code MOM - Go to, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in MOM for a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. - Get 20% off your first order when you go to
01/04/202h 38m

544 - Tim Dillon - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Wake up, America! It’s time to think about new names for the virus. Nothing like a good old fashioned neighbor fight to take our minds off things. By the way, Dr. Fauci of the CDC has some advice that involves sharpening your sword? Plus, TikTok World War II Tim Dillon is a stand up comic and host of “The Tim Dillon Show.” Some people love delivering bad news. Tim explains why he thought he was banned from YMH. The Mommies get to know about Tim and his past and learn new things about being gay in LA. Plus, TikToks, an Andy Cohen story and Tim answers the Mommies recent porn scenario. SPONSORS: - Go to to get $100 off an order over $500 - Check out for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain - Get 10% off your first order and free shipping when you use promo code mom, only at - Go to and use the code [YOURMOM] at checkout to save 15% off your order. Unlock your best self today. - Go to, click the microphone at the top of the homepage and use code word [MOM] to get a special offer that includes a 4-week trial PLUS free postage AND a digital scale without any long-term commitment. - Check out for 3 months free with a 1-year package.
25/03/202h 27m

543 - Bert Kreischer - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Mommies taped Jesus Trejo’s show “Tacos Con Todos” and now they have Cacas Con Todos. What do you do after diarrhea? FedSmoker (RIP) makes an appearance. What kind of name is Braden? Plus, while we celebrate our NRE, we discuss what porn scenarios we would consider. The scenario presented by Josh Potter may become a reality as he is an experienced sex worker with celebrity clientele. While in Vegas, Tom and Josh ran into Corey Taylor from Slipknot, who has partaken in Josh’s Cameo Sex Work. As if that wasn’t enough, a new episode of everyones favorite show has just dropped. Bert Kreischer is a comedian and podcaster who’s Netflix Special “Hey Big Boy” is available now. While out on the Berty Boy world tour, Bert has taken some liberties. Bert has also been getting into OnlyFans in the road, so the Mommies try to convince him to subscribe to a certain account. Plus, Bert is mad at LeeAnn and gets her on the phone to discuss things. And, a new challenge/bet is decided upon. SPONSORS: - Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code MOM20 at - Go to right now and you’ll get your first refill FREE. - Go to and use promo code HOUSE to try it FREE. - Go To and use promo code "YOURMOM" for 25% of your purchase of superior CBD oil products
18/03/202h 30m

BONUS Coronavirus Episode - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

In these uncertain times, The Mommies wanted to have an emergency broadcast in order to do their part as the country deals with the Coronavirus. There will be medical professionals and Washington insiders and we will find out how people around the country have been dealing with every day life during this crisis. We also check in with Top Dog and Charo to see how their doing in these trying times and what their toilet paper situation is like. It's a very serious, special, Coronavirus Emergency episode of Your Mom's House.
14/03/201h 18m

542 - Dr. Drew - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Would you date your mom? Would you put mayo in your hair? The mommies have submitted Larry King clips to rival Sawclet Souffle and someone else can’t say Mark Wahlberg. What are some of your “dealbreakers?” Plus we have Kyle C remixes, a Charles update and a big CHIPS IN A BOWL announcement. Dr. Drew visits the mommies to talk about the new direction of Dr. Drew After Dark. While Tom and Christina keep pulling Dr. Drew to the dark side they go through some more of Mommy Tina’s TikToks. Tom gets more advice on which new drug he should try and Dr. Drew presents another visit he’d like to make for YMH Studios.
11/03/202h 29m

541 - Moshe Kasher & Natasha Leggero & Creators of HBO's McMillions - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We got a special one for you today, mommy! We start off with just the main mommies and we get through A LOT! The cool girl raving about NRE has a boyfriend who heard YMH talking about them, and turns out, he likes it a lot! Also, Tom has officially decided he's done with his wack Adidas phase, and is back on the Nike train! Then, Christina reveals a super hot dream she had about Tom. Do you dream about your significant other? We then find a cool guy who wishes he had a girlfriend who let him... do certain things. He likes that he likes that he liiiiiiikes THAT! And what better way to pay tribute to FedSmoker than to keep feathering videos from his very deep vault? This time he's hanging out with Native Americans! Then, we got Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero coming in to Studio Jeans! We Moshe loves to argue with people on the internet almost as much as he loves Burning Man! We run them through a BUNCH of cool guys, including a clip from Cobra Tate about how faithfulness is a one way street! So cool! We debut the next episode of Pissspots to Moshe and Natasha, and they're certain HBO will pick it up for a full run! Speaking of HBO, we have Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez, the creators/directors of HBO's McMillions, joining us! The docuseries reveals how McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged for a LONG time by the mob. They tell us all about how they got involved in the project and what it's like to work with Mark Wah-Wah-Wahlburg. It also turns out that Brian is Tom's cousin, so they reminisce what it was like to grow up with each other.
04/03/203h 19m

540 - Tony Hinchcliffe - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Christina P is back!! She discusses her mourning of Lord FedSmoker and how she heard the terrible news of his passing. A man is kicky footing his way onto a Subway in our opening and clip, and then... *CHIPS IN A BOWL* none other than CHARLES FROM MATCH HIMSELF! On the phone and in person. We get the whole scoop from Charles in ehhhhh about 8-10 minutes. Once things are wrapped with Charles we move on to more pressing issues like a new episode of “P*** Spots.” Plus new Fart Simpson, viewer comments and we find a new sex worker to ask Josh Potter about. Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand up comedian and host/creator of the wildly popular live podcast “Kill Tony.” The Mommies ask Tony about everything from getting a vasectomy to scrum action. Plus we find out how Tony’s mom is doing and discuss his Podcast partner Brian Redban’s eating habits, and we discuss the recent alleged murderer to appear on “Kill Tony.”
26/02/202h 34m

539 - Tom Papa & Kreayshawn - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We’re still reeling at the loss of Fedsmoker but we continue to feather it in his honor. Christina P is sick so The Roach, Josh Potter is in on the couch. Did you know sparkling water is for rich people and still water is for losers? Plus we try to figure out what someone is saying and we watch some people get way too chill with lions. Tom Papa is a stand-up comedian who’s new NETFLIX special “You’re Doing Great” is available right now. Christina is sick, but the two Tom’s are into it so they can have MAN talk. Tom and Tom discuss the pros and cons of being recognized and how it really doesn’t matter when it comes to air travel. Is reclining allowed?? Plus, the two discuss the importance of having a hobby as Tom Papa has gotten really into making bread. Kreayshawn is a singer, rapper and creative director and one of Christina P’s all time favorite. Christina gets to ask Kreayshawn all the questions she’s been dying to ask, plus we get Kreayshawn's opinion on a litany of cool guys and we see which is her favorite.
19/02/202h 44m

538 - Michael Rapaport - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We recorded this episode last week, but there is some URGENT news about FedSmoker that we just HAD to address. Is he alive? Tom and the YMH staff try to make sense of what's going on. Then, we get on with our normal show at Studio Jeans! One Mommy is having trouble sleeping so the other Mommy had to milk them. Can you guess which is which? Also, whats the N word? Tom did an interview with Larry King and has selected some of his favorite moments. The Mommies did not do well in school, but they’re not as dumb as old people. Plus, more Charles, more fed smoker and more Piss Spots! Michael Rapaport is an actor and podcaster who sits down with the Mommies to hash out the Ari stuff. Michael also spoke about his acting methods and some of his roles, his love of rap and growing up in Manhattan. Tom and Christina try to show Michael some interesting confrontations, since those are his favorite. Plus, a lengthy convo about proper public brown etiquette.
12/02/202h 26m

537 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It’s a brand new episode and we’re all basking in the NRE this morning. Don’t you just love when your husband gets a new girlfriend? Tom just got back from his trip in Australia and New Zealand. He had a celebrity sighting of Hannah Gadsby (Nanette) while staying in Perth. Since he’s been home, however, he has been on Full Brown Alert. New FedSmoker merch means new FedSmoker videos and today he is doing his civic duty and addressing the city council, will they get BR stamps? Christina saw a pair of boat shoes in the wild and she completely hated it. Josh Potter was slightly injured lately and have you seen the Aaron Hernandez documentary? Also, Tom and Christina describe what it was like to hear the news about Kobe Bryant's untimely passing. Plus, a Tony Johns update. Take your Uvers, we up outta here.
05/02/202h 23m

536 - Matt Fulchiron - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

“When you’re featherin’ it, Brother” were back for another episode of Your Mom’s House. What on earth could Tom say to Charro that would “break her heart!?” Who cares, women should just be cleaning anyway. That’s what this new “Cool Guy” thinks at least. He reminds Tom and Christina about some of their former neighbors. A new Bert campaign has begun, please get on board! Plus a brand new Fart Simpson prank call using Josh Potter’s voice. Matt Fulchiron, aka The Concierge, aka The Full Charge is a stand up comedian and one of the first ever people to appear on Your Mom’s House in it’s infancy. Tom and Matt are getting ready to go to Australia by watching some videos of angry coaches and some brand new “you know what Im sayings.” Plus a very cool Australian to get them ready for the locals and does a new challenger have what it takes to dethrone the king?
29/01/202h 3m

535 - Robert Hines - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

There is turmoil in the Denimverse. Robert Paul Champagne has been frantically posting and he is upset with Tom, Christina, Josh Potter and Dr. Drew. The mommies take a look at his messages and then call him on the phone to see if things can be patched up, on this very special episode of Your Mom’s House. Robert Hines is a comedian and viral video sensation who’s “BBQ Chicken And Foot Massage” video took off a few years back. Tom and Christina highlight some of the best with Robert and also talk to him about his time as a Jail Guard. After the Mommies exercise their jail obsession, they show Robert some Fed Smoker videos and a brand new TikTok batch!
22/01/202h 17m

534 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jeans up! Main Mommies ONLY!!! The Mommies are relaxed, tan, and back from HAWAIIIIIII. While there, many stories about Charo and Top Dog were gathered, plus vacation fun. Blueban just got back from China with ALL of the swag. Tom and Tina get to see two Bears in the wild. The Head Tingler has some gross side effects on Tom's mom, and we get to see one of the healthiest relationships between two grown humans we've seen in a long time! Such a great episode with just the main Mommies, I'm having CHEST PAIN!
15/01/201h 32m

533-Daymond John-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Hey there Chomo! The main mommies are especially excited on this episode because Dr. Drew pulled his jeans up and flew to New York to visit YMH-All Star Robert Paul Champagne. We knew Garth Brooks hides bodies, but is he a kidnapper too? Tom talks about his favorite crime shows and his favorite body hiders besides Garth. They also discuss Bert Kreischer and their new fascination with his teeth. Daymond John is a businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the CEO of FUBU, and from the reality TV series Shark Tank. What goes on behind the scenes of Shark Tank? What are the all-time dumbest Shark Tank pitches? Daymond also gets exposed to some cool guys! Also look out for his new book dropping in the new year called "Power Shift."
08/01/201h 49m

532-Best Mom-ents Of 2019-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

NAPPY JEW HAIR! In this special end of year episode of YMH, the main mommies look back at some of their favorite moments from 2019. These include moments with Brendon Urie, Too Short, Danny Brown, Brian Redban, and more! They wrap the show up with five of our favorite fan-made songs from the year. Also the Muh-Sheen shirt from Tom's dance video is available now! Get it in sizes up to 5XL! Did YOUR favorite moments from 2019 make the cut? Would you have ranked these differently? Let us know in the comment section below!
01/01/202h 20m

531-Craig Ferguson-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

TRY IT OUT! We have a special episode for you today! The main mommies start by off talking about the current YouTube war. Did McDonald's flag us? We hear Dr. Phil's take on VSCO girls. They talk about the YMH Studios holiday party at the Magic Castle, and discuss which cool guy each member of the YMH staff is. Craig Ferguson is a comedian, actor, and former host of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He's in Studio Jeans today with Tom and Christina. Craig and Tom discuss planes and Tom makes Craig aware of his plane aspirations. Craig talks getting into a motorcycle accident, acting while directing, Mick Jagger, Madonna, and his new stand-up special. Craig then takes a look at a bunch of our favorite cool videos including FedSmoker's DIY tutorials, RPC's invitation, and a construction worker who enjoys baby play.
25/12/192h 23m

530-Andrew Santino-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Uhhhhh say around 8 o'clock, 8:15. The jeans are high and tight for this episode! The main mommies re-visit Charles from and watch a video of some cool newscasters. They find out what some of the YMH staff does and doesn't enjoy in the bedroom. Would you let a wolf lick the inside of your mouth? Mommy Tina and Tom lend their opinion. Andrew Santino is a stand-up comedian, actor and host of the Whiskey Ginger podcast. He's back in Studio Jeans for the third time. They talk Mickey Mantle's unfortunate early passing and doing interviews as a comedian. Santino then takes a look at some of our favorite videos including Charles from Match and the Friend of the Wolves. Also, we get an update from his friend Rick from Amsterdam!
18/12/192h 13m

529-Kate Kennedy-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

JEANS UP! We got a special show for you mommies today! First, Tom and Christina give their review of Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman." Was it better than Good Fellas? Then we find a cool girl that finally tells it like it is about how hard it is being a woman. Always itchy! We then uncover a new video from FedSmoker! This time: DIY haircuts! IT IS WILD and we don't recommend trying it at home. Don't do anything he recommends! Also, we got an amazing pitch for McDonalds! You're gonna LOVE the McRib! Then we have special guest, boy-girl actress AND comedian Kate Kennedy! Tom and Christina are fascinated by how one gets started in that industry, and as it turns out, it's a similar path to being a comedian! Kate talks about her path to becoming an actress: from super cool clubs to her first scene! What were the scripts like? What type of genre scenes does she do? We also have her weigh in on Josh Potter's situation! Watching them talk about their shared experiences in the same industry is a REAL treat to listen to! Hope you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as we enjoyed having tit!
11/12/192h 5m

528-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

IM HAVING CHEST PAINS! Because I’m so excited for this episode. It’s just the Mommies today, so put your hands together. Clap on, Clap off, The Clapper. Tom has discovered Bert Kreischer’s twin in Maradona and Christina wants a racist parrot for the studio. Tom hung out with Joey Diaz this past weekend and almost died. Plus, there are most likely more jewelry purchases in the Segura’s near future.
04/12/191h 33m

527-Gabriel Iglesias & J. Elvis Weinstein-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

TOM SEGURA, WRAP IT UP! We got a show to do! What’s smellier, a man’s beard or a man’s beanie? Is wearing PJ pants on a plane fly, or should it be punishable? What kind of intrusive thoughts are in our brains? These questions are all pondered, plus some Canadian road rage, Fed Smoker confronts an officer and more TikTok! Gabriel Iglesias is a stand-up comedian and actor who sells out arenas all over the world and stars in/created the NETFLIX show “Mr. Iglesias.” What kind of intrusive thoughts run through the mind of a man who sells out The Staples Center? We hear about Gabriel’s bidet usage and show him our Gangbanger friends in Syria. Plus Gabriel tells us about his experience with a particular over-zealous fan, a story he’s never shared before his time on Your Mom’s House. J. Elvis Weinstein is a comedian and actor and film maker who you know as Dr. Laurence Erhardt and the original puppeteer and voice of Tom Servo and Gypsy on Mystery Science Theater 3000. He currently can be seen co-starring in the film The Fiddling Horse. He also made the documentary starring Tom Segura, Chad Daniels and Pete Lee called "I Need To Kill." Today his gives us his insight on The Fed Smoker, who has a new helpful video for us. We learn what it was like to start doing comedy at 15 years old from J. Elvis Weinstein and we get to see more from Cool Guy Tony. SooWoo!
27/11/193h 42m

526-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

All the Mommies are under one roof once again! When's the last time you played Tic Tac Toe? Bet you haven't played like this. A new celebrity has joined Instagram and he is putting out some serious Garth vibes. Plus, are you single or self-involved? And, Tom gets a new idea for the future from Cars singer Ric Ocasek. Since Tom has returned from the road with Josh Potter in tow, we have the Cockroach on the couch to recap all of the gallivanting across Europe. Tom and Josh tell Christina their experiences in each country and we find out the conclusion to Josh's escapade we were previously teased about. Plus, MJC contest winner Jackie and Josh Potter have since gotten together, we get her whole review of the occasion and we hear about Tom's NETFLIX special taping in Austin, TX.
20/11/192h 0m

525-Judd Apatow & Brian Simpson-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We got some special guests for you on this one, jeans! Judd Apatow is in the MommyDome and he's brought his friend, comedian Wayne Federman! Judd Apatow is a comedian who has become a mogul as a television/film producer and writer. He's most recently been working on the Pete Davidson movie and gives us some stories from the set, including Bill Burr stories. After reminiscing about Judd's life for a bit, we show Judd some audition tapes from our Cool Guys to see which one he would cast in a film. We also play a few rounds of Horrible or Hilarious to see what Judd thinks. Brian Simpson is a hilarious comedian who you may have seen at The World Famous Comedy Store or on Lights Out with David Spade. Brian grew up in foster care and found himself getting into a lot of trouble, including shooting a person (on accident.) Brian then found his way into the Marine Corps which turned things around. Brian also helps us get to the bottom of SooWoo and gives some advice to listeners who have recently sent in emails to Tom and Christina.
13/11/192h 46m

524-Yakov Smirnoff-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We got Christina P and Tom Segura's fill-in host Ryan Sickler again for the first part of this show this week. We start with a Tik Tok who's asking for everyone to STOP calling her Jeffrey Dahmer. Only thing is she looks A LOT like him. We get an interesting development from Tom Segura about Josh Potter in Europe. They're in Amstrerdam, so you can figure out what kind of update this was. Then we go into one of our classic lanes: Browning in public. Then we have Yakov Smirnoff joining Tom and Christina for the guest segment of the show. Yakov is a comedy legend who has seen every boom and bust the industry has offered. He talks about starting comedy under Soviet rule in The Ukraine and the parameters that he had to work within due to Communism. Tom and Christina also get to the bottom of Yakov's arrival in America and how he started doing comedy in the U.S. There are lots of old Comedy Store stories, plus we find out if Yakov thinks certain videos are Horrible or Hilarious!
06/11/191h 47m

523-Nikki Glaser-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Today on Your Mom's House Podcast, although Tom will join later in the show for our guest Nikki Glaser, YMH Studios' own Ryan Sickler joins the Water Champ Christina for the first half of the show! We have an update from Tom on SooWoo the SooWoo shirts, and Sickle Cell gets jumped in to SooWoo nation. Will he survive? WE IS BLOOD! Next, we got Nikki joining Studio Jeans with Tom and Christina! Nikki Glaser is a stand-up comedian and broadcaster who has a Netflix special called "Bangin'" out right now. She can also be heard on her Sirius XM show called "You Up." Nikki gets right into with toy talk. She gets a run through of a lot of cool guys, and she doesn't hate it. Have you seen "Cool Guy Hypnosis?" We also get some tips about the DM game from Nikki and hear about her opinion on "older guys."
30/10/191h 45m

522-Elizabeth Lail-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

SooWoo! It's another edition of Your Mom's House! Do you want to show you're not a false blood? New merch! do you know popular English slang? Our favorite English Teacher is back to educate us in a hardcore fun way. Sober October is in full effect and Tom and Christina want to buy a billboard. Then, the Human Cockroach joins to couch to discuss his upcoming trip to Europe with Tom. And finally, actress Elizabeth Lail is in Studio Jeans. Her and Tom star in the upcoming film "Countdown" which hits theaters on October 25th. She was also the star of NETFLIX's show "You." Elizabeth's acting and Tom's acting are quite different as we learn, and since she was in a show about stalking, we get her opinions on Good Morning, Julia and Garth. Sprinkle in a little Tony Johns and we up outta heeeere."
23/10/192h 16m

521-Jessica Kirson-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

You didn't follow Proto, Chomo. The Suwu debate is absolutely RAGING. We have numerous credible, yet conflicting, sources weigh in. Tom had an incredible weekend in the midwest and tells us all about it, including an elevator mishap. The Fed Smoker is back and showing his versatility in is skill set, plus an update on Robert Paul Champagne. Jessica Kirson is a hilarious comedian, who also happens to be one of Christina's favorites! Jessica has a wild, potentially traumatic, story about going to Fat Camp as a kid. We learn about Jessica's game in getting ladies and show her some "Cool Girls" which prompts Christina to ask her "Stupid Lesbian Questions."
16/10/192h 29m

Ep. 02 | So Over October w/ LeeAnn Kreischer & Christina P. | Week 2

Every October, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer embark on an odyssey known as "Sober October." The effects have been felt far and wide among fans and listeners, but how does it effect those who are there to see them day in and day out? This podcast, hosted by Christina P. and LeeAnn Kreischer is a glimpse into how The "Sober October" journey directly effects the lives of the men's spouses and families. On Episode 2 the Wives have brought wine. We start off this weeks recap by taking a look at the guys WHOOP statistics. We know Tom has been to the gun range, but now Bert has gone and he's taken LeeAnn with him. Christina and LeeAnn also discuss some of the books that Tom and Bert are reading, the worst cleaning lady ever and even a short phone call with Dr. Drew.
10/10/1957m 29s

520-Melissa Villaseñor-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Our Jeans are missing one pant leg in the beginning of this episode. Christina takes the controls and it's starting out very TikTok heavy. Do adults wear overalls? Plus, the most regrettable of the regrettable tattoos. The Human Cockroach, Josh Potter is on the couch to help wade the TikTok waters. Tom returns along with our guest, Melissa Villasenor! Melissa is a Stand-Up and Sketch Comic who is a cast member of Saturday Night Live. Melissa talks about how she got discovered for SNL and meeting Lorne Michaels. We also get her opinions on "Erotic Hypnosis" and some Horrible or HIlarious. After a viewing of Charro's fart, we get some more SNL stories and a glimpse at some of Melissa's new impressions!
09/10/191h 53m

Ep. 01 | So Over October w/ LeeAnn Kreischer & Christina P. | Kickoff

Every October, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer embark on an odyssey known as "Sober October." The effects have been felt far and wide among fans and listeners, but how does it affect those who are there to see them day in and day out? This podcast, hosted by Christina P. and LeeAnn Kreischer is a glimpse into how The #SoberOctober journey directly affects the lives of the men's spouses and families. On Episode 1 of this mini-series Christina and LeeAnn discuss the past years and how much they dread the month of October. They get into what it's been like leading up to 2019's "Sober October" and how they've better mentally prepared. Plus, in the lead up, Ari dosed Bert for an episode of "The Bertcast" so we hear LeeAnn's reaction in full.
03/10/191h 5m

519-Ian Edwards-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

"I now pronounce you, high and tight. You may kiss the jeans." Today's episode starts with a very sentimental Mommy wedding. SOO WOO! We have a bit of a "home here now" situation with everyone's favorite REAL Blood. Tom had a very great, surreal weekend and Christina learned new sayings. Plus, have you ever given the Piledriver? There's one woman on 90 Day Fiance who might be looking for your services. Ian Edwards is a stand-up comedian who has a new special out on Comedy Central, "Bill Burr Presents: IanTalk - Ideas Not Worth Spreading." Ian comes from an international background which excites The Master of Accents. Christina's heater becomes a topic of discussion as her an Ian share a love of warmth. Ian also tells some stories about comics like Tony Woods and more. Plus we show Ian some real cool guys and gals, and we get to hear a joke Ian has forgotten, but the Mommies have not.
02/10/192h 16m

518-Big Jay Oakerson-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Mommies are starting things off with an interesting way for a man to make $20. How much money would it take you to complete this "task?" Tom and Christina also wonder who is purchasing adult movies in hotel rooms? They recall the times they've made such purchases. Christina has developed a fascination of Josh Potter's ability to get laid and inquires about that. Plus, Cool Guy Tony makes his triumphant return from Jail. Big Jay Oakerson is a stand-up comic who you can hear on one of his many podcasts, including The SDR Show, Legion of Skanks and on SiriusXM's The Bonfire. Jay also recently acted in a film with Jennifer Lopez called "Hustlers." Jay and Tom talk about meeting during the Oddball tour, and what went wrong with it. The topic of NYC's new found "woke-ness" is brought up as Jay had an incident at The Comedy Cellar. Big Jay and Dan Soder often watch clips on their show The Bonfire, including Good Morning Julia, so the Mommies get his insight into it and let him in on what they've found. Big Jay and Dan also reviewed Charro's video, so we relive that with him as well. Robert Paul Champagne is brought to Jay's attention and Jay recounts a story from back in the day when Josh Potter was driving him around for a weekend. Big Jay also tells The Mommies about Skankfest and the Louis CK appearance, and the murder of his manager and owner of The Stand Comedy Club in NYC, Dave Kimowitz.
25/09/192h 37m

517-Steve-O-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jeans Up! The Main Mommies are back in Studio Jeans and we may have found our favorite new cool guy who has a problem with authority... Ta-ta! Christina is back from a weekend of doing a couple shows and got the chance to ride on a choo-choo train! How good can trains actually get? And what was Tom up to when he was alone for the weekend? Loving being alone! We got opinions on eye contact from Uber drivers and a Would You Rather too! Then we have our amazing guest Steve-O, who you know from all the Jackass shows and movies! He tells us about how he got started with that crew, what it was like growing up in his family, and all the crazy stuff he used to do! We hear amazing stories about him painting himself and doing stunts like "Skyjacking." Catch his Bucket List Tour!
18/09/192h 17m

516-Donnell Rawlings & Grant Cardone-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Donnell Rawlings is a stand-up comedian and actor who is a killer on stage and on screen with The Chappelle Show and The Wire. Today, he is not happy that he had to drive himself to Studio Jeans. The Great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019 are discussed and did you know there was a TV show that Donnell was on before The Chappelle Show? Christina shows Donnell some TikToks and we get to hear what it was like touring with Bill Burr on the Rich Bitch tour. Check out The Donnell Rawlings' podcast on youtube: Next guest in Studio Jeans is Author, Motivational Speaker and Real Estate mogul, Grant Cardone. Grant has come to studio jeans to make us rich. He gets right into the gems of wisdom while discussing his successes vs his failures and his motivations. Finally, Tom finds out the nitty gritty details on Private Jet ownership. Can Grant convince Christina? What does Grant think of Dan Pena? All this, plus a how to on dealing with "haters."  
11/09/192h 18m

515-Dr. Drew Pinsky-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Hello and Welcome, Mommies. Today we begin with a video that Christina definitely isn't going to like. WHEW now that we got that out of the way, let's see what's been going on in the local news! Tom and Christina were fascinated by an ugly man at the pool. What are the craziest tattoos? Josh Potter has an update on his new career and, OH BOY - we have "Acupuncture" remixes and they are unbelievable. He's everybody's favorite Doctor who resides, after dark, right here in Studio Jeans. He is the host of Dr. Drew After Dark, which is found right here on our channel. Dr. Drew starts out of the gate weighing in on some of the coolest guys we've ever seen, including Cool Guy Tony. Christina also has Dr. Drew assess some of her TikTok discoveries and The Main Mommies inquire about some of the most pressing Yellow and Brown questions.
04/09/192h 16m

514-Jo Koy-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you were about to get out of jail, what meal would you fantasize about? Who is Randy? These questions are all answered, and more, right off the bat! The Mommies are back from vacation, they are wondering why they took their children. Good thing they could put on "The Perfect Smile." Do you pee in the pool? Are you racist in parking lots? The fattest comedian working today just put out a dancing video, some people loved it - one person did not. We also get an update about Josh Potter's new business and, of course, TikToks. Jo Koy is a great stand-up comedian, who is known all over the world. He discusses his recent successes in Hawaii and elsewhere, performing in arenas. He also tells the Mommies about HIS Mommy not believing in him. Bidets, Japanese accents and Horrible or Hilarious are all discussed, plus TikToks... More TikToks.
28/08/192h 38m

513-Anthony Jeselnik-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Forget "Old Town Road" or Billie Ellish, we've discovered the hit of the summer! It's been a minute since the Mommies were in the YMH studios, Tom tells us of his travels the last two weeks, including meeting one of Christina's TikTok stars! Josh Potter has begun a new career on Cameo and we get some wild updates from the other staff members at studio jeans. Plus, the Mommies were looking at new homes and discovered a specific criticism of one of the houses. Anthony Jeselnik is one of the most popular and hilarious stand up comics of our day, his latest special "Fire In The Maternity Ward" is currently on Netflix and is becoming everyone's favorite. Tom and Anthony compare parents, Anthony tells us about how writing for late night wasn't what he expected, roasting Trump, and Christina and Tom compete to see which of their favorite clips make Anthony laugh: TikTok or Horrible Or Hilarious?
21/08/192h 23m

512-Alyssa Milano-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

A new battle HEATS up as temperature gate comes to the Studio Jeans thermostat. Perhaps things can be settled in a round of "TIK FOR TOK?" 30 Seconds To Mars has entered into "Intro Wars" Plus YMH has discovered a lane of cooking that is right up our ally and another original prank call gem from the great Fart Simpson. Alyssa Milano arrives at studio jeans, but we are one pant leg short. It's just Tom and Alyssa. How much can Tom confess before Christina arrives?? Alyssa talks about her show biz life, her long history of activism and then she gives her opinion on some of our favorite cool guys. Soon, Christina arrives and we get to the bottom of lots more including the hit jam sensation "Teen Steam."
14/08/192h 43m

511-Ryan Sickler & Steven Randolph-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Master Of Accents starts the show. Deadass, would you go into a burning Burger King for your change? Maybe, if you're a TikTok. Christina has a whole new batch of TikToks today plus we get an understanding of how hairy Josh Potter is REALLY. Ryan Sickler is a comedian and writer who hosts a podcast right out of Studio Jeans known as The HoneyDew. Get on our channel where you find this show and make sure you check out all the great episodes. Christina tells us all how she hates helmets. Remember when seat belts were cool? Christina also shows Ryan some choice TikToks and Sickler weighs in on INTRO WARS. Next up is Steven Randolph. He's a stand-up comic who knows his way around certain "parties." Steven has brought in his own multi-media (which we can show portions of) in order to explain the type of "party" we are discussing here. Every wanted to upset a whole theater of epople? Let Steven show you how! Check out the video Bob Odenkirk inspired!
07/08/193h 37m

510-Nicole Byer-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Mommy Tina is back but so is the cockroach as Panty Aggregation is discussed. Plus Robert Paul Champagne has started his adventure into youtube and it's glorious. Christina provides perhaps the most special round of TikToks we've seen yet and Tom explains a follow up to the tree trimming video. Nicole Byer is a comedian who knows her way around a toilet. Check out what she did to a specific one. GO OFF QUEEN! Nicole talks about starting out on the hit MTV show Girl Code and then jumping right into headlining colleges. Her 2nd set ever was a show for Rutgers University! We also run Nicole through the Cool Guy Club in order to find her a potential suitor. Nicole also has some words of advice for Josh Potter in his quest.
31/07/192h 35m

509-Solo-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Today it's just the Mommies and there is SO much to cover. First up, Mr. Positive from Pure Organic Dry Cleaning has a message for Mommy Tina. Who's cooler, Big Time Tommy or Mr. Positive? Intro Wars also take a left turn after we thought things were back to normal. Christina's work as a TikTok curator is attracting the eyes of award committees, this batch gets wild. How often do you brown? More than once a week? One member of the YMH staff doesn't even remember the last time. Pull your jeans high and tight and don't you dare call me Battarina.
24/07/191h 53m

508-Johnny Pemberton & Geoff Tate-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This episode of YMH is sponsored by! Use code: MOM for 20% off! Our Jeans are missing a pant leg today, so Josh Potter begins the show with Tom in order to discuss this man who hates Vapes. Plus, more inside info about the documentary that has changed the world - "Home Here Now: Robert Paul Champagne." Yay! Christina is back! Also in studio jeans is actor and comedian Johnny Pemberton, who you may know from NBC's Superstore or the FOX sitcom Son of Zorn, but you SHOULD know from his past appearances on YMH. Soon you will most definitely know him from his future as America's Premiere Raggae Comedian. Christina shows Johnny some TikToks, Would You Rather is played and reality shows are discussed. Next it's everybody's favorite Hot Dog and Gatorade comic, Geoff Tate. We get to see lots of COOL videos, play more Would You Rather and hear about a guy who has HIS own jet.
17/07/193h 24m

507-DMC-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

As it turns out, the intro petition is gaining steam. Tom also starts the show bringing up his poll in regards to the future of "The Fart Mic." Thankfully Big Red is here to break up the tension. Your Mom's House continues to hear success stories about those inspired to start selling panties and feet pictures on the internet. Plus, more TikToks and an update on a recent appearance from Theo Von. The legendary DMC is now inside of Studio Jeans!! Tom and Christina realize immediately that he is not only one of the most famous people to have been on the couch, but one of the nicest. DMC tells us how he grew up worshiping Superheroes and how they inspired his music. We hear about how he met all the other legends he's worked with over the years including a hilarious story about Aerosmith. Pull them high and pull them tight, Mommy.
10/07/192h 49m

506-Amanda Cerny & Steve Byrne-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

ATTN: We here at YMH Studios would like to apologize on behalf of the entire production team for the error in the Intros length. We will strive henceforth to be diligent in providing what is required in terms of Intro expectations. We appreciate your patience as we look to rectify this situation going forward. A lively debate about who the "fan champ" is starts off the show before we do another dive into Christina's TikTok feed. What is everyone's "sneeze limit?" Christina also continues her evolution as she has recently discovered pop music. Plus, Tom discusses his recent stance on Comedy Club pay for openers in 2019. Amanda Cerny has had a whirlwind last few years. The Mommies get the skinny on Hef and the Playboy Mansion, show Amanda some TikTok studs and try to get Amanda to join the ever-growing "Second Hand Panty" industry with them. She's the best and we hope you like her as much as we liked terrifying her! Next, we have on Steve Byrne who has created an incredible documentary called "Simply Amazing" all about The Amazing Jonathan. You can watch it on youtube right now on the All Things Comedy YouTube channel! Steve talks about how The Amazing Jonathan came into his life, his time making Sullivan and Son and we see if he finds certain videos "Horrible or Hilarious."
03/07/193h 18m

505-Theo Von-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you're gonna cough, go do it someplace else." The Mommies have never agreed with President Trump more. There are some moments of tension as the intro length may directly effect the The Fart Mic's future. Bah-bah-bap-bah-dahhh we're lovin' it again. Have you ever seen video's of protesters locking themselves to things? Plus another round of TikToks and OJ joins twitter. Josh Potter has returned from his trip to visit Robert Paul Champagne, he gives us a tease of what to look forward to. Plus The Mommies reveal a trailer from the coming footage of the trip. Theo Von is inside Studio Jeans via INVITE. Theo is a funny comic who can be seen and heard on his podcasts The King and The Sting and This Past Weekend. Topics discussed include Theo's hair, growing up in the south and not watching porn. That's it. There was nothing else discussed.
26/06/192h 47m

504-TigerBelly-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Your wish is the Mommies' command! Praise be the longer Intro! Miracles are abound today as we see how a man has overcome a very bad injury and what he intends to do with his new lease on life. Christina is worried about the poison in Tom's brain that he gets from watching murder shows, but the whole world is worried about Christina's brain because of TikTok. We see her latest discoveries. "Yo, that's a beautiful rainbow, doe" Tom is feeling the inspiration from the day and decides to embark on a new business venture in the "Panty" industry. Who better to call than The Fart Mistress herself, Charo! The Mommy Dome fills to the brim as Bobby Lee and Khalyla from the podcast TIGERBELLY enter! Things get off to a wild start as Bobby's feet are brought up sexually. We find out what TV show they have sex to. A Fakening strikes too close to home for Bobby Lee. The Mommies get an education on sushi shaming and it all rounds out with some wild brown stories.
19/06/192h 55m

503-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Hello Mommies, her name is Battarina but don't you dare call her that! Christina starts this ep with showing us what TikTok's algorithm thinks she likes. And these are some of the COOLEST group of people you have ever seen! There's also a new show on TLC called "Too Fat to Transition" that Tom and Christina absolutely LOVE. The Charo Fart has touched so many lives and there is new merch to commemorate it available in the merch store! Tom and Christina give Charo a call to see how she feels about this great moment being commemorated. The impact of Charo's fart has been felt around the word and we want her to see it! Also, Tom and Christina have upped their coffee station game and remind everyone which coffee is supreme, plus one elderly woman goes for an extreme helicopter ride. Next, Josh Potter joins to discuss his pending trip to the Big Apple to see Robert Paul Champagne. Plus we get to see some entries in the "Make Josh Come" contest. You wouldn't believe how genuinely great these submissions are. We're all really excited for him. Finally, we have a Theo update you might not like.
12/06/191h 49m

502-Jim Gaffigan & Andrew Collin-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Get ready for another high and tight episode mommies! We start off the show with a classic cool girl we know everyone will love. We then get into Christina P's Tik Tok profile and why the sites algorithm keeps giving her the coolest people on the internet! We then check to see who at YMH has the lowest Uber rating. What's yours??? A neat video for Christina, and couple SOLID entries for #HorribleOrHilarious . We then welcome our first guest, Jim Gaffigan! He tells us about growing up Catholic, starting comedy and finding his "style" and having FIVE kids! We ask him about the time a bunch of horse enthusiasts got mad at his horse jokes, and we run him through one of our favorite videos! #4strokegang Then, we have on comedian Andrew Collin, who actually went to high school with Tom and played football with him! He tells us about getting connected with Nikki Glaser, partying in South Beach with Lil' Jon, contributing to the mortgage crisis, hitch hiking, and much much more!
05/06/193h 8m

501-Adam Ray & Maz Jobrani-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Hey, Mommy! We have a high and tight episode for you today! We start off the show with a trailer for a new TLC show that Tom and Christina instantly fall in love with, "sMothered," which leads to one of Christina's most foul "Would You Rathers." We also get into PROOF that Tom Segura pre-dates any of those Tinder instagram accounts that are trying to steal his joke from 2014! Then Christina and Tom reveal a fantasy they have about their son's swim teacher, and Christina reveals a new scandal: Dental Floss Gate! What other things does she do wrong as a 40-year-old?   Then Adam Ray joins the Mommy-Dome to talk about his new comedy album "Read The Room," long distance relationships, Game of Thrones, John Travolta, taking care of business on buses and planes, and an interesting video of a cool guy shoving somethin in a cool place.   And straight out of Vestvood, we have Maz Jobrani joining the mommies as well! We talk EVERYTHING Persian: from LA Persian culture, to representation in the media, to Shahs of Sunset, we cover it all! We even uncover a YMH exclusive the Maz actually dated Mercedes Javid for a COUPLE years!!! Chips in a bowl! We also get Maz's take on some of Christina's psycho tendencies! All this and more on episode 501 of YMH!
29/05/192h 56m

500-Brendon Urie-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It’s the big 500, Mommies!!! And we're pulling our jeans up so high and making them so tight, your insides will explode. We start things out with Big Time Tommy! Take it ease! Have you seen John Travolta’s Instagram?? Christina is obsessed with certain TikTok videos because she's a #CoolMom. Plus, a very exciting Episode 500 treat, an appearance from Top Dog and Charo that you do NOT want to miss! It's TMZ-worthy!   Our guest for episode 500 is long time Mommy and lead singer of the band Panic! At The Disco, it's Brendon Urie! He is just as excited to be in Studio Jeans as we are to have him! We learn how Brendon became a Mommy, some of his favorite YMH moments, we look at some new instant classics with Brendon and we also get to hear him give YMH the Panic! At The Disco treatment! Episode 500 is higher and tighter than everything that’s come before it. Try it out! Right now right now right now!
22/05/192h 40m

499-Ethan & Hila Klein-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Saddle up, mommies! The Main Mommies got horses in the back! It's time for some Pony Play fun! Mommy Tina isn't just a regular mom, she's a COOL mom and she's discovered TikTok. There are some special people on there for sure. Many listeners/viewers have chimed in about Christina's weird lack of drying off and we also have a new Fart Simpson call! Plus, farts, John Travolta and a scandal regarding one of Tom's trademarked phrases! Next, joining us in studio is the duo behind the H3H3 Productions, Ethan and Hila Klein! They talk about their H3 baby that's due any moment and all the pregnancy weight gained by the husbands. Mommy Tina's love for BBC leads to a discussion about racism in pornography and would you rather be blind or have a micropeener? Ball Hogs, plastic surgery and H3's "Instagram vs Reality" controversy all get discussed, plus SO much more!
15/05/192h 32m

498-Sera Gamble & Heath Evans-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

HELLO, MOMMIES! We're still reeling from all of the Robert Paul Champagne memes and content you've made for us. It's been overwhelming in all the best ways. Tom and Christina review some of the reaction to RPC coming on the show the last two weeks. Have you ever had a fart bully in your life? Is Emma Stone hot enough to be cast as Ryan Gosling's love interest? The Mommies debate. Next, Josh Potter is on the couch to wet our whistle for our first guest, Sera Gamble. Josh tells some wild stories of cyber stalking and is presented with a proposition by the Main Mommies. After hearing about some cyber stalking tales, Sera Gamble (writer and creator of "YOU") is in studio to give her insight into cyber stalking and how "Joe" in YOU has implemented social media to become a stalker. Sera also gives us some teases about the upcoming season of YOU and the story of getting the show out to the masses. Next, he played for the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and The New England Patriots, but more importantly, he played against Tom in High School. It's fullback and broadcaster Heath Evans! Heath and Tom reminisce about their time in high school and the small differences in their athletic career, plus Heath has some great stories from his NFL days about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Randy Moss.
08/05/193h 42m

497-Dane Cook & Ryan Stout-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Listen, Mommies. It will be tough to top last weeks monumental achievement in podcasting, but we are going to "Try It Out." This week we meet a man who Duncan Trussell exposed Dr. Drew to recently. He's definitely a Cool Guy. Tom celebrated his 40th birthday, what did Christina get him?? A chain or a private jet?? Doug Mellard got ALL of us the gift of a weird Happy Birthday serenade. Christina had a shower revelation that even bewilders the Cockroach himself. Since we had Robert Paul Champagne on the Podcast he has been live streaming quite a bit. We review some of his recent posts and then give him another call. That's right, Robert Paul Champagne is BACK!  Also, the legendary Dane Cook is on the couch ready to "Try It Out." Dane and the Mommies reminisce about old times at Dublin's in Hollywood and Dane goes through the roller coaster that he experienced while reaching heights of fame few ever get to know. He goes in depth about his brother stealing from him and his reasoning for improvising his special that was taped in Madison Square Garden "Rough Around The Edges." Also, Dane experiences a member of "The Cool Girl Club" and "Horrible or Hilarious." Next in the Mommydome is comedian Ryan Stout. Ryan can't smell anything, he literally has no sense of smell. The Mommies ask Ryan all the important questions involved with not being able to smell a fart or otherwise. Ryan brings up the "Maplethorpe Exhibit" and if you know what that is, you know what that is...  Plus Mommy Tina thinks airpods looks like something coming out of your ears. Do you know what she thinks it looks like??? Don't forget to get Ryan's new album, Man in the Suit. NOTE: Every guest of YOUR MOM'S HOUSE Podcast is INVITATION ONLY. No guest is welcome with out a formal invitation from The Mommies. Dane Cook, Ryan Stout and Robert Paul Champagne have all been certified, invited guests. Thank you.
01/05/193h 25m

496-Scott Thompson & Try It Out Guy - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Following Passover and Easter, The Mommies bring us the MOST holy day ever... Today we speak to the "Try It Out" guy, Robert! But before that we learn about Tom and Christina's first date when the Mommies ponder what dating would be like now. There is a Men's Hugging Group, which seems to be strictly social by nature!! Who on the YMH staff has the longest body hair?? We find out and award Zim with a Perfect Package from MANSCAPED.   FINALLY.... ITS HAPPENING. The "Try It Out" guy is on the phone with Tom and Christina! We learn the answers to all of the questions we've always been wondering about and then some. We're home here now!   Last, but certainly not least, from KIDS IN THE HALL it's Scott Thompson! Tom has had some of his dream guests on and now it's Christina's turn to fan-girl! Scott tells the mommies how he has PTSD from the AIDS epidemic in the 80's and discusses all the nitty gritty involved in his world at that time. Scott opens our eyes to a side of gay culture that we rarely think about. We also hear about Scott's K.I.T.H character Buddy Cole as well as another of Christina's favorites, and his future.   This episode was hardcore fun and we know you mommies will love it just as much as we did!
24/04/192h 50m

495-Rhett & Link-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Hi Mom, Hi Mommy. Want to see a REAL psycho? This woman is popping off so much, she is reminding Christina of her mother, back when she would pop off. There have been MONUMENTAL "Try It Out" revelations. Tom and Bart Chrysler went on the "Truth or Dab" spin-off of Sean Evans' HOT ONES. Tom and Christina enjoyed another night at The Staples Center to see Los Lakers, but was there enough B.B.C to please the main Mommy?   Studio Jeans is packed up tight today and the Mommy Couch is filled to the brim with some handsome men, RHETT AND LINK! Rhett and Link don't even remember how many projects they have but they are all over youtube and the podcast world. The Mommies find out how similar THEIR podcast partnership is with Rhett and Link's. Will their probing question drive a wedge between them?? The fellas share stories of dead cows, their humble beginnings, and bugs. Plus, we find out where they stand on being "Ride Or Die" with each other. AND a nice round of "Horrible or Hilarious!" All this and more on YMH ep. 495!
17/04/192h 32m

494-Joey Diaz-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What can we say? The DOCTA is in! All time favorite of the show, the one and only Joey "Coco" Diaz AKA Mad Flavors World is down to spit game like no one else. Honestly, we're in the room but we're just along for the ride. No one has stories or can get away with more than our Uncle Joey.  Pull your jeans up and get ready to laugh your nuts off. Every Joey appearance is an instant classic. 
10/04/192h 25m

493-Kevin Christy & George Perez - Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

It's a tale as old as time, mommies. Someone is using the microwave for FISH. Someone is ready to burn it all down because of smelly food people. Christina encountered a few smelly food people back in her telemarketing days. The main mommies went on an overnight trip that flared the TEMPERATURE WARS once again. Also, is TOMMY BAHAMA, the uniform of the DAD? And Tommy did a stand up set in Espanol.   Next, the hilarious Kevin Christy jumps in and immediately gets into how appalling it is to sing out of context. The fact that nearly everyone hates their own bodies is revisited with Kevin AND have you ever tried to make a dancer sad? Finally, comedian George Perez is in the mommy dome and it is epic. Todd and Christine ask George EVERYTHING they've ever wanted to know about being in a gang and being in prison. You're gonna want solitary confinement after this one, Jean!
03/04/193h 47m

492-Sean Evans-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

One of our all time faves is the master of all that is spicy. Mr. Hot Ones himself, Sean Evans, is inside Studio Jeans.  By now you must have seen Hot Ones, the First We Feast concept that puts celebs in the hot seat, eating progressively hotter wings while answering questions from the best host in the game, our guest, Sean.  This one will go into the vaults as a fan favorite. There's love in the air, there's tons of water and the denim is thick here.  
27/03/191h 41m

491-Jeff Ross-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Roast Master General is in the building. Hilarious, original and always evolving what a comedy special can be. Jeff Ross has always been a favorite of ours and this podcast solidifies that.  Jeff is open and honest and slings that roast joke advice for all you lookin to toast someone. PLUS, Josh Potter jumps in the seat and updates us on his attempt to, you know, finish.     
20/03/192h 43m

490-Wheeler Walker Jr. Too Short & Kevin Blatt-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

My oh my. What a colossal episode this is. We step into a world of fun with our very own Josh Potter. He gives us some real insight into some super neato musicians and the super cool people who support them. R. Kelly being exhibit A.  THEN, one of our all time faves - Wheeler Walker Jr. returns. He's married with a baby now, but will forever be the poon king to us. His voice is angelic but it's the way Ol' Wheeler doesn't hold back on anything that really wins over our hearts.  NEXT, legendary Oakland rapper Too $hort is in the building with his Blow The Whistle co-host Kevin Blatt. Tommy nerds out on how Get In Where You Fit In was his high school theme music and how embarrassed he was to find out he quoted it incorrectly in his last special, Disgraceful.  Blatt fills us in on the world of sex tapes - how to sell them and more importantly - how to make them go away.  Epic episode, Jean. 
13/03/193h 40m

489-Jake Weisman, Matt Ingebretson & Brendan Schaub

We've got all kinds of goodies in this one. The creators and stars of Comedy Central's Corporate stop by for an honest, funny chat with the Water Champ and Christina. Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman are hilarious dudes who fit right in and amazingly, Jake suffers from the same problem that Josh Potter has - trouble finishing the sex.  Can Jake coach Josh into creaming on command?  AND  Big Brown Brendan Schaub stops by. As always, hilarious and on POINT. He brings that BDE and the whole studio comes alive.  Pull em up and leave em there!
06/03/193h 9m

488-Bert Kreischer-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We had a construction team lay a new foundation in our studio so that our latest guest could be dropped in via crane. Bert KKKreischer, the notable, shirtless comedian and podcaster stops by with PLENTY of drinks for a sizeable party (but it's just him drinking).  Lets be clear about something, BERT is NOT a NAZI. That doesn't stop us from having a blast with our dear friend. Every time Bert stops by we make memories that will last a lifetime.  Be sure to watch Bert's specials, Secret Time and now The Machine both available on NETFLIX. 
27/02/192h 13m

487-Greg Fitzsimmons & Kyle Kinane - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If the juice is expired, you should get a new juice, but if it isn't and you're just crazy - we are HERE for it! We have BREAKING NEWS as it turns out that Christina actually likes, wait no, LOVES crime shows. Who's the big psycho now? Dirty John is the truth and CP is obsessed.  AND Jussie Smollett appears to be in some real trouble - we get into it.  PLUS the great Greg Fitzsimmons joins us and as always is absolutely hilarious.  AND Kyle Kinane is in the building - a long overdue get down with one of comedy's finest. He is really amazed by the McDonald's debacle. 
20/02/193h 48m

486-Danny Brown-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Bruiser Brigade is in the building. Who knew that Detroit's own, Danny Brown would be such a natural fit in the mommy dome?  Fit? We're talking first ballot hall of famer. Pull your jeans up over your ears and let this one remind you why you swore to the denim gods to begin with.  AND, we found a guy that is SO COOL he actually breaks the mold of the Cool Guy Club and we think he has formed a new club? Just wait til you hear what this Nick fella has to say. 
13/02/192h 43m

485-Big Daddy Kane-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Who cares what clips or drops we play during this episode. None of it matters because legendary hip hop MC, Big Daddy Kane is in the studio.  We get to ask everything we've always wanted to ask about coming up in the rap game, writing hit songs and did something actually happen with Madonna?!? This is an epic episode that will forever live in Tommy's heart. From our jeans to yours, let out your best, SUP KANE.
06/02/192h 11m

484-Yoshi & Redban - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What kind of dude brings a dead raccoon into a restaurant? A cool SF dude. We have the tape to prove it.  Plus, we heard that a fake orgasm can be detected if you really slow down the audio on it. Was Uncle Terry faking it? Here's a test.  All time favorite derelict Yoshi is back! He talks about more medical experimenting, prostitutes and uses his astute ear to guess which porn performer is screaming into his headphones. Be sure to listen to The Last Days of August available now on audible.  AND our original OG son, Redban stops by and we catch up on his ridiculous life. He's our big boy now and he also tells us probably the most disgusting story of all time, which is really saying something on this podcast. Also, Redban would go gay for about $500K. Not a bad deal.   
31/01/193h 42m

483-Neal Brennan & Pete Holmes - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This one is a game-changer. Get ready. First we share an astonishing update from the McDonald's people that will forever change this podcast and fast food. It's too good to share here.  PLUS, what is really up with our Uncle Terry? Is he shameless or liberated? We discuss.  AND did Tommy ruin a romantic shower with Tina by letting his raisin cake open up? Find out.  We also have Neal Brennan, who is featured on Comedians Of The World, which just came out on Netflix. He also released 3 Mics, a Netflix original you should definitely watch.  AND Pete Holmes who stars in HBO's Crashing stops by and gets deep in only ways Pete can. He isn't that tall, but he is very bright and made us have all the feels in our time together.  Watch CRASHING Sunday's at 10pm on HBO. 
23/01/194h 36m

482-Liza Treyger-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Sometimes reading the bible brings you peace and sometimes it reminds you that you beat your wife. Er, we better let the good Pastor explain this one.  PLUS, the viewers had a lot to say about the new set. Will our corporate sponsor help explain the choices we made? We hope so.  AND The Cool Guy Club keeps growing. What's that? Well, we just happen to luck out and have a lot of cool guys appear on our show. This week might have the coolest guy of all. He's a toy reviewer! AND the very funny Liza Treyger joins us in studio to talk about her love life, her fascination with porn and a lot more.  We're lovin it!
16/01/192h 42m

481-Dr. Drew, Ryan Sickler, Andrew Santino-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It's finally here. We have moved...Inside Studio Jeans and we got our friends together to celebrate the new space and their new shows.  It might be an upgraded studio but it's still Tommy and Tina and all the wonderful clips and conversations that keep your jeans so high and tight.  When Christina was anxious last week what did Tommy show her to calm her down? It may not have been the best idea.  PLUS, Louie CK's new set was leaked and ripped to shreds. T&C weigh in.  AND, they are joined by Dr. Drew to discuss his new podcast, Dr. Drew After Dark where he examines clips from YMH and how Tom and Tina reacted to them. Plus Drew will talk to a comedian and explore what's going on under the hood with them.  AND Ryan Sickler steps in for a hilarious conversation and to talk about his new podcast, The Honeydew. Sickler will have rotating guest hosts, and guests to discuss low points in their lives and how they found their way up and out of them. All the podcasts will be available on their own RSS feeds for download or on YMH Youtube channel. Pull em up! Finally Andrew Santino stops in and once again kills it in the guest chair. His new show, Whiskey Ginger
09/01/193h 32m

480-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Well Jean, here we are. Another year, another pair of tightly worn denim.  Sadly this is the last episode we will have done in the "old" home studio, but we are so excited to be moving to our new spot, Studio Jeans. Christina and Tom recall all the studio they've done the show in and explore a very nice young man who is looking for a nice thin virgin to accompany him to pain clinics.  Plus, we have the FX producer from Tip Toes on the phone AND Josh Potter is back to not talk about serial killers, but instead, sex toys - much more fun, we promise! Happy New Year, go get it, Jean!  
02/01/192h 24m

479-Nikki Glaser-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

She's back, comedian, radio-host and jitterbug dancer, Nikki Glaser is in the building for an instant classic. We review some of the cool, neat, raw men with Nikki since she's single and we think most of these guys are too. Plus Fart Simpson can retire now. His most epic prank call ever had us laughing so hard we played it 3 times! Goodnight, Julia!
19/12/182h 31m

478-Adam Ray-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Uh-oh, better check all your previous tweets, thoughts, voice recordings and more! They're coming for you and want that apology. You giving in? Kevin Hart said, "No, thank you" to the Academy and comedians around the world are forever grateful.  Plus we have the good stuff. An amazing YMH EXCLUSIVE! It turns out that Julia kept an extra video from Joe and she's held on to it all this time until now. We have that video! Get that vomit bag ready for another winner from Joe.  Comedian/actor Adam "The Voice" Ray joins us in studio and he is a natural fit. Check out his podcast About Last Night that he does with another YMH alum, Brad Williams.  We also have some video special affects that you'll have to check out the Youtube page to truly appreciate. 
12/12/182h 59m

477-Kyle Dunnigan-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Oh. My. Jeans. This episode has it all: Farts, Serial Killers (not Tommy) explained in detail by Josh Potter, JULIA with the full story of how she received those AWFUL video messages! AND the great and hilarious KYLE DUNNIGAN joins us in studio to discuss his amazing instagram videos, his chaotic dating life, a faster path to SMASHING and how much $ it would take to spend the night with a lady nobody finds attractive.   
05/12/183h 18m

476-Fahim Anwar-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Darts? Farts? Why not both? Such a special thing to bring two beautiful things together.  We have some really fun guessing games for you today in our Drugs or Mental Illness segment AND this Horrible or Hilarious is sure to make you HOWL! The "Julia" submissions keep making us laugh and you give us some great advice on Tom's scrum problem (Christina's mouth problem).  AND the great Fahim Anwar sits with us to discuss his new sketch special GOAT FACE, which can be seen on Comedy Central as this audio drops! Go get it!
28/11/182h 0m

475-Ryan Sickler & Sean Anders - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jeans are back up and on and thankfully no more fire in our hood.  We are BLESSED this episode to be joined by comedian and podcaster, Ryan Sickler! His new album, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF is out now and currently #1 on iTunes. It's definitely worth your time - go ahead and check that one out, playa! AND, Sean Anders the writer-director of INSTANT FAMILY stops by for a long conversation. It's real and neat and raw.  This is one of our faves in a long time, JULIA. Mmwaahh!
21/11/182h 35m

474-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Fire! It's everywhere out here. This week is not your usual recording. We are alone, without guests and honestly more than a little freaked out by these outrageous firestorms.  We wanted to try and get a quick episode in before we evacuate. We were able to have some laughs and just be super silly which was probably more for us than ever before.  These fires are freaky and deadly and we're just happy we had a moment to get our family together before taking off.  Thanks for all you thoughts, Jean. 
14/11/181h 22m

473-Tom Green-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

A dream come true. Tom Green, one of the funniest and most original voices of the last 25 years comes over and chops it up with the Mommy's.  We discuss his incredible rise to fame, his dedication to his pranks, how his life changed and what he's up to today.  PLUS, more ridiculous clips that you send in and a whole lot more.   
07/11/182h 2m

472-Whitney Cummings-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Christina's new special The Degenerates is out on Netflix! Check it out, Jean.    Plus this episode is full of ladies! Ladies who shut it down, ladies who yell and scream, ladies with amazing email questions and two remarkable lady guests.  First, the great Whitney Cummings is a great, hilarious hang. We get into it with her in all the best ways.  AND Kate Chastain from Bravo TV's hit show, Below Deck joins us to discuss all things Yachty. Get ready to fantasize with us.
31/10/182h 51m

471-Annie Lederman-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The internet giveth and we taketh with pride! We have a solo act that we think you're all really going to like in a drug hazed, terrifying kind of way.  Tommy can find comfort in an Aussie mate who also has what appears to be a most disloyal wife! Plus what makes you feel better than really cheap people who express how cheap they are on a reality show. Listen and you'll see what we mean.  And the very funny and open Annie Lederman joins us in studio. She shares incredible and sometimes enraging stories about her upbringing and she's hilarious. Almost forgot we found a gem of a Rosie O'Donnell movie that we can't wait to watch. We have a sneak peek!
24/10/182h 25m

470-Chad Daniels-Your Mom's House Podcast with Christina P and Tom Segura

Comedy isn't supposed to be sexy. Try telling that to this weeks guest. Chad Daniels isn't just one of the best comedians on the planet, he's extremely handsome and a master of Road Beave. Just ask the women of Asia, where Chad smashed for a week straight a few years back when he was filming I Need You To Kill, the documentary he appeared in with Tom and Pete Lee.  This week we feature more deeply troubled people. Are they high? Not sure. Are they mentally stable? Doesn't appear so. Plus you the listener writes in about bum kisses, ball tugs, grandma's too old for the toilet and so much more.  More psycho test questions too - wish Jada Pinkett would take it!
17/10/182h 5m

469-Felipe Esparza-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Pull up those jeans and tighten your belt, this one is epic.  We bring you our first unofficial round of On Drugs or Mentally Ill? This one comes from Starbucks and this lady really loses it. We couldn't feel more connected to the barista that (apparently) told her to get off her phone. This is a rare feat for us since normally Tommy is plotting barista harm. Don't worry, later we find a customer who is Tommy's soul mate - for all the wrong reasons.  PLUS, the great Josh Potter joins us in studio to share some of the strangest and most offensive adult entertainment he could find and it's as hilarious as it is disturbing. AND we have Felipe Esparza join us for a quality talk about comedy, life, drugs and a lot more. He's so hilarious and we already want him back.  Check him, fools.
10/10/182h 49m

468-Finesse Mitchell-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Burps? Yup. Face farts? Uh-huh. Jizz into a cup and then sip your own? You know where you are.  It's another episode of the award-winning, life-altering, always enlightening YMH.  More evidence that not only is Christine a snitch, she's a hypocrite too! Plus SNL alum Finesse Mitchell stops by to talk some ish and promote his new special, The Spirit Told Me To Tell You, coming to Showtime October 19.
03/10/182h 42m

467-H3 Ethan & Hila Klein-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Pull your jeans up over your head. This one is a smasher. It's one thing to pretend to be disabled. It's another to do it so effectively that three separate caretakers change your diaper and wash your beans. Should we condemn or celebrate this disturbed man? Are Bert and Ernie gay? Uh, yeahhhh. Plus we finally solve the FGTRTD mystery, we read your emails and above all else we are beyond thrilled to have Ethan and Hila Klein of H3 Podcast in studio with us.  They are delightful, hilarious and sweet to no end. Learn how these two Ted's fell in love, rose to fame on YouTube and more.  Try it out!
26/09/182h 57m

466-Andrew Santino-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We have found him! A guy who doesn't understand what face-farting is, so he needs a demo. OH, NOW HE GETS IT! So many of you wrote in to express your disgust with Christina's lack of loyalty. A few of you agree with her, but there's snitches in every circle.  Plus, could Tommy's parents have been any more weird about sex? No. An actual medical doctor listens to our show and he gives us the undisputed truth about air escaping via vag and butt. AND Andrew Santino, a fantastic comedian and actor joins us and we can say without question he is a hall of fame guest.  Pull your jeans up, but don't touch your peepee. 
19/09/182h 10m

465-Doug Mellard-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jada Pinkett Smith's body is just like Antartica and Iraq and Cleveland - it's really something! Is Christina loyal? Seems like she might be the type to turn Tommy in just for a simple murder charge. The great and hilarious Doug Mellard joins us in studio. His new album, Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder is not only the greatest title ever, it's also hilarious.  We discuss Doug's awful tattoos, the first time Tom met him (after being attacked), emails from listeners and much more. Pull em up!
12/09/182h 2m

464-Brendan Schaub-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

A lot of ladies out there want to eat the booty, what about you?  Charles Schwab's daughter Brenda transitioned into a massive man, Brendan Schaub. We speak to him about his amazing life (and how much he looks like a man now).  Plus we ALL laugh at a man who was electrocuted on live TV. Does he live? You'll have to listen to find out.  The FGTRTD saga continues, we read your emails, play an AMAZING new prank call featuring Top Dog AND does President Obama listen to YMH?!?!
05/09/182h 25m

463-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The jeans are back and ready to pull them up! There's nothing like a fart prank on a dad. Dad's definitely have the best, angry reactions.  PLUS, the gay porn writer/actor/directors that brought us the "my daddy taught me" classic lines are back with another and it's even better! Speaking of farts, famed fired security guard, Paul Flart joins us for a quick chat AND Tina gets super uncomfortable with the "I'll make ya cum guy" and his new message.  Your mothers also discuss Louis CK's "comeback," a horrific public phone call a grandmother took, sucking feet in public and more!
29/08/181h 42m

462-Bert Kreischer-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Beep! Beep! Beep! No, there isn't a dump truck backing down the street, Bert Kreischer AKA Burnt Chrysler is back and his body makes that same noise whenever he takes a step.  We are celebrating this enormous man's great, new hilarious Netflix special SECRET TIME which is available worldwide AUGUST 24.  We discuss it all with Bert and have some laughs that are too good to describe. This one is an instant denim classic.   Special thanks to Tony Celano and Eric Freedman for the amazing animation and Jake Glazier for the perfect voice overs. 
22/08/182h 46m

461-Brad Williams-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Nothing quite like a real dad losing his mind over a mediocre joke. You should know if you listen to this show that Tommy was raised by a hardcore dad boner who can barely finish a sentence if he's struck by his own "hilarious" thought. We may have found some competition for Top Dog this week. PLUS, if you are a lady or a ZER do you want a man/zim to treat you like the perfect little princess that you are? Gross. And why do all those girls talk like that, Britttany?!? We are joined in studio by the great Brad Williams a hilarious comic and friend of ours. We break down some hooker sales pitches, guess what FGT RTD means, read your emails and hear Brad's great stories about the lamest stuff he hears from people about being a little person.  This one is a certified denim classic!
15/08/182h 26m

460-Matt Braunger-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Done with white people? This guy is too. Not the brightest guy, but he's white so what can you expect? Plus grief is real. The best way to process it is to dance and record it and share it with the world. Please share your grief dances with us! Loud cell phone talkers - please stop or get shot (something we're working on).  The great Matt Braunger returns to the show with a lot of hilarious insight. Check out Matt's new podcast, Advice From a Dip S**t with Matt Braunger.  
08/08/182h 10m

459-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This episode was delayed due to Tom's demanding movie star lifestyle, but don't worry, it's HOME HERE NOW.  Christina had a THEYBY. She and Tom go over the huge upside of raising their child in a gender neutral world.  There's also a new cool guy who is just putting out to the world that he would like some sex and he chooses the most unflattering of camera angles to rope you in.  AND Charo and Top Dog are on the show discussing everything from M**ijuana to Charo's amazing farts and so much more. PLUS, your emails cover ANNOUNCING you have a big dong before you should it to a lover and whether or not your mommies fight before or during the show. 
01/08/182h 4m

458-Nikki Glaser-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This is one really loaded. Upon playback, it hit us. Could this episode be TOO good? Yes, but you deserve it just for hanging with us.  This week we discuss a rapper who likes women who are almost not women - could he like men? Sure seems like it.  We get on the phone with Daddy Long Neck who tells us the full story of his neck, his voice and a potential fight with Crazy Locs (probably not a good idea).  Charo and Tom join us on a call to discuss the new Sicario movie among other things.  THEN due to CP's pregnancy and the recording schedule we had to keep things going, we have a DENTAL UPDATE with Charo and Tom IN STUDIO.  As if that isn't enough, the great and hilarious Nikki Glaser joins us in studio to discuss her blossoming radio career - she hosts You Up? on Sirius, she continues to travel the country performing stand up and she recently taped the CC Roast of Bruce Willis, where she no doubt burned him badly.    Please support our sponsors: code: MOM code: MOM
25/07/182h 21m

457-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Jeans are probably cuddling a new baby (non-gender specific) as you listen to this. Please know that God watches you when you watch porn and you'll probably have to answer to him.  Also, do you think we should get fart mics for the studio we might be moving to?  Pull up your jeans and listen what will be an all time classic. 
18/07/181h 49m

456-Ari Shaffir-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The great Ari Shaffir AKA Airy Shaeffer returns to the motherland. It's always a treat when the most uncompromising podcaster and comic on earth decides to stop in. As usual, Ari doesn't hold back on anything. He's even transitioning (into a European comic).  This one is full of laughs and HO-LEE S**T moments.   Please support our sponsors:  
11/07/181h 53m

455-Kevin Nealon-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The great Kevin Nealon is in studio with absolutely amazing stories about his rise in the comedy world.  From his days working the bar at The Improv to Carson and SNL, you will not want this one to end.  Kevin is a natural fit with your mothers. Pull your jeans up for a real treat, meow.   
04/07/181h 52m

454-Moshe Kasher & Natasha Leggero-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It's a double date! Moshe and Natasha join us to discuss the Honeymoon Stand Up Special on Netflix and the mind-blowing reality of their fart situation.  Plus, we learn a lot about Jews and how loud screams from people in pain are indeed FUNNY.    please support our sponsors code word: MOM There's no reason not to join! Get yours at
27/06/182h 17m

453-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

A new shirtless guy with an absolutely terrifying message for you! AND, why does self imposed harm that results in a horrendous scream not elicit joy from Tommy? Are the Water Battles of your moms in the news? We have a prank call using the Try it Out guy and it just might be our favorite thing ever.  AND there is a great possibility that the White House just released the funniest/scariest video of all time.  Let us know what you think.  Support comes from: code word: MOM code word: MOM 
20/06/181h 47m

452-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jean and Jean are together with no one else home on this one.  We FINALLY found him - a super creepy guy that is beyond menacing and get this, he's wearing a shirt. It's a first here at YMH.  Plus, the ladies are letting us know that they don't always have a man telling them to write in or say outrageous stuff to us - they do it themselves! AND did Dr Drew call Tom "Bert?" We have dental updates and more! 
13/06/181h 20m

451-Chris D'Elia-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Daddy is finally here with mommies.  Chris D'Elia joins us for pretty much non stop laughs. We already want him back.  Plus, some lady says she really wants The D badly and can't find someone to give it to her. Can she be trusted?  AND is it possible we found a less impressive, more infuriating musical "skill" than scatting? YES. This is an instant classic. Pull your jeans up. 
06/06/182h 21m

450-Dr. Drew-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

You wanted it, we wanted it and now all of our wishes have come true. The magnificent Dr. Drew Pinksy is back in studio evaluating our clips and us as only he can do. Will he agree that the lung infection singer has lung issues? Does he think the sissy of Freemont comes from a traumatic background? Will scat sex get you physically ill? And most importantly, is Dr. Drew going to join the 4 Stroke Gang? All the answers you want are here!  
30/05/181h 57m

Sam Tripoli-449-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Need your sack shaved? There's a really nice guy who is willing to do it. He's pretty naked if you don't count the leather straps. Don't be weird about it - a LOT of straight guys get it done too.  Plus, when you have to make a brown and the store you're in won't let you go, there's only one thing to do - yes, that is correct.  Sam Tripoli joins us and so did so many talented FEMALE listeners who are just dying to TRY IT OUT!  
23/05/181h 44m

448-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This one is just Jean and Jean.  We find yet another man who is putting it out there for the world wide web with a plea that is sure to touch a woman's heart.  We find a man who represents the Dark Siiiiiide and you may not be ready for it.  Plus, is Hummus good to eat before a massage?  How many days is too many without a shower? AND - we may have uncovered the secret to what the Try It Out guy is saying! Four Stroke Life Shirts are now in store! Get one just to annoy Christina. Wear them to her shows! Please support our sponsors: Code word - MOM 
16/05/181h 45m

447-Sarah Tiana-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Poop Pile is REAL. The question is, do you believe? Some people don't want the truth and some people are building their own piles.  The great and wonderful Sarah Tiana joins us to discuss everything from meth to scatting like Kanye to whether or not an old guy saying nasty things is really that offensive.  Sarah is hilarious and insightful as always.    Please support our sponsors: Code: MOM Code: YOURMOM
09/05/182h 6m

446-Bobby Lee & Khalyla- Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Tiger Mom Belly's House. It's finally happened. The great Bobby Lee & Khalyla join us for some silly good times and OMG revelations! We got some meth smoking tips that might just change your life or at least how you spend time with your brother! Plus we revisit some fun John McAfee clips and a lot more.  Tommy laughs so hard he almost passes out. Jeans Up!   Please support our sponsors: code word MOM Dollar Shave Club: There's no reason not to join! Get yours at
02/05/182h 4m

445-Wheeler Walker Jr- Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you don't know how to eat butt, we have all your bases covered. Basically, we want Tina to finally do this like an adult. We'll see what happens. Plus we have the most intense prank call ever and it involves Tommy and Bert and Joey and Joe and well, dudes doing stuff exclusively with dudes.  And Wheeler Walker Jr joins us and gives his thoughts on SCATTING and a whole lot more.  Please support our sponsors:  Go to and enter promo code MOM to get three items FREE in your first box! promo code MOM 
25/04/181h 54m

444-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Any ladies out there looking to beat the sissy of Fremont for fun? You have to be white and tatted, but he seems cool if you meet that criteria. By cool we happen to mean decidedly NOT cool. He does however do his video shirtless, which we've come to realize might mean WATCH OUT - not 100% well man sharing thoughts.  Plus we talk about Andre the Giant's farts and more importantly his best friends beard. What do you think of a chin strap beard? AND, how many donut holes could you eat in one 12 minute sitting? We feel a competition brewing.  Tommy defends the open defecation accusations and MORE! Pull em up!
18/04/181h 34m

443-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Skibbity Scabbity doo! We love to pretend to be an instrument with our mouths. It obviously takes WAY more skill to scat than to learn to play an instrument. We are MASTERS of the craft and welcome you to learn from us. Also, God, is he real? Is he a he? Seems unlikely. If you ever wanted proof that religion is likely just comfort food, listen here. We are EXPERTS. Plus, God doesn't like sausage. (This is, of course, difficult to reconcile with the previous paragraph, but we also have an expert on this so just trust us).  We have all that plus Dental Updates and much more! Pull em up.  Thanks to our sponsors: Code word: MOM Code word: YOURMOM
11/04/181h 50m

442-Alison Rosen-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Open defecation - we're into it. Unfortunately, it's not that popular in Los Angeles. Let's explore where it's still a thing AKA where people know how to party.  We thank YOU, the listener for sending in your Ball Hog vids and we talk to everyone's 'Best Friend' Alison Rosen about her new book, Tropical Attire Encouraged.  Pull your jeans all the way up for this one, unless you use a wash cloth in the shower (because you are poor). Thank you for supporting our sponsors: code: MOM Dollar Shave Club: There's no reason not to join! Get yours at
04/04/181h 45m

441-Tom Rhodes-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

There's a very upset lady in an internet chat room that says a lot of things we can relate to. She's fired up that someone called her the R word and she has a new and exciting version of English to battle back.  PLUS, Age Gap Love is our new obsession. It's a show that follows couples who have way too many years in between them and yes, these people are gross. Old dudes, old ladies, just old, old, old. Yuck! Imagine someone loving your grandparents. Well, that's not the best way of putting it. Imagine dating someone that looks like your grandparents. Done vomiting? We have more. AND friend of the show, Tom Rhodes is back after too many years away. He's hilarious and full of travel tales and so much more. Pull your international jeans way up! Thanks to our sponsors: Promo code: MOM Promo code: MOM 
28/03/181h 35m

440-The Sklar Bros-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you want to go on a date with a nice lady follow the lead of this episodes opening clip - offer a lady money to have a family with you.  Plus, the golden duo of comedy joins us in studio. The Sklar bros also known as the Brothers Sklar put it down. Hilarious guys who are doing a LOT is all you need to know. They are also here to talk about their new documentary, Poop Talk, which as you can imagine, is right up our lane. Did the bros involve Tom and Tina in their new doc? You'll just have to listen.  And we ask all kinds of twin questions and these guys are here for it. Lots and lots of laughs with two great comics. 
21/03/182h 5m

439-Your Mom’s House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Get your power tools and sex toys ready for a fun, informative episode! The Jeans are high and tight with this one. We examine DPC's and what REALLY counts. Christina has a recent one that she shares. Do you think it should be verified? Tommy has high standards for Starbucks. Just like his dad does for McDonald's. Is he turning into Top Dog?  Plus Blueban labels a file that makes the mommies laugh so hard we almost had to stop recording. 
14/03/181h 23m

438-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

J-J-J-Jean Unit! We found some adult stars who share some pretty gnarly stories about working in their industry and shooting their "Scenes."  PLUS Tommy gives us the scoop on his "Scenes." Will he shoot DP's? Boy/girl? Boy/Boy/Girl? We get into all the details of his dream coming true.  AND we go further into Love After LockUp. One of the greatest terrible shows of all time.  AND just when we thought a listener prank call couldn't be topped, a new Gold Standard is set in this episode. It's totally AMAZE.   
07/03/181h 24m

437-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This week Jean and Jean get together to Meow Down. Here's a cool thing we explore today: God + Swinging. It's pretty neat if you're willing to listen while a stranger has sex with you and your spouse. Just try it. Come on! Plus, we're ALL IN on Love after Lock Up and you should be to. You should also reach out to a felon right now (for a relationship!).  AND, one of your made an amazing call posing as Peyton Lafferty.  This episode is AMAZE!   Please support today's sponsors:  Code Word: MOM Code Word: MOM  
28/02/181h 25m

436-Johnny Pemberton-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

He's tall, he's (very) young (looking) and he's coming for that title. Johnny Pemberton is in studio and you will find it SO amaze how well he can do and decipher accents.  Semen. We know it's great for your skin. Is it also super nutritious? Try it out! AND we may have found a new Burp Champ. Turn the volume WAY UP!   Show support by visiting our sponsors: CODE: MOM CODE: MOMSHOUSE
21/02/181h 50m

435-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It's just Jean and Jean on this one. Your mother and I hang out and have the fun we always have when you're not around. Put your triple D swingers in a supportive bra, pull you jeans up and enjoy. 
14/02/181h 24m

434-Marc Maron-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The man, the myth, the Maron. One of our all time faves is finally in the building. If you know and love podcasting, especially the kind involving comedians, you know Marc Maron. His wildly successful podcast WTF inspired a television series and hundreds of copycats to do what he has mastered.  He's funny, insightful, charming - look, we love him. So many laughs in this one with Would You Rather's, Fart Logic and so much more.   
07/02/181h 59m

433-Bill Burr-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Oh my goodness, Jean. We don't really think this episode needs a description. The great Bill Burr joins us and Hen has some amazing, hilarious thoughts, just like you thought he would.  We discuss who is a bigger psycho, Billy or Tommy.  PLUS, will Bill stop gender identifying his child? We hope so.  AND, will Bill laugh at a man getting crushed by a car? We have the footage.  
31/01/182h 8m

432-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Looks like some Ball Hogs are willing to share their secrets! We are willing to listen! We found a great new rapper and get this, he's using the name TOP DOG to work on his rhymes. Hope you end up supporting him.  PLUS - the reviews are in! People are loving DISGRACEFUL on Netflix. Everyone. 100% of everyone across the board. Not one negative review. We'll go over a few.  Pull your jeans up. 
24/01/181h 28m

431-Paul Gilmartin-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Women, it's time to reclaim your place in the world and also it's time to do something gross. Luckily we found someone who was willing to do both.  Also, are YOU a ball hog? Are you sure. Maybe you should Try it Out? The great Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast joins us for some juvenile fun. We read emails, break down clips and basically act like 6th graders with him and we can't wait to do it again. 
17/01/181h 37m

430-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We like foreigners and we like cursing. When foreigners curse? Magical.  Plus, you have SERIOUS questions about Blind people and their standards, twin girls and their periods and now peeing is brought into the equation - does it affect farts?? Tommy's parents are about to retire. Wait until you hear about Top Dog's newly crushed adventure. And don't forget to check out DISGRACEFUL - Tom's new 1 hour special. It begins streaming worldwide on NETFLIX January 12. 
10/01/181h 23m

429-Josh Wolf-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Ya'll know what it is. If you gotta brown you might as well go to where the brown ends up anyway, right? One man already figured that out and is talking to us from a gutter!  Plus, how cool is being a virgin? How cool is it to RECLAIM your virginity? Hold up, we are bundling ourselves in blankets from how cool the previous two questions are.  No more than 2 people should wear white if three people are hanging out together. That is an Australian rule that we explore. AND hilarious comic, podcaster and all around great guy, Josh Wolf joins us on the podcast today.  Pull your jeans up and enjoy this one. 
03/01/182h 36m

428-Live From Irvine-Your Mom's House with Christian P and Tom Segura

J-J-J-Jeans Unite! As we wrap up another year of tightly woven denim we want to give thanks to you, the little mommy. Hope you have a great holiday filled with love and rectal touches.  Here we have the last live show we did at the Irvine Improv a little while back.  Thank you all for being the best fans anyone could ever want.  We would fart in every one of your stockings if we could.   
27/12/172h 1m

427-Dr. Drew-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

After years of podcasting and hundreds of shows we thought, "How about a little intelligence on this show for a change? How about...a Doctor?" Luckily for all of us Dr Drew agreed (before knowing what our show is about) to come on and no description can do it justice.  He shared stories about his life and let us know what he thought about the many clips we play on this show.  All we can say is, we wish it never ended. 
20/12/172h 2m

426-Pauly Shore-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Oh s**t, bro! The Weasel is in the house. The wiser weasel has some great advice and hilarious stories from his days as an MTV VJ and international movie star.  Plus we get in to whether or not FARTS are assault (they are) and if Tom can sue Tina (He can).  You looking for free rent? Come over to my house and beat me, pee on me. Try it out. 
13/12/171h 43m

425-J.Elvis Weinstein-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

A few years back Tommy went to Asia (voluntarily, tho under some duress) and did stand up with some great guys: Chad Daniels, Pete Lee and the guest of this episode, J. Elvis Weinstein. The trip was filmed for a documentary that is available NOW. Please check out I NEED YOU TO KILL on itunes, Amazon or wherever you pay to buy and rent movies.  J. Elvis Weinstein is a comedian, writer, director and co-host of his own podcast, Thought Spiral with Andy Kindler.  This episode is full of laughs and love. Get all up in there like it's the night before your 70th birthday. 
06/12/171h 49m

424-Joey Diaz-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This is as good as it gets. Joey Coco Diaz is in the building.  This lovable, fiery felon is sure to make you laugh as you sit by the fire and ask your mom if she will 69 your dad on his 70th birthday.  By the way, a bunch of those came in and they are HILARIOUS.  PLUS we talk CATS, Dad Boners and we read your emails.    Say No More, just listen, JEAN. 
29/11/171h 35m

423-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Jeans Within! Jeans Within!  Looks like College Football isn't immune to the Jeans within your heart. Nick Saban has the full commentary.  PLUS, we got more tracks for you: Machines and She's Retarded - all different styles that you, the listener submitted.  AND we have a transracial woman, well, she sure sounds like one. What do you think?  Charles Manson is dead! John Daly hates water! and "Do you 69 at 69"?? Get into it, Jeans.   
22/11/171h 34m

422-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

When the mommies prank any media outlet with Mommy lingo we LOVE IT! Get em, jean! Amazingly, someone else hates Puking as much as Tina and Tina has some advice. Equally as astonishing, Adam Carolla is on the same page as Tina with...showering?! PLUS, we have She's Retarded remixes, Louie CK talk, profane coaches with kids and MORE!!
15/11/171h 34m

421-Martin Riese-Yout Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The Water GOD is back in the building. Before we get to more hydrating satisfaction we have some GOOD stuff for you.  And nothing kicks things off like diarrhea. Public diarrhea. Have you ever just, you know, gone. In plain view. I'd like to hear about it.  We have MORE Machines Within and some NEW She's Retarded tracks.  Grab a bottle of mineral water and ENJOY!
08/11/171h 44m

420-Lambo Prank-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Yo! Tommy got a Lambo wit the brains blown out! Naw, he didn't. But he made Bert and Ari think he did and that was worth every penny. We give you the full scoop on that PLUS we find a good potential roommate for you. All you need is a strong sex drive and, well, we should just let him explain. Seems like a nice guy.  We also have the KING farting on his dog. Is this okay? And Steven Seagal isn't just the worst actor he MIGHT be an equally bad person. Lets explore! MACHINES WITHIN!!
01/11/171h 50m

419-Greg Fitzsimmons-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

The great Greg Fitzsimmons is here! You know his book, his podcast, his radio show and his stand up. He's absolutely one of our favorites and he will be one of yours if you listen to this episode. Lots of crazy, lots of funny, Machines Within and of course a Dental Update.
25/10/172h 0m

418-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you want to get really horny and you're having trouble getting there we've got the secret formula for you (okay it involves Benadryl). But we're not telling you how many (unless you listen to the episode).  Plus, Machines Within probably won over your heart last week. This week, it's a chart-toppin banger thanks to the many musically inclined mommy's out there.  And just when you thought Mr. Rub Rub Rub only cared about the fellas, we dig deeper into the SAME interview only to discover he has some sage advice for the ladies as well.  Put in your earbuds and let this one rip. It's simply Jeanstastic!
18/10/171h 42m

417-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This is one of the most fun Pomcasts we've done in a while and it's just Jean and I.  We do what we do best - make fun of people. From the c*m huggers to the people who struggle to string together a sentence we simply don't hold back.  When a juggalo dreams of writing a new song, well, DJ Dadmouth helps make that dream come true - IN THE MOMENT. Is there a hit on our hands?  Don't forget to watch CP's new special, Mother Inferior only on NETFLIX!  
11/10/171h 27m

416-Bert Kreischer-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What does 338 pounds of alcohol free fun sound like? Download this podcast to find out. We had to remove a wall on our home so the crane could lift him up and place him in his seat, but we couldn't be happier we did it. Enormous, but fun comedian Burnt Khrysler is in studio for a very real very honest and very funny conversation.  Seriously though, Bert is the best and we love him. This is one of our favorite episodes ever. 
04/10/171h 36m

415-Tom Papa-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you had 3 foot long nails how could you wipe your bum? Luckily we have a detailed example from a gross person.  The great Tom Papa joins us for some good ol' making fun of people get down.  We have your emails and they are very offensive - thank you for sending them.  PLUS, if you're white and you get a great tan, are you now black? One completely insane person thinks so.  Pull those jeans up!
27/09/171h 24m

414-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you go on a run and you gotta make a brown is that really such a bad thing? One lady in Colorado Springs might do in on your lawn in front of your family! NEATO! Tommy shot a special in Denver over the weekend. We recap the festivities for you PLUS now Tina is the one with sick jeans.  Dad boner with a snow blower? Yes. We have great emails from you and more.  
20/09/171h 19m

413-Brendan Schaub-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

When you make a Big Brown do you flush it down? Here at YMH we show it proudly. Our Big Brown can even talk - it's wild.  We have stinky Vajees and how to detect them, we have surprise Big D's and obvious ones too - Hello, Takeo Spikes! All around good fun with our bud, Brendan Schaub.  Plus a DENTAL UPDATE and a whole lot more. 
13/09/172h 3m

412-LIVE From West Palm Beacb-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

This is how it's done. The South Florida mom's came out in full force and we had the best time.  We hope you enjoy this live episode that featured Fill Her Ups, Would You Rather's and so much more.  Make sure you put on sunblock under your jeans before you listen to this one, Jean. It was after all recorded in Breast Balls Beach, Florida. 
06/09/171h 45m

411-Matt Fulchiron-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Uh oh, it's time to get your act together. Your baby's father, The Concierge, is in the building. If you don't know, now you do. Matt Fulchiron AKA The Full Charge is back and in top form.  We break it down. Everything.  How embarrassed would you be if you made poo in someone's bed? We found someone that doesn't seem that mad. Are all women Ho's in the context that this man explains? is digital Black Face a thing? I don't know, but we sure are probably guilty. Also, it's not a thing.  Sit back, relax and let this one flow. 
30/08/171h 58m

410-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

If you're ever attacked you should consider biting your attacker below the waist! But only after you seduce him into thinking you're into him sexually. We recommend an hour or more to really trick them! Plus, Why are some farts hot? Why do those smell more?  AND are you willing to wait in line to eat somewhere good? No thanks, Jean.  When you visit Singapore keep an eye out for an older, gay, how you say, Gentleman. He knows what he wants and it's a lot.  Put pee in your butt because we just found out it could solve this country's problems. 
23/08/171h 27m

409-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What if you wipe yourself with toilet water to save paper but you flush a bunch so you're actually wasting water? Can you really say you care about the environment? Not sure, but you're definitely probably vegan. Plus, when blind people dream do they "see" what we do? Only twins with different sized penis can help us answer these important questions.  We get the stories the OTHER podcasts choose to ignore. F*** you in your a**? We'll be right there. 
16/08/171h 23m

408-Ms. Pat-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

What if it's only smells, but also it turns you on? Is that okay? What kind of smells get your engine going? Ladies, we're talking to you.  PLUS, when Dad Boners are into animals and by animals we mean bees, it's borderline disturbing.  AND the great Ms. Pat is back for amazing, honest and absolutely hilarious conversation. Her new book, RABBIT: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MS PAT goes on sale August 22nd. Be sure to pick up a copy of this incredible book. 
09/08/172h 11m

407-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We want you guys to orgasm all the time, even when you hug someone or shake their hand or just stand up. That's our mission and we hope this episode guides you to the forbidden place where we live.  We have some great listener emails this episode PLUS a dad boner that gives Canadian highway dad a run for his money.  And a white girl that uses BIG WORDS prompts a debate - Do you ever accept white people doing that?  Wait til you hear Kim Ahn and Mr. Rub Rub Rub together. 
02/08/171h 32m

406-Yoshi-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Thank God for feminists like Roman who are out there every day fighting the good fight. He's out in the streets encouraging women to fart in his face. If it weren't for guys like him, would ladies even know they could fart??? Plus, TOP DOG gets on a call to go over a recent "ACCIDENT."  Did you knoe R Kelly actually wanted to marry his mom?  AND the great YOSHI joins once again for more of his hilarious travel tales. 
26/07/172h 18m

405-Brent Weinbach-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Some women associate giving birth with PAIN. Are they dumb? Maybe they just haven't been taught yet. They SHOULD be having orgasms. That's what childbirth is all about.  PLUS, could Tommy's REAL mom be the fart mistress we've all wanted?  AND special guest Brent Weinbach joins us.  You wanna talk some s**t?
19/07/172h 31m

404-Sam Tripoli-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

When Tommy boy arrived in Los Angeles with hope in his eyes, it was Sam Tripoli who made Tom sit on the casting couch and earn his stage time thru butt spreads and oral favors. Kidding! That's a dream (for both guys).  Sam Tripoli is a tornado on stage and off. Check out his new double album, The Diabolical and his numerous podcasts, including Punch Drunk and his new conspiracy theory podcast, Tin Foil Hat.  We go hard on this one and big laughs are had the whole way around. 
12/07/172h 11m

403-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

We have found a secret that even Wikileaks couldn't get. There is a man who may or may not be Ryan Sickler that gave a chocolate kiss to Hillary Clinton and we have the DETAILS! You are NOT ready.  PLUS, would any of you like to come over for moose soup later? What if we smoked two packs a day and slept with the whole village? Okay, see you at 7! Two hot new joints make this episode the kind you just want to put on some new jeans and rock out to.   
05/07/171h 29m

402-Wheeler Walker Jr-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

You have to be careful with a penis when it's really big cause you might end up dead! This South Florida man is really in a tough place (murder charge) because of it.  Plus how many people/hours does it take for Johnny Depp to get ready? Let's take a guess! AND special guest Wheeler Walker Jr. joins us and blows us away with his amazing voice and beautiful voice. Ol' Wheeler has got some pipes on him. 
28/06/172h 14m

401-Ari Shaffir--Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

When a longshoreman doesn't feel like talking, you better get to walking or you're gonna get trespassing. That's just the way it goes.  Plus, your feedback is boring in for Christina's Fart Mistress Shed. Will she go thru with it?  AND we have a new awful work song. It's really quite depressing. Hope you enjoy it! The real news is Ari Shaffir is not only back from his vision quest, he's actually HERE, in the mommy dome. He has a new special coming to Netflix July 18 called Double Negative. Oh and he still owes Tommy and Bert a trip. 
21/06/172h 49m

400-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

It's here in all its glory - episode 400 of Your Mom's House! And finally we face the question that has been bugging us all - will Christina BaBoey Chusay Oh Tom's B-Hole? A real conversation takes place.  PLUS, will Tina start a side business in a shed?  Is there someone out there who laughs as hard as Top Dog at awful jokes?  We have those answers and more! Pull em up!
14/06/171h 41m

399-Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

There's a wise, older Asian man that can have an orgasm without ejactulating and every time he shakes from within his prostate it's like watching a parade: pure, unadulterated joy.  Aside from that this episode is full of fun. We have a man that uses ALL the Big Words he can think of, PLUS a job orientation that rivals the infamous Let's Get Social song.  We have a follow up on Shaq's biggest "toe" and a big announcement for Tommy's fall shows. Plus, don't forget to MAKE FITNESS in our new official Fitness tank.  (Imagine the sound of the Asian man shaking from the inside here). 
07/06/171h 43m

398-Top Dog & Charo-Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Do you like heavy breathing into the mic? CHECK! What about laughing uncontrollably at street jokes? BOOM! Anybody poop their pants lately? You guessed it, Top Dog is in the building and he brought his Peruvian princess with him.  Before we get to that we've got people marrying themselves and buildings, plus what's the opposite of a happy Dad Boner? Is it Dad Rage? Whatever it is, we found him too.   
31/05/171h 54m

397-Joe Rogan-Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Oh Snap! We got the PodFather. The Mighty and Powerful Joe Rogan joins us to discuss all things JEAN.  From the crazy current state of politics to some all time dad boner moments, Joe weighs in on it all.  He even answers the question: Would you date your mom?  Spark one up and pour some out, this is an all-time classic.  Pull em up!
24/05/172h 25m

396-The REAL Water Champ, Martin Riese-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This one is particularly Amaze, Jean.  Nothing like the police scaring you as you literally swim with sharks. Hear the REAL audio and decide if you'll ever swim again.  Plus, does anyone deserve a beating the way people who WISH they were disabled do? Can we start a fundraiser to get them their wish? We have a Horrible or Hilarious that is not, well, hilarious. So, just listen.  AND, has Tommy finally crossed the line with Tina and his grossness?  To make things even better we have our first guest in ages in studio. This guy is the REAL WATER CHAMP. It's water sommelier, Martin Riese. Get ready to get educated in everything H20. 
17/05/172h 19m

395-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Does thinking about your family turn you on? Think harder. Now are you feeling it? Let's talk about something that your brain does a good job of blocking out.  Plus Tommy got food poisoning. Can you guess what type of food caused it? Can you guess where you shouldn't buy that type of food from? Bingo. Just as Tina and Tommy realized they could plug in more than one thing in their bedroom, they also have come to the conclusion that they can buy more than one clock. Hear the riveting story. AND even more unsolicited callers weigh in on the personality battle. Who do you find more charming? 
10/05/171h 50m

394-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

A lot people have opinions on their dog food like they know what their dog can taste, thankfully one guy dove in for the rest of us and taste tested different dog foods. We have the amazing results.  Plus, single dad, Tom takes his son to the mall and gets some alarming looks. Would you look at Tommy that way?  A "You Know" champ comes to us from the least expected place AND it seems like the Personality Championship can be put to rest. We have audio for you to consider.  JEANS UP!
03/05/171h 35m

LIVE with YOSHI - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This is the second live podcast we did on this evening at The Irvine Improv. The inimitable Yoshi joins us for some hilarious and often jaw-dropping conversations.   *Please use HEADPHONES to listen to this episode. And of course, STANIMA. 
28/04/171h 46m

393-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you're a lady and you're having trouble getting pregnant or perhaps you want some more excitement in bed, there has been a new development that is changing lives - LEECHES. You just need to shove them up inside of you.  Plus, aren't nail clippers incredible? This one dude thinks so and we happen to agree. We'd love to put the personality argument to rest, but both moms are still bickering. Isn't it obvious??? Plus, there's some big Chef John fans writing in and defending his UP-speak AND we have Would You Rather, Fill Her Up and MORE. There isn't enough denim in this world to match up with this episode. 
26/04/171h 57m

392-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Not everyone can read the future by touching their worn panties, but this is Your Mom's House and we found someone that can.  Plus, never before heard audio of your two favorite mom's making love. Is this real?  We have Master Of Accents, a man throwing up that REALLY upsets Tina and Top Dog and Charo on the phone. Is there anything boring in this episode? Yup, we got some of that for you too.  JEAN forever. 
19/04/171h 47m

391-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Mummy, here's the truth - we have sick jeans this week. Both of us. Please bear with us as we compete for the immunity championship.  We welcome all our witches and wiccans to approach this episode with caution as we delve into a dangerous spell.  Plus, who's the real elitist? Tommy has a pretty strong argument for Tina being a closet snob. What do you think? AND our cars both have smelly AC's - what's the deal? Is it a dead animal? Maybe F-A-R-T? And we honor the great athlete, Nelson Mandela.   
12/04/171h 24m

390-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Are there any Jean's in the house? How about uncircumcised ones? Well, this is the episode for you. We have a very helpful man that teaches you how to clean it (it involves a wash cloth). Speaking of wash clothes, those are for poor people, right?  T Bunz ran into Kane a few weeks ago at the airport - do you think he yelled his infamous call in public? You'll just have to listen, Jean.  Plus, Tommy once saw an older lady touching her stuff in public at a bar and Jean thinks it's a questionable story. How about 'chu? Can a man have dinner with a lady that's not his wife without wanting to fill her up?  We really hope you have the STANIMA for this episode. 
05/04/171h 52m

389-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

There's a crazy fat kid running North Korea and nobody is going to debate that fact.  Do you know all the U.S. Presidents? We certainly do not. There's a JV squad and we go thru it.  When first class disappoints you, what do you do? We complain, bitterly.  Plus, Jean has a very important dental update (cause she's a show off).  And a LIVE F-A-R-T was captured on the show and it should settle the Fart Champ debate once and for all. 
29/03/171h 37m

388-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Some people are just gross and then there's THIS lady. Whoa. And coming from us that's pretty special. She puts her finger, well, just listen.  Plus, if you had to say one of us is a better burper who would you choose, Gene or Jean?  There are some epic Dad Boners in this one and an absolute gift of a Hey Mommy order. And thankfully there's a nasal alien that breaks that down for us too. 
22/03/171h 48m

387-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Dearest Jean,  This is a great podcast. Today we recap our lunch with Dan Pena and Tom's ill-fitting suit. Plus, Jean got an iWatch and boy does she love it (more than she loves Tom).  Some French guy wants to teach you about loving your lingam and the mommies saw Get Out - go see it! How often do you run into massage therapists that are also smokers? I guess Tom's just lucky.  All of that, plus vocal fry, dental updates and more!
15/03/171h 43m

386-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

When you're on a plane and you're bleeding from your tumors you just need people to MOVE. Jean and Tom break down their one night getaway and how Tom's browns have changed for the better since he cut sugar (mostly).  Plus Tina gets grossed out by a gagging video and we have some new really boring stuff to play for you.  Some fashion is absurd and we gladly make fun of it. How do some guys tolerate ball kicks? Are you one of those guys? could you drop us a line?  We are more than honored that the President spoke our name. Please enjoy these fresh pressed jeans. 
08/03/172h 0m

BONUS-Live From Irvine (Early Show) - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Live from the Irvine Improv with 500 mommies in the stands. Let er rip!
03/03/171h 40m

385-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

How much sausage do you need to feed your whole family? What if there are some big women in it? Probably more, right? Would you leave an angry voicemail about it?    This episode has Gucci Mane, bloody yoga pants, boring videos and the SECRET to a Double Pipe Classic? WHAT?!?! yeah. Listen. 
01/03/171h 34m

384-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you haven't ever seen a whale penis, you don't size and you don't know Penis.  Tommy hung out with Top Dog and Charo this weekend and he has tales to tell.  Plus Gene had a dream that Tommy was bad and now she's mad at him in real life. Does this nonsense happen in your life as well?  Tina's phone got a new text. Anyone interested in DRUGS?!?!  AND, more boring videos, Hey Mommy and much more!
22/02/171h 45m

383-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

When someone goes on strike you know they mean business. This lady is going on strike for something so important we can't actually spell out what it is (It's Gross and comes out of a man's penis).  We step in to Studio G with Super Dad Nerd, G.  We wear our awesome new Pup Masks as we are always heightening our sense of smell.  Plus absolutely AMAZE music from so many of you. We're putting Bitsy on a diet and SO much more.  Thanks, Jeans. 
15/02/171h 41m

382-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

As perhaps the leading non-binary couple in the podcast comedy world today we are thrilled to bring you this aspect of the wonder from the perspective of our obtuse reality. Hope that was clear.  Sometimes when you are making a brown someone will crawl under the stall to see if you are indeed browning. What would you do in that situation?  The Mommies saw another horrible movie. Hope you get to have a night ruined by it as well.  Plus another guy had vocal fry and it wasn't even the worst part of his personality. He also liked to....kill and eat people. Can you guess who? This episode is full of such a good time we HAD to find some boring audio to dull it down. Hope it's boring enough for you. 
08/02/171h 38m

381-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Have you ever tried to get a hearing impaired person to lick your stuff but you weren't sure how to do it? We have answers.  Plus we're pretty sure we found our sons little league coach. Hope he's still around when Little Jeans is ready to play. This guy emphasizes that losing sucks and no one wants to be one.  Tina and Tommy both break down what they individually hate and what they hate as a couple (acoustic?).  Hi Mommy...Thanks Jeans rages on and much more!
01/02/171h 44m

380-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't hit me, Mummy! Don't hurt me, mummy! This week Tommy recaps his big celebration trip with Burnt and both pairs of Jeans have a Dental Update. Who do you think has the more perfect smile? Jack Reach Around Two is reviewed. Spoiler Alert: It's a pile of garbage. More emails and more orders of Hey, Mommy....Thanks, Jeans!
25/01/171h 46m

379-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Finally! Someone is talking about the real issues - how do you mop up all that stuff after you make kisses? A nice British lady is going to show us the way (it's the Shower). Plus - you weigh in on the Personality Battle. Hey, some of you are a little TOO honest. Thanks. We meet a lady who wants to live with no environmental impact. That includes REUSING toilet paper. NEAT. And Hey, Mommy...Thanks, Jeans rolls on.  
18/01/171h 37m

378-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The McAfee Virus guy isn't just a genius when it comes to protecting your PC. He also has discovered that hammocks are great for lounging on and pooping off of. Just listen to this parade of women tell you about it.  Plus, you've picked sides when it comes to #Water, #Posture and #fitness. Now the two jeans break down who has a better #personality. Which side are YOU on?! We have a new most boring video ever. Is it real? Doubtful. More dad accents, Horrible or Hilarious and some Hall Of Fame level ordering of "Hi, Mommy...Thanks, Jeans!"
11/01/171h 52m

377-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Reach into your pants, hold on to your twig and berries and take a DEEP SNIFF. That's how you train to be a good pup. Good boy.    Tommy is deep in his weight loss competition with Burnt. These last 24 hours are rough! We revisit with Orlando Brown who has new ways to describe his sexual exploits.  Plus, what YMH word does Tina add to her coffee order? Are you ready to step up your "Hi Mommy, Thanks Jeans" Game?  It's all here. 
04/01/171h 21m

376-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Does your shoulder hurt? Have you tired saluting the Fuhrer? We can tell you one thing for sure - It Helps!! Christina considers the Skullet - the haircut that Tommy has been pushing for years. Will you urge her to get it done? Thanks. The Mommies consider potty training for their little boy. What word should they use to describe going number 2? Making brown, caca, taking a dump. Lets figure it out together.  We revisit the EV mic guy and more mommies are doing "Hey, mommy" orders.
28/12/161h 50m

375-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

These Jeans are ready to party. We always knew that Subway served up sandwiches, but we didn't realize there was so much MUSTARD on them. In this episode we explore two entirely different locations with two very upset customers - each expressing their disappointment in a unique way. PLUS - Top Dog and Charo stopped by to do some line reads. We play you the whole thing. That and SO much more. Merry Xmas, Santa Jeans.
21/12/161h 44m

374-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies dive deep into the world of Orlando Brown, get festive for the Holidays with an amazing Instagram singer, discuss the weight loss competition and much much more!
14/12/161h 59m

373-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Diamonds on the crevice of your ??? I'll give you three guesses. We have so much to share with you! Get ready to pull 'em high and tight! This week we tickle some bodies with our new favorite Disney star, talk about Tom's time in West Palm Beach, and find out just how unparliamentary Elizabeth May can get when she's had a few drinks! Jeans up!!
07/12/161h 42m

372-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We love our brothers and sisters to the North, but there's one lady in Parliament who clearly isn't on board with the show - she's anti F-A-R-T! Please keep heckling her. You think you know Tom and Tina, but have you met Karen and Bobby? They're here unless they're drinking or smoking or having sex. Plus an outrageous call with Top Dog and Charo and some amazing clips including one really cool lady who loves when guys spray their love on her (face). This episode is LOADED.
30/11/161h 41m

371-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Would you marry your mom? Really. That's so cool, cause like, me too. Kiss her for real.  The Mommies moved this week and with a lot of help came a lot of stranger dumps. So many.  Plus a really massive, fat lady will let you pay to watch her be gross. Master of Accents, Pup Play and a lot more. As always, Bert is so fat and it's being celebrated all over the world. 
23/11/161h 40m

370-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We did it, We locked down the guy who will call you a C**T to your face. That's right, Dan Pena is on the show!  So fun to talk to the master of cursing in business. Dan was as fun as you might imagine.  Plus the Jeans are not only fresh off their Bannismurfurney where they got a Couples Massage (yuck), Tina also claims disrupted relaxing time with a F-A-R-T.  AND, seems that President Camacho is actually going to run the free world. Interesting times ahead! Many Masterful Accents in this one!
16/11/161h 28m

369-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Even babies know the truth - Bert IS fat, but also our dear friend Burnt Chrystals has a new special coming to Showtime called The Machine and he goes by the name Bert Kreischer in it. Plus Tommy and Tina watched the movie, Shark Bites - you might like but it has one BIG flaw (same as the Martian with Matt Damon).  There's a really white DJ who really feels comfortable with BIG WORDS and all kinds of accents to master in this one. Who is the Water Champ? Now we can all be with the NEW Water Champ shirt! Get one for Christmas or just to show everyone who H2Flow is in your house.  Keep those jeans up!
09/11/161h 48m

368-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

NO Loose jeans allowed here. We find the ultimate dad boner who relights the fire that only Garth can put out. Plus, Tommy AKA Tomaso speaks eh, de Espanish on TV, we have Would You Rather, Perfect Smiles and MORE!
02/11/161h 46m

367-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week on YMH, Tom and Christina take a look at Christina's ex-boyfriend who know works as an insane deck hand, a couple of fighting brothers who desperately want you to look at them, and go in depth on Tom's most recent physical
26/10/161h 46m

366-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies watch a bunch of public service announcements, some hilarious, some horrible. They also get a translation for the Persian voicemail, which kicks us off to a journey into Christina's childhood. Wipe down!
19/10/161h 44m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 55

Pull your jeans up over your shoulders - it's Mommy time! Tommy and Tina cover all the bases in this one. The duo talk trash about their producer, Blueban, they bring back fan-favorite, The Dick Detectives, read RESULTS from Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, give you a Where The Dudes At update, discuss their interest in Holocaust literature, play NEW Top Dog audio and much more!
17/10/161h 45m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 56

When a mommy is missing it isn't truly Your Mom's House, so this episode is unofficially Your Aunt's House, but boy does Auntie get down! Fan-favorite and dear friend, Bert "The Machine" Kreischer joins Tom for the first LIVE video podcast from the MommyDome. We talk about sharing death news with people, Bert's new show, getting to know Vanilla Ice, a follow up on The Dick Detectives, dealing with our anxiety, and more! We laugh our Mommy dicks off! RIP MCA
17/10/161h 5m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 57

Mommy, mommy, oh mommy, mommy! Get ready for a good time. Fellow comedian and Southern Belle, Rory Scovel enters the mommy dome for the first time. Rory witnesses the unveiling of our producer, Blueban, to our Ustream audience, we then talk about a fun thing to try to your lover, more Beastie Boys love, couples that don't fart in front of each other, Cosby, shitty people that go to shows, Fill Her Up/Seal her shut, when eating pot goes wrong and more! Go to for all the mommy magic!
17/10/161h 51m

Episode 58 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This episode begins with a mommy meltdown in the mommy dome courtesy of Ustream, which nearly causes Tom to murder Blueban. Soon after, the jeans are back on and up! The mommies discuss a general disdain for Nancy Grace, their recent travel stories, a REAL TALK segment featuring gypsies, Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, Would You Rather and much more! Oh Mommy!
17/10/161h 45m

Episode 59 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This show was like WHOA! The first ever LIVE Momcast could not have been more fun. 3 Amazing guests and a lot of laughs. Tommy and Tina cover it all with brown talk, orgasms, Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, Would You Rather, Arab or Jew, another football coach monologue, Dick Detectives, and hilarious stories from Ari Shaffir, Matt Braunger, and Bert Kreischer. More live shows to come!
17/10/161h 31m

Episode 60 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The duo is back in the mommydome! Gastrointestinal issues are the launching point for this episode and this time it's serious (brown talk). They discuss last week's live show and all that came with it. Tom and Christina highly recommend taking a train to wherever you may be headed. They share their observations about the Gaslamp district in San Diego and how finding a TGI Friday's can sometimes be a good thing. Everything bothers older people is a topic that touches both deeply, and a very special Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut debuts.
17/10/161h 10m

Episode 61 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Well if you aren't my mommy then who are you? Tommy spent the weekend in NYC with his close celebrity friends (no big deal) and shares his love for the great big ol' apple (is that the expression?). We revisit Tom's mom's obsession with everything Wu-Tang. Christina fixates on why she routinely tortures herself with caffeine and toothbrushes, while Tom does the same with his fingers. We discuss our desire for a psychologist to analyze comedic podcasters, play some of our new faves in REAL TALK, and finally introduce you to Christina's father with some primo audio! Be Her!
17/10/161h 16m

Episode 62 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Bring the muthafuckin Ruckus! Tom and Christina drop science on you so open up your journals and take notes! We begin with some friendly banter regarding our different tastes in music to warm your ears. Then the moment you've all been waiting for arrives - Tom talks about his trip with Top Dog which includes audio immediately after Top Dog shit his pants. It's a special moment for Tom and all of our little mommies. We read a listener email, discuss our neighbor's new sex friend, talk about a new documentary about Where The Dudes are At, Real Talk about gypsies and more!
17/10/161h 9m

Episode 63 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You're the man now, dawg! Tommy and Tina talk about their recent travels and how lame it is to watch old dudes hit on young girls by trying to sound like they're young too. The lesson: act your age or better yet - just do you, dawg. Christina admits to knowing nothing about current affairs and especially about Kennebunkport. The real treat here is Top Dog gives gold. He talks farts, brown, toilet paper, and how he used to pick up chicks. Guys, you're going to want to take notes cause you're about to start getting laid way more. Bankers beware! And the official Podcast T-shirt makes its debut! Wipe Down!
17/10/161h 12m

Episode 64 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

And what is your name, little mommy? Tommy and Tina talk about names that must be difficult to live with, most of which are not suitable for print. The myth that West Coast "dry heat" is tolerable and not as bad as humid heat is addressed with passion! We revisit the legacy of Michael Jackson - greatest entertainer who also definitely molested kids and we share audio about him that states that Michael also "did some dancing." We Fill It Up and Seal It Shut with super heroes and Sci-Fi characters, we explore why in the world softcore porn exits and we finish things off with more Top Dog audio! Set it off in this muthafucka!!
17/10/161h 16m

Episode 65-Ari Shaffir-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Happy Birthday, Lady America! Today Mommy United States pushed our country out of her HOO-hole! Set a sparkler on fire to celebrate! We happily welcome Ari "Bear Jew" Shaffir into the Mommy Dome. We talk exercise and how much we like/don't like doing it, embarassing moments on stage, how censoring curse words from your children is fucking stupid and also how adults who are offended by cursing are cunts. An impromptu Dick Detectives comes out of nowhere! Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut athletes addition! We tease the return of Casey "Where The Dudes At?" and more!
17/10/161h 28m

Episode 66 Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Tommy and Tina announce a big plan for international shows! Get ready, Africa! They talk Top Dog as well as Tom's sister and mother complete with tons of impressions - hold on to your nuts, fans of impressions! Dental Update galore with your listener emails including one that includes a breakthrough innovation (that will surely earn him billions)! We talk about sober braggers - who never shut up about their soberness - smoke some crack already, will ya?!? AND the moment you've all been waiting for, will we finally find the answer to the question that philosphers have been asking for YEARS - Where The Dudes At? Casey joins us for a very emotional conversation. Would You Rather makes a return! Grab some tissues and rejoice in your mommyhood!!
17/10/161h 21m

Episode 67-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The Mommies are back from MIA! We recap our trip which included a fun sitdown with Top Dog and Charo (audio included)! One of the greatest documentary films of all time that is near and dear to our hearts, Stevie, is discussed, complete with incredible audio selects. Watch out for Snake! Stevie, whom the documentary is based on is also a piece of shit. This leads us to a conversation about molestors including former PSU coach, Jerry Sandusky. We conclude that nobody would care if all child molestors were set on fire! Get your mom on!
17/10/161h 5m

Episode 68-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Rejoice! Our neighbor wasn't cooking for the hour in which we recorded this show! We discuss the horror that is the sound of an old man climaxing (WARNING: audio example is included!). We talk about the world's greatest sport - competitive eating! How many episodes of Your Mom's House can you fit in your stomach!?! Real Talk - Virgin Diaries! Ginger talk is back! Are you ready for some Red? A special Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut and so much more! Crunchy Black, stay up!!
17/10/1659m 48s

Episode 69 - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

People changes!! If you think we're done talking about Stevie, you better get a hold of your britches, son! We have the pleasure (and it will soon be yours) to read Stevie's letter from prison to ALL the ladies of the universe. Single girls, get in line! BROWN TALK: We ask our pharmacist all kinds of questions about dumps and when to take medicine (to fix your dumps). Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut results and more! Jeans couldn't be higher!!
17/10/161h 4m

Episode 70-Yoshi-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Konnichiwa! Your mommies are happy to welcome their first Asian into the mommydome! Comedian, history buff, Tonight Show fan, and porn aficionado, Yoshi Obayashi. It's a super fun show that touches nearly every topic. I dare other podcasts to step to this! (Oh SHIT, no he didn't!) We discuss our mutual love and admiration for Dave Attell, racism, stereotypes, Yoshi's affiliation with the adult business, his many interestes and travels, and our favorite story ever of someone unknowingly eating drugs! Great episode! Pull those jeans up!
17/10/161h 49m

Episode 71-Redban-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

U-N-I-T-Y! The original trio is back! Tom and Christina couldn't be happier to welcome Redban into the mommydome for the first time since their VERY public and VERY ugly breakup! Things start off badly as Redban had to be restrained after trying to fight Blueban. After his anger and jealousy of Blueban subsides you get an instant classic episode. Lots of love and laughs with Podfather. Get ready for Dental Updates, Would You Rather's, an amazing call with Top Dog and much more! Lots of Brown in this one! 
17/10/161h 26m

Episode 72-Jenny Mollen-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

TMZ ain't got S**T on your mommies! We welcome actress, tweeter, and hilarious writer Jenny Mollen aka @jennyandteets into the Mommydome for lots of laughs and general tomfoolery. Real Talk gets really real with more of Big Ang and we get the inside scoop on Jenny's favorite show, The Bachelorette, complete with tons of ridiculous audio. Most noteworthy of all we play Dick Detectives with Jenny and who is the suspect? Her husband - Jason Biggs! (HINT: It isn't small). If that's not enough for you then you go away! Enjoy! PS. The voice that pops in a few times is Jenny's very hungover friend, Leslie. 
17/10/161h 3m

Episode 73-Africa-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Shaka Zulu! We're back from the Motherland! Tina and Tommy share wonderful stories of their time abroad. It's heartwarming to hear how they connected with kind people, had fantastic shows, and took "African" dumps. We reveal that you agree Stevie said, "RetardED" and we present you with another mystery. Also, Christina shares a personal story that will make you very proud. Our jeans have never been higher!
17/10/161h 12m

Episode 74-Felicia Michaels-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Your 2 dearest mothers welcome the lovely and hilarious Felicia Michaels into the Mommy Dome. We discuss what it's like to work with Joey Diaz on her podcast, Beauty and The Beast, what it was like to WIN Star Search, and Felicia weighs in on the "Oil in the road/I own the road" & "Retarded/Retard" debate! A speacial Labor Day edition of Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, plus Real Talk and more! Hit yourself in the head with a claw hammer!!
17/10/161h 15m

Episode 75-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Charge this shit to the game! Tommy and Tina deliver a Mother of an episode with sound bites, insight, perfect impressions, stories and more! Tom's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience (Eps. 264) where Joe called into question Tom's (in)famous "black voice" is a hot topic! Tom defends his God-given skill and demonstrates how he can yell EXACTLY the way black people do! Last week we solved the "Oil/I/Eye on The Road" mystery and this week a screen grab puts an end to the "retard/retarded" dispute. Results and a new Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut. Plus Tom almost tells Sofia Vergara she can get it IN PERSON! How much are people into farts for real? Just listen and find out. Great Episode! 
17/10/161h 13m

Episode 76-Jon Huck-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Comedian Jon Huck enters the Mommy Dome for an extended Momcast that you'll be listening to again and again. We get to know Jon and his testicle(s), share stories, talk teeth, Mike Singletary and more! As an added BONUS we play part of an interview Tom did with his sister - Not the one that TALKS LIKE THAT!! But still, you're going to love it! How high are your jeans today?
17/10/161h 36m

Episode 77-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh jeans! Tommy is back from Toronto and as usual has high praises for his neighbors to the north. Oh Canada! And it's official, Tom's album, White Girls with Cornrows has dropped. They discuss their appreciation for those that have purchased it and the fun it is to do a project like this one on your own. Tom and Tina have a very special segment in which they answer listener questions - it's Get To Know Your Mommy - interrogation style! Plus a very special Top Dog call - just take a guess as to what the topic is. Would You Rather's are back and much more! Buckle Up (your jeans, that is)!
17/10/161h 22m

Episode 78-Bill Burr-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Bill "Gingery" Burr enters the mommy dome for a lengthy, laugh-filled conversation. A true sportsman, Burr talked football with Tom until Christina started snoring. The three talked comedy - mainly Burr's stories of hanging at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and everything that was great (and terrifying) about being around the late Patrice O'Neal. We talk about shit-talking online and when people share too much -in person and on Facebook. Bill gets fired up about getting bodyscanned at the airport and why you should never use your debit card. Mike Singletary, Would You Rather, Bears and more! What type of denim are you wearing today?!  PS- don't forget to download Bill's new special for only $5 at
17/10/161h 43m

Episode 79-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Tina and Tommy have their jeans so high you can barely see their eyes on this one! They get warmed up with prison talk and how they better get ready to eat some box and throw some punches to survive (if they get locked up). Tommy reveals that someone from his past is Filling Up and Sealing Shut one of his All-Time Faves! In our Real Talk segment we explore the sad truth that some reality tv is anything but real, especially TLC's hit show Breaking Amish. A toilet paper test FINALLY reveals who is using the most TP in the mommydome and a MOMMY JEANS EXCLUSIVE - Maria, who TALKS LIKE THAT, is finally on the show in full Maria-Mode. Plus a review of Tom's new album from his mother. 
17/10/161h 19m

Episode 80-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This episode is uh, retarded (a retard). We play retarded clips (literally) - some FULL retard, some not. Christina shares stories of an Iowan tour and brings with her an interview with the one and only Chuy Bravo of Chelsea Lately fame! Tina also talks about the new beard she's been growing - HELLO, Gillette! Tom talks Tacoma and how he's one degree closer to getting Brace from Gigolos on the show. We explore some softcore porn and the Queen of late night skin flix, ZANE - DVR that sh*t! And of course, what you all want, More MARIA!! She shares her ABSURD Starbucks orders and more! Plus we tell you Why You're Single! Stop sharing so much! Your mommies love you! 
17/10/161h 24m

Episode 81-Ian Bagg-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh Canada! Some people are just meant for the Mommy Dome and today's guest, Ian Bagg is just one of those people. This fun-filled episode covers a breakthru with Brace from Gigolos, Canadian love, Brown Talk, NEW tourettes talk, full retard, Fill Her Up and more! Truly one of the most fun episodes the mommies can ever remember doing. Strap one on and get ready for Juice! Juice!
17/10/161h 24m

Episode 82-The Realness-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

In what will certainly be discussed as one of the realest episodes of any podcast ever, the mommies throw down and learn that "Dick" will make you slap somebody in the face! What? Yes! A recent discovery of an older television show makes Tommy get introspective and discuss his love and obsession with black culture - what could it be?!? BIKES! Also, both mommies tell stories of issuing death threats. Watch out! More dental, oversharing, plus the mommy dome is moving! 
17/10/161h 16m

PRESIDENTIAL BONUS-Episode 83-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The implications of this years election are massive and who better to way in than the Mommies! In an EXCLUSIVE interview Christina and Tom happlly welcome Peace and Freedom party nominee, Roseanne Barr. Barr is her vintage self, never holding back and sharing her policies and why she thinks she should be in the White House. This BONUS episode also has reactions from Top Dog, Tina's dad, stories from moving, and more! Plus you'll never stop wiping when you hear the teaser at the END of this episode. 
17/10/161h 26m

Brace-Episode 84-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Welcome to Braceland! He's finally here. The star of Gigolos on Showtime and soundbites in our hearts, Brace, joins us for a lengthy conversation about life, karma, fitness, grooming, and pounding chicks. Tommy and Tina are overjoyed to spend time with affable and hilarious Brace. Also, get ready for updates on the move, becoming a C*m dog, Fill Her Up, and more!
17/10/161h 24m

OMG Seriously!?!-Episode 85-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Seriously? Seriously! It's the return of Maria "Seeeriousllahhh Guys, I Don't Talk Like That! AAHHHHH!!" and we couldn't be happier. We salute our veterans, share details about how Tina and Tommy met and fell in love (Really!) and then we give you Maria - RAW and UNCUT! You don't know FIRED UP until you hear Maria in her own element! SERIOUSLLAHHHH, Guys! Plus much more in this episode. No Loose Jeans Allowed!!
17/10/161h 35m

Brent Weinbach-Episode 86-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The NEW Mommydome welcomes its first guest, comedian Brent Weinbach aka B-Weezy. The episode guests down and dirty from the jumpoff with Cm Dog audio to get you in the mommy mood. We go over our glorious history with Brent including our time in Austin and the surely soon-to-be-award-winning short film, Bear In A Bathtub. Brent also plugs his new album, Mostly Live and we get into lots of tomfoolery including very in depth BROWN TALK that might have you asking, Does Brent know Top Dog? Plus so much more! Keep your Cm Dog on a leash.
17/10/161h 16m

Episode 87-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You'll never want this episode to end. That's how full of delicious treats it is! GG Allin, coconut "C*M" water, Double-Pipe Classics, Tina and her bestie, Dick Detectives, Top Dog, and More! How is this even possible? Well, thru the love that your mother's have for you - that's HOW. It is a savory masterpiece of an episode and all for you to consume. We guarantee you'll be coming back for seconds when this episode gets into your mouth, Jeans. 
17/10/161h 10m

Yoshi-Episode 88 Pt1-Your Mom's House Podcast with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Chang chong ping pong! Guess who's back? It's the great Yoshi! This is by far one of the craziest episodes we've ever done. Yoshi goes deep. Deep into his mind, soul, and past. He shares a lot and it's fantastic, compelling, terrifying, sad and hilarious all at once. What a guest! There's no way we can describe everything we talk about, but here are some key words: Porn, fighting, death, fleeing, kids, blood, hookers. What do you think? Yeah, I thought so. Come back in 2 days for part 2, Geisha Jeans!
17/10/161h 39m

Yoshi-Episode 88 Pt. 2-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

KABOOM! Guess who stepped in the room? TICAL! or YOSHI! Back with more of that ISH you just can't get enough. Our conversation with Yoshi was so loaded we HAD to split it up into TWO episodes. Here is more of what you came for, part 2 of Yoshi's return with a real "talking to" about prostitution. Get your jeans ready for a brand new belt! SUSHI!
17/10/161h 16m

Tom Rhodes-Episode 89-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

International Jeans can be worn comfortably in this episode as we welcome world-traveling funny man and all around charming lad, Tom Rhodes into the Mommy Dome. Rhodes puts us at ease immediately and an easy-going conversation about anything and everything develops. We cover his amazing success in Holland including his television show, why the Dutch are not impressed with celebrity, Tom's family and their black voices, butt flutes, Fill Her Up, plane sharts and more!
17/10/161h 34m

Brody Stevens-Episode 90-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

YES! Good things come to those who wait and we can't think of anything better than having STEVEN BRODY STEVENS in the Mommy Dome. They just don't make jeans high enough to express our excitement. Brody is his usual POSITIVE self and opens up in a way that will only make you love him more. We talk the Valley, audience warm-up 101, positive energy/positive language, some sports, Daisy the dog, mental health, and much more. If you're not screaming "818 til I die!" by the end of this episode then you needs some meds of your own! 
17/10/161h 35m

Ian Bagg-Episode 91-Your Mom's House Podcast with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Baby Jesus was born and so we celebrated and now we give you this: More laughs and good times with Canada's finest, Ian Bagg! We play amazing audio of two of the dumbest women alive - YEAH! Ian also shares what it's like to live where the sun never goes down - CRAZY. We talk about the state of comedy and we read the craziest email ever sent to us by one of Christina's family members! FYI - it's pretty offensive! Merry Christmas, bright light jeans!
17/10/161h 19m

Sarah Tiana-Episode 92-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh lovers of love and those who desire to be loved more, we think this is the episode for you. Dear friend, hilarious comedian and writer and LADY WHO WANTS YOUR TO TREAT HER LIKE ONE, Sarah Tiana, joins us in the mommy dome with advice that is so good we might just transcribe this episode and sell it as a book! Tiana is a natural fit in the dome because she is one of us - an old friend who just came to kick it. There's a lot of laughs, good times, and excellent insight from romance guru, Tiana on how to get a girl like her. Also, she will blow you (multiple times) if she likes you. Now are you ready to listen? Unbuckle your jeans and get ready to be her.
17/10/161h 41m

Mary Lynn Rajskub-Episode 93-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The Mommy Dome got a little more Mommier this week with our very special guest, Mary Lynn Rajskub (also a REAL mother). Rajskub definitely wore her jeans extra high for us and we couldn't be happier about it. She shares stories of starting out in the cold, hard streets of THE D. After standing up for herself against neighborhood toughs and winning multiple rap battles, Rajskub moved to San Francisco before working on iconic shows Mr. Show with Bob and David, and 24. We also cover a Dental Update, Tom's never-ending cough/illness and a revisit from OMG Seriousalahhh Maria. Yes, she gets fired up! Get ready to MOMMY OUT. It's so cold in the D!
17/10/161h 9m

Episode 94-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Get your orignial jeans on because we're going back to basics -Tommy and Tina and nobody else. Great audio from the holidays including OMG Seriouslahhh Maria ordering Starbucks LIVE! Plus Top Dog and Charo discussing dumping in a hazardous situtation, how we would kill each other and dispose of the body and more! WARNING - we hit on brown talk a lot. Including a SHART story you didn't know about! Wipe Down!
17/10/161h 17m

Brian Haner-Episode 95-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

LaLaLaLaLAAAA! Can you sing? Good for you. This week our guest has a golden voice, twisted mind, and strong hands (Tom's ass found out the hard way). That's right, Brian Haner, who some of you know as Guitar Guy stops by the Mommy Dome to continue our love affair that began in South Africa. If that sounds confusing listen to the episode and solve the mystery! We have great conversation, Brian sings for us, and we even get to play Tom Or Black! This is the time to pull that denim up!
17/10/161h 19m

Episode 96-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

So many different pairs of jeans, but only 2 legs! Tommy and Tina tell you what it means to "Shirley" yourself - WARNING: You may not be ready! A new show finds its way into our REAL TALK segment and it has so much BULLSH*T in it, you may have to Wipe Down after listening. We examine the nervous laughter and what it means, and TOP DOG drops brown and knowledge on you in ways you may have never imagined. We're going to go ahead and call this one an instant classic. 
17/10/161h 18m

Episode 97-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

F**K HALF the Crab Feast! The Mommy Dome happily welcomes fellow podcaster and comedian, well-dressed man, Jay Larson AKA Bunt Cake. Larson is a guy that makes you feel good cause he's a man of the people. We talk about Kai The Hitchhiker and the crazy audio he provided that is sweeping the web Smash, SmaSH, SMASH! Plus clubs that we love to work, nicknames for our beloved, how gross boogies are, and sports stories that Tina wants to kill us for (she just doesn't understand). It's a fun time with a great guy. Pick your jeans up off the ground!
17/10/161h 16m

ValenTIMES-Episode 98-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Put on your lovey jeans, Jeans! It's ValenTIMES day! Today is the official kissy face day in America according to the US constitution Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin were kissing in a bathtub when George Washington walked in on them and said "Less war, more Kissies, guys." And that's how that happened. This episode covers the jammy jams that are now all about droppin some D in warm, welcoming place (the essence of Valentimes). The Mommy's also try to make a love connection happen in the real world! Comedian and friend Erik Lundy is looking for love and we want to help him. Listen and perhaps, PERHAPS, love him! Run a bath, light some candles and get ready for the love from both of us! 
17/10/161h 26m

Episode 99-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Awwww yeah, just a couple of mommies sittin around with their jeans up. We get right to it quick on this one. Breaking down the White Tigress takes time and we didn't get to do that last time, so we really give her her due on this one - she really wants her reward! Tom and Sushi seem to be a recipe for Shirleying himself that the Asians see coming and we appreciate that. We discuss the hilarious comedy Human Centipede that we hadn't seen until recently and we also visit why Sweet Brown never made it on the show until now - IS SHE EVEN REAL?!?! Plus Tog Dog drops science about his weightlifting days and more! Be The Best Mommy You Can Be.
17/10/161h 18m

Redban-100-Your Mom's House Podcast with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

It's HERE! We made it all the way to Episode 100! What better way to celebrate than with the little man who started it all with us, our son, Redban. This episode is so much mommy it's completely made of denim! As as treat to you, the little mommy, we have special appearances from OMG Seriouslahhhhh Maria, Top Dog, and Gigolo Brace! Plus SOOOOO much more! Your Mommies Love You!
17/10/162h 24m

Alison Rosen-Episode 101-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Guess who is OUR new best friend? Yeah, it's Alison Rosen and soon you will be calling her DEAREST MOMMY. Alison fit in like a new pair of extra tight jeans. She's not only a co-host on Adam Carolla and host of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, she's also Up for the Get Down and a total pro on the mic. It's so fun that we talked longer than usual and cover everything from Alison's new engagement to Trigger Songs that make you angry to Dental Updates and we even get in a Tom or Black that is an instant Classic! Have fun with this one. It's real JEANSY!
17/10/161h 43m

Matt Fulchiron-Episode 102-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Get those jeans EXTRA tight if you plan on listening to this one! Your baby's grandfather AKA The Dutch Sommelier AKA The Full Charge, Matt Fulchiron is back from Puerto Rico and it's like he never left! Although Matt agrees that being Puerto Rican is like being Puerto Rican he also knows that the West Coast is the Best Coast and it's the best having him in the Mommy Dome. We talk about the horrors of sharing an NYC apartment, growing older, gagging while blowing (we tried it), more trigger songs and we even TRY to digest the BOSS. Plus we break down how bad early rap lyrics were. Keep em high!
17/10/161h 32m

Joe Bartnick-103-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Joe Bartnick is a man. The kind of man the you can easily imagine having his way with you. He is large and powerful and most likely stronger than you and capable of forcing you to do what he wants you to. Sorry if now you think Joe Bartnick is going to make you blow him. Joe is also a hilarious comic and a kind soul. Joe is a comics comic that loves to shoot the shit and talk shop which is exactly what we do with him. Bartnick has written for the roasts and tours with Lisa Lampanelli. We talk about fighting, teeth, touring and jail. Bartnick also has a new album out, Salute! -Available on iTunes and CDbaby. Joe confesses that he won't wear mommy jeans but he does own a nice pair of "Dad shoes."
17/10/161h 12m

104-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

It gets really real this episode, little mommies. We open up to you about our past week - a tough one for us and the little doggie we adopted, Theo (Dr. Huxtable's son). Thankfully, he's still with us. We also get Jeansy with Angel from Angel's Fellatio Secrets - yes, that one. She gives a great interview and gives tips on getting ding dongs down, painless anal and more. Plus, certain cultures behave in very specific, sometimes gross ways. Are you one of those? Do you know people who are? Share with us. We love her!
17/10/161h 7m

Tony Hinchcliffe-105-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The episode will teach you the two greatest things in life, "Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut." If that sounds like some real mafioso stuff, well, it is. This has to be one of the most fascinating episodes we've ever done. Our guest is comedian, writer and son of mobster, Tony Hinchcliffe AKA Tony Marsco AKA Tony Nickels AKA Tony Tip Toes. You'd never guess it but Hinchcliffe grew up the son of a mob boss father and bookie mother. HOW DO YOU NEED MORE INFO AFTER THAT?? We also revisit Angel and more of her secrets, but mostly this episode is everything Organized Crime. Put on your pressed jeans for this one.
17/10/161h 19m

106 - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh my what a good time we have for you here. The Voice, Michael Schiavello superb sports broadcaster and all-around great guy became a world-wide phenom this week when his pronounciation of Danny Mainus' last name sounded more like My Anus and well, hilarity ensued - especially if you are like a 5th grader like we are. Luckily for us, Schiavello is our budy so Tommy gave him a call and got the EXCLUSIVE scoop! Plus Tommy and Tina share their love of Downton, arguing over becoming "dog-Sh*t" people, how Tina's dad handles dogs & problems, World Wrestling Nonsense and more!! This is one of those episodes that will have you wishing you had tighter jeans. 
17/10/161h 21m

Ryan Sickler-107-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Wuss goin on here? Public dicks. How many have you seen? We recap a lifetime of sightings and the way they have affected us. Not only has the OG Ryan Sickler graced us with his feast-like presence we also have Tinas cousin Juli in the Mommy Dome. We talk about drugs that hit ya in a way you didn’t expect (NOT GOOD). We go over different types of Punk music (anarcho, crust, awful, etc.) and how much Christina still hates UB40 (the world’s greatest band?). What do you know about Sister Nancy? Prison dudes love booty and more! Go ahead and bookmark this as one of your favorite episodes yet. Cut holes in your jeans.
17/10/161h 19m

108-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

ATTENTION all Jeans, we hope you can hear this! Sorry for the trouble with 107 - it wasn't me! (It wasn't Blueban either). Can a loving mommy have more than one pair of jeans? Jada-Pinkett Smith sure makes it sound like Big Willie Style has been doing his best to drop his D in as many extras as possible. We discuss whether or not we could tolerate Tina with all her Ricans and Tommy smashin road box. Tina updates you on her Russian teeth fillings and we bring back Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut with some modern day broads up against some throw-back ho's. Theo gets back on the mic and Would You Rather is at its best - real homerun scenarios. Jeans Out!
17/10/161h 14m

OMG Maria-109-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

OH MAH GAWD SERIOUSLLAAHHHH, Maria is here, you guys! This is a dream come true in the Mommy Dome. Tommy's older sister and Starbucks' Enemy Number One, Maria stops by for a chat and she jumps in like a pro. She shares more contempt for more employees of new company's while also getting down with some of the tried and true segments of YMH. Get to know the Maria you thought you knew (she knows Tom's voice) while hearing about her military exploits, how she deals with Top Dog, and conceding that Jane does in fact have better teeth and vision. It's so fun when your jeans get even tighter cause you just washed 'em!
17/10/161h 22m

110-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Well it's Tommy's Smurfday! What did you get him? Sometimes you eat some stuff and then a lot of brown comes out. That happened to us this week. Also, we recap spending time with OMG Maria and even THAT feels like a work out. Our local Starbucks knows her by name and memorized her order: No DC's there! Tommy has a major dental update - will you press play to experience it?!? Who on God's earth likes milk? You're gross. Denim on denim on denim. 
17/10/161h 0m

111-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

These aren't your dad's jeans! We tell you that aging means that your accomplishments aren't noteworthy - deal with it! If your newly single, the secret is New D**K and New P***Y. Do you know what the worst intros possible are that exist for us as comedians? Don't worry, we'll recreate them for you. Do you need healing of any kind? Does your back or arm or teeth or feeling hurt? Please stare into the eyes of Braco. Don't talk to him or ask any quesions. Just look at him and feel his essence (and buy his jewelry) and you may be healed. If you can't stand staring consider going to see Crapzo - he won't talk but will jizz on you. Plus Fill Her/Seal Her Shut completely dead style! Put some jeans on layaway. 
17/10/161h 6m

112-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you don't have teeth, why don't you sing a song? ALL black people can something a lot of white people believe. We're a couple of only a few who know this is a great mystery. After this episode you will also know the truth. We give you a FULL REPORT on how the THEO fundraiser was an overwhelming success. We are forever grateful to our friends, fans, Theo, and jeans. Memorable dumps are just that - great memories. We recap some of our fondest brown moments. REAL TALK - Gigolos is back!!! That's right, welcome BACK to Braceland! We have clips of the show and of Nick's NEW Sh***y song! Sex sounds! Fill Her Up and more!
17/10/161h 9m

113-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Some people make your P***y dry! Who does that in your life? Now let them know. Good job. We talk about regrets in life, how awful some audience members can be, how awesome others are, but the big news is that our sushi server who berates for ordering too much is caught on tape giving us the biz! The real scoop is that we really don't order that much, this woman just hates us and everyone who orders more than 4 bites. Then we share what is perhaps the most infuriating 60 Minutes piece we have ever seen -at least in the consumer market genre-and we want our mommies to know the truth. Sunglasses are a racket! Theo fills it up! Oh My GOD!
17/10/161h 10m

114-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Everyone is welcome in Your Mom's House. It don't matter if you're black, brown, purple or Asian - oh or gay. We accept you all. In this episode we discuss the recent announcement of Jason Collins - the NBA player who just announced that he is gay. We also discuss the reactions to his announcement and their role in free speech, tolerance, and righteousness. Sound un-mommy like to you? Well, we are soon back to discussing meeting our heroes, white trash Italian food vs. uppity Italian food, Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut in the "where the dudes at?" genre. Gimme some mo (jeans)! 
17/10/161h 23m

115-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

KaBOOM! It's Friday which means more jeans. We recap the latest episode of Gigolo's because Brace puts on a performance of a lifetime. So many amazing Bracisms, hope you can handle it. Which Gigolo would Christina hire??? Secrets revealed! THEN, it's the return of Top Dog! This is a call unlike many others - less brown, more bush! You will feel so much closer to Top Dog after this one. Also, did you know 7-11 has great coffee too!?!
17/10/161h 4m

116-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You think that just because you've had ribs and listened to salsa music with someone that you know them - but that isn't always the case. Charles Ramsey tells it like it is and that's why we can't get enough of him on YMH. While some are quick to point out he isn't the most media saavy man on the planet, we're here to tell you that is precisely why he is so awesome. He is SO awesome that we hope he comes to see Christina in Cleveland this week - lets make it happen. We went back to Snooshi and we ate WHATEVER WE WANTED, Buns tells you how dope T Dot was and it gets real jeansy when The D**K Detectives go after their next case - Matt Fulchiron! All that plus prostitutes and more! Cut holes into your denim!
17/10/161h 4m

Matt Fulchiron-117-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW! Poetry comes in so many different forms. BAM BAM BAM BAM. See? That was some good stuff right there too. Your Mom's House is FULLY CHARGED once again with Zen like comedy guru and all around denim approved guy, Matt Fulchiron. We cover lyricists and those who aren't as good, being an a**hole to land a woman, pregnancy scares when you're dating are even SCARIER! A VERY uncomfortable D**K Detectives - we get to the bottom of this mystery! Sharing a condo is a nightmare, Charles Ramsey and more! 
17/10/161h 19m

118-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This episode is gooder than a bitch! Get those jeans ready. Tina and Tommy had opposite weeks. Tommy was in Austin while Tina was in Cleveland - coincidence? Maybe, but no. Which race do you trust the most? We share our thoughts and they're mostly DARK. When you sh*t on Los Angeles, you really disrespecting yourself, man. Don't hate on L.A. just cause you live somewhere awful. HUGE dental update from Tommy. Keep gully, ya'll. High and tight for life!
17/10/161h 6m

John Moore-119-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This is what the Mommy Dome is all about - wearing jeans and having fun. A first timer has joined us who you are all sure to love, the very sweet, very funny, and eerily menacing, John Moore. Sure he's a dead ringer for Ariel Castro, but there's more to John that meets the eye. We cover the phenomenon that is lesbians watching gay, male porn - what? Yes! Is Maya Angelou the greatest human alive? The Dalai Lama? You decide. We also cover John's awesome writing career, singing on planes, and a groundbreaking Dental Update that will shake your teeth to your gums! The Mommies will find John love and hopefully he won't murder whoever he ends up with. 
17/10/161h 27m

120-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh, Canada. Oh, Canada, you need more lyrics in your national anthem and PLEASE train your singers when they pipe out OUR national anthem or perhaps they will be decapitated on the ice? Maybe. Hit the high notes, sister! We recap a magical weekend in Portland and Seattle, a weekend that was all about that deep blue color that pumps thru our veins - denim. A special phone call with Joey Diaz unlike any other call you could ever imagine. Diaz, as always, inspires, bewilders, and makes us laugh until we nearly stroke out. BREAKING: We get the inside scoop on the fiasco that was Brendon Walsh's nearly-guest hosting The Tonight Show while Jay Leno was sick. All we can say is, Thank God Jay felt better before Walsh covered for him. 
17/10/161h 16m

121-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Nothing makes our jeans tighter than when a coach verbally abuses his players or the media. Another great man allowed himself to be recorded spittin fire at his team and we love it! We revisit Kai The Hitchhiker who just months ago saved someone from being killed - now HE is wanted for murder. Big BROWN Talk update, plus Old people are just OLD not stupid. We also get Tina's cousin, Sari on the line and reviewing movies (HINT: She's not impressed), a listener Dental Update and more! Hopefully our new tailor can modify our jeans so they can be worn higher. 
17/10/161h 6m

122-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Every mother deserves to squirt. We give YOU the tools to make a flood in your bed, go for it! We revisit the F***ing Camp child who uses BIG WORDS sometimes, like, well, the worst racial slurs - it's amazing. Tommy recaps an anxiety filled weekend with Top Dog and Charo and you get to hear a tease from The Top Dog and Charo Special - they play Tom or Black and it's an instant denim classic. Bert Kreischer is on the phone talking about his dad masturbating and how he gives it to his wife, Lee Ann. Mrs. Kreischer lets us know that Bert is a less than desireable lover, but he bought her a new car so she's staying until 2014. Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut military movie edition style and more! Pour your mother a drink!
17/10/161h 7m

123-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Nothing goes in Tina's booty - Well, lets just say NOT MUCH! Hehehehehehehe! We got a Chuck Ramsey update, wussup McDonald's?! What is Richmond, Virginia? Southern? Eastern? Full of murder? We talk about Nazi's AND Slavery. Whoa, that's pretty serious stuff in the Mommy Dome. Don't worry we're soon listening to retarded kids singing. Is that for them or us? Theo's back plus Would You Rather and more!
17/10/161h 6m

Ian Bagg-Ep 124-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Ian Bagg is now a U.S. citizen and we treat him accordingly. We discuss what's permissable to say as a comedian and whether comics should be held accountable for what they say on stage and the culture of today's clubs in general. Also, Indian people will rape you - in large numbers. Loud people on planes should be kicked off and fully investigated by our government, people who dress terribly have something in common with Michael Jordan and nothing in common Liberace - our HERO! Plus the Top Dog and Charo ep is now on sale! When you're Puerto Rican you're Puerto Rican
17/10/161h 20m

125-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Remember when you were 10 and you prank called everyone in the phone book? Those were the best of times, but then you matured and realized, hey, that's not a nice thing and also they can now see my number. Well, we haven't grown up so get ready for childish calls about buttholes and black voices! Also, CALLING ALL MUSICAL JEANS! We need your support - send in your tunes and get them played on Your Mom's House. We have an update about the BONUS episode. Oh, iTunes why are you so difficult? Will Smith and Jaden Smith believe in patterns and mathematics and in being completely insufferable. Dental Updates, original music and more? MAAAAAAANNNNN!
17/10/161h 2m

126-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Musical mommies are abundant! You sent in your tunes and we play some of them, but really, we have to admit that WE are the musical masters. Tina dropped "Animal Song" last time and this time Tommy brings the heat with "Butthole Song". Grammy's are A'callin'. Tight jeans are great, but not if they're low. You gotta pull em up! We're happy to announce that our bonus episode made it to iTunes and you made us #2! When you're Puerto Rican you're just Puerto Rican, especially if it's the Puerto Rican Day Parade! Ay Papi - Duro! The mommies are going on vacation thanks to Tina's pops, plus Candy Crush is DEE-LI-CIOUS. 7AM is a little early to flirt, ya'll!, plus we found a horrible woman who recorded herself being horrible. Keep it Jeansy!
17/10/161h 9m

127-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Tommy was recently on a flight with GREG JENNINGS. Yes, that one. The former Packer and current Viking who knows how to catch and run with the ball, but most importantly always PUTS THE TEAM ON HIS BACK, DOE! We want a wine vacation. Who's with us? Tina covers her Top 10 Goth Jams - get ready to cry! Another NEW song drops from DYA-BEAT-USS and it's the bizness, kid. A very spicy Fill Her Up and more!
17/10/161h 12m

Matt Braunger-128-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Matt Braunger is one of our tallest and most bestestest friends and we are more than smiling so hard that he's back, that our teeth might fall out of our heads. We talk about music, hip-hop lyrics, embracing what you like instead of saying what you hate! How about THAT? Yeah, we're adults. We talk weirdos at shows and ones that offer you their wives! HELLO! Matt talks about his recent trip to Korea and all the brown that followed. Matt reviews ANIMAL SONG and more. It's such a good episode you'll probably order new jeans online while you're listening. 
17/10/161h 26m

129-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Mommies like when things smell good and we think you should join us in a world of wonderful spa smells to keep the bear inside calm and submissive. We prepare for diarrhea abroad. Is it time to just give in and expect it? A brown river will soon flow from us and we try to embrace it. Different people cope differently with stress - even your mommies. Both jeans open up about opening up and smokin trees, ya'll. What do you know about that life? Camping sucks. It's unanimous. Shake That Bear.
17/10/161h 11m

Greg Fitzsimmons-130-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

What happens when a man that's been around sits down with you and just...starts talking? You open up in ways you never thought you would. This episode had some sort of plan before we started, but Greg Fitzsimmons AKA Fitzdog dropped a dime on us and we ended up being more vulnerable than ever before. This episode is your mommy's without their jeans - your naked mommies. Fitz really is hilarious and a fantastic guest/interviewer. This is one of the most engaging and interesting conversations we've ever had in the "Dome." Enjoy!
17/10/161h 40m

131-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Sometimes when you say BIG WORDS people won't hire you any more, ya'll! We visit the Paula Deen debacle and encourage all of you to deny, deny, deny when asked if you say offensive words. Poor Paula even got dropped by Diabetes, ya'll - oh DYA BEETUS! Plus we investigate other celebs who have accidentally said the N-word but they were being recorded. Their careers may surprise you! The mommies also recap their week in the Dominican Republic that was a delight with the beach, the food, and the porno, porno, porno! There's brown talk and more! Get thinner jeans for these hot summer months. 
17/10/161h 14m

Mo Mandel-132-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Mo "Mohan" Mandel also known as the Jewish Ghandi in the comedy world is our guest and he is 16 t*ts worth of fun! A prolific writer, Mandel tells us you can also be a successful writer if you REALLY want it, but if you REALLY want to be a great baseball player, well, that's too bad. Mo also tells us about his hilarious, Northern-California upbringing that included anal sex, anxiety, open relationship, and Mo's "indie rocker" faze. Mo also shares a great story about Jim Gaffigan throwing down in a comedy club - something we've all wanted to do (beat people, not tell a story about it). Dental Update, Julio Iglesias and more! Don't act like yo bootie fat if it isn't!!
17/10/161h 25m

Catherine Reitman-133-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Oh my my, what a treat do we have for you. Fantastic, funny, a true delight - Mrs. Catherine Reitman joins us in the Mommy Dome. An old comrade of Tom's, Catherine fits right in like she's been in 1000 times. We get into Downton Abbey and oh heavens my is it simply delightful to converse with someone who appreciates all of Mr. Fellowes work. We discuss mommyhood (real), conflict, childhood, passive aggressive/sarcastic parents - yeah, real interesting, kid. Catherine shares what it's like to grow up in a wildly succesful family, but not turn out to be a huge a**hole - what's the secret? Listen and find out! Lots of Hungarian heritage in this one - BAZMEG!! 
17/10/161h 2m

134-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Ohhhh jeans, your jeans, how bright they are to have more jeans like mine! If you make it to 100 years of age chances are you'll wish you had some d**k or p***y, but will you have the courage to say that? One 100 year old lady made it clear that that's the only thing on her mind and it's glorious! Lucky for all of us the great TOP DOG joins us again and this may be his ALL-TIME greatest appearance. What begins as a discussion about public restrooms and which airports are the best to dump in soon becomes a discussion about the effects of war - and the thrill of killing the enemy. Top Dog talks about the bond formed from being in combat with one's fellow man and the joy of finding another man's head blown off. It's amazing to the 10th degree! No Loose Jeans Allowed!
17/10/161h 8m

135-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Make Fitness! It's essential to a long life and having big arms. We talkin 22's, son! Whatchu know bout that? Tommy and Tina are working hard at being champs even though it sucks. We FINALLY resolve the butthole icecube debacle and it's pretty ramsted. Plus you can suck your momma. But we have even bigger news and that is that BRACE is back! Yeah, more Brace philosophy, more Brace juice and we address the question you've all been wanting to ask - DID BRACE TAKE "COOKIN IT" FROM THE MOMMY DOME?????? You'll just have to listen to find out. Suck your momma!!
17/10/161h 3m

136-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Is Sum Ting Wong? Me no no? When news organizations air racially offensive names we're the ones that say, "Thank you. Can we have some more, please." Do you need mo' PWESSHAH? Also, if you don't crash planes then you don't get pranks like this pulled on you. Aunty FeeFee is back letting the lord speak thru her heart. Her pen hits the paper and some unoriginal song comes out of her mouth. A Very DEEP and gripping BROWN TALK that will leave you wiping for days (down, of course). NEW Real Talk and the mommies discuss possibly doing additional episodes in the near future. 
17/10/161h 6m

137-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Can someone fit their D**K AND Balls into a woman at once? It's something we explore at length in this very special Friday release episode. If you haven't yet figured it out this episode is very much NSFW or for those of you that listen on speakers in public places - this audio will definitely lead to you getting fired or losing friends/family. If every one knows that you're bald then when you wear a wig we all know that's not your hair, Jason Alexander. Pretty girls will always be annoying if you allow them to be. When you ignore the stupidity that oozes out of their mouths you're helping them become more interesting. This is the secret to life. 
17/10/161h 6m

Yoshi-138-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The Mommy Dome is rarely at a loss for words, but one guest has the special skill to leave us near speechless and he's back. Yoshi Obayashi, the Japanese/Korean/Pornagrapher/Ho expert/Samurai is always up for sharing a story that is honest, in your face, and leave you begging for humanity to better itself. His 3rd visit is no disappointment as we cover his recent exploits at Comic Con, getting prostitutes south of the border, being a loner, Asian shame, and soooooo much more - like erotic optical illusions! Some Mexicans don't look Mexican, mommy!
17/10/161h 40m

139-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Blue jeans, Blue jeans, oh where are thou Blue jeans? If you liked the first bonus ep we released get ready to lose your mind with the second one. Christina's dad came into our studio for nearly 2 hours and dropped so much science we both have degrees. It's heartwarming, hilarious and incredible insight into what made Tina mommy who she is today (she's like a dog - you'll see). Plus we visit the new Weiner scandal and read some of his hysterical (creepy) texts and NEW Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut and for the first time ever we take YOUR calls. Sorry for the call waiting beeps. We're figuring it out, but we loved hearing your love issues. We love her!
17/10/161h 10m

Sam Tripoli-140-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Crime fighting extraordinaire, Armenian revolutionary, self-proclaimed deviant and somehow still good guy, Sam Tripoli is in the Mommy Dome. When "Trips" is in the room it's a non-stop party from beginning to end. We talk shop and having a gambling dad who "smashes black ass," nightmare gigs, strippers and so much more. Sammy also comes close to breaking records on Tom or Black, plus Dental Updates and more!! Don't forget to watch Tommy's new short film, "9 Inches" on his YouTube channel. 
17/10/161h 10m

141-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Some have had the never to criticise this show for being less than sophisticated. To those that have unflattering remarks about us we present to you Episode 141. The Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, and now this very episode of Your Mom's House with all mentioned in the same breath. We examine the meaning of life, the purpose for which one exists and we might just have an answer to the question, "Is there a God?" Give this podcast a listen and you'll be pleased by what you hear. We also take more calls from our listeners about Love! Can you feel that? That's your jeans getting TIGHTER! 
17/10/161h 14m

142-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Do you share your garden with your neighbors? No? You Pinocchio nosed whore! If all kinds of crazy is what you like then this is the episode for you! We revisit the genius that was Anne Ramsey (Throw Mama From The Train), a lady who can talk to animals spoke to Theo and she has something to say! Buns talks doin WORK in Richmond, fart fetishes are revealed by our listeners - YOU can't get enough! Plus airline perks should be obeyed, Would You Rather and more!
17/10/161h 11m

143- Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This episode will have your jeans in a super high twist! There's no berries like Sherry's berries. Imposters need not apply (Terry). We read your emails and discuss Tom's beard flakes. What reality shows are you watching? And a very special phone call with Top Dog that will have you looking at public restrooms in a whole new way. And we take your phone calls and give you love advice. 2 Mommies 1 Jeans.
17/10/161h 15m

144-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Our philosophy has always been push as hard as you can until it hurts and then tell us about it - and you did! Your poop triggers are fascinating and unique. STOP THE PRESS - Stevie has been sighted in Nashville! This is HUGE news. Please, if you are in the Nashville area approach with caution and let Stevie know that the mommies are coming to town! You gotta take care of your FEETSIES. You're saying a lot if your toes are all mashed up and flakey. Hands too. I guess Tommy is freakin out man cause his fingers are ALL chewey! Ewwwwww. Plus a huge video reveal: IFartInYoFace is the King A** Ripper and we celebrate his gift with all of you. All others bow in his presence or face his wrath (from his butthole)! Get a whiff of that!
17/10/161h 8m

145-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Before last Wednesday we honestly thought that Hilary Clinton was America's most polarizing figure, but we've learned that isn't the case. Perhaps no person has such a profoundly different affect on the American public than King A** Ripper AKA Gross Glutton Manners. The man who's farts can be heard around the world made some of you scream with laughter while other cried is complete disgust. We read your feedback as we prepare to do live shows in Texas. Learning isn't supposed to be fun. Stop being stupid, just learn like an adult. By reading. Books. Ladies, don't feel bad if your hangers flap around in the wind. Us guys still want whatever you got. Keep your chin and your jeans up. 
17/10/161h 3m

146-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Texas was off boot kickin good time, ya'll! We tell ya all 'bout it! We want your crazy trucker stories, truckers. Tell us about lizard lots. Real Talk: Naked and Afraid is Lame and Dumb. Inside the Vietnam War is very informative and gets a pass on racial slurs - pretty awesome, huh? We never watch shows when they're hott, son. That's why Christina is just now watchin The Sopranos, you know what I'm sayin? Aunty FeeFee knocks it out of the park again. Just when you think she can't wrap God and something unrelated into a song, she blows your mind. Tommy and Tina give you the list of what they're most thankful for. What are you most thankful for? Beef? Your Phone? We have crack whores talkin smack before they shoot adult stuff too. It's a good day!
17/10/161h 16m

Brandt Tobler-147-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Mayday Mayday Mayday! Mommy Down! That's right, this episode there's only 1 mommy, 1 pair of lower, looser jeans. It's sad, but don't worry. Tina mommy will end up being okay. She's resting and getting new denim to make her feel better. This episode we have the very funny, unpredictable and completely outrageous, Brandt Tobler in the Dome. Nicky Santoro is a more welcome sight in casinos than Tobler. If you think I'm kidding, just listen. Tobler's stories are so incredible you genuinely feel like he's telling you fiction - but he isn't. He's done more and seen more than most people see in 10 lifetimes. It's always great to get a comic in the building with all kinds of crazy stories to tell. Buckle up on this one. We guarantee you'll be wanting to hear more from Tobler. Don't forget to follow him -- @brandtTobler 
17/10/161h 12m

148-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Why do porn girls talk like that? Like OH MY GAWWWD? We consider this earth shattering truth. How many is too many? How many can you handle? Tommy announces his all NEW football podcast is finally UP! Charge It To The Game is available NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, and it the Charge it Web Page - you know what I'm sayin? Jeans is feeling better. Mostly because she's now very into narcotics. We delve into Real Talk and break down what the man with 132 lb scrotum is all about - all kinds of nuts. Tommy talks about his Vegas weekend - big ballin, ya'll. We share your trucker stories and more! New Fall line jeans are coming out!
17/10/161h 3m

149-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The mommies can't add. We know words and we know sounds and we know that catsfish and bass loves frogs cause we're smart. We knows what's to use! But math - no thank you! Tommy is smarter than Tina, but Tina has a big heart. Tommy also has a special gift - he knows from simply glancing at a woman if she is DTF. He knows who is a waste of time and who has jeans that are easy to take off. We go back for Sushi from the lady who enjoys shaming us, but this time we show her who will apply more pressure (pwessha). We have a Brown Talk segment that truly breaks it down. Plus Dental Updates and more!
17/10/161h 0m

150-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Get your hands off my penis! All of you! Can you be arrested for simply enjoying a meal? We think, yes. Jeans has t*ts for days and well, buns has d**k for days, ya dig? If you are black and don't have d**k for days would you be a doll and let us know about it? We examine the porn girls voice - could you possible remove that with your implants, please! Tommy trains Tina in identifying who is a suck pig and who isn't, but Tina reveals the secret of what shames and what celebrates giving out the good stuff. Be proud of who you are, pig!
17/10/161h 1m

151-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

What's your parenting style? Shame, anger, guilt, all 3? Good for you. We welcome your form of abuse into our home. All forms of entertainment including sports are simply distractions. What's important is rarely discussed by the majority. We get into the thick of it and question why. Why do we ignore what's really significant? After this prolific philosophical question we soon have Top Dog on the phone to talk about poop. Tommy introduces TD to the Bristol Stool Scale and the results are magnificent. What was Da Vinci's reaction when he discovered a paintbrush? Very similar. If you ever have a problem with your food be sure to call 911. That's what it's for. 
17/10/161h 2m

152-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You no speaky like you do before. Where you from? Ingrrand? It happens and it's real. Migraines can lead to Foreign Accent Syndrome.  It'd be soooo much better if super square white guys woke up speaking like Antonio Cromartie. The mommies go back for more sushi and get the inside scoop on the family that shames them. The jeans talk about their weekends in Long Island and Austin, plus audio of a racist porn star, Dental Updates and more!
17/10/161h 5m

Sarah Burns-153-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You gonna repsect the game, ho. You know what I'm sayin? Do you? No? Oh, well, it's kinda confusing. Luckily for you we have a guest that fits into our studio like a brand new custom pair of jeans. You may have seen her in I Love You, Man, Enlightened, or Drunk History and now she's all up in your ear buds, (She's also the last person that GG Allin slept with but her husband doesn't know so don't tell him) it's Sarah Burns! It's also show and tell time for the mommies as we play her some of our favorite recent clips. This includes some of the KING (you've been warned). There's also Tom or Black and more! You can go ahead and "favorite" this episode now - it's amazing. 
17/10/161h 22m

154-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

J-J-J-J-J Jeans Unit! Hello, meow. Thanks for getting that new fall line of denim for this episode. We wear our jeans at eye level on this one. Crack can make you cry and by cry, we mean, that's hilarious. The ORIGINAL MOMMY, Charo gets on the phone and tells us a story that will have you begging for even MORE MOMMY. We discuss the possibility that Top Dog is a true killer and Maria reveals news that is so big, so mind blowing we don't think the world is ready for it. Get ready for an epic episode. Peace, God. 
17/10/161h 8m

155-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Drugs are powerful. People say what they wanna say. It's f***ed! We'll show you. If you like p***y does that make you a p***y magnet? Get ready for some great awful music. The White Girl Mob needs to look into comedy cause these videos are HILARIOUS for all the wrong reasons. Anthens rack em is dead! RIP. Also, Stevie is probably not going to be at our Nashville show. We'll tell you why (though you can probably guess). America's most annoying child celebrity, the incredibly delusional Jaden Smith spreads his stupidity thru twitter. Is anything better than a severely sick person starring in a sitcom? We don't think so either. You know what I'm sayin?
17/10/161h 7m

156-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Sometimes you have to listen closely to hear all the magic that's in the air (air that escapes from our butt). Luckily, we had a microphone to Tommy's butt on the Bertcast and we've got the audio ready for you. Lil Debbie is a wanna be ratchet girl who really talks like a valley girl, but who cares? We keeps it real. Charo tells us another cab driving story only this time it's in Spanish and English and Spanish and Spangrish. Top Dog gets on the horn to discuss the diagnosis that he's a sociopath and Super Maria is FIRED UP about a RUDE lady at, where else, Starbucks. Plus we read from GG Allin's diary. This episode really covers all your basic dietary needs. 
17/10/161h 5m

157-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you have a family that is overflowing with talent then you need to have a vision for the journey so the spirits can come together and be a business. That's a quote. Sort of. Listen to how the Will and Jada Smith's run their household. Be sure to have a bucket nearby - you might get sick. Some actors are also too talented for their own good, like Jared Leto or a pile of horse sh*t. Egos of this magnitude are fascinating. Ladies, if it's that time of the month, don't be selfish. Offer your "other" entry so that a man doesn't suffer just because you're "bleeding." Theo talks smack to Tina and a whole lot more! Jeans Forever!
17/10/161h 2m

158-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We speak English and you understand us, but YOU speak English and we don't understand a single word you're saying, Scottish jeans. Did you ever go hoggin' back in your day? Gaping butthole photos? We cover that for you. Sometimes violence in movies and television is hysterical and we kind of disagree on that. Weigh in with your opinion, won't you? Did you know that Webster was a huge pop star in Japan? We have the never award winning audio! His voice is annoying and adorable at the same time! Coca-Cola calls its customers RETARDS and we have the proof (or was it retardED). We give you the FULL Willie Rack Em audio and Tommy hits on a sushi waitress. Remember, there's only 1 Mommy.
17/10/161h 7m

159-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

These jeans need a wash. After a weeklong mini-tour of the South the mommies are back home and telling you how it all went down. Fast food and faster dumps. A pee latch for you car? Super fans and super douche bags - it's all out there. We talk about the joy of BBQ sauce and the horror of long drives and we even have to continue giving you that Jada Pinkett Knowledge, knaw meen? Twitter haters, we feel you. Your hate has hit home. Now please go find some love in your life. That's an order from your mother! We want to thank each and every one of you that came to our shows. May the denim be with you. And keep your feet off the dash, please. 
17/10/161h 13m

160-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you don't like the way things are done at your school, do what our South African friend does and bring a whip. Make it a quick class, very quick class! The mommies recap their tour of the South and all the calories that came with it. Cheese and PISSA and wings. So, so, so many wings. We share the Ricky Schroder/Webster story from JRE as we still can't enough of that cute, little, black son of a bitch. Chuck Woolery has a pretty crazy twitter account. We read some of it and then play some of the classics from Love Connection. My goodness do we love that show. Put 2 and 2 in your butt. Plus we play audio of a man who is disappointed in his prostitute. It's horrifying!
17/10/161h 6m

Tony Hinchcliffe-161-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Is it possible to prepare oneself for greatness? Try. This episode would be nominated for an Emmy if it were television. Is there a podcast equivalent? That may sound cocky, but we're mobsters over here! OHHHH! Tony Hinchcliffe gives us a gift. His mother, Joy/Gina joins us and answers questions about the life of a bookie. Sweet, petite and full of fire, Joy "It's Tuesday" the Bookie is not to be messed with. It's informative, hilarious and terrifying all at once. We also discuss Shakey Jeans, the Smith clan, and more, but it's all about Joy and you better be ready to pay up. 
17/10/161h 25m

Matt Fulchiron-162-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

There ain't no half-steppin' or half chargin nothing especially when your baby's daddy is in the house! The Full Charge, Matt Fulchiron is all up in the Dome. We catch up with our old comrade about bad music, loud crazy people on planes, and the wonder of pain that is having 2 or 3 in you. The NEW BIKES! shirt is here and we revisit the classic clip from Scared Straight. Plus the Top Dog call to end all calls??? It may never be topped and he admits to WIPING A CERTAIN WAY we didn't know about! Keep your jeans on and up for this one. 
17/10/161h 9m

Brandt Tobler-163-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

DISCHARGE! Brandt Tobler is back and, as always, filling your ears with tales of crime and debauchery - we love it! PNC Tuesday is goin down. THAT, combined with "There's No Such Thing As Wednesday" is really making us reconsider our favorite day of the week. How do you make someone pay? Tobler shares a secret that will bring you to tears and make you PAY UP. Dental Update? Yup. Rim Jobs? Of course. Brown Talk? You know this, man. BIKES!
17/10/161h 1m

164-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you're a big dog how about you play with dogs your size, you stupid, selfish inconsiderate C**T. But if you're a dog you might not know where you are playing because DO DOGS EVEN HAVE BRAINS?!? We investigate. Loud, gay sex sounds and terrifying and hilarious. Since we didn't get you the SF Bonus ep, we give it to you here! Groan more! A big, BURNING Dental Update will have you smiling wide and this time we get TOP DOG and CHARO on ONE call. Can you believe your wiping luck?
17/10/161h 14m

165-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Who's house? Your Mom's House. That's right. A WYR is read on another podcast but they don't want to credit their mothers? That's okay. You know who designed that Xmas WYR - your jeans. Shout out to David Choe and Asa Akira. We drop some NEW WYR's in your ears and read some of your emails. Dental Update for Tommy, A NEW case of foreign accent syndrome and Theo SPEAKS! Maybe dogs DO have brains. There's no such thing as Wednesday!
17/10/161h 10m

166-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

It sure is getting cool out there. Maybe you should add a layer of denim to your wardrobe. Music is so important to so many of us that is why we totally understand the plight of the juggalo. A juggalo is man or woman or person who wears makeup and does PCP and also cooks fried chicken. When you buy a ticket abroad - buy it for the correct country. Otherwise, you might end up visiting Christina on accident. Tommy took someone to Spain and it wasn't Tina! Listen closely to find out who and why. "Lou Reed died. Who cares" - Tom "Lou Reed influenced everything. Even my farts" - Christina. We debate who really left a mark on music, Lou Reed or Jodeci. Get that jean jacket ready!  
17/10/161h 18m

167-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't be SCURRED! It's just your mom and your other mom. Spooky, isn't it? Listen, you no talent piece of S**T! You need to work on your craft! We finally get to the TRUMPET FIGHT that so many of you pointed us to. We read your comments on Tapatio vs Cholula, Lou Reed vs Jodeci and the ICP and whether or not they love God. We revisit some of our favorite scary movie moments and Tom auditions to do voice over work for movie trailers. We're back to FILLING HER UP AND SEALING HER SHUT - super creepy edition. Who will you fill? Be VERY careful listening to this episode because it is VERY scary! Dump Cakes. 
17/10/161h 7m

168-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Do you donate to THE St. Jude's? That's nice. So does the Klan and there ain't nuttin wrong with what they stand for. If you have a young, impressionable child a good thing to do is teach them that hateful, racist terrorist organizations are just fine - at least on Halloween. A REAL TALK update will have you pinchin pennies and throwing up in your mouth! There are limits to how cheap is acceptable and then there are these people who are gross and upsetting. Guess what? Some airlines will stop treating you like children and let you now use your electronic devices during take off and landing - oh, right. You never turned them off to begin with. FILL HER UP SEAL HER SHUT is back with results and a NEW edition. Can racists be sexy? YOU decide! Use your denim for good. Oh my gawsh!
17/10/161h 12m

169-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't you look at me like that!?! I'm just trying to impose on you and your family because I'm insane! Cats love BBQ sauce. It's true. If you want to win a cat over, feed it BBQ ribs with lots of sauce. The mommies confess shameful acts of the past - can you forgive them? We love when people stop BS'ing with the PC talk and start droppin F-bombs. Please do us a favor and cut the F'in S and just give us the F's and B's and the C's, you know what I'm sayin? Is anything worse than a co-worker? We think back on our office working days. Good lord do we feel for those of you who are still doing that. Drink water. Poop more. 
17/10/161h 6m

170-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Do you smoke crack? Exactly. Canadian jeans step up and do the dew! We love audio that paints a picture. We have some that straight up blasts your face! If you can squirt, let us know how you do it - for realsies. We rank chocolate candy treats and Tina ranks Almond Joy at the BOTTOM! Do you think she's a communist???? Bunz strongly disagrees. Which country makes the best, most delicious chocolate treats? A serious debate takes place. Does size matter? Yes. For sure. Definitely. Your small penis size is bad luck and not your fault and now there's a movie about that. Tom used to be a doctor. Tina talks about T.O. - yes the former Pro Bowl receiver was on an Oprah-like show. Abusive dads often create great athletes/accomplished men - so maybe not a bad idea to beat your kids? Trashy panties smell good. 
17/10/161h 10m

171-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If someone weighs 600 pounds and they want more food, give it to 'em! Extreme weigh gain has a profound impact on you physically and psychologically - and also on those who see you. If you're sick of being where you're at, listen to CT Fletcher spit encouragement. Tina loves to ride her BIKE! (BIKES!) and she wears her helmet like a good girl. If you ride a bike, please obey the rules of the road, fartknocker. Tommy is pushing hard to lease a LAMBO for business purposes. Will Tina approve of the deal??? The SHAHS are back on Bravo and we talk about episode 1 of the new season. We give our heartfelt advice to a Mommy in need and we update you on our Brown. Would You Rather and more. Wipe until you bleed!
17/10/161h 16m

The Winnipeg Bombing-172-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

There are good shows as a comedian and there are great shows. Sometimes there are bad shows and then there's this. In Tommy's near 12 year career as a stand up he has had the full spectrum of shows, but nothing quite compares to the Massacre in Manitoba. In this episode we fully examine everything that went into a show going so far off the rails that Tommy had to leave before it was over. We play highlights - if you can call them that - and talk about some of our worst shows ever. In keeping with the Canadian theme we revisit Rob Ford and update you on what he's been eating. 
17/10/161h 16m

173-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You know what I'm sayin? We like to say it first! Sometimes you put your peepee in a scary place and you don't die - we celebrate that. We hear from a black man who isn't hung like a black man. If someone has had sex with 100 plus people do you count them out as marriage material? The Mommies don't agree. Oprah doesn't front. She's actually Mad Cool. I wish directors would act more like I wish actors would sing more. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN MOVIES. Is Alec Baldwin a homophobe because he said something bad when he was mad? Do simple words mean more than intent and action? Don't be a #$%^*. A break thru BROWN TALK and more!
17/10/161h 7m

Bryan Erwin-174-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Hopefully, having Tommy and Tina in your life is at the top! If not, we hope you have a horrible holiday season. If your idea of celebrating thanksgiving is talking about suicide and death and how life will leave you any moment then this is the episode for you. Bryan Erwin is an old friend who should have been on the show AGES ago and now he's finally here. He's a comic and a dad and a husband and a felon. Just kidding - he really isn't much of a husband! HAHAHAHAHA. Bryan is simply the best. We talk about parenting and how you talk to your son about other stupid kids who try to ruin your kids life with regards to Santa and of course, sex. When our heroes begin doing bad commercials is when we know we are going to die soon. It isn't GREAZY. It's just life. Best of all, we get to introduce our buddy Bryan to some YMH classics! You'll see, mommy.
17/10/161h 29m

175-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

I don't remember what we talked about this episode. Hope you enjoy it. 
17/10/161h 2m

176-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't worry - she's here! The MAIN MOMMY. Is it Tina or is it Tommy? Hmmmm. Discuss amongst yourselves. Is it true what Webster said, is there truly only ONE mommy??? These questions need answers. The jeans are back from Holiday and Tommy has the cough to prove it! Tina drops science and gas AGAIN. How long will she keep her streak alive? Tommy may incorporate some magic into a new act he's planning on doing in Vegas. Here an exclusive clip here! What in the hell is going on with Chuck Woolery? We dive deeper into his greazy ad copy and also play and ad that Tommy is in with some YMH alumni. Plus past guest Brent Weinbach has our favorite thing on the web ever - Gangsta Party Line. We encourage you to check it out and call the line. The best way to spend the holidays is away from your loved ones and that's REAL. 
17/10/161h 5m

177-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You can survive on just air and sunlight and nothing else, but you'll die pretty quickly also. Tina makes a compelling argument for why she feels so strongly about being the MAIN Mommy - she HAS been farting on the show and put TURDS on the ground. Chuck Woolery listens to our show. We think. And he feels badly about being so GREEZY. Do you return the shopping cart to the store or do you leave it by your car like a jerkface? We revisit yelling when you're angry - it doesn't define who you are. It's human emotion, you f***ing f**k. Tina talks about her past City Connection love and Tom shares his brief experience with all that PWESSHAH! 
17/10/161h 2m

Matt Fulchiron-178-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Hey yo, hey yo! Dawg, I'm sayin. It's real. This one is dope. We got new songs for dat booty. The Full Charge is here and he's got news: A new album has arrived! Be sure to scoop it! OMG Maria is back and she's got something to say when I propose that she quote porn for us. Where do the farts come from? We explore pretty girls and gritty dudes. This one is special cuz The Concierge is here and Maria drops it on us. We think you know who the MAIN Mommy is. Believe that!!!
17/10/161h 7m

179-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Yoooooooo! We got some jammy jams for yo you know what. Plus we examine the age old question - "How loud is annoying when having an orgasm?" Yup, that's too much. We appreciate each and every one of you "Little Mommies" and this episode we show that appreciation by talking to one of you on the phone and giving a shout out to many more! It idn't Greazy or nuttin. Jeans Connection is no longer a mystery - we have it TRANSLATED! Plus TOP DOG is back with more Brown Talk, Murder and a whole lot more! You're gonna wanna stab someone in the chest with a fork and knife after this one!
17/10/161h 22m

180-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

OMG, you guys. We got such a huge response to the Maria call that we revisit it and all its hilarity. According to Christina, Tommy doesn't show much excitement about anything. Well, that is, until you propose that he might be able to get away with murder! That's a fun scenario that we break down because everyone wants to do it, don't you agree? Tina and Tommy also talk about going back in time and what they would do if they could take each other on a first date knowing what they know now. As you can imagine, it's quite romantic. We read a listener email that asks the HARD questions. Do we answer them? Oh yeah. What would you do if you had 6 months to live? We do it real big. Tina has opened a savings account to go to space. Please donate. 
17/10/161h 8m

Skyler Stone-181-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Ryder Bones AKA Skyler Stone is in the building. We explore one of our favorite topics - crazy people! They're everywhere an often undiagnosed. Have fun out there! Skyler talks about his new movie, Walking with Dinosaurs and the show that got him started, CON. If you never saw it you missed out on the drive, dedication and manipulation that took Skyler from unknown to TV star in no time. Skyler's awesome voice inspires Tom and Christina to pursue voice over work themselves. Will they go for it?  Plus, Dental Updates, Fill Her Up, an almost-Tom or Black and much more. Don't sleep on Mickey Streets!
17/10/161h 19m

Merry Christmas-182-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Wussup playa! Wut you gonna get dat gurl for Chrissmas? We hope you got all the denim that you asked Sandy Claws for and we hope you got nothing but denim from all your loved ones. We have many special gifts for you this episode. Fan favorite, but rare guest, ARPAD is back! Yup, Tina's dad and everything that annoys him is on the phone doing what he does best - calling out all Bull S**T. Advertisers, BEWARE. CP's pops is not falling for your gimmicks. Actually he is fully rebelling against them. He is also NOT A FAN of political correctness. At all. It's not Happy Holidays to him. It's Merry Christmas or GFYS. If his tirade doesn't convince you, we also have Top Dog speaking in eerily similar fashion. Plus, Aunty FeeFee, the 69 Boyz, Dominic the Donkey and a whole lot MORE! (Santa's Evles??? Maybe).
17/10/161h 5m

Matt Braunger-183-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Matt Braunger AKA Six Finger Frank AKA The Dutch Welder AKA Happy Hamcakes is in the building. Comedian, actor and all around good buddy Matt sits down with us as we talk about how great it would be to have Tony Soprano as a father. After all, we are all White, which is a huge plus these days. We go DEEP with Matt as we share and discuss revelations about ourselves and how we discover truths and act on them (For Reals, dawg). Beware of PSYCHOS! They're not just characters on TV. They're everywhere and you probably know a few. Shia LaBeouf, pay attention here. We are back exploring the musical talents of the oozing-with-talent mega movie stars of the last 20 years. Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson and Russell Crowe all, uh, sing? The episode is the DOGS T*TS! (There's even a Lorenzo Lamas story)

Happy New Year-184-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Jeans! We hope 2014 is treating you well. I mean, if it isn't, that's terrible because it literally just started. This episode/momisode we are giving you what would normally be a bonus! It's LIVE from San Diego. Hope you enjoy it! Sharkeisha, NO!
17/10/161h 24m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky & Tom Segura Episode 41

Tom sits alone and reveals how much of a struggle it was to get the equipment working in the first podcast from the MommyDome. Tom plays a phone call he recorded with his friend, Steve as they recall a drug deal from their youth. The full story of the drug deal is in detail on Episode 185 of The Joe Rogan Experience. Tom plays a few Would You Rather's and flogs himself for his technical shortcomings. Christina is in San Jose, so this one is all Tommy Mommy. 
17/10/1643m 48s

Your Moms's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 42

Tom and Christina are together in the mommydome! They talk about "Brown" a lot! Audio of Tom's dad giving advice on wiping and Tom's mom getting extremely upset about it. Tom's snoring is ruining both of their lives and the dynamic duo announce a logo contest for the podcast. Great "Would You Rather's"! We fall in love with some homeless gays!
17/10/161h 35m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 43

Tom and Christina discuss their recent travels, rude passengers, and the alarming number of drunks on morning flights. Tom discusses recording a new album and hearing his neighbors recent powerful orgasm. They play NEW audio of tourettes patients and revisit the classic, "Johnny Davidson!" Christina tests Tom's knowledge of black culture and plays an interview she did with a comic who smoked crack for 15 years. Dental update and more!
17/10/161h 39m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 44

Tom and Christina ask the age-old question, Where The Dudes At? again but Casey provides no answers (though Hirsute Pursuit does try to help). TandC reveal their love and addiction to reality shows in a new segment called, Real Talk. They discuss some of the practices of reality shows and play clips from Dr. Oz, Braxton Family Values, and the Road Rules/Real World Challenge. The two go back and forth on the lack of etiquette found in much of society today, NEW Would You Rathers?, and the neighbor "situation" is addressed. 
17/10/161h 10m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 45

Christina and Tom discuss how the world is full of self-important assholes and Tom's recent run-in with two significant terrible people. A "Real Talk" segment features a woman with footlong toe nails and a man who insists on kissing a woman after she has vomited. Christina shares her own stories of hearing the neighbor have sex and Top Dog is back for more "Brown Talk"! 
17/10/161h 51m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 46

The Mommy's talk hip-hop, Yo! MTV Raps and the joys of rebellious, aggressive music. They discuss what women find beautiful in other women and how men differ (ie. Salma vs Penelope). Both Tom and Christina share recent stories of accidentally peeing on themselves, as well as their joint (rare) venture out to Korea town where eating, drinking, and singing took place. The origins of Where The Dudes At? is given in detail as well as dude-a-rific audio of Hot (gay) Nude Yoga. Top Dog, Would You Rather's and more!
17/10/161h 35m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 47

Due to Blueban's incompentance this episode had to be re-recorded. Oh, Blueban! Unfortunately it means that a mommy is missing. Christina is out, but step-mommy, Ryan Sickler fills in and brings the fun, filth, and funny that he always does. Tom and Ryan discuss uncomfortable moments with fans, bizarre sexual experiences and requests, the NFL, the Name of The Year contest, a twitter prank, Would You Rather's and more! 
17/10/161h 35m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 48

Paul F. Tompkins enters the Mommy Dome for a fun-filled 2 hour show. They discuss self doubt, how poorly stand up clubs are run, an open dislike of Billy Joel (Christina) and Bruce Springsteen (Tom). The trio take a stab a new fill her up/seal her shut, dental updates, Top Dog audio, Would You Rather's, and much more! Rejoice!
17/10/162h 3m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 49

The Mommy's welcome Matt "The Full Charge" Fulchiron AKA The Concierge back to the Mommy Dome. They discuss Matt's upcoming move to Puerto Rico (New York City), Christina's love of Puerto Rican men and her equal disdain for buying anything nice. They share filthy sexy stories, a twist on Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, mind-blowing new Top Dog audio and more!
17/10/161h 26m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 50

The Mommy Dome is a hot bed of hot topics on this episode. Christina and Tom discuss Nate Dogg's prolific career, brown talk, the most disgusting cookbook ever, Real Talk about Mob Wives, KC BBQ, the history of "KingFish", a new Mommy sing-a-long song, and more! Jeans up!
17/10/161h 5m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 51

How high are your jeans today? The mommies talk more hip-hop, how terrible Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are, the Saints bounty audio, possible album titles for Tom, penis size, weird vaginas, and an exclusive interview with "Mamita" (Tom's mom) all about Top Dog! 
17/10/161h 18m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 52

Buckle up! Tina gives Tom and you a lesson in Goth music (good for doing heroin). Tom's birthday was celebrated with great food and an inapporpriate gesture in a restaurant, but Christina has been pushing the etiquette envelope a LOT lately (with her finger). A double-dose of Fill Her Up/Seal Her Shut, we express our wavering love to our listeners, dental update, Mamita audio and more!
17/10/161h 10m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 53

The Mommy Dome happily welcomes Brendon Walsh, formerly of the group "InnDIgGnASHUN" which eventually became Boyz II Men. We discuss some of Brendon's well-known pranks, his spectaular dentals genes, and his love of his own B.O., and his boy band past. Nothing but good times on this epsisode which also features ALL-NEW TOP DOG audio. Wipe Down!
17/10/161h 22m

Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura Episode 54

Nothing can prepare your ears for the Mad Flavor that is Joey "Coco" Diaz. Christina and Tom are elated to sit back and have their Uncle Joey share stories of crime, Hollywood, sex, and most importantly, taking dumps outside. You will only wish this episode never ended as Joey has us laughing for the entire duration. Pull your jeans up!
17/10/161h 45m

365-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies grab em by the p***y! Will Tina follow thru on the dog food challenge? Do radio rap songs make you cry? We have ANOTHER angry Persian voicemail. Jeans Up!
12/10/161h 36m

364-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies discover and fall in love with a new Dan Pena clip, get a translation for Christina's Persian voicemail lady, listen to old and new songs, play a round of 'Rate My Jeans,' and much much more!
05/10/161h 42m

363-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week on YMH, Tom and Christina take a look at some great points about sleeping with your friends, try to pick a name for Tom's new stand-up tour, play another round of 'Horrible or Hilarious,' call Ryan "Sickle Cell" Sickler to figure out who coined the nickname, and much much more!
28/09/161h 53m

362-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies dive deep into the fetish of ball kicking, see what DJ Dad Mouth was up to in Des Moines, do another installment of Horrible or Hilarious, and much much more!
21/09/161h 44m

361-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week the mommies learn how to "rip some skin," judge a mommy's denim, play Horrific or Hilarious, watch a recovered Top Dog call from a lost episode, and much much more!
14/09/161h 41m

360-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week, the mommies find a VERY talented grandmother who works for a a certain kind of phone line, they welcome back one of the strongest performers in the adult industry, watch the trailer for Steven Seagal's new action movie where he doesn't move a lot, and much much more!
07/09/161h 38m

359-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

On this week's episode, the mommies educate themselves on vaginal knitting, get some questions answered on special people's daily schedules, pick a name for their son just incase they get pregnant again, and much, much more!
31/08/161h 46m

358-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You should drink your pee. Especially if you have a cold or a fever or a stomach ache or you're tired. Pee is better than medicine. It's your own medicine and it's free (and tastes good). Also, stop being stupid.  We tell stories about our old landlord, Jose. Plus a new game - Horrible or Hilarious? Will Tom like a psycho and someone's unfortunate circumstance or will he see it like a human? Plus an incredible impromptu call with Top Dog where we read him street jokes and he laughs, well, harder than we've ever laughed at anything. It's amazing. 
24/08/161h 52m

357-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week the mommies do a very important dental update as a recent article about the merits of flossing has surfaced. Christina learns what a "trap-p***y" is during an outing at the park with her family. Also, Percocet-master Gina from Boston is warmly welcomed to the mommy-dome.
17/08/161h 47m

356-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This week the mommies find Christina's dad on Instagram having a dance-off in Ibiza, review some fan-made websites, discuss the order of sushi they couldn't beat, and learn how to become bad boys
10/08/161h 39m

Top Dog, Charo & OMG Maria - 355-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This is the type of thing denim was built for - the ultimate Momisode. If you're a HARD F'n CORE mommy you are in for a treat. Three of the most outrageous, hilarious and central people on this show are all in the episode and we had them IN studio. Sit back, relax and let the people who shaped Tommy Jeans entertain you by just being themselves. Plus we have Fat updates and much more!
03/08/161h 49m

354-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Sometimes really scary moments, like blood dripping from your butt, can produce magical results, like Ari's farts. We have some for you. Does Dani sing a song for us? Well you Daniacs are gonna find out! (and it might involve a little baby named Hitler) Plus we have strictly friendly sports, a new dildo from Nick (AJ?) Hawk, and Doug Stanhope weighs in on the #FATBATTLE.
27/07/161h 30m

353-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We hope you're HAPPY, Rachel! Mummy knows and now so does everyone else! Plus a Jamaican accent so thick the Master gets stumped?!? Tommy's family is in town and the house has flipped over. Will the Mommy's survive? An Asian guy from the South Pacific is still wanting a girlfriend, but with a new approach - intense dude energy. We have some advice. Plus The Water Championship has been settled, but who is the ALONE CHAMPION? The debate begins.
20/07/161h 40m

352-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The thing about having your balls shrink is ultimately, it's the best thing that can happen. It makes your salami look so much bigger and who doesn't want that. Ze Zim Xir yim. Those are all preferred pronouns of severely mentally ill people, some of whom you may know. Make sure whenever you meet someone you open with, "Hey, what's your pronoun?" Plus, did Tom lose a bet and get his thumbs burned by cigs? Is the poop pile real? We work on getting you ANSWERS. AND #bertisfat is finally something you can own - get the new shirt and show the world you are on "TEAM TOM."        
13/07/161h 53m

351-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You kind of have to agree, if you're gonna poop you might as well share it. Thankfully, a nice man in New York City thinks the same way. Wanna hear a cool fart? You should say that and then fart. Just an idea from Tom that he thinks is really going to take off. Plus, have you ever taken a walk with your family? Just a regular walk? Well this life-changing in the mind of Christina and her communist upbringing. #BertIsFat goes to a whole new level and Tom and Christina aren't the ones who did it! Plus, buying crack, dental updates and a whole lot more.
06/07/161h 32m

350-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If Water drinking had a Super Bowl, this episode would be it. Pick your sides and deal with the results cause after this one, there will only be ONE. The Water Gawd.  If thrive to be the best is that like striving to be the best? What if you have 4 teeth? Can you still be the best? Now add 400 or so pounds. Yup, the best.  We love coaches and mentors as much as anyone else, but when said mentor speaks directly and curses non stop, well then we fall in love.  Daniel Pena is straight forward and doesn't worry about feelings. Gnaw mean?  Plus, let's get to the bottom of Bart being fat. This episode has BOTH sides of the story. 
29/06/161h 47m

349-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

H2O and H2NO if you ask Tommy, the self-proclaimed "water champ." But Tina, she has other ideas up her sleeve, including a very sneaky plan that she reveals in this episode.  PLUS, pig-calling, mastering accents, more fat Bert fun and then some, Ya feel us?  To bring it home we have yet another Hall of Fame call from Top Dog and this time he weighs in on Double Pipe Classics.  You can never have too much denim. 
22/06/161h 30m

348-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If there's one thing about black women that are about to throw down in public, it's LET THEM SPEAK. Something really great and probably funny that you never could have thought of is gonna fly.  We have a new message to the Fuhrer from Dani and this one involves food and emergency services at Sea! How fat is Bert? Very. How aware is Bert that he is fat? We happen to think not enough. Look deep inside yourself and try to find a fun, effective way to let Bert know that he is fat and find out WHY he's that fat.  We have Persian translations, IRISH AKA English translations, Would You Rather's and a WHOLE lot more! 
15/06/161h 43m

347-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you puke on TV but then keep doing your TV job, you are what we call a PROFESSIONAL. Shout out to SWEDEN! Do you like rats? Do you have kids? Are you super lonely? Here's a tip: ditch the rats, keep the kids and someone worthwhile will come in to your life. It's just that rat "thing" that's keeping people away.  Our Super Jew producer brought us a video about how to spot a Jew. But, like we said, he's a Jew. We don't know what he's up to but it feels really Jewey.  The Master Of Accents is BACK! Will he finally be defeated by an inimitable cadence?  Plus FAN MAIL, PATREON, and TINA JEANS is hitting the road again. Get those JEANS ON!!
08/06/161h 54m

346-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

PATREON, I told you to put that down! Also, sign up for Patreon, ya'll! You'll get extra bonus content, inside denim access, personal shout outs and more!   WOW! say it again! WOW! Open your mouth so the whole dog can fit in the bathtub! Today we discover which gender we are (it's really changing at every moment). Plus Bert Is Fat and Why Is Bert So Fat really took off! We have all the fat comments.  Dental Updates, dating inflatable animals, Joey Diaz being a SAVAGE and more! NO LOOSE DENIM ALLOW
01/06/161h 45m

345-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Morning news is the best. It opens the doors to grown up jokes about "Salad Tossing" (with real salads!) PLUS DJ Dad Mouth gets to muck around and have some fun! If you're gonna talk that ISH before you arm-wrestle, make sure you, you know, WIN.  Unbelievably, the girl who was defending Hitler on YouTube was kicked off for HATE speech. Weird that YouTube doesn't know that Hitler watches YouTube all day.  This episode is completely non-binary so please use proper pronouns. It's not a preference, it's a REQUIREMENT. 
25/05/161h 41m

344-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Did Bunz touch the sacred spot with Tina only mere feet away? JEANS. Which Braxton are you today? Is it the one that's DATING Birdman? WUUUUUT. Tom's awesome jacket is way cooler than Tina's art teacher jacket. Have you seen it? No, seriously, have you? The master of accents becomes even more masterful in this one. PLUS, was Hitler THAT bad?  Would You Rather's, Fan Mail, Seagal, Butt hair and MORE!
18/05/161h 41m

343-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You see thing about pimpin, man. You want a happy ho. Happy ho's eat, sad ho's don't. If you want to keep your stable out there and earnin then keep your ho's happy.  This is the only podcast that provides cool insight like that. Also, Top Dog did it again. Yup, you guessed it, his face meat hit the numbers on the phone when we spoke to him. Oh yeah, he sharted too. Great story. All that and more. Just get your jeans on. 
11/05/161h 23m

342-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Whoa those are some awfully BIG WORDS you said there. This week we have some incredible mentions of the BIGGEST of big words. Someone even said it to the Prez! Plus a foreign accent that seems DOUBTFUL and a DENTAL UPDATE that will have you brushing extra hard tonight.  Seems like Mozart was a mommy, 20,000 years ago when he was alive and that's just somethin you gotta Respek. 
04/05/161h 48m

341-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't mess with Lincolnton, man! That's what Uncle Joey says. A lot of you say LinkedIn, but you know, La Craw, La Croix, feel me?  When you listen to our show remember to RESPEK our name. Otherwise we'll be FINISHED and DONE with you.  The mommy's really do their thang in this one and even talk to Tommy's Mommy about his new, important revelation. He's not only Poly and Bi...listen to find out what ELSE he, er, they is now.  JEANS FOREVER.
27/04/161h 43m

340-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Tommy and Tina went on a pegging adventure. Please take a look. Also, note that pegging doesn't involve another dude (BERT). You want to hear/see something gross? You KNOW we've got you covered. There's a young dude who likes grandma's GROSSSSS.  Plus there's a girl who is in to tasting the uh, splooge, of dudes from different ethnicities. GROSSSSSSER. Tina tries to trick Tom into playing incriminating clips of verbal "slip ups." Will it backfire on Tina? Probably.  And a NEW Gnawm Sayin King is proud to take his throne. Smell us?
20/04/161h 31m

339-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We know the show is popular but even Rachel Maddow listens! Wow, and of course, Hey Hitler back at ya! It's been a while so we gave Top Dog a call and this one not only did not disappoint - it was epic. Like Wipe Down Epic.  This ep is loaded: Crazie Locs listens to a fan song, a NEW abusive pimp, La Croix responds, NEW vocal fry, and a bunch of Would You Rather's.  This ep is the Jeans' Jeans. 
13/04/161h 48m

338-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Hello, F**K Boys! We are ready for you to do battle. On guard! T Bunz went on local TV in Cleveland and called out Crazie Locs. We thought that would have been the biggest news of this episode, but it isn't because - BRACE YOURSELF - CRAZIE LOCS finally speaks directly to us.  Did that last sentence process? If it didn't read it again.  Also, you know what I'm saying, you feel me, understand? And now SMELL ME? All in one clip from one person and he's the only one speaking. Amazing. 
06/04/161h 51m

337-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

We'd like to dedicate this episode to all those days when you're feeling a little down, a little alone, a little like a d-bag that would dedicate an episode to someone.  We got that Crazie Locs jam you know you want cause this time someone ELSE made it better.  La Croix is French. Unless you are Tina jeans then you're all, "it's LA CROY."  Plus we listen to what Tommy thought was Hungarian and ended up just being abusive! This is the kind of episode that'll have you wondering aloud, Where's The C*m?
30/03/161h 37m

336-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

There's something about those jeans of yours. They're so...high and so...tight. They're PERFECT. We bring the ultimate dad laugh to the table on this one. It rivals Top Dogs famous dad laugh, no seriously, it does.  Plus we have Locs doin his thang and stuff like that and Tommy doin his thang back and stuff like that. Shout out to everyone all over the world.  Do you know Bryan Silva? You will now. Maybe you can help FREE him. And then, you know what I'm sayin, we count some new you know what I'm sayins. We learn about an evil sushi operation in NorCal and SO MUCH MORE.
23/03/161h 49m

335-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Jeans up over your head! This one will have you screaming MOMMY! WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME?!?! Tommy put it out there in a MAJOR challenge to Crazie Locs last week. This week we await Locs' response while diving into some of his other uh, interests. Brace yourself - it's terrifying.  Also, do you eat the booty? Where do you eat it? How often? Plus we think we have an alternate choice to Donald Trump. This is a guy with a lot to say and the only candidate with a Zombie plan.  Do you want a pony?
16/03/161h 24m

334-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Bruh! That was a deep fart. Cool that you got your little bro in on it.  We got videos! If you're listening that's only half the battle. How often and how well do we make fun of those who are "LESS THAN"? Hopefully a lot. And this episode has no shortage. We have a CRAZIE LOC who Tommy challenges to a fight! Will he accept? Plus we have that intel you've been looking for on KIM AHN. It's so full of adventure and is truly AMAZE.  Seagal has a new turd, er, trailer, and it's mind-numbing how bad it is. Enjoy!
09/03/161h 38m

333-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Sup, Whitefolks! It's diss pimpin', feel me? Tommy's Uncle breaks down the pimpin game for us with all kinds of NOT caucasian flavor! PLUS - a poop soup success story! Should dudes wipe after Yellow?!?! We have a wipegate breakthrough. Where will you stand after this episode! Plus we are back with some AMAZE Kim Ahn audio and it's very NSFW - Glorious. If THAT doesn't turn you on, we also have a man that wants to f**k a rollercoaster. AND a NEW Would Your Rather that is sure to set a new (low) standard!  
02/03/161h 33m

332-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

You know what I'm sayin? Ya feel me? Gnaw Mean?  Are these different expressions or the same thing? We DEBATE and there might be a new KING, Do you know what we're saying? Plus Hitler might be real. As in, the real Fuhrer. Plus Dani goes blue, er, brown on this one and we have a new awesome song to accompany her.  This is mighty fine cut of denim. Put it on. 
24/02/161h 46m

331-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't get it twisted, we might look, you know, DIFFERENT, but we are still hood as S**T and we will F**K yo ass up! Nah, we be playin, jeans. But some people are NOT playing and thankfully they record their messages for us.  Plus the mystery has been SOLVED. There's no more guessing when it comes to Hey, Hitler or Happy Birthday to, er, Nicholas. We have the indisputable results. They are disturbing, which is our favorite.  Plus Tommy is ambushed by a SURPRISE psychological review of his artwork. Is he well?  Never play games with Ghostface Killah or his goons. This audio should prove that to you. 
17/02/161h 34m

330-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Watch your mouth sweetheart! Unless you're 12 years old. Then go ahead and drop a C-Bomb! The only thing better than an old person cursing is an unassuming child.  Is Hey, Hitler picking up steam or slowing down? Unfortunately for the weak-hearted, it's becoming a movement! Plus the OG of HH has a birthday song she wants to share. Who does she sing it too? Let's have Christina break that one down! Pastor Manning might have the doors of his beloved Hate-filled church close down. Does he have a parting message? Yes. Is it other-level insane? You betcha! Dental updates, new songs and more! 
10/02/161h 23m

329-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

And a good day to you, Hitler! Cheerio, Mate! Aw the Hi Hitler saga continues. Where will it go? Does it make sense? We have the answers.  Mommy loves you and hopes that you love mommy too. Nothing like a funny clip with a sad backstory to get the show a rockin! Plus we asked you if Hitler porn existed and you answered! The Fuhrer wouldn't be so happy if he saw what happened to his picture tho.  When a megachurch pastor speaks in error we laugh. When he can't seem to fix it we laugh harder.  This is all denim here. 
03/02/161h 27m

328-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Don't go for the hole! Just find the CLICK! Confused? Well, we have the full audio that makes it simple and easy. Remember, it's all about the click.  Tommy had some surprising browns this episode. Really, they happened DURING the episode. What was the cause? Did Christina brown too?!? Plus Ann Wolfe drops some serious fight knowledge in the Ann Wolfe way AND Will Steven Seagal be challenged as the most ridiculous martial artist by another silly man? Not even close, but we have some fun audio of Chuck Norris.  Did you know Antonio Cromartie had a vasectomy? Did you know it didn't work? We have audio of his orgasm. 
27/01/161h 21m

327-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Hey Hitler! Hope all is well. Let us know what's up. There's a new hilarious lady whose apartment has caught on fire. Sorry about the fire, lady. But super thankful a camera crew found you to talk about it.  The mommies talk about crazy plastic surgeons, crazy Sean Penn, crazy edibles and whole lot more.  Plus, Master Of Accents, Tom "The King of All Accents" Segura will blow your mind with his ability to mimic ANY accent! This episode is 100% denim. 
20/01/161h 41m

326-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Jeans, We are wanting to hear your best MOM calls. Let it rip, Mommy! Plus, was that fart or the national anthem?  Nothing is worse that a goofy porn actor. Where's the best fast food? Would you eat there for a month. Did you know that Tommy can do ANY foreign accent?  It's all here. 
13/01/161h 22m

325-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

The Main Mommy is back! Tina doesn't let a little thing like delivering a baby hold her back. She's in the Dome and talking about what's important: Farts, Big Words, Graphic Sex and Steven Seagal. Sometimes all together.  This episode has everything including intel about a certain Super Bowl winning coach. You won't believe what we saw him do.  Jeans up forever!
06/01/161h 26m

Yoshi-324-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

This is our final gift to you in the year 2015, a visit from beloved guest, world prostitute chaser and medical lab rat, YOSHI! As always, no written word can prepare or describe what Yoshi bring to the table. Put in your ear buds, crank the volume and enjoy this one.  Thanks for a great 2015, MOMMIES!
30/12/151h 58m

323-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Merry Jeansmas! Hope you all are snuggling and kissing and drinking cocoa by the fire. We have a baby jeans and will be doing all that, gurl.  This episode has magic: enemas, OMG Maria, Top Dog, Kim Ahn breaking it down HARD CORE, Would You Rather's and a whole lot more.  Please be safe and allow denim into your heart.  Please support our sponsors - and
23/12/151h 55m

322-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Is Baby Jeans here?! You'll just have to listen to find out! What happens when you get AIDS from someone and you see them on public transit? You gotta call them out, yo!  RIP Greg Giraldo Plus the KING has been in hiding for a while and now we have confirmation that he's BACK!  And Tommy insists that his DJing will pay off in the future, I mean, listen to what Paris Hilton is doing. You get to decide if its good. 
16/12/151h 37m

321 - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

What a Jeanstastic episode! The FedEx controversy RAGES on! Tommy has some damning evidence that may turn Christina's pronunciation on it's head. Um, do we have an exclusive interview with Throatzilla aka Orally Gifted? Yes, yes jeans we do! Also important Steven Segal update. Fill her up and seal her shut! What a BIG DAY!
09/12/151h 46m

320-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Bond, Jeans Bond is the name or perhaps you're more familiar with Double 0 Denim as I'm known inside these walls. The mommies have a spectacular bonus clip of the new Bond movie and you are sure to love it.  Plus is a white boy claiming to be a crip the real deal or is he frontin in a red hat? We have the Farsi voicemails translated, the lamest dude ever in porn and a call from Tommy's Uncle Bill You got that sauce, mane?
02/12/151h 38m

Happy HatesGiving-319-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Happy HatesGiving, MOMMY! As is tradition on this show we'll do our best to offend you for the holiday!  Do you have an incurable neurological disorder? Is English not your first language? Do you not look like us? Do you live somewhere that isn't Los Angeles? Hopefully we hit you below the belt! The Persian Lady who has left Tina countless messages about the desert and sharia laws has, you guessed it, left MORE messages. What the hell is she saying in Farsi?!? We encourage you to EAT WHAT YOU WANT for Thanksgiving. Is turkey not your thing? Push back against the man and get a steak or a hot dog - whatever you desire, Mommy. PLUS we have audio of TINA SNORING (LOUDLY), a crazy escort talks about her "job" AND a HUGE announcement that involves Tommy and one of the greatest rappers of ALL TIME. 
25/11/151h 31m

318-Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Yo Chuck! Yo, You got AIDS, YO! Aw, Damn, kid. Hope you got your Jimmy Hat. Tommy's done with the road for 2016, but he brought Guess My Brown home from the Big City! Will Tina guess correctly? Bunz has an idea for a new business to help support our growing family. If you need a nail trimming, please don't cut them! We're coming over.  Plus fashion has never been Tommy's strong suit and he's apparently really owning that now. Jeans has something to say about Bunzies new apparel.  And she rocked your world with last weeks Yellow/Brown/Yellow revelation. This week, Tina has a NEW insight into how browns and yellows sometimes mix. 
18/11/151h 43m

317 - Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Christina guesses Tom's brown! And a surprise game! Dunkin' Doughnuts vs Krispy Kreme. What side are the mommies on? Rachel Dolezal and Tamar Braxton. Tina has new voicemails and texts on her phone. The joys of a new phone number. If you borrow $20 from Linda, you'd better pay her back ASAP! Is Shaq hanging with Chuck Woolery? The most annoying girl in social media and more! Enjoy mommies. 
11/11/151h 32m

316- Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

Are you mad at your Mommy? Well, let her know! DJ Dad Mouth is working on his mad beatz and skillz. Is there really a lady out there wanting to lick Tom's b-hole?  Turns out yes, yes there is. Christina is being challenged on her inventing the term "POS". Can she explain her way out of this one? Also, Mommy C raises a question that brings her to tears. Would You Rathers! Tom gives his insight into the new Matt Damon film. 
04/11/151h 41m

315- Your Mom's House with Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura

If you’re feeling hungry we have just the thing for you - a very special PICNIC. Make sure you bring your appetite because this is the kind of picnic that lets you keep on eating!  Did Christina come up with an expression that is very popular in our vernacular or has it been around for more than a decade? It’s time to break it down. Plus Tommy has seen Christina flirt for long enough with the mailman and the Whole Farts check out boy. Could he be getting to know a super market girl as more than a friend??!?!?  Diego AKA Thursday Lane set the podcast world on fire, but some people are saying “Too Much!” What will YOU say when he marries a fart?  Guess My Brown debuts and an NFL players has something to say about the Cincinnati Fart , you know what I’m saying?
28/10/151h 27m
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