By Jonathan Zenti

A podcast about our bodies and the life we live because of them.
In people’s everyday life, there’s a wall between their ideas, dreams and desires and the real world: our body. A cage for the human behaviour made by flesh and bones that affects the way we interact with the rest of the world: the sound of our voice, the line of our movements, the space we take up on a bus because of our weight, the dominant or submissive position we are forced to take when we argue with someone because of our height: our reality is a costant argument between what we have in our head and what the body we are born with is able to do. “Meat” is an international podcast created on the surface of a person’s skin, it is a vision of the world from the point of view of human flesh. In each episode “Meat” will tell a story that starts from someone’s body, and how that body creates the story that follows.


S1E3 - Stella's Cut

The encounter with a young Kenyan woman uncovers the cracks in the host's foundations who has ever considered himself as a "good feminist dude".
30/04/1953m 44s

S1E2 - Jean's Hair

I’m going to make you very good dreadlocks that everybody is jealous of you
23/03/1827m 43s

S1E1 Host's Fat

Obese! what a scary word!
23/02/1837m 52s

INTRO - Host's Mouth

In between, there's just Meat.
22/02/185m 11s
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