The Read

The Read

By Loud Speakers Network

Join bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.) As transplants to New York City (Kid Fury from Miami and Crissle from Oklahoma City), The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life (and rats) in the big city. The Read is part of the LoudSpeakers Network and is published every week on iTunes, iHeart Radio Talk, Soundcloud & Stitcher.


Toddler Boxing

Counting up our food stamps...
31/03/23·1h 48m

Secret Life of Pets

Soaring to new petty heights... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
23/03/23·2h 10m

Dating Apps

Giving Siri the side-eye...
16/03/23·1h 50m

Home Videos

09/03/23·2h 21m

The Essence of Clarity

Not being corny on the red carpet...
02/03/23·1h 49m

10 Year Anniversary Live Show

The Read 10 year Anniversary Live Show from The Beacon Theatre NYC
23/02/23·2h 7m

Only Shirt In The World

Keeping our drinks to ourselves...
16/02/23·1h 40m

Robbing & Thievery

Not doing it for the Gram...
09/02/23·1h 42m

The Dates!

Getting tickets by any means necessary... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
03/02/23·1h 35m

Molly...Urine Danger, Girl

Waiting on these tour dates... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
26/01/23·2h 2m

That's The Way It Ain't

Walking into the werk room... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
12/01/23·1h 59m

Lock Him Up

Telling lies on Tik Tok
05/01/23·1h 30m

Best Of 2022 Part Two

Thank you to all the listeners for all the love and support in 2022 Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
30/12/22·1h 30m

Best Of 2022

Thank you to all the listeners for all the love and support in 2022 Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
23/12/22·2h 27m

42 Reasons Why TF Not

Spreading holiday cheer in Potomac... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
15/12/22·1h 44m

YT Assistance

Fine with no makeup on... ****************************************************** Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
08/12/22·1h 18m

Mailbag Lady

Buying some flowers... ****************************************************** Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
07/12/22·1h 59m

Keeping The 90s Relevant

Acting our damn age...
17/11/22·1h 38m


Get that d!ck and go…
09/11/22·1h 57m

House of the Draggin

No hating on friends...
03/11/22·2h 1m

When Anxiety Attacks

Needing a Snickers or something...
27/10/22·2h 4m

With The Stars

Donating sperm to the family...
22/10/22·1h 36m

Snap, Karen, Pop

Humans are very annoying. Do not recommend.
14/10/22·2h 4m

Shrimp Taco Love

When Sunday Funday goes wrong... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
06/10/22·2h 1m

Wig Snatchery

Getting canceled by MLK...
29/09/22·1h 46m

Kanan's Rising

Planning revenge on in-laws... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
22/09/22·1h 40m

The NeverEnding Episode

It's Crissle's birthday! *hiccup*
15/09/22·2h 43m

Can We Talk?

DHD, royal flops, and $150 Shein hoodies Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
09/09/22·1h 58m

The Art of War

I busted the windows out your car. My bad... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
01/09/22·1h 47m

R&B: Criminal Intent

Father Abraham vs Nick Cannon...
25/08/22·2h 19m

Renaissance in Review

Bit*h please, motherfu*kas ain't stopping me! Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
18/08/22·2h 17m

Who's On First?

Watching elders argue on apps... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
03/06/22·2h 3m

The Curse Of Kevin

Divorce might be rated a 10... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
26/05/22·1h 50m

Acrylic Kulture

It's a long story Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
19/05/22·1h 39m

Moesha's Family Tree

Rap n*ggas are fu*king stupid. Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
12/05/22·1h 30m

Tackle Me Chappellmo

Headed to a Sbarro's bathroom near you... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread
05/05/22·1h 41m

Antebellum A55 / Django Rechained

Great selfies, beautiful selfies... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread/
28/04/22·1h 41m

BBQ & Tie-Dye

Calling our exes for refunds... Patreon: Merch: IG: @thisistheread/
14/04/22·1h 44m

Chicken! Don't Getcho Chicken Here!

Comedians still having a wild time...
07/04/22·2h 5m

Will & Testaments

Re-watching The Oscars with Janet Hubert and Iyanla...
31/03/22·3h 12m

Don't Like The Look Of It

Reviewing fish sandwich rap songs...
24/03/22·1h 56m

Think About It

Kissing cheeks for birthdays... Patreon:
19/03/22·2h 6m

Free Brittney

White men can't jump...but they can try again. Patreon:
10/03/22·1h 47m

No Sh*t

Madea, sashay away...
03/03/22·2h 5m

Sugar Daddy Lessons

God save these queens....
24/02/22·1h 59m

All Inclusive Distort

Saying yes to therapy and no to fu*k n*ggas...
17/02/22·2h 20m

Gay Secrets of ATL

Y’all really be living in your own reality shows…
10/02/22·2h 10m

Polly Wanna Smack Her

Trying on Netflix lacefronts...
01/02/22·2h 9m

Hawaii Hell No

Watching the straights get up in drag...
25/01/22·2h 2m

Hot Sauce In My Vaj

Making a scene at family events...
19/01/22·1h 37m

Bring Back My Mac

New year, same queers...
11/01/22·2h 22m

Best Of 2021

Best Of 2021 by Loud Speakers Network
04/01/22·2h 52m

Candle Crazies 2: Hoodrat Boogaloo

We can't help you, Summer...
22/12/21·2h 37m

Candle Crazies

Just being "thoughtful"...
15/12/21·1h 45m

TItty Theft

Tristan still tristaning...
09/12/21·1h 51m

Assorted Foolishness

"What's in that cup?" - Crissle, a snitch.
01/12/21·2h 19m

The Friendly Ghost

Breaking up with your bestie...
23/11/21·1h 38m

Toys R Sus

At this point, does he even deserve the puss?
16/11/21·2h 6m

White Men Can't Pay

Whenever you're ready, Lord...
09/11/21·2h 17m

The Nut Job

Getting ours or getting out...
03/11/21·1h 50m

Not My White Baby

Protecting our shields…
28/10/21·2h 8m

Ego Like Mine

Fu*k buddy flashbacks…
19/10/21·1h 50m

Bad Wigs For Life

Bad Wigs For Life
12/10/21·2h 23m

Mind Your Own Marriage

An episode longer than Nick Cannon's celibacy...
05/10/21·2h 10m

Blowin Smoke

Give me hookah or give me death
28/09/21·2h 12m

We'd Rather Not

Y'all getting tattooed beards?
21/09/21·2h 16m

Going Nuts(ack)

F*cking your dad, respectfully...
15/09/21·2h 6m


Tossing your trade in the shower...
07/09/21·2h 4m

Your Dishonor

We're fixing to sang...
31/08/21·2h 6m

The Crate Depression

Sex, Lies and Video Crates..
24/08/21·2h 2m

The Read Antoinette

Crissle is leader of The Elite Four.
18/08/21·2h 13m

Hog Wash

Searching through the haze of our twenties…
11/08/21·2h 6m

Queen Radio Reunion

Having a "saweet" snack with Chanel...
03/08/21·2h 28m

Intergalactic Commerce

Your niggas are weirdos and we hate them.
27/07/21·2h 14m

Sub Zero

Megyn Kelly is an orc...
20/07/21·2h 4m


Twerking for the cause...
13/07/21·1h 46m

Not A Young, Not Yet An Old

Being aunties...
07/07/21·2h 4m

Define Group

Breaking up with COVID fuck buddies...
29/06/21·2h 6m

Crack Love The Kids

Sipping on appropriation rum...
23/06/21·2h 9m

Mabel's Muumuu

How to forgive a Basquiat skirt...
15/06/21·2h 11m

Uziverse Future

Forcibly accepting our ugly...
08/06/21·1h 48m

Honey, I Shrunk The Kid

F*ck these neighbors...
01/06/21·1h 51m

703LW Kane

Scammers, spells and supergroups... Check out Jake Jetpulse on Amazon.
25/05/21·2h 8m

Forever Ever?

Not as happy as Porsha, but trying...
18/05/21·1h 52m

Too Old For This

Is a house party that's also a block party...a blouse party?
11/05/21·2h 8m

Y'all Validate?

Not checking our DMs...
04/05/21·2h 30m

Penny Dreadful...

Staying focused on the Cinnamon Girlz...
27/04/21·1h 55m

Coughing Loud

Coughing Loud
20/04/21·2h 10m

Elevator Buttons

Elevator Buttons by Loud Speakers Network
13/04/21·1h 32m

I'm With Her

The one where they talked about drag queens for a really long time....
06/04/21·1h 56m

Zuckaburger Strikes Again

On a slow fall down a pole... Dasia Taylor in Smithsonian Mag
30/03/21·1h 53m

Saweet Dreams

Take care, bitch..
23/03/21·2h 8m

Sharon is Karen

Plot twist ahead...
16/03/21·2h 1m

Precious: Days of Chicken Past

Squirrel, please...
09/03/21·2h 16m

Dark Queens

02/03/21·2h 19m


Ted Cruz looks like a blobfish...
23/02/21·2h 25m

We Shall See

Picking up rose petals...
16/02/21·2h 5m

Stuck On You

We are NOT the Crystal Gems... Shop with Candles from the Hart!
09/02/21·2h 9m

This Is My Park

Listening to all the Mariah Carey songs...
02/02/21·1h 45m


Sending nudes to your husband...
28/01/21·1h 43m

Therapy (feat. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford)

Houston, we have a problem... The Day My World Changed by Trey Sheppard
19/01/21·2h 29m

White Out

I got maced!
12/01/21·2h 11m

You're Not My Fave

Will this year be a savior or a sequel?
05/01/21·1h 30m

Best Of 2020

Best Of 2020 by Loud Speakers Network
29/12/20·1h 57m

Holiday Mail

Good tidings to you and all of your niggas...
22/12/20·2h 27m

Snoop There It Ain't

The one about Republican candles...
15/12/20·1h 51m

F Your Purse

Musk strikes again...
08/12/20·2h 24m

Madea's Family Brunch

The Grammys got jumped...
01/12/20·2h 5m

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

That Magic City battle was legendary, Marjorie!
24/11/20·1h 54m

RNC Musk

Dragging you by your leggings...
17/11/20·1h 35m

America: To Be Continued

Only buying healthy food with our EBT...
10/11/20·2h 18m

The End Begins

Go vote...and pray.
03/11/20·1h 44m

The Irkin' Birkin

Carry your things in a Crown Royal bag like The Lord intended...
27/10/20·1h 42m

Going Down

Going up on a Wednesday...
21/10/20·2h 9m


Scammers, strippers, and submission...
13/10/20·1h 39m

You're Muted

IDGAF what y'all sayin!
06/10/20·1h 52m

Taxation Vexation

Reading Daystar for his hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons....
29/09/20·1h 50m

Single Ass P**sy

Where's the alleged beef?
22/09/20·1h 51m

Burgers in the Trap Sing McNugget

Burgers, Boosie and Booty Gravy.
15/09/20·1h 46m

Sunny Deception

Ranting about who the fuck knows...
08/09/20·2h 22m

More Fire Pon Di Rain

Having patties and Kola Champagne with Adele...
01/09/20·1h 58m

The Bayang Is Mine

Blasting Teacup Tory's bite-sized ass outta here...
25/08/20·1h 54m

Slashing Tires

18/08/20·1h 53m

Puss Moisture

It's 4am and I can't think of a better title. Fight me.
11/08/20·1h 28m

Find Our Way Back

Not the king.
04/08/20·1h 54m

Filet Melon

Eating grilled fruit and judging rap niggas...
14/07/20·2h 2m

A Low Down Dirty Shade

Loving your little dick, friend...
07/07/20·1h 51m

How To Get Away With Trapping

Justice for Breonna Taylor though...
30/06/20·1h 57m

A Barb By Any Other Name

Assssk Rickey Smiley....
23/06/20·2h 0m

Four Day Funk

There is hope in soap...
16/06/20·2h 5m

Wingardium LeviNOsa

When all else fails, shut the fuck up...
09/06/20·2h 8m

Everything Must Go

Reading the room...
02/06/20·2h 24m

You've Got Kale

Glamor and shade...
26/05/20·1h 49m

Tag My Name

If no one is around you, post the gift I gave you...
19/05/20·1h 45m

Chicken Nachos

Don't talk about that one virus everybody is talking about...
12/05/20·1h 45m

Bag Talk

Girl, I don't know. Who knows anything at this point?
05/05/20·2h 2m

Bottomless Bleach

Revoking Topanga's cookout invitation...
28/04/20·1h 38m

L-O-G Me Out

Who's that Pokémon? It's Toosie!
21/04/20·1h 51m

Quarantine Mail

Where are your damn panties?
14/04/20·2h 2m

Twelve Years a Karen

Get this bunny off my lawn...
07/04/20·1h 44m

Never Liked You

Bitch better have my bells...
31/03/20·1h 57m

We Can Read From Home

or whatever Normani said...
24/03/20·1h 46m

Running From Rona

17/03/20·1h 44m

Knicker Please

Eating fries and arguing in the drive-thru...
10/03/20·1h 17m

Check Baybeh

Take me to Mardi Gras...
03/03/20·1h 51m

Just Leave

How 'bout you GTFO...
25/02/20·1h 55m

7 Year Anniversary Show Live @ Apollo

7 Year Anniversary Show Live @ Apollo by Loud Speakers Network
18/02/20·1h 55m

Pooncense (feat. Lil Rel Howery)

Lil Rel joins us to talk about The Photograph, in theaters this Valentine's Day.
11/02/20·2h 39m

Doctor WHO?!

In a 90s kinda world...
04/02/20·1h 51m

My Cousin YBN Vinny

Laughing, screaming, trying not to cry...
28/01/20·2h 6m

Dave's A Buster

Court chases and car chases...
21/01/20·1h 57m

Readers Room

Give yourself a break...
14/01/20·1h 40m

New Year, New Read

Baby and Bugattis...
07/01/20·1h 49m

Best OF 2019

Best OF 2019 by Loud Speakers Network
31/12/19·1h 16m

Just Mail (feat. Michael B. Jordan)

Tis the season to unpack your drama. Plus, Michael B. Jordan joins us to discuss his new movie, Just Mercy.
24/12/19·1h 33m

With A Stab of Ranch

Leave him, sis...
17/12/19·2h 3m

Nice Niggas For What?

Confusing TF outta Billy Dee Williams...
10/12/19·2h 19m

We Don't Do Chores

Waiting on Kaavia to give us word.
03/12/19·2h 26m

The Read @ Culture Con ft Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas

Queen & Slim Q&A. Spoilers throughout.
29/11/19·37m 50s

Tall Glass (feat. Daniel Kaluuya)

Mama needs her medicine and Daniel Kaluuya stops by to talk Queen & Slim. **Potential Queen & Slim Spoilers 1:15:41 - 1:30:50**
19/11/19·2h 33m

Hymen Great 'Til They Gotta Be Great

Cracking knuckles in the Wal-Mart parking lot
12/11/19·2h 5m

Rim Shot

try it out, sis...
05/11/19·1h 42m

Bowl Baths

Nick Cannon made what?
29/10/19·2h 10m


Signing to Scootie Bike Records
22/10/19·1h 35m

Soccer Is Stupid

15/10/19·1h 45m

The Basement

Not my Jesus...
08/10/19·1h 47m

Clit Boil

Don't remember why I chose this name for the mailbag, but you'll figure it out...
01/10/19·2h 35m

Sashay Ofay

Florida is still wet trash
24/09/19·1h 55m

Blurred Hairlines

Having jail brunch with Felicity Huffman...
19/09/19·1h 57m

Spin Cycle

Petty pics from the past.... Support Champ's Tear Drops here!
12/09/19·2h 21m

Forever Sleeveless

Perusing your man's hard drive...
05/09/19·2h 31m

Baby on Baby

Y'all and these letters...
29/08/19·1h 56m

The Lean Episode

22/08/19·2h 5m

The Lying Truth (feat. Bassey Ikpi)

Unpacking our minds...
15/08/19·2h 40m

Light The Blunt

Smoking on the balcony... You can support Shoppe Black by clicking here.
08/08/19·2h 14m

Turn The Whiskers Around

02/08/19·2h 9m

Murphy's Law

Not the banana pudding!
25/07/19·2h 20m

So So Tone Def

Dylan, Dylan...Dylan, Dylan and Dylan
18/07/19·2h 2m


Hating your kids... *** Pose Spoilers 2:35-4:10 ***
11/07/19·2h 1m

Ariel's Dreads

Fuck boy standards...
04/07/19·2h 6m

Perdue What It Do

YOU COULD'VE HAD A BAD BITCH! **Black Mirror Spoiler 1:19:19 - 1:21:14**
27/06/19·2h 1m

Tweet Juice

There's no trolling OJ over here...
20/06/19·2h 8m

We The Second Best

Boondocks, Bundles, Beyoncé...
13/06/19·1h 57m

Grindr Findr

Unlock your pics...
06/06/19·1h 51m

The Long Road

Don't call me daddy!
30/05/19·1h 42m

Yo, Dead Ass (feat. Devale & Khadeen)

The Ellises are back to fix our lives
23/05/19·3h 26m

Leg Soap

Keeping our inner thighs clean
16/05/19·1h 56m

Camp Nahdontwanna

Filtering Ayesha Curry's DMs...
09/05/19·2h 24m

Endgame of Reads

Spoilers everywhere (Avengers Endgame and GOT Spoilers 47:29 - 1:29:30)
02/05/19·2h 43m

Puppies & Picnics

Puppies & Picnics
25/04/19·2h 38m

Homecoming Thrones

Lots of reviews. Lots and lots.
18/04/19·2h 10m

Horses In The Black

11/04/19·2h 13m

Ghost Face Kisser

How the fuck dare you?
04/04/19·1h 58m

Moaning & Mucinex

Us spoilers and occasional sniffling... "Spoilers 11:30 - 30:10"
28/03/19·2h 13m

Clutched Pearls

These letters...
21/03/19·2h 2m

Baby Fatback

Poor Uncle Jesse...
14/03/19·2h 26m

Trapped In The Clap

Celebrating King Gayle
07/03/19·2h 30m

Throwblack Planet

Solange is here to save February.
28/02/19·2h 32m

Melanated Moesha

Get out of Blue's house.Get out of Blue's house.
21/02/19·1h 51m


Barbs, boycotts and backlash
14/02/19·2h 13m

The Chill Grill

Stay gone, Demi. Sorry not sorry.
06/02/19·2h 26m

Mailbag Hearts

31/01/19·2h 13m

Pony Trap

Crystal Gem stanning...
24/01/19·2h 25m

Super Soulja Bros.

Would you like lies with that?
17/01/19·2h 6m

Long Ass Sigh

Y'all are going to jail. PERIODT!
10/01/19·2h 42m

Hot Topics Supercut

Hot Topics Supercut by Loud Speakers Network
04/01/19·15m 44s

Best Of 2018

Thank you for another great year! See y'all in 2019
27/12/18·2h 55m

Real Love (feat. The Ellises)

Devale and Khadeen Ellis join us to talk about love, sex and parenting!
20/12/18·2h 40m

Heart to Hart

Y'all lost
13/12/18·2h 11m

You Don't Have Mail

...and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Cardi B.
06/12/18·1h 56m

The Circle of Bey

Niggas doing questionable shit...
29/11/18·2h 14m

To Go Plate (feat. Chef Resha)

You still chuckin' them peas, big face?
21/11/18·1h 41m

Live @ WerkIt Festival 2018

Live @ WerkIt Festival 2018 by Loud Speakers Network
15/11/18·1h 56m

Rebel Without A Cause

Keeping our heads above water...
08/11/18·2h 12m

Beautiful Bean Footages

long fucking sigh...
01/11/18·1h 37m

Spice or Sour Cream?

Get Megan Kelly the FUCK...
25/10/18·2h 6m

Shade IV You (feat. Xavier D'Leau)

XD joins us to talk about Solange, NYC rats, and bisexual baby daddies.
18/10/18·2h 5m

Pull Up to the Ghost

Putting Lana Del Rey's addy in Waze...
11/10/18·2h 18m

Come Get Cady

Court dates and apology songs...
04/10/18·1h 51m

No Serpents Allowed

Laughing with the UN...
27/09/18·2h 6m

Gnarled Fingers

Praying for everybody and everything
20/09/18·1h 57m

Bashin Week

Shoe fly...don't bother me.
13/09/18·2h 38m

Nike and the Big White Mad

burning sneakers. brb.
06/09/18·2h 9m

Toy Story

Safaree gets the strap...
30/08/18·1h 55m

Queen Harriet

...just sitting here eating our rice. No Student Deserves To Go Hungry
23/08/18·1h 57m

Whew, Chile...The Ghetto

Moo, bitch. Get out my hay.
16/08/18·2h 29m

20 Questions

Hennessy and random shit...
09/08/18·2h 3m


What happens when late-night snacking goes wrong...
02/08/18·2h 5m

When To Log Off

When shade goes too far...
25/07/18·2h 43m

Black Kulture

Faith Evans did what?
19/07/18·1h 58m

Yes Girl! Podcast Live in NOLA Feat. Big Freedia

Some bonus content this week.
13/07/18·22m 43s

Live in NOLA

We go live in New Orleans for Essence Fest 2018.
12/07/18·1h 44m

You’ve Got Mail

We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. Wonder who it’s from.
04/07/18·2h 33m

Dashing from Dame

Where the bag at, nigga? Where the bag at?
28/06/18·2h 1m

Everything Is Shade

We good on any MLK Blvd...
21/06/18·2h 12m

Live in Oakland

Oh, Oakland....
14/06/18·1h 49m

One Thousand Percent

Jokes and slurred language.
07/06/18·2h 27m

What A Time To Be Adonis

BAPE sweaters ruin everything.
31/05/18·2h 15m

These Boys Ain't Royal

We back bih...
24/05/18·2h 42m

Pursuit of Savagery

Nice For What by Fenty.
10/05/18·2h 10m

UniversiTea (feat. Logan Browning & Ashley Blaine Featherson)

The ladies of Dear White People stop by this week to help us with your messy college problems. Infinity War spoilers (28:56 - 39:56) Link to Chika
01/05/18·2h 20m

Live From Sony Hall 4/21

The Read live From Sony Hall 4/21/18
24/04/18·1h 41m


Bitch, you know why we're here...
19/04/18·2h 14m


September...Spring Summer.
12/04/18·2h 10m

Fix Your Face

Miss Vanjie. Miss Vanjieee. Missssss....Vanjieee.
05/04/18·2h 11m

Bite Me!

Which one of you dizzy ass burnouts put your teeth on Rumi's mama?
29/03/18·2h 4m

Madea Loses A Painting

Nor'easter shade.
22/03/18·2h 9m


Beyoncé is upon us...oh, and Jay Z too. Yay!
15/03/18·2h 3m

Beyoncé's NDA

*insert Tiffany Haddish's white dress*
08/03/18·2h 9m

Hi Safaree...

*insert Fergie's national anthem* Black Panther spoilers: 3:00 - 27:30
01/03/18·2h 13m

5th Anniversary Show at The Apollo

The Read Live 5th Anniversary Show at The Apollo
21/02/18·1h 44m

Wakanda Forever

Turn this shit off and go watch Black Panther.
15/02/18·2h 13m

Quincy Quotes

You like Brazilian music?
08/02/18·2h 9m

Blue Ivy’s Fruit Snacks

Destiny’s grandchild is unimpressed by your musical award ceremonies.
01/02/18·1h 56m

I Ain't Sorry

We ain't boycotting Netflix, but we love y'all for real.
25/01/18·2h 7m

The Powerful Prolonged Pearl

Are we sending Drake baby gifts or nah?
18/01/18·2h 6m

No Monkey Business

Shutting your ass up is still free.
11/01/18·1h 59m

Happy New Nigga

Tamar is having a horrible year already.
04/01/18·2h 11m

Best Of 2017

Some highlights from 2017
28/12/17·2h 42m

Keep Your White To Yourself

Rest in Heaven, Combat Jack.
21/12/17·2h 0m

Signing Off

Teach them well and let them lead the way.
14/12/17·2h 16m

Situationship & Chill

Brother Reed. You have messed up my afro.
07/12/17·1h 51m

Never Seen A Slave Ship In My Whole Life

*Blue Ivy voice*
30/11/17·1h 58m

Give Thanks

Pass us a plate
23/11/17·1h 36m

Butt Lunch

I really just wanted to name this episode "Butt Lunch."
15/11/17·1h 38m

Five Million Dollar Fail

Longest sigh ever.
09/11/17·2h 10m

Tears of a Yogi

When the Basquiat skirt isn't enough....
02/11/17·1h 51m

Bikini Bottoms

Dirty panties and bank drama
26/10/17·1h 57m

Identity Theft

This episode is inspired by Jay-Z's spirit, Pac's soul and sonically Dre's ears.
19/10/17·2h 2m

Live from Chicago

Thanks to Chicago for a great time at our sold-out show this past weekend.
09/10/17·1h 48m


Tina Campbell luh Trump.
03/10/17·1h 42m

Somebody’s Getting Fired

The audio (and Crissle’s cough) are both awful this week, but we dragged too many people to not release this. Our apologies.
29/09/17·1h 52m

Unbreak My Hart

Tyrese doesn't respond to Gmail ass booty chatter.
22/09/17·1h 44m

Typing Too Fast While Too Furious

Baby rumors and Bobby Brown. (Correction: PewdiePie has 57 million followers on Youtube. Not sure where I got 11 million from. - Fury)
14/09/17·2h 14m

It Takes Two (feat. Shea Couleé)

This week we're talking drag, ghosts and Insecure with superstar queen, Shea Couleé.
07/09/17·2h 9m

The First White Walker

Promise rings and pussy sales. (Game of Thrones spoilers 8:00 - 14:25)
31/08/17·1h 42m

The "Mailbag"

This episode is all about your dramatic ass letters that we love so much.
23/08/17·2h 2m

Make America Jennerless Again

*long sigh*
17/08/17·1h 59m

The Greatest Love Of All

Surround Brandy Norwood with your prayers.
10/08/17·1h 50m

Noprah Winfrey

Backpage and Beyoncé movies
03/08/17·1h 57m

The Next Generation (feat. LeVar Burton)

Fundamental reading with an icon.
27/07/17·3h 16m

U Got It Bad (feat. Issa Rae)

Insecure talk with Queen Issa
20/07/17·2h 32m

A Muva's Love

Strolling down the beautiful streets of B2K memory lane.
13/07/17·2h 12m

Dream's Nightmare

Blue Ivy might be the greatest rapper alive.
07/07/17·2h 6m

A Black Ass Sunday

The Grand High Nigga Gala took place this past weekend and it was a mess.
29/06/17·2h 5m

Love & Guttersnipe Hollywood

The twins are here!!! Bishop Curry's GoFundMe:
22/06/17·2h 2m

Bush Gardens

Amber Rose unleashes her fur burger for Instagram.
15/06/17·2h 8m


Disclaimer: Crissle has another disgusting story.
08/06/17·1h 51m

F**k Off, Jody!

Bad ideas and banana pudding.
01/06/17·1h 45m

No More Drama

Leave me alone. Go ahead.
25/05/17·1h 34m

Bad All By Myself

We don't care about Katy Perry.
18/05/17·1h 56m

Peaches & Scheme

11/05/17·2h 13m

Doing The Butt...Again

Poor choices all around.
04/05/17·2h 7m

The Plight of the Light

Are Crissle and Fury a couple of high-yellow haters?
27/04/17·2h 21m


Leave ethnic food alone!
20/04/17·1h 47m

You're Just A Baby Boy

Shut your ass up, Tyrese.
13/04/17·1h 30m

Somebody Gettin' Fired

Alicia Keys stars in "When Keeping It Deep Goes Wrong
05/04/17·1h 35m

Don't Try Her

Strong black women snatch wigs.
30/03/17·2h 0m

It's Not Easy Being White

23/03/17·1h 45m


Beyoncé trolls us, Nicki still lost and Trump stays pissed.
16/03/17·1h 45m

Petty Partners

for colored girls who unfurl their tits when diss tracks are enuf...
09/03/17·1h 58m

The Read Live! 4 Year Anniversary Show

The Read Live! Four Year Anniversary in show NYC
27/02/17·1h 43m

Let The World Be Round

Dumb, lies and videotape....
23/02/17·1h 51m

When Grammys Give You Lemons

Adele took Beyoncé's things, but it's okay.
16/02/17·1h 58m

The Read Live! Washington D.C.

The Read Live from Washington D.C.
07/02/17·2h 17m

Destiny's Grandchild

02/02/17·1h 36m

Alternative Facts

Keke, Chrisette and more
26/01/17·1h 50m

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich (feat. Trina)

Chrisette Michele and Steve Harvey don't care about black people.
19/01/17·2h 33m

Duel in Dubai

break ups, make ups and water sports
12/01/17·2h 14m

Whose Mic Is It Anyway?

Mariah, J. Lo and Chris Brown's fists.
05/01/17·2h 8m

Best Moments Of 2016

Best Moments Of 2016 by Loud Speakers Network
31/12/16·2h 9m

Give Mary Her Things

Give Mary Her Things by Loud Speakers Network
15/12/16·1h 27m

Platform Politics

08/12/16·1h 54m

The Shade Is Mine

Kanye update, more unnecessary shade from Brandy and hat policies.
01/12/16·2h 2m

The Life Of Hellno

Bullshit and foolishness.
23/11/16·1h 44m

Bi Bi Bi

Reality TV drama and a real life Tyler Perry movie.
17/11/16·2h 1m

This Some Bullshit

... what?
11/11/16·2h 8m

Losing Your Right To Be Mad

Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift and smelly cats.
03/11/16·1h 33m


27/10/16·1h 35m

Share My Worth

Naomi Campbell is still scary and Mary J Blige's divorce is filled with hateration.
20/10/16·1h 52m

It's Litigation

Lawsuits, breakups and bottoming...
13/10/16·1h 54m

Water Color Woes

Gross letters and ratchetry.
06/10/16·1h 32m

Holleration In This Hillary

Kardashian pettiness, Black TV pettiness and more.
29/09/16·2h 0m

Chain of Fools

The Game, Meek Mill and Sean Kingston's jewelry.
22/09/16·2h 4m


Side-chick books and people who should shut the hell up.
15/09/16·2h 1m

Dude, Where's My Car?

Pay Your Bills
08/09/16·1h 50m


The VMAs, spit sex and lying ass white vultures.
01/09/16·2h 4m

No After Parties

Francine returns, Amber Rose recruits and Meek Mill refuses to move on.
25/08/16·1h 49m

Back Door Kisses For Boys

18/08/16·1h 48m

Rap, Lies & Penis

Frank Ocean, Martha Stewart and poor penis choices.
11/08/16·2h 1m

The Read In Amsterdam

Who Knows?
04/08/16·1h 34m

The Read Live from London

The Read Live From London
31/07/16·1h 54m

Nineteen Eighty Lyin

Pokémon and lying ass white women.
21/07/16·1h 47m

You Won't Stop Our Blackness

You Won't Stop Our Blackness by Loud Speakers Network
13/07/16·1h 51m

Locked Inside

Beef, bleach and boosters.
06/07/16·1h 32m

The Time BET Actually Had Us

The BET Awards were...pretty good.
30/06/16·1h 46m

Swift Lies

Tinctures and terrible stories
23/06/16·1h 27m

The Read San Francisco Live

The Read Live from San Francisco
16/06/16·1h 50m

Days Of Edges Past

Formation hits NYC.
09/06/16·1h 37m

Going Ape Shit

Gorillas in the pissed
02/06/16·2h 4m

Liars and Scammers

sex, lies, and videotape. visit this week's sponsors to show your support for The Read: Go to and use code 'freeread' at checkout to get the first month of your Bevel subscription FOR FREE! Check out and start watching the best horror available today. Use promo code 'read' to get a free month and get your screams on demand!
26/05/16·1h 48m

Live from Baltimore

The Read Live! from Baltimore
19/05/16·1h 48m


Killing time softly with no songs.
10/05/16·1h 33m

Step Niece Daughter

Step Niece Daughter
04/05/16·1h 38m

Lilac Lemonade

100% Pure Stanning
28/04/16·1h 32m

This Thing Called Life

RIP Prince.
22/04/16·1h 15m

Skirt On 22s

Apparently we can't shut up these days.
14/04/16·2h 0m

Child of Destiny (feat. Kelly Rowland)

Kelly. Damn. Rowland
06/04/16·1h 23m

Shady Shenanigans

Katt Williams, K. Michelle and Kehlani.
31/03/16·2h 6m

Kattwarts: School of Pimpcraft & Niggatry

Oh, who knows?
23/03/16·1h 27m

Another Thursday

Ciara's ring, Chris Brown's new movie and Mariah's reality show
17/03/16·1h 31m

Katt Scratch Fever

New Chris Brown drama, more boring nudes and flop on flop crime.
10/03/16·1h 42m

Movie Business

The Oscar's are still white as hell and Nina Simone is still black as hell.
03/03/16·1h 36m

3rd Anniversary Live

Despite the best efforts of both the flu and a shitty soundman at Manhattan's The New School, The Read is back this week. With both Crissle and Fury unable to get out of bed (let alone get to the studio) this week we're bringing you The Read's 3rd Anniversary Show. We love you guys and thanks for your support--especially Larry and Ellen, the couple that got engaged during listener questions (You read that right.....)
25/02/16·1h 51m

Adele and the Order of Key, Sis

The Grammys were a lie.
18/02/16·1h 37m

BEYmergency: Formation

09/02/16·1h 23m


Attention whores everywhere.
03/02/16·1h 21m

Kanye, Shut Your Black Ass Up

28/01/16·1h 42m

In Memory of Dionne Davenport

Just stop talking.
21/01/16·1h 24m

Powerful Balls

Golden Globes, Teen Slob OG and Patti's cakes getting patty caked.
14/01/16·1h 21m

Future Support

Brandy stanning, Jaden Smith's skirt and Future's future with Future.
07/01/16·1h 33m

Best Of 2015

A look back at the best moments of 2015
31/12/15·1h 40m

The Friend Zone and The Read Mash Up Part 2

It's the holidays, so it's only right that The Friend Zone and The Read get together. Here's Part 2 of the mash up.
24/12/15·1h 21m

The Passion Fruit

The sad story of Meek Mill's cold clear pee.
17/12/15·1h 30m

Curried Class

Bow Wow gives us a failed Language Arts lesson as we keep our good stuff covered.
10/12/15·1h 22m

Peace, Love and Shade

Blue Ivy is booked.
03/12/15·1h 23m

Turkey & Greens (feat. Tykeia)

Holiday shade with our sistren.
26/11/15·1h 14m

Da Hee

Patti Pies are making folks slap their mamas harder than Holly Holm. Plus, a history lesson for you young hoes.
19/11/15·1h 43m

Boonk & Hennessy (feat. Dormtainment)

Cognac and conversation with Mike and Tay of Dormtainment.
12/11/15·2h 1m

No Shave, No Shade

TLC went to shade jail, Chris Brown put TMZ on blast and The Game set out that peen.
05/11/15·1h 20m

Flick of the Wrist

Bad tattoos, old boobs and gay porn
29/10/15·1h 39m

Anal Training Day

Oprah, Drake, Beyoncé and butt play.
22/10/15·1h 38m

The Name Game

Raven Hyphen Sigh'Moan is still acting a damn fool.
15/10/15·1h 20m

The Read Seattle

The Read live show from Seattle
08/10/15·2h 12m

The Read London

The Read travels to London for our first European show.
24/09/15·1h 47m

You've Got Mail

A brand new mailbag episode full of your letters from home.
17/09/15·1h 19m

A Picture Is Worth Twenty Quarters

Sheree done lost her damn mind...
10/09/15·1h 7m

Billy Ray's Burden

Happy birthday, Beyoncé! We're back to discuss Nicki versus Miley, Fake President Kardashian and Paula Deen's Nae-Nae.
04/09/15·1h 37m

Serena & The Hotline Bling

27/08/15·1h 35m

Difficult Dumbasses

It's a fuckboy frenzy.
20/08/15·1h 47m

Love & Verse-Top

Reality stars are still doing too much.
13/08/15·1h 32m


Drake hops on an owl and soars into the shade heavens as our new Supreme.
06/08/15·1h 19m

Drunk for Drake

Aubrey for the win.
31/07/15·1h 38m

Who Started From The Bottom?

A loud and bloody wig snatching hurricane.
23/07/15·1h 23m

With Great Likes Come Great Responsibilities

Chris Brown, Brandy and Kylie Jenner's TVOne wig.
16/07/15·1h 11m

Crouching Tyga

09/07/15·1h 17m

Wack Entertainment

I'm sorry and I forgive you.
02/07/15·1h 23m

What's Your Excuse?

Karruby Rose, Diddy's pimp hand and Khia's vocals.
25/06/15·1h 24m

Imitation of Life

I don't understand the question.
16/06/15·1h 9m

Because It Applies

No caption
11/06/15·1h 17m


Eggs, Caitlyn, Grits!
04/06/15·1h 19m

Mess Side Story

Chris Brown is a lost cause.
27/05/15·1h 9m

What A Lovely Day

Beyoncé's new BFF feeds her cheeseburgers and "NahLaters."
21/05/15·1h 29m

Minor Wounds

Kenya Moore's life twirls out and Blac Chyna's mama goes off!
14/05/15·1h 12m

Filler Me Softly

MET dresses, rappers beefing, and Kylie Jenner's confession.
07/05/15·1h 16m

Window Lives Don't Matter

Ghetto BBQs, Bruce Jenner and Baltimore.
30/04/15·1h 34m

Lips Aren't Movin

Waka Flocka runs for office. Sherri Sheppard runs from child support. Kylie Jenner runs her mouth.
23/04/15·1h 26m

Coco Nuts

Rihanna, Beyoncé and Madonna's new victim of the kissing curse.
16/04/15·1h 24m

Ain't Shit Day

Lots of celebrity reunions this week. Plus, Frank Ocean is back and Kylie Jenner wants to look like a gay plum.
08/04/15·1h 27m

#TIDALforSOMEOFYALL (feat. Dormtainment)

Rome and Cam, of the hilarious Dormtainment, join the show to talk Tidal, Karrueche and gas money. Visit them at and check out their Comedy Central web series, Six Guys One Car.
02/04/15·1h 18m
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