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The Giant Bomb discusses the latest video game news and new releases, answers listener questions, and sometimes gets wildly off-topic in this weekly podcast. Featuring Jan Ochoa, Jeff Grubb, and Jeff Bakalar.



We're well-travelled this week as Jan recounts his travels in Japan and Shawn talks about his time going to EVO 2024! The gang talks about the NYT Mini crossword, Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition taking over lives, and Concord being simply okay. We also talk about the biggest stories in video game news and all of your emails! JEANS!
23/07/242h 45m

849: Government-Mandated Mario

Grubb, Dan, Mike and Shawn are here to talk to you about getting into FromSoftware games, the return of weird Capcom, and almost losing to a baby in Mario Party. After that, good discussions about a slow news week, and your emails!
16/07/242h 28m

848: REVENGEANCE (Concord Beta Impressions)

This week on Bombcast Revengeance, we discuss our initial impressions on our short trip through Concord!
12/07/2446m 14s

848: Lil Bangboo

Hello to our lil bangboos! Dan and Grubb are back! We talk about vacationing, getting our faces scooped out, hot pulls in Zenless Zone Zero, Star Wars Hunters, odd naming conventions in Super Monkey Ball, Hollow Knight, and Psychonauts! We also catch up on all the hot video game news and all of your emails!For all your Metal Gear Scanlon rewatching needs:
09/07/242h 3m

847: The Old Castle

Everything is breaking down but the Bombcast persists! We chat about Until Then, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, Dragon Age: Inquisition, a little bit of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, and some more Shadow of the Erdtree! We also get through today's top stories in games such as the Dead Rising remaster, Switch 2 woes, a new Crazy Taxi, and more!
02/07/242h 11m


We're back and refreshed to chat about our current adventures in Shadow of the Erdtree, disassociating in 1000x Resist, and Lucy shares a whole slew of impressions on various games (This Bed We Made, The Alters, Still Wakes the Deep, and Fallen Aces). Grubb breaks down all of the hottest stories in video games and also all of your lovely emails!
25/06/242h 8m

845: REVENGEANCE (Shadow of the Erdtree Mini-Review)

We're rounding out the week by bringing in Tam to talk about Shadow of the Erdtree and Lucy to talk about Tales of the Shire! After that, the Mount Rushmore of British game studios (innit)!
21/06/2448m 30s

845: Elmo Particles

This week, Bakalar, Grubb, Dan, Mike and Shawn get together to tell you all about their time exploring Pinball Spire, blowing up balls/nuts/nards in Sniper Elite 5, and playing a whole slew of Steam Next Fest Demos. After that, their full thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct, more news, and EMAILS!
18/06/242h 46m

Giant Bomb @ Nite | Day 3 (2024)

Jeff Grubb has brought the GB at Nite couch again to sunny Los Angeles, but this time we put it on a stage in front of a live audience! We've assembled some surprises, fun, and some heavy hitters for these segments on the couch!Segment 1: Brad Shoemaker, Mary Kish, Jason Schreier, John Drake, Patrick Klepek, Matt RorieSegment 2: Parris Lilly, Elyse WIllems, Ify Nwadiwe, Alanah PearceSegment 3: Tom Caswell, Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain, Emma Fyffe, Mike Minotti, Niki Grayson, Bailey Meyers, Jan Ochoa
13/06/241h 37m

Giant Bomb @ Nite | Day 2 (2024)

Jeff Grubb and the whole Giant Bomb crew have brought a couch to Los Angeles for Summer Game Fest! Let’s fill it with friends and shenanigans in and around the industry.Segment 1: Simon Dasan, Seth Rosen, Sam WinklerSegment 2: Jake Steinberg, Jason Fanelli, Mark Medina, Taylor Cocke, Geuillermo LeozSegment 3: Dash Oshry, Casper Van Dien, Celia Bee, David Kim, Ash Thukral, Trey PowellSegment 4: THE NASTY BOYS - Charlie Wacholz, Jesse Vitelli, Alex Van Aken, Eric Van Allen, Moises Taveras, Kenneth Shepard, Michael Higham, John Carson, Ryan TatumSegment 5: Louise Blain, Crista Castro, Bryan Singh, Jurge Cruz-Alvarez, John Warren, Rayme VinsonSegment 6: Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Blessing Adeoye Jr., SnowbikeMike, Andy Cortez, Dan Ryckert, Mike Minotti
13/06/243h 49m

Giant Bomb @ Nite | Day 1 (2024)

WE'VE LOADED UP THE COUCH WITH NOTHING BUT SUPERSTARS TO HELP CELEBRATE GEOFF KEIGHLEY'S SUMMER BIRTHDAY OF GAMES!Segment 1: and Mike Minotti, Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain | BACK ROW: Niki Grayson, Dan RyckertSegment 2: Tom Caswell, Jake Dekker, Lexi Luddy | BACK ROW: Jill Grodt, Kurt IndovinaSegment 3: Emma Fyffe, Wout van Halderen, Tom Ohle | BACK ROW: Del Walker, Ronell CrawfordSegment 4: Ash Parrish, Alex, Joey Ferris | BACK ROW: Peter Hunt Szpytek, Diego Arguello
13/06/244h 10m

844: REVENGEANCE (Summer Game Fest Previews)

Grubb, Dan, Mike, and Niki got hands-on (and off) previews of Astro Bot, Metaphor: ReFantazio, and more at Summer Game Fest, so Shawn joins them to get all the juicy details just for you!
12/06/241h 10m

844: Mike Minotti's Hotel

We'll have a BCR later this week to properly discus the games that we saw at Summer Game Fest! For now we're going to rest up and recuperate from the wild weekend of Nite SHows!
12/06/242m 25s

843: Worked Wish

HEY! GIANT BOMB AT NITE IS ON 6/9 AND TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! also chat about Mike's time with the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree impressions, Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip, some more time with Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and more games! We also go over our hopes and predictions over what's coming this week during Summer Game Fest and the other happenings in games right now.
04/06/242h 22m

842: The Harada Line

This week we recount Jan's misadventures backpacking for the first time, TurboShawn tells us all about his journey at Combo Breaker this year, we chat about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, bumping our heads as we figure out Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, the hottest news in games, emails about side hustles and more!
28/05/241h 59m

841: Fair Use Brad Garrett

This week we're all getting little sweet treats of ice cream while we chat about Cryptmaster, Dread Delusion, checking out the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima, and we get into our feelings on Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. We get all the way into news like GTA 6 coming out with a timeline, 2K bringing back a beloved franchise, Xbox reportedly greenlighting Ninja Theory's next game, and much more!
21/05/242h 29m

840: Tom Braider

This week we continue learning about the community's passion for Disc Golf, get into why Mike broke his wrist, and finding out about Jeff Bakalar's most important animals. We chat about Animal Well, Mullet Madjack, Little Kitty Big City, and the Braid, Anniversary Edition! We also take the time to answer your emails and breakdown today's top stories in videogames.
14/05/242h 47m


Let's end the week by talking about some fun indie games that popped off this week. We chat about Crow Country, Animal Well, a little bit of Indika, and some of Shawn's secret projects! This week we also crown the MOM OF THE YEAR!
10/05/241h 18m

839: Weird Bird Prison

This week we start with the news with Microsoft shutting down the studios behind Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush, several Nintendo related stories like an upcoming direct, The Witcher 3's official mod editor launching, and more stories. We also wax poetically about Hades II, Abiotic Factor, Surmount, and Manor Lords!
07/05/242h 38m

838: Hibachi Enthusiasts

We've got a full five stack today as we chat with Bailey about her continued adventures in Fallout, Michael Higham's time with SMT V: Vengeance and Sand Land, Jan finishing Stellar Blade, and Jeff Grubb fixing a Switch Lite. We also recap the news about Garry's Mod takedowns, Microsoft making moves as a publisher, and we answer all of your lovely emails!
30/04/242h 28m

837: REVENGEANCE (Stellar Blade Review w/ Imran Khan)

Our dear friend Imran Khan stops by to chat with Jan, Grubb, and TurboShawn about Stellar Blade and the Mount Rushmore of Character Action Games!
26/04/2455m 31s

837: R1 to Brood

This week we've got a whole pile of games to chat about as we talk about our time with Tales of Kenzara: Zau and how it stacks up to other Metroidvanias, Eiyuden Chronicles, Children of the Sun, playing games on your phone, the Hades II Tech Test, and more! We also chat about Embracer splitting up, PlayStation trophies heading to the PC, the ESA not defending libraries, more news stories, and YOUR lovely emails. Hobbit holes!
23/04/242h 19m

836: Grey the Hedgehog

This week we chat about some more previews from Tales of Kenzera: Zau, Jan's time with Harold Halibut, Shawn's secret projects, Treasure Planet for the PlayStation 2, and trying to get into Fallout. We also chat about the reality of the PS5 Pro coming, a slew of Final Fantasy related news, Nintendo skipping Gamescom, and more!
16/04/242h 19m


Grubb, Mike, Shawn, and Niki are here to tell you about their time so far in Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, The Rogue Prince of Persia, and Helldivers 2! After that, they run through the games they're most looking forward to in the rest of 2024!
12/04/241h 29m

835: Smack Blood Punch Wet

With Jan out on assignment, Host Bakalar and Producer Grubb are joined by Shawn and Niki to talk about the Stellar Blade demo, Children of the Sun, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and more! After that, discussions about a possible new SOCOM game, Xbox moving towards new processors, and Persona fans' obsession with a bucket of green paint!The now-infamous Persona pic:
09/04/242h 37m


Grubb, Mike, Shawn and Niki talk about their time in Dragon's Dogma 2, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and Content Warning! Afterwards, they do a console "fantasy draft" to craft the best "team" of PS1 games!Vote for your favorite of the 4 drafted consoles here:
05/04/241h 5m

834: Velvet Sack

This week we hit the green in a major way with Mario Golf! We also talk a bunch about Slice and Dice, the Stellar Blade Demo, more adventures in Dragon's Dogma 2, a grab bag of games from Shawn, and DIB going pro in Fortnite. We also give you the top headlines in video game news like Hollow Knight: Silksong reemerging, Silent Hill 2 getting rated, and more!
02/04/242h 19m


Join us in celebrating the end of the quarter as we (Jan, Grubb, Mike, and a little bit of Bailey) crown the Game of the Year, so far! We also chat about South Park: Snowday, the Stellar Blade Demo, and more stories in Dragon's Dogma 2.
29/03/241h 18m


We're back from PAX East unscathed and ready to talk about South Park Snowday, Princess Peach Showtime, Outcast: A New Beginning, and our brief time with Dragon's Dogma 2! We also recap the hottest news like potential GTA 6 delays and read YOUR electronic mails!
26/03/242h 23m

832: Upgrade Your Balls

We've got Mike Minotti and Bailey Meyers joining the pod this week while we talk about the Sandland and Pepper Grinder demos, another casino roguelike in Bingle Bingle, Bailey's time at sea with Skull & Bones, and Mike's continued quest on the Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero speed running charts. We also chat about PS5 Pro leaked details, Steam Families, Xbox Dev Kits popping up, and even more!
19/03/242h 16m


Dan, Jan, Grubb, and Mike get into the virtual squared circle to decide what occupies the Mount Rushmore for best wrestling games! We also chat a bit about Mario Golf, Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.
15/03/241h 3m

831: Hi-Rizz Vest

This week on the podcast we chat about our first two hours in Rise of Ronin, WWE2K24 being a pretty okay game, spinning yoyos in Penny's Big Breakaway, brief thoughts on Unicorn Overlord, and HotDog controllers! We also chat about the news from Mario Day, WB's insane business plans, and more!
12/03/242h 28m

830: Muddy Buddies

This week, Jan, Bakalar, and Grubb are joined by Polygon & The Besties' Russ Frushtick to talk more about their adventures through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Balatro, and Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game! Following that, they cover the updates on the Nintendo vs. Yuzu case, EA's continued turmoil, a whole bunch of other news and of course, your emails!
06/03/242h 31m

829: Fantasian

This week we chat extensively about more Balatro and some more talk about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! We also squeeze in some Arzette and Unicorn Overlord chat as well. On top of that we cover the recent layoffs at Sony, a quick recap over the Pokemon Direct from this morning, and a whole slew of more news and emails!
28/02/242h 48m


We've got a full house today to chat about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! Don't worry, because we dodge spoilers as Jeff Grubb, Lucy James, TurboShawn McDowell, Tamoor Hussain, Mike Minotti, and Emma Fyffe give their impressions on the game as a whole!
22/02/241h 27m

828: Like A Roll of Toilet Paper

Jan's out for this one, so Host Bakalar and Producer Grubb join forces with Dan and Shawn to talk about cool indie games, the Switch 2's potential release window, and the glory of Baja Blast.
20/02/242h 12m


We got our dear friend from VGC News, Jordan Middler, on the podcast today to chat about games, the Switch 2, and whether or not Cloud Strife is popular!
16/02/241h 10m

827: Urn-ergy

The Bombcast is for lovers! We chat about cards in Balatro, Bakalar's time with the dioramalike Harold Halibut, and how much we've been enjoying Helldivers 2! Grubb also explains the news such as Xbox's podcast, Switch 2 leaks, and even more news stories.
13/02/242h 9m

826: Whimsical Skips

Let's all give Grubb a warm welcome back to the pod as he graces us with swift skips in the morning. We're also graciously joined by KindaFunny's SnowBikeMike as we dive deep into a whole bunch of Xbox and other Microsoft news! We chat about playtime in games, a bit about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Jan gets into poker trouble.
06/02/242h 34m


It's all Persona 3 Reload today as we had a deep chat and a mini "review" of P3R with Jan, TurboShawn, Mike Minotti, and our dear friend Michael Higham! We also chat a bit about Test Test Test, Penny's Big Breakaway, and Tekken 8 before we dive DEEP into Tartarus.
02/02/241h 15m


Bailey Meyers is back on the show as we chat about a whole slew of games! We continue talking about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Tekken 8, Jan's brief time in Persona 3 Reload, and a whole bunch of small titles that Bailey checked out over the break! We also try our best to cover Microsoft's mass layoffs, a Deus Ex game being cancelled, Switch 2 rumors, and whether or not someone should precut our steaks!
30/01/242h 33m


We got Imran Khan, Lex Luddy, and Jesse Viteli in the building to talk about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and our favorite numbskull: Ichiban Kasuga!

824: Year of the Segue

We got our friend John Warren on the show today to chat about Glydr! Help control games with your feet! We also got a loaded plate of games while we chat about playing and all the things surrounding Palworld, the audacity and greatness of Tekken 8, and loving the island life in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth! We also tackle all of the week's biggest game news like the unfortunate Riot layoffs, Walmart throwing away physical games, and rumors of Shadow the Hedgehog's casting.Check out Glydr at or!
23/01/242h 33m


Turns out we also like things that aren't games! We bring you some of our favorite nongame stuff that we found or liked in 2023!
19/01/241h 25m

823: Cumulative File

This week we continue our positive chatter about Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, we somehow are coerced to talk about wrestling for a portion of time, Jan gets into a new game called "Poker", and Shawn prepares for Tekken 8's eventual release and revisits some 3D fighters of yore. We also talk about the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Dragon's Dogma 2 being newbie friendly, and more!
16/01/242h 7m


We got the whole gang here to review Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown AND to draft their picks in Giant Bomb's first ever Fantasy Critic league!
13/01/241h 47m

822: Derelict Mall

We have our dear friend friend John "Super Eye Patch Wolf" to chat about In Stars and Time, his experience with Lies of P, a bit of Void Strangers, Jan's forray into exposure therapy with Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway, Asgard's Wrath II, Cobalt Core, and Grubb's time with Pacific Drive. We also chat about the possibility of a big Xbox game heading to other platforms, an upcoming Xbox Direct, and more!
09/01/242h 19m


We had a bit of a light gaming week on account of being busy, but Jeff, Jeff, Shawn, and Niki are still here to give you a nice, long (and sometimes heated) conversation about what we predict PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo will do in 2024!
05/01/241h 17m


Jan's out sick for this one, so Bakalar's taking over as co-captain of the ship! We're starting the new year right by talking about how soda sucks, Gremlins 2 (apparently) rules, and as it turns out: We like playing video games. Following that, we chat about how into Kojima's weirdness we are, the Switch getting a flash cart, and Mickey Mouse joining the public domain (featuring the opinions of a couple of our friends).
02/01/241h 48m

820: Jogger Strats

We at GBHQ are hoping you're having a wonderful Holiday break! We got together to put one more Bombcast in the chamber before the new year! Jeff, Jeff, and Jan chat about the 2024 games that they're most excited about!
26/12/231h 10m

819: Dirty JPEGs

Welcome to the last live Bombcast of the year! We have a great time zipping around in The Finals, reset our futures in God of War: Valhalla, and flip dwellings in House Flipper 2! We also have an extended chat about the unfortunate Insomniac leaks, the discovery of a possible Luigi in Super Mario 64, and your emails!
19/12/232h 7m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: BONUS MUSIC EPISODE

We couldn't end Game of the Year season without deliberating on Best Game Music of the year! Listen along as we rediscover banger after banger and try our hardest to crown today's winner. Special thanks to YOU at home for hanging out this whole Game of the Year season. <3
15/12/231h 41m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: FINALE

WE HAVE ASSEMBLED IN PERSON to discuss some more categories like "Please Stop", "Most Disappointing", "Best Moment/Sequence", and to crown the real GAME OF THE YEAR!
14/12/231h 30m

818: Please Wrap it Up

We're back after a long week in Los Angeles! We recap our time during The Game Awards and then GB Live, as well as our misecellaneous shenanigans around Los Angles, and also we squeeze in talking about video games! We also bit adieu to E3 as it is officially announced as gone!
12/12/232h 47m

Giant Bomb at Nite 2023 | The Game Awards

We brought the couch back to Los Angeles to chat with all of our friends in and around the industry before The Game Awards pops off! *edited out the breaks and tried to clean up the audio!00:00 - Segment 1 - Couch: Jake Baldino, Lucy James, Emma Fyffe | Back Row: Tamoor Hussain, Michael Higham45:43 - Segment 2 - Couch: Alyssa Mercante, Jen Glennon, Brittani Johnson, Steve Saylor | Back Row: Shawn Kittelson, John Drake01:24:18 - Segment 3 - Couch: Jake Steinberg, Kahlief Adams, Parris Lillly | Back Row: Graham Reid, Dalibor Dimovski02:09:58 - Segment 4 - Couch: Shannon Liao, Ben Starr, Rebb Ford, Harris Foster | Back Row: Xalavier Nelson, Rayme Vinson02:52:33 - Segment 5 - Couch: Ash Thukral, David Kim, Alexa Bowers, Andrejs Klavins | Back Row: Seth Rosen, Alexander Dracott03:38:36 - BONUS Remedy Segment - Couch: Jeff Bakalar, Sam Lake, Kyle Rowley, Ilkka Villi | Back Row: Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain03:56:29 - Segment 6 - Mary Kish and The Fuckos #gbatnite #giantbomb #thegameawards
08/12/234h 32m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: Day 3

We're all together IN PERSON for DAY 3 of the Game of the Year! Today we begin the whittling process to get to the TOP 20 Games of the Year to start the voting process. Do the knives come out? What harsh cuts need to be made? What games will make it to the Silver Spoon?
07/12/231h 44m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: Day 2

SCREW IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE! Join us as we continue down the journey of Game of the Year 2023.The whole crew is mostly here to chat about seven more categories:BEST PIKMINBloodborne Presents OLD GAME OF THE YEARPsi-Ops Presents BEST DUDE-TOSSING - BEST MULTIPLAYERSoulja Boy Presents Best Game For People Who Drink Beer And Get Drunk or Smoke Weed and Get High and who macrodose to deal with the pain of everyday lifeMOST B-GAMECheesecake Factory Presents PETER MOLYNEUX MEMORIAL (he’s fine) AWARD FOR MOST IDEAS
05/12/232h 37m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2023: Day 1

THE FIFTH SEASON OF THE YEAR IS UPON US, GAME OF THE YEAR SEASON! We got the whole gang here to chat about 7 CATEGORIES to kick off Day 1 of deliberations.Those categories are:Cheesecake Factory’s Ben Starr Presents BEST DEBUT (characters, studio, IP, etc)JEFF BAKALAR’S BEST RUNNING AROUND (the spirit of moving)BEST 2022 GAME WE DIDN’T TALK ABOUTBEST ALAN WAKE CHARACTERBEST GAME YOU BOUNCED OFF OFBEST NEW HARDWAREBEST GAME MECHANICWe'll be back this coming Tuesday for Day 2 of deliberations and 7 more categories!
01/12/233h 8m


Right before we get to Game of the Year this week we continue the mad dash to play all the games! Bailey joins us this week as we talk about Venba, El Paso Elsewhere, finishing Jusant, trying our hardest to continue through Alan Wake 2 and Baldur's Gate 3! We're a little light on the news this week but we chat about Sony's class action lawsuit, Killer Instinct getting a new Anniversary Edition, and Bethesda replying to negative Steam reviews.Only a few tickets are left for the Giant Bomb GOTY Finale: stuff in the store as well!
28/11/232h 11m


It's a short week because of the holidays in the states! We wrangled everyone to share what we were all thankful for this year. Hope you're having a restful time if you got the time off, but if not, Happy Thursday!
23/11/2320m 19s

816: Nice Cute Lil Dudes

Make sure to defrost your turkies! This week we chat about the Lenovo Legion Go, Persona 5 Tactica, Super Mario RPG, and Chants of Sennaar! We also talk about the Switch 2 not having DLSS, Pokemon never going extinct, and more! If you missed out on tickets to the Giant Bomb Game of the Year LIVE, we've switched up venues and have more on sale:
21/11/231h 56m


Jan, Bakalar, Tam, and Bailey are here for REVENGEANCE! This week Jan talks about a couple other games that he's churning through, Tam talks puzzles in Puzzmo, and we hear about hot takes on watermelons!This week's hot topic: THE GAME AWARDS! We have an extended chat about the state of the show, the industry as a whole, and our thoughts on what'll win at the TGAs!
17/11/231h 40m

815: Egg But Big

We got Disney Trivia Champion Mike Minotti back on the podcast as we chat about Slay the Princess, Thirsty Suitors, Hans, and some quick impressions on the PlayStation Portal! We also cover Nintendo Indie World, the Game Awards Nominee list, Rocksteady steadily pushing Suicide Squad along, and more!WE'RE ALSO PUTTING ON A LIVE SHOW! Giant Bomb's Game of the Year LIVE will be 12/9/23, 12pm, at the Moroccan Lounge! Tickets available soooon!
14/11/232h 30m


THE STEAM DECK OLED IS REAL!Sorry. Still excited about that one.In this episode, the crew discusses Dan & Jan's trip to Valve to check out the updated device as well as their own hands-on time at home. After that, the HOT TOPIC of the week: What IS the Best Portable Game of all time?
09/11/231h 2m

814: Grunt Double

Today we're joined by Nathan Grayson and Chris Person to talk about their new website:! We chat about the hidden horrors of PG movies, climbing mountains in Jusant, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, questionable VO in Mortal Kombat 1, and guiding people around in Humanity. We also chat about Epic Games Store not making money, the Nintendo Switch continuing to sell a lot, Xbox and AI tools, walking in the woods, and more!This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
07/11/232h 18m


In the first episode of Bombcast: Revengeance we continue to chat about Alan Wake II and some loose rumblings for how we think Game of the Year is going to shape out. We also get into this week's HOT TOPIC and wonder if the Nintendo Switch is the best console of all time?
03/11/231h 9m

813: Mike MiNa'vi

This week we talk about the new Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, our continued adventures in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, busting in Ghostbuters Spirits Unleashed, and absolutely enjoying Alan Wake II! We also cover Nintendo's patents, Atari acquiring studios, and the unfortunate layoffs hitting Bungie.
31/10/232h 45m

812: Sam Raimi Mode

We try and make the smallest faces possible as we chat about the Meta Quest 3, more of our time with Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2, and the wonderful time we've been having with Super Mario Bros. Wonder! We also read your emails about oreo etiquette, Spider-Man selling well, and Microsoft doubling down on games.
24/10/232h 38m

811: Sweet Thigh Meat

This week Jan, Grubb, and Bakalar are joined by Bailey to discuss Sonic Superstars, the greatness of Cyber 2077, and their impressions of Marvel's Spider-Man 2! We also cover Pete Hines leaving Bethesda, Disney's CEO being pressured to buy EA, and more!This episode is sponsored by to you by BetterHelp.Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
17/10/232h 15m

Spider-Man 2 Review + Answering Your Questions

Grubb, Dan, Jan, and Bakalar swing in time to thwip away with their impressions of their time with Marvel's Spider-Man 2!
16/10/2342m 49s

810: Shy Guy Anatomy

This week we chat about conducting our own type of heist and other fun in Payday 3, Mike spending more time in Baldur's Gate 3, Niki still stumbling through Starfield, and more! We also somehow stumble through the news while Grubb is away!
10/10/232h 32m

809: Bean Based

While we can't talk about all the games we're playing we talk about Excite Bike 64, Baldur's Gate 3, and Jan's quick trip to Disneyland. We also break down all of the recent layoffs in the industry, Peter Molyneux's blockchain game, and more stories! BUG!This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give onlinetherapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
03/10/232h 34m

808: Frodo's Not Rocky

This week we have a little party with Party Animals, Jan finishes Lies of P and spoils a bit of the ending, Grubb is circling back to Starfield on the ASUS Roger, and more! We also cover the Activision and Xbox deal slowly coming to a close, Hideki Kamiya leaving Platinum, and more Gollum?This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give onlinetherapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.
26/09/232h 19m

807: Bird Lore

We got Tam on to chat about his time with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and his time with Lies of P. Later Bailey joins us to chat about her new show on Game Spot with Emma Fyffe (linked below!) as we chat about the Microsoft leaks, Phil Spencer's plans to acquire Nintendo, and more!Reality Check - 2 Hands-On Preview - Giant Bombcast is POWERED by NZXT
19/09/232h 28m


Almost the whole crew is here to welcome back Jeff Bakalar as he regales us with his time at Disney World. We also chat about Pseudoregalia, Assassin's Creed Mirage, Void Stranger, and more games! We also find the time to talk about Embracer updates, a possible Nintendo Direct, and the baffling updates with Unity.
12/09/233h 6m

805: French Cinema

Before we went our separate ways, we all got together in Jan's room to talk about our time at PAX West, some Starfield talk, and just having a good time!
05/09/231h 23m

Giant Bombcast 804: Gamer Cruise

It turns out we're getting into mechs! We chat about Sea of Stars, surprisingly being into Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and gushing over Armored Core VI. We also talk about the Switch outselling the Wii and more stories from GamesCom!The Giant Bombcast is powered by NZXT
29/08/232h 30m

803: Vegan Options

We're joined again by our dear friend Bailey Meyers to chat about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, En Garde!, more adventures in Baldur's Gate 3, and more! We also chat about Microsoft's deal with UbiSoft, Charles Martinet "moving on", and other stories.The Giant Bombcast is powered by NZXT
22/08/232h 19m


We're joined by Bailey Meyers this week to chat about Grubb's continued adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, Keith David replacing the late great Lance Reddick, Pikmin 4, and more!The Giant Bombcast is powered by NZXT
15/08/232h 16m

Giant Bombcast 801: Waluigi Coded

WE LOVE BEARS! We also love to talk about Pikmin 4, Disney Illusion Island, Tren and the state of Dreams, Pokemon news, Square Enix not being pleased, and more!
08/08/232h 11m

Giant Bombcast 800: Love Tunnel

Welcome to episode 800 of the Giant Bombcast! We've got a fullhouse today as we got the whole crew to chat about Pikmin 4, Sims 4 expansions, rumblings of a new Switch on the way, Elder Scrolls 4 getting a possible remake, and your emails!
01/08/232h 26m

Giant Bombcast 799: Gollum Week

This week we're joined by our dear friends Mike Minotti and Bailey Meyers! We chat about Remnant 2, Pikmin 4, Ubisoft giving and taking away games, Pizza scented controllers, and HATS!
25/07/232h 13m

Giant Bombcast 798: Z-Targetting My Wife

There are raptors falling out of the sky and a restaurant to run! We're joined by Niki Grayson today to chat about Exoprimal, Dave the Diver, Viewfinder, a whole slew Microsoft news, and even more! Everyone please give Niki a warm welcome as they're goi
18/07/232h 31m

Giant Bombcast 797: WEB3 VECTORMAN

The Giant Bombcast is back this week to talk about Xbox and Activision finally sealing the deal, Yuji Naka potentially facing jail time, our continued love for Tears of the Kingdom, and even more! For our live listeners the Giant Bombcast is moving to 9
11/07/232h 24m

Giant Bombcast 796: ONE BIG FRY

Is a potato churro just one big fry? For the Holiday weekend we got together to answer a boat load of your EMAILS! We Answer burning questions like our ideal BBQ plate, the best TotK NPCs, and more!
04/07/231h 14m

Giant Bombcast 795: Bros Before Chocobos

We got our Michaels on deck to chat extensively about Final Fantasy XVI, SOULVARS, and the ASUS ROG Ally. We also dip into the game news like Microsoft's continuing battle with the FTC, Nintendo cleaning up the charts, and more!
27/06/232h 32m

Giant Bombcast 794: Default Milk

We're back and fully rested up from Summer Game Fest! We chat about a bunch of demos from Steam Next Fest, the Final Fantasy XVI demo, a bunch of news, and your emails!
20/06/231h 55m

Giant Bombcast 793: RAMEN GOBLINS

After a long weekend of the Nite shows and covering Summer Game Fest we got together while we were still in person to chat about burritos and games!
14/06/2348m 25s

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 3

We've reached the FINAL night and we've got a banger of a lineup. We got the pleasure to hangout with some dear friends around the industry and we got Phil Spencer and Matt Booty to pop onto the couch!
12/06/233h 31m

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 2

We're back for another night of hanging out with our dear friends while we're all at Summer Game Fest!
11/06/233h 57m

Giant Bomb at Nite: Night 1

We brought a couch out to Summer Game Fest and got a bunch of our friends to sit and hang out on it! TOES OUT!
11/06/235h 31m

Giant Bombcast 792: Bad YouTubers

Before we head over to Los Angeles for Summer Game Fest we got together to podcast! We talk about Street Fighter 6, Diablo IV, Apple's new VR helmet, and more!
06/06/231h 41m

Giant Bombcast 791: Dark Cloud 2

We're joined by our dear friend Mike Minotti to chat about Street Fighter 6, continued adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, and Baulder Gate: Dark Alliance for the GameCube? We also recap the PlayStation Showcase, sales numbers, and more!
30/05/232h 18m

Giant Bombcast 790: MILE HIGH MUDSLIDE

This week we continue to talk about Tears of the Kingdom and how it might be one of our alltime favorites! We also talk about Brain Age, Cassette Beasts, and more! Grubb also gets into this week's biggest gaming headlines and we dip into your emails!
23/05/232h 4m

Giant Bombcast 789: Ewoks and Hobbits

Our dear friend Lucy James is here with us and with the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally here we ask the question that's on all our minds: Do you think Ewoks are better than Hobbits?
16/05/232h 26m

Giant Bombcast 788: Christian Warp Pipes

Somehow we got the crew all together at Bakalar's house to chat about desserts, smells, and eventually talk about video games too! AWOOOOOO!
10/05/232h 27m

Giant Bombcast 787: Brother Krillin

We got a packed house this week as Tam and Lucy joins us to chat about GameSpot's new shows dropping! We also get into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Jan's growing problem in Honaki: Star Rail, the bummer that is Redfall, and even more!
02/05/232h 15m

Giant Bombcast 786: Moms Love Zelda

We're baaaaack with another episode of the Giant Bombcast to chat about Minecraft Legends, Pulseman, our surprise about how much fun Dead Island 2 is, big Epic and Apple updates, and even more!

Giant Bombcast 785: Tronald Duck

This week we're joined by our dear friend Alex Boniello as he talks about his forray into "games" with Foul Play, the Mega Man Battle Network Collection, Dead Island 2 being surprisingly fun, the Mario movie inching closer to $1 Billion, and more!
18/04/231h 44m

Giant Bombcast 784: Doctor Chat

Grubb, Dan, and Jan return from sunny San Diego to console Bakalar on his FOMO. They recount their trip and their time at DreamHack, talk about today's headlines, AND give valuable croissant advice.
11/04/232h 1m

Giant Bombcast 783: Jesus Jesus Revolution

Our two resident experts in crime get together before all the traveling shenanigans take place to talk about the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR: Crime Boss: Rockay City. We also commiserate over the death of E3, PSVR2 sale numbers, and a rat's basket of your em
04/04/231h 27m

Giant Bombcast 782: Custody Briefcase

With Wrestlemania coming up, we couldn't help but have a bit of wrestling talk on the show! We also chat about Redfall, Resident Evil 4, and news that E3 might be cancelled?
28/03/232h 28m

Giant Bombcast 781: GASLIGHT DOGS

We're joined by Mike Minotti of GamesBeat today to chat about frustrations with Fire Emblem Engage, continued wet times in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the chillest of times in Tchia. We've also got stories like a new Persona, EA delisting and then relisti
21/03/232h 34m

Giant Bombcast 780: Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol

Make sure you drop some Rs for good ol' Rordawg. We chat about the wet and scary Resident Evil 4 demo, Dead Island 2, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, PS5 Pro Rumors, and even more!
14/03/232h 16m

Giant Bombcast 779: The Greatest Jewish Wrestler

Despite the title NO WRESTLING TALK TODAY because Bakalar is driving the Bombcast with Grubb and Mike Minotti and Matt Rorie are tagging along to talk about Returnal, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Xbox and PlayStation news, and even more!
08/03/232h 14m

Giant Bombcast 778: young elmo

Jan and Grubb are joined by the homies Michael Higham and Jesse Vitelli to talk about their time with Final Fantasy XVI, adventures through Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe, Miyamoto not wanting us to worry, and even more!
01/03/232h 17m

Giant Bombcast 777: Show Me the Law

We landed on a Triple 7 baby! This week we talk about PSVR 2, Like a Dragon: Ishin, Atomic Heart, Microsoft and Nintendo's 10 year deal, Baby Seals, and more!
21/02/232h 30m

Giant Bombcast 776: Mario Mommy

The best way to celebrate Valentine's is by listening to the Giant Bombcast with your significant other! We chat about Wild Hearts, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance NSO lineups, Metroid Prime Remastered, and all of the video game news in the last week!
14/02/232h 34m

Giant Bombcast 775: Hunter Biden Kaitos

This week we're joined by our dear friends Michael Higham and Jesse Vitelli to talk about a scary number of owls, finishing Hi-Fi Rush, our predictions for the next Nintendo Direct, jamming in Theatrhythm, and more!
07/02/232h 38m

Giant Bombcast 774: Anime Soup

We're joined by our friends Mike Minotti and Michael Higham this week to celebrate a certain season, discuss Hi-Fi Rush, Like a Dragon: Isshin, 343 and Microsoft news, Star Wars delays, games closing, and even more!
31/01/232h 37m

Giant Bombcast 773: Weird Jesus Vibes

The crew is back to talk about how Forspoken nails the New York experience, Fire Emblem Engage, the new Dual Sense Edge controller, Marvel's Avengers shutting down, and more!
24/01/232h 22m

Giant Bombcast 772: Time Week

This week on the Giant Bombcast we find time to examine the very concept of time and space. We also chat about One Piece Odyssey, circle back to the Case of the Golden Idol, The Last of Us TV show, NPD numbers, Ubisoft's continued woes, and emails about t
17/01/232h 22m

Giant Bombcast 771: GARLIC BOYS

We're back this week to talk about Chained Echoes, Xbox's "Developer Direct", Apple and a rumored AR/VR device, the liquid metal in your PS5, Neil Druckmann announcements, and more!
10/01/232h 12m

Giant Bombcast 770: Mad Slinky Tricks

We're back from the Holiday break! We discuss our individual adventures during the break, a handful of news stories like Starfall's release date, Jess' continued ventures into the world of VR, and Jeff Grubb shaving his head!
03/01/232h 33m

Giant Bombcast 769: TRAILERD

For the final episode of the Giant Bombcast of the year we answered some lovely emails, talked about what we were excited about for 2023, AND DID MATH!
27/12/221h 18m

Giant Bombcast 768: DARK PATTERNS

The GOTY smoke has cleared and we're still standing! Let's wrap up the year and talk about some news, High on Life, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, the Vampire Survivors DLC, and even more!
20/12/222h 9m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2022: Day 3

After getting through 10 categories we have now arrived at the main event: THE TOP 10 GAMES OF 2022! What game will reign supreme? Will any surprises make it onto the list? Have any back alley deals been made? Whatever the outcome is, we will stand Towe
14/12/223h 18m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2022: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our GOTY deliberations! On today's schedule we've got five more catergories: Best New Fortnite Skin, Best Running Around, B-Game of the Year, Most Disappointing Game, and Best Music of the Year. Get ready to dab away into infinity and
13/12/222h 55m

Giant Bomb's Game of the Year 2022: Day 1

Nothing wrong with a little pivoting if plans gotta change! We gathered together to celebrate and discuss Game of the Year 2022 all in Tower Unite. Today we cover five categories: Soulja Boy Presents Best Game For People Who Drink Beer And Get Drunk or S
12/12/222h 43m

Giant Bombcast 767: Kojima Muppets Crossover

With GOTY in the distance we gather around to chat about Callisto Protocol, trying to make sense of Dwarf Fortress, detailing the updates to Fortnite, a ToeJam and Earl movie, and even more!
06/12/222h 9m

Giant Bombcast 766: Human Slide Whistle

After the long Holiday weekend we're back to talk about Goat Simulator 3, becoming VTubers with Sony's help, getting Luigi'd, our individual to-do lists for GOTY, and even more!
30/11/222h 9m

Giant Bombcast 765: Big Corn's Pocket

This week we've assembled the unholy trinity (with some special appearences) to discuss Jeff Bakalar's time at AEW Full Gear, Jan falling out of love with Pokemon, Atari 50 being a darkhorse for GOTY, and a roundup of video game news!
22/11/222h 23m

Giant Bombcast 764: Empathy and Stuff

Our dear friend Michael Higham joins us as we talk about Somerville, Pentimate, the Game Awards nominees for 2022, and even more!
15/11/222h 36m

Giant Bombcast 763: Mead Mommy

BOY, we've recovered from Extra Life weekend and we're here to talk about games! Farming in Harvestella, Marvel Snap's new battle pass, arranging in Little to the Left, and of course God of War Raganarok and Sonic Frontiers impressions. We got today's rou
08/11/222h 32m

Giant Bombcast 762: Forlorn Hohoho

Good bye spooky season and hello November! Jess chats about Signalis, Vampire Survivors, Marvel Snap's stranglehold over Jan and Grubb, and Bakalar gets the boys back together in Modern Warfare 2. We cover the newest game news and all of your burning ques
01/11/222h 36m

Giant Bombcast 761: EXPANDALONE

We're joined by Michael Higham today to help celebrate Filipino American History Month! Today we gush about Marvel Snap, Gotham Knights, and Bakalar shares his God of War Ragnarok impressions. Grubb also guides us through today's video game news and we ge
25/10/222h 38m

Giant Bombcast 760: Tactician Festival

We're joined by Dany Peña today to chat about his time with G4 and his team at XPlay. We also chat about SCORN, some upcoming Silent Hill rumors, jury duty, and even more!
19/10/222h 10m

Giant Bombcast 759: Rings of Flour

After a whirlwind week in NYC we're back in our respective homes to chat about games, coffee, and the newest news! We're joined by our Most Friend Mike Minotti from GamesBeat!
12/10/222h 32m

Giant Bombcast 758: The Ted Danson Pack

Since we're out traveling we prerecorded this badboy! This week we answer a bunch of emails and other assorted questions from the community!
04/10/221h 23m

Giant Bombcast 757: Comic Sans 2

We're joined by Niki Grayson for today's Giant Bombcast! We discuss going Blobbo mode, NBA 2k23, Sessions: Skate Sim, the Modern Warefare 2 Beta, Prodeus, the return of E3, and much more!
27/09/222h 5m

Giant Bombcast 756: Emulation Hose

We're joined by special guests Imran Khan and John Warren! Today we cover the hottest games like the Diofield Chronicles, Hyper Demon, Disney Dreamlight Valley, our experience with PSVR 2, and ESPN NFL 2k5? We also cover the GTA leaks, the new Iron Man ga
20/09/222h 41m

Giant Bombcast 755: Stealth Poodle

This week we recap the Nintendo Direct, get into a lengthy discussion on Immortality, gush about splatting in Splatoon, and even more!
14/09/222h 57m

Giant Bombcast 754: Scott Hall Effect

We've got a terrifying trio for today's Bombcast! We have a lovely chat about Ooblets, Tinykin, and touch on what Immortality is. We also breakdown some Silent Hill rumors, UK game sales charts, and more!
06/09/222h 42m

Giant Bombcast 753: LUCYWATCH 2022

This week we're on the lookout as Lucy joins Jeff Bakalar in person! We start the show with news on the new Assassin's Creed game, Logitech's new gaming device, Game Pass updates, and a potential Nintendo Direct. We also chat about Soul Hackers 2, Tinykin
30/08/222h 26m

Giant Bombcast 752: Slob on my Gog

This week we chat about a small indie game called "Fortnite", hitting the green in Cursed to Golf, and board the Midnight Fight Express. We also get into our impressions on the new Saints Row,recap Opening Night Live of Gamescom, and a bunch of other game
23/08/221h 59m

Giant Bombcast 751: butterzone

This week we chat about the upcoming Rollerdrome, how amazing Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered looks, starting a cult in the GAME OF THE WEEK with Cult of the Lamb, THQ's new South Park game, Take-Two's original Middle-earth game, and some proper glizzy dis
16/08/222h 37m

Giant Bombcast 750: Quasi-Illegal

We're joined by Fanbyte's Michael Higham as he regails us with his experience at EVO 2022, Jan and Grubb dig into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Street Fighter 6 updates, the third Sonic movie's release date, and even more!
09/08/222h 43m

Giant Bombcast 749: Software Plus Art

We're back this week to talk about Digimon Survive, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bakalar finishing Stray, Mortuary Assistant, and the Ambrose Islands in Hitman 3. Grubb brings us all the news planned with GTA VI, Sony's business plans, updates on AEW: Fight Fo
02/08/222h 26m

Giant Bombcast 748: Dirty Little Slime Man

We're joined by Nerium from Fanbyte as we talk about Live A Live, Into the Breach DLC, the new Hitman 3 DLC, we do a quick GOTY check-in, and then all of the biggest gaming news of this week!
26/07/222h 11m

Giant Bombcast 747: Eternal Money

The crew is back this week to talk about Jan's Vegas exploits, Jess finishing Neon White, Tam and Grubb talk kitties, game unions forming, Skate 4 going free to play, and even more!
19/07/222h 45m

Giant Bombcast 746: Nooks and Crannies

Steamdecks are still coming in hot and tickling the fancy of more then one on this podcast. Grubb's got a ton of news, and Bakalar supplies us with the voice of the people in the Email segment.
12/07/221h 54m

Giant Bombcast 745: The Naka Cut

After a long weekend we're back to talk about the Cuphead DLC, Overwatch 2, hot dogs, Sucker Punch leaving Sly behind, and a bunch of other game news!
05/07/222h 21m

Giant Bombcast 744: Tingle Specialist

Bakalar is back from his trip! He regails us with tales of algae and food, we continue to gush about Neon White, Jan's time in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we recap the recent Nintendo Direct, and even more game news!
28/06/222h 17m

Giant Bombcast 743: Assassin's Cream

HELLO all of our Mid Sized Sedans out there! We're back this week to talk about TMNT Shredder's Revenge, gush about Neon White, breakdown all the Final Fantasies on the horizon, controller news, and discuss optimum nuggest strategies!
21/06/222h 29m

Giant Bombcast 742: Goat Adjacent

Jan and Tam are back to report on Summer Game Fest, Street Fighter 6, and we have a whole GRIP of news to breakdown. THIS IS A LOOSE SET OF TIMESTAMPS THAT IS SET TO THE FREE VERSION OF THE AUDIO BOMBCAST. 7:43 - whatcha been playing 11:11 - street fight
14/06/222h 41m

Giant Bombcast 741: THROAT GOAT

We've got some housekeeping to take care of and sodas to "chug"!
07/06/221h 2m

Giant Bombcast 740: Bagelmonger

We got up reallll early this week to gab on about Jess' continued adventures in Chrono Trigger, Tamoor joins us to talk about Elden Ring and other stuff, we also get into a whole grip of Sony news and other assorted nonsense!
31/05/222h 13m

Giant Bombcast 739: FULL BALL CONTROL

We Celebrate Pac-Man's birthday by swinging into Golf Gang, Multiversus, Apex Legends Mobile, V Rising, along with some more Death Stranding sequel scuttle, and PlayStation Plus' new tiers!
24/05/222h 43m

Giant Bombcast 738: OG Daddy

We've got a boat load of news today! We talk about the titles getting added to PlayStation Plus, Jim Ryan's hot newsletters, and of course the Silent Hill leaks. We squeezed in some game talk with Teardown, Trek to Yomi, and Loot River as well!
17/05/222h 49m

Giant Bombcast 737: Fifa Lockhart

We got the hottest releases like Duke Nukem Forever leaks, finding humanity in Citizen Sleeper, smooching in Sucker for Love, hittin' pegs in Peglin, and all your emails and gaming news!
11/05/222h 46m

Giant Bombcast 736: Gritty Gex Reboot

It's Tuesday so let's all embrace the Giant Bombcast warmly. We gab about Video Game Rap Beefs, Nintendo Switch Sports, Rogue Legacy 2, the Bugsnax DLC, Embracer embracing more companies, a new Warcraft game, and even more!
03/05/222h 43m

Giant Bombcast 735: This is Miyamoto

Tuesday means it's time to talk about slots in Luck Be a Landlord, chips in Endcycle VS, Unreal Championship 2, Mario movie delays, a grip of Ubisoft updates, and even more!
26/04/222h 57m

Giant Bombcast 734: Level 37 Fedora

It's Tuesday so it's time to talk about games! This week we talk about the newly released Playdate, finishing Stranger of Paradise, Sega's SUPER GAME INITIATIVE, Jason Momoa, Nintendo Leaks, and even more!
19/04/222h 41m

Giant Bombcast 733: They Old

EVERYONE CLAP YOUR HANDS because there is a new Kingdom Hearts in the horizon! We also talk about the upcoming BugSnax, Nintendo Switch Sports, Astral Ascent, Jitsu Squad, Gundam Evolution, and all your gaming and Magic Castle news!
12/04/222h 32m

Giant Bombcast 732: Semi-Husband

This week we get on about a new LEGO Star Wars game, explore Norco, Jeff finishes Tunic, as well as covering the cancellation of E3, a new Monkey Island, and even more!
05/04/222h 48m

Giant Bombcast 731: The Gouda Project

This week we have a MOUTHFUL of games including Kirby and the Forgotten land, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and more adventures in Tunic. We also recap the new PlayStation Plus updates, delays, GUNDAMS, and even more!
29/03/222h 55m

Giant Bombcast 730: Gamesmonger

Dry those hands before you touch our fuzzy controllers! We dive more into the Chaos of Stranger of Paradise, get wild in the Weird West, tackle the mysteries of Tunic, and all the games news of the past week!
22/03/222h 35m

Giant Bombcast 729: Cancelling Time

HEY YO! We're back to talk about our short time with GhostWire: Tokyo, we dipped into CHAOS in Stranger of Paradise, finishing Symphony of the Night, Nintendo opening up a new theme park, and even more!
15/03/222h 44m

Giant Bombcast 728: Loan Wolves

We hop out of the car cafe to chat about Gran Turismo 7, the state of sports entertaining in WWE 2K22, our continued adventures in Elden Ring, tiles in Triangle Strategy, Epic buying Bandcamp, and all of this week's news!
08/03/222h 41m

Giant Bombcast 727: Gabe Juice

We welcome GameSpot's Tamoor Hussain to discuss all things Elden Ring and also to chat about the current state of reviewing games. We also talk about Babylon's Fall, the new Pokémon generation, Steam Deck impressions, and updates with Street Fighter!
01/03/222h 43m

Giant Bombcast 726: Grey Soda of Video Games

This week we've got our lingering thoughts on Horizon Forbidden West, some preview notes on Elden Ring, along with news on the Nintendo eShop closing, the new PSVR helmet, and the thick wizard from Street Fighter 6.
23/02/222h 50m

Giant Bombcast 725: Mr. Boo

We're back! We discuss Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light 2, King of Fighters XV, recap the previous Nintendo Direct, and even more!
16/02/222h 59m

Giant Bombcast 724: Gaba-Ghouls

This week Jess talks about her preview with Ghostwire Tokyo, Jeff takes shrooms in Dying Light 2, getting old in Sifu, and we breakdown this week's whirlwind of news!
08/02/222h 58m

Giant Bombcast 723: Fuzzy Crime

Put your Warface on everyone! We talk about the new Pokémon Legends: Arceus, continued adventures in Cruelty Squad, Sony buying Bungie, Wordle getting acquired, and even more!
01/02/222h 51m

Game of the Year: Day 3

It's all lead up to this, we craft the site's Top 10 and crown Game of the Year!
28/01/223h 26m

Game of the Year: Day 2

On Day 2 we deliberate 2021's "Best Styyyyyyyle", "Best Looking", "Best Switch Game That Isn't On Switch (Yet)", and "Most Disappointing"! We also briefly glance at what our collective Top Ten could be!
27/01/223h 3m

Game of the Year: Day 1

We begin Day 1 of Game of the Year Deliberations with "Best Letter", "Chillest Game, Brah", "Best Time Loop Game", and "Best Music"!
26/01/222h 50m

Giant Bombcast 722: Suck Point Suck

We sneak in one more Bombcast before Game of the Year deliberations pop off. We throw blows in Windjammers 2, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction, updates on the Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard situation, along with your emails!
25/01/222h 39m

Giant Bombcast 721: Doctor Hockey

So much news this week we needed another Jeff! Jeff Grubb joins us as we breakdown the news of Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard, Hitman 3 Year 2, an Italian Senate kerfuffle, and even some games!
18/01/222h 34m

Giant Bombcast 720: For Answer

The Giant Bombcast is back! This week we discuss our current game backlogs, E3 2022 being cancelled, 500 hour long video games, and Limp Bizkit!
11/01/222h 32m

Giant Bombcast 719: Volunteer Spirit

No better way to ring in the new year than another episode of the Giant Bombcast! We talk about the hottest releases like Titanfall 2, Teardown, as well as GoldenEye rumors, Final Fantasy delays, and of course NFTs.
04/01/222h 39m

Giant Bombcast 718: The Sandler Squad

We can't end the year without one more Bombcast! To cap off the year we read your emails and talk about Adam Sandler for an extended period of time!
28/12/211h 47m

Giant Bombcast 717: Scams and Flams

We're back to talk about some neighborhood scams, sucking up a mess in The Gunk, finishing Inscryption, slamming tiles in Babble Royale, being trapped in MonCage, NFTs in games, and even more!
21/12/212h 20m

Giant Bombcast 716: Homeopathic Indiana Jones

It's the day after the Bombathon and the week after The Game Awards and there's much to ruminate on - What kinda factors might go into voting for the TGA winners? Why are anti-union emails so obvious? And why does the Uncharted movie just feel *wrong*?
15/12/212h 33m

Giant Bombcast 715: Non Fungible Tree

Halo Infinite is almost out! But we also sit and talk about Heavenly Bodies, bouncing off Deathloop, Inscryption woes, as well as Sony's upcoming subscription services, and Ubisoft NFTs?
07/12/212h 37m

Giant Bombcast 714: Keighley Surprise

After a short week we're back with continued Halo Infinite chat, hot new releases like Wii Sports, addiction to Super Auto Pets, CD Projekt Red updates, the end of Fortnite, and more!
30/11/212h 33m

Giant Bombcast 713: Pokémon BDSM

We're back with some talk about Halo Infinite's campaign, finding joy in Battlefield 2042, wanting more challenge in Pokémon BD/SP, Epic buying Harmonix, and even more!
23/11/212h 34m

Giant Bombcast 712: Endless Forgiveness

Welcome to Jess' first Bombcast as we talk about Halo Infinite's Multiplayer Beta, Shin Megami Tensei V, the new Battlefield, updates on Activision, and discussing the nominees for this year's Game Awards.
16/11/212h 38m

Giant Bombcast 711: OH EGG

The perfect podcast to pair with a hot dog! This week the Jeffs give their thoughts on Call of Duty: Vanguard, Animal Crossing New Horizon's new DLC, Forza Horizon 5, eggs in The Anacrusis, NFTs and game companies, and...Popeye....Popeye.
10/11/212h 54m

Giant Bombcast 710: PP Cost

November is upon us, so let's sit and talk about Voice of Cards, more Dungeon Encounters, Super Robot Wars 30, Inscryption, along with Fortnite shutting down, Dr. Dre making music for GTA, and all of your voicemails and emails!
03/11/212h 16m

Giant Bombcast 709: Cold5

It is no secret! We're here to talk about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Dungeon Encounters, Age of Empires IV, Ben coming to terms with Breath of the Wild, cancelling BlizzCon, FaZe, and some Nintendo 64 jank!
27/10/212h 49m

Giant Bombcast 708: wallbabies

Nothing like existential dread to start of the Bombcast! We got a bit more Metroid Dread talk, Inscryption, NHL 22, Animal Crossing updates, League of Legends bans, and some Xbox whoopsies!
19/10/212h 47m

Giant Bombcast 707: Lou Bega NFT

A bunch of 7-0-Savages out there as we discuss Metroid Dread, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, the baffling Battlefield 2042 BETA, the Twitch leaks, and much more!
13/10/212h 55m

Giant Bombcast 706: Key Lad

This week we run around fake Cuba in Far Cry 6, a brief dip into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, the new New World, SORA IN SMASH, the cancelled TI, and Konami making games again?
06/10/212h 38m

Giant Bombcast 705: YOUR MEDICINE

It's the return of the Pack! Good ol' Ben Pack joins us as we check in on Jeff's sleepless nights, Sable, Deltarune, Hot Wheels Unleashed, Halo Infinite's multiplayer weekend, and some voicemails!
28/09/212h 51m

Giant Bombcast 704: Da Droid Become Human

On this episode we talk about Kena: Bridge of Spirits, taking pictures in Toem, more loops in Deathloop, determining what game is over and underrated, and MILK!
22/09/212h 35m

Giant Bombcast 703: Time Juice

We've got a full house today as we try and explain Deathloop, Tales of Arise, befriend sentient dice in Lost in Random, as well as recapping Sony's PlayStation event, and valuable bidet discourse!
15/09/212h 58m

Giant Bombcast 702: Ask Jeev-Vess

Danny returns to the Bombcast just in time to chat about the hottest release: Cookie Clicker! We also chat about Sonic Colors, Sony wanting their $10, an Alan Wake Remaster, the Tripwire situation, and more of your food crimes!
07/09/212h 45m

Giant Bombcast 701: A Good VCR

Before August ends we're here to talk about Deathloop, cats in tanks, Fortnite news, Gamescom, and pilgrimages for beer!
31/08/212h 29m

Giant Bombcast 700: Toilet Crime

No better way to ring in episode 700 than some mysterious toilet crimes, more than twelve minutes of Twelve Minutes, Aliens: Fireteam Elite talk, Halo Infinite updates, and even more!
24/08/212h 43m

Giant Bombcast 699: Illegal Tactics

We have a NICE episode featuring Tamoor, Lucy, and Michael from GameSpot. We tackle Jan's possible gambling problem, Dodgeball Academia, Final Fantasy XIV, 3D Printing problems, Boyfriend Dungeon, Will Smith, and much more!
17/08/212h 41m

Giant Bombcast 698: Up In My Frunk

This week we get into the Back 4 Blood Beta, finally queue up in Splitgate, talk about skins and cosmetics, and of course get into front trunk discourse.
10/08/212h 51m

Giant Bombcast 697: Ass Rock Dongles

We've got a packed house here as we talk announce new shows, discuss the wide variety of Smirnoff Ice, The Ascent, Halo Infinite, Huntdown, updates at Activision Blizzard, PS5 SSDs, and much more!
03/08/212h 35m

Giant Bombcast 696: Cheech and Chong WAVs

The Giant Bombcast is HERE to tackle Jan's growing problem with Pokémon Unite, Danny's adventures with owning an arcade cabinet, talking about the Activision Blizzard situation, and much more!
27/07/212h 49m

Giant Bombcast 695: KeyBoy

We cover the hottest story this week: CABLE MANAGEMENT! But we also find time to talk about Samurai Gunn 2, Pokémon Go Fest 2021, Jan's adventures in Disneyland, Splitgate, the Steamdeck, we take a trip through the DELAYZONE, and much more fun!
20/07/213h 20m

Giant Bombcast 694: Dirty Fluids

Jean-Luc from GameSpot is once again filling in for Jan on this week's The Giant Bombcast to talk about F1 2021, Arcadegeddon, the Atari VCS, a 1.5 million dollar copy of Mario 64, and more!
14/07/213h 1m

Giant Bombcast 693: A Furry Entrance

After a hot dog filled weekend the Giant Bombcast is back with ACE producer Jean-Luc from GameSpot to talk about more Cruelty Squad, Scarlet Nexus, an actual new Nintendo Switch, Sony's relationship with the Indies, and even more!
06/07/212h 54m

Giant Bombcast 692: Flesh Investment

We're joined by Jeff Grubb this week to announce some new shows! Amidst the excitement we talk about Mario Golf, LEGO Builders Journey, Sony studio acquisitions, Cyberpunk 2077's current state, Quake in the Pentagon, and much more!
29/06/212h 50m

Giant Bombcast 691: Ska Wallet

We have formed a dark alliance this week to talk about Dark Alliance, Game Builder Garage, Cyberpunk 2077 coming back on PSN, a Pokémon MOBA, band fighting discourse, and even more!
22/06/212h 29m

Giant Bombcast 690: Grip the Banana

With E3 just barely behind us we recap some of the CHAOS from the weekend. We also paint some pictures in Chicory, scream in Chivalry II, fan the flames for country beef, and much more!
15/06/212h 33m

Giant Bombcast 689: Touch the Crank

GIANT NEWS on the Giant Bombcast today! We also got some talk about the new Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Guilty Gear Strive, more Cyberpunk Leaks, cranking it with the Playdate, E3 plans, and so much more!
08/06/212h 58m

Giant Bombcast 688: America and Azeroth

With E3 RIGHT around the corner we get together to talk about hot releases like bathrooms, Biomutant, Necromunda, Virtua Fighter 5, a possible NEW Nintendo Switch, Sonic jewelry, and becoming a C-Tier Japanese celebrity!
01/06/213h 9m

Giant Bombcast 687: John McClane's Feet

With E3 quickly approaching we're off to the racetracks to chat about Tower Unite, Knockout City, a new Virtua Fighter, rumors of a new Tony Hawk, Hot Tubs on Twitch, and eating plant Pokémon?
25/05/212h 46m

Giant Bombcast 686: Baby Yogurt

Welcome to another episode of the Giant Bombcast in where we discuss Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Subnautica: Below Zero, AT&T being sold, new PS5 controllers, E3s of yore, and an "interesting" ranking of Pokémo
18/05/212h 32m

Giant Bombcast 685: I Did It for the Grookey

We're BACK with a bunch of dads (and an uncle?) to talk about chairs, Returnal woes, our appreciation for Resident Evil Village, some artsy pictures of Pokémon, the growing legal case of Epic vs. Apple, and so much more!
12/05/212h 29m

Giant Bombcast 684: Brad's Leaving

The old hands of Giant Bomb come together for one more Bombcast to talk about some changes around these parts, reminisce about the past, and look to the future.
04/05/211h 33m

Giant Bombcast 683: Nier Automotive GP

This week we begin with a consideration of Mortal Kombat films past and present, before moving into the nitty gritty of Returnal, NieR Replicant ver.1.224744...something, more adventures in Pokemon card acquisition, the Noid's return to video games, the M
27/04/212h 34m

Giant Bombcast 682: That Dom State of Mind

Grab a handful of tubby custard and join us in the Dom shrine for PlayStation baseball on Xbox, the Pokemon TCG turf war, the last-minute rescue of the PS3 and Vita storefronts, Square Enix acquisition rumors, Resident Evil 4 in VR, and more shocking Neop
20/04/212h 22m

Giant Bombcast 681: Dairy Queen, TX

This week, we cling desperately to our Outriders inventories, take a look at the just-released Ask Iwata compilation, play movie mad libs in What the Dub?!, ponder Bad Bunny and 24-hour shrimp, and have 99 Pac-Men but a Switch... well, you know how it goe
14/04/212h 42m

Giant Bombcast 680: Room Temperature Clam Chowder

This week we dive deep into Outriders, build villages in Dorfromantik, mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, as well as the RETURN of E3, Titanfall things in Apex Legends, and much more!
06/04/212h 14m

Giant Bombcast 679: Feed Gems to Tims

Balan Wonderworld is upon us and it's hard to think about much else, but we also dig into It Takes Two, more monster trucks, more MonHun, voiced Disco Elysium, the looming PlayStation Store closures, COD and Battlefield rumors, Pokemon Go except glasses,
31/03/212h 33m

Giant Bombcast 678: A Horse Named PlayStation

Welcome to the recreation zone, where we chillax over subjects like Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Truck Championship, the PlayStation 5 VR controller, the latest OLED Switch rumors, Sony's Evo acquisition, 2021 game delays, Double Dare prizes, Daft Punk fo
23/03/212h 31m

Giant Bombcast 677: Undercover Juggalo

This week we get caught up in Loop Hero, finding out there have been FOUR Monster Energy Supercross games, Stubbs the Zombie, new studios being founded, games hitting Game Pass, awkward gas station encounters, and thrift store scores!
16/03/212h 15m

Giant Bombcast 676: The McRib of Consoles

Games! Loop Hero, Circuit Superstar, The Eternal Cylinder, Persona 5 Strikers, Bravely Default II. News! An OLED-equipped Switch, the finalized Bethesda acquisition, the resurrection of Paragon, and the dual fate of Artifact. Emails! Uh, whiskey that list
09/03/212h 38m

Giant Bombcast 675: All Day I Dream About Koffee

This week: the Outriders demo, more Valheim adventures, the Guilty Gear Strive beta, Maquette, Sony's Japan Studio closure and PS5 storage upgrades, the latest on Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield, Epic's Fall Guys purchase, some heated chili arguments, a love
02/03/212h 35m

Giant Bombcast 674: Knife or Death

Valheim appears to be overtaking the office this week, with a detour into the good and bad of old games with Blizzard Arcade Collection and Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection. Plus: the future of PSVR, the Vampire: Bloodlines 2 shakeup, all the Blizzcon and N
23/02/212h 45m

Giant Bombcast 673: The Internet in Your Pants

What's up with Bowser's Fury and Valheim? Why would anyone try to resurrect Six Days in Fallujah? Has it really been 20 years since that Zero Wing proto-meme? How much spaghetti COULD you fit into one backpack? These questions and more, answered on this w
16/02/212h 49m

Giant Bombcast 672: Great Conversations

This week: the (digital) future of E3, PS5 sales and shortages, the Gearbox buyout, the ultimate fate of Anthem, the GoldenEye XBLA leak, Little Nightmares 2, The Medium, Destruction AllStars, Control Ultimate Edition, Ys IX, Danny's Irish favs, underwate
09/02/212h 34m

Giant Bombcast 671: Tree on the Loose

This week: a little time with the just-released Destruction AllStars, next-gen Control, the inventiveness of Hitman 3, cyber-ninjas in Cyber Shadow, the Stadia first-party shutdown, the Nemesis system patent, a #Skate4 studio, lewd Keanu Reeves mods, Kief
02/02/212h 48m

Giant Bombcast 670: We Call It Cluedo!

The white smoke of GOTY has cleared, and what better way to truly kick off 2021 than with Hitman 3--and Danny O'Dwyer! Also: Frog Fractions, the Blizzard/Vicarious Visions merger, a KOTOR reboot, the Xbox Live pricing snafu, one very tall vampire lady, an
27/01/212h 27m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Five

On our fifth and final GOTY show, we'll pay tribute to the games that didn't quite make it as finalists for our best games of the year, and then finally determine the 10 games that rise above the rest.
23/01/214h 13m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Four

The fourth day of our GOTY deliberations will run down the best and worst of 2020, with awards for the Best Moment or Sequence, and Most Distressing Game.
22/01/213h 58m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Three

Y'all like playing video games? We do. That's why we're spending day three awarding the Best Game Feel. Then, time for Party of the Year!
21/01/213h 48m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day Two

Warm up your hi-fi, it's time for everyone's favorite listening party as we determine the winners for Best Music (and Best Multiplayer).
20/01/213h 59m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2020: Day One

This time we're doing it live! Our annual GOTY feature kicks off as we hash out the awards for Best-Looking Game and Best... Dad.
19/01/213h 36m

Giant Bombcast 669: I'm Always in Pose 6

With Game of the Year rapidly approaching, we're doing some last-minute cramming with Final Fantasy VII Remake, Yakuza, Ori and more, plus trying out the Monster Hunter Rise demo, spitballing ideas for Bethesda's newly announced Indiana Jones game, laughi
12/01/212h 41m

Giant Bombcast 668: Professor Latency

New year, new Bombcast! We're back to talk Yakuza, Ghost of Tsushima Legends, Super Meat Boy Forever, the Fortnite shopping mall, the curious case of the Zelda Miis, running guns in Japan, and our annual attempt to answer the question: what is Star Citize
05/01/212h 33m

Giant Bombcast 667: Sega to Make New Genesis!

Somehow we've made it to the end of 2020, and for our last episode of the year, we talk over our to-play lists for the holiday break, take a gander at the release list as it stands for 2021, fantasy book some chess sets, and take a whole bunch of your ema
29/12/202h 9m

Giant Bombcast 666: Christmas Tree Shaped Eggs

We're here with the last LIVE episode of the Giant Bombcast in 2020! We're here to talk about Monster Sanctuary, World of Warcraft, the continuing situation around Cyberpunk 2077, and early-access pizza!
22/12/202h 7m

Giant Bombcast 665: It'z Fun!

The Internet's Abby Russell joins us to talk about how much chess she's been playing lately, plus the Cyberpunk release kerfuffle, all the big announcements out of the Game Awards, the proper definition of rap movies, our love of video game typefaces, and
16/12/202h 48m

Giant Bombcast 664: Kevlar Booty Shorts

Vinny "Cyber" Caravella joins us for a mammoth Cyberpunk 2077 discussion, then we get into some Metal Gear dream casting, more Immortals Fenyx Rising, more WWE on mobile, Nintendo's eShop data collection, Kratos in Fortnite, Billy Mitchell's latest dastar
08/12/202h 51m

Giant Bombcast 663: Cooksies to Keepsies

As we enter 2020's final month, we double down on the year's remaining games like Immortals Fenyx Rising, Demon's Souls, Miles Morales, and Yakuza, plus Thanksgiving steaks, the whereabouts of Sam Worthington, and the questionably imminent opening of Supe
02/12/202h 38m

Giant Bombcast 662: Turn the Musou Crank

We're settling into the new post-console-launch normal with more time on the PS5 and XSX and their games, the closing chapters of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the million-moblin action of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Kingdom Hearts except a rhythm game, St
25/11/202h 37m

Giant Bombcast 661: Code Red Brisket

The consoles are out, the loading times are short, the games are plenty, and we dive right in with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Demon's Souls, COD: Black Ops Cold War, more of our thoughts on using the PS5 and Series X and a variety of next-gen upgrades, a bunc
17/11/202h 33m

Giant Bombcast 660: They're Only Stems!

The next generation is (mostly) here, so we finally dig deep into what is and isn't ready to go on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, plus hands-on with Bugsnax and Fuser, thoughts on the future of Mass Effect, a bunch of your next-gen questions answere
10/11/202h 33m

Giant Bombcast 659: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

This week: our first thoughts on the Xbox Series X and S, the magical destruction of Teardown, the breakneck cyber-parkour of Ghostrunner, more time with Watch Dogs: Legion, looking back on the big overnight game launches of yore, Sony throws cold water o
03/11/202h 26m

Giant Bombcast 658: Geometry Wars 99

The PlayStation 5 is here, and we're also here to talk about the DualSense controller and Cooling Springs in Astro's Playroom, along with Watch Dogs Legion, Immortals Fenyx Rising, our wishlist for next-gen Geometry Wars, the Uncharted movie cast, and the
28/10/202h 45m

Giant Bombcast 657: The Content

With new consoles drawing nigh, we spend way too much time talking about the Series X launch lineup and the PS5's new hint system, plus Mario Kart Live, Phasmophobia, the end of Hades, the (different kind of) end of StarCraft II, and the eventual fate of
21/10/202h 51m

Giant Bombcast 656: Throw Up Your Bungers

Genshin Impact makes a big impact this week, as does Bugsnax. PS4 games on PS5 get detailed, Crucible gets the axe. Milla Jovovich loves Meowscular Chef. Rambo is in MK11. It's a Bombcast!
14/10/202h 26m

Giant Bombcast 655: X Gon' Confirm It For Ya

Star Wars: Squadrons! Genshin Impact! Hades! The Oculus Quest 2! The PlayStation 5's mysterious nut! The contentious subject of Xs and Os! The biggest a-hole in video games! What WON'T you hear about on this podcast?!
07/10/202h 39m

Giant Bombcast 654: Vault of Ass

We're pretty taken with Hades and Spelunky 2 here, not so much WWE Battlegrounds or Serious Sam 4. Next-gen console news! A live sideshow! Mario except what if he was food! Tune in!
30/09/202h 19m

Giant Bombcast 653: That's Hot Soup!

Between the Bethesda acquisition, PlayStation 5 pricing, and our budding Vtuber careers, there's a LOT to talk about this week, along with Mario 3D All-Stars, WWE Battlegrounds, the final version of Hades, quarantine bathing habits, and more breakfast cer
23/09/202h 31m

Giant Bombcast 652: Gods and Monster Energy

Spelunky 2! Spelunky 2. But also: Fuser, the Among Us craze, Wasteland 3, Matt Rorie, the latest Ubisoft Forward, next-gen console rumors and scuttlebutt, ketchup cakes, giant grapes, and an impromptu ranking of Zeldas.
16/09/202h 14m

Giant Bombcast 651: Luda Shoota

The Xbox Series S leak and Mario 35th games are the big news this week, but we also find time for the release version of Avengers, Tony Hawk 1+2, Spellbreaker, the anime toggle, a world without shoes, and the Mountain Dew of oranges.
09/09/202h 32m

Giant Bombcast 650: Strange Times!

This week we plow through a mountain of news about PS5 release dates, new GeForce cards, Avengers cosmetics and Mario remasters, chat about New World and Captain Tsubasa, get serious about AMVs, and wonder where all the orange meringue pies are.
02/09/202h 32m

Giant Bombcast 649: Courtnite

Alex Navarro joins us from NYC to talk Madden 21, Outriders, Mortal Shell, Spiritfarer, Rogue Legacy 2, next year's new Switch, the DC FANDOME, the latest on Apple v. Epic, and rollicking debates on foods like mustard, soda, and, uh, Vicks VapoRub?
26/08/202h 23m

Giant Bombcast 648: jeffminter.txt

This week: the Tony Hawk remake demo, Risk of Rain 2's final form, that Moose Life, the Apple vs. Epic dust-up, next-gen console pricing, the mysterious fate of the Rock-afire Explosion, and a very intensive rumination on gunblades.
19/08/202h 40m

Giant Bombcast 647: The Historical Gamer Strikes Again!

If you're looking for LIVE REAX to the breaking Halo Infinite delay, impressions of the Avengers beta, and expectations for Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game and the Remedy Connected Universe, this is the Bombcast for you!
12/08/202h 22m

Giant Bombcast 646: Great Tile Feel

Caty McCarthy from USgamer joins us to chat about the mystery that is Blaseball, the madcap action of Fall Guys, free-to-play Halo Infinite, Frog Fractions 3 through 9, PS5 gadget compatibility, the horror of carpeted bathrooms, and... the assembled guest
05/08/202h 24m

Giant Bombcast 645: Evidence of Luigi

As July comes to a close we recap Microsoft's latest Xbox Series X Event, continued adventures in Ghost of Tsushima, catching rare monsters in Pokemon Go Fest 2020, dipping stuff in other stuff, leaks at Nintendo, G4 coming back, and the long awaited sequ

Giant Bombcast 644: WarioWare Without the Wario

Tamoor Hussain pops over from GameSpot to talk samurai photography, the new Paper Mario, the current whereabouts of Francis York Morgan, the latest goings-on with next-gen consoles, the great charge-move controversy, and stealing booze from monkeys.
22/07/202h 28m

Giant Bombcast 643: Save the Truck for Last

Ghost of Tsushima leads this week's show, along with Devolverland's not-E3, the latest Superhot, Ubisoft's Forward event and ongoing internal turmoil, Sony's Epic investment, the most expensive Mario ever sold, NEC's anime console, and Ice Cube's love of
14/07/202h 23m

Giant Bombcast 642: Pump Up the Valium

On this safe and sane episode we definitely don't discuss residential bomb-making, but do talk Hyper Scape, Golf on Mars, more Trackmania, the Evo Online cancellation, $70 video games, Fallout on TV, and... butter on pop tart?!
08/07/202h 36m

Giant Bombcast 641: Hey, Throw Your Molotovs!

This week: Jan finished The Last of Us, Jeff's got a track mania, Ben's fighting herds (professionally), the beginnings of corporate action on assault and abuse, the latest Xbox Lockhart rumors, a PokeMOBA (?!), and a fond farewell to Andy McNamara's stor
01/07/202h 34m

Giant Bombcast 640: Tactical Growth

This week we unpack the current assault and abuse allegations roiling the games industry, the abrupt Mixer shutdown, EA Play, the rumored Rocksteady Suicide Squad game, more with The Last of Us Part II, Windjammers II, and the mysterious couch of Masahiro
24/06/202h 56m

Giant Bombcast 639: Ribcages Per Capita

It's (nearly) all PlayStation 5, all the time around here this week, but we also find room for The Last of Us Part II, Torchlight III, Disintegration, Star Wars: Squadrons, Persona 4 on PC, and a very, uh, loving Alex Kidd retrospective.
17/06/202h 29m

Giant Bombcast 638: I Found Drugs in a Locker and I Did Them

This week we clear the air on Fog Gaming, check in on C&C Remastered, the new Trackmania, and Phantasy Star Online 2 PC, talk about the future of Destiny 2, keep up with a bunch of rumors for summer game announcements, and discover a very special them
10/06/202h 45m

Giant Bombcast 637: Slow Off King

Austin Walker and Vinny Caravella drop by during a tumultuous week to talk current events, Valorant, Monster Train, PS5 and Xbox Series X compatbility (backwards and forwards), the coming Sega revolution, Minecraft personality types, and where to get the
03/06/202h 30m

Giant Bombcast 636: Dragon Attack 11: Aftermath

Hey, you like video games? How about Minecraft Dungeons? Mortal Kombat 11's story DLC? Saints Row The Third's remaster? Perhaps Super Mario Bros. Special? Inquire within!
27/05/202h 35m

Giant Bombcast 635: S-rank With Your Coffee Dad

This week we welcome back Brad (and the tales of his nose), dig and craft in Minecraft and Terraria, gawk at that Unreal Engine 5 demo, speculate about Ghost of Tsushima and the new Paper Mario, debate video game rap battles and esports rules, and enter a
19/05/202h 50m

Giant Bombcast 634: Mozzarella Tape

The Birdman is back and so is the Giant Bombcast! We cover texts from Tony Hawk, everything that premiered during the Xbox Series X event, testing our gaming trivia knowledge, and so much more!
12/05/202h 27m

Giant Bombcast 633: Potion Balls

In these unprecedented times we gathered together to talk about Streets of Rage 4, the Predator film franchise, a possible new (old) Skate game, and much more!
05/05/202h 48m

Giant Bombcast 632: A Place for Hair

We're deep into tactics this week, both of the Gears and XCOM: Chimera Squad variety, along with WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the Last of Us II leak, shoto wrestlers, the crucial 3DO back catalog, Tinder hentai, teenage video game crimes, and fridges full of pro
29/04/202h 28m

Giant Bombcast 631: Doom Nuts & Bolts

This week we dig into Persona 5 Royal, the Guilty Gear -Strive- beta, more Fallout 76 (?), the final Mario Maker 2 update (?!), Sony's PlayStation 5 production plans, Jan's good Internet, and how to eat 30 eggs in one day.
22/04/202h 26m

Giant Bombcast 630: NPCs Are Here

We talk up a storm about a return trip to Fallout 76, finishing the FF7 remake, the blessed end of Bunny Day, a new Resident Evil 4, virtual dating, more Internet Phantasy Star, that new XCOM, eggs of all flavors, and the missing WWE game.
15/04/202h 23m

Giant Bombcast 629: Give Me a Werewolf

This week: the surprise PlayStation 5 DualSense controller announcement, the Final Fantasy VII remake, the end of Doom Eternal, The Last of Us Part II delay, Atari crypto, 40 hot dogs and buns, a quick pants check, and your emails!
08/04/202h 36m

Giant Bombcast 628: Respect the Headcrab

The games continue to pile up, with more on Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, Ori, Resident Evil 3, the Control DLC, and One Step From Eden. Plus: the Modern Warfare 2 surprise remaster, a Dragon's Lair movie, and... Super Mario All-Stars 2?
31/03/202h 35m

Giant Bombcast 627: Final Fight Questions

Games games games! This week we get deep into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Doom Eternal, and Half-Life: Alyx, talk PlayStation 5 details, think really hard about Artifact 2, and finally decide that age-old question: Splinter Cell or Samba de Amigo?
25/03/202h 30m

Giant Bombcast 626: All You S'mores Juice Fans

Our brand new series Bombcast@Home kicks off with discussions of life in quarantine, Doom Eternal, the full Xbox Series X specs, the cancellation of E3 and everything else, and washing your groceries!
18/03/202h 19m

Giant Bombcast 625: Take Me to the YouTube

This week we spend some time with Ori and COD: MW's Battle Royale, look at COVID-19's effect on the games industry, place bets on E3's chances of... happening, and take emails from you, the fans of 311.
11/03/202h 32m

Giant Bombcast 624: Depth and Lightness

On this Super Tuesday, we ask: what is it people want from modernity? Is it a new Trackmania? A delayed GDC? Thoughts on Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Ori and the Will of the Wisps? To abolish shoestring fries? A 311 concert which continues unto eternity? In
03/03/202h 41m

Giant Bombcast 623: It Might Be a Whammo!

From new Xbox Series X details to coronavirus fears, Steam indies like Taur and Quantum League, our latest fighting game roundup, the second coming of Burnout Paradise, a nunchaku clinic, and the dystopian sound of NookLink, this week there's a lot to tal
25/02/202h 44m

Giant Bombcast 622: The Squattery Wheel

We're joined by the superhuman Matthew Rorie to discuss the trials and tribulations of Wolcen, Pokemon Home, E3 2020, PlayStation 5 pricing, the StarCraft Ghost leak, the ill fate of HQ Trivia, Jan's corporate espionage, and the dire state of monster truc
18/02/202h 24m

Giant Bombcast 621: Groove Is in the Heart VR

Are we splitting or stealing this week? Does Granblue Fantasy: Versus count as anime? Will Rockstar ever make another Grand Theft Auto? Why in the world is Phantasy Star Online 2 finally coming out in English? Is Space Channel 5 good? The answers--and muc
12/02/202h 47m

Giant Bombcast 620: Fortune Chalupa

All kinds of news is happening this week, from E3's 2020 plans to Dan Houser's Rockstar departure. Also: the GeForce Now launch, the #Platinum4, Blizzard's Warcraft III boondoggle, and more on the mysterious Xbox Series X port that wouldn't quit.
04/02/202h 44m

Giant Bombcast 619: The Jäger Cube

This week we Journey to the Savage Planet, train up some Temtem, get ReMinded about Kingdom Hearts III, puzzle over Xbox prototypes and Atari Hotels, and reminisce fondly about everyone's favorite .mp3 llama.
28/01/202h 26m

Giant Bombcast 618: Teach Gohan to Fish

This week we talk Doom Eternal and DBZ Kakarot, PlayStation 5 leaks and delay after delay, the great Byleth conspiracy, boiling eyeballs, a Halo retrospective, the video-rental-to-liquor-store pipeline, and a sighting of the elusive "coin ship."
22/01/202h 31m

Giant Bombcast 617: Bathtub Full of Food

We welcome Brad back as we discuss Sony skipping out on E3, Nintendo's upcoming theme park, the Epic Games Store, what Wattam is, and much more on this week's Giant Bombcast!
14/01/202h 52m

Giant Bombcast 616: Sonic's Wife

We're back from the holidays! Come along as we recount our activities during the break, new console logos, CES news, the anatomy of an echidna, and much more!
08/01/202h 40m

Giant Bombcast 615: Favorite Crime

The white smoke has cleared and revealed another episode of the GIANT BOMBCAST! We discuss the upcoming game releases of 2020, video game themed classes, and our favorite crimes!
31/12/192h 29m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2019: Day Five Deliberations

The final day is here! Many games will enter, but only 10 can leave. Which one will reign supreme?
27/12/192h 23m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2019: Day Four Deliberations

The list is done, the time for casual talk is through. Time to dole out awards, including Best Story, Best Music, Best Style, and Cool Multiplayer Thing!
26/12/194h 45m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2019: Day Three Deliberations

It's time to soldier through the end of this list of 2019's most notable games. No game will be forgotten! Only awards remain!
25/12/195h 7m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2019: Day Two Deliberations

Our second day of discussions takes us deep into our list of 2019's most important games and the impressions they left on us.
24/12/193h 59m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2019: Day One Deliberations

The imminent end of 2019 means only one thing: it's time for us to sit in a room and talk through all the games that mattered to us this year.
23/12/193h 52m

Giant Bombcast 614: The Sonic Bible

Surprises are around every corner! We talk about the newly announced Xbox Series X, the Game Awards, 2019's Capcom Cup, the origin of planet Mobius, and much much more!
18/12/192h 37m

Giant Bombcast 613: The Universal Sauce

The year may be winding down, but game announcements aren't! We go through Sony's State of Play and the new Switch indies, speculate about a new BioShock, pitch the future of Darkstalkers, evaluate Juggalo gangs, and get a crash course on jacket potatoes.
10/12/192h 18m

Giant Bombcast 612: Two Two Tacos

This week we're joined by a very special guest: you! Join us for a whole bunch of e- and voice mails as we entertain your thoughts on fast-food ordering, Death Stranding spreadsheets, puffy jackets, and other topics of the day.
03/12/191h 52m

Giant Bombcast 611: "jedi council pink floyd"

This week we run down a bunch of our GOTY backlog prep, get deep-ish into Disco Elysium, discuss the Half-Life: Alyx trailer, ponder the future of Tony Hawk (again), take a Star Wars minute, and get hyped for more Resi.
27/11/192h 28m

Giant Bombcast 610: #Piñexit

Google Stadia, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Jedi: Fallen Order, a new Half-Life (?!), a new Mass Effect (?!?), "Anthem Next," Ring Fit Adventure, X019: this podcast is practically bursting at the seams!
19/11/193h 16m

Giant Bombcast 609: Terry Bogard 2020

This week we're trucking right along with Death Stranding, Luigi's Mansion 3, and The Outer Worlds, plus a lot of ruminating on new consoles, the best 3DS games, a ranking of fruit, Limp Bizkit survival strategies, and a quick Sonic the Hedgehog watch par
13/11/192h 36m

Giant Bombcast 608: OK DOOMer

The Death Stranding embargo is up, and unsurprisingly it's hard to talk about much else, but we also get deep into a Blizzcon recap with thoughts on Diablo IV and Overwatch 2, Luigi's Mansion 3, Switch Lite sales figures, Hideo Kojima's filmmaking career,
05/11/193h 4m

Giant Bombcast 607: The Wang Chung Zone

This week: EA's (back) on Steam, Death Stranding comes to PC, a COD: MW report, some Blizzcon speculation, details on our Extra Life plans, and more of the worst (best) songs of the '80s, as chosen by you!
30/10/193h 17m

Giant Bombcast 606: PlayStation Vita 2

This week we're bowled over by The Outer Worlds, Jan talks Digimon puberty, the Analogue Pocket looks super slick, Blizzard attracts the ire of Congress, and we... hate the '80s?
22/10/192h 42m

Giant Bombcast 605: Baby's First Earthquake

Instead of all the embargoed games we can't talk about, this week we get into MiSTer updates, Gabe's missing minigun, a bit of Final Fantasy reminiscing, speculation about new-console load times, soda beer, more bad (?) '80s songs, and the ongoing reverbe
15/10/192h 50m

Giant Bombcast 604: I'll Battle Pass!

Gaaaaames! Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Trine 4, Indivisible, Concrete Genie, and the new Yooka-Laylee are out this week, plus the latest on PlayStation 5, Red Dead 2 PC, and Blizzard's Hearthstone e-sports controversy.
08/10/192h 33m

Giant Bombcast 603: Call of Tuesday

Video games! Ghost Recon Breakpoint, The Last of Us Part II, Code Vein, The Surge 2, Card of Darkness, Call of Duty Mobile, Untitled Goose Game, Outer Wilds... Surely we talk about stuff besides games this week too. Probably.
01/10/192h 51m

Giant Bombcast 602: Easy Chicken

A zillion games came out last week and we're here to talk about like 12 of them! Let's check in on Apple Arcade's lineup, Link's Awakening, and Borderlands 3. Then let's get into the news... is Valve going to have to let you resell your games? Weird! The
24/09/192h 46m

Giant Bombcast 601: Chief Daedra Officer

This week: We're all playing (and talking about) Borderlands 3, Jeff spent some time with Apple Arcade, E3 2020 gets influential, Billy Mitchell gets litigious, and we get the inside scoop on QVC promotions and open-source car-hacking.
17/09/192h 35m

Giant Bombcast 600: Big Game Pass

This week we dig into Gears the Fifth, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, new Monster Hunter and PvZ, the weirdest Nintendo Direct, Apple's Arcade, car firmware updates, and the curious case of the Borderlands reviews.
10/09/192h 47m

Giant Bombcast 599: Podcasts Are for Vampires

Some old friends show up in the studio to talk about playing the Avengers game, the greatness of Control, merging Destiny characters, new iterations of old arguments, and the week's fraught events in the game industry.
03/09/192h 59m

Giant Bombcast 598: The Tank, the Healer, and the Damage-Dealer

Noclip's Danny O'Dwyer lands in the studio on his way to PAX to get deep into Control, Outer Wilds, and Creature in the Well, ponder Tom Holland's age-appropriateness, speculate about new-console launch lineups, and discuss at length the noble cockroach.
27/08/192h 27m

Giant Bombcast 597: Watering a Plastic Succulent

GameSpot's Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain stop by to discuss coming to America, third-person peeing, all the news out of Gamescom, being grumpy about Overwatch, and a textbook example of conflict resolution.
20/08/192h 36m

Giant Bombcast 596: Math Amphetamine

Games are approaching! But before the Fall releases start, we take a little more time with Fire Emblem, check out Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and RAD, talk loot box developments, talk through more than one weird concert report, and take another round of your food
14/08/192h 24m

Giant Bombcast 595: It's Always the Cute Monks

GameSpot's Kallie Plagge and Michael Higham drop by with more on Fire Emblem and Wolfenstein, an on-the-scene EVO 2019 report, a word on the events of the weekend, and our ever-popular segment, foodmails.
06/08/192h 39m

Giant Bombcast 594: Tea Leads to Intimacy

This week world traveler Drew Scanlon lands in the studio to talk about the new Fire Emblem, the new Wolfenstein, multiplayer solitaire, air traffic role-playing, revitalizing Star Fox, tragic data loss, and cooking with soda.
30/07/192h 31m

Giant Bombcast 593: Bad Gamer Dads

Noted gamer dad Will Smith drops by to talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Dota Underlords, drifting Joy Cons, Tom DeLonge's alien fetish, computer cabinets, toads in the hole, and Odin's favorite household objects.
23/07/192h 26m

Giant Bombcast 592: Extra Ribcage Edition

The Switch Lite is the big story of the week, but we also touch on Dragon Quest Builders 2, SolSeraph, and FFXIV, get deep into the future of Capcom fighting, contemplate cinematic fatalities, argue about pigs in blankets, and get in the mud at the demoli
16/07/192h 36m

Giant Bombcast 591: WOLF MERLIN WOLF

The Bombcast is back with field reports from Super Mario Maker 2, Teppen, and Apex Legends Season 2. Then we wade back into the ever-growing auto chess swamp, ask if Nintendo is falling behind the competition, and, in what must be a first, we deliberately
09/07/192h 27m

Giant Bombcast 590: Ice Cube Is Our Coworker

This week's hot topics include Mario Maker 2, CEO, console tariffs, the PUBG "universe," the Black Ops 4 that could have been, a variety of chicken/waffle configurations, Barenaked pinball, and the origin of inverted castles.
02/07/192h 34m

Giant Bombcast 589: The Homie Protocol

This week we break, uh, protocol by starting with a gigantic pile of your emails, before moving on to Bloodstained, Samurai Shodown, Shang Tsung, more Auto Chess of various flavors, and the news of the day.
25/06/192h 46m

Giant Bombcast 588: Tingle Gave Me His Dowser!

This week we do some post-E3 housekeeping and run down our favorite moments of the show, gush at length about Cadence of Hyrule, express bafflement at all this automatic chess, and take a ton of your emails!
18/06/192h 29m

Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2019: Nite 3

This is it folks, the final Nite of the show.
14/06/194h 30m

Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2019: Nite 2

The mayhem continues on Nite 2 of E3.
13/06/194h 32m

Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2019: Nite 1

Nite 1 is here!
12/06/194h 28m

Giant Bombcast 587: Tac-Yak

We rip open the annual E3 sealed envelope to discuss all the games from judges' week like Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, The Outer Worlds, and more. Plus: a rundown of our schedule at the show and another round of our guaranteed accurate E3 predict

Giant Bombcast 586: Functional Shang Tsung!

Our last show before E3 sees us digging through a mountain of news, leaks, and rumors in advance of the show, connecting to Death Stranding, speculating about the scent of the Xbox, and pondering the slow, slow nature of the Truck.
04/06/192h 43m

Giant Bombcast 585: The Hentai Highway

Before E3 arrives, we spend a little more time dipping into the games of the day like Void Bastards, Mortal Kombat 11, and Dauntless, saying farewell to the Ouya, pondering decade-old buffalo sauce, and digging into that hot new fantasy show everyone's ta
28/05/192h 36m

Giant Bombcast 584: Bend It Like Blevins

We all ponder lucrative careers as Fortnite players and/or makeup influencers before instead discussing the ESA's turmoil and the future of E3, additional time with Rage 2, Oculus Quest, more Mario Maker, and the fate of Jean-Luc Cougar.
21/05/192h 50m

Giant Bombcast 583: "Under the Top!"

This week we dive into Rage 2's vaguely pink wasteland, Mordhau's medieval kombat, loot box legislation, Tetris downloads, the new Ghost Recon, the old Final Fantasy, that jerk Bulbasaur, and what makes a hoodie a hoodie.
14/05/192h 35m

Giant Bombcast 582: It's 4:20 Somewhere!

It's a little slow on the new games dropping front but we talk about Ben and Jan's trip to the movies, what's legal in Denver, Xbox's Community Standards, the Video Game Hall of Fame, and more!
07/05/192h 39m

Giant Bombcast 581: Six on the Face

MK11 continues to dominate the office, but we also mix in Forager, the latest spate of video game labor issues, Mario styli, cartridge fetishism, controller evolution, Steven Tyler's knife, and... that trailer.
30/04/192h 40m

Giant Bombcast 580: Where Is Kidd Thunder?

We've really got Mortal Kombat on the brain this week, but we also make time for Steamworld Quest, Iron Man VR, the latest pre-E3 console news, strangers in hotel rooms, influencer influencers, and the mysterious case of the flying crab.
23/04/192h 42m

Giant Bombcast 579: BATS NOT BALLS

Sony details the next PlayStation out of nowhere and it isn't even the most contentious topic of the week! Respawn's Star Wars, Janina Gavankar's Horizon leak, genuine Sanwa parts: this podcast has it all.
16/04/192h 30m

Giant Bombcast 578: Chrome-Ass GameCube

After the requisite Wrestlemania wrap-up, we drive dangerously, test our falconry skills, hit max level in D.C., go to MiSTer school, ponder the Smurf reproductive system, and listen to one very special Soundcloud.
09/04/192h 35m

Giant Bombcast 577: Google Doggie Kruger

With PAX in the rearview mirror, we get serious about E3 speculation and the future of game consoles and streaming, then even more serious about Power Rangers, then even MORE serious about owning a Dig Dug machine.
02/04/192h 54m

Giant Bombcast 576: I Sometimes Play the Switch

This week we die more than twice in Sekiro, pop back into The Division 2, and play more of BaBa Is You. We also share stories about Jan's time on a farm, whether or not Jason's eye is fine, and fondly remember "YOUR SOUL IS MINE".
26/03/192h 40m

Giant Bombcast 575: Thousand-Player Battle Royale

Google finally takes the lid off Stadia, its streaming platform, and we're excited and terrified. Also: MK11, BaBa Is You, Hypnospace Outlaw, chameleons, a ranking of chips, super cocaine, and Rich Gallup!
19/03/192h 16m

Giant Bombcast 574: DST Is DTF

We talk about the how things are going in Washington D.C. with The Division 2, reading poetry in Devil May Cry 5, Nintendo's ventures into cardboard based VR, carrying Goombas, and Zac Effron's celebrity status.
12/03/192h 40m

Giant Bombcast 573: Resting Grimace Face

This week: there's a new pair of Pokemon games, ToeJam and Earl return (again), Evo 2019 drops some surprises, a disc-less Xbox might be out soon, and Sonic gets real in Chili Dog City.
06/03/192h 38m

Giant Bombcast 572: Giana Maker

On this week's show we dive deep into a wild week of news, pop wheelies in Trials Rising, check in on Wargroove, Dead or Alive 6, and Anthem, and have a viewing party for the latest from Detective Pikachu.
26/02/192h 41m

Giant Bombcast 571: It's Like a Big Slider

Games games games! We dig into Tetris 99, Anthem, Crackdown 3, and Far Cry: New Dawn, along with the momentous Nintendo Direct, Activision layoffs, the future of Fortnite and Apex Legends, and our thoughts on tiny sandwiches.
19/02/192h 30m

Giant Bombcast 570: EA's Got a Fortnite!

We're playing a ton of Apex Legends around here, but also finding time for God Eater 3, Devil May Cry V, Astroneer, Dota Auto Chess, Kingdom Hearts III, the news, your emails, and the current whereabouts of Kevin McCallister.
12/02/192h 39m

Giant Bombcast 569: Please Tip Your Jumpmaster

Respawn drops a new game out of nowhere and we spend a bunch of time talking about it, plus a smaller Switch, IRC memories, a world of Dr. Mario, a visit to the Strangereal, and a fresh serving of new-console speculation.
05/02/192h 54m

Giant Bombcast 568: Metroid Crime

This week we welcome back Brad and his adventures with Resident Evil 2, Anthem, wrestling news, leftover chicken wings, and the wild ride that is Kingdom Hearts III.
29/01/192h 42m

Giant Bombcast 567: Two Arms Holding It Open

This week we recap Jeff's trip to check out Mortal Kombat 11, Travis Strikes Again, Artifact, the different ways to consume coffee, and FREE MONEY!
22/01/192h 12m

Giant Bombcast 566: Earthworm Jim = Duke Nukem

This week: strange goings on at Gearbox, Bungie's latest bid for independence, SNES on Switch, Onimusha Warlords, God Eater 3, Bloodborne, Momodora, and your emails!
16/01/192h 43m

Giant Bombcast 565: My Son Keith

The 2019 deluxe model of the Giant Bombcast includes power steering, personalized climate control, and eight cylinders of high-octane video game discussion.
08/01/192h 32m

Giant Bombcast 564: EXIT FLU

It's 2019, but the office is still closed, so we holed up at the edge of the world to talk about some of 2019's upcoming video games, your voice mails, and... that Tumblr account?
01/01/191h 24m

Game of the Year 2018: Day Five Deliberations

This is it, our discussions around Best Story, Best Ongoing Game, Best Looking, Most Disappointing, and our top 10 games of the year.
28/12/186h 4m

Game of the Year 2018: Day Four Deliberations

Our first day of awards includes Best Styyyyyyyle, Best Music, Best Debut, Hottest Mess, and Best Moment or Sequence.
27/12/185h 56m

Game of the Year 2018: Day Three Deliberations

Day three sees us rounding out 2018 with discussions of the year end's heavy hitters. On to the awards!
26/12/185h 35m

Game of the Year 2018: Day Two Deliberations

It's day two, and we're plowing through another huge chunk of 2018's most notable games on our way to the awards.
25/12/183h 53m

Game of the Year 2018: Day One Deliberations

Our 2018 awards feature begins at the beginning, with a deep dive on the list of games that mattered to us this year.
24/12/182h 58m

Giant Bombcast 563: Sopping Wet Socks

We're here with the final "normal" Giant Bombcast of 2018, so let's get into some Smash Bros. unlocks, Earth Defense Force 5, Heroes of the Storm, slinging $100 copies of Kingdom Hearts III, Battlefield V, and your chicken skin-related emails!
18/12/182h 22m

Giant Bombcast 562: Super Dark Souls

This week we plow through the news bounty that dropped during the Game Awards, Smash Ultimate, the new Monster Boy, Ashen, Hades, and that new Sonic movie, uh, "artwork."
11/12/182h 41m

Giant Bombcast 561: The Bad Guy Likes Weather

Just Cause 4! Red Dead Online! The Epic store! Canvas bags! Ultraviolet poo! It's a Bombcast!
04/12/182h 14m

Giant Bombcast 560: NO HAND SHAKE

The gang's (almost) all here to get GOTY-ready and talk up the PlayStation Classic, Darksiders III, Kingdom Hearts lore, hot dog strategies, pizza strategies, our new-console wish list, and more!
27/11/182h 56m

Giant Bombcast 559: Chocolate Upgrade

This week we dig into new Pokemon of all sorts, the Dota card game, the mystery of Fallout 76, Sony's E3 absence, the maybe forthcoming new consoles, co-op Tetris, lucrative class-action windfalls, and horse-punching.
20/11/182h 51m

Giant Bombcast 558: Boattle Royale

Hitman 2! Tetris Effect! Battlefield V! The games of Fall are upon us, followed by a raft of rocky stories in the games biz, questionable emails about food, towel habits, edible Mario enemies, and the return of Banjo & Kazooie (who never really left).
14/11/182h 56m

Giant Bombcast 557: Piranha Plant Did Nothing Wrong

This week we're coming in hot off of Extra Life to talk The Quiet Man, more RDR2 adventures, the Black Ops season pass, the Diablo mobile kerfuffle, Deltarune, bulk video games, and bizarre cupcake strategies.
06/11/182h 30m

Giant Bombcast 556: The Experience of Going Viral (Premium)

GameSpot's Lucy James joins in to help us break down Red Dead Redemption 2, Diablo 3 on Switch, the PlayStation Classic lineup, Overwatch esports, coffee 'n Corn Flakes, enhanced gaming positions, and attending a London Raiders game.
30/10/182h 41m

Giant Bombcast 555: Super Mario Bros. Review

With releases heating up, we're here to rate all the season's most important games, including Soulcalibur VI, Return of the Obra Dinn, and Black Ops 4. Plus: new old-game consoles, working at Rockstar, the goings-on at Oculus, and a lengthy look back at t
23/10/182h 59m

Giant Bombcast We're Sorry: Ten Years of The Giant Bombcast

This year the Giant Bombcast turned 10. To celebrate, we got ourselves the gift of a special bonus episode. We asked fans to submit their favorite Bombcast memories, and we've compiled some of them, in addition to behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes,
21/10/183h 55m

Giant Bombcast 554: A Nice Skin Deal (Premium)

This week we dig as deep into Black Ops IIII as humanly possible, ponder the correct boss order in Mega Man 11, puzzle at the oddities of PSN name changes, say the words "Borderlands 3," and have a lengthy oatmeal chat!
16/10/182h 52m

Giant Bombcast 553: Hot Dogs and Helmut Kruger (Premium)

Hitman 2! Super Mario Party! Dead or Alive 6! Shady keyloggers! Destiny raids! New Switches! Xbox streaming! Harry Potter! Dead goats! Butter on Poptarts! This podcast has it all!
09/10/182h 42m

Giant Bombcast 552: Uncle of the Year (Premium)

Mike Mahardy gallups in with the dirt on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, before we move on to other current games like Forza Horizon 4 and Phantasy Star Online. Also: Sony's cross-play about-face, Skrillex' current whereabouts, and a l
03/10/182h 43m

Giant Bombcast 551: Digital Didgeridudes (Premium)

It must be the Fall because we have a stack of games to discuss, including Forza Horizon 4, Timespinner, Valkyria Chronicles 4, CrossCode, Ring of Elysium, and more. Also: the Telltale closure, the PlayStation Classic, and never, ever washing your jeans.
25/09/182h 29m

Giant Bombcast 550: Sauce Shaming (Premium)

This week we run through a stack of Nintendo news, check out Capcom beat-em-ups, remember the Intellivision, ponder the recent pinball switcheroo, break down a good air juggle, and puzzle at the name of the New York System.
18/09/182h 32m

Giant Bombcast 549: Reboot the Pearl! (Premium)

Games! They're coming out and we're talking about them, including Spider-Man, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and COD's Blackout mode, along with pre-TGS news, a Fall Out Boy field report, and a check-in with our intrepid East Coast corres
11/09/182h 29m

Giant Bombcast 548: The Shush-Shush Lad (Premium)

We wrap up an action-packed PAX by running down Artifact, Windjammers 2, and Streets of Rage 4, go deep on Spider-Man for PS4, think over Tim Kitzrow's career options, sample some coffee soup, and get very opinionated about Raichu.
04/09/182h 41m

Giant Bombcast 547: Smash Bros. Tournament Hygiene (Premium)

This week we take a trip to Donut County, join the Strange Brigade, talk about more games hidden in ceilings, argue about Punch-Out, and ponder the nature of the phrase "Streets of Rage 4."
28/08/182h 45m

Giant Bombcast 546: Declaration of Hot Dogs (Premium)

Noted European Gary Whitta stops by to help us make sense of Gamescom, esports careers, Windjammers 2 (?!?), expensive graphics cards, the future fate of Alameda, and the best misters.
21/08/182h 39m

Giant Bombcast 545: School Meat (Premium)

This week we climb into the gnomish time machine to discuss Battle for Azeroth, talk through the Doom Eternal and Red Dead 2 game reveals, ponder the asset-thieving weirdness of Jazztronauts, and figure out the best way to open a door!
14/08/182h 48m

Giant Bombcast 544: Watch Streaming or Eat Delicious Pizza (Premium)

Ben and Jan return from Vegas with an Evo field report, we all get way into Dead Cells, a bunch of business gets talked about, and the name "Bernie Stolar" is said a surprising number of times, all on this week's Bombcast!
07/08/182h 50m

Giant Bombcast 543: Don't Truckshame Your Dad (Premium)

We talk at leeeength about the No Man's Sky NEXT update, along with this week's procedural platformer Chasm, tons of Nintendo sales data, cryptojacking, everyone's blood types, B-tier handhelds, and even more shower time.
31/07/182h 50m

Giant Bombcast 542: Submarineway (Premium)

With the dry summer in full effect, we talk about our hopes for No Man's Sky NEXT, Dead Cells, and whatever that new Phantasy Star game is, along with Nintendo lawsuits, mobile money laundering, Street Fighter 6, and the return of shower habits.
25/07/182h 36m

Giant Bombcast 541: Yerb Up! (Premium)

This week we have Ben's further Octopath travels, the new (old) Tempest, another trip to the Danger Zone, E3 emulator war stories, a Sonic/Tinder field report, the king of Kings, and the violent legacy of Panic Park.
17/07/182h 27m

Giant Bombcast 540: Sailor Bruno Mars (Premium)

This week Jeff returns from Anime Expo with a travelogue you won't want to miss, plus Pocket Rumble, Jan's NJPW experience, the ArenaNet controversy, BioWare romance options, and one very questionable hoodie.
10/07/182h 37m

Giant Bombcast 539: Summer Dump Zone (Premium)

What do Wreckfest, Fighting EX Layer, clickers du jour, Google game streaming, Metal Gear Solid 4, the impending Sonic the Hedgehog motion picture, and the NorCal apocalypse have in common? They're all discussed on this podcast!
03/07/182h 30m

Giant Bombcast 538: Dashing Carburetor of the Owl (Premium)

As the summer heat sets in, cool off with some coooool topics like Lumines Remastered, The Crew 2, Mario Tennis Aces, Xbox and Nintendo's, uh, brandmance, and the latest from Akon, Tony Hawk, and Socks the Cat.
27/06/182h 27m

Giant Bombcast 537: Kick Merlin out the Casino (Premium)

We're back from E3 with... a big long wrap-up of E3, followed by Onrush, Yoku's Island Express, Royales of multiple varieties, data cap woes, handheld memories, and more!
19/06/182h 38m

Giant Bombcast Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 3: The Podcast

Here it is - our final show featuring a slew of amazing guests such as Janina Gavankar, Austin Creed, John Drake... and whatever the hell this last segment is.
18/06/184h 52m

Giant Bombcast Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 2: The Podcast

We're joined by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Mortal Kombat boss Ed Boon, Waypoint boss Austin Walker, and many more.
15/06/184h 2m

Giant Bombcast Giant Bomb @ Nite - Live From E3 2018: Nite 1: The Podcast

Night one features your Giant Bomb editor check in, Xbox and Nintendo indies, 505 Games, and some friends from other press outlets.
13/06/184h 3m

Giant Bombcast 536: We Should Make a Lu Bu Game (Premium)

As E3 opens, listen to us run down all the games Jeff saw during the pre-show judges week, plus our highly accurate expectations for the show!
12/06/182h 34m

Giant Bombcast 535: Our Crazy Apocalypse (Premium)

With days to go till E3, New York's own Alex Navarro swoops in to help us make sense of Fallout 76, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Yoku's Island Express, OnRush, Atari boxes, and Mortal Kombat Gold?
05/06/182h 21m

Giant Bombcast 534: Forklift Academy (Premium)

Back on up to the loading dock for the latest scuttlebutt about Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, Street Fighter's 30th-ish anniversary, the return of PixelJunk, PUBG lawsuits, the future of PlayStation, and pre-E3 thoughts big and small.
30/05/182h 44m

Giant Bombcast 533: We've Got the Truck Stick! (Premium)

"Scoops" Klepek is in the studio to help walk us through the Black Ops IIII reveal, hands-on with Dreams, the li'l Neo Geo, hard zombie times, and the tyranny of electric sidewalk scooters.
22/05/182h 39m

Giant Bombcast 532: Hard Onboard (Premium)

The good ship E3 has sprung a few leaks, and Will Smith is here to help us bail as fast as we can. Also: State of Decay 2, Frostpunk, the new Dota Battle Pi... uh, Pass, the Rage 2 announcement, Star Fox Karts, and your emails!
15/05/182h 30m

Giant Bombcast 531: Domestic Beers and Zoolander (Premium)

Try to hold your pee long enough to listen to us talk about E3 hopes and dreams, VR lightsabers, Nintendo Switch Online, Super Ubi Bros., tragic pinball developments, and the magic of the renaissance faire.
08/05/182h 35m

Giant Bombcast 530: Olympic Uno (Premium)

Late-game thoughts on God of War, the legality of loot boxes, all kinds of Nintendo goings on, Lunchable heating strategies, memories of lousy music teachers, and a dawning awareness of E3 await in this week's Bombcast!
02/05/182h 34m

Giant Bombcast 529: POLICE USE NUNCHAKU (Premium)

This week we dig into cardboard video games, God of War, Swords of Ditto, Call of Duty's multiplayer-only future, Valve's Campo Santo, Neo Geo nostalgia, the great domain-name scam, college martial arts, and a big giant list of E3 maybes.
24/04/182h 42m

Giant Bombcast 528: Boy! (Premium)

This week we talk about the early hours of Kratos and his son's new adventure, some hardcore boat action, some hardcore "action," the proper way to enjoy a PB&J sandwich, and way more.
17/04/182h 26m

Giant Bombcast 527: LINE NOISE!! (Premium)

In the wake of PAX and Wrestlemania, we check in on Extinction, Far Cry 5, Ni no Kuni II, Boss Key's battle royale, the return of Sam Fisher, GBA excellence, serious piñata management, and the whereabouts of Richard Grieco.
10/04/182h 41m

Giant Bombcast 526: Ultra Mario (Premium)

This week we're all about old and new arcade games, consoles that did and didn't exist, and rampant E3 speculation, with a dash of new releases like Minit, Ni no Kuni 2, and Far Cry 5 for good measure!
04/04/182h 21m

Giant Bombcast 525: The Chocolate Mystery (Premium)

The Giant Bomb Gang gathers to talk about Far Cry 5, gentleman's club buffets, Ni no Kuni II, Jason's powered skateboard, new Fortnite records, the latest video game news, your emails, and more!
27/03/182h 35m

Giant Bombcast 524: Rez 2 (Premium)

Mark MacDonald and John Ricciardi swoop in to chat about the state of Japanese games (besides Rez 2, which does not exist), Sea of Thieves, the Fortnite craze, Ubisoft's newfound freedom, and world-traveling World Warriors.
20/03/182h 14m

Giant Bombcast 523: Realistic Wad of Flesh (Premium)

We've braved the light drizzle outside to go in on hot topics like Fortnite mobile, Black Ops IIII, Dota subscriptions, the Nintendo Direct, Burnout Paradise Remastered, Into the Breach's continued dominance, and the mysterious egg beer.
14/03/182h 42m

Giant Bombcast 522: Shuckin' Drive (Premium)

This week Into the Breach is the only thing most of us can think about, but we manage to mix Battlefield: WWII, Hunt: Showdown, Vermintide 2, free Yakuza, Capcom vs. Capcom, good platformer physics, and bad Chrono Trigger into the show for good measure.
06/03/182h 29m

Giant Bombcast 521: On the Devil's Level (Premium)

This week we're obligated to dive deep on the entirety of Metal Gear Survive, plus Into the Breach, Hunt: Showdown, Activision moving and shaking, Switch homebrew, illicit GameStop goings-on, and the class conflict of PapaPriority.
27/02/182h 32m

Giant Bombcast 520: Nice Meme, Jeff (Premium)

This week on the podcast train, we give up our seat for Metal Gear Survive, hold the door for Burnout Paradise Remastered, glance suspiciously at Atari's cryptocurrency, and strike up a friendly conversation with your emails.
20/02/182h 20m

Giant Bombcast 519: Jim Davis Get Paid Dot Biz (Premium)

We're on a globetrotting search for lasagna and bootleg Burger King, along the way encountering Monster Hunter: World, the Analogue Super NT, Metroid Prime 4 rumors, Bone Thugs-n-Zelda, and the latest on Billy Mitchell's MAME adventure.
13/02/182h 29m

Giant Bombcast 518: I'm Known for My Viscous Dips (Premium)

Ben returns to the office to find we all got way into Dragon Ball and Monster Hunter in his absence. Only lengthy discussions of hockey jersey numbers, arcade high score controversies, Sword of Sodan, and the Mario movie can return us to normalcy.
07/02/182h 20m

Giant Bombcast 517: Master Roshi's Adult Bookstore (Premium)

We can finally talk about Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter: World, and we do just that! Also: Celeste, the Sea of Thieves beta, the Anthem delay, old gaming jargon, snakes on a boat, and dubious investment opportunities.
31/01/182h 28m

Giant Bombcast 516: God-Damn ROMs

The news is popping off this week with Nintendo Labo, Xbox's widened Game Pass, game industry moving and shaking, John Cena's movie career, and... PlayStation shoes, plus games like Monster Hunter and Dragon Ball we can barely talk about!
23/01/182h 36m

Giant Bombcast 515: The Bionic Beaver (Premium)

This week we're hot in pursuit of moose and squirrel, but along the way we run into Street Fighter V: AE, Horizon DLC, Nintendo's tiny Direct, horrible Silicon Valley beverages, Canadian computers, and thoughts on the state of the arcade scene.
16/01/182h 38m

Giant Bombcast 514: Carpe Light Gun (Premium)

Rorie pops in to talk about Jeff's Reno trip, the latest in VR and TV, some exciting website updates, a Ben check-in, X-Men on the Genesis, and recapturing the magic of arcade light gun games.
09/01/182h 26m

Giant Bombcast 513: 2018 Stick (Premium)

We're ringing in the new year with chat about a bunch of old years that include Apple II gaming, Usenet archives, Trumpet Winsock, and vector monitors. Oh, there are some new games too. Happy 2018!
03/01/182h 44m

Giant Bombcast Game of the Year 2017: Day Five Deliberations (Premium)

This is it! On the fifth and final day we deliver Best Super Mario Odyssey Capture, Best Cast of Characters, Worst Game (That We Played), and Best Game.
29/12/176h 35m
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